Since The LN has been dropped (Temp). Please tell me what's supposed to happen at the Snow Mountain.

Just finished all of the chapters, and I know the LN has been dropped recently. So, I'm assuming he saves Fatty Cat from the arranged marriage? Simple yes or no since this is a massive cliff hanger and it'll probably be 3-6 months+ before a new TL picks it up(hopefully).


  • Oh I wonder what will happen.. 

    Maybe Simba beats up Little fatty until he choses to show his powerup and then turns the table, saves tiger-waifu, tiger-dad approves of Zhous power and therefore their engagement and Big Fatty goes "Yuuuup. That's my apprentice. It was a teeeam effort"
    Tadaa and off we go to get the next member of the harem.. or fight that country invading Zhous homecountry

    But this is of course just a guess... but given how light novels usually are I am like.. 96% certain that something like this will happen
  • Yes. Of cos he is going to save all his girls. 
  • Now I'm curious as to what chapter I stopped at. Anyone know? ahahahaha *sigh*
  • This is the first post since Zen came back

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