Immortal Meridians

Now I was rereading Issth and thought man wouldn't it be nice to have immortal meridians like Meng Hao and what would other people's immortal meridians would be like so I created this thread to find out. So like Meng Hao we will choose 23 suitable things can be converted to immortal meridians following Issth rules it can be from a video game , novel , anime , manga.
For Example Me:
1. Drop of immortal blood of the Evil God (Against The Gods)
2. Bloodline origin Kemoyin bloodline (Warlock Of The Magus World)
3. Terminal Blaze (Battle Through The Heavens)
4.Demonic Evil God Tiger Black Pearl (Heavenly Jewel Change)
5. Gold Dragon King Soul Nucleus (Soul Land 2.5)
6. Dragon Transformation Skill (Dragon-Marked War God)
7. Kurama (Naruto Shippuden)
8. Mysterious Heaven Technique (Soul Land)
9. Azure Lightning (The Divine Elements)
10.Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell (Magus Era)
11. Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique (Emperor's Domination)
12. 3000 Drops of Vermilion Bird longevity Blood (Blue Phoenix)
13. The Three Realms (Desolate Era)
14. Ancient God’s Tactic (Renegade Immortal)
15. Blood Legacy Divine (The Divine Elements)
16. Power Of Dominance (Castlevania Dawn Of Sorrow)
17. Zeus (Persona Q)
18. Spirit Wave Orb(Yu Yu Hakusho)
19. Bronze Lamp Of Patriarch Vast Expanse (I Shall Seal The Heavens)
20. All 9 Demon Sealing Hexes Combined Together (I Shall Seal The Heavens)
21. Satanael (Persona 5)
22. Dragon God Bone Marrow (Against The Gods)
23. Chu Feng Lightning Beasts (Martial God Asura)
Life is a never ending battle you win some and lose some if one cannot handle losses then how could one possibly win the war.
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