Archfiend (最强妖孽) by Uncanny Night Visitor (厄夜怪客)



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    Chapter 51: Asura Grounds (3)
    “All cultivators, hear and obey!” Shadowslay’s, Firecloud’s, and Wang Buzhi’s voices all rang out at nearly the same time: “Excluding initial-stage Qi Condensation cultivators, all cultivators above the middle stage lend us a hand in this battle!” 


    “By your lead!” 

    “Decapitating demons and eliminating devils, this is the intrinsic nature of us cultivators!”

    Countless people, regardless of whether they were willing or not, drummed up their courage at this moment. This was because there wasn’t a ghost of a way to retreat. They had been sealed within this underground chamber by an old half-step Core Formation demon. To withdraw would only lead to a path of death!

    Even though boundless terror arose in their minds in regards to this half-step Core Formation demon, and even if they only had the courage for a single blow, this blow had to be dealt!

    “Slay demons to defend the Dao.” Wang Buzhi separated both of his hands by a fraction and a scarlet blade appeared in his hand. Soon after, he roared: “Kill!” 


    The sound of the word ‘kill’ overflowed the heavens! At this instant, every one of the present several thousand cultivators were all of one heart!

    The roars of several thousand people caused the sand on the ground to tremble!

    The innumerable talismans and countless spirit artifacts brought with them a steady, long cry that filled the entire sky, teeming with a sublime majesty and unfaltering heroism! In the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena, several thousand felicitous kaleidoscopic rays like hazy mists shot towards Vermilion Snow as if they were fireworks that stretched across the whole sky!

    This performance of scintillating light released the iron lock of the star bridge!*

    The qi fluctuations aroused by several thousand cultivators shone upon Vermilion Snow’s tender face.

    Beneath the myriad auspicious lights, she didn’t retreat the slightest degree, but rather softly parted her vermilion lips: “Young beauties turn gray and fireworks are left fleeting… I am not unreasonable. I will certainly bestow upon you all a flawless death.”**

    Motion and inaction formed a perfect painting of mourning and captivating beauty.  

    “Boom!” In the next second, a thousand rays of black majestic light spilled out from each one of Vermilion Snow’s pores! It seemed to pour out from within her!

    From all seven apertures of her head, blackness surged out! An oppressive qi that far surpassed what she had revealed before exploded with a rumble!

    Rays of black light in the sky like several hundred thousand unreincarnable souls surprisingly released a chilling rustling! These rays formed a black mist that overturned the sky!

    “She’s going to take demon form!” Wang Buzhi turned up towards the sky and howled: “Kill!”

    Inside the qi walls, Xu Yangyi’s heart was wholly preoccupied with the outside world. He used his spiritual sense to gain a rough awareness of all that was occurring on the outside world.

    Several thousand cultivators made a move in unison and mystic rays of light and qi cut across the vast sky! With a scattered display of prismatic brilliance, their will to battle overflowed the sky! 

    Each sword and each fist carried a determination of certain victory like a breaching tide. They flooded towards the incomparably colossal monster and surged forth! 

    This was a battle of cultivators! This was a war of humanity!

    There were no firearms nor heavy weaponry!

    This assault was even more resplendent than fireworks, but carried with it the grimness of death!

    “Huff…” He sucked in deeply. So this was the world of cultivators...

    If he could come out of this alive, then this world was bound to become even more marvelous because he was a member of it.

    In the outside world, there was the whiteness of the remaining willow catkins fluttering about, covering the earth, and peach blossoms falling, brimming full with red!***

    On Vermilion Snow’s body, the abyssal blackness was all shed off, and following a cackle of a fox, the black mist completely dissipated as if it was blown away by a gale! A snow-white body appeared, a nine-tailed silver fox over 200 meters in size. Already, the beast stood proudly in the viewing platform!

    Its gigantic form made humans seem to be ants in comparison to it. With its feet on the earth and its head to the heavens, the fox’s berserk aura was like the descent of a demon god! Once the nine snowy-white tails were swung forth, they would draw an explosive tsunami of qi!

    On the fox’s forehead, there was an incredibly conspicuous strange black seal. 

    “Snap…” The nine tails waved casually like nine dragons dancing in upheaval. Each place that the tails hit were left with an enormous scar that appeared on the ground! This was a true demon… An unbelievably massive demon! It far surpassed the tremendous serpent Xu Yangyi had slayed at that time! 

    Amidst the immeasurable qi attacks, its snowy-white tails each sent a torrent of matching waves. 

    “Three Realms Demon Phantasms!” Vermilion Snow raised her head and let loose a provocative howl towards the characters of unrivaled beneath the heavens. In a flash, hordes upon hordes of black qi instantly appeared! With Vermilion Snow as the core, the black qi engulfed everyone like a hurricane! 

    “Dong!” Shadowslay raised his hand to obstruct the gale, yet he felt as if he was being battered by a massive 10,000-catty hammer! The instant he had come in contact with the seemingly powerless squall, he had been sent flying back and spitting up blood!

    “Get down!” Following an angry shout, his figure was swiftly rolled into the wind and his voice faded away, no longer to be heard. 

    “Boom!” Xu Yangyi suddenly opened his eyes and he looked over at the qi walls without saying a single word. 

    In that moment just now, a terrible wave of spiritual force had passed inwards, even if it was separated from the qi walls. 

    The entirety of the spirit walls were met with a heavy strike! All the milky-white qi shook incessantly! It seemed it was going to collapse in the next second!

    A bead of cold sweat seeped out from his forehead. His fists were already involuntarily clenched.

    If… everyone collectively welcomed this enemy, perhaps there would a path to survive...

    But! Since his failure to break through was caused by someone’s ruthless severing, he didn’t think the people on the outside would wage a battle to the death for total strangers.

    Human nature was intrinsically hard to fathom.

    Life or death was hanging by a thread. 

    At this kind of time, words had already become moot. This was a matter of life and death. All he could do was watch whether or not everyone on the outside world was capable of linking arms to contend against this foe.

    His gaze twinkled and he unwaveringly locked his eyes on impenetrable qi walls. In the outside world, auspicious qis filled the sky and golden spears covered the earth. 

    However, the auspicious qis and mystic rays were swept away by the black storm-like qi, completely scattering into the air like dead leaves in autumn wind. 

    “Ding, ding, ding…” 

    “Dong, dong…”

    Ten seconds later, like pearls of all shapes and sizes falling on a jade platter, the magik artifacts that all the cultivators had just struck out with were entirely blown away into discord as if there was a shower of magik artifacts raining down from the sky. 

    The disparity in realms was too great.

    “Kneel and wait for death in peace. I promise everyone that I’ll grant you all a painless death!” Vermilion Snow proudly stood in her original spot and said with a voice devoid of emotion. 

    “Puh! Puh! Puh!” The sound of blood being spat out could be heard from the mouths of all the Foundation Establishment cultivators. The seven of them had been swept by the black wind like ruined catkins in the wind, all of them vomiting blood and sent flying back into the ground.

    “Is this the realm of half-step Core Formation?” At some point, Firecloud had taken out a long saber, propping it on the ground and clutching his chest as he stood up. He used his reddened eyes to look at the enormous nine-tailed demon fox before him that’s head could not be seen: “Us seven Foundation Establishment cultivators… were actually defeated on first contact?”

    All the present several thousand cultivators were dumbstruck.

    Moments ago, they had practically struck out with their valiant blows. However… their attacks had been casually dispersed by their opponent?

    Even the Foundation Establishment cultivators they had believed would lead them to safety were of hardly any effect?

    “This… This…” An old man trembled from head to toe. He couldn’t escape because Vermilion Snow was standing in front of the entrance!

    “Could it be that all of us are going to die here?!” 

    “How could it be like this! Why is it like this!” 

    “Are the Foundation Establishment cultivators unable to obstruct her?!” 

    “How can this monster be THIS strong!” 

    The masses continued to fall back, and unceasingly, shrunk back without pause. 

    A burst of energy would wane the second time and be exhausted the third. Just now, their attack that had drained away their maximum power against this old monster whose realm far exceeded theirs seemed to overturn the heavens with battle intent, but among all of them, how many people had no choice but to fight?

    They had placed their greatest expectations on this move. Already, their ambitious spirits had been consumed.

    And as well as their courage.

    Especially since this assault had been subdued effortlessly. Fear had already sprouted in the hearts of many cultivators. 

    It was quiet, a silence like that of death. All that remained was the frenzied dance of black wind that covered the sky and the legions of people rocking side to side unsteadily beneath the tremendous demon. 

    Shadowslay silently closed his eyes. When he opened them again, they were radiating a cold light.

    Circulating his qi in his dantian, he shouted: “I am one with the Dao! Come, my sword!” 

    In midair, wind and thunder rang out awesomely. Countless white motes of qi suddenly converged together in one spot, and after a few seconds, a three-foot jade sword appeared in the sky. 

    “There’s no need for you to do this.” Vermilion Snow’s mocking voice echoed out: “You’re perfectly aware that you will die. Is is not preferable to enjoy the peace?”

    Shadowslay’s closed eyes faintly trembled and he suddenly laughed.

    “I was raised in Dongling Province. When I was 10, I tread into the immortal path. When I was 70, I arrived at the pinnacle of Qi Condensation. At 150, I stepped into the middle stage of Foundation Establishment, step by step, in contact with humanity.” 

    “I have had those who I have served master to, those who I have cherished, and those who have humiliated me…”

    “But no matter who it was, never was I taught to draw back a single step against a demon!”

    “The ways of humans and demons are separate. To not be of my race is to inevitably have a different heart! Thou has committed crimes against my peoples, and even though I am far from adequate, you shall be put to death!”****

    He stifled the billowing qi within his body that he would soon be unable to endure, spat a mouthful of blood onto his sword, and used it to point falteringly at Vermilion Snow: “Fiend… Receive your death!”  

    As if it heard his words, the sword immediately erupted with a layer of scarlet brilliance, making a droning hum. 

    “Well said…” At this time, a frail voice rang out in the outside world. An old man leaning on a cane and clutching his chest stood up together with seven people.

    “Vice Minister Chu…” Vermilion Snow sneered and glanced at the man: “You still haven’t died? Sit down quietly; I respect your position and can leave you with a complete corpse.”

    “You jest.” Vice Minister Chu turned towards the heavens and laughed heartily: “Humanity has flourished for millenia. Your insignificant demon race, you ilk of ant spirits, dare let loose such absurd poppycock to me?!”

    “You know, if I was at the Capital right now, I would have a nuclear warhead prepared just for you!” At this moment, not a shred of an elderly man’s aura could be seen on Chu Tianyi’s body. He seemed to be a fierce tiger that had left the mountain and even took a step forward: “Are you aware that if I survive today, I am capable of retrieving your dog head in less than a month!”

    “It’s a fox’s head.” Vermilion Snow said indifferently: “And so, I bestow death upon you.” 

    The nine tails raised up high and nine tremendous qi orbs shockingly appeared at the tips. Immediately, nine shiver-inducing white rays of light like mercury swathing full the earth covered everyone present!


    “Dad! Save me!” 

    “Fiend! I will not rest until you die!” 

    “I swear it! There will be a day where I behead you under my three-foot bronze sword!”*****

    Miserable wails suddenly converged in the entire arena!

    The nine pillars of light transformed into eighteen. From eighteen they turned into thirty-six, and from thirty-six they turned into seventy-two… In a flash, light pillars cloaked the whole arena!

    The dense smell of human blood assailed the nose and saturated the entire Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena! One… Ten… A hundred… A thousand, like the mowing of grass, countless people continued to perish beneath the pillars of light with hardly any resistance!

    In the case one was struck by the light pillar, a portion of the body seemed to evaporate, smoothly cut off!

    With the death of each of person, the seal on Vermilion Snow’s forehead became a bit redder.

    Within the qi walls, Xu Yangyi’s gaze suddenly flashed, and he stared unflaggingly at the qi walls where nothing could be seen!

    In a twinkling, something seemed to open within his spirit. 

    It was a soundless language, the realization of a holy scripture. It was a thing that even words failed. There was only great courage and great sorrow that could be it’s context.

    He seemed to suddenly realize why to this day it was humanity that possessed the bulk of the strength. Why the demons that were much stronger than the battle capabilities of an individual soldier had to give way in the face of superior forces.

    It was something that circulated within the veins of every man, women, and child of Chinese descent. At this instant, his heart began to throb without the least bit justification, and he suddenly thought of the two-character word cultivator that he frequently heard, that at this moment, sent the blood into a boil!

    Some were scared, some were brave, some ran off, and some persevered.

    Those silhouettes that persistently struggled on deeply stirred his heart in this second. 

    At the same time above everyone… there was an even more burdensome responsibility to protect everyone!

    To take oneself as a cultivator. 

    His qi seemed to be shedding something off like a caterpillar breaking out of its chrysalis, finally spreading its wings and transforming into a butterfly.

    The sudden dawn of an epiphany. 

    T/N: This chapter was tough to get done. Will double check again in the future. I still need to look over chapters 41-45. As usual, tons of notes. Now that we’ve hit over 50 chaps, anyone have any thoughts or opinions? Shout out to the two folks that always respond LOL

    * This is a line by a Tang Poet Su Wendao. Background behind it is tied to a curfew during that time period. But, when people are having fun, things get loose. 

    ** Not a line with clear ties to ancient poems even though it sounds like one. Its origins are unknown and is thought to come from someone in the modern era. Idea behind it is that happiness and joy leaves us all too quickly

    *** Another line from a poem. Originates from the work of a Yuan Dynasty poet named Zhao Mengfu. Poem is about people lighting fireworks in the street. In this context, it is supposed to be a flowery phrase to explain how striking and beautiful the fireworks are. Quite frankly, I think I might have messed this one up a little bit. 

    **** “To not be of my race is to inevitably have a different heart.” This is a play on a phrase said by a famous blind Chinese poet Zuo Qiuming

    ***** 三尺青锋 - Three-foot bronze sword. Copy paste these characters to get a better idea of what this looks like. Shadowslay has the same sword, but it is jade. Because it is jade I could not call it a bronze sword. 

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    Chapter 52: Asura Grounds (4)
    At this instant, a fierce and sharp pain suddenly exploded in his chest! It seemed like an untold number of awls were drilling into his heart! The fierce pain caused him to cover his dantian with his hand. Even a he who could patiently endure anything released a cry of irrepressible pain from the gap of his teeth.


    Without the least hesitation, he immediately took a look. He discovered to his astonishment...

    The black lotus imprint on his chest… had moved!

    His flesh was still, but the black lotus, one that he had believed was but a mere tattoo since the small chest vanished, at this instant, appeared to be alive!

    In the outside world, a light pillar was suddenly launched before Chu Tianyi. In the next second, following the sharp cry of a fox, the pillar unexpectedly dispersed!

    Chu Tianyi wore a grim smile on his face with a pitch-black trigger button in his hand. He was directly faced with Vermilion Snow’s frightened eyes.

    “You said I didn’t dare to?” Chu Tianyi’s aged body walked over step by step and he repeated once more: “Did you say I dared not to?”

    Vermilion Snow didn’t say anything and suddenly erupted with a screech: “Old Thief!”

    Following, a gigantic fox claw raked towards Chu Tianyi! Merely, as the claw arrived in front of him, he didn’t budge an inch. The claw stopped and faintly trembled. 

    “Stow your hand… I will let you leave!”

    Chu Tianyi didn’t speak, but rather smiled towards the other cultivators: “Are all of you capable of constructing her?”

    “We can’t.” Firecloud hacked up blood: “Even if the elevation of realms is half-step, the disparity is as vast as the distance between heaven and earth… We can hold her off for half an hour at most.”

