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  • Chapter 80: The Middle Stage of Qi Condensation (3)
    This call to break jolted the underground! Everyone on the outside excitedly stood up.

    “B-breaking the bodily limiter… He’s breaking the bodily limiter!” Li Mu excitedly walked back and forth inside the room, as if the advancement was his own. Even his voice was somewhat hoarse: “Once he charges through this barrier, h-he’ll be a middle-stage cultivator! The middle stage! The middle stage!”

    The other two didn’t say anything, but they were the same, unable to even stand. Instead, they perceived the sea of spiritual light in the air that in this moment had reached the zenith, their feelings a series of complexities.

    This, was the most significant barrier of the initial stage of Qi Condensation. 

    Strictly speaking, the bodily limiter was the only obstruction that existed in the advancement of a minor boundary in Qi Condensation. The others were all cumulative. As for this accumulation, it depended on a person’s aptitude. They had already guessed that while Xu Yangyi’s aptitude was astonishing, this bodility limiter still caused people to harbor apprehension within their hearts.

    “F-Fellow Daoist Xu seemes not to have brought a supplementary medicine!” Suddenly, Zhang Gongchang couldn’t refrain himself from shouting: “H-he’s using pure strength to challenge the bodily limiter?!”

    Once these words were given voice to, everyone was rendered dumb. In other words… this advancement wasn’t of the other’s planning? That was to say… he had felt he could break through and immediately attacked? Thus… the other hadn’t brought anything! Including supplementary pill elixir?!

    “Careless! Too careless!” Wang Chunlai sighed deeply, his anxious understanding exhibited in his speech, as if he was breaking through: “If he doesn’t rely on pill elixir, how is he going to break through the bodily limiter?”

    “Fellow Daoist Li, how about you bring in a bottle?” Just as Li Mu said these words, he recalled something straight away and promptly pulled out a jade bottle: “This is the common advancement pill elixir. If Fellow Daoist Xu doesn’t dislike it, wouldn’t it be better for Fellow Daoist Li carry it in?”

    Even if this person didn’t achieve the middle stage, his potential was astonishing. In case he did attain the middle stage… there would be many advantages without a single disadvantage in them setting up good relations!

    Birds of a feather flock together. Fringe cultivators like them were at the very bottom of the barrel. Everyone that they knew were all at the initial stage, and one or two middle-stage cultivators were as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns. Was there even any better opportunity to get into the other’s good graces than witnessing him advance?

    These words seemed to remind everyone, and Wang Chunlai’s eyes shimmered, and he likewise pulled out a jade bottled: “Inside this is pill elixir I prepared for my own use. Its name is the Azureflower Jadewater! Fellow Daoist Xu surely needs this right now!”

    “I… I…” Zhang Gongchang was sweating up a storm. This opportunity to them could be said to be certainly considerable, yet in a reversal, he presently hadn’t brought any pill elixir!

    Didn’t you guys come to do accounting?! The heck did you bring pill elixir for?!

    He really did want to curse. Yet before their voices even fell, all of a sudden, time seemed to be drawn down to a hundredth of a second in the entire basement. While it was quite fleeting, everyone sensed it! Not waiting for them to react, in the next instant, a light echo that seemed to be breaking glass resonated within the basement! Each present cultivator understood what this was.

    The bodily limiter had been shattered! However!

    The distance apart of just as Xu Yangyi bellowed “break” was merely a few breaths! At this moment, Li Mu’s and Wang Chunlai’s raised hands appeared to be terribly amusing. 

    “This… This is…” Wang Chun Lai fell back several steps, the jade bottle grasped in his hand somewhat unsteady: “One blow… One blow to shatter the limit…”

    Li Mu looked vacantly at the closer door. If a cultivator’s aptitude was to be discerned, besides from specialized tests, the time of advancement was the best occasion for examination. The size of the sea of spiritual light, this was the most important basis. A cultivator’s storage of the body wasn’t just dependent on the qi sea. While the qi sea was a major factor, the flesh and bones were similarly capable of storing qi. Else not, at Foundation Establishment and Core Formation, how could those terrifying divine abilities be resisted? Would death not come just from the sweeping of the corner hem of a jacket?

    Only during advancement would the natural world sense how much qi a person was capable of storing and reciprocate this amount. Above ten meters, and every major clan would show consideration with great effort and attentive nurturing. Twenty meters was a true genius plucked out from among ten thousand. Thirty meters was the category of a provincial paragon of Heavens Law! Forty meters… Renown on the entire nation’s ranking!

    As for fifty meters...

    His back grew cold, it was simply unheard of! Moreover, there was the limit-breaking time.

    The more formidable a cultivator, the faster the limit-breaking time. There were also some cultivators that didn’t rely on external forces to break the limiter. He once heard that the bodily limiter was an invisible membrane. He had asked a few times, and a middle-stage cultivator that had answered him only rolled their eyes: what’re you asking so much for? When the time comes, you’ll know.

    Yet this wait was ten-somewhat years. Even though he hadn’t experienced it, he knew that Xu Yangyi’s limit-breaking speed… was astonishingly fast! The limit break still overhead, it answered a following command and was cleaved through!

    In this space, they could only say nothing but a few words! A time of several seconds!

    “Fiend…” Zhang Gongchang collapsed onto a chair with a thud. All in all, so long as he thought of this undisguised gap, it would cause his confidence to suffer an enormous blow. 

    “Swish, swish, swish…” In the cultivation room, Xu Yangyi had already stood up. He had also heard that noise of moments ago. In that twinkling, he felt that the world seemed to drone, and subsequently, while unseen, he sensed that which appeared to be like glass breaking and transforming into motes of qi, scattering in the breeze.

    But this qi didn’t fade away at all, rather it was immediately attracted into his frantically absorbing qi sea! It became the remuneration of his advancement! He also felt that world had become even more distinct.

    Currently, he even thought he could use his eyes to distinguish the most difficult to differentiate of pixels. At the same time, his body lightened. Originally, when he hadn’t broken this bodily limiter in the past, he didn’t feel any restrictions. Yet now, he felt that his prior existence was fettered! 

    His body appeared to float softly like a child of the wind. It seemed that with a stirring of a thought, he could go forth in any direction. However, this fluttering softness wasn’t a weakness. He was able to simultaneously feel a hidden power within his body that far exceeded the one of the past!

    If he was up against those three scouts right now, he wouldn’t need a Spirit Traversing Talisman. He could merely rely on his own body’s speed to chase them down! At this instant, all that remained of the revolving sea of spiritual light besides him was the last ten meters. Without delay, it charged towards his body, striving to overtake itself!

    He promptly used Innersight, and under a glance, an energetic light flashed within his eyes. His qi sea was possibly… approximately 1.5-times that of an ordinary middle-stage cultivator! It had transformed into a tremendous qi transmission device!

    Among his meridians, all blockages had completely dissolved. Externally, this change didn’t appear to be great, yet he knew, the resiliency was many times stronger than the past!

    “Alchemy requires the powerful support of qi and keen spiritual sense to act as the bridge. Not enough qi, then the spiritual sense won’t have the acuity to transport it to the place where it ought to go. Not enough spirit stones, then while there will be qi throughout the air, a place to set to task will be incapable of being found…” He sensed the powerful strength within his body and clenched his fist: “The reason why the Eternal Alchemy Canon broadens the qi sea… is only because my qi sea is far from attaining the requirement of refining a pill… As long as the speed of advancement follows, this shouldn’t be a problem at all and will moreover be unlikely to compel my qi to make my body explode.”

    “At the same time, as the qi sea grows bigger, the contained qi will become greater. The time to persist in battle will be longer, and the meridians clearer. The speed of qi transfer will grow faster, and the arts even swifter… While it still can’t be seen for now, as long as there are more divine abilities, once it reaches four to five kinds…”

    He inhaled deeply and continued to use Innersight.

    Of his five viscera and six bowels, bones, and each of his muscles, their external appearances seemed to be the same as the past. However, beneath Innersight, he could see a layer of misty-white light within. This was qi reinforcing and transforming the manifestation of his body.

    “Nonetheless…” He mumbled as he looked into his qi sea: “What is this?”

    In his qi sea, there was a brownish-yellow object the size of a small stone suspended in the air. It was uncertain to say what this item was, and it was dull without the least bit remarkability. The exterior was like a peach pit and its surface was glossy and smooth. Yet as for this object that emerged within his qi sea, apart from a golden core and qi, what else could it possibly be?

    “Could it be… this is a product of cultivating the Eternal Alchemy Canon?”

    He was unable to make heads or tails of it. Only he cultivated this arcane effort and was the sole inheritor. Since this was his choice, he had to confront it. 

    Meanwhile, the proprietor of the kiosk looked on in astonishment at the region of fluctuating qi as the qi naturally became weaker. However, it didn’t disperse, but was rather absorbed.

    “S-success?” He looked on at that place, somewhat reluctant to believe, a cottage no higher than two stories tall. There was actually a middle-stage cultivator concealed within? Furthermore… one that had surprisingly succeeded?!

    A total of half an hour was in accordance to the initial stage of Qi Condensation’s advancement, however, that was the conforming theory of the “shortest” time of an initial-stage Qi Condensation cultivator’s advancement!

    “S-such fierce qi vibrations… H-he actually broke the bodily limiter in the fastest time?” As this thought bubbled forth in his mind, his first reaction was disbelief! However, recalling a fact, he discovered that this… was quite possibly true!

    “H-h-how can this be!”

    “If it truly is such a fiend, how could he possibly come to such a backwater place?!”

    “No way! I have to go see it for myself!”

    Somewhere else, an old farmer also scurried towards the small house.

    “Good god… The sea of spiritual light that he drew upon is absolutely not minor! Half an hour… Merely half an hour! That’s the fastest theorized advancement time… Could he be a monster?!”

    “When did such an amazing cultivator come to this backwater village?!”

    “Nuh-uh, I have to go take look! If I don’t go, how can I be at peace!”

    Simultaneously, following the heavy droning of the door, the basement finally opened.

    “Congratulations on the end of your seclusion, Fellow Daoist! Henceforth upon advancing to the middle stage, may you enjoy eternal happiness as the immortals and your cultivation bound forwards unbridledly!” Xu Yangyi narrowed his eyes, still not having the time to carefully perceive his surroundings as he heard four orderly and deferential voices on the outside. 

    No one dared to be disrespectful. At the instant the door swung open, the spiritual pressure of the middle-stage of Qi Condensation spilled out like torrenting quicksilver. Even more important… was that his present qi bore a broiling heat!

    A broiling heat that was difficult to put into words. It seemed that if he was willing, Xu Yangyi was capable of using this broiling heat to transform all things before him into flying ash!

    What was happening?

    Zhang Gongchang and the three others secretly passed on to each other a meaningful look of the eyes. In the modern age, the characteristics of arcane efforts and so on were completely a non-secret. The internet had surpassed the paper crane’s transmission of information, and there were many, many flying swords circulating knowledge. Even though it couldn’t be said that the attributes of familiar arcane efforts had been seen, they were still heard of. Yet at this moment, they were all incapable of seeing through it!

    What was the arcane effort that Fellow Daoist Xu cultivated? Via the senses, there was no doubt it was a fire-related arcane effort! However, how could a fire-related arcane effort possibly have such a feeling from the spiritual pressure?

    Spiritual pressure, it was a kind of suppressive force. For example, if you were facing a leader, you would feel the other’s aura, merely, spiritual pressure was almost tangible. Nonetheless, were you capable of sensing what kind of person the other was through their aura?


    Likewise, spiritual pressure was also simply unable to perceive the attribute of the other’s arcane effort. It was damned to here!

    Xu Yangyi’s whole being appeared serene like a lake, completely detached from a fire-related arcane effort. Yet his spiritual pressure oddly carried a kind of roiling heat that could cause the heart to palpitate! He seemed to be a smelting furnace in human form! A blaze made human!

    It was too strange… What the heck was this cultivated arcane effort? What was he doing inside? His clothes were still somewhat tattered and his facial hair still long, an appearance of just coming out from seclusion. But at this moment, not a single person dared to look straight at him! The trio dared not open their mouths again.

    They understood that it was the other’s circumstance of just advancing and his cultivation yet to stabilize that caused this leak of spiritual pressure. Such a situation wouldn’t appear at all in cultivators already at the middle stage for a couple years. Their spiritual pressures could be restrained and unleashed at will. In any case, as they recalled there was possibly a silent fierce beast in human form standing besides them, everyone felt their backs grow somewhat cold.

    Xu Yangyi didn’t speak, slowly walking instead. The world appeared to be like a newborn’s, seemingly novel. Each advancement wasn’t limited to cultivation, but also an upgrade in spiritual sense. Of course, the needed qi for the next advancement would be greater. Otherwise, the spiritual sense wouldn’t upgrade, and moreover, wouldn’t be able to keenly sensing the worldly qi. If greater amounts couldn’t be assimilated faster, then how would Foundation Establishment seniors and Core Formation masters break through?

    He knew that in the true seclusion of a Core Formation cultivator, an expanse of qi within a range of a hundred li would tremble in wake with the other’s breathing. It was in no way comparable to his current piddling absorption.

    He was silent and suddenly launched a fist towards Li Zongyuan.

    “Swish!” Li Zongyuan simply didn’t react. This was a genuine blur of the eye; a fist came before him! It was a single millimeter away from the tip of his nose!

    “M-M-M-Master…” His voice quavered, and his legs shook. However, before he finished speaking his words, all of his hair blew back because he was subsequently welcome by the gusting of an intense wind! He couldn’t even open his eyes!

    “Bang! Bang! Bang!”

    Three successive crisp echoes rang out in the air. Places that the fist had waved over. Xu Yangyi pulled his hand back, nodding his head in satisfaction. 

