The Demon's Gate



  • Chapter 58: Fight him.

    “Good boys. You all did well.”

    Yao Jun walked over to Little Thunder and gently stroked his head as he spoke. He also didn't worked to praise Sirius and Little Gray as well, gently stroking their heads as he spoke with a smile. While he was stroking their heads, the kneeling guards and cultivators looked at him like he was a monster.

    The three Demonic beast still had blood on their claws, Little Thunder's jaws were even still clamping down on the head of the old man, blood dripping out between it's teeth. But this youth just walked over and started stroking them and praising them.

    “Alright, it's time to go back now. You can take him with you.”

    Yao Jun gave the three Demonic beasts one last pat on the head before he summoned his Demon God's Gate out and called all three back into the gate. The corpse of the old man also disappeared into the gate. Little Thunder and the others could eat the body to slightly strengthen themselves as well as Yao Jun. The same happened when Yao Jun killed one of the two youths after he entered the town, this was just a different way of doing it. Of course, they wouldn't eat any of the old man's treasures, like his interspatial ring.

    After he finished with the old man, Yao Jun turned around and walked back to where Guo Luo was. Standing there, he looked at all the kneeling people, whose backs were now completely covered in cold sweat.

    “You guys, come over here.”

    Yao Jun pointed at a few of the kneeling people as he spoke. When his words fell into their ears, they automatically stood up and walked over to where Yao Jun stood, kneeling down on the ground again in front of him.

    “Please...sir... please, you have to-”

    One of the kneeling men started speaking with a trembling voice, too scared to even raise his head. Before he managed to finish his words, he was interrupted by Yao Jun.


    That single word drilled into the minds of everyone present, forcibly causing them to close their mouths.

    “I have seen what you have done to this town and it's people, I saw what you were doing mere minutes before I entered this place. Do you really think I will spare you?”

    Yao Jun spoke coldly, his eyes emotionlessly looking at the men in front of him. All of the people he pointed out were people he had seen do atrocious things as he was heading towards the mansion. He was certain that there were more people among the other kneeling people that had done atrocious things, but he had not seen them do it, so there was nothing he could do about it.

    If he did not know who had done what, the only other option he had was to kill everyone. This was clearly impossible, as he would be no different from those he was killing at that point, so he could only punish those who he knew were guilty.

    “The rest of you, except for you, can leave, if I found out you have done the same as these people, I will come for you.”

    Yao Jun looked at the rest of the kneeling people as he spoke, his eyes cold and emotionless. The kneeling people felt like they had been pardoned by the god of death, quickly standing up and rushing to leave the mansion.

    After the rest of the kneeling people left, the only ones left in the hall were Yao Jun, Guo Luo, the nine people he had pointed out, and the old man who had a decent amount of Mental Energy. The reason the old man had not left was obviously because Yao Jun had not allowed him to leave.

    Yao Jun made a few swift chops with his sword, beheading five of the kneeling people. After beheading these five people, he quickly took off their interspatial rings before he handed his sword over to Guo Luo.

    “You take care of the rest.”

    Yao Jun pointed at the four people he had left behind as he spoke. He wanted Guo Luo to get used to this as fast as possible, otherwise there was no telling when something could happen to her because of a moment of needless mercy.

    Guo Luo knew what Yao Jun was thinking, so she did not say anything, only giving a strong nod. She said that she would chase him even if he pushed her aside, so how could she falter at this point?

    She took a deep breath before she stepped forward and raised the sword. With a quick downward slice, the first head was separated from it's body. Another three quick cuts followed, and all that remained were nine headless bodies.

    Guo Luo took another deep breath before she handed the sword back to Yao Jun. She once more surprised herself by how easy she found it to kill these people, but she did not dwell on it. This was how things were going to be from now on, finding it easier to kill them would only make it easier on herself.

    “You did good. These things did not deserve to live.”

    Yao Jun took the sword and gently pat Guo Luo on the head, speaking in a soft and gentle voice in an attempt to comfort her. After he comforted her for a short while, he turned to the old man who was still kneeling.

    “You. Lead us to the treasury.”

    Yao Jun's voice rang out again, drilling into the old man's consciousness, forcing him to obey. The old man stood up and started leading Yao Jun and Guo Luo deeper into the mansion. After walking up three flights of stairs, the found themselves in front of a thick metal door covered with a layer of gold.

    The door was not locked, allowing them to easily enter the treasury. The treasury was just a large room with shelves lining up in the entire room. Each shelf was stacked with boxes marked with different plaques, each one engraved with whatever was inside the box.

    Yao Jun did not waste any time. He gave Guo Luo a three interspatial rings and allowed her to fill them with whatever she needed, while he himself took two interspatial rings. After spending nearly an hour going through the entire treasury, Yao Jun and Guo Luo had taken almost half the items from inside the treasury.

    Most of the items they grabbed were Spirit Stones of different grades, as well as some herbs and orbs. Yao Jun took all the herbs, quickly planting them inside his Demon God's Gate. The two of them also found some clothes that they could wear, Yao Jun choosing a blue silk robe decorated with golden lines in the image of a roaring tiger, and Guo Luo choosing a tight fitting, light yellow qipao.

    They did not take any more items from the treasury, leaving them for the townspeople to take. Yao Jun had given them the chance to turn their lives around and live properly, whether or not they would do that, was up to them.

    After leaving the treasury, Yao Jun had the old man follow them back to the deserted main hall. Once they reached the hall again, Yao Jun brought out his sword and handed it to Guo Luo, before pointing at the old man.

    “I want you to fight him. You can kill now, but you still need to learn how to fight properly, how to react properly while stressed.”

    After he finished speaking, Yao Jun released the old man from his control and looked at him coldly.

    “If you try to run, I will kill you. If you kill her, I will kill you.”
  • Chapter 59: Solo fight.

    The old man was lamenting the unfairness of the situation. This girl was going to fight and try to kill him, but if he killed her, he would be killed? The two of them were around the same cultivation level, him being a bit weaker than her. But this girl clearly did not have much fighting experience, if this was a normal fight, he had at least a 70% chance of beating her. But what other choice did he have, he would die if the tried to run away. Maybe he would be spared if he managed to hold on long enough?

    With these thoughts in mind, the old man steeled himself and readied himself, Mental Energy radiating from his body. The reason Yao Jun had Guo Luo fight this old man was not just to have her get better at fighting, it was also so that she could learn how to use her illusions in a fight.

    Guo Luo also took up her stance, holding the sword with both hands as she slowly made her way forward. The Mental Energy from the old man slowly made it's way through the air and into her body, trying it's best to confuse her mind.

    The Mental Energy from the old man was given to him by his power, it allowed him to use his Mental Energy to disrupt his opponents thought process, confusing them and making it hard for them to focus and think straight.

    The moment his Mental Energy made it's way into Guo Luo's body, he dashed forward and used his right arm to punch out. His fist made contact with Guo Luo's abdomen, causing her body to bend forward as she gasped for breath.

    The old man cast a quick glance at Yao Jun after he landed his punch, only upon seeing that Yao Jun's face was still as emotionless as before did he heave a sigh of relief. He immediately punched out sideways with his other fist in an attempt to land a hit on Guo Luo's face, but she managed to move backwards just in time to dodge.

    Guo Luo did not blame Yao Jun for not reacting after she was hit. She knew that this entire fight was to allow her to better protect herself in the future. To ensure that she could protect herself, now was not the time to be soft-hearted, now was the time for tough love.

    After dodging the second punch of the old man, Guo Luo swung the sword in her hands upwards. The old man quickly reacted, pulling back his arm, but he was still grazed by the sword, opening a small wound on his forearm.

    The old man did not pull back his body, he knew that it would be better for him to stay close to Guo Luo. His Mental Energy was still coursing through Guo Luo's body, so he assumed that it was safe to stick close to her. He had just stepped forward when he saw a flash of light coming at him from the left.

    The old man quickly reacted, moving his entire body to the right in an attempt to dodge. While dodging, the old man cast a look at Yao Jun, trying to see whether or not it was him who was interfering. The old man had just moved to the right when he felt a sharp pain in his side. He quickly looked down and saw a black sword cut into the right side of his abdomen.

    Shocked, he quickly pushed away the sword and tried to move backwards. Once he moved backwards a bit, he saw a black sword sweeping towards him from the right. He quickly moved forward and to the left, casting his eyes to Yao Jun once more, but was shocked to feel a sharp pain coming from his left leg.

    Looking down, he turned pale when he saw that very same black sword he had just seen come from the right, stabbed into his left leg, going straight through his thigh. Guo Luo pulled the sword out of his thigh and the old man fell down onto the ground, with a hole in this thigh, it was impossible for him to move.

    While the old man was trying to figure out what had happened, Yao Jun had seen the entire thing clearly. Guo Luo's win was partly because of the opponents carelessness and partly because of her own quick thinking.

    Her opponent was careless as he took his eyes off of Guo Luo once he saw a flash coming from the left, allowing Guo Luo to swing her sword from the right. After this, the old man slightly panicked, so when he pulled back and saw the sword coming from the right, he again took his eyes off of Guo Luo as he dodged forward, allowing her to pierce his leg.

    Had he kept his eyes on Guo Luo, he would have seen that the flash of light, as well as the black sword that came from the right were only illusions that she had momentarily conjured. Guo Luo's quick thinking lay in the fact that she noticed that her opponent took his eyes off her several times in the fight, casting glances at Yao Jun.

    While the old man was shocked, and Yao Jun was analyzing the fight, Guo Luo herself was pleasantly surprised. At the start of the fight she had been confused and even slightly panicked, but she quickly found herself turning increasingly calm and clearheaded, ideas about how best to use her powers flowing into her mind.

    “Good work that was very good for a first fight. Now kill him.”

    Yao Jun stepped forward, giving Guo Luo a few pats on the head as he praised her. After he praised her, he pointed to the bleeding old man. Yao Jun had seen the old man having sex with a 10 year old girl he had just bought, there was no way he would spare him. The only reason he was still alive was so that he could be used as a whetstone for Guo Luo.

    “Be quiet and kneel.”

    The old man was just about to say something when Yao Jun spoke out again, his Mental Energy drilling into the old man's mind. The old man had no way of resisting, quickly closing his mouth and kneeling down where he sat. Guo Luo stepped forward, sword in hand, and made another quick cut, the old man's head quickly separating from his body.


    Yao Jun was just about to talk when he felt a trembling in his chest, from his Demon God's Gate. He was just about to inspect it when he suddenly noticed a stream of Mental Energy leave the corpse of the old man, flowing into Guo Luo's chest.

  • Chapter 60: A magnificent palace and a majestic garden.

    When the stream of Mental Energy entered Guo Luo's chest her eyes glazed over and the trembling from the Demon God's Gate quickly increased in intensity. After the entire stream of energy entered Guo Luo's body, her body started releasing a nearly transparent, multi-colored mist.

    The mist started gathering above her body, slowly taking the shape of a palace. The palace consisted of one large, circle shaped building in the center, a large spire decorating the middle of it, and two smaller, square shaped buildings, one on each side of the center building. Each building was covered in a large amount of windows and had a single magnificent, arch shaped entrance.

    The palace was made out of a strange type of stone that seemed to continually change color, turning from pink to purple, from purple to gold, from gold to light blue, and from light blue to light yellow in just a short few seconds.

    The palace released an ancient aura and was surrounded by nine large towers, each one reaching towards the clouds. Eight of the large towers were a dim white in color, but one of the towers was the same as the palace itself, continuously changing color.

    When the palace was fully formed, Yao Jun also felt something from his Demon God's Gate. Black mist started seeping out from his body, quickly gathering in the air above him. Where Guo Luo's mist took on the shape of a magnificent palace, his own mist took the shape of a majestic garden.

    The garden looked the same as the inside of the Demon God's Gate, a large forest surrounded by a myriad of mountains. At the center of the forest stood a large, black tree with verdant green leaves. The tree towered above all the other trees, reaching almost 100 meters in height. Even through this mist, Yao Jun was still able to feel the ancient aura that the tree was releasing.

    After the mist around Guo Luo took the shape of a palace, a surge of energy quickly gathered around her body, seeping into her body. When the energy entered her body, Yao Jun noticed that her cultivation level was quickly rising, swiftly reaching the 1st Mortal Earth.

    After her cultivation level reached the early stage of the 1st Mortal Earth, it stopped rising. But the energy that surrounded her body did not vanish, but seeped into her skin instead. After the energy seeped into her skin, the smaller scars that covered her face started to slowly vanish, even the scars on her hand were starting do disappear.

    But what caught Yao Jun's attention was her eyes and hair. Her eyes used to be a deep black, but quickly turned a nearly transparent pink after the energy gathered in her eyes. Her once brown hair turned into a mixture of gold, purple, and pink, looking exceedingly charming and mysterious.

    While Yao Jun was stunned by these changes, the ancient and dreary voice that he once heard when he himself broke through to the 1st Mortal Earth rang out from his Demon God's Gate once more.

    “The god of illusions walks this earth once more, to turn all creation into naught but a fading dream.”

    After the voice spoke these words, the black mist around Yao Jun quickly receded back into his body, the mist and energy around Guo Luo also swiftly seeping into her chest. After the pink mist and energy entered Guo Luo's body, the changes that had happened to her body did not recede, much like how Yao Jun's body changed after he reached the 1st Mortal Earth.

    After a short moment of silence, Guo Luo's eyes regained their clarity. Once her eyes regained their clarity, she couldn't help but look at herself with shock. After she spent a short moment looking at herself, she seemed to have thought of something and waved her hand.

    When she waved her hand, another Guo Luo appeared next to her, but this Guo Luo did not look like the current her, but the old her. Even Yao Jun was slightly shocked at this second Guo Luo. She looked completely lifelike and real, once he moved closer, he noticed that she even smelled the same as the real Guo Luo.

    Yao Jun couldn't help but reach out with his arm, but once he made contact with her head, his arm passed right through, this second Guo Luo was clearly an illusion.

    “Did you learn anything about your power?”

    Yao Jun quickly collected his thoughts and turned to the real Guo Luo as he asked. When he first awakened his Demon God's Gate, some information about how to use his power flowed into his brain. Since his Demon God's Gate said that the illusion god walked this world again, Guo Luo's power was clearly not something as simple as just creating some illusions, but was the same as his Demon God's Gate, the Illusion God's Gate.

    “Ah, a pleasantly soothing voice called my power the Illusion God's Gate and told me a bit about it's origin and how to use it. It also told me that the Demon God's Gate was already awakened, is that you?”

    Guo Luo quickly gathered her thoughts and responded to Yao Jun. The voice had told her about the origins of her power, and how to best use it. She was pleasantly surprised when she heard that she could now create illusions that were the size of humans, whereas she could previously only create illusions that were the size of her arm.

    “Yeah, my power is called the Demon God's Gate.”

    Yao Jun nodded his head to her words, but the corners of his mouth couldn't help but twitch a little. The voice from her Illusion God's Gate told her about the origins of her power and how to use it, but the voice from his own Demon God's Gate had only talked to Yao Jun twice.

    Once to proclaim it's own birth, and then again to proclaim the Illusion God's birth. What's with this difference in treatment? At the same time, he also speculated that where his Demon God's Gate could absorb Demonic beasts, the Illusion God's Gate seemed to absorb Mental Energy.

    “You should take a look at yourself first.”

    Yao Jun took out a small, handheld mirror from his interspatial ring as he spoke, handing it to Guo Luo. Guo Luo took the mirror and quickly inspected herself. She let out a surprised yelp when she saw that her eyes had turned a transparent pink and that her hair had turned a mixture of colors.

    She also took her fingers and ran them along her face, touching the places where she once had scars. Seeing that the scars were truly gone, she couldn't help but let out a sweet smile. No matter how bad her situation, every girl cared about her looks.

    “What are we going to do now?”

    After spending some time to check out her own appearance, Guo Luo dismissed the illusion of herself and handed the mirror back to Yao Jun. She was going to follow Yao Jun wherever he went, so she obviously did not care where they went.

    “I need to find information about the different types of Demonic beasts that live on this continent, so I intend to check the nearby cities and towns if they have any information.”

    Yao Jun had already made up his mind. He was not content with just absorbing any Demonic beast he found, he preferred quality over quantity. He did not want an army of Demonic beasts, he wanted to only have a few, but with each one having the strength of an army. He wanted more information about the different Demonic beasts on this continent, this way he could choose which he wanted ahead of time.

    Guo Luo would of course not have any objections, so they decided that they might as well just leave immediately. Whether or not the people of this town would use the chance they had given them to lead a better life was out of their control, only the townspeople themselves could control that.

    Stepping out of the large hall, Yao Jun summoned Little Gray and hopped onto his back. He grabbed onto Guo Luo's hand and pulled her onto Little Gray's back and indicated which direction Little Gray should fly in.

    while Guo Luo was looking at the surroundings while they were flying, Yao Jun was thinking about something in silence. Sword Empyrean Heng Jiang told Yao Jun that the God Gate powers were born when the universe was born, so Yao Jun assumed that they should be rather rare.

    But including himself, Yao Jun had already seen three of these God Gates. His own Demon God's Gate, Guo Luo's Illusion God Gate, and Yun Yantian's Sword God's Gate. Were the God Gates more common than Yao Jun first thought, or was there something else that caused so many God Gates to gather on this planet?
  • Chapter 61: Eternal Stream City.

    After Yao Jun and Guo Luo spent a few days flying, during the evening they spotted a medium sized city in the distance. The city was built at the foot of a mountain, half the city built on the slope of the mountain. Yao Jun immediately started examining the city from the air before he got closer.

    The lower part of the city was built using simple wood, none of the buildings being taller than one floor. The roofs seemed to be made out of a mixture of earth and dried grass, it seemed like the lower parts were where the poor lived. A long stream flowed past the lower part of the city, a myriad of boats and houses placed along the shore, so it seemed like they used fishing as a source of income.

    As the buildings started moving up the mountain, they slowly got more luxurious, the buildings going from being made out of wood to being made out of stone, at the highest part of the city, the buildings were made out of a type of smooth, white stone, with roofs made out of exquisitely carved wood.

    “Can we enter that city?”

    Guo Luo spoke up from beside Yao Jun. These last few days of flying, they had spotted several cities of varying sizes, but chose not to enter any of them. Some cities were large enough, but there were Anti-Demon Pillars at the gates, so Yao Jun would not be able to enter. Other cities were simply too small, the odds of finding any good information from those cities was too small.

    “Yes, there are some guards at the gates to the higher areas, but the entrance to the lower area has no guards or defenses, entering should be safe.”

    Yao Jun had given the entire city a quick scan. While the parts that belonged to the higher areas of the city had guards and some defenses, the entrance to the lower parts did not. He also did not see any Anti-Demon Pillars anywhere in the city, so entering seemed safe.

    “Have you decided on what we should focus our efforts on looking for?”

    Before they left the previous city, Yao Jun said that they were going to look for information about Demonic beasts. But in the last few days, both Guo Luo and Yao Jun discovered that they knew woefully little about this continent, so they both agreed on finding more information about this continent as well. Guo Luo only asked so that it would be easier to look for the information.

    “Currently, I want to find information about three different themes. The first theme is maps, I want maps of not just this continent, but also the adjacent Yang and Liang continents. Since these three continents are so close to each other, traveling between them should be fairly easy, so knowing about the different locations on these three continents is important.”

    Yao Jun had already made up his mind. Guo Jiahao had talked in detail about the relationship between this continent and the adjacent Yang and Liang continent. Since they were so close, it should be fairly easy to travel between them, allowing Yao Jun to travel around all three instead of just this one.

    “The second theme is information about the important clans and individuals on these three continents. We need to know who has power where, that way we can avoid any unnecessary trouble while traveling in those areas.”

    Yao Jun did not want to end up being chased by the powerful people belonging to any of the three continents, not while he was still this weak. Once he got stronger in the future, then he could do whatever he wanted without worrying about the consequences.

    “The third theme is information about what type of Demonic beasts live on these three continents, as well as where to find them. Just running around blindly will make it highly unlikely to stumble on the right Demonic beasts.”

    Yao Jun had already made a plan for his Demon God's Gate. He did not want too many Demonic beasts belonging to the same element. If possible, he wanted no more than at most two Demonic beasts of each element, unless there was something else special about them of course.

    He also didn't want too many, he preferred quality of quantity. Once quality reached a high enough level, it would not just be better than quantity, it could even produce quantity. Some Demonic beasts were considered the rulers of their race, able to summon their brethren at will, this was what Yao Jun was aiming for.

    He already had a few thoughts about what his next Demonic beast was going to be. The next Demonic beast he was looking for was something with a strong body, something that could help him strengthen his own body. If he managed to strengthen his body a little bit more, he could start training in the technique given to him by Sword Empyrean Heng Jiang, Crumbling The Nine Heavens.

    “Also, if you find anything about the Grand Quan continent, let me know immediately.”

    Yao Jun had not forgotten about his original goal, he still wanted to go home more than anything. But he also knew that he needed power to provide a safe place for his parents also, once he left this continent, it was hard to say when he would be able to return, so it was best to do as much as he could while he was still here.

    Entering the city, which turned out to be called Eternal Stream City, was just as easy as Yao Jun had anticipated, all they had to do was land a good distance away before walking the rest of the way. Before entering the lower parts of the city, Yao Jun and Guo Luo both covered themselves in brown robes.

    The main reason was because the clothes they were wearing were simply too extravagant for the lower parts of the city, so Yao Jun wanted to avoid being swarmed because they looked rich.

    Another reason was because of Guo Luo. After awakening her Illusion God's Gate and healing the scars that once covered her face, she had turned into what could only be called an illusory beauty. Coupled with her colorful hair and eyes, she was very eye catching. Yao Jun did not want them to get swarmed by men as they were walking through the city.

    Yao Jun and Guo Luo were currently both sitting inside a small room that they rented out after entering the city. The room was only a few meters in diameter and only contained two beds and two nightstands. If they wanted to use a restroom or clean themselves, they would have to use the one that was shared by everyone in the inn. Guo Luo was sitting with her eyes closed on one of the beds while Yao Jun was lying on the other bed with his eyes closed, waiting.

    “There is no library or store that specializes in information in these lower districts, if we want to find that, we will have to head to the upper districts. To enter the upper districts, we only need to pay a small fee for each person that wants to enter. But the gates are already closed for today, we will have to wait for tomorrow. ”

    Guo Luo slowly opened her eyes after a short while and started speaking. This was something she had learned after awakening her Illusion God's Gate. She could create an illusion and put a part of her mind into the illusion, allowing her to see and hear everything that happened around the illusion. Just now she had created an illusion of a young child and used it to ask several of the guards to the upper district for information.

    “I see, then we have no choice but to wait here for the night, once the gates open tomorrow, we can head into the upper district and check out the library.”
  • Chapter 62: To the Deng Province.

    Early the next morning, Yao Jun and Guo Luo both made their way out of the inn and headed towards the gate that led to the upper districts. When they arrived, there were already a few people that had lined up at the gate. Most of these people were carrying several large bags of miscellaneous items, so it seemed like they were merchants.

    While it was called the gate to the upper district, it was really only a large, square opening in the wooden wall that separated the lower and upper districts. There was a single wooden booth at the right side of the opening, a small group of guards clad in metal armor standing next to the booth, blocking the opening to the upper districts. Inside the booth sat a single guard who wore a bored expression

    “You two are next. The entrance fee is 3 silver per person that wants to enter. You also need to pull down your hoods and show your faces before entering.”

    The guardsman spoke with a bored expression and pointed at the next two people that stood in line. He had to repeat these words to anyone who wanted to enter the upper districts of the city. Having them pull down their hoods was only to make sure that there weren't any wanted people entering the upper districts.

    3 silver was considered rather expensive to enter the upper district. 10 copper was equal to 1 silver, while 10 silver was equal to 1 gold, 10 gold equaling 1 black gold. For people of the lower districts, earning 1 silver per month was already considered good.

    The two people stepped forward and handed over 6 silver. After the guard made sure that there was nothing wrong with the silver, he stored it in a locked box that was located next to him. After storing the silver, he turned back to the two people and waited for them to pull down their hoods.

