Raging Black Star (Chapter 19 - Life Magic)

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Hey guys, it's Regalia author of 'Astral Entity'. This is my side project that I occasionally do when I'm bored with 'Astral Entity'. Hope it's to your tastes. I would really appreciate an immediate feedback for this one. I need to know whether to drop this one and only continue with 'Astral Entity'. Also this is slightly different form 'Astral Entity' setting wise. This will tend to be a bit more darker. 

A black coffin travelling through the limitless space, crashes into a planet. What will come out of the coffin? Glory? Power? Death? Despair? Apocalypse?.

Genre:- Action, Comedy, Romance, Tragedy, Violence, School life, Psychological.


  • Prologue

    The vast empty space. In all its majesty, the space has never failed to mesmerize, those who gaze upon it. The bright stars, the chilling atmosphere, the beauty of a meteor. Everything about the space is magnificently attracting.

    Through this empty, cold universe, a black blur was speeding through the remains of a fallen planet. The speed of the black blur, was beyond anything this universe has ever seen. It left special distortions in its trail. 

    A gigantic planet, resting on one of the far ends of the mighty universe. The planet had many visible cracks on its surface. Lava was seeping out of the ground, the sky was filled with black smoke. Not a single lifeform was visible anywhere in sight. 

    The gigantic, once a flourishing planet was taking its final breath. Truly a sad sight. The planet had been home a various lifeforms, most of which were peaceful. 

    Deep within the insides of this planet, a man with red skin was sitting in a cross legged position. He was staring at the blackened sky, with an emotionless face. He mumble some words, in a foreign language, unhappy at the things that were happening around him.    

    “Why have thou forsaken us?” Cried out the red skinned man in rage.

    “Why have thou denied us our lives?” The man continued to rage out at the empty, lonely sky. “Why, just have we done, that we deserve such a punishment?”

    “How long do you plan to ignore me?” Tears fell from the man’s eyes.

    “Answer me.” His eyes red with rage and sorrow. “Answer me ZARAKEIL.”

    Just as the red skinned man finished shouting, the blackened sky rumbled. More lava started to spew out from the ground, and the sky started to shake violently.

    Black smoke descended, from the sky. The black smoke smashed down from the skies violently. The black smoke shot out in every direction, eventually forming a humanoid figure from the remains.

    The humanoid being had two eye slots and a mouth, and no other facial features. The figure stood at almost 2 meters, with a strong build. The figure was completely black, with a solid body. White lights came out from its eyes slots.

    “Regidaze……..” The black figure spoke in an ancient voice, confused at what to say to the man in front of it.

    “Lord Zarakeil, please you have to save this planet.” Begged the red skinned man, named Regidaze.

    “Regidaze, it is not that I don’t want to save this planet. It is just that………. I cannot.” Said the being shaking its head in disappointment.

    “That…..that….can’t..be..true.” Said the man named Regidaze falling to his knees, crying. “You’re the….the almighty ruler.”

    The black being once again spoke. ”The being that caused this is far far stronger than me. I can’t even hold a candle to it.”

    “Lena…..forgive me I wasn’t able to keep the promise I made to you. Forgive me. I’ll join you soon enough.” Said Regidaze, a small smile crept to his face.

    “Regidaze, if you wish I can take you away. I allowed to take but one soul only.” Said the being named Zarakeil.

    The red skinned man, named Regidaze rushed back into the cave, and returned with a small girl. This girl unlike the red skinned man, didn’t have red skinned, rather she has flawless snow white skin, and crimson red hair. She was about 5 or 6 years old.

    “Lord Zarakeil, please take my daughter ‘Regina’ with you, in my place.” Said the man named Regidaze, kissing his daughter on her snowy red cheeks.

    “..Father..” The cute girl had a confused expression on her face.

    “Sweetie, you’ll have to go with Lord Zarakeil. He’ll take good care of you.” Regidaze, looked into his daughter’s deep red crimson eyes. 

    “..but I wanna stay with daddy.” Said the girl, teary eyed. 

    “hahah, sweetie daddy will always be with you.” Said Regidaze, his index finger touching her heart.

    The little girl, Regina instantly cupped both her hand over her heart. Regidaze happy, by the gesture slowly moved away from her.

    “Remember sweetie, mommy and daddy will always love you, no matter what.” Said Regidaze, as he vanished into the darkness of the dying planet.

    “..Daddy..” Shouted the little girl, trying to break free of Zarakeil’s restraint. But just what sort of an existence was Zrakeil, that a little girl would be able to escape his grip.

    She cried and cried. Eventually she cried herself to sleep.

    “Regidaze, I swear upon the creation of this universe that for as long as I live no harm shall befall your daughter. I swear upon the heaven’s that morn for the loss of this planet, that I will make her strong.” Zarakeil’s ancient voice thundered throughout the dying planet, and the nearby planets.

    Zarakeil slowly lifted her petite body, gently and flew off into the distance.


    In one corner of the dying planet, Regidaze sat quietly awaiting the impending doom. He had already come to terms with the fact that he is going to die. He didn’t fear death, as he knew that he would join his beloved. 

    The only regrets of his life was that he will be unable to see his daughter. He closed his eyes, to recall the precious memories that he cherished. That’s all that he has left of his daughter and wife.

    He recalled how he, met his wife for the very first time. She hated him at first, but slowly he managed to turn that hate into dislike. He would often try to woo her. After trying for countless years he finally managed to become her beloved. Then they got married, and eventually had a child.

    Regidaze was a man who loved his daughter and wife very much. The death of his wife was a shocking blow to him. Never in a million years did he expect that such a catastrophe would befall his family and planet.

    “If only I hadn’t done that………” Cried Regidaze regretting something he had done.

    Just as Regidaze was recall the precious moments of his life, a strong force shook the dying planet to its very core. The extremely strong force, forcefully snapped him back to reality.

    He looked up at the dark skies, to see what had caused such a strong force. In the distance he could see a black blur, moving at extremely high speeds.

    “Red Eye” Regidaze’s forehead spilt revealing a third eye. Right now he could clearly see the black figure that was making its way through the empty vast space.

    It was a……coffin! A lacquer black, chained up coffin. 

    “Just what in the world……?” Regidaze was at a loss for words, staring at the sight in front of his eyes.

    The black coffin, passed by Regidaze’s dying planet, and shot off into the distance.

    Regidaze, just realized what the black coffin resembled, and gasped at shock. His face painted with fear, as he watched the coffin disappear into the nothingness of the space. The planet exploded!
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    Is it his body?

    Nope, it'll be explained in the next chapter.

  • Chapter 1 - The Black Bird

    The explosion of planet, completely shattered the solar system, which the planet was orbiting.

    The force of the planet was so great that, the invincible coffin, that was affect by anything, was pushed to the side. Thus completely changing its trajectory.

    The black coffin was headed straight for a planet, light years away from the planet that exploded. As the black coffin entered the surface of the planet, it caught on fire. It was like a showering meteor. But all of a sudden the orange flame, burned black and more intensely.

    The black coffin, crashed into a volcano that was oozing out black lava. The crash caused a gigantic explosion, partial destroying the volcano in the process.

    This explosion, was humongous.

    A beast slumbering beneath the volcano, awoke in all its rage. It was a bird, with dark black feathers coverings its entire body. Alongside the black feathers, it occasionally had golden feathers, which gave it a regal feel. The bird had red eyes, and a single golden black feather, on its forehead.

    With a single flap of its wings, the partial destroyed volcano was completely turned to dust.

    Surprising the black coffin, simply remained where it had crashed, with moving an inch.

    The black bird, stared at the coffin, sharply. After a while it used its tough claws to rip it open. But it was of no use as the chains binding the coffin was simply too strong.

    The bird willed, and its entire bored blasted in to black flames. The Skies trembled, the Earth shook, and air distorted.  The bird once again flap its wings, but this time releasing the black flames. The entire vicinity caught on fire, and burned to nothingness. Nothing was left, everything was destroyed if front of the almighty black flame.

    Once again the coffin didn’t move an inch, and remained where it had crashed. The ground melted, and the air shattered, but the rage of the black bird was sky high.

    “Sea of Flames.” The black bird spoke in an arrogant tone.

    With a single flap it took to the skies. The bird stared at the black coffin with disdain, and descended, leave a trail of black flames in its path, as it charged towards the black coffin.

    The air once again distorted, causing minor special tremors and major tornados in the surrounding areas.

    The descent of the bird, burned down the very continent that it inhabited. The very continent had burned down to nothingness. The sea was littered with black rocks, and ashes.

    The black bird lifted its head, in pride satisfied with the result. The smoke slowly disappeared, revealing a small piece of land. And on that land was a lacquer black coffin.

    The moment the black bird saw this, its face twisted with rage, and it charged towards the black coffin like a mad beast. But just before the bird collided into the coffin, a snap was heard. The chain binding the coffin had shattered.

    Seeing this the rage of the bird quenched. IT slowly landed next to coffin, and snapped it open with its claws.

    “Wwwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh” A loud cry was heard once the bird opened the suitcase.

    It was the cry of a baby. The black coffin, had a red interior, with soft cushions. Within the coffin was a baby, barely 6 months old. The baby had black hair, with a single strip of white hair in the front. The baby was simply wrapped in a small red towel, and nothing else.

    “An infant?” The bird spoke. A sympathetic looked flashed in the bird’s eyes, and disappeared the next second.

    The black bird looked at the baby, with an expressionless face. Black flames flickered in and out of existence, from its wings. It was contemplating as to whether to kill the baby, or abandon it. The black bird emitted a black glow, turning the surrounding world into pitch black darkness.

    The darkness slowly lifted. In the place of gigantic black bird, was a woman in her early 30’s. She adorned a black tight robe, with gold trimmings and embroidery. On her black robe, there was a golden embroidery of a bird. She had long lustrous black hair that reached till her knees. With her endless black hair, occasional strips of golden hair, was visible. She was absolutely beautiful.

    Emitting a certain beauty, and surrounding herself in a prideful air, she slowly walked towards the child. Her face which still remained expressionless, flickered for a split second before it returned back to normal. She raised her hand, and pointed her index finger towards the baby. On the tip of finger, black flames danced about.

    But for some reason, she didn’t feel an animosity towards the baby. Normally she hated all forms of lifeform. But in this case something was off. The black flame from her finger disappeared. All of a sudden, the baby’s tiny hands reached for the woman’s slender finger. Both of the baby’s hands clasped onto the finger.

    Seeing this the woman, was startled, she even considered burning the baby right then and there. After seeing that baby, merely wanted play, she let of a small chuckle. She who has never laughed for a long, long time had let out a small chuckle. The woman bend down towards the baby, and picked it up. She slowly unwrapped the towel covering the baby.  

    “Ohh, that’s definitely a boy.” She remarked.

    From the towel a jade envelope fell. The woman picked up the jade letter, and unsealed it. Inside it there were two letters. The woman randomly picked on up and opened it, to read its content.

    “Ell, I’m sorry. Please forgive me and Ell, take care of him. He is-“ The letter barely had one line, and to it wasn’t completed.

    “Ell, where have I heard that name? It sounds like a female’s name.” The woman tried to remember where she had heard the name ‘Ell’.

    Just as the woman finished reading the letter, a hidden compartment of the coffin opened, revealing a slender black longsword.

    The woman picked up the sword, and swung it around. It didn’t have anything special about it. The woman held the baby in her right hand and the sword in her left hand.

    “Hmph, I’ll keep it until its owner returns.” Snorted the woman. It was unknown whether she spoke about the baby or the sword. She stored the coffin and the black sword in her special ring.

    Slowly the woman bought the baby towards her chest, and caressed it. Black wings erupted from her back, and she slowly floated up. A faint black light surrounded her and the baby. She instantly vanished into thin air, with the baby.

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    Chapter 2 - To Protect

    “Mother, mother.” A cute child, with a small stature was running up a small hill. The child had a head full of black, except for a single strip of white hair. The child’s right eye were deep purple, with a speck of black light within the purple pupils, for iris. While his left eye, was a bright green, with a speck of deep black light for iris. His eyes were truly astonishing. One resembled the limitless empty space, while the other an endless forest of mystery.

