Incomplete Star

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Chapter 1

The land broke open.
A battered figure slowly rose from the debris. 
Blood was dripping from various bleeding wounds on that man. 
A raging roar shook the entire mountain range. 

Only a smirk appeared on the face of opposite man. He too was not in a good condition. But there was a playful smile on his face which provoked the other. 
"You have killed too many, beast. I am here to pass on the retribution. Let me send you to the depths of hell, devil. "

The bloodshot eyes was preying Nanako. 
"Killing scums should be rewarded, right? I am simply doing a service. Also, I hate your kind who only spout bullshit. If you are going to do something,  do it. Don't be an annoying chatterbox!"

A flaming sword appeared on his hand. Nanako shook his his head. A silver sword was pointed at the opposite. 

Both figures moved. The destruction due to the battle of the duo have already made the landscape unrecogonisable. The bloody war have already left deep scars on the land. 

A figure smashed on one of the mountains. The silver swordsman descended from the sky. Even though he tried to hold back blood from vomitting, a drop simply spilled from his lips.
He walked towards the motionless body. 

"Great Lord Azaezal, do you have any last wishes??"

"Even if i have, you will not fullfil it for me..... "
The motionless body slowly opened his eyes and answered sarcastically. 

"That is indeed true. Be on your way devil. I will have the honour to take your life. "
With a victorious smile, the man pierced the heart with the silver sword.
A silver flame engulfed the body and erased every presence of the notorious blood thirsty evil demon which plagued the land from the world. 

From then on, Lord Azaezal never existed and the great legend of the hero Nanako continued through out the world.

I have heard a great person say, 
'Either you become a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain. '

This can simply summarize my life.
My name is Azaezal Kamikaze. My father and mother were elite in our village. The time was where war was in its epic. To find out enemy's movement my parents volunteered to become spy.

In a village of the enemy's land my parents acted as farmers. Living like ordinary villagers, faraway from the motherland, close friends and relatives, with only dutybound mind my parents spend their lives in enemy land. 

I was born later. When I was 2 years old, my father told me about all these.
"Even though you were born here, do not forget where your blood and loyalty lie. We are the last of the kamikaze clan. Like me when you grow up, you need to uphold the glory of kamikaze clan and protect your village. "
With a strict voice, he made me pledge the oath. I will never forget these words, because these words play the greatest impact to my life.

In our worldsome are lucky to be born with qi. The qi can be connected to any of element- wind,  water,  earth,  fire and lightning. The basic elements. Some genius can be born with more than 1 element and extra ordinary ones can even have all the elemental affinity.
Some can even merge elements to create new elements.
Qi can be used as anyone like and certain people pertain the utilization of secret qi to form clans- My clan was  blessed by wind and water element to form magical ice.

It was winter afternoon. My father kicked down the door and rushed in. 
"Take Azaezal and run away. The enemy found about us. "
Mom took me quick and rushed out of the house. I didn't understand anything. With an explosion our small house was destroyed and dozens of elite enemy surrounded us. My father without caring for any injuries opened a path for my mother and me.
I still remember how my mom rushed out of the encirclement with overflowing tears. Even though we ran far enough we couldn't escape from them. After killing my father they came after us. Because my mom has to shield me, she too was easily taken down. 
I cried and cried "Don't hurt my mother, please, don't hurt my mother"
My mother was cut down before my very own eyes.

I was crying, I was afraid, I was helpless. But the very moment I saw my mother die, no tear came from my eyes. May be I was shocked. May be I was in deep regret. My parents were elites. If they wanted, even if they couldn't take these dozen enemies head on, they could atleast escape. Then why couldn't they?
It was not that they couldn't, they wouldn't. Its because of me. I was the burden which eventually led to my parent's death.

The enemies surrounded me. They were not least bit hurry or afraid. A 4 year old child. They can take as much as time they want.
When they came at me. I wasn't afraid. On the contrary I was angry. Deep hatred towards the murders of my parents boiled inside me.
Kill! Destroy! Ravage!
There were only these emotions....  An explotion came from my mind. My blood traits awakened. The snow around me danced in rage. Ice spikes erupted. The entire land covered by snow turned into my domain. Unending ice spikes and thorns flooded the enemies. It pierced through them. Like a rising tree, ice spikes grew from the ground and the branches pierced all the enemies.