    Chu Tianyi nodded and soon after pressed down on the button as he smiled: “Everyone… I’ll have to trouble you to accompany me on this journey.”

    “Why is life joyous and death bitter?” Shadowslay laughed heartily: “If I can drag a half-step Core Formation old monster that ranks ninth on the Heavenly Demon Ranking to roam together with me in hell, what is there for me to even dread!”*

    “A biological weapon, eh…” The three friends in winter laughed as they stood up: “Never did we imagine in our wildest dreams that we three that have been cautious our entire lives would meet our ends here…”

    Not one person fell back!

    Eight solitary men faced off against the tremendous 200-meter-long demon form. They seemed like clanging swords, not conceding a single step at all!

    Vermilion Snow’s face had turned solemn for the first time.

    If humans only relied via social connections to stand firm as the master of the world, then it wouldn’t be frightening. Frightening was the scientific developments they had made to this day. There were already some things that were completely capable of threatening Foundation Establishment cultivators!

    Like the button in Chu Tianyi’s hand.

    However… after three seconds, not a sliver of any abnormality occurred!

    “As expected, you fear death…” Vermilion Snow sighed in relief as if she had released a heavy burden: “Next… I shall make you believe death to be but a kind of luxury.”

    “Trying to make a fool out of me? You… This… This is!?”

    Before her voice had even fallen, the body of the gigantic fox surprisingly wavered, her voice carrying horror: “Immortal, Immortal Intoxication?!” 

    “How could you have brought such a thing?!”

    “Flee!” A furious shout was released from Shadowslay’s throat: “Everyone, immediately evacuate from the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena!”

    Dazed for less than half a second, all the cultivators and ordinary mortals made a mad dash for the entrance!

    The tide of people was like an ocean and the stream of people was like knit. The remaining several thousand people dared not to stay a second more. The long dragon formed from the stream of humans mingled with the rising and falling of mournful wails. It carried with it the fleeing light of magik artifacts and cultivator with talismans stuck onto their bodies… At this instant, it was as if this tide rushed forth to the entrance behind the unsteadily standing Vermilion Snow!

    “Old Thief!” Vermilion Snow’s mournful howl streaked across the sky. She was forced to look on as the few surviving, approximately four to five thousand cultivators fled towards the entrance behind her, unable to move a finger!

    Immortal Intoxication... the body of one who was struck by it would be without a smidgen of spiritual force and their four limbs would grow pained and feeble. Even for someone of her realm, it could persist for no less than a couple minutes!

    Although she was relying on her demon form, and she still wouldn’t die, but...

    All the Foundation Establishment cultivators including Chu Tianyi stirred not an inch in front of her!

    “In life I was an illustrious sage and in death I will be a mighty ghost…” The ordinarily seemingly chicken-livered Firecloud tremblingly grasped at the long saber in his hand, pointing the shattered tip straight at Vermilion Snow: “I, Firecloud, have lived for a 180 years. The time is not distant until I return to the earth… In any case, I was born in China and raised in China and elected to this position above tens of thousands of people. At the least, I cannot just destroy the bridge after crossing the river, no?”**

    His words were soft, yet they carried with them a determination of certain death. He clearly understood that if they retreated now, there would no doubt that the fleeing low-level cultivators would meet their doom!

    The furious Vermilion Snow couldn’t let go of a single person. If one had seen what she had done before, they would know! If one had seen how she had obtained her epithet, they would understand!

    The enticement of Core Formation was right before her! How could she possibly let a single person slip away?

    She couldn’t withdraw and she was also unwilling to step back! Furthermore, she couldn’t retreat!

    “I am unworthy of being a mighty ghost, but as a ghost soldier, I am willing to accompany Fellow Daoist Firecloud on this journey.” The three friends in winter guffawed loudly, facing towards Chu Tianyi and saying: “Your Excellency, take your leave.” 

    Chu Tianyi’s gaze sunk and he finally nodded: “I will leave. Be at ease, each youth of the younger generation, every clan, I shall look after on your behalfs.” 

    “May there be a day where my Chu Clan is your clan one day.”

    “Of course, this is a debt that you as vice minister are unable to resist, so who shall come fight it?” Firecloud turned towards the sky and roared in laughter: “Leave! The importance of your departure alone is equal to ten of us Foundation Establishment cultivators in concerns to China!”

    Chu Tianyi said nothing further and immediately left after he bowed.

    Vermilion Snow’s eyes reddened!

    Even now her tails wouldn’t budge and she was unable to stand!

    “Juniors!!!” Her scorchingly enraged howl tore through the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena, and her eyes inflamed: “Remain, you wretches… I need the rest of thou souls to ignite my celestial lantern! I have burned for several centuries! I will wither away and die!”***

    “To disturb my Core Formation Grand Dao, I will not rest until all of you die!”

    “I wasn’t intending to live on any longer!” Shadowslay raised his sword and laughed heartily: “Fiend, be on guard for my sword!”

    “Dong!” The sword light was wrapped by a bamboo leaf, a leaf no less than the size of a man and covered with blood-colored veins. Vermilion Snow gnashed her teeth and said: “Junior… This will at most maintain for a quarter of an hour… If I do not pull out thou tendons and flay thou skin, I would have lived in vain for these several centuries!”

    “Haha! What is there to fear!” Firecloud laughed brightly and brandished his saber. The face of it radiated with layers of flames and it left behind a burning scar in the sky.

    “Fiend! You kill people like harvesting hemp; there will be a day where you shall meet a grisly death!” The three friends in winter laughed uproariously and transformed into three streaming lights, scattering their bodies: “We three brothers will be waiting for you in the nether!” 

    “To kill one man is to be a murderer, to slaughter ten thousand is to be a hero! I count that a hundred thousand people have fallen by my hand; how could I fear life or death!” Vermilion Snow’s mournful cry filled the entire Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena, causing the heart to shiver.

    There wasn't anyone that had paid attention, but within the billowing qi walls, the forlorn and stifled shout of a man rang out. The anguish was extreme, a moan incapable of being repressed by any measure. 

    “ARRGH!!!” Xu Yangyi clutched at his chest and wailed towards the heavens. 

    This wasn’t a pain that traveled from the outside to the inside like a blade or hatchet wound. This… was a pain that radiated internally to bleed out externally! It seemed to be an agony that split apart his body in two!

    His fists were already clenched in a death grip and each muscle of his bared upper body swelled. The veins atop his muscles moved erratically and his entire body secreted a layer of cold sweat. There was simply no method of relief. 

    It was just as he gained his first understanding of the word ‘cultivator’, an explanation that wasn’t explained by a book. Afterwards, a kind of pain like a melding shadow seemed to scrape the inside of his body with an infinite number of knives!

    It scalded his blood, it was the burden of struggling against the heavens for life! 

    Regardless of whether it was Vermilion Snow who had cut down humans like grass and killed her way into Heavens Law in a berserker rage to break through a great realm or the several Foundation Establishment seniors that were sacrificing their lives in order for Nantong Province’s hundreds of clans to escape… This was a true cultivator!

    A man of true character knew how to carry himself and what conduct there was to be avoided. This was a cultivator!

    At this moment, he laid prone on the floor, but his body was drawn like a bending bow. With his right hand supported on the ground and his left hand firmly pressed down on his chest, beads of agonizing cold sweat followed down his unwavering chin to the ground. Although he was already enduring the pain tenaciously, a suffering moan still came out from the gap of his teeth.

    No… Not like this!

    Before the pain that caused him to completely lose his spiritual sense, Xu Yangyi already knew that the present seven Foundation Establishment cultivators had taken themselves as bait, staying behind as the authorities of the previous era!

    Ranked ninth on the Heavenly Demon Ranking, this was an ancient demon that had claimed several hundred thousands of lives in her hands! An old monster that had lived on since the Qing dynasty to the modern era for a century!

    If he couldn’t maintain lucidity right now, then later on… even if there was an opportunity, it would pass on in a twinkling!

    He had to leave this place… He swung his head that was even now muddled in pain and rigidly gritted his teeth. With his hand clutching at his heart, Xu Yangyi’s entire person landed on the ground with a boom and his right hand fumbled about unsteadily.

    Finally, he found a sharp rock, and without further words, aimed it at his right arm and stabbed it in with all of his strength!

    “Fuck…” A heavy groan came out of his mouth. He couldn’t thrust the stone into his leg because Chu Zhaonan’s damned bullet was still in his chest and he needed his leg to escape.

    A piercing pain spread from his left arm to his brain. He didn’t know if he could fight fire with fire, but he surprisingly felt the internal pain take a fair turn for the better.

    However, he didn’t catch sight that some of the splattered blood had dyed his chest and unexpectedly been absorbed by the black lotus imprint on his chest. Moreover...

    After the lotus absorbed blood, it went so far as to slowly turn white!

    “Huff…” He wiped away at the cold sweat on his head, planning to wake up Chu Zhaonan, yet at this moment, his face suddenly changed.

    A qi had disappeared… In Xu Yangyi’s heart, it was like a shooting star streaking across the sky. His throat unconsciously tightened...

    This was Shadowslay’s qi… Just now, it had been thoroughly crushed.

    Shadowslay had fallen in battle. 

    He didn’t have time for sorrow, and moreover, he didn’t have the time to consider how dire the situation was on the outside. This was because the second qi to succumb immediately followed. 

    “Senior Wang…” His heart was rather aggrieved. Among these people, when it was time to scramble over talents, some were annoying naggers, some were chicken-livered, and some had grave and stern faces but a belly full of evil tricks. However, at the most critical juncture, all of them stood up and rose to the occasion. 

    They had used their lives to give Xu Yangyi a lesson. In a cultivator’s life, the most pivotal moment, and also the most important, was to trace back to one’s origin. 

    What was a cultivator?

    This was his Dao. It was his truth. It was his root.

    The second Dao… The third Dao… until at last, there was only one Dao that remained!

    “Swish…” At this time, the four qi walls collapsed with a rumble! All gazes were suddenly concentrated on his body!

    Xu Yangyi rigidly clenched his teeth, trembling as he clutched at his chest. His somewhat reddened eyes saw in astonishment a half-dead, half-alive man skewered on Vermilion Snow’s claw. It was Firecloud. 

    As for the others… he couldn’t see them anymore, only the remnants of their qi in the air, proving that they had once walked this earth. 

    Vermilion Snow was dazed and so was Firecloud. 

    It had been beyond Vermilion Snow’s expectations that there would still be someone here.

    In his heart, Firecloud roared weakly! He had forgotten… The developments that had occurred were so abrupt that he had practically forgotten he had shut off Xu Yangyi inside like a “good friend”.

    This person… could not be lost!

    In the future, he alone would be capable of safeguarding 100,000 Qi Condensation cultivators! 

    Firecloud had this kind of premonition!

    “Young Man…” Originally, he felt that his spiritual sense was already scattering away and his pupils went slack, yet at this moment, he was suddenly brimming with a boundless strength: “One day… for… us… us eight… you must take vengeance!” 

    The final radiance of a dying sun.

    Xu Yangyi sucked in deeply. He didn’t know why, but the present boiling of the blood of his chest was simply clamoring! He hadn’t considered it a shred at all, but because of the violent pain of his heart, his voice was trembling fiercely. However, he said word for word with an incomparable staunchness and a resolution that could chop through nails and cleave apart iron: “I, hereby vow.”

    “I, Xu Yangyi, in the rest of my days, shall slay this demon!”

    T/N: WHAT A CHAPTER. Lol @ Chu Zhaonan. The guy is just knocked out while all of this is happening. Also chapters 41-45 have been adjusted/corrected. There should be no discrepancies in terms from here on besides any errors I make. DATED: 1/5/18. This also means revisions are over

    * “Why is life joyous and death bitter?” This is a line from who I think is Xuanzang, a famous Buddhist who was worried about the “purity” of buddhist text in China so he made a 17~ year journey to India. Already a famous figure, he became well known because of the story “Journey to the West”. This phrase is used in a rhetorical matter, since the idea is that life and death are two sides of the same coin. Therefore to think of both as separate things is pointless. 

    ** “Destroy the bridge after crossing the river” - To achieve success and then discard one’s benefactor

    *** “Celestial Lantern” - Sky/heaven lantern whatever. I thought this was part of demon physiology, but it's more like an allusion to a great achievement/goal

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    Chapter 53: Emperor Armament (1)
    “HAHAHAHAHA!” Vermilion Snow’s roaring laughter spread about like a ripple: “You?!”

    “On the basis of just you!?”

    “By relying on yourself, a Qi Condensation insect?”

    “When I was cultivating at the Green-Hill Mountain, your great-grandmother hadn’t even come into this world yet!”*

    Firecloud laughed as well, not because he felt it to be ridiculous, but rather because he was relieved. A fiendishly gifted cultivator added on with a Core Formation arcane effort… He didn’t think it was a laughing matter at all.

    It was a pity… that he wouldn’t be able to see it for himself.

    “Run!” He roared, and in a flash, Vermilion Snow suddenly cast him off her claw!

    “Detonating your qi sea?!” She looked at Firecloud in shock. Never would she have imagined that he would be so unyielding. Just now, she had felt the qi sea within his body come to a sudden boil. This was the prelude of the qi sea’s self-detonation!

    Xu Yangyi stiffly clenched his teeth and headed behind Vermilion Snow without a second word, but her nine tails madly rushed to block off the entrance!

    Just as he took a step, the body-wide pain, the pain of the absence of qi, the pain of his heart — all the aftermath of his battle with Chu Zhaonan — enveloped his entire body like a tide! His eyes reddened and he unflinchingly pressed his teeth together. Suddenly using his leg to tread forward, he exercised all of his strength to rush towards the entrance!

    The opportunity would only exist in this instant!

    This twinkling that Firecloud had traded his life for wasn’t for him to take revenge now! Rather, it was for later on as he arrived at Foundation Establishment and stepped into Core Formation to visit this enmity once again!

    “Bang!” Less than two seconds later, a small mushroom cloud exploded in front of Vermilion Snow. Following her miserable howl, Xu Yangyi didn’t turn back but instead drew upon his full strength to rush urgently towards the entrance!

    Behind him, a violent shock wave proliferated all around. The clothes on Xu Yangyi’s whole body were suddenly rushed forward by it! It was as if the center of his back had been struck by a hammer, and he was unable to put up any resistance to vomiting a mouthful of blood!

    Firecloud has passed on.

    The eight Foundation Establishment seniors, at this moment, had all fallen without exception. In order to allow all of the people of Nantong Province to escape, they had not pulled back a single step.

    He had to move faster! He needed to speed up again!

    Firecloud had already done the utmost he could accomplish; Xu Yangyi had to flee!

    Closer… He was getting even closer. He didn’t know how he was actually capable of running so quickly without spiritual force, but the door was a distance of several tens of meters away, barely apart by twenty meters! He charged forth with the wish to survive!

    “Swish…” At this moment, a petite silhouette appeared before him.

    “Thump…” He halted his footsteps without delay and swiftly drew back. At this split second, he instantly recognized it was Vermilion Snow’s human form. This was because the bloody smell on her body and her terrifying might were one in the same! 

    “What’re you rushing for?” A jade hand waved softly and was accompanied by gentle laughter like a silver bell: “He was doing nothing more than teasing you. Did you believe the self-detonation of an insignificant middle-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator could harm me? What ridiculous naivety.” 

    “Bang!” The hand appeared weak and powerless, yet seemed to carry a tremendous force that could topple mountains and overturn seas! Xu Yangyi had already crossed both of his arms to protect his chest, but he had been sent directly flying several tens of meters without the slightest concern!

    “Crack!” The bones of his entire body seemed to like they were going to break, and he painfully covered his chest. With a rip, the wound that had been healed recently by Firecloud tore open again, even more severe than the one from an hour ago.