    The two people quickly pulled down their hoods, revealing two scarred and disfigured faces. Just looking at the two faces was enough to evoke a mixture of pity and discomfort in the guard who watched the booth.

    “Good, you are free to enter the upper district. Once you enter the upper district, you cannot wander the streets after the sun has set. If you are found walking the streets after sunset, you will be forcibly returned to the lower districts.”

    The guard gave a nod and kindly reminded the two people about the rules of the upper district. The two people before him looked to be a rather young couple, so he found it to be a shame that such young people had to go through such horrors.

    The two people thanked him, put their hoods back on, covering their faces once more, and walked past the guards. Once the two people walked past the guards, no one noticed that the scars and disfigurement on their faces vanished, turning them back into the faces of Yao Jun and Guo Luo.

    Once they entered the upper district, there was no longer a need to use an illusion to change their faces, they could just use the hoods to cover their faces. Yao Jun had played with the idea of just having Guo Luo covering both their bodies with an illusion, making them both look completely different.

    But Guo Luo had rejected this idea. According to her, the best she could do right now was to maintain one human-sized illusion. If she was to cover both Yao Jun and her own body with illusions, it would drain too much of her Qi, she would only be able to maintain that for at most two minutes before she was completely drained.

    Since it was like that, they could only resort to covering their bodies with the cloaks, using illusions whenever they needed to show their faces. Covering their faces and using illusions to hide their faces was not only to hide away Guo Luo, but it was also to safeguard themselves. If there was anyone in this city that had gotten reports of what Yao Jun and Guo Luo did in the previous city they entered, there was no telling what could happen.

    After entering the upper district, Guo Luo leaned her entire body on Yao Jun's shoulder and closed her eyes, allowing Yao Jun to guide her body. When others looked at them now, they would only see two people that looked like a couple. After Guo Luo leaned on Yao Jun, a small boy clad in simple cotton clothing appeared in an alleyway not far from them.

    The little boy quickly left the alleyway and started running around the upper district, asking both guards and normal people many questions about the locations within the town. This little boy was another one of Guo Luo's illusions. Since she had to put part of her mind into the illusion to control it perfectly, she needed to lean her body on Yao Jun and allow him to guide her body.

    “I have found a library that should hold a large amount of the information we are looking for.”

    After the boy spent almost two hours running around asking as many questions as he could, he entered an alleyway and vanished into thin air. Once the boy vanished, Guo Luo opened her eyes again and stopped leaning on Yao Jun. After opening her eyes, she spoke out and started leading the way.

    “The first and second floor contain the historical and the fictional books, but the third floor contains the books we are looking for, books that contain more recent information about this continent and the adjacent continents.”

    The library she led them to was in the shape of a large, blue pagoda with three floors. There was no plaque with a name on the outside, only three guards that made sure that no one tried to sneak any books out of the library.

    The interior of the pagoda was very simple. Bookshelves were lining the halls, each book separated by theme and then sorted alphabetically. A few tables and chairs were spread around to allow people to sit down and read. Arrays that created light were carved into the walls and ceiling, allowing the inside to be nicely lit. At the very center of the pagoda was a spiral staircase that led to the upper floors.

    Yao Jun and Guo Luo headed directly to the third floor. The third floor was slightly smaller than the two lower floors, containing only three bookshelves, one bookshelf for each continent. Yao Jun and Guo Luo shared a short look before they both got to work, scanning through the books in the bookshelves.

    They would require a few days time to read through everything, so Yao Jun made sure to rent a nice room at an inn not far from the library. Besides leaving the library for eating and sleeping, Yao Jun and Guo Luo both stayed inside the library, reading through all the books they could find about the three continents.

    After spending a few days time, the two of them reading nearly ever book on the third flood, Yao Jun could not help but heave a sigh. They had shared all the information that they found, so it did not take as long as he expected.

    While some of the information was a few years old, Yao Jun and Guo Luo managed to learn about the most dominant clans and academies on the three continents. They did not find any maps in the library, but after Guo Luo used one of her illusions to ask around the city, they found a shop that sold rather accurate maps about the three continents.

    The reason Yao Jun was sighing was because he did not find any information about what type of Demonic beasts lived on the three continents, nor where to find them. The best he could find was some information about large battles that had taken place between cultivators and Demonic beasts.

    “What do we do now?”

    Guo Luo could not help but ask, they had found nearly all the information they needed, but she also knew that the information Yao Jun most cared about was information about Demonic beasts and the Grand Quan continent. They had found nothing on either of those themes.

    “Since there is nothing in this city, we can only try our luck in the Deng Province. If worst comes to worst, I know someone I might be able to ask for help.”

    Yao Jun shook his head as he spoke. When he first arrived at this continent, he had met a girl from the Demon Race, Wan Yi, who had told him that if he needed something, he could head to the Xieren city in the Deng Province to find her.

    After reading through all these books, Yao Jun had a better understanding about this continent. The Deng Province was a province that was split between the Demon Race and the Human Race, while the Xieren city was one of the largest cities in the province.

    This city was also split between the Human Race and the Demon Race, it was one of the few cities were they lived in relative harmony. The city was therefore extremely popular with merchants and travelers, as they could find almost anything there.
  • Chapter 63: Meeting Wan Yi again.

    After spending a few days in the library, Yao Jun had a much better understanding of the general layout of the three continents. The Yang continent was the smallest of the three continents, consisting of only the Yang, Duan, and the Song provinces. But since there was now only the Yang clan on the Yang continent, they were more united than the two other continents, causing them to be stronger than the two other continents.

    The Liang continent had a total of 7 provinces. The Yun clan controlled the Ming, Cao, Sun, and Lao provinces. While the Guo clan controlled the Quan, Jianyi, and the Hanzhen provinces. The Yun clan was slightly stronger than the Guo clan, but not enough to eradicate the Guo clan without sustaining heavy losses.

    The Guanyu continent on the other hand only had 5 provinces, three which were controlled by the Human Race, one that was controlled by the Demon Race, and one that they shared. The Xian, Cui, and Delan provinces were controlled by the humans, the Deng province was shared, and the Demon Race controlled the Shihao province.

    Eternal Stream City was located in the Cui province, which was the province standing between the Deng and the Xian province. Thanks to this, it would only take Yao Jun and Guo Luo around six days of flight to reach the Xieren City.

    Xieren City was not the largest city in the Deng province, but it was one of the most popular ones. The buildings in the city were built using two different architectural types. The buildings created by the Human race were made out of exquisitely carved wood, carved with the images of plants and lakes, and decorated with red lanterns and golden colors. Few of these buildings reached over three floors.

    The buildings that were built by the Demon Race on the other hand were made out of a type of white stone that was carved with images of various Demonic beasts. The buildings were all very tall, the shortest one being three floors tall. Each building had at least one accompanying tower standing next to it, Demonic beasts carved out of a type of black stones adorning the top of the tower.

    Yao Jun was sitting at a small table, eating a light breakfast of bread and some stew while he was waiting. Guo Luo was still sleeping up in their room, so it was only him at the table. They had already been in Xieren City for a few days, looking for any type of information about Demonic beasts. But it seemed like this information was kept rather securely hidden by the Demon Race, as they could find nothing.

    The inn where they had rented a room was owned by the Demon Race, so the interior was made out of stone, the chairs and beds covered in different furs. The room around Yao Jun was completely empty, there wasn't even anyone standing at the counter. Everyone else in the room had left the moment Yao Jun's food arrived.

    After Yao Jun spent around half an hour waiting, someone else entered the room. The person was covered in a fur cloak that covered their entire body, only allowing one to see their face. The person walked over to Yao Jun's table and sat down right in front of him.

    “I was wondering when you would show up here.”

    The one who spoke was the person clad in the fur cloak. Her voice was sweet and pleasant to listen to. Yao Jun raised his head and saw a youthful and beautiful face. Light blue eyes, silken black hair, and smooth skin. There were a few black scales on her face that only helped bring out her devilish charm. This was Wan Yi, the first person Yao Jun met after arriving on this continent.

    “I'm amazed you could come here without being followed by a bunch of guards.”

    Wan Yi was the person Yao Jun was waiting for. Since he could not find any information about Demonic beasts, he would have to check with the Demon Race what information they had.

    “Oh? It seems like you know quite a bit about me.”

    Wan Yi smiled faintly, tearing off a small piece of Yao Jun's bread and stuffing it into her mouth. Her position within the Demon Race was not low, so she should indeed be followed by guards wherever she went. She had only snuck out today, which was why there were no guards with her.

    “Not really. The first time we met on that desolate plain, you said that it was a holy land for your Demon Race, that no human was ever allowed to set foot there. Yet you could walk around there all alone at night. You also said that I could come find you if I ever needed anything.”

    At first, Yao Jun had not paid attention to it, he was too focused on finding a way to return to his own continent. But once he calmed down and started thinking about it a bit more, he found it to be slightly strange.

    “After thinking it over, I toyed with the idea that you might be someone with a very high position in the Demon Race, but I had no evidence. To check if I was right, I told the person at the counter to send a message to a person called Wan Yi. From his shocked expression, I figured that I was indeed correct.”

    “And look, not long after he delivers the message, the entire inn is emptied out, and then you arrive.”

    Yao Jun had thought over it several times when he had some free time, and the more he thought about it, the more suspicious he got about Wan Yi's identity. Traveling here to Xieren City was both to find information about Demonic beasts as well as see if his thoughts were correct.

    “What would you have done if your idea turned out to be wrong?”

    Wan Yi still held the faint smile on her face, but on the inside she was rather impressed. He only had two small clues, but he still managed to learn a bit of the truth.

    “I would have checked around for anyone called Wan Yi, if I could not find anything after two days, I would just leave.”

    Yao Jun simply shrugged his shoulders as he spoke. Had he been wrong and not found anyone that was called Wan Yi, there was no point in staying in this city. At that time, it would be better to just hunt for Demonic beasts blindly.

    “Impatient I see. Very well, what is it that you came to find me for, I doubt that it was just to brag about how clever you were.”

    Wan Yi stopped wasting time and started talking about business. When they met on that desolate plain, she could be a bit more laid back and try to hear stories about where he came from. But now they were in her city, there were people spying on her at all times, just waiting for a chance to strike a blow at her and rob her off her position.

    “I want to know if the Demon Race has any information about what type of Demonic beasts live on this continent, I also want to know where those Demonic beasts live. I also wouldn't mind knowing just what the real relationship between the Human Race and the Demon Race is.”

    Yao Jun had seen how the people from the Demon Race and the Human Race interacted in this city, there was no hostility between the two races, something that was the complete opposite of what Yao Jun had been taught.

    “We do indeed have some information about Demonic beasts, I also know about the relationship between the Human Race and the Demon Race. But why should I tell you any of this? And why do you want this information?”

    Wan Yi had already expected Yao Jun to come looking for information about Demonic beasts, but there was no way she could hand it out for free. This information was important to the Demon Race, so she could not give it away for free.

    “I want to know about the relationship because I am a bit interested, nothing more. As for why I want to know about the Demonic beasts, it is because I have the Demon God's Gate.”

    Yao Jun did not bother making up any sory or lie, he just said it like it was. Since Wan Yi held such a high position within the Demon Race, there was no way she would not know about the Demon God's Gate. Yao Jun wouldn't even find it strange if they had a way of seeing if someone had that power.

    “You are no fun, couldn't you at least try to come up with a good lie?”

    Wan Yi was slightly stunned as Yao Jun spoke. She had expected him to come up with some form of elaborate lie that she could slowly take apart, before finally revealing that she knew about his Demon God's Gate. She did not expect him to just tell her right away.

    “What's it gonna be, are you going to give me the information I want?”

    Yao Jun simply looked at her as he spoke. The moment Wan Yi sat down, Yao Jun had felt a myriad of eyes land on him, a few perceptions even swept over his body. Had it not been for Little Gray increasing his mental powers, he would not even have noticed any of this. From this, he could tell that things weren't as simple as they seemed in the Demon Race.

    “The Human Race and the Demon Race don't really have a hostile relationship, at least not at the top. Why would people at the peak of the cultivation level or people who rule entire continents, care about a few differences in appearance and power?”

    “The only reason we still pretend like we are at war is because it is a good way to train the younger generation. Of course, most people don't know this information, otherwise there would be no point.”

    Wan Yi shrugged her shoulders, imitating Yao Jun, as she spoke. Most normal people, whether they be Human Race or Demon Race, did not know this, they thought that the Human Race and Demon Race were constantly at war.

    “As for the information¨about the Demonic beasts, I can't tell you that for free. You will have to help us first. But I can give you information about one Demonic beast first, to let you know that the information we have is real.”

    Yao Jun never expected Wan Yi to just give him the information right away. Since he could not find any concrete information anywhere, it was clear that this was either highly important, or very sensitive information for the Demon Race. If he wanted to get his hands on it, it would require him to pay a certain price for it.

    “I need one with a strong body, preferably one that has a type of defensive armor.”

    Yao Jun wanted to strengthen his body so that he could start training in the Crumbling The Nine Heavens technique. The fastest way to do this was by absorbing a Demonic beast with an innately strong body.

    “Strong body and defensive armor? I would direct you to a location within the Shihao province, but who knows whether or not you would trust me on that. In the Delan province, in a deep valley known as Zhenya Valley, you will find a Serpent type Demonic beast that should fit your criteria.”

    Wan Yi rolled her eyes in silence for a short while, going through all the information she could remember, before speaking out. She could just tell him where such a Demonic beast lived, but she also had to make sure that it was a Demonic beast that he was capable of fighting.

    “Delan province, Zhenya Valley? Very well, I'll return once I have managed to discern that the information is real.”

    Yao Jun nodded his head after memorizing the information. He quickly stuffed the last of the food into his mouth before standing up and preparing to leave. The faster he managed to get the information, the faster he could grow stronger. As he was preparing to leave, Wan Yi's voice rang out again.

    “I wonder, why did you kill those people in Ash Barrens City?”
  • Chapter 64: Everyone has their own plans.

    “Ash Barrens City? I'm afraid I have never heard about that city.”

    After Wan Yi's voice rang out, Yao Jun stopped, turned around, and went through his memories. He did not remember a city by the name of Ash Barrens, but since she mentioned that he had killed someone there, he could guess that it was probably the name of the city he arrived at after leaving the Guo clan. The city where he decided to set down on this path.

    “It's a rather unremarkable city located a short distance from the Soaring Cloud City. Normally, no one would even pay any attention to it. But around two weeks ago, some of the inhabitants fled the city, escaping to the other towns and cities in the surroundings.”

    Wan Yi looked at Yao Jun with the same faint smile she had held since she arrived. They had gotten reports about this incident the day after it happened. Since whoever killed the people could summon Demonic beasts, people obviously put the blame on the Demon Race.

    “They also brought with them reports that two people, a young man and a young girl, had entered the city and then almost immediately started killing the people that belonged to the ruler of that city. Even the ruler of that city was killed by the young man.”

    The Demon Race did not mind people putting the blame on them, as it was a rather insignificant event in their eyes. But they still wanted to know who had really done it, so they sent out some of their own people to investigate.

    “Reportedly, when the young man started walking towards the home of the ruler of the city, a massive tiger and an unremarkable wolf appeared next to him. After the youth killed the city lord and several of his men, the man summoned a large eagle and flew away from the city.”

    Of course, Wan Yi had no real evidence that it was Yao Jun that had done it, it was mostly just her instincts. But she also did not know of anyone other than the holder of the Demon God's Gate who could summon three different Demonic beasts.

    “It seems that news really do travel fast, I only did it around two weeks ago, but it has already reached all the way here. Even my identity was found out.”

    Yao Jun's mouth curled into a smile as he spoke. He could imagine that Wan Yi did not actually have any evidence that it was him who did it, but he did not intend to deny the things he had done. It was fine to not do something because you were scared of the consequences, but one should never deny something that one had already done. If you have the guts to do it, at least have the guts to take responsibility for it.

    “The Demon Race was the one who took the blame for it after all, we should at least find out exactly who besmirched our good name.”

    Wan Yi let out a small laugh as she spoke. At first she had only had a faint suspicion that it was him, but it seemed like she had been spot on. At the same time she was truly wondering why he had done it.

    “So why did you do it? When I first met you, you didn't seem like someone that would just go around and kill people.”

    This was her main question. She had met him once on that desolate plain right after he arrived on this continent. At that time, he gave off a very laid back air. He still gave off that laid back air now, but there was an additional sharpness and tyranny hidden deep within it, just waiting to burst out.

    “Those things weren't people. They were a blight. Blights like them are contaminating this world, as long as things like them live, the ones I care for can never truly live in peace.”

    Yao Jun sneered as he spoke. Just thinking about the things he had seen in that city were enough to cause his blood to boil.

    “Blights you say? Truly a good way of saying it. Can it take that last sentence as you saying that you intend to kill everyone you consider a blight?”

    Wan Yi's smile grew slightly larger when she heard how he talked about the people of that town. She had gotten reports on the circumstances of the city and what some of the people there had done. Such people were truly a type of poison to the world.

    “I want a world where those I care about can live in peace. If that requires me to kill all the blights of this world, then I will wash this world with their blood.”

    Yao Jun did not shy from it. He wanted to create a world where those he cared about could live in peace and safety. To make that happen, he would kill any number of people. Even if he had to slaughter half the population of the world, he would still do it.

    Of course, he still had his bottom line. He would not slaughter innocents just to create a safe world for those he cared about, if he did that, he would be no better than the rest of the blights.

    “Such grandiose words, but I am afraid that you are a bit to naive, you are but a single person.”

    Wan Yi still smiled, but she also couldn't help but shake her head. What Yao Jun was talking about was cleansing an entire world of evil. How hard would it be to do that when you were only a single person?

    “A single spark is all it takes to start an inferno. Hell, even the world's greatest desert was once but a single grain of sand. And you are wrong, I am not alone.”

    Yao Jun shook his head in response. He really wasn't alone right now, he had Guo Luo following by his side. He was also confident that there would be others following him in the future, others that wanted to create a safe world for their loved ones.

    After finishing his words, Yao Jun did not continue to linger, turning around and heading towards the exit. He had gotten the information he needed for the moment, so it was time to go and increase his strength.

    “The whole world will try to kill you, to stand in your way, do you truly have the guts to face the entire world?”

    Wan Yi's voice rang out again from behind him. If Yao Jun wanted to accomplish what he had said, he would have to become strong enough to suppress everyone else in the world. Which powerful organization or person would allow someone else to ride over their heads and control them?

    “I will do whatever it takes. Nothing's gonna kill me, nothing's gonna stand in my way.”

    Yao Jun did not stop walking as he answered, he did not even turn his head. The entire world as his enemy? So what! He had already accepted that he would be hunted when he first decided to kill those people in Ash Barrens City. He would not allow himself to die, nor would he allow anything to stand in his way.

    After Yao Jun left the room, Wan Yi looked at the door he exited for a short while before she suddenly let out a long and drawn out sigh, her entire face suddenly looking incredibly tired.

    “Hah, Yao Jun, you have no idea how much you have managed to ease my worries.”

    She couldn't help but mutter to herself as she sat there. Yao Jun was the holder of the Demon God's Gate, to the Demon Race, his importance and standing was even greater than their own ruler. If their own ruler could be called a Demon King, then the holder of that gate would truly be their Demon God.

    When she first met him, she had only faintly sensed that he had a slight connection with the Demon God's Gate. She thought that he might have had some contact with the holder of the Demon God's Gate, coupled with the fact that he seemed to be a person with a good personality, she extended her hand and offered him help should he need it.

    After she got the reports about the events that happened in Ash Barrens City, she had her people look into who really perpetrated the event. The reports that her people gave her included a description of the two people that did it.

    Seeing the description of the young man who killed the people, she felt that it sounded familiar. After thinking about it for a while, she remembered the meeting she had with Yao Jun when she entered her peoples holy land. The description of the killer matched the youth she met back then almost completely.

    He could summon three Demonic beasts and looked almost exactly like the youth she had met back then. When she mixed these facts with the fact that she had felt that he shared a connection with the Demon God's Gate, she was almost completely convinced that he held the Demon God's Gate.

    After meeting him in person once more, the first thing she did was to check if he truly held the Demon God's Gate. And indeed, the moment she met him, she could feel it. He didn't just have a connection with the Demon God's Gate, he was it's holder. And it had even fully awakened. This fact caused her to be completely overjoyed.

    “You want to clean this world of blights? Then I truly hope that you can attain that level of power soon.”

    Wan Yi stood up from the seat and walked over to a window as she muttered to herself. From this window, she could look down and see a large portion of Xieren City. Wan Yi was not just anyone in the Demon Race, she was someone who had a chance to become the next ruler of the Demon Race. Because of that, she knew more secrets than most other Demon Race people.

    She knew just how divided the upper echelon of the Demon Race had truly become, just how depraved some of their elders had gotten over the years. While the elders and the leader used to fight to create a better world for their race, they now only fought for their own profit, willing to even sacrifice large numbers of their own race to become richer.

    Wan Yi could not stand looking at this. She was born and raised in the Demon Race after all, she wanted it to grow strong and prosper, to live in peace in perpetuity. She even wanted them to stop their fake fights with the Human Race, to let the whole world know that they were not enemies like the commoners thought.

    These fights were indeed good for training the younger generation, but how many of their people had already died in these fights, how many more would die? Yao Jun held the Demon God's Gate, his standing within the Demon Race would become indisputable the moment it was revealed, he could command even their king to follow his bidding.

    But there was also a chance that some of the elders that treasured their power would kill him once they learned of his status. Because of this, Wan Yi had not told anyone about Yao Jun and his Demon God's Gate. After all, the number of people in the Demon Race that could sense who the holder of the Demon God's Gate was, were very few.

    Yao Jun wanted to cleanse the world of people he considered blights? Good! Come to my Demon Race and clean away the blights that have been eating away at my people for centuries. Kill them all and allow me to steer us towards a path of prosperity.
  • Chapter 65: Do what you want to do.

    The Delan province was located to the north of Xieren City and was at the very northern edge of the continent. Because of this, the Delan province was mostly just one long coastline, only a few cities not placed next to the water. The Zhenya valley was located at the eastern part of the Delan continent, bordering on the Cui province.

    A normal journey to the Zhenya valley would take a person at least half a month of walking, assuming that they spent at least half the day walking. But since Yao Jun and Guo Luo had Little Gray, it would only take them around eight days of flight. Since Little Gray was a Demonic beast, it had much better endurance than a human, allowing it to easily keep flying for eight days straight.

    Flying on Little Gray also had the added benefit that Yao Jun and Guo Luo could sit and meditate for most of the journey, allowing them to not only stay in peak condition, but also slowly increase their power, as meditating allowed one to draw in the surrounding Qi to slowly strengthen their power.

    Of course, Yao Jun would not let Little Gray fly them directly into Zhenya valley. Flying on Little Gray was fine as long as they did not fly over places that housed large amounts of Demonic beast, as there was little risk of being attacked. But if he made Little Gray fly directly into Zhenya valley, the risk of them getting attacked by other Demonic beasts while in the air drastically increased.

    Because of this, Yao Jun made Little Gray land a short distance away from a small city that was located at the outskirts of Zhenya valley. Zhenya valley was a medium sized forest that was placed between two large mountains, each one with a peak that pierced through the clouds.

    Because of this, the valley was almost constantly shrouded in darkness, making it a perfect place for certain types of Demonic beasts. The city where Yao Jun and Guo Luo landed was located half a days walk from the valley itself, just outside of the range of the mountains shadows. The city was therefore called Mountains Gate.

    The architecture of the city favored small buildings made out of sturdy stone that could withstand a large amount of attacks. The city housed a large amount and variety of shops and inns, catering to every need someone who would venture into the valley would need.

    “Are you planning on entering the valley immediately, or do you want to wait for tomorrow morning?”

    Guo Luo and Yao Jun were sitting at a table in one of the inns, drinking a spicy wine as they were talking. The sun had already set before they even arrived at this city, so Guo Luo wanted to know if Yao Jun was planning on entering the valley at night or wait for it to get brighter.

