Heavenly Trasures

Can anyone tell me about them!
What power the 9 trasures have and who are their current owner upto latest raws
and when does li que get them if he does same with death scripture!
thank you


  • currently as far as i know 

    Physique Scripture - Li Qiye
    Physique Locality Treasure  - Ancient Ming

    Longetivity Scripture - Li qiye ( he found in three immortal worlds)
    Longetivity Grass - Hidden By Immortal demon Grotto somewhere.(no owner)

    Death Coffin - Li Qiye
    Death Scripture(Original) - Li Qiye

    Thousand thought pots -  Nihility temple(no owner)
    Thought Scripture(original) - Li Qiye

    Void Gate -  Li Qiye
    Space Scripture(original) - Li qiye

    unknown scripture - World emperor (father of Qian Suyun the buddhist lord) and Li Qiye will get a copy lol

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