Chosen One (Chapter 1)

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Hello! My name is Meuni! This is going to be the first novel that I'm going to post here. I'm currently working on my writing skills so writing this is going to help me improve. I have really bad grammar, especially the past and present tense. Please do help point out my mistake so I can fix them.  I do not update regularly and will only write when I'm in the mood. So, I'm sorry if I rarely update.

A never seen before storm  was brimming violently in the sky, as if wanting to destroy everything in its path. On that particular raining day, a pair of twin was born. One was filled with light and one was filled with dark. Which of the two boy  is  the chosen one? Will it be the boy accepted by the heavens, or the boy denied by it ?



The wind whistles gently in the late night. A middle-age
man, wearing a golden robe, can be seen walking along with a white tiger. The
white tiger’s body was twice the man size and its height almost reaches the man.
Each step the male and beast took was filled with elegance.

The two of them were taking a night stroll in the garden.
The man could not sleep because there was something bothering him. He decided to
take his companion along to ease his mind.

The white tiger was walking silently beside him but suddenly
stop.  It looks up toward the sky as if
something has caught his attention. The man notices the beast gaze and follow
the direction. What he found was nothing but the glistening stars in the night
sky. The moon was cover by dark clouds but small lights still penetrates
through. The night was eerily silent and the breeze continues to sway gently.

“What’s wrong, Jian Bing?” The man asked.

The white tiger did not answer but its gaze continues to
linger at the same direction. It was only a second later when its eyes widen,
let out a low growl, and suddenly vanish into thin air. This sudden action
causes the middle age man to be surprise and scare at the same time. He was
just about to call for the white tiger but was interrupted by a sudden call.

An elderly man was rushing toward the man in the golden

“Your Highness!” He called.

The elderly man, or Advisor Wu, was out of breath when he
had reached the golden robe man. He quickly bow down and reports, “Your
Highness, Empress Jalia is about to give birth!”

This man, also known as Emperor Hong of Zuleron, immediately
lost his calm composure and staggers backward. Advisor Wu quickly move and held
onto Emperor Hong before his knees collapse.

“Lead…Lead me to the room!” He ordered.

“Yes, Your Highness!”

Emperor Hong tried to stabilize his pounding heart.  His chest was beating so rapidly he feels
like it was going to pop out of him. This was the first time he has ever feel
so nervous and excite at the same time. 
He didn’t feel this way when he became the emperor. He didn’t feel this
way when he achieved his first victory in battle. Yet he was breaking into
sweat at the mention of his wife giving birth.

Just as they were about to take the first step, they heard a
loud and thunderous roar coming from the sky. The gentle breeze suddenly turn
violent and its speed pick up a little faster. The autumn colored leaves on the
ground swirl around as the breeze pass through. 
Without warning, rains began to pour from the sky. The sound of the
thunder was like a howl of a powerful beast.

Advisor Wu quickly help Emperor Hong into the hallway. Their
hairs and clothes were soaked but they didn’t care. Something more important
was in their mind.

“Emperor Hong, are you ready to go?” Advisor Wu asked.

The emperor did not hear him because he was in deep thought.
He forgot about his wife for a moment as he stares at the violent storm.
Everything seems so peculiar. The white tiger sudden disappearance was
weighting down his mind. It never behaves in such a way before. “Is this a sign
of a bad premonition?” He thought.

“Emperor Hong?”

He snaps out of his thought and turn his attention to his
wife once more. He suddenly feel his heart began to pound rapidly again. He
quickly follows after Advisor Wu. The moment he reaches his room, he could hear
his wife painful groan. The midwife was sending soothing and encouraging
words to console the Empress.

“Your Highness, I think it is better to take a rest.”
Adviser Wu suggested.

Throughout the whole night, his wife was still groaning in
pain. This only makes the emperor more nervous for his wife. He had heard many
stories of women dying during childbirth. He fears for his wife so he continues
to stay and wait. The storm continues to roar and lightning can be seen every
now and then.

“No, I will stay- “

He stops his protest when he heard a melodious cry coming
from the room.


He immediately opens the door and rush to see his wife and
child. Inside the room was a lady lying exhaustively on the bed. A few maids
were carrying out bowls of water and the nursemaid was wrapping a small child
with a soft fabric. When the nursemaid saw the Emperor, she bows down to greet

Emperor Hong ignores her bow and signals for her to hand him
his child. The midwife hastily handed him his child. The moment he held onto
his child, he was overwhelm with a flood of happy emotions. This was a precious
treasure. He suddenly feels a sense of pride.