    The child was dressed in a black garb. On his back was a big wooden net.

    On the top of the hill was an extremely beautiful woman, with long lustrous deep black hair, with golden strips here and there. Her eyes were a beautiful golden that mesmerized anyone who saw them. Although her looks were gentle and sophisticated, the aura she exuded was that of an extremely prideful being.  

    She was dressed in a black Victorian dress, with red rose oh her shoulder. In her right hand she held a long blackish jade spear, with on tip having a small blue ribbon tied to it.

    “Nathanial, were where you?” Questioned the woman.

    “Mom, I’d gone to catch butterflies.” Said the child, holding up a single butterfly.

    “Ah,” Sighed the woman. “What am I going to do with you? I told to go train, not to run around the garden catching butterflies.”

    “Why? Mom’s strong, so you’ll protect me right?” Laughed the child innocently.

    “Of course, Mommy will always protect her little Nate. But what will you do if mommy needs to be protected? What will you do if someone wants to hurt Mommy?”

    “That…….of course I’ll protect Mommy’’ Replied the child without any hesitation.

    “And how exactly are you going to do that?” Asked the woman, bringing the child to her lap and ruffling through his black hair.

    “That…….I don’t know.” Replied the child, in a sad tone. Tears almost fell from his eyes.

    “To protect someone, one needs power. And to get power one needs to train.” Answered the woman, wiping away the child’s tears. “Mommy won’t ask little Nate to protect her, but if little Nate ever meets someone who little Nate wants to protect what will you do?”

    “For as long as Mommy lives, no one will ever harm little Nate. But eventually little Nate, you’ll have to go outside this forest. People are cold and cruel. If you want to protect then you have to be strong. There was a time when Mommy wasn’t strong enough. At that time someone took something that meant a great deal to Mommy. If you don’t have strength, people will walk all over you. Mommy doesn’t want little Nate to go through what Mommy went though. That’s why little Nate you have to become strong.” Said the woman in a sad tone, recalling a sorrowful moment from her past.

    “Who took Mommy’s toy, I’ll go ask him to give it back.” Replied Nate to cheer up his mom.

    “Hahah, really. The fact the little Nate is willing to do that is already enough for Mommy. Also what that person took from Mommy is not something that can be returned.” Replied the woman, as she continued ruffling through Nate’s hair.

    “Mommy will make Little Nate very strong, so that no one will disrespect little Nate.”

    “But I don’t want to leave you Mommy. Please don’t leave me alone. I like it best when I’m with mommy, so please don’t leave.” Nathanial started crying and begging his mother, not to leave.

    “You silly boy, Mommy won’t go anywhere. With such a cry baby for a son, how can Mommy even think about leaving you alone?” Laughed the woman. But deep with her laugh was deep sorrowful mourn, that was hidden.

    “Really.” Asked the boy, his eyes lighting up.

    “Of course.” Replied the woman, her facing revealing a truly gentle smile.

    “Mommy I’m hungry, I want ‘Horned Rabbit’ stew.” Said Nate, his stomach grumbling.

    “Hahaha, little glutton. Mommy will make it for you.” Replied the woman.

    The woman tightly held on to the child’s hand, as they walked through the dense green forest, towards a big mansion, made completely of ‘Green Wood’. ‘Green wood is a type of wood that is even stronger and denser than pure iron. It is normally found within the stomachs of ‘Forest Giants’.

    There were two huge ‘Stone Golems’ at the main gate of the mansion. Just as they saw the woman with child walking towards the mansion, they immediately opened the gates to welcome them.

    “Welcome back Mistress BlackHeart and Young Master Nate.” Replied the ‘Stone Golems’ in unison.

    “Hello big Uncle Ben and big Uncle Ken.” Said Nate smiling, as he walked by them.

    The courtyard of the Greewood Mansion was filled with different kinds of trees and plants. Gardening is Nate’s favorite hobby.

    At the door of the mansion, stood a man nearly 2 meters tall. He wore a butler suit, with a tail coat and bow tie. The man was in his mid 40’s.

    “Madam” The man looked at woman, and gave a slight bow. “Young Master you’re looking as energetic as always.”

    “Claus, come play with me.” Shouted Nate, running towards the man.

    “Young Master, I really wish I could, but I have to run an important errand for the Madam.” Said Claus, with a sorry expression.

    “Ok.” Nate nodded his head with disappointment.

    “But we can play some other time. Ok how about this, once I comeback I’ll take you on a ride, on the ‘Starlight Pegasus’. How about that?”

    “Really. You’ll really take me to ride Pom-Pom?” Asked Nate, his light lighting up like fireworks.

    "Pom-Pom ?" the man named Clause, looked at Nate in confusion.

    "He likes it best when I call him Pom-Pom" Replied Nate smiling.

    “Of course.” Replied Claus, taking off.

    “Nate, go take bath. By then your stew will be done.” Said the woman.

    Nate nodded, and went towards the bath area.

    The woman, walked towards he study. Just before she opened the door, she covered herself in a black energy, and released untold killing intent.

    She opened the door, and walked in. On her seat was another woman, who greatly resembled her. The other woman had long lustrous white hair. She had beautiful blue eyes, and a gentle smile, that could cause nations to war over her. She adorned a frilly white Victorian dress, which seemed almost like a wedding dress.

    “Anastasia BlackHeart.” Spoke the other. “Oh my, how the times have changed. Once the leader of the 10 great wings, now nothing more than a common human.” The woman’s voice held contempt and mockery that completely contradicted her gentle looks.

  • This great and a good change of pace from Astral Entity. You should continue with this.
  • This great and a good change of pace from Astral Entity. You should continue with this.

    But the updates for this will be slower. Maybe by December, I'll be able to release around 3 chapters a week. But until then, it'll vary between 1-2 chapters a week.  
  • That's fine. It's good that it will update even if it is not like one every day.

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    Chapter 3 - Anastasia BlackHeart 

    Why have you come here Katherine?” Asked Anastasia, with an expressionless face.

    “Hahaha, do you think that the current you is qualified to called me by first name so casually? It’s Ms. WhiteBurn.” Retorted the woman, named Katherine.

    “Oh really. I highly doubt that a whore like you, is capable of surpassing me in any aspect what so ever.” Replied Anastasia, her expressionless remaining cold as ever.

    “You bitch. I’ll make you eat those words.” Katherine’s face turned red with rage. A white flame burned on her beautiful finger tips. “I’ll show you the power of the WhiteBurn family, the family of the holy flames.”

    Katherine, pointed her hand towards Anastasia, and a wild white flame shot towards her. The air around the flame started to distort, the mansion slightly shook, but Anastasia remained expressionless. She showed no hint of fear or panic in front of such great power.

    She simply held out her hand waiting for the white flame to arrive. As the white flame arrived she simply took hold of the flames with her bare hands.

    “Are you crazy? Do you want your hands to burn of that much? Then please be my guest.” Laughed Katherine. She believed that her flame was definitely more superior to that of an exile. But the result that followed was one that she did not predict.

    Anastasia simply crushed the flame, without breaking a sweat. “Is that all?” She had, with her expressionless face. All this while Katherine knew that Anastasia was strong, but she never felt any fear towards her. But after she destroyed her flame, with a face devoid of an expression, the seeds of fear had been planted.

    “You…” Katherine wanted to say something, but she was so angry that she didn’t even bother to think of things to call her.

    “Katherine if you’ve come to fool around, I suggest you go to a local pub. There’s a good one, south of here.” Anastasia passed her, and moved towards her seat.

    “Hpmh, like I’d come her to fool around.” Katherine took out a parchment, and tossed it towards Anastasia.

    Anastasia’s eyes slowly moved around the parchment. “This is…….” Her face devoid of emotions started to show rage. Killing intent so strong, that it was almost tangible filled the room. Her body unconsciously started releasing a small black flame.

    “How……just how could Anabelle, let her become one of the 10 great wings?” Shouted Anastasia. “Why is she free? She should be imprisoned in ‘Mount EverDoom’.”

    “Hmph, we needed someone to fill the 10th seat of the 10 great wings. Also she broke out form ‘Mount EverDoom’ last year. According to the rules laid down by the 10 great wings, ‘If one successful manages to break out of ‘Mount EverDoom’, he/she shall have their sentence cleared.” Replied Katherine.

    “I’ll kill her.” Anastasia spoke in a cold tone. “I’ll tear her body apart, and burn it to nothingness.”

    “I won’t stop you, but if you do so you’re acting against the whole 10 great wings. Then I’ll be forced to act.” Replied Katherine calmly. “Also she is stronger than before. I highly doubt that you’ll be able to stop her.”

    “After what she did to me. How can you let her become one of the 10 great wings?” The killing intent released by Anastasia was suffocating.

    “Although I hate you, I hate her more. I’m the not the biggest fan of you, but what she did to you was an unforgivable act. Although me and Cynthia were against it, the over 7 voted for her.” Katherine’s voice no longer held any hate or anger towards Anastasia.

    “I just came her to warn you. She is most likely to come for you, and this time using the forces of the 10 great wings. It is not something that you can hold out against. I suggest that you immediately leave.” Spoke Katherine.

    Just then the door to the study was opened, and a small boy walked in.

    “Mommy I finished my bath.” Spoke the boy smiling at his mother.

    “Little Nate….” Anastasia’s killing intent, simply washed away like sand on a beach the moment her eyes fell on little Nate.

    Katherine stared at the little boy in front of her. “My my, what a cute boy. What’s your name dear?” Asked Katherine in a gentle voice.

    “My name is Nathanial BlackHeart. Miss are you my mother’s friend?” Asked Nate innocently.

    “Hhahaha, I’m your mother’s best friend.” Replied Katherine revealing a gentle smile.

    “Little Nate, go out and play. Mommy will be there in a second.” Said Anastasia

    Nate nodded, and left the study.

    “Woah, you got pregnant again? When did this happen? Who is the father? Tell me everything.” Said Katherine, astonished.

    “Hmph I don’t have to explain a thing to you.” Replied Anastasia. “But still Katherine thank you.”

    “Now that you have a child, it’s even more important that to listen to my advice and leave this place as soon as possible.” Spoke Katherine. “Julie will not stop until your blood is spilled.”

    “Never mention her name in front me.” Anastasia raged out.

    “Anyways I have to leave now. Carefully think about what I said.” Beautiful wings erupted from Katherine’s back, as she slowly walked out of the window.

    After Katherine left, Anastasia simply started into out of the window. She started to recall all the things she wanted to forget.

    Julie Storm, was an acquaintance of Anastasia. Over a century ago they were best friends, but one day when Anastasia returned from battle she found her husband and daughter’s corpses burned beyond recognition.  When Anastasia asked her why she did it, her reply was simply. “Because I felt like it.”

    Anastasia went mad with rage and attacked her immediately with everything. The battle lasted for 3 whole days. Julie’s wings were forcefully torn from her body. Her legs were mangled, and her face scared. Anastasia, also known as the ‘Immortal Flame’, ‘Commander of the Wings’, Nightmare Queen’ had shown her true might. She had shown the world why she was the leader of the ’10 Great Wings’. Even though she had won the battle, she had lost the war.

    Except for the fact that she was able to take revenge, she gained nothing else form it.

    Ever since that day she has not trained in the slightest. The day she lost her husband and child, was the day she adopted her cold exterior and emotionless face. The only time she had actually exerted some effort after that time, was when she was trying to open the coffin, from which she found Nathanial.

    He was the only ray of hope in her cold and meaningless life. If Julie had gotten stronger, she would definitely come for revenge. And on that day if she wasn't able to protect Nate, she would never forgive herself. “I have to get stronger.” She hardened her resolve. She saw Nate playing in the garden, trying to catch butterflies.

    “My sweet little Nate……Mommy might not be able to keep her promise of being with you forever.” She spoke the words, with a sorrowful voice. “When that time comes, please forgive Mommy.”