    “Cough…” All that he hacked out was blood, and he silently surveyed the state of his body. This blow had at the minimum fractured half of the bones in his entire body… Speech came as an impossibility to him and all that spilled forth as he opened his mouth was blood. 

    He was struggling to stand up, but just as he straightened his figure, a slender jade foot stepped on his back. 

    “Boom!” Like a massive 1000-catty hammer had struck him, he was firmly trampled down beneath her foot, unable to lift a finger.

    Vermilion Snow hadn’t seen it, but because Xu Yangyi was pressed down, glimmers of golden light had flashed fleetingly from his seven apertures. It seemed as if inside his body… there was some hidden object that radiated golden light.

    “Let me guess… You’re this graduation’s paragon?” Vermilion Snow didn’t give any mind to the mixture of blood and mud all over his body and laughed dazzlingly: “Take a look, there’s no one here now. The annoyances have all died. I killed several thousand people this time; shouldn’t I take a bit of interest from your body?”

    A long snow-white leg appeared before Xu Yangyi and Vermilion Snow crouched down. Using her hand to raise his chin, she gently helped him push aside his hair: “I want to ask you a question.”

    Xu Yangyi’s gaze looked forward. Vermilion Snow’s left hand had raised his chin and her right hand was incessantly spinning a jade chest.

    Seeing his gaze, Vermilion Snow said matter of factly: “Do you want this item? That won’t do. Old Ghost Firecloud was protecting it to his death… It’s sure to be a good item.”

    That belongs to me… Xu Yangyi closed his eyes. This time, he wanted to kill. He wanted to take chop off this demon’s head, place it in the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena, and use her blood to offer sacrifices to all of today’s fallen martyrs. 

    “Be good now, it won’t do to behave too greedily.” Her gaze followed all the way down from Xu Yangyi’s pectorals to his abdominals, and she extended her foot to rub against them in passing: “Say, weren’t they idiots? They were fully aware they were going to die, but they still obstructed me?”

    Xu Yangyi’s Adam’s apple stirred, and he closed his eyes, not speaking. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to say anything, but rather his entire body from head to toe was surprisingly in pain!

    It was a sensation like being set aflame, a scorching terror!

    Vermilion Snow didn’t know that he didn’t have qi right now, but he knew. With his constitution several times better than a normal person’s, he had been slammed from the highest point of elevation of the several tens of meters tall of audience stands into the arena ring! A great circle of spider webs broke open, yet he actually hadn’t died?

    “Fuck you…” After a while, he finally had a sliver of qi and used it without the slightest hesitation for his most familiar insult. 

    “Crack” Before his voice had even fallen, Vermilion Snow picked up his broad hand and effortlessly broke one of his fingers: “I’ll say it again.”

    “Weren’t they idiots?”

    Severe anguish spread into Xu Yangyi’s brain, but he didn’t shout, but rather looked unwaveringly into Vermilion Snow’s emotionless eyes. The muscles of his cheeks stirred and he said word for word: “Listen up.” 

    “Fuck you.” He laughed fiercely, yet the corner of his mouth was teeming with a delighted arc: “F-U-C-K Y-O-U.”**

    “Got it? Whore.” 

    If he was going to die, he absolutely wouldn’t choose to go down kneeling!

    Vermilion Snow sighed gently, raising her head to look at the already scar-covered Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena: “The first time I saw you, I felt you were carrying an extremely familiar, but extremely loathsome scent to me…so I will gently remind you…”

    She pinched Xu Yangyi’s chin and thoughtfully propped her hand neck and said faintly: “An era seems quite far ago, no? Let it be… I can’t recall it.”

    Letting go of Xu Yangyi’s face, she took her hand back, laughed, and calmly snapped another one of his fingers: “Little Boy, be obedient, I’m giving you another chance. Say that you’re my servant and then kneel on the ground and kiss my feet. I will grant you bliss.”

    “Haha…” Xu Yangyi didn’t even heavily groan as he heard his finger snapping like a firework. The ten fingers linked to his heart, yet the pain didn’t cause him to scream at all, only bringing blood and laughter.***

    The burning within his body… was becoming hotter and hotter. If not for his whole body covered from head to toe in blood presently, it would’ve long become visible. 

    Inside his body, there seemed to be something erupting. Something that his skin, his flesh, and his bones were unable to obstruct. He truly was without strength; to say more would be superfluous. 

    Vermilion Snow’s face chilled. She sighed gently: “Then… go to hell to accomplish your sweet dreams, alright?”

    In the next second, her hand thrust straight into Xu Yangyi’s heart. His gaze shrunk and he didn’t even feel the pain. He only felt his heart burst and his blood cease to circulate, an ice-cold whole-body sensation.

    Am I going to die...

    His defeated eyes carried a heavy irreconciliation. 

    Am I going to die like this?

    He had just seized the paragonship… and now he would be killed here by such a demon?

    “Swish!” At this instant, his entire body suddenly erupted with a golden radiance! The golden rays illuminated the entire Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena! It spilled forth from within his qi sea like the descent of a holy child! Not only was it Xu Yangyi who was knocking on death’s doorstep sent into a daze, but even Vermilion Snow was wholly stunned!

    What was this?

    Xu Yangyi didn’t know. He only felt… that within these several seconds, his entire body had unexpectedly underwent an astonishing restoration! This was a kind of restoration that transcended all he knew about pill elixirs! In nearly a twinkling, he had recovered to his initial state!

    “This…” He even nonchalantly raised his hand, looking in shock at everything that occurred before him, which had surpassed his imagination.

    Vermilion Snow slightly gaped. She who had lived for several centuries had never seen such a spectacle. With her own hands, she had pinched his heart to rupture, so how could this be possible?!

    “Buzz…” In an instant, the golden rays become more and more magnificent! Xu Yangyi finally discovered from where these golden lights were coming from! It came from above his qi sea to outside of his body from a palm-sized golden chest that was frantically trembling!

    A droning sound like Buddhist chants seemed to be in disarray, yet came through with an extreme rhythm from the chest. Every ray of light appeared like the red afterglow of the heaven’s horizons, the color of the setting sun at night, a boundless magnificence with such holy purity that it caused none to dare look closely at it!

    It was a kind of indescribable heavenly might. A mere glance at it and one would know that while these rays held not a shred of a power, they dared not to even touch them at all.

    As the chest rolled over and over about, Vermilion Snow couldn’t help but to seize the jade chest and recoil. She sensed… the object inside the upper half of this chest, this item… was very terrible, extremely terrible… so that it even caused her to feel a coldness birthed on her back! Moreover… this sensation was incredibly familiar!

    Yes… That was right! What caused her to glance many times at this brat as he entered the branch was this certain feeling! This sensation… caused her to be so nauseated that she wanted to vomit, yet because it had been ages, she still felt a shred of danger!

    How long had it been since she had last encountered it? Fifty years? No… A century?

    “Yes! A 113 years ago, the item that damned imperial eunuch took out in his hand to slay me with carried this sensation!”

    In her veins, this ancient memory exploded with a rumble, a kind of fright that had come bestowed by the heavens. In a flash, it took hold of her thoughts.

    “Emperor Armament!!!” A resounding screech suddenly erupted from her throat, and she turned back to flee without the slightest hesitation! 

    At the same time, on the first level of the Heavens Law branch, the area was already filled with corpses. However, at this moment, a tremendous mechanical face on the ceiling opened its eyes without warning, zeroes and ones circulating within its eyes. 

    “Spiritual force fluctuation… Unable to be calculated… Spiritual force intensity… Unable to be calculated… Spiritual force persistence: three to five seconds…”

    “Retrieving guidance procedures… Located on an organism in the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena. Retrieving all data. Recording…”

    Before the machine’s voice had fallen, it opened its mouth and a tiny green leaf, perhaps only one third the size of a palm, fluttered down unhurriedly. Subsequently, this green leaf, like it had transformed into a bolt of green lightning, charged towards the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena with a speed incapable of being viewed clearly by the naked eye!

    Simultaneously, in all of China, ten pairs of eyes that seemed to be long dormant in slumber suddenly opened. Nearly synchronously, two words came out from their mouths.

    “Emperor Armament?!”

    * Green-Hill Mountain - I want to make note that this is an actual mountain in China where a nine-tailed fox is supposed to be. Mentioned in The Classic of the Mountains and Seas

    ** Author actually uses english here to for the spelled out swearing

    *** “Fingers linked to heart” I feel this requires some explanation + I think this is considered a chengyu. The idea behind this phrase is that the fingers are used a lot for sensory task, so that when you hurt them, it goes straight to the heart and is very painful

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    Chapter 54: Emperor Armament (2) 

    Vermilion Snow couldn’t flee. This was because Xu Yangyi’s hand had firmly seized onto her’s! Xu Yangyi didn’t speak, only using his faintly reddened gaze to look at Vermilion Snow’s panic-stricken expression that covered her face. He didn’t know why he had done such, but it stemmed from instinct.

    Within his body, golden light radiated all around, and an unprecedentedly powerful qi filled each one of his muscles to the brim! Every one of his bones! He dared not to believe this was his own body. He also knew this was absolutely not his own cultivation!

    But… then who was its?

    He was only aware the he was very strong! The current him was terribly strong! Strong… to the degree he could stand on equal footing with Vermilion Snow!

    “No… Let go of me, Junior!!!” Vermilion Snow didn’t know what to think, completely lacking her prior leisurely sauntering composure and releasing a screech! Following, her hand immediately sprouted white fur! Layers upon layers of fur spread forth in transformation! She was undergoing her demonization again without the slightest hesitation!

    Rays of white qi flickered, and afterwards, golden brilliance radiated from all over Xu Yangyi’s body. Like a god overlooking the human realm, he lightly seized Vermilion Snow’s finger.

    “Swooosh!” Layer upon layers of snow-white silver tails swiftly emerged from Vermilion Snow’s body. In a twinkling, a tremendous fox appeared once more! This time, it was devoid of grace or unhurried calm. There was only a voice that flooded the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena!


    An over 200-meter-long silver nine-tailed fox with her right claw at her foremost had been grasped in the hand of a youth covered in blood, as to the extent that the youth was only pulling on a few of her hairs. However, she alarmingly discovered she was unable to wrest herself free!

    She was a half-step Core Formation demon and he was at the initial stage of Qi Condensation, yet she… was still unable to throw him off!

    “Accept your death!” Vermilion Snow’s killing intent had thoroughly erupted, and her nine tails and mouth spread open at the same time. A purple origin crystal like thunderfire suddenly flew out!

    It was only the size of a soccer ball, and in comparison to Vermilion Snow’s demon form, it could be that it wasn’t possible for it be even smaller. However, the surface of was covered with blood vessel-like veins, streaks of rushing thunder, and wisps of clamoring purple clouds, certifying that it contained a might that could overturn the heavens!

    This was an origin crystal. An origin crystal born from a half-step Core Formation demon. In the case Vermilion Snow reached Core Formation, the blood vessel-esque veins on the surface would disappear in their entirety and become a true demon core. 

    She was merely a step away in distance from the true realm of Core Formation. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have dared brave the massive peril of washing the Heavens Law branch with blood. She couldn’t NOT break out. The present Xu Yangyi gave her a sense of extreme danger! Confronted with such an “organism”, her first instinct was to attack!

    This was because this attack was in order to escape!

    It was an Emperor Armament… An Emperor Armament! Her heart screeched, how could such an item lost for countless of years possibly be in Xu Yangyi’s hands?!

    Escape… Escape was her first reaction! Even though over a century had passed, she vividly remembered how she who was already at Foundation Establishment was laid to waste under the hands of that damned eunuch and had to flee miserably! This current Xu Yangyi appeared to be even more powerful than that eunuch!

    “What powerful strength…” Xu Yangyi didn’t look at the flying half-completed origin crystal at all, but rather he surveyed his person. There was not a single trace of a flaw over his entire body, and rays of golden light erupted from his pores and his seven apertures. Half of a palm-sized chest revolved in his qi sea. He himself didn’t dare to believe it; what realm was this even? Making a fist, the wind around his figure immediately tightened as it rustled. 

    “Thou only has three breaths.” 

    “Who are you?” He immediately asked as a voice suddenly appeared in his brain. No one responded, but Xu Yangyi wasn’t in the current mood to listen to the other’s explanation.

    Three breaths… Three seconds?

    The will to battle within his heart erupted like a volcano!

    Several thousands of human lives...

    The lives of eight Foundation Establishment cultivators...

    “Time to settle the debt… whore…” There was no reason to speak. He would kill without mercy!

    The first  second!

    “Solution Ninety… Life Sacrification! Solution Eighty-Three… Starfire. Solution Seventy… Water-Moon Void!”*

    “Alert! Alert!” At the same time in the level above amidst the savage desolation, motes of information frantically flickered all over Heavens Law. Without a shred of emotion, the voice echoed unceasingly: “Detecting energy that surpassess world’s tolerability levels… Detecting energy that surpassess world’s tolerability levels… Initializing scanning…”

    “Initial-stage Core Formation… Middle-stage Core Formation… Late-stage Core Formation… Great Circle of Core Formation… Alert! Alert! Incapable of continuing data retrieval! Has transcended branch avatar’s scope of power! World-transcending energy grade!”

    “Request whether or not to activate slaughter weapon? Request whether or not activate slaughter weapon?”

    “No…” At the same time, several complex voices spoke out in unison and echoed out within a room, close yet worlds apart. Subsequently, information beams suddenly flashed all over Heavens Law’s avatar. Afterwards, it shut its eyes.

    “Record all visual.” A voice rang out: “Include this matter on secrets surpassing S-rank. Pertaining the Emperor Armament, we must not grow complacent by even a hair!’

    “Shut off all channels. Within ten minutes, This Dao Master shall personally take to the scene.”

    In the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena, a mirage as fast as lightning drew out a long afterimage behind it with a speed impossible to see clearly with the naked eye. In a flash, it appeared on top of a fox head!

    Life Sacrification amplified all skills. Starfire, as he remembered it, was the swiftest body lightening solution. Water-Moon Void was a solution in the middle ranks that he had always wanted to use, but was simply incapable of utilising!

    Everyone knew the Hundred Solutions was an elementary-rank arcane effort; who would spend so much thought to study it? Even Xu Yangyi only remembered several tens of the solutions. Life Sacrification was worthy of use, however, the cost was too great.

    At this instant, Life Sacrification seemed unable to put his spiritual force to use! However, the speed that shifted at nearly a wink caused Xu Yangyi’s gaze to flicker. Nevertheless, he didn’t stop.

    The present landscape was no longer the joyous and harmonious scenery that had taken place an hour prior. Ruined limbs, blood, and corpses… were everywhere! This was an asura ground. The gazes of several thousand lives and eight Foundation Establishment seniors landed on him. With this fist, he exhausted his full strength!

    “Boom!” A heavy sound rang out, and Vermilion Snow was forcibly smashed down into a gigantic crater by the crown of her head! However… things didn’t end there!

    The Water-Moon Void was a solution that erupted with layers upon layers of spiritual force. After the first punch descended, Xu Yangyi’s fist raised upwards, and in the middle of the sky, echoed out with a series of heavy booms!

    “Crack!!!” The Baihui Vessel was located in the crown of the head and a heavy blow to it would incur fatal consequences! Vermilion Snow raised her tremendous head and screeched miserably! This was the first time she had been met with blood, and moreover, the blood spilled from her seven apertures!

    “Junior!!!” In the midst of her throat-splitting screech, her voice transformed into ripples visible to the naked eye! The waves scattered in all direction! Followed by a rumbling, the floor of the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena, the audience stands, all collapsed one by one!

    But just as she raised her head upwards, looking at Xu Yangyi with a fury that split her eyes apart, Vermilion Snow’s pupils suddenly needled! This was because… in the sky, the four characters of unrivaled beneath the heavens ceased to be!