    “The fist arrives first and the wind follows…” Zhang Gongchang swallowed his saliva. The passion, admiration, and envy in his eyes were nearly inconcealable! This was the might of a middle-stage cultivator! That fist of moments ago seemed to be no more than inconsequential posturing, but it was a heavy sword without edge, needless of great skill. In concerns to initial-stage Qi Condensation cultivators, it would be absolutely difficult for them to resist this fist!

    For the fist’s wind to be capable of causing the other’s hair to rise back, one could imagine Xu Yangyi’s strength! There was also that banging sound. It couldn’t be anything else… It was the sound of breaking air! The true speed of the fist had cleaved through the air!

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    Chapter 81: Ten Cardinals Red Lotus 
    Stifling the fire within their hearts, they were even more respectful.

    “Do you have a gun?” Xu Yangyi suddenly asked.

    “I… I-I do…” Li Zongyuan’s voice fluttered. He still hadn’t regained his bearings from the shock of moments ago. From what outsiders could see, Xu Yangyi was testing the might of the middle stage, however, it wasn’t just him alone, it was also Xu Yangyi reminding him not to make any dirty moves, otherwise, he would come to an end!

    Xu Yangyi pointed at him: “Come.”


    Li Zongyuan took out the gun in hesitation, shivering for ages, yet he simply dared not to fire it.

    “No need to be scared.” Xu Yangyi laughed: “My intuition tells me that this thing won’t be able to injure me.”

    Li Zongyuan gritted his teeth, waveringly taking aim at Xu Yangyi. He closed his eyes and suddenly pulled the trigger!


    Xu Yangyi was standing in his original position, and a tiny bullet hole had appeared on his chest. He unbound his clothes to take a look, the flesh beneath faintly reddened. Surprisingly, the bullet tumbled into his clothing.

    “Heh…” Wang Chunlai smiled wryly to himself. Regardless of the number of times, this was a scene that middle-stage cultivators had to test.

    At the initial stage, gunshot wounds were still capable of causing traumatic injuries, however, in the middle stage… ordinary firearms wouldn’t even pierce the skin! This, was the direct consequence of the final ten meters of the sea of spiritual light of moments ago that bore into Xu Yangyi’s bones, transforming his flesh and internal organs!

    His skin like bronze and his bones like iron; his speed, reaction, and power, all were over a hundred-fold beyond an ordinary person! A true transcendence! From here onwards, humans, the race, were gradually growing distant to him, a cultivator of the middle stage, an outstanding divide. The resistance of a firearm was already sufficient to state that he had taken the initial step into the immortal path.

    Xu Yangyi calmly held the bullet. In his heart, a quiet sigh of emotion bubbled up to his mind. The middle stage… he was finally at the middle stage.

    At eight, he entered Heavens Law. At thirteen, he began drawing qi into the body. At twenty-one, he tried assailing the middle stage for the first time, but was unexpectedly obstructed. Three years later, he attacked once again, breaking through in one go.*

    However, he was also uncertain to say if these three years could be considered within his cultivation time limit. Truly… these affairs could be regarded as matters of the past. The recruitment fight of a couple major powers on the airplane and his scuffle with Chu Zhaonan, the bitter competition of the Qualifier, Vermillion Snow’s massacre of Heavens Law, and then Thousandedge’s scouts hunting him down...

    In three years, there were many changes, but also many experiences. Nevertheless, he, held no regrets. 

    Even if he was lonely and even if he was solitary, such a feeling as oneself as god, such a powerful sensation of true existence, the hatred he bore, and these people displaying reverence to him, of any of these, which ones did not come through cultivation in full?

    There was never a matter that the Heavenly Dao reaped without sowing. To wish to stand at the world’s apex, possess a lifespan barred from the possession of ordinary peoples, and view the vicissitudes of the world’s affairs like a god, yet be incapable of enduring the loneliness, then why even cultivate? Why defy the heavens?  

    The Heavenly Dao rewarded the diligent and was always impartial.

    Gently rolling the burning-hot bullet between his fingers, Xu Yangyi then transformed it into flat metal. Yet in the next second, everyone was completely dazed! This was because a fire had appeared in his hand. For any cultivator, it wasn’t strange at all to create the five phases from nothing. What was strange was…**

    This fire… was different from an ordinary fire! Its temperature far exceeded an ordinary flame! The trio was even separated by several meters, but they could even feel the scorched flavor in the air. The air currents in the entire room seemed to fuel it, and the space appeared indistinct!

    “What… what powerful strength…” Zhang Gongchang forcefully gulped and fell back several steps, his heart beating wildly.

    This absolutely wasn’t a fire a cultivator could ordinarily produce… From its might, he knew just from looking that this flame was much, much more intense than any ordinary flame he could produce! He even had a kind of feeling that so long as it touched him, it was capable of transforming him into flying ash!

    Li Mu, Wang Chunlai, and Li Zongyuan likewise looked at this fire in astonishment. It was unrestrained and leisured, and it flickered with a myriad changes in moments. From time to time, it was like a fluttering butterfly on Xu Yangyi’s finger, and occasionally, it was like a snarling tiger. At the beginning… its power was great, and even now it was still great! A kind of terrifying might, completely reserved, could only be vaguely felt, yet none wished to test it at all! 

    “Hiss…” In less than a second, the bullet transformed into molten iron and fell on the ground. On the ground, a scorched black hole appeared. It was a gentle sound, but at this instant, it was incomparably distinct.

    Xu Yangyi pulled his hand back in satisfaction. With his initial understanding of the fire control art, and the increases of his spiritual sense and power, he was considerably pleased.

    “No!” Zhang Gongchang suddenly called something to mind and looked at the other two people in shock: “This… This is pill elixir fire?!” Before his voice even fell, the eyes of the two other people became incredibly bright in the space of an instant.

    What was an alchemist? To say without the least bit exaggeration, it was a person wholly removed from the likes of them! One of heaven and earth!

    “Pill elixir fire?!” Li Mu dumbly looked at Zhang Gongchang for a moment and suddenly turned to Xu Yangyi: “Congratulations F-Fellow Daoist for congealing an alchemy flame! Felicitations to the Fellow Daoist!”

    “Wang Chunlai was dazed for several seconds. Afterwards, his eyes reddened, and he clasped his hands with a shrill voice: “Congratulations, Fellow Daoist! My felicitations to the Fellow Daoist!”

    Pill elixir fire?

    On the contrary, Xu Yangyi was stunned. What the hell was that?

    His gaze swept over Li Zongyuan and also discovered an astonished appearance that stretched across the other’s face. Seeing the look in Xu Yangyi’s eyes, his first reaction wasn’t “you don’t know?” But rather a deep bow at the waist that seemed to have been shot off: “Master! Pill elixir fire is the most apex flame in the Dao of Alchemy! Although a vast majority of pill elixirs use apparatuses in production, those… are the common type!”

    “Genuine pill elixir, the most supreme pill elixirs, are all privately custom made! Ones incapable of being emulated by the use of apparatuses! A grand pill elixirist has to refine it by hand and seal the elixir! A pill elixir like this…” Li Zongyuan’s voice trembled in excitement: “Is valued at a million… no! Ten million spirit stones!”

    “As for those who have congealed pill elixir fire… even among grand pill elixirist, not even one in ten has one!” 

    Xu Yangyi understood one matter. It appeared… the people who were capable of congealing pill elixir fire… were quite few? However, his fire was not some pill elixir one by any means.

    “Well done.” In his heart, this was Xu Yangyi’s thinking, but his face was imposing with movement. He merely glanced indifferently at Li Zongyuan and said.

    “Of course! It is only natural!” Li Zongyuan practically wanted to jump up in excitement! Who didn’t wish for a profound cultivation? Was it believed those cultivators indulgent in the pleasures of life didn’t hold initiative?

    No… they were all once ambitious students, but they ultimately discovered their own talents were truly inadequate. Their connections were truly too inferior and their scope truly too small. In the end, they had abandoned themselves to misery.

    Now… that a cultivator with the chance of someday being capable of “private custom orders” had appeared before him, Li Zongyuan’s long silent heart awakened once again! Fuck… just this possibility was also worth him staking it all, no limits! Xu Yangyi didn’t require any promise. So long as Xu Yangyi said the word, all of Li Zongyuan’s past grievances would entirely fade away without a trace!

    Li Mu, Zhang Gongchang, and Wang Chunlai all glanced at each other in dismay. This reversal of events was too fast… They had planned on settling accounts and leaving… but now such a matter had surprisingly occurred! The other’s neurons had absolutely been unleashed! In addition, the numerical figure wasn’t low… no, it was quite possibly extraordinarily high!

    The other really was… cultivating alchemy! What was wrong with following a master pill elixirist as a hunting dog? Even being a meat toilet was fine!

    “Fellow Daoist!” In his mind, without nearly any deep consideration, Zhang Gongchang tread a step forward: “I have already taken the liberty to record Fellow Daoist’s time, the required time. It comprises the number of days of the first seclusion! How much time the first seclusion required! All of it’s recorded on file!” 


    Li Mu and Wang Chunlai realized it in a flash, however… they hadn’t produced this statistic! What was to be done? How were they to strike up relations with Xu Yangyi?

    Right now, whatever the salary wasn’t important, it truly was not significant. They didn’t even have the qualifications to meet face-to-face with the most rudimentary pill elixirist apprentice, but now, faced with a potential prospect seated before them, how could they be willing to part?

    “Fellow Daoist Xu…”

    “Everyone need not stand on ceremony.” Xu Yangyi seemed to have just discovered the others’ deferential and respectful appearances. He sat down on a chair, waving his hand and cutting the others off: “Since I just left seclusion, I need to stabilize my realm. I won’t be able to stay with all of you.”

    A single word, a bolt of thunder across a clear blue sky. 

    The hearts of the trio were all inwardly regretting; why hadn’t they made relations with the other at the start? He had left seclusion several times and they were all present. Why hadn’t they realized there was a real possibility that Xu Yangyi was training in alchemy?

    Several times they had greeted unenthusiastically, and now? Xu Yangyi had broken through to the middle stage of Qi Condensation and even congealed a pill elixir flame! Such a prior investment opportunity… however, he obviously didn’t have a very great impression of them!

    The remorse in their hearts rushed forth like a tide. In this half a year of training, an alchemy flame had emerged… Which sect’s Dao of Alchemy was he cultivating? What kind of pill elixirs would he be able to refine later on? Absent of reprieve, their hearts seemed to be raked at by a cat!


    “Yes.” Three extremely unreconciled voices rang out. Everyone knew right now that whatever Xu Yangyi said was what went. Moreover, recent advancement did indeed require the stabilization of realms.

    “Then…” Zhang Gongchang muttered and questioned tentatively: “Fellow Daoist Xu… may we pay a visit in a week?”

    In the past, they had still wanted to leave, but now, why would they want to take off? To say the least, they wanted to strike up good relations first!


    The three people sighed. Once they left, Xu Yangyi gently waved his hand and the door leading to the basement immediately shut. He softly stroked his chin, not uttering a single word.

    “My congratulations, Master, for breaking through to the middle stage…” Li Zongyuan’s heart was filled with unparalleled admiration. The middle stage… Each progression in cultivation brought a sizeable change. A breakthrough in realms was moreover to flip the heavens and overturn the earth. 

    The middle stage… If it was the past, it could only be said that the body was more robust and qi even further abundant, but now, it possessed the most direct standard! It didn’t have to fear light firearms!

    To a master like this, his first feeling was—well, perhaps such a master is pretty decent? Especially… since Xu Yangyi truly was training in alchemy! He hadn’t deceived him! Not to mention making him earn cash, he wouldn’t even break wind now if he had to go sell his blood!***

    Wasn’t it just Dew Congealing Grass? I’ll just work a bit harder; isn’t it not being supplied to an elementary alchemy apprentice!

    In case Xu Yangyi succeeded… it was him that would always be the constant attendant, it was his initial investment… Thinking about this, he was even a bit bashful...

    Xu Yangyi raised his hand, looking at him indifferently: “Do you have a divine ability?”

    The first time they met, the toad had used the Wind Edge Technique.

    “No.” Li Zongyuan promptly cooled his mind and immediately bowed: “Master… the value of a single divine ability is without market. This is the magik treasure that each great clan and major power uses to coax the hearts of men. Along with supplementary crafts, they can be jointly named as a two horse chariot. If one doesn’t join these major powers, it’s very hard to get a hold of a divine ability. Of we demons, a lucky person with a high concentration of blood vessels might be able to enlighten themselves in one or two moves from the blood vessel inheritance. As for common cultivators, who would have such an item…”

    “Even other ordinary divine abilities like the Wind Edge Technique and Fireball Technique can be bought so long as the initial price is put forth, no more than 2 million. Defensive divine abilities are the hardest to obtain, even the widely spread Earth Shield Technique is over 5 million… million… M-Master!!” 

    Before his voice subsided, his entire being had already grown weak on the ground! This was because a roaming flame dragon had appeared before him. Xu Yangyi narrowed his eyes and propped his chin with his hand. In the wake of his fingertips stirring, the roaming dragon moved along with his fingertips.

    The wandering dragon was no less than three to four meters long, vivid like life. It was composed of flame from snout to tail, like a living creature. However, Li Zongyuan, who was rather close at hand, could clearly feel the passed on sensation of the slightly scorched hair on his head and body!

    It was a kind of terrifying temperature. He held not the slightest suspicion that he would be burnt to ashes! This was a result of him beginning to feel that in such a proximity… the moisture of his entire body was swiftly falling to volatility! 

    “T-this is…” His perceptions were no longer too important. He looked at the roaming dragon in disbelief and said shrilly: “D-divine ability?!”

    Even the cool and collected Xu Yangyi exposed a sliver of irrepressible excitement in his eyes. He clearly remembered how great the shock of Chu Zhaonan’s Gun Arts had left upon the entire audience in the Qualifier that year!

