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    Thanks for the work, excellent translations and good story (imo both are better than many stories on the main wuxiaworld page...). Liberties as far as translations are concerned are definitely preferred as long as they don't remove or add meaning. The first fight scene with the snake demon was fairly confusing, but I'm not sure whether that was the author or not, as the later fight scenes and such seemed much clearer.

    IMO the NU page needs more reviews and ratings, so if anyone has read this far they should at least rate it, if not leave a review. I was put off from reading this for so long due to that terrible ch3 review and regret it since I ended up really liking the story. 
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    Chapter 62: China’s Cultivation Net (2)
    Xu Yangyi was none the wiser to all of this. Following his mouse click, the cultivation ranking page completely opened up.

    On the top, there were a whole ten rankings! Each one was as dazzling and lustrous as a glittering jewel! So long as one was a cultivator, this was where they would pay attention to the entire cultivation world’s number one!

    Xu Yangyi’s gaze began to deepen. In three years, three whole years, how many changes would have occurred to this familiar list?

    When he was at the academy, how many times had he and his classmates looked at these rankings with incomparable expectation, imagining a day when they tread out from the academy doors and came to be ranked among one of these ten names? In an instant, their statuses would go soaring!

    At that time, only then he would dare claim himself to be an illustrious sage. Only then would he venture to title himself as the hero of a generation!

    The Core Formation Dragon Ranking!

    The Foundation Establishment Phoenix Ranking!

    The Qi Condensation Tiger Ranking!

    Xu Yangyi carried a fiery gaze as he looked over these three rankings. It was China’s cultivation world’s “China Cloud Cultivation Data Corporation” that had the greatest authority to construct these rankings. Over the course of a century, there weren’t many changes to it. Before the internet, newspapers were used. After the internet’s advent, the papers were unwilling to pass on their roles to others, so they became China’s cultivation network’s most clicked on section!

    These three lists had eternally been the lists that all cultivators paid the most attention to. One list only recorded ten people. In the case your name was on this list, even if you were ranked tenth, each major power would sacrifice their hard-earned resources to headhunt you!

    Those who were the strongest were obvious at a glance. Those who were not required no interest. Humanity’s gaze had forever been focused on those who were strong. 

    Inhaling deeply, he didn’t open it straight away, but rather continued to look.

    Pill Elixir Dragon Tiger Ranking!

    Magik Artifact Dragon Tiger Ranking!

    Talisman and Formation Dragon Tiger Ranking!

    Magik Treasure Dragon Tiger Ranking!

    Outside of the Core Formation, Foundation Establishment, and Qi Condensation rankings, these four great auxiliary rankings were the second lists that deserved attention!

    Any supreme pill elixir, supreme magik treasure, and mountain-protecting great formation were the undisseminated secrets of each major power, the foundation that ensured their continued survival. It was similar Fengyi’s talisman-specialized Wang Family that had originally wanted to snatch up Xu Yangyi. If they brought out their Six Yang Gods, Six Yin Fairies; Immortal Erudition, and Dragon Swallows Setting Sun, would these items not sell at a sky-high price?

    It was an absolute possibility!

    In the modern era, each of the ten names on these lists were categorically the apex pills, talismans, and artifacts of noble families. These families presently possessed the most profound of techniques and the most of esoteric of knowledges. Of course, these were the noble families most understanding of flexibility and progressiveness, capable of completely meshing with modern cultivation.

    Moreover, these side channels brought enormous profit, sufficient to let them rank in the riches of the ten great cultivation clans!

    He continued to look.

    Demon Familiar Rankings!

    Arcane Effort Rankings!

    If these two lists were released on the outside and obtained, they would unquestionably give rise to open gambling from every major power and the transaction of benefits in secret. Placed among these nine great rankings, these lists could only be classified at the third grade. 

    A demon beast that failed Form Transformation wouldn’t be capable of cultivating a human form and fitting in with other cultivating demons. Even demon cultivators themselves looked down on these demon beasts, as well. They could still only be called demon beasts. 

    However, there was a reason to fail Form Transformation. 

    No matter if it was a human or demon, both had blood vessels. The stronger the demon beast, the more pure and more valiant the blood vessels. As a result, Form Transformation would be more difficult. Xu Yangyi had once seen an educational video of a silver cap with a blood vessel concentration rate of 70% breaking through Form Transformation during the initial period of the nation’s founding. Its Form Transformation wasn’t the same as ordinary demons; it had transformed into a dragon. 

    He remembered quite clearly the endless amount of carps following destiny at the Yellow River’s Hukou Waterfall in the Great Jinshan Canyon. They arched to leap over the dragon gate in the face of heaven-toppling river waters that surged no less than several tens of meters high! 

    In the end, 9 sets of 9 of 81 bolts of heavenly thunder tribulation had forcibly turned that silver carp whose head had already transformed into that of a dragon’s into flying ash at the edge of Form Transformation. 

    It was on that day the carp’s corpse descended from the Hukou Waterfalls and spread wide through the river. Even ten-odd days after its fall, it was still not salvaged. Furthermore, every carp was shedding tears of blood, eyes still wide in death with lingering grievances. 

    This was the sole case after the founding of the nation that had surpassed the Chinese government’s control, and was also not an event included in Qinshan Province’s provincial governor’s M-Files. This was because… at that time, countless crowds of ordinary people had bore witness to it. It was unknown how the matter continued to be suppressed after the event.  

    Before these demon beasts completed Form Transformation, and their intelligence still not yet bloomed, they would be taken in by cultivators and be called demon familiars.

    Qinshan Province’s Shui Clan was a lone lineage that had resided beneath the Qinling Mountains for 230 years. They had a specialized signing agreement process with demon familiars. Although the Shui Clan didn’t surpass ten successors every generation, they were not inferior in any regard to the three great auxiliary ventures of pills, artifacts, and talismans. 

    The last list was...

    The Power Ranking!

    In the cultivation world, all powers would be on this ranking. Regardless if it was public, secret, demon, or human, all would have a numerical evaluation on this list. 

    Thus, even if a person of China Cloud ran into demons with a fondness for killing, they would usually be able to keep their lives. 

    The time now was cultivation civilization, not that of ancient cultivation. In the End of Days, talents had withered away, and any person knew of the direct ratio between talents and resources. 

    As for the Heavenly Demon Ranking frequently discussed by China’s human cultivators, it was the sole list not arranged by China Cloud. It was produced by the CSIB that was equivalently an authority, however, they couldn’t publish China Cloud’s other rankings by any measure. 

    “This is so awesome…” Zhou Tingting didn’t know the number of times she had looked at these rankings, yet her face was still full of yearning: “If there’s a day where I too can be on this ranking…”

    Xu Yangyi didn’t speak. To be capable of being on this ranking, one admittedly had to be of a dazzling lineage. Her Zhou Clan could be overturned with a single move.

    However, was it possible?

    How many powers’ geniuses were without hope? If so, then what about a weak self-conscious girl without any power to prop her or a fortuitous, unique arcane effort, even if she had someone to provide her with pills? Would China’s government excavate great mountains and vast rivers to look for spirit veins for her?

    “Then I wouldn’t have to worry about money again!”

    Xu Yangyi pursed his lips and his Adam’s apple stirred. When it came to pondering such a thing as a person’s heart, he didn’t desire to willfully guess as to its subtleties. 

    His vision skimmed over all the rankings. Afterwards, he clicked the Core Formation Master Dragon Ranking without the least delay.

    First place: Old Demon Blackmountain!

    It was still him! Xu Yangyi sighed. This figure wasn’t a human, but rather a centuries-old spider that had survived since the Mongol Dynasty. This demon’s aptitude was normal, but against all odds, it had walked the path all the way to the Great Circle of Core Formation. Were it not for fated chances being difficult to search for during the End of Days, perhaps it would’ve tread into the legendary Nascent Soul realm long ago. 

    Second place: Mountainlord. Third place: Droughtbringer.* 

    There weren’t any differences from three years ago. He rubbed his chin; true, a Core Formation master’s lifespan was four centuries. These figures were living fossils that had survived to the present from the era of the Qing ancestor Giocangga. There wouldn’t be changes so easily to this list. Besides, Mountainlord, who had cultivated a demon form in the mountains and seas of the South China Sea, had a very long lifespan. This demon had survived since the era of Kuhtughtu Khan and was at least six centuries old. It was difficult for there to be changes among the other Dao Masters. 

    Nonetheless, these three positions were all demons!

    A demon’s individual battle power in itself far outstripped a human’s. Otherwise, Vermilion Snow simply couldn’t have possibly slaughtered eight Foundation Establishment cultivators in succession at half-step Core Formation. Anyways, the first three positions were all demon cultivators. In an age where humanity reigned as master, it was more or less an irony. 

    The following seven were human cultivators: Floatingcloud, Ancientpine, Cloudcrane, Titanspirit, Skybearer, Earthcleave, and Hiddenscent. 

    Any one of them was an authority!

    At the same time in the Panshan City branch, an old man deeply furrowed his brows: “It’s untraceable?”

    “Yes…” The middle-aged woman in front was in a cold sweat: “According to our investigations, the first time he appeared was within our Mingshui Province. However, his IP address kept on drifting all over the world afterwards. The last time it appeared…” 

    She glanced at the old man, not daring to continue speaking.


    “Yes… In Osaka, Japan…” 

    The old man’s brows deeply locked together.

    “He should be using a kind of uncommon login software… Please be at ease, Sir. Within three days, we’ll be sure to discover his precise location!”

    “Three days?” The old man laughed coldly: “Do the people of the technology department have to be changed?”

    The middle-aged woman dared not to answer.

    “You have half an hour.” The old man looked darkly at the woman: “If you can’t find him in an hour, you, along with your technology department, are out of the branch. Get a better job elsewhere.”



    In another place, in a forest, a man in a cloak asked heavily: “Haven’t discovered it?”

    “No! Gimme some time!” Gao Ye’s ten fingers were flying to decode, and beads of perspiration secreted from his head: “Dammit! He’s using some fuckin’ software! Is he so poor?! His IP address keeps on floating around! I can’t wait to find out which crappy company developed this hateful software! I’m going to frickin’ disclose him to cultivation network’s rights protection department!”

    “Pick up the pace.” The man spun his pistol somewhat impatiently: “You should know… I hate waiting.”

    “Of course, I know!” Gao Ye gritted his teeth and moved back and forth over his keyboard: “He’s really a troublesome spirit! Is he worried he’s going to meet a ghost! I’m gonna beat him black and blue when I find him!”

    “You’ve beaten him up?” The man lit a cigarette.

    Gao Ye was dazed, and his hand stopped, as well. In the following second, he continued to type on the keyboard with lightning speed: “Your shortcoming is that you’re so blunt about the truth!”

    In Bai County, Xu Yangyi moved the mouse neither hurriedly nor slowly as before. His next objective that he chose was the Foundation Establishment cultivators. 

    First place was Sunnihiliator!

    This was a name he had an impression of. A true genius that humanity only encountered once every century. In less than a hundred years, he had cultivated to the Great Circle of Foundation Establishment. Every martial arena bore his nameless stele for the observation of new students. 

