That Arrogant Author Is A Little Bit Too Sweet!!!


Lin Rong is an ordinary office worker who is popular in a different way - she is known as "Yes Girl" in her office. Due to the fact that she always do what others tell her, she became the Lacey of everybody.

Nobody knows that the "Yes Girl" Lin Rong, was actually the famous web writer known as "The Arrogant Ms. Author" Li Ru Wen. The Mad Author who likes to bully her reader into posting cliff-hanger chapters. Even posting hoax chapters and goes on hiatus simply because she didn't drink her favorite strawberry milk shake! Even with her temperament, she stand high and mighty to go into forum to diss her own haters!

One day, her newly transferred boss fired her for a fault she didn't do and decided to make him as one of the main villain in her new story. Only to forgot that she used his original name in the story! And his Devil like boss had discovered her identity!

A/N: Don't know if I'm doing this right since this is my first time posting a story at Wuxiaworld. Kindly guide/enlighten me seniors! Thanks in advance!


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    Author's Note:
    I'm still new here.I don't even know how to delete post... It would be a great help if anoyone is willing to lend a hand

    In a certain Story theread...

    Story: Blue Moon
    By: LI RU WEN

    { He grabbed her hand and gently planted a kiss on her neck. 'Xiao Er' he wispered into her ears. The next instance he................................ 
    Author's Note Li Ru Wen: I'm feeling tired, gonna upload the next series in two days.  Ciao! }

    Comment section:

            [ Ah... another cliff hanger]

    [The author is really ruthless -_- did they finnaly kiss or not! Give my heart some peace!]

             [ Ommooo... Noo... >_<]

    [ Just Finish it already! I cannot stand the continous cliff hangers!]

    Lin Rong grinned as she read the comments of her readers. 

    She finally let out a huge sight after a long day of work. <Hmp! They are too much! Giving me their unfinished works and still has time to go Karaoke? I'll file a sick leave tomorrow. Hehehe>

    Lin Rong is just an ordinary office worker at Zhang Empire. When she was young, they call her "The kind girl" everybody rely on and now that she's working, she was dubbed as "Yes girl".

    She never really complain because she has the ability to do it. But did they have to pressure her to not say No? Lin Rong Once again frowned upon remembering what happened earlier.

    One of her colleague begged her to do his work even though she said she has another appointment and brush her off saying "Your single right? How could you be busy? Please Lin Rong" begging like a child, she couldn't say no.

    "Aishh... How could a man be so shameless!" She exclaimed as she typed her comment at the forum.

    [ Li Ru Wen: Ah, then should I edit the story with them kissing and end it? Ok! Wish Granted! ]

    Blue moon updated:

    { Then, they kissed. THE END!!!!!  Author's note Li Ru Wen: So I love my readers too much that I granted your wish. Praise me  o:) hahaha }

     Comment section:

      [ No.... Author is having a tantrum again!]

              [Calm down, Just wait for 2 days she'll naturally upload the next chap.]

    [Sorry Master Wen. We'll obediently wait for the next chapter. Please don't end the series like this   ]

    Lin Rong was in the mood to bully her reader's once again...

    Writing novels was basically her hobby but more like a stress reliever. She became well known and ended up having a huge fan base for her stories. Though she was arrogant in her comments and like to play tricks with her readers, one must admit that her writing skills are good and her stories are superb with unexpected plot twist that gained her respect in the industry.

    Now that her 4th novel is coming to an end, she needed another material and inspiration to start her new novel.

    "Hmm... I need to file a 2 days sick leave in preparation for my new novel." She pondered to her self. But it was more like taking revenge for what her co-workers did to her. 


    Zhang Empire

    "Liu Wei! You call this a report? Did you even read this? It's not even half finished!" Zhao Jun glared at Liu Wei.

    Zhao Jun's glare gives an intimidating aura that he don't accept silence as an answer.