    Now, he finally had his first divine ability! It wasn’t the cheap ordinary Wind Edge Technique and it wasn’t the divine abilities of a low-rank arcane effort like the Hundred Solutions. Instead, it was a bonafide ancient inheritance that far outstripped the Burning Heavens Revelation, the acquisition of the first divine ability after obtaining the elementary qualifications!

    No… to say such would not be wholly correct. The first move was the fire control art; he had gained two divine abilities! One was the supplementary Wind Brandishes Traces, and the second was this offensive one!

    The wind aids the strength of the fire and the fire lends to the might of the wind!

    He had continued to believe the Wind Brandishes Traces was a divine ability, however, just over the course of burning the furnace fire for six hours, this move, a true divine ability, suddenly emerged within his mind! This was the first killing divine ability of the Eternal Alchemy Canon. The Wind Brandishes Traces was no more than a supplementary arcane effort!

    “It shall be called… Ten Cardinals Red Lotus.” He sensed the roaring, everlasting fire dragon coil around him. The fluctuation of roiling heat caused him to inwardly nod. Through special methods to draw the qi of heaven and earth and use oneself as a conduit to release this qi, this was a divine ability. It… could take the original move of the common, widespread Fireball Technique and transform it into all kinds of different appearances. It possessed a completely different might!

    For example, his unique divine ability, the Ten Cardinals Red Lotus, held a strength that was twenty-two times above the Fireball Technique. This might comprised explosive force, sustainability, and destructive power. Moreover, it also bore its own uncontested valor.

    Upon meeting water, it would not be quenched. Upon encountering wind, it would not be extinguished. Without seizing a target to cinders, it absolutely would not die! In particular… he still had an idea within his heart he hadn’t validated.

    That was of these two moves born from the fire control art of the Eternal Alchemy Canon, was it a possibility… that both sides could unite? Then maybe the true might of the Ten Cardinals Red Lotus demanded the corresponding use of the Wind Brandishes Traces? Or perhaps… the addition of Life Sacrification?

    Of course, it wasn’t necessary to tell these matters to anyone. This, was his own hidden ace.

    The corner of his mouth suddenly perked upwards. Since he left the academy, like Chu Zhaonan had recognized him, he also only recognized the other. Back then, that bullet that had disabled him from gathering qi nearly spelled his doom. He really did desire to use this move against the other and roast him cleanly—of course, the other’s clothes would be lost afterwards, and he would have to head out into the heart of the provincial plaza. 

    Carefully pinching this art, the fire dragon transformed into sparks in a flash, vanishing in the air.

    He silently glanced at the even more respectful Li Zongyuan. How could he be unaware? Were it not for forced circumstance, demons that became familiars were otherwise in no way willing. He could determine the other’s life or death with a single thought, however, to have a willing assistant was leagues better than an unwilling one. 

    He buried his excitement within his heart. He inhaled deeply and gradually settled his mind. Since he broke through the middle stage of Qi Condensation and grasped the initial fire control art of the Eternal Alchemy Canon, an esotericism of this divine ability had appeared within his mind. However, another one caused his heart to stir even further.

    That was… he could vaguely sense the location of the Vermilion Bird Fire! It flashed momentarily and died away, but it deeply engraved an image within his mind. An expanse… a boundless grassland. In this grassland, a tranquil bending stream flowed. Behind it, there was a verdant cliff.

    Yet this seemed to be a jigsaw puzzle. After his initial mastery of the fire control art, a thing similar to a grainy picture suddenly appeared within his mind. The Wind Brandishes Traces seemed to be a hand that wiped away at the surface of a region of grit. He couldn’t see any more.

    This place didn’t explain anything at all. It was only capable of demonstrating a sole thing… He could feel… distinctly sense… as he looked at this at this image, a strand of formless spiritual sense, separated by thousands of li, even over ten thousand li, fell upon his body! 

    The other could likewise perceive him! It was a strand… of inexplicable spiritual sense. It wasn’t strong, and although its realm could not be confirmed, he felt it ought to not have surpassed Foundation Establishment. However, it carried within it the wisp of a deep, eternally ancient flavor, seemingly capable of causing a man to transform into waste beneath a glance.

    Simultaneously… a kind of unexplainable intent of roiling heat charged forth from the entire image, like it wanted to burn a man to ashes! He only saw two eyes and then understood. This place was of lush green hills and clear, limpid waters, however… this place was without qi!

    Anything related to qi became fuel for that Worldly Spirit Flame! As expected… it was there!

    “There are still three steps…” Xu Yangyi sighed gently. Three more steps and then he would be able to clearly see the whole picture and understand where this thing was! The ultimate resting place of that Spirit Flame that witnessed several millenniums of China’s development!

    These words couldn’t be spoken to anyone… He looked at his surroundings and furrowed his brows: “Why is it only you? What about Cheng Jianfeng and Zhou Tingting?”

    Once Li Zongyuan heard these words, he suddenly coughed dryly: “Master… T-this was the affair I was just about to report to you… a joyous occasion…”

    He looked at Xu Yangyi’s face: “Those two have recently been discussing marriage…”

    Xu Yangyi’s hand that took a Cleansing Talisman stopped. This was truly an unexpected horror, no, a pleasant surprise.

    “When?” Once the Cleansing Talisman was stuck on him, he felt much more comfortable and asked.

    “Probably in two years…”

    Xu Yangyi nodded: “I see.”

    “I’m going into seclusion for a week to stabilize my realm. After a week, we’ll immediately set off to the Four Great Joint Pools.”


    Just at this time, two old voices suddenly rang out upstairs: “Is Fellow Daoist here? I, Qi Nan, have come to pay visit.”

    “I, Wang Sanshan, have come to pay visit.”

    Xu Yangyi knit his brows and Li Zongyuan immediately said: “Master, let’s just meet them. Right now, we ourselves don’t have a thing. Others have to bring a gift at least when they come pay visits for the first time. In addition, we still don’t know how long you’re going to cultivate here for. It’s well and fine to meet these neighbors. Master, you are of a prestigious house, the orthodoxy of Heavens Law. You might be unaware, but many opportunities do in fact originate from a few words shared between rogue and fringe cultivators.” 

    Originally, Xu Yangyi didn’t want to meet them; he wanted to enter seclusion again if only for the medicine placement song. He still didn’t even know how long he was going to cultivate, at the minimum over a year. Nonetheless, Li Zongyuan’s final remarks had roused him.

    Yes… Presently, he was no longer of the prestigious orthodoxy of that year. He wanted to wait until he was capable of refining a pill to get in touch with those powers, admittedly in order to make prominent his own position. Even more important was… 

    If a branch master of the Feathewood Guard was moving against him, then what of the others?

    Without completely solving how many additional people were tracking him down, and before he didn’t have sufficient protective hidden aces, he absolutely wouldn’t choose to reveal himself willy-nilly before the major powers. 

    T/N: If this chapter seems longer, that’s because it is. This chapter in the original Chinese is about 5.4k~ characters. Unsure if there will be another chapter tomorrow because of this chapter’s length. Uhh… also I realized I’ve been spelling certain words wrong *cough*Vermilion*cough*, so I’ll be going back to fix that and whatever else.

    Note on chapter title: So I originally mistranslated this title, but went with it because I couldn’t pinpoint the significance. Well, I finally managed to get my research right. So the vanilla name of the term would be “Ten Directions Red Lotus”, but I spruced it up and used the word “cardinals” instead. The gist of the concept of ten directions refers to north/south/west/east/NW/SW/NE/SE + zenith/nadir. These ten directions are believed to hold a god/buddha in Buddhism. DATED: 3/6/18

    * Just interesting to note here that Xu Yangyi considers himself to be 24 even though he pretty much spent three years in a spatial void.

    ** Five Phases here refers to the ancient Chinese concept of the cycle of five elements: wood, fire, metal, water, and earth. 

    *** Breaking Wind here is directly “wouldn’t even fart.” TBH, this is a personal peeve of mind. You will almost never see me translate the word fart if I can rework it in another way.

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    Chapter 82: The Demons' Qi Clan
    Three cups of green tea, even to receive guests, and the others simply wouldn’t think to be discontent. This was because their cultivations were only at the initial stage of Qi Condensation. 

    Among the two older men before Xu Yangyi, one of them had a square face, buzzed hair, and was wearing a slightly faded long gown with a pair of black cloth shoes. The other was an elderly man with the style of an old farmer. A foot-long beard softly drooped down, the wrinkles on his face appeared to be like the skin of air-dried mandarin oranges, and there was a black birthmark on his left cheek. His entire person seemed not to be any different from the other old farmer.

    Yet at this moment, they secretly sighed. Since Xu Yangyi agreed to let them enter, he was likely part of the dove faction. If a middle-stage Qi Condensation cultivator of the hawk faction had come to this little village, they would truly be restless!

    “Fellow Daoist Xu, I am Wang Sanshan. Seven years ago, I settled down here.” The square-faced Wang Sanshan clasped his hands, looking at Xu Yangyi who had his eyes hung to the tea at his lips, and respectfully took out an exquisite jade box: “Congratulations to the Fellow Daoist for breaking through to the middle stage. This a bit of my good will. I hope Fellow Daoist will kindly accept it.”

    His attitude was set quite low, and Xu Yangyi didn’t move at all. Instead, once Li Zongyuan took it, he used his spiritual sense to sweep over it, discovering approximately twenty low-grade spirit stones. He then smiled: “The Fellow Daoist will bear it to mind.”

    Wang Sanshan wasn’t dissatisfied whatsoever and merely clasped his hands. He sighed gently and laughed as he sat down.

    “I am Qi Nan. I have lived here for fifteen years. My congratulations to the Fellow Daoist for his breakthrough to the middle stage. I also have a minor bit of good will. I hope Fellow Daoist won’t mind.”

    It was likewise a jade box. Xu Yangyi swept his spiritual sense over it, yet was faintly dazed. His spiritual sense couldn’t pervade this jade box so easily. Evidently, it had underwent special processing. Chiefly, there weren’t spirit stones on the inside, but rather a flower petal that carried a burning mark. It was roughly the size of a palm.

    The original form of the petal could no longer be seen, however, with a sweep of his spiritual sense, he could feel the tremendous spiritual force possessed by this petal. If this burning petal was transformed into aqua to be ingested, it would even exceed some pill elixirs by far!

    In the realm of Qi Condensation, this was already considered a generous gift. At least from what Xu Yangyi could see, he himself would begrudgingly part with it.

    “A bit interesting.” He opened his mouth for the first time: “This is?”

    Qi Nan’s gaze suddenly flashed, yet he still clasped his hands respectfully: “I obtained this little trinket by chance. A mere jest before an expert.”

    If the other wasn’t willing to speak, then Xu Yangyi wouldn’t force him to, as well. Qi Nan continued and laughed: “Fellow Daoist Xu, are you planning to stay here permanently? In general, a place far from the city is chosen for seclusion. The more natural the ecology, the richer the qi. If the Fellow Daoist is unsatisfied, twenty kilometers away from this village, there is the Dragon Cave nearly beneath Mount Bai. Although the government failed to develop it, there are several middle-stage and late-stage Fellow Daoists sealed in death seclusion yonder.”*

    This was asking him whether he was a permanent resident or transient visitor. If he was a permanent resident, it couldn’t be avoided but to be in frequent contact later on. If he was a passing traveller, there was a possibility this would be their only meeting. 

    “A passing traveller.” Xu Yangyi pursed his tea to his lips and said indifferently: “However, I might stay here for eight or ten years. I can’t say for sure.” 

    The three of them chatted for a while, and Wang Sanshan and Qi Nan made to leave and bid farewell. They had already attained their purpose; there wasn’t much of anything essential left. 

    “Master, I’ll go buy tickets now. Will we be headed off to the Four Great Joint Pools in a week?”

    “Sure.” Xu Yangyi nodded, but didn’t get up. Instead, he took the jade box with the petal inside that was handed over by Li Zongyuan who had taken it with rapt interest. He began to fiddle around with it his hands. 

    “Master… Could it be that there is an issue with this petal?” Li Zongyuan asked puzzledly. 

    Xu Yangyi wordlessly played around with the box and only after several seconds pass did he laugh: “Take the box and open it.”

    Just as he opened it, Li Zongyuan’s gaze glimmered: “This is…”

    The inside of the box was astonishingly carved full of talismans. At this moment, an azure talisman emitted rays of light as it flashed. 

    “This is a formation that isolates spiritual sense.” Xu Yangyi finally set down his teacup and muttered to himself briefly: “I recognize a few of the runes in it. Its purpose appears to be as a measuring stick. If its standard is surpassed, the item inside can be clearly seen. If it isn’t, the box must be opened to take a look.” 

    “Why would he do this?” Li Zongyuan was stunned: “Although the accumulated amount of this petal’s qi is sufficiently high, at most it can be considered a generous gift, not a major one. Isn’t this unnecessary?”

    Xu Yangyi looked at the entrance with a smile that wasn’t a smile: “Yes… This petal can’t be considered a major gift, so why did he expend such effort?”

    “What do you say? Fellow Daoist Qi?”

    Li Zongyuan jumped in fright and immediately lifted his head to look around, yet he didn’t see a thing.

    “As expected, Fellow Daoist Xu is fierce… How did you know my humble self was still here?”

    Followed by a quiet sigh, a crow flew down from the beams of the room. In the wake of a foggy black mist that emitted from each of its feathers, it stood before them as the old farmer of moments ago in less than two seconds and bowed deeply. 

    “Clan master of the demon’s Qi Clan pays respects to the Fellow Daoist. The power of Fellow Daoist’s spiritual sense and the remarkability of his strength is something I have not oft seen among middle-stage cultivators.”

    These words were spoken by him with an exceptional sincerity, and he only stood up again after continuing to bow for no less than five seconds. 