    Xu Yangyi only did a skim over because he wasn’t familiar with the people on the ranking, but it was impossible for their names to go unheard, like that of thunder piercing the ear.

    Next, he clicked on the Qi Condensation Tiger Ranking. 

    Xu Yangyi gathered his wits. The people on this ranking were ones that he wanted to meet very soon. He himself had already entered this world of manifold colors. All of these people would be his opponents or perhaps his comrades. However, the Qi Condensation first place caused him to focus on it for three seconds.

    A familiar name...

    Chu Zhaonan.

    Below each cultivator, there was an introduction to their entire lives . Before, he hadn’t clicked in on any of them, but right now, he mumbled to himself for a couple seconds and finally tapped on a key for the first time. 

    “Sir has an interest in the top spot, as well?” Zhou Tingting, who had kept silent, scooted over and said excitedly: “I can read it out loud for you to listen to. Chu Zhaonan, age: twenty-four, height: 1.89 meters. Sex: male. Marital status: single. He rose to prominence three years ago in Fengyi City’s Qualifier, shaking Sunnihilator’s stone stele. His Gun Kata has already attained a higher level. Last year, he slayed a middle-stage Qi Condensation demon at Yuyang City by himself…”

    * Droughtbringer = 魃. This demon is normally just called Ba, second tone. Droughtbringer is something I made up because just calling it Ba sounds weird even though it is correct. Also, Mountainlord is a typical title for a tiger. Just a heads up, not sure if most of you guys realize this, a good deal of these creatures come from actual myth and the companies i.e China Cloud, are based off actual companies and are in some cases supposed to be a magical version of that company. Yeah, this novel is a cultivation novel, but is also supposed to take place in the REAL world. 

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    Chapter 63: The Eternal Alchemy Canon (1)
    Xu Yangyi was somewhat spellbound. He was only accustomed to listening to information he was more or less was aware of, screens of the past. His yesterday had already been three years for everyone else...

    In his mind, it was as if the savage scene of Vermilion Snow causing great upheaval in the crowds in the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena was before his eyes. The battle where he had made his first showing and become famous was still vivid and fresh in his mind.

    “What realm is he?” He looked calmly at the computer screen and asked.

    “The middle stage!” Zhou Tingting’s face was flushed: “He’s simply a genius! In thirteen years, he cultivated to the middle stage! Cultivators that can presently rise a small boundary in two or three decades are a dime a dozen…”

    Was that so?

    Xu Yangyi suddenly laughed.

    Had he not dreamed for three years, he himself would’ve been at the middle stage three years ago.

    “Sir might be unaware, but last year, he came out of seclusion from the Featherwood Guard and single-handedly went to Yuyangy City and killed all the demons with a criminal record. Some were even ten years his senior… S-Sir, this?”

    She looked puzzledly at Xu Yangyi, but the other had already silently closed out of the page and opened the industry news one.

    She was quite confused.

    Obviously, this… Huh? Well, this cultivator she still didn’t know the name of seemed to hold quite an interested expression towards Chu Zhaonan, so how could his interest disappear as quickly?

    She couldn’t have known, but just from this familiar name, Xu Yangyi was fondly recalling his own past.

    Yet it was just this and nothing more.

    On China’s cultivation network’s news page, Xu Yangyi took a quick glimpse at the stickied post.

    “In 2016, in the first major case to occur in China in fifty years, Vermilion Snow massacred the Fengyi City branch. Afterwards, at the end of last year, the four major powers: Heavens Law, the CSIB, the Featherwood Guard, and the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion, formally took charge of full responsibility altogether for the incident.”

    “Three years ago on August 21st, Heavens Law’s Nantong Province branch held the quinquennial graduation ceremony. In total, 12342 people participated. Among them was Nantong Province’s 130 cultivation families, in total 342 people. In addition, there were 12000 guests. The number of Heavens Law graduates numbered 62. Each city’s champion summed up to thirteen people. After the end of the Qualifier, Vermilion Snow suddenly killed her way in. This had lead to a major unprecedented heaven-frightening incident in China’s past five decades.” 

    “Firecloud, Shadowslay, Wang Buzhi, The Three Friends in Winter, Moonchaser, and Tigersplitter, these eight Foundation Establishment cultivators, acted to allow the survivors to evacuate and sacrificed their lives in honor and glory. They did so without qualm as true cultivators. Through the Chinese government’s Vice Energy Minister, Mr. Chu Tianyi’s suggestion, they were posthumously recognized as martyrs, and the families of these eight cultivators were arranged for by  the government. Those who had families were automatically upgraded a level. Their children and younger generations will get to enjoy a tuition-free education at Heavens Law and will moreover have the privilege to select an occupation among the Big Three. Fengyi City’s Heavens Law branch has already erected a heroes monument.”

    A tide of sorrow rushed over Xu Yangyi’s heart. Presently, he was looking at the already black and white characters, but yesterday, they has still been before him, not drawing back a single step at all as if they were sharp swords. 

    The boiling killing intent within his heart suddenly flared, yet it noiselessly fizzled away. Strength, only strength was number one. Even now, a burning expectation had arose in his heart regarding the Eternal Alchemy Canon. 

    He continued to read.

    “The demon’s greatest organization, the Myriad Demon Palace has already stated their responsibility for this matter. As one of their authorities, Vermilion Snow had ranked early on as one of the Myriad Demon Palace’s elders. Moreover, Old Demon Blackmountain specially declared during a news conference last year on New Year’s Day: he would not cover up this event by any means, and they would even search for her. Daomaster Mountainlord revealed himself for the first time in two centuries and furthermore expressed his own attitude: the age of cultivation civilization is absolutely not the olden days of imperial autocracy. A civilized system is unable to tolerate such a provocation, and even further, the modern civilized system cannot be allowed to collapse. At the same time he stated: If he discovered Vermilion Snow’s hiding place, even if she was separated by a distance of 10,000 kilometers, he would definitely put her to death.”

    “Daomaster Droughtbringer didn’t make an appearance, but he entrusted his Majordomo Senior Farcloud to pass on: the era of ancient cultivation where the strongest fist reigned supreme is already a thing of the past. If anyone dares to provoke modern-day Earth’s sphere of culture, in my capacity as one of the Myriad Demon Palace’s three forebearers, she must comply with the decisions of the greater tide.”

    “To date, there has been no word of Vermilion Snow. The Yixue Clan and the Zhou Clan have calculated the divination three times, but are unable to find her whereabouts. Mr. Tao Hongzhi, an expert on the study of Demon Society and Modern Civilization has suggested that of Earth’s numerous secret ancient cultivation realms, if Vermilion Snow hid in her own private secret realm she had discovered, almost nothing could be hardly accomplished within the next several decades. However, a majority of human cultivators suspect the Myriad Demon Palace of deliberate asylum. This Spring Festival, Nanton Province’s 4000 surviving cultivators will stage a sit-in at Shennong Forest, Daomaster Blackmountain’s Dao ground, drawing widespread attention. Several of the Chinese government’s high officials have appeared to temporarily settle this matter.”

    “As of now, Vermilion Snow’s bounty is 12 billion, and she ranks as number one on the Heavenly Demon Ranking.”

    “It is certain the influence of this tremendous incident will be far-reaching for the next decade. Still, it will become the target of everyone’s attention. This incident in itself cannot be considered a change in peace and security of what things in the future will be like, as brought by the path between humanity and demons. We’ll have to request everyone to wait and see.”

    Below, there were all kinds of comments that nearly flipped the heavens of the red sticked message. 

    “Bullshit! There’s no question the demons are shielding her! Apart from the Myriad Demon Palace, where could she go hide! Humanity should take a hard line! Force the Myriad Demon Palace to hand her over! This is really fuckin’ indulgent! If there was a first time, there’s gonna be a second! It’s hard to say the next time will be a second Vermilion Snow! To transgress against my human race, even though I am insufficient, she must be put to death! Don’t tell me we’re scared of those pack of demons?!” — ID: Eyes Obscured By a Single Leaf.

    “Comment above, you’re too excited; force them? You really believe the demon race’s three great Core Formation masters are vegetarians? Their amicable replies are already sufficient face. The Myriad Demon Palace has also stated they would take responsibility. You still want an even greater disturbance? Disturbing so that China’s government nukes their Core Formation cultivators? Will you only be happy once a provincial capital has been leveled to the ground? Have you thought about the ordinary people?” — ID: My Buddha is Merciful.

    “Well, I’ll say! The present era of cultivation civilization is really too weak! I read in a web novel that they wouldn’t accept and ignore something like this, that the greatest fist is the big boss. THAT is a cultivator!” — ID: Huainan zi

    “Comment above, are you ill? Is that era of small clans and powers still alive and well? Aren’t there mortals still around? There’s no reason to be worried every day that you’ll be killed off by someone with an unseen blade! You know that’s just a novel, too! Even in the ancient cultivation era, things weren’t like that! Even the State of Qin still needed to pay attention for a good reason to send out troops! Any time period has a civilized ground work! These days, a guided missile can threaten a Foundation Establishment cultivator and a nuclear warhead can pose a threat to a Core Formation cultivator. This is society’s balance of standards. You’re not taking account that ordinary people have invented all kinds of things; things that you can’t use!” — ID: My Name is MT.

    “That’s right! If you’re not going to make a web call, are you going to use a paper crane? A call takes a second! It’s not the quarter hour of a paper crane! A quarter of an hour is enough time for a Foundation Establishment senior to kill you ten times! Moreover, unless you’re a Foundation Establishment cultivator, the cars and airplanes of ordinary people are convenient! Don’t tell me it’s like the ancient cultivation era, and I’d still be required to ask my senior to sit on his flying sword if I left the sect? Isn’t that funny?” — ID: Glutton.

    “Ordinary people use both their hands to change the world. This is worth of respect.” 

    “Without them, it would be simply impossible to have satellites scan every one of Earth’s nooks and crannies, so that cultivators could find spirit veins and secret realms.” 

    “Mortals have used their own knowledge to stand at equal height with cultivators. At the very least, I can’t keep myself away from the items of ordinary people every day. From clothing, food, home, and transportation, which one can be parted from?”

    “Their just deviating from the topic…” Zhou Tingting looked on in high spirits: “Mister, don’t pay it any mind. It’s just like that. It’s just troll posting. In my opinion, they’re even more nationalistic than mortal internet trolls.”

    Xu Yangyi calmly closed out of the web page. The more he read, the more he felt the killing intent in his heart become stronger. Even if he somehow restrained it, it would soon come breaking through from the bottom of his heart.

    These people that were commenting were doing so in a lackadaisical and uncaring manner, treating this incident with the attitude of a spectator. As for him, he truly remembered that day vividly, and how desperate it was. 

    That day caused him to become enlightened as to what was his truth, his own Dao.

    “Let me borrow your cultivation area.” He stood up without the trace of an expression on his face: “After I leave seclusion, you can come to me should you have questions.”

