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    Chapter 17: Manager Su (1)
    Xu Yangyi wasn’t aware of branch matters at all. Perhaps it would be better to say that even if he did understand, he still wouldn’t care too much. Heavens Law was a militarized administration. Besides learning of the habits, geographical distribution, classification, societal structure of demons, and how to develop their own cultivation, other finer aspects wouldn’t be taught.

    This society was far more complex than beyond what normal people could see. It wasn’t enough to even study this to begin carrying on in this society, moreover, the cultivation world didn’t require it. The law of the jungle was that simple.

    Thus, it could be said that Xu Yangyi basically didn’t understand what a berserker symbolized for every exam candidate and so on. He also didn’t know that after he slayed the berserker, the branch would become the receptacle of much attention. 

    He only knew he was confronted with a choice now, an extremely grim choice.

    “What? Handsome dislikes Big Sis’s handiwork?” A jade-like hand followed by a sweet voice set down the cold sweet fermented rice balls in her hand and took out a snowy, gold-marked card from her bosom. She didn’t pass the card into Xu Yangyi’s hand but gently pursed it to her lips, leaving a red layer of delicate fragrance on it and then flicked it streaking into his sturdy chest.*

    It was unknown what methods she had used, but the button on his chest popped off with a clack, followed by the second one… the third one… straight to his chiseled abs until the card stopped at his hand and squirreled itself away: “Big Sis knows I’m bold to trouble you with these ordinary foods, even if I did personally prepare them. The flavor can’t be compared with the cultivation foods you normally eat… A stud like you won’t blame me, right?”

    Xu Yangyi calmly took the business card from his wide-open clothes and blew on it: “The Bountiful Treasures Pavilion’s Manager Su, I have less than a month until I have to return to the branch to make my report. There’s not much time.”

    “You can do many things in a month… Does Handsome think that a normal person like me is unsuited to chat with you?” The woman stooped her body over, propping her perfect face to peer at him: “Big Sis only wants to invite you for a bite, that’s all. Sir is connected to the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion, and we can discuss the purchasing arrangements of the demon’s corpse. Can’t I appreciate a handsome customer?”

    She laughed and said sweetly: “And doesn’t Mr. Xu’s ‘first time’ deserve to be commemorated?”

    Her voice wasn’t melodic at all, but it betrayed a languid smokiness. If a young maiden could be said to be a silver bell, then she was the lantern’s evening candle. She was classy, respectable, and a trace of alluring appeal revealed itself in her extravagance.

    Her voice made people who heard these words come from her lips couldn’t help but associate it with how rosy and seductive her lips were, and the softness of her watery gloss if a hand was used to gently caress them. 

    Presently, it was midsummer, and her light-blue crop top revealed the snowy flesh of her navel, closely pressed against her bewitching body. It made people unable to mentally associate her with anything that was covering her body, but rather desire to immediately peel them back, and use their tepid fingers to touch the silky flesh lying below her shirt.

    Her miniskirt outlined the enticing S-shaped curve of her ample derrière, and her two snowy thighs below were like jade, tender and straight. On her feet, she donned in a pair of wine-red Christian Dior high heels. The clacking sound they made as they rapped against the floor was sweet to the ears. A long white cotton scarf draped her smooth shoulders, adding an even more indistinct flavor.

    This was a woman in full bloom, like the penetrating maturity of a honey peach, like one could suckle water by gently biting on the skin. A look that was exquisite and fully complementing, with rosy lips and eye shadow of slight depth. all in all, it was a fact that could be testified.

    This was a beauty, an extremely stirring beauty.

    The beauty gently took off her cotton scarf, and beneath the haziness, a tattoo of a vermilion rose could be seen on her shoulder. Her gaze faintly swept over his pectorals and abdominals, and she used her alabaster hand to hand him the scarf to cover himself. With red lips carrying an enticing charm, she whispered gently at the side of his ear: “Handsome… Tonight, Big Sis will be waiting for you. Come to 28 Spring Road, and we’ll discuss in detail the purchasing arrangements. Be there or be square.”

    She headed straight out, her bountiful ebony hair cascading behind her, and she glanced over at the dumbfounded husky, faintly smiling: “You’re on your own.”

    “Clack… Clack…” The sound of high heels tapping upon the ground was music to the ears as she left the sickroom. Already, a light was radiating from the eyes of the husky by the side. As soon as the beauty had left, he began barking up a storm.

    “Pretty boy… I knew your face would bring you a love affair! Let’s go! We should really go! We need to go! But since you’re discussing a buyout with the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion, why did she snub me, the manager! It should be me and her talking things over, right! No way! I want to go, too!”

    Xu Yangyi looked at the business card, bound in somewhat of a trance and fanned his face: “Be good and stay put.”

    The husky used his paw to cover his mouth incredulously, his doggy eyes tearing up: “So… you want to discard your boyish body that you’ve nurtured for the past twenty-one years? Together with me?”

    Xu Yangyi laughed coldly, simply not answering the other.

    He had never been the herbivore, and moreover, he wasn’t one to decline a rose-tinted rendezvous. However, tonight wasn’t like that at all.

    Because on the back of the business card was the symbol of Heavens Law.

    A coiling dragon with a sword in the center. He couldn’t be more familiar with it.

    “Heavens Law is an ‘academy’ and the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion is a ‘supply unit’. She’s obviously a normal person; did she come from Heavens Law?” He narrowed his eyes: “Interesting…”

    As night fell, he arrived at the appointed location. His dress was extremely casual, an ordinary T-shirt, jeans, sneakers, and sun visor added on with a pair of sunglasses on top. It wasn’t until he arrived that he discovered that the arranged place was in an upper-class neighborhood.

    The greening and public safety were both done relatively perfectly. This district ought to have been Sanshui City’s finest neighborhood. On the inside there weren’t any buildings, but rather a couple small villas. Even the cars parked on the side were worth at least around 600 to 700 grand.

    Of course, there weren’t many villas, as well. At most, there were around ten.

    Someone was watching him…

    Just as he entered, he discovered an extremely obscured gaze. It carried no killing intent whatsoever, but one of strange alarm, nervousness and all kinds of negative emotions. In a flash, he had seized it.

    After the matter of the chest within his qi sea, while the expansion of his qi sea was temporarily without solution, the event brought with it the benefit of an instantaneous result. His current degree of sensitivity towards the outside world vastly oustripped that of his previous level. 

    He drifted his eyes over in passing, and in that stitch of time, he clearly sensed the other immediately rein in their gaze like a bird on a hair trigger. Moreover, the owner of that gaze’s heartbeat immediately spiked and their body temperature further soared. 

    They were… scared of him?

    Why were they afraid of him?

    Manager Su wouldn't be scared of him. Was it that his style didn’t mingle in with the neighborhood’s common crowd in the others’ eyes?

    This gaze was frightened of him… or frightened of… someone like him?

    “Interesting…” He licked his lips and took off his glasses, looking over.

    It was a white villa. Sanshui City didn’t have any mega-luxury villas that came preinstalled with a swimming pool and tennis court. Carrying a vigorous Chinese-style, this villa stood out like a sore thumb among the block of western-style villas, recognizable with a single glance.

    “Swish…” At the same time, inside the villa, an elderly man lowered the blinds in a flurry, using a handkerchief to wipe away at his cold sweat as if his life depended on it. His voice went trill like he had suffered a stroke: “He saw me… He looked at me…”

    His body faintly shivered and a cold sweat slicked his hand. At his side, Manager Su disinterestedly flipped through a fashion magazine, not lifting her head and said: “The things you have done are of your own blame. I set up a line for you in the consideration of your 2 million.”

    “Grandfather!” At the old man’s side, a twenty-year-old youth followed, decked out in designer brands from head to toe. The deep furrowing of his strong brows revealed his obvious dissatisfaction: “What’s going on with you? Our company went from little nobodies to riches totaling a billion! I don’t understand, isn’t he just the police captain? Even when Chief Zheng sees us, he has to take the long way around! We’re the economic pillar of Sanshui City! Nowadays, to have wealth is to be a lord; what are you scared of? Who saw you? Who do we have to be scared of Sanshui City?”

    Before his voice had even fell, or perhaps he was simply unable to continue speaking because his grandfather, who had never raised his voice at him and granted his every request, fixed him with a penetrating gaze.

    “Shut your mouth.” The old man closed his eyes and deeply clenched his teeth several times, his voice light yet penetrating with a strength that couldn’t be refused: “Take a seat, nice and quiet. Don’t say anything else.”

    The youth hadn’t finished speaking, and his chest heaved up and down a couple times. He curled his lips, restraining his anger and sneering. Standing in front of the window, he neither spoke nor sat down.

    “Swish!” Manager Su shut the magazine closed all of a sudden and looked at the considerably handsome youth with a smile that wasn’t a smile: “Why did you bring him here? He’s just a dainty young master protected in his own little bubble. His character isn’t great and his temper isn’t minor. He doesn’t even know anything and cannot discern the severity of the situation. In his heart… perhaps in the immensity of heaven and earth, his grandpa is the greatest, right… Sir, are you not worried he will offend him?”

    The old man’s Adam’s apple painfully stirred, and his hand holding his cup of coffee trembled somewhat faintly: “After he graduates, he shall go abroad to pursue his studies… He is the sole scion of the Cao Family, in any case, a great organization will fall upon him…”

    He opened his murky eyes and sighed deeply: “I am an old man. This is a burden I cannot carry… I originally believed I would still be able to hold on for ten more years and let Mosheng live carefree for that period of time, continuing his life of merriment… I didn’t expect… a matter like this would happen this time.”

    “Perhaps that man simply doesn’t care.” Manager Su poured him a cup of coffee, pushing it over: “Why should you?”

    “He may not care, but how can I dare not take this matter to heart?” The old man took the cup of coffee, his hand shivering to a degree. He looked at the blinds in lingering trepidation: “And while I know that even a tiger at the zoo doesn’t eat people… who dares to release one?”

    “In order to let that man see our sincerity… Now, granted that Mosheng isn’t sensible, but moreover domineering, as heir of the Cao Family, he must stand here.”

    Cao Mosheng looked at his grandfather in shock, as if he didn’t recognize him.

    He felt his throat become fairly parched, and he walked in front of the window, raising a blind, looking at Xu Yangyi leisurely walking by. Because of his towering anger, his voice somewhat trembed: “Him?”

    “It’s him?!”

    “Look at his clothes… Tsk, tsk… Even I’m embarrassed! I spend enough on a single meal in what he makes in a month! Grandfather! Are you confused?! It’s him? How can it be him? I can drop a 100,000 and get tens of peons like that to come!”

    “Cao Mosheng, hasn’t Lord Yun told you that food may be eaten indiscriminately, but words cannot be spoken carelessly?” Manager Su leisurely pursed her coffee to her lips, not raising her head: “The Cao Family lost their middle-aged son, and are you are the sole scion. For Lord Yun to pamper and spoil your nature to not know of the immensity of heaven and earth… Hehe, Lord Yun, do you regret it?”

    Cao Mosheng bit his lip and looked towards his grandfather, yet discovered that his grandfather was surprisingly nodding deeply in pain. 

    “Grandfather, what’s gotten into you tonight?” Cao Mosheng fiercely swept his wide eyes over to the window: “It’s just a person like this… A person like this! … Just you wait! I’ll give Chief Zheng a call right now! He’ll send him packing straight out of Sanshui City tomorrow!”

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    Chapter 18: Manager Su (2)   
    “Hold your tongue!” Before Cao Mosheng’s voice had even fell, Cao Yun had already pulled him over fiercely and firmly pushed him down on the sofa, looking into his eyes and saying loud and clear: “I am telling you, there are men that cannot be weighed by wealth in this world. Yes… these men, there are indeed people in the world that can rival them, that can shake those mega corporations to their very core. Examples like China’s Imperial Qin Court, Britain’s DuPont family, or a few of Japan’s major financial groups… however, our Sanshui City’s Cao Family absolutely isn’t any deal!” 

    “Even the world’s authorities can only use wealth and their enormous connections to trade with the other party. When did you it become your turn to speak? Isn’t our Sanshui’s Cao Family as big as an ant in comparison to these apex powers?!”

    “I brought you here in order to let that man know of my good faith! Not to let you anger him! How many times have I told you!”

    These words seemed to exhaust his entire body of strength. He sat down disappointedly and leaned against the sofa, shutting his eyes: “Mosheng… you should be sensible… There will inevitably be a day where Grandfather won’t be able to continue carrying along. I regret… I truly regret… spoiling you so much… Tonight, just stand there obediently and don’t say anything… Promise, Grandfather, alright?”*

    Cao Mosheng was dazed, believing he had heard incorrectly.

    His grandfather had told him before that they were going to see a man. His grandfather, as the present family patriarch and sitting chairman, and Cao Mosheng, the next patriarch and next chairman, had to treat this person properly. He had originally believed it was someone that had to met, but the result turned out to surprisingly be the new captain of the Disciplinary and Investigations Unit! 

    At the present, Cao Yun had went so far as to say that even the sitting char of China’s premier corporation, the Imperial Qin Court, Tie Xue in the prime of his years had to treat such a person equally?

    A person… dressed so casually with the sum value of his clothing that he wore from head to toe equalling less than 500 bucks? 

    “Promise me!” His train of thought not yet concluded, his grandfather’s voice rang out once again. It wasn’t until after he firmly clenching his teeth a few times did Cao Mosheng lower his head and purse his lips deeply: “Got it.”

    Only then did Cao Yun genuinely release his bated breath. Soon after, he looked towards Manager Su nervously and pursed his lips: “Ms. Su… This time… Their branch wouldn’t know, right…”

    Manager Su was evidently stunned, sighing faintly: “The branch...?”

    “I don’t what kind of place it is, as well… Legend has it, it is a mystical world… A genuine world of immortals… In the myths, it is said monsters can be seen and there are warriors that can split and hack mountains apart into rubble… Hehe, however, it is only a legend… Lord Yun, this isn’t enough to believe in, but I dare to be sure of two matters.”

    She looked at Cao Yun deeply: “One, the key to enter the ‘truth’ is there. The cornerstone. The starting point.”

    “The truth…” The hoarseness of Cao Yun’s voice carried an incomparably emotional stirring, and he laughed bitterly: “What truth… The so-called ‘true world’?”

    “Perhaps.” Manager Su’s eyes carried the same unequalled yearning: “This key… The second matter I can confirm is that the Cao Clan has still not drawn the key to be viewed as important.”

    Cao Yun was silent for a moment, and he unexpectedly laughed: “Is that so… I can set my worries aside.”

    “Che…” Cao Mosheng sneered, his eyes carrying a cold light as he swept them over at Manager Su.

    At this moment, the sound of knocking echoed out.

    He had discovered a startling matter once again.

    Manager Su stood up immediately and tidied her maquillage once more. As for Cao Yun, he deeply inhaled several times, not tarrying in the slightest to stand up, only…

    Cao Mosheng didn’t know whether it was an illusion or not, but he thought to himself were the muscles on his grandfather’s face… trembling?


    On what basis!?



    Are you fucking kidding me?!

    The Cao Mosheng’s complexion was incomparably gloomy.

    A mere captain… I want to see… how great your background is to make grandfather lower his head to you like this! 

    You best pray it’s great… otherwise, tomorrow will be the day you’re sent scrambling out of Sanshui City!

    “I hope I haven’t come late.” Xu Yangyi entered through the door. As for the matter of Manager Su failing to change her shoes, the meaning was rather clear: please, at your will.

    Xu Yangyi still changed into slippers accordingly. His gaze faintly stretching forwards and he laughed: “You didn’t tell me there would be other guests tonight.”

    “I’m extremely sorry!” In Cao Mosheng’s astonished sight, Cao Yun nearly bowed to the floor: “I am your humble servant Cao Yun. This is my grandson, Cao Mosheng. We are truly ashamed to look upon the immortal master… Please, we beg your forgiveness.”


    “Shut the hell up!” Before his voice had even fell, Cao Yun’s entire head was dotted with a cold sweat, and he directly straightened his body, looking at Cao Mosheng resentfully for failing to meet his expectations: “Remember my words!”

    Cao Mosheng was stunned. It was wholly beyond his expectations that his grandfather would surprisingly admonish him in front of a total stranger!

    Chinese people paid particular attention to face. But now that a major affair was being spoken back on, he had actually been rebuked?

    Son of a bitch…” In his heart, he silently cursed, and an icy edge emerged within his eyes. Coldly sweeping his eyes towards Xu Yangyi, he feigned deference and stood over on the side.