Before I fainting, the last words that rang through the blood painted white canvas world was
" I will plunge this land into chaos. A world where my parents don't exist, doesn't need to exist. "

Chapter 2

A four year old kid taking down dozens of elites. Too hard to believe, isn't it. For that you need to know the great prophecy and curse of the black dragon.
But it will have to be later. I will now tell you why I had to give my life to the blade of Nanako. 

For years after the  murder of those unfortunate enemies,
that land was terrorised by a young demon. His power of ice and the terrifying mist engulfed countless souls and the people of the land spoke of him as the 'Blue Devil Of The Mist'

My life would have been continued as such if I didn't meet that eccentric pervy fool who eventually became my teacher. One of my most beloved memories of two years was gifted by that person. Our first meeting ended up where I were beaten black and blue. His strength far surpassed anyone I have met. After defeating me he asked me to accept him as my teacher and kowtow to him. He beat me day and night till I had eventually no choice but to obey him.

He was a pervy dog. Most of the time he took me to peek at ladies bathing. I lost count to the number of times where we got found out and beaten like a dog.
It was quite hilarious. My bloodlust, revenge, and hate slowly started to lose its meaning. He taught me a lot of techniques, most of the time about life.

But good things never lasts for ever.

My master was from the same village as my parents. I was the last of kamikaze and i wanted to visit the remains of kamikaze clan.

My master took me to the ruins of my clan. The kamikaze clan was once a formidable clan of hanuro village. Different clans forming an alliance which in future leads to forming of such villages.
The once formidable clan due to the passage of time ended up like this. Feeling my emotional uneasiness master left me for a while. I was a like a robber stealing from my own house. Searching through out the ruins. Taking if I find something useful.
One of my unique abilities gave me the power to sense qi and its flow. During my excavation I found a hidden room. May be that room reacted to my kamikaze blood line. I was able to go inside. There were no riches or grand weapons in there. Only thing that could be considered worth was a small scroll.

The cultivators of my land have the ability to make pact with beasts and summon them to battle with them. This scroll was something like a summoning scroll. I wanted to ask my master about this scroll when a ear breaking explosion sounded outside. With it, the entire buildings started to break and the room started to cave in.

I was trapped. I couldn't get out and the parts of buildings were falling from the ceiling.
Even though I haven't made any contract with any beast, I had no other choice but use the summoning scroll on empty contract.

Who would have thought that the scroll I possesed was not a summoning scroll but a transportation scroll. The place I was transported decided my future and it was the palace of the great Black Dragon.

I had the ability to sense one's qi and determine how powerful a person is. But the great dragon before was one who I couldn't determine the power level. Its not that my ability was not working, rather, Black Dragon was so powerful that trying to gauge the power level resulted in head splitting pain that I had no choice but to stop my ability.
The mere pressure of the black dragon deatroyed my qi, my ability to stand and my ability to breath. The pain was inexplainable. 3 days I lied motionless with the black dragon watching me. Each day, the power of my bloodline was furiously working to maintain my feeble life.

On third day the black dragon imparted a breath of its power to me and sent me away. When I woke up, what greeted me was a majestic gigantic lion. For a moment I thought fate was playing me. I escaped from the black dragon only to end up becoming food for a lion.

What surprised me was that the lion spoke.
" Kid, do not be afraid. From your bloodline power I can see that you are a kamikaze. The one to fullfil the prophecy and lift the eternal curse of black dragon on kamikaze clan finally arrived. "

From the lion I came to know that long ago, there never existed the path of cultivation. Everyone was mere mortals. The supreme black dragon, the entity took form by nature looked after the stability of the world and was worshipped by everyone.
The black dragon gifted a tree of qi to its loyal mortals, the people of kamikaze clan, and warned that this is a power that is not of mortals and never should reach the mortals. The qi tree will nourish and protect the nature and all living beings bringing good to the world. The world was always in turmoil of war but kamikaze clan never participated or welcomed war and stood outside dutybound.

The kingdom of Rogura and Kamikaze clan were of good relationship. War plagued the Rogura kingdom and the valiant prince came to kamikaze clan. He hoped to pray to the black dragon to protect his kingdom and kamikaze clan allowed him to enter the sacred grounds. But who knew the valiant prince stole the black dragons magic qi artifact and escaped. He used the magic artifact, obtained the ability to control the power of nature, easily destroyed all oposition and won the war majestically. He became a legend.

