Noble Emblem

Recently picked up this novel for a read and decided to share it around with some spoilers to go.

Noble Emblem is based on DnD, so everyone has stats, classes, and feats. The story starts with the MC going by the name Beta Lyon (can't remember his Chinese name) living in our world, but a hundred year into the future, and mostly spends his time playing a virtual game. He sadly dies in the first chapter and he then get's reborn in another world while finding out that the virtual world he used to play in was in fact based on a medieval fantasy world. So far I have read it to around 300 chapters it's at 550 chapters and still ongoing.

  • Harem (I know people will ask this)
  • White and purple
  • Two twin girls that appeared in our world to the MC and followed him around since he started playing the VR game, they fell in love and the MC see's the two as his wives. They are the reason he was summoned to the new world but have been missing since the first chapter. The MC keeps rejecting girls throughout the story because of the two and also because they left a letter saying no cheating allowed.
  • Sophia
  • Half-Succubus with a killer body and wife to the city lord of the first big city the MC go too. They start off with a semi-antagonistic because of benefits that lead to conflict between her family and the MC. Because of the the MC's power, beauty and forcefulness she becomes sexually attracted to the MC having multiple wet dreams about him. A while later her power grows stronger and her succubus blood becomes stronger awakening the power of dream invasion, leading to her intruding into the MC's dreams and then forcing herself on him. This leads to an ambiguous relationship in which Sophia strongly desires him but because of feeling guilt towards her husband and daughter, she contains it too only invade his dreams.
  • Emma
  • Saint of the storm Goddess and a beautiful loli that early on falls for the MC because she want's to escape from fate, and MC is immune to anything close to fate and leads to people around him not being constrained by fate. She tries hard to show her feelings for the MC but fails repeatedly because the MC see's her as a child because of her figure. In time she gathers her courage and tries to sleep with the MC only to get cast out from his window. This ends with at the point of my reading her proclaiming to everyone that she would make damn sure to grow a big pair of meat buns, cause she had seen the MC ogle her mother's mountains multiple times. until the next time, they see each other and make it so he would fall head over heels for her.
  • Jessica
  • A beggar girl with the bloodline of a werewolf, her greatest wish is to grow big meat buns so she can be hired as a maid. The MC finding her about to be killed by other beggars over a silver coin takes her in and realizing her werewolf bloodline he takes her in as his maid, to the great surprise of Jessica because her meat buns are still small but being only 12 there is a still time for growth, she promises that he can play with her meat buns whenever he wishes seeing as that is what maids are for, at least that's what all the beggars told her.
  • Kathie
  • An assassin who initially tries to kill the MC and Emma, she is however noticed by the MC's Goddess who wishes to make her into her Dark Archon and the MC tracks her down. Finding out that she is doing the assassin work to keep her mother alive the MC saves her mother after which Kathie joins the religion as the Dark Archon. She has feelings for the MC and has tried a few times to give herself to the MC only to be rejected.
  • Shirley
  • A divine creature made in the spitting image of the MC's Goddess Waukeen. During one of the dream invasions done by Sophia the Goddess intrudes and prevents any happy fun time between the two. Shortly after Waukeen sends Shirley down into the world to both help Beta out but also to satisfy his lusts so he wouldn't have to sleep with Sophia. Trying hard to fulfill her mission in life Shirley is very proactive in trying to sleep with Beta only to fail repeatedly. In the end, after being stimulated too much by Beta, Shirley turns to Sophia and through some deception makes sure the MC is pulled into the dream world where Shirley and Sophia can do some happy fun time with him.
  • Judy
  • Queen of the butterflies, Judy is from the beginning a butterfly monster of the light element that in a cave home to a spring of light. The MC invades this cave and takes the spring for his own use, which greatly angers Judy but she is unable to stop the MC. Later on, she lvls up and thus evolves into a humanoid form with butterfly wings and leaves the cave in search of her spring. When she eventually finds the MC a fight ensues which ends with a great struggle between the two. The MC eventually loses his reason because of his mental force depleting and mistakes Judy for his ghost wife White because of Judy having white hair. This leads to the MC raping Judy, this being his first real physical sex time ever since both in the previous world with his two ghost wives and the new world he'd only ever had sex in his dreams. Afterwards, the MC is given the feat "Butterfly king aroma" which is like a constant perfume on the MC to show to other butterflies that he is the mate/spouse of the butterfly queen. Judy shorty after this appears a few times helping the MC and is given the name Judy by the MC before she dissapears.


  • Sounds like a crappy Japanese harem never write a harem if it is half-assed!
    And I see 3 girls disappear... hate that.
    Looks like a lot of girls but pretty much only white and purple are which he accepts, and they disappear!
  • ramonkad said:
    Sounds like a crappy Japanese harem never write a harem if it is half-assed!
    And I see 3 girls disappear... hate that.
    Looks like a lot of girls but pretty much only white and purple are which he accepts, and they disappear!
    Yeah I kinda agree on that point white and purple basically don't appear in the story except for the MC keeps mentioning he want's to stay faithful to them and that because their so beautiful he doesn't accept other females advances cause they are so much more beautiful, but if he was single he'd go for them. I am pretty sure Judy will appear again soon in the story at 400 chapters now.
    Also at this point, he's accepted White and purple, + the three women he's slept with mostly Shirley and Judy but he's added Sophia as well though he's unsure on where to go with her. So now he keeps denying other females advances because he already got 5 girls to handle and he thinks it's already too many.

    Overall though yeah the harem is at least for me pretty half-assed because the MC is so indecisive while all the females are very proactive but he keeps rejecting them because of mostly White and Purple, who frankly up to now are exactly like their forms in the earth, ghosts that keep haunting the MC.

    But somehow the story got me hooked for now, but not sure how it'll be later on.

    I always get hung up on when the author does a thing because of a reason and then two chapters later make that reason redundant or gives a really shitty reason as to why the MC can't or won't do something.

    Like for instance at starting point MC get's three bloodline feats to choose from, he picks eye feat so he see's better and get's true seeing, the reason to pick it is that the MC awakes in total darkness and he picks the eye feat so he's able to see. A few chapters later the MC summons a light ball to enable him and some other to see in the dark because the MC was always able to do that -.-

    He picks a starting feat that randomly gives him money because it is great to get money after he get's 2 gold coins through it he get's 2000 gold and after that, it appears two more times to give him 2-5 gold when he already got way too much money. The author quotes the all to used Chinese motto even mosquito meat can make a difference for this.

    Or the MC's Goddess temple is able to switch money to exp for easy lvl up. But the MC never uses it because he needs the money much more for developing his cities and temples. Which makes sense at first except that he had waaaay too much money the at time that he doesn't use when he is close to lvl up and he is about to do something dangerous. The biggest flaw here, however, is that he convinces the Goddess to return some or most of the money sacrificed to prevent the economy to hurt from too much gold disappearing and to use the money to fund all the expenses for the temple/faith. So MC could pretty much just power lvl by sacrificing gold and then getting back most of it.

    Rant ended, kinda gives a bad picture on the last few things I wrote but there are sadly always these kinds of author logic flaws in stories, one of the stories I have the biggest concern with is actually Emperors Domination :D

    Still I think it's worth a read and gonna keep reading.
  • Good novel. ¿Continuarás con la traducción?
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