    “Hehe…” Manager Su faintly laughed and carried over a pot of coffee. She glanced deeply full of meaning at the youthful face of Cao Mosheng who was incapable of concealing his inner thoughts, taking a cup and placing it on the table: “Sir Cao, we can be considered acquaintances, but tonight, I cannot help you plead.”

    “It’s not necessary.” Cao Mosheng forcefully choked back on his anger.

    “You…” Cao Yun nearly spat out blood. This child was raised from childhood to be spoiled and pampered, however, in the Cao Family’s three successions of sons, his father had passed away in a car accident. The family’s grand properties and estates could only be given to him!

    Even ordinarily… at this critical juncture… he had actually blurted nonsense!

    “Forget about it.” Xu Yangyi lit a cigarette: “It’s no biggie. It’s problematic to demand the wealthy son of a multi-million dollar company to treat a pauper like me who gets a thousand in allowance every month courteously.”

    Cao Mosheng laughed.

    A thousand, was this supposed to be an allowance?

    You best pray you got something important deserving of my grandfather’s attention…” He carried a blood-thirsty smile as he lowered his head, licked at his chapped lips, and noted darkly to himself within his heart: “Otherwise… I don’t mind letting you know who's got the final say in Sanshui City…

    He didn’t continue speaking.

    “Mr. Xu, a great person is of great capacity.” Cao Yun released his bated breath and gritted his teeth: “He ran off…”

    At this time, if Xu Yangyi still didn’t know who they were, then he was truly an idiot.

    In Sanshui City had a few corporations that formed its backbone. They could be said to be Sanshui City’s gods of wealth, great tax-paying households. Venture Pharmaceuticals run by Sanshui’s Cao Family was among one of them.

    It could be said he still hadn’t guessed who Cao Yun and Cao Mosheng were or perhaps it could be said that he hadn’t connected them with Venture Pharmaceuticals. But the words ‘he ran off’ explained everything.

    Not only did the toad know that Xu Yangyi hadn’t died, but also that he had even killed the berserker that no one of Sanshui City dared to move against. How could the toad still dare to continue residing in Sanshui City?

    Xu Yangyi was reminded of his first matter of business and that was to flay that toad of its skin!

    He was incapable of tolerating deceit, especially since he had gambled his own life this time.

    But the Cao Family… had spoken truthfully. If it wasn’t for the other come knocking on his door, he would’ve even forgotten this name.

    “How long did he escape ago?” He asked without much thought. This came to him as no surprise. He had been left slumbering for the past ten-odd days; would the toad still not leave, waiting stiff like a corpse?

    “It’s been ten-somewhat days…” Cao Yun wiped away at his sweat, wanting to sit but not daring to: “After Chief Zheng said the killer was apprehended… he specifically asked about your condition… Chief Zheng simply didn’t know of his inside information… Afterwards, he…”

    “Embezzled some funds and took off.” Manager Su poured a cup of coffee for Xu Yangyi, gently laughing: “5 million was the greatest sum he could transfer within a week. You know, with his skill, even if he was lousy, he could render Sanshui’s security system without the least bit awareness or ease.”

    The sofa was pretty comfortable…Compared to the stiff and plank-like “sofa” at Heavens Law, it was much more comfortable. Xu Yangyi was so lazy that he didn’t want to move, and with a wave of his hand, brought a cup of coffee to himself using a simple attraction technique. The cup of coffee gently floated over to his mouth, and he lightly pursed his lips. Before he even opened his mouth, the sudden sound of shattering abruptly pierced everyone’s eardrums. 

    “I-It’s f-f-f-flying?!” At this moment, Cao Mosheng’s eyeballs went round with his mouth hanging ajar. He looked on in horror at everything going on before him.

    What in the blazes was going on!?

    Had he suddenly passed through into some cultivation novel?!

    No… This was a dream. This was definitely a dream!

    He fiercely clenched his fist, but discovered his palm had been painfully pricked by his fingernails. Turning his head immediately, he looked at the taciturn Cao Yun and said trilly: D-D-Demon! G-Grandfather! Demon! He’s a demon! A demon!”

    Xu Yangyi looked at the floating cup of coffee at the side of his mouth in amazement. Beside him, Manager Su couldn’t help but to giggle.

    “A demon…?” She said somewhat meaningful: “A bonafide demon… Little Brother, you’ve never even seen one…”

    “Shut up!” Presently, Cao Yun felt an incomparable complication within his heart.

    In his encounter with the toad, he held selfish motives. He couldn’t be considered a good person, and to seize the other’s health supplement secret formula, he had sought several underground organizations to “make the other disappear”, yet the final thing he saw was a youth sitting atop a pile of corpses, smiling at him with a mouth dripping with blood.

    In the past few years, he watched on helplessly as the other didn’t age, but was simply powerless to act! Moreover, even if he desired to do so, Venture Pharmaceuticals’ major scale of operations simply didn’t allow him to relinquish the other!

    At that time, he knew… he had encountered a calamitous thing… when the youth in his third year hadn’t even grown taller nor grown older.

    At this time, Manager Su had found him. He knew there were some things he was not allowed to touch… but now that it had already been touched, what was there to be done! The other was a poppy that would spell his doom! He was incapable of breaking free! He also didn’t want to be freed! 

    Hidden, that which was hidden had to be concealed beneath the cloak of darkness! It wasn’t that Heavens Law didn’t have someone come. In this kind of situation, even without, the other was disinclined to care, as well. However… things weren’t the same this time!

    According to Manager Su, the champion of Yuyang City had come this time! Furthermore, the toad and the man had even had a fatal skirmish!

    When the toad could no longer be met, he knew that an imminent crisis was approaching Venture Pharmaceuticals.

    He simply didn’t wait for the other to come find him, rather he bribed the entire hospital, and as soon as Xu Yangyi had awakened, he had used 2 million to get Manager Su to bring him for a talk, if only for a word.

    Cao Mosheng didn’t know anything about this at all. He only looked at the leisurely and content Xu Yangyi like he had seen a ghost, his lips quivering and forehead slick with cold sweat.

    Subsequently, he looked towards his silent grandfather once again and the cozied Manager Su. Several minutes later, he used his trembling finger to vacantly sweep it across the living room, his voice like grinding rust: “Y-You guys both knew… Am I right…”

    “Grandfather… Ms. Su... Tell me… a-am I dreaming!”

    “You aren’t dreaming.” Manager Su parted her lips and took a sip of coffee: “Your grandfather has already reminded you a good many times, and I have reminded you, as well. There are some things, even with the Cao Family’s foundation, which bottom lines are still beyond being touched upon.

    Cao Mosheng gaped several times, unable to say a word.

    An immortal art… This was an immortal art!

    Heavens… The things found in novels and television actually existed in reality!

    What had he provoked? A true demon? An immortal?

    It was no wonder… No wonder Manager Su had warned him again… No wonder his grandfather had warned him once more…

    He had envision an awful lot, such as the strength of the other’s background and so on, yet he absolutely didn’t expect…

    This man was simply beyond comprehension!

    “You’re quite smart.”

    Cao Mosheng’s thoughts were nervously scrambled to the nth degree, yet Xu Yangyi simply didn’t plan to pay any heed to him, rather he looked at Cao Yun and said: “I was just getting ready to handle this matter and return. At most to remind you, but you delivered yourselves to my door. On the contrary, I…”

    “Mr. Xu!” Against any expectation, Cao Yun simply dared not to let him speak. The other appeared not take the matter seriously, but he didn’t have such a luxury! What was the intention of the other’s “reminder”? To what degree? He absolutely didn’t dare to spur the entire Cao Family into mobilization!

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    Chapter 19: Manager Su (3) 
    Cao Yun was extremely cognizant of what his standing was like as the head of a small corporation in front of a cultivator. Xu Yangyi possibly didn’t mind it, but he cared otherwise. He didn’t want to pull his waistband up to his head for fun.

    He bowed to the floor and shouted immediately: “This matter was clouded by my avarice. The Cao Family is willing to part with ten spirit stones and an additional 3 million to ask of Mr. Xu to pardon our Cao Family this once!”

    Xu Yangyi’s eyes shimmered.

    He didn’t care much for money, however, he didn’t expect at all that the other would surprisingly be in possession of spirit stones!

    “From where?”

    “That thing… was our shareholder… I discovered long ago that something was amiss with him… He was quite fond of gathering these stones. Afterwards… Afterwards, Manager Su told me that they were called spirit stones. I also collected them, however, it is extremely difficult for me to gather them. In seven years, I only gathered ten pieces…” He looked nervously at Xu Yangyi: “I’d like Mr. Xu to please kindly accept this offering…”

    Cao Mosheng didn’t dare to say a word now.

    Spirit stones… shareholder… these things seemed to have opened a brand new door to him. Presently, he looked towards Xu Yangyi’s gaze. Since the beginning, it was without the least bit shred of contempt, but now his eyes were blazing with fire!

    This was… an item from the legends…

    This item truly existed in the world!

    Moreover… it was right before him!

    Xu Yangyi didn’t speak. He was searching for the toad not only for his past grievance, but more importantly…

    For the toad’s long-term supply. Where had the resources for a whole seven years of Dew Congealing Grass come from?

    This was what he needed, cultivation materials. No one was ever in short of resources! Especially during the End of Days!

    Daring to conspire against and even kill me. How much of these driveling justifications could be explained?

    His silence in Cao Yun’s only relayed a single piece of information. That he was dissatisfied. 

    “5 million!” Cao Yun gritted his teeth: “Mr. Xu, the Cao Family isn’t a big company. In Sanshui City it is still considered pretty good, but in the scope of all of Nantong Province, it isn’t considered a thing! 5 million… is the greatest amount of capital I can transfer as the sitting chair! Anymore… and there won’t be anything that I can do!”

    “10 million!” At this time, a staunch voice rang out. Cao Mosheng gritted his teeth and fixed his eyes on Xu Yangyi unwaveringly: “Master! Accept me as your disciple! I will immediately sell off all of my inheritance shares! Altogether, it’s 10 million!”

    The present scene went quiet in a flash.

    Cao Yun’s initial reaction was the angry trembling of his teeth, but his second reaction was to go wild with joy!

    “A 100 million!” His voice was hoarse, but his words could slice through steel: “Mr. Xu! As long as you are willing to accept my good-for-nothing grandson! I do not need my shares, as well!”

    “All that I am willing to sacrifice pools up to a 100 million!”

    The thoughts of the two were polar opposites, yet at this moment, they had completely charged after this opportunity together.

    Cao Mosheng was a fashionable young master. Novels, movies, anime, and comic books, these were the pastimes that he loved. As a hot-blooded youth, how could he possibly not turn his gaze towards the stars? To not be envious?

    Although Cao Yun and Cao Mosheng weren’t of the same era, Cao Yun understood… If the Cao Clan could produce a cultivator… there would be no place they wouldn’t be able to go in the heavens and earth!

    He didn’t need his coffin money if he could supply Cao Mosheng an opportunity to rise!

    Before, he had been scared and worried, but now, his most base of instincts as a businessman to pursue benefit had immediately steeled his resolutions!

    “Brother Xu!” However, his determination was less than Cao Mosheng’s. The other had already taken a step forward and half-kneeled, cupping his fist in respect with exceptional sincerity: “Please accept me as your disciple!”

    Xu Yangyi looked on at the scene before him fairly surprised. He waved his hand, and the cup of coffee flew back from where it came once again. He said seriously: “I still cannot accept a disciple.”

    “If by chance we meet again and I am able to take on a disciple, I shall consider it.”

    Cao Yun opened his mouth, but dared not to say anything else.

    Sanshui’s Cao Clan still lacked the prestige to discuss conditions with a cultivator. Xu Yangyi had already said he would consider it. If Cao Yun wanted him to leave behind a contact method or so on...

    Perhaps the matter today was something money could not resolve.

    “Deliver the spirit stones and money to the hospital. Tomorrow.” Xu Yangyi nodded: “I will not look into this matter. However, if we meet once again in a similar fashion, seek your own fortune.”

    “Yes!” The stone within Cao Yun’s heart was finally released in its entirety. He took a long, relaxing breath and immediately answered.

    “Alright, everything has been said.” Manager Su stood up, not particular on any etiquette and opened the door for the Cao Family grandfather-grandson duo: “You two, I won’t be leaving your villa. However, Little Brother, I leave with you a single word of advice. If you even slip half a word of today’s events, even if Mr. Xu isn’t of mind to look into it, I’m afraid the name of the Cao Family won’t exist any longer in China.” 

    Cao Mosheng trembled from head to toe and promptly nodded: “I know!”

    He glanced at Xu Yangyi’s customary expression with a incomparable reluctance to part ways. Gritting his teeth, he turned his head and then walked away.

    “Grandfather!” Upon getting into the private car, he said straightaway: “I’ve decided I will pay respects to him as my master!”

    Cao Yun sighed deeply: “Mosheng… you know why I made you pipe down, right?”

    Cao Mosheng nodded deeply: “I’m sorry…”

    “How could it be that I don’t want you to become his disciple?” Cao Yun shook his head: “You don’t know…Right now, you’re only curious. If you’re truly interested, you can get in touch with Manager Su… however, to be taken in as a disciple… Don’t cling on to such a thing too much… Their world is completely different from ours…”

    He looked outside the window at the night scenery, somewhat bound in a trance: “Sometimes… when you open a door, you discover that the world you thought you understood was but a mere superficiality…”

    “Even now… I don’t even know what the hell that shareholder that ran off was…”

    No one knew of their conversation. Xu Yangyi was none the wiser, as well. But at this very moment, the instant the door closed, a warm, delicate body had already pressed up against his own.

    “Brother Xu…” Rosy lips gently blew at the side of his ear, and on his chest, a hand as white as a Night Queen Flower faintly stoked his fire: “You should’ve guessed… what I, Su Lianyue, wanted to do… in inviting you to to come tonight… right?”

    Her hand wasn’t impulsive nor was it slow, yet trace by trace, strand by strand, she seemed to carelessly use the tip of her finger to gently scratch the pectoral muscles beneath Xu Yangyi’s clothes. As she arrived at his abdominals, she softly pressed against them, carrying a sweet smile. Her breath, fragrant like orchids, blew on his muscle tantalizingly: “The strength of your lower back must be quite good…”  

    A hand climbed up her neck, one that was thickly jointed, a man’s hand. Slender fingers caressed her sharp snowy jaw, softly stroking it.

    They were both adults. That which was conveyed was rather clear. There was no need to speak further.

    There weren’t any herbivores here.

    Su Lianyue laughed faintly, not shy in the slightest. Her hand danced across the hem of his T-shirt neither slowly nor swiftly, and she pressed down mischievously on a certain subtle location. Like an arc of electricity, she softly traced the outline. Several seconds later, she slightly laughed: “How large.”

    “Satisfied?” Xu Yangyi laughed rottenly and propped his thumb against her lower jaw. Her head was like a white swan perking it’s head back, drawing a graceful curve. In the next second, he felt a hand dig into his trousers like a snake, pressing against a certain organ and fondling it closely.

    Supple and smooth, soft and slender. Carrying a bit of an alluring aroma, she was nothing like him at all.

    Su Lianyue stilled smiled as before and gently closed her eyes as if she was waiting on something. However, what awaited her wasn’t what she was looking forward to, since at the moment she closed her eyes, the other’s thumb was like a sword, stiffly pressed against her lower jaw with great strength, making her yelp out lowly in pain.

    Simultaneously, her wildly spasming hand was pressed down by Xu Yangyi at the place it originally should’ve been. She pursed her ruby lips, clawing in retaliation, yet he simply remained unmoved. 

    “However, I am dissatisfied.” 

    Her body trembled, and as she opened her eyes, she saw Xu Yangyi’s incomparably cool eyes that were without an absolute wisp of lust.

    “Your down payment is too great. I am unable to accept it.”

    “Both of us have to consent, and there’s no way I’m paying the bill… If you think you can use your body to make me answer, sweetie...”

    Xu Yangyi nibbled on her earlobe, and his lower body forcefully pushed against hand, feeling her satin-soft hand cup his arousal and said softly: “You wish for much.”

    Su Lianyue’s eyes had become lucid and bright long ago. In the same manner, she was without the slightest bit of lust. Even in this moment, there wasn’t the least bit relation between her appearance and sobriety. 

    “Then may I take my hand out?”

    “You may free yourself in a moment.” Like so, Xu Yangyi half-leaned against the sofa just like that, the crook of his mouth turning upwards: “Really, in my twenty-one years, only my hand has been there.”

    “I really don’t see how. You’ve got the shameless potential.” Su Lianyue laughed coldly and took her hand out without the least hesitation. She didn’t wipe it all and rather set her hand down atop her jade thigh, gently caressing it. 

    The silence brought with it an ambiguous lull.

