Lord Of The Cosmos (Coiling Dragon fanfiction)

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Hello guys.
Basically this story is about the transmigration of a modern guy into the coiling Dragon World with a four way soul mutation and a system. 
What laws will train in,and what impact will he have on our MC?
Hope You Enjoy it.


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    Chapter 1: Rebirth

    One of the eighty one prefectures of the Netherworld realm, Osborn Prefecture located in the north, nearby a Nether blood pond.

    The huge translucent Wraith returned to the Nether Blood Pond that it had guarded for millions of years. It had completed its inspection rounds around this Nether blood pond and continued to lie by this pond motionless. There is nothing about this Nether Blood Pond that could attract its attention.

    These Nether Blood ponds were scattered all over the Netherworld and was a valuable resource for prefecture Lords constantly providing them with undead that would be used as cannon fodders in their many battles. Whenever a soul enters the Netherworld realm from material Planes or higher planes, they would first be cleansed by the Laws of the Netherworld Realm in these Blood ponds and be born as various kinds of undead like undead skeletons, foul zombies, undead Lich, Undead Wight etc. Therefore the Prefecture Lords assigned trusted Demi-God level deities to guard these ponds.

    This Translucent Wraiths was a Demi-God level undead that guarded this pond on behalf of the Osborn Prefecture Lord. After completing its daily mission, it lay down by the Abyss Blood Pond slowly swallowing the strength of the Nether Blood Pond. Even though the waters in the Abyss Blood Pond could constantly enhance the strength of the Translucent Wraith, it had a major defect; it severely eroded intelligence. That was why despite being a Demi-God level; this undead had still not awakened its memories.

    Usually this Translucent Wraith only remembered events that occurred over a twenty four hour period. After sleeping and waking up the next day, it would forget everything. But this wasn’t important to it. All it cared about was waking up, completing its frequent inspection runs, and then coming to absorb energy from the Nether waters.

    It little pays attention to other matters.  Although the Translucent Wraith has reached the Demi God level, its Intelligence is even inferior to the lowest level undead skeleton.  The memory left in its long life leaving is few, but it performs its mission as an instinct.

    A bright light from the Nether Blood Pond attracted the attention of the Translucent Wraith. It moved its huge body, stopped swallowing the Nether blood pond energy, and begun to closely observe this peculiar crystal cocoon that had appeared from the Nether blood pond.

    An Undead was about to be born! But the birth process of this undead was very peculiar. It was absorbing more energy than usual. However this Wraith did not care about this. All it cared about was performing its duties. So after waiting for an hour, an Undead Skeleton finally emerged from the cocoon.

    The Translucent Wraith immediately spread its soul sense to cover this newly born Skeleton and conveyed its order,

    “Leave Here! Go, slaughter, and evolve! Stay behind……. Death”

    This command was simple enough for even the simple minded undead skeletons to understand. This Undead Skeleton couldn’t stay here. Undead are born at very low levels and depending on their talents, as long as they swallow enough souls, it will evolve into saint level. That was why these undead were not allowed to stay by the Nether Blood Pond where new undead are constantly born. This would be unfair to the newly born undead.

    But Sauron was looking at this undead Wraith dumbly. He simply didn’t understand what had happened to him.

    Every time he tried to comprehend anything that was happening around him, his mind was assaulted by a data stream 0’s and 1’s; flashes of intense pain made his brain feel that it were bursting open. His awareness of his body was very weak; it was as if an electric field were going through him and an electronic current disturbing his body. Although he could hear and feel everything outside, he couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t even move a finger!

     “Not good! I need to wake up! I must wake up!”

    Although he doesn’t know why he was reborn into this mysterious world, Sauron knew that he needed to wake up. The aura and murderous intention from the present undead was forcing him to stay focused. Finally, fear of death allowed him to move his body and crawl from the Nether Blood pond.

    Looking at the newly born undead crawling away, the Translucent Wraith shook its head and closed its eyes again to sleep. But it didn’t know that this weak newly born undead skeleton would spark events that would shake the entire universe.


    After crawling some distance away, Sauron finally stopped and waited for the intense pain to subside. Sauron’s mind was still filled with the jumbles of infinite 0’s and 1’s; the current caused his body to jump. He could vaguely remember some of his past life’s events, and then they were mixed with some vague memories.

    “Painful! So painful!” The pain was tearing at his soul, he gradually recalled the accident that happened when he logged into the Virtual game Chaos Era. This game was very popular with their technological breakthrough which had reached 100% and held a loyal fan base of 70%.

    This lead to a tremendous response from Earth’s societies! It started to attract millions of people to enter; Sauron was also drawn in at the time, even praising the game store for their magical method in distributing with a wide array of spaces filled with copies of game cartridges.

     At the time his consciousness had entered the virtual space, there seemed to be a problem with the power system in his building which caused the VR headset to explode. Innumerable electric sparks flashed, it seemed like his soul would be crushed by lightning!  At the critical moment he felt a golden light suddenly emerge from nowhere and envelope him. Everything went dim at this time.  The next thing he knew, he had been reborn here.

    After waiting for a whole two hours, the pain finally stopped. But his mind was still blurry from scattered memories. These were memories from the original soul which was supposed to have been born as an Undead Skeleton but his soul fused with it and was reborn instead. Organizing his memories, he finally understood his current situation. The original soul that he fused was a saint level magician who specialized in Fate Magic from one of the lower realms. These memories as well as his current predicament made him realize the world he had been reborn in.

