Raging Black Star (Chapter 19 - Life Magic)



  • Chapter 15 - Breakthrough

    Nate was sitting in his history class, listening to his history teacher talk about the various influential figures of the past era.

    “…..Thus we know that ‘Violet Flaw’ was the strongest user of ‘Life Magic’, who had actually formed a ‘Tyrant Pillar’, and stepped into the realm of ‘Overlords’.”

    “But sadly she along with her nine companions from the ’10 Great Wings’ encountered a great calamity. The calamity is most common known as the ‘Clipped Wings of Mount Everdoom’. Where a male youth of merely 25 of age, completely destroyed the strongest generation of the ’10 Great Wings’. It was said that the youth didn’t wish to kill the 10 beauties, thus only destroyed their ‘Tyrant Pillars’.” From the history teacher’s voice, great anger could be felt. She was someone who considered women to be better than man. For one of the strongest forces of the world to have been single handedly defeated by a male without even trying, boiled her blood. “It is unknown what scheme the youth had used or how he tricked the ’10 Great Wings’, but he managed to defeat the ’10 Great Wings’. With his dragon like aura, that scared anyone who laid eyes upon him, he forced the 10 beauties into a corner.”

    Hearing the story about a male beating one of the strongest forces of this world, truly infuriated many of the young girls.

    “Miss, do you know anything about that male. Was he ever bought to justice?” Asked one of the girls.

    “There was nothing else mentioned about him in any of the archives. His origin, power, status, nothing was known. His very existence, to how he defeated the strongest generation of ’10 Great Wings’ is still one of the biggest mysteries that puzzles the world.”

    “Moving forward, known we’ll talk about the greatest ‘Earth Mage’. It was said that a million years ago, there was an exceptionally skilled male, with great affinity to ‘Earth’. Among all the beings of the world, he was said to have the strongest physical force. As all of you can guess he was the first user of ‘Gaea’s Blessing: Armament Body’. The strongest ‘Earth’ skill known to us, but sadly its cultivation method was lost and it became a useless skill.” Said the history.

    Hearing this Nate couldn’t help but raise his brow in excitement. He was very close to finding out the true secrets of ‘Armament Body’. He just needed that one last push.

    After his History Class, Nate quickly made his way towards his dorm, under the scornful gazes of the other female students.

    As he entered his room, he picked up the piece of wood he had earlier discarded, and tightly clenched it between his palms. After search the wood with his soul, over and over, he finally found a small insignificant flicker of energy.

    Once again he tried to absorb the energy from the wood, but the results were disappointing. Nate didn’t give up, rather tried over and over, slowly he could feel the flicker of energy being absorbed by his body. His fingertips, turned into the same material as the wood, it was a mixture of green and brown. The energy exerted by the small piece of wood, was very small and was only able to cover his nails with wood like substance.

    “Yes.” Nate let out a victorious shout. Nate immediately went out and gathered various materials he could find, these included various stones, metals and trees.

    He took about 2 days to completely absorb each material. Even then the highest point he could coat himself, was about his fist. He was unable to coat his entire body, no matter how hard he tried. He returned his fist to normal, from the metal coating it had a second ago.

    He also found out that if he absorbs metal, he could easily switch between his natural skin and metal coating. But if he absorbed the stone material, he would only be able to switch between his skin and the stone coating, and not the metal. Thus he will have to reabsorb the metal once again.

    Very happy with his breakthrough Nate decided to go to bed.

    The next day he woke up in the morning, and rushed towards his ‘Earth Magic’ class. Barely making it in time, he avoided being scolded by the teacher.

    “Hello students. I’m a new teacher and my name is Regina Gralt. I hope that we can have a wonderful year ahead of us.” Spoke the teacher with flawless white skin, and burning red hair. She was an extremely beautiful woman who looked to be in her early twenties.

    Nate eyes unconsciously followed the red haired teacher. “Haa…” He let out a small noise admiring her beauty. But thankfully another girl stood up and spoke before his voice was heard.

    “Miss, what is your power level.” Asked one of the female students.

    “Me?” Exclaimed the Ms. Regina. She let out a small chuckle and then continued. “I’ve formed by ‘High Pillar’ for ‘Earth Magic’, and I’ve formed a ‘Gem Pillar’ for ‘Flame Magic’.”

    The entire class was in an uproar, considering her age, she was an absolute genius. She was under 100 years of age and was already at this level of power. What would her cultivation be after another 100 years? It was simply unfathomable.

