The Realm of Evil Spirits(恶灵国度)by a flash of smile0(弹指一笑间0)



  • Chapter Eleven  being alone

    Although he knew he was hurling himself to the net,he had to go back.Even if he had have escaped,the ghost would have found him and killed him more quickly.It was better to face the danger directly,and then figured it out.

    “It is up to you.I and the fatty could only assist you.”

    “OK.I’ll do my best.”

    LengYue didn't show much expressions as before,like a born-paradise person.Only some cool air presented.

    XiaTianqi thought it was LengYue’s character which was cool and speechless at the surface.But after a short contact,he thought LengYue was a nice guy.

    Though not much words,he was not difficult,on the contrary,he was a warm-hearted guy.

    He could see it from his promise of offering help with them.Compared with him,XiaTianqi almost contempt himself.If he had possessed such strong power of catching ghosts,he would have ignored them.

    Of course,due to his kindness,he would have taking care of others,under the premise of his own safety.

    At this point,he was realistic.If he couldn't defend himself,how could he protect others?Isn't that a acceleration of his own death.

    As to death,XiaTianqi cast a glance to HanXiyuan,who was pandering something with his head lowered.The fatty's behavior confused him.

    He wasn't supposed to following them back here so submissively.

    LiXiaoxiao,his partner,had been killed by the ghost.They had explained the building was haunted.They had been exposed under the nose of the evil ghost without the students,their


    Coming back meant death.Even LengYue had some capacity to cop with the ghost,they couldn't ensure their safety.LengYue had never promised them to deal with the ghost smoothly.

    “Could the fatty be a deep reserved expert?”

    XiaTianqi frowned deeply.But he bet it not,no masters would be beat by him.

    “What is the bastard conspiring?Isn't he grudge on me and conspiring some measure to beat me?”

    The more he thought,the more he convinced himself.After all,HanXiyuan was a bad man which made him to beware of him.

    “Yow know,there are horrible ghosts in this building.LiXiaoxiao was killed by the ghost.Aren't you scared?”

    “I’m scare...scared.Who told you I’m not scared!”

    HanXiyuan stammered in a disturbance air.

    “Scared?If you are scared,why are you following us back?I haven't see any fear in you! ”

    “What do you want me to do?Crying,or sobbing?”

    HanXiyuan’s expression became sinister.He obviously hated XiaTianqi,but he constrained himself to not to exasperate him.

    “You'd better not to play dirty on me.Otherwise,I would have beat you to death!”

    XiaTianqi brandished his fists.His could voice froze HanXiyuan.

    Ignoring him,XiaTianqi fixed his eyes back on LengYue,addressed him.

    “If we had to deal with the trouble here,do we have to confront the tough with toughness?Do we have other measures to solve it?” 

    What XiaTian know about dealing with ghosts was limited in measures for coping with zombies,like using cinnabar,sticky rice and fire.

    “What if we try peaceful means before resorting to force.For instance,we could try to resolve his resentment,and release his soul from suffering.If we fail,then we fight with him.In case the ghost is pleased to compromise.If we fight with him at first,we could miss the possibility of it.”

    “Yeah,we could have a try.”

    LengYue nodded,and then eyed XiaTianqi abruptly,asked.

    “I don't know how to release a ghost's soul.Could you do it?”

    “Can I say I know fucking?”XiaTianqi wanted to cry out loudly.

    As the three discussed(actually only two,XiaTianqi and Lengyue was discussing),they walked towards the district,where was in LengYue’s charge.Because his tools were all in his duty room,they could not killed the ghost without the tools.

    “I have to do some preparation.You wait me for a while.”

    LengYue got into the duty's room,leaving XiaTian and HanXiyuan.

    The two were not get well along with each other,so they had nothing to say to each other.At length,in a dullness,HanXiyuan said.

    “I have something in my duty room too.I’m gonna get them.”

    “Why?Can you decline ghosts too?”XiaTianqi pursed his lips disapprovingly.

    “I’m not so powerful,only to get my phone and wallet.”

    Though he didn't get along with him well,they were not enemies.XiaTianqi reminded.

    “You could go if you insist.But you know there were ghosts in this building,you could be killed if you are alone.”


    HanXiyuan’s expression became complicated.He pondered for a while,considering XiaTianqi's reminding,but he finally clenched his teeth and said.

    “Shouldn't be so fucked.I’ll be back in 5 minutes!”

    “If you think your phone was worthier than your life,then you go.”

    “5 minutes,I’ll be back in 5 minutes...”

    Being reminded and suggested sternly not to leave them,HanXiyuan ran along the corridor away.

    XiaTianqi had known HanXiayuan was a brainless man,but he had underestimated his degree of being brainless.He was so stubborn.

    Isn't it a standard fool’s behavior?

    Seeing him running away and disappeared,XiaTianqi curled his lips.He didn't care it anymore.


    Being fat,HanXiyuan was not slow in running.After all,XiaTianqi's remind was lingering around his ears,the ghost could present at anytime.

    But he took a chance that the ghost would not find him in such a short time.

    The reason he took the risk to return to his duty room was not to get his phone,but to get—the videos.

    The videos,on witch recorded the girls in bathrooms and dorms.

    It was the same reason why he followed them back here,and he would leave this academy at once after he got back his videos.

    “You silly cunt.I’m not fool.”

    HanXiyuan didn't think the ghost could find him,if he had escaped form here.In his mind,this warning was coaxing for children,for only children would believe this.

    Running upstairs without a break,he started to dismantle his devises at once.

    Being a great number,they were dismantled with ease,a little lifting,so he soon came to bathrooms of every floor.

    Pushing the door of the bathroom of the 4th floor,his hurrying foot stopped.

    The bathroom was filled with fox.

    “Is there students staying here?”

    The sight confused him.

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