    He was currently in Netherworld Realm which was a higher level plane of the Coiling dragon Universe. As he was trying to learn more about his current situation, the data stream gathered and projected an image in front of his eyes.

    Name Sauron Brondel
    Race Undead (Rank 1)
    Shape Skeleton (Level 0)
    Basic Attributes
    Strength 10
    Agility 9
    Physique 12
    Spirit(Soul) 17 ( Four Way Soul Mutate )
    Energy Points 0/5
    Sword Skills None
    Hand Skills Skeleton Claw Strike [Initial Mastery]
    Movement Skill None
    Specialities Sword Paragon, Extraordinary Body
    Skill Mastery Levels Initial, Advanced, Complete


    “This is?!”

    When he saw this attribute panel he was very surprised since this was the attribute panel used in Chaotic Era!

    No wonder for a whole day he saw 0’s and 1’s appearing so many times. When the accident happened at that time, the stream of in-game data also transmitted his consciousness. Now opening his eyes, it seems the dense and numerous data streams have at present thoroughly fused into his mind.

    He finally calmed his mind and studied his attributes.

    These were basically attributes of beginner level Undead. Even though undead skeletons were the lowest level of undead, their strength also vastly surpassed ordinary people. They have very good resistance to electric shock, toxins, corrosive acid and cold. They also automatically understand the Universal language upon birth as well as comprehend soul sense beyond 100 feet which helps them sense enemies and communicate. If it wasn’t for their very low intelligence, they could be considered very powerful. That was why many players chose this race for its obvious advantages.

    Looking at the panel displaying his attributes which had been reduced to beginner level, being someone who was one of the ten God Class player in the Chaotic era reality Virtual game being a Death Swordsman having mastered several Divine Level Sword Techniques, of course he was frustrated with his current attributes. But he had to make do.

    What made him excited was that somehow he had developed a four way soul mutate during his rebirth and also carried along his Sword paragon Specialty with him to this world. This Specialty made him a monster in sword comprehension and was a major factor that contributed to his rise to God Class in Chaotic Era! With these two as well as his massive battle experience he believed that in no time, he would stand at the top of this world and investigate how he was born into this world.

    Having organized his thoughts, he immediately began to practice the only skill he had now; Skeleton Claw Strike.

    With his astonishing combat effectiveness and soul strength, it didn’t take him long for him to practice this skill of its peak stage which increased his attack by three times. With this, he believed he could at least survive among the lower Undead.

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    Chapter 2: First Fight and Evolution


    The Osborn prefecture as one of the eighty one prefectures of the Netherworld realm is a place where one can easily find Netherworld bloody battles.

    The area of this prefecture is very big. With various Demi God level Undead laying claim to various parses of land calling themselves territory lords. To fight for the limited resources in these territories, these Demi-Gods engage in bloody battles. This has caused the high demand for cannon folder which can be used to wear out enemy forces. Low level undead usually serve as the best source of cannon fodder for such low level battles.

    Osborn prefecture alone has over I billion of this undead only about 1% will advance to high level and even saint level. These low level undead are usually driven away by high level undead to be used as cannon fodder immediately after birth to consume the enemy.

    The newborn common skeleton, Sauron walked forward slowly examining the memory of the saint level soul which he had fused upon rebirth.

    “Hmm?” Sauron was immediately alerted when he noticed some low level undead skeletons and undead Wraith walking towards him. Suddenly stopping in his tracks, he stood there waiting for these undead to get to him.

    After some time, four undead skeletons and an undead Wraith appeared before him. It seemed the skeletons were subdued by the wraith as they followed behind the Wraith like retinues.

    This Undead Wraith seems to have advanced in its rank and having gained the innate skill [Summon], was gathering skeletons to be used as its minions.

    “What is your name?” the Undead Wraith asked Sauron. Even though it was asking this it had already revealed its intentions by making its minions surround Sauron.

    “Sauron!” he answered calmly not showing any kind of panic from being surrounded. This surprised the Wraith a lot since it usually does not see such expressions from low level skeletons.

    High level Undead needs slaves, massive slaves. Any number of servants can sell at high prices to others, so long as they are captured. As long as an undead is captured, either it is used as cannon fodder in the many Netherworld battles or sold as servants. The two most notorious Undead that engage in this business are the High level night Witches and Ghost Woman.

    The netherworld is a very chaotic place. These night Witches and Ghost Women are seen everywhere. They are very parsimonious, evil, cruel and crafty creatures.if you can obtain their commitments, then they will keep their commitment every so often. The night witches and Ghost Women are the Netherworld’s famous slave traders who deal with Demi-God level territory lord. So many Undead usually capture low level undead and sell them to theses slave traders for higher currency and other favors. It seemed that this Ancient Wraith also deals in this business because at its level it can only control three servants. So gathering so many minions is obviously to sell.

    In recent years, the need for slaves had increased leading undead to engage in this business.

    “Sauron, submit to me!” the dark red Wraith was staring Sauron and said in the form of an order. “As Nouska’s servant, you can obtain more food as well as quick advancement.”

    So long as Sauron agreed, he would sign a Nether contract which is binding to all beings below high God. It will then sell it to the Ghost Woman.

    “Submit to you?” Sauron looked at this Undead Wraith with ridicule. How can he submit to such a low level being? This expression immediately made Nouska angry. It decided to teach this ignorant skeleton a lesson then later force it to sign a Nether Contract.

    With Nouska’s instruction, an undead skeleton who was holding a sword immediately charged at Sauron waving his sword at Sauron’s shoulder. They didn’t want to kill him yet; just maim him enough to be able to sell to the Ghost Woman.

