I am currently re-reading the Stone Medicine World Arc because it is really the arc I loved the most so far. Does Ancient Ming has completely been banished in the 9 worlds and the so-called Corporeal Zone has been obtained by our Young Noble in the raws or in the machine translation? I am trying to look at it in the MTL but I cannot find it.

Thank you for the SPOILERS.


  • I'm currently at 2000+chap still no sign of Ancient Ming revival. LQ said AM has 9 Immo emperors and dark giants inside the corporeal zone. They don't dare to come out because they will taste powerful heavens punishment even tho they can dodge Old theif's rules using corporeal zone. Sorry for my bad english  :D If you want to read the mtl if I'm not mistaken its between 1500-1700!
  • I'm upto date with current raw and Ancient Ming haven't shown up one time. I think they came up to 10th world with Li Qiye and waiting for the right opportunity to show up. 
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