No one is immortal. Afraid that after his death his kingdom may again fall into the hands of evil predator kingdoms, the king passed the secrets of qi to all his friends and people of his kingdom. The Rogura kingdom turned into a heavenly kingdom. 

No matter what, war is inevitable. If you can't fight enemies, then fight amongst yourself. This is human nature. Inevitably, fights broke out within the kingdom. Every eye was on the qi artifact. Even though everyone got the power of qi, those who possess the qi artifact will be the true ruler.

Afraid that after his death his own siblings and children will fight for the qi artifact the king tried to destroy the artifact. No matter what the king tried, the qi artifact was indestructable. But he knew, the destruction that may cause by the qi artifact will be beyond one's imagination.
With no other choice, he split the qi artifact into many pieces and send them away, hidden from the eyes of the world.

While all this happened, the fury of black dragon was engulfing the entire kamikaze clan. To the black dragon the qi artifact is nothing. But the negligence and disobedience of the kamikaze clan erupted its anger resulting in the curse known as ' The Curse Of The Black Dragon '

" The Kamikaze clan will perish by the calamity that they brought on to themself. The soul will never vanish in the endless cycle of despair and reincarnation "

The lion sage looked beyond me and spoke in a whisper but I could hear every word.
" This is a torturous curse. The glory of kamikaze clan ended. From then on starts the demise to the last of kamikaze. Even if a kamikaze is reincarnated as another person or in another clan, his life will forever be endless despair and the cycle will forever continue. But you have a chance. For all those years of loyalty, the black dragon left the prophecy which tells that you, kiddo, is chosen to gather all the fragments of qi artifact, return it to the black dragon, redeem yourself and all your clan members' curse."

I was blessed by the black dragon. I was bestowed by great bloodtrait and power by the black dragon to fullfil the prophecy. From then on years under the tutulege of lion sage, eagle sage and shark sage, I trained. The 3 sages taught me everything they knew. That was the turning point of my life. The arise of the Red Flame. The prelude of my legend.

After six years I returned to my world. Stronger and more powerful. I returned to the village where my parents lived. The oath I pledged before my father, to fullfil it and also to meet my master, I was in a little hurry.
Fate always liked to take things away from me. In order to protect me and aid me from the destruction of ruins my master battled all the assasins and perished in the battle along with his enemies. Just like my parents, my master too had a choice. He could easily have escaped. But he didn't. He wanted to help me out of the ruins but he had to finish all the enemies. Maybe he felt it was his duty to revenge for his student with his life on the line.

Chapter 3

I was mad. I was angry. I vowed I will burn the entire enemy kingdom as retribution. My legend of Red Flame began from there. Red flame, the name, was given to me because of my bloodlust, also my fire techniques. After my training I already can use almost all elemental powers. I was already one of the top most powers of the world.

During my journey, I met a lot of friends. Also luckily love happened. The war and battles were too dangerous and bloody. But with friends and my comrades we swept every obstacles. I was blessed by the black dragon. Nothing can defeat me. I became a hero of my village. I fulfilled my prophecy. I collected every fragment. Joined and formed the majestic qi artifact. Returned it to the black dragon and saved my clan.

Do you remember,
Either you become a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain. Thats so true. When I razed the enemy kingdom, I found a truth which shook my very being.
My parents were never found out. They were sold out. The reason enemies attacked my parents was not because they identified my parents as spy. The war was at its peek. My village elites murdered a peak elite of enemy village and the enemy village was going for an all out war. In order to gain time, the upper echelons of my village decided to sacrifice my parents life. An eye for an eye.

I still remember my father's words.
"Even though you were born here, do not forget where your blood and loyalty lie. We are the last of the kamikaze clan. Like me when you grow up, you need to uphold the glory of kamikaze clan and protect your village. "

Is this the reward of loyalty??? Is this village we spend our everything to protect?? I was utterly disgusted.

I still cannot forget that loathsome, utterly shameless incident that left a deep scar on my very soul. When I went to seek the truth from the upper echelons of the village, they charged me with the fake charge of murder of a comrade and treason and tried to lock me up. I ripped the head of that shameless bastard. I killed all those who came to lock me up and made a river of blood.