    “I was a student five years before you.” It was a long time until she spoke: “Everytime Heavens Law accepts several thousand people, only several hundred graduate. Where do you think the others go?”

    Xu Yangyi shook his head. Cultivation was the struggle that all beings sought to overcome. The law of the jungle couldn’t be more obvious. He didn’t have the comfort of caring where the rest went.

    Su Lianyue lit a cigarette, looked at the faint flickering of the cigarette butt, and suddenly laughed: “The mere absorbing of qi into the body eliminates 80% of people, and I… am among that 80%.” 

    “And of these people… there are nearly a million cultivators in the cultivation world, places that employ these people everywhere. Mr. Xu… I truly do envy you… Really. You might’ve possibly still not met people like myself, eliminated cultivators, but you will meet them later on… We envy genuine cultivators like yourself quite a bit… It’s obvious we’re standing right in front of the door and are only a step away, but to draw qi into the body is a distant step. It is yet like the gap between the heavens and earth.”

    “I digress…” Silent for another minute, Su Lianyue seemed to steel her resolve. She stood up and extinguished the butt of the cigarette with her fingers.

    She looked at Xu Yangyi, looked at him deeply for several seconds and appeared to harden her resolution. Her hand trembled to a slight extent and grabbed onto her shirt button.

    “You must know, I’m not a prostitute.”

    “Mhm.” Xu Yangyi nodded. Currently, the acuity of his five senses had surpassed imagination. It outstripped those of the same stage by a far margin. Thus, although he had sensed Su Lianyue’s actions were unrestrained moments ago, they were… shaky.

    A shakiness that revealed she often didn’t do such things.

    Moreover, he hadn’t smelled the scent of another man on her body. This was the only reason he let the other touch his root of life.

    He had never played the herbivore.

    “Clip…” A button sprung off, a seamlessly-fastened button that revealed a great expanse of her alabaster flesh, like that of ivory jade illuminated under moonlight.*

    *羊脂白玉 - not actually ivory jade. This is apparently a very high grade white jade known as sheep fat’s jade. Sounds weird to say this in english to describe a woman. Not very sexy.

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    Chapter 20: Manager Su (4)
    Su Lianyue’s voice carried with it a trace of quivering: “I’m actually… a virgin…”

    Xu Yangyi was slightly surprised to an extent, however, he nodded: “Mhm.”

    This was a woman armored in a hard shell, her inner heart not easily opened. Everything before had been nothing more than a mere pretense.

    “Clip… Clip… Clip…” The clothes on her upper body had been entirely cast off. Surprisingly, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

    She was beautiful, very beautiful. Perhaps it could be said that at this moment, the word beautiful had become somewhat superfluous.

    With her perfect S-shape figure and willowy waist without a shred of excess fat, she didn’t make people feel that she was gaunt upon continuing to press down on her with both hands. Moonlight spilled forth, making the present Su Lianyue appear as if she was a moon-bathed goddess.

    “This is my bargaining chip… Are you satisfied…?”

    She closed her eyes because she wasn’t willing to have the tears at the corner of her eyes be seen by Xu Yangyi.

    She had her own self-respect, as well. 

    Xu Yangyi roughly swept his eyes over her: “You can use money.”

    “Is money a difficulty for the good sir?” Su Lianyue allowed the moonlight to illuminate her and laughed gently but bleakly: “I have no spirit stones and I’m not a cultivator. I cannot separate this share…” 

    “Perhaps… to you, women are also quite cheap. However, this is the most precious thing I can put forth…”

    “Am I… pleasing to the eye?”

    Xu Yangyi lit a cigarette: “What you seek to accomplish is certainly not simple.”

    “No, it is quite simple. However, I am insufficient alone to request anyone.” Su Lianyue gazed at the ceiling, her voice quivering: “Did you know… Sanshui City is a destitute land? The demons here are all at the initial stage of Qi Condensation. At the greatest, they are at the middle stage… In kind, the demon slayers that come here are at most cultivators of the middle stage, as well… there has never been… never, a champion that has come here… even the champion of a city…”

    “These demons… are quite content with their lives. They don’t wish to bring about wanton destruction and only desire to continue living well… You’ve seen that centipede at that stadium, too… That’s the auntie that buys vegetables at the supermarket… how could she possibly warrant the kill order of a high-level cultivator? As for me…” She shut her eyes and her eyelids fluttered. Her body was bared, without anything to conceal it: “You don’t know how lowly the cultivation world regards failed cultivators… and how strictly they are looked after… I’m basically unable to conduct business outside the scope of cultivators… Not to even speak of leaving Sanshui City… my term of office is…” 

    She paused: “50 years…”

    “She opened her eyes, staring unwaveringly at Xu Yangyi: “Sir, you are the first I have run across. The first cultivator.”

    “So, I’m a hot commodity?” Xu Yangyi tossed the clothes aside: “Continue.”

    Su Lianyue didn’t answer. Her clothes fell off her body, continuing to slide off.

    “I want to find my little sister.” Her eyes reddened: “She disappeared after I joined Heavens Law. I joined Heavens Law because my mother was killed by a demon. My parents divorced long ago, so it was my mother that raised the two of us growing up.”

    “Her name is Su Xingyao. As long as you help me find her, I am yours.”

    “Regardless of where your desires lie, I shall concede to them.”

    Xu Yangyi faintly opened his mouth. This was the first time he viewed the other seriously.

    He was welcomed with a serious set of eyes in kind.

    “Your bargaining chip is insufficient.” Xu Yangyi said after a long time: “If a woman could take her clothes off to get me to help her find someone as she pleased… Who do you think I am?”

    “I know.” Su Lianyue’s gaze was empty to a degree, but was set ablaze in an instant: “I also know… in half a month, you will return to Heavens Law to participate in the graduation ceremony… Moreover, I’m aware that afterwards, you shall go to many places, places that I am incapable of setting foot in…”

    Xu Yangyi nodded, but in the next second he was about to say something, all of his words became stuck in his throat.

    Like a tangible substance, his gaze gathered onto Su Lianyue’s hand, because in her hand, there laid a feather. 

    A black feather inlaid with gold edges. At the tail end, there was a golden design that interweaved to form the shape of an eye.

    “Ten years ago in autumn…” Su Lianyue’s voice carried with it an indescribable grief, the emotion brought to her eyes staunch without peer: “She disappeared… At the scene, there was only this black feather.”

    Before her voice had even fell, a sharp stab of pain jolted her shoulder, yet she gritted her teeth and didn’t cry out.

    Xu Yangyi had already seized onto her shoulder. The greatness of his strength was as if he wanted to pinch the her shoulder blade into smithereens. However…

    She simply dared not to struggle free!

    Like a white rabbit had encountered an old tiger, his mere might made her dare not to flail an inch!

    She was too naive… At this moment, all she wished was to shut her eyes, but she simply didn’t dare to.

    Truly was she naive… This was a man she couldn’t rely on her beauty to seduce… Wasn’t it so… How could she get past a champion? There was also… How could the freaks and superhumans that came from a perverse place like Heavens Law… possibly be normal people? How could her level of beauty… truly be greater in Xu Yangyi’s eyes than cultivation?

    A flame burned within Xu Yangyi’s eyes.

    It was an infernal blaze, ordinarily drowned at the back of his eyes, but when it erupted, it would leave the hearts of men in fear! 

    “If you’re lying to me…” Xu Yangyi’s voice was grim without a trace of emotion: “I’ll make sure you suffer a fate worse than death.”

    His tone was rather serene, but it carried with it an absolute chill.

    “My words ring true. There’s not one lie.” Su Lianyue’s hoarse voice shivered: “If you’re going to search my soul, then search it.”

    She finished speaking and shut her eyes.

    She didn’t desire to listen to Xu Yangyi’s judgement.

    To help or not to help?

    She was quite confident in herself before, but as soon as she laid her eyes upon a genuine cultivator, a true champion, her confidence had already given way on first contact, scattering to ashes without any remains.

    Her final hope was the feather in her hand, only to look forward that the gathered resources she had acquired with all of her strength in the past ten-odd years and the last million she had relinquished wouldn’t be wasted in vain.

    So much that she had wept silently for this coincidence. 

    Xu Yangyi gazed coldly at the stunning, half-nude beauty before him. His heart was serene at this moment, but a baleful tempest roared within.

    This was It...

    This was definitely It!

    The killer he had pursued for thirteen years! The god of death he would never forget! This was most assuredly It!

    The feather was an exact duplicate… to the extent that he could smell the air of that blood-stained night from thirteen years ago!

    It had unexpectedly still dared to reveal itself… It had made him fall into a nightmare after he pushed open that door thirteen years ago. Now, in the past five years, It had destroyed another household once again!


    No mercy!

    The killing intent within his heart had never been so firm.

    His debt, along with the burden of the countless lives that rested on Its back, would be personally be made recompense by him. 

    Among the endless silence, Su Lianyue finally heard a sound like that of a heavenly lyre.

    “I accept.”

    She suddenly opened her eyes, staring at Xu Yangyi incredulously. 

    “But it’s not because of you.” Xu Yangyi’s eyes had turned somewhat crimson, like he was firmly fixed on Su Lianyue, yet not looking at her: “There won’t be a next time. To humiliate yourself in exchange for sympathy is too cheap. This is a burden you cannot bear.”

    “The path of a cultivator is not as simple as you think it to be.”

    “Since you have already left it, spend your 100 years as a mortal smoothly and steadily.”

    Su Lianyue couldn’t help but to shed tears of joy once she heard these words. 

    Her figure, unyielding like a bow, slowly continued to bend downwards. Subsequently, an extremely low sob, likely from her throat, escaped outwards liked a trapped beast.

    “Boohoo…” After several seconds, as if wounds within her heart of the past several years had been torn open, she looked up towards the sky and wailed mournfully: “Ahhhhhh!!!!”

    How many years had it been… Finally, finally someone had accepted her request, someone had dared to accept it...

    Was the little sister she had been separated for years from still living or not? Where was she? In any event… the grayness of her life was added with the first smidgen of color. 

    No matter how the tears rolled off her face, she simply didn’t plan on wiping them away.

    This wound dated far, far back. So far back that she believed she had forgotten it. She didn’t expect that the sudden eruption would be so violent.

    Her present beauty was like an exiled immortal, a hidden flower in an empty valley beneath moonlight. In this moment, her complete splendor had finally blossomed. 

    Xu Yangyi didn’t disturb her and only looked on calmly. He rather understood this emotion. It was just like him when he had first come to Heavens Law.

    How many nights had his dreams returned to that blood-drenched moment? From crying to screeching, even now, he neither wept nor laughed. He had sharpened the dense murderous will within his heart layer by layer to a shine, transforming it into a dagger and concealing it deeply.

    After several minutes, Su Lianyue’s sobs stopped. Xu Yangyi looked at the clothes at her feet and said: “Put on your clothes.” 

    Yet he hadn’t expected Su Lianyue to laugh, carrying with her a charming expression. She came over one step at a time, her eyes bearing a wisp of resolution and determination.

    Perhaps… it wouldn’t be bad to give herself to him like this...

    At the very least… right now, at this moment, this second, she wouldn’t regret it.

    The stone within her heart had been set free. Presently, all she desired was to clear her mind and relax.

    “Aren’t you… going to take your down payment?” Su Lianyue grabbed onto his hand and slowly, but without hesitation, placed it on her ample breast. Her face blushed for the first time and she said softly: “My trust… is hard to come by…”

    Xu Yangyi was dazed, looking at her carefully for a few seconds and then laughed: “And my down payment is quite expensive, as well.”

    He scooped Su Lianyue into his arms and made off with her without the least bit hesitation towards the bedroom: “I forgot to tell you, I’m a virgin, too. Don’t blame me, blame Heavens Law…”


    A night without dreams.

    A sweet spring night, woefully too brief. The sun had already risen high, but the pair revelled in debauchery, ignoring their matters of business.*

    The night had passed quite quickly, but also rather slowly. By the time Su Lianyue had awakened, Xu Yangyi had already bought breakfast. Of course, what he had bought was Kentucky Fried Chicken take out.

    Su Lianyue arched her lower back. It was incomparably sore.

    She had guessed early on that a cultivator’s body would be pretty good… but too much of a good thing wasn’t that great, as well.

    Xu Yangyi’s gaze as he looked at her was somewhat complex. He helped her up and handed her a can of cola, not saying anything.

    “There’s no need to be responsible for me.” Su Lianyue said faintly: “I don’t need you to take responsibility for me.”

    “This is the price.” She took the offered cola, her expression composed: “Yesterday night, I fell into the heat of passion. You fell into the heat of passion. You took the down payment that you should’ve, and that was it. It was price I was happy to pay. I hold no love towards you, only appreciation. As for you, no love exists for me, as well. It was only a passing pity for me. So things are rather simply.”

    Xu Yangyi looked at her for a couple seconds and laughed: “I thought that after a woman popped her cherry, she would fall in love.” 

    “We’re both adults here. The thought of falling in love is already too distant…” Su Lianyue sighed: “You know, acquaintances or close friends don’t get into bed first and then speak of feelings like us. I dislike such things. However....”

    The corner of her mouth raised upwards: “It’s not like I dislike this kind of feeling, as well. Oh, I was just pointing out the feeling of the bed.”

    Xu Yangyi was silent. After quite a bit of time, he said solemnly: “If something happens later on, give my cell a call. I will help you with a single matter. As long as it's within my limits and doesn’t go against my principles.”

    “A promise worth a thousand catties of gold?” Su Lianyue wasn’t too languished and laughed: “I’ll remember it. Anyways, a single promise is so restricted. It’s really stingy of you.”

    “As soon as your body gets better, I will leave.” Xu Yangyi flipped on the television: “No matter what things are like between us later on, at the very least, I am not a man that takes and leaves.”

    * 春宵苦短日高起,从此君王不早朝。- This is one of those things if I translated it directly, it would be very out of context. This statement refers back to ancient Chinese times regarding the Emperor Xuan Zong. In pretty much means: Xuan Zong was having such a wild time with his concubines that the night felt short. By the time he woke up, the sun was already high, but he didn’t get out of bed with his concubines and elected to just hang out with them and “stuff”. Thereafter, he did not go the imperial court early to settle his affairs. 

    T/N: If you’re reading this, I’ve pretty much done a full rehaul of the first twenty chapters, ironed out all translation errors/awkward phrasings/etc. If you’re reading this now and don’t see another note anytime soon, know that the next chapters are still not done with round two revisions and may be lacking the quality of the past twenty chapters. DATED: 12/28/17

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    Chapter 21: Leaving For Heavens Law Branch (1)
    However, as if she wanted him to leave faster, Su Liangyue calmly left the bed after two hours and began to work. It make Xu Yangyi begin to suspect whether or not his skill was truly feeble.

    “That’s not it.” Su Lianyue was glued to the computer as she softly typed and said: “In any case, I’m also from Heavens Law, and you were rather restrained last night. It’s not even to the degree where I can’t get up. If I wasn’t able to get up after a single night, that would be as domineering as one of those CEOs in novels. But there isn’t a living thing on this Earth that is that overbearing.”*

    Xu Yangyi laughed and suddenly regret his restraint last night a bit.

    “Your manager called me three times. The Demon Controlling Bell has already been lost, and it’ll do no good for me to not get up, as well. In any case, I’m a person of the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion now.” Su Lianyue withdrew her gaze, looked at Xu Yangyi, and said somewhat complicatedly: “The reason I was willing to pay with my most precious thing is because… you actually killed a berserker… Besides from you, I couldn’t request this of anyone else.”

    On the table, she placed a bell. It was the one that Mao Ba’er wore below his neck. Su Lianyue weighed it in her hands, not even looking at it and said softly: “My Bountiful Treasures Pavilion will take your berserker for 3 million.”

    Xu Yangyi raised a brow. Soon, he was going to step onto the true path of cultivation and enter the grand river of struggle of all beings to overcome their fates. Wealth, scripture, companions, and spiritually-rich lands, these were the four directives of cultivation. The arrangement of wealth was the first. To cultivators, no matter how much wealth one possessed, it was never enough. However, the 3 million added together with the 5 million from Venture Pharmaceuticals was 8 million in total, enough for him charge into the middle stage of Qi Condensation.

    He was originally at the pinnacle of the initial stage and only a foot shy of making the final push. In his killing of the berserker, the 5 million Venture Pharmaceuticals had delivered along with Su Lianyue’s 3 million gave him the absolute confidence to charge into the middle stage of Qi Condensation. 

    “Is it truly worth 3 million?” He looked into Su Lianyue’s eyes and asked.

