Archfiend (最强妖孽) by Uncanny Night Visitor (厄夜怪客)



  • Chapter 89: Jadewave of the Joint Pools (2)
    “I am the unworthy child of Deputy Provincial Governor Zhao.” Zhao Yuanjing seemed to laugh bashfully and lowered his voice: “If Mr. Xu has any unpleasant matters to speak of in Mingshui Province later on, find us brothers to smooth things over… Right, Mr. Xu, Brother Chu left a trunk here last year; said it was yours?”

    Xu Yangyi smiled and nodded. So the person Chu Zhaonan had spoken of turned out to be him. As for the other person, Xu Yangyi felt it to be a tad interesting. It was Hu Ba.

    “What are you doing?” Hu Ba was like a servant, helping them pull open the car door and silently getting into the driver’s seat.

    “This business is interesting.” Zhao Yuanjing chuckled: “Hu Ba is a distant relative of Minister Hu of the Ministry of Land and Public Resources, too. However, he just requested my support for a word. He wants to pay respects to Mr. Xu and study martials arts under your school. Of course, I dare not to come to a decision. Mr. Xu nevertheless has to be requested to make a decision.” 

    “He is unable to study my martial arts.” Xu yangyi didn’t even look at the other and sat down in the back seat.

    Hu Ba didn’t say anything as well, and it was moreover impossible for Zhao Yuanjing to urge the matter. Following the growl of the ignition firing up, they drove towards the Four Great Joint Pools once more in the dark of night.

    On the road, Zhao Yuanjing made indirect and covert inquiries of Xu Yangyi’s origins. Nonetheless, whatever was asked was met with nothing. He felt it was strange; he had probed many things that needed to be known in the discourse of society and even used many kinds of etiquette association methods in an experimental nature, yet he discovered Xu Yangyi was simply unaware.

    How did a man like this get Chu Zhaonan to say to him: you must handle this man’s affairs later on with all of your heart? How was such a person intersected with their lives?

    Yet as it happened, this unquestionable man lacked the restlessness of his peers in each and every one of his moves. Conversely, his calmness caused Zhao Yuanjing to feel praise. He was able to clearly sense this serenity was in no way manufactured. 

    There was even an instant where he grew skeptical of Chu Zhaonan’s sexual orientation. Afterwards… he found it too dreadful to contemplate in detail...

    So in the midst of such idle chat, they drove all the way to the Four Great Joint Pools.

    Beneath the cover of night, there were many travellers and photography enthusiasts camping at the lakeside of the Four Great Joint Pools. In the night, the vast starry sky was like a cleansing and the night sky was like an inky blackness. The silver radiance that spilled down on the surface of the lake revealed rays of glimmering light, which reflected on the waves, as if the surface was a floating and drifting mirror. The summertime fireflies that glimmered like the stars fluttered at the lakeside grass. The gentle sound of the wind and the muffled voices of people not only didn’t make this place feel noisy, but instead contrasted its tranquility. 

    The sides of the pool water stretched as far as the eye could see. Over a dozen volcanoes were like torches in the night, towering below the intimate, divine serenity. Among them, there was a tremendous dead volcano that was no less than a thousand meters high and three thousand to four thousand meters wide. Like a sacred flame of a torch, it bordered the heavens.

    “Mister, this is China’s famous volcanic group from the Quaternary period. The Four Great Joint Pool’s volcanic group constitutes fifteen volcanoes in total. The biggest is that one called Old Black Mountain.” Li Zongyuan respectfully helped Xu Yangyi open the car door, laughing as he explained.

    Xu Yangyi looked at the volcanic group before his eyes in somewhat of a trance. The blue sky was unlimited and the open plains were boundless. In this infiniteness, the volcanoes were like fifteen sharpened swords. Even a distant viewing caused a man’s heart to shake.

    However, who would’ve expected that in the volcano lakes of the greatest Old Black Mountain, several hundred meters beneath the water, there was a millennium-old demon concealed away?

    The magic that created being, a lost pond of ancient times, and the concentrated blooming of worldly qi ultimately converged here. It formed a truth that humans were hard-pressed to realize.

    “Mr. Zhao.” Xu Yangyi looked at the continuous undulation of the fifteen volcanoes. Under the curtain of night, the volcanic group was like a crouching tiger. He said quietly: “I have minor business you cannot accompany me on.”

    In his heart, Zhao Yuanjing was somewhat troubled. He would act on Chu Zhaonan’s instruction. However, if Xu Yangyi didn’t take the initiative to be friendly with him, could it be that he had come to gild face?

    “It is of no consequence, Mr. Xu. I will take your car and rest.” However, he didn’t reveal a thing, his laughter still resplendent: “Once Mr. Xu goes tomorrow, we can walk together again. Do you mind?”

    Xu Yangyi glanced at him and nodded: “If we have still not returned by tomorrow evening, you may go first.”

    Yuan Zhaojing smiled and nodded, lighting a cigarette. Narrowing his eyes as he watched Xu Yangyi and Li Zongyuan’s departing silhouettes, he suddenly sneered: “It really is a show.”

    “You think you’re awesome since Brother Chu has your back?” Both his hands extended out to part, and he combed his hair that had been made messy by the wind: “I’m willing to help you and help you without the heart to. Although it’s work either way, there’s a big difference…”

    Xu Yangyi and Li Zongyuan strolled to the foot of the mountain, but didn’t walk on the proper path. Instead, they walked to an extremely desolate region. Since the beginning they left the car, Li Zongyuan had a bag on his back. Now that he opened the bag, the inside was packed with camouflage clothing, combat boots, and the required necessities. 

    Xu Yangyi began to change clothes without a second word. Several minutes later, he breathed in deeply: “This attire will do.” 

    “Are you certain this is it?”

    “Set your mind at ease, Mister, it’s right.”

    Xu Yangyi nodded and drew back a few steps. In the next second, spiritual force suddenly revolved around his entire body! A formidable power belonging to the middle stage of Qi Condensation caused his entire being to be like an arrow departing from its bow string, rushing towards a mountain wall that was without path!

    “Ninety-Seven… Tiger Crane!”

    With each of Xu Yangyi’s stomps, a deep dent immediately emerged at the location where his foot fell. Taking advantage of this forward charge brought an instantaneous distance of six to seven meters. His entire person was like a lizard crawling beyond, drawing not the slightest attention as he climbed upwards within the darkness of night. 

    “Click… Click…” At the same time he ascended above, he was none the wise that a bearded man was incessantly pressing down on his shutter release, his hand trembling. He dared not to even activate his lighting, and his Adam’s apple wavered desperately. His hand shaking fiercely like he was spasming, his camera lens was directly facing Xu Yangyi. 

    At a simple and crude tent, the bearded middle-aged man had bread, milk, and some sealed provisions placed at the side of his leg. Nonetheless, he had no time to eat. Just now, his constructed digital video was prepared to film a private educational video concerning the Four Great Joint Pools at night. Yet through a series of unexpected events, he had to leave for the bathroom. As he was glimpsing over the digital video, however, he saw a serious thing!

    This was in no way a human!

    If it was a man, there was simply no chance that it could run up the mountain like so! A leap of six to seven meters… Dashing up the mountain without a path at all, w-was this Tarzan of the Jungle?*

    “A cryptid… This is surely a cryptid…” His breathing became rushed as if he was an astronomy enthusiast that had filmed a real flying saucer. His right hand was originally holding a newspaper with a shocking title emblazoned on the cover: A Mysterious Water Monster Appears Unexpectedly at the Four Great Joint Pools. Presently, this hand had somehow let go of the paper. 

    He wanted to put it on his leg, yet begrudgingly, he picked it up and set it down a few times, finally opting to throw it on the ground. Lowering his voice, he shouted towards the tent: “Old Fang! Old Fang! Quickly! Hurry up! Something big’s happened!” 

    He shouted a couple times, but there was no response. Nervous, he was wet with sweat. He wanted to go in and wake the other up, yet he was afraid he wouldn’t witness this astonishing scene with his own eyes! Between this tangle of deep worry, his body leaned over and collapsed, his face anxious in one moment and excited in the next. Finally, he gritted his teeth. I yelled a few times, but you didn’t get up, so I won’t shout! Serves you right that you can’t see this!

    He fiddled excitedly with the digital video, pulling the camera lens closer. However… it was too distant now. He could only capture a humanoid organism on a thousand-meter tall, sloped cliff, as if it was running and leaping like a strong and robust mountain antelope. Even he couldn’t confirm whether or not this was a person!

    Was it a yeti? A legendary undiscovered species? A martial arts super expert? Hot damn! Regardless of which one it was, he was too excited to sleep!

    “Mommy… Mommy! If I knew earlier I could snag a photo of this, I would’ve definitely bought a specialized camera worth a couple ten thousand! T-this is too fuckin’ sweet!” He clenched his teeth and rubbed his hands in excitement, all of his sleepiness having vanished without a trace.

    Xu Yangyi didn’t know he had already been taken as a yeti, an inhuman species. To climb this mountain, not to mention himself at the middle stage of Qi Condensation, even an initial-stage cultivator would spare hardly any effort in this task, as well. Li Zongyuan had long since morphed into his demon form, blindly following behind Xu Yangyi.

    “Mister, how about I carry you?”

    Xu Yangyi shook his head. He felt he hadn’t moved about in a long time, so he wanted nothing more but to move around and stretch his legs. His hand grabbing onto a rock, both of his legs pierced into the mountain like a chisel. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the bright moon and myriad stars in the sky. While it was still so far from him, at this instant, it seemed as if he capable of reaching out with his hand and touching them.

    Under his feet, a tree several hundred meters tall had already become the size of an ant. He could even see a few indiscernible tents. Above, the moonlight dyed the night clouds with different depths of black. Occasionally, a night bird could be seen flying past. The fresh air poured into the bottom of the heart and caused a man to flutter away and ascend, a desire for immortality. 

    “Gazing at the sunlit clouds slowly rising amidst the mountain, my spirit is washed. At the extremes of my eye, I trace a returning bird secretly embarking into the mountain grove.” He lamented sympathetically.**

    “Nice poem!” Li Zongyuan wasted no time to praise.

    “...” Xu Yangyi silently swept an eye over this imbecile, and his hand gently grabbed out again. This time, utilizing spiritual force, he crossed no less than over a dozen feet in a twinkling. Afterwards, he used both his hands like a tiger claws and nimbly grabbed onto the cliff wall.

    “Fuckin’ A! The hell is this!” Xu Yangyi’s action caused the bearded man’s eyes to spark: “This is a fucking flying squirrel! What the heck is this thing? A mountain spirit? A field monster? Twenty meters in a single jump? The reincarnation of a frog?!”

    He truly did almost squeeze into his camera, to the extent that he guessed for a couple tens of minutes as to what this nearby creature’s appearance was. Was its entire body covered in hair? Did it have a single eye or horn? Did it have hands so long that it went past its knees?

    Mother! Sweet mother! It was all the damned digital video! It was too much of a let down!

    Xu Yangyi was none the wiser there was a quiet spectator. After his spiritual force erupted in its entirety, he scaled close to the mountain top in merely half an hour.

    Li Zongyuan gasped roughly from behind. At the beginning, when Xu Yangyi didn’t utilize spiritual force and only relied on his cultivation-fortified body, he was still able to maintain about equally the same. But once Xu Yangyi flared with spiritual force, he had long since been flung distant at the rear!

    Xu Yangyi laughed. From what he could see from where he was, there was still over a hundred meters to reach the mountain top. He sucked in deeply and stifled the boiling passion within his heart.

    Since the commencement of the graduation ceremony, the two words “Emperor Armament” had followed him doggedly like a lingering shadow. All his affairs were connected to the Emperor Armament.

    Vermilion Snow, the mysterious space, the Eternal Alchemy Canon, and the Black Kill Order… It seemed to be the thread that pulled everything along. Now on this day… the truth would finally come to light.

    * I had no idea what this was in Chinese until I looked it up. So in China, the name for Tarzan of the Jungle is “Orangutan of Mount Tai” LOL. For those unaware, Tarzan is a Disney character. A jungle man that lives in the forest. Interesting to note though that Mount Tai = Taishan is how Tarzan’s name is pinyinized. 

    ** Poem by Tang Poet Du Fu. And I was beginning to wonder where the poems went.

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    Chapter 90: Jadewave of the Joint Pools (3)
    With an application of force in his step, Xu Yangyi soared towards the mountain top like an arrow leaving its bow. However, at this moment, his pupils suddenly needled. Soon after, his body at an impossible angle to an ordinary person, he faced back in midair and turned, unceremoniously jumping off Li Zongyuan’s back who was running. 

    “Heaven Eye!” Simultaneously, he snarled lowly and his eye turned blood red in an instant.

    “Dear god!” At the other side, the bearded man yelped in fright. He confirmed once more that this was in no way a person!

    The demon form went unseen by him. Thus, he only saw that after the humanoid creature charged towards the mountain top, it turned around high in the sky, and like so, as such… it had stopped in midair?!

    “What is this!” Just at this moment, the urgent voice of a man rang out at his side. A slim middle-aged man pushed the other away, his complexion flushed as he zoned in on the digital video: “Old Zhou! You fuck, you didn’t frickin’ call out to me! You went and shot a a collection of this thing… I-is this a mountain god?”

    “I don’t know how many times I called you!” Old Zhou was also nervous, and the two men crammed in together. Their heads seemed as long as a bundle of sticks, and they dared not to breathe loudly, their eyes watching the digital video unblinkingly.

    “Master?” Just as Li Zongyuan opened his mouth, he felt the front of his eyes abruptly turn cold. 

    A drop of liquid had dripped onto Xu Yangyi’s forehead. He customarily extended his tongue and licked, his eyes suddenly alight. This… was blood!

    “Huh…” Xu Yangyi half crouched on Li Zongyuan’s back and patted the other’s head, making a silent signal. He grimly gazed up in the air. Beneath the Heaven Eye, there was none that could hide. He finally saw… at the mouth of the Old Black Mountain volcano, stretching all around for an unknown distance… a boundless silver thread like a spider web!

    It was as if the dead volcano had been inserted with a mirror as thin as a cicada’s wing, parallel to the ground. The moonlight reflected on this surface projected a deathly luminescence! In no way did he doubt that were it not for the swiftness of his response, perhaps he would’ve just been completely torn apart into pieces!*

    Even if his reaction was sufficiently quick, at that moment, seven to eight bloody scars had appeared on his arm, somewhat sinking into his flesh. Blood trickled down from his arm like a fountain, dripping onto Li Zongyuan’s body below. He stretched his arms, his expression calm. This was the first time he had sustained an injury since the graduation ceremony. 

    A spectral figure appeared at the mountain top. Away from the light, its appearance couldn’t be clearly seen. A voice like a rusty blade grinded: “The Ming Clan is handling affairs. Solicitors withdraw.” 

    Xu Yangyi laughed. With a gentle pull, his body climbed up the rock face once again. In a single leap, he arrived below the entire large silken formation, and extending a finger, lightly flicked. 

    “Huuummm…” A noise like a chiming bell rang out from the silk, and the silver thread, fine as a hair, softly trembled. Subsequently, the first thread spread over to ten, ten spilled over to a hundred, and a hundred circulated among the myriad of them!

    “Huuuummmm…” Countless threads vibrated synchronously, causing the heart to tremble! Between them, only a single arm could be accommodated for entry. Not a person saw that atop the man’s Baihui meridian, a black hair extended forth, creeping a thousand meters away to the side of pool water.

    Over yonder, there was a glossy rock like a mirror. A young man with a well-tailored western suit stood on the surface of a stone that was roughly four to five meters wide.

    He was approximately twenty-seven or twenty-eight. His expression was placid, a place absent of too much color, merely, there was a red vertical line between his brows, and a shawl of long silver hair that draped behind him. He gently rocked a folding fan in his hand, not a bamboo one, but rather a fan of silk surface and jade structure. The white fan’s face slightly unfolded in both of his jade hands. 

    “On a pavilion of ten li, we bid farewell under a frosty autumn sky… Our hair black, the years past, when we meet, will it be white...” His appearance wasn’t handsome and it moreover wasn’t beautiful, yet it possessed a kind of graceful magnificence, an eminent and unapproachable temperament. Perhaps his appearance wouldn’t stick out from the masses, but if he walked within a crowd, he would surely become the focus of attention.**

    “In this life, regret not for the opportunity missed… If fate brings us together in the next life, may our affections persist.” He faintly sighed and unfolded his fan with a swish: “Someone has come at Fourteen’s position.”***

    Behind him was not a shawl of long hair, but rather… boundless silver locks! Like flooding mercury, they spread forth on the ground! They extended a thousand meters… Over ten thousand meters! It covered the volcano lake with a layer of silver silk wrapping! 

    Afterwards, it spread out again, seemingly infinite, filling the entire night sky! The screen formation like a mirror’s surface in the sky was surprisingly weaved from his long silver hair!

    “Lord God, are we required to assist?” Behind him were three elderly men wearing tunic suits, their cultivations shockingly at the late stage of Qi Condensation. However, they were extremely deferential to this young man. As for the young man, he had no more than just recently tread into the middle stage of Qi Condensation. 