    Since it was already evening, the inn was filled with patrons who were drinking and eating. The inn was filled up with people who were drinking and shouting, forcing Guo Luo to slightly raise her voice as she spoke, lest her voice get drowned out by the other patrons.

    “I'd prefer to get a good night's sleep before we start searching for the Demonic beast, but what do you think?”

    Yao Jun slowly sipped his wine as he scanned the other people in the inn with his gaze, carefully sizing up everyone, especially those who seemed to have had too much to drink.

    “I'm fine with whatever you say.”

    Guo Luo spoke faintly, her voice slightly meek. Hearing her reply, Yao Jun could not help but frown slightly. The way he saw it, the current Guo Luo was too meek, simply accepting whatever happened. He was worried that something would happen to her if he should not be around at some point.

    With this thought in mind, Yao Jun decided to act a bit drastically. Yao Jun let his gaze wander over the other patrons in the inn once more. He found two scrawny men clad in leather armor that had drunk quite a lot already, their minds clouded by the alcohol and atmosphere.

    A faint gray light flashed in his eyes while Guo Luo had her head lowered. Once the gray light flashed, the two scrawny men suddenly shuddered, their eyes lighting up with a lecherous light. They put down their drinks and stood up, quickly heading over to where Yao Jun and Guo Luo sat.

    “Why is such a pretty thing sitting in a corner like this?

    “Why don't you come with us little girly, we have some very good drinks over at our table, much better than what this little brat can afford.”

    The two men spoke loudly, their words slurring as they talked. They reached out and grabbed onto Guo Luo's wrists, trying to pull her up from her seat. Guo Luo quickly looked at Yao Jun with a panicky gaze, her eyes turning slightly moist.

    “Don't let people push you around against your will, you need to be more assertive. Say what is on your mind, do what you want to do, don't do what you don't want to do. If you want something, you must take it with your own hands.”

    Yao Jun hardened his heart upon seeing her eyes and spoke plainly, don't just let people push you around and decide for you, control your own life and destiny. While he spoke, he also threw an angry glare at the two men.

    He had only planted an order to shout some words at Guo Luo, not for them to come over and harass her like this. Had it not been for the fact that this was a good chance for Guo Luo to become slightly more assertive, he would have acted before they even grabbed her wrists.

    “Please leave, I like it here and don't want to leave.”

    Guo Luo moved her eyes away from Yao Jun and looked at the two men, her eyes turning cold as she glared at them, almost spitting out the words as she shook their hands off.

    Guo Luo knew what Yao Jun was talking about, she knew that she had a bad habit of being very meek and accepting whatever took place, it was something ingrained into her very being when she was still at the Guo clan.

    She had always wanted to change that part of her, especially when she saw Yao Jun kill the people in Ash Barrens City. She hadn't said anything, but the short period of time they spent in Ash Barrens City had affected her immensely.

    The image of Yao Jun and his Demonic beasts breaking down the gate to the mansion, stepping inside with confident steps and forcing everyone to kneel with but a single word. Beheading all who he saw perpetrate evil, not caring what others would think about him. Her heart couldn't help but beat faster whenever she remembered it. That was the type of person she dreamed of being.

    Especially when he told her that as long as she would rely on him, he would rely on her in turn, and held her hand. His hand was wet with the warm blood of the two young men, but that wet and bloody hand completely blew away all her worries about the future. She swore to herself at that time that she would not let down the first person to ever rely on her, so how could she continue to stay meek and submissive?

    “Come on now little girlie, we just want to invite you to have a better time, there is no need to be so aggressive.”

    One of the two scrawny men spoke with a grin and reached out with his hand again, but before his hand managed to grab onto Guo Luo's wrist, a light flashed and two of his fingers separated from his hand.

    He pulled his arm back in shock as he let out a low shriek in pain and looked back at Guo Luo. Guo Luo was now holding a pure white sword in her right hand, it's sharp edge dripping with a few drops of blood.

    This sword was a weapon that Guo Luo had bought in Xieren city before they left. If she was to defend herself and Yao Jun, she would obviously need a weapon. Since she had no formal training with weapons, she simply chose the same weapon as Yao Jun.

    “I said leave, I will not follow you.”

    Guo Luo spat out the words and slightly moved the sword, indicating that she was not afraid to use it once more. Yao Jun's eyes flashed with a gray light as he planted the order to leave in the two men's mind, and they finally left.

    Guo Luo let out a sigh of relief and returned the sword to her interspatial ring. Yao Jun looked at her and could see that her hand was faintly trembling, she was clearly not used to being so forceful. But it was a good start, and that was all that mattered to Yao Jun. He was certain that she would grow to be more assertive and dominant in the future.

    “It's fine. You did good.”

    Yao Jun let out a gentle smile as he reached out with his hand and gave Guo Luo a few soft pats on her head. He knew that it was hard for Guo Luo to do things like this, no matter how much she needed to do it, so it was obviously his job to comfort her whenever she would have to do it.
  • Chapter 66: You are in charge.

    Yao Jun and Guo Luo both got themselves a good night's rest before they both sat down inside the inn and ordered some food. The sun had yet to rise, so even if they spent around half a day heading to the valley, they would still have enough time to walk around in the valley before the night set.

    “Alright Luo'er, once we have finished eating I will put you in charge of everything. While it is good that you are slowly getting better at being more assertive, you also need to be able to make the correct decisions, no matter the situation.”

    Yao Jun and Guo Luo sat at the same table as they had the night before, eating a light breakfast. Yao Jun looked over at Guo Luo as he spoke. The sooner she learned to make the correct decisions, the smaller the chance of her making a mistake during crisis was.

    “Me? No, I can't! I don't know anything about giving orders!”

    Guo Luo hurriedly spoke out, slightly panicking at the thought of being in charge of making the decisions. She was worried that she would make a decision that would lead the both of them to their deaths.

    “It doesn't matter, you will have to learn it eventually. Don't worry, if things go horribly wrong, I will make sure that nothing happens.”

    Yao Jun put on a comforting smile as he placed his hand on her head and gave it a gentle stroke. If things did end up going horribly wrong, he would obviously take control again and make sure that the both of them got out safe.

    “In that case... we should first go out and buy some different clothes. The ones we are wearing now are too noticeable in the dark forest.”

    Seeing his expression, Guo Luo had no choice but to nod her head and start thinking about what they would need once they entered the forest. Since he said that he was putting her in charge of everything, it was obviously her job to make sure that they had everything they needed before they entered Zhenya valley.

    After the two of them finished eating, Guo Luo grabbed Yao Jun's hand and dragged him into the town. The town was made out of small stone buildings, giving the entire city a clustered and oppressive atmosphere, but that didn't stop Guo Luo from enjoying herself.

    When she lived in the Guo clan, she was forced to work as a maid, not even allowed to leave the area controlled by the Guo clan. After she was finally taken away by Yao Jun and they entered a city, they ended up killing several people before quickly leaving.

    What followed that was a few days of flying on Little Gray before they finally found another city. In that city they spent most of their time in the library, reading up on the three continents. While it was not as hectic, it was still not very fun.

    After they entered Xieren city, they only stayed for a few days, spending most of their time checking out different bookstores and other places that sold information. They had traveled around a lot, but there was very little time for them to enjoy themselves a little.

    Now that she had been put in charge of everything, while she still made buying supplies the main priority, she would not forget to walk around and let them enjoy themselves a little. Yao Jun did not say anything to stop her when he saw this, letting her grab his hand and drag her along wherever she wanted to go.

    He was not made out of stone, even he was tired after spending so much time traveling and looking through books. This was a nice change of pace that also allowed him to cleanse his mind a little. It had been a little too filled with thoughts about how bad the things he had seen were.

    “Do you have these robes in a darker shade of brown?”

    Guo Luo and Yao Jun stood inside a clothing store specialized in durable clothing. Yao Jun was currently wearing a loose robe that was a light brown in color, with Guo Luo standing at the side and frowning as she looked him up and down. After looking at him for a short while, she called out for the man in charge of the store.

    “Certainly, if you would please wait a short moment.”

    The old man in charge of the store gave a smile before leaving the room they were in. After waiting for around a minute, the old man came back. He was carrying a dark brown, almost black, robe in his hand. The robe was made out of the hide from some sort of Demonic beast, so while it was still rather loose, it was also very durable.

    Guo Luo dragged Yao Jun into a room where he could change into the new robes. After he changed into the new robes and she examined him, she gave a satisfied nod and went to find some robes for herself, saying that the clothes they were wearing were too bright for blending into the forest inside the valley. Of course, Yao Jun would not ruin her fun by explaining to her that most Demonic beasts tracked people using the Qi that they released, not by sight.

    After Guo Luo found a robe that matched Yao Jun's, she paid for both and dragged Yao Jun with her out into the city again. This time she started looking for different types of herbs that could cure poisons. Yao Jun wholeheartedly supported this choice. There was no telling what they would encounter inside the valley, having antidotes and things that could prevent poisons and infections was always a good idea.

    After buying several herbs that treated different types of poisons, and even buying some poisonous herbs that could be used in an emergency, Guo Luo and Yao Jun went around the city buying different types of dried food as well as a large amount of fresh water. Yao Jun had a large garden inside his Demon God's Gate that could hold the plants and herbs, but he did not have any lakes or other bodies of water that they could use to have access to fresh water.

    While they were walking around buying provisions and water, Guo Luo also made sure that they both tried out as many of the food stands as possible. She managed to find a stand that sold frozen fruit juice that she thoroughly enjoyed. She especially enjoyed it when they mixed in milk during the freezing process, giving the food a softer and more mellow texture and taste. She made sure to drag Yao Jun back to that stand several times.

    In the end, they did not get to enter Zhenya valley that day, as Guo Luo only noticed how late it had gotten when it was too late to set out. She apologized profusely, but Yao Jun just gave her a comforting pat on the head as he laughed it off, after all, he too had enjoyed himself a lot.

    The next morning, Guo Luo and Yao Jun went over everything that they had bought the day before, sorting them by type. Half the herbs and half the food and water were stored in Yao Jun's Demon God's Gate, while the other half was stored in Guo Luo's interspatial ring.

    Guo Luo's Illusion God's Gate differed slightly from Yao Jun's Demon God's Gate. While Yao Jun could bring in food, herbs, and even other people, Guo Luo was the only one who could enter her Illusion God's Gate. Another difference was that while Yao Jun's gate was filled with Qi, Guo Luo's was filled with mental energy that she could use to cultivate. After making sure that they had everything, they set out, heading towards Zhenya valley.

    The area between the city and the actual valley was a rocky plain. Each of the rocks that stuck out from the ground were taller than a normal man, and each ended in a pointed tip. Not even the oldest man in Mountains Gate City remembered just how these rocks got here, only that they had appeared not long after the city was constructed.

    The rocky plain extended from the exit of the city all the way to the area just before the trees in the valley. Standing at the edge of the valley was like standing at the border of two different worlds. On one side was the rocky plain, where the sun shone down strongly, bringing with it a temperate heat. On the other side was Zhenya valley, shrouded in the shadow of two mountains, the forest damp and slightly chilly from being stuck in the shadows.

    “Everything is ready?”

    Guo Luo looked over at Yao Jun as they stood at the edge of the valley. Her eyes still looked nervous, but Yao Jun could also see a budding sense of confidence grow within her eyes. It was tiny, almost unnoticeable, but Yao Jun could almost not wait for the day it managed to burst through that layer of nervousness.

    “Yup, everything is stored away and ready to be taken out at a moment's notice.”

    Yao Jun nodded his head and sent a smile at Guo Luo. Even if it was only slowly, she was changing, slowly becoming more confident and assertive. He was certain that she would become a great person some day.

    “Then we can set off.”

    Guo Luo also nodded her head as she spoke, taking the first step into Zhenya valley. She had not said anything, but she found that the feeling of being in control was very enjoyable, she had also enjoyed dragging Yao Jun around the entire town, just spending an entire day shopping, just the two of them.
  • Chapter 67: Lesson one.

    “Alright, so what do you want us to do first?”

    Yao Jun looked at the surroundings while he asked Guo Luo. The trees in Zhenya valley were all placed very densely. There was enough space for a person or two to walk shoulder to shoulder, but there was no way he would have place to summon Little Thunder or Little Gray. This meant that they would have to rely on themselves as well as Sirius.

    “I think the first thing we should do is bring out Sirius. He should be the only one who will be able to walk with us in this dense forest, he also has the best nose, so he can be used for scouting.”

    Guo Luo thoroughly examined the surroundings before she hesitatingly spoke out. She had seen the size of Yao Jun's Demonic beasts before. Little Thunder had a good nose, but he didn't seem like he would be able to walk normally when the trees were so dense, he would probably have to break down the trees as he walked.

    Little Gray would have to fly above the valley to be of any use, but that was too dangerous, as there was no telling what sort of Demonic beasts made their home in the air above the valley. That only left Sirius, who was small enough to fit between the trees, and also had a nose that was good enough for scouting.

    Yao Jun nodded his head and an azure light flew out from his chest, quickly turning into Sirius. After Sirius appeared, he looked to Guo Luo, waiting for orders. All of Yao Jun's Demonic beasts were connected to him mentally, he could easily send them orders while they were still inside the gate, so Sirius already knew that it would be taking orders from Guo Luo while they were inside the valley.

    “Little Sirius, can you travel a short distance ahead of us and use your nose to let us know when you find enemies that we can kill?”

    Guo Luo crouched down and stroked the head of Sirius as she spoke. She knew that Yao Jun could increase the strength of his Demonic beasts by absorbing other Demonic beasts. So she also wanted to use this chance to strengthen his other Demonic beasts, not just to acquire another one.

    Sirius looked at her a bit strangely, but quickly nodded it's head. It had been ordered to follow her orders, so it would have no choice but to do so. After it nodded it's head, it started walking around 500 meters ahead of them. At this range, it would have enough time to warn them about any danger, as well as give them time to react to the danger.

    “Let's go.”

    Guo Luo stood up and sent a quick smile at Yao Jun before she started following behind Sirius. Yao Jun dared not be negligent, immediately going into battle mode. He referred to it as battle mode, but it was really only him summoning his sword and the armor granted to him by his Demon God's Gate.

    When he first got the armor, it consisted of a pair of crystalline gauntlets that were purple in color, with a few black stripes and a gray armor that covered his back, engraved with an image of unfolding wings. But after he acquired Sirius, a pair of boots was added to the armor.

    The boots were also gray in color, but they had azure stripes that meandered around the boots, almost like veins. The tips of the boots were slightly elongated, ending in sharp curves, resembling the claws of a wolf.

    Donning the pieces of armor, Yao Jun's body felt lighter than it did normally, his entire body brimming with power. This was another function of the armor he had discovered, increasing his strength whenever he wore it. Off course, the armor also drained his Qi to recover itself whenever it took damage.

    They did not have to walk for very long before Sirius let out a low howl, indicating that it had spotted an enemy that they could kill. Guo Luo and Yao Jun both rushed forward silently, crouching down next to Sirius and peering through the trees ahead. Ahead of them was a small clearing, but there were no Demonic beasts resting there. Instead, there was a group of five people sitting and resting.

    “No Sirius, when I said enemies, I meant Demonic beasts. You don't have to tell us about any human parties you see.”

    Guo Luo slightly chided Sirius, but what she did not know was that most Demonic beasts did not see a difference between humans and other Demonic beasts, everyone was their enemy. This was especially so for any Demonic beast that Yao Jun absorbed, as they knew that he could absorb both humans and Demonic beasts to strengthen himself and the Demonic beasts inside the gate.

    But Sirius could obviously not tell Guo Luo this, as she had no way of understanding his words, only Yao Jun and other Demonic beasts could. He gave another nod of his head and sniffed the air for a short moment before setting off in a different direction.

    This time they managed to travel for a few hours before Sirius stopped once more. There was a small clearing not far ahead of Sirius. The clearing was completely empty, with no signs of humans or Demonic beasts. A few colorful flowers bloomed inside the clearing, making the entire area look like a perfect place for resting.

    Sirius sniffed at the air a short distance from the clearing and cocked his head to the right, looking slightly confused. Yao Jun and Guo Luo both moved closer to Sirius, crouching down next to him. Sirius continued to sniff at the air in apparent confusion for a short while longer before shaking his head in what seemed to be exasperation, and started moving around the clearing.

    “I think this one should be safe as well.”

    Guo Luo carefully examined the clearing ahead, moving her eyes between the clearing and Sirius a few times. This was not the first time that Sirius had been openly confused as he checked out a place. She followed him around the first few times, but after it happened an eight time, she decided to see if there was any danger, she passed straight through the area that Sirius had been confused at.

    Ever since then, she had begun to carefully inspect the areas where Sirius was confused, she had already found five areas where Sirius was confused, but ended up being completely harmless. She did this mainly to see if there was a specific reason that Sirius was confused whenever he sniffed the air at those specific areas. So far, she had indeed found something that linked all the areas that confused Sirius, the flowers growing there. Every area that confused Sirius ended up having the same colorful flowers growing there.

    Hearing her words, Sirius seemed to let out a little sigh as he turned around and came back to them. After Sirius returned to them, Guo Luo stood up and started slowly walking forward, Yao Jun following right next to her. They had just walked a few steps into the clearing when all the warning bells in Yao Jun's head started ringing.

    Without bothering to spend any time thinking, he put his arm around Guo Luo's waist and pulled her into an embrace, burying her face in his chest. He put all his force into his legs, even mixing in as much wind and lightning energy into them as he could, and shot backwards. Sirius had noticed something as well, as he moved in front of Yao Jun and let out a low howl, summoning several blades of wind that shot forward, before he himself also dodged backwards.

    As the blades of wind shot forwards, and Yao Jun and Sirius dodged backwards, the ground in the clearing started cracking up, deep green vines shooting out from the ground, aiming for Yao Jun and Guo Luo. Luckily, by the time the vines broke through the ground, Yao Jun had already pulled Guo Luo out off the clearing, and the wind blades from Sirius prevented the vines from moving any closer.

    Yao Jun shot out from the clearing and his back hit a tree, stopping his momentum. As he sank down to the ground, he scanned the clearing again. After the vines were cut by the wind blades, they meandered around the clearing for a short while before moving back into the ground, the cracks that had appeared quickly fixing themselves. Clearly, this clearing was the abode of a plant type Demonic beast.

    Plant type Demonic beast were slightly different from normal Demonic beasts. While a normal Demonic beast would have a core that they used to store and purify their power, often called a Demon Core, Plant type Demonic beast did not have this. Instead, they were plants that had absorbed enough Qi to gain a modicum of sentience. With time, this sentience would continue to grow, allowing the plant type Demonic beast to one day be as intelligent as a human.

    “Alright, lesson one. Trust is imperative between allies. If we can't even trust our scout, there is no point in sending them ahead.”

    Yao Jun spoke up after the vines retreated, still holding Guo Luo tightly. He had considered telling her this the first time she chose to ignore Sirius. But after giving it some thought, he figured that it would be more impact full if he said it after something that proved his point true happened.


    Guo Luo had nothing to say to refute him, so she gave a tiny nod of her head and let out a sound of agreement, burying her face deeper into his chest out of embarrassment and shame.
  • Chapter 68: Anywhere you go I will follow.

    Not long after they had a close encounter with the plant type Demonic beast, Guo Luo felt that they had traveled enough for the day. With night quickly approaching, they found a secluded and hidden spot before quickly entering Yao Jun's Demon God's Gate to wait out the night.

    “Should we try to look for that plant type Demonic beast tomorrow? It seems like it would make a good addition to your gate.”

    Guo Luo and Yao Jun sat next to a small fire that they had made up, grilling meat from various Demonic beasts on skewers. Yao Jun's three Demonic beasts were also lying there with them, with Yao Jun and Guo Luo resting their backs against Little Thunder.

    “It's not impossible, it's just a bit difficult, it also doesn't really provide that much help.”

    Yao Jun plucked some meat off the flames and threw a few pieces to his Demonic beasts before taking a few bites out off a fist sized piece of meat. This meat was the provisions they had bought in the city, so the meat was tough and tasteless. After taking a few bites, he handed the piece of meat to Guo Luo, who started gently nibbling the meat.

    “Ignoring whether or not I can even absorb a plant type Demonic beast, let me explain it a bit more clearly. Killing a plant type Demonic beast can be both easier and harder than killing a normal Demonic beast.”

    Seeing that Guo Luo looked at him with a slightly confused gaze, Yao Jun decided to explain to her exactly what he meant. This mostly just meant explaining how a plant type Demonic beast differed from a normal Demonic beast.

    “Plant type Demonic beasts do not have Demon Cores, they instead have root systems. While you can kill most normal Demonic beasts by wounding them or exhausting them, a plant type Demonic beast can only be killed if you completely destroy it's root system.”

    While he was talking, Yao Jun reached out with his hand and pulled out a flower from the ground, using it's roots to give Guo Luo a clearer picture.

    “If you know where this root system is, it can be very easy to kill the plant type Demonic beast, as they rarely have root systems that can move around. If you don't know where this root system is, then it becomes much harder. You will have to resist it's attacks, while you simultaneously dig up the ground to find it's root system.”

    “Assuming that we manage to destroy it's root system and that I am able to absorb it, how will I use it? Since it requires it's root system to be located within the ground, I cannot bring it out of the gate to fight, as it's root system will be laid bare. The best I can do with it, is have it act like a guardian inside the gate. Now while this idea does indeed sound tempting, it simply is not worth the trouble it would be to find it's root system.”

    Yao Jun shrugged his shoulders and shook his head as he spoke. It really wasn't worth the hassle to hunt something like that. If he knew where it's root system was, or had a way of finding it, then it would be a different story of course. If he had more Demonic beasts inside this gate, he could bring his enemies into the gate when they fought, giving him a greater chance at victory.

    “Of course, instead of hunting down and trying to find a plant type Demonic beast to absorb, I can just breed my own. As time goes on and I plant more herbs here, with the increase in natural Qi inside the gate, a plant type Demonic beast will be born here sooner or later, odds are more than one will be born even. So why would I go out off my way to try and hunt one?”

    Yao Jun looked over at a small mountain in the distance as he spoke. The mountain was only around 400 meters in height, so it wasn't the tallest mountain inside his gate, but this mountain was where he planted all the herbs he had acquired since he awakened his gate.

    “I see, then it really isn't worth bothering with it.”

    Guo Luo nodded with a serious expression as she spoke, quickly memorizing everything Yao Jun had said. She had read a lot of books since she started following Yao Jun, but the books she had read were only about the continents that were nearby, she knew very little about Demonic beasts.

    “Of course, if you do decide that you want us to hunt it, I will not go against your orders.”

    No matter what Yao Jun said, it was still Guo Luo that was the leader during this trip, so he would follow any of her orders. After he finished speaking, he grabbed a waterskin and took a few swigs of water. After he had his fill of water, he handed the waterskin to Guo Luo and closed his eyes as he rested his body against Little Thunder. They would continue traveling in the morning, so getting some early rest would be a good idea.

    Guo Luo continued to sit there, occasionally drinking some water and throwing pieces of meat to the Demonic beasts, as she watched Yao Jun fall asleep. She watched him for a few more minutes, making sure that he was soundly asleep. After she was certain that he was completely asleep, she quietly moved closer and leaned up against him, resting her cheek on his chest and listening to his heartbeat.

    “Please Yao Jun, tell me anywhere I go, you will follow.”

    Her voice was quiet as a whisper, barely leaving her lips, but it contained all her hopes. She had seen Yao Jun at his worst during the time he was tortured. But she had also seen him at what she considered his best during the time in Ash Barrens City, destroying all that stood between him and his peaceful world. The time she had spent with him was short, but to her it had felt like several years. She was certain that this was the man she wanted to follow, the man she wanted to see reach the top.

    “Anywhere you go, I will follow.”

    While Guo Luo closed her eyes to fall asleep, she felt Yao Jun's arm wrap around her shoulder and pull her even closer, his voice entering her ear like a soft whisper. The moment she heard his voice, her entire body stiffened for a short moment before she felt all the blood in her body rush to her head. She quickly buried her head even deeper into his chest in an attempt to hide her embarrassment.

