Destroying the Earth, Suppressing the Heavens(Chapter 2 out!)

Hi guys. This is DaoistBashful. This is the first story I am writing and the release rate will be around 3-4 chapters per week. Hope that you guys enjoy my book and I will make more announcements in the future!


  • Synopsis

    Zhao Wei had a perfect life. Good grades, loving parents, great friends, and a beautiful girlfriend. All of it got wiped away after a mysterious plane accident which sent him into a new world. Gods and devils roam, with fortune changing with the flip of a coin. How will Zhao Wei manoeuvre through this deceit-ridden world? Join him on his epic journey to the pinnacle and his preparation to fight against the Eternal Darkness.
  • Chapter 1 

    “Passengers, please fasten your seatbelts. We are about to experience some turbulence. All passengers please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts.”

    Zhao Wei stared out of the aeroplane window at the darkening clouds, seemingly oblivious to the rocking plane and the chatter of his schoolmates.

    “Zhao Wei, don’t be so stressed. It’s gonna be fine. You guys trained so long for this and all of us are supporting you!”

    A pretty girl sat next to Zhao Wei. Her mesmerising eyes stared enchantingly at him. Zhao Wei sighed and rubbed his forehead. Their football team had prepared since early January this year, all for this one competition, against some of the top tier youth teams in Europe. As their captain, he had felt great pressure since the beginning, and the only reason he had lasted till now without breaking was thanks to the support of his parents, friends and his girlfriend, Si Ying. In fact, she was following him as a member of the cheerleading squad. Zhao Wei forced a smile and reassured her “It’s alright, I just need some time by myself”.

    Si Ying stared at him for a short time, before sighing and walking away. Although Zhao Wei was a person who was passionate and hardworking, this caused his true self and emotions to be suppressed, creating tension between them. Despite the fact that he loved his girlfriend and parents, and was willing to give up his life for them, his demeanor made it such that he was slightly distant from them, which he deeply regretted. Zhao Wei turned and stared at the blanket of clouds beneath him, wishing that one day he would be free and unfettered, living life as how he wanted to, with his loved ones always by his side.

    It was at this moment of deep contemplation for Zhao Wei that a joking voice entered his hearing. “Whew wee! Player Zhao Wei scores a big one this time!” Zhao Wei turned around to see his gang of friends looking at him with a weird light in their eyes. Zhao Wei groaned. “What is it this time?” The fatty, Fei Quan, chortled and said “Don’t you remember, Bros before Hoes? Now that your girlfriend is off, why don’t you spend some time with us?” The skinny geek, Ye Kong, stared at the fatty weirdly before saying “If you want to spend some time with Zhao Wei, you can do so privately. I really don’t want to interrupt your business.” Fei Quan glared at Ye Kong and raised his fist. “Skinny monkey, why don’t you say that again?” Zhao Wei’s gloomy mood somewhat vanished and he laughed. “Four eyes, fatty, I’m not into sadism or masochism, so you guys can keep to yourselves.” At this, Fei Quan and Ye Kong’s faces grew ugly, while the rest of the football team burst out into laughter. Zhao Wei raised his glass, roaring “To Fatty and Four eyes’ relationship! Cheers!” The football team raised their glasses and roared out together “Cheers!” The entire cabin exploded into raucous cheering and laughing, with Fei Quan and Ye Kong’s faces flushed red due to embarrassment. The fatty moved up to Zhao Wei and quietly whispered into his ear “Zhao Wei, you better watch out, this fatty is gonna take care of you real well later.” Zhao Wei raised his hands in mock terror, shouting loud enough for the rest to hear “Fatty, stop with your SM plays! You’re really not my type.” The cabin burst into cheers again, as Fatty quietly slunk back to his seat. Zhao Wei’s mood had completely uplifted now, and he engaged in playful banter with the rest of his friends. Si Ying smiled as she watched by the side. Zhao Wei and his friends then decided to continue their conversation.

    “You guys heard about that plane which was shot over Israel, right?” “Yeah, it’s pretty nasty stuff, but this sort of thing is a one-off thing, there is no way these things happen in quick succession.” Their conversation quickly took a darker turn when someone conveniently pointed out on the TV that they were flying over Israel right now. “Shouldn’t the UN have made it a no-fly zone?” “It was unclear if the plane crashed due to natural causes or if there really was a missile which hit the plane. Plus, the UN is super inefficient, so in the end they decided not to pass the order.” It was at this moment when Zhao Wei took a glance at the window, and his eyes widened with disbelief. “Guys, you’ve got to take a look at this.” “Come on, what could be so interesting in the clouds… My God.” The entire team crowded around the windows, gaping at the majestic sight. Lightning of multiple colours flashed through the air, and this was the least worrying part. A gray wind wove around the lightning, seemingly playing around mischievously. A condensed mist formed, with lush green leaves and beautiful flowers sprouting from within. Sediment coalesced at the bottom of this cloud, with fire spurting out from holes in the earth. This sight was so unimaginably impossible that Zhao Wei rubbed his eyes a few times to make sure that he was not hallucinating. “OMG, we’ve got to post this on f*cebook and I*stagram!” Practically half the team whipped out their phones and began to record this spectacle. 