    “Nonetheless… I am rather curious. How was Fellow Daoist aware that I was still here? Though the cultivations of my Qi Clan is not high, our ancestors passed down a few minor Daos of Talismancy. Even at the middle-stage of Qi Condensation would my traces be nearly incapable of detection.” 

    Xu Yangyi looked at the other with a smile that wasn’t yet a smile: “You have no idea from where I come from. It’s nothing strange.”

    “Where we’re from, such a crude testing method, if not four or five times, will happen two or three times per week.” He casually took the jade box and pushed it forward on the table: “In comparison, Fellow Daoist’s probe is child’s play.”

    Qi Nan’s face faintly flushed red in embarrassment: “I have underestimated Fellow Daoist.”

    Silence suddenly arrived, and Qi Nan seemed to steel his resolve. Xu Yangyi didn’t rush him. After a full ten minutes passed, Qi Nan lifted his head and looked at Xu Yangyi solemnly.

    “Fellow Daoist Xu…” Qi Nan’s aged body moved closer and he said respectfully: “In no way do I harbor malice… Before you, I had already used this test on several middle-stage cultivators.”

    Xu Yangyi nodded, hinting for the other to continue speaking.

    “I am unsure, but does Fellow Daoist Xu know of this insect?” Qi Nan took off his conical bamboo hat and caught a black beetle from its surface, the size of pinky fingernail. He coughed lightly and said: “Its name is known as the reaction beetle. It is capable of sensing whether a person designated by the prompter is generally strong or weak. The instant it saw Fellow Daoist, this insect… ceased to make a sound.”

    His gaze carried a sliver of complexity as he looked towards Xu Yangyi: “I have never encountered such a situation! At the onset, I believed it was a problem with the reaction beetle. It wasn’t until I left that I discovered… it had unexpectedly already died!”

    “There only exist a single kind of situation where the reaction beetle would die… and that is in when another far surpasses it. I have cultivated for several decades, yet apart from Fellow Daoist, I have never met a single person to this day that was capable of causing my reaction beetle to meet its end.” Here onwards, Qi Nan’s expression turned from respectful to fiery. He said heavily: “Truth be told, I’ve already handed over five of those petals. All to indigenous or perhaps permanently residing, locally famous cultivators…”

    He paused deliberately, and Xu Yangyi smiled: “You mean to say that there are many of these kinds of petals.”

    “Correct.” Qi Nan inhaled deeply and licked his lips: “Each time I ask if the gift is satisfactory… in case the present can truly be seen, I would naturally have response here. However…”

    He narrowed his eyes: “Until this day, only three middle-stage cultivators could genuinely observe it clearly. Fellow Daoist Xu happens to be the third. I am unaware…” He glanced intentionally or otherwise at Li Zongyuan and stopped talking.

    “I might as well.” Xu Yangyi waved his hand and all the doors and windows immediately seemed to shut tightly with a rattle as if they were closed by large invisible hands.

    Qi Nan clenched his teeth and breathed in deeply a few times. He then cautiously took out a cell phone, his aged Adam’s apple trembling: “Fellow Daoist Xu, before you look at this, I hope Fellow Daoist can pledge a sworn heart devil oath…”

    “You jest.” Before Qi Nan’s voice had fallen, Xu Yangyi pursed his teacup to his mouth with his usual expression: “Has Fellow Daoist Qi misunderstood something?”

    Qi Nan stood up at his original position with a complicated expression. He could not advance, yet he could not retreat.

    “There are people with the qualifications to take out an item as they please and make me immediately give vow.” Xu Yangyi glanced at the other indifferently: “But that does in no way include you.”

    An initial-stage cultivator, just the master of a clan, could only have come to seek collaboration. According to Xu Yangyi’s thoughts, Qi Nan should’ve already silently sought out many cultivators of the middle stage. Indeed, in this era of cultivation civilization, there wasn’t a person in the outside world that would openly commit murder to seize treasures, however, if it was in some old forest that was deep in the mountains… say, the exploration of a secret realm that managed to evade being cleaned out. This illustrated that their clan possessed a method where they needed not to fear middle-stage cultivators. 

    The disparity between the initial and middle stages was great. Xu Yangyi, who had just broken through, clearly understood this. Such a dangerous person had come visiting and then wanted him to swear an oath?

    Besides, just considering the idea, the other was obviously the weaker party. He had come knocking on his door for a collaboration, yet wanted him to swear an oath. This was like an unknown company running to an international monopoly and saying to them: I have an opportunity, but you have to swear a pledge.

    There was only one result. Make a pledge? Not a chance, say it or not. No? Get out.

    Qi Nan choked a belly full of words in his stomach. After a while, he stood up with his slightly flushed face: “It’s quite possible this matter is connected to a secret realm. Since Fellow Daoist is not willing to swear an oath, I will not make things difficult.”

    Xu Yangyi saw Li Zongyuan give a meaningful look with full effort from the corner of his eyes, yet he simply didn’t pay it any heed. He shook his head serenely: “See yourself out.” 

    Qi Nan was completely floored by these words!

    He had only tried out Xu Yangyi to give himself space to breath! Who would’ve thought the other would’ve washed his hands of the matter and then close the door! Presently, he couldn’t move forward, but nor could he pull back. Standing at his original position for ages, he departed with a calm face, not uttering a single word.

    From the beginning to end, Xu Yangyi hadn’t even glanced at the other.

    “Swish!” Li Zongyuan moved forward two steps to the door, watching the other’s silhouette irreconcilably. 

    Not only had Qi Nan not anticipated this, even Li Zongyuan hadn’t. Xu Yangyi had unexpectedly truly declined! Moreover, he had declined without a shred of wiggle room! 

    “Master!” It wasn’t until Qi Nan’s figure went unseen did Li Zongyuan anxiously turn his head: “You, t-this might be connected with a secret realm! How could you decline it?”

    Xu Yangyi’s face didn’t change. Secret realms, he knew of them. If any industry or domain required an item that could stir the hearts of men, then a secret realm was the cultivation community’s most inspiring legend!

    So-and-so picked up an arcane effort in some secret realm and achieved Foundation Establishment… So-and-so obtained a high-grade magik artifact in some secret realm and entered the top hundred cultivator rankings… Because so-and-so saved a beauty like a gallant hero, he and that beautiful female cultivator fell in deep love, two trees growing as one… This was just like in the movies and television shows, when the main lead picked up a million bucks on the side of the road.

    Were it not for these legends, the most fundamental of desires would not exist. Any industry required these kinds of myths.

    A secret realm was perhaps a different world or a large ancient site… After several millenniums of geographical transformations, they had already been buried within the nooks and crannies of the Earth. Only one with great destiny and great willpower could possibly come across them. A majority of secret realms were hidden opportunities that could cause the heart to race.

    Thinking of this, Xu Yangyi smiled.

    In the modern age, was there any opportunity that could upstage the Eternal Alchemy Canon?

    * Real place. Only thing here I am unsure about is Mount Bai. Since this region is actually a mountain chain that borders on North Korea, as well. Although this might be referring to the largest mountain of the entire chain, which is known in korean/manchu/chinese as many things, but in chinese, namely as “the ever-white mountain”. Also known as Baekdu/Paektu mountain in Korean. 

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    Chapter 83: Meeting Old Friends (1)
    With such an arcane effort in his hands, did he need to consider some other secret realm? Moreover, it wasn’t even certain it was a secret realm. It was merely a “possible” connection. Currently, he wished in no way to take out his strong cards. Nevertheless, he wouldn’t even take out a card; the player would be finished. 

    Sooner or later, he would go to a secret realm. If not now, he would have enough to grasp in the near future.

    “Nothing but a secret realm.” He laughed: “Get ready. I will leave seclusion in a week, and we shall leave for the Four Great Joint Pools.”

    Granting no opportunity for Li Zongyuan to speak, he entered the cultivation room. A week’s time arrived swiftly. After he left seclusion again, he immediately set foot on the road to the Four Great Joint Ponds with Li Zongyuan.

    In his week of seclusion, he verified a theory. The Wind Brandishes Traces was indeed capable of acting in tandem with the Ten Cardinals Red Lotus. They were born from the same root; it was not contrary to his expectations. What went beyond his anticipations… was its might!

    Calling to mind the several hundred meter space charred black within the cultivation room, he couldn’t restrain the curve at the corner of his mouth. It was no wonder… divine abilities could stir the hearts of men. Li Zongyuan had nearly kneeled and prostrated upon witnessing his divine ability. Such might… truly ought to have been forbidden by society. Otherwise, the eruption of a divine ability, even an explosion in the hands of an initial-stage Qi Condensation cultivator, was a normal person’s catastrophe. 

    The second validation was that regardless of what method he employed, the “peach pit” within his qi sea remained motionless. It wasn’t like a living organism or a dead one. It was just quietly floating there like so.

    Already, a week had come, so he could only temporarily set aside his experimentation. After all, meeting the Master Decrypter Jadewave and uncovering the Emperor Armament’s true identity was more important. 

    The Emperor Armament… was the first pivotal matter that he wanted to presently solve. He didn’t understand what it was, and it wasn’t clear to him why he was being hunted down! Moreover, he didn’t have a grasp of his own situation!

    Seven days later, in Li Zongyuan’s new car, Xu Yangyi watched the endless flow of traffic with half-lidded eyes and cars with handsome guys and pretty girls inside. He suddenly realized… he truly seemed to have slightly forgotten the feeling of human society.

    Over a dozen years of Heavens Law’s militarized administration had went by like a single day. It could be considered the only place that was deeply woven into human society, unexpectedly even as he served as the captain of the Disciplinary and Investigations Unit in Sanshui City. It was indescribable and somewhat reminiscent. 

    Perhaps his time in secluded cultivation had been too long. He said quietly: “Slow down a bit.”


    Li Zongyuan didn’t ask why, and Xu Yangyi cranked down the car window, putting his hand outside and feeling the traces of wind gust past. He didn’t use qi to isolate his entire body from the cold or heat, rather feeling the summertime tail of the fiery sun as it neared October. A kind of needlelike sunshine shone on his powerful arm, faintly pricking it. Waves of hot wind blew by and seemed to disperse the roiling heat on his arm.

    He wore a black T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. He didn’t care much in regards to his outward appearance, only feeling a type of sensation of leaving the gloomy stone room and walking into the embrace of nature. It caused each one of his nerves to relax and seemed to nearly vanquish all of the haze within his heart.

    Such relaxation even caused him to feel a tad sleepy. In cultivation, like the absorption of drug-like qi into the body, walking into nature was another kind of elegance.  

    “Plup!” At this time, his arm grew cold. It wasn’t a drop, but rather a puddle. He faintly furrowed his brows and opened his eyes, yet discovered the thudding sound of a Sprite bottle tossed on the road. As for his hand, there was liquid that happened to splash out in the wake of the bottle.

    He slightly raised his head. There were many cars on the highway, yet the most conspicuous was a car in front of them. A wind-red sports car with a streamlined science-fictionesque build and a rather interesting license plate: Ming A - AA6666.*

    The car’s windows didn’t reflect light, however, this didn’t obstruct him from seeing the things inside the slightest bit. They were youths using their hands to point at the side as they laughed heartily.

    It was him they were probably pointing at...

    Inside the car, there were two young men and one young woman. Driving the car was a bald man wearing sunglasses in a western suit. At this moment, the young woman was sneering at the glass behind, raising her middle finger, and laughing loudly at Xu Yangyi’s car: “Haha, retard! How ‘bout you show off! A 700,000 Audi A6L is frickin’ crap. I always fall into a bad mood when I see such a lousy car!”

    “The entire road is as worth as much as this car.” At the side, a guy wearing sunglasses lit a cigarette and leisurely crossed his leg over the other as he took a drag: “You said you wouldn’t cause a disturbance. What’s gonna happen if that guy chases after?”

    “Oh? I’m fucking afraid he won’t chase. I’m so scared.” The young woman rolled her eyes. It seemed her mood was extremely foul, and she unscrewed another bottle of Sprite: “Isn’t it boring on the road? It’s so hard to have some fun, and we even ran into a retarded car driving in front of us? A crummy A6L? Fuck, what I just tossed out of the car could be considered his good luck!” 

    She appeared quite decent, but each of her words revealed a domineering tone of since she was spoiled from childhood. Unpleasant to my eye, so I’ll just throw it away. Say something not to my liking, so I’ll just block your path. There were too many people of some status like this.  

    The youth in the front row laughed: “It can be regarded as your good fortune. If that bottle got in, maybe there would be news tomorrow of the daughter of Mingshui Province’s minister of the Ministry of Land and Resources, Hu Jiaojiao, driving recklessly and flipping over a passerby’s Audi without reason.” 

    “Hehe, then he’ll sue?” Hu Jiaojiao haughtily stuck a straw into her drink and sipped: “I’m SO scared. Scared that he won’t come?”

    “Not to mention flinging it onto his body, so what if I threw it on his face?” Rolling her eyes, Hu Jiaojiao used her arm to nudge the roughly twenty-year-old youth at her side and laughed boisterously: “Whaddaya say, Big Bro?”**  

    “You…” The elder cousin wore a smile and his brows didn’t even furrow. It seemed that this matter was like the law of the heavens and the principles of the earth. His finger casually relaxed, and ash from the butt of his cigarette fluttered along in the wind behind. He then turned up the window: “How you love to play, but I must remind you, it was hard this time for Big Brother to ask around to go to the Four Great Joint Pools today. Once we’re in front of others, you have to be good for me. It’s not like you don’t know of Big Brother’s temper.” 

    The young woman seemed to cool down a bit and shrugged: “I know, you’ve said it eighty times. You don’t have to worry I’m gonna be a bother. Hey… check it out, is that idiot still daring to look?”

    “He can’t see, Young Miss.” The bald man drove the car quickly and steadily, and he laughed: “Perhaps he’s evaluating how much money this car is? Maybe the sunshine is glaring too much on the license plate. Anyways, I want him to get a good look, then he won’t have the guts to run his mouth.”