    Even Nate who is rarely surprised by anything, let out a gasp. His mother was around 500 years and had just recently formed her ‘Emperor Pillar’. Even if you exclude the 100 years she didn’t train, it took her roughly 300 years to reach ‘High Pillar’ stage of cultivation.

    Regina let out another light chuckle seeing the expression of her students. Even though she had great talent and power, she didn’t have a slight hint of arrogance of power. Neither did she possess the sense of pride that comes with power. She was humble and kind. Truly a role model for students.

    “We’ll start off with a basic introduction to ‘Earth Magic’. ‘Earth Magic’ in its purest form is the study of earth and its minerals. The main focus of this study is how to harness the energy from these minerals and earth. A person who specializes in ‘Earth Magic’ are generally people interested in physical strength. Thus it is unsuitable for a person who prefers long ranged combat. While using the powers of ‘Earth Magic’, you’ll have the power of a mountain, and strength of a boulder. It is a magic meant to completely crush your opponent.” Said Regina, with a gently smile.

    Hearing this, many students could feel their blood pumping, and excitement rising. The marvelous strengths of ‘Earth Magic’.

    “The first spell I’ll teach you will be ‘Rock Bullet’. It is a very basic form of magic, in which you concentrate the mana/energy in your ‘Energy Pools’ to mentally lift pieces of stones, and shoot them towards your opponents. At great force.” Continued Regina.

    “To test this magic out, we’ll slowly move to the ‘Titan Arena’.”

    The class followed her to the ‘Titan Arena’. Regina stood in the middle of the arena, while the students stood behind her.

    “Rock Bullet.” She said, as a light earthen yellow light enveloped her. The stones, and ruble near her, slowly start floating into the air. She motioned her hand forward, and the dozens of stones shot out at great force, creating a small whizzing sound, as they cut through the air. 

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    Nate's gonna be op I bet! Also maybe the guy who destroyed the original 10 wings could possibly be Nate's dad or someone related to Nate. Thanks for the chapter btw
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    Nate's gonna be op I bet! Also maybe the guy who destroyed the original 10 wings could possibly be Nate's dad or someone related to Nate. Thanks for the chapter btw

    Probably and remember that one name in the letter. Anastasia was like she might had heard that before. I still wish she gave Nate that letter and sword though. I just dont hope he gets his inheritance after she dies or get captured.
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    I don't remember a girl with that name.

    Go read the prologue.
  • I assumed it was that girl, I'm still betting on some reincarnation crap happening with the girl. 
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    When is more chapters coming out

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    Chapter 16 :- Power

    All of the pieces of stone, smashed into the wall of the ‘Titan Arena’, creating miniature craters, wherever they struck. Soon the entire wall where the stones had hit, were riddled with tiny craters.

    “Woah.” Seeing this many students let out a gasp, in awe. Most of these girls had thought that ‘Earth Magic’ were for muscle heads with only brute strength. But after they witnessed Regina, show her tyrannical power and precise control over the ‘Earth Magic’, almost all of them changed their minds. This experience opened their minds. Even though ‘Earth Magic’ is more suited for physical confrontation, by no means is it weak, when it comes to long distance combat.

    “Miss, if you can do this with rocks, does that mean we can do it with metals and gems as well?” Asked one of the female students. If mere rocks could do this much damage, imagine what strong metals and indestructible gems would do?

    “In theory in it is possible, because gems and metals are originally a part of earth. But it is practically impossible, this is because of the nature of metals and gems. When we shoot rock, we’re actually compressing it to cause the destructive powers. So if we take a fist sized rock, after compression it will be the size of a finger. Then when we release it, the damage caused it extremely great, but we take a fist sized rock and shoot it before compressing it, the rock will turn to dust either on its way or upon hitting the target due to the sheer force.” She continued explaining.

    “On the other hand compressing a gem, is extremely unlikely due to its hardness. So if we shoot a normal gem and a compressed rock the destructive powers would mostly likely be the same. Actually years back, there was an expert who was capable of compressing metals, but compressing gems is unheard of.” Said Regina with sigh, disappointed.

    Nate hearing this, showed slight disappointment.

    Everyone quickly tried out the spell, but many were unable to compress the rocks, and the few that were able to, were also only able to lift up about two or three rocks.