    However as the sword was about to hit his shoulder, Sauron twisted his body to his right dodging the sword strike. He immediately wielding his claws and struck out.

    “Skeleton Claw Strike!”


    The claw hit the skeleton’s head causing it to instantly explode. The fight that just started had ended just as quickly. The moment the skeleton died a notification appeared in front of Sauron’s eyes.

    System Notification!
    Converting Energy Points. You obtained 5 Energy Points.
    Beginning Bloodline Evolution…..
    Bloodline Evolution Completed. Host had experienced a Variation. Shape ability promoted to [Elite Skeleton Soldier]. Death Battle Qi Activated.
    Reward : Steel Sword [+1] + Preliminary Death Swordsmanship!

    Sauron was gazing at his present enemies. Golden energy suddenly flowed into him strengthening his bones. His whole body that was composed of bones suddenly began to emit a metallic sheen. It was obviously stronger than before. He also felt a grey substance start brewing in his bones.

    Undead Mutation is so astonishing. In just a blink of an eye, Sauron experienced a sudden surge of strength.

    “Death Battle Qi?” Sauron was surprised by this discovery. How can a creature that didn’t have flesh and blood generate battle Qi? Is there something special about this body that he inherited? He thought about it and finally decided to give up pursuing this issue or now. There were so many inexplicable things about this Undead Skeleton body that he inherited. He will surely investigate further when he got stronger.

    “What!” Nouska was startled at how Sauron had disposed of his strongest slave and had abruptly experienced an evolution. This undead Wraith was actually a timid creature so he had now lost interest in subduing this Sauron and thinking of ways to withdraw.

    “Everybody, Attack! He is just one person. As long as we overwhelm him we can win.” He immediately shouted to his slaves and stepped back himself. The three remaining slaves immediately umped at Sauron wielding their claws at him.

    But their leader, Nouska had turned around and began to run away. He was surprisingly fast for a Wraith. The Undead Skeletons suddenly realized that they had been set up but it way too late to escape.

    “[Death Sword]-[First Stance]!”

    The grey battle Qi immediately enveloped the sword and slashed out releasing a flying slash attack instantly beheading all three undead skeletons. Their heads rolled away with their bodies crashing onto the floor. He had killed all three Undead with just one slash of his.

    Sauron casually glanced at the system notification displaying his current ills. Killing these low level undead with a single slash wasn’t something surprising for him. Being one of the ten God-ranked player s among hundreds of thousands of players, his rich combat experience was unquestionable. Despite using only a preliminary sword skill, disposing these undead who hadn’t practiced any martial arts wasn’t something challenging.

    He immediately brought up his current stats.

    Name Sauron Brondel
    Race Undead (Rank 1)
    Shape Elite Skeleton Soldier (Level 1-Initial Stage)
    Basic Attributes
    Strength 12
    Agility 11
    Physique 13
    Spirit(Soul) 18 ( Four Way Soul Mutate )
    Energy Points 15/50
    Battle Qi 8/10
    Sword Skills Preliminary Death Swordsmanship - (Initial Mastery) [+15]
    Hand Skills Skeleton Claw Strike [Initial Mastery]
    Movement Skill None
    Specialities Sword Paragon, Extraordinary Body
    Skill Mastery Levels Initial, Advanced, Complete
    [Click on attribute to view description]

    Looking at his current stats, Sauron thought aloud, “Really small and weak!”

    He had received two points to both his strength and speed and one to his spirit and his physique. Compared to his stats as a God Class player, this was truly weak. And also even though he activated somehow Battle Qi but he amount was really pitiful. Just that attack from the lowest level of the preliminary sword skill had consumed two points. Meaning he could only use only five attacks. It seems he will have to find ways to improve his battle Qi Capacity later. But looking at the new notification at the bottom of his attribute he nodded happily

    “It seems as my level improves, the function of the system also improves.”

    He immediate decided to check on his Four Way Soul Mutate attribute. He had wondered how this happened because he didn’t have this in his previous life.

    System Notification!
    Four Way Soul Mutation (Due to damage suffered by soul during accident that caused. Host’s rebirth, the soul absorbed all available energy to repair it. The energy of the four Edicts; Death, Destruction, Fate and Life were the only energy available to it during the rebirth process therefore it absorbed a . lot of it causing the soul to experience a mutation in these four edicts) [Soul Mutate of the Edicts of Death, Destruction, Fate, Life]

    It was as if the system understood him. It had explained the reason why his soul mutated. But unlike the original protagonist whose soul mutate was of the four basic elements, his was the four edicts which was of a higher level. Does that mean he would be a Sovereign if he was able to achieve the high god realm in all elements? What if he became a paragon of all the edicts?

    These questions couldn’t be answered unless he experimented it on his own. Now what he needed to do was slaughter his way up the food chain.

    This undead body of the current Sauron could absorb undead bloodlines to continue to evolve. His innate skills as well as future strength will depend of the accumulation of different unique bloodlines. Slaughtering is now the simplest way of advancement for him. As long as he accumulates enough bloodlines, he could change his current shape.

    “Very strange ability… I don’t remember all undead having this ability. Does this have something to do with my soul mutation?”

    Sauron couldn’t figure why he developed such ability but he believed that as long as he was strong enough, he could figure it out.