    “Sir! Do as you please! No, I’ll take you there!” An excited flush suddenly appeared on Zhou Tingting’s face. He wasn’t leaving! This cultivator wasn’t leaving! This was the acceptance of her friendship. Moreover, he appeared to be quite easy-going. In half a year, she could ask several cultivation questions that had long nagged at her!


    Xu Yangyi’s gaze seemed to hardly ripple as he looked at Zhou Tingting leading the way ahead of him. The fire in his heart gradually calmed down. Merely, calmness was sometimes a kind of soundless perseverance. 

    Right now, what he had to do the most was cultivate. With Chu Zhaonan at the middle stage, there was no reason for him to still be at the initial stage! He would walk step by step, Qi Condensation… Foundation Establishment, until there was ultimately a day where could use his hand to pinch Vermilion Snow by the neck, chop off her head, and place it at the center of the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena, so she could repent day and night. 

    “There’s also you…” Xu Yangyi stroked the pendant on his chest, his gaze staunchly resolute like a boulder. For his blood hatred of thirteen years, he had finally set foot in the true world. There would inevitably be a day where he would stand before his nightmare and personally smash apart this nightmare of thirteen years by his own hand. 

    The two people walked down to the first floor from the fifth and stopped before a large door. Zhou Tingting turned around and bowed respectfully: “Mister, in the basement below… is one of several places in Bai County that is rather rich in qi. Inside, there is a small Spirit Drawing Formation. Sir, would you like me to call for you once every week?”

    “Sure.” Xu Yangyi inhaled deeply and prepared to step in, yet he suddenly stopped in step: “Have you ever heard of… the Eternal Alchemy Canon?”

    “The Eternal Alchemy Canon?” Zhou Tingting tilted her head as she pondered it over, yet her answer went against Xu Yangyi’s expectations: “Of course, I know.”

    “I’m just asking.” Xu Yangyi replied without so much as batting an eyelid, and his gaze gently swept over the other: “With your status, you actually know what it is?”

    “The news forums!” Zhou Tingting awkwardly laughed: “It’s on there… also… also, you would even know about the Eternal Alchemy Canon if you Baidu’d it…” 

    Xu Yangyi’s brows slightly stirred, and he raised his chin, indicated for the other to continue speaking.

    “Mister, you should know that the Tang dynasty was one of the most flourishing eras in China for Daoism, right? It was because their emperors, of the Li lineage, all held a shortcoming among all of China’s emperors, and that was to demonstrate the legitimacy of their throne by using the relationships they obtained with celestial immortals. This was to prove they had received the Mandate of Heaven, and their lives would be eternal and prosperous. The immortal that the Tang won over was the Old Master, Lao Er.”*

    “However, the reason why Daoism thrived was because in the Han Dynasty before the Tang, an extraordinarily famous scholar appeared. Wei Boyang of the Eastern Han wrote a text that could even be said to be the basis of Daoism…” She pursed her lips and looked towards Xu Yangyi: “Its name is The Harmony of the Trium, but it has another name, and that is The Eternal Alchemy Canon!”**

    * Lao Er is Laozi. Laozi means Old Master. In his life, it is believed Laozi’s real name was Li Er. Laozi is considered the coolest dude in Daoism.

    ** THIS IS A REAL BOOK. THIS IS WHY I MESSED UP TRANSLATING IT. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON’T FACT CHECK EVERY SINGLE DETAIL OF A MODERN DAY NOVEL The Harmony of the Trium is my personal spin on the various translated titles of “周易参同契”, which has been translated by other as “The Kinship of Three” and “The Kinship of Three in Accordance with the Book of Changes”. In case you are unaware, the Book of Changes is considered one of THE Daoist text. I thought about using the title “The Trinity” but as you may know, this is a term used in Christianity. The three components of the unities can be considered: the Dao, cosmology, and alchemy. Some may find this title controversial

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    Chapter 64: The Eternal Alchemy Canon (2)
    “The theories of Daoist internal and external alchemy have continued to be derived to this day. The so-called cultivation to produce a core is in fact to ‘cultivate the Dao’; all cultivation systems from the Daoist school of Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, and the beginning of core creation. However, you can also say these days that ‘cultivation’ is in fact a type of thing, the Dao and the truth. There are two kinds of explanations. If the Dao is said to cultivate something, it is an internal alchemy system. The truth is said to be one’s comprehension in regards to the Dao, the physical and the metaphysical…”

    Xu Yangyi’s gaze faintly flashed. Heavens Law had not spoken into such detail about these subject matters at all. 

    “It can also be said the truth is to speak of the real. Perhaps the self? The first thing that one does is the first thing that appears in one’s mind? The heart’s most original thought?” 

    Xu Yangyi pensively put his hand on the basement door and mumbled: “There are some cultivators where their devotion to upholding justice is their ‘truth’. There are some cultivators where even the favor of the heavens is insufficient for the drawing of a hair, yet this is also their ‘truth’...”*

    Zhou Tingting looked at Xu Yangyi’s face. His expression wasn’t impatient, but rather meticulous in reflection. She continued to softly speak: “However, there are also experts that say the ‘Dao’ and the ‘truth’ are actually a single kind of thing these days. It’s just that their interpretation is different. The Dao, according the explanation of experts, is a path. The truth is one’s true self. In reality, both are to advance onwards. Anyways, even in the last several thousand years, the debate of this academic theory has still yet to be finished...” 

    “By the way…” She pursed her lips and said: “There’s a secret. That in those years, there were actually two editions of The Harmony of the Trium, that is The Eternal Alchemy Canon…  The edition left behind was only for ordinary people to read, and Wei Boyang, as an ancestor-level figure in a Daoist alchemy sect, had the other cultivation arcane effort, which is carved on something… It’s said that even the name of the Eternal Alchemy Canon was blessed by Celestial Master Zhang, Zhang Fuhan, and was even taken by Celestial Master Zhang Daoling himself…”**

    Xu Yangyi suddenly looked towards Zhou Tingting, and she jumped in fright, immediately stepping back and waving her hands in disarray: “It’s just something I heard! All of it’s hearsay! Sir knows that there’s similar information like this on the news forums everyday! For every hundred articles there aren’t, there are eighty that are! That’s really what I’ve heard!”

    Eventually, Xu Yangyi stowed his gaze. Those words just not had sent his heart rate pumping. The arcane effort inside the chest on his person was the Eternal Alchemy Canon! Even Daomaster Floatingcloud’s Burning Heavens Revelation was born from this arcane effort!

    After experiencing the mysterious lotus pond, the Burning Heavens Revelation had expanded no less than ten-fold in characters. If it was said that single portion of the over ten-fold-expanded Eternal Alchemy Canon was enough to create the modern cultivation world’s treasured Burning Heavens Revelation, then, as the hidden edition of The Harmony of The Trium, it was at the minimum absolutely impressing to the modern cultivation age.

    “You’re quite interesting.” After he swept his eyes over Zhou Tingting, he immediately pushed open the basement door. At the same time, in his heart, he had already resolved upon it. Once he left seclusion, he wouldn’t mind guiding the other for a bit. 

    This girl would even insist on preserving her face even in death. And while her aptitude was rather high, it by no measure on the same level as his. However, she had a strong point.

    Her memory was terrific, and moreover, she had a sharp curiosity concerning the fantastical secret matters of the Eight Trigrams.*** 

    He lacked such a person at his side. Even though he would establish contact with Mao Ba’er later, the latter was more proficient on how to grow his reputation, how to get him better missions, and finding better opportunities and so on.

    He needed a vizier on the cultivation world.

    “Thump…” The door behind him shut and what appeared before him a basement formed from limestone. There were no other items. However, the surrounding limestone was carved with a talisman he was exceptionally familiar with.

    The Spirit Drawing Formation.

    It was a simplification of the Spirit Focusing Formation and its efficacy was estimatedly only one-twentieth of a low-grade Spirit Focusing Formation. However, its advantage was that it didn’t require spirit stones.

    In comparison to the surrounding qi drawn by the Spirit Focusing Formation, it was obvious the changes were different. The Spirit Drawing Formation only caused a thin layer of milky-white mist to appear on the floor. If a normal person entered this stone room, they would certainly feel extremely comfortable and their ailments would completely vanish. But for Xu Yangyi, a genius cultivator, it merely made him feel that the old wounds on his body had improved a bit.

    He calmly sat down in meditation. The incredibly familiar Hundred Solutions instantly bubbled forth in his mind. His thoughts seemed to bob up and down again as if they had entered a spirit spring, and each one of his pores comfortably opened up. 

    He was a genius. However, he we even more understanding that there were many geniuses in this world!

    The reason why Sunnihilator was called a genius among geniuses wasn’t because his aptitude surpassed all others. Rather, it was on account of his capability of using his superhuman talent to survive and cultivate to the Great Circle of Foundation Establishment!

    Only by continuing to survive did one have the qualifications to be called in genius. In China’s history, there had never been a lack of geniuses that had come to an early end halfway through their journey. 

    His first step was to heal all his internal injuries. Then, with the most perfect of attitudes, he would begin to cultivate his primary arcane effort — The Harmony of The Triums, the Eternal Alchemy Canon!

    “Beep, beep, beep…” Simultaneously, within a secret room in the Featherwood Guard branch, countless maps were endlessly exchanging locations on ten computers. Yet at this moment, all the maps turned completely gold and issued a beeping noise. The massive “Incapable of Assessment, Tracking Failed” message was terribly piercing to the eyes. 

    The inside of the room was deathly quiet. Several people looked at the computer with a cold sweat and felt a faint killing arua come from behind. 

    An old man carried both his hands behind him and seemed to stand leisurely at their backs. He was still wearing a long gown and his long white beard fluttered on his chest as before, but both of his eyes had turned incomparably icy since the beeping noise had begun to echo out.

    “I have been cultivating for a 112 years…” His fairly hoarse voice rang out in the room: “Five years ago, I ended my 21-year seclusion.”

    What he said was irrelevant, but not a single one of the present people dared to answer. Even the secretary at his side was bowing at the waist, drenched in cold sweat.

    “I don’t understand the internet. But, I do understand one thing.” He suddenly walked over to the side of an employee and patted the latter’s swivel chair, faintly laughing: “And that is, if you don’t understand, then hand it over to a professional. Right?”

    “Yes…” As the other spoke, he didn’t dare look directly at the old man.

    “However…” The old man laughed grimly: “This is how all of you treated my ‘trust’.”

    “We beg your forgiveness!!!” Before his voice had even fallen, there wasn’t anyone that remained seated. Presently, everyone had stood up and collectively and orderly bowed in unison as if they had conspired to do so, causing the short old man to appear a good deal taller. He seemed to be a crane amidst a flock of chickens.

    There was no response and only after a few seconds passed did they hear the old man faintly say: “Stand up.”

    No one got up, and the old man coldly laughed, taking his three cultivator secretaries out of the room with him.