    “Claus.” She spoke.

    Clause appeared from within the shadows of the room. “You called, Madam.”

    “Yes, prepare my weapon, and starting tomorrow I’ll begin to train again.” She spoke with confidence. ”Also on the off chance that something actually happens to me, take little Nate and descend to the ‘Shadow World’.”

    “As you command Madam.” Claus agreed hesitantly. He had never seen his Master this determined in all his life.

  • Three words: Incredibly beautifully written. 
    • Good punctuation
    • Interesting Plot
    • Relatable characters
    • Nice progression
    Must i even go on? LOL keep up the good work m8.
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    Chapter 4 - Training

    Anastasia was sitting on top of in a meditative position, on top of a small hill. Her long black hair fluttered in wind. On her side was a crimson black spear.

    A boy ran up toward her. “Mommy you called for me?” He asked, smiling.

    “Oh, you came little Nate. I thought you’d be too busy catching butterflies, and chasing ponies.” Laughed Anastasia.    

    “Well, I already caught, 14 butterflies today, but the ponies are too fast for me. Anyways why did you call me, Mommy?” He asked pulling his, falling trousers up.

    “Starting today onwards you’ll train with Mommy. I know you hate training because it is related to fighting, but you have to become strong. At least do it for Mommy.” Asked Anastasia pleadingly.

    “Of course, I’ll do it. If it’s for Mommy I’ll do it.” Nate replied smiling.

    “Okay to start thing off, show me the right position to start the training?” Asked Anastasia.

    Nate, immediately moved next to his mother, and sat down in a cross legged position. “This is the right position to sit in.” He replied confidently.

    “Hahah, well done.” Complimented Anastasia

    “Now tell me about the various ‘Stages’?” Asked Anastasia.

    “Well, first stage is ‘Energy Expansion’. You absorb the energy from the nature, and liquidate it, forming a miniature pool of energy in your body. You have to keep training to increase the pool until it becomes an ocean. Once the energy pool has been expanded to an ocean, we can move forwards towards stage two which is ‘Pillar Formation’. In this stage we take the ocean of energy that we created in our body, and slowly mold into the form of a pillar. After that we have to focus on making the pillar denser and denser.”

    “Well done. You didn’t miss out a single point.” Said Anastasia.

    Hearing compliments after compliments form his mother, Nate’s face was one that was full of smiles.

    “Tell me about the various stages of ‘Energy Expansion’?” Asked Anastasia.

    “The ‘Energy Expansion’ follows the tranquility law of water. First we liquidate the energy we absorb from the surroundings and form an ‘Energy Pool’, then we expand it into an ‘Energy Stream’, after that we expand it into an ‘Energy River’, then into an ‘Energy Lake’, then an ‘Energy Sea’, and finally we expand it into an ‘Energy Ocean’ which is the peak of ‘Energy Expansion’.” Replied Nate, confidently. Although he hated training and fighting, he had listened to Claus.

    Clause would little Nate about the various adventure he had been on, and thus had to explain the various stages of power.

    “You truly did your studying.” Laughed Anastasia. “Also tell me about the various stages of ‘Pillar Formation’?”

    “First of all we have to slowly solidify the liquid energy we have. For that we need calmly guide the ‘Energy Ocean’, and slowly mold it into a pillar. The first form is ‘Pure Pillar’, which is basically the energy that has been turned into the basic pillar.” Nate continued.

    “Then we enhance the ‘Pure Pillar’, with our spirit. Thus forming a ‘Spirit Pillar’. The energy in the ‘Spirit Pillar’ is much more pure and denser, thus leading to greater powers. Then we enhance the ‘Spirit Pillar’, by giving it the hardness of a gem. Thus forming a ‘Gem Pillar’. Then we enhance the ‘Gem Pillar’ by embedding the powers of the almighty sky in it. Thus forming a ‘High Pillar’.” Nate was very excited as he talked about this.

    “After that we add the ruling aura of a ‘Monarch’ into the ‘High Pillar’. Thus forming an ‘Emperor Pillar’. Because of this very reason those that have an ‘Emperor Pillar’ are referred to as ‘Monarchs’. Finally we enhance the ‘Emperor Pillar’ one final time, giving it the ferocity and authority of an ‘Overlord’. Thus forming the ‘Tyrant Pillar’. For this very reason those that have managed to form a ‘Tyrant Pillar’ are known as ‘Overlords’.” Nate finished.

    It should be noted that a person without any talent, would take a century to form their ‘Energy Sea’. A person with decent talent would be able to same within half a century. A person who is truly gifted and talented is capable of forming his/her ‘Energy Sea’ by the age of 25 to 35.

    ‘Pillar Formation’ is a stage that is outside the capability of the majority. Even the minority that actually manage to break into ‘Pillar Formation’ stage get stuck on ‘Pure Pillar’. Those who have formed a ‘High Pillar’ stand at the very pinnacle of this world. They fear very little.

    Anastasia simply smiled at him.

    “Mother what stage are you at?” Asked Nate.

    “Me? I’m currently forming my first ‘Emperor Pillar’ for the attribute of ‘Darkness’.” She replied.

    “What do you mean by first ‘Emperor Pillar? Does it mean that we can have more than one ‘Emperor Pillar’?”

    “Well of course, a person can have unlimited number of ‘Energy Pools’ in his or her body. The is no way that a person will be able to draw out ‘Fire’ energy and ‘Water’ energy from the same ‘Energy Pool’.”

    “It depends on the number of attributes a mage or warrior can utilize. I myself train in four attributes. For three of my attributes I’ve already formed ‘High Pillars’, only one of my attributes is still stuck in ‘Spirit Pillar’.” Spoke Anastasia proudly.

    Having 3 ‘High Pillars’ by itself demonstrates just what sort of a monster Anastasia is. To top things of she if a ‘Divine Variant Beast’ known as ‘Black Solar Phoenix’. This is where she got her signature ‘Black Flame’. It was her innate skill.

    “Tell me about the attributes of a person?” Asked Anastasia.

    Nate looked confused a moment, before he finally answered. “There is ‘Fire’, ‘Water’, ‘Earth’, ‘Air’, ‘Thunder’, ‘Light’ and  ‘Darkness’.” Replied Nate confidently.

    “You’re wrong. What you’ve stated are the basic attributes. In this world there are countless attributes, such as ‘Time’, ‘Chaos’, ‘Blood’ and many more.” Explained Anastasia.

    “But of course a certain amount if talent is required to master such difficult attributes. What are ‘Variant Attributes’?” Asked Anastasia. Till now she had been bombarding him with questions after questions.

    “Those are…..Ah right. ‘Variant Attributes’ are those attributes that greatly resemble another attribute but is somewhat different at the same time. For example ‘Lava’ Magic is a stronger variant of ‘Fire’ Magic.” Replied Nate.

    “What happens to a person’s ‘Energy Pool’ who trains in ‘Fire’ when he/she starts training in ‘Lava’?” Asked Anastasia.

    “Well that depends. The stronger ‘Variant Attribute’ will take over the other attribute. Given that ‘Fire’ is weaker that ‘Lava’, I think that ‘Fire Energy Pool’ will be converted into a ‘Lava Energy Pool’. Am I right Mommy?” Asked Nate after explaining everything he knew.

    “Very well done. You correct. Not many people are this knowledgeable about ‘Variant Attributes.” Complimented Anastasia.

    The mother and son chatted about some common things, and then shared a small meal on the hill top, watching the starry sky.

    “Mommy are people beyond the stars strong?” Asked Nate.

    “Very.” Replied Anastasia.

    “Mommy will I become that strong?” Asked Nate.

    “If you train up a bit more, I don’t see why not.” Laughed Anastasia. “I’ve also heard legends about people who are capable of fusing two or ‘Energy Pools’. This universe is a gigantic place.”

    Anastasia realized that Nate had already fallen asleep in her lap. 

    She kissed him on his forehead. “Sleep well, my little prince.”

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    Chapter 5 - Monster on a Silver Platter

    “Ahhn.” Nate slowly woke up from his sleep. “Weird, how did I end up on my. I was sure that I was with mother.” The last thing Nate remembers is star gazing with his mother.

    He got up and went downstairs towards the kitchen, to grab a bite to eat.

    The sight he saw almost made him, jump up in astonishment. It was his very prideful mother, wearing an apron and cooking together with the rest of the servants.

    “Umh…..mother what are doing?” Asked Nate, in confusion.

    “What? A mother can’t cook breakfast for her son?” Replied Anastasia with a small smile.

    The smell of pancakes soon filled the entire 'GreenWood Mansion'. Nate’s slumbering tummy, awoke in all it’s might.

    He and Anastasia was seated on the opposite sides of a huge dining table meant for at least 12 – 13 people.

    “Mom, these are really good. This is by far the best food you’ve ever made. It’s only second to uncle Luigi.” Laughed Nate, showing his mouth with food.

    “I’m glad you like it.” Smiled Anastasia, seeing her son trying to bite off a bit more than he can chew, literally.

    After the breakfast the two return to the spot, where they were training yesterday.

    “Nate today we’ll test your attributes. Sadly I only have the basic attribute tester, that can only show your attributes relating to ‘Fire’, ‘Water’, ‘Wind’, ‘Earth’, ‘Lightning’, ‘Light’ and ‘Darkness’.” Said Anastasia, in a slightly disappointed tone. “If you want to have a detailed test of your attributes you’ll have to join a major force, like a high sect or a mighty school.”

    Anastasia revealed a small crystal sphere, which was completely transparent. “Place your hand on top of this.”

    Nate slowly raised his hand, and put it on the crystal sphere. The sphere seemed to have some reaction as it started shaking. A black wind rushed towards the crystal sphere, forming a mini blanket of darkness. The area surround Nate’s hand and crystal sphere completely was submerged in darkness. Not a hint of light passed through.

    The crystal sphere’s color was deep black, without a hint of luster. It was like staring into the very depth of the abyss. After a while the Crystal sphere returned to its original colorless form.

    “God Class affinity to ‘Darkness’!!!!!” Anastasia Exclaimed. She had only heard legends about those that had ‘God Class’ affinities which were sure to form at least an ‘Emperor Pillar’. But according to legends those that have ‘God Class’ affinities will be able to effortlessly form a ‘Tyrant Pillar’.

    Within a short while the crystal sphere once again started to glow. This time the color was yellow. The ground slowly shook. Cracks appeared on the ground where Nate was standing. The very air rumbled, as dust gathered near Nate, alongside sand, and other properties of land. Small pieces of rocks and stones started floating around Nate at extremely high speeds.

    “…….’God Class’ affinity towards ‘Earth’…” Anastasia spoke after remaining silent for a while. She simply stared at Nate with awe and fear, alongside a slight hint of envy.

    ‘Just what sort of monster did I raise?’ Thought Anastasia to herself. ‘At least with this he’ll be safe. I don’t have to worry about him not being strong enough.’ She truly felt as though a burden had been lifted off her chest. She had always worried about, Nate.

    Anastasia truly cared for him form the very bottom of her heart. To the current he meant the world. After the loss of her husband and daughter, she has never loved anyone. Then one fine day ‘Nate’ was handed to her on a silver platter.

    The moment she decided to adopt ‘Nate’, she hardened her resolve to protect him from everything. Until couple of days back she was sure of being able to protect him. After all just what sort of an existence was she? She who was known as the ‘Immortal Flame’, ‘Nightmare Queen’, ‘Commander of the wings’, ‘Monarch of Black Flames’ feared nothing. To be more specific it was the other way around. Every single living organism with basic common sense knew who she was and feared her greatly.

    But all that changed once she heard that ‘Julie’ broke out ‘Mount EverDoom’, and became one of the ’10 great wings’. According to ‘Katherine’, she had even started forming her ‘Emperor Pillar’.

    There is reason as to why breaking out of ‘Mount EverDoom’ clears your sentence, not matter the crime. Because breaking out off ‘Mount EverDoom’, is the same as descending to hell and spitting on the ‘Demon God’s’ face, and expecting to escape unscathed. Its very notion was impossible.