    “Unnecessary.” The man called Lord God quietly closed his folding fan, looking at the mirroresque surface of the several-thousand-meter-sized dead volcano lake and mumbling: “Senior Jadewave’s appointed time is coming. I have not met senior for ages, as well. I shall respectfully welcome the elder.” 

    “As for that moth…” He used his folding fan to lightly strike his palm. Originally, his suit, folding fan, and cape of hair were completely inharmonious things, yet they seemed to fuse together naturally on his person: “To come here at twelve o’clock at midnight, the moment of the witching hour, this person has presumably come here for a decryption request, as well. If he is able to come, I will make him kneel at my side and give him an opportunity once I have finished my questions.”

    An old man slightly bowed, laughing: “Lord is benevolent.”

    “Swoosh!” In a place a hundred meters distant above Xu Yangyi, fine sandstone rolled down. A shadow walked above him, looking down on him against the moonlight. He discovered it was a middle-aged man without the sliver of an expression, his appearance approximately over forty years old.

    He was garbed in a tunic suit. However, his eyes were devoid of a trace of vigor, and his entire person was also lacking an iota of temperature. Even his walking posture was somewhat mechanical, as if he were a corpse that had just crawled out from the cemetery. Chillingly looking at Xu Yangyi, he repeated: “The Ming Clan is handling affairs. Solicitors withdraw.”

    “Gulp…” At this time, behind Xu Yangyi and with his voice odd, Li Zongyuan said: “M-Mister, he’s not a human.”

    The other had already transformed into his human form at some unknown time. Xu Yangyi’s gaze swept past, and his brows immediately began to furrow.

    Li Zongyuan’s entire face suddenly sprouted a few warts and then receded straight away. In one second, his eyes turned to the size of copper bells, his eye sockets bulged, and his pupils scattered, yet in the next, they transformed back into human shape. Wisps of black mists were radiating from his body and yellow liquid came out freely from his seven apertures… At a glance, Xu Yangyi knew that perhaps Li Zongyuan’s demon form would manifest.

    This situation was exactly the same as Vermilion Snow’s back then!

    “What’s going on?” He asked heavily.

    “I don’t know.” “It was rare for Li Zongyuan’s mind to be exceptionally clear, and he shook his head and said: “I keep feeling… my body is heating up indescribably, and my qi sea is fluctuating. I-I don’t know why.”

    Xu Yangyi nodded, raising his chin towards the man in the tunic suit: “He’s not human?”

    “Yes…” Li Zongyuan seemed to be enduring something and clenched his teeth: “The Ming Clan, it’s God Ming’s clan… Their original bodies have never been revealed. But according to the most reliable legend… they should be Heaven Worms. In the era of war between the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou… this was their name. In the modern age… cough, cough, cough… they’re known as silkworms…”****

    “A puppet… A puppetry divine ability… The Ming Clan’s sole divine ability… Master, be careful. The Ming Clan is a great demon clan of over a thousand years of inheritances…”

    Xu Yangyi raised his hand, stopping the other from continuing to speak: “Are you alright?”

    “I…” Just as Li Zongyuan opened his mouth, his entire mouth split open to his cheeks, and he said painfully: “Master… save me. I-I’m dying… I don’t know what’s happening…” 

    He worried that Xu Yangyi simply wouldn’t care for him. As it went, the life-death pact was always one directional. If the master died, the demon familiar would die. If the demon familiar died, not a damn thing would happen to the master.

    Whether or not he died wasn’t connected in itself to Xu Yangyi. The other possessed no compulsory reason to save him. The anxiety within his eyes almost turned tangible. Within his body, his blood and qi were at a complete boil. Xu Yangyi looked at him for three seconds and nodded.

    Li Zongyuan shiver as he let loose a long sigh.

    Xu Yangyi didn’t take action. The Ming Clan… He had read a few records of them. As a human cultivator, some of the demons’ great powers had to be clearly understood. For example, the Ming Clan, a heritage of over a millennium. It had nearly witnessed half of China’s historical development. From under their family, they had previously produced three Core Formation cultivators. While this quantity appeared not to be many, they were number one within the same realm of Core Formation!

    And thus, this clan also had a title: the number one beneath Nascent Soul! Even if the Ming Clan hadn’t produced a Core Formation demon in the past recent several centuries, their rank in the top five of China’s demon clans was almost ironed and nailed in place!

    Yet so what of it?

    Since Li Zongyuan was his demon familiar, only he could met out death and punishment as his master. Never was another’s obstruction in disallowing assistance a justification! Even supposing Xu Yangyi threw Li Zongyuan away and then kicked him, that was his matter, as well. As for his affairs… never was anyone permitted to interfere!

    “Ten Cardinals Red Lotus…” His hand swiftly compressed an art. Already having been memorized within his veins and arteries, silent qi clamored in an instant!

    Even though Li Zongyuan’s mind was rushed, he began to tremble upon hearing this gentle sound! This… was below a public venue with countless people! THIS was at a scenic spot of the fifteen dead volcanoes!

    A demon form could be concealed, but a divine ability was fundamentally incapable of being hidden! Once Xu Yangyi used this move, according to the limitless degree of silver strands...

    The entire firmament would become a sea of fire!

    “Mhm?” At the lakeside, the the brows of the man with a folding fan furrowed dispassionately. He sensed… in the direction of Fourteen, a heart-churning qi condensing up in the air at an astonishing rate! It shook his heart… to the stage that he felt his emotions stir!

    “Looks like the person who has come isn’t just a moth…” His gaze hung downwards, and he stifled his bubbling astonishment of moments ago at the bottom of his heart. It was the fluctuation of a divine ability.

    This person… was truly insane… Actually daring to utilize a divine ability in the mortal realm! There were at least several tens of campers in the surroundings of the volcanic lake. Once used, the confrontation of divine abilities would transform the color of Heaven and Earth!

    As for the witnesses… there were a few tens of people at the volcano lake and at least over a hundred people down below!

    He actually dared? Did he not fear the tracking of the cultivation court? This was practically… to a degree that he dared not to, regardless of law and morality!

    “Cultivators are prohibited from displaying their endowments before humans because we are true super beings…” The eyes of the man with the folding fan narrowed: “If you’re forcing me to reveal my might with you in front of mortals… then…”

    He inhaled deeply and closed his eyes. After five seconds, they suddenly opened, his eyes already completely morphed into a white color, the pupils unseen!

    “I shall aid you in your endeavor!”

    * Completely torn apart into pieces - is what I decided to go with. The actual word here refers to an ancient Chinese punishment where the person is cut into small pieces. Grisly. 

    ** This is one of the few things that unless you really know Chinese to a decent level you can’t see the beauty of. This line, from what I was able to find, originates from the Song Poet Liu Yong (987-1053). In Chinese, the line actually rhymes and sounds nice. 

    *** This line is also from the same poem as mentioned before.

    **** In China, Chiyou is considered the god of war and pictured as a tyrant who fought the future Yellow Emperor. This time period itself though is considered the “Three Sovereigns and Five Emperor’s Period”. Thought to be 2800 BC to 2000 BC. 

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    Chapter 91: Jadewave of the Joint Pools (4)
    His long hair spread out over the entire volcano lakeside, long hair that extended to the horizon. At this moment, it moved freely in absence of wind and seemed to upsurge great silver waves in the sky! Observing it remotely, it was like an avalanche. Watching it closely, it was like a tide of ice!

    “God Ming’s Supreme Dao, Vermilion Envys Scarlet!” 

    At the border outside the volcano lakeside, over twenty figures were quietly standing within the darkness. All of them… wore tunic suits, and moreover, were nearly identical to the man that Xu Yangyi had saw before!

    “Boundguard Spiritsword Formation…” The man produced an art with both of his hands and sneered as he grinded his teeth: “Beat him… for me.” 

    “Boom!” At this instant, At the center of Xu Yangyi’s hand, his ten fingers exploded with a radiant blaze! It was so distinct, as if it was a lantern in the dark. Regardless of how distant the person, all could see it clearly.

    “Hey, Wifey, what’re you looking at?” At the foot of the mountain, there was a family that hadn’t been wed for too long, still not asleep at the front of their tent. The husband cradled his babbling son and suddenly said suspiciously to his wife: “What’re you look… Am I seeing this right?”

    The wife laughed as she raised her head, yet just as she glanced, her eyes saucered: “No… You’re not mistaken. Is there some object… flashing on the mountain? No… burning?”

    “Huh, what’s going on?” In another tent, several backpackers who were drinking beer looked at the not too distant mountain top of the volcanic lake: “Fire?”

    Somewhere else, in front of a digital video… Old Zhou and Old Fang, the duo spread wide their mouths, not daring to believe their own eyes! This humanoid organism… Its hand was burning with fire? No, no, no… It appeared that flame was born from itself?!

    What the fuck was this thing!

    “I-I think…” Old Zhou touched his chest and said trilly: “D-did we just see a monster?”

    “Ignite!” At the same time, Xu Yangyi bellowed, spiritual force converging in his hand. All of a sudden, it advanced towards the “mirror” of silver silk in the sky, pushing past!


    In an instant, this blazing inferno radiated without restraint! From the beginning of this dot, at the center of the sky, countless vestiges of flame shockingly appeared through the inception of this point! 

    It was a seal... formed from endless an amount of hairs. After they were burned by the fire, there was the marvel of a flame flower blooming in the sky!

    In no longer than ten seconds, it was a hundred meters… three hundred meters… five hundred meters… over a thousand meters! The entire expanse of the sky reflected a web that had been scorched by fire! A fiercely flaming blaze caused the sky to turn red in reflection, making the stars in the heavens lose their color! It was by the burning that the afterglow of sunset turned into red clouds!

    “Heavens!!!” At this instant, the whole tourism region of the Four Great Joint Pools boiled!

    A heavenly web! A burning heavenly web! There was actually a heavenly web above their heads?! Followed by the fire’s intensity, the greatness of this heavenly web could finally be plainly reckoned!

    Who ignited this fire? Who spread this web? 

    “The video camera! The video camera! No, no! The cell phone! Cell phone!” A man wildly yelled as if he had won the lottery. Shouting himself hoarse, he called out for the people within the tent: “Come out! Hurry up and get out here! Fuck! Look! Look fast! Nature’s most magical spectacle!”

    “I-Is this some natural phenomenon?” Somewhere else, an old man, his face flushed like an impassioned young girl, seized onto his camera with maximum strength, taking pictures without regard for the internal storage: “How marvelous! What mystique! Such beauty! I venture to guarantee! This will absolutely be this year in all of China… No! The most wonderful natural landscape in the whole world!”

    “Fuck! What the heck is this thing?!” 

    “Is this Judgement Day?” 

    “Merciful Heavens… It’s stunningly beautiful! 

    “Simply unbelievable!” 

    Only two people didn’t gasp in surprise. They only dumbly looked at the web burning in the sky, seemingly cut apart from the heavens and earth. That might, the kind of shock that seemed like the fury of a god, caused their hearts to grow cold!

    “M-m-m-monster!” Old Zhou’s voice was hoarse, and his entire body swayed back and forth like a pendulum. Only they… Only they knew this humanoid organism had done this! 

    “Monster! A monster!” Old Zhou, this is real fucking monster! There are really monsters in this world!” Old Fang screeched, but it wasn’t just them… Everyone at all four sides of the Joint Pools was screeching, yet Old Fang was especially excited!

    “Old Zhou! These things must be safeguarded! W-we’re people that have truly witnessed monsters!”

    “We can fucking prove it! There truly are monsters in the world!”

    The web of silver silk, the dividing thread that isolated the worlds above and below the mountain, was a flat mirror in the air. At this instant, the entire whole had been transformed into flying ash by his hand!

    Formidable power… Xu Yangyi’s heart was presently overcome by emotion. He knew the Ten Cardinals Red Lotus was powerful, but in the cultivation room, he had still suppressed its might. Now that all was unleashed, the human realm’s marvel of the sea of fire in the sky and the gasps of surprise and involuntary streaks below caused him to distinctly recognize how powerful this divine ability was!

    This was merely the fire control art… In the future, there was still the divine abilities of the three later steps! In that case, what ought to have been their degree of strength? Someday, when he was at Foundation Establishment, to what level of power would the weaving of ten divine abilities attain?

    “Go!” Without more thought, he had already grabbed onto the delirious Li Zongyuan, charging towards the mountain top. Yet in the next second, he immediately ceased to move. Exhaling on both of his fists, he punched out with maximum power, smashing a hole that could contain a man into the mountain and tossing Li Zongyuan in.

    Before him… were over twenty men. Men that had identical appearances, the exact dress, and the same height. Like jiangshi, they floated high up in the air. Under the rays of the moon, they radiated a fear-inducing killing aura, as if waiting on their arrival.*

    Xu Yangyi was in no way convinced they were Foundation Establishment cultivators because they were all at the initial stage of Qi Condensation! However, only those at Foundation Establishment were able to fly!

    “You’re making this more complicated than it has to be.” He cracked a finger and it crisply rang out: “This is your trump card?”

    “Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…” At this instant, as if they were responding, the twenty-plus men turned their heads upwards in unison. Their whole faces split open like building blocks, yet what laid on the inside was not a brain, but rather a mechanical structure that could be vaguely seen!

    “Crack, crack, crack…” Following the turning sounds of gears, dazzling swords unexpectedly came out from their mouths. In addition, the seemingly mechanical operation surprisingly prevented Xu Yangyi from seeing through. 

    Was this a formation?

    With his fists arranged at his chest, Xu Yangyi gravely awaited the confrontation of the twenty-plus swords sprouting from their mouths, over twenty sword-containing puppets!

    THIS was the opponent’s divine ability! THIS was a true contest of divine ability versus divine ability!

    Beneath moonlight, the twenty-plus swords glimmered like frost and snow, swords that were emitting a deathly radiance, spewed from mouths. Afterwards, the bodies of the twenty-plus men distorted at an inhuman angle and their joints inverted. They were like fishes swimming in the water and the air was their water. No longer standing, their entire beings rather appeared to recline in the sky. Using their heads to aim towards Xu Yangyi, they seemed like swordfishes prepared to attack in the air!

    “Crack, crack, crack…” A machine sound, as if it were the knell of a death god, resonated through heaven and earth. Over twenty sharp swords were targeted towards him at the same time!

    Xu Yangyi suddenly revolved his entire body’s spiritual force. He didn't care at all for Li Zongyuan’s life, and to date, the other didn’t possess absolute allegiance, however, Li Zongyuan had followed him for a long time in any case. Beneath the best of his ability, he didn’t mind saving the other’s life.

    “Kill!” A crowing shout issued forth from the mouths of the twenty-plus puppets. In an instant, they metamorphosed into over twenty phantasms. Like butterflies flitting through flowers, they bore the glimmer of chilling stars, flocking towards Xu Yangyi!

    “Be still…” At the instant both sides were at the verge of coming to blows, an ethereal voice abruptly rang out from the center of the volcanic lake. 

    “Swoosh…” An azure halo of light, a spreading faint ring of luminance, erupted from the volcanic lake. Without granting anyone time to react, half a second later, Xu Yangyi, the twenty-plus puppets, and the man at the lakeside were all rendered unable to move a single step.

    It was like a woman’s veil, soft and elegant, yet it caused a suffocating beauty, a power that could not be resisted. Subsequently, with the echo of a gentle hum, a light-blue cover that only cultivators were able to see fell on top of the dead volcanic lake. 

    “All Fellow Daoists set your minds at ease. Beginning from this instant, all of us cannot be known to anyone in the outside world.” The voice was quite odd. At first, it sounded unearthly, but another listen caused a person to be unable to discern whether it was male or female. The first half was a man’s voice and then the second half turned into a woman’s. 

    “This is…” At the lakeside, the man’s gaze faintly shimmered. Afterwards, he bowed deferentially and laughed: “Respectful greetings, Senior Jadewave.”

    His seemingly infinite hair, at this moment, surprisingly dissipated into strands of qi, transforming once more into the appearance of a shawl of hair.

    Xu Yangyi didn’t speak, only calmly sensing the immobilizing force within his body. Such strength… ought to have been Foundation Establishment or perhaps… even higher! China was a land of several million miles, a place of hidden dragons and crouching tigers, in no way limited to the obvious list of apex authorities!

    The voice hummed in agreement and said casually: “Old Black Mountain hasn’t been dyed with blood in over three centuries… Those who come are guests. What decorum is killing?”

    Although the voice was odd, it carried not a shred of killing aura. Before the voice even fell, Xu Yangyi only felt the confinement on his body loosen, and he stood steadily on the ground. 

    Yet the twenty-plus puppets before him appeared to scatter at their frames, all of them crashing down. Followingly, Li Zongyuan’s unconscious body flew high into the sky and slowly flew towards the pool. Finally, it quietly sunk into the water.

    “Fellow Daoist’s demon familiar is a bit interesting. He was actually advancing here. He will stay with me for two hours and will be automatically awakened when the time comes. Fellow Daoist needs not to be concerned.”


    Xu Yangyi faintly raised a brow. At a glance, Li Zongyuan’s demon form, a single-horned toad, was rubbish. He was actually able to evolve now?