Emperor Hong walks toward his wife. She was lying
exhaustively on the bed but her eyes were still open. Empress Jalia was a fair
skin lady with light red hair, and a pair of green eyes. Her face was pale from
giving birth but her cheeks still had a tint of rosy red. She stares
affectionately at her beautiful child. Her child was a beautiful boy with blond
hair and glistening green eyes.

“What shall we name our son?” She whispered.

As if heaven has accept their son, the roaring thunder
outside suddenly stop. The lightnings lessen and the rain turns into a soft
sprinkle. Slowly, the dark clouds began to separates and the sunlight beams
penetrate through them. The horrible storm was over and morning was arriving.

Emperor Hong smiled, “Choua, I like the sound of Choua.”

Empress Jalia smile and nod in agreement.

Choua was the first born child of the Emperor. He was also
the son of his first wife, the Empress. 
Emperor Hong had countless concubines but he still loves his first wife
the most. She was his first love and had a kind nature that drew him in. Her
heart was as beautiful as her appearance.

Just as Empress Jalia was about to hold onto her child, she
has a sudden pain in her abdomen.

“Urgh!” She groaned.

“What...What’s wrong?” Emperor Hong panics.

He hand Choua to a nearby maid and clasps his wife’s hands.
Her face has turned pale and she was clenching her teeth in pain. The midwife ran over to check Empress Jalia.

She was just about to touch Empress Jalia but jump in fright
when a loud thunderous BOOM echoes throughout
the palace. Once again, the sky outside turn dark and rain falls faster than
before.  The windows swing open because
of the strong wind. The candles were blown out instantly. Luckily, it was
morning and there was no more use for the candles. The nurses scramble over to
the windows and shut them.

“Quickly check my wife!” Emperor Hong shouted.

The midwife nodded and checks Empress Jalia. She gasped
and her face turns white. Her expression worries Emperor Hong even more as he imagines
the worst.

“It’s…It’s nothing serious. It’s just that Her Highness is
about to give birth to a second child.” She explained.

Everyone froze in their spot as they try to analyze this
piece of information. Empress Jalia was weak from giving birth to the first
child. She was already out of strength. The birth of the second child will be
very dangerous. It may endanger the Empress’ life. Yet there was nothing they
can do but helps the Empress gives birth.

“Quickly help her!” He demanded.

It didn’t take long for the second child to be born. Thankfully,
his wife had a strong will and last until the end. Everyone was waiting to look
at the child when they suddenly feel a chill ran down their spine. The child
born did not utter a single cry. The midwife even thought that the child was
not alive until she saw his chest moves up and down. His silence was eerie but
his appearance was even more.

“My…My god…this is...”

The boy appearance was the splitting image of the first
born. The people present can conclude that they were twin.  Although they look alike, the second child had
black hair and eyes. This was not a trait that belongs in the royal family,
Empress Jalia or Emperor Hong. 

Emperor Hong was a handsome man with blond hair and deep,
blue eyes. His wife had red hair and green eyes. Choua inherits his father’s
hair color and his mother’s eyes color. The second son, however, did not have
any of his parent’s traits.

The child appearance was frightening but that was not all of
it. It took the people a second later to remember how giving birth to twin was
a bad omen. No one knows why but there was a prophecy in their country that a
pair of twin children will bring destruction to the county.  People had no choice but to abandon their
twin children or kill them.  Many chose
to keep one of them. A pair of twin was a bad omen and it was even worst to
have them born into the royal family.

“No way.” Empress Jalia gasped.

She fainted when her eyes landed on her child. The midwife was scare of the child but did not dare to put the child down. After all, this
was still the child of the emperor. Emperor Hong’s head was filled with
countless thoughts. He feels like his head was going to explode. Advisor Wu was
speechless and he begins to feel fear rise in his heart.

The emperor didn’t even care to name his second child. He
turns away from the boy and decided, “Kill this child.”

Everyone, including Advisor Wu, gasped. The emperor was
known for being merciful and gentle yet this quick decision was ruthless.

“But-But Your Highness! This boy is still-” Advisor Wu

“SILENCE!” Emperor Hong bellowed.