    Now with all these advantages, he believed it wouldn’t take long for him to stand at the top of this world. After killing these four Undead Skeletons, his soul sense which was five times stronger than other Undead at the same stage got even stronger. He also inherited a beginner Death Sword Skill. Now what he needed to do was find a quiet place to practice this still to boost his battle efficiency so he cleaned up the battlefield and left to find and secluded place to practice.

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    Chapter 3: The Power of the Preliminary Death Swordsmanship (1)


    After searching for about half a day he finally found an abandoned cave in some mountains. During this search he found two foul zombies which he slaughtered and absorbed their bloodlines and energy points.

    After calming his mind, he began to focus on the sword technique in his mind. The [Preliminary Death Swordsmanship] has nine stages, the first five don’t have names, but the last four are named [Pursue Winds], [Extinguish Light], [Open Ice] and [Lift Clouds]. If these sword moves were mastered, then he believed he would be able to jump ranks to fight opponents a whole level higher than him. Sauron shut his eyes, picturing the sword art in his mind. He slowly extended his right arm into the air, began to practice [Preliminary Death Swordsmanship] from the first stage.


    A falling leaf was cut in half in midair, yet Sauron didn’t feel a thing, he just carried on waving his sword.

    The 1st stage, 2nd stage, 3rd stage … the 6th stage.

    Gradually, Sauron’s sword skills pushed to the limit. Even though he was comprehending new techniques, he fluidly moved at an extremely fast pace, but it also seemed like there was nothing restraining him in any way, the sword in his hand seemed to go wherever he wanted it to. Without stopping for a breath, he finally reached the sixth stage, [Extinguish Light]. All of a sudden a grey light glanced out from his sword, bouncing around erratically, easily cutting through a couple of falling leaves, even though they are spread out from each other.

    Sauron opened his eyes and ceased moving as he observed the results in surprise. You must know that for a beginner of martial arts, even the most basic moves were very hard to master. It was not just about the extent of your potential but about your ability to adapt to new things. For example, when trying to learn how to learn how to drive, it seems to be very hard in the beginning because of the fear of crashing the vehicle, but as you begin to acclimatize yourself, your restrictions are removed and every move suddenly becomes simple. As can be seen, to become better is not hard, but to start from scratch? Incomparably difficult! The reason why he could adapt to the sword skill so quickly is because of his experience in wielding much more advanced sword skills and also his sword paragon comprehension.

    Sauron took a deep breath and cleared his mind. Effortlessly, he began the movements of the [Preliminary Death Swordsmanship], over and over again.

    The 1st stage, 2nd stage, 3rd stage … the 6th stage.

    The 1st stage, 2nd stage, 3rd stage … the 6th stage.…

    After repeating these ten times, Sauron was finally able to comprehend the seventh routine [Open Ice].
    The steel sword in his hand gave off a blurry grey sheen, just like the clouds in the sky suddenly running like water in a river, condensing then splitting, condensing then splitting, condensing then splitting… 

    As Sauron continued, the grey battle Qi inside of him started to slowly increase its revolution speed, just like the running river, continuously completing one loop after another, flowing up through his body in endless loops.


    Suddenly, Sauron felt something change. As the Battle Qi was continuing in its endless loops he felt that the volume and quality had increased. He had broken through!

    “I have broken through to the Mid Stage so easily?” Sauron knew that in order to reach the Mid Stage from the Initial stage as a level 1 Elite Skeleton Soldier, it would take at least a week, yet it only took him only half an hour. It could never be that simple However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not think of any other reason. The only possible explanation for his unusual comprehension speed, that allowed him to master the seventh form of the [Preliminary Death Swordsmanship], had to be his soul mutation.

    As his breakthrough in cultivation, the reason was quite simple. The heart of martial art laid in the art of calmness, while martial art broken down was simply the art of movement. Although they are two seemingly opposite forms of training, they all have the same effect on strengthening the Battle Qi. However the former was only used for training Qi while the latter was primarily used for attacking the target then subsequently training Qi. 

    Sauron’s heart rate rose noticeably as he was enlightened. There are two important factors of a martial artist’s potential: first, one must be blessed with a resilient body and discipline to hone their body, and second, one must have comprehension to allow one to be grasping the heart of sutras and immerse them into the path of the sword. To be blessed with an resilient body allows one manage to train their Battle Qi much faster than the others ; and to have comprehension is to be able to easily pick up the physical martial arts and defeat those who seemingly stood above you. After all, being weak or strong depends on individual performances.

    “What luck! I have both of these now. At this rate, reaching the Second Level before I enter the Netherworld Bloody Battle is not impossible!”
    He stood in the same stance once more and began practicing the sword technique moves once again. His sword light shone, a sharp sword momentum again appeared.

    This time, Sauron trained [Separate Light], [Open Ice], [Lift Clouds] and [Pursue Winds] these four sword arts mastering more easily, from start to finish simply at one go, his blood was boiling. At this point, he has been able to grasp 100%, not only completely grasp the essence of these four types, and even getting a better understanding of these four techniques, also mastering them to their peak level.

    "This is really strange; even with paragon level sword comprehension it shouldn’t have been this easy to completely comprehend this skill. Don’t tell me because of the crossing over and mutation of my soul, I just got transformed and unexpectedly become a peerless genius in the sword?" thinking it over, it seems this is the only explanation. It seems that his mutation had not only increased his perception to the elements, it had increased his talent in the sword, resulting in a birth of peerless talent. This discovery made Sauron have more confidence in the upcoming trials ahead of him.

    Having finished practicing his sword technique and breaking through to the mid-level, he still felt that his level was still too low so immediately extended his soul sense to its outmost range and immediately sensed a dense forest behind the mountain cave that he trained in.