    Generally speaking, any demon beast could be traced back to a Godbeast. Merely, a majority of blood vessels were becoming thinner and thinner. If an opportunity didn’t exist, they would eternally remain unawakened. He didn’t continue thinking of this question, instead, he calmly walked towards the volcanic lake.

    The moonlit volcanic lake was several thousand meters in scope. The waves were gleaming light and the waters were crystal and clear, yet they evoked an unparalleled mystery.

    He slowly walked over to the lakeside, looking at the man who was growing closer. The other’s back was facing him, and the man said quietly: “Leave.” 

    Xu Yangyi chuckled. He walked neither swiftly nor slowly, his expression quite ordinary, just the crook of his mouth faintly curving. Both of his hands were folded in his pants pockets, and if he were whistling then, it was practically like he had come to the Four Great Joint Pools for a stroll on the green grass. 

    The man slightly tilted his head, his pupils long and narrow, and his gaze like a flying sharp blade. His voice carried a trace of ice-cold killing intent: “Take another step and you won’t be leaving Old Black Mountain.” 

    His voice not yet fallen, his pupils had already suddenly transformed into slits! The whip of a leg brought with it the sound of breaking wind, distinctly reflected within his pupils!

    Putting on a show?

    Alright, then let’s see whether you possess these qualifications!

    T/N: Happy New Year!

    * Jiangshi are the Chinese version of vampires. Contrary to their western counterparts, they’re more like zombies and hop around. Instead of sucking blood, they absorb qi. The most common depiction of Jiangshi is in Qing-era dress and with a talisman stuck on their heads. I believe the video games series Darkstalkers has a Jiangshi character in it.

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  • Chapter 92: Jadewave of the Joint Pools (5)
    “Impudent!” The three surrounding old men snarled in unison, however, Xu Yangyi’s fluctuation in movement was too fast! They simply didn’t have the chance to step forward and obstruct him!

    “Boom!” In the next second, Xu Yangyi’s leg had already kicked both of the man’s crossed arms.

    “Thump, thump, thump…” The man fell back three paces in astonishment, looking at the other incredulously. 

    “Lord God!” The three old men had already charged before the man, anxiety worn on their faces: “H-have you…”

    Raising a jade-like hand, the man stopped the talking of the old men. His gaze flowed: “I will give you a chance to speak your name.”

    “To touch me with your human body is already your mortal sin…” Before his voice even fell, a wisp of surging fury suddenly flashed through his eyes. A second kick… had appeared within his pupils once more! It was even faster than the first kick! It was aimed right at his face! Carrying the sound of breaking wind in the air, all that could soon be seen of the long, slender leg was an afterimage! 

    “Lord God!” 

    “Boom!” Xu Yangyi’s foot stamped into the ground. In an instant, the man had already leapt back into the air, his hair like millions upon millions of small snakes. Boundlessly extending, they immediately inserted themselves into his surroundings as if they were a spider web, causing him to float strangely in midair! 

    His gaze bore a trace of shock as he look towards the lakeside stone platform. Never did he expect this human’s speed was actually so fast! It wasn’t particularly great, but the explosive force was surprisingly so powerful!

    “His body can actually match my demon form?!” Before this thought even subsided, he discovered to his shock that there were only three people on the stone platform!

    Where was that man?! Where did he go off to?! Fury and disbelief melded together, yet behind him, the violent sound of wind echoed like the emergency break of a vehicle racing at high speed coming to a sudden halt! 

    “God Ming’s Supreme Dao… Cocoon Weaving the Self!” 

    “Buzz!” In a twinkling, his hair encapsulated him in a silk cocoon from head to toe. Subsequently, in the next second, a tremendous strength that could topple mountains and overturn the seas, separated by layers of defense, caused him to shiver.

    “A human that can contend against my demon form…” He sucked in deeply, but suddenly heard a voice float into his ear.

    “Xu Yangyi.”

    “Remember it.”

    “Nex time you want to take action against a human, you best weigh your own bit of worth first.” 


    The three old men below looked at the sky, flabbergasted. They couldn’t believe at all that the young master of their clan, the God Ming of the present age, had actually been beaten to this stage by a human who hadn’t utilised a divine ability!

    Although physical combat wasn’t the expertise of the puppetry divine ability, any person of the Ming Clan knew that puppets were their weapons, and their weaknesses were their own bodies. Thus, everyone had a body-refining arcane effort passed down from ancient times that they trained in. In regards to some ordinary cultivators, an adult of the Ming Clan simply wasn’t required to stir their puppets to action and could play with them to death by use of a single hand. 

    Yet now… their young master had actually been kicked flying by a human?

    “Impudent!!!” Sullenness and raging fury formed twisting vipers within God Ming’s heart. He had underestimated the other… however, the response his opponent had given him was even more violent! Without any reconciliation, there moreover wouldn’t exist the currying of favor. One kick, two kicks. This was also informing him: you’re not as high and lofty as you imagine! 

    He was no longer able to maintain his expression, tranquil like water. This was a provocation! A humiliation! A human’s blasphemy of the gods! A blasphemer… had to pay with their soul!  

    In an instant, the silk cocoon ruptured apart into countless threads, thrashing onto his Xu Yangyi’s body, yet he didn’t resist it. Such minor pain was a tad better than nothing.

    He narrowed his eyes at God Ming who had walked out from his cocoon. At this instant, the other’s silver hair was wildly dancing, but his skin had turned completely black like a silkworm before molting. Strange white runic patterns covered his body and his two eyes were likewise a white of deathly stillness. 

    “Open the tenth coffin…” His voice like an ice-cold god of death: “If you wish to die… I will aid you in your goals.”

    “God Ming!” 

    “Adults must think three times before taking action!”

    “Dong…” At this moment, a melodious chime rang out from the lake. Xu Yangyi brought out a watch from his pocket and looked at it. It was twelve o’clock midnight, the moment of the witching hour, punctual on the dot! Legend had it that from five o’clock to six o’clock in the evening, and then twelve o’clock at night, this time of shifting day to night was called the witching hour. In this period of time, yin qi was greatly flourishing and things that were incapable of being seen ordinarily became visible. Such as now...

    On the surface of the barren lake, the rhythmic chiming of a bell slowly rang out. In the tranquil night, it was incomparably distinct, quietly reverberating in the mouth of the volcano. Each sound caused people to feel a distant serenity, a residual lingering. Yet if it was attentively listened to, a kind of sensation that provoked a man to a mad devil’s slaughter was mingled with a boundless pain and despair, but in the haunting ring of each chime, it bubbled forth like waves upon waves of tides! 

    Indeed, this was the ring of a bell… that ordinary people would never hear for all eternity. Yet this was no more than the essence of the chiming bell. There wasn’t a person that added any divine ability to it. Although the mind was faintly influenced, it was in no way incapable of being resisted.

    “Crash…” At twelve o’clock midnight, there were an abundance of creatures in the volcanic lake. At the present, all of them were surprisingly swimming together at the water’s surface, as if they had heard some beckoning. Frolicing to their heart’s delight, they seemed to be waiting on some descent. 

    They were waiting… waiting for the arrival of a true monarch, unknown to any man, seated at the top of the food chain in the volcano, beholden to the eyes of ordinary people! 

    Even if the Mesozoic era’s apex predators, the Mosasaurs of the Cretaceous period, existed here, they would be incapable of claiming themselves as king. It was the eve of the emergence of one of the nation’s true masters, the ruler of the lake.*

    Xu Yangyi narrowed his eyes, looking at all of the transformations on the lake’s surface. He discovered to his shock… mist had arised. 

    This mist was dense, nearly covering his eyes in an instant. He almost couldn’t see anything distinctly outside of four meters. However… a soft crashing sound could be heard little by little from the heart of the lake. It seemed… something was gradually rising from the lake’s center.

    It was quite curious, the mist so heavy that he couldn’t even see his five fingers as he extended his hand. However, that rising thing made everyone clearly see its true appearance! 

    That of a courtyard. A courtyard built with all kinds of bones!

    A withered skeleton in a Daoist robe was holding onto some unknown bone no less than a meter in length to strike a damaged, oxidized, three-meter sized bell 

    “Dong… Dong…” The human skeleton rang the bell, and the sound traveled onwards to the four reaches of the deathly still, dense fog and the pavilion of myriad bones. If an ordinary person was here, they would’ve long been scared out of spirit and soul!

    At twelve o’clock midnight, when the withered skeleton rang the bell, all things knew that as thick fog sprang up all around, they had to be quiet. Even the lakeside fireflies seemed to sense something at this moment. 

    The bell rang out twelve times. In the thick fog, two balls of enormous green light suddenly shimmered faintly from beneath the water. Hazy and appearing imposing, they were moreover… hurriedly rising upwards!

    Xu Yangyi and God Ming were unable but to fall back a step. Everyone could hear the throbbing sound of their hearts. It was coming… Xu Yangyi deeply inhaled, pursed his lips, and clenched his fists. A legendary… greater demon that had survived since the era of the Five Dynasties and the Ten Kingdoms. Old Monster Jadewave was on the eve appearing amidst this expanse of thick fog.

    Those two balls of green light… He understood they were the other’s eyes gazing up ahead from several tens of meters below the water! 

    “CRASH!” A tremendous noise rang out! His eyes narrowed and his hands customarily adopted a defensive stance. This was because within his eyes, the pavilion of myriad bones was suddenly rising!

    “No, it’s not rising! Rather…” He gasped coldly: “Rather… this is a pavilion the other built on its body!” A gigantic black shadow swiftly bulged at the center of the volcanic lake!

    It couldn’t be clearly seen what it was and it was moreover unknown as to its magnitude and length! All that could be heard as this tremendous body ascended were countless streams of water sliding off of its body, like the pouring of a tempest! 

    “Thump…” The ground faintly trembled, and Xu Yangyi distinctly felt a kind of imbalance at his center of gravity. 

    This was the other striding a step forward.

    “Hiss…” Amidst the heavy mists, the sound of water like torrential rains pitter pattered. Two balls of green light appeared like a lighthouse in the fog, looking over the five people present. Each person could clearly see… 

    The lake water beneath their feet… had dropped by at least five meters! A several-thousand-meter sized volcanic lake… had declined by five meters! One could well imagine the other’s demon form! The current scene was deathly silent.

    Xu Yangyi and God Ming could still be considered well, yet the three people behind had long since broke out in a mad sweat, their legs trembling.

    “Hiss…” A strange sound was heard, and each time it arrived, it was bound by the accompaniment of the quiet rustling of the lakeside grass. At the start, Xu Yangyi was still unaware, but in the turn of a wink, he immediately understood.

    This... was the other’s breathing! When the other breathed, a small whirlwind from the heart of the lake… served to subdue the surrounding grass below.

    “I am Jadewave.” A voice indiscernible from man or woman leisurely echoed within the mist: “Fellow Daoists have waited long.” 

    The millennium-old, tremendous demon of Old Black Mountain’s volcanic lake, Old Monster Jadewave, had finally come into being! The demon’s form was unknown, its face unseen, the size of its bulk unrealized, and the realm of its divine ability was furthermore unascertained.  

    It was like this expanse of mist, incapable of allowing people to see its original appearance. Its voice was not great, far from the stage of aweing mountains, yet it crisply rang out in each person’s heart.

    “Junior is a successor of this era’s God Ming. I have met Senior Jadewave in the past.” God Ming stifled the killing intent he bore against Xu Yangyi in his heart, smiling as he faintly bowed. Followingly, a gold box flew into the heavy mist: “An insignificant bit of good will. I hope senior will kindly accept it.”

    The box appeared to have lost its gravity. The heavy mists clearly shrunk back, and the box immediately transformed into a black shadow, flying in. A brief moment later, a voice rang out.

    “Three-Centuries Vermilion Fruit. Fellow Daoist is considerate.”

    Xu Yangyi cupped his hands, but didn’t say anything. He hadn't brought anything to give. Of the Ming Clan, he already had some understanding of them from Li Zongyuan’s words early on. In comparison to such a great demon clan, he truly was considered a pauper. 

    “Fellow Daoists need not be panicked. Everyone knows of my rules. Although I, Jadewave, have not traversed the human realm, I have never engaged in the unscrupulous business of theft that would lower my own prestige.” In the mists, the tremendous head of an unknown creature spoke leisurely: “I have personally received the commissions of you two. I certainly will not cause the both of you disappointment. Junior of the Ming Clan, you are a successor of this era’s God Ming. The Ming Clan can be considered to hold karma with me. You may put forth your riddlings first.”**  

    “My explanation is only half of a two-hour period per person, not a moment more, not a moment less. Fellow Daoists, please attend to yourselves.”***

    “Yes.” God Ming answered respectfully. Not to mention he was only one of God Ming’s successors, the Ming Clan had no less than twenty inheritors. Even with the status of God Ming of this era, there was also no way of him NOT being incomparably afraid of this thousand-year-old demon.

    He took out a ring, and with a gentle stroke, a screen of golden light suddenly appeared. Within, an ancient, almost tattered roll of sheepskin turned over endlessly. 

    It was a storage ring!

    Xu Yangyi’s eyes burned. This was a true symbol of incredible wealth and status. The selling price of a storage ring could attain up to over a billion renminbi! To him, this was an astronomical figure!****

    And this was only as one of the successors of this era’s God Ming. A cultivator of such status would be able to produce it. Especially… since the other was actually wearing three rings on the forefinger, middle finger, and ring finger of his right hand!

    “Undo the seal.” Jadewave’s voice was faint.

    “Senior…” An old man behind God Ming, bowed and said: “It’s not that the Ming Clan will undo it on purpose, but rather…”

    “Shut up.” God Ming didn’t even glance at the old man and cupped his hands and said: “I sincerely obey your instruction.” 

    He inhaled deeply and traced the ring once again. Immediately, a ray of golden light, as if it could push aside clouds to see the sun, rushed out from the ring, carrying the sharp and clear cry of a dragon, seemingly capable of illuminating the entire space!

    * Mosasuar = Dragon whale - is the translated for the name for the dinosaur/type. I searched the internet, but could not find an exact dinosaur that the Chinese call “Dragon whale”. However, the clue from the Cretaceous period narrowed down my search. What’s tricky here is that I’m not sure if dragon whale is just a catch-all for big aquatic dinosaurs or a specific dinosaur. My research has lead me to believe that the author is possibly talking about the Giant Mosasaur-class dinosaurs.

    ** I want to bring the word theft to everyone’s attention. What is really being said is an idiom from one of China’s classics, The Water Margin, that literally translates to “imitating the dog and stealing the chicken”. From my best guesses, this refers to imitating the loyal nature of a dog, but then stealing, presumably, the chicken. 

    *** It sounds weird to say “half of a two-hour period”, but this is more so referring to how old Jadewave really is. The proper word for two-hour period would be 时辰 (shi chen), which in ancient Chinese time is two hours of time in the modern age. In ancient times, a day was formed from twelve of these two-hour periods. 

    **** I thought I would make a note out of this anyways. If anyone is unclear, the renminbi is China’s national currency. Also known as the Chinese Yuan. 

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  • Chapter 93: Seven Stars Executing Demon (1)
    Although this mere momentum was vast, it was yet unable to illuminate this expanse of mist. 

    “The Dragon Swallows Setting Sun Talisman?” Jadewave seemed to be dazed: “To use such a formidable seal to imprint on this ancient scroll, a bit interesting…” 

    Red light like a roaming dragon revolved around the sheepskin three times. God Ming bowed lowly. In an instant, the entire space stirred! It was a faintly undetectable and minute vibration, like the flapping of a dragonfly’s wings.

    Xu Yangyi sucked in deeply. He absolutely could not relinquish such an opportunity to broaden his horizons. The cultivation world was filled with a myriad marvels. Presently, even he could see...

    This was a supreme treasure!

    “ROOAAAARR!!!” A roar that seemed to step across the long river of time appeared to be heard from the sky. It rended the time, space, and domain that descended here. Among the desolate will, even if it was a formless noise, it was sufficient to cause the hearts of men to quake in fear!

    “Go.” In the heavy mists, a soft and gentle voice rang out. Following the echo of a tremendous bang, the roar of some invisible creature, like it had been struck by a bullet, suddenly vanished.

    Xu Yangyi pursed his lips. This power… While the Jadewave’s definite realm was still unable to be made out, all that was known… was that it was strong… extraordinarily strong! Perhaps… it was even stronger than Vermilion Snow! It was no wonder that the other held such confidence to take residence here. No mystery that the other dared to seize the scenic cultivation land of the Four Great Joint Pools alone.

    “Four years ago, Father obtained this picture scroll. In these four years, he was unable to decipher it. I request Senior Jadewave for an assisting hand.” God Ming said.

    “Hehe…” Within the heavy mists, laughter rang out, followed by the gurgling sound of water: “The Ming Clan is an inheritance of a thousand years. In the present world, it cannot be said to be in the top three noble demon clans, yet there exists no question it is in the top five… An item that all of you also cannot solve… is a bit interesting.” 

    The thick fog receded and the sheepskin paper immediately flew into the mist, vanishing. 

    Xu Yangyi carefully watched all of this. Originally, it was Li Zongyuan that knew how to contact this old demon, however, the other was surprisingly approaching evolution at this moment. All in all, it was necessary of him to be cautious and careful. Although the legends of the outside world had said Jadewave treated people cordially and so on, it wasn’t outlandish that not even ten thousand preparations were enough against such a millennium-old demon.