    The air stewardess hurried into the cabin and tried to call everyone back into their seats, but it was at this moment that things got even weirder. On top of these images was a hazy silhouette of a baby and an old man. Both were seated on either sides of a taiji symbol, which spun the white energy emitting from the baby and the black energy emitting from the old man into its centre. The two switched places irregularly, with the old man turning into a toddler occasionally while the child turned into a decrepit old woman. Zhao Wei suddenly felt his heart beating irregularly, and all of a sudden, blood started leaking from his seven orifices. Horrified, he turned to look at his friends, who were having the same reaction. Fei Quan smiled weakly at Zhao Wei, whispering “Damn, looks like this is the end for me…” Fei Quan’s eyes closed for the last time with a smile on his face. Ye Kong spewed out a mouthful blood, saying with a quavering voice “I’ll meet you in the afterlife, Zhao Wei.” Zhao Wei stared blankly as both his best friends crumpled to the ground, at the edge of death. Tears mixed with blood streamed out of his eyes as his eyes turned red with grief. “Fatty, Ye Kong, I’m sorry I’m such a useless person…” Zhao Wei’s voice was filled with grief, as he knelt done in front of his friends. From the barest of his hearing, he heard a voice “Zhao Wei… Zhao Wei”. Si Ying! He shuddered before turning while intending to run to the other cabin. However, just as he stood up, he felt his legs break under immense pressure. Searing pain streaked up his legs, causing him to scream in pain. It was at this moment that he realised the plane was compressing. The ceiling was filled with dents, and was swiftly crushing inwards. Gritting his teeth, he crawled to the other cabin with his hands. He noticed Si Ying lying crumpled on the floor, with blood leaking from her mouth. “Si Ying…” He stretched out his hand and caressed her face. Si Ying turned and smiled towards him. “Zhao Fei, I love you. All I want is to hear that from you one last time. Please.” Tears streamed out from Zhao Wei’s eyes as he said tenderly “Si Ying, I l-” A grating sound reverberated throughout the plane, and a hole was torn in the side of the plane. Zhao Wei desperately grabbed onto a seat, but not before he lost grip on Si Ying. “NO!” Zhao Weis’ voice ached with grief as Si Ying slipped from his fingers and he howled towards the sky. Grief and madness consumed his sight as he raged madly. 

    Above the old man and the baby, a black hole and a clump of particles could be seen. The clump of particles constantly emitted white clumps of particles, while the black hole constantly devoured them, creating a never ending cycle. The last thing Zhao Wei saw was a hazy silhouette of an enormous golden humanoid sitting above all on a massive throne, looking down at the carnage apathetically. He stood up and opened his palm, sucking all the images into his palm. His entire being then condensed into a droplet of blood, which penetrated into Zhao Wei’s forehead. A booming laugh echoed in his ears. “2000 years of suppression and torment. Vengeance will be mine!” Zhao Wei felt an electric shock explode in his brain, before descending into darkness.

  • Prologue

    The river of stars stretched across the great expanse of the universe, seemingly unending. In the middle of the twisting river stood an old, hunchbacked man. In front of him was a dark space, where all the light from the stars around him could not reach and would never reach. It was churning and expanding, as if something was trying to escape. He let out a soft sigh, and stretched out his palm. An old, croaking voice which had not been used for millions of years once again echoed throughout the dark space.


    A golden light which rivalled the radiance of the stars poured out from his palm, agglomerating to form a huge golden palm. A power which tore apart space for billions of miles emanated from the palm. The golden palm flew forward and landed on the dark space. The palm wrapped around the dark space, forming a golden membrane. The churning was suppressed and almost instantly, curses rang out from the ark space. “Old Geezer, one day we will escape, and you will pay for your transgressions!” A boundless roar capable of shredding reality exploded from the depths of the darkness. The growling increased and space shuddered once more, as if dreading the power of the individuals sealed within the dark space.

    “Hear me, for this is probably one of the last times you will hear this old one’s voice. I would advise you not to rampage the universe once the seal expires. I, the All-Seer, have seen the future, and will now state the fruits of my trillions of years of labour. Heed my words. I only say this as a responsibility to my race. Other than this, I have no more responsibility.”

    “HAH! Your race? I curse you to be exterminated by our race, traitor. You think we can let this banishment go? The universe will burn, and you with it.”