    “S-Sire…” Just as the old man was about to step out of the room, a high-level employee gritted his teeth and said lowly: “I r-really am sorry, but…”

    The old man’s gaze swept over him like electricity and he paused, yet he still said bitterly: “Just now… the target that you wanted to track… not only was the target not found…”

    The old man light moved forward a step. The employee’s head was buried even lower: “But moreover… because the target’s web duration was so short, the matter was so sudden, and the positioning being so unimaginably fast… In the final phase… In the final phase…”

    “Someone hacked into our Featherwood Guard branch’s central system. J-just now, all of the data…”

    “Bang! Bang! Bang!” The door opened by itself, absent of the wind, and soon after, a heavy repeated smashing on the door frame nearly splintered it.

    Just as he left the room, the old man’s complexion became even chillier. At this moment, he was truly exhibiting the suppressive might of a cultivator that was capable of reaching Foundation Establishment. The footsteps of the three Qi Condensation secretaries behind him became much lighter.

    “How many legions are under the control of Mingshui Province’s Featherwood Guard?”

    “Senior, among the registered legions, forty of them are C-level…”

    Before he had even finished speaking, he was cut off by the old man’s icy words: “How many legions among them have scouts that specialize in tracking?”  

    “Three.” The secretary hurriedly lower his head and said: “The Heaven Listener Legion, the Wind Trace Legion, and the Tiger King Legion…” 

    “I want an A-level legion!” The old man turned his head, a sneering smile hanging at the crook of his mouth: “Those Good-For-Nothings, can’t even find the IP address.” 

    “Commander Chu’s Hidden Dragon Legion…”

    “No need to speak to him.” The old man laughed coldly: “If there’s no one else, immediately have the Heaven Listener, Wind Trace, and Tiger King legions dispatch their best scouts. Straight to the Mingshui Province branch.”

    “But the Hidden Dragon Legion…”

    The old man looked at him without a shred of emotion, and the secretary pursed his lips and lowered his head. “Senior, please forgive this Junior for being presumptuous… However, these three legions are presently undertaking missions… Perhaps they’ll be able to debrief after two months…”

    “Then have them come straight to see me when they debrief!” The old man deeply sighed, his gaze throbbing with eerie killing intent: “If anyone leaks a bit about today’s matter…”

    “No! I dare not to!” 

    “I shall not act outside of Senior’s instructions!”

    Coldly snorting, the old man stormed off.

    The Hidden Dragon Legion?

    Only someone of his position could know about that lordship’s command. If there was anything else… it was that Chu Zhaonan was a special cultivator of China’s government!

    The branch’s system had been hacked? And just on the verge as the target was to be found? 

    It was an absolute certainty that one of his men was a rat! 

    “Boom!” Somewhere else, Gao Ye set his keyboard aside, sweating profusely. His fingers were slightly trembling, and he shut his eyes while leaning back into his chair and said: “Brother Chu, it’s just like you expected. The Featherwood Guard branch was just using their search system to retrieve his address at full capacity.”

    The man in the cloak appeared to be a sculpture in night, not saying anything.

    “Brother Chu.” Gao Ye lit a cigarette and said suspiciously: “It doesn’t matter if we let them find him, right? On the contrary, hostilities are going to break out between you and the branch master. What we did was too obvious. I was too pressed for time just now; I didn’t have enough time to cover up my tracks.”



    “He’ll die.” The man raised his head to look at the starry sky: “In case someone else finds him, he’s dead meat.”

    “How’s that possible!” Gao Ye stood up in a fright: “H-he’s the true number one! His potential is boundless! He also has a Core Formation arcane effort! How could that be! Who’d want to give up on him?!”

    The man didn’t speak and said sorrowfully after a while: “In the face of a taboo, there is no room for the willing and unwilling, only the worthy and unworthy.”

    “There’s a genuine apex authority that’s put an astronomical bounty on his head.”

    “A taboo? A Core Formation arcane effort?” Gao Ye jumped straight up: “A true apex authority? Who?”

    There was no response. After several minutes passed, the man lifted his cloak and jumped down from the treetop. His gaze already laid in a place devoid of human presence, radiating an edge like a sword. 

    I know you won’t just die like this. I haven’t defeated you, so how can you perish? Three years, three whole years, I’ve searched for your information. How can I let someone else fight over you right in front of me? I owe you a life, and I’m using this time to return it to you!

    Time flowed on second by second. In the blink of an eye, a week had passed. In the basement, Xu Yangyi opened his eyes for the first time. At this moment, he only felt incomparably well. 

    His entire body, every cell had recovered to their peak state. He clenched his fist and a powerful strength appeared once more in his flesh. Three years ago, he was capable of defeating all his graduation classmates without rival. The present him held that similar kind of self-confidence!

    * the favor of the heavens is insufficient for the drawing of a hair - I think I did justice to this phrase, but it’s supposed to mean the person is mega cheap and stingy. A super tightwad.

    ** Celestial Master Zhang is a real figure. In fact, his bloodline has even been traced down to this day, albeit with some current succession conflicts. All the names I wrote down all belong to the same person. Chinese figures (especially ancient ones) get different names (courtesy, etc). Celestial Master Zhang is considered a major Daoist figure. You can read more on wikipedia. 

    *** 八卦 - Eight Trigrams. Important concept in Daoism. Kinda hard to explain, but it's an idea of the interpretation of the cosmic on the real world. Heavily involved with topics such as “Feng Shui”, Geomancy, Anatomy, Astrology, etc.

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    Chapter 65: The Eternal Alchemy Canon (3)
    Within his body, every single internal injury had been resolved. He sucked in deeply, not wasting a second as his entire consciousness immersed itself into his mind.

    “Boom…” An expanse of misty golden light spread out as if it were a mad golden torrent. Less than five seconds later, rays of golden light converged once again within his mind into the bamboo slips of an arcane effort. 

    The Eternal Alchemy Canon!

    His breathing, even if he was cultivating, couldn’t help but to become rushed. He stifled his heart’s expectation and continued to read character by character. 

    “All things are born from being, being is born from non-being. To use nothing to form something, the vessel must be void… The Flame Records were not written with futility and to broaden on Change will illuminate them. The lunar crescent bore on her back is the cauldron on the furnace, while the White Tiger simmers at the core pivot. The mercurial sun becomes the shifting pearl, the Azure Dragon in accompaniment. Rising east to merge at the west, the Hun and the Po mutually sustain each other. The upward bow at Dui counted eight and the downward bow at Gen also eight; the two bows are united in essence, forming whole the body of Qian and Kun. Eight ounces on eight ounces to beget a pound. The path of Change, correct and indomitable...”***

    “Skraw!” Like the cry of a phoenix, the inside of his mind became clear. Xu Yangyi’s eyes trembled twice, yet the didn’t open. Nevertheless, a heaven-toppling surging tide rose within his heart! THIS, this was an alchemy technique!

    The genuine refining of “pills”! Not the production of medicines! Not the concoction of pill elixirs! At the present, the secret arts of pill refining had long vanished. Not for anything else, in China’s history, there was a rather obscure, yet incapable of being extinguished, fact — every dynasty, there would at least be two or three emperors who died to the art of “immortal pills”.** 

    As the cultivation world fused with human society, the Dao of Alchemy ultimately welcomed its collapse after the Qing dynasty. With the eruption of World War II, everyone realized that what was capable of saving people wasn’t immortal pills, but rather drugs and medicines.

    The cultivation world’s dependence on the human world signaled the collapse of their understanding towards the Dao of Alchemy. So great was this influence that it spread to a majority of the cultivation Dao heritages. In a span of nearly two centuries, the Dao of Alchemy had started being completely eradicated. It was to the extent that even a decade after the establishment of the People’s Republic, it had become extinct in its entirety. 

    It was precisely because of this matter of the world war that caused the cultivation world, that had stayed sheltered in their mountains and watched the fires of conflict, to begin to view human society as a central construction, the influence of Earth’s civilizations on the cultivation world. It truly caused immortal sects and Dao heritages to recognize that the ancient age had already passed and a completely new era had arrived. So it was from the beginning of this time that many immortal sects hidden in the world began to open their grand protective formations and little by little step out from their vast mountains, great rivers, and even the desolate Gobi Desert.

    Until the present, emperors were the only ones in the past that knew of immortal sects and Dao heritages, yet nowadays, cultivation was taken as the other side that had formed a symbiotic relationship with human society. 

    This history reverberated within Xu Yangyi’s mind and he felt his lips somewhat dry.

    This was alchemy… True alchemy! Perhaps it was the last alchemy technique on Earth! Although in China’s history that pertaining to alchemy techniques had long become submerged in the long river of the past, there would inevitably be a few phrases passed down. It was by the side by side comparison of these texts he immediately understood what the meaning was.

    The text said the White Tiger belonged to the metal element of the lung, and the metal element of the lung harbored the Po, which was also the origin foundation of simmering the golden core. The heart’s fluid was mercury. It was the multifarious moon that acted as the steadfast furnace. The sun of the heart served as the shifting pearl in accordance to the compatibility of the Azure Dragon and the liver’s Hun. The liver’s Hun belongs to yang and the heart fluid’s primordial essence belongs to yin. In union, they are called the yang soul.

    “The sun belongs to fire, and fire returns east to wood, the root from whence it was engendered. The moon holds water, and water returns west to beget the source of metal…” He inhaled deeply, a bit of understanding pouring into the bottom tip of his heart. He almost dared not to believe the things spoken of by this arcane effort!

    He closed both of his eyes. Silently lighting a cigarette, he calmly took a drag. The concepts from moments ago were too profound. He need to carefully reflect on them.

    Arcane efforts were divided into primary arcane efforts and supplementary arcane efforts. A primary arcane effort was a cultivator’s foundation and the supplementary arcane effort could increase a cultivator’s external strength. He had originally believed that with the name of the Eternal Alchemy Canon, this was possibly an alchemic arcane effort. In regards to the technique in itself, it didn’t have any benefits, however, after carefully pondering it, only then he knew he was wrong, incorrect beyond all reason!

    This wasn’t so simple as a supplementary arcane effort! It was an alchemy technique! However, it was actually an alchemy technique that none had ever trained in! One that used the body as furnace and cauldron! It would refine the whole body from east to west, heart and soul, a primary arcane effort of the flesh!

    It would use a cultivator’s body to bring forth a natural primordial pill. The body would serve as the furnace and the Hun would act as the vessel, while the mind would be an assisting force!

    Pill concoction required the assistance of the Five Elements. According to this arcane effort, it was tantamount to using the Five Elements to torture the body day and night! It was unknown to what level of tyranny the physical body of a cultivator who was “refined” as such would reach! Moreover, it was unknown as to how high of a degree one’s resistance against the Five Elements would attain!

    To make an analogy, it was like a human tank in a video game that had finally trained up to “resistance level 999” added on with “magic immunity”!

    No one could inquire as to how it had completely changed into something like the Burning Heavens Revelation. However, he was equal to the first forerunner of the Eternal Alchemy Canon in this era. To be trained or not trained, everything was decided, and he had to assume the responsibility of the aftermath! 