    Subsequently, he suddenly discovered that he couldn’t hear a thing! All that could be seen was God Ming and the tremendous black shadow within the heavy mists were talking about something. It seemed that his sense of hearing had been stripped of right now!

    Several seconds later, he set his mind to ease. This ought to have been the transaction of Jadewave and one of God Ming’s successors. It was normal that he couldn’t hear it.

    He looked at his watch again. Ten minutes had passed. In such a situation, he watched sixty minutes go by on his watch. After half of a two-hour period, a light crumbling sound seemed to come from all around. Afterwards, his sense of hearing returned to his body.

    “So it was like this. I didn’t expect it was actually such a thing…” God Ming’s complexion bore an abnormal smear of red, and he bowed deeply: “Many thanks for dispelling the confusion, Senior! Past members of the young generation were surely grateful to you!” 

    “Hehe…” A dry laugh was heard from the heavy mists: “Junior of the Ming Clan, although this item is exceptionally precious, for the sake of your many unknown generations of deceased ancestors, I will remind you of two matters.”

    “One, the Dao of the Heavens rewards the diligent. For gains to exist, there must be losses. Great opportunity is accompanied by great risk. This object is a supreme treasure, and you must also have the destiny to enjoy it.”

    “Two, presently, you are only a successor of God Ming. To merely rely on this item, and if you desire to become this era’s God Ming, and even break through to Core Formation, destiny is still required.”

    “Junior will bear Senior’s instruction to mind.” God Ming cupped his fist. Soon after, he used a jade box to store the ancient scroll with extreme gingerness and put it in his storage ring.

    Xu Yangyi narrowed his eyes. The middle finger’s ring. He inwardly memorized this.

    “Junior, it is your turn now.” In the thick mists, Jadewave turned his head and appeared to look towards Xu Yangyi: “Come.”

    Just as Xu Yangyi was about to take out the half of the small chest, Jadewave suddenly spoke: “Halt.”

    Xu Yangyi stopped his actions. Followingly, he sensed a feeling within his body like soaring clouds and sailing mists as he flew straight into the heavy fog!

    “This…” God Ming’s gaze suddenly twinkled. The Ming Clan was an inheritance of a thousand years. There were some secret histories that only they knew. For instance... 

    Unless it was an item that outsiders could not be permitted to see, Jadewave absolutely wouldn’t pull people before itself!

    His own sheepskin scroll recorded the sliver of a world-shaking story, yet even this was taken out before outsiders. This boy… actually possessed an item even more precious than his own? A treasure that couldn’t be put forth or seen?

    “Lord God.” An old man bowed and said: “Will we… be taking our leave immediately?”

    “No…” A coldness grew within God Ming’s eyes, and he licked his lips: “Are you aware…”

    “Senior Jadewave… has only ever cared for the life or death on its own volcanic lake… however, senior cares in no way at all for the life or death that has departed these grounds!”

    “I still have debt that has to be reckoned with this ape.”

    Xu Yangyi flew into this mists, involuntary of his own will and freedom. After approximately ten seconds, he finally sensed he had come to a stopping point. Nonetheless… this stopping point was shockingly a location covered with scales, a tract no less than several tens of meters in size!

    This… was Jadewave’s palm!

    “You’re very lucky.” Before he even opened his mouth, Jadewave’s voice, seemingly carrying a boundless, deep emotion, was heard from the mists: “This item… even caused me the thought of plunder. You truly… possess great destiny…”

    Xu Yangyi’s footsteps slightly recoiled back a step, and he immediately heard Jadewave’s gentle laugher: “If I wished to pillage, you wouldn’t be standing here. Although this item has great destiny, the greater the destiny, the greater the challenge is more often than not. I am old and cannot enjoy such.”


    Xu Yangyi looked at his watch, right on the dot.

    “In the year 2000, China gathered the power of all biologists and geneticists to research and develop three ultimate Slaughter Weapons.” Jadewave said quietly: “They are true weapons of massacre. A single one can contend against a Core Formation master. This is one of the Chinese government’s trump cards. Each province’s avatar of Heavens Law has the application to enable their privileges.”  

    Xu Yangyi didn’t interject. Although what Jadewave was speaking about wasn’t related in the slightest to the main subject, he still continued to focus his attention and listen.

    “Cultivation civilization. What a beautiful noun. However, it is merely maintaining the hard-obtained surface of the weak balance. Each side is careful and cautious. Junior, do you know why it must be solemn and prudent?”

    Not waiting for Xu Yangyi to open his mouth, the black shadow within the heavy mists laughed: “It’s simple… Nothing more than annexation… Humanity is aware of the cultivation world. Aware of the many rare treasures. They wish to annex the cultivation world. As for the cultivation world, they have always looked down upon humanity as insects. If not for the nuclear bomb, a weapon of mass destruction, filling the skies and being created, the cultivation world would’ve long since killed their way to rivers of blood.”

    “What kind of consequence would arise from such annexation? It is a cold war. Like that of the United States and the USSR. Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism stand on the side of humanity. They desire joss sticks, but nearly all cultivators revere themselves as the sole supremacy, believing themselves to be gods, but offering no respects to the deities. What we cultivate is our own Dao, one’s own truth. The self approaches god. These three schools cultivate the Dao of the Joss Stick. Whatever the case, they also cannot let go of mankind. This is humanity’s second trump card.”*

    It laughed: “Junior, I will remind you out of friendliness. If Nascent Soul still exist in this world, they can only be among these three schools of several millenniums of inheritances.” 

    Xu Yangyi didn’t speak and inwardly took note of this.

    “The final sword… is the item in your hand, the Emperor Armament.”

    Xu Yangyi sucked in deeply, listening to Cultivator Jadewave’s decryption with rapt attention.

    “Each emperor controls China’s fate. Among them likewise, there is an item closely related to them. It is known as the Emperor Armament… Perhaps this emperor died on top of it and dyed it with his imperial blood or maybe it holds an immense origin…”

    “For example, Liu Bang of the Han dynasty’s Snake-Beheading Sword. For instance, the lost Realm-Inheritance Jade Seal… These are Emperor Armaments. However, these Emperor Armaments also possess the greatest might concurrently as they enjoy a nation’s destiny. Such as the buried Snake-Beheading Sword beneath Beijing… Once a cultivator moves against humanity, be they the Great Circle of Foundation Establishment to the Great Circle of Core Formation, a path of survival nearly ceases to be.”**

    “The Heavens protect humanity.” Jadewave seemed to sigh with boundless vicisitudes: “If any of China’s heroic masters cultivate, they need to be Nascent Soul Dao Lords. They are the exalted from amidst the myriad masses… and even to this day, their souls guard this Earth…”

    “Perhaps you do not see…” A tremendous green ball of light raised upwards to look at the night sky dotted with stars: “But I do…”

    “Since the far-off ancient times, they… have always, always been guarding against the cultivation world. In China’s history, there existed thirty-two sovereign kings who took their accompanying Emperor Armaments and buried them in the Earth after their deaths. These Emperor Armaments are a barrier. Otherwise… the present mankind could only be slaves. In the ancient era, without nuclear missiles and with technology and science, Emperor Armaments were humanity’s greatest trump card against resisting the cultivation world.”

    Xu Yangyi’s mind billowed like a tide. This incomplete chest was actually the artifact of a king? There was such a legend? The kind of secret… that didn’t exist in any book or any unrecorded history had been truly left unbequeathed? Forgotten to history, a secret Chinese tale that could only be handed down from mouth to mouth? 

    He silently gripped the chest. The chest was ice-cold, yet he took hold of a fiery sensation. If… this was an Emperor Armament, then… which emperor was it intimately related to in history?

    Xu Yangyi could already see its might. If this was the Emperor Armament’s explanation, then all was clearly resolved. Why was Vermilion Snow frightened of it?

    If it could slay Core Formation, what was there to say about Half-Step Core Formation?

    “However… the item in your hands… is more terrible than an Emperor Armament…” As Jadewave began to speak, the enormous green lights that were its eyes flashed, and its voice couldn’t help but carry a shred of dread.

    The first time it saw this item, it immediately understood what it was! Jadewave’s first instinct was to plunder! This was an item that truly existed in legend! However, Jadewave immediately discovered that this item… had recognized a master! It had acknowledged a man’s Dao! It had approved of a man’s truth! At that time, Jadewave had immediately extinguished such a thought.

    It was a legend too old… Jadewave dared not to use its own life to probe. It was said that once this item protected its master, it would not defend a second a time!

    “Junior…” Jadewave adjusted its mood: “China has over thirty provinces. Beneath each province, there is a person that wields an Emperor Armament. However… they are all dead armaments. Because they were buried after an emperor’s death, they are titled dead Emperor Armaments, Umbran Armaments.”

    “You might be unaware, but when an emperor died in the ancient era… any item like he carried on his person, including palace maids and eunuchs, all would be buried with him! Of course, these were the closest ones. Included among these was a most significant element; they wouldn’t allow any Emperor Armament to drift about in the outside world.”

    “And yet… exceptions will inevitably exist. Some Emperor Armaments, their wielders holding the greatest injustice, are unwilling to pass on. Even though they leave for immortality, they bear incomparable resentment and curses for being buried in an emperor’s tomb. It is such an Emperor Armament, an Animus Armament that has never been witnessed in China until now! A living Emperor Armament!”***

    “A living Emperor Armament is a spiritual object throughout eternity! An Animus Armament cannot arise because of death to age. Only a dead emperor—an ancient, dead emperor bearing countless resentments, hatreds, and injustices is able to cause this execution of remembrance, unvanquished for a millennium to remain to this day. It is truly an irony that a living emperor cannot create an Animus Armament, but a dead emperor can… as for this living Emperor Armament… It in itself is a colossal hidden treasure. In its life, it will only protect one master, recognize one master, and determine one master… As for this person…” 

    He paused and began to laugh: “They need to hold the greatest relation with this emperor and moreover be willing to assume the responsibility of his long-cherished desire that spanned across a thousand years!”

    “At the same time… only the sole Animus Armament… in all of China’s five thousand years of history… can bring a titanic destiny for its wielder.”

    T/N: Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. A combination of real life stuff/sickness/sporadic internet took me out of the mix. I do my translation on an online file editor, so I was unable to access it. I will try to bust out some double releases. Keyword: try. 

    * From what I was able to find, the Dao of the Joss Stick is a more abstract concept of what Jadewave is trying to say. It’s more along the lines of “worship”, since joss sticks are used in Chinese culture to pay respects to ancestors/gods. What Jadewave is pretty much saying is that the three schools desire worship, which is why they are bonded with humanity.

    ** Liu Bang’s Snake-Beheading Sword is also known as the Red Firmament/Heavens Sword. Legend states that Liu Bang (256-195 BC) used this sword to behead a white snake. Liu Bang would lead the Han dynasty from 207-195 BC. The Realm-Inheritance Jade Seal is referring to the lost imperial seal of the Qing dynasty, modern-day China’s last dynasty.

    *** Leave for immortality is used euphemistically to describe an emperor passing away. The literal words are “Dragon enters Dinghu”, however the story behind this refers to the Yellow Emperor essentially riding on a dragon to the heavens to become an immortal. I’m leaving some stuff out, but that's the gist of it. 

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    Chapter 94: Seven Stars Executing Demon (2)
    “Boom!” Within Xu Yangyi’s heart, a flash arced through like a clap of thunder. Never did he expect by any musings that Emperor Armaments… were actually even separated by life and death!

    The doubt in his heart finally had answer. Although this answer was quite superficial, it seemed to raise a corner and actually conceal even more secrets!

    His gaze twinkled. An Animus Armament had identified itself with his own Dao? What Dao had it recognized of his? If there was certainly an activation opportunity, it was when the eight cultivators had confronted Vermilion Snow, giving him a kind of shock. But… what he came to be enlightened in was how a cultivator should be! What cultivation was!  

    Which Lord of the Nine Quiniums would acknowledge what a cultivator was?! As to the nature of cultivation?*

    He was silent, not uttering a word. Jadewave gently flicked a finger and a lotus flower suddenly drifted out from the heavy mists. In a flash, it touched the Emperor Armament, and a noise like the grating strike of a sword sharply echoed in the sky without warning!

    “Dong!” Although this noise was momentary, its lingering aura was prolonged. It seemed to have been heard from a thousand years ago, carrying an aura of immeasurable murder and causing the minds of men to shudder!

    Xu Yangyi suddenly felt his heart madly palpitate. Following the dispersal of that ripple-like sound, it slowly settled. It was as if… something was clutched tightly onto his heart, a kind of forceful pinching. Just as he sighed in relief, his pupils immediately shrunk! At this twinkling, the Emperor Armament lightly shivered, and a blood-like mist swiftly formed a curtain like a movie. Two figures emerged on its surface!

    “This is!” A violent trembling came from beneath Xu Yangyi’s feet, and Jadewave’s entire demon form shook severely as if it had laid eyes on some extremely terrible object, nearly throwing Xu Yangyi into the pool!

    Above the blood curtain, a series of images that seemed to smell of a sanguine reeking appeared like an undulation. Finally… it was clearly exhibited! 

    “We… We are unreconciled…” Not a person was seen. All that could be viewed was a pale hand slowly rising upwards: “This immortal pill… how… how could…”**

    “Crash…” The man’s hand hung powerlessly, streaking across an exquisite table. The elegant and ornate antiques immediately fell to the floor, followed by an ear-piercing sound of shattering.

    At this moment, in front of him, directly poised towards the night outside of the room, a brightness suddenly spilled forth like a ray of immortal light! It was like a sun in the blackness! It demanded absolute attention! In the sky, immortal light and golden rays gave birth to a lotus at each pace! In an instant, the sky was covered with a golden light, as if a golden tent had been hung! It was utterly intoxicating!

    “Hah…” In the heavy mists, two green flames trembled fiercely. Even a thousand-year-old demon was simply incapable of believing in the object it was looking at. 

    “Swish!” At this instant, the blood curtain shattered with a rumble. The current scene was quiet like death. It was no more than three seconds and the time was quite short, yet the silence left behind seemed to last a century.

    “Senior?” Xu Yangyi finally spoke because the Jadewave before him appeared like it had died. There was no response, but the sound of a tremendous heart beating seemed to be heard reverberating in the space.

    “Senior?” After five seconds, Xu Yangyi cupped his hands again and made a second inquiry.

    “I… I know…” Ten seconds later, Jadewave’s voice rang out again, yet the demon appeared somewhat terrified as if its soul had departs its mortal coil, its heart in distress.

    “This is… a blood-drenched Emperor Armament…” Enormous green flames looked complicatedly at Xu Yangyi: “Just now… this was the implemented intent of this Emperor Armament’s master as he died… In the cultivation world, there is a special name for this… A Millennium Grudge…”

    “It bears an emperor’s execution of intent and resentments, crossing over a thousand years… Junior… be careful. Even I do not know more regarding Animus Armaments.” Jadewave’s voice finally recovered its original state: “Too many items, because the execution intent of their masters is terribly intense, will have a final image sealed within from back then as it is looked upon…” 

    “But this isn’t the most important thing.”

    Jadewave sighed deeply: “Junior, can you see the last beam of light?” Not waiting for Xu Yangyi to reply, Jadewave’s voice carried an incredible cautiousness: “That… is also an Emperor Armament!” 

    “Before its master’s death, there was another Emperor Armament that struck this Emperor Armament!” Jadewave’s voice already bore a faintly indiscernible shivering: “Junior… remember this clearly… This attacking Emperor Armament… I have seen it during the time of my nascence… Witnessed it!” 

    Xu Yangyi keenly felt, was it that Jadewave’s body was actually trembling at the moment?

    This thousand-year-old greater demon was trembling because of this Emperor Armament!

    He inhaled deeply and clasped his hands: “Please speak, Senior.”

    “Remember its name… Junior…” Jadewave’s voice was wrought with hoarseness, as if it had sunk into its most terrible memory of the past: “Its name… is the Xia-Yu Sword.”***

    Jadewave laughed wryly: “This is a name that perhaps you are a stranger to. However, it has another name that you are bound to have heard…”

    “The Sword of Xuan Yuan…” Not waiting for Jadewave to finish speaking, Xu Yangyi stifled the shock in his heart and replied.****

    Silence came again. After no less than a full minute had passed, Jadewave continued to speak: “Starry Heavens Flower and Red Spider Lily… Golden light like muslin, a power shakes Xuan Yuan… It… is the Xuan-Yuan Sword! There’s no mistake… It is the strongest Emperor Armament since the beginning of history, the Xuan-Yuan Sword!”*****

    “Someone… used this Emperor Armament to kill this emperor! As for this little chest… it waged a battle against against the Xuan-Yuan Sword! Consequently, it was chopped into two parts! What you hold is the upper half!”

    “Killed by an immortal artifact, this emperor carried a Millennium Grudge. As he approached death’s door, he used his spirit to nourish the rise of an unparalleled hatred… It was then that the sole Animus Armament in China’s five thousand years of history was created!”

