A Deity's original body capability.

It's been a while since I read CD (been thinking on re-reading it), and I wondered about something: What a deity's original body can do. Apart from Linley's who in dragonform is pretty OP physically, would it be possible for it to use all laws simultaneously? I do know it would be severely limited (like 100 times less efficient than the clones), and the training would also be extremely slow, at the speed of a saint's. If so, would he/she be able to fuse laws? They would after all not be limited by the clones' specialised atunement for a single law. Or is it that merging laws is only possible for soul mutates, no matter what?


  • As far as I understand the original bodies are just Saint level however they can draw 100% of their clones power as long as the clone is joined with the original body. The original body has no restrictions on what laws it wants to learn or fuse and is only restricted to the users talent and affinity . The speed of training is dependent on the affinity for the element. A clone of fire will train at the exact same speed as the original body for somebody. For people who are not divine beasts and have an op body there is no point to bringing their true bodies to a fight science it does not offer any bonuses. Merging laws from two different elements is impossible unless they are a soul mutant. 
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