has BTTH already ended?

Hi, I'm new to this novel, I have started reading about two months ago and I'm in chp 958 right now. In the middle of my reading till where I'm I got curious about some things and started looking for it, of course I got some spoilers but I don't really care about it. I got confused in some points and would like to ask some questions.

Has it already ended? If it has ended, I would like to ask this:
- I have read in a wikia(http://battle-through-the-heavens.wikia.com/wiki/Essence_Flame) a summary of all the heavenly flames( or essence flames). How do they got this information? Have all of them appeared till the end? or does the autor leaked this info?
-I got a spoiler that xiao yan never got to posses the 'Purifying Lotus Demon Flame' in the novel, is this true? if it's true do they even approaches the tou she ancient god(like, the world under the magma)?
-My last question. Has this novel been cut before the autor could develop it like he wanted? If it was, why?(T-T)

I hope the seniors can clarify my doubts.

Obs: leave another novel you guys like(besides, Tales of Demons and Gods. I'm in the last chp released).


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    A lot of the flames appear briefly with owners while others are at their natural origin place.  They are all summoned during the final battle.
    He obtains the Purifying Lotus Demon Flame.  Later, near the end of the novel, they go to the Tou She tomb in the magma world.
    Can't say for certain, but among Xianxia, I'd say it has one of the better endings.  It forms a kind of Trilogy with Wu Dong Qian Kun and The Great Ruler.  The Great Ruler,  I can say felt kinda rushed.

    For more information about this, I'll leave it to those that understand chinese or mtl.
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