    Nate quickly tapped into his ‘Earthen Sea’, and drew the intense magical power. A yellow light surrounded him, as dust began to gather. Rocks slowly floated up near Nate.

    The rocks that floated up, included big and small. Nate drew out even more power from his ‘Earthen Sea’ to compress the rocks. The yellow light intensified and began brighter.

    The magical fluctuations caused by Nate’s ‘Earthen Sea’ caught everyone’s attention. The other students stopped what they were doing and turned to look at him. By now the dust had completely covered Nate’s petite figure.

    The dust soon covered the entire arena, as the students weren’t able to see each other.

    The rocks began to decrease in size, as they were compressed by Nate’s mana from the ‘Earthen Sea’. He drew out even more, as he launched them forward.

    The various shards of rocks, shot out from different trajectories towards the arena wall. The shards of rock cut the air apart as they travelled, receiving no air resistance.


    The smashed against the wall violently, causing very small cracks, as the rock shards were embedded into the wall with great force. Their destructive force wasn’t even close, compared to the one performed by Regina, but they were leaps and bounds ahead of Nate’s classmates.

    “Just what in the world…..” Spoke one student.

    “Who was that?” Asked another student.

    “Just, who in our class is that strong?” The students began asking each other, as they waited for the dust to settle.

    The dust had completely covered up Nate, making it hard for the students to see just who had cast the spell. Nate used the chaos created by the dust to slowly slip back into the crowd and merge with the students.

    Even though this had escaped the notice of the student, Regine being the expert she is easily found out that the spell cast right now was by Nate. After all she is someone who has formed a ‘High Pillar’ and entered the realm of ‘Kings’.

    Her beautiful face flashed with astonishment, to have caused the destructive power that Nate displayed, one needed to at least have an ‘Energy River’, and on top of that have great control over your energy. Nate was a male, and should’ve generally been born with low innate magical talents, forget ‘Energy River’, even forming an ‘Energy Stream’ by the time he is 20 should be considered talented. But little did she known, that he has gone above and beyond, already having created an ‘Energy Sea’.

    One of the female students was using the same spell at the exact same time as Nate, due to the sheer force of the spell, she had closed her eyes. After the dust settled she had believed that it her who used ‘Rock Bullet’ to thrust rock shards into the ‘Titan Arena’s’ wall.

    Regina once again stole a glance at Nate, before dismissing the class.

    Darkpark Dorm.

    Nate was sitting atop his bed, slowly swirling his ‘Energy Lake’ for ‘Darkness’. A black aura surrounded him, as he was absorbing the ‘Darkness Energy’ from the nature. The black aura kept intensifying, as he kept absorbing. The very space around Nate seemed like an endless abyss.

    “I can feel it, I’m about to form my ‘Energy Sea’ for ‘Darkness’.” Exclaimed Nate. With this, he would have two ‘Energy Sea’. This also meant that he was merely two steps away entering the ‘Pillar Formation’ stage, and forming his very first ‘Pure Pillar’.

    Deep within his soul, lay a deep black lake that seemed like an abyss. The black lake, emitted a black glow, as it started expanding in size. Even though the black lake was expanding it formed no ripples and was disturbingly calm. The lake had turned into a sea!

    The black aura around Nate had reached its peak, before dimming down. Beads of sweat could be seen rolling down from his forehead. His cloths had stuck to his body due to the sweat. Seeing himself in such a state, Nate quickly grabbed a towel and left for the nearby lake to wash off the sweat.

    Humming along the way, he soon reached a pristine blue lake, with a waterfall nearby. Many animals and magical beasts were quenching their thirst. But upon seeing Nate, none of them show an anger or hatred, they usually do. Besides most of the magical beasts and animals here very of a very docile nature, that wouldn’t even fight back if provoked.

    Nate took of his cloths and dipped himself in the river, to wash of all the dirt and sweat. He simply floated along the water, thinking about his mother.

    Just as Nate was relaxing by the water, the silhouette of a person could be seen on the shore. She had long orange hair, hat draped over her shoulders till her waist, and crystal amber eyes that would put gems to shame. Her jade white skin was revealed through her thin dress. He beautiful face, had a frown on it. She was staring at the boy, who was relaxing by the river.

    Nate, not knowing that he was been watch, got out of the river, naked. As the girl saw it her face went completely red. In all her life, she had never seen a male naked. She let out a small sound. “Ahn.”