    “It isn’t.” Su Lianyue avoided his gaze and said softly: “An intact berserker is worth 3 million. At most, yours is 500,000. A Qi Condensation demon isn’t worth that much money, but the body of a Foundation Establishment one is truly a treasure.”

    “You didn’t have to…”

    “However, it’s worth my little sister’s life.” Su Liangyue looked at the computer without an expression on her face, yet Xu Yangyi sharply caught onto the glimmer of tears at the corners of her eyes: “I don’t know how much money is needed to cultivate, and I don’t know what the branch is like, as well.”

    “Whether you can soar atop roof tops and vault over walls, whether the qi is abundant, and whether or not you can meet immortal Foundation Establishment seniors is also unknown to me… I only know…” She turned her head and looked at Xu Yangyi: “You need money.”

    “I am unable to give you spirit stones, but I can give you the cash equivalent. Perhaps my body isn’t worth much to you, but this 3 million is my true down payment.”

    Xu Yangyi looked at her for a long time and nodded his head: “I do not regret my first commission.” 

    Su Lianyue lowered her eyes, not saying anything.

    Like so, time peacefully floated by between the two people, devoid of feelings. After a while, Xu Yangyi said: “I’m going to leave.”

    Su Lianyue looked at her computer, and after the same period of time passed, she said calmly: “Are you returning to Heavens Law?”

    There was no need to respond. The answer went without saying.

    “Help me with a little something, okay.” Su Lianyue’s laugh was like flowing water and she stood up: “Help me get a picture… of what the branch is really like…”

    “I’ve been in a fantasy, wondering what the scenery is like beyond the door… Mr. Xu, I really, truly am envious of you… Of China’s millions of failed students… I believe each of them wants to know what the place they yearn for even in their dreams is like.”

    “Whether or not it’s like those things written in novels, spirit springs streaming and immortal beasts soaring in air. I’ve always, always really wanted to see it with my own eyes… however…” She flung her head back and laughed bitterly: “I didn’t have this chance.”

    “Your life is on the verge of truly unfolding. You are destined for a glory that is different from that of normal men, Mr. Xu…” She laughed and hung a necklace on his neck: “I wish you good fortune.”

    “My sister’s photo is on the inside.”

    Xu Yangyi felt the necklace on his chest, nodded, and spoke no further. He opened the door and left.

    Outside the room, the sun was shining brightly.

    When he returned to the sickroom, Mao Ba’er was lying down on his bed and reading. As Mao Ba’er saw Xu Yangyi enter, he cast his snout aside and sneered, flipping over.

    “Have things been put in order?”

    Mao Ba’er paid no attention to Xu Yangyi.

    Was he in a foul mood?

    Xu Yangyi raised a brow and slapped Mao Ba’ers head, but didn’t get a response.

    “You don’t love me…” After a while, Mao Ba’er let out a faint sigh: “I’ve fallen out of favor…”

    “Bringing the scent of a woman to irritate my lonesome doggyself… Are you still human?”**

    In the next second, he was sent flying onto the ground and kicked.

    “Pack things up and get in contact with the branch. See if there are enough number of students that have completed their mission that can be gathered to board a plane. I’m going to return to the branch in advance.”

    Of course he was going to do so ahead of time!

    Only Heavens Law or other cultivation powers could actually exchange spirit stones with the vast sum he held in his possession!

    There lied the place where he would take flight. He was already impatiently prepared to tread into this magnificent world! 

    He had left the ivory tower, killing his way into a new world!***

    “No need.” Mao Ba’er shed his hair as if the one who wasn’t worried a moment ago wasn’t him: “The Nantong Province’s Fengyi City branch, has already sent you a message requesting you to board a plane tomorrow night. There will be a plane headed back to the branch stopping by temporarily at Yuyang City Military Airfield.”

    “A ‘request’ to board a plane?” As he tidied things up, Xu Yangyi stopped his hand, and he faintly knit his brows: “Heavens Law always contacts the branch after a mission, and the branch assigns an airplane. Why have they taken the initiative to contact me at this time and place?

    “I don’t know.” Mao Ba’er shrugged his shoulders like a human: “Maybe there is some filthy clandestine affair?”****

    Xu Yangyi thought about if for while, but he didn’t know why, as well. It was natural he didn’t know. His correspondence he had sent back to Heavens Law’s branch had drawn the interest of many people.

    The two days passed by quite quickly.

    At night, the wind was like a blade, blowing upon Xu Yangyi’s face. His gaze fixed itself on the black sky, yet an unspeakable heat roiled within his heart, charging forth and dispersing into the tranquil expanse of night.

    He… was finally going to graduate...

    He was on the precipice of leaving behind his past life of thirteen years at the Yuyang City branch and heading towards a true brand-new world.

    What would be there? What was the life of true coexistence between humans and demons on Earth like in this diverse world? The ancient Vatican City, the City of Fog — London, and the City of Flowers — Huadu District were places the legends spoke of that were brimming full of werewolves and vampires… would they have a similar organization like that of Heavens Law? Were the invincible knights and exorcists of myth truly fake?

    In this world… how many living fossils existed?

    These living fossils… how did they latch on to the crowd like a parasite?

    The government… What kind of methods did they use to suppress them while making two completely different kinds of organisms exist together at the same time on this little blue planet?

    He had studied many things in school. Now, the expectations in his heart converged into a tide, incessantly eroding away at his heart.

    After he graduated, he would have a lot of time to unravel the truth of this world. He would look beneath the light on the other side, the concealed rift of darkness of the past several millennia that words failed.

    As well as… undergoing Heavens Law’s filtering process, the struggle of the entire country’s million cultivators to cross into the central forces!

    “No…” His gaze flashed, and he forcefully clenched his fist: “There is also… you!”

    “Wait for your death… you son of a bitch…” He narrowed his eyes and looked towards the sky: “Your greatest error was not killing me that year!”

    Mao Ba’er was flying back in another airplane. His status wasn’t the same as Xu Yangyi’s, so he couldn’t ride on the same flight.

    “Buuuzzzzz…” At this time, a thundering droning could be heard from the sky. He turned his gaze over and easily discovered there was a small tandem-motor military copter diving down towards the still airfield.

    He laughed because he saw on the airplane an striking coiling dragon and sword.  

    Heavens Law’s specialized aircraft!

    “Let’s go.” Beneath the propeller, Xu Yangyi looked at the airplane that seemed to become bigger and bigger, lost in thought: “Let me… Let me dash towards the truth I have waited thirteen years for.”

    The truth of the world!

    The truth of history!

    The truth of humanity!

    The airplane slowly descended upon the airfield, and a tall man wearing camouflage came walking out. Watching Xu Yangyi who was walking over, he raised his hand: “Halt.”

    Xu Yangyi suppressed the fervor of his heart and walked right in front of the man. Clenching his right hand into a fist and placing it above his chest, he hammered down forcefully: “Heavens Law graduation exam student, Xu Yangyi, request to board the plane!”

    The man didn’t speak, but rather clenched his fist and beat it on his chest in kind. Afterwards, he faintly flicked a bean-sized sphere of green light with his right hand that floated over in front of Xu Yangyi. After the sphere circled around Xu Yangyi’s eyes and fingers, it returned back once more into the other’s fingertips.

    “Pupil, match. Fingerprint, match.” The man’s face was stony, but he finally revealed a smile: “Welcome aboard, rookie! I’ll be your guide, Zuo Lun. I welcome you to the genuine truth unrecorded by history books!”

    “Student No. 1, please, board the plane!”

    Xu Yangyi slowly walked up and found that there were already nine people sitting above.

    They were nine people with extremely similar auras to him.

    It wasn’t the similarity of realms, but rather the reeking scent of blood… of just returning from slaying a demon. They had completed their graduation exams, and were like him, demon slayers that had their families annihilated by demons!

    Garbed in monotone camouflage, one was playfully blowing bubble gum and there was one only sweeping his gaze downwards. The peaceful mood carried with it the iron of blood. He...


    He was fond of this kind of similar smell.

    “Hi.” He raised his hand and waved it apathetically, looking for an empty seat and planning to sit down there.

    “Bang!” At this time, a hand suddenly pressed down on where he was going to sit down.

    It was a youth around 1.9 meters tall, also about twenty-one to twenty-two years of age. He had strong brows and was extremely handsome. It wasn’t far fetched to say he was a movie star. There was a long and narrow scar below his left eye, giving him an added wildness. His hair was unruly, his eyes were drooping downwards, and he was playing a game on his cell phone with his other hand. With his slender thighs lazily lying in the middle of the path, he was blocking off Xu Yangyi’s passage. 

    There wasn’t a single person in his surrounding seats. The others preferred to sit together, but no one was sitting down with him.

    Zuo Lun glanced over and didn’t say anything. He walked over to the dedicated lobby, as if this was a common occurrence.

    Xu Yangyi swept his eyes over the hand and in kind swept over the nebulous gazes of everyone else who had boarded the plane.

    “Get lost.” The youth’s voice was rather gruff, not revealing any shred of emotion. His eyes had never left his cell phone.

    Xu Yangyi smiled and gently placed his hands on his neck, lightly massaging it as it made cracking noises.

    Looking at the youth for three seconds, he said nothing further. spun his waist, tucked his stomach, and kicked outwards!

    * 霸道总裁文 - this is a pretty cultural idiom that can’t be put into english easily. From what I found, it has its origins in novels where there is a strong, domineering (often tyrannical in a sense) Chairman/CEO/president that sweeps the female lead off her feet and is mega rich. He eats at the best restaurants/hangs out with the coolest dudes/sleeps with the most beautiful women, etc

    ** 单身狗 - is slang for someone who is unmarried/not in a relationship. It’s funny because Mao Ba’er is actually a dog and the character for dog is in this slang. Can be read as “a single dog”, single in the sense of relationship status. It is a nice play on words.

    *** Ivory tower - is an image to describe that a person lacks experience.

    **** PY交易 - Clandestine affair. This is a chinese slang. So this is the origin: “PY is a pinyin abbreviation of the word anus in chinese. So I guess you can thinking about it literally as “a butt stuff deal” But the meaning is some shady thing going on in the back.

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    Chapter 22: Leaving For Heavens Law Branch (2) 
    Fast as lightning, powerful like rushing thunder, and carrying the faint sound of wind, if this kick landed on a normal person, their bones would be snapped to say the least!

    “Boom!” In the spark of a flint, his leg had already been caught in the youth’s hand.

    The youth suddenly raised his head, and the eyes of the two collided together in the air like a clap of thunder. It even seemed like the ringing sound of clashing swords could be heard, as if a pair of wild beasts were firmly locked on each other.

    Xu Yangyi slightly narrowed his eyes. He was quite clear on what his position as Yuyang City’s champion entailed. He truly stood at the peak of all of Yuyang City’s students. If his foot had kicked the airplane, the steel plating would’ve become sunken in by a great portion. 

    But now, it was as if his foot had been caught in an iron hoop, simply unable to break free.

    The strength and realm of his adversary wasn’t below his own!

    In his heart, he was slightly surprised. The handsome youth in front of him was staring back unwaveringly at him too, but it had gone completely above the youth’s expectations that he would surprisingly be kicked back!

    Moments ago, the youth felt as if he had been in the path of a gigantic elephant’s direct attack! The air between the space of his chest and stomach choked up, and he nearly groaned heavily.

    With his spiritual sense fully released, Xu Yangyi could sense it clearly. Strength was swiftly filling the youth’s shoulder blade and the major and minor muscles of his arm. Xu Yangyi was without words as he moved his body to face upwards, and with force in his leg again, suddenly kicked out towards his adversary!

    Since I can't break free, I’ll kick your hand into your chest!

    “Bang!” In the next second, the youth only felt strength gush forth from Xu Yangyi’s military boots like a tide. His pupils suddenly twinkled and his hand tensed once again, forcefully blocking Xu Yangyi’s kick for the second time.


    He had stood up.

    It was unknown when, but his cell phone had been flung back onto his seat. Even if he couldn’t see, and the first kick had drawn his ire, he knew that if he remained seated for the second kick, he would be sent knocking into his chair!

    “Fuck…” On the airplane, a student exhaled in fright: “I was starting to believe that kid was the most amazing… but I didn’t expect... this last guy would be as fierce as him!

    “That kid is Tianfeng City’s champion…” All of the students suppressed their shock as they looked on at this scene. They all knew that the youth’s temper was rather foul. When he had boarded the airplane, no one had dared sit at his side. It seemed he really didn’t like having people at his side, however...

    No one could get him to stand up!

    One, two, three, all of them had given it a go, but none of them could even make the other shift his eyes off his cell phone!

    With his two legs, Xu Yangyi had made the youth stand up, forcing him to cautiously handle Xu Yangyi.

    The plane was deathly quiet, and the only remaining sound was the chopping of the propellers.

    A cold edge flashed through Xu Yangyi’s eyes, and he was silent. His thigh muscles began to swell for a third time, and he used his maximum strength to force back the youth.

    “Hmph…” A heavy groan finally escaped from between the gap of the youth’s teeth, and at the same time, there was a boom as his upper back slammed into the plane! 

    With veins bulging, the hand that was holding onto Xu Yangyi’s military boots had already been kicked into his chest! 

    In a flash, Xu Yangyi had clearly sensed that the qi within his adversary’s body happened to be rapidly accumulating. He immediately pulled his foot back without the least bit consideration.

    In the same manner, the youth didn’t send out his strike. The gazes of the two of them were icy like blades. Several seconds later, the youth looked at him seriously and asked lowly: “You a champion?”

    “Oh?” Xu Yangyi laughed: “How did you know?”

    “Because I’m one, as well.” The youth lapped at his lips likes a wolf: “Besides champions, nobody can kick me back.”

    “I’ll remember you, kid.”

    Xu Yangyi restrained his might and spoke no further. Picking up his bag, he tossed it at the side of the youth, making no small amount of commotion. Afterwards, he sat down in a seat.

    This time, the youth didn’t say anything. He was only absorbed in playing his game. It appeared nothing like that which had just transpired would happen again. 

    Everyone else noiselessly retracted their gazes. 

    This was a man’s game. It didn’t need words and it didn’t require explanation.

    The weak would become nourishment for the strong. It was that simple.

    The airplane hummed as it ascended up into the air. Ten minutes later, the youth suddenly looked at his cell phone and asked without any prior indication: “What’s your name?”

    Xu Yangyi leaned his head back on his seat and closed his eyes for several seconds before lazily responding: “Xu Yangyi.”

    The youth nodded: “Chu Zhaonan.”

    “Tianfeng City’s champion.”

    The entire journey went without words.

    Through the baptism of true combat, everyone appeared rather steady. Or perhaps it could be said that the fury in their hearts of the past ten-odd years had been liberated, making their minds finally become tranquil once again.

    Xu Yangyi was closing his eyes, indifferently resting. It wasn’t known how much time had passed. Perhaps it was ten minutes or perhaps it was fifteen, but either way, he calmly opened his eyes.

    Two seconds later, Chu Zhaonan stowed his cell phone away.

    They happened just to narrow their eyes together, looking towards the closed fore hold door.

    “All students.” At nearly the same moment, a voice rang out from up ahead. Simultaneously, all the students couldn’t help but to lift their heads as if they were pricked by a needle.

    A formidable spiritual pressure!

    Spiritual pressure could be said to be the external exercise of a cultivator’s qi. Only the Nascent Soul realm spoken of in the legends that had presently become lost to the sands of time had the ability to injure foes with spiritual pressure. Otherwise, it could only be used to form a kind of tangible pressure.

    It was like walking through a swamp; the trembling of each hair couldn’t be avoided. As if one was stuck in a vacuum, it became difficult to continue breath and for the heart to beat uninterrupted.

    Late-stage Qi Condensation!

    The sound of leather military boots like that of notes being tapped on a piano thudded out from the door. Subsequently, the door gently opened.

    “Greetings, students, my position isn’t all that important. If all of you have had the fortune of joining Heavens Law, then you will obtain your own code names. All of you may call me C-Lilac. The preceding letter is my rank in Heavens Law, and the latter is my code name. At the same time, I can’t help but to inform everyone in embarrassment that C is the lowest rank.”

    It was a woman. A very pretty woman.

    Her eyes weren’t the typical large eyes of a beauty. They were double-lidded and curved upwards like a red phoenix. As they slightly stirred, it could be said that her elegant eyes held a devilishness to them, and it could also be said they were multifarious. Beneath her pair of willowy, exquisite brows, her eyes were alluring like a new moon without a sliver of murderous aura that could be seen.

    A splendid smile hung on her goose-egg-shaped face. A pair of indistinct dimples made her appear exceptionally warm.

    She had a high nose and a pair of rosy lips that seemed to be dripping with water. The addition of her camouflage tank top that held a trace of carelessness served to contrast her flawless bosom — approximately between D and E-cup. 