    Powerful words of an ancient language lost through time tore through the darkness, booming next to the All-Seer’s ears. His back noticeably stooped even more, as if the guilt of betraying his race weighed even further on his shoulders. After some time, he stood up straight and spoke “ I will never regret what I did, and would banish you savages if I got the chance again.” The roars began to shake space even harder.

    “My prophecy is my last debt paid to you, so heed it well”

    Mystical runes surrounded the All-Seer, and words from the ancient tongue began to flow from his mouth. The stars dimmed and flickered, as if disapproving of what was going to take place. Red lightning the color of blood tore itself from the stars and streaked through space, forming a cloud of red tribulation lightning. It was as if veins of blood ran through the body of a massive entity, converging at its heart, which was the dark space. The cloud surrounded the old man and the dark space, enveloping the stars. As the words poured out from his mouth, the universe itself began to groan and shake. His eyes turned blurry, and layers of fog expelled itself from his body.

    “ Shaking the heavens, destroying the earth, the God reigns supreme; wisest across the ages, unparalleled in the primordial arts, the Magus Ancestor spits in the face of the divine; cruelest yet the kindest, altering the laws of heavenly judgement, the Devil is undefeated; transcending all, putting nothing in his eyes, the Immortal expounds on the Dao. Four great beings, the Immortal leading, the God suppressing, the Magus Ancestor destroying, the Devil judging, fighting against the eternal darkness.”

    After the final words were uttered from his mouth, the old man spat out blood and became noticeably paler. Astral winds howled and the tribulation lightning struck the body of the All-Seer, causing him to fly backwards. He gritted his teeth, and shouted “Condense!” A blurry layer of fog surrounded the All-Seer, blocking off the lightning. Red lightning shot out again from the tribulation cloud, forming a massive red dragon and an undying phoenix. The dragon and the phoenix were absolutely massive, with wingspans of billions of miles. The stars looked like specks of dust, shaking under the might of the creatures. The dragon roared, and soared towards the old man with its mouth wide open while the phoenix screeched and shot forward, dispersing lightning from its wings. The two mighty beasts wove and intertwined, creating a beautiful yet deadly dance of death. The old man coughed out blood once again, and roared “Reverse!” An enormous wheel with mystical runes shone on his chest and projected itself onto his blood. The wheel then began moving in reverse, slowly shrinking. The dragon roared and the phoenix screeched while imploding, causing the lightning to streak back into the stars. The universe groaned once again, and turned silent.

    Upon hearing the words spoken, there was stunned silence for a short while, before laughter burst out from the darkness. One particularly loud voice echoed over all the others “HAHAHA, All-Seer, you must have grown senile with age. The God and the Devil, uniting? Impossible! Even if they did, the magus ancestor died in the First war and the immortal is merely a legend. The 3 great worlds are mere husks of what they used to be, and even then we very nearly wiped all of them out, except for your great betrayal which caused us to lose. I can sense your life force weakening, and once you die, who can stop us, the Primordial Godkings, from rising again? We once ruled over all, and we shall do so again. Don’t forget, you still have not caught my son yet, so who knows, you might get wiped out before we even get released again. All-Seer, you still have a chance, if you release us, I can give you the chance to take the place of crown prince again, even over my own son. It’s just a matter of time anyway.”

    An enormous hand suddenly pierced through the darkness. The horrendous power emanating from the hand even made the All-Seer’s eyes sharpen. “I did not expect you would circumvent the lack of yuan qi in the Eternal Darkness” The All-Seer coldly commented. “There are many things you are unaware of, secrets which would make you and even me shudder” the booming voice suddenly quavered, as if dreading retribution from speaking those words. The universe suddenly boomed, even louder than the groan which echoed throughout the universe when the All-Seer delivered his prophecy. The voice paused, then once again continued “Just by grasping a tiny glimpse of that item, and opening my eyes to the truth, allowed me to develop a whole new understanding of this universe, and thus circumvent the lack of yuan qi.” The hand stretched forward and beckoned. “Last chance.” The All-Seer looked at the hand, smiled, and spat on it. “Never in Eternity.” The hand shrank back and a voice roared “You refuse time and time again! When I come out, I will torture your soul for eons to come!” The All-Seer turned around, ignoring the roars, and stared into the depths of space. “The seeds have been sown, and the die is cast. The one possibility out of the myriad futures which can save us has a slightly higher chance of happening. I hope I chose the right people.” The All-Seer closed his eyes, and slowly walked into the cold darkness of space.