He turns to face Advisor Wu with a helpless face. This was a
tough decision but it must be done. This child may be the child from the
prophecy. Either he keeps this bad omen child and waits for disaster to strike,
or kill the boy first. It was better safe than sorry. He did not want to risk
any danger to the country, even if it means killing his own son. He even doubt
if this was his son.

He sighed, “Advisor Wu, I want you to take care of this

Advisor Wu bow down and replied, “Yes, Your Highness.”

Then Emperor Hong turns his attention to the rest of the
people present.

“What happen today must be kept secret. It will only be
announce that my wife gave birth to Choua. If any rumor was to appear, everyone
present here will be executed.” He threatened.

Everyone gulp and quickly bow down, “Understood, Your

He looks at them and marks their appearance into his mind. At
the moment, he didn’t have the heart to kill anyone. Besides, even if this
rumor was spread later on, he doubts any one will believe it. After this, it
will be very likely that his second son will no longer be alive. No one else
will know the truth.

The emperor gave a second glance at his son and then exits
the room. He has a heavy heart as he look toward the dark future. The
disappearance of the white tiger and the pair of twin was definitely a bad

Everyone was caught up in their own thought. It may be the horror
of the curse child or the horrible fate of knowing the truth.  None of them notice the beautiful rainbow that
was hovering across the sky after the storm. 
This was the first time in history that such a huge rainbow has appeared.
Countless peasants were coming out of their shelters to look at the miracle,
thinking that this was a great blessing.

Coincidentally, the end of the rainbow was located at the room
where the second child was born. Legend says that a pot of gold exist at the
end of the rainbow. However, this child was no pot of gold. He was deemed as
the child of a devil, a demon offspring.







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  • Chapter 1


    That was the sound of a wooden stick breaking. It was the
    sound of a group of people, who was making their way through the forest. In the
    front of the group was a young girl who looks to be around fourteenth to
    fifteen years old. She pushes away the leaves that were blocking her view.

    “Yim, I don’t think this is a good idea.” said a young man.

    The young man was a fairly handsome man with a good build.
    He was a few inches taller than the young girl. She was beautiful for her age
    and was wearing a light yellow dress. Her dress was loose on her body but you
    can still see her small curves.  Although
    they were in the forest, there was barely any dirt on her clothe. The same
    applies to the young man.

    Yim ignore the young man and flip her ponytail to the side
    as she continues on the path.

    “Yim, I really don’t think- ”

    She turn to glare at the young man and asked, “What, do you
    think that I’m scare? I’m not some wimpy kid like you.”

    The night was dark but you can see the nerves on the young
    man’s face appearing. His face flush red and he look like he was trying to
    control his breathing.  He was just about
    to speak up when someone interrupted, “M’lady, it really is as Young Master
    Ikki says. It really is dangerous here.”

    Now Yim turn to glare at the person who spoke up. She lowers
    her gaze when her eyes landed on the woman. The woman began to sweat as Yim
    continue looking at her. She was scare of Yim but she really had no choice. The
    location they were in was a dangerous place to their group.  If she did not speak up and Yim continues
    further, the group will likely encounter danger.

    “Hmph!” Yim snorted.

    She returns her attention to her path and continues on. She
    was a talented girl with a noble birth. This made her haughty and arrogant. As
    a young girl, no one had ever spoken against her. She was always protected so
    no one had dared attack her. Every once in a while, she will enter the
    forbidden forest to cultivate.  A group
    of people will be assign to protect her from danger.

    “Why would I be scare? I’m a rank Orange.”  She said arrogantly.

    “But M’lady, the beasts that live in this area are rank Green
    and up.”

    These words went to deaf ears. Yim acted like she didn’t
    hear them and continue on her journey. She kicks away a large rock that was on
    her path and sent it flying away.

    In this world, a person is rank by the color of his
    energy.  How powerful a person is can
    only be deciphers through their energy. The order of ranks is in the order of
    the colors of the rainbow. It goes according to rank red, orange, yellow,
    green, blue, indigo and finally ended at rank violet. Very few have reached the
    Indigo and Violet stage.  No one knows
    what stage comes afterward.

    “Yim, stop acting like a kid and return. It really is
    dangerous here.” Ikki repeated.

    He continued, “It is late and the sky has turn dark. Now is
    the time when stronger beasts roam. The beasts are too strong for us to handle,
    and I think that it is a better idea to turn back. We have barely reached the
    middle parts of the forest so we can turn back quickly.”