    “This is how it is… It surely is... Beyond a doubt…” Jadewave’s voice had already fell into a loop, however, this answer caused it incredulity!

    Who was it? So fearless to commit regicide!

    Moreover… the Emperor Armament actually taken out was the presently long-lost Xuan-Yuan Sword, the strongest Umbran Armament! As for the surface of the Xuan-Yuan Sword… it was actually dyed with an emperor’s blood! Who was the departed soul that had met a wrongful death beneath this sword?

    And while this Animus Armament in itself was ordinary, after it had been cleaved in two by the Xuan-Yuan Sword, it continued to silently be passed down to the modern age, bound with an endless grudge.

    He sighed deeply. He dared not to ponder in the direction of this secret. It was too terrible, simply surpassing the category he was able to participate in.

    “Junior, even now… you still dare to hold it?”

    Xu Yangyi calmly studied the simple chest, taking a long and unhurried sigh in his heart. Striding across a millennium, an execution of will left unscattered. Bearing inexhaustible resentment, hatred, and injustice, forged from a life into this Emperor Armament?

    Which emperor were you? In history, what splendor and magnificence did you leave behind?

    A deep sigh seemed to bound across from ancient to modern times. Soon after, he tightly clutched the chest, absent of hesitation. 

    But, you have come to me on this day! Regardless of who forged you, no matter who you once were, you are now simply mine, Xu Yangyi’s fortune!

    Jadewave’s gaze continued to shimmer, as if it was considering something. Finally, the demon nodded its head imperceptibly. 

    “A good resolute nature… or perhaps it could be said… a newborn calf does not fear a tiger?”

    “Forget it, never mind… There exist no destiny between me and this object. An Animus Armament… A taboo in China’s five thousand years… Since a master has been recognized, it is not worthwhile of me to set hands on it.”

    Jadewave sighed with extreme reluctance in its heart. Between its life and opportunity, it chose the former. In its gaze of a thousand years, a wisp of envy appeared, but eventually, Jadewave pacified its mind and coughed lightly: “Each Emperor Armament has a successor. In present day China, there are over thirty successors. However, successors of Umbran Armaments cannot leave their province. So long as they are within their province, they can then awe those who cultivate within the province.”

    Xu Yangyi cupped his hands: “Many thanks, Senior, for dispelling the confusion.” He looked down at his watch. There was still half an hour. “Junior still has a few questions.”

    Seemingly nodding, Jadewave said in turn: “I know what you’re going to ask. I’m not finished speaking, as well. You’re going to ask of the carved image on the Emperor Armament, yes? Who it originates from?” 

    Xu Yangyi nodded. This was the part he was puzzled over.

    “Hehehe… Young fellow… I don’t know whether I should say your luck is too good or too bad… You might believe the line of runes carved on the edge of your sole Animus Armament to be a decorative design, but I just happen to recognize these markings by chance.” 

    Laughing, Jadewave’s voice turned grave: “This is a hieroglyph. Its meaning: to unravel its secret!”

    “Junior, the Emperor Armament in your hands is badly damaged. I do not know why, but you have stirred it to life and assumed the responsibility of its destiny and karma. However, you best find its other part as soon as possible, otherwise…” The demon shook its head: “An Animus Armament… Among five thousand years, a nation, and over a billion people, this item has barely come about… Dead in the hand of its emperor, how great is the hatred and thirst for vengeance carried? Who is it? For it not to disperse in a thousand years? As for what will happen, none are any the wiser.”

    “Is there a clue?” Xu Yangyi’s gaze flickered, and he immediately questioned.

    “Of  course…” Jadewave began to laugh: “However, don’t we have to discuss your condition now?”

    Xu Yangyi chuckled: “Since I have come, I naturally know the rules. Please speak, Senior.”

    Jadewave nearly said immediately without the slightest hesitation: “The hidden secret of the Animus Armament… You must share it with me!”

    “Not a joint collaboration of you and I, but rather… from your mouth, orally narrated to me, without any remaining vestiges of pen and paper allowed! In addition, establish a Dao-heart oath that you will voluntarily enjoy the pleasures with myself! All karma shall be of your undertaking!” 

    This was its price!

    It ventured not to strike any thoughts towards the Animus Armament. Especially once it knew this Emperor Armament had been used to murder a ruler, it simply dared not to imagine what kind of aftermath would come about from the karmic retribution lying in the darkness!

    Fortunately… narrowing its eyes at Xu Yangyi, this little Qi Condensation cultivator was unable to know of such a thing like karma. Whether or not it was real or existed, Xu Yangyi was far from the time of touching these things by means of his own cultivation and knowledge… 

    Only Core Formation and above had the qualification to begin searching for karma, to trace the origin before the cause… What was there even to deceive to a trifling Qi Condensation cultivator? In particular this overt plot. 

    All was in its hand. What it grasped was nothing else but the most significant knowledge and information! This was the advantage of living so long!

    If Xu Yangyi didn’t agree, this most crucial item would forever be left unknown to him! 

    If he did agree, this hidden treasure would be jointly shared, and he would be saddled with the karma. This was a perfect method of evading the causality. 

    Jadewave had fished for several centuries and finally… finally a true big fish had taken the bait! With this sum, it had gained a complete return on investment! 

    Xu Yangyi didn’t speak. In his mind, he was swiftly considering everything. There was no doubt that there was obviously a huge pitfall to this condition, however, it was necessary of him to promise at the moment.

    Be it cultivation or knowledge, Old Demon Jadewave was on a completely different level apart from him.

    * Lord of the Nine Quiniums is my fancy way of putting something that might otherwise be “Lord of the Nine-Five”. This concept of nine quiniums refers to section in the book of changes that describe nine sets of five that make up the world in some respect, i.e: the five elements. Modern day usage, this term is another way to refer to an emperor. Another translation of this might be “All King”, but you lose out on the nine-five portion. 

    ** This “We” here is not referring to a group of people, but is a pronoun used by nobility, mainly an emperor/king. If you’ve watched/read historical materials, you may know it was quite common for royalty, not just Chinese but also European, to refer to themselves as “We”. One example that comes to mind is in French.

    *** Xia Yu is referring to a legendary Chinese ruler who founded the Xia dynasty, Yu the great. Because of the lack of documentation of his existence, he is considered a somewhat unproven, but mythical, figure. Noted for bringing flood control to China and his noble character. 

    **** I feel most people may be unaware, but Xuan Yuan was the name of Huang Di a.k.a the Yellow Emperor. His sword, the Xuan-Yuan Sword, is an item of real myth and has spawned a series of rpgs by this title. It is said that the sword was used to defend the world against evil. 

    ***** This note is mainly referring to “Starry Heavens Flower/Red Spider Lily… etc” This is my best stab at it. Starry Heavens Flower is my literal take of the translation of an actual flower called “baby’s breath flower”. Red Spider Lily isn’t so much referred here, but it was the only thing I found that made sense in reference to the flower that Jadewave is talking about. Sometimes, the author tries to get very poetic. Here, I believe Jadewave is trying to make an allusion of life and death, since Red Spider Lily (Rootless Flower) grows in the netherworld/hell in legend. Meanwhile, Baby’s breath flower is obviously about life. 

    edited March 3
    Chapter 95: Seven Stars Executing Demon (3)
    “I promise.” Xu Yangyi was devoid of hesitation, fully aware this was an open conspiracy. What was most important for him currently was still the advancement of cultivation.

    “Splendid!” Jadewave laughed heartily, the demon’s laughter uninterrupted for a full minute. It then said: “There is indeed a clue left behind on the surface… Although it is not complete, do you know why there are five holes on this box? Yet there is only a single person?”

    Perhaps because it was in a greet mood, Jadewave didn’t wait for Xu Yangyi to respond, and then laughed: “Do you know of the deities of the Five Phases?”

    Xu Yangyi shook his head. As a pragmatist, he only cared whether or not something was of use, careless of its origin.

    “Junior…” Jadewave laughed: “All of China’s theories are founded upon the Five Phases. This is the root of China’s cultivation world. As for this root, it originates from the Book of Changes.”

    “The Book of Changes is the joint origin of China’s two schools of Daoism and Confucianism… The five celestial deities are Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, and Mercury… The five ruler deities is the truth of these five holes! They have another name by which they are called… The Five Primordial Celestials.” 

    “The person carved on this chest… No, god, his name is known as Tai Sui!”*

    “A leopard-headed man mounted on top of a boar-headed horse, this is undoubtedly the god of Jupiter!”

    “Next, you must find a human specialist of relics. Mankind’s evaluation of dynasties is far more superb than mine. Discover which dynasty this item is from… Afterwards… search in history, in a time where Daoism or perhaps Confucianism was revered, of an emperor who received the greatest injustice in death. I wager the lower half of this ruined Emperor Armament is there!”

    “Where is that place?” Xu Yangyi immediately questioned.

    Jadewave began to laugh: “Do you think… after the emperor’s death, you’re able to take away the item from where it is located?”

    “Only when both halves are united as one will you be able to bring about true information pried from the Animus Armament. Perhaps you have presently obtained a benefit from within, but… Hehe, is the only Animus Armament produced in five thousand years merely this?”

    “The true information hidden within it is only truly complete when it is opened.”

    Silent, Xu Yangyi digested this obtained information. This long discussion in the night had finally unraveled the final knot within his heart. Otherwise, he would always have a hole in his heart as he used the Eternal Alchemy Canon to cultivate. In couldn’t be seen in the beginning, but the further ahead into the future, the more tangled it would be, until finally, once it became a paranoia, it would form a heart devil. Perhaps it would then be difficult to forge ahead. 

    Today, he felt everything dissipate like vanishing smoke and scattering clouds. So it turned out he was being hunted… because of it. This little box actually held such a great history. An injustice spanning a millennium, a blood-dyed Emperor Armament. It was no wonder it was carrying an arcane effort such as the Eternal Alchemy Canon.

    What do you wish of me to accomplish? What is the pursuit of your thousand years of hatred? Nonetheless… these things aren’t important. As long as you aid me in ascending to the apex, I shall fulfill your desire of that year!

    “Many thanks.” He cupped his hands. While this evening may have seemed to lack tangible gains, it strengthened his heart and spirit, far better than cultivating for several decades.

    He looked at his watch. Twenty-four minutes.

    “Remember our agreement.” 

    A tremendous green radiance flickered. Just as Jadewave was planning on descending, Xu Yangyi suddenly turned around: “There’s another matter that I wish Senior can guide the way.”

    “What matter?” Jadewave was aloof; a minor matter was without trouble, not necessarily out of reach. Its mood was quite well, fabulously great. Was it truly believed there was someone with the ease of mind to decrypt matters for people at the Four Great Joint Pools?

    Granted that there was a reward, the price to get Jadewave to decrypt was rather high… Jadewave only determined the reward that a majority of clans were able to pay with clenched teeth. Its own cultivation had already reached a bottleneck. Without great opportunity, it couldn’t break through, so it had thought up of this method to bait fishes. 

    A century… two centuries… three centuries had past, it had ultimately waited for this day! This ticket was sufficient to make up for three centuries of time! Enough to make up for stifling its nauseating intolerance towards these insects! This… was a once in five thousand years… Animus Armament condensed from one of China’s over a hundred emperors! 

    Jadewave gently laughed in the heavy mists, not knowing which emperor it could be… who could harbor such a fierce hatred. Even above all men, a Lord of the Nine Quiniums still bore such an execution of ideal. He had actually congealed this item of legend. As for the Millennium Grudge of that emperor, it was evident he held a titanic relation with the cultivation world… To be able to incur the attack of the Xuan-Yuan Sword’s wielder, Jadewave dared not to shoulder this karma. However, the greater the karma, the destiny was likewise immense!

    Life or death was merely between a thought. This folly was sufficient to make that foolish human boy undertake it.

    “With Senior’s cultivation, it should be no issue to forcibly use Innersight. After Junior obtained the Emperor Armament, a bit of a mishap appeared in my body. I’d still like to request Senior to dispel my confusions.”

    Jadewave’s expression finally turned a shade solemn. At least… until this boy obtained the hidden secret of the Emperor Armament, he mustn’t die. 

    “Yes.” Jadewave answered insipidly. Xu Yangyi only felt an icy coldness, like a pair of eyes had sprouted within his body, looking at all of his secrets. He guessed once more of Jadewave’s cultivation, elevating it by a single level.

    “There’s no problems… Hold on.” Jadewave carefully swept over every part of Xu Yangyi. There wasn’t anything odd, until it had arrived at the qi sea. After Jadewave had originally done a round of inspection, it suddenly discovered there appeared to be something bobbing up and down within the billowing qi sea. 

    “Let me get a careful look.” Jadewave narrowed its eyes. In the next second… the demon saw it clearly! It was a stone-like seed. However… it recognized this seed! A name that even caused a demon to tremble!

    “God… God… God… Godseal Spark!” The inside of Jadewave’s heart surged wildly like a mad tide flooding the heavens: “Impossible! It cannot be! H-how could this be! Such a thing… Such a thing…” 

    “I understand… I understand! So it was like this! The origin was as such!!!”

    “CRASH!” From the violently surging lake surface, a giant wave that was several tens of meters high suddenly rose up! Jadewave’s two enormous eyes glimmered indistinctly. Anyone could see and realize that the demon had suffered a tremendous shock!

    Xu Yangyi was on a hair-trigger lookout. Indeed, he did not know what this object was that appeared once he finished cultivating the first part of the Eternal Alchemy Canon.

    “This is…” Both of God Ming’s eyes trembled with apprehension. As he looked towards the tremendous thick mists in shock, he unexpectedly discovered that the dense fog held signs of dissipating!

    “This… Could it be that Senior Jadewave has suffered a shock? But how is it possible? Isn’t the other but a mere Qi Condensation cultivator?”

    Just at this instant, in the vast sky dotted with stars, the first star of the Big Dipper, Tian Shu, suddenly erupted with a burst of eye-piercing radiance!

    The shocked Jadewave shivered from head to toe, swiftly raising its head to look towards the sky and bellowing with a hoarse voice: “I REFUSE!!!”

    “This Dao Master took no more than a glance! A mere glimpse of the eye! Why! On what basis must you behead me!!!”

    “Could it be that you are the Will of Heaven?! Bullshit! Who gave you the right to slay me!!” 

    A Dao Master!

    Xu Yangyi and God Ming entirely fell back a step. This change had come too quickly, too abruptly! Senior Jadewave… No, Daomaster Jadewave suddenly frenzied and moreover snarled its realm for the first time since the beginning of history!!

    A Dao Master! A Core Formation master! Unless one was at Core Formation, they were not allowed to appellate themselves as a Dao Master! Nonetheless, these things weren’t the cause that put Xu Yangyi on immediate guard. The true reason… 

    Someone… was slaying Jadewave? Beheading a demon? Executing a Dao Master Greater Demon? Who dared?!

    In the sky… there was no response whatsoever. Subsequently, under the illumination of brilliance like snowy muslin, the Tian Xuan, Tian Ji, Tian Quan, Yu Heng, Kai Yang, and Yao Guang, these six stars, deafeningly erupted with gentle moonlight!**

    “Heavenly Demon Art… Tortoise Unto Xuanwu!”***

    A life or death crisis unexpectedly pervaded Daomaster Jadewave’s entire body! At this instant, it simply dared not to care about others. In the wake of a furious roar that crossed the sky, a fierce tide of qi without peer suddenly exploded! 

    “Boom…” With the sound of tremendous quaking, the whole dead volcano of Old Black Mountain trembled!

    “RUMBLE!” All the pool water of the Four Great Joint Pools flew into the air in harmony. At this moment… the thousand-meter pool bottom could shockingly be seen! Xu Yangyi’s gaze focused. He seemed to catch sight of a fin.

    “You desire to slay me! How could it be so easy!!!” Jadewave raved madly, his furious shout carrying an even crazier laughter: “Heavenly Demon Art! Demon Refines The Savage River!!!”**** 

    “Swoosh!” All the lake water in the air seemed to uniformly transform into imitated scales of light-blue armor in this second! The armor defended above Jadewave! In this instant, the several thousand meters of the volcanic lake had all come into this armor covering!

    Xu Yangyi’s gaze flashed, and he backpedalled at lightning speed. Likewise, God Ming no longer cared for image and frantically burst into retreat! It was someone… There really was a person taking action against this Core Formation Greater Demon who had lived for over a thousand years! However, the eyes of these two similarly carried a scorching blaze!

    This… was the divine ability of a Core Formation master! It easily flipped over rivers and turned over seas! It shrouded the heavens and blotted out the sun!

    Moreover, looking below Jadewave’s foot, the thousand meters of lake water had come to a boil in the air! Yet while watching a thousand-year-old Greater Demon’s move, countless tonnes of lake water congealed into form, needless of foundation! Though watching the sky… the seven stars of the Big Dipper sparked synchronously! There existed a person… who had leapt over an immeasurable distance and crossed through infinite space to bring these seven stars to execute this demon!

    This is a true cultivator!”

    “We cultivators ought to be like this!”

    Xu Yangyi looked at his watch; it was his fifty-second minute. The fifty-second minute of an hour… since he had entered here.

