What is Elite?

When XY advances to Dou Zong he is already referred to as an elite Dou Zong, despite only being @ level 1 in that class. I would have thought you'd need to be at least level 6 in any class to be considered elite.  


  • The terms are totally irrelevant. Back when He was a Da Dou Shi, Dou Wangs were referred to as being "Elite"... it doesn't really matter.
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  • What is considered "elite" depends on the region.  The first town he went to Dou shi was considered elite, Jia Ma Empire a Dou Wang or Dou Huang are elites with Dou Zongs being phantasmal rare.  In the central plains, Dou Wangs and Huangs are common and Dou Zongs are the starting point for "elite."
  • I don't think it is that context. It is the difference between an ordinary dou zong and an elite dou zong. Xiao Yan becomes a dou zong in the central region (I think) where they are relatively common. But I don't understand how he could be considered an elite dou zong as soon as he steps into the class. Obviously with the Angry Buddha fire lotus he does deserve to be considered elite.

  • I thought it just meant that he was a Dou Zong, and "an elite" is juste a thing they used to talk about those class... Like when he is in the Jia Nan Academy when even a little 1 star Dou Ling or 1 star Dou Wang is considered as a "strong" one..
    If we talk about that, for me a "strong" or "elite" one in a class is at least an 8 star :/ But obviously the Author didn't think like that ^^
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