    “As it should be.” Hu Jiaojiao laughed matter-of-factly: “What I despise the most is the vapid blustering of such a commoner.” 

    “Pffft…” The young man in front row laughed: “I see you truly are so bored to pick a fight. Miss, you should wisen up. Careful or you’ll cause your family misfortune. The internet nowadays sure is serious…”

    “Misfortune? Don’t kid me.”

    Xu Yangyi calmly pulled back his gaze. He had no desire to understand a chuunibyou. Especially after experiencing over half a year of seclusion, his attitude had changed greatly.***

    After long periods of solitary, there were only two kinds of symptoms. The first was an inability to stop speaking and the second was habitual silence. He felt that he belonged to neither of these two sides, but he really did speak less than before. Perhaps this was the price of cultivating… or at least one of them… 

    He closed his eyes and his head leaned against the soft chair. He asked casually: “What’s that car?”

    Everything in the back row was observed within Li Zongyuan’s eyes, however, without his master’s word, he was inconvenienced to speak. He squinted his eyes and said: “A GT-R NISMO.”

    “How much is it?”

    “Probably… over 2 million?”

    “Oh…” The sound of Xu Yangyi understanding could be heard: “What position do you think a person has to have to drive such a car?”

    Li Zongyuan could also see the people inside the car as clear as day. Reflective glass didn’t have the least bit effectiveness against cultivators. Without nearly even thinking, he replied: “Rich second-generation kids with money in the house.”****

    “Ones that don’t view a single person in their surroundings as above them, but raise their heads once they have a group. Self-important rich kids.” He stowed his gaze, bored stiff: “A good part of rich kids these days won’t flaunt their wealth. Even if they wanted to, their parents wouldn’t permit them to. However, there’ll always be some middle-of-the-road households that produce a few marvels… Are you mad?”

    “Mad?” Xu Yangyi laughed, bearing an unspeakable derision: “At them?”

    “I’m just saying…” Li Zongyuan stealthily measured Xu Yangyi’s expression from the rearview mirror: “Our system of values is totally different from theirs. Master, concerned persons might be thinking of you right now. It really isn’t easy for you to personally appear.”

    “Moreover, if I haven’t remembered incorrectly, Mister, the Shennong Convention has it stated in writing that cultivators and demons can by no means reveal their existences before humans unless it is absolutely essential. It is forbidden to use spiritual force and qi in front of ordinary people, and not only are a great majority of magik artifacts prohibited to circulate to the masses, the distribution of cultivation goods is banned in the marketplaces of ordinary people…”

    These are the protections of humanity’s peak authorities towards mankind. After all, even at the initial stage of Qi Condensation, we’re all superhumans to them. In general, even if humans offend us, we won’t do anything public. Besides, it’s not necessary.” 

    He spoke for three to four seconds, and Xu Yangyi didn’t interrupt, as well. As soon as Li Zongyuan finished speaking, Xu Yangyi opened his eyes, looking at Li Zongyuan in the rearview mirror. Watching him for a full five seconds, it wasn’t until the other lowered his head, not daring to look at him, did Xu Yangyi say coldly: “You memorized it clearly.”

    “I’m really not angry.”

    “If I was angry, their lives wouldn’t be intact right now.”

    “Cultivators maintain the law of the jungle’s veneer of peace. If you tolerate it once, there won’t even be a chance for you to bear it next time. The consideration of all consequences can’t be called the struggle of fate.” He looked into the other’s eyes: “That is called… fearing the head and nervous of the tail. The hesitation of the mouse to step out of its hole, mired by indecision.”

    As he finished speaking these few words, he closed his eyes again. Too long had he not encountered humans. In reality, he quite enjoyed such a sensation. In the human world, strength still reigned supreme, yet it wasn’t as naked as in the cultivation world. In the last second he advanced, and in the next, Qi Nan and Wang Sanshan, older than him by several decades, only dared to appellate themselves as humble, even avoiding to mention themselves directly. 

    There was injustice and there was pleasure. There existed grievance and delight. Without sharp thrills, there was but unending happiness. He rather enjoyed this kind of sensation. The liquid from the bottle that spilled onto his body, however, was the emergence of a minor ripple. 

    The inside of the car was saturated with the newest song from the radio broadcast. He didn’t enjoy it, but he didn’t make Li Zongyuan switch it off. This was proof of the human world.

    “Indeed, I have been apart from the masses for too long…” He carried the wisp of a smile, enjoying his negligible happiness of a cultivator that had just left seclusion.

    Time drifted by minute by minute. After approximately ten-odd minutes passed, Li Zongyuan’s laughter arrived within his ear: “Master, that car just now ran into a problem. It’s at the side of the road being patched up.” 

    “Which car?” Xu Yangyi faintly raised a brow and questioned.

    “The GT-R NISMO. It’s, it’s that car those group of chuuni kids were sitting in…” Li Zongyuan said in shock.

    Xu Yangyi nodded. Were it not for the other reminding him of this matter, he really wouldn’t have remembered.

    At the side of the road, three youths walked out of the car. The oldest was no more than twenty and the youngest had an appearance of roughly fifteen or sixteen.

    Nonetheless, they were dressed in vogue. As long as the clothing on their bodies was recognized, one would know the price was considerable. In addition to their presently ill-mannered faces, not only did they not draw the sympathy of others, even quite a couple cars suddenly increased their speed once they drove here. Among the few cars, a sonorous whistle came from the driver’s seat. 

    It appeared this location exceeded the vanity they were able to satisfy. 

    “What’re you looking at, huh!” Hu Jiaojiao turned her head and cursed: “Haven’t you ever fuckin’ seen a good car? Retard!”

    * License plates in China feature the character of the location. In this case, it is: 明A——AA6666. The Ming character denotes the region of the car. The letter A refers to a specific part of the region. 

    ** Not really her big brother. Actually her older male cousin through her mother. In Chinese, cousins are considered siblings. 

    *** Honestly not sure if Chuunibyou here is necessarily correct. Chinese is “Second-year middle school” To be honest though, this is really the only thing that makes sense to me. If you do not know what a Chuunibyou is, in English, it is known as “Second-year Middle School Syndrome”, but this is a term made popular by the Japanese. Encapsulates an idea that a person has a certain delusion of themself, i.e: magical powers. Called middle school syndrome because that’s when this weirdness is likely to occur. Anyone can get it though.

    **** I think I made this note in early chapters, but in China there is an idea of a super wealthy group of kids known simply in Chinese as “Second Generation”. It’s the rich kid with a supercar. Referred to as second generation because their parents hauled ass to become rich, but they reap the benefit. 

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  • Chapter 84: Meeting Old Friends (2)
    Hu Jiaojiao tossed away a Sprite bottle in passing. It landed in the road and flipped around noisily. The weather was blistering, yet a problem had occurred with the car. A group of people in bright and neat clothes under the sun was the same as a joke. No one would be in a good mood.

    “Swish!” Just at this time, another black car drove by. Hu Jiaojiao originally wasn’t of the mood to look at the car, but she caught sight of Xu Yangyi in the back row to her shock. 

    The other seemed to look at her like a commodity, glancing indifferently.

    “Fuck!” Hu Jiaojiao’s Hermès handbag angrily pounded on the group’s car. A nameless ghastly fire of her heart flared up in bursts. The whistle of another person from before seemed to have turned into firewood and this emotionless glance caused her fury to erupt in an instant!

    “Hu Ba, fix the car.” She coldly said: “I’ll be driving next.”

    “How come?” Her elder cousin walked over, helped her shake her fan, and laughed: “Are you upset?”

    “That idiot just drove past!” Hu Jiaojiao said grumpily. 

    “Which idiot?”

    “The one that swung his hand out first!” Hu Jiaojiao kicked the tire: “He even fucking glanced at me! You didn’t seek the look in his eyes! It really made me fucking angry!”

    “Who gave him the guts to look around everywhere!? I didn’t see, but even I’m angry! The fuckin’ hell he lookin’ at!”

    Spewing out her resentments and rolling her eyes, she clenched her teeth as she sat down in the driver’s seat.

    A look? Alright, Momma’s gonna embarrass you to death! Got the guts to rumble with me?

    Just him? Hu Jiaojiao sneered loathingly, pulling at the folds at the corner of her mouth. As soon as she began paying attention to the other, it was because of the other’s appearance. Indeed, he was handsome. In addition, she was hard-pressed to admit it, but he had quite the manly air. An attraction like a wild beast. Yet looking onwards, she just wasn’t satisfied.  

    His looks were quite decent and his car was even good? Get lost. Playing the rich kid in front of me?*

    Without even thinking, her thoughts grew heated in an instant. By chance, as her car surpassed the other’s, her bottle of half-finished Sprite flew past.

    “Young Miss, the car is ready.” 

    At this moment, the driver’s respectful voice rang out, and Hu Jiaojiao impatiently waved her hand: “Sit in the back!”

    “Pick up the pace! Why’re you so slow!” The fire of her heart wouldn’t scatter, and she slapped the car door and yelled.

    The two youths glanced at each other and shrugged. They both had a premonition that they would have to sort out the shambles of this egotistical queen. 

    “The next time I see Uncle Hu and the rest, I’m going to give them some advice. If Jiaojiao goes on like this, she’s going to stir up a disaster.” The youth furrowed his brows and sighed: “We’re urging her, but she won’t listen. Anyways, we’d hate to scold her. Mingshui Province is pretty decent right now…”

    “How is that fine, there are many people in Mingshui Province that her parents dare not to provoke.” The youth said helplessly: “There’s nothing to do about this. Besides, stop caring about her household matters. You won’t win any favor inside or out.”

    “Yeah.” The young man thought it over and sat down in the car: “I don’t know why, but I keep feeling a bit off. I probably didn’t sleep well last night.” Before his voice even fell, followed by a swooshing sound, the car had already suddenly charged forth! Its speed nearly arrived at a furious extreme! 

    A chorus of startled cries!

    “Slow down!” The young man’s face had paled in fright and the driver’s complexion was even more like a cadaver’s. The young man shouted sternly without thought: “Hu Jiaojiao! You’re courting death! I haven’t lived long enough yet!”

    “Take it easy! Fuck!” The youth also shouted, his forehead wet with cold sweat. Upon hearing these words, he didn’t shield his younger cousin for the first time: “Jiaojiao, even if you want to find trouble for that guy, we’ll catch up to him sooner or later with our car’s speed! What are you so rushed for!”

    “I’m not!” Hu Jiaojiao yelled just as she stamped down on the accelerator. 

    The driver said heavily: “Young MIss, my duty is to protect your safety. If you really are still going to speed up, then…”

    Hu Jiaojiao firmly pursed her lips, finally slowing down the car. 

    “I’m gonna have fun with whatever I please later on and you guys aren’t allowed to stop me.” She snorted, and the anger within her heart flourished further as she stifled her fire. 

    “We’ll do it your way.” The young man recovered his lazy manner, merely his brows were tightly furrowed: “In any case, your parents will end up cleaning the mess… Nonetheless, Jiaojiao, I advise you, it’s fine if nothing happens to a family like ours. If something really occurs, a big incident that can’t be contained…”

    “Aren’t you a bother!” Hu Jiaojiao turned her head and said angrily: “Are you my mom or dad? What do you care?”

    “Fine, alright, okay, I don’t care. As you will.” The young man’s voice gracefully raised at the tail end and he said no more.

    Xu Yangyi was listening to music, and the car drove unhurriedly. This sensation of the rising sun and falling moon was leagues more vivid than the cold, lonely walls within the stone room. Everything was like a picture, not a dry and dull darkness.

    If in the future, his realm high, he would traverse the entire world, broadening his horizons on all kinds of sceneries… He looked somewhat spellbound at the sunset that dyed the sky, the corner of his mouth slightly curving. His finger joyfully tapped on the car door.

    “Vroom!” Simultaneously, a car flitted past at lightning speed from behind him. He vaguely saw a young beauty with her hair blurring into a wave, raising her middle finger at him, and cursing. It couldn’t be distinctly heard, but looking at the shape of her mouth, it seemed to be—idiot? Wasn’t this a bit familiar?

    “Mister, that 6666 car moved ahead of us.” Li Zongyuan said in front.

    “Follow her.” Xu Yangyi said neither swiftly nor slowly.

    “Screech!” At this time, red lights flashed in front of the car, and Li Zongyuan hurriedly stopped in fright, yet discovered the other was driving. Although Li Zongyuan didn’t possess a cultivator’s zeal, he held a cultivator’s breadth of mind. He merely furrowed his brows and started the ignition and drove again.

    However, before he even drove five meters, he had no choice but to summon his courage and say: “Master, that GT-R… appears to be making a go at my Audi…” 

    The smile at the corner of Xu Yangyi’s mouth vanished. What was the most annoying to a person lost in thought? 


    He didn’t want to pay attention to these people, yet they had come bothering his hard-to-come-by pleasure like a housefly. This matter truly caused him to be a tad vexed.

    “Overtake them.”

    “Mister… we can’t. The car in front slowed down first and then sped up just to keep us under control. They’re driving even slower than a tortoise crawling right now. At this speed, we won’t get to the Four Great Joint Pools tomorrow…”

    “Awesome?” At the same time, Hu Jiaojiao looked at the Audi in the rearview mirror with slanted eyes, spitting her chewing gum out of the car: “If you’re not gonna admit your wrongs nice and easy, then I’ll make it so you’ll never get past me even the day after tomorrow!”

    The young man and the youth in the back seat laughed wryly. They understood the other’s temper all too well. She was a stereotypical young mistress. If she couldn’t give vent to her anger, then she would drag them along with her in hardship, devoid of the basic consideration of others.

    “See, there’s going to be trouble later.” The youth sighed: “I’m sick and tired of having to clean up after her for all these years.”

