The Heir of Wilberforce


Second World

The year 152 After Amri (A.A)

The sound of gallops rang in the air, as three riders sped in the thick mist surrounding the hills and valleys of the forest across the endless misty mountains. These mountains extended as far as the eyes could see and had been as old as the Seven Worlds.

The horses trotted upon the coiling grasses surrounding the little ground not occupied by the roots of the huge several-meter long trees. And the mist made everything blurry, further making the tortuous paths even more difficult. But, still the determination and speed of these Riders wasn't dulled in the slightest. 
Even if their robes had different colors when new, now all that was left was grey tattered robes on dusty horses. The face masks wore by all of them further assisted the mist in hiding most of their faces, such that the only parts visible were their dry lips and their eyes.

The rider by the right galloped few meters behind the rest, as he observed the misty mountain on their backs over his shoulders. After few seconds, he shook his head and continued forward. It seemed his horse wasn't used to being left behind as it neighed, and ran with the sturdy figure of the Belligee on it even faster. Seemingly determined to catch up with the rest.

As the horse catch up, the sturdy Belligee on it looked at the middle rider, "they are close milord!" He said, "They'll likely catch up in a couple of hours."

As he waited to hear a response, a hundred-meter long python coiled and hid itself in the darkness of the mist. And waited behind the giant trees at one of the turning points. It waited since the time these three had entered the mountain range, hoping to quench its hunger by swallowing all the three Riders as they pass. But as they approached, its small heinous green eyes traverse through the mist and met the eyes of the rider on the right.

Suddenly the snake started to shake violently, as its eyes met a glow from the greenish-brown eyes of this rider. Its body suddenly became paralysed and it fell unconscious with blood oozing from all its apertures. As this three reached the position of the semi-dead snake, the darkness reflected in the eyes of the rider on the right, and they glowed like a cat's would in the middle of the night. Apparently whenever he passed through the darker parts of the mist, his eyes did the same.

As they passed this area, they seemed to found themselves in a cul-de-sac; a mountain as high as the heavens and apparently as deep as the earths, seemed to cut off their way forward completely. But that didn't slow them down a second. It only made the rider by the left to increase his speed and rode a few meters ahead of his companions.

As his one-meter physique became closer to colliding with the foot of the mountain obstructing their path, his eyes shone in the mist, and displayed sword-shaped iris in both eyes. And the wrath behind this eyes collide with the mountain; instantly obliterating it completely from existence.

In the past second, he was about to collide with the mountain, in the next second the mountain completely disappeared from existence, without the slightest sign of its prior existence. It wasn't even given the chance to scream or released dust before it was wiped. Obviously the power inside those eyes had the ability to determine life or otherwise for all the existence within the mountains.

"I'm going to use that technique!" The middle rider addressed the question from the left rider. Surprisingly, the eyes of the middle rider were inaccessible, as he had been riding with closed eyes.

There was a spontaneous abrupt halting of the two horses riding by his side, mainly as a response to his answer. And the greenish-brown eyes of the rider on the right and the Sword-shape iris in the eyes of the rider by the left fixed on him, "t... that technique.... leader, is there no other way?" They asked, further widening their gaze in utter surprise.

"What I need right now is time, at least eleven hours." His face was solemn as he further confirmed his stance. "Can you stand watch for these eleven hours." A hint of uncertainty could easily be picked in his voice, as if he was contemplating something.

As for the two, seeing that their leader was dead set, they answered in complete approval, "yes, commander!"

Twenty minutes after they passed the cul-de-sac, they stopped near a stony cave attached to a hundred feet long mountain. Its edges seemed to be covered by yellowish mushrooms and its entrance lined by thick cobwebs.

It seemed they had been targeting this cave, ever since the leader decided to use 'that technique'. They climbed down their horses and the leader, his eyes still closed, walked to the feet long entrance of the cave. He seemed to well know of the environment as if his eyes were open. Standing before the entrance for a moment, his head faced the cobweb, he seemed to be observing something in the darkness of the cave.

After a short while, he turned back to his two companions, "This will do!" He said, bending down to cut through the cobweb and into the small passage. But just as he was about to enter, he turned back again, and with his eyes closed, expressed a warm smile to them. They instantly bowed, understanding what he just did as a goodbye. And before they look up, he was gone.

As he disappeared into the cave, they turned back and looked forward. Standing there and watching the way, their body language signified their unwavering resolve; never to move from their spots even after death.

Three hours later, another three set of people, seemed to have opened a black void in the air, as they just suddenly appeared four feet away from the cave. But even the appearance of this people didn't faze the two Belligees guarding the entrance.

As soon as the three people arrived, a kingly aura filled the vicinity, even though many would be more interested in the sinister part of this aura that sent chills down the spine.

Even though the clothes of this people appeared black they were not, in fact the only thing black in them was the most conspicuous thing in them --- their eyes!

Their eyes, something you could not miss even if you saw it on the verge of death, a perfectly fitting black eyes. As black as a skillet. Both the sclera and the iris were black. Indeed, someone from a distance would most likely see something resembling a dark cloud lurking on their faces instead of eyes.

These eyes were called Urúrú.

It took only about a minute or so  for the whole area around the stony cave to turn from misty to night dark. Apparently the same black eyes that made the robes of this Belligees to appear black even though they were not, also absorbed the light in the vicinity. The darkness inside those eyes was so much so that if you look at them for an extended period, you would feel as if you would be drawn inside them, and be lost forever.