    In all of history only one other person has successfully broken out of ‘Mount EverDoom’, and that too it was a youth of merely 25 years. It was said that the youth that broke of out there was the descendant of a ‘Dragon’. Using his almighty powers he effortlessly defeated the first generation of the ’10 Great Wings’, which was said to be the strongest generation of the ’10 Great Wings’.

    The members of first generation of the ’10 Great Wings’ were people who had formed at least one ‘Tyrant Pillar’. Those 10 ‘Overlords’ were easily defeated. The youth was someone who had broken through to a stage beyond ‘Pillar Formation’. His existence was simply godlike, and awe inspiring.

    This event was publicly known as 'Clipped Wings of Mount EverDoom'. Although the first generation of the '10 Great Wings' were not killed off, they suffered quite a lot of severe injuries that rendered them useless for centuries. By the time they recovered they were far too old, and was nearing their death. Thus, those fairy like existence's had their wings clipped by the youth.

    The little boy she had raised, had two ‘God Class’ affinities.

    “Little Nate, Mommy can provide you guidance on ‘Darkness’, as it is one of my specialties. The ‘Earth’ affinity on the other hand, I know very little. You’d be wasting your potential if Mommy taught you.” Said Anastasia, with disappointment. She was a ‘Phoenix’, naturally she wanted her son to have the affinity for ‘Fire’.

    Anastasia was arguably the best user of ‘Fire’ and one of the strongest users of ‘Darkness’ in this world.

    “Little Nate, sit in your meditative position.” Spoke Anastasia.

    “Um-Hm” Nodded Nate. He immediately sat in a meditative position.

    “Now tightly shut your eyes, and try to feel the flow of energy in the nature.” Anastasia was helping him in forming his very first ‘Energy Pool’.

    Nate could sense various types of energy that was flowing all around him. The feeling of cold water, dusty earth, burning flames, rustling winds, stinging lightning, purifying lights, and aching darkness.

    Nate went beyond feeling the energy in the nature. As a matter of fact he could very clearly hear the energy. The falling droplets of water, the rumbling earth, blowing winds, crackling thunders, exploding flames, bursting lights, and the silent darkness.

    Nate once again went beyond touch and sound, he entered the realm of visualization. The blue color water energy, red color flame energy, silver color wind energy, yellow color earth energy, green color lightning energy, white color light energy, and the black color darkness.

    When he told Anastasia that he was able to see the energy flow in the nature around him, she literally jumped up in astonishment. Only upon reaching ‘Monarch’ level is a person able to visualize the flow of energy around them.

    For a child of 4 years who has yet to form an ‘Energy Pool’ visualizing energy flow is far to unbelievable and godlike. Even Anastasia herself had just begun to see the specks of light that differentiate the various energies present in the nature.

  • Chapter 6 - First Skill 'Fallen Shadow'

    Of course Anastasia, did not inform him of his talents. Nate is still far too young, she didn’t was him to grow arrogant or overconfident. Also as a child it is practically impossible to keep secrets, therefore chances of Nate let the facts slip out are high. All in all the best decision was to tell him, after he has gained enough maturity and intelligence.

    “Now what mother?” Asked Nate, while feeling and visualizing the energy flow in the nature.

    “Now, that you can distinguish between the energy flows of different attributes, I want you to absorb those that are compatible with your affinities, which is ‘Earth’ and ‘Darkness’.” Replied Anastasia.

    Nate gave a small nod, and once again shut his eyes, to visualize the energy flow of the nature. He saw countless particles of yellow light moving around him, along with that he could also clearly various black particles of light, which moved in mysterious patterns.

    Nate slowly started absorbing the ‘Yellow Light’ surrounding him. He willed and the light was slowly accumulating in his body.

    “Okay mommy, I absorbed the ‘Earth’ energy in my body now what?” Nate asked in a hurry. He was very intrigued by this activity. Till yesterday, he didn’t care about training at all. What Nate loved most was gardening and chasing butterflies.

    “Now liquidate the energy you’ve accumulated in your body, to form an ‘Energy Pool’.” Replied Anastasia stunned. For a pure beginner to accumulate energy would take at least 7-8 hours minimum, that also only geniuses were capable of doing so in 7-8 hours. Nate had accomplished this task in merely 15 minutes.

    Whether it was his affinity, comprehension or training speed, Nate was a monster. No a monster beyond monsters. Just what was his origin? It’s not every day, that a coffin coming crashing down from the skies, with a monstrous genius in it.

    Nate nodded to his mother’s reply, and started to liquidate the energy inside his body. He could see droplets of yellow water falling from the accumulated mass of energy. The droplets fell creating a small puddle. It continued to fall until, all the energy was liquidated, forming an ‘Energy Pool’.

    “Finished mom. Now can I do the same with ‘Darkness’?” Asked Nate in a joyful voice.

    “Ahh…..Yes.” Anastasia’s mental strength had grown by leaps and bounds in the past two days. For a normal person to liquidate energy after accumulating it, takes around 2 months. People with astonishing talents can accomplish it a month or so.

    Nate on the other hand, accomplished it in 3 hours. Anastasia herself had taken around 20 days to fully liquidate her accumulated energy.

    Anastasia was someone who grew without knowing what is was like to be talentless, or weak. She was always at the pinnacle since birth. She has never given anyone an opportunity to look down on her. Rather it was her who looked down on the common folk, who’ll never reach her level of power. Today all her believes along with her everlasting pride, was shattered. Shattered so thoroughly by her very own son, who was merely 4 years old.

    She didn’t hate him, neither did she love him any less. As a matter of fact she loved him more than ever. What he did was open her eyes. Open her eyes, to the vast amounts of mysteries of the universe. She who had been the frog at the bottom of the well, doomed to look only at the sky above the well, was forcefully bought out into the really world.

    Nate had accumulated ‘Darkness’ energy, and had started to liquidate them. After 3 hours he had fully formed his 2nd ‘Energy Pool’.

    Within his body, were two small pools. On an earthen yellow and the other an abyss black.

    “Now I’ll pass on to you what my teacher first taught me when I created my ‘Darkness’ attributed ‘Energy Pool’. Its name is ‘Fallen Shadow’.” Anastasia spoke not being surprised my Nate’s monstrosity.

    “What is ‘Fallen Shadow’?” Asked Nate.

    “It’s the ultimate stealth skill. Although there are other skills far more superior to this, ‘Fallen Shadow’ provides an added bonus of increase in speed. There are very few skills able to provide two abilities at the same time. Even though it is powerful, it is still a stepping stone.” Spoke Anastasia.

    “Woah, I’ll definitely learn.” Spoke Nate in astonishment. He slowly drew out the ‘Darkness Energy’ from his ‘Energy Pool’, and started circulating it all around his body.

    Nathanial’s body started to give of a black light, followed by a thick black aura that oozed out of his body.

    ‘Just after forming his ‘Energy Pool’, his energy is so thick and dense. It’s almost as if he is skipping ‘Energy Expansion’ and directly entering ‘Pillar Formation’.’ Anastasia exclaimed to herself.

    Nate’s body started becoming hazy. His body would flicker in and out of existence. Finally after flickering in and out of sight, his body had started to merge with the surroundings. The process was slow, but still visible. After around an hour, Nate’s body had completely disappeared from sight, sound & smell.

    But just three seconds after his disappearance, he flickered back into existence, and was unable to hide his body. After carefully examining his body he had found out that his previously full ‘Darkness Energy Pool’ was empty. It was completely drained out, not leaving a drop of energy behind.

    “Hahah, don’t look so worried. It’s a think very common with newbies. Often those who start newly training have very little control over their ‘Energy Pool’, and thus often end up using more energy than required.” Laughed Anastasia, seeing Nate flustered.

    “Mommy what about you?” Asked Nate. “Are you able to balance out the consumption and absorption of energy?”

    “Your control will gradually increase, then you’ll be able to completely minimize the usage of energy from your ‘Energy Pool’.” Anastasia continued.

    “As for those in ‘Pillar Formation’’ stage, don’t even need to worry about energy consumption. In ‘Energy Expansion’ stage, a person has to first accumulate enough energy for usage, and once it’s all used up you’ll have to accumulate energy once again.” She explained in detail about everything regarding ‘Energy Expansion’ stage.

    “But once you form your first ‘Pillar’ and officially enter ‘Pillar Formation’ stage, you’ll never have to worry about usage of energy. Your ‘Pillar’ will automatically absorb energy from the nature and provide it for your usage. Of course if you concentrate on absorbing the energy, the absorption speed may double or even triple.”

    “Finally the matter regarding ‘Earth’ attribute.” Sighed Anastasia. “I have an unranked skill called ‘Gaea’s Blessing’.”

    “What’s an unranked skill Mom?” Asked Nate. “Are they stronger than ranked skills?”

    “Well unranked skill, just as its name suggests are skill that cannot be ranked, this is because of various reasons. Some of the ‘Skills’ or ‘Magic’ may be far too strong, and may be passed off as unranked. Likewise some skills may be extremely weak, and once again be passed off as unranked.”

    “But the most common types of ‘Unranked Skills’ are ‘Unexplainable Skills’. A skill depending on a person may have slight changes in its power and affects. But ‘Unexplainable Skills’ of ‘Unranked Skills’, provide results completely different from each other. For instance a person using an ‘Unexplainable Skill’ may create fire, but when he/she uses it once again the very same skill may produce water.” 

  • Chapter 7 - Gaea's Blessing-Armament Body

    “Those using ‘Gaea’s Blessing’, have been provided some with extremely strong skills, while the majority end up with weak skills. Anyways there is no harm in learning it, you might end up getting an extremely good skill.”

    Hearing his mother’s explanation about ‘Unranked skills’ Nate’s eyes lit up. He just might get an extremely strong skill from ‘Gaea’s Blessing’. He quickly memorized the contents of ‘Gaea’s Blessing’.

    An earthen yellow colored aura burst forth from Nate’s body, enveloping the surrounding area as well. The ‘Earth’ energy around him was unnaturally thick. Slowly by steadily it started hardening around his body, creating some sort of an armor of energy.

    After a short while the yellow color energy had completely covered his body, giving it an extra layer of protection and hardness.

    “Gaea’s Blessing-Armament Body.” Anastasia stared at Nate. Even his luck was simply extraordinary.

    “Armament Body, is an extremely strong physical boosting skill. It is said that in legends there was once an expert who could use it to increase is body’s base power by a 10 times. Making his body comparable to those of ‘Divine Beasts’.” Spoke Anastasia with great surprise.

    “But sadly the way to train ‘Armament Body’ has been lost over a thousands of years ago. That’s why even though it’s a legendary class skill, its value has been degraded by a great deal.” Spoke Anastasia with disappointment. Once a great skill, reduced to this. This was completely relatable to her.

    “Ohh, that’s disappointing. But it wouldn’t hurt to look into the skill.” Laughed Nate.

    All of a sudden hundreds of weapons appeared from thin air and floated in front of Nate. The weapons slowly gathered near Anastasia, and was slowly let down.

    “Now that we’ve given you two technique’s to help you train, we’ll move on to the weapon selection test.” Spoke Anastasia holding out her spear.

    “My weapon of choice is the spear. The spear is well based weapon that can easily be used for the defending and attacking at the same time. My name the ‘Burn Impaler’ comes from my ‘Lava’ skill ‘Impaler’s Thousand Flaming Lotus’ a ‘Legendary Class’ skill.” Anastasia’s voice contained a great deal of pride and arrogance.

    “We don’t know what sort of weapon you’ll be comfortable with. The weapon alone is the only thing we have the freedom to choose. Everything else is determined from birth.” Said Anastasia.

    “Choose a weapon that lets you express yourself. The weapon should resemble freedom for you.”

    Nate’s eyes slowly wandered off in the direction where the weapons were lined up one after another. His child like innocent eyes, scouted for a weapon. He eyes simply passed the swords, spears, bows and many other weapons without even flinching.

    Suddenly his eyes froze as he saw a weapon. It was a scythe.