    Nate immediately turned to look, only to be frozen by what he saw. It was the vice student representative, Lucy Von Houst.

    Stunned by her beauty he had dropped the towel he was holding. It took him a whole minute to regain his composure, and immediately reached for the towel.

    “Sorry.” He shot her an apologetic look.

    “Hmm, I’ll have your head for this.” She snorted as she left.

    Hearing her words, Nate felt a tinge of fear but dispelled the thought once he realized that the one at fault wasn’t him, rather it was her.

    “Oh well, I guess I’ll sent her an apology letter tomorrow."

  • Chapter 17 - The Truth

    Nate woke up the next morning. Yesterday night he had gotten summoned to the dean’s office. He changed into his uniform and made his way towards the dean’s office.

    *Knock* *knock*

    “Come in.” Replied Lilith.

    Nate slowly walked in. Inside Lilith’s office, other than him and Lilith, there were two other people, one was Lucy and the other was an exceptionally pretty woman, who greatly resembled Lucy.

    But just as the woman saw Nate, she shot him death glares. She was mostly likely her mother.

    “Nate, do you know why I called you in here?” Asked Dean Lilith.

    “More or less.” He casually replied.

    “’More or less?’ Is that the attitude you take with you seniors?” Shouted the woman.

    “Elena, calm down. We don’t know who is at fault yet.” Spoke the Dean, in a calm tone. Even though she was the biggest fan of Nate, she was someone who believed in fair judgement.

    “Ms. Lucy you’re the one that had launched a complaint. Care to explain what happened?” Spoke the Dean.

    “This filth was taking roaming around, without any cloths in a disgraceful manner.” Spoke Lucy as she stared daggers at him.

    Nate slightly raised his brows in astonishment, admiring just how much she had twisted the incident.

    “See, my daughter was a victim of this little pervert’s actions. He should be expelled right now.” Her mother also started shouting at him.

    The actual reason that Lucy wanted him out of the academy was not because she saw him naked. It was because, she was afraid. Afraid of his talent. On the day that he used ‘Rock Bullet’, she was on the top of a nearby tower, and was able to get a clear view. She was the only one other than Regina to know of his talent. She herself had just finished forming an ‘Energy Stream’. She didn’t want to lose to a male of all things. The only option left was to get him kicked out.

    “Is this true?” The dean turned her gaze towards Nate.

    “Part of it is true. She did see me naked. But I was showering by the ‘Sunside Lake’ near my dorm. She was the one who came afterwards and started peeping on me.” He replied.

    Her this, Lucy’s face turned ugly, her mother shot into a fit of rage.

    “What did you say, you little maggot.” She shouted.

    “I said, CALM DOWN” Spoke Lilith, as she released her aura as a ‘Monarch’.

    Instantly Elena, returned to her seat. Lucy had hints of fear on her face.

    “I have a ‘Truth Seeking Mirror’. I hope with this everything will be cleared up.” Spoke Lilith.

    Hear the words ‘Truth Seeking Mirror’, Elena and Lucy’s faces distorted. “Elizabeth, what told me is the truth right?” Asked Elena, for conformation.

    “I…….” Lucy was unable to speak. She desperately wanted to say yes, but the words wouldn’t just come out. She had thought that it would end immediately, as her mother held a great deal of authority and Dean Lilith hated men.

    But never in a million would she have thought that the dean would bring out a ‘Truth Seeking Mirror’.

    The legend goes, that anyone who hasn’t formed ‘Energy Ocean’, is unable to lie in front of the mirror. If one does lie, he or she will have their face turned into that of a frog. And for a girl who values her face more than anything, it is the worst sort of punishment.

    “I was lying.” Shouted Lucy. “Please don’t make me look at the ‘Truth Seeking Mirror’.”

    Lucy then proceeded to explain the events that happened the day before, but obviously she left out the part, about knowing his talent and being jealous.

    “Lucy…..but why?” asked Elena, losing her previous demeanor of a prideful being.

    “I can’t mother.” Shouted Lucy running out Dean Lilith’s office.

    “Elena, then I believe this matter is settled. Do you have anything else to say?” Asked Dean Lilith Calmly.

    “I….no.” Replied Elena bowing her head in shame. She was someone from birth, was bought up in an arrogant manner, she had never bowed in front of anyone. She did the same with her daughter. Why would Lucy lie? It made no sense, but right now she was unable to do anything about it.

