New Story - Eternal Body Cultivation: Ch. 1 - Kai Ming

Eternal Body Cultivation


In a lost continent in the Zie Wan world, there lived a young boy, Dao Yu, who was orphaned at a very early age. For the last five years Dao Yu has had to fight for his survival. Dao Yu only remembers his childhood growing up in the Flowing Waters Sect. Although Flowing Waters Sect was only a level 4 sect it had a long and rich history. It had deep roots that stretched back nearly 1000 years into the past.

According to legend, The Flowing Waters Sect's Founder, Dao Wu, was said to be the top expert in the world! No power in the world dared cross Dao Wu. After the meteoric rise to power of Dao Wu he decided to start his own sect based off of his sword techniques, The Flowing Water Sword technique.


Unfortunately the Flowing Water Sword technique was too profound and no one could learn it. What should have been a tier 1 sect quickly plummeted to a tier 4 sect after the Flowing Waters Master Dao Wu ascended to the Pinnacle Heaven Realm.


Upon his ascension the Flowing Waters Master left his sword the Seven Seas King Blade and promised that one day one of his descendants would wield the Seven Seas King Blade and tread the same path he had into the Pinnacle Heaven Realm.


For nearly a thousand years the Seven Seas King Blade hung in the ancestors’ hall slumbering and waiting for its future master. Dao Yu was the seventh son of the Flowing Waters Sect Master Dao Zhang.


In the autumn of the year of the Fire Serpent, 23,567 of the Yung Calendar, the Flowing Waters Sect met its doom at the hands of its most bitter rival the Raging Fire Sect. In a bid to save his son and the sect's legacy Dao Zhang sealed the Seven Seas King Blade within the Dantian of his young son Dao Yu, a storage ring with the treasures of the sect, and a face changing mask.


Dao Yu fled from the Sect with the Sect guardian, Kao Li, but to help Dao Yu escape the Sect Guardian was forced to give up his life. Dao Yu left the sect to wander the world by himself with tears in his eyes and a bitter heart.


After living in the Hidden Forrest for five years Dao Yu decided enough time had passed that he should be able to move forward in his plans for revenge and to start a new life. He found his way to the Persistent Rock Kingdom in upper Kai Tong province. Dao Yu was extremely wealthy with the inheritance of the sect and decided to purchase a mansion hire some guards and begin his plans.


Before coming into town Dao Yu changed his face to an old man. He completely covered his body with think but noble looking robes. He also found a pair of gloves in his storage ring to cover his conspicuously unwrinkled hands.


Slightly stooping over Dao Yu walked into Persistent Rock’s grand city Unbreakable Stone Town. The old man entered a clothing store only frequented by nobility and extremely wealthy merchants buying several changes of clothes.


After buying his necessities, Dao Yu found an agent who sold mansions within the town. After describing his needs to the agent Dao Yu was brought to a luxurious mansion in the Wong district. At the gateway, the mansion’s name was present in highly stylized iron letters as “Crashing Heavens Estate.” After looking around the property Dao Yu was satisfied and purchased the mansion.

Next, Dao Yu went to find servants and guardsman for his mansion. After obtaining a reference from an older noble Dao Yu had met, he came before Lord Kao of the well renowned “Kao Noble Staffing.” Lord Kao immediately sent the servants and guardians to the mansion. Dao Yu left town, changed into the noble’s clothes while draping an old and dusty cloak around his shoulders. He changed his face into one that would be his for the foreseeable future. Dao Yu chose a face that was handsome but not outstandingly so.


Walking back into the town Dao Yu immediately walked to his estate. The door was already being guarded. After introducing himself and showing his deed to the gate guard, the steward was quickly brought out. The steward, Mr. Mao, introduced himself. Dao Yu mentioned that he was tired and would look at the estate later.


Later that night, Dao Yu sat in his room with the blankets pulled up over his knees while he was sitting up in his bed. He was shivering and sweeting. Eyes red, Dao Yu seemed to be staring a hole through the wall. Suddenly, he began to speak out loud in a harsh whisper. “I’ll kill them all, I’ll kill them, and THEY think it’s over, it is, FOR THEM! It’s over, it’s over, it’s over!!! Finally, weariness over took him and he fell asleep.


The next morning Dao Yu woke up and felt refreshed. For the first time in months he had been able to sleep securely without fear. After washing up and exiting his room, he found the steward waiting for him next to a table in his courtyard. As soon as the steward saw him he clapped his hands and a servant ran off to fetch the young master’s breakfast. There were a few appetizers already laid out. Choosing some fruit, Dao Yu leaned back in his chair.

“Good morning young master Kai, I trust you had a decent rest?” The steward approached Dao Yu and used the name that Dao Yu had chosen for his new life, Kai Ming. Dao Yu lazily responded to the steward, “Yes Old Mao, it was a very pleasant sleep.”


The steward smiled and asked, “Is there anything that you would like me to prepare for today?” Kai Ming had thought for a little while. He knew that he needed to increase his martial arts so that he can eventually have the power to strike back and destroy his enemies, but he also needed friends. Could he destroy an entire sect himself? Of course not! The first problem was that he couldn’t openly use his sword technique as it would reveal his identity. The second problem he could leave for later.


“Old Mao,” Kai Ming began. “I would like to find an instructor to learn martial arts do you know of anyone?”

