be willing to help any Chinese novel translations)

first, simple self introduction--
im a chinese Russian(minority)who can speak Chinese&uighur&Russian&English well, and Im doing some translations about Pagan books all the time...emmmm I guess I can be skilled in any translations:)
recently I off school for a while so thats means I've got a lot of free time)))
looking forward to anybody who need help in Chinese novel translations!


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    By chance would you be interested in helping translate a Chinese game to English? ^_^
    The game in question is 古剑奇谭(GuJian) also known as The tale of ancient swords: the story of a guqin and an ancient sword, or Swords of Legends, or Legend of the Ancient Sword.

    The game is very story oriented so there is a lot to be translated.

    All the info for my project can be found here:
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