some nice Chinese network novel

I am a Chinese, people in different countries also have the same hobby, and I like to read XianXia and fantasy. From 2006 till now, I have read don't know how many units. Give you recommend a few personally, I think it's a good novel.
China's first XianXia novel 缥缈之旅(ethereal trip),have created a new genre,a standard of XianXia type.佣兵天下(mercenaries the world)fantasy.机甲风暴(Mecha storm),science fiction and fantasy.极品家丁(The best servant), history class.末日蟑螂 (the end of the cockroach), the end of the world and the fantasy.一念永恒(An idea is eternal),I am currently reading it, and also belongs to XianXia. The plot is very humorous.
There are many good novels, think I recommend to reply.  My English is not good, the hope can help you.
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