    “Good! I can hunt low level demonic beasts Demonic beasts in this for est and quickly rank up before I enter the Netherworld Bloody battles. This will give me more assurances for self-protection. “

    He immediately left the cave and left for the forest behind the mountain cave. As he left the cave heading for the forest his powerful soul force felt the presence of a powerful demonic beast. His was able to determine that this beast was still within his ability to handle so he headed for this beast.

     With a ‘wizz’ sound, a dark shadow happened to pass over from the path he was about to cross. He already noticed the presence of the beast so he immediately avoided it. A massive creature slowly made its way in front of him. Its entire body was covered with beautiful dark fur. It was over two meters tall, and its steps were graceful. It stared at the tiny little pipsqueak standing in the distance; an Undead skeleton. As one of the special types of demonic beasts, the creature’s intelligence wasn’t lower than that of humans.

    “Dark Shadow Beast?” Sauron immediately recognized this beast. His awakened memories room the undead skeleton contained a variety of information included the description of different kinds of demonic beasts.

    But he was very surprised that such a strong ferocious beast had appeared here. Using his soul force he scanned the beast and determined that the beast was approximately at the late stage of the second level.

    His heart began to beat faster when he saw the strength level of this beast. The Dark Shadow Beast’s massive body weighed a few hundred pounds, but its four legs moved with great agility as it closed the distance. Its long, narrow eyes inspected this Undead Skeleton.

    Sauron walked forward, one step at a time, with his sword in hand. The distance between the two quickly drew near.


     The Dark Shadow Beast’s movements suddenly changed from being graceful to being savage, and it suddenly transformed into a blur as it pounced at Lin Tian, and its previously soft paws suddenly had sharp claws emerge from it as well.


    At the critical moment, Sauron suddenly moved, as graceful as the wind as he dodged the Dark Shadow Beast’s pounce, and then stabbed out with the sharp sword in his hand!

    “[Extinguish Light]!”

    The stab was extremely forceful and straight, and it was also fast as lighting. If it managed to land on the Dark Shadow Beast’s body, it would be able to borrow the charging force of the Dark Shadow Beast and tear its body open!

    “Huh?” As he stabbed, Sauron’s face suddenly changed. The sword tip had met with a powerful blocking force. The Dark Shadow Beast’s fur had blocked the tip of the sword, preventing it from penetrating through.

    At the same time, the Dark Shadow Beast suddenly sent its tail whisking towards Lin Tian. Unable to dodge in time, Sauron quickly used his sword to block.

    “Peng!” The Dark Shadow Beast’s tail landed against the blade like a heavy iron whip, and the powerful force knocked Sauron flying away, his body slamming against the distant tree with a boom.

    “Peng!” The thick tree trembled violently.

    “Roar!” The Dark Shadow Beast immediately followed up with another pounce as it slashed at Sauron with its claws.

    Quickly realizing his danger, he stepped out and disappeared from the view of the Dark Shadow Beast.

    Chi! Chi! Chi! Several deep claw marks appeared on the tree. The Dark Shadow Beast landed on the ground, and then stared at the distant Undead Skeleton. Its tail attack was its killing weapon. Its tail had sent the Undead Skeleton slamming into the tree, but the Undead Skeleton had actually been able to quickly dodge far away. It understood that this Undead Skeleton truly was very powerful, powerful enough to give it a good fight.

    “An ordinary rank two, upon meeting with that tail, would probably have their organs split open.” Sauron frowned as he stared at the Dark Shadow Beast. “It seems I’ll have to rely on the power of the death battle Qi which had a corrosive effect t to all flesh and blood.”

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    Chapter 4: The Power of the Preliminary Death Swordsmanship (2)


    At this moment, with a slight movement of the sword in his hands which was now covered in grey battle Qi, shattered the tree before him and carved a huge ditch into the thick earth.

    The distant Dark Shadow Beast let out a low growl, staring fixedly at this Undead Skeleton.

    Spinning the sword in his hand, Sauron slowly walked towards the Dark Shadow Beast, circling around it. The Dark Shadow Beast stared at Sauron as well, choosing not to rashly attack. This was because once it attacked; it would expose its own flaws as well. That would the moment which determined life or death.

    “Humph!” Not hesitating at all, Sauron suddenly charged forward after the Dark Shadow Beast, his body becoming a blur. With a howl, the Dark Shadow Beast immediately pounced over as well, opening its massive maw and revealing its sharp fangs. Its sharp claws tore at Sauron as well.


    A flash of the sword!

    The shadow of a sword slashed through the air, striking in a short range while changing trajectories nine times. Its speed was terrifyingly fast, so fast that it was as though even the void was being chopped apart with it. The flashing sword chopped at the Dark Shadow Beast’s chest, carving out a massive wound, and fresh blood instantly spurted out.

    “Block.” Just after Sauron chopped out with one sword, he immediately turned his sword back and blocked the Dark Shadow Beast’s claw, while simultaneously borrowing the clashing force to fly backwards and retreat.

    The Dark Shadow Beast stared furiously at Sauron. The massive wound on its chest was shrinking, and the flow of blood began to slow, but it still continued to drip blood and the grey battle Qi was eating its way into his flesh. Clearly, that wound had simply been too massive. The Dark Shadow Beast was now truly sensing the impending arrival of death!

    “The [Preliminary Death Swordsmanship] really is extraordinary.” Sauron sighed softly.

    After having received this sword technique, he had been training hard, of course. He was now capable of utilizing the techniques of the [Preliminary Death] and his power had increased. It relied on a single word; fast!

