the trilogy??

Read somewhere WDQK is a trilogy.. what are the prequels or sequels??


  • I wouldn't exactly call it a sequel, but WDQK, Battle Through the Heavens, and The Great Ruler(both of which are on this site) all take place in the same setting.

    Chronologically, BTTH takes place first, then WDQK, and then TGR. AFAIK, for WDQK the only real reference to to BTTH is the later's MC showing up in the last chapters.

    As for TGR, the MC of BTTH and Lin Dong are both referenced fairly early on as top tier badasses. I've heard they get more involved later on, but in the current translation, they're not doing much that the MC is aware of.
  • In The Great Ruler Mu Chen(The Main Character) becomes best friends with the children of Lin Dong of WDQK and Xiao Yan of BTTH. Once he becomes stronger he personally meets Xiao Yan and Lin Dong, along with the Small Marten, Little Flame, Yao Chen(Xiao Yan's teacher) and the MC's wives.

    The latter part of the book Mu Chen also becomes equal to Xiao Yan and Lin Dong and fights alongside them.
  • There is a special side story which should be mentioned called "Ice" which the author created along with the TGR but this is basically the epilogue for what most people wanting to know after the ending of WDQK. Hope the translator for WDQK takes interest to translate this Ice arc side story.
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