    Anastasia seeing this slightly flinched. Scythes were the natural weapons of those who trained in ‘Corpse’, ‘Necromantic’, and other forms of ‘Death Magic’. Scythes were a type of weapons that were known for the high slashing powers and great speed. It was widely known as ‘Death’s Invite’.

    But just as its advantage’s piled up, the number of people truly proficient in using the scythe could be counted on one hand. It was a very hard weapon to train.

    Nate bend slowly picked up the grey scythe was thrice his size. The scythe was a dull grey, and around 1.5 meters tall, with blade around 0.65 meters long.

    Nate tried swinging it around, but it proved too heavy for the little Nate. Even though Scythes were renowned for their speeds, they were quite heavy and hard to control.

    Even those who mainly used the scythe, mainly use it as a staff, rather than actually using it for close combat purposes.

    Even Anastasia with her vast amount of experience and knowledge new only one person from the ’10 Great Wings’ that actually used the scythe very effectively.

    In the hands of ‘Veronica Bloodruss’ the scythe was a deadly weapon. She is so proficient with a scythe that she was known as the ‘Slaughter Maiden’. Veronica rarely uses magic, and prefers using her scythe to end the battles before her opponents known what is going on.

    “Anyways for now I’ll teach you how to wield a sword, as the scythe is too hard.”

    “A sword?” Asked Nate.

    “Well actually it’s a longsword that resembles a blade.” Said Anastasia, holding up a red longsword.

    She lightly threw a different short sword to Nate, and held the red longsword in her hand.

    “To start off with things, give me a hundred swings in the correct posture.” No matter how kind Anastasia was, she was very strict when it came to training. To her training was a very sacred things that should not be taken lightly.

    Nate held up the short sword, and started swinging. Every now and then Anastasia, would smack his hand, when his posture was incorrect.

    The sun slowly disappeared into the horizon, and the chilling night descended.

    Nate was currently at his 87th swing. He was dead tired, and barely had any strength in him. He was only 4 years old. But remembering his mother’s punishment for being unable to complete a hundred swings, motivated him.

    Within the next 15 mins he finished his 100 swings, and fell to the ground tired.

    “Well done.” Anastasia appeared from thin air.

    “Ahh.” Nate was lightly startled.

    “You’ll be wearing this from now onwards.” Said Anastasia, holding out a bracelets and anklets. “They’ll increase your capacity to lift weights.”

    Nate without any complaints or questioning put on his weights and slowly walked back to his room.

    The next day was the same thing. In the morning he would train his skills and expand his ‘Energy Pool’. At night he would do physical training with his mother.

    Anastasia would slowly increase the number of swings he did. At first Nate would swing it a 100 times wearing the weights, and then it became 150 and so on.

    Anastasia did the same of the weights, just when he would get accustomed to the weights on his body, she would slowly increase it just until he felt the pressure. Nate kept thinking that no matter how long he wears it, there will be no improvement.

    Like that, peacefully four years slowly went by.  

  • For me, this story appear to more interesting than your other story... But it's only chapter 7 so will wait for more chapter for detail review,,..

    So Far it's interesting... ( Make the MC OP but don't forget to also develpo his character, be Dark MC? Smart? Little Pervert? anything just make sure not too vague...
  • Chapter 8 - Powerlessness 

    Anastasia was sitting in her study, with a letter in her hand. Her beautiful, goddess like face had a frown on it.

    “So Julie is finally making her move, huh?” Anastasia’s face grew dark, as she unconsciously emitted strong killing intent. “Come, I’ll receive you with open arms.”

    “Claus” Spoke Anastasia in a soft voice.

    The shadows of the room gathered in front of her table and solidified into a humanoid figure. Eventually taking the appearance of a 40 year old man, in a butler suit.

    “You called, Madam Blackheart.” Asked Claus bowing respectfully.

    “I didn’t want it have to come to this, but I will be sending Nate to ‘Spectrum Academy’.” Spoke Anastasia hesitantly.

    “Miss but ‘Spectrum Academy’…..” Claus’s rigid face showed a great deal of fear. “Miss Blackheart, even you barely managed to graduate that Academy, with your life.”

    Anastasia’s face turned sour, remembering her life at ‘Spectrum Academy’. “I know Claus, but that’s the only place that strong enough to the ’10 Great Wings’.”

    “If something actually happens to me, and Julie targets Nate then only ‘Spectrum Academy’ is truly capable of protecting him.” Spoke Anastasia with a depressed face.

    “But that place is hell. Little Nate with his naive attitude won’t survive a day there.” Spoke Claus.

    “I know, but that’s a gamble I’m willing to take. Originally I had planned to let you take Nate to the ‘Shadow World’, but Julie has connections even there.” Said Anastasia. “Ask little Nate to pack his things. The least I could do is drop him at the academy.”

    “Miss, you’ve recently formed you ‘Emperor Pillar’ for ‘Lava Magic’ and ‘Darkness Magic’. Is there truly no way for you to win?” Asked Claus hesitantly.

    “Julie has three ‘Emperor Pillars’ for ‘Wind Magic’, ‘Lightning Magic’ and ‘Space Magic’. On top of she even has a ‘High Pillar’ for ‘Snow Magic’. The chance are too low.” Spoke Anastasia helplessly.

    Claus hearing this, was shocked. Just having an ‘Emperor Pillar’ would rank you in the top fifty strongest. Having three ‘Emperor Pillars’ is simply too shocking.

    “As you wish madam, I’ll inform little Nate.” Spoke Claus, as shadows covered his body, sinking him back into the shadows.

    A boy of roughly 10 years old, was seated in a meditative position on top of small tree. He had black hair, except for a single strand of white hair. He slowly opened his eyes revealing a chaotic spacial purple and relaxing forest green, eyes.

    Four years had passed since Nate started training. As of now he had just formed his ‘Energy Lake’ for ‘Darkness Magic’ and ‘Energy Sea’ for ‘Earth Magic’. His physical body strength has also shot up by a great deal. He can moving extremely fast, wearing a 400 kilograms of weight on every limb, totaling up to 1600 KGs.

    It was truly shocking. His rate of mana absorption is simply astounding. He has also started wielding the Scythe efficiently, but is still far from good. But he is extremely capable in using a longsword. Anastasia has even stated that the weapon ‘Longsword’ may have been invented solely for him. He was unstoppable with a ‘Longsword’ be it speed, accuracy, power, control. He has them all.

    Nate with his sword skills has many times proven to more than a match for Anastasia. Even though Anastasia trains in the way of the spear, by no means is she weak with a sword.

    Nate picked up his scythe, and slowly jumped down from the tree, and landed softly without making a single sound. He held the scythe in his right hand, and started swing it around, as if he was dancing with it. The leaves that fell from the trees were split in half, as soon as they came in contact with the blade edge of the scythe.

    All the leaves that touched the ground, with cut in half, not a single leaf was left whole. Nate continuously switched between his left and right hands, while swinging the scythe. The scythe in his hand effortlessly tore the air apart without any resistance.

    Considering that he was really new to wielding the scythe, his speed wasn’t bad, and strength was great, but the wielding of scythe is a very tiring process. Even Nate at best could keep up the moment for around two to three minutes, before his hands get tired from the weight.

    He stored the scythe back in his special ring, that Anastasia had gifted him for his 6th birthday.

    Nate hated using the sword even though he was more talented in it, because a sword was a tool for war, while the scythe commonly used by those who train in ‘Death Magic’, was originally a tool used in farms for harvesting.

    Nate’s favorite time passing hobby, was gardening. In his small garden he had grown various flowers, fruits and crops.

    ‘I guess, I should head back. Mom, might start to get worried.’ Thought Nate as he headed back home.

    As he entered the ‘GreenWood Mansion’, he could see his mother sitting near the fireplace, lost in thought.

    He went next to her and snapped his fingers, bringing her back to reality. “Oh, Nate your back?” Said Anastasia.

    “Yeah, I got a little late, because I had to water the garden.” Spoke Nate, smiling.

    Even though four years have passed and he has grown much stronger, he still hasn’t lost his innocent childlike smile.

    “Come sit” Anastasia gestured to a nearby chair.

    Nate went and sat on a beautifully craved regal chair. His cloths were still dirty from training, and had many pieces of leaves stuck on it.

    “What is it Mom? You look dispirited?” Asked Nathanial, concerned.

    “Mom’s fine. Tell me how your training is going?” She asked.

    “Good. I just recently formed my first ‘Energy Sea’ for ‘Earth’.” Spoke Nate proudly, sticking his tiny chest out.

    Anastasia normally would be extremely surprised, but over the years she has gotten used to his monstrous talent. Even she herself hadn’t formed an ‘Energy Sea’ until she was in her late twenties. But he had done it in 1/3rd of the time it took her.

    “Hahah, Mommy has some interesting news to tell you.” Spoke Anastasia with a fake smile.

    “Really?” Asked Nate, he revealed an innocent smile.

    “You’ll go to a school. It’s called the ‘Spectrum Academy’. It’s full of students of your same age and you’ll be able to make a lot of friends and learn make new skills and techniques.” Anastasia started to build a positive image of the ‘Spectrum Academy’ in Nate’s mind.

    “No. I want to stay with Mommy.” He replied stubbornly. “I’m not leaving Mommy.”

    “But if you go to the ‘Spectrum Academy’, you’ll become even stronger than Mommy.” She said, trying to change his mind.

    “I don’t want to be strong. I want to be with Mommy. You promised that you won’t ever leave me.” Nate started to cry.

    “Silly boy, don’t cry. Mommy won’t go anywhere. You can come visit me whenever you like.” Tears also started forming in the corners of Anastasia’s eyes.

    “Ok *sob* then I’ll go.” Replied Nate, wiping away his tears.

    “Then go pack your things. Mommy will take you there tomorrow morning.” She smiled.

    “Ok.” Said Nate, before walking back to his room, with mixed feelings.

    As soon as he left, Anastasia burst into tears. Tomorrow might be the last time, she may ever see her little Nate.

    “Sorry, Little Nate. Mommy is forced to send you to ‘Spectrum Academy’. Mommy wasn’t strong enough to protect you.” Anastasia’s voice engendered untold sorrows. “I’m sorry Beth. I’m sorry Drake. Once again I’m powerless to protect those close to me.”

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  • Really hope our MC become Dark MC ( my taste ) not some naive MC, really hate that kind of character.....

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    I've made him naive and kind, so I can slowly mold his character into something. As for whether or not it will be a Dark MC, you'll have to wait and see.
    Also don't expect any major development until the later chapters.
  • Chapter 9 - Spectrum Academy

    The sun slowly rose, illuminating the high blue sky.

    “*YAWN*” Nate woke up with a small yawn, and slightly reddened eyes.

    He walked towards the main hall, sulking. He was sad that his mother went his behind his back and decided to put him in a school, without consulting him.

    Deep down inside he knew that his mother must’ve had her reasons, but the current him was just too depressed and sad to think about such things.

    “Oh, you’re up?” Said Anastasia, taking a sip of her coffee. “Come. Join me for breakfast, it might be the last one we have together……….for a while.”

    “Yeah.” Nate went to the table and grabbed a piece of toast and a cup of coffee, and sat down. “So mother, when do we leave?”

    “Oh, someone’s interested all of a sudden.” A small smile emerged on her flawless face. “We’ll within an hour or so.”

    After breakfast Nate and Anastasia conversed for a bit, before he left to store his things in the interspacial ring.

    “Are you ready?” Anastasia asked, mounting a beautiful white Pegasus.

    This beautiful white Pegasus was an extremely strong and fast race of magical beasts known as ‘Starlight Pegasus’. There were very rare and widely known for their speed and talent in ‘Light Magic’.

    “Yeah, just finished packing.” He mounted behind her, and held on tightly to her waist.

    With a single flap the Pegasus took to the skies. Wherever the ‘Pegasus’ passed, it left a trail of golden fairy like dust. It was truly a magnificent scene.

    The Pegasus glided across the skies, with unmatched speeds, as Nate and Anastasia conversed about various aspects of ‘Darkness Magic’.