“I know of several, young master, which mastery are you particularly interested in?” The steward responded.


Kai Ming knew that this question was coming and he had already determined that the best was to take up the saber. It was close enough to the sword that he wouldn’t have to begin all the way from the beginning, but it was different enough that no one would suspect him being a sword user.


“I’m interested in learning the Saber arts, but it can’t be just anyone. I need the absolute best of the best, money is no object! Don’t let anyone pass themselves off as someone great I can tell the difference!” Kai Ming warned.


The steward solemnly responded, “Of course, young master has a discerning eye. There are five Saber masters that I am aware of who are available. You will not find anyone better than these five in the surroundings. Should I bring them here for you to select from among them?”


“Yes, excellent. Have them arrive early tomorrow. I am eager to begin my learning.” Kai Ming enthusiastically responded.


“Of course none of these masters will be cheap.” The steward responded. “They will need some incentive to come.”


Kai Ming took out five priceless fire gems and gave them to the steward. “Money is meaningless if the skills are sufficient.” Kai Ming said looking deeply at the steward.  


The steward’s eyes began to shine as he looked at this treasure and finally understood what kind of person he worked for, someone rich, someone ridiculously rich. Greed filled the heart of the steward, but he did not hope to steal from this young man. To pull out such treasures without a care what power sat behind this young man? To betray him was foolish, it was better to serve.


The next morning, after breakfast, the Steward brought the five saber experts before his young master.


“Young Master Kai, these are the five experts I spoke of yesterday. If I may, I would like to introduce them to you.” The steward intoned.

“Old Mao, please.” Kai Ming responded.


“First, allow me to introduce Master Li Fong of the Shattering Earth Sect.” A large man, the size of a mountain, stepped forward and bowed. The man had extremely chiseled features, dark brown eyes, and wore a simple brown martial robe.


“Next, is Master Yun Fat of the Indomitable Dragonfire Sect.” A man with blazing red hair and angled features stepped forward. His martial robes were red, yellow, and orange.


“This is Master Ou Yu Fang of the Endless Ocean Sect.” A noble looking man with ocean blue hair and beard stepped forward. His robes were a mixture of aquamarine and blue colors. His eyes were as serene as an undisturbed pool.


“Next is Master Xian Xue of the Flowing Wind Sect.”  The only female master of the five stepped forward. She was unimaginably beautiful. She wore green robes and a faint smile.


“Finally, let me introduce you to Master Kahn of the Mysterious Ether Sect. A man in a black and grey robe walked forward. Dark eyes with glowing jade pupils made this man seem like a walking nightmare.


Dao Yu noticed the slight micro expressions on the face of the other four masters. They all slightly feared this man. Dao Yu knew who he needed to choose.


Just as Dao Yu was about to speak he heard someone clear their throat. “Hmmhm. A gathering of the greatest Saber experts around and no one invited me.” A man appeared from who knew where. Dao Yu looked at the other experts and noticed that each of them had fearful expression on their faces, even Master Kahn. Dao Yu was surprised and took another look at the newly arrived expert.


“Kong Ji!” Master Kahn spat out. The steward stepped forward nervously, “Master Kong, of course I meant to invite you but when I inquired I was told you were still training in the Dark Forrest.”


“Well, I’m back now.” Master Kong turned his head towards Kai Ming and examined him. “Not bad, I wonder young man, how do you propose to convince me to train you?”

Master Kong’s words were bold and arrogant causing great agitation amongst the other masters. Master Kahn was clearly angered at his arrogant words. “What makes you think he would choose you when I am standing here?!” Master Kahn shouted. Without missing a beat Master Kong responded, “Oh, little Kahn, I didn’t see you there.” Fire spat out of eyes of Master Kahn and just as he was about to speak Dao Yu interrupted.


“Great Masters, I am honored by every ones’ enthusiasm. I have six treasures here.” After speaking Kai Ming took out six treasures and had them placed on a table before the six masters. Let’s have a match. The strongest person will get to choose one of these treasures and become my teacher. The teacher’s salary is 1000 gold per month. What do you think?”

All the masters looked at the treasures. Their eyes were shinning. The treasures were a rank 4 fire goblin fruit, rank 4 water sprite fruit, rank 4 earth dragon array, rank 4 wind spirit fruit, a black mantis ether fruit, and finally, rank 4 iron body rebirth pill. Each treasure was priceless and each was chosen according to what Kai Ming determined to be the need of each master.

While in the Flowing Waters Sect, Kai Ming had cultivated a rare ability “Eye of Tarkon.” The Eye of Tarkon was an ability technique that allowed the user to understand one thing from another. Looking at an object or person the Eye of Tarkon allowed the user to determine weak points and aided the user to analyze either how to destroy something or how to improve it.

Kai Ming had used this technique on each of the masters. He chose the perfect treasure that would allow each master to advance in their cultivation. Dao Yu had hit their weak point. Forget taking him as a student. If Kai Ming had commanded it, each one would have adopted him and treated them as their own flesh and blood child.


The masters looked at each other and solemnly nodded before looking back at Kai Ming. Master Xien asked, “Young Master Kai, how would you like us to fight?”

Kai Ming slightly smiled. “Three rounds. The first round will be a test of body foundation. The second round will be a test of technique. The Final round will be a test of skill. I’ll explain the rules for each round as we come to them. We can start whenever you are ready.”

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