    Yao Jun did not say anything else. He liked to put on a strong and determined front, but only he knew just how hard it was. He was constantly scared and worried. Worried that the choice he had made was the wrong one, scared that everything he wanted to protect was destroyed.

    What he needed more than anything, was someone that could support him, someone that could hold him together when he felt like breaking. Guo Luo was just such a person, the kind of person that could ease Yao Jun's worried mind with just a single touch.
  • Chapter 69: People from the Yang clan.

    Early the next morning, Yao Jun and Guo Luo ate a light breakfast before they stomped out the fire and left the gate. There was no need to mention what they had talked about last night, as long as the both of them knew, that was enough. Everything else would happen naturally with time, for now, they had other things to focus on.

    After they left the Demon God's Gate, they once more brought out Sirius and had him scout the way for them. This time, whenever Sirius encountered a location that confused him, Guo Luo would ask Yao Jun what Sirius had noticed, then she would make her decision.

    Thanks to this, they managed to travel safely for several hours, avoiding both normal Demonic beasts and other locations that seemed to hold dangers. The reason they decided to avoid fighting other Demonic beasts, despite Guo Luo originally wanting them to fight lots of Demonic beasts to strengthen Yao Jun. Was because Sirius had warned them that if they started a fight in the forest, the smell of blood and the sounds of battle would quickly attract other Demonic beasts.

    If they were beset by large groups of Demonic beasts in a narrow forest like this, they would have no choice but to flee, fleeing into the Demon God's Gate if things went completely wrong. This was obviously not a desirable outcome, as there was no telling what could happen if they were surrounded while they were inside the Demon God's Gate.

    After they had traveled for a few hours and made their way into the deeper parts of Zhenya valley, Sirius stopped once more, sniffing the air. But this time, he wasn't looking around with confusion, but wariness. He turned his head and let out a low growl at Yao Jun, quickly letting him know what he had noticed.

    “What did he find?”

    Guo Luo knew that this meant that Sirius had found something that was completely out of the ordinary, but since she could not understand his words, she could only ask Yao Jun.

    “Poison. Someone ahead of us has covered a small clearing in the distance with poison, affecting a group of humans that were resting there.”

    Yao Jun looked ahead, his eyes lighting up with a gray light as he inspected the scene. Others might not be able to see the situation, but once he injected his eyes with Qi, his eyesight would improve drastically, even allowing him to see the insides of a person.

    The group that was poisoned consisted of three people. Two men and one woman. The three people all wore the same red robes, decorated with the image of a fiery bird, but they had made some slight alterations to their clothing, giving them a more personal touch. Yao Jun knew who these robes belonged to, only people from the Yang clan could use these robes.

    The person in the group that seemed to be the oldest, looking like he was in his mid-twenties, was a tall man, standing at nearly two meters in height. His body was burly and well built. His robe did not have sleeves, it was also opened at the front, showing off his thick arms and sturdy chest. He had short and spiky hair that was a light golden in color, seemingly shining under the sun. his entire body was heavily scarred, especially his arms.

    The man had a face that could be called rugged, with translucent green eyes and features that seemed like they had been carved out with a knife. What surprised Yao Jun was that while he felt that this person was at the late stages of the 1st Mortal Earth, all his Qi was spread throughout his entire body. This could only mean that this person had reached this level of strength through training his body, not through training his inborn power.

    The second male had a completely different build and was slightly younger, seeming no older than twenty. His body was slender and delicate, bordering on feminine. He had brown hair that went all the way down to his waist, black eyes and a delicate face. His skin was very pale, making him look rather sickly.

    It was also clear that this man was not human, as his ears were longer and ended in sharp points. His eyes did not have pupils, but were completely black. There were also a few brown scales growing on his neck, but they were mostly hidden by his robes. He was clearly someone from the Demon Race.

    The red robe he wore was longer than the ones belonging to the other people, covering his hands and feet completely. The fiery birds on his robes rested on blue lotuses, but it was clear that these blue lotuses were added to his robes after they were made.

    The last person was the woman. The woman had a tall build, standing at the same height as Yao Jun, just a head below two meters, she seemed to be a little older than Yao Jun. But while she was tall, her body was surprisingly well proportioned.

    Her breasts seemed like they would fit perfectly in your hands, he waist curved inwards while her hips curved outwards. She had plump thighs and delicate skin that seemed to tempt everyone who looked at it. Coupled with her long, golden hair, limpid blue eyes and cherry red lips, she could only be described as a beauty.

    Her red robe was altered in a way that showed off her shoulders and collar bone, the lower area of the robe had two cuts at the side of her legs, allowing her to move with greater ease. If Yao Jun had to describe this robe, he would say that it looked more like a dress than a robe.

    “Is this poison dangerous?”

    Guo Luo furrowed her brows as she spoke. Poison was always tricky to deal with, especially when you were far away from civilization. This was why she had bought several different herbs that could act as antidotes.

    “Not to us, we have an herb that counteracts it, but the people in the clearing don't seem to have it.”

    Yao Jun looked at the effects that the poison had on the group of people, as well as examine the source of the poison, before he shook his head as he spoke. This type of poison was not deadly, at most it would paralyze a person's body. It was a type of poison found at some places in Zhenya valley, so they had already prepared an antidote before they entered Zhenya valley.

    “Is it possible for us to move closer without being discovered?”

    Guo Luo's mind moved at full speed as she considered their options. In the end, she decided that it was better to get a closer look and learn more before she made a premature decision.

    “It should be possible. The people that are poisoned are currently unable to use their power, so they won't notice us if we are careful. But if the person who planted the poison has a scouting type power, we might be seen.”

    Yao Jun quickly answered. The group of people were already completely paralyzed, they couldn't even move their Qi. The person that had planted the poison was hiding in a tree a short distance away from the group of people, seemingly content with waiting a bit longer.

    “How strong is the strongest person in that group of people?”

    If it turned out that the strongest person of that group was much stronger than them, heading over there to get a closer look would be suicidal, as the person who poisoned them would probably be at around the same level, most likely a bit weaker.

    “Early stage of the 2nd Mortal Earth.”

    The girl was the one among the group that had the highest cultivation level. The man who had poisoned them was only at the middle stage of the 1st Mortal Earth, so Yao Jun was not worried about anything going wrong.

    “Then it should be safe for us to move closer. They wouldn't rely on poison if they felt confident that they could beat them.”

    Guo Luo quickly made up her mind. After moving closer, it would be easier to discern the situation. If the people who were poisoned were worth saving, she would not mind saving them. But if they turned out to be evil, she would not mind leaving them.

    Yao Jun and Guo Luo started slowly and quietly making their way closer. When Yao Jun noticed that the man in the tree started moving closer to the group, he focused his eyes on the man and used his mental energy to show Guo Luo what he was seeing and hearing.

    “What a surprise to see you here Yuhuan, the news I got was that you had entered Soaring Cloud City at the behest of Yantian. If I had known that you would show your face here, I would have prepared a much better poison than just this Bone Dead Ginger.”

    The man who had been hiding in the tree stepped into the clearing and had a beaming smile as he spoke to the girl. The man had a rather handsome face, with delicate features and a slim build. But his skin had a slight green tint to it, making him look rather poisonous. His sclera had a slight purple tint that seemed to move around like smoke. He was clad in a dark brown robe, the same one that Yao Jun had bought before they entered Zhenya valley.
  • Chapter 70: Guo Shui Kang.

    “Guo Shui Kang! You bastard, how dare you ambush us with poison!”

    The girl, Yang Yuhuan, looked at the youth that entered the clearing with fire practically spewing from her eyes. Hearing her words, Yao Jun and Guo Luo's body slightly stiffened. So he was someone from the Guo clan.

    “Now now, that is a rather harsh way of saying it. I truly did not know that you would come here, I only placed this Bone Dead Ginger here in case there was a pretty girl that happened to pass by. It has been far too long since I got to enjoy myself after all.”

    Guo Shui Kang shrugged his shoulders and shook his head as he spoke, putting on an innocent face, but the way is eyes roamed over Yang Yuhuan's body betrayed his true thoughts.

    “Shameless bastard, you just try to lay a hand on my sister! If everyone from the Guo clan is this shameless, then there is no wonder the Guo clan wasn't even able to keep a single boy at the 1st Mortal Earth captive.”

    The rugged man roared out, his voice loud and booming. If it wasn't for the poison paralyzing him, he would have rushed forward and torn off Guo Shui Kang's head with his bare hands.

    “You already know?”

    Hearing the rugged man's words, Guo Shui Kang's face turned gloomy, the green tint to his skin growing clearer. The Guo clan had done it's best to hide the information, as it could be considered a stain on their reputation.

    “Hehe. Like you said, Yantian asked me to come to Soaring Cloud City to save his friend. I have already been in Soaring Cloud City and talked with your Guo clan. You can only imagine my surprise when I learned that the person in question had already escaped.”

    Yang Yuhuan responded with a sweet laugh, eagerly taking the chance to taunt Guo Shui Kang further. When Yun Yantian had first asked her to come to Soaring Cloud City to save a friend of his, she had accepted mostly because of their friendship. Yun Yantian had told her a lot about the one she was supposed to save, someone called Yao Jun, so she was extremely surprised when she arrived and found out that he had already escaped on his own, even kidnapping one of their people.

    “You bitch. Don't you dare liken my glorious Guo clan to those useless maggots!”

    Guo Shui Kang roared out and gave Yang Yuhuan a hard slap. He was from the Guo clan that was located on the Liang continent, he refused to be placed alongside the people from the Guo clan branch on this Guanyu continent.

    “What should we do Jun'er?”

    Guo Luo and Yao Jun were still watching from a distance, seeing and hearing everything that was taking place. Guo Luo knew that Yao Jun had a friend that went by the name of Yun Yantian, so it was likely that this girl was sent by Yun Yantian to save Yao Jun.

    “You are still the leader, I will follow your orders.”

    Yao Jun kept staring at Guo Shui Kang as he spoke. He had a rather mixed impression of the Guo clan. On the one hand, it had tortured him extensively, but on the other hand, it had brought him to Guo Luo. But listening to this Guo Shui Kang, he knew that this was a type of person that the world would be better off without. But he had made Guo Luo the leader, so he would follow her orders.

    “I have never met this Guo Shui Kang. But it is easy to tell from his words that he is not a good person. And this Yang Yuhuan did come to this continent to save you. She might not have succeeded, but she was still going to save you. I think we should save them.”

    Guo Luo's thoughts raced as she thought it over. After a short moment of silence, she made up her mind. She knew that her words meant that this Guo Shui Kang was going to die, but she did not care. In the entire Guo clan, she only cared about her parents. She was still not too comfortable with killing, but she had started slowly changing ever since she met Yao Jun, so it was no longer as bad.

    “Very well. Keep this leaf in your mouth, it will neutralize the poison.”

    Yao Jun nodded his head and took out two pale green leaves from his Demon God's Gate. After handing one to Guo Luo, he placed the other on in his mouth and lightly chewed it, causing a bitter taste to spread in his mouth.

    After making sure that Guo Luo had done the same, he grabbed her hand and pulled her after him as he walked towards the clearing, Sirius following right next to them. When the two of them neared the clearing, the people inside the clearing immediately noticed and turned towards the sounds.

    “Who is there?! Show yourself!”

    “Run! This is not a safe place, you need to run before it is too late, there is poison here.”

    When Yao Jun and Guo Luo neared the clearing, Guo Shui Kang snapped at their directions, immediately ordering them to show themselves. Yang Yuhuan and the rugged man on the other hand shouted for them to flee, even warning them about the poison.

    Yao Jun and Guo Luo ignored them completely, entering the clearing and standing not far from them. The two men from the Yang clan lightly shook their heads upon seeing this, despite their warnings, they had still chosen to come here. They could see that both of these people were only at the early stage of the 1st Mortal Earth, so there was nothing they could do.


    Guo Shui Kang and Yang Yuhuan reacted differently however. Yang Yuhuan reacted with surprise while Guo Shui Kang reacted with a mixture of confusion and hesitation. He felt like he had seen these people before, but he did not quite know where.

    “Ah! So it's the Dog King and the kidnapped slut.”

    He looked at them for a little bit before a light went of in his head as he remembered where he had seen them before. The man with the gray eyes and black hair with purple stripes in his hair was the person that had escaped from the hands of those maggots in Soaring Cloud City.

    The girl with the colorful hair and pink eyes was harder to recognize, but once he overlapped her face with the face of the girl that Yao Jun had taken with him when he escaped, he managed to recognize her.

    “Dog King? Kidnapped slut?”

    Instead of Yao Jun and Guo Luo responding first, it was Yang Yuhuan that responded in confusion. She had gotten information about Yao Jun from Yun Yantian, so she could guess that Dog King referred to him. Where the Dog part came from she did not know however. She also knew that he had kidnapped someone from the Guo clan when he escaped, but why call her a slut just for that?

    “You don't know? Before he managed to escape, someone from the Guo clan carved the image of a dog into his chest, forever branding him as a dog. As for that slut, just look at how she came here while brazenly holding his hand, it's obvious that the reason she is still alive is because she has given him certain services to make sure that he keeps her alive.”

    Guo Shui Kang had an amused smile as he spoke, pointing at Yao Jun's chest as he spoke. He had gotten the news about the mark that they had carved into his chest, so was it not fitting to call him a king of dogs? As for what he said about Guo Luo? That was just a guess of his. Yao Jun and Guo Luo were both only at the early stage of the 1st Mortal Earth, they could not pose a threat to him.

    “Oh well, you might not have the best of figures, but at least your face is pretty enough to accept it. I'll just enjoy myself with two beauties today.”

    Guo Shui Kang shrugged his shoulders once more as he allowed his eyes to roam over Guo Luo's body. Enjoying tow beauties was always better than enjoying just one. He looked up and saw that Yao Jun was looking at him with a completely emotionless gaze, so he simply assumed that he had given up and accepted the situation.

  • This story is set several years before the start of the actual story, and follows Yao Jun as a child. I wrote this long ago and planned on using it as a type of prologue, but eventually dropped the idea. I felt that simply throwing away the chapters would be a waste, so I figured that I might as well release them as extra chapters.

    Chapter 0.1: Yao clan, Yao Jun.

    Great Rock City was one of the larger cities in the Great Yan country. Half the city was built using a type of black stone, while the rest of the city was built using normal wood. Every building that was built out of the black stones had a large banner hanging down from the ceiling. This banner was completely black in color, with a large boulder insignia taking up most of the boulder.

    This boulder was the mark of the Yao clan, the owners of this city. This city was the location of the largest Yao clan branch in the entire Great Yan country, so one could imagine how important the Yao clan was in this city.

    The sun was hanging high in the sky, shining it's warm rays down onto the city below it. A young boy was running through the city, a radiant smile on his face. The young boy looked like he was no older than five, his face still had some baby fat, giving him rather round cheeks.

    The boy had short, black hair, and black eyes that shone like crystals. He was clad in a black robe, the mark of the Yao clan engraved on the chest of the robe. At his waist hung a shiny longsword. The sword was almost as long as he was tall, so it looked rather comical as he ran around, but he did not seem to mind.

    The little boy kept running through the town until he reached a wooden building. The building was two floors tall, with a wooden sign engraved with a loaf of bread engraved on it. The smell of fresh bread wafted out from the building, enticing people to enter it.

    “Uncle Jiang, do you have any good sweets today?”

    The young boy merrily entered the building, entering a large room with a counter at the other side of the room. Behind the counter was a door that led further into the building, the smell of bread came from behind that door. The young boy smiled at an old man standing behind the counter, skipping over with light steps.

    “Oh? What has put you in such a good mood Little Jun, you are here even earlier than usual.”

    The old man behind the counter looked over at the little boy and let out a smile as he spoke. There stood a male youth clad in coarse cotton clothing next to the old man. This youth shared a few features with the old man, so it was clear that they were related.

    “My father gifted me this sword and promised me that he would start training me starting tomorrow.”

    The young boy's smile grew even more radiant as he raised the sword at his waist, clearly trying to show off. But the sword was clearly too heavy for him to lift it as he pleased, so it was clear that he was struggling to hold it steady.

    “So you have already gotten old enough to start training, I could have sworn it was only yesterday that you were still a little toddler in diapers.”

    The old man laughed as he opened the door behind the counter, causing the smell of fresh bread to become even more dense. When he came back he had a small paper bag in his hand, there was a sweet smell coming from the bag.

    “Here you go. I tried out a new cake recipe today, so there is more than usual, you can share a bit with your father and mother.”

    The old man handed the paper bag to the young boy with a smile. The young boy immediately opened the bag and checked it's contents. Upon seeing the small, round cakes within, his smile grew even wider as he hurriedly gave a quick bow.

    “Thank you Uncle Jiang!”

    After he finished his bow, the boy turned around and merrily skipped out off the building, disappearing into the mass of people that were walking outside the building. After the boy left, the youth standing next to the old man couldn't help but turn to him.

    “Grandfather, who was that?”

    The youth had just recently arrived in this city, he had been working in a different city until recently, when his grandfather asked him to return and help him with the store. This was also the first time he had seen his grandfather this cheerful as he talked to a customer.

    “That's Little Jun. Or rather, he is the Yao Clan's Yao Jun. He is the only son of Yao He and Yao Xun, even you should have heard about them.”

    The old man waved his hand as he spoke, and indeed, even this youth had heard about Yao He and Yao Xun. They had spent many years fighting against the Demon Race, most of this time was spent fighting on the front line. To the common people, these kinds of people were basically heroes.

    “I see, no wonder you would be so kind to him.”
  • Chapter 0.2: Family.

    After leaving the bakery, Yao Jun started running back to the Yao clan. Along the way, he would often stop and chat with some people, or enter some stores and just look around. Wherever he went, he was met with smiles and kind words. Even if it wasn't for his parents, people would feel good whenever they were around a cute and cheerful child like this.

    The Yao clan compound in the city was composed of a large group of buildings connected by a myriad of roads and gardens, a large mansion standing at the center. Each building was made out of the same black stones and decorated with the mark of the Yao clan. These black stones were what had given the Yao clan their name when they were still just a tiny family long ago.

    Instead of returning to his home after he reached the Yao clan compound, Yao Jun followed a narrow road until he reached a rather secluded garden. The garden was only a few hundred meters in every direction, a large amount of weeping willows standing tall in it, so the garden was rather inconspicuous.

    “Brother Jun, you came earlier than usual.”

    After Yao Jun entered the garden, a surprised voice rang out from the branches of a tree not far from him. After the voice rang out, a young boy dropped down from the tree, landing in front of Yao Jun.

    The boy looked to be around eight years old, with shoulder long brown hair and blue eyes. His body was almost two entire heads taller than Yao Jun, and was starting to grow more burly, this youth would surely become someone very rugged in the future. He was clad in the same Yao clan robes as Yao Jun.

    After the boy landed in front of Yao Jun, more children started appearing in the area around him, climbing down from trees or crawling out off bushes. All these children were clad in the same Yao clan robes as Yao Jun.

    “Big Brother Zhong. I am in a very good mood, so I decided to come earlier. Look, Uncle Jiang gave me some cakes that we can share.”

    Yao Jun looked at the boy and spoke with a large smile. This boy was Yao Zhong, the oldest boy in their group, so he was obviously their leader. After he spoke, he seemed to remember something as he pulled out the bag containing the cakes, handing it over to Yao Zhong with a bright smile.

    “Cakes from Uncle Jiang?”

    Yao Zhong looked at the paper bag in his hand with an excited smile, quickly checking it's contents. After seeing the cakes placed within the bag, his smile grew even wider. He quickly took out a cake and handed it to Yao Jun, before taking a cake for himself and dividing the rest with the other children around them.

    After they ate the cakes, they started to play games with each other. They did this everyday, meeting up in this garden and playing games. They would start by playing hide and seek, go on to play tag, and then end the day by play-fighting. After they finished playing, they would return to their homes before it got too late and their parents got worried.

    Yao Jun's home was located not far from the garden where they played. His home was considered rather large, even for the people belonging to the Yao clan, it was the fifth largest house in the entire compound in fact. The house consisted of one large main building, with several smaller buildings connected to it via long hallways. A large garden surrounded the house.

    Yao Jun returned just in time for dinner, so when he entered the house, the smell of food immediately hit his nose. He quickly ran through the house, reaching the dining room after a minute of running. The dining room was large, but it was simplistic in style, containing only a few paintings for decorations. A large and exquisite wooden table was placed at the center of the room, five chairs placed around the table.

    “It seems like you still remember when dinner is ready. Go and wash yourself first, then we can start eating.”

    There were already three people sitting at the table. One of them was a middle-aged man that was tall and well built, features that looked like they were carved with a knife, his eyes were a clear green, the same color as his robe. His head was covered in brown hair, a short stubble growing on his chin. This man was his father, Yao He, and also the person who had just spoken.

    Yao Jun dared not disobey his father, so he quickly ran into a room next to the dining room and washed his face and hands. After he made doubly sure that he was clean, he returned to the dining room and took up his own seat, sitting down next to his father.

    “Did you have fun playing with the others today?”

    The person who spoke this time was one of the two others that sat at the table. This woman had a mature charm about her, clad in a deep green robe, her skin smooth and unblemished. She had raven black hair that hung down to her waist and deep, black eyes. She wore a kind smile as she looked at Yao Jun. This was his mother Yao Xun.

    “Yes mother, it was very fun! Greetings Uncle Wuying and Aunt Lingxin.”

    Yao Jun gave a few rapid nods to his mother as he spoke. After he finished talking, he turned towards the last person sitting at the table and the empty chair placed next to him.

    The last person sitting at the table was a tall and rugged man with tanned, rough skin that was covered in scars. He had long and unruly golden hair that hung down over his green eyes, nearly covering his entire face. This man was the sworn brother of his father, Yao Wuying. The Aunt Lingxin that Yao Jun greeted was the deceased wife of Yao Wuying. She had died half a year ago, but Yao Jun and Yao Wuying still greeted her empty chair whenever they ate.

    “Good little brat, you seem to be too short to carry your sword. You gotta grow a bit bigger soon so that you can start protecting your parents.”

    Yao Wuying carried a wide smile as he reached out with his hand and ruffled up Yao Jun's hair. He had never managed to have a child of his own, so of course he would treat the son of his two best friends like it was his own.

    “Don't worry Uncle Wuying, I will undergo the awakening in another two years. At that time, I can start training my power, that will definitely make me strong enough to protect mother and father.”

    Yao Jun bead his chest as he spoke with a large and confident smile. He could not wait for the day his power was awakened and he could start training. The sooner he started training, the sooner he could follow in his parents footsteps.

    After they finished eating, Yao Jun spent some time with his parents, reading through various books while he was with his mother, and learning about how to take care of his weapon while he was with his father.

    The next morning, Yao Jun stood in the garden behind their house, facing his father. His father was clad in a green robe, while Yao Jun was clad in the standard Yao clan robes. Yao He and Yao Xun had bought Yao Jun several green robes that he could wear, but he had always preferred wearing the Yao clan robes, as he took pride in being part of the Yao clan.

    “Listen up Jun'er, there are two things that you must remember. One: Even the mightiest oak was once but a tiny seed. This means that everything started out at the bottom, so there is no need to be impatient.”

    Yao He had a serious expression as he spoke. His son had turned five not long ago, so he felt that it was about time that he started training him. He and his wife could not always be around, so Yao Jun would have to be able to defend himself. This meant that Yao He was taking this training very seriously.

    “Two: What you plant now, you will harvest later. This means that you cannot expect to get results without doing something. If you want to become strong in the future, you will have to start working now.”

    These two sayings were something Yao He had heard when he was young, and they had stuck with him ever since. After he made sure that Yao Jun understood his words, he pulled out his own swords.

    “Watch me closely Jun'er, I will start by showing you the basics.”
  • Chapter 0.3: A single mistake and everything crumbles.

    Two years seemed to pass by in a flash for Yao Jun. In the mornings he would train with his father and Uncle Wuying, in the afternoon he would go out and play with the other children of the Yao clan, and in the evening he would spend time with his mother.

    After two years of training, he had grown taller, his cheeks were no longer round and cute like they used to be. His features had started to grow more distinct and delicate, making him resemble his mother. Coupled with his shiny black hair and glimmering black eyes, he was considered very handsome.