    “Nate, ‘Darkness Magic’ may not be as destructive as fire, or as powerful as lightning. But according to ancient texts it’s simply the most mysterious among the seven elemental magics. No one knows who or what bought the ‘Darkness Magic’ into existence, and no one knows why it has many overlapping aspects related to devouring.” Spoke Anastasia.

    “But mother if no one how ‘Darkness Magic’ came to be, why can people train in it and use various skills related to ‘Darkness’?” Asked Nate.

    “What we’ve discovered is only the ‘Shadow’ aspect and ‘Stealth’ aspect of ‘Darkness’. In the ancient records it has been stated that there have been many people who have actually tapped into the true source of ‘Darkness’. There have also been people who have trained in ‘Darkness’ to such an extent that their presence cannot be felt even by those vastly superior to them.” Anastasia’s voice held a bit of frustration. She herself was stuck at a dead end regarding ‘Darkness’.

    “What I can say for sure is that, ‘Darkness’ is not something that should be underestimated because it possess low attacking capabilities or low defensive capabilities. The true nature of ‘Darkness’ is extremely unpredictable and violent.” Spoke Anastasia in, a slightly fearful tone.

    “Ok.” Spoke Nate, puzzled. “Also mom, in the school you’re sending me to is there any good teacher for ‘Earth Magic’?” Asked Nate curiously.

    “There is a certain person that is definitely capable of teaching you, but…………her nature is a bit problematic.” Said Anastasia sighing.

    “Also as you know, you being a male mage with such great talent is extremely rare in our world. Generally talented males such as your self don’t really exist in our world. I would be extremely cautious if I were in your position. The number of males that have formed an ‘Emperor Pillar’ is zero. The number of males that have formed a ‘High Pillar’ is a mere two.” Spoke Anastasia.

    “If you waltzed in there with your talents, the number of people aiming for you won’t be a small number.” Suddenly Anastasia’s face showed a tiny hint of fear, as she remembered something. “Also never interact with a maiden from the ‘High Fairy Sect’. Under no circumstances are you to engage with them, be it for friendly reasons or enmity.”

    “Why?” Asked Nate, puzzled.

    “You’ll eventually learn of the reason. For now just know that they have a powerful supporter behind them.” Said Anastasia.

    “Okay, I’ll stay clear of ‘High Fairy Sect’.” Nate quickly agreed seeing, his mother worried.

    They remained quiet for the remainder of the trip. The odd silence gave them both an opportunity to contemplate on various things.

    For Nate, it was his worries about starting school. It was truly freighting for a small child of 8 years old to stay away from their guardians for an extended period of time. Nate was afraid about how was going to make friends and whether or not he would get time to garden. But of course his biggest worry was when he would get to meet his mother again.

    For Anastasia, it was about the upcoming battle with Julie Stormheart. Even if she was able to kill Julie, she would incur the wrath of the ’10 Great Wings’. She regretted not training for a century. If she had actually trained then, she wouldn’t even put the ’10 Great Wings’ in her eyes. Anastasia was extremely confident that she hadn’t stopped training for that century, she would definitely have at least one ‘Tyrant Pillar’. If she hadn’t stopped training she wouldn’t have to let Nate go to ‘Spectrum Academy’. She could’ve protected him, cared for him and may have just been happy. But it was too late, the only thing she could do to ensure his safety was to defeat Julie Stormheart and remove her existence form the world.

    Slowly their silent ride ended as ‘Spectrum Academy was within sight. The area for the campus stretched out to at least 100 kilometers, making it a hundred times larger than the ‘Greenwood Mansion’. The Main Building was an extremely beautiful architectural structure that resembled a castle more than a school.

    Even the surrounding buildings were fancier than ‘Greenwood Mansion’. There were about a 200 buildings other than the main building. Almost all of the building had a cream white painting, except for the main building which was a dazzling golden.

    It front of the gate to the academy all sorts of royal beasts and magical beasts were parked. Many rich nobles and royals were exiting their carriages, and proudly made their way to the ‘Spectrum Academy’ main building.

    98% of the students attending he academy were girls. Even though the ‘Spectrum Academy’ was co-ed, it seemed like an all-girls school, with the vast majority of the students being girls. There were a couple of boys among those who were getting of the carriages, but they were openly ignored by the girls.

    In this world women tend to possess more authority and power than males, mainly due to vastly superior number of female mages. All though the population between men and women were equal in the world, the population of female mages far outstripped that of a male mages.

    For every 10 female mages born there would be a single male mage. This lead to the females of the world gaining a feeling of superiority. Also because male mages were a rare existence they were taken care of greatly. Majority of the male mages are very poorly talented.

    The Starlight Pegasus slowly landed in front of the ‘Spectrum Academy’s’ main gate.

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    Chapter 10 - Anastasia's Fame

    A bright white light shot down from the sky. It was a Starlight Pegasus, an extremely rare and majestic beast.

    Upon this royal beast, sat a woman with flowing, lustrous black hair, and gleaming golden eyes. Her expression rigid, but soften upon gazing at the boy behind her. The boy seemed around 7 or 8 years old, with black hair, and a single stripe of white hair. His right eye was a mysterious green, while the left one was a chaotic purple.

    The woman gently got down from the ‘Starlight Pegasus’, and gently carried the boy down.

    The others stared in awe as they saw the royal magical beast. Upon a second look at the woman, they immediately recognized who she was. Many of their faces were filled with reverence, some were filled with immense fear, while others were filled with jealousy.

    The person who just rode the ‘Starlight Pegasus’, was an expert that shook the world to its very core. A supreme expert with no match. There wasn’t a single person who didn’t recognize her. She went by many titles, ‘Immortal Flame’, ‘Burned Impaler’, ‘Nightmare Queen’, and the name she was most commonly known by ‘Commander of the Wings’. She was Anastasia Blackheart. Her identity struck fear and reverence to those who knew of her.

    “Look, look it’s Lady Blackheart.”

    “To think it’s her, after all these years.”

    “Now I can die. Knowing that Lady Blackheart is back.”

    “I thought she had died since she hadn’t made an appearance in a century.”

    “Hah, like anyone could kill her. She is the ‘Immortal Flame’ for god sake.”

    “Do you think she’ll take revenge on ’10 Great Wings’, now that she’s back?”

    “Hard to say, since she voluntarily left the ’10 Great Wings’.”

    “Anyways one thing is for sure. Things won’t remain quiet for any longer.”

    The crowd outside the gates started whispering amongst themselves upon seeing Anastasia. She was a figure who simply went under the radar for a whole century. It was only natural that people would make up some rumor about her disappearance.

    The slumbering ‘Divine Beast’, has awoken after a whole century. As soon as they recognized who she was, their gazes fell on the boy who was holding her hand. Many of the young girls there stared at him with intense hatred in their eyes. To these young girls ‘Commander of the Wings’ Anastasia Blackheart was a figure they idolized to very high degree. To see an inferior male boy holding her hands and even riding the ‘Starlight Pegasus’ with her, infuriated them. But they didn’t dare shout or insult him, fearing to incur the wrath of ‘Black Solar Phoenix’, that was Anastasia Blackheart.

    Even though people didn’t say anything, many of them shot scornful gazes at Nate. He was a male child, and in the eyes of the females, not qualified to stand next to a figure the deeply worshipped in their hearts.

    Anastasia seeing this decided not to retaliate, and held on to the frightened Nate’s hand tightly. “It’s going to be alright little Nate. Mommy will always protect you.” Anastasia’s whisper caused his frightened heart to calm down.

    “Ok.” He whimpered.

    The mother and son, walked past the gate, ignoring the outside world, and towards the Main Building. Walking through the ‘Spectrum Academy’, Anastasia felt a sense of nostalgia hit her. Remembering where she was trained and the first time she met her husband. He didn’t have a powerful background, neither did he have talent. He was nothing but a cook. She hated him at first, taking the status gap into consideration. But as time went by she warmed up to him. As time we on, her love for him only grew stronger. She even got married to him, under literally the oppression of the entire world. People didn’t understand why she selected an absolutely worthless male to be her husband. Many thought she would select other husbands as well, but she didn’t.

    Hearing how she went mad with rage after his death, many started to actual like him, and felt pity for Anastasia. Like they say people don’t realize the value of something until they lose it.

    Anastasia’s eyes slightly watered, but she soon regained her composure.

    “Where are we going mom?” Asked Nate.

    “We’re going to meet the dean.” Replied Anastasia, as fear flickered on her beautiful face.

    “The Dean?” Murmured Nate, puzzled.

    Soon Anastasia and Nate, found themselves in front of a huge door. Anastasia’s hands trembled as she opened the door. 

    Sitting behind the table was a woman. She seemed like she was in her early 30’s. Her skin was as fair as snowflakes, her purple hair tied up in a bun and a small beauty spot under her lips. Her beauty was even beyond Anastasia’s. The purple haired woman, was dressed in a tight black dress, revealing her well rounded figure. Especially her chest.

    The woman’s empty turquoise eyes scouted the two figures in front of her. One big and the other small.

    “It’s good to see you Dean Lilith.” Anastasia was very respectful, in the other woman’s presence. She didn’t exude her natural aura of pride and arrogance with others, with the woman in front of her.

    “Hmm……Anastasia.” The woman’s melodious voice was soothing to those who heard it. “Why have you come?” Asked the woman, in an angry tone.

    “That is………” Anastasia was struggling for words.

    “Speak or, leave. I don’t have the time.” The woman’s voice thundered in Anastasia’s heart and soul, shaking them both. Nate immediately cowered behind Anastasia.

    “I need you to provide, my son Nate with protection and shelter.” Spoke Anastasia mustering up the courage.

    The woman simply stared at Anastasia, then glanced at Nate for a single second, before speaking. “You should be glad that I didn’t kill that little vermin, and now you’re asking me to protect it.” Lilith’s face flashed with great anger.

    “Did the century long slumber cause you brain damage? To begin with you only had a bird brain.” Said Lilith, releasing a bit of her aura. “First you marry that fool, and now you want me to take care of this vermin.”

    Lilith felt great anger as she thought back to the day Anastasia had chosen the cook to be her husband. Lilith had nurtured Anastasia with great care, and trained her to be a great mage. Anastasia was an extremely talent girl and Lilith was happy that she got a talented student. Although her talent was inferior compared to the monster that is Lilith, Anastasia was very talented. Lilith had already arranged her marriage with a noble from a nearby kingdom, but chose to run away with the cook.

    Since that day this was the first time Lilith was seeing Anastasia, and was releasing her pent up rage. This rage had been eating her up from inside.

    Anastasia couldn’t say anything as she was insulted. Just as she was about to beg.

    “Don’t insult mommy.” A young voice shouted at the woman. It was Nate would was at the ends of his temper. 

  • Chapter 11 - Dean Lilith

    Hearing this Anastasia’s face flashed with immense fear. The woman named Lilith, had an expressionless face. “What did you say, vermin?” Lilith’s voice contained a murderous aura.

    “Dean Lilith, he is still a child. He didn’t think things through please forgive him.” But before Anastasia’s voice could reach Lilith, her aura had already been released towards Nate. Dean Lilith’s aura took the shape of a 10 meter long purple sword.

    Just as her murderous aura collided with Nate, a blackish red aura erupted from him. The blackish red aura took the shape of a dragon as it collided with the purple sword. The purple sword without resistance was devoured whole by the blackish red dragon, as it charged towards the Dean.

    Lilith’s face flashed with rage as she saw this. Her aura was shattered by a person younger than her, and to top it off it was male.

    Nat simply stared in awe, as the dragon devoured the sword, not knowing what is going on. 

    Seeing this dean Lilith released the powers of a monarch, as her ‘Emperor Pillar’ summoned ferocious mana without any attribute. Blackish red dragon simply got crushed under her ferocious power. She then changed the target to Nate. Just as her ‘Emperor Power’ closed in on him, another ‘Emperor Power’ shielded him, it was Anastasia.