    “Nonetheless, it really is suitable for me. It’s like it was measured and developed for me…” Taking a deep drag, he puffed out azure smoke that wafted through the air. He mumbled: “I myself am an attack damage-type with a fondness for close-quarters combat, rather than an attack damage carry-type that hides behind people…”**

    An anti-magic body with max resistances was simply measured and created for his style! His cigarette not yet finished, he calmly placed it in front of where he was seated in meditation, sticking it into the ground. Closing his eyes once again, he entered meditation.  

    A great profit was bound to have great danger. But in the world, there was no possibility of obtaining something without putting in the hard work.

    Time passed on day by day. Outside the basement, Zhou Tingting had brought food a couple times. She hesitated for a long time, but didn’t knock on the door. Even if her cultivation was not high, she knew that disturbing one’s seclusion was a cultivator’s taboo.

    “He’s been in there for three days now…” She looked at the calendar placed on the door and pursed her lips: “H-he seems to be initial stage of Qi Condensation, as well, right? How can he be find if he doesn’t eat or drink?”

    No one answered her. There was only the tightly closed basement door.

    Five days passed, eight days passed, fifteen days passed, and twenty days passed… yet the basement door still hadn’t opened. If other Qi Condensation cultivators were substituted in, perhaps some would even starve to death. 

    However, within the basement, not only was Xu Yangyi’s appearance not frail, but on the contrary, the third time he opened his eyes, his gaze was fiery as he sat quietly in his original position.

    In these thirty days, he had not stopped for rest or sleep for the entire month until he had at long last finished reading the Eternal Alchemy Canon. In spite of this, the verdict he had obtained caused him to be incapable of arriving at this final conclusion.

    Firstly… this arcane effort, from what he could see of its narration, opposed the heavens. An honest-to-god defiance of the natural order. Cultivators had to comply with the Cycle of Heaven and Earth. To defy the heavens was a matter of life and death. However, this arcane effort didn’t even follow the Cycle of Heaven and Earth!

    Any arcane effort absorbed qi. Afterwards, this “origin energy” was used by an arcane effort’s cultivation method to push this portion of origin energy to undergo amplification. It was then stored in the qi sea. This process was called cultivation. 

    However, this arcane effort didn’t require the absorption of qi. It could even be cultivated in some faraway land, but!

    It could take the qi hidden within the body and use the body to simulate the circulation of qi, a self-formed cycle!

    He even started to believe it to be simple; the body was the furnace and cauldron, and the mind was the assisting force, yet he lacked an equivalently crucial object — fire!

    This fire had to be true fire! The Eternal Alchemy Canon had said with extreme clarity that when Heaven and Earth were born, there were four Spirit Fires of Heaven and Earth that fell scattered in the human realm. What he needed was such a fire!

    Of course, other flames were fine, as well. However, the text had said distinctly that the better the fuel, the higher quality of the refined “pill”!

    Spirit Fire.

    This was the name that the ancient cultivators had taken for these four flames. According to that which was said in the Eternal Alchemy Canon, Wei Boyang held onto one kind of these four great flames. Based on Xu Yangyi’s extrapolations, the so-called immortal pill in Wei Boyang’s hands was quite possibly a true immortal pill!

    There was another person that also possessed one of the four flames.

    Zhang Daoling, Zhang Fuhan, the ancestral forefather of Daoism. Even if the Eternal Alchemy Canon had not said it, a piece of famous history emerged within his mind.

    That among all of the few phrases passed down throughout the world in the ancient records, that of the sole acknowledgement of immortal pills that had truly come into the world, there were only two. 

    As for these two, both had come by Zhang Daoling’s hand!

    The first completed pill had a sun, an azure dragon, and white tiger revolving it. This was the origin of the Azure Dragon on the right and the White Tiger on the left. The pill was refined in Ganjiang Province at the Longhu Mountain. However, on the day the pill was formed, it had fell to waste because all the materials had been exhausted.***

    The second pill was the renowned Dragon Tiger Immortal Pill within the Dao of Alchemy!

    At this instant, a few ancient legends filled in the blanks within Xu Yangyi’s mind. If there was no immortal flame, how could there be an immortal pill?

    Zhang Daoling had a Spirit Fire of Heaven and Earth in his hands. This matter was nearly set in stone. As for this flame… the Eternal Alchemy Canon had recorded it as the first Spirit Fire!

    Vermilion Bird Fire!****

    The hottest flame in the world! In all of China, for the past several millennia, there was only this fire!

    All he had to do was place this flame in his dantian and surrender to it, causing it to become the catalyst of the Eternal Alchemy Canon. Then, this arcane effort could be considered to have achieved a higher level!

    Nonetheless, these days, after the passage of several thousand of years, Daoism had long ceased to be the era of the massively unified Five Pecks of Rice Cult.*****

    The Benevolence Congregation Sect, the Scripture Sect, the Talisman Recording Sect, the Pill Cauldron Sect, the Divining Sect, the Beginning Scripture Sect, the Rushing Void Sect, the Lesser Yang Sect, the Proper Yang Sect, the Pure Yang Sect, the Old Mount Hua Sect, the Sea Toad Sect, the Sanfeng Sect, the Ancestor Sa Sect, the Violet Yang Sect… In China’s several thousand years of growth, many of Daoism’s sects could not bear the millenniums! As for the naturally birthed Vermilion Bird Fire, where was it?******

    There was still the possibility that perhaps… it could’ve been taken by Celestial Master Zhang into his heavenly mausoleum? The tomb of a half immortal from a prior dynasty?*******

    This couldn’t even be considered the most frightening thing. What was most terrifying was… that with the passage of several millenniums, what if… it became a demon?

    Thinking of this, Xu Yangyi was unable to restrain himself from faintly sighing. The difficulty factor just increased a 108-fold...

    Secondly, what would he use for the power source? This problem was the origin of true head-splitting pain for him.

    Even if he had Spirit Fire, he couldn’t just burn scrap metal, right? Recalling the names of the bizarre materials listed in the Eternal Alchemy Canon, he needed not think at all that presently these items had long since gone extinct. However, there was still an even simpler method.

    Burning spirit stones. At the very least, a high-grade spirit stone! As to the specific amount, this couldn’t be calculated without driving the Spirit Flame to engulf these spirit stones piece by piece. This was the Eternal Alchemy Canon’s exemplary method of enhancing qi 

    Recalling his own bank balance, he couldn’t help but sigh. Not to even mention a high-grade spirit stone, he didn’t even have a single medium-grade one!

    Lastly, this arcane effort was just a scroll fragment!

    It was only after the first part was completely cultivated and the requirements attained could the second part be cultivated! He was simply unaware what else the following would require! Or as to even what dangers it also entailed!

    Yet likewise, the greater the risk, the greater the reward. In comparison to these risks, this arcane effort’s earnings were even greater!

    T/N: I think I did more time doing research than actually translating this chapter. Almost split my head open looking for sources to try to do a good job. I feel like I am dying. Mind you, that entire text from the Eternal Alchemy Canon is REAL and in classical Chinese. Might do a write up later on further explain this stuff, but all you need to know is that this is all Daoist Alchemy mumbo jumbo, but I do want to make clear one thing.

    In Chinese traditional religion and philosophy, there is an idea of a dualism of souls, the Hun and the Po. In Daoism specifically, there are three Hun and seven Po. These concepts are both souls, Hun is yang and Po is yin. That is why you see in that alchemy text talk of using the Po, because it is yang-natured, which is considered fire. 

    * Traditionally, most ancient “alchemists” who concocted immortality pills used mercury as the basis, which we all know is not a very smart idea. One emperor who died to a mercury elixir that I recall is the first emperor who unified China, Qin Shi Huang. In fact, mercury was used by ALL ancient Chinese at one point to preserve food. We can imagine how long their lifespans lasted…

    ** Attack Damage-type/Attack Damage Carry-type. In the original chinese, it’s labeled as AD and ADC, both slangs. Makes sense if you know it, but I changed it so that it’s more apparent for everyone. To be honest, I have no clue as to what these things are, but from my research, these terms are used in League of Legends to describe the scaling normal-type attack of heroes. AD refers to more melee and ADC refers to ranged attackers.

    *** There is so much to explain here. The Azure Dragon and the White Tiger are two of four important symbols to Chinese astrology. In a chinese star map, the east is considered the Azure Dragon. West is the White Tiger. North is the Black Tortoise and south is the Vermilion Bird. Longhu Mountain is a real mountain. Said to be where Zhang Daoling founded his immortal sects. The terms Dui, Gen, Qian, and Kun refer to the Eight Trigrams (bagua), an important context in daoist cosmology on the concepts of reality. If you take anything away from all these Daoism notes I’m doing, just keep in mind that Daoism is a system of connections and united thought that somehow manage to combine all together.

    **** 南明离火 - actual text here literally translates to “South Luminous Beast Fire”. If you look above at the beasts explanation that I wrote out, you’ll recall that the south position is taken by the Vermilion Bird. 

    ***** Five Pecks of Rice School was a real sect/school founded by Zhang Daoling who has been previously mentioned. Zhang Daoling started this school, saying it was the command of Laozi to rid the world of evils and decadence. This school was called Five Pecks of Rice because one needed to donate five pecks of rice (one peck is considered 2 dry gallons) to be accepted. Alternative names for this school include Way of The Celestial Masters

    ****** These are all real sects for the most part. Not going to get to deep into them. One thing I do want to point out though is the Sanfeng sect. You may remember a character from the earlier chapters name Zhang Sanfeng. Zhang Sanfeng is the name of an actual famous Daoist. 

    ******* Text says half immortal, which is a way of referring to someone with an extremely high position

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    Chapter 66: Black Kill Order
    First of all, the fact was that this was an alchemy technique, and every detail of this alchemy technique was integrated into cultivation. It could be said that to cultivate this arcane effort was equal to becoming a grand alchemist!

    This was a pill, not a pill elixir. 

    He could already imagine that as long as he refined a medicinal pill, the issue of fuel would absolutely not become a major problem! During the End of Days, it would be the only medicinal pill!

    Only he would be capable of refining medicinal pills!

    Pill elixirs were subject to the leakage of medicinality, and in the End of Days, spirit flora were few in number. Modern technology was incapable of simulating the unique growth environment of genuine heavenly treasures by any measure. Moreover, it was unable to decipher the immaterial system of the self-cycling of heavenly treasures. To use one plant symbolized one plant less. Regardless of whether it was the pill elixir injection faction or the capsule administration faction, the leakage of medicinality had forever been a problem both sides were incapable of evading. 

    If a true medicinal pill was brought out… he could send any modern cultivator into a frenzy! But, he had to be terribly careful, as well. Under such enticement, the Core Formation masters undoubtedly wouldn’t mind braving tremendous hazards and more over a medicine slave.  

    However, this would be fine if he was able to train in this arcane effort. 

    Besides, he was simply incapable of escaping the enticement of max resistance and magic immunity. He was a person that followed the heart! There was also quite the possibility that was the only arcane effort in the entire world that could cultivate the body to such a perverted boundary. He understood as well as to why the chest has expanded his qi sea. In case he cultivated the Eternal Alchemy Canon, the meridians of his entire body would enlarge accordingly! 