    It was not a true non-existence, but rather the countless golden rays and red clouds stirred! Glimmers of golden outlined the image of a man! It was a bizarre leopard-headed man riding atop a strange beast with the body of a horse and the head of a boar. His face was nebulous, yet it could be plainly felt at a glance that it was vacant. With a bamboo slip grasped in one hand and a fist formed in the other, he slowly advanced to hammer her down!

    “Buzz!” At this second, the hair all over her body, as if there was a massive airplane propeller on top of her head, was completely sent billowing through the air! Such was the extent that it even blinded her eyes! 

    “Crunch!” Without warning, her four claws forcefully trampled into the ground, splitting apart the floor! Giant spider web cracks appeared! Her sharp fox eyes turned into slivers as they were blown downwards by the tremendous wind pressure.

    She caught sight of a fist. It wasn’t fast, yet she was incapable of evading it at all!

    “How… How is this possible!” She screeched towards the heavens: “It was ‘erased’! My intention to ‘dodge’ was ‘erased’! What the hell is this monster!”


    Before her voice had even fallen, the golden fist had already hammer down on her head neither slowly nor swiftly!

    “Crack! Crack! Crack!” The sound of teeth breaking filled the air, and all of her teeth, because the top of her head and jaw had both been struck with a heavy blow, shattered completely!

    Blood freely torrented out from her seven apertures! Already, a clearly visible depression had been left on her head! This strike had sent her seeing stars, and her feet stood unsteadily! Her tremendous body fell on the ground with a rumble, and the sand on the ground scattered into the air!

    Second number two!

    Xu Yangyi didn’t give his opponent an opportunity to rest, and his second strikes came like lightning! It was an ordinary blow, however, the strange silhouette twisting in untold golden rays appeared behind him again!

    “This, it’s…” At this waning moment, Vermilion Snow recalled an ancient legend. A leopard-headed man sitting atop a boar-headed horse… nonetheless, it was too late. A fist twisting with endless golden lights rumbled above her origin crystal mercilessly! This blow was directed towards her origin crystal.

    You want to produce a core? Then, I’ll shatter your origin crystal to pieces!

    “Crack!!!!” A blood-curdling scream that seemed like the collapse of dead wood rang out! Just as Vermilion Snow’s massive body over 200 meters long fell to the ground, blood came jetting out of her mouth! Her heart was trembling!

    The origin crystal and a demon’s cultivation were intimately related. In this twinkling, Vermilion Snow only felt that her body was like an iron leaf, set down and frantically pounded with a gigantic hammer! However, her heart was without an iota of struggle. Since she had recalled who the void image behind Xu Yangyi’s back was, her desire to continue battle died out!

    What a joke… This was… a legend! A legend known to all in China!

    “Yiiiiip!” The female fox howled mournfully upon receiving this heavy blow, yet she didn’t attack, and instead, her tremendous body keenly turned tail, madly escaping towards the entrance! She had to escape! This was frightening, too frightening!

    This legend was actually true! In her life spanning over two centuries, this was the first time she had seen it!
    Flee! She had to flee! Staying here would only lead to a path of death!

    In the thick of her escape, her body swiftly shrunk, finally transforming into a young girl wearing a qipao with terror smeared across her face. However, her hands, feet, and hair were all formed from black smoke. Within the lingering black smoke, she made a mad dash towards the entrance!

    The third second!

    In the sky, only a golden afterimage could be seen! In the next second, Xu Yangyi was already standing before her, looking at the fright-stricken face of the young girl.



    “A while ago, it was you that wanted to kill me.” Xu Yangyi felt his fist sink into Vermilion Snow’s tender abdomen, not giving the other an opportunity to finish speaking at all. Her expression was terrified, and her stunning visage’s lustrous cascade of black hair almost hung down on his shoulder. His expression was ice-cold without a sliver of hesitation due to her beauty. 

    With a heavy thud, Vermilion Snow’s entire being was struck to the ground. On her back, there was a distinct bulge that had been dug in by the deep insertion of a fist. Her mouth opened wide and her eyes saucered. She was incapable of believing in what had transpired in any measure.

    This insignificant Qi Condensation insect… This dreg of a Qi Condensation cultivator… This trash that had casually grinded her to death! Despite everything… she had actually been beaten into such a state by him in three seconds!

    In this instant, her facial features twisted, her whole face alternating between demon and human unceasingly. Sometimes she had fox ears and other times she had human ears. Occasionally, her pupils would be slitted, and at others, they would be black. Her skin that was snow white flickered in between fur and skin without pause in less than a span of a second! Her hair fluctuated from black to white, and in one moment, it would be nine white sections, and in the next, she would have a full head of hair like ebony silk!

    Both her hands trembled madly, suddenly extending to foot-long fingernails. In the next second, the nails would recede once again! Her origin crystal trembled; her demonic base had suffered damage… In her heart, her spirit fled away!

    A fist had almost brought her back to her true form!

    * Water-Moon Void - is directly translated as water moon no space between (very close) I thought void was a fitting way to describe this. Mean to represent the closeness of the moon and water

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    Chapter 55: Emperor Armament (3)

    Vermilion Snow didn’t have a sliver of time to react. This was because ensuingly, her opponent had vanished again!

    “Where are you!” Vermilion Snow’s entire body was emitting black smoke, her hoarse voice screeching: “Come out! Get the hell out here!”

    Boundless golden light illuminated every crevice of the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena. At this moment, she and Xu Yangyi seemed to be like Ye Gucheng and Ximen Chuixue locked in contest at the summit of the Forbidden City.

    “Receive your death!” Vermilion Snow shrieked, her left hand madly grabbing out towards her left side. Just as she extended her hand, inches of it turned large and finally transformed into a tremendous, several-tens-of-meters-long fox claw!

    Her body leaned sideways, and as she leaned, she dredged up flights of the Unrivaled Beneath the Heaven Arena’s audience stands. 

    “Damn you!” Her voice was incomparably mournful, and she exhausted all of her strength to claw out five several-meter deep scars that immediately appeared on the audience stands!  

    “Junior!!!” On her right hand, her five fingers condensed five plate-sized black spirit pearls that exploded with a rumble!

    “Boom, boom, boom!” No less than a greater half of the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena was destroyed! Countless gravel stones surged and fell about. This was a frightened madness, a berserking used to conceal the extreme fear in her heart! At this time, the corner of her eye suddenly flickered, and a silhouette interweaved with golden light moved without warning.


    She saw him, yet even if it was her, she was incapable of reacting at this moment!

    With a leg, Xu Yangyi leapt up and used his knee cap to slam his opponent into the ground from behind. The rumbling sound of stone shattering rang out roared and fractured apart in succession. Countless rivulets of blood gushed out from the ground. The sound of bones breaking could be heard coming from Vermilion Snow’s back. Xu Yangyi could hear it quite clearly, yet it didn’t stir his emotion one bit.

    “This one is for the several thousand human lives here.”

    It wasn’t enough… It still wasn’t enough! The blood within his heart was boiling, and there was a voice shouting that these several punches were simply insufficient!

    A cultivator’s integrity. A cultivator’s responsibility. A cultivator’s burden. On this day, with the cost of 7000 lives as the price, he had learned these things. Now was the time for remunerations. 

    From where this strength came from was not important. What was important was that he had to realize his promise to Firecloud right now and put this demon to the edge of a blade! Afterwards, he would take her demon head and lay it in the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena in consolation to the true cultivators.

    “Hehe… Hehehe…” A wretched laughed came from Vermilion Snow’s mouth, whose head was being pressed down upon by Xu Yangyi. Her hair had long fell into disarray, and the veins on both of her hands were exposed. Clawing at the ground, she broke apart layer upon layer of broken stone through both of her hands! All of a sudden, she denounced: “Junior! On this day, I shall not rest until you meet your end!”

    Her condition made her seem to be a devil, and her full head of black hair loosely draped over her shoulders. Even now, she was dyed unbearably filthy with blood. Her bewitchingly beautiful face was completely covered in mud and blood; not only that, her left side was bulging outwards and her right side was sunken inwards. She was essentially not of human form!

    “This one’s for…” Just as Xu Yangyi was about to punch a third time, he abruptly discovered a tremendous crack had materialized in his surroundings!

    A spatial crack!

    The feeling of the pure-black spatial crack was quite odd. If it was said the surrounding air was paper, then this paper had currently split apart. The air seemed to turn viscous, and this viscosity formed a strange black crack. Xu Yangyi was situated in the center of this black crack, and a bizarre attractive force was dragging him towards the inside of it.

    He didn’t know where this spatial crack would lead, and he didn’t know what was inside.

    Simultaneously, his entire body’s spiritual force, a spiritual force that was just frighteningly abundant, receded away like a tide. Vermilion Snow sensed the pressure on her whole body ease up, and already in her mind, she was planning to exert every fiber of her being. Standing up, she discovered an astonishing scene.

    “Heh… Hehehe! Hahahahaha!” She turned towards the sky and began to roar in laughter like a madman: “You still can’t kill me! You’re still unable to kill me!”

    “Bastard! This is your last chance! Next time we meet, I shall pull out your tendons and flay your skin!” Her luxurious cascade of ebony hair danced disorderly, and blood flowed from her seven apertures. The present her was just like a berserk demon.

    Xu Yangyi’s entire form was slowly sucked into spatial crack.

    “Crack, crack, crack…” Time seemed to have reverse, and his wounds of three seconds prior had returned in their entireties. A pain that caused his five viscera and six bowels to shift made him unable to restrain himself from vomiting a mouthful of blood.  

    What the hell was this object? It could reverse time? Supply spiritual force? It appeared to do all these things, but in his heart, Xu Yangyi kept on feeling it wasn’t so simple. His wounds became increasingly greater and more severe until he felt that all the bones in his body seemed to break, and he released a heavy groan. 

    “Remember…” Vermilion Snow was ten-odd meters away from Xu Yangyi. She said with her voice hoarse, her body seemingly inhuman, and blood spilling from her seven apertures: “Dreg… You best pray you don’t meet me again…”

    Xu Yangyi stifled the surging sharp pain within his body, and before his entire body’s spiritual force drained dry, he suddenly pointed out with his finger and a golden brilliance formed a tiny snake, which fluttered towards Vermilion Snow. 

    Vermilion Snow’s laughter immediately died, and she screeched as she used both her arms to protect her head. However, there was nothing. No… She had carefully seen that as the spatial tear nearly joined seamlessly, nonetheless… 

    Her… jade chest that she was holding with an arcane effort inside had disappeared! Furthermore… the unconscious man that was just on the side had vanished, as well!

    “Solution Eighty-One… Stealing Heavens, Swapping Sun…” At the center of the spatial crack, Xu Yangyi and Chu Zhaonan were glued together, and Xu Yangyi’s hand that was dragging the jade chest was trembling. He laughed bitterly: “Fuck…”

    Afterwards, he blacked out, too. His wounds had returned, reversed to when Vermilion Snow had slapped the spiritual force-less him down into the ground by several tens of meters. He had long since lost the capability to support himself.

    If it weren’t for the heart-like hot blood sustaining him, perhaps he would’ve fell over early on. Merely, his hand still grabbed onto the jade box. This was the establishment source of his cultivation path.

    Vermilion stood dazed where she was, looking at the spatial crack in the air that ultimately vanished. The crook of her mouth suddenly raised strangely. 

    “Ahahaha…” Gentle laughter rang out a couple times, and soon after, she turned to the sky and laughed heartily: “Go… Go well, go very well! Hehehehe!” Her heart finally eased, and her gaze turned absolutely icy again.

    “Little Bastard… Just wait…” She sneered: “For you to actually be in possession of such an item… even if you don’t find me to settle the score, I will search for you…”

    Vermilion Snow sucked in deeply and she fiercely clenched her teeth. Her loss this time was great, and her blood sacrifice had went incomplete. Finally, that nameless junior’s explosive strike had brought her foundation to near instability. She would have to recuperate for at least over a decade to slowly mend it.

    She didn’t expect these damned human Foundation Establishment cultivators would be so fearless of death… It was out of her calculations that Chu Tianyi would have Immortal Intoxication at hand.

    But her error above all errors was that she didn’t foresee that there would still be two other people within the qi walls! And among one of them, he could actually injure her that was of half-step Core Formation! All these threads had completely come together in the end to form a whole necklace.

    If the situation was normal, she would be able to kill such cultivators with a breath of air!

    This was her humiliation. She, a magnificent half-step Core Formation demon, only below ten people and above myriad masses, had been beaten into such disgrace by a Qi Condensation cultivator! Even more critical was that her breakthrough to Core Formation was unsuccessful. The kill order of China’s human cultivators was bound to follow! This major affair was enough to sentence her to a death of a thousand cups a hundred times! With her present situation, if a couple of humanity’s true geniuses made a move, she would be unable to force an escape, as well!


    Inhaling deeply, she transformed into tendrils of black smoke, fading away at the center of the arena stage.

    It wasn’t known how long it had been, but the desolate arena stage was quiet without a soul. In a flash, all the stones on the floor all began to lightly tremble!

    “Clatter, clatter, clatter…” It seemed like the charge of ten million-strong cavalry. Subsequently, all shattered stones flew back to their original positions like magic! “Crack, crack, crack!” It appeared that an invisible hand was manipulating these blocks, as if time had turned back once again. Less than thirty seconds later, the entire Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena had already returned to its initial state!

    “Swoooosh…” An illusory silhouette gradually took shape and substance. If there was anyone here, they would definitely be awed in shock. This was because… this person was clearly standing in front, yet his appearance was incapable of being clearly seen. It was to the extent that even his height and external characteristics had strayed past the head, entirely unable to be imagined!

    He appeared like a foreign being isolated from this space. He didn’t exist in the world and perhaps he had surpassed it, transcending above all living things. 

    In the ravaged landscape all around, he seemed to suddenly hear something. His indistinct hand gently grabbed at the wind, and a voice uncertain as to even whether it was a man or woman fluttered in the air: “Ming Di?”*

    After several seconds of silence, the silhouette faintly swayed: “So it turns out you’ve already reached half-step Core Formation, eh… In order to prevent our perception, you went so far as to arrange a formation that covered the entire sky. You sure have given it much thought… For Core Formation, you have already walked upon an evil path, what a pity…”


    At the tip of his nose a fragrant scent arrived. It was the aroma of flowers. 

    Xu Yangyi’s nose faintly stirred. He didn’t distinguish what flower this was, but it was rather clean and new, causing a person who smelled it to feel their state of mind and senses to be refreshed. His body seemed like a block of wood, slightly unstable. A familiar feeling revolved around his body, cool and moist. It was water.

    His bear upper torso, especially some wounds that were itching, seemed to have something sucking on it incessantly. According to his deductions, what he should’ve been feeling was fish. 

    It was like creek water in summer. His sweat carried a salty nature and after it fell into the water, it kept on drawing in little finger-sized fishes sucking on his toes. It was the privilege only a carefree person with mountains on one side and water on the other could have. 

    It was unfortunate he wasn’t privy to it.

    “Swish…” His eyes slightly opened and his body surprisingly felt not a sliver of pain. He opened his eyes, looking at the sky, and sorrow arose without warning. This graduation ceremony, he had experience far too many things… In the end, the only person left behind had been himself.

    That was incorrect… There was also Chu Zhaonan.

    Thinking about this, he discovered that the bullet lodged in his chest had already vanished at some point. Subconsciously, he revolved the Hundred Solutions to absorb spiritual force, yet he found... 

    There wasn’t a scrap of spiritual force here! There were no birds in the sky and neither were there clouds. All that existed was a dark-blue sky. He looked all around him and was incredibly stunned posthaste. At this moment, he was actually soaking in the center of a tremendous lotus pond!