    Yim groaned in annoyance. She and her group had stay in the
    forest for more than a month. They had stay in the outer parts because she did
    not have enough strength. She was able to gain more strength throughout the
    whole month. Now she was able to defeat most beasts in her rank and below. If
    she and her group combine their strength, they can easily kill a rank Yellow
    beast. Honetly, she feels really bore in the outer parts and wanted to
    challenge the beasts in the middle parts. However, everyone present was forcing
    her to return to the outer parts.

    The forbidden forest was vast and it would take the group a
    while until they reach the middle parts of the forest.  This forest was the most dangerous forest in
    their country, but it is also the best place to train in. Many experts had come
    here to train but also to search for treasures. Many stories were told that the
    forests contain treasure but not many people  had verified it. The inner parts of the
    forests were mostly unexplored because of the danger it contains. The higher
    level beasts live in the inner parts. Even Indigo and Violet experts dare not
    to go there carelessly. Rumors even say that mythological creatures exist there,
    such as the long lost dragons.

    “Should we rest for the night?” Yim suddenly asked.

    Ikki sighed, “Did you not hear a single thing I say?”

    “I’m not scare. I believe I am strong enough to-“

    She suddenly stops talking.  Startled by her sudden actions, everyone stops
    in their track and turn to look ahead of them. It was dark at night but their
    eyes had adjusted to the dark already. Yim squinted her eyes to see more


    That was the sound of a beast roaring! The ground begins
    shaking and the trees ahead of them were crashing down one by one.

    “Everyone, get into position!” Ikki shouted.

    Immediately, everyone surround Yim and block her from the
    incoming danger. She pouted. She did not want to be protected by them and
    wanted to prove how strong she was!

    “Ikki, I can protect my-”

    “Be Quiet!” Ikki shouted.

    Yim shuts her mouth because Ikki rarely shouts at her. If he
    was this serious, this meant that there really was trouble ahead. Knowing this,
    she kept quiet and also puts on her guard. They waited and waited until the
    beast finally appears. It was a gigantic bear that was twice the size of a
    normal bear. Its fur was pure golden that seems to shine in the dark. Its claws
    were sharper and longer than a normal bear, and it had a tail that was similar
    to a lion that was covered in golden fur.


    The beast roar once more before swinging its claw toward the
    group. Two men jump forward to block the attack and send their own attacks.
    When the two left, the remaining quickly covers Yim. Seeing the beast up close
    finally had some effects on Yim. Her legs tremble as she stares at the beast.

    “Take this!” One of the two men shouted.

    He slams his sword head on to block the beast’s attack. At
    the same time, the other men wave his hand in the air and a wall of earth
    appears. It was useless. The man sword attack did not have enough power to
    block the beast’s attack. He was only rank Yellow and a human naturally had
    less strength than a beast. The beast was a rank Green.

    The man was sent flying backward and his back slam against
    the other man’s wall of earth. The people’s faces behind them turn ashen. How
    could they be defeated so easily? None of them had the time to answer as the
    attack continues on. The two men were sent flying and finally stop after
    hitting against a couple of trees. They fell onto the ground and fainted.

    The beast turns his attention to the leftover and charge
    forward. Although it had a large body, it moves agilely and quickly. Nothing
    can block its path and the beast continues to sends attacks.

    “Yim!” Ikki shouted.

    Everyone had busy themselves trying to deflect the beasts
    attack. It was futile. They were all too weak compare to the beast. Not only
    that, the beast was only using pure strength. It has not even revealed its real
    power. While the beast attention was focus on the rest of the people, Yim was
    alone. She had the time to quickly sneak up against the beast’s back. Her
    affinity was wind so she was quick enough to appear behind the beast.

    “Wind Slash!”

    She pointed her finger at the beast and a small spiral flew
    out. It slam against the beast and began slashing it. Her rank was only Orange so
    her attack did not damage the beast much, but it did anger the beast. The bear-like
    beast whips its tail toward Yim. Ikki was the closest to her so he screams out
    her name and jump over to shield her. He was slap by the bear and flew backward
    toward Yim. They both collide into each other and fell to the ground. There was
    nothing they could do but watch helplessly as the bear slaughter their people.

    “I can’t die like this!”

