Updating TOCs

There are times when I've stockpiled some chapters to read for later but when I've come to it I wouldn't remember which chapter I've left off. And having a dated TOC really doesn't help. 
I think it would be good for both the translators and readers if we have a more updated TOC on the novels. It would help reader retention for the novels and help readers catch up on novels they like. I know this because I myself have dropped novels just because the TOC is old and I can't be assed to post on reddit.

Anyway, rant aside TL;DR update TOCs pls, want to catch up on novels.

As an additional help for the site I've done some TOC work on the recently finished SSN and EoSP



Have a nice day everyone and Cheers!!


  • This is not the only thing that's missing on this web presentation. I'm pretty sure there's a whole list of what needs to be implemented and some time in the future a huge overhaul will hit WW web presentation with some added features. Adding some random features isn't in general too challenging but it's still time consuming to make it work properly individually.

    So ye TL;DR: Wait for a new web presentation
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