    “Then I take my leave.” Spoke Elena depressingly, as she left the dean’s office.

    “Why are you still here? Do you need some sort of a special announcement to leave?” Spoke Lilith.

    “No Ms. Lilith, I’ll take my leave immediately, and thank you for your help.” Nate thanked here from the bottom of his heart.

    “Hmph.” Snorted Lilith. “I didn’t do it to help you.”

    Nate left the Main building, and was half way home when he remember something. “Oh shit, I have ‘Life Magic’ lessons at noon.”

    Nate immediately ran towards the other end of the ‘Academy’. ‘Life Magic’ unlike other forms of ‘Magic’ weren’t taught in the classrooms or arena, they were usually taught in the peaceful forests or in a calm place surrounded by nature.

    Nate was supposed to be at the ‘Forest of Life’, known widely for peaceful and calm atmosphere. Nate ran like crazy towards the forest.

    Somehow he managed to be on time as he saw no one else. “Perhaps I’m early?” He pondered.

    Suddenly the silhouette of a woman flashed in front of Nate. Dressed in a beautiful white robe, and letting her fiery red hair flutter in the wind, Regina appeared in front of him. He looked into here deep red eyes. Seeing her from close and seeing her from a distance, was literally the difference between heaven and earth. She was even more beautiful up close, maybe even more beautiful than his mother.

    Regina seeing the boy in front of her, staring at her let out a small chuckle. The chuckle snapped Nate back into reality from his dazed state.

    “Ms. Regina, why are you here?” Asked Nate puzzled. This class was supposed to be taken by the dean herself.

    “About that, since there was only a single student who opted from ‘Life Magic’, the dean couldn’t take out time from here busy schedule for a single student, so the task was passed onto me.”

    “Oh.” Nate, didn’t know what level she was at, in ‘Life Magic’, so he didn’t really know whether she would be a good teacher or a bad teacher.

    Regina seeing Nate’s expression, let out a small chuckle. She immediately knew his doubts. “I’ve just finished forming my ‘Spirit Pillar’ for ‘Life Magic’.”

    “What?” Nate exclaimed. He couldn’t help but admire the person in front of him. She is merely a hundred years old and has entered ‘Pillar Formation’ with three different types of magic. She surely wasn’t at her peak yet, she still had room for improvement. Maybe if given time she might just be as strong as his mother ‘Anastasia’ or even Dean Lilith. 

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    For any of you, that are still confused by the power levels:-

    Energy Expansion

    Energy Pool

    Energy Stream

    Energy River

    Energy Lake

    Energy Sea

    Energy Ocean


    Pillar Formation

    Pure Pillar

    Spirit Pillar

    Gem Pillar (Lord)

    High Pillar (King)

    Emperor Pillar (Monarch)

    Tyrant Pillar (Overlord)

  • Thanks for the chapter and clearing my mind about the power levels hahaha.
  • i'm really liking this so far, hope to see a l to more chapters in the future :)
  • Chapter 18 - Memories

    “To start off, I first need to know the state of your heart?” Asked Regina. “I need to you expel all emotions regarding ‘Anger’, ‘Selfishness’, ‘Jealousy’, ‘Lust’ and such negative emotions.”

    “This is one of the most important requirements of learning ‘Life Magic’. Only those with an extremely strong soul and pure thoughts could ever aspire to achieve greatness through ‘Life Magic’. The reason why there are so less mages or warriors who train in ‘Life Magic’, are due to its harsh requirements.”

    Nate sat in a meditative position. He slowly drifted into his world of thoughts. The first thing that popped up into his mind was ‘Anastasia’. He recalled the memories of the fun things he did with his mother over the past few years. He remembered her smile, her frown, he rage, and her laughter. He dearly missed her.

    But just as Nate was reminiscing about his happy memories, a small darkness, blanketed his thoughts, as his thoughts floated towards another section of mind. Hidden deep within his mind, he would’ve never come across these memories in his entire lifetime, if he hadn’t deluged into his thoughts. In this section of his mind, there was but a single memory. 

    He remembered seeing a woman, with long snow white hair, her face was blurred out, but he could tell she was pretty. 

    There was so much chaos going in the surrounding. There were some white robed people fighting against these black robed people.

    She was surrounded by different people shrouded in black garbs. Twelve white wings erupted from her back, she summoned some kind of a white humanoid titanic figure that stomped many to death. More of these black garbed people charge at her, but it was useless as they were simply crushed to meat pulps by the overbearing figure that was the pure white titan.

