flame mantra + flame creation skill = perfect beginner combo

anyone else noticed that the description of the flame creation skill is very similar to the evolution method for the flame mantra, the only difference is that one needs beast flames and the other heavenly flames. what if a fresh Dou Zhe was to start with both these techniques it would eliminate the initial problem of the flame mantra namely that until you absorb your first heavenly flame it is next to useless however if you instead start with beast flames and practise both the flame creation skill and the flame mantra together you can slowly upgrade the flame mantra with beast flames while creating your own pseudo-heavenly flame which you could then use as a stand in until you get an actual heavenly flame thus reducing your initial risks of failure by slowly tempering your body with ever increasing flames it would also mean that once you do get a heavenly flame you already have another flame to improve it. another benefit is that should you be unable to obtain a heavenly flame you can still create your own by constantly absorbing beast flames.

bit of a ramble but i felt i should mention it anyway tell me what you think.
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