    With a willowy waist that could be held in a single grasp, the swinging of her hips brought with it an unconscious enticement. The camouflage trousers covering her figure held a different kind of coquettishness and a wave of long hair draped slanted on her shoulder. Coupled with the bountifully untamed lilac tattoo on her shoulder, she drew an obvious shortness of breath in the present group of hot-blooded youths that hadn’t seen a woman in the past couple years.

    And now, this beautiful woman just happened arrive to introduce herself like they were old friends, even if this was their first encounter.

    “First, I’d like to congratulate everyone on perfectly bringing your graduation exams to an end. As the military department’s ‘China Special Investigation Bureau’, or just short for CSIB, special correspondent for Nantong Province, I’m extremely happy to meet everyone.” She suddenly turned her body around and walked up to Xu Yangyi’s side with a blooming smile, using her sweet shoulder to gently bump into him: “Mind if I sit here, Handsome?”

    Xu Yangyi didn’t respond, since Lilac had already sat down before he could even nod. Moreover, half of her nubile body was already leaning against his own without the least bit reservation.

    “There’s approximately half an hour until we arrive at Fengyi City.” Lilac laughed: “Before that though, I want to ask everyone something. I’d like all you handsome brothers to please tell me sincerely.”

    She straightened out and propped her lower jaw on her hand, her eyes containing a passionate gleam: “There’s not much time, and Big Sis doesn’t like people who beat around the bush, as well. My question is: everyone, are you wealthy?”

    In a single sentence, everyone’s faces stiffened on the spot. 

    Heavens Law’s damned allowance was only a thousand per month! A pitiful thousand! And they had been asked by a woman in public!

    “It’s not a couple hundred thousand or a million.” Lilac winked with her charming eyes, however, no one present felt her to be attractive: “Students, is it you don’t know? A single blessed bullet from the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion is worth 50,000. The black market rate between spirit stones and cash is one to 20K, but that’s for low-grade spirit stones… A 100 low-grade spirit stones can be converted to a single medium-grade spirit stone, and a 100 medium-grade spirit stones can be exchanged for a high-grade spirit stone.”

    She tossed her hair, regardless that the expressions of some students had already slightly changed, and laughed calmly: “After starting cultivation, a human begins to develop towards a direction that transcends a biological form. To be a bit frank about it, there are no humans on this plane. Only… superhumans.”

    “The Superman in Hollywood flicks In comparison to a Core Formation Daomaster, the Superman on the Hollywood big screen nothing but a wet noodle. A Core Formation master can easily level a small mountain with a flick of their fingers and soar into the heavens to seize the moon. They’re nearly omnipotent. However, does everyone know of how much it costs for a Core Formation master to cultivate to Core Formation?” She coiled a lock of her hair around her finger and smiled: “Professor Yu of Cultivation Statistics calculated it to be…”

    She paused and said clearly and concisely, word for word: “33.87 trillion good ol’ greenbacks.”



    A tremendously astonishing, terrifying figure. It made everyone present coldly gasp. Even Xu Yangyi raised a brow; such a sensationalized amount was surprising. 

    “Does everyone know what China’s GDP is?” Lilac took out her cell phone, gently pressing it against her perfumed cheek. Soon after, she laughed in front of everyone: “69.92 trillion… In other words, if you want to become a Core Formation master, you’ll need to consume at least one half of China. It can also be said, that with a number approaching upwards of 700 million people supporting you alone, you’ll have a teeny-tiny hope to cultivate to Core Formation.” 

    “Thus, a Core Formation master is a human above humans.

    No one said anything.

    Lilac’s words were the most direct observation of the implicit meaning of a cultivator’s four edicts, wealth, scripture, companions, and spiritually rich lands. The contrast of her observation made the moods of all the students who were filled with confidence and preparing to head back to the branch to conduct their graduation ceremony suddenly sink heavily.

    “I have no lack money.” Chu Zhaonan shut his eyes, not planning on giving face to the beautiful Lilac at all. Xu Yangyi swept his eyes over him, and the corner of his mouth curled upwards.

    How interesting.

    It was reckoned Lilac hadn’t expected this jab, her smile obviously expressionless for all to see. However, she recovered her original bearing in the next second.

    “However, as long as you join our CSIB, these things won’t be a problem!” Lilac stood up, her smile incomparably brilliant: “The CSIB is China’s time-honored department. We don’t belong to the four army departments and we’re not part of the police or military police system. Moreover, we supercede the regional government. Every month, we will provide you with an allowance of 35,000 US dollars! As for Core Formation… Hehe, if everyone has the fortune to join the only ten Core Formation masters in present day China, not to even mention 10 million, over a 100 million, or even several hundreds of millions to even billions of USD, there will be nothing that cannot be discussed.”

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    Chapter 23: Leaving for Heavens Law Branch (3)
    Lilac snapped her fingers and a stack of materials appeared in her hand. With a casual wave of her hand, they flew into everyone’s hands in a manner that could not be refused, and she laughed: “This is the CSIB’s specific introduction. Everyone, please be relaxed, we are China’s civil servants. Remember how the civil servant exam spread about like wildfire several years? There’s a solid difference between us and some field chicken organizations. The benefits and retirement guarantee are better than what others can imagine. Even if everyone is stopped in Qi Condensation — and believe me, eight out of ten cultivators stop right before Foundation Establishment like me. However, all of you have the same opportunity as myself, and that is to become a VIP.”

    This was multi-level marketing, right? Right?

    These words turned in everyone’s hearts several times, but no one said a thing.

    Xu Yangyi simply didn’t care whether or not the other was multi-level marketeer. He only cared about a single matter — would the CSIB be able to bring him a true advantage?

    His first course of action upon receiving the papers was to look at the short seven-page CSIB introduction and the list of famous cultivators. It appeared that CSIB could make things sail smoothly.

    The first line on the eighth page was a row of large characters: Beijing University, Huaqing University, and the tenth greatest educational institution in China had joined hands to establish the cultivation world’s largest lecture hall for the latest issues: from Biological Transformation to Darwin’s Theory of the Analysis of Demons’ Weaknesses. 

    “Huff…” Xu Yangyi gently exhaled, forcefully pinching his fist.

    This was something he definitely desired!

    And it seemed there were no strings attached?

    No, no way!

    He understood if clearly. Every demon had a core they had carried with them since ancient times. They had their own demon forms, and these demon forms… were biological organisms!

    If it was a living organism, then it had a weakness.

    Biological organisms were divided into many classifications: kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, species, and beneath species there were also subspecies. Vegetation also had variants, and every category had their own suborder and subclass… This dazzling line up was the origin of a demon’s root!

    In the last several eons of changes in Earth’s history, every demon, every ancient fossil, had an origin that they abided by among the Earth’s several eons of history. Xu Yangyi had always been very understanding about his own position, never faltering.

    And that was… a true demon slayer.

    One didn’t take action until they could guarantee one shot, one kill.

    He continued to read.

    It was obvious that the CSIB’s ace was their favorable connections to university resources and famous Chinese biologists and geneticists. This publicity material was of their own sufficient effort. For example, the second article: Evolution of Demons, Territory Awareness, The Comparison of Hunting Grounds and Natural Organisms, and as well as Discerning Future Routes. 

    The third article: Huaqing Biology, International Sociology Professor Cao Liangwei in Regards to the Complements Between Human Society and Demon Society, Competitions, and the Definition of Mutual Expulsion.  

    The fourth article: How to find concealed demons in human society with Taobao, QQ, and WeChat in the progressively interweaving information age. How to distinguish whether they erased their tracks.

    “Fairly interesting…” Xu Yangyi’s eyes faintly flashed. He was quite willing to listen to what Lilac had to say next.

    At the very least, the bait had set down had indeed invoked his interest.

    However, while the students discussed it, Lilac’s voice didn’t echo out again. As Xu Yangyi lifted his gaze from the materials, a snow-white hand had already cupped his chin.

    “How about it? Interested?” Lilac’s charming face came closer to his, and her rosy lips leaned on his earlobe, nearly a mere centimeter away from sucking on it. It could even be imagined that her nimble tongue was like that of a true lilac, tracing an arc on his ear.

    Everyone’s gaze swept over nonchalantly, clearly unable to understand why Lilac seemed to have a special interest in the last person that had arrived.

    Were there few champions? There were twelve cities in Nantong Province, equal to twelve champions! There was one even sitting at her side, but on the contrary, why didn’t she recognize him like Xu Yangyi? 

    “If it’s interesting…” Lilac’s sweet shoulder bumped into Xu Yangyi once again and coiled her hair around her hand. A languid enthrallment seeped into her husky voice: “Won’t you consider our unit? Yuyang City’s champion, Student Xu Yangyi? Big Sis will be waiting for you~”

    “We’ll even make an exception… Are you not intending…” Lilac pursed her lips and snapped her fingers. A sheet of paper unhurriedly drifted over...

    In between her bosom!

    Lilac’s deep cleavage squeezed down on the sheet of paper, and she winked. She said lowly at the side of his ear: “Are you not intending on giving Big Sis an answer?”

    “This is a specially drafted contract for the champion. Others won’t be the same; it won’t have Big Sis’s digits on it~~”

    “Oh? I was wondering why Zuo Lun was so willing to have tea with me. He even said it was the newest tea gathered from Mount Emei…” Before Lilac’s voice had even fell, a sneer could be heard coming from the door. Just as the sound of laughter fell, it immediately turned into a fierce shout: “Scheming whore, be gone! Our ‘Featherwood Guard’ has yet to even recruit people; when did it become your turn!”

    Everyone was dumbfounded. Xu Yangyi took advantage of situation to break away from Lilac’s clutches, calmly surveying everything.

    No, no, no… let us straighten out our thoughts; what the heck is going on?

    They hadn’t even graduated, but they had been given pamphlets… Moreover, it wasn’t even a single person that had been sent, but rather two?

    Wasn’t the CSIB a state agency? Was there another even more powerful unit?

    “Are you trying to flush people out and trap them in by not speaking about it clearly?” The person who had come was a woman with short hair, a square face, and around thirty years of age. In the same camouflage, she appeared like a man, and her voice was comparatively coarse as well: “Hmph, Lilac, you got the nerve to try and fool these young chicks?”

    Looking at her appearance, the students who were just listening to a silver bell-like voice with endless expectations suddenly jolted up in their seats with straight backs.

    The transformation from silver bell to barbell was far too swift. So quick that they couldn’t accept it.

    Lilac snorted coldly: “Little chicks? Students, listen up. The Featherwood Guard regards you all as such! We will hold you as colleagues, but she’ll take advantage of you without your consent!”*

    “I can’t be bothered with your crap.” The short-haired woman’s gift for the gab was evidently nothing to brag home about. She turned her head and looked at everyone: “Greetings, students, I’ve come to introduce myself. I am C-Lotus…”

    “All girls are designated based on flowers. Our Featherwood Guard isn’t like those pansy-ass government departments. Everyone, have you ever thought of the question, how long would it take to respond to a problem if you joined a government branch?

    “For example, you find a spirit stone vein — hey, don’t look at me like that, it’s just a lucky bullshit example. There aren’t many spirit stone veins on the entire Earth; it’s nothing but a figure of speech.” Lotus glanced at a student: “At the same though, if someone saw it, what would we be done? Report it to the government branch? Haha… They would wait, right. Wait for a month and see whether or not they would get on it. But by the time that moment comes, everything would’ve already been left high and dry!”

    “But our Featherwood Guard ain’t the same! We don’t got so much red tape, and we’re one big family of a guild. Our president is a Chinese Core Formation expert, an existence at the peak of the world! You feel like doing something, sure, then go do it, go snatch it! But once you take possession of it, you have to continue to report it to the guild. You guys think that if you join the CSIB, you’ll be able to take immediate action if you don’t wait on instructions from the Top Brass? Who will pardon you when the blames falls on you because there are four other Core Formation masters?”

    “Hehe… Nothing but a pack of mercenaries moonlighting as private detectives. What are you doing trying to fluff it up?” Lilac was disinclined to feign the slightest courtesy as she riposted with equal harshness: “Their treatment and research techniques are wholly incapable of matching up to our unit’s! Any mission that is accepted and accomplished will have a bonus upon completion! Not completed? Hehe… sorry… even if the mission is a success, does everyone dare to guarantee they can complete a mission every time without a scratch? Theirs is a unit without an occupational injury organization, and to be specific, their unit also doesn’t even have retirement insurance! Moreover, they don’t provide medical insurance!  Their irregular standards is the extreme point! They can be simply classified as an impoverished, rag-tag group!”

    “However, even the commissions starting from our lowest missions begin at 5 million US dollars!” 

    “Hahaha, it really is a huge joke. Like setting up a stall in a Japanese supermarket and boasting of riches.” Lilac chuckled with her waist bent over: “Has everyone thought of where spirit stones come from? Have you thought of where those priceless treasures originate from? I’ll tell everyone, the CSIB has a special operations office known as the Office for Special Geological Exploration. If any of you are sure that some place has a spirit vein or rare treasure, you can use them for surveying. Of course, all of your gains will completely belong to you. Other wildcat departments don’t have this condition. Our special exploration office, hehe… these words are unpleasant to listen to, but our ancestors have been dealing with those things for a long time now.”

    She paused and looked at Lotus provokingly: “Do you know of the Wealth Repossession Captains? All of them hold post in the CSIB!”**

    “I can’t be bothered with your crap!” Lotus snapped and yelled, looking deeply at everyone. In a similar fashion, she snapped her fingers and a stack of resources appeared, flying into everyone’s hands: “The Featherwood Guard and the CSIB can both be called one of China’s Big Three. Our history is as long as theirs, and our hotline number is 010-8675-2341. I welcome any student to consult us…”

    Lotus spoke while rummaging for a twice as thick dossier that swiftly came out from the pile of resources. Lilac’s eyes glimmered, and she took out the contract from her bosom with a swish. Just as Lotus was brusquely going to foist it onto Xu Yangyi, it was slapped away into the air by Lilac.

    CSIB’s contract was placed before Xu Yangyi.

    “You wanna go?” Lotus slammed the table, her eyes glowering.

    “Why don’t you come try me?” Lilac sneered and stood up, not losing in might in the least bit.

    In the airplane, wwo similarly formidable waves of spiritual pressure seemed to grind against one another like a millstone. In kind, both we’re equally matched.

    “What? You wanna get the others, then take ‘em, but you wanna snatch up two of the champions, as well? I’ll accompany you straight through eating, chatting, and sleeping. You wanna squeeze in and seal the deal? I’m going to sit at his side, too!”***

    Xu Yangyi silently took the materials and swept his eyes over it, yet he didn’t have the time to look at it carefully.

    “Hehe, who doesn’t want a champion? Even if they didn’t pass the graduation exam, based on the recommendation of their branches and their credits at school, they’re an important training target! Speak less of your haves and have-nots, the Featherwood Guard must have these two!” 

    “Psshh… They’re yours just because you said so? Is the CSIB the least bit worst than your Featherwood Guard? When we chase after prospects, when have we not been generous?” 

    “Just on the basis of your bloated government agency?” 

    “Psshhh… And on the basis of your ragtag circus that’s better kept under the table? Let me ask, can you provide others the opportunity with a study abroad exchange? Can you provide them with a government-issued medal? Can you provide them with systemic provincial-grade treatment? Low-class things will never do for high-class needs!”****

    The silver bell and the barbell collided. As this suddenly came out in full swing on the airplane, the two women were soon sticking together, face to face, scowling coldly at each other. Everyone else could speak no longer.

    “So in the end, it all comes back to Number 9310’s report that he killed a berserker, huh…” Finally, Lotus faintly laughed in bitterness, keeping her voice under control so the others couldn’t hear her: “Ten years ago… Eleven years ago, a mutant maneater appeared in Runjiang City. After the examinee died without a whole corpse, there wasn’t another examination deviation, not even to mention one where the target was killed. This is the first time after ten years, but you’ve really set your heart on this more than me.”

    “What about it?” Presently, the two of them had simply torn up and thrown out the window the most fundamental of face. Already, Lilac had completely abandoned her desire to keep up pretense, jitterily kicking the handrail on the side. With a boom, the steel handrail had suddenly bent.

    She looked at Lotus coldly: “Momma is warning you, ugly. That Chu’s background is great. I don’t want to give him up to you, but the CSIB Nantong branch mentioned that Xu cannot be lost by any means! You dare try to scramble over him with me!”

    “Is Mama afraid of your CSIB? You might’ve scared the rookies more or less, but you want to scare me?” Lotus glared and shot back hatefully: “That Chu is yours! Our Featherwood Guard’s Nantong branch also mentioned Xu’s name for acquisition!”