But from then on I was a wanted criminal, high ranking convict of the village. After all I done for the village, they chased me like a dog. My friends and comrades, no one believed me. Even my lover, that wrench, acted like she believed me and then backstabbed me. She poisoned me and harmed my cultivation. Everyone who I ever cared and respected turned against me. Calling me a traitor. A bastard who bite the hand of the master.

I revoked my name of Red Flame. Yes, eventually one may turn to become the villain. So be it. Just how I razed previous kingdoms, I pledged to raze this plague village. My cultivation was half destroyed. I trained in devil methods. Became a frightening demon of terror for all my enemies. Took the name of Lord Azaezal.

I knew deep in heart. The gods, like people, only want you, when they need you. After that they will throw you out like garbage. I was a hero of kamikaze clan. But after my duty, the black dragon up on me. I became a villain. A new hero should rise to begin the next grand tale. I became the final monstor boss and Nanako became the chosen hero to extinguish the evil.
The new hero. Hahaha. I don't mind. Like me, he will also face the humiliation and shameless of the people.
I am never afraid of death. I already seen every part of the life. Glory and dirt of life fully. I have no interest to continue living. For what? For whom? Why?
If there is a worry, its only that I couldn't complete what I started.

Now you know the cause, begin, ending of the death battle between me and Nanako.


  • Chapter 4

    " My head hurts so much" 
    With a soft moan Azaezal opened his eyes. Suddenly with a pain similar to being smashed against a fast train, Azaezal fainted.

    After a couple of hours later he woke up again.
    " So now I am Alex. Its really unpredictable how fate plays jokes on you. My only regret at the door step of death was that I could not eliminate all those scums. Even though now I am not dead, definitely they are not in this world. "Azaezal sat up on the bed.

    The 6 year old Alex was very angry today. His brother Alvin was supposed to come back from the Academy to play with him. But because of some reasons Alvin will be spending his vaccation days at the academy. The lonely Alex threw a tantrum and ran away from the house.

    The backside of the house has a lot of huge trees. Alex and his brother made a tree house on one of the trees and its one of their secret place. (But everyone knows it). Today when he got up on the tree house, it again reminded him of his brother, which resulted him getting more angry and he kicked one of the tree branch with all he got. Resulting him falling of the branch and got hurt.
    Even after the supper time was over, Alex didn't return home. Worried, his mother, along with servants went to look for him. When they found him, he was already unconscious and bloody from wounds.
    They immediately brought him back home and called the Healer. With the power of the healer, all the wounds were healed like as they never were there before. But Alex was still unconscious.

    "There's nothing need to worry about. Everythings patched up. Its just that falling from such height may have frightened little Alex. After a bit of sleep he will eventually wake up. Let him sleep good, tonight"
    With Healer Alberto's words, everyone felt relieved. Madam Lily, mother of Alex, stopped her tears and thanked Healer Alberto. They send him back with huge rewards.

    " It seems like he is not dead. Rather, from the shock, his soul went into sleep mode and I broke in. Should I destroy his soul and occupy the whole body?"
    Thought Azaezal.
    "Its better if I don't. His soul is still useful for fooling others. I can hide inside and no one will find me. With my power, I can easily imprison his soul and the full control of the body will still be in my hands even if he exists."

    Azaezal closed his eyes and started meditating. After a while he suddenly opened his eyes and shock appeared on his face.
    "Why.... Why can't I absorb any qi from the surroundings. Doesn't qi exist in this world? I can't even use any inner energy. It feels, except from physical power, I can't utilize any other power."
    His face was twitching a lot. He quickly calmed down. He after all is a great legend, lord Azaezal, his mentality and tenaciousness are high.
    "What I lack is knowledge regarding this world. I should start to extract every knowledge I can from Alex."
    He closed his eyes again. After couple of hours with a smile he slowly opened his eyes.

    The entire world is present with an energy called Tenken. Similar to qi. After millenium years, the concentration of Tenken formed a Tenken tree. Millenium years after, 5 fruits formed on the tenken tree. But these 5 fruits were special. They have sentience. The 5 fruits were formed from the tenken tree and all these fruits contained massive tenken. A sentient being with unlimited power.

