Is is worth coming back to this novel?

Hi, so i've read this novel a while back, not sure which chapter i was on, but i remember it was after some kind of training in mountains where there was some kind of seal at the end, and mc was stuck there but was saved by ugly girl and an old guy, and gave them some points how to cure the girl, and that's how it ended for me. I mean the guy had his memories from back when he was some kind high-up character, all that knowledge etc. but for me it was too slow slow paced story untill then and i dropped it, it just didnt gave me that "thrill" when i read it. Atm i dont have anything else to read and i might pick this up again, but is it worth it? Maybe the story is in full swing now or ? I just dont want to go through another 50 chapters or so and drop it again. I know lots of stories usually get better later on, is it one of them? I dont mind a few minor spoilers about what's going on now. Just no major spoilers please :)


  • Worth skimming, don't waste your time reading. It is really repetitive.
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    Gotta say, this is one of the more boring stories I've read. The MC is not bad perse, but man nothing happens. Like hundreds of chapters without killing anyone, what is the point? Like even that Peakcock master guy is like "dude, you're a pussy" cause he acts like a dying old man. 2 chapter, it is more of the same.

    I mean for a dude wanting to take the martial dao path in this lifetime, he's a huge pussy, he's definitely spent less time researching how to get strong than in pill competitions. And he cheats in competition because he is a pussy, and for some reason, people 2 realms above him can't tell that 2 goddamn people are releasing their skills to catch him. so dumb.

    At chapter 1000, he goes to a goddamn pill city to rescure his god damn friend, and literally just tries to buy him using a fake relationship to scare the other party, then he does some pill competition, cause that weak ass first plan is obviously dumb. 

    What a fucken pussy.
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