    * Take advantage of you without your consent: 想/上. I had to do some digging to understand what this means. From what I found, it is exactly what I have translated it as, but it also has the context of “rape” or “forcing oneself on another, no matter what the other does”.

    ** 摸金校尉 - literally: Steal Gold Captain. This word has its roots way back during the Three Kingdoms period. From what I read, this rank was devised for people to take wealth from tombs to supply the army with. A tricky bit about this here is the rank of captain. Depending on what time period, be it early Han, or Tang, the rank has a higher status or medium status respectively. Can be thought of as either a rank just below general or captain respectively. 

    *** Accompany straight through eating, chatting, and sleeping. This is a Chinese idiom that I had a tough time deciding to localize or not, but I decided against it, but we will see. Refers to an idea that a woman accompanies a client through eating, chatting, and sleeping, so pretty much it refers to an idea of following straight through with everything. This is the newer version. The old version had dancing instead of sleeping. Boy, times have changed.

    **** 下里巴人永远做不了阳春白雪 this refers back to two different songs during the warring states period that represent the ideals of art between different states. From what I read, 下里巴人 refers to an everyday music/song for the common folk. 阳春白雪 - in kind, refers to art/music for the noble class. In this way it kinda separates the ideas of the nobility/common men

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    Chapter 24: Multi-Level Marketing
    It was unknown when, but Chu Zhaonan had already shut his eyes to rest, however, no one paid attention to him. Nobody also saw that the blue veins of his hand were completely revealed, and the corner of his mouth was faintly trembling.

    He was also a champion, but the disparity was surprisingly this great!

    Just from the kick a moments ago, he knew that Xu Yangyi absolutely couldn’t be trifled with. He had acknowledged the other, but it had gone beyond his expectations that ten minutes later, he, a champion, would actually serve to become another’s foil!

    The women kept on repeating about the two champions, but it was self-evident who was the primary and who was the secondary. 

    He was practically the same as a tacked-on freebie!

    “Seniors.” A voice abruptly echoed out. Xu Yangyi flipped through the documents and said serenely: “I still haven’t graduated.”

    “It’s not important that you haven’t graduated. As they say in the movies: it’s the twenty-first century, talent is the most important.” Lilac pulled on Xu Yangyi’s and Chu Zhaonan’s hands: “Won’t Student Chu and Student Xu agree to give me, Big Sis Lilac, face? The CSIB absolutely won’t treat you two unfairly.”

    Chu Zhaonan wordlessly shook off her hand. Lilac smiled, but paid it no mind.

    Xu Yangyi had broken off from her, as well, but Lilac held onto him perseveringly. 

    “The Featherwood Guard won’t mistreat you, too!” The difference between the silver bell and the barbell was that of unequal timbre and unequal volume. It was evident Lotus’s voice was growing louder without stop: “If you sign the contract now, we can give you an arcane effort in advance!”*

    “Huff…” A gasp came out from someone’s mouth. A fervent expression appeared on every person’s face.

    Only the muscle of Chu Zhaonan’s cheeks twitched.

    An arcane effort… This was the source of establishing oneself!

    Everyone had heard that it was difficult to obtain an arcane effort. It wasn’t until one had amassed enough resources and been assessed could one consider it and go make the exchange for it. But now, with this one that didn’t even need to be tested on, some people had already pledged their futures. 

    “Clap, clap, clap…” At this time, the sound of applause could suddenly be heard. A man in western-style clothes wearing gold-rimmed glasses walked in slowly, his footsteps neither tensed or slow, as if they brought a calming mystic power. He bowed courteously: “Have I come late? How is it things are so lively?”

    “Hello, students. Everyone may call me C-Vulture. I am Vulture of the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion.” 

    The Bountiful Treasures Pavilion...

    The name suddenly caused everyone to give a complicated expression. Even Xu Yangyi couldn’t help but to spare a couple glances at the man.

    This name… was truly one where the more you loved it, the more you hated it. It was the cultivation world’s greatest megamart, largest shopping platform, and of course, it also had the most expensive prices, as well!

    With their limited internet access, students of Heavens Law could only dedicate a large majority of their monthly allowance to the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion.

    “This student speaks well.” As if Vulture hadn’t seen it, he smiled towards Xu Yangyi and nodded: “Since you still haven’t graduated, why should the fighting over people be so severe?”

    “Presently, all of the students still haven’t even left the branch training base, however, everyone understands the information on the internet. Everyone knows that every year, right before graduation from each prestigious institution, there will be famous companies recruiting, but only to recruit the true crème de la crème… Perhaps all of you believe right now that your own cultivations are quite low. However…” He sighed leisurely: “The base number of cultivators is even lower…”

    “There are approximately a million cultivators in China. Once every five years, those that graduate may number a thousand.” He laughed: “It might be a bit unpleasant to listen to, but this pittance of people isn’t even enough to fill the gap between teeth.”

    “The difficulty of the graduation exam isn’t high, and it’s not that tough. It’s remarkable, that as long as you can get into this segment, you’re a cultivator. As long as you’re a cultivator, the Featherwood Guard, CSIB, and Bountiful Treasures Pavilion will not turn their backs to you by a tiny bit in any way. I’ll give everyone a mathematical figure…”

    He coughed lightly, and his smiled vanished. A similarly formidable spiritual pressure suddenly arose within the airplane.

    Late-stage Qi Condensation!

    Xu Yangyi gently raised a brow. He hadn’t even graduated, but three late-stage Qi Condensation cultivators had come here to recruit him… 

    In the cultivation world, such a person was already considered a figure capable of lording over undeveloped city. For example, if they were to go to Sanshui City, they would’ve undoubtedly put the region into peace without even over turning the ocean spray.

    Although he held a faint understanding that qi was sparse during the End of Days, leading to a pitiful few cultivators, he absolutely hadn’t expected it would so few to such a degree!

    “Among 500 people, approximately five to six have the hope of entering Foundation Establishment. But in these five to six people, it is possible that a Core Formation master will not appear.” The man surveyed the crowd and said monotonously: “However, all organizations, not even to speak of China but the entire world, England, and Japan are all like this… composed of 80% Qi Condensation cultivators, 19% Foundation Establishment cultivators, and 1% Core Formation cultivators. Of China’s Big Three, each one has their own distant origin. They cannot possibly ignore the circumstances of cultivators in any way.”

    “Each of us has something we’re good at. Were only looking out for everyone's desires.” He swept his eyes over Lilac and Lotus: “Doesn’t everyone think such marketing tactics are too slovenly?”

    “I sent a letter; one every day. But the school didn’t get back to me.” Lilac twirled her hair and said regretfully. 

    Everyone understood and looked at Xu Yangyi at the same time, with Chu Zhaonan’s expression being even more complicated. Especially the gaze he used to look at Xu Yangyi, it was silent, already wrought with admiration and jealousy. 

    This was something the others were betting on. 

    The present condition shouldn’t have been the highest. If the women had gambled on it, then they had used a relatively cheap contract to bind two potential prospects. Especially, since the two of them were both the best of their branches! It could be gambled that the probability of the greatness of their future successes unconditionally wouldn’t be considered minor! 

    “Fucking hell…” A student could no longer contain his bitter laugh: “It really does make one so angry that their hairs stand on edge…”

    “This is the reality.” Vulture smiled: “If you’re going to walk it, then this is the only realistic path. In cultivation, your own strength is number one. The myriad living things are all nothing but crickets and ants… Forget about it, you’ll naturally come to understand later on.”

    Vulture continued to speak: “As long as your strength is enough, you will absolutely not go unseen by high-level powers, moreover, they will not be begrudging to groom you. Power has eternally been the proportion of Core Formation masters, the invisible contrast of strength between countries. If… you reach Foundation Establishment, even so far as to Core Formation, not to speak of commanding wind at your grasps and rain at your fancy, I guarantee that 90% of your requests will go through without pause! Til this day, I’ve cultivated for 62 years, and I’ve seen many, many matters like this.”

    “Strength. Strength is the reason all of you can stay standing and speak. It is the reason why others can invest in you. However it is not…” His glasses flashed with a cold edge: “The reason that brings you to your knees and obey.”

    62 years?

    Quite a few people looked at Vulture in amazement; he appeared not a day over thirty.

    “After cultivating, it is extremely simple to return to your youth…” Just as Vulture was about to say something, he suddenly saw Lilac’s oppressive gaze and coughed dryly just as he opened his mouth. 

    Lotus said coldly: “Propaganda is propaganda. I won’t block you from spreading it, but what are you yammering for?”

    Xu Yangyi didn’t speak. He was unparalledly in favor of Vulture’s words.

    His mortal enemy… To this day, he didn’t know what Its rank was, however, it was similarly of true strength!

    He was absolutely, categorically unwilling to need the assistance of an organization to be able to kill It.

    “Alright, I’m done talking. This is the recruiting materials of our Bountiful Treasures Pavilion. I want to remind all of you while I’m at it that Heavens Law enrolls new students every ten years and has a graduation once every five. Every graduation ceremony is taken as a grand provincial ceremony by the cultivation world. When the time comes, not only will we be there, but Foundation Establishment seniors will be there, as well. Furthermore, the assistants and secretaries of Core Formation masters will come to select people. Everyone, I hope when the time comes, we will be able to obtain a satisfying answer.”

    Lilac sighed, a nameless spectral ember emanating within her heart.

    The heck? What the hell was this?!

    Of the Big Three, all of them were unable to shift their eyes away as they waited for Heavens Law’s graduation; there was a demand for people everywhere! There was a shortage of people everywhere! Those that hadn’t graduated didn’t know how scarce elite cultivators were! Which of China’s organizations on the day of graduation wouldn’t be waiting with wide eyes?

    The result was that No. 9310 had directly revealed this game.

    It had been ten years, but there was a new cultivator that had slayed an anomaly during their graduation assessment! She hadn’t even slept and come running here. The result? 

    She glanced hatefully at the representatives of the Featherwood Guard and Bountiful Treasures Pavilion. She clenched her teeth and spoke no longer.

    Presently, she had wanted to take advantage of Xu Yangyi on the airplane before he hadn’t made contact with the true world, but the meddling thoughts of others had already prevented that. She could only wait to recruit on site. However, by that time, her opponents wouldn’t only be the heritage organizations, but the assistants, private secretaries, and personal disciples of Core Formation masters. Their own origin was their prestige!

    “Goddamn it…” Without place to give vent to her belly full of anger, she didn’t say a thing and walked back towards the fore hold.

    Vulture laughed and also walked back. However, just as he left and placed his hand on the cabin door, he suddenly recalled something, turning his head and chuckling: “I’d like to mention something in passing.”

    “Our Bountiful Treasures Pavilion has reached a deal with Ali Baba’s entire system of the greatest capacity and highest monetary sum. It is not comparable with those disorderly small fries in any way. We specialize in all kinds of ‘side doors’, for example, alchemy, artifact refining, talismans, and so on. It can be said that every weapon in the cultivation world bears the mark of the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion. Even if it is not of our assembly, the components surely are. Such as the Beretta 92F at this student’s waist.”**

    He glanced at Chu Zhaonan who had his eyes hung low, making it unknown what he was thinking. At the other’s waist, there was a holstered pistol. Whether the pistol was real was unknown, only a small part of the butt was revealed. On it, a few mysterious runes could be seen.

    Lilac paused in step, and Lotus stopped, as well.

    “If some students have a talent in respect to alchemy, artifact refining, or talismans…”

    Before his voice had even fell, Lilac and Lotus had already roared out eagerly: “We are willing to dish out five times the hiring price for those students that join our organizations!”

    “Ten times.” Vulture’s smile was splendid like spring wind, but his voice was like terrifyingly icy: “Ten times the price. A treatment of ten times for ordinary students. The Bountiful Treasures Pavilion recruits talents with Elysial Bestowments from all kinds of fields to join our organization.”***

    He looked deeply at Xu Yangyi and Chu Zhaonan: “If… by chance it is the two champions, we are willing to…”

    “Twenty times!” Lilac’s voice was fairly sharp.

    “Thirty times.” Vulture laughed and stuck up two fingers.

    Lilac and Lotus gaped, sensibly pausing at the ridiculous financial gambling of the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion. In their hearts, they were itching to trample this sleazebag to death.****

    “Isn’t it quite lacking?” As if it weren’t for other things moving, Chu Zhaonan finally spoke.

    “How is it lacking…” Lilac laughed wryly: “How many people does the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion have? Don’t they just have a hundred? While they don’t have a single Core Formation cultivator, they are the wealthiest organization among the Big Three. They are the organization with the most superior equipment… Nobody is willing to offend an alchemist, a refiner, or a talismancer… If any of you have an Elysial Bestowment, I dare to guarantee that even if you failed your graduation exam, your treatment won’t differ the least bit to that of a champion!”

    “That’s incorrect. Presently, while refiners and formationists still have Dao inheritances, alchemists have died out long ago.” Vulture sighed: “Too many things have been lost to the grand river of history. Current alchemists are actually just glorified medicinalist… because even if they are grand medicinalist, they are incapable of creating pills. The leakage of medicinal potency is simply unavoidable. They can only put pill elixir within a syringe.”

    Xu Yangyi didn’t understand these words and asked curiously: “What is an Elysial Bestowment?”

    “It’s a kind of… very profound feeling.” Lotus thought it over and answered his question: “There are some things that science is incapable of validating through experimentation. If you really want to put it in scientific terms, there are approximately 10 billion neurons in the brain. People who awaken Elysial Bestowments can attain 20 billion, as to so far as 30 billion neurons. It is a kind of exceptional sensitivity towards all stimulus in the outside world. While cultivating, one can truly grasp every crucial moment, each brush mark, and make use of the scope of qi. Such a person…”

    “Thump…” Xu Yangyi’s heart softly trembled.

    After he had left the hospital, he was already beginning to become accustomed to the increased acuity of his five senses. It was a life like the world had been uncovered by a layer of cotton.

    Even though he was concealing a ticking-time bomb within his qi sea, his life had still had to go on.

    “Is it that your five sense will become even sharper?” Pushing down on the faint palpitations of his heart, he asked calmly.

    * 功法 - this is how I decided to translate this. Arcane Effort. Anyone who has tried to translate this term knows how vague the idea behind these two characters are. It can often be thought of as a “mystical ability achieved through continuous labor/effort” etc. Depending on what translations you’ve read, you might see this translated as a bunch of different things with the one that pops out at me being “merit law” Based on the story’s background (modern day with some scientific elements) I decided to give it this name. I really wanted to stress the time + labor put into learning this skill as well as giving it a strong name based on the esotericism. 

    ** Beretta 92F. I just want to point out that the F designation stands for that the sidearm was part of US federal testing. Go check it out of you don’t believe.

    *** 天赋 - Elysial Bestowment - learners of Chinese may realize it was just “talent”, “innate skill”, “gift”. This word is referred to in a specific way that makes it more of a “thing”/”concept”. In this novel, it's a pretty clear distinction that it’s not something that's run of the mill. It is an idea that one has been blessed by the heavens to be good at everything/something.

    **** 搅屎棍 - I translated this as sleazebag. What this actually means is “shit-stirring rod”, a stick used to mix manure. Doesn’t sound quite right to use it like this.

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    Chapter 25: Vermilion Snow
    “That’s right…” Vulture glanced at him and laughed: “Why? Mr. Xu, you…”

    “I just asking about it.” Xu Yangyi shut his eyes to rest.

    After the three left, the airplane fell into silence once again.

    Forty minutes later, the airplane steadily stopped and descended. After taking a car for another hour, they finally trod into the illustrious ancient foundation of China’s history — Nantong’s Fengyi City.

    Fengyi City was the capital of Nantong Province, located in the northwest, with the manpower of a major province. The city was the heart where financial resources came together. Even if the western region couldn’t compare to the development and prosperity of the eastern region, at this very instant, it was still like a lantern blazing brightly. 

    With towering buildings and neon lights that cut across the horizon, the capital was decorated with all kinds of flashing billboards, giving it a magnificence like Heaven’s Palace. It was midsummer, and men and women wore attractive clothing, becoming the most vibrant footnote in the night scenery. Waves of moving cars performed a symphony that caused people unable to sleep soundly through the night.

    Ten students, no — soon they wouldn’t be students anymore — looked towards the bustling Fengyi City somewhat spellbound. 

    Heavens Law was a militarized administration. They couldn’t leave for ten-odd years, so all that they knew came from the television. When they were inducted into Heavens Law, none of them exceeded ten years of age.