    As fast as lightning! Invisible as the shadow! Deadly as Death!

    Now, Sauron had the feeling that everything was under control, and he continued to wield the sword in his hand as he drew near the Dark Shadow Beast.


    Sensing the threat of death from this Undead Skeleton, the Dark Shadow Beast gave a savage howl. All the fur on its body stood up straight as needles, and its eyes turned hard, its pupils flashing. Those who were familiar with Dark Shadow Beast could tell…that this one had already entered a wild, bestial state. A terrifying aura spread forth from it, causing Sauron to pause.

    “Growl!” The Dark Shadow Beast charged towards him, the earth shaking beneath it.

    Sauron dodged as agilely as the wind, changing directions with a simple step. At the same time, his sword flashed. Chi! Fresh blood sprayed out once more, and yet another enormous wound appeared on the Dark Shadow Beast’s chest, but this time, the Dark Shadow Beast didn’t care at all as it sent its two pairs of ferocious paws towards Sauron, its knife-like claws slashing through the air. Sauron calmly retreated while at the same time, using his sword to block.


    The Dark Shadow Beast’s left paw slammed against the sharp sword, its paw seeming to have transformed into a hook which suddenly latched onto the sword. But how could Sauron's sword, backed with his monstrous attacking power, be so easily caught? If the two clashed and then immediately flew apart, it wouldn’t have been so bad, but the Dark Shadow Beast wanted to fight that power head on with his claws, and so it smashed it hard against the sword.


    The Dark Shadow Beast’s left paw clearly turned red with blood, and the faint sound of bones breaking could be heard. The other paw came at Sauron’s chest. The distance was simply too close, and there was no chance to block. Sauron’s only option was to take a deep breath and his chest suddenly retracted in by three centimeters. Chi! Chi! Chi! Crack! Two ribs now had deep impressions and Sauron was knocked flying as well, striking against the ground and making the earth itself crack from the impact.

    Sauron hurriedly pulled away.

    “Injured” Sauron looked at the Dark Shadow Beast, his eyes narrowing. Even with his steel like bones he steel received injuries. The Dark Shadow Beast didn’t give up so easily though. After its failed attack, it rushed at Sauron once more and this time, it looked as if its body had somewhat expanded.

    Because Sauron was a bit distracted by this sudden attack right after the first round, his reaction became slightly slower, but he still managed to use the sword to chop towards its body to block it. However, the Dark Shadow Beast didn’t fall down on the ground this time.

    “Not good, it entered a frenzied state.” Sauron was startled, his sword had been repelled and at the same time his body lost some of its balance and was falling backwards.

    The Dark Shadow Beast’s big mouth was right before his eyes. Sauron felt the extreme danger he was in and his pupils quickly shrank. It seemed as if something exploded inside of his head. He fully unleashed his powerful soul force.

    At this moment, he suddenly felt as if the Dark Shadow Beasts’ motions became slower: as he was falling on the back, he could see very clearly each of its movements and its next trajectory of attack.

    If someone could see Sauron’s current pupils, he would discover that these blue eyed pupils’ central parts contracted to the size of a needle and that he was, surprisingly, in an extremely calm state; the callosity that appeared in ordinary people’s eyes didn’t appear in his.

    At this moment, his body seemed to be out of control. His amazing reflexes was activated at this moment and he instinctively twisted his body to avoid the Dark Shadow Beast’s bite and then jumping further back to put some distance between him and the beast.

    "What just happened?” Sauron was confused. According to logic he shouldn’t have avoided that attack so easily but somehow he was able to predict the attack path and adjust his body just in time to avoid it. At this time a ‘ding’ sound sounded in his ears and a popup from the system appeared but since he was in a life and death battle, he decided to ignore it and focus on the Dark Shadow Beast in front of him.

    Even though Sauron didn’t know what had happened at that moment, he still felt that he could sense and accurately predict every subtle movement of the Dark Shadow Beast in front of him. At this moment Sauron was just dodging the Dark Shadow Beast’s attacks without attacking. He wanted to confirm his suspicion about what he just awakened. After repeatedly dodging or about three minutes, Sauron still couldn’t determine what this ability was.  He decided to end this battle as soon as possible to further examine his newly awakened ability from the system. Sauron transformed into a shadow as he pounced towards the Dark Shadow Beast.

    “Roaaar!” The Dark Shadow Beast charged forward as well.

    The two engaged each other time and time again, each time exchanging blows that nearly took the other’s life. Sauron possessed powerful defenses and a fierce sword attack style! But the Dark Shadow Beast had its fangs, sharp claws, and tail, all of which it could use as weapons. In addition, its massive body was so large that most weapon wounds were of minimal threat to it. Even though Sauron had awakened a new ability which heightened his senses, because he couldn’t control it very well, he was injured on a few occasions.

    At this time, his body was covered in slight cracks and scratches.

    “Hu!” “Hu!” “Hu!”

    Although Sauron had very strong resiliency, right now, he couldn’t help but pant for breath. The clothes on his body were already ripped.


    The Dark Shadow Beast let out a despairing growl. It was forcing itself to stand erect, but its two paws were both quivering, as though it could collapse at any time. Its body was covered with dozens of giant wounds, and a particularly vicious pierce-wound was in its head. Both of its legs had been shattered. It was already quite an impressive feat for it to be able to remain standing.

