can you guys review this and tell me the flaws also if you guys like it please say so down below

The Unwilling Sword Wielder

A man who wore black clothes and a staw hat with a two handed sword on his back is being blocked by two level 3 qi refining stage martial artist."A puny level 8 qi beginning stage like  you should not have messed with the affairs of us lords"said one of the martial artist on the right.The  man who wore black clothes drawn his sword and done a hacking motion with it "you think us lords will be damaged by your sword" smirked the martial artist on the left "brother i think that person is compensating for something"laughted by the one on the right but all of the sudden their face changed they try to activate their qi barrier but to no avail the two handed sword cleaved  both of them and their heads started to fly in the air

'There i go again killing' the man sigh to himself 'this all began when i accepted this sword' the man who wore black clothes though to himself 'the sword of my destiny...destiny my ass' smirked the man who wore black clothes "my wish was to become an official of the kingdom,to help the poor not with sword but with the pen" screamed the man who wore black clothes

A year ago

A boy named Zen Parctihs was on the brink of death after stopping the princess of the kingdom getting assassinated then all of the sudden an old man who looked drunk approach him "young man your chi (from tai chi) is strong would you like to be my disciple?" Asked the drunk looking man "no thank you for your offer but in this life time  i would like to be an official of the kingdom
And protect the weak with the pen" said weakly by zen "but what if you can wield both the sword and the pen" offered the drunk looking man again "i would gladly accept your offer but as you can see i'm about to die"said zen "who said anything about you disappearing in this world haven't you
Wondered how you can talk so much in your state?" Questioned the drunk looking man then zen realized his hand was holding a sword "feels natural doesn't it,like it's your own arm" said the drunk looking man "this sword was ment for you it is your destiny to have this sword [the golden dragon sword] From then on zen's desting changed


  • The name of the sword can be change so please if you have a  suggestion reply to this.
    Zen which obviously is the man who wore black clothe is complaining about why he is only killing and not writing like literally only killing...and maybe flirting...if you like/hate harem please  reply
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