Please fix your website's memory allocation to PC

On these last few weeks, when the ad on the right side appears, it starts a memory leak from that tab. The tab where you loaded the WW page consumes RAM about 500+ KB every second. Sometimes, I just notice that it already allocating 1+GBs of data (and when I forgot to close the tab and left for a while, you won't know my despair trying to close the tab with a crippled PC). I already experienced it months ago and I'm not sure when it came back (I think it was fixed for some time). This is beginning to get annoying. As much as possible, I don't want to enable Adblock on this site. Please, just fix this annoying shit.


  • Use Ad block and it should fix your issue for the time being till they fix the ad issues.
  • The ad/javascript issues have been there for more than a year and nothing has been done (except the possibility to report the bad ads, which has obviously not been very useful). I'm getting tired of this, especially since it is not very complicated to solve but they don't seem to care. Volarenovels has put together a team to resolve similar issues they had, but WW hasn't.
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