    “You lose” Sauron said in a quiet voice, “with my current attributes and sword realm, my power is actually greater than yours, but my victory was quite a difficult one. The reason is because when faced with your bloodlust and your wildness, this untrained body was unable to be calm and bring out my full power. You are the first demonic beast that I have ever killed, and thus, I will let you die under my greatest attack!”

    Holding his sword, he stared at the Dark Shadow Beast. He breathed in deeply ready to execute his strongest attack to end this battle. Sauron suddenly transformed into a blur as he threw himself at the Dark Shadow Beast. The Dark Shadow Beast let out a final howl as it threw itself at Sauron as well. Two massive flashes of light suddenly appeared, destroying one of the Dark Shadow Beast’s remaining good legs, and then, with another flash, a massive wound appeared on the Dark Shadow Beast’s head, sending blood and brain matter flying everywhere.

    Sauron landed on the ground. The Dark Shadow Beast collapsed on the ground, brain matter tumbling out of the massive wound on its head. Its fur was stained with the color of the earth, and its formerly beautiful black fur had become a stained combination of mud and blood, unsightly to the extreme. The Dark Shadow Beast had died.

    System Notification!
    Ding! Extracting Undead Bloodlines… Extractionn Failed
    Extracting Energy Points. You obtained 20 Energy Points
    Innate Ability [Stealth]: Conceals you in the shadows until cancelled, allowing you to stalk enemies without being seen.
    Innate Ability [Detect]: Displays the strength and important skills of opponents whose soul strength is lesser than host.
    Host Awakened new passive Specialty [Enhanced Perception] in his battle!
    [Enhanced Perception]: With Highly perceptive powers derived from a powerful soul, host is able to perceive minute movements of opponents and predict subsequent  their actions. The stronger host’s soul is, the stronger the predictive powers are.

    The failure in extracting this beast’s bloodlines didn’t surprise him too much since this beast wasn’t an undead creature. But the other rewards from the system made adequately for that. Two Innate Abilities as well as a specialty [Enhanced Perception]. All these would add up to improve his battle efficiency. He looked at the deep forest in front of him.

    “No wonder no undead dares come closer here. Even in the periphery I met such a dangerous beast. You could imagine how dangerous it was deeper inside.” He shook his head and turned back. It would be better to hunt Undead scattered around in these plains since that would even speed up the upgrade of his shape. He was starting to get fed up with this Undead Skeleton Body. 

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    Chapter 5: The Undead Draugr


    After leaving the cave, Sauron continued to search the plains for wandering undead. Even though these would be at most low level, they had undead bloodlines which could help him evolve. His aim right now was to absorb enough bloodlines to change his current Undead Skeleton shape.

    After searching for about half an hour he found new prey. It was just two chaotic foul zombies gathered around a corpse of a creature, feeding on it. The creature they were feeding on was an Abyss Worm.

    Abyss Worms were the weakest and the most populous kind of undead born from the Nether blood Pond. They can be found everywhere in these plains. It is rare to see abyss worms advance their shapes but it does happen due to special circumstances and lucky encounters. They can sometimes advance to become zombies or in special cases Low Level Purgatory Demons. Because of this, Night Witches and Ghost Demons like collecting them in large quantities since once in while a high level undead can be born out of them. Undead Territory Lords usually attach great importance to the quantity of their slaves and not the quality. Therefore these Abyss worms serve as the lowest level cannon fodder for their armies.

    During this period, Sauron had seen a lot of these creatures but disdained to kill them since they didn’t provide him with any experience nor energy points. As Sauron drew closer to these foul zombies, they also noticed him. These low intelligence beings had no way of knowing the strength of Sauron so they immediately abandoned their meal and swarmed towards him.

    A Flash of light and blood splashed onto the floor.

    Sauron had just beheaded the two foul zombies with just a swing a sword. Insufficient physical attributes prevents him from fighting for an extended period of time so he had developed a fighting style of killing with the most efficient means possible. The system started prompting him of his kills. Bloodlines were extracted and a new round of variation occurred.

    System Notification
    Ding! Extracting Undead Bloodlines...
    Converting Energy Points. You obtained 10 Energy Points.
    Extraction Successful! Beginning Bloodline Evolution…..
    Bloodline Evolution Completed. Host had experienced a Variation. Undead Skeleton Shape ability promoted
    Gained Passive Ability [Demon Bones (Lv 1)]: All damage reduced by 5 points
    Gained Passive Ability [Dark Vision (Lv 1)]: Vision in the dark extended by 20 meters

    Golden energy enveloped him and a metallic luster grew on his bony body. Also his vision and sensory system seemed to have increased a lot. In just a span of a few seconds, he had completed this marvelous change. Sauron just couldn’t estimate the potential of this undead body.  He was just excited by his future prospects.

     “The Bloodlines still hasn’t achieved the degree required needed for shape change.” Sauron shook his head and began a sweep the corpses on the floor. Without discovering any weapon or valuable item he left here and continued to move forward. His soul sense extended outwards investigating the surrounding areas. Because of his powerful soul sense he could detect anything that was about 400 meters. This was quite astonishing for a low level Undead.

     After walking some distance, the ground started to appear obvious signs of footprints. This signified that there were some creatures nearby. Sauron immediately stopped his footsteps. He hid in underbrush to observe the situation in front of him before taking any action. Under the gloomy weather, a distorted form appeared in his field of vision.

     “Undead Draugr!”