    “Oh, so you did step in to the realm of ‘Monarchs’.” Lilith’s face, revealed a small expression of shock. “But sadly I’ve been a ‘Monarch’ for far longer than you.” The pressure on Nate increased far beyond the power protecting him.

    Cracks appeared one after the other on Anastasia’s energy shield. “Dean, please stop. I beg of you to spare my son.” Pleaded Anastasia.

    Hearing her former student plead, Lilith’s rage calmed a bit as she erased the pressure on them. “Get out before I change my mind.” Spoke Lilith in a threatening voice.

    “Dean Lilith, please. I beg of you. Just keep him under you care until he is 16 years. I beg of you.” Pleaded Anastasia endlessly.

    “Arhh.” Dean Lilith let out a small groan. “Fine, but once that vermin is 16, I won’t let him stay a day longer.”

    “Thank you. Thank you so much. We’ll excuse ourselves now.” Spoke Anastasia as she exited Lilith’s office and the shut the door behind her.

    After Anastasia and Nate left. “Arhh” Lilith let out a small painful scream. On her dazzling ‘Emperor Pillar’ was a tiny crack. To cause a small crack on an ‘Emperor Pillar’ was something only capable by others who have at least formed a ‘High Pillar’. Even then it is practically impossible.

    ‘Just who attacked me? An expert that I couldn’t even sense.’ Thought Lilith. Just when she increased the pressure on Anastasia and Nate, a foreign mana invaded her body, and struck against her ‘Emperor Pillar’. To cause her damage and actually remain hidden, meant that it was an expert superior to her. The fear of the expert vastly stronger than her, was the main reason she let Nate stay here.

    What Lilith didn’t know was that, there was no expert, it was the blackish red dragon aura that burst forth from Nate that caused a crack on her ‘Emperor Pillar’. Lilith had originally thought that it had perished under her tremendous power, but in reality it absorbed part of her part and violently struck against her ‘Emperor Pillar’ causing a small crack.

    Outside the main building Anastasia was taking Nate and showing him around the campus, with her prior knowledge.

    Finally it was time for them to part. “Nate, eat well and stay healthy.” Spoke Anastasia laughing.

    “Mommy can’t you stay for longer. That lady is scary.” Said Nate.

    “How I wish I could, but Mommy has some urgent business to take care of.” Said Anastasia as she started to tear up. “Just remember that Mommy will always love you. My sweet little Nate.”

    “Why are you crying Mommy? If you cry I feel sad. So for me don’t cry Mommy.” Said Nate, innocently.

    “Haha, who’s crying you silly boy.” Said Anastasia wiping her tears away. “I’ll come to visit you when I have the time.”

    Nate immediately jumped on Anastasia, and hugged her tightly. She also hugged him back. “I love you Mommy.”

    “Mommy loves little Nate as well.” Replied Anastasia.

    Anastasia slowly got back on the ‘Starlight Pegasus’, and took to the skies, while waving goodbye.

    A single drop of tear fell from Nate’s eyes as he turned back towards the ‘Spectrum Academy’.

    He slowly walked towards one end of the campus. The administration office had given Nate a dorm room on the far end of the campus grounds as he was a male. The dorm that Nate was assigned to was right on the border between the ‘Ghost Forest’ and ‘Spectrum Academy’. The dorm’s name was ‘Darkpark Dorm’. The building was completely worn out, unsafe for anyone, let alone a kid of 8 years. There was moss growing everywhere. Branches of the nearby trees had pierced many areas of the ‘DarkPark Dorm’.

    Nate was the only one in the humongous dorm, all by himself. Since Anastasia left, people openly started to show their hatred towards them. Nate with his naïve mind, didn’t understand their reason for hatred. He was someone who saw the good in everything and everyone. He hated fighting and war. He is the trued definition of an optimist.

    He slowly made his way up the stairs of the dorm that was near its end, and found himself in front of the room he was assigned to. Room 207 was not huge, but neither was it small. In the corner of the room, there was a small bed with two or three holes in it. A shattered window. One of the study table’s legs were broken, and was barely standing up. It resembled more of a jail cell, than a dorm room meant for a student.

    Nate shrugged it off, and decided to do a little remodeling later on, but for now he simply wanted to put this day behind him, and look forward to tomorrow’s orientation. Lying on the bed, he thought of the fun memories he had back home, with the various house keepers and tamed magical beasts. He would play around all the time, without a care in the world. Slowly his eyes shut and he fell asleep.

    Deep within his body was a pool of ‘Blackish Red’ water. It moved around violently devouring everything. All the energy for the nearby area was constantly being absorbed by the ‘Blackish Red Sea’. Slowly the sea started hardening and started to expand vertically, roughly taking the shape of a pillar, but suddenly the pillar shattered and was reduced to the pool. The blackish red energy didn’t give up rather it tried more and more, only to keep on failing. It decided to hold off on forming a pillar and decided to slumber until its master was ready. 

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    Can't believe I didn't notice this already. Anastasia blackheart's daughter and husband are the 2 from the prologue? And if so Nate and the girl wil probably either have a brother-sister bond or a luv 1.

    Actually their not. Anastasia's husband and daughter were killed 100 years back, which caused her to rage out, disfiguring Julie. The people from the prologue is a key aspect to the story, that will be explained later.
    Also this unlike 'Astral Entity' won't explore various worlds and planets, just yet.
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    Chapter 12 - Orientation

    The sunlight passed through the shattered windows of the ‘DarkPark Mansion’ and landed on Nate’s face. He turned around in his sleep as to avoid the disturbing sunlight, but by then he had already woken up.

    *YAWN* He quickly hoped off his bed and dashed towards the river behind the dorm, as the dorm’s washrooms were in a very bad condition.

    After taking a refreshing bath, he slowly made his way back to the dorm. He changed into the Academy uniform, which consisted of black pants, white shirt, a black blazer, and a red cravat.

    “I still have around three or four hours before the orientation, I guess I’ll train until then.” Nate had managed to over the depression of staying away from his mother.

    He sat in a cross legged position, and started to sense his seas. Deep within his soul two water like bodies were visible, one an earthen yellow, and the other a deep black.

    “Wait, why are my seas in my soul, aren’t they supposed to be in my body?” He was puzzled. Up until he went to sleep last night, he was sure that his two seas were in his body, and not in his soul.

    He ran a few tests, and found out that nothing was wrong with his seas. They provided him with the same amount of power as they did when they were in his body. The only actual difference was that he was able to sense them ten times better, than when they were in his body.

    Shrugging the matter off his mind for a later time, he continued to accumulate ‘Earth Energy’ from the surrounding. With ‘Darkness’ he had already formed an ‘Energy Lake’, but with ‘Earth’ he had formed an ‘Energy Sea’, and was very close to expanding it into an ‘Energy Ocean’.

    He activated ‘Gaea’s Blessing: Armament Body’. He body was covered in an earthen yellow light. This light was slowly being absorbed by his body, the process was very slow but still existent.

    “WHAT????” Nate shouted out in surprise. With the ‘Earthen Sea’ being in his soul, he was able to get a much better grasp of it. When he activate ‘Gaea’s Blessing: Armament Body’, he was able to sense the density and hardness of all the material’s near him. It was confusing, but astonishing.

    Suddenly a thought flashed his mind. ‘Wait, what if I’m not supposed to absorb the energy, rather the material.’

    Nate slowly picked up a small piece of wood. He covered the wood with his entire palm. He could clearly feel the density and volume of the small piece. Deep in the wood, a small energy was hidden. Indistinguishable to all those that didn’t possess ‘Gaea’s Body: Armament Body’. Nate tried to harness that energy to it was of no use, as the energy didn’t move an inch.


    A loud explosion snapped Nate back into reality from his training. He immediately went next to the window, and saw through the shattered window, that the skies near the main building was covered in different lights. It was a spectacular sight to behold.

    ‘Could that be the single that the orientation is about to start?’ Pondered Nate. He dropped everything, and departed for the main building. The information about ‘Gaea’s Body: Armament Body’ pushed to the back of his mind, he focused on not getting lost. After about an hour or so, the main building was finally within sights.

    Nate could see countless girls, dressed up in various dresses. They all looked pretty, and as a maturing boy, he couldn’t help but spare them a glance. But contrary to Nate’s complementary glances, various girls who had seen him with Anastasia shot him death glares. They openly showed their hatred for Nate, who had no clue what was going on.

    He entered the main building. It was decorated with various ornaments and flowers. Two bold words attracted his attention ‘Main Hall’. On each of the doors of the ‘Main Hall’ were female guards, who each had a ‘Spirit Pillar’ of 4th stage.

    These guards showed great respects the noble ladies of various great house, even some commoners were given the basic form of greeting, but Nate and the other boys that had passed through were completely ignored. It was as if they held all men in contempt and thought of them as nothing but sand on a long road, which they could just blow over as and when required.

    The other boys showed a bit of discomfort and anger with the guard’s treatment towards them, but were helpless to say anything. Nate on the other hand being a naïve fool, didn’t even notice their rudeness and continued forward to a seat.

    He sat on a well decorated chair, along with the other boys of his grade. None of them saw Nate as a charismatic individual and didn’t bother getting to close. Rather the other boys sucked up to a rich noble from a neighboring country.

    There were many round tables, where the students would sit in a group, but out of the hundred tables, only two or three tables were covered by the male students. Nate sat on his chair, listen to the chit-chat made by other students, as he ate his salad. His mysterious eyes wandered around the whole hall, admiring the various paintings on the walls.

    Just as the guards were about to close the main door to the ‘Main Hall’, the sound of a carriage pulling over could be heard. Within the next couple of minutes, a figure of a girl emerged. With her snowy white skin, and sky blue eyes, she captivated everyone’s attention. Her gorgeous light pink dressed, was dragged along the ground in an elegant manner. A small crown with a brilliant white gem that was put atop her head, covered in golden long hair tied up in a bun.

    She seemed like an immortal goddess that descended to the measly realm of mortals. Nate couldn’t move his eyes away from her awe inspiring figure. Her glance met Nate for a spilt second, but her flawless, snow skinned face showed no difference in emotion. He kept her calm, while her natural beauty emitted a sense of kindness, it was shredded by the prideful aura she gave off.

    She sat on one of the tables that were very close to the podium. While Nate was on the other end of the hall, staring at her. He forcefully broke of the sense of affection he felt for her beauty, and focused on the podium.

    A woman, in a tight black gorgeous dress, emerged from the red curtains. Her purple hair, and the turquoise eyes, seemed to pierce through a person’s soul. Her face was the definition of beauty, as she exuded an air of maturity. Her soothing voice covered the entire ‘Main Hall’.

    “Welcome, one and all, to ‘Spectrum Academy’. I’m Lilith Grande the dean of this academy. As all of you have already guessed, you all are the selected girls who are destined to succeed and return to your countries to bring glory. I suggest that those you who are doubtful of their abilities, immediately drop out, if you don’t wish to die an antagonizing death.” Spoke Lilith, as her soothing voice faded, and was replaced with a chilling coldness.

    “One thing that I can guarantee you is that, if you manage to survive 6 years with ‘Spectrum Academy’ you’ll be given the protection of the ‘Spectrum Academy’. Also don’t forget that six members of the ’10 Great Wings’ are alumna from our academy. If you want to forge your path to greatness, welcome aboard. If you’re cowardly and afraid the door is right around the corner.” Paused Lilith after her inspiring speech.

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    U reposted the same thing.. JS

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  • Chapter 13 - The Student Representative

    Lilith’s eyes scouted the ‘Main hall’ to see if any student would actually leave, but unsurprisingly no one left. Almost everyone here had to work hard for their entire lives, some are here because their parents and the generations before them worked hard. Why would anyone want to throw away something, the so painstakingly earned?

    “Well then moving on.” Spoke Lilith with a small smile on her beautiful face. “Every student is supposed to come to the registration center during the morning to register for classes. If a student is unable to get the interested subjects, students are allowed to trade with others. Better to just be early, than to regret. It’s also compulsory to select at least 5 subjects. 6 and 7 subject courses are also open, but for a 10 subject course, special permission from the dean is required.” Spoke Lilith.

