Spoiler about xiuxiu please !!! (Asking a question about her) and other stuff

When will Lan Jue/Zeus know she was the reason of Hera death...? i mean i saw somewhere some1 say that she sacrified herself to safe zeus.... what chapter is that exactly? and will Zeus will always be extremely strong... i mean is there any1 stronger than him..? hes brother prob strong like him too right..? hades/prometheus/poseidon ? will he lose power anytime in the story..and people underestimate him then BOOM every1 get rekt ?


  • Xiuxiu will die around chapter 850+,  she will give a storage device right before death, containing her confession.
    And no lan jue will not lose his powers, just gets a bit nerfed by grandma bize(making him 9 rank 1st talent,by combining his and zhou qianlins blood).

    His father Jue Di the almighty is considered the most powerful human(paragon).

    And his brother is more powerful, except in the ending.
    Poseidon and Hades are his match in power, but a bit weaker.
    Yes ofc, people will get rekt,(is that even considered a question?)
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