    She coughs out some blood as her body turns sluggish. Next
    to her was Ikki, who had blocked her from a powerful attack. His chest has a
    huge scar that was leaking blood which was spreading to the ground. There seem
    to be no hope. Everything has happen so quickly that no one was prepared for
    it. While near her deathbed, she finally realizes how ignorant she was.

    “Damn it! If only I had listened to Ikki!” She cried

    Her injury wasn’t as fatal as Ikki. The only attack that hit
    her was when Ikki flew toward her. Other than that, she was fine. Although her
    body hurts from the impact, her limbs were still working. She forces her body
    to move and it did. Slowly, she musters up all her strength and pulls Ikki
    along with her.

    “I need to get out of here!” She thought.

    She knew she was in danger but did not dare give up. Using
    her strength, she tries to drag Ikki to a safe spot. Sadly, it was futile
    because the bear had already notice them. It remembers how she had attack him
    with that weird magic spell. Even though rank Green beasts did not hold much
    intelligence, it was still able to understand that the girl had attack him.
    Thus, it was deeply anger.


    The beast roars as he ran toward them. It swings its claw at
    her head and she duck down. It was a lucky move and she did not die. The beast
    quickly switches his claw and sent it flying toward her again.  This time, she had no choice but to push Ikki
    away from danger. The moment Ikki fell to the ground was the moment the claw
    slash at her petite body.


    She coughs out more blood than before and collapse onto the
    ground. Her vision was turning blurry and she knew that her doom was near. Just
    as she was about to close her eyes, they snap open when she heard the impossible.
    The beast did not roar its normal roar but a cry of pain.

    The vision in front of her suddenly change since the bear’s
    back was now facing her. It growls at someone that she could not see. In the
    next moment, the beast jumps forward to attack something but stops in midair.
    Yim couldn’t believe her eyes! All of a sudden, the beast did not emit any sound
    and fell forward. It slams into the ground and sent dust flying everywhere. Then
    a figure appears before her and the beast.

    “Am I dreaming?” She thought.

    There was a boy standing on top of the beast.  The moonlight came over his face and his
    features can be seen clearly. He had long black hair that reaches his waist and
    his black eyes stare into hers, as if he can see what she was thinking. This
    boy looks younger than her but his handsome features can be seen. If only he
    was a little older, girls will be fawning over him to get his attention. Yim
    might have even fallen in love at first sight because he was her prince
    charming! After all, he was the one who had saved her from the moment of
    despair. Sadly, he was only a kid at the moment.

    The boy looks at Yim for a second but quickly turn his
    attention to the beast. Without warning, he slams his fist into the beast and it
    easily penetrates through the beast skin. Yim open her eyes and gasp aloud.

    “Im…Impossible!” She muttered.

    It must be known that a rank Green beast had tough skin, yet
    the boy was able to pierce through it so easily. Not only that, he had defeated
    the beast without even breaking a sweat! Who was he? What was he doing here
    alone in the night, in this forbidden forest? Many questions roam through Yim’s

    “Who-who are you?” Yim croaked out in a weak voice.

    It looks like he had got what he was looking for because he suddenly
    stood up and was holding onto something. The boy furrows his eyebrows at Yim
    when she spoke. He stares at her and his lips slightly parted.


    What? Yim did not understand anything he has said. Was her
    ears not working properly or what?


    Now she knew for sure that he was speaking in a foreign
    language. It sounded like he was speaking gibberish! And yet, the words he
    spoke carry a strong sense of power. The boy tucks the thing he got from the
    beast into his pocket, and gave one last glimpse at Yim before turning away,

    “Wa-wait!” She called.

    But the boy did not pay attention to Yim. She could only
    watch as his shadow blend in with the dark surroundings and disappear into the
    night. His disappearance was as fast as when he had appeared. The moment he disappears,
    she suddenly remembers how he appears.

    Who was he? How come I never heard about him before? Someone
    so young yet so powerful should be known already. However, she did not have the
    time to think. Her eyes were slowly closing and she could feel her body turning
    numb. She silently curses the boy who did not help her. Since he has already killed
    the beast, he could have at least help her from dying. He had abandoned her
    even though he saw how severe her wound was.

    “If I see him next time, I swear he will be facing death.”
    She swore.

    She sighs as her eyes were forcefully shut down. But before
    they did, a question appears in her mind again, “Who was that mysterious boy?”

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