    T/N: And that’s it for the free chapters. All the chapters after this have to be paid for, so I have to find a decent raw source. May take a while to find good ones, so maybe no chapters for a while. I just might have to use the raws that I read ahead off of and see how it compares. 

    Also have been having a kinda of a crappy week. I got sick, lost my internet AND THEN I lost power and furnace broke then got problems with the water. But it's okay, I like cold showers. 

    * Tai Sui isn’t actually so much the name of a god, but apparently more so the title of a position depending on what you believe in. This title is known as “Grand Duke Jupiter”. 

    ** These are stars that make up the Big Dipper. I was unsure whether to translate them into english, english counterpart of their chinese names or just leave them in pinyin, since these stars exist in Chinese astrology under their own name. In english the stars are labeled from as alpha to eta ursae majoris. Chinese translated names are respectively: Celestial Pivot, Celestial Rotating Jade, Celestial Shining Pearl, Star of Celestial Balance, Star of Jade Sighting-Tube, Star of The Opener Heart, and the Star of Twinkling Brilliance.

    *** You may or not be aware, but a Xuanwu is a mythical tortoise entwined with a snake in Chinese Mythology. In the Chinese constellation star map, Xuanwu, the Black Tortoise, assumes the northern position. Xuanwu is also the name of a daoist god who happens to be accompanied by a tortoise and a snake.

    **** Reference here to the word “Savage”. In Chinese, this word has a bunch of different meanings and I took on definition of “harsh and unreasonable” here. However, Jadewave might actually be referring to an actual river called the Heng River. I’m honestly not quite sure here. 

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    Chapter 96: Seven Stars Executing Demon (4)

    At the same time, a curved blade that only a cultivator could see fell down from the sky with a rumble! The seven stars of the Big Dipper, their starry edges had converged into a simple long blade. There existed no adornment whatsoever. It was simple, yet rough.

    However, the killing aura congealed on the body of this long blade… caused all vegetation in the volcanic lake to wither and die in an instant, an air that brought all living things to servitude. 

    It wasn’t slow, but rather completed in the blink of an eye. The blade carried a brilliant heavenly might. Beneath the chop of this blade, in the wake of each place it neared, the plants on the ground shriveled. Afterwards, like a drop of blackness piercing the water surface, it swiftly extended over the entire Old Black Mountain from the beginning of the volcanic lake’s surroundings!

    A blade, the opposition of all things in life or death. The blade appeared not to be fast, but in the last second it emerged, it had already ruthlessly slashed towards the protective shield, which was no less than a thousand meters in range, in the next second!

    “Swoosh!” Xu Yangyi tightly shut his eyes, leaving merely a sliver.

    It was like a heavenly god had descended at this very moment! Enormous wind and spiritual pressure caused his spiritual sense to seemingly scatter!

    “BANG!” The surface of the heart-shaking protective shield melted like ice and snow. It didn’t even obstruct the blade by a hair, utterly shattered!

    “CRASH!” Difficult to reckon in tonnage, the lake water fell into the volcanic lake once again, bringing forth a torrential rain that filled the sky!

    “This is a battle of cultivators!” Xu Yangyi sucked in deeply, using his fastest speed to fall back to a crack in the mountain wall. Each movement in the outside world affected his heart.

    With one turn of a hand, clouds were born and rains summoned. Mountains collapsed and oceans seethed! So long as a cultivator followed the Dao with heart and soul, who wouldn’t be in great admiration because of this scene?

    “Swoosh!” Subsequently, in the wake of a furious roar that shook the heavens in the next second, the falling lake water carried with it an even greater amount of noxious blood!

    He clenched his teeth, employing maximum swiftness and glancing towards the outside. The sky was the same as always. It appeared as if nothing had occurred. However, the mists in the lake had completely dispersed, the pond brimming with bloody redness!

    A body, so enormous that it was terrifying, reclined in the pool. It was like a crocodile, its lower and upper jaws of equivalent length. The inside was teeming with sharp teeth that were a few meters in size. It didn’t possess four limbs; its four limbs were four fin-like appendages. Its entire body was covered with bluish-black scales. A fish-like tail. Merely...

    Its head was not on its body! Rather… the head and body were rendered two separate segments! The large eyes of its skull bulged wide, unclosed even in death and bearing grievances. It brought the lake to be brimming with blood as it slowly fell down.

    Not a person could speak. Xu Yangyi tightly clenched his fists, stifling the shock of his heart. The breathing of God Ming and the three old men was rushed, their faces flushed red.

    The moment the hare had reared its head, the falcon had swooped down for the hunt! In the blink of an eye... Daomaster Jadewave’s unexpected corpse was on the scene! 

    “This is…” After several minutes, Xu Yangyi settled his mind and said heavily: “A Mosasaurus?”*

    A creature extinct since the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era! An absolute overlord in the water!

    “A Mosasaurus?!” At the other side, God Ming simply dared not to believe his eyes: “Jadewave… its true form… was actually a Mosasaurus?! The Mosasaurus that has been extinct for several million years? A thousand years ago, this lost species still truly existed?”

    THIS was a true strange species of ancient times! Yet such an ancient, lost species had been slayed by the falling of the heavens’ seven-star blade! A thousand-year Dao foundation, a dynasty’s complete destruction!

    There wasn’t a person present that could speak. The distance was unknown and the location was a mystery, but separated by myriad mountains and vast waters, this delivered blow… Someone had beheaded this millennium-old Mosasaurus as such!

    Even Daomaster Jadewave’s resistance had become a move worthy of ridicule. It even couldn’t say a word as it had been beheaded beneath that blade! The event had lasted no longer than a twinkling!

    What kind of divine ability was this! What was its realm?

    At this moment, Xu Yangyi simply didn’t ponder it and rushed towards the volcanic lake with full power, layered with both Life Sacrification and Flying Star! At nearly the same time, God Ming’s gaze continuously flickered. In the next second, his speed increased explosively, charging towards the volcanic lake like a streaking meteor!

    In an instant, the two of them had raised their speeds to the pinnacle! Simultaneously, there was only the sight of the other in each of their eyes, bearing a fierce battle intent not concealed in the slightest!

    Of an entire demon body that had reached the Core Formation level, the skin, flesh, blood, special parts, and so on were all treasures! However, the most important was the demon core! This was the demon core of a Core Formation demon that had just died! The origin crystal of an ancient, lost species! This… was its second life!

    When this demon core was carried on the body, the worry of qi exhaustion would cease to be. It could be well imagined that if both sides were lanterns burning down to their final flames and one side activated the infinite energy mechanism that was the Core Formation demon core, how would this battle method even be combated?

    To possess such an item… even late-stage Foundation Establishment to the limit of the Great Circle would be provoked to somewhat of a consideration! Granted that it couldn’t be absorbed, it could still be self-detonated. The explosion of a Core Formation demon core was explanatory in its terror!

    No one would permit it and none could allow it! In an instant, the atmosphere arrived at a burning-white intensity!

    “Scram!!!!” God Ming issued a furious snarl, his white head of hair moving freely, absent of the wind! In an instant, it extended over a hundred meters, like a spider spitting out silk. His eyes bloodshot, he swiftly shot forth, bringing with him a strong gale!

    In the wake of his angered howl, his twenty-plus puppets that had been rendered immobile by the deceased Daomaster Jadewave rattled once again with a cracking noise at this moment. In the space of several seconds, seemingly pulled on by a thread, they arced towards Xu Yangyi like electricity! 

    “Mongrel!” God Ming was on the edge of his toes; what arcane effort did this lowly curr cultivate? His speed was actually THIS fast?!

    With the layered combo of Life Sacrification and Flying Star, Xu Yangyi’s speed was not a bit slower in comparison to God Ming’s! The target was likewise evident—the heart within Jadewave’s body, the location of the demon core!

    Whoever had killed Jadewave or why they had beheaded the demon was currently unimportant. What was important was this great opportunity; no one was willing to relinquish it!

    Whoever first seized this thousand-year-old demon core… was the person who was able to take the initiative to snatch it! That person’s opponent… would be certain to die here! Just at this time, the two of them halted in step simultaneously. Their gazes shifted away from their surroundings for the first time, looking all around vigilantly.

    “Crack… Crack…” A sound just like breaking glass could be faintly heard from each direction. At the beginning, it was still rather gentle, but in less than a minute, it immediately resonated through the entire expanse!

    “Crack, crack, crack, crack…” The space between Heaven and Earth seemed to become this sound.

    Xu Yangyi inhaled deeply. Immediately, he assumed a half-crouching stance, like a stalking cheetah waiting to pounce with full power. He realized that this… was the restriction that Daomaster Jadewave had set up beforehand, so outsiders couldn’t see!

    Following Daomaster Jadewave’s demise, this restriction was soon on the verge of turning into scattered ash in the wind. In other words, everything here would be seen with crystal clarity by everyone!

    And yet… what of it! What was to display power and might before the masses? With the corpse of a Core Formation Greater Demon ahead and the origin crystal before him… to act fearfully here of the slightest thing, caught between hesitation and indecision… was not his style!

    If all of you are going to watch, then observe! I’ll allow all of you ordinary people to see the other side of this world! Today, I, Xu Yangyi, am the leading actor!

    At this moment, Jadewave’s corpse suddenly emitted countless rays of white qi. The quantity was vast like mountains and seas, nebulous like fog and mist. Wafting in the wind, all of it flew towards the sky! It seemed to be a dirge between heaven and earth!

    Xu Yangyi penetrated through the fluttering qi that filled the sky. His gaze unblinking, he looked across at God Ming whose lips were tightly shut, likewise half-crouched on the ground, and his hair of several hundred meters frenzied like a silver serpent. 

    The other was also glaring daggers at him. Neither side was willing to yield an inch, opposed to each other at polar ends! 

    “Crack, crack, crack… BANG!” Now, the restriction collapsed with a rumble! As for the qi that filled the heavens, it shockingly condensed a tremendous qi flower that was no less than several hundred meters in the sky!

    “Boooom!” In the next second, all that was visible in the world was light. This was because the qi explosion... had given birth to spiritual light that veiled the horizons! There were layers upon layers, harmonious and magnificent, stunning the hearts of men. A full several hundred meters in size, it erupted at the top of Old Black Mountain!

    At this instant, an unknown number of eyes suddenly opened in China! They looked incredulously towards the direction of the Four Great Joint Pools! In a villa, there was an approximately ten-year-old youth who wearing a suit and leisurely sampling wine. A young girl around sixteen years old was in the middle of massaging his Taiyang meridian.**

    He seemed young, but his expression and eyes appeared to have weathered many countless moons, as if they were an old, secluded well, serene and without ripple. Without warning, his hand shivered, and his goblet rolled onto the floor, spinning. The red liquid within it spill over his entire body!

    “A Red Spider Lily blooms… A Core Formation cultivator has fallen?!” In the next second, he had already appeared on the balcony outside the room, looking incredulously towards the direction of the Four Great Joint Pools!

    “A Core Formation cultivator has met their end?” At the same time, in Guifang Province, on a mountain that had underwent an untold number of years, there was coffin that had hung suspended here for several hundred years. As the tremendous qi flower completely exploded at the Four Great Joint Pools, a cracking noise rang out from the suspended coffin, and a pale hand like that of a corpse lifted the cover. An emaciated old man donned in the clothes of a Qing dynasty official sat up in shock, looking towards the direction of the Four Great Joint Pools in a daze.***

    “Heaven Eye!” Meanwhile, at the river bottom of Shanghai’s Soothharkener Palace in a several-meter wide maelstrom formed from river water, an eye no less than a meter shockingly appeared, looking towards the direction of the Four Great Joint Pools.

    Normal people would be incapable of sensing it, but late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivators and above could all perceive it! That in the sky… like a wave, there were layers upon layers of raging, frantic qi fluctuations! It was like the stormy battering of waves on the shore, scouring China’s lands!

    They could also see… in the direction of the Four Great Joint Pools, white qi converge into an alabaster flower. Right now, the unfolding petals seemed to remind everyone that there was a Core Formation master who had passed on into immortality!

    “This… is Senior Jadewave?” A woman standing on a balcony said shrilly in shock.

    “As expected, he tread into the Core Formation realm… however, he’s actually died now?” In Xichuan Province, there was a beautiful girl wearing an evening gown, her hand holding a goblet trembling incessantly.****

    “He was oldest-living one at Core Formation! Who was able to cause his demise?” 

    “Core Formation falls, and the Red Spider Lily blooms… This… has never been witnessed in China for over two hundred years!”

    Simultaneously, at a villa, in the wake of a roar just like a dragon’s, the entire building thunderingly collapsed. A resplendent streaming brilliance charged straight into the sky like electricity! In the villa, of everyone, not a person dared to drivel. Several tens of people were all half-kneeled on the floor and said loudly: “Respectful partings, Ancestor Floatingcloud!”

    The throne room doors of China’s Forbidden Palace suddenly separated. A vermilion phoenix issued a clear and shining cry, illuminating half of Beijing’s seat of government! Afterwards, it faded away at the horizon’s extreme.*****

    “Respectful partings, Ancestor Hiddenscent!” Two women in the style of ancient palace maids kneeled on the ground and said in unison, their foreheads touching the ground.

    The Core Formation masters were on the move! The demise of a millennium-old Core Formation demon; its hidden secrets… Even Core Formation cultivators would be incomparably tempted!

    Before all else though… they couldn’t allow another to seize it first by any means! Otherwise… even a Core Formation master wouldn’t be able to shoulder the self-detonation of a thousand-year-old demon core!

    T/N: Hey everyone, feeling a lot better. The source I’m using, to my best knowledge and compared to other “sources”, seems accurate, so I decided to do 96. On an off-note, rip my boys in blue versus Seoul Dynasty. T’was a hard fought battle. 

    * I almost mistranslated this. Fun fact: Mosasaurus in Chinese is literally Azure Dragon. If you want a better visualization of a mosasaurus, look up the one from the movie “Jurassic World”. Not gonna lie, the thought of a cultivating dinosaur made me laugh. 

    ** Tai Yang meridian = small intestine meridian. Translates to “sun meridian”

    *** 悬棺 - hanging/suspended coffin. Copy paste this word and look at images. This is what I believe the situation of the coffin might actually be, versus hanging in midair. 

    **** You may have noticed that I have been continually calling Jadewave “it”. Author calls Jadewave “it”, but actually refers to Jadewave with the masculine “him” in some narration. This is the first time in speech that Jadewave is actually referred to as a he by another character. 

    ***** In the story, nearly every mention of Beijing is actually more along the lines of “Beijing seat of government”, which is referring to the central governing building in Beijing, but it's a mouthful to say that it. I figure just shortening it most of the time is along the lines of saying “Back at Washington/Paris/Berlin” and is implicit in meaning. This time, the scene is actually in the governing seat building LOL

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  • Chapter 97: Spirit Treasure Vortex (1)

    “Kill!” In that moment the Red Spider Lily bloomed at the lakeside of the Four Great Joint Pools, the illumination of brilliant rays of qi ought to have rendered all people incapable of opening their eyes, yet neither Xu Yangyi and God Ming shuttered their gaze. On the contrary, right now, they happened to both erupt with heaven-shaking bellows and rushed towards the volcanic lake in unison!

    Everyone recognized that at most… they only had half an hour of time! If the demon core wasn’t seized in hand by then, this opportunity would cease to be any of theirs! Once one approached, the hand could not be otherwise stayed!

    “Open the tenth coffin!” God Ming issued a screech that tore at his throat and split his lungs. At this moment, before a genuine treasure, his style of a cultured and refined gentleman was nowhere to be seen!

    This time, none of the old men stopped him. Following his order, one of the old men’s pair of eyes suddenly erupted with faint green light. Ensuingly, he began to echo with a mechanical cracking from head to toe. From his center… his entire person began to neatly separate, revealing countless elaborate gears within and as well as… a fine bronze coffin. 

    Countless hairs dug into the small holes on the coffin that were dense like pinholes. In the wake of a rumbling explosion, the coffin responded and splintered apart. It was a boy around ten years old wearing an exceptionally spacious red long gown. His hair was dishevelled and there was a blue talisman stuck on his pale forehead. Chained in silver shackles, he shrieked quietly and rushed towards Xu Yangyi like a marionette, together with God Ming!

    The puppet’s skin was snowy white, yet its eyes were completely black. Its mouth seemed to lack a lower jaw, open wide to a terrifying degree! The inside was packed with rows of sharp teeth! Soundless cries bubbled forth from its throat, stirring the qi and blood to instability and the mind to disorder!

    “Severing Dragon Typhoon!” Similarly, Xu Yangyi snarled furiously. The time was at hand, a struggle for every second on the clock! He was unable to tolerate a smidgen of reservation! His silhouette was like a shooting star overtaking the moon, charging straight to the lake! Both of his hands assumed a clawed stance, his blue veins bulging. In the air, they dragged out ten several-meter white scars like a spiraling hawk, forcibly lacerating the night sky!!

    A single blow! All that was sought was one strike! In the two of their hearts, they were both exceptionally cognizant. The moment of contact was bound to be an alternation of killing moves, the mere beseechment of a single strike would determine victory and defeat!