    He couldn’t see the sides of it, and he couldn’t see the end of it. The depth of the lotus pond water was simply unknown. The pond appeared clear, yet likewise, the bottom could not be seen.

    Lotus flowers swayed gently in the wind, as if the pink-snowy color even reached the ends of the sky. Below, clusters of lotus leaves calmly drifted on the surface of the water. It truly should’ve been heaven’s welcome of the boundless jade of lotus leaves, a classical poem of the different reds of lotuses cast by the reflecting sun.

    Chu Zhaonan’s figure that he had pulled in could not be seen in sight. Within this vast, limitless lotus pond, there were no frog croaks or bird cries. It was if this corner been forgotten by the world.

    However, he was the only one here! It wasn’t limited to this. In the next second, his hand subconsciously grabbed at something and his gaze suddenly sunk.

    The jade chest had vanished! The arcane effort he had risked his life for… An arcane effort that would lead straight to Core Formation wasn’t in his hand right now!

    “Fuck!” He didn’t give it any thought a second more and sucked in fiercely, immediately diving beneath the water. He couldn’t lose it!

    This was his take off-point; it was not an option to lose here! How many cultivators could only beseech a glimpse at its exterior? How many cultivators because of this arcane effort had raised up an astronomical price during the segment to snatch up talent?

    He had refused Daomaster Floating Cloud’s recruitment; this item was his lifeline! How could he possibly lose it here!

    * 明帝 - Ming Di. I am unsure if this is a title or name at this point. Will change in the future. Could very well be “Emperor Ming” Or I could be dumb and this Vermilion Snow's real name. But who names a girl BRIGHT EMPEROR

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    Chapter 56: A Fleeting Life Like an Empty Dream (1)

    However, the lower Xu Yangyi went down, the heavier his heart became.

    There was no end...

    This lotus pond seemed to be as deep as a bottomless pit! He had exhausted his full capability, and the blue veins of his neck bulged, yet he couldn’t even see the end! The dark-jade pond water in his surroundings fluctuated. Apart from the dark green, there was also dark blue. According to his eyes’ abilities, he had reached up to about ten-odd meters, but there simply was no trace of the pond’s bottom.

    “Fuck!” He drilled through the surface of the water, rested for ten seconds, and clenched his teeth. Without hardly any hesitation, he moved towards a lotus.

    His body was still dreadfully sore, but this pain right now couldn’t match up to the deep worry of his heart.

    He didn’t know where this was, searching all in his memories, yet he didn’t discover a place that would match a name. This lotus pond like an ocean was certainly fresh water, but which great lake had such a vast lotus pond?

    The sky was washed in jade, without wind nor cloud. He couldn’t even see a distant mountain or dry land. To say this was an ocean of lotuses wouldn’t be the least bit of an exaggeration. It wasn’t possible to have such a large ocean of lotuses inland. He needed dry land. If there was dry land, it represented a possibility there might be people. If there were people, he would know where this place was located. Even more important was...

    If he continued to follow dry land, he could edge along it and slink beneath the water! Even if he had to scour this lotus pond, he had to find the source of his foundation!

    A cultivator could only master a single arcane effort in their lives. The rank of this arcane effort would directly determine a cultivator’s heights. In the future, it wasn’t something that could be replaced, however, to replace a primary arcane effort wasn’t limited to the need of washing meridians and raking marrow; countless heavenly treasures were also required! After the meridians were cleaned and the marrow sundered, a period of twenty years of recuperation was still needed!

    Not even to mention Qi Condensation cultivators, even Foundation Establishment cultivators wouldn’t be able to endure these two decades!

    He swam towards a lotus, yet discovered the lotuses here were particularly large. The petals that unfolded were approximately around a meter, and the lotus leaves below were one to two meters. There some that even grew up to three to four meters.

    Resting on the lotus leaf for a moment, he jumped into the water again with a splash. As if it was the same moments ago, there was still a boundless green and drifting lotus stems. However, at this moment, he didn’t know if whether it was because of his blurred vision, but he seemed to notice a whole pool below him move!

    Xu Yangyi narrowed his eyes, and a sliver of azure light swept past. In that twinkling, he almost believed in himself to have seen the pond’s bottom! Nonetheless, it was only a careful glance of a second. His heart skipped several beats, and he immediately covered his mouth, stifling his breath to use the gentlest of movements to get there.

    He was like a frog exposed on the water’s surface, even causing minute ripples to rise. He swam to a lotus leaf and gently lied down, motionless. His gaze twinkled, his ear pressing closely to the lotus leaf, listening to the each and every movement beneath the water.

    It wasn’t the pond’s bottom. Within this great sea of lotuses like like an ocean, there was something… This was because… he could clearly see that the glimmer of azure light just now was...

    A scale!

    A boundlessly infinite scale! An azure scale! A scale thats ends could simply not be seen! In a place a hundred meters beneath his feet, there was a creature that could send a person’s head swimming in fear. It was quietly concealed beneath the surface, as if the beast was a silent god of death! At the present, he was pretty much walking on this creature’s back!

    “Rooaaarrr…” Extending onwards for ten minutes, a water-jostling sound could be heard from the water below. Because the sound came from the extreme deep, it was unable to be deciphered whether the lotuses on the surface moved. Even if they did, one would believe it to be the blowing of the wind. If Xu Yangyi wasn’t lying down on the lotus leaf and carefully listening, he wouldn’t be able of hearing it distinctly at all!

    Xu Yangyi used the smallest width to stand up. He felt that the beautiful lotus pond had become embroiled in great danger from all sides in an instant.

    A demon? He pursed his lips and leapt to another lotus leaf like the one beneath his feet was a cushion. An old Foundation Establishment monster had a hundred-meter-long demon form… Just from his startled glance, this beast was absolutely more than a hundred meters! There was a possibility it was a thousand meters!

    Pressing down on his heart’s impatience, he used his softest movement to leap between each lotus leaf. There was no point being anxious now. If there was water, there was fish. He couldn’t just starve to death, and while he didn’t have qi, he still had his hands and feet. As long as he was careful in the short term, there should be no dangers.

    He didn’t know how long he walked, but his surroundings was still a boundless sea of lotus leaves. However, he discovered he wasn’t hungry or even tired in this place.

    “I’ve walked for roughly eight hours…” He sat down on a lotus leave, a shred of doubt finally emerging within his heart. Was this place… the real world? In these eight hours, the color of the sky had not changed, he didn’t grow tired, and he wasn’t hungry. This was like spiritual sense yet not in itself.

    “Have I entered into an illusory realm?”

    This was also a possibility. He had heard that awesome talismans and formations could render a person incapable of sensing anything whatsoever. However… what about that gigantic creature?

    He wasn’t aware whether or not the other was a demon, but if it was, what realm was it at?

    While talismans and formations were amazing, his instructor had said it could only simulate the capabilities within oneself. Otherwise, wouldn’t Foundation Establishment be able to trap Core Formation? This was not realistic.

    He dared not to sense the aura of that creature, but he dared to be certain that even Vermilion Snow couldn’t be simulated! A chilliness overtook his heart, and followingly, it burned once again without equal.

    The coldness was that if this was true, this world was a surviving secret. One of few secrets that had carried on since several millenniums ago, too frightening and too astonishing.

    In a place unknown to humanity, perhaps at the bottom of a river or perhaps underground, an eternal pair of eyes and an endlessly long body had watched humanity on the surface.

    What was burning was that no matter the number of concealed secrets in this world, they were all waiting for him! So long as Xu Yangyi advanced, he could truly participate in these secrets, in a top-secret ancient remnant that was claimed as “sealed” in all of China and explore ancient cultivation ruins and probe his fortune and destiny.

    “Huff…” He sucked in deeply and his gaze settled. Everything else could wait for him to leave to be revisited later. Walking untiringly, he didn’t know how long he walked. Maybe it was a day or perhaps it was three days. It might’ve even been a month...

    Finally, after he leapt onto the tallest lotus, he discovered there was a sole location within this sea that was different. A tremendous lotus appeared in the horizon, approximately ten meters in diameter. There weren’t any lotus leaves set off from it, making it appear as if floated like so on top of the water. However, there was surprisingly a ruined pavilion constructed on the center of that lotus!

    No one could be consulted, and moreover, there wasn’t any other choice. Sucking in deeply, he immediately jumped forth without a second word. All his movements were incredibly soft. He hadn’t forgotten that there were some things beneath the water that couldn’t be given voice to. In no way did he desire to awaken the slumbering death god.

    “This…” Just as he jumped, his gaze brightened because… there was a jade chest placed on top. This jade chest was rather familiar. It was the Burning Heavens Revelation’s jade chest!

    “Huff…” The massive boulder in his heart finally fell to the ground. He extended his hand to take it, but at this time, he suddenly discovered countless gentle golden lights seemed to be floating off of his “body”. Appearing like muslin and resembling mist, it was as if his entire person was formed from these gentle golden lights!

    In the next second, the jade chest that was almost within reach exploded with a bang, fragmenting into numerous pieces! An ornamented book appeared amidst the collapse of the jade chest, and he knew that the Burning Heavens Revelation hungered to the extreme by countless people was recorded within, the key leading to Core Formation.

    Not waiting for him to react, the ornamented book suddenly flew towards the top of his head with a whoosh.

    “Swish…” At the same instant, in the vast, cloudless sky, the sound of bamboo and silk rang out. Hanging beneath endless golden rays, a nearly inexhaustibly large bamboo scroll was followed by golden light gently stirring about! It wasn’t known how long it was and its width was a mystery, as if it was able to uphold both heaven and earth!

    The bamboo scroll wasn’t tangible, but rather it appeared to be a qi structure. At this moment, it undulated like a wave in the sky. In comparison to the bamboo scroll thats ends could not be seen, the boundless gold seemed to be the most ordinary black at this moment. Merely, it served to set off the most dazzling white.

    Xu Yangyi didn’t know what its appearance should’ve been like, but if it was necessary to find a word from his dictionary, it was divine. The golden light that constructed this bamboo scroll was much more “divine” than other lights! It even caused a feeling of insignificance to be birthed at the bottom of one’s heart. At this instant, he seemed to be standing beneath the Heavenly Court, a mortal gazing up at the Heavenly Temple in hope.

    “Swish!” The ornamented book opened by itself, free of the wind. The ink characters on the book seemed to dance in the breeze, as if through spiritualism, and they swiftly flew onto the endless bamboo scroll! In a flash, a milky-white ray of light bloomed at the core of the golden expanse! It seemed to be the primordial light from when Pangu hefted his axe and split the heavens and the earth apart.

    Subsequently, lines of script shockingly appeared on the bamboo scroll. The headline read: Burning Heavens Revelation. However, the proceeding characters fluttered incessantly as if there were a pair of formless hands controlling their “typesetting.”

    There was a word that suddenly broke away from the middle, and in the wake of this, golden light danced like a dragon. Grains of golden dust that seemed like butterflies silently fell onto the bamboo scroll, wordlessly bringing forth many more words. There were no lack of characters that were rejected, transforming into golden dust and gradually dissipating in the air.

    Xu Yangyi looked at all of it, his gaze twinkling. He didn’t say a word.

    “Fifty-nine… Fifty-seven…” He softly read these numbers out loud, from sixty to zero. Appearing to be brimming with patience, he continuously repeated these digits. From the beginning, he counted sixty forty times. He suddenly stood up and said heavily: “This not the real world!”

    “I had suspicious before that there couldn’t possibly be such a great ocean of lotuses inland. Just now, I counted a whole forty minutes, but not a single person showed up!” He sat upright on a lotus leaf: “It’s impossible that the entire world’s cultivation satellites haven’t captured a formation this large! Humanity’s seven Core Formation cultivators oversee seven directions. Regardless of which direction, they would’ve definitely arrived within half an hour!”

    “At the moment… there’s no one else…” He narrowed his eyes: “I’m not tired and I’m not hungry. This in itself is already removed from the rules of a Qi Condensation cultivator. In that case…”

    “Who pulled me here?”

    “Is this place a secret realm of the legends? Or perhaps someone is manipulating my spiritual sense?”

    “Swish!” As Xu Yangyi’s thoughts revolved at an extreme speed, the gigantic bamboo scroll formed from golden light finally ceased to move. It wasn’t known how long the bamboo scroll was or how many bamboo slips constituted it. Among the ten-plus slips, there were shockingly more lines of tiny golden script!

    The first bamboo slip had a lone line of large characters. Xu Yangyi had clearly remembered this was originally the position for the Burning Heavens Revelation, but… now, it wasn’t. Five grand characters radiated a resplendent golden light from every single brush stroke to flourish and replaced the characters for Burning Heavens Revelation with incomparable tyranny. Magnificent and imperial, these words resided at the head of the bamboo slip!

    Eternal Alchemy Canon!*

    * Eternal Alchemy Canon/Eternal Pill Sutra King, can also be translated as Myriad Ancients Pill Scripture King/whatever. Myriad ancients is a mouthful and really just to denote he’s reaaaaly old. UPDATED: This phrasing is old, but yes, it can be translated as this. New name: Eternal Alchemy Canon

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    Chapter 57: A Fleeting Life Like an Empty Dream (2)

    Xu Yangyi sucked in deeply, and he watched character upon character flutter on the ornamented book with his own eyes. Personally watching these characters enter the golden light bamboo scroll, he looked on as if a pair of incorporeal hands were automatically arranging the script in the sky.

    The result was that after everything was sorted and increased, there was no character that was the same! 

    “Dong…” At this moment, a faint voice rang like the chime of a bell from some unknown location: “Return… to…” The voice was leagues away, but extremely rich in cadence. When this chiming bell of a noise echoed out, the color of the sky suddenly turned black!

    In the next instant, a lotus ignited with shining blaze. Subsequently, the lotus flower instantly burst into fire as if it had been doused with gasoline! It wasn’t confined to this lotus… but rather… the entire lotus pond!

    “Craaaacckle…” In the wink of an eye, half of the sky reflected the redness of flames, bringing the lotus flower ocean that stretched as far as the eye could see to shine like daytime! On the water’s surface, the reflections of flames all gently swayed! It appeared that the lotus pond water was boiling!

    Xu Yangyi wasn’t alarmed. He stared unflaggingly at the bamboo slip in the sky. Whether or not this situation could be explained, was the Burning Heavens Revelation only a badly ruined secret law? If it was explained… was it originally this never before heard Eternal Alchemy Canon? In the case it was made clear… wasn’t this a true arcane effort lost to the long river of history? 

    The Burning Heavens Revelation was already a Core Formation arcane effort. If that was so… what level was this completed Eternal Alchemy Canon? No… It wasn’t limited to just that!

    He sucked in deeply, and from his experience starting at leaving the branch academy to the graduation ceremony, he was already aware as to what extent modern Alchemy Dao had fallen to. And so… was it possible this arcane effort was an alchemy arcane effort? A supplementary arcane effort?

    All kinds of doubts arose in his heart. When he was in the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena, he could’ve taken the others’ pledges any time he desired. However, in comparison to his present harvest and the complete activation of the mysterious upper half of the chest, their promises were like firefly light contrasted to a luminous moon, unable to be mentioned together on any grounds!

    As he carefully observed each character, suddenly, countless bubbles erupted from underwater!

    “Shit!” He suddenly grit his teeth and laid down on a lotus leaf without a second word. In the sea of lotus leaves, perhaps such a large movement had long disturbed the terrifying prehistoric beast below!

    “Swish!!!” A massive wave that could overflow the heavens flipped over the sky. A fishtail no less than a kilometer whipped out from the sea of lotus leaves! Beneath flame, the azure fish scales glimmered with a devilish brilliance! 