    A sinister looking man wearing one of the black garbs summoned a gigantic black mammoth that clashed with titan, as the man himself clashed with the woman. Ripples where sent thought the entire area, as ruble fell. He slashed his sword towards the woman, as a gigantic black arc, that blanketed the woman’s entire view shot towards her. 

    In response she held up held up her pristine white spear, as million on millions of white spears shot towards the gigantic black arc. The two moves clashed in midair as more ripples of energy were sent out killing the surrounding people, both black garbed people as well the white garbed people.

    Smokes filled the skies, and ruble filled the land. Oceans crashed and Mountain Trembled, as the people kept fighting.

    But of nowhere the world was surrounded in golden black flames, as a gigantic frame of a black being covered the skies, it completely covered the white titan and the black mammoth. Everything was burned to nothingness by this unknown figure, not a single being was left alive. Truly fear inspiring.

    Nate although was not included in the events couldn’t help but have fear erode his mind, as he laid his eyes upon the dark figure that covered the limitless skies, and released a domineering presence. 

    Suddenly everything went black, as the battle and its images faded away from Nate’s mind. 

    “Haaaaaaah.” Nate woke up, while breathing heavily. “*pant* Where *pant* am I?” asked Nate panting, as his face was covered in sweat.

    “What happened Nate?” Asked Regina, curiously. She could discern with a single glance that something had frightened Nate a great deal.

    “I don’t know.” Replied Nate, in a confused manner. He tried to remember his dream, but was unable to. The only thing he could remember was an endless pitch black scenery. 

    “Then it’s alright.” Said Regina, with a slight laugh. Although in the surface she seemed fine, she held a slight sense of suspicion towards the boy in front of her. He was clearly not an ordinary boy mage.

    “Now then, let’s start.” Said Regina, as she took a meditative position. “Like with all other elements that you’ve trained, you have to start by creating an ‘Energy Pool’ for ‘Life Magic’.”

    Nate, immediately slipped into energy visualization mode, calmly observing the flowing of energy. The difference between when a person absorbs energy by feeling and visualizing is like the difference between heaven and earth. When a person absorbs energy from the surrounding by feeling it, that person may absorb other elements by mistake, thus lowering the purity of the energy/mana accumulated in their ‘Energy Pool’.

    For instance a person training in the element of ‘Light’, may absorb energy from ‘Lightning’ due to their slight similarities. This in turn can cause their accumulated energy to lack purity, and lower the power supplied from it.

    But when a person is able to visual see the flow of energy, that person is capable of accurately selecting only the required energy from the nature, thus increasing the purity, and thus the power derived from it.

    Along with the mixture of flaming red, aqua blue, earthen yellow, void black, there were small particles of whitish green energy. Compared to the other monstrous amounts 
    of elemental energy in the nature, the amount of the whitish green energy particles were minute. These minute particles of whitish green energy was the ‘Life Energy’.

    Nate immediately began accumulating them in his ‘Life Pool’. But unlike with ‘Earth’ and ‘Darkness’, the process was extremely slow. Hours had gone by and Nate was not even close to forming an ‘Energy Pool’ for ‘Life Magic’. All he had was an extremely small puddle of whitish green water in his soul.

    Two days had gone by. Now Nate was surrounded in a faint whitish green light. The aura around Nate had become serene and peaceful. This sense of calmness spread to all around him. Near him many animals and magical beasts were quietly enjoying the feeling of pleasantness. 

    Regina, slightly raised her brows in astonishment. He had been able to stay in that state for two whole days. Such a feat is impossible by many. Even those who have entered ‘Pillar Formation’ stage would find it hard to stay in such a state for extended periods of time.

    Deep within Nate’s soul. An extremely gigantic body of Earthen Yellow water laid peacefully. Near the Earthen Yellow body of water, lay another extremely gigantic body of Deep Black water. Unlike the Earthen body of water, it was indistinguishable if there were any ripples or disturbances in this body of Deep Black water. These two bodies of waters were his ‘Earthen Sea’ and ‘Darkness Sea’, respectively.

    But near these two gigantic bodies of water, there laid another tiny body of water. It was a small pool of Whitish Green water. Unlike with the previous two, it didn’t have a gigantic size, but the aura released from it was almost comparable with the two. On this small pool of ‘Life Energy’ there were few white petals of flowers floating around. 