    What to do?

    His gaze sunk on the cigarette ash in his hand that accumulated more as time passed on. Xu Yangyi mumbled to himself.

    It was rather simple to begin cultivating the Eternal Alchemy Canon. The first matter that had to be done wasn’t to cultivate, but rather refine pills! He required a large quantities of low-grade spirit items! Yet this represented an ocean’s worth of capital! Regardless of whether it was Chinese currency or spirit stones!

    The Dao of Alchemy had its own techniques, and these techniques were a process of constructing oneself as “furnace and cauldron”. The refining of the first pill symbolized the completion of furnace-cauldron construction. One could then draw in Spirit Fire and “fuel” to begin cultivating.

    At the same time… oneself would be able to feel the true location of the Vermilion Bird Fire! Although it was only a general scope, an area of a thousand square kilometers, this was already serious progress!

    “This really is fucking cruel…” He exhaled and went straight to lying down on the floor. 

    If any cultivator cultivating this arcane effort knew of the location of the Vermilion Bird Fire, was there a possibility they wouldn’t go seize it?

    If he retreated from this question of right or wrong now, then what was there to even talk about defying the heavens? What was there to discuss about cultivation?

    He looked at the ceiling like this, and once an hour had passed, finally stood up. His eyes carried an indescribable determination. 

    “In that case… first, I have to find a plot of spirit flora.” Lighting another cigarette, he puffed out azure smoke and cracked his neck: “Afterwards, I still need an external furnace and cauldron before my body becomes one.”

    “Money, eh…” After several minutes, he tossed the cigarette in his hand aside: “Looks like I’m going to have to enroll as soon as I can.”

    “Since I’ve made up my mind to cultivate this arcane effort, first, I’m going to have to refine a pill. Otherwise, not even to speak of cultivating, I won’t even have the supplies to gather up.”

    His gaze flashed and he pushed open the basement door: “Anyways, so long as I can produce the first, my supplies accumulation… will be sure to increase at a flying speed!” 

    In all of China, only he could refine pills! With this reputation, he could guarantee that while he may not have the greatest wealth, he would only be richer! Everything would originate from this first medicinal pill, this first endeavor!

    At nearly the same moment, within the Featherwood Guard in the branch master’s office, an old man looked coolly at all the employees in front of him, not uttering a single word.

    No one dared to meet his gaze, and everyone’s heads were hung low. They were silent, not speaking.

    “Thirty days, a whole thirty days…” His left hand gently caressed a teacup lid: “Where is the person?”

    “Branch Master…” A man smiled bitterly: “Since the cultivation hacker disrupted our internet positioning, the account that sir wanted to find hasn’t appeared again… Furthermore, the positioning disturbance came from the Hidden Dragon Legion. W-we could’ve possibly investigated this erroneously…” 

    “Alright then, speak, what do you think is a “decent” inference?” The old man smiled.

    “Yes…” The man pursed his lips and responded in fear and trepidation: “I suspect… Commander Chu interfered with our search…”

    “What is there to suspect, it’s definitely him.” The old man stroked the teacup lid neither slowly nor hurriedly, not lifting his eyelids. Suddenly, the entire teacup lid noiselessly fragmented in his hand! It seemed to be knocked firmly into the air by large hand! Of all the shards there wasn’t single one that managed to break away from this invisible basket ball-sized parachute! Every drop of tea inside oddly floated in midair! 

    “I gave face, but you had no desire for it.” His eyes revealed cold light: “You dare resist that authority’s command…”

    “So, you’re borrowing Vice Minister Chu’s power to openly obstruct me?” He casually waved, and all the fragments and tea seemed to be like bullets, striking behind everyone with a series of thuds, forming a concentrated bullet hole!

    “Gulp…” It wasn’t known who it was that had swallowed their saliva. Soon after, everyone lowered their heads, drenched in a cold sweat. 

    “Get out.” He closed his eyes: “From today onwards, I wish to see none of you here at the branch again.”

    “This month was your last chance. I still do not see ‘trust’ on any of you.”

    “All of you are fired.”

    The inside of each person’s mouth dried, but they still dared not to say anything. After they saluted respectfully, they stepped out with their hearts brimming with grievance. 

    “Have the personnel of the Heaven Listener, Wind Trace, and Tiger King Legions come in.”

    Less than a minute later, two men and a woman stood before the old man. Although their auras were at the initial stage of Qi Condensation, they nevertheless carried an obvious baleful air. It was a tangible killing aura dyed with the long term slaying of demons.

    They all wore black uniform. Even if the men were wrapped in uniform, the swell of their muscle beneath could be felt. The woman was strong and supple as if she were a cheetah.

    One of the men was bald and his face was smeared with camouflage. The other man sported a buzz cut and was slim, his expression like that of a wooden board. The sole woman likewise carried the distinction of a professional hunter. 

    “We pay respects to Senior!” After the door closed, the three people half-kneeled in unison on the floor and said, as if they were well-trained to do so.

    “Dispense of the courtesy.” The old man slightly raised his hand: “Sit.”

    None dared to sit. The old man didn’t give it any mind and pursed his lips to take a sip of his tea: “I want all of you to find someone.”

    “I’ve already had Heavens Law get hold of the item he used.” The old man grasped at the air, and a plastic-wrapped item appeared on the table.

    It was a gun.

    I want all of you to remember…” His gaze deepened over the three people’s bodies: “In case he is found, immediately notify me. This matter cannot be known to any third party. If outsiders find out besides myself, kill them all. I’ll deal with the aftermath for you.”


    “Each one of you are one of Mingshui Province’s most outstanding scouts.” The old man finished speaking and his face carried a bright smile once again: “You’re different from those mortal technology department simpletons. I shall be awaiting your good news.”

    “We hear and obey!” Once the three people bowed, the woman bowed again: “If I may, is this subordinate allowed to capture this person and bring him before Senior!”


    A jest.

    The old man gently sipped his tea and quite wished he could say: None of you are simply his opponent. It will be a merit for all of you to find him.

    You want to rely on yourselves against a person that was capable of survival from Vermilion Snow’s claws, caused an authority to mention him by name, and vanished without a trace from all of China for three years, unable to be found?

    “Exercise at your own discretions.” He smiled: “However… it is extremely inconvenient for myself to make an appearance concerning this matter. What is most important for you is to unearth and comeback with his information. Under the circumstances that he is left unknowing.”

    “Understood!” The man in camouflage bowed again and questioned: “And what if he is unable to be captured?”

    The old man narrowed his eyes: “If he dies I want to see a corpse.”

    The three people left, and the old man calmly clasped his teacup. Eventually, he furrowed his brows: “It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other, are you not planning on coming out?”

    No one replied, and several minutes laters, a man’s voice faintly echoed: “They are not HL-01’s opponent.”

    The old man scoffed and set down his teacup, peacefully saying: “You and I walked out step by step out of Mingshui Province together that year. We were also considered brothers. Nowadays, I hack and cleave my way through all bristle and thorn in my path, and you say this?”

    “Thousandedge, I…”

    “I understand, I get it…” The old man made a gesture to stop and stood up. He walked over to the window, gently stroked the glass, and murmured: “What else is there to say? In human society and cultivator society, there is nothing else but benefit, the two words “checks and balances”... Have you not come to find me because you fancy my power?”

    “On the contrary, I haven’t seen you in several decades, yet you’ve already reached the peak of the middle stage of Foundation Establishment. Will I be kneeling on the ground and hailing you as Dao Master in another forty to fifty years?”

    The man didn’t speak and only sighed after what seemed to be ages.

    “There’s no need to say anything else.” The momentary sorrow died away from the old man in a flicker. He returned to sit down at his desk, his gaze sharp: “I have carried out the contract, and that Xu will be brought before you. Daomaster Floatingcloud shall take me in as a disciple, no?”

    It was silent once again, and the old man suddenly began to laugh hollowly. His laughter contained a dense fury.

    “You dare renege on the promise?” 

    “I dare not provoke Daomaster Floatingcloud, but as for you…”

    “No.” Before his voice had even fallen, the man’s voice rang out from within the room once more: “The Dao Master’s words are to be followed as law.”

    The old man didn’t say anything, but rather looked off at certain place, devoid of a single trace of emotion. 

    “However, a minor additional clause shall be added on…”

    “Swish!” A black card flashed from within the void and nailed into the desk in an instant. It was written with a forceful hand, strong and bold in its strokes.

    “A black kill order?!” Once the old man caught a clear glance of this object, he coldly gasped: “Death check?! Dead or alive, no time limit?!”

    He glanced incredulously at the place from where the card had flown. An insignificant Qi Condensation cultivator was actually capable of rousing the authority Daomaster Floatingcloud to action! One of China’s ten grand apex personages! And even the black kill order he hadn’t seen for over twenty years had been issued?!

    This card was tantamount to a ticket to hell. The reverse side was red like dripping blood and the front side held the detailed information of the cultivator. Only cultivators above Foundation Establishment had the qualifications to receive this.

    As for cultivators below Foundation Establishment… they fundamentally lacked the attainments to be on this card!

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    Chapter 67: An Old Friend
    “Isn’t this too excessive?” The old man truly became solemn this time. This cultivator Xu was bound to be in position that surpassed others or perhaps in a place that caused Daomaster Floatingcloud to be wary. The first time he saw this card, it had targeted a traitorous cultivator. Only cultivators that had committed great crimes had the right to be inscribed on this card, yet for the first time, a Qi Condensation cultivator had been listed on it!

    “Surprised, aren’t you…” The man’s voice carried a roughness: “I was surprised, as well. Fifty years ago… Wang Buzhi was on this card because of a Foundation Establishment pill. Vermilion Snow was just on this card because of the bloodbath at Heavens Law. There have been several thousand lives… and now, for the first time, a Qi Condensation cultivator is on this card.”

    “However, this black kill order is for your eyes only. After all, the status of a Core Formation cultivator in comparison to our’s in the disposal of a Qi Condensation cultivator is already violating the ‘cultivation antitrust law’.Be on guard… of the Foundation Establishment heavyweights at the provincial cultivation court. Those that come out from it are either noble cultivation lineages or from the powers. They are the true elite that the Chinese government has nurtured since childhood. A single one is selected from ten million people, and there are twenty major law enforcement officials of the higher cultivation court. And that’s not even to mention the chief grand justice and the deputy of China’s supreme court… Those two are great Core Formation masters… Even if master is the nation’s senior, he doesn’t dare to, nor is he capable of, making this public.”

    “Besides to the Chinese government, none of them will pay respects. Thousandedge, by no means can you do this yourself. In case you’re captured by them, the patriarch won’t be able to help you. Your future prospects will end here.” The man reminded once again: “As the Chinese government’s eyes and ears, their gazes have never relaxed one bit on the cultivation world…” 

    He sighed: “When that time comes, even if you captured that Xu, Daomaster Floatingcloud won’t dare to receive you.”

    The old man didn’t say a word and said indifferently after a while: “What’s the point of saying these things now?”