  • Chapter 2 

    “Ugh…” Zhao Wei’s entire body ached as he sat up. A splitting headache hit him as he tried to recall what happened. A torrent of unfamiliar memories poured into his head, and his head throbbed harder. “Wasn’t I dead? And what the hell is going on? Heavenly Gate World? Black Blade Empire? Zhao Clan?” As Zhao Wei struggled to internalize these memories, he took a glance around. He was on a bed in a white room, surrounded by flowers. A crowd of strangers stood around him, varying expressions of shock on their face. “Zhao… Wei? A tall middle-aged man tentatively probed. Zhao Wei stared at this unfamiliar individual for a few seconds. Who was this weirdo? And how does he know my name? As Zhao Wei sifted through his memories to find out who this person was, a name clicked into his mind. Zhao Xuan, my father? Zhao Wei swiftly realised that this man was his supposed “father” from the sea of unfamiliar memories. “No…” Zhao Wei stared in horror as he grabbed the man and said “What date is it? Where am I?” The man muttered, in a state of shock, 123rd day of Year 2017 in the New Era. “WHERE AM I!” Zhao Wei roared as he crashed out of the room, with 50 over individuals still staring at him in complete shock. He ran into a spacious courtyard, with a large pond in the centre, containing fish the size of a grown adult. However, this was the least of his problems. As he gazed up towards the azure blue sky, to his horror, he saw 6 moons of varying sizes in the sky, with a massive sun peeking its head over the horizon. “Zhao Wei, are you all right?” The individuals, by now, had regained their senses and concernedly asked him. “I need some time alone.” He muttered. An old man heaved a sigh of relief, and said “Zhao Wei has come back to us through some miracle, let us give him some time to recuperate.” Everyone bowed towards the old man, and quietly shuffled out through a door.

     Zhao Wei collapsed on the ground, staring blankly into space. By now, he had sifted through all his memories and realised the predicament he was in. He was currently in a planet completely different from Earth, a planet called Heavenly Gate World. Technology on this planet was far behind Earth’s, to the point where electricity had not even been tapped into as a power source yet. However, this planet contained something Earth had a great lack of: Qi. This led to a chaotic landscape, with individuals capable of levelling mountains and parting seas existing next to common people. Numerous empires ruled across the land, with some far larger than the surface of the Earth. Many great powers and sects ruled across the land, constantly clashing in a bid to reach the apex, creating a world where the law of the jungle was all that mattered.  He was currently in a low-tier empire known as the Black Blade Empire, and lived in a small town near one of the 16 great cities besides the capital, which was called Blood Origin town. Within the town itself existed 3 great clans, the Zhao, the Wu, and the Ma. The Ma were merchants, the Wu were great warriors, while the Zhao were craftsmen. All three were branches of the main clans in the imperial capital, which differentiated this town from the other smaller towns and even some of the great cities. Zhao Wei was the son of the second child of the patriarch of this branch of the Zhao clan. Similar to his previous life, the current Zhao Wei was the sole child. However, his mother had not been around since child birth, leading to his father being rather relaxed with Zhao Wei. Of course, Zhao Wei became an arrogant young master who threw his weight around. Both his eldest uncle and third uncle had capitalized on this to increase the resources given to their sons and daughters, and coupled with his mediocre talent, resulted in Zhao Wei’s cultivation falling far behind his cousins. His “prowess” as a young master was so polished that he was well known even in neighbouring towns, to say nothing of this one. He was merely at martial practitioner level 2, while most of his cousins were at level 5 or 6, with 1 or 2 geniuses at the 7-8th level. 

    “Just had to get reincarnated into the type of guy I loathe.” Zhao Wei sighed as he sat up, taking a good look at his reflection in the water. A mirror of his features from his original body appeared, other than his currently bloodshot eyes. As Zhao Wei was about to fully merge his new memories, he realised that the last thing the original holder of the body had been doing was drinking out of his glass of water, before everything faded to black. “I’ve got to take a look at that glass of water.” Zhao Wei sprang to his feet and rushed into his room. A seemingly innocuous glass of water sat there. Zhao Wei took the glass and sat in the garden, waiting. After sometime, he tenderly grabbed a spider and dropped it into the glass. Almost instantly, the spider curled up and sank to the bottom of the glass, instead of struggling to climb out. Zhao Wei’s face turned gloomy and he kept the glass in a cabinet. “As I thought, the original Zhao Wei was poisoned.” Zhao Wei contemplated for a short while, before getting up with a start. “Then how is it possible that I managed to survive in this body?” He grabbed a needle and pricked his skin, causing a drop of blood to be released. He examined it for a short while, and dropped it into the pond. The fish continued swimming as per normal. “Usually the poison would have entered my blood stream since the original owner of the body died of a heart attack, but how come these fish are fine?” “How about thanking me, little boy?” A booming voice echoed within his mind. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!" This event, seemingly insignificant, would mark the beginning of a grand era, and a world-shattering war.

  • Sorry guys about the lack of releases, going to go on a holiday for about 2 weeks. By the end I will owe you guys 15 chapters(including those I did not post over the past few weeks), which will be paid back

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