    Today was a very special day in the Yao clan, so Yao Jun had gotten up earlier than usual to prepare. Today was the day that all the children that were at a certain age would get to learn what their inborn power was.

    There were two ways to find out what your inborn power was. The first was by letting it awaken naturally, which would happen when the child turned ten. The other way was by having someone else use their strong cultivation to drag out your power, allowing you to awaken it prematurely.

    Once every year, the Yao clan would gather all the children who were seven and awaken all their powers. This was done because waiting til they were ten to start training them was too late, but starting when they were six was too early.

    Yao Jun had asked his father to awaken his power several times already, but his father had always just laughed and said that there was no need to be impatient, forcing Yao Jun to wait.

    At noon, the children and their parents all gathered in the large square located in front off the main building. At the center of the square stood three old men clad Yao clan robes. Their robes were decorated with golden threads, showing off the high status that they had.

    “I am eight elder Xiang, and I will be responsible for this year's awakening. Next to me are ninth elder Rong and tenth elder Duan Bo.”

    One of the old men standing in the square spoke up as he was looking at crowd. His words instantly caused the people to straighten their back and hold their breath. In the Yao clan, below the patriarch was the vice patriarch, and below the vice patriarch were the ten core elders. Clearly, these three men belonged to the highest of echelons in the Yao clan.

    The three core elders quickly organized all the children, making them stand in a single line. Since it was only the children that were seven years old taking part, there were only around 30 children, which was considered a rather small number.

    The awakening was very simple. The child would stand in front of the eight elder, and the eight elder would input his Qi into the child's chest. The eight elder would then make the Qi course through the child's entire body, forcing the inborn power to manifest itself.

    Yao Jun was placed at the front of the group, so he only had to watch a few people undergo the awakening before it was his turn. Watching the children in front of him undergo the awakening, he got more and more excited. After each awakening, the eight elder would speak out and explain what the power could do.

    One of the children awakened the power to control stones, causing the ground around to him to quake as his power awakened. Another one awakened the power to produce different sounds in his surroundings, it seemed rather useless, but it could be good for transporting information in emergencies.

    After waiting for what felt like an eternity, it was finally Yao Jun's turn. He stepped forward and stood in front of the three old men, his heart pounding in his chest. His father had the extraordinary power to control space, while his mother had the power to control gravity in the area around her. What sort of power would he awaken, when his parents were already this awesome?

    The eight elder stretched out his hand and placed it on Yao Jun's chest, a scorching stream of energy quickly entering Yao Jun's body, coursing throughout his entire body. The energy dug into every corner of his body, seemingly looking for something.

    When the energy reached the area around his heart, there was a reaction. Yao Jun could feel his chest start vibrating, a strange energy appearing next to his heart, instantly swallowing the scorching energy of the eight elder. After the scorching energy in his chest was swallowed, the strange energy started coursing through his body, quickly swallowing the rest of the scorching energy.

    After all the scorching energy was swallowed, the strange energy returned to the center of his chest and settled down. After a short moment, the strange energy coagulated and started forming a simple, black gate. After the black gate was fully formed, it flew out from his chest and appeared in the air ahead of him.

    Everyone was looking at the gate with expectation in their eyes. The gate started slowly opening, but the moment it started opening, Yao Jun noticed that something was wrong. He could not feel anything from the gate floating in front of him, it was completely dead. Once the gate was completely open and people expected something to appear, nothing happened.

    The gate was completely silent and without movement. The people looked at the gate for a bit longer, still waiting for something to happen. After this continued for a few minutes, people gradually realized that something wasn't right.

    “Empty gate, no uses.”

    The eight elder spoke out, his voice completely emotionless. Yao Jun's power was worse than a bad power, it was completely useless. At least a bad power could be used for something, it might even have some situations where it was useful. But the gate in front of him was completely empty, no signs of life or energy, it was completely useless.

    Yao Jun stood there, his face blank and pale. He of course heard what the eight elder said. He understood that his power was useless before the eight elder even opened his mouth, but he simply couldn't accept it! He had waited for so long to awaken his power. He wanted to get a strong power, to follow in his parents footsteps and fight the Demon Race, to defend the Yao clan. How would he ever do that with a useless power.

    His mind went completely blank, so when he saw his parents step forward to come and pull him back, he panicked. He had spoken so confidently about how he would follow in his parents footsteps. They chided him whenever he said it aloud, but he could also see the pride that they were trying to hide deep within their eyes. Now he had turned out to be useless, a burden.

    The shame he felt caused him to panic, so he did the first thing he could think of, he ran. He ran away from the square. Ran past all the people that were standing there, looking at him. He could see the pity in their eyes as they looked at him. Those who he didn't have that good a relationship with were even looking at him in scorn.

    “Don't look at me!”

    He couldn't help but scream out as he ran, covering his face with his arms. He didn't want to see their eyes, didn't want to see their pity. He kept running until he was home, then he ran into his room and shut the door, quickly locking it. After he locked his door, he sat down on his bed and covered his entire body under his covers, curling up as he laid there in silence.

    He knew it already, that everything was over. His power was useless, he was nothing but a burden to his parents and the Yao clan. He knew that this was how life was, a single mistake and everything you have can crumble. But what made it even worse for him was that it wasn't even one of his mistakes that made everything crumble, it was simply bad luck.
  • Chapter 0.4: Leaving the city.

    His parents came home not long after he curled up in his bed, knocking on his door and asking him to come out. He could hear their voices, hear their worry, but he did not respond, only curling up further. He could not face his parents now, he was too ashamed at his own uselessness.

    After a while of knocking, his parents also gave up on it. They could easily break the door and enter the room, but they did not do so. The main reason was that they had no idea what they would even say to their son. They had never considered this possibility, so they simply did not know what to say to comfort him.

    “Little Jun! Where is my Little Jun!?”

    A few hours later, Yao Wuying stormed into the house, his loud voice booming through every corner of the building. His face looked worried and frantic as he entered the house, almost tearing the door off it's hinges.

    “Brother Wuying, you already know?”

    Yao He couldn't help but be shocked as he looked at Yao Wuying. It had only been a few hours since the awakening, how did he already know about it?

    “Already know? Basically the entire Yao clan knows already, someone has been spreading the news.”

    Yao Wuying quickly spoke out, scanning the room as he spoke. When he was taking a walk, he had heard a few people talking about the awakening ceremony. Some talked about what different powers were awakened, but most people were talking about the one who awakened a completely useless power, Yao Jun.

    “Who would do such a thing?”

    Yao Xun couldn't help but respond in shock. Spreading the news about the awakening ceremony was normal, but no one had ever started spreading the news a mere few hours after the awakening ceremony.

    “I have no idea. Where is Little Jun? How is he doing?”

    Yao Wuying shook his head as he spoke, his voice thick with worry. He treated Yao Jun like his own son, he also knew about Yao Jun's dreams of following in his parents footsteps, how could he not be worried.

    “He is holed up in his room, we have yet to get him to leave it.”

    Yao He spoke with a sigh, leading Yao Wuying over to Yao Jun's room, showing him the locked room.

    “Little Jun!”

    Yao Wuying tried knocking a few times, but when he got no answer, he simply kicked down the door. With a single kick, the door was completely crushed, folding in on itself. Yao Wuying stepped in and rushed over to Yao Jun's bed, Yao He and Yao Xun following right behind him.

    “Little Jun, you do not need to listen to others! A man's worth is something that he himself decides. So what if you don't have a power, you can still become a great man!”

    Yao Wuying pulled away the covers and sat down next to Yao Jun as he talked. He wanted to pick up Yao Jun and cradle him in his embrace, but upon seeing Yao Jun's bloodshot eyes, his arms completely froze. Yao Jun's eyes were completely bloodshot and filled with a deep sense of shame, just looking at him made the three of them feel a pain in their hearts.

    “He is right Jun'er, you don't need a power to become a great man. The commander of the Yao clan army does not have a good power, he has reached his position through his wits and his bodily strength alone.”

    Yao He and Yao Xun quickly sat down next to Yao Jun, Yao Xun grabbing him and pulling him into her bosom, giving him a forceful hug. After hearing Yao Wuying's words, something clicked in Yao He's brain and he realized what he could tell his son.

    “Bodily strength?”

    Yao Jun's voice was weak as he spoke, slightly twisting his head to look at his father. He had heard about the commander of the Yao clan army, Yao Xuefeng. If he was in control of an army, even if the enemy were three times as many as them, he could still manage to achieve victory.

    “Indeed! You can simply train your body instead of training your power. It might be slower, but that is all!”

    Yao He spoke with great enthusiasm, but there were a few things he didn't mention. He didn't mention that someone who only trained their body would never be able to beat someone who trained their power.

    He also didn't say that it wasn't just a little bit slower, it was so slow that what took a body trainer two years to achieve, someone who trained their power could achieve in a single month.

    “Can I still protect father and mother if I train only my body?”

    Yao Jun turned to Yao Wuying as he spoke, his thoughts racing within his head. The more he thought, the more life returned to his body.

    “Of course! You can protect everything you want if you train your body!”

    Yao Wuying dared not deny it, quickly nodding his head. But he was shaking his head on the inside. Unless he reached a truly unheard of level in body training, protecting people as strong as his parents would be impossible.

    “I see, so I can still protect them.... that is good.”

    Yao Jun repeated the words a few times before he suddenly broke free from his mother embrace and raced towards the door.

    “Where are you going Jun'er!?”

    Yao Xun and the others hurriedly called out when they saw him racing towards the door, worried that he was going to go do something stupid.

    “To the training grounds, since training the body is slower than training an inborn power, I need to start even earlier.”

    Yao Jun did not stop, simply shouting out as he was running. Since it was slower to train his body, he would have to start earlier than others. Not only would he have to start earlier, he would have to work at least twice as hard.

    Yao Jun rushed out of the house and started running towards the Yao clan training grounds. The training grounds was specialized for just that, training. It held a lot of different equipment that one could use to train themselves. The most standard equipment were wooden or metal dolls that one could use to train their weapon skills.

    Along the way, Yao Jun ran past several people from the Yao clan. Everyone he ran past looked at him with either pity or scorn. The adults managed to hide it pretty well, but the children were not as good as them, some even showed it on their faces.

    Once he got to the training grounds, Yao Jun was surprised to see Yao Zhong and a few other children that he usually played with. They were currently hanging around one of the metal dolls, taking turns hitting it with their weapons. Yao Jun wanted to go over and greet them, but when he was about to walk over, he saw that Yao Zhong and the others had noticed him.

    Their eyes met, and the children froze slightly. The children quickly averted their eyes, not daring to look at Yao Jun as they slowly moved backwards. Yao Zhong was the only one who was still looking at Yao Jun. His eyes held a mixture of pity and unwillingness, but he eventually shook his head with a sigh and followed the other children, leaving the training area.

    Seeing their actions, Yao Jun suddenly felt like laughing out loud, but all that came out was a low and self deprecating laugh. Just yesterday they were still playing hide and seek together. They had shared cakes and candy just yesterday. And now it had all turned to naught.

    Yao Jun shook his head and walked over to one of the wooden dolls. He took up a stance in front of the wooden doll and punched out, his fist connecting with it's chest, letting out a dull sound. He grit his teeth and endured the pain, pulling back his fist and punching out with the other one.

    He kept doing this for several hours, ignoring the gazes of the others that came to the training grounds. Whenever people looked at him with pity or scorn, he would just grit his teeth and punch the wooden doll a little harder. Once he was done, his knuckles were bloody and his hands ached. Once the sun set, he stopped for the day and returned home. After a quick bath, he wrapped his hands in bandages and ate his dinner in silence.

    Yao Jun kept doing this for over a month, spending at least half the day at the training grounds, punching or kicking the wooden dolls. He had stopped wearing the Yao clan robes after only a few short days. He was going to wear it one day when he suddenly felt nauseous as he looked at it.

    He had seen how the people of the clan treated him after the awakening ceremony. They didn't taunt him or bully him, they simply avoided him, looking at him with pity or hidden scorn. He once felt pride when he wore these robes, but now he felt nothing but nausea when he looked at them. He threw the Yao clan robes to the side and put on an emerald green robe that his mother had sown for him.

    After another month of training, his father suddenly told him that they were leaving the city. He said that they had found a nice little city where they could spend their time in peace, but Yao Jun knew why they really did it. They moved away so that there wouldn't be people looking at Yao Jun with pity or scorn, they did it for him, because he was useless.

    Yao Jun didn't say anything, but he made a silent vow. A vow that he would allow his parents to return to this Yao clan branch with their heads held high. That they could come here and tell everyone that their son was not a useless person.
  • Chapter 71: Stealing information.


    Just as Guo Shui Kang was about to move forward, Yao Jun raised his right hand and pointed at Guo Shui Kang's knees, spitting out that single word. Guo Shui Kang reflexively stopped in bewilderment.


    Just as he was about to say something, a gray blur flashed out from the forest next to him. The blur reached him almost immediately, sweeping past his legs, bringing with it a burning pain.

    Right after the blur swept past his legs, Guo Shui Kang found that his legs could no longer support him. His legs gave out underneath him and he fell forward, his face hitting the ground and knocking loose a few teeth.

    Guo Shui Kang grit his teeth to resist the pain and twisted his head to look at his legs. When his eyes fell on his knees, his entire face turned pale. There was a large gash on each of his knees, each gash almost cutting off his leg, leaving behind only a small strip of flesh that kept his shin connected to his thigh.

    Not far from his side he saw that there was now a grey wolf, it's eyes a magnificent azure, like the color of the morning sky. The wolf looked at him with a despising gaze, blood still dripping from it's claws.

    Guo Luo was slightly pale as she looked at the scene, but she did not say anything. Looking at Yao Jun's emotionless face, she knew that he was truly furious right now, if she were to say anything, would that not be her denying his emotions?”

    Yao Jun ignored the shocked gazes of the people from the Yang clan and moved forward, stopping when he stood right in front of Guo Shui Kang's body. He looked down at Guo Shui Kang with emotionless eyes, like he was looking at an ant crawling at his feet.

    “Now wait just a little...”

    Guo Shui Kang realized that the situation wasn't too good, so he squeezed out a faint smile and was just about to speak up when Yao Jun's cold voice rang out once more.


    After Yao Jun spat out that one word, he raised his right leg and stomped down with all his might, right on Guo Shui Kang's left shoulder. His feet were still clad in the armor that Sirius had given him, the gray boots, so when his foot made contact with Guo Shui Kang's, a sickening crunching sound spread in the clearing.

    Yao Jun did not stop after stepping on the first shoulder. Ignoring Guo Shui Kang's shrill scream, he raised his left foot and stomped down on his right shoulder, producing the same sickening crunch.

    After he completely crushed both of his shoulders, Yao Jun bent forward and grabbed the remains of Guo Shui Kang's shoulders and forced his body to sit up. Guo Shui Kang realized that Yao Jun wanted something, seeing a chance at surviving, he grit his teeth and stiffled his screams.

    Yao Jun locked eyes with Guo Shui Kang and his eyes lit up with a grey light. After the grey light flashed in Yao Jun's eyes, Guo Shui Kang's eyes dimmed down, his entire body suddenly looking stiff and lifeless.

    “How did you know who I and Guo Luo were?”

    Yao Jun looked at the lifeless Guo Shui Kang as he spoke. The torment he inflicted on Guo Shui Kang was of course not simply because he was angry, his anger was only most of the reason. The other reason was that Guo Shui Kang was too strong for Yao Jun's mental energy to control him, so he would need to weaken him first. A quick sneak attack from Sirius would give him the chance to weaken him enough.

    “The Guo clan has spread images of you and Guo Luo to every clan member, giving the order that you are to be killed on sight for escaping from the Guo clan.”

    Guo Shui Kang's voice was stiff and monotone as he responded, his eyes dim and unfocused. The fact that someone escaped from their hands was considered a stain on the name of the Guo clan, so they needed to kill them to wipe away this stain.

    “I see. Are there people of the Guo clan hunting us currently.”

    If they were currently being hunted by the Guo clan, they would have to be much more careful in the future. They would have to wear disguises at all times, maybe even go as far as using Guo Luo's power to slightly alter their appearance at all times.

    “The Guo clan has not sent out large parties to hunt you, as we are currently working on finding a way to deal with the Yang and the Yun clan.”

    The Guo clan was currently dealing with the Yun clan, and were also threatened by the Yang clan, how could they possibly spare people to search for two weak individuals.

    “Tell me, are Guo Jiahao and Guo Zhe still at Soaring Cloud City?”

    Yao Jun wanted to kill Guo Zhe for the torture he had endured, and he needed Guo Jiahao alive to find out where he had taken his interspatial ring. If they were still in Soaring Cloud City, it would be easy to find them when he was strong enough.

    “Guo Jiahao and Guo Zhe are still in Soaring Cloud City, as they are in charge of the Guo clan on this continent, they are forbidden to leave without special permission.”

    Guo Jiahao had a rather special position in the Guo clan, so his freedom was both quite loose as well as quite restrained. He could travel around on the Guanyu continent as he pleased, but he was not allowed to leave it without special permission. Guo Zhe was his personal subordinate, so he would have to follow Guo Jiahao wherever he was.

    “What about Guo Luoyang and Guo Shuren, are they still in Soaring Cloud City?”

    Hearing that they were both still in Soaring Cloud City, Yao Jun heaved a slight sigh of relief, before he asked about two other people. These two people were Guo Luo's parents, the only people in the Guo clan that treated her well. If anything had happened to them because of him, Yao Jun had no idea how he would make amends to Guo Luo.

    “Guo Luoyang and Guo Shuren were both originally considered as collaborators in your escape, but as there was no evidence to fully support this claim, they were given back their freedom.”

    Guo Shui Kang sat there in silence for a short moment, searching through all his memories for the correct information, before he gave his answer. Hearing his answer, both Yao Jun and Guo Luo heaved a sigh of relief. As long as they were fine, Yao Jun and Guo Luo could come and pick them up when they became strong enough.

    “What about you? Why are you here on this continent?”

    Yao Jun had gotten the answer to all his questions, and since the answers were all in his favor, he was rather relaxed as he asked another question. If Guo Shui Kang was here for something special or valuable, Yao Jun would not mind making a detour to acquire it. Of course, that was only if it was useful to him and it wasn't too dangerous to acquire it.

    “I came to this continent to delve into this Zhenya valley to look for a poisonous mushroom called Puppet Ganoderma. I would be able to cultivate it using my power, creating a puppet army that only listened to my orders.”

    Yao Jun had heard about this Puppet Ganoderma before. If one dried this mushroom and mixed it with their blood, they could feed the mixture to someone else, often by sneaking it into their food or drink, and make them become an obedient slave. A very cruel fate.

    “Really, I have no idea how people can manage to raise scum like you.”

    Yao Jun couldn't help but shake his head as he muttered to himself. How did one even end up growing up like this, wanting to pleasure themselves with every beautiful women they saw, or dreaming of creating their own puppet army.

    Guo Luo's eyes flashed with a grey light and the control he had over Guo Shui Kang vanished. Realizing what had just happened, Guo Shui Kang couldn't help but feel a cold sweat go down his back. Yao Jun didn't even need him to willingly answer the questions, he could just force him to obey.

    “Just so you know, Guo Luo is mine. And I will never let anyone else lay a hand on what is mine.”

    Yao Jun had a faint smile as he spoke to Guo Shui Kang, but that smile only sent a shiver down his back. He was just about to say something when Yao Jun's eyes flashed with grey light again, his mental energy digging into Guo Shui Kang's mind.

    Guo Shui Kang wanted to scream as the mental energy dug into his mind. There was a mixture of pain and horrifying images that was running rampant in his head, almost tearing his mind apart. But Yao Jun had already prepared, sending an order into Guo Shui Kang's mind to keep his mouth shut. He was certain that if Guo Luo heard his screams, she would be more than just a little sickened, so he would obviosuly silence him first.

    The grey light kept glowing in Yao Jun's eyes for around a minute before it started subsiding. When the grey light subsided and he let go of Guo Shui Kang, Guo Shui Kang's body fell backwards. There was a trail of blood running down from Yao Jun's nostrils, but he looked much better than Guo Shui Kang.

    Guo Shui Kang's face was white as a sheet of paper, like he had seen the most horrifying thing he could imagine. Both of his eyes were completely white, his pupils had simply vanished. Blood flowed out from his seven orifices, his entire body without signs of life.

    After finishing with Guo Shui Kang, Yao Jun wiped the blood away from his nose and turned towards the people from the Yang clan. The two men couldn't help but shiver slightly when they faced him, but Yang Yuhuan was completely calm. The two men did not know who he was, but she knew that he was a friend of Yun Yantian, so there was no chance of him harming them.
  • Chapter 72: A bloodbath to herald your birth.

    “You should chew on this, it will neutralize most of the poison in your body. Since the poison is already in your body, it won't be able to remove it completely, so you should still leave this forest immediately and return to the Yang clan.”

    Yao Jun took out the same herbs that he and Guo Luo were chewing on and handed them to the three people from the Yang clan, stuffing the herb into their mouths. The two men were slightly suspicious, but when they saw Yang Yuhuan chew away without worries, they too followed suit.

    “Once you return to the Yang clan, you can send a message to Yantian that he doesn't need to worry about what happened at the Guo clan. There was nothing he could do about it.”

    After he fed them the herbs, Yao Jun turned to Yang Yuhuan and shrugged his shoulders. Yao Jun had never expected Yun Yantian to be able to save him. The Yun clan could not afford to antagonize the Guo clan over a single stranger, even if that stranger was a friend to the future patriarch.

    “I can try to send him a message, but there is no telling if he will receive it. After Yun Yantian sent me a message, asking me to come here and save you, he left the Yun clan and hasn't been seen since.”

    Yang Yuhuan started chewing on the herb, slowly neutralizing the poison in her body. As she started talking, she could already move her shoulders and most of her arms, causing her to slightly roll her shoulders to regain the feeling in her arms.

    “He left the Yun clan? Why?”

    yao Jun was slightly surprised at this. Yun Yantian was the future patriarch of the Yun clan, he had also seemed rather nervous to return when they split up at Soaring Cloud City, why would he leave now?

    “He said that he couldn't stand the atmosphere, so he left to go traveling.”

    Yang Yuhuan slightly shook her head as she spoke. She had also been surprised at Yun Yantian's decision and questioned it, but he refused to give her a proper answer, only saying that he could no longer stand the atmosphere in the Yun clan.

    “I guess you don't know where he went?”

    Yao Jun had wanted to head to the Yun clan in the future, to meet up with Yun Yantian. Yun Yantian held an un-awakened god gate, if they manage to find out what could awaken it, there was no telling how strong Yun Yantian would become.

    “No, he was last seen using a Spatial Array to leave the Yun clan.”

    Yang Yuhuan shook her head once more. Yun Yantian was last seen using a Spatial Array to leave the Yun clan, but he never arrived at the other end of the Spatial Array. This meant that something had gone wrong with the Spatial Array while he was using it, or he had used an item to stop the transfer early.

    “Seems like I will just have to wait and see if we will end up meeting again at some point.”

    Yao Jun shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. Yun Yantian was someone that he considered a friend, so Yao Jun would check around while he was traveling, seeing if there was any information. But if there was none, he would just have to keep traveling and see if they would ever end up meeting again.

    After he finished talking, Yao Jun stepped away from Yang Yuhuan and walked over to Guo Luo and Sirius. The three of them then started to head towards the forest again, continuing in the direction they were heading in earlier.

    “Where are you going?”

    Yang Yuhuan called out when she saw that Yao Jun had no intention to stay behind any longer. Yao Jun was capable of easily killing Guo Shui Kang, so it was clear that he had some strength, he might even have more strength hidden away. He was also a friend of Yun Yantian, making more friends like this was always worth it.

    “We still have business in Zhenya valley, so we have to keep looking around. You should leave immediately.”

    Yao Jun didn't turn around, only waving his hand as he walked. He was not worried about anything happening to the people from the Yang clan. With Yang Yuhuan's strength, despite her being poisoned, it would not be hard for them to leave Zhenya valley alive. After his words finished, he, Guo Luo, and Sirius vanished into the forest. They would still have to hunt that Serpent type Demonic beast.