    The man’s voice went silent for several seconds: “You… If you’re caught, even if you have to do it yourself, you must not be captured by the cultivation court’s law enforcement machines… You should understand Daomaster Floatingcloud’s resolution.”

    “Death check… If he’s alive, I want to see a person. If he’s dead, I want to see a corpse.”

    The old man’s gaze was like a blade: “Very well. If that’s the case, wait… Even if all that’s left of him is a head, I will undoubtedly carry out this task.”


    The air outside the room was rather clean and refreshing. It caused Xu Yangyi who had just come out from below to feel the heaviness of the atmosphere inside the room. A calendar hung on the basement door, and he looked at it nonchalantly and laughed: “Has it actually already been a month?”

    He walked up straight to the fifth floor, yet didn’t enter, listening to the faint shouts that came from within. He pushed open the door and saw a group of eleven or twelve-year-old kids. There were approximately around ten to twenty of them, and they were matching taiji move for move.

    If the kids were practicing, then according to reason, Zhou Tingting should’ve been instructing. However, she wasn’t here at all. On the contrary, she was standing at the end of the room, discussing something with a boy around seventeen or eighteen who was decked out in designer brands. 

    He was somewhat familiar.

    Xu Yangyi looked at him for a full three seconds and walked over with a chilly smile.

    “Mister, it’s inappropriate of you to make a purchase from me here… Really! In any case, my Zhou Clan has been around before you even came. Just ask anyone! We’re one of the top three clans in Bai County, too! Since my parents have passed on, you want to buy my dojo?” Zhou Tingting’s face was flushed red in anger. She didn’t seem the least bit like a girl: “Forget about buying it! And you’re actually only putting up a million? Are you insulting me?!”

    “Hehe, were it not for your underground spirit cave I fancy, how could I be willing to purchase your crummy land! Is a million still not enough? You think yours is equal to an A-rank spirit cave? If yours was A-rank, I would’ve immediately given you a 100 million!” The youth waved the check in his hand, provocatively swaying it back and forth before Zhou Tingting in leisure. He said somewhat impatiently: “The most I’ll cough up is 1.2 million. If you won’t sell, then forget about it. You think I won’t be able to find a place to cultivate?”

    Zhou Tingting’s gaze followed the fluttering of the check back and forth in frustration. She gritted her teeth: “1.5 million!”

    The youth yawned: The youth yawned: “1.2 million!”

    “1.4 million!”

    “1.2 million!”

    “1.3 million!”

    The youth disdainfully stowed the check into his trousers pocket and made to leave. Just as he turned around, he suddenly froze in place as if he were a nail. 

    Xu Yangyi was advancing towards him, carrying the shred of a smile on his face.

    “Chatter… Chatter…” The youth’s teeth began to tremble like he was spasming. Never did he even expect this in his dreams! How could he even chance upon this monster by running into this place?!

    “You… D-d-don’t you come over!” He let loose a shriek in the lost of his bearings and actually hid behind Zhou Tingting, drawing the suspicious gazes of all the little kids. His voice trembling: “H-how could you possibly be here?! How can this be!”

    Xu Yangyi walked right in front of him, laughing as he carried his already somewhat dirtied school uniform. He made a hooking gesture with his finger.

    “Didn’t you question me why I didn’t ask your name last time?”

    “So, c’mon, tell me. What’s your name?”

    Hearing these similar words, the youth’s face completely paled. His entire body shuddered like he was suffering a stroke, and his teeth chattered. At this time, Zhou Tingting who was standing in front of him wordlessly moved to the side, laughing with the full knowledge of what was possibly coming: “Mister, I’ll go pour two cups of tea for the both of you. The two of you can take your time chatting.”

    Xu Yangyi leisurely sat down in a chair and beckoned: “What? Don’t recognize me?”

    “I do…” The youth’s throat seemed to hold a walnut, and pain was born in his diaphragm. How could he possibly not recognize this man? For the rest of his days, he would never forget the man from that time that had nearly taken his life!

    “Sir… how could…”

    “How could I be here?” Xu Yangyi was a tad thirsty, and Zhou Tingting just happened to come bearing two cups of warm tea. He laughed as he took a cup, his eyes flashing with a barely disguised killing intent: “Is there a fairly quiet place here?”

    The youth was the one-horned toad that had escaped from Sanshui City’s Venture Pharmaceuticals!

    Zhou Tingting pursed her lips. Even she felt something and lowered her head, her voice low: “Does Sir require more quietness?”

    “Quiet to the extent…” Xu Yangyi smiled as he set down his tea, and it echoed with a light thud: “That if he shouts, no one will be able to hear.”

    “Boom!” Xu Yangyi’s voice couldn’t be considered loud, but nor could it be thought of as light. In the next second, the youth’s entire body was kneeling on the floor, all four of his limbs on the ground, not daring to raise his head at all. He said trilly: “S-spare me… spare my life…”

    Zhou Tingting stood dazed in place. She was a young woman. She could only oblige to being a young woman that had come in contact with the true world through the internet. She was a little girl that hadn’t even left Bai County. She simply didn’t have the knowledge of what a true demon slayer was. 

    At this instant, she couldn’t help but to feel her body grow cold. She suddenly realized that she and the man before her were intrinsically different. 

    He was a true lone wolf. As for her, she was only a sheep draped in wolf’s skin.

    “Sir…” Her lips trembled, and she looked at Xu Yangyi with incomparable complication and then towards the youth who was kneeling on the ground and shivering from head to toe. She said softly: “Y-y-you don’t have to kill him, right… H-he just moved here two years ago…”

    Xu Yangyi clasped his tea with both hands. In concerns to such surviving innocence, he didn’t know whether to snort in disdain or praise her for maintaining this purity.

    She couldn’t have known how he had at one time killed a berserker that murdered a number of people. Moreover, she couldn’t be aware that the mountains of corpses and seas of blood of 7000 people below Heavens Law’s Fengyi City branch was because of the desire of a single demon.

    He only used his gaze to calmly sweep over the youth’s whole body without a shred of emotion, as if he was looking at a commodity. His gaze was penetrating like a blade.

    “I-I can be sir’s demon familiar!” The youth seemed to hesitate for age and gritted his teeth: “I-I’m willing to let you enter my qi sea and leave your personal brand…”

    “Heh…” Xu Yangyi’s hand pinched the youth’s chin and expressionlessly brought the other’s terrified face to a distance only ten centimeters away from his own. He laughed coldly: “Is my life worth just your brand?”

    Xu Yangyi waved his hand in passing. The other didn’t dare raise his head, and Xu Yangyi said apathetically: “Since you concealed the truth of that berserker, your crimes were destined to persist even into your death.

    He brandished his hand and severed all sound within a meter of his surroundings.

    Purity was something to to be preserved.

    A wet pool had already coalesced before the youth. It was the cold sweat perspiring from his whole body like a spring. Upon hearing these words, his face became deathly ashen. 

    How could Xu Yangyi be here?

    He had over fled over 2200 kilometers from Sanshui City! From the west to the northeast! How could he actually even be capable of running into Xu Yangyi after two years?

    Xu Yangyi had killed the berserker… afterwards, he graduated at Fengyi City! Heavens knew how long of a sigh the youth took when he had read about Vermilion Snow’s great upheaval at Fengyi City.

    Xu Yangyi should’ve definitely died...

    It was Vermilion Snow! Ranked ninth on the Heavenly Demon Ranking! How could the captain of a disciplinary and investigations unit not possibly be dead!

    And yet...

    Here he was, still standing right before him!


    “Swish!” The youth suddenly raised his head, and Zhou Tingting took a step back in fright, looking incredulously at him.

    At this moment, the muscle on the fair-skinned youth’s face seemed to shift about endlessly like it was alive. Warts emerged and disappeared on his face continuously. His eyes were somewhat reddened and a light-yellow secretion flowed out from his forehead, mouth, and eyes.

    The youth had actually been so frightened that he nearly assumed his demon form?

    She gasped coldly, glancing at Xu Yangyi with indescribable fright, not daring to say one word more. 

    Who the heck… was this person?

    “Prove your worth.” Xu Yangyi gently caressed the lid of his teacup. The action appeared to be nothing special, yet it caused the youth’s body to tremble as he looked at Xu Yangyi. “I won’t kill your value.”

    Not waiting for the youth to respond, Xu Yangyi laughed, using a voice that only the two of them could hear to say faintly: “I was capable of survival from Vermilion Snow’s claws. Take a guess, how much do I hate demons?”

    “You have three seconds.”

    Life or death was hanging in the balance! The youth almost didn’t even think about it and immediately said with reddened eyes: “I have a secret art, it can form a dimensional space within the body!”

    “Three.” Xu Yangyi picked up his lighter, gently brushing the table, not lifting his eyelids.

    The youth’s perspiration poured out like broth: “I have 10 million in savings and in my checking! I haven’t taken a fraction of it! I’m willing to become sir’s demon familiar, as well!”

    “Two.” Xu Yangyi raised an eye, lightly pressing down on the flint wheel of the lighter. The clicking sound was like the reaper’s knell.

    “You! You can’t do this…” The youth’s voice was quivered, and a light-yellow liquid bubbled out of his seven apertures, simply beyond control: “I-I haven’t really broken any cultivation laws!”


    “I have a field of Dew Congealing Grass within my body!!!”

    As the youth screeched these words, he seemed to be stripped of his whole body’s strength, limp on the floor like a toad.

    A faintly discernible smile emerged at the crook of Xu Yangyi’s mouth.

    There were some things, such as talent, that were innate. For example, like how to force others to truly come to heel. 

    This was something that he desired!

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    Chapter 68: Chase To Kill (1)
    Of the 50% of pill elixirs on the market, Dew Congealing Grass was one of the main ingredients! It was even a primary component for Qi Condensation cultivators’ frequently used Guyuan Elixir!*

    This toad had cooperated with Venture Pharmaceuticals for close to a decade. From where did he get so much Dew Congealing Grass? There was only one answer. He possibly had a kind of field that ranked as a low-grade heavenly treasure. Otherwise, it was simply an impossibility for him to have provided a supply for an extended period of time!

    If Xu Yangyi bared blade and spear to force the youth to hand it over, the other wouldn’t be willing in the least bit. This was his capital to survive. However, substituted with a seemingly tad coarse method, Xu Yangyi had a way to get the other to “voluntarily” hand it over.

    “Make the contract.” Xu Yangyi stood up, looking straight at the toad. The other tremblingly stood up and gritted his teeth, closing his eyes with resigned misfortune. His mouth opened shakily, and countless wisps of white qi slowly spilled out from his seven apertures.

    Congealing yet not scattering, it was like hazy mist, condensing into the form of a thumb-sized toad.

    Xu Yangyi bit his hand and a drop of blood flew into the toad’s body. Instantly, a crisp and clear ribbit reverberated in the air, and the youth trembled from head to toe. As if he had lost all of his blood, he fell to the ground with a wan complexion.

    His heart was filled with unparalleled regret. If only he had known earlier… Why did he have to go and provoke this fierce god? Not only had Xu Yangyi killed the berserker… but he also escaped from the hands of Vermilion Snow!