    The fishtail rose up, blotting out the sky and concealing the earth! This simply couldn’t be a creature that could appear on Earth! Even if it was the legendary kraken of the North Sea, it was impossible to have such a tremendous volume!

    The sky’s brilliance was covered by the fish tail, serving as a deathly still black cloth that covered the surface. Countless lotus leaves and lotus flowers were sent flipping in the air in the wake of this gigantic mountain range-like fish tail, and with a rumble, an explosive tide climbed up a hundred meters high as if it was a tsunami! It charged directly at the golden light bamboo scroll in the sky!

    When the Kun Peng flaps its wings, whirlwinds and tornadoes would arise within 90,000 li. It shouldered the azure skies to look below at the city walls of the human realm.

    From extremely large to extremely small, Xu Yangyi’s pupils suddenly magnified. He could already imagine that as the fish tail fell, a mega tsunami would erupt from the whole sea of lotuses! He was like a withered leaf within torrential rain, facing imminent crisis!

    “Huff…” Life and death hanging in the balance, Xu Yangyi suddenly closed his eyes. He seemed to hear a crash, and the entire landscape before his eyes shattered. 

    “Thump… Thump…” The violent beating of his heart seemed to resonate at the side of his ear.
    “Swoooosh…” Torrential rain downpoured, striking his eyes and making wet his body.

    “Vrooooom…” The sound of a car raced past from a not so distant location. The camouflage pants on his body had long been soaked in the heavy rain. He immediately felt a fiery pain from the injuries on his bare upper body. His entire skeleton appeared to be broken, and he couldn’t even summon a bit of strength.

    This was a small mountain at the side of a highway. There were trees growing all over, and he just happened to be on a hilltop. From this location, a few vehicle headlights could be seen on the highway as well as a nearby thinly spread metropolitan area. 

    Below, not a skyscraper could be seen, representing the lightning of the population concentration degree was frighteningly sparse. At least, that was what Xu Yangyi who had just come to Fengyi City believed.

    “Heh…” He let loose a breath of air in lingering trepidation, and his heart palpitated fiercely. The scenery moments ago seemed to be just before him. He could even still clearly remember the thousand-meter-long fish tail that could overturn rivers and seas, as if the landscape was like a natural disaster. 

    It was as if it was a lifetime ago.

    Was that scene just now real or fake? Was that experience an illusory fantasy? If it was a fantasy, why did he remember everything so clearly? Nevertheless, it wasn’t important.

    He tested out his qi sea, and it was completely void. On the contrary though, the bullet in his chest had faded away, but his current “reserve” of qi was almost nihl. With such grave injuries, and without qi to mend his body, he knew that if he laid down here that while he wouldn’t die, he would surely come down with a serious illness.

    Gritting his teeth, he turned his body over. Facing the torrential downpour of the night sky, a trace of a smile surprisingly hung from the corner of his mouth. 

    “Hehehe…” He began to only laugh gently, but finally, he turned up towards the heavens and howled in laughter: “HAHAHA!” 

    Everything else was unimportant. What was important was that he had survived. From the midst of hellish tempering, he had survived! All the Foundation Establishment cultivators had been exterminated and the amount of dead Qi Condensation cultivators and mortals numbered in the thousands. It could be said this was the first major case in close to thirty years!

    He had continued to live, and moreover, had even ruthlessly beat up Vermilion Snow.

    A painful sensation passed on through his entire body, endlessly reminding him that this was the proof he was alive.

    “Huff…” He inhaled deeply, feeling strength slowly return to his body, and familiar qi began to bore strand by strand into his qi sea. He shut his eyes, and his first order of business wasn’t to circulate his arcane effort, but rather immediately arrange his thoughts. 

    Being the first place of a branch wasn’t so simple. He had to be outstanding countless of times in live combat training and had to be tossed alone on an uncharted island filled with demons an unknown amount of times. Over a decade of hell training had caused him to cultivate a very good habit. 

    Fearless to assume, but even more fearless to confirm.

    If the Burning Heavens Revelation was a splintered fragment picked out from this “Eternal Alchemy Canon”...

    Wasn’t this section the primary arcane effort of an apex cultivator of this world? In that case, what was the power of the intact Eternal Alchemy Canon? What was its rank?

    Almost without a sliver doubt, he immediately began to recall each character of the Eternal Alchemy Canon, taking advantage of time he had still not forgotten it. If this arcane effort was assumed true… Then, his key to treading into this world’s great gate would surpass everyone’s imagination!

    This… was quite possibly an arcane effort that transcended the current pinnacle of the world! Above Core Formation!

    Success would be taken from details, riches and honor would be sought out amidst danger!

    Cultivation was to defy the heavens with all of one’s life! One who fearful of the slightest thing and overly cautious would forever be incapable of reaching the other shore!*

    Perhaps this chance was only a sliver, but he had to seriously concentrate on it! After all, in case he seized onto it, it would be a genuine Mark Six!** 

    Just as this thought surfaced, a golden brilliance appeared without the least warning in his spiritual sense. Golden characters neatly floated into view within his brain, and the title was Eternal Alchemy Canon!

    Xu Yangyi’s gaze deepened a bit. The Eternal Alchemy Canon had actually been carved into his mind! He sucked in deeply and his qi sunk into his dantian. He suddenly sat down.

    “Shhh…” A sound gently rang out, and there was an object that had rolled onto the ground from his body. He looked on in shock; it was surprisingly the upper half of the chest that had disappeared. 

    He looked complicatedly at this item. It had caused his qi sea to boundlessly expand, and now that it perhaps couldn’t even be seen, it even brought to him some advantages. However, in the wake of his realm progressively becoming higher and his cultivation increasingly becoming deeper, it was akin to drinking poison to quench thirst!

    However, it had yet saved his life during a calamity. What was the meaning of Vermilion Snow shouting “Emperor Armament”? This item… in the end, was it good or was it bad? Was it a secret treasure or deadly nightshade?

    “Although I don’t know what the heck you are…” He laughed grimly as he put the box into his pocket: “This ain’t the academy, and I got ten thousand kinds of methods to clearly get a hold of your origin.”

    Gazing into the distance as far as his eyes could stretch, his eyes reached a place with lights waning. While the heavy downpour concealed the heavens, it was incapable of obstructing the bright scenery of the human realm.

    “Snap…” His fist made a cracking noise as a knuckle was squeezed. His gaze had already turned fiery. A tiger was left free to reign in the mountains and forests! A dragon roamed about in the great sea!

    This human realm, this world, this was the moment he had at last truly set foot in it! With the status a demon slayer! With the status of an avenger! With the status of a cultivator! 

    And with the status as a human, Xu Yangyi’s status.

    He didn’t do anything else, and rather began to calmly meditate. No less than an hour later, he felt the rain truly immerse his skin in icy-coldness. It was then that he stood up.

    The initial stage of Qi Condensation was still not the time one could fast. It wasn’t until the late stage of Qi Condensation could one be detached from the life of an ordinary person. 

    “I have come…” His gaze swept over four staring shadows within the rainy night and he grinned: “Be careful, demons.”

    In his qi sea, a layer of weak qi was roiling. Although he had only restored approximately one percent of his qi, the feeling of cultivating under rain wasn’t all too great. In particular...

    His gaze cast towards a few shadows in the city. Was there not an even better place to rest…? 

    At this time, a tree behind him split into two with a crash. Just as he turned his head, a boy wearing high schooler’s uniform suddenly appeared from the parted area. To say it was a boy was not completely correct.

    The other’s skin was considerably good, but he shockingly had two pointed ears on his head and a pair of dark-green slitted pupils. His hand was black with thick hair. Because of his mouth opened half wide in astonishment, his steel needle-like teeth could be seen filling the insides. 

    Evidently, the other also hadn’t expected a person would be here. The boy’s shock lasted for less than half a second, and his first response was to let loose a low wolf’s howl from his throat. Subsequently, his four limbs touched the ground, his body arched, and he seemed to immediately want to pounce forth. 

    Xu Yangyi didn’t move at all. The transformation of moments ago… was simply outrageously weak. Even if he only had one percent of his qi right now, he wouldn’t even need thirty seconds to wrap up the thing before him. That was, if it dared take the initiative to attack.

    However, in the next second, just as the boy prepared to pounce, the front half of his arched body abruptly laid on the ground, as if he had suddenly sensed something. His fierce howl surprisingly forced itself to become a kind of cute sound, and he incessantly wagged his stiff tail. 

    Spare my life!

    This was his first reaction just as he was preparing to launch his assault! This man that had incomprehensibly appeared before him could only be considered to have confused him amidst his stupefaction, yet he cautiously become aware of… 

    From snout to tail, he was exuding a body-wide cold sweat!

    How was this possible! How could such a terrifying human cultivator appear in this kind of remote location!? An elite of the Featherwood Guard? A special agent of the CSIB? A manager-level figure of the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion?! Or perhaps he was a reclusive weird professor of Heavens Law?

    His heart nearly leapt out!

    “You’re rather intelligent.” Xu Yangyi looked at the boy on all fours who was incessantly wagging his tail and laughed: “My impression of demons has never been very good, especially now.”

    Xu Yangyi’s laughter was quite soft, yet the boy on the ground felt his entire body tremble and buried his head deep in a pile of wet leaves and mud. He dared not raise it at all. 

    “Fiend, behold my magik treasure!” Before his voice had even fallen, the voice of a delicate young girl shouting could be heard loud and clear from the forest.

    Xu Yangyi narrowed his eyes. Magik treasure?

    This word evoked his interest. Unless one was at Foundation Establishment, how could a magik treasure possible be used? In addition...

    The aura chasing from behind was no different from this weak wolf!

    Thus, he saw a… trembling peachwood sword, worn-out and dilapidated, with a 300 RMB demon-breaking talisman suspended on it, carried by an incredibly frail qi that was staggering like an eighty-year-old grandma, coming towards his direction.***

    T/N: Might be changing name of Eternal Pill Sutra King in the future. Unsure as to a certain aspect of the phrasing. UPDATED: Name has been changed. Explanation coming in future chapters. 1/12/18 Also, anyone watching OWL? Crazy Seoul vs Dallas game. Made a bet I would try to double release if they won, but they didn’t RIP

    * Interesting to note that the word for “other shore” has the meaning of paramita, a buddhist idea of perfection or completeness. This is Daoist, so I left it as “other shore”.

    ** Mark Six is a Hong Kong lottery game. In the lottery, there are six drawn balls and one extra ball. Getting all six drawn ball numbers means getting “Mark Six”. I don’t think I need to explain how insanely lucky this is.

    *** historically, peachwood is known as the anti demon wood.

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    Chapter 58: Time Flies By (1)
    The boy trembled all over, standing up to flee in conditioned reflex. However, just as his body moved, his head followingly became wet with cold sweat and his four limbs firmly grounded themselves on the floor. He dared not move a hair. 

    “Pitter patter, pitter patter…” The heavy rain poured cats and dogs. Even though he couldn’t clearly see the man in front of him, he could feel the man wasn’t even possibly as old as him. However, while he was ten-odd meters away, he could sense the terrifying atmosphere even separated by the massive rain curtain!

    A kind of murderous aura that caused others to choke formed a tangible sharpness. It seemed as long as the other willed it, he was capable of taking his life at any moment.

    The flying sword was very slow; at least in Xu Yangyi’s eyes it was such. It swayed like a house fly, and its weak aura quite tempted him with the desire to slap it out of flight. 

    Where was this place?

    Cultivators… Demons, both were unreasonably weak! Not even to be compared to himself, but in comparison to Luo Sanfeng, Gao Ye, and the other champions, they were far inferior. If it had to be compared, he was presently Firecloud on that day and they were the cultivation clans, as well.

    As the distance between the flying sword and the wolf demon became increasingly closer, the shivering of the demon’s body became progressively fierce. He was close to using an appealing gaze, stealthily looking at Xu Yangyi. With his cultivation, while he wouldn’t die from being stabbed by this sword, he would be seriously injured.

    The person in front of him could definitely save him! In his heart, he held this hope, not looking at the other’s clothing that was ruined like heaping trash. However, so long as this man was willing to save him, the man was absolutely capable of doing so!

    Xu Yangyi looked pitifully at the flying sword, as to the extent that even the people behind could clearly hear it.

    “Young Mistress! Over here! I pecked it, so there’s no way it can flee!”

    “Be at ease! With my Heavenshattering Earthsplitting World Annihilation Meteor Sword here, it won’t be able to escape!”

    Heavenshattering Earthsplitting World Annihilation Meteor Sword…?

    Xu Yangyi resisted the urge to grin with great difficulty and gently waved his hand. The sword instantly lost direction and shakily flew into his hand. Subsequently, his two fingers grabbed onto it, taking this kickass-sounding Heavenshattering Earthsplitting World Annihilation Meteor Sword to press down on in the space between his fingers.*

    The wolf demon had a head full of cold sweat, and he laid on the floor, not daring to say a word. This was a cultivators low-grade demonslaying piercing weapon from the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion that could cause him serious injuries... 

    However, the man seemed to be at the initial stage of Qi Condensation, as well? How could the difference be so great? How did the sword cease to be so effortlessly? It perished? It died away!!!

    Casually playing around with the peachwood sword like it was a lousy vegetable knife, Xu Yangyi suddenly asked: “How tall are you?”

    His voice was quite soft and rather ordinary, yet it caused the wolf demon to break out with a cold sweat from tail to snout. The wolf demon dared not to raise his head and said trilly: “1, 1.82 meters…”

    “You got smokes?”

    Xu Yangyi tossed the peachwood sword into the mud at the side, and the wolf demon buried his head even lower: “None…”

    Xu Yangyi sighed and clicked his tongue: “Take off your clothes.”

    “Yes… Huh?

    The wolf demon was rendered dumb. Take off his clothes? Had he heard incorrectly? Nonetheless, even though he had his doubts in his mind, his body honestly stood up in an instant, starting to shed his clothing.

    He was wearing a school uniform, one from some high school, and quickly took it off. After he took it off, he awkwardly held it in his hand and ensuingly discovered an even more awkward matter.

    “Take off your pants.”


    The wolf demon continued to sincerely take off his trousers.

    “Fiend, don’t move!” At this time, following an attractive and tender shout, a young girl and… a hen jumped out not too far away with the grace of a tiger. Afterwards, the young girl was stunned. 

    In front of her… there was a man wearing tattered clothing forcing her prey to take off his pants… moreover, the pants were even half-shed. 

    “Pervert!!!” After three seconds of silence, accompanied by the shrieks of a young girl and a hen, the human-chicken duo turned around in unison, using their hands and wings respectively to cover their faces. Their sharp voices reverberated throughout the grove.

    “Keep going.” Xu Yangyi’s expression didn’t change, beckoning towards the wolf demon who was awkwardly holding onto his trousers and left only in his underwear. The wolf demon’s face blushed red and pink, and he respectfully handed over his clothing.

    “No!” The young girl reacted and turned her head around, angrily reprimanding: “Fiend… Heavens!!!”

    Xu Yangyi removed his belt neither slowly nor hurriedly and cast off his tattered camouflage clothing in the mud, not raising his head towards the young girl who swiftly turned around: “There’s no need to shout so loudly. In fact, you can turn around.”

    “Per! Vert!” The voices of a person and chicken amped up by eight decibels. 

    The clothes were quite well-fitting, and Xu Yangyi nodded: “Turn around.”

    The young girl and hen turned with reddened faces, In the next second, the young girl released a high-pitched shriek once again: “Pervert! Y-you put on some clothes, eeeehhhh!!!”

    The wolf demon felt that in his several decades of life, he had never lost so much face. In the summer, it was normal to only wear underwear. His clothes were swapped on Xu Yangyi’s body right now, but the one being called a pervert… was him…

    However, without Xu Yangyi’s nod, he dared not to move. In the comparison of his face and his life, it was obvious the latter was much more precious.