  • Chapter 19 - Life Magic

    Nate had successfully formed an ‘Energy Pool’ for ‘Life Magic’. 

    “Ms. Regina, I did. I finally formed an ‘Energy Pool’ for ‘Life Magic’.” Exclaimed Nate.

    Hearing this, a small smile crept upon Regina’s face. ‘This boy is truly not normal. For an average person, forming an energy pool for ‘Life Magic’ would take years, even a genius would take months. But he was able to form it in mere days. Truly deserves the title of a genius.’ Thought Regina.

    ‘But why would such an exceptional child and that too a boy be born on this planet? Just who are his parents? Is he really related to the ‘Ex Commander of Great Wings’, Anastasia?’ Regina could help but stare at the boy shrouded in mystery.

    “Very well done, Nate.” Smiled Regina. “But for now let’s keep this matter under the wraps. If you tell people about forming your ‘Life Pool’, people would get sad. You wouldn’t want people getting sad now would you?”

    “Of course not. Mommy told me not to make others sad. I’ll not tell anyone.” Said Nate sincerely.

    “Alright. Now that you’ve formed your ‘Energy Pool’ for ‘Life Magic’. I can teach you ‘Life Magic Spells’. Well unlike with the other elements ‘Life Magic’ is one that people barely train in. I myself only have an unranked grade spell with me, that my master gifted me when I formed my ‘Life Energy Pool’.”

    “Really Ms. Regina, would you teach me that?” Asked Nate, with his eyes wide opened.

    “Hahah, silly boy. Like it’s that easy to learn. I’ll teach you on three condition.” Laughed Regina.

    “What condition?” Asked Nate, puzzled.

    “You should never tell anyone about the spell. You should train the spell every day. You should never let anyone see the spell. Especially should not let any living person see the spell.” Spoke Regina, putting emphasis on her last condition.

    Nate was slightly frightened hearing Regina’s conditions, but quickly nodded in agreement. “Yes Miss, I won’t tell anyone. I’ll train it every day. I’ll never show it to anyone.”

    “Good Boy.” Laughed Regina. “The name of the spell is ‘Dance of a Million Petals’.”

    “Dance of….a..Million..Petals” To Nate the name didn’t sound very intimidating. Rather it sounded like a very a peaceful name.

    Regina noticed the slight disappointment on his face. “Nate let me ask you. What do you think of the spell ‘Dance of Million Petals’ is capable of?”

    Nate was slightly surprised. The question came out of nowhere. “Well, from the name it sounds like some sort of a support kind of spell.”

    Hearing this Regina, couldn’t stop her laughter. “Hahahahahahha, it’s definitely been a while since I’ve laughed like that. But don’t be sad. Even I had the same expression you had when my master told me about the spell.”

    “To explain the effects of the spell, I’ll need to first tell you a story.” Spoke Regina, as she stopped laughing.

    “A story?” Asked Nate, confused. “What help would the creation of the spell be for a person who is attempting to learn it?”

    “You can decide that for yourself after you’ve heard the story.” Smiled Regina. “A long, long time ago, there was a prince who loved many woman. He was a playboy, would juggle many woman at once. When a woman would break up with him for his infidelity he would find another woman, and would repeat the process over and over. He loved cheating on women, and burning flowers. The prince also had a very strong dislike for all the flower type beasts and plant type humanoids. The dislike had started when a plant type magical beast tripped him during his expedition in a forest when he was young.”
    “What a bad person, for such a reason he hated the all plant type lifeforms.” Snorted Nate.

    “Listen to the story you little bugger.” Said Regina, as she tapped his head. “As I was saying the prince had a very nasty habit of sending his men into the forest to kidnap various lifeforms and torture them to death. For this very reason, the king was very afraid to pass over the throne to his son. The people of the forest had launched complaints regarding the prince’s treatment of their kind. King was left with no option but to strip him off his royal and political powers within the kingdom. After losing his powers, the prince lost all his friends and women no paid him an attention. All this infuriated the prince and his hatred for the forest people grew. Like a shining ray of light into a cave of darkness, a piece of news made its way into the prince’s ears. The prince had learned the ‘Thunder Blaze Dynasty’ like him, shared a strong dislike for the forest people.”

