Is Empress Hong Tian still alive?

In chapter 916, “Shadows of Immortal Emperors…” Li Qiye commented with a tinge of emotion while withstanding the onslaught.

Even figures of the Godking level would be astounded by this scene, to say nothing of the rest of the world.

Immortal Emperor Mu Zhuo, Immortal Emperor Yao Zu, Immortal Emperor Ba Zhen, Immortal Emperor Tun Ri… the shadows of all of these peerless experts were trapped in this place!

In an even deeper location among the shadows of the emperors was a proud shadow that still stood upright… Empress Hong Tian!

All of these invincible existences that had swept through myriad realms before had their shadows petrified here."

It has previously been stated that the Empress is in the Tenth World, but this chapter states the contrary.

Please enlighten me


  • Don't worry, I realised that it was their shadows that were petrified.
  • Well this is a sure big spoiler but she is actually alive in 10th world.
  • Most ie are alive I guess
  • Unless they went on an expedition; I think most named IE are alive.

    Is Hong Tain the mysterious partner he meets? unlikely right? she doesn't seem like the social type to lead a conspiracy? It's prob that great emperor that is his nemesis.
  • She is alive and quite well. She is one of the most powerful IE.
  • She is alive and quite well. She is one of the most powerful IE.
    Yes, and also assisted Li Qiye from preventing a Dark Giant(holder of Myriad Era Bone and Death Coffin) from escaping from his grasped back the Deity Academy in the 10th world resulting in Li Qiye getting the Death Coffin and causing a massive damage to that dark giant (escaped true fate)
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