    "Boss Zhao, I became ill last week and passed the report to Lin Rong. I.. I...." Before he could even finish, Jun Zhao glared once more and chills run down to his spine.

    "This was last week! Haven't check of follow up the status! Bring that Lin Rong Here Now!" With an over bearing tone, they could only stand and feel the cold aura emitting from their boss.

    "Um.. Lin Rong.. is on sick leave.. Sir" Liu Wei answered in a shattered tone.

    "Tell Lin Rong that unless she gives a complete presentation report this afternoon, she's no longer need to come to the office ever again!" Zhao Jun left his poor employees with cold sweat and shaking bodies.

    "That little witch! She clearly told me that she finished the report! Hmp! Let's see how she handle Boss Zhao's furry!" Liu Wei gritted his teeth in anger. Lin Rong clearly told him that the report was finished, now he was scolded by the devil boss!


    Lin Rong, who was currently engrossed in her new novel received a text message.

    1 Message: Gu Chaer
    [ Lin Rong, I heard Boss Zhao said don't bother coming to the office again. ]

    1 Message: Tao Muchen
    [ Lin Rong, I heard Boss Zhao is angry at you. Don't know what you did but he was in bad mood since this morning. Report immediately at your department. ]

    Not long after, another message has poped in her screen. This time it was from the HR.

    Upon reading the messages, her eyes instantly lit up. She couldn't afford to be jobless! How will she pay the rent or her food expense? Before thinking what she did wrong, she mainly think of her survivability.

    "Aish... Why won't any of my team answer my call?!? "

    Although she was a famous web writer, she doesn't really think she could earn a lot from it. Honestly speaking, ever since she put up her account she never intend to accept donations. In the past, she was offered to have her book published but it will consume a lot of her time for the editing & what she don't like is some of the parts will be removed due to several reasons.

    "How could boss fire me without even taking my side?" Not even batting an eye, she immediately grab her purse and leave. Suppressing her emotions, she called Tao Muchen for the details.


    Zhang Empire

    "You're looking fine Ms. Lin, I think you could already come to the office today. No?" With an imposing yet sarcastic tone, Zhao Jun looked into the woman in front of him.

    She wore a white sweatshirt that is clearly too big for her own and a blue skaters skirt. With a messy bun and her overly large glasses it gives him an impression of a overly weird girl. Who would walk out her house looking like that? More importantly, who have the guts to report at her work looking like that?

    "As I've said before miss. Lin, incompetent employee will be disposed immediately. A report was handed to you but ignored it and now, we are cramming to produce another report because tomorrow is the deadline for approval."

    Zhao Jun leaned closer to Lin Rong, too close that it was almost just a breath away from her face.

    "Tell me, how can I not fire you?" He whispered to her ears. Making her face red but also a feeling of being eaten alive by a beast!

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    Zhang Empire...

    With the over bearing aura of Zhao Jun, Lin Rong was taken a back. It was the first time she was this close to her boss, more importantly, she could feel his warm breath on her cheeks.

    Lin Rong's silence made Zhao Jun the impression that she was guilty so he didn't prolong their conversation.

    "You may now leave Ms. Lin" With a short temperment, Zhao Jun turn his back from Lin Rhong. He was willing to give the other party a chance, but her silence only proved her incompetence.

    "Y...Yes, sir..." She involuntarily mumbled. Ah, she had truly lost her job this time. She didn't even have the courage to defend her self or to explain that she has already made the report and it was Liu Wei who didn't look at her email. She could only walk away with a heavy heart.


    Back in her apartment, she had a thousand thoughts on what she should have done if she has the courage to do so. 

    "Incompitent your face! Dispose your self you demon boss!" Lin Rong rolled over and over her bed untill she finally calm down.