    “Who’s making you be her older cousin?” The young man looked at the sky with somewhat of a migraine: “Currently, we should’ve originally arrived, but now? There’s no way we’re getting there in two hours.”

    Xu Yangyi looked at the car ahead from the back seat. Indeed, the other’s car skills were quite exquisite, firmly suppressing him. But not only was it them, there was a line of at least four car or five cars behind. Impatient drivers had already stuck their heads out and began cursing. 

    “Is that a luxury car? Why don’t you let others move?” 

    “Speed up, GT-R! It’s hard for me to get the weekend today to go out and see the scenery with my family! Have you no civility!” 

    “Haven’t you backed things up for half an hour? What’re you complaining for? Did we mess with you?!” 

    “Go look for whoever provoked you! Can’t you see only a single car can ride on this road!”

    “Scram!” Hu Jiaojiao stuck her head out, and cursed, her anger soaring to the heavens: “Come pass me! If you can’t, then don’t fucking waste your breath!”

    “You want me to yield the road? Fine! Get that bastard behind me to get out and apologize! If he apologizes, then I’ll get out the way!”

    Xu Yangyi raised his chin and Li Zongyuan stuck his head out in tacit understanding: “What are we going to apologize for?”

    “You…” Hu Jiaojiao clenched her teeth and shouted furiously: “What do I care about you?! In any case, it’s you that has to apologize!”

    Xu Yangyi nodded and Li Zongyuan pulled his head back in.

    “Fuck! Which family’s idiot is this?! Is her father Li Gang!?” The last vehicle was a rather ordinary car. The driver appeared to be a twenty-one or twenty-two-year-old university student. Slamming the steering wheel, he said angrily: “Has a photo been taken? Take a photo, and we’ll get ready to spread it on Weibo! If she wants to be so popular, then we’ll give her a helping hand!”**

    “I took a photo! I’ve been taking photos. This is really pissing me off!” 

    “Do it, I came out this weekend to have fun and wanted to go to the Four Great Joint Pools for a good while, but I ran into such an idiot in the end.”

    All the surrounding voices were drawn into Xu Yangyi’s ear. His face absent of a single hair of change, he said: “Run into them.”

    “Okay… Huh?!” Li Zongyuan believed himself to heard mistakenly.

    “I said…” Xu Yangyi cranked up the car window and looked chillingly at the car ahead: “Run into them.”


    Li Zongyuan inhaled deeply and the car went back in reverse by two meters. Followed by the forceful stamp of the accelerator, and in the wake of a loud rumble, the Audi and the GT-R suddenly crashed together!

    “Bang!” A loud noise rang out, and the five cars on the road were all stunned!

    “Fuck!” The student in the last car suddenly shouted out in fright: “A tailgating accident!”

    The red tail lights of all the cars didn’t have enough time to flash, and they stopped their ignitions in unison. Everyone left their cars and looked at the two cars ahead in astonishment.

    “A crash?” A middle-aged man looked at the place the two cars had hit and gulped: “These brothers have quite the temper. They dared to hit this car…”

    Countless cell phones were raised up simultaneously, aimed at the two cars altogether.

    “Boom!” At the same time of the crash, everyone in the car ahead was intimately close to having their foreheads touch the object in front of them. Hu Jiaojiao’s first reaction was… couldn’t this idiot drive?!

    Yet within the young man’s heart, alarm and anger mingled together—he had observed the scene prior. This was in no way some tailgating incident! From the start, the other didn’t care what their car was! Or what their license plate was! This was just to screw with them! They had stepped on a hard nail this time! Furious, he recognized this foolish girl was practically goddamn, rotten, bad luck!

    The entire traffic lane stilled. Everyone had left their cars, but no one of the two cars in the accident had exited their vehicles.

    “Continue.” Xu Yangyi’s eyes carried a wisp of frostiness, and he looked at the car ahead: “You’re not allowed stop before I give the word.”

    “K-keep on hitting?”

    Xu Yangyi didn’t respond. His gaze already explained all.

    Some people loved to play the housefly. In regards to such houseflies, sometimes, he was truly disinclined to care. However, if they really caused him trouble, he wouldn’t mind swatting them to death with a palm.

    For example… in a time when he had just recently ended his monotonous secluded meditation of over half a year and begun enjoying the picturesque scene of mountains and rivers. 

    Without answering, Li Zongyuan pursed his lips and reversed two meters once again. Everyone in the surroundings was dumbstruck.

    “He’s… He’s still going?” The four college students in the last car were likewise frightened. Even the middle-aged male driver from before was dazed in place.

    Forget about the first time, there was a second? This wasn’t a big temper, this driver was incredibly irrational!

    * Get lost is the best approximation. In Chinese, the slang is more like “Go to your grandfather” or something like that. Northern dialect of “get lost”, “scram”. 

    ** “Is her father Li Gang!” Is a cultural reference to a case in China during 2010. This guy was drunk driving and while bringing his girlfriend back to his dorm, he hit two people, causing the eventual death of one of them. As he was being arrested, the guy shouted out “Go ahead, sue me if you dare! My father is Li Gang!” because he thought his father would give him immunity. His father happened to be deputy director of the local public security bureau. This caused public furor and outcry and the guy pretty much got reamed for it. In January 2011, this guy (Li Qiming) was sentenced to six years in prison and fines.

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  • Chapter 85: Meeting Old Friends (3)
    Hu Jiaojiao saw everything from the rearview mirror, only feeling her scalp tingling frantically! The first time wasn’t considered the end… he was still planning on coming a second time? Was there no natural order? Was there no law of the land?

    Did he not know fear?! He didn’t understand the significance of this car’s license plate. The meaning of this car had went unrealized!

    However, whatever her rage, it was no less than the fear in her heart. Her thoughts were embroiled by violent fury, and nevertheless, a screech came out from her mouth: “K-knock it off! D-don’t hit us! There are people inside who are seriously injured!”

    The three people in the back, boggled out of their minds, were unable to restrain the blackening of their faces.

    “Hit them.” Xu Yangyi used his spiritual sense to perform a sweep over and smiled even colder: “If they do not admit repentance, continue to hit them.” 

    “Hum!” The sound of the accelerator growing louder was heard, and Hu Jiaojiao was frightened out of her spirit. She realized the other really was getting ready for a second run to finish the job!

    “Brother! Brother! It’s enough!” Not only was it not confined to him, the other people were so scared they developed full-body cold sweats. The middle-aged man couldn’t restrain his loud shout: “Brother! Don’t hit them, their background is obviously great! Brothers, I urge you, people like us can’t can’t afford to provoke the people of this license plate! If you hit again, there really will be an accident!”

    The students put their hands at the sides of their mouth and shouted : “Big Brother, don’t hit them. If you hit them again there’ll be real trouble! They were in the wrong before, and we took photos! You’re clean! If they sue you, we’re willing to supply video!”

    “Yeah, it’s better to avoid unnecessary trouble, my man. Just forget about it.” 

    “Brother, things are more or less fine.”

    Although the car window was shut, Xu Yangyi could hear these voices crystal clear. Li Zongyuan dared not to make a decision, only obliged to looking at Xu Yangyi.

    “I read a news article on the web in the past.” Xu Yangyi suddenly laughed and said: “A middle school student or a high school student went to help an old person, but was extorted out of a couple ten thousand by the old person.”*

    “There is a crack in the ethics system.” He looked outside the window somewhat in a trance and said quietly: “I thought to myself, what would I do? The gained result is, considering the conclusion, is to file a lawsuit. Naturally, this was my mere thinking as an ordinary person.”

    “A single person thinks of settling peace. A hundred people bring harmony, and as a result, everyone is contributing bricks and tiles for this crack.”

    “The silent endurance of Confucianism isn’t talking about such patient tolerance. Of course…” He stowed his gaze: “The most important thing is that this woman insensibly caused me this degree of trouble.”

    “Smash it up.”

    “I guarantee there won’t even be a single hair that falls.” He crossed one of his legs over the other, tranquilly lit a cigarette, and looked at the butt of his cigarette as he said calmly: “Until they come to their senses.”

    “Yes!” Li Zongyuan said loudly in response. This type of feeling… although he didn’t understand it, it seemed to be pretty awesome.

    “Boom!” In the midst of everyone’s stupefaction, the over 700,000 Audi A6L and the 2 million-plus GT-R NISMO crashed together once again!

    The second time!

    “Fuck…” The middle-aged man couldn’t contain himself from cursing: “These brothers… got character… but what’s going to happen later? Not to mention first whether the people of this license plate are ordinary people, this is a car worth several million!”

    “Blargh…” Inside the car, the youth was unable to bear the dizzying commotion and vomited on the ground. Before she even spoke, the sound of Hu Jiaojiao’s disdainful voice retching rang out: “I’m sick to my stomach! What’re we doing!”

    “Sick to your mother!” The youth cursed simply without a thought: “Let’s get out now!”

    “Shut up!” The young man looked hatefully at Hu Jiaojiao, as well. Never did he expect even in his dreams that this matter would come to forceful blows without any consideration. They had encountered a mad man today! 

    It was strange that their skin hadn’t broken on this second time, yet merely this terror caused them to break out in a cold sweat from head to toe in fear! He was already terribly regretting in abiding Hu Jiaojiao’s picking of a fight! Who knew that the other wouldn’t give a damn about them at all!

    “Apologize! Apologize now!” The youth glanced behind and screeched: “H-h-he’s coming to hit us again!”

    S-still coming? The young man’s complexion changed!

    “If you want to apologize, you go!” Hu Jiaojiao released a throat-tearing screech. Even though she was so panicked, she had never been humiliated like this! In which occurrence was it not others apologizing to her? When has she erred in any matter? On what basis did she have to apologize to that low-class plebeian! 

    “Hu Jiaojiao.” The young man glared unwaveringly into the other’s eyes: “This is Big Brother’s car!”

    Hu Jiaojiao was dazed and then spat in contempt: “So what! You want me to give this country hick an apology! Listen up to me loud and clear! No way!!!”

    The silence lasted approximately half a second.

    “Hu Jiaojiao…” The young man inhaled deeply and opened his mouth again: “This is the car I sought out Big Brother to borrow. Forget about it, you listen up to me…”

    “Starting from now, we don’t know each other.”

    Hu Jiaojiao was stunned.

    She was unable to understand; how could this happen in the end? Was it so frightening? Because the other had run into them twice, the schoolmate that had protected her for ten-odd years broke off all ties with her? The tree had collapsed in a mere instant, yet it was due to a process of termites in the past, extending onwards for several years. 

    “We apologize!” Without basically giving her more thought, the young man stuck his head out and shouted: “Sorry! This matter is our wrongdoing!” 

    “Screech…” Just as the car pulling back in reverse again, it finally came to a halt. Every person that was present let loose a sigh, however, they witnessed an even more inconceivable scene next. 

    The young man stepped out of the car with his nearly ashen face. In their social circle, face was more important than anything. On this day, it was him again that had to settle the affair that Hu Jiaojiao provoked! In addition, it was a clean up he was absolutely unwilling to do! He could already imagine that his face tomorrow would be published on all kinds of web pages and news articles!

    “Hu Jiaojiao…” He clenched his teeth, his face growing more unsightly, and he nodded towards the inside of the car: “You best shape the fuck up.” 

    “If it’s not important in the future, don’t fucking come looking for me! In Panshan City, I don’t acquaint myself with people of your number!” 

    “Then don’t get along with me! Who cares!” Sullenness bubbled up in Hu Jiaojiao’s heart, and she stuck half of her body outside and shrieked.

    The young man snorted coldly and turned on his heels, walking away.

    “A real photo of a second generation rich kid or the kid of an official falling out at the scene…” A university student in the back softly sighed in emotion.


    “Thud, thud, thud…” The sound of closing doors continued to ring out in succession, and Hu Jiaojiao, the youth, and the bald driver all stepped out of their car.

    “Open the door!” She stood before the head of the somewhat deformed Audi and firmly gritted her teeth: “Didn’t you want me to apologize? What? You dare not to open the door?”

    “There’s no need.” Xu Yangyi’s voice penetrated through the thick window: “Just go.”

    “Heh…” Hu Jiaojiao laughed angrily. This business wasn’t finished! She had lost a great deal of face in public, she and the young man had fallen out, and she was frightened out of her wits. Wasn’t it just stopping you for a bit? Wasn’t it just a beverage thrown at you? You damned unreasonable buffoon?!

    If we were in Panshan City, I would be able to make your lousy car go through the three deaths! Now, you even fucking dare to find it convenient to show off your good manners?**

    “Mister, are we really letting them go?” Li Zongyuan asked.

    Xu Yangyi popped in his earphones and nodded. It wasn’t fright, but upon seeing this noisy girl, he was a tad troubled. In his mind, the silhouette of a woman that had invested her everything for her little sister suddenly jumped into his mind. Although it was somewhat fuzzy, it was brimming with vitality.

    Of the various kinds of people nurtured from the same sustenance, people he knew back then, it was unknown who was still alive. It evoked a fleeting melancholy at the core of his heart, and he unexpectedly felt this present matter was rather dull.***

    Why fight with this young, insensible chuuni girl? All of a sudden, he thought the prior matter was somewhat ridiculous. He was disinclined to care about this affair. 

    “Thud! Thud! Thud!” The sound of the window urgently being rapped rang out, and with each knock, Hu Jiaojiao used greater force. Her mouth that was just quiet for no less than two minutes started up again: “Open the door!”

    “What? Scared? Dare not to show up? Weren’t you just so awesome? Forcing me to apologize!”

    “Now, that I’ve come over, you won’t open the door! What’re you scared of! If you’re a man, come out and stand!”

    Xu Yangyi inhaled deeply. Calmly removing the earphones he had just put on, a wisp of thick killing will flashed within his lake-like eyes. Li Zongyuan sensed the surrounding qi come to a boil without warning! As if it had transformed into a thousand daggers in the grip of the Grim Reaper, qi erupted!