    While Yao Jun and Guo Luo were slowly making their way deeper into Zhenya valley, there was a meeting taking place in a certain building in Xieren City. The people taking part in this meeting were Wan Yi as well as a large amount of people whose entire bodies were covered in black robes.

    “This is the person I want you to impersonate during the missions, his name is Yao Jun. After the missions are complete, we will also spread the news that it was him who killed the people in Ash Barrens City.”

    Wan Yi sat at the head of a long table and placed a small piece of jade on the table as she spoke. After putting some Qi into the jade, an image of Yao Jun from the day the two of them met in Xieren City appeared in the air above the jade.

    “These are the targets, all of them have to die.”

    Wan Yi took out a large amount of jade slips and gave each person sitting around the table one jade slip. Inside the jade slip, a large number of names and locations were written. Each name was a person belonging to either the Demon Race or the Human Race, each one of them had a slightly important position, and each one of them could be called a terrible person.

    These names were not chosen at random by Wan Yi. Each person listed was someone that Yao Jun himself would be able to kill, they were also people Yao Jun would most likely kill eventually. But they all shared another trait.

    The people who were listed that belonged to the Human Race were people who kept fanning the flames of war between the Human Race and the Demon Race, trying to escalate their fights from training excursions into an actual war.

    While the people who were listed that belonged to the Demon Race were all people that stood against Wan Yi's ascension to the throne. A few of her own people were also written down as targets, so as to prevent people from believing that Yao Jun was working for her.

    “Is this much really necessary?”

    One of the men sitting at the table couldn't help but ask when he saw the amount of names written down. Killing all these people would cause a massive stir, it could even turn all three continents upside down.

    “Yes. For the peace of the Demon Race, we need to do this.”

    Wan Yi gave a strong nod as she spoke. If anyone else ascended to the throne of the Demon Race, they would only continue keeping things as they were, letting the common people of the Demon Race die to keep the relationship with the Human Race.

    Wan Yi firmly believed that she had to ascend to the throne, or else the Demon Race would never know peace. Yao Jun delivered her the opportunity to pave her path to the throne. He would kill these people sooner or later anyway, all she did was push his plans forward a bit. She could even be considered to be helping him, or so she told herself at least.

    “Very well. For the peace of the Demon Race!”

    The man spoke up again, heaving a heavy sigh as he spoke. He finished his words by beating his chest and shouting out his words. The rest of the people around the table also did the same. After they finished, they all left the building and headed their own separate directions, leaving Wan Yi as the only person in the building.

    “I'm sorry Yao Jun, but the Demon Race needs this. This world has stayed unchanging for too long already. It needs a bloodbath to shake things up, a bloodbath to herald the birth of a true Demon God.”

    Wan Yi walked over to a corner of the room and stopped in front of a window. She let her eyes drift over the part of Xieren City that was owned by the Demon Race as she spoke, a soft sigh escaping her lips. The world needed something to shake it up, to turn it upside down and force them to change their ways.

    A Demon God that did not discriminate in who he killed was exactly such a thing. She did not regret pushing this title on Yao Jun, she knew that someone had to bear this title, and there was no one better than Yao Jun to carry this title. The reason she apologized was because she knew that this meant that Yao Jun would become the entire world's enemy, someone that would be hunted wherever he went.
  • Chapter 73: Demonic Serpent.

    After Yao Jun and Guo Luo left Yang Yuhuan, they continued to travel deeper into Zhenya valley, spending several days before they reached the core of Zhenya valley. They managed to reach the core without much trouble, mostly thanks to the directions given by Sirius, as well as by hiding inside Yao Jun's gate whenever a Demonic beast came too close.

    “We seem to be getting closer to where it lives.”

    Guo Luo spoke out as she looked at Sirius, who was not far ahead of them. Lately, they had started finding tracks that indicated that there was a serpent type Demonic beast that lived in the area, something Sirius had affirmed when he managed to catch the scent of a serpent type Demonic beast.

    Guo Luo could not understand what Sirius was saying, but she had gotten better at reading his expression and body language, allowing her to have a rudimentary understanding of what he wanted to convey.

    Yao Jun nodded his head in response to her words, they were indeed getting closer. Sirius had just told him that the scent of the serpent type Demonic beast was getting stronger and stronger, so they were probably getting close to it's lair.

    They were of course not going in completely blind, they had managed to get some clues about the serpent type Demonic beast that they were hunting. They found several scales that had broken off it's body as it slithered across the ground. Using these scales, they could manage to approximate it's full strength. If they were not wrong, this serpent type Demonic beast's strength was between the peak of the 1st Mortal Earth, and the early stage of the 2nd Mortal Earth.

    “Has he found it's lair?”

    After carefully making their way forward for another two hours, Sirius stopped in his tracks and refused to move closer, prompting Guo Luo to speak out. She had gotten a better understanding of what he wanted to convey, but it was still best to make sure.

    “Yes. It's lair is located in a cave about 15 kilometers ahead of us. It seems to be sleeping at the moment. How do you want to proceed?”

    Yao Jun circulated his Qi into his eyes and peered into the distance, following Sirius's directions. About 15 kilometers ahead of them was a large hill, a cave digging into the hill. There were several more broken scales outside of the entrance of the cave, and Yao Jun could see the serpent curled up inside the cave.

    “Can you determine it's strength?”

    Since they had found it's lair, the next step would obviously be to determine if this Demonic beast was something that they would be able to kill. Guo Luo could not see it, so she would have to rely on Yao Jun to determine it's strength.

    “It's in the transitory stage between the peak of the 1st Mortal Earth and the early stage of the 2nd Mortal Earth.”

    From what Yao Jun could see, the Demonic beast was stronger than a normal cultivator at the peak of the 1st Mortal Earth, but still weaker than someone at the early stage of the 2nd Mortal Earth. It was strong, but it should still be possible for them to kill it.

    “How does it's defenses look? Does it have any wounds?”

    Since it's strength was not at an impossible level, the next step was to find out if it had any weaknesses that they could exploit to make the fight easier.

    “It is entirely covered in tough scales. As for wounds, it has one large scar on it's back that seems to be from a rather recent wound, so the scales there should be weaker than the rest of it's body.”

    Yao Jun let his eyes roam around the part of the serpent that he could see, spotting a large scar on it's back, a little bit away from it's head. The scar seemed fresh, small traces of blood still visible at the edges of the scar.

    “Can we carry out the original plan?”

    Guo Luo had already put forth a plan when they first found traces of the Demonic beast, Yao Jun had agreed to the plan as it was a rather safe plan. But Guo Luo still decided to ask once more, as it was best to get confirmation.

    “There should not be any problem as long as we can lure it out of the cave.”

    Yao Jun scanned the area in front of the cave for a short moment before he spoke. The area in front of the cave was devoid of any trees, but filled with large rocks. The area provided lots of space to move, as well as several places that could be used as cover should it drag out.

    “Then we first need to do that, do you think my illusions can trick it?”

    Guo Luo knew that her illusions would most likely not do the trick, but she still had to ask, as she was rather unwilling to send Yao Jun out to be the bait. He would only have to lure it out of the cave and make it follow him, but there was after all no telling what could go wrong.

    “Doubtful. Most Demonic beasts use Qi to located their enemies. While your illusions are very lifelike, they do not give off any Qi.”

    Yao Jun shook his head, just like Guo Luo expected. Her illusions were simply too weak as they were now. They could fool humans most of the time, but they were useless against most Demonic beasts. They also did not have any attacking power, meaning that she would have to be the one to deal the damage in a fight.

    “So we have to use someone as bait after all.”

    Guo Luo couldn't help but sigh as she spoke. She knew that there was no way Yao Jun would let her be the bait. Sirius was a good choice as bait, since he was specialized in speed, but she also knew that Yao Jun was the best choice as bait, which is why she sighed.

    “I'll be the bait. It will be easier for me to lure it out, and once it has fallen into the trap, I will be the one who can make it away the easiest.”

    Just as Guo Luo expected, Yao Jun did not hesitate to be the bait. But she also knew that his words were correct, he was the best choice. Since the plan was to lure the Demonic beast into his Demon God's Gate, him being the bait was the best choice.

    Yao Jun did not waste any more time, waving his hand and causing Guo Luo and Sirius to fall into his gate. After they both entered the gate, he started walking towards the open area in front of the cave.

    The plan was to make the Demonic beast fall into his Demon God's Gate, allowing them to gang up on it inside the gate. They chose to do this because it meant that they could also use Little Thunder and Little Gray during the fight, giving them an even greater chance at victory.

    The reason Yao Jun did not want to bring it into the gate while it was still in the cave was because there was not as much room inside the cave as there was in the area in front of the cave. If things went wrong and they needed to quickly escape out from his gate, if they ended up inside the cave, with the serpent hot on their heels, they would have less space to dodge inside the cave.

    “Greetings, I presume you don't feel like just joining me of your own accord?”

    Yao Jun stood in the open area outside the cave, one of the large rocks not far from his right side, as he shouted towards the cave. Most Demonic beasts that reached a certain level of strength could understand human language. Yao Jun did not know if this Demonic beast did, but since his goal was only to lure it out, it did not matter much.

    After his words rang out, the serpent inside the cave slowly raised it's head to look at Yao Jun, it's eyes scanning him with a curious gaze. After it scanned him for a short moment, it uncurled it's body and started slithering towards the exit of the cave.

    When it uncurled it's body, Yao Jun finally manged to see the serpent in all it's glory. The serpent was between five and six meters long, it's scale completely black in color. It had two eyes that were a deep amber in color.

    It's head was triangular in shape, with a small spike sticking up at the tip of it's nose, as well as a row of spikes sticking up at both sides of it's head. A thin layer of scale covered skin covered the lower parts of these spikes, only revealing their sharp tips.

    Just before the serpent left the cave, Yao Jun was shocked to see a cover of black smoke suddenly cover the serpent, it's body suddenly vanishing into the ground. Yao Jun suddenly felt a terrifying sense of danger appear at his right side, and without giving it much thought, he jumped towards the left.

    Immediately after he jumped, the shadow that the large rock to his right cast suddenly wriggled, and the large serpent flew out from the shadow, shooting towards Yao Jun with it's jaw wide open, long and sharp teeth lining it's entire jaw.

    It's jaw did not open like a normal jaw. While the upper part of it's jaw was normal, the lower part of it's jaw split in two, each side going their separate directions. What seemed to be black and red tongues moved around within it's mouth.

    After Yao Jun jumped to the left and landed, he laid down on the ground and looked at the serpent. The serpent was still flying through the air at full speed, it's body slowly sinking towards the ground as it moved towards him.

    Seeing this, Yao Jun's mouth curled up into a smile. When the serpent was right by him, a black gate appeared beneath his body and he sunk into the black gate. The serpent had already lost it's momentum, so it was already falling towards the ground. Without any way of moving, it fell into the gate after Yao Jun.
  • Chapter 74: Serpent Emperor of Darkness, Ba-Shei

    Right after Yao Jun entered the gate, he immediately teleported himself away from the entrance, appearing next to Guo Luo. This gate was his domain, while he could not yet teleport the other living beings within the gate, teleporting himself was no problem. He put his arm around Guo Luo's waist and teleported away once more, this time appearing amidst the branches of the ancient tree that stood at the center of his gate.

    “It has the power to move through shadows, allowing it to appear from virtually anywhere. It cannot sense or see you if you are hiding here, so this is the safest place for you.”

    Right after he finished speaking, the teleported away again, the serpent had just entered his gate. He had placed Guo Luo here because he was scared of anything happening to her. She had grown stronger, but she was not strong enough to face a Demonic beast that was almost at the 2nd Mortal Earth. If it decided to attack her, there was nothing she could do to defend herself.

    Guo Luo wanted to say something, but before she got the chance, Yao Jun had already vanished. She could do nothing but sit down on the branches, a sad expression on her face. She trained so that she could fight alongside Yao Jun, but now that a real fight was taking place, could she do nothing but hide?

    Yao Jun appeared in a clearing not far away from where the serpent entered his gate. He quickly made the exit move itself away from the serpent while it was confused, making the exit appear in the sky, floating above them.

    “Now there is no escape from here for you. Your only end is to join me.”

    Yao Jun's eyes locked onto the serpent as he spoke out. The serpent quickly turned it's head to face him after hearing his words, it moved it's eyes between Yao Jun and the gate that was floating in the sky, a sliver of fear appearing in it's eyes.

    It did not know where this was, it had never even heard of a power like this. Not just that, but it could feel three more dangerous auras in this place. One was flying in the air above it, circling it, and the two others were standing in the forest not far from it.

    But the thing that scared the serpent the most was the ancient tree standing at the very center of this area. The tree released an ancient aura that pressed down on the serpent, stifling it and almost making it hard for it to breathe. But that did not mean that it would just give up like that. It had fought and struggled until it was able to reach this level, it refused to go down without a fight.

    The serpent opened it's jaw and let out a loud hiss, the reddish black mass of tongues within it's split mouth wriggling as it did so. After it let out this hiss, it's body sank into the ground, disappearing into the shadows.

    Yao Jun had expected the serpent to be unwilling to join him immediately, so he was not too surprised at it's actions. A black light flashed in his right hand and his sword appeared. He quickly turned around and placed the sword in front of his chest preparing to take on the serpent's tackle head on.

    But the attack never came, his shadow was completely still. Yao Jun quickly realized what was happening, and his body teleported away appearing next to Little Thunder just as the serpent flew out of his shadow.

    Yao Jun was just about to stab out with his sword to push the serpent aside when his shadow suddenly started squirming. After a short moment, his shadow turned into long spikes that shot towards him. Huang Ying did not dare slight these spikes, quickly dodging to the side to dodge the spikes.

    One of the spikes still managed to reach him, so he placed his sword in front of his chest to block. When the spike hit his sword, he felt like he had been hit by a sledgehammer, his entire body flying backwards as his arms ached.

    Little Thunder had no time to worry about Yao Jun, as the serpent was charging directly at it. The serpent had chosen Little Thunder after a short moment of thought. After it dived into the shadows, it could see through the surrounding shadows within a certain range, allowing it to see just who was hiding within the forest.

    It spotted Sirius and Little Thunder hiding not far from Yao Jun. Sirius was small and slender, looking like it specialized in speed, so attacking him meant that it had very little chance of landing an attack.

    Little Thunder on the other hand was much larger and muscly, looking like he focused on pure strength. It might take some damage in return after attacking the tiger, but it was confident that it could heavily wound it in return.

    Little Thunder did not try to dodge, letting loose a loud roar as it slammed one of it's paws forward. It's paw crackled with lightning, purple arcs shooting into the surroundings. The serpent trusted in it's own defense, continuing it's charge.

    Just as it was getting close to Little Thunder, the serpent felt it's mind twist and turn, quickly losing control over it's own body as it turned sideways. It quickly regained control, but the damage was already done. It had moved it's body sideways, allowing Little Thunder's paw to slam down directly on the scar on it's back.

    Purple lightning shot forward when Little Thunder's paw slammed into the serpent, it's claws quickly digging into it's flesh and tearing open the scar. The smell of burnt flesh spread into the surroundings as blood started dripping down from the back of the serpent.

    The serpent raised it's head, staring at the grey eagle flying in the sky above it. It knew that it was this eagle that had muddled it's mind just now, forcing it to use it's weak spot to block the attack. The serpent let out a loud hiss and dove back into the shadows to hide.

    Yao Jun quickly reacted after he manged to stabilize his body. His arms were aching and there was blood at the corner of his mouth, but there was not too much damage to his body. He teleported himself to the side of Little Thunder and Sirius and brought the two of them with him to the clearing where he stood earlier, preparing for the next attack by the serpent.

    The clearing descended into silence, as only the sound of the wind could be heard. Yao Jun knew that the serpent was probably planning on trying to end this in one single attack. The scar on it's back had been torn open and it was bleeding heavily, it would not be able to fight for much longer.

    Since it wanted to end this quickly, Yao Jun did not mind helping it. He did not want to take several hits like the previous one, he did not think that his body would be able to endure it.

    The silence continued for a short while, before Yao Jun sensed a change in the wind behind him. He did not turn around to look, the control over wind that Sirius gave him allowed him to know what was happening behind him. The serpent shot out from his shadow, appearing almost directly behind him, it's jaw wide open.

    Just as it was about to bite down on Yao Jun, Yao Jun's body vanished. The serpent quickly realized it's mistake. This was Yao Jun's world, he could teleport around as he wanted. But it was too late for regrets now.

    Yao Jun appeared on the back of the serpent, right next to the bleeding wound. One hand grabbed onto the exposed flesh, while the other raised his sword high. Wind and lightning intertwined around his sword, the sound of thunder rumbling forth as the wind sped up the lightning, and the lightning heated up the wind.

    Yao Jun angled his sword slightly and stabbed down, his sword easily digging into the exposed flesh of the serpent, the wind and lightning shooting off of the sword and wrecking havoc inside the serpents body.

    The serpent quickly lost control over it's body, crashing into the ground and skidding forwards. Yao Jun teleported away from the serpent right after he had made the attack, so he did not crash into the ground with it.

    The serpent was laying a short distance away from him, blood dripping out from it's back and mouth, it's entire body devoid of strength. It's amber eyes were staring at Yao Jun. There was no hatred or anger, only a strong sense of unwillingness. It did not want to die yet, it wanted to become stronger, to see more places, to eat all kinds of different Demonic beasts.

    “Don't worry. You won't die, not here, not now. You will follow me in the future, together we will take each other to the top of the world. You want to eat all kinds of Demonic beasts? I will give you an entire world to feast on. You do not have a strong bloodline? I will give you the blood of every serpent type Demonic beast in the world, creating an entirely new bloodline just for you.”

    Yao Jun stepped towards the serpent as he spoke. He could easily read it's thoughts from it's eyes. Who wouldn't be unwilling in the face of death? He knew that this serpent did not have a strong bloodline, it was probably just a normal serpent that had absorbed enough Qi of the darkness type to grow to this extent.

    But he did not care. Having a strong bloodline was only a boost in the early stages. Sirius and Little Gray both had strong bloodlines, one had the blood of the Sky Wolf, while the ther had the blood of an Illusory Roc.

    Little Thunder and this serpent on the other hand had no bloodlines. But it did not matter. As Yao Jun killed more and more Demonic beasts to strengthen his own, they would absorb their strength, birthing a bloodline of their own. He was certain that Little Thunder and this serpent would be just as glorious as Sirius and Little Gray in the future.

    “Close your eyes and sleep, rest your body. When you wake up, you will be Ba-Shei, The serpent emperor of darkness.”

    Yao Jun crouched down next to the serpent and placed his hand on it's head. His face had a gentle smile as he spoke and named the serpent, a black light shooting out from his body and covering the serpent. Since it was no longer resisting, absorbing it was no problem. The serpent closed it's eyes and allowed the black light to wash over it's body, quickly shrinking and vanishing.
  • Chapter 75: The land walks.

    When the body of Ba-Shei turned into energy and vanished, Yao Jun kept a close eye on the energy. This was the first time he was going to absorb a Demonic beast while still inside the gate, so he was rather interested in seeing how it would work.

    The body of Ba-Shei turned into a stream of black energy that whizzed past Yao Jun, quickly flying towards the ancient tree at the center of the gate. Seeing the energy head towards he tree, Yao Jun's mind moved. His body vanished and arrived next to Guo Luo.

    “It's over.”

    Yao Jun put his arm around her waist and teleported the both of them away from the tree. He did not know if anything would happen to the tree when the energy from Ba-Shei entered it, but he was not willing to risk anything happening to Guo Luo.

    The two of them appeared not far away from the tree, and Yao Jun continued to keep an eye on the black energy. The black energy swiftly entered the tree, and Yao Jun could feel the entire gate slightly tremble. The tree started slowly growing, reaching almost 100 meters in height before it stopped growing.

    When the tree stopped growing, Yao Jun also felt his own cultivation grow, quickly reaching the late stage of the 1st Mortal Earth. After his cultivation stopped rising, there was another reaction from the tree. A black stream of energy left the tree and flew over to Yao Jun, settling on his chest.

    The black energy covered his entire chest before it suddenly solidified. The black energy turned into a pitch black chest plate that connected with the gray armor that covered Yao Jun's back, forming a gray and black body armor.

    The gray plate had a pair of unfurled wings engraved on it, covering Yao Jun's entire back. The black plate had the head of a demonic serpent on it, it's maw opened wide, split into three pieces, covering Yao Jun's entire chest.

    After the armor appeared, Yao Jun checked his entire body looking to see if there was anything else that would change. After a short moment of examining, he noticed another change taking place. The color of his hair started to slowly change again. Where it used to be black with a few streaks of purple, the purple streaks were now quickly growing, covering and mixing together with the black.

    After only a short moment, his entire hair had turned a bewitching dark purple, looking like a mixture of the colors of Little Thunder and Ba-Shei. Yao Jun kept inspecting his body for a little while, when nothing else changed, he finally sighed in relief. The increase in power was nice, but he could not help but hope that he wasn't going to change slightly every time. What if he one day changed so much that not even his parents could recognize him?

    “Your hair?”

    Guo Luo stepped forward after Yao Jun sighed in relief, reached out with her hand and gently held onto his now purple hair as she looked at it. Yao Jun had told her that his body had changed slightly after he reached the 1st Mortal Earth, much like how her own body changed when she reached the 1st Mortal Earth. But this was the first time she was seeing it for herself.

    “It seems like the color of Ba-Shei mixed with Little Thunder's color, giving me this. It might change next time I absorb a new Demonic beast. Or it might not.”

    Yao Jun did not guarantee that his hair color would change next time. After all, when he absorbed Sirius, there was no change that happened to his body. This showed that it was not guaranteed that his body would change after absorbing a Demonic beast. What it took to cause a change however, Yao Jun did not know.

    “I hope it stays like this. We'll match if it stays like this.”

    Yao Jun's lips couldn't help but curl into a faint smile when he heard Guo Luo's muttering. Indeed, she had a more colorful and bright hair color, but it was a good match with his dark purple.

    “Let's go, we no longer have a need to stay in this Zhenya valley.”

    Since they had managed to get their hands on the serpent type Demonic beast that lived within Zhenya valley, there was no longer a need to stay here. What Yao Jun wanted to do now was to find a safe and quiet place where he could start training in the technique left to him by the Sword Empyrean, Crumbling The Nine Heavens.

    After that, he would return to Wan Yi to find more news about other Demonic beasts. Of course, this meant that he would have to do something for Wan Yi. As long as this did not go against his bottom line, he would not mind helping her. Yao Jun wrapped his arm around Guo Luo's waist and with a move of his mind, the both of them vanished from within the gate, appearing in Zhenya valley again.

    When they appeared in Zhenya valley once more, the first thing they noticed was that the entire valley was shaking. Not just the valley was shaking, even the two mountains that stood at both sides of the valley were shaking, large cracks appearing on the mountains.

    “What is going on?!”

    Guo Luo couldn't help but grab onto Yao Jun as she looked at the mountains shaking. It was a bit more peaceful within the valley, but the shaking was still bad enough to make it hard to stand.

    “I don't know, but we can't stay here.”

    Yao Jun immediately made up his mind and a gray light flew out from his chest, turning into Little Gray. Yao Jun brought Guo Luo onto Little Gray and gave the order to ascend. Now was not the time to worry about being attacked by other Demonic beasts, the mountains would not shake like this for nothing.

    Little Gray flapped it's wings, shooting upwards at full speed. They quickly soared far above the valley, allowing them to get a clear view of the surroundings, and what he saw shocked Yao Jun. Guo Luo might not be able to see clearly, but Yao Jun was different, if he circulated Qi into his eyes, he could see everything within 25 kilometers clearly. He could even see further if he circulated more Qi into his eyes.

    From their vantage point, Yao Jun could see that it was not just the mountains that were shaking, everything around the mountains were shaking as well. Even Mountains Gate City was shaking, the buildings crumbling under the tremors. The city was not just shaking, it was even under attack.