    They knew that there was city called Shanghai in the east, and it was the nexus of China’s trends and financials. They knew that to the north, there was a government city called Beijing. It was China’s political center and where Heavens Law’s central headquarters was located, as well… however, this was the first time they had seen everything.

    Xu Yangyi was like this too. He was born in a small town in the north, and had long forgotten the image of a city within his memories. The only thing that remained was a vague destruction. Eight years later, he had cut straight across China to the western part of a major province, Nantong Province. To everything before his eyes, he was like a sponge, silently absorbing it and swiftly adapting to it.

    A group of superhumans trained by humanity, inhumans, were already standing wordlessly in the shadow of Fengyi City.

    All of a sudden, his eyes suddenly flashed. His body nearly reflexively braced itself.

    A gaze...

    His five senses exceeded cultivators of the same realm by over a third. He had clearly felt a blade-like gaze just now coldly sweeping over his body!

    A sharp blade, icy-cold and penetrating, yet without the least concern. It was a like a tiger watching its prey, permeating the air with a murderous aura, something that one absolutely couldn’t lower their guard around. 

    Such a feeling… made his body go numb from head to toe!

    It was a bone-penetrating might… He pursed his lips and sucked in deeply, suddenly looking towards where the gaze was drifting over from.

    In the next second, as if he was confronted with a formidable foe, he freezed in place.

    Their location was inside a place called the Triumphant Virtue Plaza. Opposite to it was a public park where a crowd of old men and women were dancing in the square at night, draped under the spill of light. There were several pairs of men and women standing at the side of the road waving for a taxi, bearing expressions that were a tad bit impatient. Behind them, there was a building over fifty stories tall, the Triumphant Virtue Tower.

    A building of flowing light and vibrant color. Yet the satisfied crowd were simply incapable of hiding from the gaze of the death god at the top! 

    A gentle gaze seemed to make the air freeze!

    At the summit of the Triumphant Virtue Tower, there was a white nine-tailed fox no less than a 100 meters in length. Beneath the illumination of moonlight, it was like a god overlooking the world. Its eyes were brilliant like rubies, carrying a hazy teasing and killing aura, like a monarch swiftly roaming through a crowd of officials, sweeping its eyes through the crowd below!

    “Swish…” The night wind gently blew, and its body of snow-white fur formed a white billow surging up turbulently, making it indistinguishable from the moonlight or a fur coat. The nine silvery fox tails were gracefully poised at the top of the Triumphant Virtue Tower, and its sharp claws lazily propped its chin, like a divine throne of pure silver!

    “Thump… Thump…” In that split second where Xu Yangyi’s gaze met the gigantic fox for the first time, he nearly felt the blood of his entire body roil madly! He simply couldn’t control his body and shake out of it!

    Power… A power that was incapable of being imagined! It was a kind of situation like leisurely strolling through a tempest on the ocean surface. Already, it made his heart unable restrain itself from frantically speeding up! It was like a drum beating at the side of his ear!

    His intuition informed him that if he moved, he wouldn’t last longer than three seconds!

    “Huh?” The fox’s vision had originally shifted away, but it seemed to have sensed something. It turned back again to a place no one could see, and the luxurious silver hair of its throat gently moved: “A bit interesting…”

    “There.” In Xu Yangyi’s eyes, the fox moved and one of its tails lazily stuck up. Bored senseless, it faced towards the place where Xu Yangyi was standing and waved its tails, spitting out a vague syllable. 

    In the next second, a wind edge no less than ten meters in length wildly raced towards Xu Yangyi like gushing mercury to decapitate him! It carried a silver light brilliant to the eye that made even the surrounding air tremble!

    In this wink of time, Xu Yangyi’s scalp numbed!

    He couldn’t dodge...

    This was his first physiological response, an attainment in combat he had gained from his long training at Heavens Law that made him initially feel that the wind edge was extremely light, yet extremely dangerous, revealing a mortal danger!

    It wasn’t a level he could contest.

    A demon with a body of a 100 meters… It was an old Foundation Establishment monster!

    “Stay your hand!” At the same time, Zuo Lun roared, but he simply didn’t dare to charge forth!

    Xu Yangyi’s pupils suddenly needled. In a breath, the wind edge was pressed to his throat! He seemed to have already saw the wretched scene of his head soaring into the sky!

    But in the blink of an eye, the edge dispersed. 

    The wind scattered like it had never come to decapitate him. In the space roughly a centimeter apart from Xu Yangyi’s throat, it suddenly dissipated.

    “Drip, drip…” The sweat on his forehead quietly pitter pattered onto the floor, and Xu Yangyi pursed his lips. He felt his entire body grow ice-cold, and even now, he could sense the hot blood within his body slowly make its way back into his arteries. 

    The violent beat of his heart was a kind of life or death sensation. This was truly the first time he had experienced it.

    In that split second, he had deeply felt the disparity between Foundation Establishment and Qi Condensation. It could be said it was the insurmountable difference between the heavens and earth!

    A casual pinch of the fingers, willfully sent out, that the fox didn’t even use a secret pinching art. Such control over strength and precision was representative that its degree of perception regarding qi wasn’t only completely above a single level!

    If the demon wanted to, it wouldn’t need three seconds to grant him a certain death!

    “Swish…” His jacket was originally fine, but it split open in two parts from the center.

    He lowered his head. Not because of fear, but to conceal the eruption of killing intent within his eyes.

    He had never been a well-mannered person, even in this kind of face-to-face provocation… He sneered, and his murderous will grew madly in his heart like a wild, spreading vine. 

    “Whoosh!” At nearly the same time, the sound of a wrist-mounted crossbow suddenly broke the air. Five seconds later, someone had caught clear sight of the monster atop the Triumphant Virtue Tower that caused the entire body to tremble. The immense pressure had made him simply rendered him thoughtless, so he had immediately fired his weapon.

    “Bang!” Just as the wrist-mounted crossbow was about to fire, it was wrest away into a hand. Zuo Lun stared rigidly at the student whose forehead was covered with a cold sweat and fiercely spat on the floor, suppressing the roar in his throat: “Rookie! Take a good look for me! Where is this!” 

    “This is Fengyi City! A major provincial capital in the west that has appeared in the news in the last day a few times! Where do you think you are? Your home? You say you want to do something, so you’ll do it?”

    It was then that the student seemed to regain his wits. A moment ago, it wasn’t that he wanted to act, but this atmosphere… It was the kind that if one didn’t make a move, they would die. A physiological instinct that was fundamentally incapable of being controlled!

    Only two people hadn’t moved.

    Xu Yangyi and Chu Zhaonan.

    “Look clearly! This is an old Foundation Establishment monster! A hundred of you aren’t enough to get stuck in between its teeth!” Zuo Lun brandished his right hand, and with a thud, there wasn’t single crossbow bolt that hadn’t fell onto the street. Afterwards, he brought everyone over to the front of the public park and then bowed deeply towards the Triumphant Virtue Tower: “Senior… Hasn’t this joke gone too far?”

    No one answered him. Or perhaps it could be said they disdained to.

    Zuo Lun’s expression didn’t have a shred of embarrassment and he nodded, straightening his body. He looked at everyone and said loudly and clearly: “Remember it clearly, newcomers. This is the capital of the province, the heart of the northwest. Any demon living here and any demon that dares to take form openly in public has a life expectancy of over 200 years! If you don’t want to die, then don’t fucking go picking fights with them!”

    He laughed coldly and walked in front of the student from a moment ago and raised his chin: “You know it, don’t you?”

    “Heavens Law’s wanted list, A-rank, code name: Vermilion Snow, bounty: 7.235 billion. Great Circle of Foundation Establishment. It’s been alive since the reign of Emperor Daoguang of the Qing Dynasty. It’s over 200 years old, and during the final years of the Qing, it caused a great upheaval by murdering enough people to fill a field in Hegu Province. Rivers of blood flowed, and it even massacred three prefecture-level cities. You won’t find things like this in the history books at all! Several hundred thousand people were used as its Foundation Establishment blood sacrification for its dried-up bones! It was only a foot shy from becoming China’s eleventh Core Formation Greater Demon… Don’t fucking tell me any of you don’t understand what the significance of Core Formation is. You wanna die… How about sending another arrow to that beast?”

    He neared the student and dangerously narrowed his eyes: “You really believe… they're called living fossils in vain?”

    Xu Yangyi didn’t speak. He only deeply memorized this name.

    Today’s event was the demon’s “joke”. There would be a time where he would come back to find it.

    The student’s face was already ashen. His entire body was coldly trembling.

    Xu Yangyi swept his gaze over without word or movement and discovered that within a radius of a 100 li of the demon’s surroundings, there wasn’t a single other demon.

    Already, the fox had turned back to its own hunting ground… His eyes narrowed, and he carefully gazed into the distance to discover that there was another tremendous shadow at the end of the city. However, the distance was too far, and beneath the darkness of night, he wasn’t able to see a thing clearly, but… its aura seemed far, far weaker than Vermilion Snow’s, yet it made him tremble within his heart in kind.

    It was still an old Foundation Establishment monster.

    Was this the present situation within the provincial capital? He stuffed his hand inside his pants pockets and leaned against the side of a tree in the park.

    His eyes gradually turned from red to black, and the form of the silver nine-tailed fox slowly dissipated in a ripple. It was still more vulgar than in his imagination...

    Sure enough… only strength could serve as a protective amulet to move freely without obstruction!

    “Let’s go.” Zuo Lun nodded and brought the crowd away from the park.

    “Instructor.” A student took a look at the surroundings and furrowed his brows: “Aren’t we… going to the branch?”

    “Of course.” Zuo Lun glanced puzzledly at him: “If not, what do you think?”

    Could it be it wasn’t this skyscraper? Or perhaps it was established in a deserted lot?

    “What do you think?” Zuo Lun looked at the student's expression and sneered: “Follow closely, rookies. Today, your eyes will open to the world!”

    At night, the park was lonesome. Following Zuo Lun, all of them walked below a pavilion that that had a sign hung up on the outside that said “no trespassing” and ceased their steps.

    With half-lidded eyes, a sixty-plus-year-old man had a radio by his side that was in the middle of playing the Beijing opera piece, The Battle of Changban. His face was covered in wrinkles, and he wore a white singlet that already has a good couple holes on it and was slack on his body. Clad in shorts and flip flops, and with a thermos by his side, the old man rocked a palm-leaf fan in his hand, idly swatting at mosquitoes. The pavilion behind could accommodate fifteen people at the most...

    This was the branch of Heavens Law?

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    Chapter 26: Branch
    Xu Yangyi didn’t speak, and the gazes of a few other people flickered. They wanted to say something, but they restrained themselves.

    No one was an idiot. If the key leading to the true world was so simple, then they were afraid they would immediately go become vagabonds, carefree like idling clouds and field cranes. How couldn’t Heavens Law not know this.

    “Elder Liu.” Zuo Lun bowed: “The newcomers have arrived.”

    Elder Liu seemed not to have heard Zuo Lun and continued to sway his head along with the beat of the opera.

    “Ekder Liu.” Zuo Lun raised his voice: “The newcomers are here!”

    “Ah? Here? Oh, good, good, good… Youngsters…” Elder Liu seemed to skip in fright, and the rocking frequency of his palm-leaf fan increased by a good few times. He drowsily opened his bleary yellow eyes and curled his mouth that didn’t have many teeth in it. “You want to open the door, right? Okay, okay, I’ll go straight away…”

    Initial-stage Qi Condensation…

    As the old man awakened, Xu Yangyi slightly raised his brows.

    The old man was the same as him, the initial stage of Qi Condensation.

    However, he was only here to look after the door!

    This little pavilion… What profundities did it have on the inside?

    “A bit interesting…” He rolled his fingers that were in his pant’s pocket. At the very least, the branch had currently aroused his interest.

    Elder Liu’s age seemed truly to be great. As he falteringly opened the door, Xu Yangyi looked on attentively...

    The inside was vacant.

    “Go on, go on.” After Elder Liu waited for everyone to get in, he closed the door and then hung the no trespassers sign board on the outside again. 

    Everyone entered inside, and Xu Yangyi probed the interior with his senses.

    It was extremely orderly… Moreover, there wasn’t the sensation of a smidgen of a talisman formation.

    “Is the technique too great?” He looked around at his surroundings suspiciously. His doubts couldn’t be blamed; superior talisman formations had to have a foundation. Just like when he slayed the demon, Mao Ba’er had deployed a talisman formation in advance. Even if it was a piece of yellow paper, it could be used as a focus to spread a formation. However, in this already crowded room, there was nothing.

    He thought of answers but still couldn’t reach a conclusion. In the next second, everyone felt their center of gravity suddenly drop!

    “Fuck…” He speechlessly looked above where moonlight was faintly passing through a hole.

    How could he forget about something like an elevator...

    The elevator descended extremely fast. He had already understood. This pavilion was an elevator, and this was the true branch of Heavens Law...

    It was below the public park!

    Beneath the city and in the midst of the twisting tunnels and winding intersections of the metro, there was an immense shadow. All of the subways and water pipes were constructed during the city’s beginning, and all of them began to coil around here. Here was the true location of Heavens Law’s branch!

    “Swoosh…” The elevator descended with all its might. It seemed like the bottom simply couldn’t be seen. In his heart, Xu Yangyi silently calculated it. Presently, they had already descended a minimum of more than thirty meters below.

    “Drip… Drip…” The first color appeared in their lines of sight, and subsequently, so did the second, the third… countless colors.

    Like color wheels in the square-shaped elevator, it gave people a feeling like that of science fiction. Not even waiting for him to appreciate it, the elevator finally stopped in the next second.

    “Welcome to Heavens Law’s Nantong Province branch.” A mechanized female voice rang out: “Welcome… to the truth.”

    “Swish!” Before the voice had even fell, the elevator suddenly opened. Followingly, everyone seemed to be struck dumb on the spot.

    Xu Yangyi slightly gaped and his gaze twinkled. It was completely beyond his expectations that Heavens Law’s branch would surprisingly be like this!

    It was an incomparably spacious room that occupied area nearly as great as the public park above!

    On top, there wasn’t a ceiling. Instead, there was something like an electric circuit! Cables on cables passed through grooves and converged into a roof like a tremendous circuit board!

    Now and then, beams of red and green light migrated within the transparent circuit, like a myriad streams returning to one, coming together in the center. As for the center...

    There was a mechanical human face no less than several tens of meters in size!

    It was a human face that was mechanized in its entirety. Its forehead, tightly shut eyes, and slightly ajar mouth seemed to be joined together like a puppet. Numerous specks of light representing information sources completely gathered together on the face. Soon after, transformed messages of blue light were distributed from other circuits. 

    The floor was made from reinforced glass. There wasn’t anything below but a black expanse. Walking atop of it was like walking through the void of space.

    Above the floor, there were over a hundred computers and a couple hundred filing cabinets.

    In this 1.5 hectare-wide room, there were no less than 300 people bustling about. The room was covered in bonsais, and the wall was broken up into five large regions like Pan’s Labyrinth. Even if they were standing at the entrance, they could hear racket of the people inside.

    “Yuyang City’s recent ten-year demon movements.” A woman around twenty-seven to twenty-eight years old wearing a white coat ran over before them like the wind. Not even glancing at them, her charming face revealed an extreme impatience, and she pushed back on her wine-red glasses, walking and talking simultaneously: “The professor at headquarters wants it. Also, tell that little demon from Pingan County that the branch isn’t Nantong Province’s highest cultivation court! Make it scram!”

    She was a middle-stage Qi Condensation cultivator.

    “Yes, understood!” There were several youths behind her whose cultivations couldn’t be completely discerned. They took notes while asking: “How do we get it to leave? It’s requested a meeting several times.”

    “You want me to teach you?!” Although the woman’s voice was raised, she urgently proceeded to the entrance of the elevator: “It said that a student of Heavens Law took the magik treasure passed down in his family? What bullshit! It was taken, so its been taken! A little demon that just achieved Form Transformation wants to run over here and yammer; it wants to come over and discuss this point?”

    “Tell it that if it wants to sue, then go the cultivation courts to do so! If it comes here again, then it better not think of leaving!”

    “Section Chief Liu, can you give our research department a loan?” On the other side, several middle-aged men wearing white coats surrounding an old man berated with tongue and pen: “It’s been three months! Out task pertaining to ‘The Transformation of Arthropodic Demons Under Modern Environments’ still hasn’t begun to this day! You have to give us a response!”

    The five of them were the initial stage of Qi Condensation!

    “Yes, you haven’t shown up at the branch for many months. Now that you’ve come today, you have to say something in any case!” 

    “If we don’t get a response today, then we won’t leave.” 

    “Thanks, thanks so much, the CSIB has scooped out that old man four times now, but he just won’t go! If you’re really an old man, why don’t you find your own dwellings?”