    They went inside the tree, created a new world and all the beings, became Tenken Gods. The creation of Tenken gods, is the world where Alex is living.

    When every kid reaches the age of 7, they will visit the nearby temple of gods. They will pray to each god and if they are acknowledged by the gods, they will be bestowed with the power to use tenken.
    The mark of god to use either the power of tenken weapon or tenken element, will be marked on ones hands if they are blessed.
    But these powers will only manifest after one reaches 10 years old.

    "It seems like I can only wait. I atleast need to wait till when I am 7 years old to ascertain if I have 'tenken blessing' and need to be ten, to actually manifest it. That explains why no matter how hard I try, no qi enters my body."

    Alex walked to the nearby mirror and looked at himself.
    " Young and cute. He looks a lot more handsome than me when I was younger. Even though I can't use any of my power yet, I should enhance my physical power. This body is pretty weak."

    'Ente Isla' is the name of the continenet. There are 3 great countries, 7 middle countries and 20 small countries.
    The countries are divided based on territory, spiritual power and the number of elite cultivators.

    Derek Lance, is one of the 5 commanders of Great Eagle Country. Lily Ronald is the daughter of Marquis James Ronald. Alex and Alvin are the children of Derek and Lily.
    Alvin is currently a 2nd year in 'Star Academy' and commander Derek is at the borders with his army. Most of the household matters are looked after by Lady Lily.

    " From now on I will be Alex. Don't worry, my glory will also be yours."

  • Chapter 5

    " I'm finally here. "

    Star academy, along with Sun Academy and Moon Academy, are the 3 academies established by the 5 gods. These academies have the best facilities, teachers, best cultivation methods etc. All those, who awakened tenken power, dream to enroll in one of these schools.

    When one awakens one's tenken power, they will have either a weapon spirit or an elemental spirit. Those in warrior class will have spirits of sword, spear, bow and arrow, clubs, etc. and those in mage class will have spirits of wind, water, fire, earth, lightning, ice, lava, stone etc. No one will have more than one weapon or elemental spirits or both.

    Today is the beginning of another academic year of Star Academy. Hundreds of children are waiting in line at the gate of the academy. A number of students of the academy are seated before them. They verify the information of everyone and then a student will take each to their respective dormitory.

    Its been 4 years since Azaezal came to Ente Isla. At 7 years old he awakened his tenken power. On his right hand there is a wind emblem.

    " What is your name? "
    The student in verification of information asked when Azaezal appeared before him.
    "Alex, Alex Lance."

    "What is your spirit?"
    " Spirit of wind."

    "Where are you from?"
    "The Great Eagle Kingdom"

    "Place your hand on this sphere". The student pointed to an Azure orb placed on the table.
    The azure orb started shining when Alex pressed his hand on the orb. It emitted a green card.

    "This is your identity card. You should always keep it with you and don't lose it.", warned the student.
    " Follow Tom. He will take you to your residence and explain to you the rules of the academy"

    "That won't be necessary. I will take him. Did you wait too long younger brother?"
    It was Alvin.
    " Senior, he is my elder brother. Can I go with him?" . Alex asked.

    " So you were the younger brother of senior Alvin. Its fine. You can go along with your brother. This is the map of he academy. Here are the keys to your residence, courtyard 482." The student replied with a smile and presented a map and keys.

    "Alex, listen well. You know about the three great kingdoms, right?
    The Great Lion, Great Eagle and Great Shark are the three supreme kingdoms and the rest of middle and small countries are mere vassal forces of the three. Even though there are no major war or enmity between the 3 great countries, battles occur often.
    The star academy enrolls student from all the kingdoms. Because many students are from different countries, fights breakout often. Especially those from 3 great countries.
    There is already 3 factions in the academy ; Lion, Eagle & Shark faction. So when you deal with those from Lion and Shark faction, be careful. If you can, make friends from only Eagle faction. " ;Warned Alvin.
    " The academy have strict rules. Because this academy was established by the supreme gods,
    even if you are wealthy or a son of a duke, if you break any rules, a light punishment will be expulsion and a heavy punishment will be total annihilation of family.
    Never be arrogant and always follow the rules.Status doesn't matter here.
    Another rule prohibits fighting and killing inside the academy. 
    If you want to fight, there is a Battle Arena. All fights and disputes can only be dealt in battle arenas and in presence of a teacher.
    Killing is only allowed outside the Academy.