    Yao Jun could see a horde of what seemed to be moving rocks attacking the city, slaughtering it's inhabitants. These Demonic beasts had six long legs, each one covered in rocks, that held up a single, large and spiky rock. At the end of the rock seemed to be a circular maw filled with sharp rocks, but that seemed to be it, they didn't even have eyes.

    Even the smallest of these Demonic beasts was the size of an adult man. And from what Yao Jun could see, the weakest amongst this horde was a Demonic beast at the middle stage of the 2nd Mortal Earth. A horde like this was not something they could even think about facing.

    With a slight turn of his head, Yao Jun scoured the area between Zhenya valley and Mountains Gate City, quickly affirming his theory. There used to be a large amount of spiky rocks littering the ground between Zhenya valley and Mountains Gate city, but the entire stretch of land was now devoid of rocks.

    This meant that the rock like Demonic beasts that were currently attacking Mountains Gate City were most likely the rocks that had been laying on that stretch of land. Why they waited so long before revealing themselves, Yao Jun did not know.

    Yao Jun was just about to give the order to fly away when he noticed that the land beneath them was rising. In fact, the land for several hundred kilometers around them was rising, slowly moving upwards. Seeing this, a terrifying sense of dread suddenly filled Yao Jun's entire body and he gave Little Gray the order to ascend even further.

    Little Gray was connected to Yao Jun, so he could feel his fear. He did not dare hesitate, immediately shooting even further into the sky, until they were almost touching the clouds. The air so far up was icy cold, causing Yao Jun to feel like his skin was being pricked by needles.

    He quickly brought Guo Luo into his Demon God's Gate, giving her shelter from the cold, before he surveyed the land below him with a grim gaze. He channeled every trace of Qi within his body into his eyes to survey the land around them.

    He could see that the land for several hundred kilometers had risen up, but this was not the part that scared him. The part that scared him were the six massive legs as well as the one humongous head that were now sticking out from the sides of the now risen land.
  • Chapter 76: Filled with questions.

    While Yao Jun was looking at the massive Demonic beast below him, he was stunned to see the head of the Demonic beast turn towards him. The head was shaped like a turtle's head, with two massive eyes that looked like they were made out of granite. The eyes turned to Yao Jun, staring straight at him. The eyes seemed to contain a mixture of hatred and helplessness.

    While Yao Jun was shocked and apprehensive, the Demonic beast beneath him was feeling helpless. It had slept in this spot for countless years already, enjoying the peaceful years it had fought so hard to acquire. Dynasties had risen and fallen on it's back, but it had simply ignored all of it and continued to sleep. It had only awoken because it felt the power belonging to the invaders being used nearby.

    Before there were any filthy humans on this planet, it had lived here with it's kinsmen, enjoying living on this planet that was theirs. Had it not been for the fact that they were attacked by the forgotten gods and forced to sign a contract, there would never be any of these filthy humans on their planet.

    It wanted to kill this shattered fragment above it and return to sleep, but because of the ancient contract, they were forbidden from touching each other. Ignoring this fragment and just returning to it's slumber was also impossible, as it would be reminded of that ancient battle whenever it felt the energy coming from the fragment. With these thoughts in mind, it felt helpless as it came to it's conclusion, to leave.

    “Shattered fragment of a forgotten demon god, seeing as you have awoken on this stretch of land, I will yield this once and leave. But if you enter my territory in the future, even though I am forbidden from touching you because of that ancient agreement, I will make certain that you shall never leave behind that little life of yours. The same goes for that shattered fragment of a forgotten illusion god.”

    While the two were looking at each other, a powerful voice rang out directly in Yao Jun's mind. The voice was booming and powerful, echoing within his mind, sounding like it was the voice of the very earth itself.

    Yao Jun wanted to respond, but there were too many questions floating in his mind for him to be able to form a coherent sentence at the moment. What did it mean when it called him a shattered fragment of a forgotten demon god? What ancient agreement was it talking about?

    Before he managed to form a coherent sentence, the massive Demonic beast beneath him turned it's head away from him and started moving. It did not move the way Yao Jun expected it to. Instead, it's entire body turned into a massive cloud of brown Qi. Even the city that had once existed on it's back transformed into this brown Qi. Once it's entire body had transformed, it flew off into the distance, flying in the direction of the Yang continent.

    The Demonic beast vanished as suddenly as it appeared, only filling Yao Jun with more questions than he ever had. Since it called him a shattered fragment of a forgotten demon god, and Guo Luo a shattered fragment of a forgotten illusion god, he could guess that it had something to do with their God Gate powers. But just what it was talking about, he had no way of knowing.

    Yao Jun shook his head and threw the thoughts out of his mind. That Demonic beast had reached a completely unfathomable level of power, Yao Jun was far too weak to try and find out the truth. If he became strong enough in the future, he could then consider learning the truth.

    Yao Jun sat down and pat Little Gray on the head, giving it the order to lower the altitude as well as look for a city where they could rest. His head was throbbing and his vision was starting to turn blurry. He had circulated all his Qi into his eyes to see the entire body of the Demonic beast, he was completely devoid of power.

    He brought Guo Luo out from the gate as it seemed safe now. The moment Guo Luo appeared, she immediately swept the surroundings with her gaze, examining their current location.

    “What happened back there, where are we now? Are you okay?”

    Yao Jun had pulled her into the gate before the Demonic beast fully appeared, but she had still felt the shaking and seen the mountains crack before she was pulled into the gate, so she was curious about what happened. Guo Luo could also see that Yao Jun was also abnormally pale, his complexion as white as snow, so she couldn't help but worriedly ask.

    “It was a Demonic beast, a truly humongous Demonic beast.”

    Yao Jun quickly summarized what had happened as well as what the Demonic beast had told him. He spoke hurriedly, skipping over several minor details. The throbbing in his head was getting worse, making it hard for him to concentrate. Once he finished talking, his body started swaying, prompting Guo Luo to move forward and support him with her shoulders.

    “I seem to have drained a bit too much Qi, leaving me with no energy. Im sure i'll be fine after a bit of rest.”

    Yao Jun squeezed out a forced smile as he spoke, but Guo Luo could see that his eyes weren't even looking at her, but rather to the area next to her. Clearly, he was already incapable of seeing straight.

    “Find a safe place to hide, trust no one.”

    Yao Jun could feel his consciousness start slipping as he spoke. With the threat of unconsciousness looming over him, he quickly spoke to Guo Luo and gave Little Gray a few mental orders. Once he finished giving the orders, the throbbing in his head turned into a low droning that reverberated through his entire body, and his vision turned black.
  • Chapter 77: I will take care of everything.

    To be able to see the entire body of the Demonic beast required Yao Jun to channel all his Qi into his eyes. Normally this would not be a problem, as he would just have to rest for a short period to be back to normal.

    But when the massive Demonic beast spoke to him, it's voice reverberated through his entire body, even his Demon God's Gate trembled under the pressure of this voice. The trembling even caused a small fracture to appear on his Demon God's Gate.

    The fracture was minuscule, but it was still there. This prompted the Demon God's Gate to draw upon Yao Jun's Qi to repair itself. Since Yao Jun was out of Qi, it could only draw upon a different source of power to restore itself. This source of power ended up being his soul.

    A living being was made out of three different parts, the body, the mind, and the soul. The body contained the mind and soul and acted like the container for both, allowing a person to interact with it's surroundings. It also held a person's Qi. Without a body, a person would be nothing but a floating soul.

    The mind contained a person's thoughts and controlled the body, it also held a person's Mental Energy. Without a mind, a person was little more than a puppet, this was why one could control a person if they managed to control their mind. Without a mind, a person would be nothing but a mindless puppet.

    The soul was the core of everything, containing a person's memories and personality. The soul also contained the life force of a person. Once a person reached a high enough cultivation level, they could even send their soul out of their body and into a new one, taking it over and using it as their new body.

    This was often done if the body they were using had reached the end of it's lifespan, or had gotten too old. But this changing could not happen forever, because each soul only contained a certain amount of life force.

    The amount of life force that a soul contained could only be raised through cultivation, the higher the cultivation level, the larger the amount of life force. This was why cultivators who had reached a high level had such long lives and youthful bodies.

    Since there was no Qi left in Yao Jun's body, his Demon God's Gate started draining life force and energy from his soul to repair itself. It recognized that this act would be unbearable for it's host should he still be conscious, so it made him fall unconscious before it started.

    “Jun'er? Jun'er?!”

    Seeing Yao Jun's body collapse forward, his face as pale as a sheet of paper, Guo Luo completely panicked. She grabbed onto Yao Jun's shoulders and started shaking him slightly, her voice trembling as she called out. Of course, there was no way that Yao Jun would be able to answer.

    “Little Gray, put us down over there!”

    Guo Luo hurriedly swept the surroundings with her eyes, her heart and mind racing as she was trying to think of what to do. As she was sweeping the surroundings, she managed to spot a small town in the distance. The small town consisted of only a few hundred houses, and since it was located a distance away from where the massive Demonic beast had awakened, it had not been transported away alongside the Demonic beast.

    She quickly pointed at a spot a short distance away from the town and told Little Gray to land there. Little Gray let out a loud screech to let Guo Luo know that he understood and sped towards the spot. With Little Gray's max speed, he could cross around 100 kilometers in around 10 minutes, so reaching the spot Guo Luo had pointed out was done in almost no time. Of course, with people on it's back, it could not reach it's max speed.

    “You have to find a place to hide Little Gray, you can't let anyone in the town see you! Once Jun'er wakes up, he will be able to locate you so that we can meet up again.”

    Once Little Gray landed, Guo Luo hopped down and carefully lifted Yao Jun down from Little Gray's back. She sat him down on the ground, leaning against a tree, before she turned to Little Gray. She gave him a few gentle strokes on the head as she spoke.

    Yao Jun was the only one who could return his Demonic beasts into the Demon God's Gate, with him unconscious, there was no way for Little Gray to return into the gate. If Little Gray was seen by the people in the town, there was a chance that they would send people to hunt him. Guo Luo did not want Yao Jun to wake up and find out that Little Gray was dead.

    Little Gray gave a few quick nods of his head before he spread his wings and shot into the sky, his body swiftly disappearing into the distance. Seeing Little Gray vanish, Guo Luo heaved a quick sigh before walking over to Yao Jun.

    “Let's go Jun'er, there is a small town over there where we can rest.”

    Guo Luo bent forward and picked up Yao Jun's body, hefting him onto her back and carrying him piggyback. She spoke partly to fill the silence and partly to ease her own worries. After she made sure that Yao Jun would not fall from her back, she started walking towards the town in the distance.

    To make sure that no one would see Little Gray, Guo Luo had made him stop a good distance away from the town. This forced her to carry Yao Jun through a dense forest for over an hour before she managed to reach the town. By the time she reached the town, her legs were shaking and her entire body was covered in dirt and tiny cuts that she had gotten from low hanging branches.

    But despite how tired she was, she did not put down Yao Jun even once, nor did she allow him to sustain any injuries, shielding his body from even the tiniest branch that she deemed could hurt him.

    The town was filled with people by the time Guo Luo arrived there. They had heard about the appearance of the massive Demonic beast and came to check out the area, seeing if there was anything special about it.

    Guo Luo pushed her way through the crowd until she managed to find an inn. With her body covered in dirt and small cuts, with her colorful hair, and carrying an unconscious person on her back, she attracted many gazes as she walked. Some were filled with pity, some with suspicion, and others with a slight sense of lust.

    She even felt one gaze that was filled with a strong sense of hostility. But the hostility wasn't targeted at her, but rather at Yao Jun. Guo Luo could do nothing but ignore the gazes for now as she entered the inn, a small wooden building consisting of only two floors.

    The inside was lit up by small lanterns, giving the entire inn a warm and cozy feeling. Guo Luo did not waste any time, walking straight up to the counter and renting out a secluded room on the second floor. The man at the counter gave her a strange look when she said that she wanted a secluded room, but she simply ignore id.

    After she got the key to the room, she carried Yao Jun straight up to the room and laid him down on the bed. The room was very simple, containing only one large bed, a table and four chairs, a nightstand next to the bed, as well as a simple bathroom.

    Guo Luo entered the bathroom and filled up a small bucket with water. She brought the bucket to the side of the bed and tore off a small piece of cloth from her robe. She dipped the cloth in the bucket of water, making sure that it was soaked and clean, before using it to gently wipe Yao Jun's face.

    “Don't worry Jun'er, I will take care of everything. I will not let anything happen to you, so you just focus on recovering.”

    Guo Luo was speaking to Yao Jun with a smile as she wiped his face, making sure that there was no sweat or dirt on his face. Once the cloth started getting a bit dirty, she would dip it in the bucket of water and repeat the process.

    “Just please, don't leave me.”
  • Chapter 78: I made a mistake.

    Guo Luo wiped Yao Jun's entire face three times before she noticed that he had finally stopped sweating. She threw the strip of cloth into the bucket of water and put the bucket to the side. She placed her head on Yao Jun's chest, making sure that he was breathing properly. His breathing was a bit shallow, but she assumed that it was acceptable. She had no experience with things like this, so she could only do what she assumed was correct.

    Just as Guo Luo was wondering about what she had to do next, there was a knock at the door. Guo Luo's head was currently occupied with thoughts about what she could do for Yao Jun, so she did not think too much about it, walking up to the door and opening it.

    Outside the door stood two burly men clad in thick leather armor that showed off their muscular and hairy chests, they both carried a sword and a bow on their back. One of the men was completely bald, three large scars going from one side of his face to the other., looking like a Demonic beast had scratched across his face. The scars went over his right eye, so there was a large gash where his right eye should be.

    The other man had black hair that reached down to his shoulders. The hair was unkempt and unruly, hanging down over his face and covering most of his eyes, but one could still see that he had very powerful features, like they were carved by a knife. Guo Luo could sense that the two of them were not yet at the 1st Mortal Earth.

    “We are sorry to disturb you miss, I am Zhou San, this is my brother Zhou She. We know that this might sound very rude, but we would like to take a look at the young man you brought with you.”

    Contrary to their looks, they spoke very politely. The bald man with the three scars was the one who talked, giving Guo Luo a short bow as he introduced himself. The other man looked over Guo Luo and into the room, trying to get a good look at Yao Jun.

    They came from a sect that was located a few days travel away from this town, but since they had been out traveling when the commotion with the massive Demonic beast occurred, they just so happened to be nearby.

    They had some suspicions about Yao Jun's identity, but they could not be sure, so they wanted to get a close look first. The were being polite just in case it turned out that they had been wrong. They also slightly pitied Guo Luo. They had seen how she looked when she carried Yao Jun into town, covered in small wounds and dirt.

    “Look at him? I'm sorry, but he is very ill right now and I don't want anyone to get close to him.”

    Guo Luo hurriedly shook her head as she spoke, her heart quickly sinking in her chest as she spoke. She made a mistake. In her panic, she had completely forgotten how Yao Jun had told her to find a safe place to hide and to trust no one. Yet despite that, she had brought his unconscious body into a crowded city.

    She had forgotten that there might be people looking for them after what they did in Ash Barrens City, people that were looking to hurt Yao Jun. She could not help but curse herself. She had brought him into this city. If anything happened to him, it would be her fault, she would have been the one to hurt him.

    “Please miss, we must look at him, I hope you understand.”

    The bald man shook his head as he spoke. After he finished his words, he grabbed Guo Luo by the shoulders and pushed her aside, allowing him and his brother to enter the room. Seeing the two men enter the room, Guo Luo almost panicked again.

    Forcing herself to calm down, she quickly acted. Before the two men managed to get close enough to the bed to see Yao Jun, she covered his body in one of her illusions, altering his appearance. She did not alter his appearance too much, only enough to make him look like a different person that shared some similarities with Yao Jun.

    “Seems like it is not him. I am very sorry for the disturbance miss, I hope you can forgive us.”

    The two men walked up to the bed and closely examined Yao Jun, especially his face. After a short moment, they both sighed and shook their heads, seemed like they had been wrong. The bald man turned to Guo Luo and gave her a bow as he apologized, before the two brothers left the room.

    “Im sorry Jun'er, I almost hurt you. I promise I won't let it happen again.”

    Seeing the two men leave, Guo Luo heaved a sigh of relief, quickly running up and closing the door. After she closed the door, she returned to Yao Jun's side and gently stroked his face as she spoke. How could she forgive herself if she allowed Yao Jun to get hurt?

    She quickly made up her mind. This town was not a good place to bring Yao Jun, it had been a mistake to even think about bringing him here in the first place. She picked up Yao Jun and placed him on her back once more, before she headed to the only window in the room.

    She opened the window, and making sure that there was no one nearby, she jumped down. She was already at the 1st Mortal Earth, coupled with the fact that it was only the second floor, she could easily jump down without hurting herself, even with Yao Jun on her back.

    After she jumped down from the window, she quickly moved towards the exit of the town. Since the town was not a safe place, she would have to find a cave or a tall enough tree where she could securely keep Yao Jun.

    But Guo Luo still made one mistake in her haste, she left the inn too quickly. When she jumped down from the window, the two brothers who had just talked to her were just leaving the inn, allowing them to see her heading towards the exit of the town at a quick pace.


    The bald man shouted after her when he saw her leave, but Guo Luo only sped up when she heard his voice, almost breaking into a full sprint. Seeing this, the two brothers would obviously get suspicious, so they threw away the caution they had at the start and chased after her.

    “Miss, please wait! That man is not a good person, you should hand him to us, it is not safe to be with him!”

    When Guo Luo started sprinting, she could no longer keep up the illusion covering Yao Jun's body, allowing the two men to get a better look at him. They could only see him from the side, but they were sure that the person they were seeing now was the same person that had killed their sect teacher. The bald man shouted out as they started running after her, trying to warn her about the person she was traveling with.

    “No! I won't let you have him!”

    How could Guo Luo not know what kind of person Yao Jun was? The whole world could tell her that it was not safe to be with him, but she would still choose to stay with him.

    She did not want to just stay with him, following behind him and comforting him when he made mistakes. She wanted to be next to him, to carry the same burdens that he bore, to fight the enemies that he fought. If he were to almost make a mistake, she wanted to be there next to him, preventing him from making the mistake.

    Seeing that she was not going to listen to them, the bald man shook his head and signaled his brother. The other man pulled drew the bow he had on his back and nocked an arrow. He quickly and naturally took aim as he ran, showing that he had done this many times before, and let loose and arrow.

    Guo Luo could hear the sound of the arrow approaching from behind. She did not hesitate, quickly moving Yao Jun's unconscious body from her back and to her front, carrying him in a princess carry as she moved her body sideways to dodge the arrow.

    She did not manage to completely dodge the arrow, so it sank into her right shoulder, the pain almost causing her to drop Yao Jun. She bit down on her lips to prevent herself from dropping Yao Jun, biting down hard enough to draw blood.

    “Don't worry Jun'er, you brought me away from the Guo clan and protected me, even helping me train my body and psyche. Just sleep peacefully and let me protect you, I will not let anyone hurt you.”

    Guo Luo whispered to Yao Jun as she ran into the forest, warm blood dripping down her back from her shoulder.
  • Chapter 79: I will make sure that they can't hurt you.

    “Little brother, send a message back to the sect and let them know that we have found the person who killed sect teacher. Tell them to use the Giant Crows to make it here as fast as possible.”

    The man who had just shot the arrow turned his head and spoke to the bald man next to him. They could tell that even though this little miss that was running from them looked weak, she was in fact at a higher cultivation level than them.

    He did not think that she was capable of killing them, she would not be running from them if she was, but it was still best to take some precautions. If they managed to get their other disciples here and surround her, there was less chance of anything dangerous happening.

    The bald man gave a quick nod of his head before pulling a small jade slip out from one of his pouches. He inserted a small amount of Qi and spoke out the words he wanted transmitted, then he crushed the jade slip. If their fellow disciples used the Giant Crows to catch up, it would only take them around one day to catch up.

    Their sect was too poor to afford giving all disciples normal Transmission Jades, they could only afford to give them these one time use Transmission Jades whenever they went out on a mission.

    Since they had already called for reinforcements, the two men slowed down their running speed. They were no longer trying to catch up with Yao Jun and Guo Luo, now they just needed to make sure that they knew where they were at all times. They could deal with them once their fellow disciples arrived.

    While the two men were following her from behind, Guo Luo's mind was moving at full speed, the pain in her shoulder already completely forgotten. The two men were not far behind her, so how could she not hear what they were saying? Hearing that they had called for reinforcements, she almost started panicking once more.

    “If only you were awake Jun'er.”

    No matter how much she thought, she could not come up with any good ideas. She couldn't help but look down at Yao Jun, wishing that he was awake to take control of the situation. She quickly shook her head and threw the thought out of her head.

    Yao Jun could not and should not take care of any trouble they encountered. She wanted to help him carry the burdens, not sit at the back and watch him deal with them. After she threw the previous thought out of her head, she changed her way of thinking. She asked herself a simple question, if Yao Jun was awake right now, what would he do?

    She quickly found her answer and made up her mind, a determined expression appearing on her face. She continued to run, but since the two men chasing her had slowed down, she did the same. She was looking for a safe place where she could hide Yao Jun.

    After spending nearly an hour running, Guo Luo felt that her stamina had been completely exhausted, but she finally found a good place. Around half an hour away from where Little Gray had landed before they entered the city, there was a small mountain, not even a kilometer in height.

    At the side of the small mountain was a small cave, it was impossible for even Guo Luo to walk upright inside the cave. If she wanted to move inside the cave, she would have to crouch her body.

    Guo Luo glanced at the two men chasing her, making sure that they were still behind her. After she made sure that they were still there, she suddenly made a sharp turn to the left, running away from the cave she had spotted. The small mountain was surrounded by dense forest, so she immediately dodged behind a tree.

    The moment she dodged behind the tree and out of sight from the two men, she turned Yao Jun's body upright and hugged it tightly, covering both of them in her Qi. She used her illusions to make the two of them look like they were part of the tree, completely hiding them.

    She could only make illusions that were about the size of a normal person at the moment, so to cover both of them at the same time required her to tightly hug Yao Jun's body.

    The two men quickly sped up when they saw Guo Luo take a sharp turn, running after her to make sure that they did not lose sight of her. When they reached the tree where Guo Luo was hiding, she held her breath and looked at them with a nervous gaze, her heart pounding.

    “Dammit. If we let them get away, our fellow disciples will never forgive us.”

    The two men did not stop when they reached the tree, quickly running past it as they swept the surroundings with their eyes. The bald man couldn't help but shout out as they kept running. They had them in their grasp, right in front of them, but they had lost them right at the end.

    After Guo Luo made sure that the two men were a distance away, she slowly walked over to the cave she had found earlier. She dared not release her illusion, so she had to walk while hugging Yao Jun tightly, making it hard to walk too fast.

    After she reached the cave, she crouched down and dragged Yao Jun after her into the cave. She did not want to drag him along the ground, but there was no other choice right now. She had to crouch down until she was almost kneeling to fit into the cave, there was no way for her to carry Yao Jun's body.

    “You just wait right here Jun'er, I will make sure that they can't hurt you.”

    After she had dragged him far enough into the cave that he couldn't be seen from the outside, she gently leaned his body against the cave wall. She gave his face a gentle stroke as she spoke to him, before she turned around and left the cave.

    After she left the cave, she rubbed the interspatial ring on her right hand and took out her sword, it's pure white blade gleaming under the light of the sun. She shifted the blade from her right hand to her left, with the arrow in her right shoulder, it was impossible for her to properly hold the sword with her right hand.

    After she grabbed the sword, she started heading in the direction that the two men had ran. If she only lured them away, they would quickly realize that something was wrong. They could then wait for their fellow disciples and give the entire area a thorough scan. If they did that, they would end up finding them, so it was imperative that she took care of the two men.
  • Chapter 80: I will bear the hatred.

    Guo Luo walked through the dense forest, her steps quick but quiet. She covered most of her body with her illusions, causing the covered areas to darken and blend into the surroundings. It was not a perfect camouflage, but it was the best she could manage at the moment. After all, she still had to use illusions as she fought, so she could not cover her entire body with illusions.