    “Now that we’ve settled all that, I wish you all a wonderful year, and a night to remember.” Lilith’s gaze met with that of Nate’s for a moment, where she completely ignored him.

    The female hostess walked up to the stage and announced something. “Now to address you will be your representative. I would like to call up Ms. Elizabeth Di Rose, to stage.” Gesturing towards the girl in the gorgeous pink dress.

    Her body slightly swaying, she stood proudly at the podium, staring down at those below. “My fellow students, and friends my door is always opened to your problems. I will help all those that require it. I live in the ‘Moongaze Mansion’. I hope we all can have a wonderful year ahead of us.” She was a woman of few words, she returned to her seat.

    The orientation event was wrapped up, and everyone left. Nate had climbed up the main building at simply at on its roof staring into the endless sky aimlessly for a long time, as it was the tallest structure and the view was simply too beautiful. ‘Are you well? Mother?’ he thought as his eyelids started to get tired. Drowsiness took over and he fell asleep on the roof top.

    Nate was woken up by the sun rays that was directly on his face. He quickly jumped down from the roof realizing that he was already late for the course registration. He walked into the main building with his wrinkled cloths and disheveled hair, looking like a commoner. He took the signup sheet, a sheet and selected the option for the 10 subject course. According to the history of ‘Spectrum Academy’ only the first founder and dean Lilith has ever finished the insanely tough 10 subject course.

    Nate calmly went through the list and signed up for ‘Earth Magic’, ‘Darkness Magic’, ‘Life Magic’, ‘History’, ‘Art’, ‘Geography’, ‘Alchemy’, ‘Swordplay’, ‘Beast Hunting’ & ‘General Knowledge’. He handed his sheet over to the registrar.

    The registrar’s face was filled with shock as she read through his list of course. Not only had he take the impossibly hard 10 subject course, he had also selected four of the hardest subjects in the Academy, ‘Swordplay’, ‘Beast Hunting’, ‘Alchemy’ & ‘Life Magic’.

    As a school of mages, ‘Swordplay’ is one of the most unselected subjects. Last year only 3 students selected, the subject and all three dropped it after a couple of classes.

    ‘Beast Hunting’ is by the most excruciating and painful course in the entire academy. A student has to kill dozens of ‘Magical Beasts’ on a weekly basis, and has to spend an enormous amount of time in the ‘Ghost Forest’. It was stated that only 15% of the students actually return alive from the forest after taking this course.

    ‘Alchemy’ is a field that takes up a large amount of research and study to make some progress in. Even though it is a commonly selected course, graduating it is extremely hard, and only a handful of people are able to do so. To graduate a student must create an original innovative recipe. Which, without luck can take up to decades.

    ‘Life Magic’ is an extremely powerful and rare form of magic. Learning ‘Life Magic’ is extremely hard, and teaching it even more. The very essence of life is being taught in this class, and grasping it is impossible without decent talent regarding the soul. Worst of all, the teacher of this subject is the dean herself.

    “Hpmh, arrogant brat.” Snorted the Registrar slowly. “Boy are you sure that you want to take the ‘10 subject course’ with the below listed subjects?” She asked slightly raising her brow, hoping he would change his list, then she could gloat at him.

    “I’m positive.” Replied Nate nonchalantly, walking away. Seeing this the registrar’s face was very ugly, just as though someone had slapped her right across her cheek. She for sure thought that the brat would change his course, because not even the student representative, the most talented student this year had selected the courses he signed up for.

    “Just wait. In a couple of days you’ll be back begging for me to change your courses.” Smirked the Registrar. “But even before that you need the special consent of the dean. I’d like to how you’ll get that.” Laughed the registrar, as Nate walked away.

    Lilith heard a knock on her door.

    “Come in.” Spoke Lilith.

    The door was opened and the registrar walked in with a smug on her face.

    “What is it?” Asked Lilith, nonchalantly.

    “Madam, it is regarding a student’s course.” Replied the registrar respectfully.

    “Hmm….let me take a look.” Said Lilith as she held out her hand. The registrar quickly handed her Nate’s course sheet.

    Reading through the course list, Lilith revealed an astonished face. The astonishment slowly turned into a laughter. “Hahhahahaaha, this is brilliant.” Lilith let out a mocking laugh.

    “I agree. I agree.” Laughed Lilith. While Lilith revealed an expression of joy, the registrar’s face was swollen with rage, as if bee had stung it. She took the stamped list sheet and left the room.

    ‘Show me just what a vermin like you can do. I’ll show you the difference between Anastasia and you.’ Lilith’s eyes flashed with a hint of coldness.

  • Chapter 14 - Elder World

    Next day.

    Nate was walking through the riverside, headed towards his very first class, which was the ‘Geography’ class. The teacher teaching the ‘Geography’ class was a slightly elder woman, but she had a sense of grace and purity around her.

    As Nate walked in, many of the girls turned to glare at him. Nate unaware that they are glaring at him, continued to his seat. When he found an empty seat, the girl seating near the empty seat quickly threw her bag on it.

    “What are you doing?” Asked Nate, innocently.

    “This seat is reserved. Go find place somewhere else.” Snorted the girl, without even making eye contact.

    Nate continued to the front of the class, but there was only one free seat left. On the seat near that free seat sat the student representative, Elizabeth Di Rose, who simply gazed forward, expressionlessly. She was the only girl, other his mother and the dean to actually catch his attention. He moved towards the free seat, expecting resistance from the cold beauty. But nothing happened. She didn’t even turn around to gaze at him, she simply stared forward with a calm face.

    “Quickly settle down Mr. Blackheart.” Said the ‘Geography Teacher’, Mrs. Felina.

    “Now then, as I was saying. Our planet ‘Elder World’ is divided into 8 continents.” Said Mrs. Felina. “Can someone tell me the names of the 8 continents?” She asked, looking towards the students.

    After waiting for a while she wasn’t able to get any replies from the student. Just as she was about to speak, the cold beauty with the expressionless face, stood up. Elizabeth Di Rose, spoke in a calm and composed manner. “The previously 9, now 8 continents are ‘Berth’, ‘Specter’, ‘Sheyax’, ‘Unix’, ‘Raven’, ‘Gavrone’, ‘Zarus’, ‘Verolax’.”

    “The continent of the ‘Spectrum Academy’ is the ‘Specter Continent’.” She sat down after she finished, leaving the entire class jaw dropped, including Nate.

    “Well done, Ms. Rose. You’re truly a model student, completely deserving the position of the student representative.” Spoke the teacher, whiling clapping her hands.

    The cold beauty, Elizabeth Di Rose, however showed no reaction to the compliment. She simply continued to stare at her book.

    “Moving forward. Can anyone name the kingdoms and powers within the ‘Specter Continent’?” Asked Mrs. Felina.

    “I can miss.” A young girl in brown hair stood up. “There is the ‘Bronuate Dynasty’, ‘Zenovia Dynasty’, ‘Dranid Kingdom’, ‘Lyndryett Family’ and the ‘Spectrum Academy’.”

    Bronuate Dynasty is known for its extremely strong ability in training Magical Beast. It is said that their extremely capable of raising Magical Beasts, that 80% of their national army consists of tamed Magical Beasts.

    Zenovia Dynasty, is a tyrannical powerful force. This comes from their warriors and mages, who excel at using the various Destruction Arts and Destruction Magic. In terms of power they are only second to the ‘Spectrum Academy’.

    Dranid Kingdom, on the other hand does not have any sort of tyrannical power or Magical beasts protecting them. It is a very prosperous Kingdom, economically and it is a very busy place for trades. But they have various allies and the Alchemist Organization protecting them that not else even thinks of invading them.

    Lyndryett Family, speaks quality over quantity. The Lyndreytt Family has over a hundred experts who have formed at least one ‘High Pillar’ and entered the realm of ‘Kings’. They also have 3 experts who have formed an ‘Emperor Pillar’ and entered the realm of ‘Monarchs’. They are also an extension of a Supreme Force from the Verolax Continent, Lyndreytt Empire.

    “Well done.” Mrs. Felina spoke, closing her book. “That’s all for today. For your homework, write a 200 word essay on the ‘Specter Continent’ and its various tourist sights.”

    Nate left the class room, and slowly walked through a small garden, admiring the various flowers, and occasionally smelling them. Roughly 500 meters from Nate, there was a huge garden. The moment Nate saw this, his face couldn’t help but reveal a huge smile.

    He quickly paced towards the garden, but a good distance away from him, he could see a figure watering the plants, and sometimes talking to them. Upon closer inspection, it was a blue dressed, purple haired beauty. It was the dean, Lilith. The smile on Nate’s face slowly faded away as he recognized the figure of the woman, who was watering the plants.

    As he got closer, Lilith also sensed his presence, and turned to look at him in annoyance. “What do want vermin?” She asked.

    “Nothing Ms. Grande. I was just admiring your beautiful collection of flowers.” Even though he didn’t like the dean, for the way she insulted his mother and even went as far as attacking the both of them, he couldn’t hide is genuine surprise at her wide collection of rare flowers.

    “I see your eyes are not knotholes.” She spoke with pride.

    “Ms. Grande, is that a ‘Flame Blooming Tulip’?” Asked Nate, pointing towards a fiery orange flower.

    “How perceptive, it is indeed a ‘Flame Blooming Tulip’.” She replied.

    “I heard that their only grown in the depths off ‘Mount Ember Bane’. It must’ve been very have to procure.” Said Nate.

    “Hmm, I guess Anastasia didn’t raise you like a complete fool.” She whispered. “I have indeed gone to the very depths off ‘Mount Ember Bane’ to procure this very creation.”

    “And that flower over there. Is it a ‘Vain Bellflower’?” Nate’s gaze shifted towards a bright purple flower.

    “Vermin just how to do you know about the ‘Vain Bellflower’?” Asked Lilith curiously. She wasn’t surprised that he knew of the existence of ‘Flame Blooming Tulip’, because it was a very common ingredient in high grade medicines and pills. But the existence of ‘Vain Bellflower’ is known to only a handful of people in the entire world. One needs to do extensive reading and research to come across information regarding the ‘Vain Bellflower’. Lilith naturally knew about it because of her extremely long life span, and keen interest in flowers and plants. But the boy before her was only 8 years of age, and already knew of the existence of ‘Vain Bellflower’.

    “Yeah, I read it in a book.” He replied smiling.

    “In a book?” Lilith was puzzled.

    “Yeah I read a tons of books from Mommy’s library. Once I read something I like I never forget.” He replied smiling innocently.

    ‘Given Anastasia’s wealth and power, it wouldn’t be hard for her to procure a book containing the information regarding ‘Vain Bellflower’, but just how did this brat learn about it.’ Pondered Lilith. Being Anastasia’s teacher, Lilith knew that the collection of books that were in the possession of Anastasia were no small amount. For a child off merely 8 years to read through them is no small feat.

    “Have you read all the books in Anastasia’s library?” Asked Lilith.

    “Nope. Only the books about flowers.” He replied.

    “I know about the ‘Rage Azalea’, ‘Everton Buttercup’, ‘Black Carnation’, ‘Ghost Rose’ and many more.” Spoke Nate, his eyes lighting up. This was the first time in his life that he had gotten an opportunity to show his knowledge regarding flowers and plants to others.  

    Hearing the child go on about various flower, some of them rare, some even rarer, she could help but be thoroughly astounded. His knowledge regarding flowers and plants could even rival, Lilith who had spent a life time on the research about various plants and flowers.

    Hearing him, reveal his vast knowledge regarding flowers, her impression of him improved a little.

    Nate continued to barrage her with questions. Even though Nate had the knowledge, it was only the bit he could find from books. There was no way that he could confirm their effects and abilities. He simply lacked the experience that Lilith has abundance off.

    After finishing his conversation with Lilith about flowers, he bowed to respect her, before he departed. Looking at his fading figure, Lilith let out a sigh. “Maybe I should be a bit nicer.”

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