Who's the little girl ghost that possesses Gongsun Wan'er?

I read ahead to chapter 400 and Gongsun Wan'er just shows up out of nowhere and no one asks any questions. We don't even see her brother's reaction. No one even asks her where she has been for who knows how long. Then some guys show up to take her hostage and no one, not even the patriarchs, bother to look into just who this girl is. In the upstream sect, none of her clan mates even bother to go looking for her either, like they just don't care. What's up with this?


  • She was the whole time in the sect (after the sword abyss thingy) ... it was even mentioned that she identified BXC as he visited the Profound Spirit Sect disguised as Nightcrypt ...
  • She was not in the sect the whole time, she dies in the sword trial thing and then shows up again and nobody says anything. It is mentioned that her brother looked for her for a long time and that her life lamp was still shining the whole time but we know she died in the trial and we know they looked for her. Just really weird how no questions are ever asked and they forget about her even after they get to the source sect.
  • No StuffedDuck is right, possessed Gongsun Wan'er returns to the sect sometime between the trial and Bai Xiaochun's time in Blood Stream. She appears in chapter 218 when Bai Xiaochun visits Spirit Stream in his Nightcrypt disguise and the ghost possessing Gongsun Wan'er and recognises him. As for her identity we have still have no idea who she is but from clues we gather she was alive a long time ago as her memories get stirred when she see's the face of the Blood Stream ancestor.
  • What's her cultivation stage?
  • Dookie said:
    What's her cultivation stage?
    Her main body is Early Tianzun (for now translated as Heavenly Lord in LNMTL) and she gradually approaching that, she's actually an incarnation of Ghost Mother Tianzun left hand. The limit of current world is Quasi Tianzun and if someone used power above that, it will burst, even Quasi Tianzun power level can leave scar at the world which is unrestoreable.
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