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Guys, i know a lot of you read novels there but for me it was the first time reading.

I mean i tried reading, warlock of the magus world, desolate era, emperor's domination, martial world and many more but i never got past 2-3 chapters ahead.

But, I'm now reading Library of Heaven's Path and its pretty understandable. May be its simpler, may be because its meaning are more detailed, but yeah, I feel I can surely finish the whole novel there.

Any thoughts on this why its so easy to read than other novels?



  • maybe the chinese used in the original work is simpler?
  • maybe because the author is english and translated it to google chinese.
  • So three days ago systranet's website translation option was taken down. I contacted their office in South Korea and here is their reply:

    Unfortunately, we had to disable web page translation because it was being used as a proxy for translation of explicit content which violated terms of service of firms associated with Systran.

    If you need the web page translation, 

    please use our desktop product(https://store.systran.biz/lp/storeSystran?Langue=en_US) or other services.

    Best regards.

    I asked them a series of follow-up questions, which I've also posted below.

    • Is the disabling of web page translation permanent or will it be resumed after some modifications to the service policy?
      • There is no plan to restart for a while.
    • With regards to your service, how is it any different from Google translate, which allows the translation of web pages online?
      • I will introduce other service of our company.

    The service I would like to introduce uses a translation engine trained by using machine learning like as google.

    But, currently, a demo site supports only for the text translation. Please understand about it.


    • Is it possible to get a free trial of your desktop software to find whether it performs the same way as the online translator?
      • It is impossible to provide.
    • I have bookmarked quite a few translated web pages as part of my work assignments which I am no longer able to access. Is it possible to provide limited service so I can save that data in another form?
      • It is impossible to provide.


    If it is difficult to understand or you have other questions, please contact us anytime.


    Best regards.



    I was looking for other online translators that provide a translation of similar quality. Google Translate is more difficult to work with for some reason, whether it is the syntax or the operating system. Can someone suggest any viable alternatives, or provide a way to use systranet's services? I checked their site, and they're offering a Chinese-English translation software for $89, which is way overpriced. Any advice or comments will be helpful. Also, if you guys want systranet to resume their online free services, you might write to their service support provider at http://www.systransoft.com/contact/support/online-services/, or email

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

     [email protected]

  • @draggonor I can already see the major effects it has on your grammar. Stay away from that cancerous translation, otherwise your nice grammar and style will be contaminated.
  • To explain the difference I will just give THE BEST example, it's ISSTH for you !
    as an example for the simplest ones to read on LNMTL there's SOTR I already finished it without hitch.
    The only thing you have to put in your mind, give up wanting to understand the details you will just burn your mind, and your soul.

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