Want an idea of what ISSTH is about

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I haven't started reading this yet but i want to know what this is about especially the MC.
like compared to coiling dragon, MGA, ATG, is the mc similar in a way like becoming op or something?
i dont need any specific spoilers just an idea of how the story develops. (need some motivation to start reading xD)


  • ISSTH is my favorite translation that I am currently following.  The writing is humorous and witty (but not campy), the characterizations are great, and the main character is a pacifist Confucian scholar who is kidnapped and forced to join a sect of Immortal practitioners.  He gradually loses his pacifist attitudes and grows more and more badass, but he remains, all in all, a decent human (who is quite clever) who cares about other people.  It's great!
  • compared to his fellow cultivators he's a freaking saint!!!
  • Yeah I think the same thing Ren and that's why I love this MC
  • MC's eyes glitter.
    Nothing more needs to be said.
    Start reading it. Now.
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    MC's an actual human being.  There's superb humor and romance (not harem though which is not the norm in XianXia).  The story is full of mystery and there is an actual story/plot.  The characters each have their own personality.  Enemies and allies alike are smart and calculating.  The story flows really really well.  ISSTH is like a smooth current where Xian Ni is like a river made of lakes and oceans.
  • The MC spends a lot of time just trying to stay alive while not being a complete douche.

    Granted while his is losing his innocence and lofty ideals, he is also a stand up guy that would rather avoid a fight, even if he rarely gets a chance to.

  • So MC just has one love interest right?

    Up to latest raw, yes.
  • how many chaps is the raw up to now?
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