Ji ning's Disciples Cultivation level

What's the Cultivation level of all of ji ning's disciples at the end of the story ?
Does bluecliff still alive at the end chapter/arc ?


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    One is actually a Ruler class EE at the End War.
    The one who learnt sword art from him is at the Dao Lord top list. Feared through the entire region because of his eratic behaviors
    Don't remember other ones but most would still be dao lord at most. 
  • Yeah, the most powerful Disciple is probably Green Bamboo. The kid he met when he went to the Archeuas region. In terms of strong he was already stronger then His Majesty Du Gu the man who was leading the Ice Peak Corps and was nearing the same level as the Ablaze Sun Domain Lord a man who can hold his own against Ji Ning's Chaos Source Beast. Plus he had a perfect Dao Heart something which was super rare that even Ning didn't have and it earned him an Alternate Universe given to him by a Supreme Sovereign or Autarch.
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