    “You… You… What are you thinking!” The young girl’s face turned around. It was then that Xu Yangyi could clearly see her appearance.

    She was quite normal, not pretty, but not ugly, as well. Her appearance was roughly sixteen or seventeen years old. There was a bit of baby’s fat on her face, and her hair was directly pulled back into a ponytail. She wore a cheap T-shirt and an even cheaper pair of jeans and sneakers. Her waist was pinned with a spacious belt and the front of it was fastened with several bags. If he hadn’t seen incorrectly, the insides were all of the Bountiful Treasures Pavillion’s lowest of the low’s demonslaying products. Items that he had used approximately for the first five years when he had just entered Heavens Law.

    “Young Mistress! He’s only the initial stage of Qi Condensation! The initial stage! He’s also a human cultivator!” The hen at the young girl’s side looked stealthily at Xu Yangyi from her wing, suddenly screeching: “Young Mistress! Be reasonable! We should defend our interests!”

    Xu Yangyi tilted his head and the wolf demon immediately dodged behind a tree, only then letting loose a long sigh. There was no need to confront that man… This feeling of his naked body was a thousand times better!

    “Hold on!” At the hen’s words and on top of the wolf demon that hid behind a tree, the young girl became immediately worried: “What the heck are doing! Are you taking him under your wing?! This is my demon that I caught through trial and tribulation! The handling rights are mine! Moreover! How did you get a hold of my magik treasure?!”

    “Who did you catch!” When the wolf demon heard these words, his spirit went half flying! A human cultivator had just let him loose! If Xu Yangyi heard these words and his mood soured, what would he do if Xu Yangyi gave him up in passing? 

    Hiding behind the tree, he stuck out his head and cursed: “I just bumped into you guys! Is it okay for you to chase me?! Don’t chase me just because you say I’m a demon! Have you no shame!

    “Aren’t you a demon?!”

    “Yes… Darn it! Wasn’t it you that jumped out from there, Your Highness! It just happened to be that you ran into me! I was going to let the patriarch find you this morning!”**

    “Yeah, right! I already saw your demon qi soaring earlier! C’mon! Get out here! If I don’t take you in today, I’ll have let down my ancestors!”

    Xu Yangyi listened to this with a smile. This really was a hopelessly convoluted story. As for the specifics… a tentative descendant of what was considered a demon slayer had fallen for a boy and wanted to pursue him. She didn’t pursue him though since it was said the other was a demon. Under her incessant pestering...

    She hadn’t expected the other would truly be a demon...

    “What’s funny!” The girl didn’t hold back on her anger, inhaled deeply, and said furiously: “Our responsibility is to distinguish demons from the crowd! This was merely my honey trap! You… Which organization are you from! Be careful or I’ll go the cultivation courts and sue you for harboring!”

    Xu Yangyi swept an eye over her: “Got water?”

    “I do! ... No! Answer my question first! Who are you! This my income for the next month!”

    “Young Mistress…” The hen gently coughed, using her wing to jab at the girl’s leg, and said gently: “He seems fiercer than you…” 

    “So what he’s fierce? Does being fierce mean you can screw around with the law? … Can’t you wrap up what you’re saying in a single breath? You want water, right? Here!” 

    A warm cup of water was placed before Xu Yangyi in irritation. He took it without the least bit politeness and took a swig. 

    The warm water seeped into his innermost core, and he sighed comfortably. Smiling as he raised a finger, a water drop drifted unhurriedly in the center of the three people. Soon after, he flicked it effortlessly, and a sound like a bullet hitting a tree crisply entered everyone’s ears! He furrowed his brows; the result wasn’t quite good. Ordinarily, the water drop should’ve been able to pierce through the tree.

    “Hiss…” The wolf demon coldly gasped. His vision was extremely good, and he already clearly saw the fist-sized hole that emerged on a large tree ten meters away!

    Silent, the hen rushed over to the tree in the proceeding aftermath. Afterwards, she immediately used her wing to cover her beak, looking at Xu Yangyi like she didn’t recognize him. The young girl’s mouth formed an O-shape at the very first moments of the water drop’s impact, and both her eyes went round as she looked at the tree. Eyes still wide, she looked over at Xu Yangyi. Looking at the tree in disbelief, she looked incredulously at Xu Yangyi once again.

    Her gaze roamed endlessly between the person and the tree. Her noisy mouth instantly closed tight, and everyone looked at Xu Yangyi like he was a demon.

    Xu Yangyi closed his eyes and experienced the warm water moving about in his ice-cold chest. He then asked: “Where is this place?”

    “Mingshui Province’s Bai County… City.” The young girl immediately supplied an answer, standing up incredibly straight and proper. Her voice hovered between respect and docility, switching between the two rather well.

    A county-level city?

    Xu Yangyi sighed gently. It was no wonder that the standard of cultivators and demons here were so frighteningly low. In particular, a county and county-level city simply couldn’t have a branch from the Big Three and that was granted some provincial-level cities at the fringe wouldn’t have one. Even if the Big Three wanted to spread out, they still didn’t have that many people.

    “How many clans and hunting grounds are there? Which power is greater?”

    “There are three clans and four hunting ground. The cultivator’s power is greater.”

    Xu Yangyi nodded and opened his eyes to look at the hen: “Is that your manager?”

    “Yes, Mister!” The hen immediately squatted on the floor, and her animal face seemed to carry a flattering smile: “I truly am very happy to be able to meet you, Sir! The weather seems to have brightened up!”

    The torrential rain was still downpouring as before. 

    This kind of bald-faced lying skill caused Xu Yangyi to recall Mao Ba’er.

    Mingshui Province… appeared to be light years away from Nantong Province, located at China’s most northern side. It was a separation of over 10,000 li. 

    That spatial crack… had surprisingly brought him to such a faraway place? With his sudden disappearance, wouldn’t Mao Ba’er be a cornered dog jumping over a wall?*** 

    The use of this phrase was pretty good… but anyhow, his first order of business was to contact Heavens Law headquarters. He still had to enroll and get in touch with the Featherwood Guard. Perhaps Lotus was also nervously waiting, right?

    T/N: I think I mentioned it, but a li is an ancient measurement, approximately half a kilometer. Also, next chapter will be 60. Author skips 59. Making another bet for OWL. If NYXL beats Boston Uprising, I’ll work to release another chapter DATED: 1/11/18

    * 狂拽酷炫吊炸天 - Chinese slang. I used the word kickass-sounding. Actual meaning: Madly dragging awesome that can f*cking explode the heavens. LUL

    ** I did some localization here. Your highness = “Great god” Chinese slang used mockingly in this context.

    *** This is a chengyu “cornered dog jumping over a wall” meaning “drive to desperate actions.” Didn’t localize because Mao Ba’er is a dog LOL

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    Chapter 60: Time Flies By (2)

    “Is there a Featherwood Guard branch here?”

    “You, no, Sir, are you a person of the Featherwood Guard?” Dazed for a second, the young girl’s tone suddenly raised a pitch, her voice stuttering: “M-may I ask if Sir i-is a r-registered member?”

    Xu Yangyi glanced curiously at her: “No.”

    The expressions of the young girl and the hen immediately dimmed. The youth behind the tree gently sighed in relief.

    Xu Yangyi narrowed his eyes and looked over at the highway: “They’re specially appointed to me. I don’t have to go to them.”

    “S-specially appointed?!” In the following second, three surprised voices cried out from behind him. 

    Xu Yangyi stowed his gaze and looked towards the wolf demon and asked: “If there’s nothing else, take me into the city and buy me a ticket to get to Tanshan City.”

    “Sure!” The wolf demon instantly responded, the radiance of his eyes beginning to twinkle.

    “Not necessary!” Before the wolf demon’s voice had even fallen, the young girl’s voice subsequently echoed out: “Although our Bai County doesn’t have a branch, h-however, my clan can assist you in your contact with the Featherwood Guard! Sir might not know, but according to our newest order, any cultivator that has newly joined the Featherwood Guard has to go to a branch to enroll. They must be notified first in advance! After a cultivator undergoes an identity check, they can fall in!”

    Xu Yangyi faintly knit his brows: “When was this order issued?”

    “Three years ago!” The girl’s complexion was fairly flushed, and she stifled the excitement within her heart: “Three years ago, Fengyi City’s Vermilion Snow Incident became the first major event in fifty years! Is Sir not aware of Vermilion Snow? That’s that nine-tailed silver fox old demon! An old monster that ranks ninth on the Heavenly Demon Ranking!”

    None had seen it, but Xu Yangyi’s hand in his pocket clenched fiercely. Three years ago? Fengyi City’s Vermilion Snow Incident? 

    “Can you be more specific?” He felt his heart speed up, yet he asked this question with a steady and composed face.

    “This matter caused a massive upheaval.” The young girl inhaled deeply and followed up: “Three years ago, the famous peak powers of the cultivation world, at the Heavens Law Graduation Commencement… Sir, you’re aware of Heavens Law, right?” The cultivation world’s most prestigious school! The graduating students from there and we fringe cultivators aren’t the same. I don’t know how many organizations are waiting with reddened eyes to employ them! If it’s the paragon of a graduation… Tsk, tsk… In all of China, there’s only so much that they number less than the amount of fingers and toes a person has. The treatment each paragon gets is sufficient to provide for a small cultivation clan!”

    The young girl spoke with incomparable excitement as if she was the paragon, however, she didn’t pay attention to Xu Yangyi’s face. She suddenly stopped her mouth and coughed dryly, awkwardly saying: “Sorry… Sir… I got off topic, Sir won’t take offense, right?”

    In her eyes, Xu Yangyi faintly lowered his head and mumbled to himself. She believed the other disliked her verbosity, yet she simply couldn’t be aware that the present Xu Yangyi was filled with complex feelings.

    “Continue.” He grabbed at his pocket in habit, yet didn’t feel a cigarette.

    “It’s like this, that graduation, Heavens Law’s system wasn’t perfect enough, and Vermilion Snow blood sacrificed 7000-plus people of Nantong Province’s cultivation clans, even eight Foundation Establishment seniors! I heard that battle brought forth rivers of blood, and not a single person came out alive!”

    Xu Yangyi faintly sighed and laughed gently. But there were… There were two people. In the end, two people had come out alive...

    He and Chu Zhaonan that he had saved.

    “Is Vermilion Snow still alive?”

    “Of course!” The young girl nodded her head in trepidation: “However, she vanished. The Core Formation masters tried to track her down, but couldn’t discover her whereabouts. Right now, she’s already rank one on the Heavenly Demon Ranking! Her bounty is 12 billion!”

    “Heh…” Xu Yangyi raised his head to look at the sky and allowed the rain to strike his rain. The cold rain brought with it a trace of the summer night chill, yet a killing intent like roiling fire had emerged in his heart.

    You still haven’t died.

    That is truly… fantastic.

    If you died at the hands of a Core Formation master, wouldn’t it be too convenient for you?

    How could the oath I promised to the eight Foundation Establishment cultivators be completed?

    His gaze turned somewhat cold: “Did no one ask about that graduation’s paragon?”

    “Of course there were!” The young girl didn’t know why, but she felt fairly chilly. It should’ve been a misconception, right? Her body shivered and she laughed: “The paragon of that graduation, Chu Zhaonan, made it out alive! He was the sole person to survive! Currently, he holds post at the Featherwood Guard!”

    Xu Yangyi’s gaze suddenly flared, but it immediately faded away. Upon hearing this, he was already certain. Zhuangzi dreamt of a butterfly, and with a single dream, three years had passed. After he entered the space-time crack, three years had surprisingly gone by in the outside world!*

    How many people still originally remembered those eight cultivators! How many people still remembered the scene of legions of people altogether resisting a half-step Core Formation old demon? But moreover, they wouldn’t remember… there was a paragon that had defeated the 4A Chu Zhaonan that possessed Gun Kata who was the true number one. 

    Heavens Law had to give everyone a statement… He himself was in a dream for three years, so they could only make Chu Zhaonan first place. That was good. There was still an acquaintance worthy of his regard that had survived… from that hell of mountains of corpse and seas of blood... 

    “But it’s quite strange. Mr. Chu has never said himself to be number one in front of others. Even at the First Place Bestowal Ceremony, he didn’t participate in the use of the title of paragon…” The young girl said pensively: “Last year, in order for Heavens Law to rebuild the Fengyi City branch’s prestige, they invited paragons of the recent ten years to return to participate, but he still didn’t go…”

    Xu Yangyi laughed. It ought to been like so. How could such a prideful person who hadn’t truly defeated him possibly desire the first place, which was the same as charity?

    “Is he… doing well right now?” He questioned indifferently.

    “Certainly! He’s awesome! He’s the Featherwood Guard’s youngest legion commander! Although there are only fifty cultivation legions, he’s a legion commander! There are only 200 legion commanders officially recognized by the Featherwood Guard! There has to be over 300,000 cultivators that want to join a corp of registered cultivators!” The young girl’s face flushed again, and she pursed her lips, but was simply incapable of masking the admiration on her face.

    Xu Yangyi laughed as he looked at her: “Do you really like him?”

    “... He’s handsome, he’s tall, his cultivation is high, and his family background is good, too…” Two dimples appeared on the young girl’s face, and she shyly buried her head: “Anyways, I’m just wishing…” 

    “Lead the way.” Xu Yangyi nodded: “Let’s go to your cultivation territory, and you can help me contact the Featherwood Guard.”

    “No problems!” The young girl immediately answered enthusiastically: “My clan is one of three major clans in Bai County! I guarantee we’ll use the fastest speed to handover your report, Sir!”

    Xu Yangyi laughed and raised his chin towards the young girl: “Clan? You have a clan?”

    “Of course!” The young girl stuck her chest out with a blush on her face: “Bai County’s Zhou Clan! You can just ask around; there’s no one in Bai County’s cultivation world that doesn’t know us!”

    “Moreover, Young Mistress Tingting is the Zhou Clan’s only girl!” The hen excitedly supplemented without delay.

    Xu Yangyi truly laughed happily this time. This was because he remembered the young girl had just said that Bai County only had three clans. There were only three clans, and the Zhou Clan was the third “major” clan. 

    I was worth pondering. As Xu Yangyi saw the half beaten-up BYD parked at the side of the road, he felt that there was a strong possibility his guess was a fact.**

    “P-please…” The young girl helped open the car door for him somewhat awkwardly and laughed hollowly: “A cultivation clan can’t compare to some major powers. A great majority of conditions are quite difficult…”

    Xu Yangyi smiled and sat in the backseat, closing his eyes to recuperate.

    He wouldn’t expose this proud young girl. Originally, when he stood in the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena, it wasn’t hardly an exaggeration to say that some of the province’s peak cultivation clans could rival a province in wealth. To say presently that a great majority of the circumstances of some cultivation clans were quite difficult was insisting to gild one’s face with gold…***

    Then just gild it.

    Bai County wasn’t large, and as a county-level city it was somewhat greater in comparison to normal counties, but when put next to a provincial capital like Fengyi, it was so small it didn’t hold the least bit radiance to a star.

    Currently, it was already late at night. If this was Fengyi City, the streets would be congested with heavy traffic at the moment. It could even be said to be a time where some owls were lively with high spirits. However, in Bai County, not even to mention the peddlers at the side of the road that hadn’t opened their doors for business early, but even the pedestrians on the street were few. In the rain, the yellow hazy street lights reflected the meager silhouette of the city and also the characters of the signboard hung slanted on a small five-story building that said “Zhou Family Dojo”.

    Although he had already prepared for the worst, Xu Yangyi hadn’t expected that Bai County’s third “major” clan would still surpass his anticipations.