    “Hissss…” At this time, the boy’s throat suddenly expanded and his arteries swelled. In the next second, three snake-like tongues darted out from the black-eyed youth’s mouth, travelling across several tens of meters! Not before long, the tongue surprisingly weaved a net in the sky, dexterously unimaginable! It unwaveringly obstructed Xu Yangyi’s path of advance!

    “Chrip!” The tongue net was spread thick with countless inch-long mouths. Already, they opened up collectively! Ghastly white teeth revealed inside, a menacing screech was issued concurrently! Those who stepped forward would die!

    Xu Yangyi’s gaze was like lightning. Presently, each judgement was incomparably important. However, courage was even more of the essence! 

    Those who obstruct me shall be slain without mercy!

    His figure didn’t diminish in the slightest, and he furthermore didn’t halt in step like an ordinary person because an object had suddenly appeared in front of him. Even now, the net seemed completely worthless against him! On the contrary, his speed grew even faster! Like a shooting star streaking across the sky, his charge was directed towards the tremendous net that was a few tens of meters in size!

    “Rapid Shadows!” At this moment, both of his hands suddenly formed into fists! A white qi halo erupted in his hand with a rumble, and two qi blades rushed forth without pause! The large tongue net practically served to be of no obstacle whatsoever, already turned into shreds of ground meat, flying down!

    Yet God Ming didn’t even bat an eye! He hastened towards Daomaster Jadewave’s corpse with full strength. In addition to the talisman stuck to his leg, his speed was even faster than before!

    Likewise, Xu Yangyi didn’t spare a glance. Whoever grasped onto the origin crystal first would be the one standing at the very end!

    In the midst of his peak speed, he seemed to feel time become sluggish, and the strong odor of blood wafted through the air. This was from the wounds he had gained from the small, fine piranha-like mouths biting into his body as he crashed his way through the tremendous net!

    With the distance already drawn back by a small segment, Xu Yangyi inhaled deeply, absent of any hesitation. In the next second, his hand condensed a blaze no less than a few meters!

    “Ten Cardinals Red Lotus!” 

    Within his body, qi soared like a tide. He was simply apathetic as both of his fists attacked with full might in the wake of his charge! Yet he was not advancing… he was retreating!

    “Wind Brandishes Traces!” Snarling in fury, his speed quickened by three-to-four fold in an instant! In the sky, like a human-shaped cruise missile, he borrowed the recoil of the Ten Directions Red Lotus and the sudden acceleration of the added Wind Brandishes Traces! He dragged a long flame tail, roughly a single-fold faster than God Ming and rushed before the corpse!

    “Bar his path!!!” God Ming only caught sight of an inconceivable shadow surpass him all of a sudden. Almost without a thought, he let out a furious roar that shook the four stretches. 

    The three old men had long since rushed towards the corpse, however, their speeds were far from comparing to Xu Yangyi and God Ming. Under the swooshing sound of countless strings collapsing, God Ming’s long hair that filled the sky forcefully flung something, surprisingly tossing over the black-eyed boy!

    “Woooosh…” With the sound of fluttering paper, the talisman on the red-gowned, black-eyed boy’s forehead immediately transformed into fiery stars, igniting spontaneously, unprovoked by the wind.

    “Hiiisssssss!!!” In the air, the boy let loose a heart-shaking screech! As it flew over on course, his entire body grew larger as if he was filled with air! Followed by a hissing noise that rained down incessantly on the ear, all of his clothes burst apart into shreds and his body warped! The flesh of his shoulder endlessly changed, and just as he was about to fall, he had already morphed into a colossal monster, one that was a full three meters in height. Growing the heads of a tiger, bear, and pig, along with the tail of a snake, it was covered from snout to tail in black fur!

    “ROAARRR!!!” The chimeric tiger-bear-pig faced towards the heavens and bellowed angrily, unleashing the dissemination of a corporeal sound wave! Xu Yangyi’s pupils needled; he could neither advance nor retreat! 

    “Boom!” The qi and blood of his chest roiled, directly slamming into the boy’s wall-like sound wave. He rigidly gritted his teeth: “Dragon Biting! Rapid Shadows! Tiger Crane!”

    “Be broken! Break! Break!!!” Xu Yangyi only sensed each and every one of his entire body’s cells come to a boil! The time of life and death was drawing near. Confronted with a great enemy, such a battle that sent the adrenaline soaring, and combat that could counted by the second, all he felt was his heart expedite! 

    “Boom…” A hair of a ripple emerged before him, and subsequently, both of his hands whirled madly like electricity. The front of the formless barrier immediately fluttered with over a hundred ripples!

    “Bang!” A second. Barely a second! The sound of glass shattering rang out before him, and the roar of the three-headed demon beast came to a sudden end! His reactions seemed to have never been so quick. He calculated it a bit and knew from God Ming’s despaired face that even like so… it was too late!

    The disparity was roughly half a second! He… would enter the demon body half a second earlier than God Ming! Without any pause, right now, time was everything. He observed the tremendous, mutilated wound become increasingly closer, so that he could even smell the towering visceral stench! The bones inside and the internal organs were all visible!

    “NOOOO!!!!” God Ming was in a state of madness, his hair like a tide. Followed by his blood-dripping screech, all of it pierced towards Xu Yangyi! It was a silver ocean! A sea of death!

    Xu Yangyi carried not the slightest bit of hesitation, already charging towards the massive, labyrinth-like wound!

    “NOOOOOO!!! BE GONE!!!” God Ming’s shriek reverberated in the entire dead volcanic lake: “I demand your death!!!” Over twenty puppets had soon flown over to Xu Yangyi’s side! The three-headed demon beast was already less than ten meters away!

    So long as it was an instant… All that was needed was a mere twinkling! At this time, Xu Yangyi’s heart suddenly throbbed violently!

    “Puh!” A mouthful of blood sprayed out from his mouth without the least forewarning! He stood frozen in shock. In a split second, his body’s strength had vanished. This mouthful of blood wasn’t from an injury, but rather… the blood in his body that was inexplicably billowing.

    He looked on in astonishment towards his qi sea. That stone-like seed was actually cracking open at the seams at this critical moment! An indescribable sensation bubbled up in his mind, a kind of thirst… for qi, a longing for flesh!

    In an instant, sudden enlightenment surfaced in his mind. Standing here, he could clearly feel the erupting waves of shiver-inducing qi within the wound of the tremendous, several-hundred-meter long greater demon. It was the fluctuations coming from the demon core. However, these fluctuations were unexpectedly drawn to the strange seed within his qi sea.

    “The heavens aid me!” Originally, God Ming was grinding his teeth and urgently rushing forth, yet he suddenly saw Xu Yangyi who was standing still for approximately two to three seconds! The time was brief, but it was already enough! His twenty-plus puppets had charged behind Xu Yangyi!

    “Kill!” Beneath his ecstasy, with an explosive shout, over twenty swords pierced towards Xu Yangyi’s rear in unison! As for Xu Yangyi himself, he seemed not to have regained his wits at all! At this moment of grave mortality, his body trembled without warning. In a twinkling, he regained clarity. Behind him, over twenty squalls of wind pierced directly towards the middle of his back, mingled with a deathly screaming!

    “Damn!” At surprisingly such a pivotal juncture! He immediately charged forwards, yet it was still too late. By the interweaved cries of iron and metal, over a dozen wounds, so deep that the bones could be seen, emerged on his back!

    “Fuck!” He rigidly clenched his teeth, his forehead slick with cold sweat in no matter of time. He had promptly escaped, so there existed no mortal wounds. However, blood torrented out, drenching his camouflage uniform in mere moments!

    The sharp pain caused his back to ache with a scorching heat! As for the camouflage clothing on the upper half of his body, it had also been torn to shreds under the criss-crossing of these twenty-plus swords! It had turned into rags hanging off his body. 

    God Ming sighed deeply, his gaze becoming ice-cold: “This game… should be concluded…”

    “Puppet Transfers The Self.”

    Just as these four words were said, a sudden fuzziness appeared in the space between one of the twenty-plus puppets and himself. Already, he had exchanged positions with that puppet, standing at Xu Yangyi’s side.

    Without anyone’s discovery, at this moment, as blood gushed out from within Xu Yangyi, the blood within Jadewave’s body headed towards his wounds in a devilish manner, rising against the current and upwards! It was like a blood-sucking leech had caught the scent of its natural predator!

    Xu Yangyi faintly panted; he had lost too much blood, yet there existed no feeling of dizziness. There wasn’t enough time for him to consider why as he calmly stared at the enemy before him. 

    Likewise, God Ming didn’t even bat an eye at him. The matter seemed to return to the starting point once again. Both of their hearts were burning brightly as if lit aflame. Xu Yangyi wordlessly swept an eye over his watch. The time… A whole two hours and tens minutes had passed.

    With the passage of these ten minutes… there was at most an additional ten minutes until other cultivators were bound to hurry over! Late-stage Foundation Establishment… as well as the Great Circle, even Core Formation cultivators! They would not permit any Qi Condensation cultivator to divide the soup of Daomaster Jadewave’s legacy! 

    Xu Yangyi and God Ming already stood at the gateway of a demon core. How could they possibly be willing! Once the demon core was made to recognize a master, no one could take it! In daring to take it, was it not to venture the taste of an origin crystal’s self-detonation?

    T/N: Hey, I’ve been busy, but here is the next chapter. There may be some changes coming soon. I also want to to make note of one change: Ten Red Lotuses = Ten Cardinals Red Lotus. This phrasing has always been at the back of my mind because I know I did it incorrectly, but was unable to pin it down to a certain term. I’m going to make the change later to past chapters, but the full explanation will be in the chapter title labeled “Ten Cardinals Red Lotus”. 

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  • Chapter 98: Spirit Treasure Vortex (2)

    “My god…” Xu Yangyi and God Ming were none the wiser that at this moment, the entire scenic area of the Four Great Joint Pools had seethed over! All of the ordinary people were in a state of passions!

    They shrieked and were frightened. Just now, the body of an unknown creature, so large it was terrifying, had appeared here all of a sudden! Ensuingly, two men like immortals used moves that they could only read about in books, moves that could only be seen in movies! 

    “Did anyone take a video?!” 

    “What the heck is this!” 

    “I’ll Weibo it later! T-this is an unknown creature!” 

    “Are they immortals?!” 

    “There’s actually such a thing in this world?!”

    Old Zhou and Old Fang stood up before the propped-up digital video recorder, terrified out of their minds. They dared not believe in all that they watched!

    What… was that white tide that filled the sky? What was that exploding giant flower high up in the air? How were these two people able to radiate white light? And even fire?

    “T-this isn’t real…” At the volcano mouth of Old Black Mountain, a camping youth kneeled on the ground like he was making a pilgrimage, shuddering from head to toe: “This is an immortal… A true immortal…” 

    Xu Yangyi and God Ming weren’t worried about everything in the surroundings whatsoever. Now that events had arrived at this stage, how could things be gotten away with! Since power had been displayed before mortals, then let it be displayed! When matters came to a head, bold action was needed. A Core Formation origin crystal could not be set aside by any measure! 

    God Ming stood among the sword dance of his twenty-plus puppets. With the three-headed demon beast stationed at vanguard, his white hair waved about madly, and he suddenly laughed: “I have no time to tarry with you…”

    “This next blow will send you on your way!”

    “Just how I like it.” Xu Yangyi licked at his lips. Within his body, a frenzied sensation became stronger and stronger in his qi sea! He had to employ his fasted speed to end the battle between the two of them!

    Within these five minutes, everything had to come to a close. Two minutes to take the origin crystal, and three minutes to leave.

    “God Ming’s Supreme Dao…” God Ming inhaled deeply, the surrounding qi around his body flaring: “Falling Sunlit Cloud Violesence.”

    Buzz… In his surroundings, all the puppets were like twenty-plus funnels,frantically sucking in the the qi in the environment! As for his mouth… because of the qi he had absorbed, a thumb-sized bullet of spiritual light had astonishingly congealed. Furthermore… it was still progressively becoming larger!

    Right now, THIS was his true trump! One of the hidden aces in his hand!

    “Ten Cardinals Red Lotus…” Xu Yangyi’s gaze grew solemn. This was the most troublesome person he had encountered in the middle-stage Qi Condensation realm!

    At the core of his heart, God Ming took a long sigh. This move was quite fearsome. Extremely fearsome. However, just by barely relying on this technique, he held confidence to strike down the other! Above all… He silently stroked the ring on his middle finger. Inside, he still a Phaseshift Talisman; he had absolute certainty that he would leave here!

    His sole miscalculation was that during the decryption, such a great matter had surprisingly occurred! He could only willfully take out the tenth coffin, otherwise...

    In the next second, his pupils suddenly needled!

    “Life Sacrification.” Following these words, God Ming discovered to his shock… that his opponent’s two hands began to burn with raging flames! In an instant, the oscillations of the surrounding qi reached a degree that caused his heart to tremble in fear!

    This was Xu Yangyi’s ace! From the beginning until now, Life Sacrification had only been used once in a location that God Ming didn’t catch sight of! And thus, this was the winning bullet! 

    “Die!” This qi fluctuation forced God Ming’s eyes to bulge in shock and brought his heart to sheer terror! No longer was this within his calculations, his forehead dripping profusely with cold sweat. Never did he ever expect that his opponent would actually be able to raise the might of this divine ability once more!

    Followed by his angered bellow, over twenty balls of spiritual light converged into a skull-sized orb of purple radiance in half a second. Its power was racing thunder manifest as it arced towards Xu Yangyi like electricity! 

    Simultaneously, Xu Yangyi brandished both of his hands. With a roar… a two-headed fire dragon charged at the light orb!

    A pair of dragons had left the sea, multiplying their might to exhibit supreme power!*

    Boom! The two divine abilities collided together. The radius several tens of meters around the demon corpse trembled! The charred odor in the air rendered people incapable of opening their eyes! The vigorous eruption of the qi wave had caused everyone’s hair to go flying back!

    A ray of fiery splendor and the sharp cry of a dragon’s roar burst within both of their hearts. Immediately… all the lake water came to a boil!

    Huuummm… It wasn’t limited to just the lake water. The pair standing before the demon corpse’s wound detected… that the entire demon corpse was rocking! Starting from just moments ago, the three-hundred-meter-plus demon corpse… was swaying ceaselessly! This could absolutely not be the doing of a Qi Condensation divine ability!

    “This is…” Xu Yangyi’s gaze twinkled as he looked at the lake bottom. He could sense that these tremors originated from the lake bed! In the next second… the whole demon corpse began to swivel about! It seemed an invisible hand was moving it! Xu Yangyi immediately looked towards the lake water. His eyes abruptly contracted!

    At the center of the lake water… a tremendous vortex… a maelstrom no less than a full two hundred meters in size swiftly took form. At the core of the vortex, a shiver-inducing qi fluctuation began to faintly erupt from within!

    At the lake bed, light originally ought to have not existed there, however, at the heart of the vortex, a thousand rays of treasure light ascended! From the blackness… it passed through from the lake bottom that was so deep that the floor could not be seen… dying the lake surface an expanse of golden resplendence!

    Inhaling deeply, Xu Yangyi nearly moved instinctually at first, yet immediately stopped, standing in place like a nail! This… was the treasury of a thousand-year-old demon… on the precipice of rising to the lake surface! Countless spirit stones and spirit treasures, a spiritual tempest birthed by the lost control of spiritual sense!

    “Not good!” In his mind, God Ming was in a state of great panic. He was just about to make a break towards the shore and flee, but the moment he glanced at Xu Yangyi, a stormy fury reached the zenith in his heart!

    Why… are you still not hiding?! If I hide and he doesn’t, wouldn’t I just be handing over the Core Formation origin crystal, a supreme treasure perhaps not even chanced upon once in a thousand years, into his hands?!

    Whoever shirked back because of this spiritual tempest… This was tantamount to announcing their elimination! By virtue, only by hiding on the shore could this black hole-like maelstrom be completely departed from!

    “I… will also not hide!” His eyes nearly flushed red. Cackling miserably, his voice hoarse, he forcibly stood his ground!

    At this instant, at the several-thousand-meter volcanic lake of Old Black Mountain, all cultivators and ordinary people could see the lake water like that of a funnel. An immeasurable number of shrimps, crabs, and fishes had been stirred into the nexus of the funnel by its imposing natural power. It formed a shiver-inducing black hole of death!

    The heart of the black hole seemed to be the gargantuan mouth of a demon. As the terrible qi fluctuations became increasingly distinct, the treasure light below became greater and greater!

    Ruuummmbbbleee… Waves of sound like muffled thunder could be heavily heard from underneath. As of now, this volcano, dead for a thousand years… was erupting once again!

    RUUMMBLE!!!!!! Three seconds later, a golden spirit spring rose straight into the sky! Its height… was five hundred meters! Its width… was two hundred meters! It was an earth dragon spewing water! An immortal coalescing a spring! 

    This wasn’t the golden color of spring water… but rather the countless magik artifacts, talismans, and medicinal elixirs accompanying the spiritual spring rushing directly into the air! There were hundreds of them, thousands! Ten thousands of them!

    Among them, there was even an endless number of spirit stones! They made up a figure that towered by the tens of thousands! Brilliant and scintillating, it was a blossom of color, a myriad hues of purple and red! 