    “Master! You can’t!” He was nervous, wet with sweat, and turned his body and said promptly: “You’re going to receive the pursuit of the cultivation court like this! This woman’s status shouldn’t be low!”

    “My hand.” Xu Yangyi sneered as he pushed open the car door: “Could it be that it would kill such a nameless individual?”

    “Thunk…” Amidst the focused eyes of many, he exited the car. Followingly, a person immediately felt a gaze nail into their body. It wasn’t that woman, but rather the bald man. It appeared his martial arts were considerable, but it was a pity...

    He wasn’t a cultivator; what use was the height of his martial arts?

    “Oh? Finally willing to come out?” Hu Jiaojiao sneered as she stroked her Hermès handbag: “And I still thought you dared not to? Hu Ba, give him an apology.”

    Everyone was watching, yet the bald man seemed like he didn’t sense anything. As he stood before Xu Yangyi, everyone discovered that he was surprisingly over a head taller than the latter! He reached an outlandish height of over 1.9 meters!

    “I-is this a bodyguard?” Someone coldly gasped: “S-she left the door and even brought a bodyguard?”

    “How is this an apology? This is a threat!” Someone sneered as they spat contemptuously: “There are plenty of people like this in this era. The law is inferior to human system!”

    Xu Yangyi looked indifferently at Hu Ba who was like a small mountain and suddenly laughed. He laughed as he extended his fist, chuckling as it dazzled before Hu Ba. The other observed Xu Yangyi without hardly a sliver of emotion, tauntingly watching the fist that appeared agonizingly feeble. Afterwards...

    “Boom!” A heavy sound rang out! Everyone in the surroundings felt a gale brush their faces! Hu Jiaojiao’s hair flew back! The tremendous power of the wind caused her to shut her eyes. The shock within her heart nearly made her screech once again!

    Was this still a man?! This was in no way human! This was a monster! Was an ordinary person capable of rousing wind pressure? Are you kidding me?! That was right… Hu Ba! How about Hu Ba!

    She didn’t screech and opened her eyes again. Everyone present was silent. Each person had heard the wind pressure from moments ago.

    “Thud…” Subsequently, the sound of both of Hu Ba’s knees hitting the ground echoed. Xu Yangyi’s fist was at the side of his body. It wasn’t aimed at him, but he knew right away. This man, a head shorter than him, with a single fist… was capable of killing him!

    He only required a single fist!

    * This isn’t precisely an isolated case from what I have read. China lacks Good Samaritan Laws, so that’s why you’ll see some messed up videos of people leaving other people dying in the middle of the road, etc. They are scared to get sued. 

    ** This three deaths things was difficult to find. From what I have found, the first death is the death of the mind and the death of the body. The second death is considered a funeral. You are dead to society. The third death is to be forgotten by everyone because of time. In that sense it is a “true death”. From my research, this concept was brought by a famous novelist, Eileen Chang, or Zhang Ailing (same person, but non-anglicized). 

    *** This food idiom may have been explained in the past, but it pretty much means “everyone eats from the same source/food, but turns out different in behavior, etc”

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  • Chapter 86: Meeting Old Friends (4)

    Hu Ba’s purple discolored lips spread open wide. Unable to utter a single word, his head was clammy with cold sweat. Xu Yangyi calmly walked towards Hu Jiaojiao, her entire body faintly trembling. Her hair slowly fell down. 

    “Clunk…” Her handbag, a Hermès handbag, fell on the ground from the midst of her five trembling fingers, and both her legs shivered. Watching the slowly walking Xu Yangyi, her face was devoid of blood.

    T-t-this was a monster!

    Moments ago, there was no one able to sense it deeper than her! Just now… she seemed to be placed at the eye of a hurricane! She even believed herself to have cross over into one of Master Xing’s blockbuster kungfu movies!*

    That sensation of believing herself to have died for a split second… was too profound. So profound that now as she watched Xu Yangyi calmly advance, her body began to instinctually tremble! She was terrified to the extreme!

    “D-don’t you come over!” She said trilly. In the last second, she was still yelling angrily to get the other to come, but in the next, she even felt the menace of his approach! The crook of Xu Yangyi’s mouth curved, and he sneered, still walking forth neither slowly nor hurriedly as before.

    “Don’t you come over! Don’t come over!”

    “Thud!” Hu Jiaojiao’s back was already leaning against her car. She was genuinely terrified.

    “Do you know who my Big Brother is!” Xu Yangyi’s shadow became increasingly distinct within her pupils. She was so frightened that she was already rambling in fright, her voice crowingingly sharp: “I-i-if you do anything to me, my Big Brother won’t let you off! In Mingshui Province… No! In the entire country, it’ll hard for you to step an inch! Don’t you come over!!!”

    Xu Yangyi walked before her. The distance between the two of them exceeded no more than twenty centimeters.

    “Idiot?” He studied Hu Jiaojiao with a smile that wasn’t a smile: “Was that a curse for me?”

    “Not at all! No! It wasn’t a curse for you! I wasn’t cursing you!!!” Hu Jiaojiao nearly wept in fright, screeching her response.

    “Swoosh!” Xu Yangyi raised his hand. 

    “Ahhhh!!!” Hu Jiaojiao immediately yelped as she crouched down. A finger snap rang out. Xu Yangyi laughed, watching the truly crying Hu Jiaojiao. He turned around and departed. At this time, applause echoed and a man’s voice resonated simultaneously. 
    “I haven’t seen you in three and half years, but your still the same.”

    A sentence thereupon awakened Hu Jiaojiao from the middle of her nightmare. In a twinkling, the winter day turned frosty. She stood up straight away, wiping her runny ears and yelling hoarsely: “Big Brother!”

    “Big Brother, hurry up and handle this! Those guys don’t want me!”

    “T-this thug bullied me! Boohoo, boohoo!”

    Her complexion faintly flushed and she pursed her lips, even squeezing out the few pitiful teardrops. Just as she turned her head, she caught sight of a man dressed in camouflage who was standing at the side of her car and bearing the smidgen of a complex smile. Nevertheless, his gaze wasn’t on her body.

    Behind him, there were also a couple people. Some had stirred expressions, some raised their middle fingers at the man in the Audi, and some were grimacing exaggeratedly. However...

    There wasn’t anyone looking at her.

    “Why are you here?” Xu Yangyi was likewise surprised, yet he suddenly came to a realization: “Ming A-AA6666, this is… your car?”

    “This is my car!” The man hammered his chest: “We of the Nantong Province branch, all of the surviving champions, finally meet again!”

    “Welcome back, Paragon!”

    Hu Ba was in a cold sweat. His mouth wished to say something, yet nothing came out. He was none the wiser of what matter had occurred behind. He only knew that was a fist, a fist that he had never seen! Even the boxing champion he had studied Muay Thai from couldn’t strike out wind pressure!

    This was a legendary realm! It was fundamentally impossible for this to exist in reality! Not only was it him, everyone was stunned. At the present scene, when there wasn’t anyone paying attention, seven people had appeared. However, no one had noticed them. All of the people were watching Xu Yangyi in shock.

    “My god…” A university student said, his voice shaking: “D-d-d-did you all see that? Just now, t-t-that’s girls hair flew up!”

    “Is this Yip Man?!” A female university student firmly grabbed onto the arm of a male classmate beside her, her eyes radiating light: “He can fight ten-on-one, right!”**

    “How can it stop at ten…” After the astonishment, the look in the male classmate’s eyes became extreme shock and worship: “Maybe fifty will do…”

    “Is this real or fake…” The middle-aged man fished out a cigarette, but couldn’t put it in his mouth no matter what. Both his lips and fingers were softly shivering: “Is there still a true martial arts master in the world? One so young?”

    None dared to speak. They had all been rendered stunned by that fist of moments ago. If the contrast of Hu Jiaojiao at the side was absent, that fist possibly wouldn’t have been considered much. It would only make everyone feel that it was fast. Rather fast. Extremely fast.

    However, if there was the addition of all of Hu Jiaojiao’s hair flying back in the instant the fist was displayed… That spectacle was too staggering! An inhuman strength!

    “Big Brother, Big Brother!” Hu Jiaojiao snivelled and teared as she wept, running over to the leading man in camouflage like a helpless little birdie. Her Hermès handbag, a bag worth a good few ten thousand, had landed on the ground because she had been shaken to fright by that fist. She dared not to retrieve it.

    The man glanced at the girl running over and raised a brow towards Xu Yangyi: “Why?”

    “You should know, Chu Zhaonan.” Xu Yangyi shrugged his shoulders in a very devil-may-care manner: “I just didn’t expect that this was your car. It ain’t too convenient for me to find you right now.”

    Chu Zhaonan nodded, looking towards Hu Jiaojiao who had ran only half a meter from him. Not even sweeping over her with an eye, a slap sealed itself on her face!

    “Pow!” A crisp noise rang out, causing everyone to sober up from their astonishment once again. The women flinched. Even if they were separated by some distance, they could feel the pain of that slap. The men gulped. Likewise, they could feel the force behind the other’s slap.  

    “Huh… Eh! Ah!!!” Hu Jiaojiao had nearly been sent flying by the slap, and she covered her nose as she fell on the ground. After she got up, her voice was a yelp of pain. Ensuingly, it was a screech because she saw that her hand was covered in blood from her nose. In the end, it was a shriek of incredulity! 

    Why! How could her beloved big brother that had always treated her well, recognized by all the scions of Mingshui Province’s political elite, hit her? No, that was wrong! Her big brother seemed to know this bastard? He had actually hit her for this wretch?!

    “B-Big Brother! Y-you…” 

    Before she even finished speaking, Chu Zhaonan had already grabbed her by the throat and lifted her up. His face cold, he said icily: “Apologize.” 

    Hu Jiaojiao couldn’t even get out a word. She had never witnessed her big brother’s expression so cold. 

    Their social circle had ranks. Chu Zhaonan was a vice minister’s grandson and the sole child of a provincial governor. There was no question he was steadily seated as number one. She, Hu Jiaojiao, was a silk pants, however, Chu Zhaonan was even more of a silk pants than her!***

    If he said he was number two in the province, none would dare to call themselves first! Concerning Chu Zhaonan’s command, she was simply without the will to resist. It was like a bellwether giving orders to a flock of sheep. She could only nod her head with the utmost of effort.

    “Hah…” Gao Ye’s exhaling voice came from behind: “I’ve heard you mention this young beauty a good few times. Aren’t you pretty good to her?  Are you really willing to hit her?”

    Chu Zhaonan laughed and scratched his thumb across Hu Jiaojiao’s face: “Listen, I don’t owe you anything.” He looked at Xu Yangyi in passing: “But I owe him a life.”

    Hu Jiaojiao’s scalp tingled madly! If she were this close in the past, she would surely be rather happy. But now, she was shivering from head to toe in fright.

    How was this possible! This classless plebeian was actually capaable of making her big brother owe him a life? Was he deceiving her? 

    Chu Zhaonan loosened his hand, and Hu Jiaojiao presently cared nothing for face. Almost weeping as she crawled before Xu Yangyi, she half knelt as she wiped her tears and bawled, her voice hoarse: “I was wrong! Mister! I…”

    “His last name is Xu.” Chu Zhaonan said quietly from behind her.

    “Hiccup…” Hu Jiaojiao’s sobbing voice paused in breaks. Subsequently, she bawled even louder: “Mr. Xu! I’m sorry! I was wrong! I was really wrong! Please… boohoo, boohoo… please forgive me…”

    The people in the surroundings soon became stupefied. What was going on in this drama? This reversal was too fast! Director, are you certain the screenplay you wrote is without problem?

    “W-what is going on?” A driver took a drag of his cigarette, the muscles on his face trembling: “This is… forcing someone to apologize in style, and then afterwards, an even more awesome person makes this bad ass apologize?”

    “This is frickin’ marvelous!” On the contrary, the students were enjoying the drama without weariness: “This reversal has standard and adversity!”

    This reverse sweep in plot was too abrupt. So unexpected that the surrounding people started to silently enter their cars and drive with their spirits rejuvenated. 

    Yes… Although the time was a bit late, they had unexpectedly watched a good show. Hue hue, they could post it on their WeChat Moment’s to get likes.****

    “I put my fucking money on it! That floating hair scene is absolutely going to net me a thousand likes!”

    “Why the heck are you playing with such a bleeding heart?” As car after car drove past at their sides, Xu Yangyi looked at Chu Zhaonan, not knowing whether to laugh or cry: “You don’t owe me… Oh, that’s right, get up.”

    The sound of Hu Jiaojiao’s weeping came to an immediate stop, yet she carried a sense of terror and promptly jumped into the car. 

    “I owe you.” Chu Zhaonan answered, his face bereft of emotion. 

    “Let’s walk first, Brother Xu.” Luo Sanfeng came over and rolled up his sleeves and rubbed his fists: “I’ve been carrying the grudge of that kick for a long time… Just you wait… you, y-you’re at the fuckin’ middle stage of Qi Condensation?!”

    He couldn’t control this shriek. Just as his anger riled, it immediately drained away. Xu Yangyi laughed: “I was lucky. Nothing but a fluke.”

    “As if!” Luo Sanfeng flipped off Xu Yangyi vindictively. He didn’t make a sound.

    “Apart from me just entering the middle stage of Qi Condensation half a year ago, they’re all at the initial stage.” Chu Zhaonan chuckled: “Didn’t all of you listen that you should be earnest in cultivation? Do you realize the disparity now?”

    “This isn’t the place to talk.” He leaned his head: “A lot has happened in these three years. Moreover, I can’t stay around here for long. Brother Xu, you’re situation is somewhat delicate. We’ll be headed out first.”

    As the other set forth, Chu Zhaonan raised his hand to stop them: “There are some matters that all of you are better off not knowing.”