For complete two to three minutes after the three arrived, not even a word had been uttered between the two parties. And just when it seemed, as if they would not say anything, the tallest among the three, who was almost four meters tall, cast a meaningful look at the person standing to his left, "De Urúrú," He said, "you should focus, and get enlightenment during this encounter."

He then turned to face the two standing still as statues in front of the cave, "it has been ten years already, even though I'm interested in knowing what exactly made you stop now, after all these years of running," he sighed, looking at the two warriors guarding the entrance, "I thought you have become acquainted with living as fugitives...... but alas! My job is to find and exterminate you. So I guess I wouldn't have the chance to know what made you stop."

With that, all three with the Urúrú, made complex hand gestures at the same time and in the same manner. Immediately after, their black eyes began to emit a dark glow, and then seconds later, six straight lines of black light, one from each of their eyes propagated toward the two Belligees in front of the cave.  

One of the two Belligees guarding the cave, the one with the greenish-brown eyes, made a hand gesture, instantly synthesizing over one-thousand balls of flames the color of his eyes. He made another hand gesture and all the thousand greenish flame balls roared and started to revolve around him. Creating a unique celestial presentation worthy of rememberance.

Whereas the other one made a hand gesture and surprisingly a two-meter sword came out from each of his sclera. First, the swords appeared as bodiless figures, and then they solidified into real swords, the same shape as his iris. As he held the two swords, one in each hand, he jumped into the air and blocked all the six rays of black light approaching.

Mean while his companion moved to the side and launched all the thousand green fire balls to the three members of the Urúrú.

As soon as the central member of the Urúrú saw that, he changed the course of his attack and moved his rays of black light, to block the thousand fire balls.

A terrifying blast first coalesced at the point of the collisions, before it suddenly exploded. Spreading a unique deleterious Negrinki, mixed with dread and annihilation, to instantly encompass everything within sight. Within a second, this blast had destroyed enough landscape of the misty mountains to make it unrecognizable. There was no longer any mountain range, everything had just become a mixture of rubbles and dusts from the blasted giant mountains.

After several minutes when the explosion settled, the whole misty mountain range appeared flat, as if it had never existed. The only thing remaining, was that single cave. All the giant trees, all the beasts and all the mists had been cleared by just a single encounter.

And in front of this last standing cave, the three members of the Urúrú faced the two mysterious Belligees. None of them seemed to be harmed in the slightest, apparently all that collision that was able to level all the thousand mountains was just a mere warm up for them.

The heart of the youngest and the weakest member of the group, De Urúrú, started to pound and beads of sweat threatened to exposed his fears. All these was simply as a result of what he was seeing at that very moment.

He saw the status of his opponents;

The one with the greenish eyes;

Izza : Unknown 
Negrinki : Unknown 
Element : Apex 
Sword Technique : Fire
Special : Circles

The one with sword-shape iris;

Izza : Unknown 
Negrinki : Unknown 
Element : None
Sword Technique : Apex 
Special : Open

De Urúrú knew from his elementary classes that once you read 'Unknown', then the difference between your level and your opponent's is more than double. And he knew even his own Izza was a little over one thousand years and he possessed the Urúrú. Something that would definitely intensify his abilities to read Belligees abilities.

But how comes? How powerful can they be? He couldn't help but ask himself as he sweat and prepared to die.

The two Belligees continued to launch similar but more powerful attacks as they depend the cave against the three Urúrú. And the battle continued.

After the battle, the whole mountain range and the densely populated wild life was turned into nothing more than a leveled free field. No animal was found there again, in fact not even birds could fly over the place, and the place became a major part of the Danger Zone. 

However, somehow something escaped the attention of many; a person who was there during the battle, crawled his way back to the palace of the Second World, the one called De Ururu!

It was said for many years he could do nothing, not even speak. And it was only after many years, that he regained some of his abilities. But was said to have entered into a secluded meditation after that. Nobody heard from him again.

However, just before he went into the seclusion, he narrated a shocking story to the king of the Second World, King Dul Urúrú. The story of a mysterious sword, that was left behind by the man that had entered that stony cave.

According to De Urúrú, no matter how he tried to claim the sword he couldn't, it was just impossible in a way that was unexplainable.

As he narrated to the King, "However I was persistent milord, and I didn't let it out of my sight, for three days and three nights after the battle was over, even with the injuries I had sustained.

"But then on the fourth day, the sword glowed, and before I could do anything, it had turned into --- a book, the size of a hand.

"The book then flipped its pages, as if it was showing something to me (or to the world). But I couldn't see anything, except some bizarre characters written with blood!

"And also some incomprehensible noises, that made me think I was hallucinating, or more appropriately I was listening to summonings from the afterlife. But it all lasted only some few seconds and before I know it..." he looked even more absentminded than ever, looking at the floor of the closed dark confidential part of the palace, where he reported his story. He remained in this state for many seconds as if trying to comprehend his next words. And then he stammered, " dis.....appeared!"

Somehow someway, word of the Book spread, and with time, the seekers of this Book multiplied. Within few centuries, many would sacrifice anything and everything in order to lay hands upon it. They didn't know which one was the best; a Book or a Sword. So they came to call it Book-Sword.  


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