    It seemed that at this moment, a small crack had split open in the heavens, releasing the vast, butterfly-esque stars that laid within. In the sky, a prismatic rain drifted. Falling down on the earth, it overlooked the startled stars scattered in color, flying in the sky as the whirling sound of rain arrived!*


    At this moment, not a person present dared to say anything!

    Thonk… A tourist sluggishly sat down on the grass, his faltering hand dumbly pointed towards the hundred-meter fountain.

    “T-this is… a miracle…” Somewhere else, there was an old man, his throat dry. Regardless of the two figures on the lake at this moment… no matter that tremendous monster… and despite the presently flaring kaleidoscopic foundation… Everything was like a dream!

    Each ordinary person had been amazed by the magnificent view before their eyes. Crystalline lake waters formed a fountain that gushed into the sky. Bending moonlight below, it reflected three layers of shimmers, dispersed into a pearl. Amidst it, endless treasures, spirit stones, and even more supreme treasures were flushed out by the spring water! It glittered with an enchanting radiance.

    Boom! It was unknown which bottle of precious medicine shattered, but an invigorating, delicate fragrance dispersed in the air. Simultaneously, a void shadow of a purple flower emerged in the surrounds of the spring waters, like fresh flowers blooming in full at the side of a fountain. 

    Bang bang bang… 

    Boom boom… Crack, crack, crack… Countless brittle echoes began to ring out from the several-hundred-meter tall fountain. A limitless number of pill elixirs, talismans, and magik artifacts transformed into dust among such battering. Afterwards, they became layers upon layers of rainbow brilliance, dying the fountain… a display of fireworks and lanterns, fiery trees and silver flowers! 

    In the Four Great Joint Pools, Xu Yangyi, God Ming, and everyone was motionless! They were waiting!

    Shing! A sharp sword ruthlessly tore through Xu Yangyi’s left shoulder. Inside the vortex, there was anything and everything! There were pill elixirs, Daomaster Jadewave’s flesh that had ripped and crumbled apart because of the treasury, and all kinds of magik artifacts and talismans! There existed opportunity, but also great danger! 

    Blood quickly pervaded the maelstrom. Xu Yangyi rigidly clenched his teeth, not saying a word. On his body, stomach, thighs, arms, and shoulder… there were already ten-odd bloody holes. So injured was he that a human shape could not be made out, his sole fortune that they weren’t fatal wounds. It was nothing more than heavy injuries.

    At the center of the vortex, a boundless number of blades, swords, and armors had been tangled together by qi into a whirlpool formed of lake water, furling up into a sword barrier! As for Xu Yangyi, he was in the thick of this barrier.

    Sharp pain charged into his brain from his whole body. His body had long since been pierced clean by the edges of over a dozen magik artifacts! Blood poured without inhibition, yet he still didn’t retreat a single step!

    A Core Formation Dao Master’s hidden treasury had become a sky-spouting fountain. Even though the magik artifacts within lacked the control of spiritual force, their piercing degree was equivalently not something a Qi Condensation cultivator could endure.

    Yet if he gave in, without sacrifice, from where would it be obtained! Without abandoning oneself and life, how the hell would a millennium-old origin crystal be struggled for!

    He gazed across the vortex, likewise, God Ming was situated inside. The other’s injuries were hardly any less severe than his! The twenty-plus puppets had all broken apart, only the three-headed demon beast left in control, yet minus a head! As for God Ming himself, he had early on transformed into a bloody figure. His body arts were inferior to Xu Yangyi’s, and the bloody holes on his body… amounted up to twenty!

    Yet his opponent… did not flee, as well!

    “Fall back…” God Ming’s throat bore a bloody raspiness, and he grinded his teeth: “I am one of the successors… of God Ming… If you leave here, I will carry your sentiment until the end of time…”

    “Fellow Daoist, our Ming Clan is one of the five great demon clans! You have to think this over clearly… If you leave now, I will bear your sentiment, as if nothing has occurred! However…” He wiped blood at the side of his lip, thirsty for the sanguine fluid. His hair was white, he wore a suit, and he carried a folding fan, yet he simply lacked a single shred of elegance and refinement of his most initial style. 

    His teeth grinded audibly as he clenched them: “But so long as you dare to continue, you shall be faced with the Ming Clan’s hunt, no rest until death! Unbounded for all of eternity!”

    T/N: So I lost power for a week. Trying something new with writing sound effects. 

    * The idea of dragons going out to sea is the combination of powers to yield a stronger result.

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  • Chapter 99: Spirit Treasure Vortex (3)

    Xu Yangyi licked his lips, his mouth heavy with the reeking of blood. His lung had just been pierced through by an unknown magik artifact… His breathing had become full with bloody chunks...

    Grimly lifting his chin, he faced towards the side and spat out. He looked at his counterpart, and the crook of his mouth suddenly curved: “That’ll have to wait and be put off until later if you’re even still alive.” 

    His intent to kill didn’t need to be explained. Whoever obtained the demon core first wouldn’t only be able to borrow the support of the accumulated ocean of qi within the thousand-year-old origin crystal and experience a resurrection in both flesh and magical energies in an instant, but would moreover be capable of forcing all to tread carefully!*

    Regardless of Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, or Core Formation… None ventured whether or not the possessor would cause the demon core to detonate!

    “Hahaha!” God Ming faced towards the sky and let loose a long laugh, yet before he could finish laughing, he began to cough loudly as his wounds were aggravated: “Good… I will be waiting on you!”

    There was no further talk. They were waiting… on the eruption of this great treasury, a thousand-year-old hidden treasure. Even Daomaster Jadewave’s demon form was incapable of supporting it, transforming into shreds… However!

    The demon core… would absolutely not shatter! Soon… very soon, it would appear on the water’s surface! Both of them could feel… down below, there existed a fist-sized object that happened to breaking through layers of obstacles. Five seconds… four seconds… three seconds… Afterwards, it was certain to be spouted out!

    This blanket of golden prismatic light, already at a speed too difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, dyed the top layer with a light-blue halo from the bottom!

    Xu Yangyi’s gaze turned solemn. There wasn’t anyone who knew, but even now, he was teetering on the edge of collapse. He used Innersight; the small stone in his qi sea was shockingly covered with cracks! A feeling of bloodthirst and frenzy that he was almost hard-pressed to contain battered each of his muscles as a few minor cracks swiftly invaded the inside of the stone, sliver by sliver. He gritted his teeth and forcibly stifled the discomfort in his body, unwaveringly locking onto the bottom of the vortex.

    The inside had already been contaminated red by a tremendous amount of Daomaster Jadewave’s blood, calculated by the ton. Of every one of the wounds on Xu Yangyi’s body, the lake waters that carried blood seemed to find a place to drain into! He was in a state imperception… but drop after drop of pure demon blood quietly flew into his wounds in the wake of the seed cracks becoming greater. It was like it was watering the seed!

    Two seconds… one second!

    The two of them riddled with scars, their gazes flashed explosively without warning. Simultaneously, God Ming and Xu Yangyi charged towards the heart of the vortex with speeds almost irrespective of former or latter!

    At the same time, a rumbling followed like the sound of rolling thunder. At the heart of the maelstrom, the bottom radiated an aqua-blue color.

    Bang… A bolt of white lightning began to echo from within the vortex. Subsequently, there was a second and a third! There was… an immeasurable number! A fist-sized, aqua-blue sphere noiselessly appeared at the vortex bottom. In its surroundings, there was no water, wind, or trace of life. It seemed like nothing could approach it. It existed there, yet it appeared not to exist there, isolated from the world.

    In the instant it emerged, in the vortex, supremely dense qi, qi from the shatterings of millennium-old treasures, unexpectedly transformed material! Bolts of qi lightning resonated in this cyclonic maelstrom!

    The wind was so furious like it could uproot mountains! The rain so overflowing like it could flood rivers! In an instant, the area below became a nest of thunder spirits!

    Xu Yangyi’s heart seemed to palpitate with each rotation of the origin crystal. Based on the light, the magnitude of terror from the qi inside it could be felt. It wasn’t the same as Vermillion Snow’s half-completed product. Only perfection could be used to describe this origin crystal.

    “It… can only belong to me!!!” Accompanied by manic cackling, God Ming continued to charge, both his eyes scarlet-red. He had left the three-headed demon beast at his side. Xu Yangyi’s speed wasn’t slower than his in the slightest, but at this moment, what followed was deranged laughter: “Explode!”

    At this twinkling juncture of life and death, God Ming towed the three-headed demon beast towards Xu Yangyi in rapid advance. In the wake of a loud noise, the beast exploded at the side of Xu Yangyi’s body!

    “Fuck!” Xu Yangyi’s pupils suddenly contracted! The demon beast’s self-detonation was an additional wound on top of his injuries, but this wasn’t the most crucial matter at all! The most pivotal was...

    The qi shockwave born from the detonation had forcibly brought him across and pushed him out! The origin crystal… was there at the bottom of the vortex!

    “Mortal!” God Ming laughed heartily: “You are undeserving to touch this object!”

    “When I refine it, the Ming Clan will be certain to personally visit your doorstep to demand repayment!!! HAHAHA!!!”

    God Ming’s laughter reverberated throughout the entire vortex. At the beginning, the two of them neither gave way to the other. For a time, he had once believed his opportunity was lost, yet by a freakish combination of factors, mistakes and errors of both Yin and Yang, he had arrived at this moment!

    In this terrible storm, everyone had already been run haggard by scars. Although the loss of the tenth coffin’s explosion was great, how was it comparable to a Core Formation origin crystal? The self-detonation this time was sufficient at last to fling away that repulsive tick!

    “It… is mine!” Already, God Ming’s speed was so fast that it was difficult for the naked eye to distinguish! The closer he neared the vortex bottom, the more magnificent the blue color was! Even now, he could sense the colossal might like holy light within the origin crystal within reach! 

    His hand—already his smile crazed and his eyes scarlet red—extended with the quickest speed. Behind him, Xu Yangyi had been battered away a good ten-odd meters by the detonation of moments ago. Presently, he had taken the lead, yet there was still ten meters!

    It’s mine… It’s mine! This supreme treasure belongs in the possession of I, God Ming, by all rights! I am THE favored son of Heaven and Earth! So long as I touch it… it will immediately hail me as master! Even if a Core Formation master stands before me, they won’t dare to make a move against me! Confronted with another Core Formation cultivator’s origin crystal, do they venture whether I dare not to detonate it?

    He didn’t look at Xu Yangyi who was behind him. A sliver of a merciless smile hung at the crook of the latter’s mouth. As his hand neared closer and closer, Xu Yangyi took out his watch again and looked at it.

    “Two hours and twenty-three minutes…”

    Xu Yangyi closed his eyes and softly shouted: “Li Zongyuan.”

    Swoosh! There were two slender tongues, yet they were incomparably precise! At the instant God Ming’s hand was on the verge of touching the origin crystal, they suddenly shot out from above the vortex! One tongue had hooked around God Ming’s middle finger with incredibly accuracy! The other tongue… had hooked his entire soul! The Core Formation origin crystal!

    God Ming was stunned. He almost dared not to believe in this tremendous reversal. Time appeared in slow motion. The fist-sized origin crystal, in the wake of his eyes, along with his slowly opening mouth, and following his line of sight… flew upwards.

    The enormous disparity between reality and dream caused the inside of his brain to become an expanse of empty whiteness. It was only after a full three seconds did he react!

    “NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” A miserable scream that tore at the heart and split the lungs echoed in the whole lake bottom!

    This was Xu Yangyi’s true ace! From the beginning, he had been looking at his watch, always waiting upon the time when Li Zongyuan would regain consciousness! From the start, he hadn’t been planning on having a proper talk with God Ming! 

    Presently, they were in the water! And Li Zongyuan had just completed his evolution moments ago! There only one opportunity. Xu Yangyi had kept on enduring, enduring it for now! In his spiritual sense, he had finished communicating with the other early on.

    God Ming exhausted his full strength as he charged towards the direction from where the tongue had disappeared like he was insane! However, as soon as he turned around, he saw a giant fist!

    Boom! The fist heavily smashed into his face!

    Bang! At the same moment, a bolt of qi-condensed thunder struck Xu Yangyi’s body with a rumble!

    “Puh!” A mouthful of blood sprayed out from the gap of his rigidly gritted teeth. His whole body was covered with countless wounds of all shapes and sizes, bubbling into a spring of blood in an instant! 

    All of a sudden… an unknown number of his bones broke. Even his qi sea was madly shaking, no end in sight! He simply dared not to examine his own injuries. Mustering his strength, he used all of his strength to raise his fist and pound it into God Ming’s face for a second time!

    Yet he hadn’t discovered that at this moment, the small stone inside his qi sea was close to completely shattering! A shiver-inducing aura wildly launched from there within!

    “Mongrel!” With his eyes maddened, God Ming leaned his head. His wounds were even more critical than Xu Yangyi’s! Without one or two years rest, they were fundamentally incapable of being healed… Before this thought even vanished, a wave of fierce aching graced his nose. Subsequently, it extended to his entire body! Already, Xu Yangyi’s fists were falling down on him like raindrops! 

    “Puh! Bah! Hurk!” Arrows of blood flew in the air. The qi lightning was so dense that it was solid. Inevitably, there were several that struck the two of them. Xu Yangyi tenaciously clenched his teeth. Even though the roots of his teeth were trembling, by no means would he relinquish this opportunity to defeat the other!

    The golden core’s disappearance right before his eyes caused God Ming to lose his supporting pillar. It was an absolute drop from the paradise of heaven to the inferno of hell. He… was already without the slightest will to battle!

    Boom! Boom! Boom! Like he was beating leather, Xu Yangyi’s final punch brought God Ming’s body to drag out a long bloody line in the sky. God Ming wailed miserably as he fell into the vortex.

    It wasn’t that Xu Yangyi was unwilling to use qi, but rather… currently, he had long since been without a dividend of qi! The combination of Life Sacrification and Ten Cardinals Red Lotus added on top of withstanding the spirit treasure vortex formed from the ruin of a thousand-year-old treasury had in the end delivered him to the stage of a lantern deplete of oil! His qi sea was a void. So long as he wanted to employ a smidgen of qi, even to come bubbling around his fist, he would feel a stabbing pain akin to a scraping blade!

    In his body, pain swelled forth like a tide, injury upon injury. He moved his hand straight behind him, his line of sight somewhat nebulous, and gently cried out: “Li Zongyuan…”

    His voice was marred by the blood that spilled out incessantly from between the gaps of his teeth.

    “Mongrel!” God Ming flew back ten-odd meters, yet surprisingly stood up in madness. His fingers stirred, and he learned of an emptiness on his middle finger! The storage ring on his middle finger was absent!

    That damned gremlin! That fiend of an inferior bloodline! It had actually plundered his storage ring and ran off as he was preoccupied with the human refuse before him!

    Damn… Damn! Dammit! Damn it all to hell!

    His rationale had already been agitated to insanity! To lose something and then regain it, to gain something and then lose it…. It was right before his eyes! In but a mere blink it was a difference of two to three meters, but in the end, it was still not his!

    He had already been beaten to the extent that his facial features were beyond all recognition; even standing was challenging. Blood flowed from his seven apertures, and he looked on with wide eyes… at Xu Yangyi’s hand that stuck out towards his rear. A tongue delivered a fist-sized object that radiated blue light into the other’s hand. 

    “AAAHHH!!!” God Ming turned towards the sky and shouted furiously. That item… was the origin crystal that had almost fell into his grasp just now!

    “Origin crystal?” At this moment, several hundred kilometers away in the sky, a blazing rainbow paused, seemingly in a state of immense shock. However, at the next instant, it rushed towards the Four Great Joint Pools with an even swifter speed!

    “Did someone… attain Jadewave’s Core Formation origin crystal?” Likewise, a few hundred kilometers elsewhere, in a different direction, a flush of startlement appeared on the face of a woman wearing a qipao. Followingly, with the settling of her next step, she was already a thousand meters away!

    At every spot her high heels fell, a lotus was born at each pace. Rootless lotuses swayed gently in the sky as if they were supporting her advance. At the same time, there were also several charging auras cursing loudly!

    “This bastard!” 

    “Who could possess such fortune! To actually seize a Core Formation origin crystal?! One that was even before us! 

    “Urgh… A Core Formation origin crystal… A Core Formation origin crystal! This son of a bitch’s luck is straight out of this world!”

    Xu Yangyi’s sole hand held onto the origin crystal. At this instant, his entire body was already dripping with blood from head to toe, his breathing labored like an ox. However, in that splinter of time that he grasped the origin crystal, he knew that everything had been worth it.

    Streaks of blue qi, like a river entering the ocean, quickly and violently flooded Xu Yangyi’s qi sea, and his body was restored at a breakneck speed. In nearly the blink of an eye, qi immediately poured into his body, filling him to the brim! It moreover continued to rejuvenate him at an incomparable frightening rate! It was practically the same as pressing the resurrection button in a game!

    * Just a note I want to make for people who study Chinese as well. Author tends to use some gaming slang every now and then and “resurrection of flesh and magical energies” is literally “Full Meat, Full Blue”. It was confused at first, but quickly made the connection to a red hp bar/blue mana bar. 

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