    On the other side, where there were the most people, a man suddenly struck his keyboard and stood up and yelled: “Who took on the Water Spirit case from Gaochuan City three months ago? You leave? Top Brass wrapped up the case today; who was responsible for the case? Hurry up and send it over!”

    The Fox Immortal case from last year at a border town close to Fengyi City? Wasn’t that Vermilion Snow’s doing? If it is, don’t hand it to this team; they can’t handle it!” 

    “That old timer in the southern part of Fengyi City applied to cut the ribbon for Long Road Pictures? I’ll go check it out later with three teams… Why? I want them to collect my corpse.” 

    “The spider in the northern part isn’t eating again?! How isn’t it dead?! It’s lost its appetite four to five times in a single month! It’s over a hundred years old, why is it being like this! Does it want to devolve into a caterpillar!”

    A summoned paper crane flew back and forth over the 1.5 hectare-long stretch like a butterfly. From time to time, a stream of light could be seen flying. It was a suspended sword hilt, or possibly a folder of materials, or perhaps some other flying sword. Occasionally, domesticated demons that had yet to undergo Form Transformation could be seen. For example, there was a two-tailed black cat with golden spots, and above, a single-horned, three-eyed monkeys serving tea and pouring water for each group. 

    The cultivators that were rarely seen in the outside world could all be seen here! At the minimum, a hundred of them were cultivators. The ordinary people were all their retainers.

    The room they were in was divided into five areas. It appeared a chaotic mess, but after Xu Yangyi looked at it carefully for a minute, he discovered that in reality it was systematically arranged.

    The others looked on at the bustling branch in amazement. Unexpectedly… the branch was like this?

    It wasn’t an immortal scene of pagodas and pavilions, lofty mountains and flowing streams, the auspicious presentations of immortal beast, or the soaring white cranes?

    This… the lively portrait of the everyday government… surprisingly made the others incapable of even beginning to ridicule it, since everything around them could be jabbed at.

    It was practically the feeling of déjà vu like in the Men in Black! 

    Xu Yangyi didn’t care for these things. His thoughts weren’t very different. To the extent that he felt… this was what the branch truly ought to have looked like.

    The present wasn’t the ancient age of cultivation. He had recognized this as the reality countless of times. This was the year 2016, the human era! The age of civilization! Already, the ancient things were unsuitable. The world had evolved, and the things that had been intrinsically maintained could only perish. It was the same as a dinosaur.

    This… was a genuine city of cultivation!

    This should’ve been the appearance that cultivation had developed up until now!

    He looked up ahead at the five pieces of machinery that formed together the mechanized human face.

    “Curious?” Suddenly a voice rang out at the side of his ear. Chu Zhaonan stood at his side with an expressionless face and raised his chin towards the roof: “That is Heavens Law.”

    Xu Yangyi looked towards the gigantic face on the ceiling. It was quite hard to say whether or not it was “alive”. This was because although its facial features were softly trembling, it was indeed a work of high-tech machinery.

    “A megamind.” Chu Zhaonan saw Xu Yangyi wasn’t saying anything so he continued speaking: “does not surpasses the human brain… Every major country had a few apex-level supercomputers, for example like Japan’s Tsubame Gaeshi and China’s Milky Way. However, the true, peak supercomputers have eternally been installed in the cultivation world.”*

    “So, China’s strongest supercomputer is called Heavens Law?” Xu Yangyi looked pensively at the tremendous face: “And it is also a megamind? It was placed here?”

    “This is only a portion of it.” Chu Zhaonan glanced at face in passing and said indifferently: “It isn’t only a machine. It is also an ultimate weapon capable of suppressing an entire province. You best hope you don’t make it issue a kill order against you, because by that time, you’ll already be dead without a doubt.”

    “I feel your attention isn’t here.” He licked his lips and stood before Xu Yangyi like a bull that had seen red, stamping his military boots and said lowly: “There’s an arena below. It’s the location of the graduation ceremony.”

    Xu Yangyi retracted his gaze and looked at Chu Zhaonan with a smile that wasn’t a smile: “So?”

    “I’m going to challenge you!” Chu Zhaonan stared into his eyes: “With the title as Tianfeng City’s Champion!”

    Xu Yangyi glanced at him for a while and laughed: “Your reason?”

    “No reason.” Chu Zhaonan said coldly: “If you must know, during every graduation of Heavens Law, there is a comprehensive ranking competition in the entire country. It is called the Qualifier, however…”

    He grinded his white teeth: “Besides myself, no one knows that in every graduation, there will be a Core Formation master that puts out ‘a prize’. A prize from a Core Formation cultivator, a peak cultivator in this world!”

    * You guys have no idea how hard it was for me to figure out Tsubame Gaeshi LOL. Good thing I am a closet weeb. For people who don’t know. This is the signature sword art of the Japanese swordsman Sasaki Kojiro. 

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    Chapter 27: Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens (1)
    “The last one was Fortuity Profound Elixir. The one before it was an upper-grade magik artifact.”

    Xu Yangyi’s expression finally became serious.

    Fortuity Profound Elixir didn’t have any other efficacies. It was dark green like water, hazy like smoke and fog, and could be injected into the vein via syringe… Perhaps great Foundation Establishment and Core Formation cultivators would remain unmoved, but to initial-stage and middle-stage Qi Condensation cultivators, it was enough to go wild for!

    It also had another name… known as Spirit Cleansing Elixir.

    There wasn’t any other effect. There was only one and that was to thoroughly wash away a cultivator’s flesh of impurities. It was a genuine “shedding of the mortal body and exchange of the bones”! It could transform one’s constitution into one most suitable for cultivating!

    The development of cultivation to the present had proved long ago that qi was like the root of power and the body was a machine. If a comparison had to be made, was it not like the movement of MMORPGs brought to computers during the year 2000? 

    It couldn’t be! 

    He was tempted, however the root of his temptation wasn’t because he could shed his body and make new his bones, cleansing meridians and cut his marrow. Rather...

    It was because of his qi sea!

    His qi sea was was in middle of slowly expanding at a rate that couldn’t be seen by the naked eye. This was a matter related to the mysterious, small chest that he couldn’t talk about to anyone under any circumstance. If the Fortuity Profound Elixir was capable of resolving this problem, then things couldn’t be better!

    In nearly a flash, he had made his decision. If he had heard about the Qualifier before, then he would’ve still been indifferent to it, but at this moment, he resolved to put the entirety of his strength into it!

    The lion had at long last decided to tear away its disguise of sheepskin. 

    Even if it wasn’t the Fortuity Profound Elixir, but some other prize, it would unquestionably be another prize on the same level!

    “There’s no one that isn’t looking forward to a true arcane effort… right? Yuyang City’s Champion?” Chu Zhaonan looked at Xu Yangyi’s expression and said.

    “Contestants are divided into 369 ranks, but only the most truly powerful person is capable of seizing a Core Formation master’s prize!” Chu Zhaonan straightened his figure and the might of his entire body erupted outwards like a volcano. He said heavily word for word: “I, Chu Zhaonan, with the status as Tianfeng City’s champion, challenge you!”

    Xu Yangyi looked at him calmly and nodded after a long time: “I hope you can stay standing at the end.” 

    “Good…” Chu Zhaonan narrowed his eyes and used his thumb to forcefully slash over his throat, licking his lips: “Really, that brings me an endless excitement…”

    Their voices were quite low, so that none of the others could hear them. Xu Yangyi didn’t ask Chu Zhaonan why he knew of things that the school wouldn’t teach; this was a question that wouldn’t have an answer.

    Zuo Lun didn’t let them wait for too long, and after their initial astonishment, he fished out a black paper crane from his jacket pocket and flicked it away with his finger. The paper crane swaggeringly flew away.

    Less than two minutes later, the paper crane flew back. As Zuo Lun received it, his brows suddenly jumped. Immediately, he suddenly took a step back and couldn’t help but to bow at the waist, watching the paper crane incredulously.

    The paper crane wasn’t black.

    Rather… it was red!

    “This… This is…” His distraction lasted for less than a second, and he immediately turned his head back excitedly, his throat moving in glee as he said hoarsely: “Rookies, listen well, you’re in luck. There’s a Foundation Establishment senior showing up! This is your goddamn, heaven-sent golden opportunity to rise to the top!”

    In this instant, he we unable to stop the heaving of his chest, and his eyes somewhat reddened. After he finished speaking, he couldn’t restrain himself from cursing lowly: “Fuck… This luck… How come I didn’t hear of a Foundation Establishment senior observing the ceremony when I was graduating!”

    A Foundation Establishment senior!

    In a split second, it wasn’t only them, but nearly everyone’s eyes held a fanaticism to them as they looked at the red paper crane that could even be said to be cute.

    Xu Yangyi cautiously waited with rapt attention and Chu Zhaonan was heavy like water. However, the rough sound of breathing that could be heard was an absolute irregularity coming from a cultivator’s body!

    These three words caused extreme admiration in the hearts of men!

    A century for Foundation Establishment. To these newcomers that had just graduated, Foundation Establishment represented countless riches! A legend that light firearms were nearly completely ineffective against! A whole 200 years of life!

    In other words, a Foundation Establishment cultivator was... a human-shaped monster!

    Superman! Ironman! 

    These beings had always been things that could only be found in books. The headmaster of the branch was at most only the late-stage of Qi Condensation. To them, Foundation Establishment was a familiar yet strange word. They didn’t expect that their graduation ceremony would surprisingly have a Foundation Establishment cultivator in attendance!

    If they were picked by one...

    If they were received by one as a disciple...

    For a moment, no one spoke. There was only the sound of fairly rushed breathing, betraying the state of everyone’s minds. 

    Xu Yangyi quietly clenched his fist. A Foundation Establishment cultivator would be observing the Qualifier… The graduation ceremony procession hadn’t been relayed, and this stroke of good fortune had surprisingly been concealed! 

    “If you’re accepted into a Foundation Establishment senior’s faction, it can be said that your path of cultivation has already opened by a half. Seize this chance properly, recruits.” Zuo Lun sucked in deeply and waved his hand. The red paper crane flew over to his finger, and following, a sentence was clearly transmitted into his mind.

    “A person per room. Let the assignment be to themselves.”

    At the same time, inside a gigantic room, a slender hand with a platinum ring on the forefinger gently set down a coffee cup that had been held at the side of a mouth. A pair of long and narrow eyes calmly swept over the tremendous widescreen. 

    Altogether, there were ten lattices. On the lower right side were the students’ numbers, and on the left side, there was a person on each frame. In front of the display screen, there were five to six people sitting down. Behind them were ten-odd people standing. 

    At the very most center, there was a middle-aged man wearing a tunic suit. He had tiny eyes, long and narrow, and had his hair styled in a short buzz. His stature wasn’t tall nor was he short, and he wore a platinum ring on his right hand. His skin was frighteningly white as if he was a vampire in broad daylight. 

    His lanky fingers laid criss-crossed over his chest, and he sunk himself entirely in the cozy, wide chair. In the entire room, apart from his soft chair that was no less than half a meter in space, the other chairs were all the size of a small toilet seat.

    At his left there was a youth twenty-three to twenty-four years of age sitting down in a western suit with his back ramrod straight. On his right, there was an old man with a full head and beard of white hair, carrying a smile on his face. 

    The entire room was silent without fanfare or chatter. The only thing that remained was the faint inaudible sound of breathing. The youth closed his eyes, and from time to time, the light sound of stroking from the ring on his finger could be heard. 

    The old man on the right side smiled faintly: “Shadowslay, you still have many years of your life, do you have a seedling you fancy this time? Wouldn’t it be better to let this old one pick first?”

    Shadowslay didn’t respond, slowly caressing his ring. After a while, he glanced at Xu Yangyi’s window and said indifferently: “I do.”

    “The kid that killed that berserker?” Firecloud followed his glance and slightly smiled: “Nothin’ but pecking between two spring chickens… however, to be able to move the heart of the southern four provinces’ chief, Shadowslay, is also his predestined fortune.”

    “It’s just…” He paused unhurriedly and took a sip of the cup of coffee he was holding: “I am interested in him, as well.”

    The youth at the side raised his lips.

    Shadowslay seemed to be a block of wood, his face without the shred of an expression. He didn’t speak, and the youth behind him dressed in a full western suit and wearing gold-rimmed spectacles immediately stepped forward. He bowed respectfully at nearly a right angle and laughed: “Your Excellency Firecloud, His Excellency Shadowslay is without a single disciple…” 

    Firecloud smiled and nodded, carrying a splendid smile on his plump face. His hand holding his cup of coffee stopped, and he laughed willfully: “So it’s like that… I understand. Five years a graduation… Our first graduation wait was pretty painful. Our faction is lacking people… Hehe, so it’s finally time for blockhead to take on a disciple, huh…”

    He seemed to sight somewhat ruefully: “However…”

    “Who allowed you to speak?” His laughter swept over the widescreen display. He didn’t even glance at the youth, and he pounded his armrest rhythmically with his finger, his smile even worse: “Who gave you the right? A mortal?”


    A heavy sound echoed in midair. Like two invisible, gigantic hands collided together in the air, the surrounding air congealed in an instant!

    “Kaboom… Kaboom…” The echoing of heavy sounds ceased, and all the objects in their environment were all surprisingly trembling slightly!

    It wasn’t known when but Shadowslay was already looking towards the old man. In kind, the old man smiled and looked at him.

    Besides the youth on the left, the surrounding people’s complexions were drained to a ghastly pallor.  The formless atmosphere between the two men caused their heart beats to stop. The present scene held a death-like silence.

    “P-p-please forgive my offence…” After a momentary quiet, the youth that had spoken was trembling from head to toe with his forehead slick with cold sweat. Without the least bit hesitation, he kneeled, his body trembling like the sifting of chaff. With his hoarse voice, he yelled: “Your Excellency! I beg your forgiveness! I’m sorry! Ten thousand apologies!”

    “Scram, you will receive ten lashes. If you do not die, you shall come again to serve this throne again.” Shadowslay’s voice was somewhat raspy. He looked at the old man and said with a complicated tinge in his voice: “You actually broke through to the middle stage of Foundation Establishment?”

    “I am no heaven-blessed hero like you. It is merely nothing more than my hard work to make up for my inadequacies.” Firecloud restrained his smile and leaned his body forward. His gaze swept over the number one at the lower left of Xu Yangyi’s and Chu Zhaonan’s portraits: “I scheduled these two in advance. Besides the paragon of the Qualifier, can you not let them come to me?”

    Shadowslay raised a brow.

    “Outside of any unexpected mishaps, that young Xu from Nantong Province has a 70% possibility of ascending to the top.” Firecloud said softly: “I said three people, but I actually only want two. How about it?”

    Shadowslay didn’t open his mouth and said insipidly several seconds later: “It’s not that there are no geniuses in these graduations, but it’s hard to meet a fiend like Sunnihilator even once in a century.”

    “Nevertheless, it must be tried.” Firecloud laughed: “I’ll allow a small branch of your minerals company in Zhaoxue City. What do you say?”

    After three minutes of silence, Shadowslay said faintly: “You may.”

    “Che…” At this time, the youth at his side who had always been silent surprisingly smiled. Yet Shadowslay and Firecloud didn’t have the least bit intention of interrupting.

    “I’m much obliged.” Firecloud laughed and cupped his hands towards Shadowslay. He looked at the smiling youth at the side: “Mr. Fang, send my regards to the provincial governor on my behalf. What matter has caused you to laugh?”

    Fang Tansheng sipped at his coffee leisurely: “How can I dare laugh at the two seniors? It is merely what Lord Firecloud said about this Xu… Xu Yangyi having a 70% chance of becoming the paragon. In my humble opinion, he doesn’t even have one percent of a chance.”

    “Oh?” Firecloud’s gaze flickered: “It seems there is some inside scoop I am unaware about?”

    “It can’t be considered an inside scoop. It’s been nothing more than a mere decade. You two immortal masters are enthralled with cultivation; it is natural you are not as versed as such to the world of ordinary mortals.” Fang Tansheng laughed and supported his hand on his chin. He looked complicatedly at the computer screen displaying Chu Zhaonan and smiled: “You two immortal masters, do you remember the strange tale of fifteen years ago in Mingshui Province’s capital, Panshan City, the ‘The Sunlit 10,000 Mile Journey’ of the provincial governor's madam?” 

    T/N: These Foundation Establishment guys refer to themselves as 本座 literally “this seat”. I translated this as “this throne” depending on the situation. Refers to 本 - oneself and 座 - one’s own high ranking. Used in antiquity to denote nobility. 

    I want to include here the title of the chapter in Chinese because it will become relevant later: 

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