    “It’s a JQ!” A baby-faced cadet glowered at the other. Xu Yangyi vaguely remembered this person had been oppressed by Chu Zhaonan.*****

    What answered him was a middle finger, and Chu Zhaonan and Xu Yangyi jumped, landing directly in a farming plot at the side. Finding a farming path, they sat down.

    “You sent me on a good chase.” Chu Zhaonan passed over a cigarette: “My time is tight. There are a few words I must say to you.”

    Xu Yangyi nodded, the deep emotion in his heart was like a tide. Three years… A three whole years. These were genuine old friends. Originally, they could even be said to hold some animosity. However, there was a matter that caused them to walk together, devoid of the most meager apprehensions.

    They were both people who had survived amidst a holocaust. True comrades-in-arms.

    In an unseen place, every person strove with their best efforts to live on. In the end, of thirteen people, only seven remained.******

    T/N: Tons of cultural references in this chapter. Wish there was a better way I could do the linking, but forums aren’t great. Next chapter is 88. Author skips 87. 

    * Master Xing is referring to famous Chinese director/actor Stephen Chow. 

    ** Ip Man was a famous martial artist known for being the master of Bruce Lee. In recent cinema, he has become very popular. This reference to “he can fight ten men” is talking about a scene in the first movie. If you have the time, watch all three! The ones with Donnie Yen in it. 

    *** Silk pants is a term for very, very rich in China. An idea that, well, your pants are made of silk. 

    **** Hue hue = 呵呵哒. To my understanding, this is a Chinese forum slang kinda like lol/lmao/rofl, but with a different context. More like a mischievous/aloof laugh. So I thought hue hue would work. 

    ***** JQ is Chinese internet slang. I thought about localizing, but it’s hard to get a close meaning in English. JQ is the first letters of the pinyin of Ji Qing = 基情. This phrase is used somewhat jokingly by straight dudes to suggest homosexual relations. I guess if you really wanted you could say something like “No homo” kinda.

    ****** Just a reminder that there were thirteen champions from each city branch in Nantong Province. We got confirmation that of the thirteen, six died during the Vermilion Snow incident. 

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  • Chapter 88: Jadewave of the Joint Pools (1)
    “They’re all in my Hidden Dragon Legion.” Appearing to see Xu Yangyi’s mood, Chu Zhaonan said straightforwardly: “Mingshui Province’s Branchmaster Thousandedge has received the Black Kill Order.”

    The Black Kill Order!

    Xu Yangyi’s gaze suddenly glimmered. Naturally he knew what this was, however, never did he expect by any stretch it was actually this thing!

    The Black Kill Order. Any traitorous cultivator and any cultivator of any race who abandoned the Great Dao would be named on the list of the Black Kill Order. It could be said the Black Kill Order was the highest ranking! It also the list of the most evil and terrible figures! 

    It had no conflict with the Heavenly Demon Ranking. The Heavenly Demon Ranking was arranged by strength, however, the bounty behind was of the Black Kill Order’s publishing! Any cultivator on the Black Kill Order wouldn’t know rest until death, an indefinite period without limit!

    “Who issued it?” Xu Yangyi clenched his teeth and calmed his mood, and he asked heavily.

    Chu Zhaonan looked at the starlight of the heavens and said after ages: “Brother Xu, don’t you know… besides the CSIB, there is one other way to issue the Black Kill Order…”

    Xu Yangyi extinguished the butt of his cigarette between his fingers and looked at Chu Zhaonan, his gaze like a sword: “By the name of a Core Formation cultivator?”

    Chu Zhaonan pursed his lips and nodded.

    Everything became clear… As if a streak of light had flashed through Xu Yangyi’s mind, all connected together. 

    It was no wonder Chu Zhaonan was urgently searching for him.

    No surprise the government had erased his existence.

    No mystery that Thousandedge had taken action.

    No question that even in death, the three scouts dared not to speak of their orders.

    There was a Core Formation master, the apex of the world, that had issued a Black Kill Order to the entire cultivation world! Kill on sight! If he’s alive, I want to see a person! If he’s dead, I want to see a corpse!

    “Who is it?” He vanquished the killing intent that surfaced in his heart and questioned coldly.

    “Daomaster Floatingcloud.” Chu Zhaonan looked straight into his eyes: “This time, Daomaster Floatingcloud only issued it to the disciples of his sect. Altogether, it’s three branch masters of the Featherwood Guard, five branch masters of Heavens Law, a vice minister of a CSIB branch, and a regional chairman of the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion. They… are all Foundation Establishment seniors. Among them, Senior Primejewel of the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion is already at the Great Circle of Foundation Establishment.”* 

    “Presently, the Vermilion Snow incident has yet to be settled. However, once a few years pass, after waiting on the Vermilion Snow event, its influence has continued to die down…” He didn’t continue speaking and shifted topics: “In these couple years, it’s been no more than the blink of an eye for cultivators of our generation.”

    Xu Yangyi shut his eyes. The pursuit of ten Foundation Establishment cultivators and one Core Formation cultivator! However, the next words caused him to open his eyes.

    “Because you possess an Emperor Armament in your hands.” Chu Zhaonan looked at his watch and said faster: “Brother Xu, besides these people, no one else knows you’ve been named on the Black Kill Order! The other regions do not possess this warrant. After you came out from the spatial crack, it was the best result for you to be in Mingshui Province. Even if Thousandedge wishes to kill you, I’ve already requested the personnel of the cultivation courts to keep an eye out in Panshan City. So long as he’s not scared of falling out of grace and ruining his future prospects, this place is temporarily secure.”

    He looked deeply at Xu Yangyi: “But… this safety is in no way long. The exchange of benefits between Core Formation masters isn’t something we are able to participate in. Brother Xu, your time… is rather tight.”

    Xu Yangyi’s gaze glimmered and only after a while did he say: “You know of the Emperor Armament?” 

    “On that day, Heavens Law recorded all video.” Chu Zhaonan looked at his watch: “Not good, I’ve stayed here long. Perhaps I’ve drawn Thousandedge’s suspicions. I have to leave. Brother Xu, Daomaster Floatingcloud still dares not to take brazen action against you for the moment. He doesn’t wish for the other Dao Masters to know you have an Emperor Armament in your hands. You must grasp certainty in these times!”

    “As soon as Daomaster Floatingcloud’s exchange of benefits is completed, it will be the time when all of humanity’s cultivators erase your mark…”

    Before he finished speaking, he took a key and stuffed it in Xu Yangyi’s hand. “Later on, there’ll be someone waiting for you. Take the thing in your hand and use this key to open it.”

    “Lastly… never ever tell anyone you have an Emperor Armament.” 

    “I must go.” Chu Zhaonan stood up and passed over a cell phone: “I have paid back what I owed you. In the future…” He paused and said seriously: “I WILL meet you.” He extended his fist.

    “Naturally.” In the air, the fists of the two silently bumped.

    “Vermilion Snow…” In the next second, the duo said the same name simultaneously, yet at the same time, they held their tongues.

    After a brief moment, Xu Yangyi gazed at the other resolutely: “Leave her to me.”

    “I promised Firecloud, that I, Xu Yangyi, for the rest of my days, shall behead this demon.” 

    Chu Zhaonan nodded, and Xu Yangyi tossed him a pendant: “Find the woman in this photograph for me.”

    “Your lover?” Chu Zhaonan tucked the photo into his pocket.

    “No.” Xu Yangyi shook his head: “Only a promise.”

    Even though Chu Zhaonan left, Xu Yangyi didn’t depart. Their meeting was too abrupt, but tremendously important, as well. He needed time to arrange his thoughts.

    He took drags of cigarette upon cigarette, and the farming path became covered with cigarette butts. Eventually, he raised his head, looking at the stars in the sky. Despite the night wind that blew on his hair, he murmured: “Because of Heavens Law’s recording, the desire of a Core Formation master was roused. As for the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena established by Daomaster Floatingcloud, he was most certainly the first to arrive at the scene, thus, he issued me a kill order.”

    “It’s not limited to this… It’s quite possible all of Heavens Law’s avatar’s data was intercepted by him.”

    “Emperor Armament… In the end, what are you? You’re actually able to draw Daomaster Floatingcloud’s kind of status to personally dispose of me?”

    He grew silent, and an impatience appeared by the utmost chance within his heart. Nonetheless, it swiftly abated.

    “Soon… I will know of your true identity…” He took a deep drag of his cigarette and narrowed his eyes at the smoke that scattered in wake with the wind: “Master Decrypter Jadewave, huh? Don’t disappoint me.” He continued to gather his thoughts.

    He thought of why Chu Zhaonan had found him. Listening to his good will, he and Thousandedge were already considered at arms against each other. However, the cultivation world couldn’t get involved with local government affairs. That was to say...

    If Thousandedge wanted to transfer the entirety of Mingshui Province’s surveillance, he would have to go through the consent of Chu Zhaonan’s old man!

    “Chu Tianyi…” In his mind, a fairly lucid silhouette emerged in his mind, and he laughed. The person who obstructed his advancement back then ought to have been him… but, he held no great hatred towards Chu Tianyi. On the contrary, he was respectful.

    A mortal, an ordinary person, in a situation of several thousand Qi Condensation cultivators fleeing in disorder, was able to stand together along the other Foundation Establishment cultivators with his strength that couldn’t even truss a chicken, directly in the face of life or death. Not to speak whether he was right or wrong in the fierce protection of his heir, this unswerving cardinal righteousness brought Xu Yangyi’s considerable admiration.

    Because of Chu Zhaonan’s father who was taught by Chu Tianyi, by all rights, Thousandedge was rejected.

    And so… as he left the city walls, perhaps he had been discovered by the Chu Clan who was strictly paying attention to each stirring of water in Mingshui Province. He dimly remembered the words he once heard Hu Jiaojiao and the rest had said. Her big brother was hurrying on his way. Pondering this, it was Chu Zhaonan coming at that time. Although this outing possessed a few minor twists and turns, it was connected to his own true foundation, causing him to understand his situation. This significance wasn’t minor to the slightest degree in comparison to decrypting the small chest!

    All problems concluded here. There was only a single question, the most grave and seemingly the most difficult to come to a decision, across from him. 

    “Do I leave?” He took a deep drag of his cigarette. He hesitated for a brief moment, however, it was a mere two minutes. His gaze had already turned staunch. Hesitation wasn’t whether to abandon humanity. To pragmatists, there was no giving up or not, only if something was of use!

    Xu Yangyi’s hesitation was whether or not to leave Daomaster Floatingcloud with a vestige worthy of remembrance for an entire lifetime before he moved! 

    The heavens never severed a man's path. Even if it was the secret Black Kill Order of a Core Formation master and even if he was only at Qi Condensation at the present, he equivalently possessed a unique superiority!


    Fear regarding the Emperor Armament. The fear of the Emperor Armament harbored on his person! This was his greatest support right now!

    Daomaster Floatingcloud… Before settling the checks and balances of the other powers against him, he wouldn’t dare to pierce the heavens with this matter because he himself desired to wield the Emperor Armament as its sole controller!

    The words that Chu Zhaonan possessed were quite interesting… He narrowed his eyes, “Apart from these people, none are aware you have been named on the Black Kill Order. The other regions do not have your warrant.”

    In the midst of this… so long as he was courageous enough, his operating space was actually incredibly great! Once succeeded, there was a possibility he would immediately be put on the entire nation’s wanted list! His bounty even so high that it would cause people to be speechless!

    That, however… was truly an audacity that shrouded the heavens! As this thought arose, it could be settled no longer. In his mind, it rolled like a wave of fire. He almost didn’t give any additional consideration and immediately cemented this thought.

    If you shall be so heartless, then I will not speak of any civility at all.

    He was silent. Within his mind, this insane scheme began to build to completion bit by bit.

    “You will regret…” After ages, he sneered as he stood up: “Even if I’m going to run, the item promised to me that year should be regarded, as well.”

    That, with my status as the human cultivator Xu Yangyi, is an item that I seized, which ought to belong in my possession.”

    No worries… There was still enough time. Presently, even a minute couldn’t be squandered, but… a minute could not be rushed! A single misstep, errors at each pace. The more urgent, the greater the possibility a result would not be attained!

    Success was taken from the midst of details, and riches and honor were sought from within danger. This plan was going to be a walk on a fearless, insane, extremely careful, and difficult path. Any fraction of a deviation, and he could possibly fall of this tightrope.

    “Right now…” He looked at the night sky dotted with a multitude of stars and said icily: “The true identity of the Emperor Armament is the crux of all of my plans.”

    “Floatingcloud knows, yet I don’t. With the enemy in darkness and myself in the light, this is the strategist’s principal dread. Everything must be known about what the Emperor Armament is first.”

    “Floatingcloud, you face me, an insignificant Qi Condensation cultivator, yet you dare not to kill first and ask questions later with great courage. A benefit that stirs the entire pool with a single ripple, eh…” “He sneered at this and whistled towards the sky: “I view you as important.” 

    Finished speaking these words, he freely returned to the highway. Arriving at the side of his car, the other car had long left, yet he discovered there were two more people. It wasn’t Hu Jiaojiao, but rather the young man who had left the earliest.

    “Mr. Xu.” An enthusiastic expression covered the young man’s face, and he approached and grasped Xu Yangyi’s hand, firmly shaking it: “I’ve long since heard Boss Chu mention you. It is today that we meet each other at last. I didn’t expect that even in front of me, I wouldn’t recognize you. I must apologize for this matter first of all. I enabled Hu Jiaojiao to make a mess of things… I truly am embarrassed. In the future, Mr. Xu’s business is I, Zhao Yuanjing’s business.”

    “You are?” Xu Yangyi laughed. These people ought to have been Chu Zhaonan’s acquaintances. By the look of it, Chu Zhaonan had talked to these people as he departed.

    * Primejewel. I am unsure if this is a Daoist title or actually a name. But I will just roll with this for now. The entire Chinese word is also considered a “gold or silver ingot”. 

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