     Sauron surprisingly exclaimed. Draugr are undead Nordic warriors of the Netherworld. It is believed that Draugr once served the Dragon Priests; some high level Draugr even know several Words of Power used by Dragons. Draugr are among the most common foes in the Netherworld's Abyss crypts and catacombs. They retain the ability to wield weapons such as swords, axes, and bows, and higher ranked Draugr can even use Dragon Shouts. Even in the chaotic and cruel Netherworld, they are infamous for being extremely evil. Because they somehow manage to avoid having their memory wiped during rebirth, they retain fight experiences from their former lives. This makes them many times stronger than other undead of the same level.

     The present Undead Draugr had pale skin, pitch-black sharp claws, sharp tooth, sloppy hair, as well as pale eyes. Its facial features already slight rotten, seems more disgusting like the usual Undead. Many maggots could be seen shuttling back and forth and wriggling in the rotting body of this Draugr. If the time that it has survived is long enough, it would have assimilated a lot of Nether strength gradually transforming into top level undead although at the expense of its memory and intelligence.

     Lin Tian’s heart beat faster as he studied this Undead Draugr. He immediately executed his newly acquired [Detect] Skill.

    System Notification
    Name Undead Draugr [Rank 2]
    Creature Level Undead Knight [Level 5]
    Special Abilities High Fire Resistance, High Poison Resistance, High Lighteninh Resistance, Emits Highly Corrosive Acid(Capable of Using Spells)


    Rank 2 Undead? This undead Draugr had enough bloodline strength to allow his undead skeleton body to enter its complete shape. However Sauron did not rush to attack this Draugr. His current attributes didn’t allow him to directly battle this undead; he would be instantly spiked if he made such a stupid decision. Right now, the only advantages he has are his formidable willpower that a mutated soul has brought and his extensive fight experience.

    If he made any rash decisions and was killed, he didn’t believe that he would have another chance at life. So he needed to tread carefully. Battling in this chaotic underworld as a low class creature is always life threatening so he absolutely cannot make any mistakes.

    Thinking up to here, he activated his [Stealth] skill and slowly approached the Draugr. This [Stealth] skill will prevent this undead from noticing him as long as he does not attack. So he must make his first attack count. He approached slowly and carefully raising his sword in an attack posture. The moment he got within a meter of this undead, he accelerated and executed his strongest single attack skill.

    [Extinguish Light]!

    Grey Battle Qi enveloped his sword as he stabbed the head which was the weakness of all undead with all his strength.


    Blood splashed as the sword pierced the head of the Draugr. Rich experience allowed Sauron to know that a swift counterattack will appear at this time so he tried to move back after his first attack had succeeded. But his movement was too slow and the swift counterattack from the Draugr arrived on his chest.


    “Crack!” a bone cracking sound came from Lin Tian’s chest as he was blown away by the rotting claws of this Undead Draugr landing a few meters away. But his injuries were not as serious compared to this Undead. His [Demon Bone Skin]’s 5 points reduction of all damage had proved beneficial at this time. Also, 15 points of agility had allowed him to avoid being hit in a fatal area.

    His God-Class player experience had allowed him to land a fatal hit to the mid-level Undead despite their wide attribute difference. Even though this Draugr was stronger than him, he still was faster than it so he could use that to his advantage and avoid engaging it directly.

    At this time, the death Battle Qi’s extremely corrosive attribute began to show its effect by slowly corroding its brain. There was nothing this Draugr could do to avoid this so after about five minutes of struggle it finally slumped onto the floor and died.

    A string of notifications appeared.

    System Notification
    Ding! Extracting Undead Bloodlines...
    Converting Energy Points. You obtained 15 Energy Points.
    Extraction Successful! Beginning Bloodline Evolution…..
    Bloodline Evolution Completed. Host had experienced a Variation. Undead Skeleton Shape ability promoted
    Gained Passive Ability [Negative Energy High resistance]: Increased resistance to flame, Strong Acid, toxins and cold energy attacks.
    Undead Skeleton Bloodlines Activated. Comprehended Innate Spell [Summon Undead]: Allows host to summon a number of Undead creatures to aid host in battle. NOTE: Host can summon two creatures lower than the host's level or one creature at the same level as host.
    Undead Skeleton Bloodlines Activated. Comprehended Innate Spell [Death Spear Lv1]: Condenses death energy for 3 seconds and fire it at opponents in the form of a spear. caries about 3X maximum strike power and corrosive power of death energyNOTE: Can be used once every thirty minutes.
    Undead Skeleton Bloodlines Activated. Comprehended High Level Innate Spell [Instil Fear]: Allows host to release a unique soul aura that instils fear into opponents around host in a circumference of about 40 meters. Effect of fear spell depends of the strength of host soul as compared to opponents'NOTE: Can be Used Once in a Day.
    Comprehended new Talent Skill [Telepathy]!: Allows host to communicate with creatures telepathically(through the mind)

    The undead bloodlines in him began to change fiercely. Mysterious tattoos appeared all over Sauron’s body constantly strengthening his bones and pushing him towards further evolution.

    This process only continued for about a minute and slowly subsided. There were some high level skills that ancient undead had but all these skills were lost as the undead bloodlines were diluted. These skills that were being unlocked and comprehended by him were as a result of the awakening o his bloodlines.

    Feeling the new strength and skills that he now possessed, he smiled and nodded his head. Even though he had not evolved a new body, he had attained the complete shape of the Undead Skeleton. His next evolution will allow him to change his current shape. But this will prove very difficult since he will require higher ranked undead bloodlines to facilitate this change.

    Thinking about it, he decided to finally leave this Nether Blood Plains to enter the Netherworld bloody battle. This is the only place for him if he wanted to develop faster.

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