    “The prince knew that the ‘Thunder Blaze Dynasty’ was force at least ten times stronger that his own kingdom. The prince made up his mind to train in ‘Fire Magic’ and ‘Lightning Magic’, so that he could join the ‘Thunder Blaze Dynasty’s’ army. The prince was an extremely talented mage in ‘Fire Magic’. A talent that’s seen only every hundred years. The prince spend 100 years training his ‘Fire Magic’ and ‘Lightning Magic’ to an extremely frightening level. The ‘Thunder Blaze Dynasty’ welcomed the prince with open arms, and awarded him the position of a Duke and gave him command over a hundred thousand men. Although not in his battle with the forest people, his name spread throughout the various continents against his battles with other nations. He was known for simply igniting the entire battlefield on fire and making the skies rain lightning bolts. Thus got the various nicknames such as ‘Fallen Prince’, ‘Thunder Blaze Commander’ and his most popular nickname ‘Flash Flame Overlord’ for his extremely fast speed, and his flame control.”

    “But one day against his battle with another commander, he used a supreme spell to kill the other commander. But the commander had already prepared an ambush for the famed ‘Flash Flame Overlord’. The prince was extremely exhausted from using his supreme technique, and was barely able to hold them off. The prince once again used his supreme spell to eradicate the enemy, but was gravely injured as a result. He fell from the burning skies, like an extinguishing shooting star.”

    “The prince thought that his life was going to end like that, but he was content. His only regret was not being able to wipe out the forest people. Just as he was at the end of his life, a beautiful maiden found his. She bought him to her home and nursed him back to health. The prince had forgotten to thank her, lost in her mesmerizing beauty. He immediately asked her to become his wife, but the beautiful maiden had refused. The prince vowed to never leave her side until she falls for him. Time passed slowly, as he came to the shocking realization that the beautiful maiden, was the queen of the forest people that he despised so much. But all feeling of hate slowly faded away from his heart, as he experienced the peaceful life within the forest.”

    “The Queen seeing the change in his heart, decided to grant him a ‘Seed of Life’ along with her heart. The Prince and the Queen eventually got married, and the Prince had finally ascended to the position of a King. He had also become an extremely strong expert in ‘Life Magic’. The Forest King and Queen spent countless years within the forest, peacefully, until one unfortunate day when the ‘Thunder Blaze Dynasty’ invaded. Many inhabitants of the forest perished that day. Even the Queen was unable to stop their invasion. Sadly the King had gone to a continent far away to establish close relationships. The Queen was defeated, then she was raped and mercilessly murdered along with many lifeforms in the forest. The army of the ‘Thunder Blaze Dynasty’ raped, robbed and enslaved countless lifeforms of the forest.”

    “The Forest King had returned and saw how his wife was disgraced and murdered by the ‘Thunder Blaze Dynasty. Instead of flying into a fit of rage, he first buried his beloved wife and gave her the funeral she deserved. The Forest King was surprisingly calm. It was the calmest he had ever been. He slowly summoned countless flowers and petals to surround his wife’s corpse. There were about a million petals all around him. The petals danced, as he mourned her lose. The very next day, the citizens, the army and the nobles had all passed away. Only the Thunder King and the Blazing Queen were alive. The corpses of the citizens, army and nobles weren’t mangled, there wasn’t a single drop of blood or any sign of struggle. They had simply passed away. Next to every corpse, there was but a single petal. The Thunder King and Blazing Queen raged out and started shouting like madmen. They were beyond anger and had reached the point of insanity. Everyone they knew, their cousins, children, grandchildren, everyone had passed away.”

    “The Forest King a.k.a ‘Flash Flame Overlord’ appeared before the Thunder King and Blazing Queen, and put them to their eternal slumber, death. ‘Dance of a Million Petals’, was the spell he had used to put the ‘Thunder Blaze Dynasty’ to an eternal sleep. Each and every petal, would go into a person’s body and absorb their soul energy, killing them in the process. The silent rage of the Forest King, spread throughout the continents like wildfire. The Forest king released those who were enslaved and bought them back to the forest, where he spent an eternity mourning for his wife, before disappearing forever. The end.”

    “*sob* the poor *sob* king.” Nate had started crying, at the tragic end of the story.

    “Don’t cry Nate.” Smiled Regina, as she started patting his head. “But know you know the powers of ‘Dance of a Million Petals’.”

    “Yes Miss. I understand.” Said Nate as he wiped away his tears.

  • ? When are you guys going to update it

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