    She went online and want to bully her readers once again. But mid-way into typing, she decided to upload her story. <Ahhh... I don't feel like bullying my readers today>

    Thread post:
    [ Li Ru Wen: Good News! I'm uploading the last 5 chapters of Blue Moon. Bad News: I'm gonna be busy with (Job hunting) hahaha... So my fifth novel will be delayed. As an apology to all of you, I will post a short novel. Clue: I will explore a differend genre. More like psychological. Whahahaha... *evil grin*  Thank you for the support! ]

    Comment thread:

    [ Finally! She regained her senses! Cheers for the last 5 chapters!!! ]

               [ Job Hunting? I wonder how her co-employee deals with her arrogant attitude. Hahaha ]

    [ Is this a hoax or Ms Author is being generous today?]

               [Yey! Thank for the Chapters! ]

    [ Oh no! A psychological story plus a crazy writer! Nooo!!!]

    After posting her story, she decided to grab some beer at a shop nearby to lighten her mood.

    1 Message: Tao Muchen
    [How are you? What did boss Zhao said?]

    <Tsk! Is this guy insensitive?> She had been clearly down earlier because of the demon boss, how could he add salt to her open wound?

    Reply: [ Not in the mood to talk. Don't even mention that demon to me. ]

    Tao Muchen was her junior back in college, they were in the same club and later become close friend. She didn't  even expect that he would landed in the same company as her. Though he was a bit immature, he was a person you can trust.

    1Message: Tao Muchen
    [ Oh, Sorry. Let's talk when your ok?]

    She sneered after replying to Tao Muchen. How happy would she be if they were in the same department. At least there would be someone she could talk to.

    Grabbing the a can of beer she bought, She began to write her short novel.

    "Oh, i'll make you the main villain in this story you devil Zhao Jun!"

    Typing in her laptop...

    { Zhao Jun pondered for a moment and released an evil smile. His hands we full of blood as he mercilesly killed the man Chen loved.  He looked at her and said 'Oh, you're looking fine today Lady Chen. I think you could already attend the baquet tomorrow as my partner.' Chen Hao shakingly replied. 'Why? Why did you kill him?' Zhao Jun let out a grin and said 'I've said it before, incompetent subordinates will be disposed immediately. Since you are also incompetent shoud I punish you?' She clenched her fist tightly as the man infront of him grabbed her waist. 'You... Devil!'}





    The sound of typing echoed through Lin Rong's room as she drank another can away.

    "You Devil Zhao Jun! I'll get my revenge some how!"

    The night passed quckly and Lin Rong finally manage to fall asleep when she had finished the draft story. 

    Unknown to the sleeping Lin Rong, are her raging fans. 

    Devil's Grin (short story~draft)
    By: Li Ru Wen

    Author's Note Lin Ru Wen: Ahh... Finally finished! Cheers to the world! Another story has been made by this Lovely Author! Since I love my readers, I will release the Draft story... That Devil desrved death! Ahhh.... hehehehe....


                    [Wow, the short story is already uploaded? Nice!]

    [ Crazy plot line. Why!!!]

                     [ Nooo!!!! It's too much. My eyes are bleeding]

    [ Zhao Jun Deserved death... hohoho]

                     [ Zhao Jun didn't deserved death! He just loved MC too much!]

    [ Why that ending!!! *sob* *sob*]


  • Your novel is really interesting. I really enjoy reading it! ;D But there are some grammar mistakes that you should fix. My grammar is not that great either. I recommend you get an account on Grammarly. It's a site where it can proofread your writing for free, I'm pretty sure. 
    I can't wait for more chapters OMG! <3
  • Akeru said:
    Your novel is really interesting. I really enjoy reading it! ;D But there are some grammar mistakes that you should fix. My grammar is not that great either. I recommend you get an account on Grammarly. It's a site where it can proofread your writing for free, I'm pretty sure. 
    I can't wait for more chapters OMG! <3
    Thank you for the comment & suggestions I really appreciate it. I did a revision on this story together with the new chapters but sadly I format my phone because I forgot my password (Hahaha). I'll be posting the new chapters by March 2018. I hope the story will go well. Again, thank you. I'll take note on your comment.
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