    It was an alley with a shabby building pressed down on boths sides by walls. The middle road was approximately two meters wide, and the car couldn’t even go in. If one didn’t raise their head, there was no way they could possibly expect there would be a dojo here.

    Evidently, with the facts laid out in front of them, the young girl’s gilding came to a rattling stop. She gentle coughed and stammered: “The outside doesn’t look that good, but the inside is pretty nice… For the most part, the circumstances of cultivation clans are quite hard these days…”

    Xu Yangyi laughed and nodded, walking inside with the young girl.

    The Zhou Family Dojo was on the top floor, and the inside was indeed better-looking than the outside. The floors were crafted from a single kind of real wood that was both soft and richly flexible. A banner that said “Zhou Family’s Century Taiji Dojo” was dazzlingly drawn out at the center. Xu Yangyi looked around and asked: “Where’s your family?”

    “I’m the dojo master..” The young girl coughed a bit and said somewhat unnaturally: “I-I’m Zhou Tingting. My parents passed away a long time ago. Although our dojo appears ordinary, this place is one of very few places in Bai County that’s rich in qi…”

    Xu Yangyi finally realized the reason why the other had become so enthusiastic when she had heard he was a registered cultivator of the Featherwood Guard.

    He didn’t know whether or not the Zhou Clan was an orthodox cultivation clan. However, even if it was, the clan’s inherited Dao legacies were in all likelihood backwater methods, something that all of China’s cultivation society refused to recognize. Not even to mention a Foundation Establishment senior, perhaps they hadn’t even produced a single middle-stage Qi Condensation cultivator. They could be classified as the lowest caste of marginalized cultivators. 

    On one account, they couldn’t withstand the apex powers one bit, but on the flipside, they were surely stronger than ordinary people. At the very least, it wasn’t a question that this young girl could beat up seven or eight men. Yet, this kind of situation where they couldn’t endure the heavens or receive the earth happened to be the most awkward place for the cultivation world’s disaffected. 

    Perhaps she had no one to guide her on how to cultivate, but her talent could be already considered pretty good for her to be capable of facing the challenges of relying on a backwater Dao legacy to charge into the initial stage of Qi Condensation. Now, that she saw him, the real deal, she definitely wanted to curry favor with him, in her eyes, a “wealthy second generationer” of considerable background! For Xu Yangyi to give her direction on her cultivation journey would be the greatest of assistances!

    “P-please have some tea.” Before he had even finished his thought, Zhou Tingting was already holding a cup of tea that was permeating the air with its aroma. Xu Yangyi didn’t neglect the nearly negligible amount of spiritual force in the tea and even further the fleeting expression of soreness on the young girl’s face.

    He smiled and took it. Taking a big gulp, he nodded: “The tea’s not bad.”

    Zhou Tingting’s gaze wavered, and she pursed her lips, lowering her head.

    T/N: GG EZ. Excelsior beat out Uprising 3:1. Chapter promised as from the bet.

    * Zhuangzi dreamt he was a butterfly is a well-known chinese poem/story by Zhuangzi, famous Chinese philosopher. In this story, Zhuangzi is unsure whether he is actually a butterfly who dreamt he was Zhuangzi or Zhuangzi that dreamt he was a butterfly. So immersive was this experience

    ** BYD is a Chinese auto brand

    *** “Gild one’s face with gold” keep up appearances

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    Chapter 61: China’s Cultivation Net (1) 
    “Is there a computer?” Xu Yangyi asked.

    “There is!” Zhou Tingting immediately brought over a very old laptop. After Xu Yangyi opened it, he swiftly entered in the url of a website that couldn’t be even more intimate.

    He tapped the computer keys in a practiced motion and a familiar web page instantly appeared before him again.

    In the following second, Zhou Tingting’s hand nervously shut off the computer. Moreover, her chest was faintly moving up and down. Her complexion was wan, and she appeared to be greatly frightened.

    Xu Yangyi raised a brow, indicating for her to explain.

    “Cough…” Zhou Tingting realized what she had done and said in trepidation: “Cough… Perhaps Sir is used to connecting online like so, but this won’t do…”

    “China’s cultivation network is a website that requires payment. A low-grade spirit stone for a single week, but my monthly expenses have already been used up. So…” She opened up a website with a green-colored symbol on the computer a bit awkwardly: “You have to use this…”

    “A VPN?” Xu Yangyi was a little curious. This was something he had truly never seen at Heavens Law.

    “This isn’t a normal VPN.” Zhou Tingting’s laughter carried a sliver of haughtiness: “This is the Green Leaf VPN!” 

    “I decoded this from several hundred cultivation softwares. In case the spirit stone isn’t paid on time, the cultivation network’s general proxy will immediately block off your IP address. However, with the Green Leaf VPN, all blocked addresses can go in! Not only does it use a proxy server, but it’s also claimed that the server is the hardest to pinpoint! At the very least, I still haven’t been discovered! What’s most important though is that it accepts Chinese currency!” 

    Xu Yangyi was unable to stifle his laughter and shook his head. There would always be a countermeasure to deal with a policy. It seemed he was a person ignorant of the plights of others.*

    The website quickly loaded once again. It wasn’t know who drew the background, but in the midst of immortals lingering on clouds, there were several handsome ancient young cultivators riding on flying swords. They were surrounded by winding mountains and freely scattered mystical clouds, immortal cranes flying in harmony. Above their heads, there were large characters drawn in ink, dazzling to the eye: China Cultivation Net.

    At the center, there was a section that took up around three-fifths of the screen. On the left and right, there were two lines of messages left behind. On the left it said: “A Dao that can be tread is not the everlasting Dao”. On the right it said: “That which is true is that which is the Dao.”*

    Zhou Tingting’s breathing was urgent as she clasped her tea, kneeling behind Xu Yangyi as if she were a maid. She had already stretched out her neck as far as she could, appearing like she wanted to bore through the computer. Nevertheless, she grit her teeth and restrained herself and even assumed the style of a pretty daughter from a humble family.

    “Can’t you not use a VPN for a link? Xu Yangyi raised a brow and asked suspiciously.

    “It’s not the same!” Zhou Tingting shouted a reply without missing a beat. Afterwards, she gently coughed and said bashfully: “This website… even if you use a VPN to connect to it, we can only get into listings and transactions categories. As for other ‘Cultivation Tips’, ‘Issued Missions’, ‘Dao Result Conventions’ and ‘Industry News’, our small clans can’t get into these four areas.”


    “Because this website needs real-name authentication…” Zhou Tingting sighed with secret bitterness: “In case it detects fringe cultivators like us, the system won’t supply higher privileges… and moreover, China’s cultivation net doesn’t offer the service of raising one’s privileges…”

    Before she had finished speaking, Xu Yangyi had come to understand.

    This site was open with full access to Heavens Law. They had the privileges to enter all the regions. For many years, this was the only website they were capable of accessing, a view that had long since been incapable of become even more familiar. He was rather understanding that China’s cultivation net only had two kinds of methods to increase one’s privileges.

    Method one, if you made contributions to the real world, your ranking would increase. You could then enter setup messages such as “Reading Privileges 100” or “Reading Privileges 888”. The highest reading authority a Qi Condensation cultivator could have was 50. The highest reading privilege set up for a Foundation Establishment cultivator would be 100. As for Core Formation cultivators… whatever amount they wanted it to be was whatever it was. In any case, weren’t there only ten people that could view it?

    Method two, even simpler, and that was to recharge. 

    After all, the present age was cultivation civilization. The cultivation world and the human world were intimately connected, and a majority of genuine high officials, for instance one like Chu Zhaonan’s affluent three generations, were incredibly well-versed with the cultivation world. Perhaps a good part of Qi Condensation cultivators didn’t possess their thorough understandings.  

    In the case they were aware, who didn’t want to cultivate? The ages of those clan masters were too old to cultivate, but didn’t they have grandchildren? Great-grandchildren? There was no short supply of their posterity! 

    However, if you weren’t a cultivator, you were simply incapable of advancing through the real-name authentication. Thus, after China set up the internet in the 90s, the people at the top of the nation’s pyramid joined together to draft a bill. A requirement in “accordance to circumstance” that the children of ordinary people ought to enjoy equal benefits. Later on, this wasn’t only limited to the inheritance of Dao legacies...

    On the next day, there was a function to recharge credits. 

    A union master cost 10,000 low-grade spirit stones. 

    A gold union master cost a 1000 middle-grade spirit stones. 

    A diamond union master cost a 100 high-grade spirit stones.

    An exalted lord cost 10 supreme-grade spirit stones. 

    Basically, once you were an exalted lord, it wouldn’t be a problem even if you wanted to read a Core Formation master’s post. But for fringe cultivators, there wasn’t enough time to cultivate. How could they recharge a price of 10,000 low-grade spirit stones?

    Originally, they wanted to compromise on the balance of power between the cultivation and human worlds, but who would’ve imagine the magic of money would truly be so great without boundary? On that next day, twenty-three exalted lords appeared. It was the service merchants of the cultivation world’s turn to be rendered dumbstruck this time. 

    Halting his train of thought, Xu Yangyi laughed and entered his account information. Smoothly logging on in an instant, he felt Zhou Tingting’s eyes at the side of him stiffen.

    “HL...01…” Zhou Tingting took a glance, and in the next second, her screech nearly flipped over the rooftop: “HL! Heavens Law! You’re from Heavens Law?! A-and you’re also 01?!”

    She covered her mouth in shock. Although she couldn’t enter the sections she desired to the most, she’d been around long enough to know that not counting Heavens Law, there was the Big Three: the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion, the Featherwood Guard, and the CSIB. However, Heavens Law was known as the cradle of high-level cultivators! Out of every ten Foundation Establishment cultivators, half would come from Heavens Law!

    The organization couldn’t join in on the struggle of power, but it was a publicly acknowledged apex power.

    Even more important was… the two letters ‘HL’ were required to be authenticated. It was said that it was incredibly difficult to graduate from Heavens Law, however, which graduate wouldn’t not be scrambled over each graduation? Those with the two letters HL in the front of their login ID were all graduates-to-be or graduates!

    In particular… the two digits of 01...

    “You… You… Sir…” She felt her breathing become rushed!

    Heavens knew that the first time she had say Xu Yangyi, her initial thought was to bother him! So long as he was willing to dispel her cultivation woes for her, everything was fair game besides her body!

    Soon after… looking clearly at his appearance and build, she felt that her body wasn’t exactly off the table… Finally, the two digits of 01 appeared, and she completely collected all of her thoughts. Being 01 was the representation of a city champion! A candidate to contest the title of paragon! The highest of priorities all parties would fight over for!

    “Sir… Sir is a champion?” Her gaze twinkled fiercely. She dared not believe by any stretch of her imagination that she managed to pick up treasure when she went out for stroll!

    “In the past.” Xu Yangyi answered indifferently and clicked on the “Cultivation Rankings” section while he was at it. No one knew whatsoever, but the instant the ID HL-01 logged on, the computer screens of the four major powers all rang out with an ear-piercing beep!

    “Lost information captured… Lost information captured…” At this moment, in the Mingshui Province branch, a mechanical face suddenly opened its mouth and a stream of zeroes and ones endlessly circulated within its eyes: “Locating position…”

    “Verifying data chain… Position captured…”

    In Mingshui Province’s Featherwood Guard’s Panshan City branch, a middle-aged woman raised her wristwatch in doubt and looked at it. As she saw the cover emit red flashes, her pupils immediately sharpened.

    In the following second, she ran to the front of the office without the slightest hesitation, stifling the wild palpitations of her heart. Knocking gently on the door, she didn’t even wait for the other side to answer and pushed her way through the door. Her voice carried a trace of urgency: “Branch Master, the person the top brass requested to track has appeared!”

    Before her was an old man that appeared to be over seventy years old. He wore a pair of rimless silver glasses with crystal lenses and an azure-colored long gown, and his hand holding a brush was comfortably writing. His disposition was hale and hearty, his age not showing the least bit at all. 

    “Good character!” The secretary at his side holding a towel didn’t pay attention to the middle-aged woman and laughed: “Branchmaster Chen’s Liu Style calligraphy is simply divine. Sir, look at the straight hook of this 托. Even if Liu Gongquan was still in this world, he could do no better than this.”***

    The old man smiled and set down his brush, extending his hand to take a lukewarm towel into it. He casually wiped them, not raising his head: “The person being tracked?”

    “Of the Featherwood Guard, the CSIB, and the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion, which branch doesn’t have a person they want to trace?” He lifted his long gown and sat down on the sofa, crossing his legs in satisfaction. With a wave, a cup of lukewarm tea flew into his hand: “Who is it?”

    “Three years ago on September 8th, Sir mentioned a person by name to track” The middle-aged woman said gently without delay: “It was just investigated that his Heavens Law username HL-01 has appeared again! He’s in our Mingshui Province!” 

    The old man’s gaze flashed, and he inhaled deeply: “Are you certain it is him?”


    “Then what are you waiting for?” The old man laughed grimly as he set down his tea: “Conduct an investigation straightaway!”


    “Slow down.” Just as the middle-aged woman was about to leave, the old man laughed: “If you’re certain don’t take action by yourself. Notify me at once.”


    The middle-aged woman left and the secretary laughed: “Branch Master, does this necessitate such importance?”

    “Moron…” Branchmaster Chen closed his eyes, his smile even colder than ice: “What do you know…”

    This was a cultivator that had escaped from Vermilion Snow’s clutches!

    Eight Foundation Establishment cultivators about the same as himself had died in battle! Among them, four were at the Great Circle of Foundation Establishment! But from that landscape of mountains of corpses and seas of blood, Xu Yangyi was capable of surviving against all odds!

    What was most important though… was there were apex figures that mentioned him by name to track down! Otherwise, why would he be concerned over a trifling Qi Condensation cultivator? 

    He just didn’t understand. Why was it that an insignificant Qi Condensation cultivator was able to obtain such importance from a lordship?

    At the same time, in the middle of a jungle, there were thirty to forty people leaping on a tree over twenty meters tall like energetic squirrels.

    “Distance from the target is forty meters!” A series of red numbers appeared on the goggles of a camouflaged man wearing protective eyewear: “It’s already been confirmed the demon accompanying the featherfall grass for it to bloom is at the late stage of Qi Condensation. Moreover, it’s a demon of unknown size. Commander Chu, report complete.”

    “Close in on three sides.” The chilly voice of a man could be heard in everyone’s earpieces: “Stick to the plan.”



    Of the last of the troops, there were only two people. A man whose entire body was wrapped within a cloak and only holding two enormous eye-grabbing pistols emitting a coldness in his hands. The other man’s fingers seemed like they were flying as they moved over a tablet, incessantly making calculations.

    At this moment, both men’s wristwatches rang out with a beeping noise in sync. They nearly stopped in step simultaneously. 

    “This…” The man in the cloak’s voice revealed a wavering for the first time: “He’s still alive?”

    “Gao Ye!” He immediately turned his head towards the person at his side. 

    He obtained the other’s low excited roar: “Understood!”

    On the tablet, the entire chart that had just appeared on it vanished straightaway, and another completely different data chart surfaced.

    T/N: Quick explanation on the forum tier level things: its also like that on China’s forums. There are different VIP levels, privileges granted base on level, etc.

    * “Ignorant to others’ plights” Direct translation is “Why don’t they eat meat” A phrase allegedly said by Emperor Hui of Jin when he heard his people did not have rice to eat. Somewhat along the lines of Marie Antoinette saying “Let them eat cake.”

    ** “The Dao that can be tread is not the everlasting Dao.” This line is the first line of the Dao De Jing, THE Daoist scripture, one of the most translated works in the entire world. I am unsure of the second line specifically.

    *** Liu Gongquan is a Tang Calligrapher. Very famous

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