    The academy gives out academic points every month. If you look at the identity card, at the bottom right corner there is a number which denote academic points. Academic points are like currency here. If you want to get cultivation techniques from the library, buy weapons, pills, elemental stones from the store, eat gourmet dishes, you need to pay academic points. You can even change academic points into our currency 'Arkam' but the reverse is not possible.

    Every month, academy rewards 50 academic points.
    If you breakthrough cultivation to tenken manifestation, monthly you get 100 academic points.
    When you breakthrough to tenken lake formation, it becomes 200.
    For Core condensation, it will be 500.

    You can also earn academic points by doing certain jobs and missions from the Mission department hall.
    But if you can, don't waste academic points unnecessarily."
    Alvin introduced different aspects of academy to Alex.

  • Chapter 6

    Academic Graduation of Star Academy is 10 years.

    The 'Warrior hall' and 'Mage hall' teaches those who awakened weapon and elemental spirits respectively.

    In 'General hall', from second year onwards, students, if want to, can learn other miscellaneous subjects, such as painting, music, cooking, war tactics etc. 
    Also from sixth year onwards, students, if want to, can also attend classes on introduction of alchemy, blacksmith, etc.

    There is also 'Body Tempering Pavilion' for warrior students to temper their body and 'Elemental Pavilion' for mage students to familiarize their elements.

    The 'Immortal Words' is the academy library where students can find any books or obtain cultivation skills.

    The 'Mess hall' provides food and 'Gourmet Cafe' is where exquisite beast meat are available.

    The missions and their rewards are dealt bythe 'Mission Department hall' and there is a market inside the academy where you can buy pills, weapon, other daily necessities etc.

    To practice and train, there is a 'Training Ground' and for battles and tournaments, there is a 'Battle Arena'.

    " Hey Alvin, Alex. Stop"
    A girl's voice called them from behind. She was running towards them. After reaching them, taking a minute for breath, she shouted.
    " I have been searching for you all this time. Why didn't you wait for me, Alvin? I too, want to welcome Alex on his first day. Its lucky I met you now. The academy is so big, I don't know when I will find you."
    The girl flared up in anger.

    Veronica is the younger sister of Vladmir, friend of Alvin. Vladmir and Alvin used to hang out at Alvin's house during vaccation and sometimes, Vladmir also brought Veronica over to play with Alex.

    When she looked at Alex, her angry face slightly turned red. As if afraid or shy, her eyes didn't dare to meet Alex and looked at the ground. Her voice turned timid and pitiful.
    " I... I am sorry. I really wanted to be there to welcome you. But... But I was a little bit late.. And... And... I missed you.."
    Alvin's mouth started twitching.

    "Its okay Veronica. I will be here for whole 10 years. We have a lot of time to meet and catch up." Alex consoled her. Veronica turned cheerful. " I will show you around the academy then. Let's go."
    " I already showed him around. You don't need...." The piercing gaze of Veronica send chills down Alvin's spine.
    " Ahem... Please lead the way. Come on Alex." 

    While the trio roamed around the academy, unknown to them, many eyes were watching them.

    " Aren't they Alvin Lance and Veronica Darwin? Whose that third one? "

    "How do I know! But have you ever seen Veronica acting so silly?"

    "She is the ice cold beauty. I never knew she can laugh like that. Isn't it mesmerizing?"

    "Veronica ranks first in the top beauties of third year. She has many admirers and followers, but, she always gives them the cold shoulder."

    "Even the Great Shark Kingdom's Duke's son, Edward Troy, has fallen for her beauty. Do you remember last year's fight?"

    "Haha... Offcourse. Edward lost to Veronica miserably."

    The gossips and laughter spread throughout the academy like fire.
    It was night when Alex returned back to his courtyard and he was craving for a warm bath.
    He took off his clothes, adjusted the water heat and dived into the long tub.
    " Now that's better.
    I never got the chance to go to a school in my old world. This time, however,  I'm a student of an academy and a very interesting one at that. "
    Alex looked at the wind emblem on his right hand.
    " I can't wait to see you in action." With a smile, he drowned in the water.
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