    A single misstep, an error at each pace, this was cultivation… A minor mistake was enough for him, who had not been cautious enough, to forfeit his body. He powerlessly lied down on the floor, absent of a single trace of a thought.

    Xu Yangyi waved his hand, and Zhou Tingting stood on the outside in shock. Just now, Xu Yangyi had isolated all sound within a meter of his surroundings. She could only see he had opened his mouth to say something, yet was incapable of knowing what was said.

    “J-just now, did he spit out his prime essence?” She looked at Xu Yangyi and lowered her head deferentially: “T-t-this is the first time I’ve seen such a thing… Is it the same like what it says on the internet, where after you drop blood on it, you can control the life or death of a demon?”**

    “It ordinarily exists a demon’s qi sea. Demons aren’t the same us; they cultivate qi to condense their own qi’s appearance. Afterwards they refine out the impurities within step by step and it finally becomes a demon core.” Xu Yangyi laughed as he spoke: “The stronger the demon, the greater the likelihood they have that their prime essence will congeal and not disperse. It’ll even stay as it is two centuries after their death. So, remember, if you see the skeleton of a prehistoric greater demon later on, no matter what you do, don’t go inspecting it. Even if all that’s left behind is its prime essence, it’s enough to kill you ten thousand times over.” 

    “Once you sign a life-death pact, you can communicate with the pactee regardless of barrier. For example, you don’t have to talk, and as long as you think of something in your mind, the pactee will know via spiritual sense. However, the distance apart can’t go over a hundred meters.”

    Zhou Tingting promptly nodded and soon after glanced at Xu Yangyi somewhat fearfully, softly saying: “Sir, how do you know so much?”

    “Because I’m a professional.” Xu Yangyi kicked at the youth lying on the ground: “Name?”

    “Li Zongyuan…” The other weakly replied, yet he had no choice but to forcefully rouse his spirit to stand up, carrying the hint of a smile even more unsightly than weeping: “Master, do you require the Dew Congealing Grass?”

    He couldn’t expose his great killing intent again. Presently, so long as Xu Yangyi willed it, he could render him in a state where he no longer possessed the will to live, but was denied the release of death. 

    He had to wait… wait for an opportunity, wait for a chance to erase the other’s brand from his prime essence, and then when that time arrived...

    He would flee the country!

    “Take out your savings first.” Xu Yangyi lit a cigarette, yet didn’t take a drag of it. He looked at the ceiling and said: “Pick a good spot and buy a house. It has to be completely private and moreover soundproof. Pick one with an underground garage and remodel it. I’ll be needing it in a week.”

    At a moment where he was most short of funds to kickstart his operations, he had suddenly chanced upon Li Zongyuan that had once ran off from Sanshui City that year. The law of providence followed cyclically; it allowed respite, but never reprieve. 

    With this money… and a fully soundproof quiet place thrown into the mix...

    Next, he would cultivate the first part of the Eternal Alchemy Canon!

    In the End of Days, natural resources were the greatest problem that constricted cultivators from making breakthroughs. However, since the ancient times to the present day, anyone who wanted to obtain even more resources only had a single path, and that was in their qualifications itself!

    Xu Yangyi remembered a matter, the one when he was on the plane. Lotus, Vulture, and Lilac had all said they would open such conditions to the champions. However, to those with alchemy, artifact refining, and talisman Elysial Bestowments, the highest condition could reach thirty-fold! 

    But what if… this alchemy was genuine alchemy? What kind of conditions would they be willing to come out with?

    And as for a cultivator who was ill-adept at utilising their inborn advantages that wanted to reach the apex? Was this a dream? Which one of the figures that stood at those ten Core Formation positions wasn't an illustrious personage of the modern era? Or an unparalleled greater demon? 

    A fire sparked and died away within his heart, but in the next second, a feeling of danger caused him to swiftly narrow his eyes.

    There was someone...

    Someone in the vicinity.

    Three Qi Condensation cultivators. Two men and one woman… They were true killers, outstanding scouts, and while the odor of blood was masked rather well on their persons, their baleful auras were like an unusual flavor in the wind. After Xu Yangyi’s spiritual sense increased explosively, it could be no more distinct. 

    This was a naked provocation towards him!


    He clenched his fists. Since this was a provocation, he reckoned he would fire back. A tiger trapped for three years was now a fierce tiger released from his cage. Whether or not he was still capable of the awe-inspiring might of three years prior was something he quite wished to know, as well.

    As expected, he still thirsted for battle… He inhaled deeply and waved his hand towards Li Zongyuan: “Go.”


    He didn’t move, but rather he sat in the room until the evening. Heavens Law didn’t teach much, but reconnaissance, reverse reconnaissance, and slaughter methods were given the heaviest weight.

    As such, there were four usages, one: to see if the other party was with or without intent. Presently, he could basically confirm that these three people, two men and one woman, were rushing towards him. 

    The other party’s spiritual senses were nearly locked dead on him and never was there a single person in the surroundings that was seen. 

    Two: to probe out the other party’s intent. Was it surveillance or something else? He wasn’t quite certain on this point.

    Three: exhaust the other party’s strength. If they were at a disadvantage against him, it was because at the initial stage of Qi Condensation, fasting couldn’t be accomplished. Scouts like this fundamentally wouldn’t be disturbed by starvation though, this was elementary. 

    In the space of true action, there was a 1% possibility that the tides of favor could turn.***

    Four: to weigh the other party’s essence.

    These things had nearly become instinctual for Xu Yangyi. They had long since been carved into his bones, and upon running into a corresponding situation, they immediately erupted.

    “Elites…” He narrowed his eyes, his finger gently rapping the table. He muttered to himself: “Who is it? Why are they using such elites to keep tabs on me? Or perhaps they want to accomplish something else?”

    “Their concealment skill is rather excellent, and they’re hovering at the boundary a initial-stage cultivator’s spiritual sense is capable of expanding. Moreover, they’ve even cautiously lengthened the distance by 10%. These are the tell-tale signs of specialized scout training and long-term combat…”

    “The blind spot in their thinking is that an ordinary cultivator fundamentally can’t extend their spiritual sense to maximum length. But it’s a pity…” He laughed grimly as he stood up: “The one you have encountered is the true paragon of Nantong from three years ago.”

    These words were incredibly proud. He held absolute confidence in his own strength. Under his status as a paragon, they wanted to monitor him?

    An hour passed. Two hours passed… Nearly five hours had passed. At that time, all Xu Yangyi did was pick up his cell phone and make a call. 

    “Since you’re not making a move, then allow this ‘prey’ to take initiative.”

    He walked out leisurely step by step and even whistled. Taking out a pack of cigarettes, he even put on a pair of slippers like he was at home. This wasn’t a pretense, but rather… true disregard.

    The shoes had nothing to do with it, but it was by these slippers that he was wearing that he had sent the Luo Sanfeng of that year flying with a kick. 

    “He’s on the move.” At this moment, a thousand meters away on the roof of a commercial building, there were three figures stationed that seemed to blend in with the night. 

    Even if someone was besides them, that person wouldn’t hear their breathing. Even their body heat, pulse, and heartbeat would go unfelt. They appeared like three human-shaped statues placed here.

    The distance from the ground was several tens of meters high. The complexions of the three in night were without a shred of change. As if they were treading on level earth.

    “It’s possible we were detected.” An extremely soft voice, yet clearly audible, said somewhat gruffly: “Initially, we relied on less than fifty percent of an initial-stage cultivator’s spiritual sense range in order to confirm the target.”

    “Impossible. Only if he can maintain the expansion of his spiritual sense at will. Otherwise, only a grand craftsman whose neurons have transformed would have such incredible sensitivity to the external world. Our existences could only have been possibly perceived if his neurons expanded over the A-level and his spiritual sense overflowed.” At this moment, the pupils of the man whose face was covered in camouflage turned into three. As if they were the compound eyes of an insect, they focused on the direction Xu Yangyi left. 

    “This is a true fiend. One that any of the several powers couldn’t possibly let go of. A crafts genius… is an existence even more favored than a cultivation genius.”****

    Before his voice had even fallen, on his shoulder, an owl holding a mouse in its mouth was met with fright, screeching as it took of in flight towards a far away place. 

    “Continue to follow. Tiger King-03, stay behind. You’re in charge of contact with the branch master.”

    “Yes.” The woman answered.

    Just as their voices subsided, their two silhouettes walked down from the top of the building like geckos. They were both elites, and their cooperation would simplify matters. Moreover, they were without a shred of contempt.

    Any situation had to be treated carefully. This was the advantage they relied on to achieve a higher ranking. However, they held their own similar pride within their hearts. Their opponent was also at the initial stage of Qi Condensation. However, it was no more than the initial stage of Qi Condensation!

    They were elites within the initial stage, as well! Since it was two on one, the possibility of Xu Yangyi’s capture was considerably great!

    “Did any of the top five paragons from each of Heavens Law’s provinces within the last fifteen years have this person’s face?” As they slid, the bald man whose face was covered in camouflage asked.

    “No.” The slim man said heavily: “Of the top five, even if we combined the three of our strengths, we wouldn’t be opponents at all. And that’s not to even mention a paragon. The top five of each province in these fifteen years have all been fought hotly over by each major power. I’m crystal clear on their appearances.”

    “The hidden geniuses of each major power?” 

    “No way. We’re not scared of these geniuses. After all, they haven’t crossed over the line of life and death like us.” The slim man laughed wryly: “We only have to be worried about the kind that’s come from that damned hell, Heavens Law.”

    There was no further talk.

    From the deduction of any indicators, their opponent wasn’t possibly a person they couldn’t deal with. However, they still held onto the caution that had already become instinct at the bottom of their hearts. All they planned on was testing the waters. If their strike didn’t meet target, they would immediately flee far away.

    One hit was already sufficient to allow these elite scouts to infer the other party’s level.

    * I generally dislike leaving things in pinyin, but I’m kinda hard pressed to in this case. Guyuan is an ancient medicinal food known for promoting various kinds of health benefits. It kinda looks like a solid black paste block with some white marbleization based on what you put in it. From my research, it is made from Longyan (chinese fruit, look up dragon eye fruit if you want to know more), black sesame, rice wine, donkey hide glue (traditional chinese medicine), walnuts, wolfberry, sugar, and red dates. It kinda looks like a brownie with all these nuts in it. 

    ** 精元 - Prime essence. Also translated as original essence. This is part of an important concept in Daoism known as the “Three Treasures”. The three treasures being essence, qi, and spirit. 

    *** Literal chinese here is “comeback weapon” This didn’t really make sense to me in terms of the text, so I had to look it up. Closest thing I found was something related to Dota/LoL. It’s something along the lines of a “carry hero”, where you can just win the game solo if you’re good enough. I think.

    **** Chinese here is literally “side door genius” I had some issues trying to translate this into something that sounds good, but I think crafts is decent. Whenever you see “side door” untranslated, know it’s related to the supplementary activities of alchemy, artifact refining, and talismans/formations. 

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