    As she walked, it was not hard for her to follow the tracks of the two men. There were broken branches and small bushes that were stepped down that were easily spotted. The two men felt that they were the ones chasing, so why would they bother wasting time by covering their tracks?

    She found the two men only a few minutes after she passed the area where she had first camouflaged herself as a tree. The two of them were currently backtracking, following the path that they had made, carefully examining their surroundings as they walked.

    They had clearly realized that something was amiss. They had not found any marks or traces of the girl, no matter how much further they went. This could only mean that she had either managed to hide her tracks perfectly, or that they had been tricked.

    They did not believe that she was able to cover her tracks perfectly, so that could only mean that they had been tricked. They were angry that they had been tricked by such a small girl, but they did not let the anger get to their heads. They carefully made their way back, examining everything around them as they did so.

    Guo Luo pressed her body up against a tree, using the darkness to hide her even more, and held her breath as she watched the two of them move closer. She was camouflaged very well, but there was no guarantee that they would not spot her.

    The two men continued to walk closer, the bald man walking a bit behind the other man. The bald man was examining the right side of the forest with a sweeping gaze, while the other man was examining the left side, making sure that they missed nothing.

    The two men walked past Guo Luo, not sparing the spot where she stood another glance. Guo Luo stood on the right side, coupled with the fact that the bald man was walking further in the back, Guo Luo was closer to him than the other man when they both passed her.

    Guo Luo wanted to take a deep breath as she took a quiet step forward, but she was afraid that they would hear the sound of her heart pounding in her chest if she were to open her mouth. Despite her fear, she still held a determined expression as she stabbed out with the sword in her left hand.

    While she stabbed out with the sword, she produced an illusion in the form of a small and colorful ball of light. She made the illusion appear at the corner of the bald man's eyes, causing him to turn his head away from where Guo Luo was.

    The moment the bald man turned his head, Guo Luo's sword reached him, appearing next to his throat like a ghost. The bald man suddenly felt a horrible sense of danger approach him as he turned his head, so he reacted on instinct.

    He moved his upper body backwards, attempting to dodge whatever caused the sense of danger. As he moved backwards, he also turned his head in the direction of danger, spotting the camouflaged Guo Luo, as well as the sword next to his throat.

    Moving his upper body backwards proved fruitless, as it only made the blade of the sword slice his throat open, rather than stab through it. The man felt a burning sensation on his throat, as well as a comfortable warmth on his chest as blood started running down from the cut.

    That warm sensation brought with it the sense of death. He knew that this was where he was going to die. His sect teacher had died in the hands of an unknown youth, and now he was dying in the hands of that youths lover?

    He felt a strong sense of unwillingness to simply die like this, so he used the last of his strength to twist his body towards Guo Luo. This caused the blade to slice deeper into his throat, but it also allowed him to send out a punch at Guo Luo.

    The punch made contact with Guo Luo's abdomen, causing her body to curl up as she could feel the last meal she had eaten make it's way up her throat. The vomit was mixed with blood, causing a bitter taste of iron to appear in her mouth. She swallowed the vomit and pulled away from the man, but a small stream of blood still ran out from the corner of her mouth.

    “Little San!”

    Zhou She turned around when he heard the commotion, but by then it was already too late. He could see that Guo Luo's sword had sliced far too deep for his brother to survive, it would hit his spine if it cut any deeper. Zhou She's eyes immediately turned red and bloodshot, tears dripping down.

    He rushed forward to hold his brother's body, but his brother stopped him with a stern look and indicated for him to attack the girl instead of care about him. Zhou She stopped in his tracks, he knew that his brother was correct, if he held his brother's body now, the girl would use the chance to stab him as well.

    “How could you! First your lover kills the sec teacher who raised us, and now you killed my brother! Why must the two of you continue to tear our family apart like this?!”

    Zhou She drew his sword and charged at Guo Luo as he shouted, his voice hoarse and raspy. He and his brother had been abandoned by their parents when they were just babies, dropped off at the Crow's Nest Sect. They were then taken in by one of the seniors of that sect, Zhou Xinya.

    He was the one who raised them and gave them their names. They called him sect teacher out of respect for his position, but in private they would always call him father. Only a few days ago, Zhou Xinya had been killed by the boy that this girl was carrying. And now even his brother had been killed? Killed by the lover of the same boy that killed their sect teacher?

    “I had to do it.”

    Guo Luo answered the man while she carefully deflected his attacks. Her voice was slightly weak, almost faltering when she heard him scream at her, but her eyes still held the same determination they had when she left the cave. She could not block the man's directly, only use her sword to guide the attack away from her, causing it to hit the trees around them.

    “Had to?! Don't fucking joke with me, you had no reason to do it!”

    Hearing her words, Zhou She got so angry that he almost vomited blood on the spot. Had to do it? You had to kill my brother and sect teacher? Sect teacher rarely left the sect, so how could he possibly have any relationship with the two of you? Much less my brother and I?

    “If I did not do it, I would lose the place where I belong.”

    Guo Luo's eyes looked directly at the man as she spoke, her voice gaining in strength. If she did not kill them, they would kill her Yao Jun, and she would end up all alone in this cold and cruel world.

    Yao Jun was willing to bear the hatred of the world to create a safe place for those he cared about. She wanted to follow beside him and help him, if she could not even bear the hatred of these people, how could she possibly be qualified to stand beside him?
  • Chapter 81: I told you so.


    Zhou She screamed out in rage and swung his sword with even greater ferocity. What did he care about her place of belonging? All he knew was that his father and his brother were now dead, because of this girl and her lover.

    Once Zhou She started swinging his sword with greater ferocity, it got much harder for Guo Luo to deflect his attacks. She could feel her left arm ache more and more as time passed. She could not even use her illusions to disorient or slow down Zhou She, as he was too raged, completely focusing on her.

    Just as Guo Luo deflected another one of his attacks, Zhou She twisted his arm. His sword had just been deflected, causing it to head towards a tree on Guo Luo's left at full speed. Zhou She used all his strength to forcefully stop the momentum of his sword and change it's trajectory.

    Ignoring the pain in his arms from over exerting his muscles, he changed the slash into a stab. Guo Luo had just deflected his attack, so his sword was still right next to her body. His sword was heading directly towards her abdomen, but Guo Luo managed to twist her body slightly in response, causing the sword to pierce into her hip instead of through her abdomen.

    The man was just about to pull back his sword when Guo Luo moved forward. She could not block his attacks, forcing her to only stand there and deflect. Now that he could not attack her, how could she let this chance slip? She grit her teeth and ignored the pain, compared to the pain she would feel if she lost, this pain was nothing.

    She moved the sword over to her right hand and used her left hand to hold onto the sword that Zhou She had stabbed into her hips. Her right hand could not be used properly because of the arrow in her shoulder, but it was enough for a single stab through soft flesh.

    She stabbed out with the sword, channeling all her Qi into right arm. She prayed that it would be enough, that this single stab would be able to end this. If it was not able to end the fight, the chance of her dying was greater than the chance of her winning.

    As she prayed and channeled her Qi into her right arm, a wondrous scene took place. The Qi she channeled into her right arm flew out of it like mist, turning into a beautiful multicolored mist that lingered around her arm.

    The mist sank down onto her right arm, completely covering it, before it quickly solidified. When she had only made half of the stabbing motion, the mist had already turned into a crystal armor that covered her right arm.

    The armor was made out of what seemed to be transparent crystal with a multicolored hue, perfectly matching her multicolored hair. The armor stuck to her skin, completely protecting her right arm.

    The tips of the fingers on the armor curved around her fingers in an elegant curve. The armor ended at her shoulder, when it reached her neck. At the very end of her shoulder, several small crystals gathered together, looking like a collection of snowflakes that adorned the armor.

    Guo Luo did not stop to think about why the armor appeared now, she had seen Yao Jun summon his own armor before, so she just assumed that it was the same for her. The only thing that mattered to her now was that her entire right arm felt like it was brimming with strength.

    Using this newfound strength, she increased the speed of her stab. As she stabbed out, the crystal armor covering her right arm started seeping into the sword she was holding, turning it's once white blade into the same transparent multicolored crystal that her armor was composed of.

    The blade pierced through Zhou She's throat without resistance, before Guo Luo pulled her arm back and moved away from Zhou She. When the crystal blade left his throat, it's blade was completely clean, not a single drop of blood staining it.

    “Im sorry, but I cannot lose him, I cannot lose the place where I belong.”

    Guo Luo whispered an apology to Zhou She, who was looking at her with a disbelieving and unwilling gaze. He tried to open his mouth, but only blood poured out. His eyes started straight at Guo Luo as he fell forward and hit the ground.

    Seeing him hit the ground, Guo Luo heaved a deep sigh of relief. Just as she sighed out in relief, a wave of pain assaulted her body. The pain came from her shoulder, her abdomen, her hip, and her left arm. There was an arrow still lodged in her shoulder, a large bruise on her abdomen, a deep wound on her hip, and her left arm ached from being put under too much stress.

    She grit her teeth and forced her feet to move, moving to return to the cave where she hid Yao Jun. As she struggled to walk, Zhou She pointed a trembling finger at her back, the last of his Qi gathering at the tip of his finger.

    Without Guo Luo noticing anything, a tiny spot of Qi was shot out from Zhou She's finger, landing directly on her back and sticking to it. The Qi did not harm her nor make any sound, it simply stuck to her back as she made the trek back to the cave.

    Once she made it back to the cave, it was already next to impossible for her to walk. She fell to her knees and crawled into the cave, quickly reaching the spot where she had placed Yao Jun. She crawled over to him, breaking part of the arrow that was stuck in her shoulder, and sat down against the cave wall right next to Yao Jun, laying her head on his shoulder.

    “See Jun'er? I told you that I would not let them hurt you.”

    As she had nearly no more energy in her body, her voice came out as a soft whisper, nearly inaudible. She used the last of her strength to tie a piece of cloth around her hip, trying to prevent the bleeding from getting too bad.

    Once she had finished covering the wound with a layer of cloth and making sure that it was tight, she leaned her head against Yao Jun''s shoulder again. Her eyes closed themselves the moment her head landed on his shoulder, she was simply far too exhausted to stay awake. As she lost consciousness, a faint multicolored light started coursing through her body, quickly gathering around the wound in her hip.
  • Chapter 82: None of you need to leave.

    Guo Luo suddenly jolted awake, consciousness quickly returning to her body. Her eyelids were heavy, but she still managed to raise them, allowing her to take in the surroundings. The first thing she did was check on Yao Jun who was next to her.

    “Thank god, it was not a dream.”

    Seeing him laying next to her, hearing his heartbeat, and smelling his scent, she heaved a sigh of relief. When she was still living in the Guo clan, she had jolted awake like that several times, each time it was because she had a nightmare. She had only jolted awake like that a few times since she started traveling with Yao Jun, but she was still scared that she might one day jolt awake and find that it had all been just a dream.

    “What time is it?”

    Guo Luo muttered to herself as she looked at the surroundings. The cave was almost pitch black, only a faint sliver of orange light visible at the entrance of the cave. Guo Luo tried to move her body to crawl to the exit of the cave, to check whether it was sunset or sunrise.

    Guo Luo suddenly felt pain in her hip as she tried to move her body, reminding her of her condition. She examined her own body, and found that despite the cloth she had tied around her hip being soaked in blood, the wound was already starting to close up.

    She could not walk normally, even standing up would be painful, but the wound was at least healing. There was a large blue mark on her abdomen where Zhou San had punched her, while there was still half an arrow stuck in her shoulder. Her left arm still slightly ached, but she could use it without problems.

    Guo Luo slowly crawled out from the cave, bringing with her Yao Jun as she did so. Crawling while dragging Yao Jun was hard, but she managed to do it by dragging him a small distance, and then crawling a little herself.

    She reached the entrance of the cave and leaned Yao Jun against the wall, before she herself crawled out of the cave. Once she was outside, she saw that the orange light that shone down was because the sun was rising, it's rays just barely visible over the horizon.

    “Seems like I slept for far too long.”

    When she left the town, it had only been around noon at best. Since it was sunrise now, it meant that she had slept for more than half a day. She said that she had slept for far too long because while she had slept, there was no one standing guard.

    She now slightly regretted telling Little Gray to find a place to hide. If Little Gray was here, he could help her stand guard when she slept. What she did not take into account was that she had not slept, but rather fallen unconscious from her wounds and exhaustion.

    Guo Luo sat down on the ground outside the cave, breathing in the fresh morning air to clear her head. Her next course of action would be to find a place where she and Yao Jun could rest and recuperate from their injuries. This cave was no good, as she could not get any medicinal herbs around this area.

    Yao Jun had several medicinal herbs in his gate, but since he was unconscious it was clearly impossible to get those herbs. This meant that she would have to find a city and buy them there. But she could not go into a city without using her illusions to alter her and Yao Jun's appearance, especially now that there were people blaming Yao Jun for attacks he did not commit.

    Guo Luo sat on the ground just breathing in the fresh air for almost half an hour, she had slept for so long, but her body was still completely exhausted and drained of energy. Just as she finally managed to clear her head and start thinking about her next step, a loud screech resounded over the forest.

    Guo Luo hurriedly opened her eyes and looked at where the screech came from. In the air above the forest, only a few kilometers away from her, flew five large crows, each the size of an elephant. She could just barely see a few people standing on the backs of the crows.

    Guo Luo's face turned pale as she remembered what Zhou She and Zhou San had said when they called for reinforcements. She moved her body as fast as she could, trying to get Yao Jun's body deeper into the cave.

    “So you are the one who killed Junior Brother She and San? I guess that man behind you must be the one who killed sect teacher then.”

    Just as she managed to reach the cave, a cold voice resounded out from the air above her, causing her entire body to freeze for a short moment before she turned her head. In the time it took her to crawl to the cave, the five crows had already managed to appear in the air above her.

    The one who spoke stood at the front of one of the large crows, looking at her with a cold gaze. He could sense the Qi that Zhou She had placed on her back, so there was no way he would make a mistake. As they were traveling at max speed, they got the news that the Life Jade's of Zhou She and Zhou San had shattered, meaning that they were dead.

    The man was clad in the same leather armor that the Zhou brothers were clad in, but his looks were more elegant and refined. He had long black hair that reached all the way down to his hips. He had smooth and clean skin and a pair of black eyes that were as calm as a lake. From his aura, Guo Luo could sense that he had just reached the 2nd Mortal Earth.

    The Qi that Zhou She had shot at her was a special technique that everyone from their sect could use. Once they fired it at something, the Qi would stay there until it was removed or extinguished. It allowed the other people from the sect to sense it's existence, acting as both a beacon and a way marker.

    Guo Luo used all her strength to stand up, guarding in front of the cave. Her legs were still shaking, especially her left leg, as the wound on her hip was still there. While Guo Luo was working on standing up, the people standing on the back of the crows jumped down, landing in front of Guo Luo.

    There was not enough space around the mountain for the five crows to land, the forest was too dense for them, so the people had no choice but to jump down. There were 11 people, with the elegant man clad in leather armor standing at the front.

    “Restrain her, we will take them back to the sect and allow the entire sect to witness their execution.”

    The elegant man waved his hand and spoke, causing another young man clad in leather armor to step forward and approach Guo Luo. Guo Luo stood in front of the cave, not allowing them to get close, as she pulled out her sword from her interspatial ring.

    Her sword did not change back after being transformed when she acquired her armor. It had turned transparent with a multicolored hue, looking like it was carved out of a beautiful crystal. It had also turned far sharper and durable than it was before.

    Guo Luo weakly swung her sword at the approaching man, but he easily dodged the attack. After he dodged the attack, he swung out with his fist, landing a punch directly on Guo Luo's face. Guo Luo staggered backwards from the punch, but she stopped herself before she hit the entrance of the cave. Yao Jun was still lying right inside the cave, if she fought while she was too close to the cave there was a good chance that he would be implicated.

    After the punch, her nose was bleeding heavily, streams of blood running down her face and staining her clothing. She truly made a pitiful sight, with her clothing stained in blood and covered in different wounds, but the people from the sect would not show any mercy.

    The man clad in leather armor continued moving towards her, his cold eyes staring straight at Guo Luo. Guo Luo took a step forward and readied her sword once more, she would not let these people lay a hand on Yao Jun.

    Just as she was preparing to strike out with her sword again, the man clad in leather armor narrowed his eyes, his entire body tensing up. Without warning, a hand landed on Guo Luo's shoulder, the hand exerted a bit of force, turning her body around.

    Before she managed to make sense of what was happening, she felt something soft cover her lips. She closed her eyes in a mixture of shock and fear, and was just about to move away when she recognized what was happening.

    She had her eyes closed, so she could not see his face right now, but she would never forget his scent. This was a scent that belonged to only him, a scent she had made sure to take in greedily whenever she nuzzled up next to him.

    Once she realized who he was, she no longer resisted, instead choosing to savor the moment. The kiss brought with it the taste of blood and was not romantic in the slightest, she was covered in blood and there were enemies right behind her, but that did not stop her from enjoying it.

    The kiss did not last for long. Once the soft sensation left her lips, she leaned her entire body forward, her forehead leaning against his chest. She opened her eyes, and slightly raised her head, looking at his face. He was still slightly pale, but he looked much better.

    “Since you have already hurt her, there is no need for any of you to leave here.”

    His voice eyes stared straight at the group of 11 people, his voice colder than the winds of hell. After he spoke, the darkness from the cave behind him stretched forward, turning into a tree meter long demonic serpent.

    The serpent looked at the group of eleven people and opened it's maw as it hissed at them. It's maw did not open like a normal one. Instead, it's lower jaw split into two, each part moving in a different direction. It's entire maw was filled with razor sharp teeth, it's eyes gazing at the 11 people with a hungry gaze.
  • Chapter 83: The soul.

    After Yao Jun had fainted, while his body could no longer move, his consciousness was still there, just in a different way. His Demon God's Gate needed to drain energy from his soul to repair itself, and it did so by fusing a part of Yao Jun's soul into itself.

    When part of his soul fused with the Demon God's Gate, it allowed Yao Jun to feel the existence of his soul, even slightly control it. There was also another sensation he felt when his soul fused with the Demon God's Gate. It felt like his soul was trying to deepen his connection with the Demon God's Gate, fusing with it more thoroughly, but there seemed to be something preventing his soul from doing this.

    During cultivation, as the soul was the true core of a person, they would come into contact with it sooner or later. But this was usually only when they had reached a much higher cultivation than Yao Jun. Yao Jun was not even at the 2nd Mortal Earth, but he had already felt the existence of his soul and could slightly control it, giving him a massive head start.

    Being able to feel and control his soul slightly allowed Yao Jun to do two things that normal people at his cultivation level could not do. The first thing was that they could separate a small part of their soul and have it move through the surrounding area, allowing them to keep watch over a much larger area than usual. This was also called Perception by some people, as it allowed them to perceive the area around them without seeing it with their own eyes.

    The second thing was not something that Yao Jun needed at the moment, but it was often used by people whose bodies were completely broken after a battle. He could detach his soul from his body, allowing it to move into a new body and take it over.

    Since he could only control his soul slightly, this was not very useful to Yao Jun, as he could not move his soul out of his body fast enough to allow it to dodge an attack that would destroy it. But it gave him a start. Since he could now slightly control his soul, he could train himself to slowly control it with more ease and proficiency.

    Because of this, not long after he fainted, he felt himself appear inside his Demon God's Gate. As he appeared inside his Demon God's Gate, he immediately realized that it was not his body that had appeared inside his Demon God's Gate. He appeared above the ancient tree standing at the center of the gate, his entire body floating a few meters above it.

    His field of view had also changed tremendously, as he could see everything going on in an area of 15 meters around him. He didn't even need to look down to see that his body was transparent, almost completely see through. This was because he could not control his soul properly, once he managed to completely control his soul, it would look completely corporeal.

    He spent a bit of time floating through his Demon God's Gate before he made his soul leave the gate, making it appear above his body. When his soul appeared above his body, he noticed that his body was currently being carried by Guo Luo through a dense forest.

    She walked very slowly, making sure that no branches or bushes managed to hit his body. This caused her to suffer several small cuts that left small gashes in her clothing and on her skin. She would not even let his body get dirty from the leaves that hung down from the branches.

    Seeing this scene, Yao Jun felt a mix of warmth and sadness in his heart. She worked so hard to not let anything happen to him, but in doing so, she forgot to take care of herself.

    She spent almost an hour doing this before she managed to reach a small town. Seeing this town, Yao Jun's soul couldn't help but heave a small sigh. He knew that Guo Luo traveled to this town in hopes of maybe finding some medicine for him, but taking his unconscious body into a bustling town was still a bad idea.

    They were being hunted by the Guo clan, and there was no telling if there was anyone hunting for them after what they did in Ash Barren's city. It would have been better to either find a secluded cave where they could hide, or just stay on the back of Little Gray.

    And just as he expected, several gazes land on them after Guo Luo carried his body into the town. He could ignore the gazes that looked at Guo Luo with pity, he could even reluctantly ignore the slightly lustful gazes, but there were still two gazes brimming with hostility that he could not ignore.

    Sadly, since he was only a weak soul at the moment, there was no way he could warn or advise Guo Luo, he could only watch. She took him to an inn and rented a secluded room, where she then proceeded to gently wipe away all the sweat on his face. The warmth he felt at this scene could still not alleviate his worry, as he knew that it was likely that the people responsible for the two hostile gazes would soon take action.

    Indeed, a knock on the door was soon heard. Yao Jun could see the two people standing outside the door, and he recognized them as the people who had sent the hostile gazes earlier. He wanted to warn Guo Luo to flee through the window immediately, but he had no way of doing so.

    Even though Guo Luo opened the door and the two men forced their way in, Guo Luo was at least clever enough to cover up his face with an illusion, making him look like someone different.

    After the two men left, he watched as Guo Luo grabbed his body and immediately fled through the window, not even waiting for the two men to move a good distance away from the inn. This in turn made it so that they saw her flee through the window.

    He could only watch as she started running away from the two men, all the while carrying his body. Seeing her shift his body to her front and get hit in the shoulder by an arrow caused his heart to feel pain, pain and anger.

    She continued to run until she found a decent cave where they could hide. She managed to temporarily trick the two men with her illusions, giving her enough time to head to the cave and hide Yao Jun's body.

    She hid his body before she herself left the cave to go and finish of the two men, a decision that Yao Jun completely agreed to. If the two men were not killed, they would probably realize that they had been tricked and start searching the area much more closely.

    With an arrow in her shoulder and the burden of Yao Jun's body, Guo Luo would not be able to get away fast enough for her to completely escape from the two men, there was a good chance that she would be found when the two men's reinforcements came.

    He made his soul follow Guo Luo as she started going after the two men, allowing him to see everything that was happening. He was pleasantly surprised when he saw her camouflage her own body with her illusions, allowing her to go for a sneak attack.

    The first attack was effective, killing one of the two men with a single attack. She took a punch from him before he died, but it could have been much worse if she had not been able to kill him.

    Hearing the other man's words afterwards caused Yao Jun to be slightly confused. He did not recall ever killing someone who could be a sect teacher. Was it someone he killed in Ash Barren's City maybe? Or maybe there was a misunderstanding going on?

    Seeing Guo Luo start fighting against the other man and hearing her words, he couldn't help but almost feel like crying. What had he ever done to deserve someone like this in his life?

    His heat felt pain when he saw Guo Luo get stabbed in the hip and then use the chance to finish off the other man, especially when he saw her head towards the cave immediately, not even checking her own wounds. He did not think much about the armor that appeared on her right arm, as he himself also had such an armor.

    But what Guo Luo did not notice, he noticed. He noticed that spot of Qi that stuck itself to Guo Luo's back, and it made him feel a great sense of unease. The Qi was just hanging there, but Yao Jun knew that something like this could be used like a marker.

    He watched Guo Luo return to the cave and lean against his body, quickly losing consciousness. He also saw that multicolored light that gathered around the wound on her hip, slowly healing it.

    While Guo Luo was unconscious, Yao Jun did not let his soul rest, forcing it to keep watch throughout the night. He could not do anything in this form, but he could not rest easy without having anyone keep watch.
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