Full-time Anomaly (全职怪才) by 吃李子上火



  • Chapter 96: Preparing To Establish A Gang

    In fact, Ah Long truly liked Wang Hui. The first time he saw her, he already had a feeling, otherwise, according to his previous conduct, he would’ve used force against her long ago, yet he hadn’t.

    “Hmph, such big talk over a girlfriend. What a loss of face!” Sun Nan heard three of them’s conversation from the side and stuck his tongue out towards Ah Long. It had to be known he already had a girlfriend in highschool.

    “I…… I’m only twenty-two, alright. What’re you shouting out old for?” Hearing he was being mocked by a seventeen-year-old brat, Ah Long immediately began to explain himself.

    Upon noticing this, Yan Tian laughed and said: “Haha, Nan Nan is five years younger than you, but he already has a girlfriend.”

    “Geez, what’re you saying, big bro?” Hearing Yan Tian speak of his little secret, Sun nan pouted in discontent. Glancing at Ah Long and Wang Feng looking at him with a peculiar look in their eyes, his face reddened: “Hmph, I’m done with you guys. I’m gonna go watch television.”

    As soon and Sun Nan walked away, Ah Long and Wang Feng laughed. The little squirt already had a girlfriend. In comparison to him, they were truly ashamed to inferiority.

    But they didn’t know this to be, but Yan Tian was the most frickin’ awesome one. While he was still a delicate youth, he had already taste the sweetness of the flower. Sun Nan had nothing but a girlfriend. How could he measure up with Yan Tian?

    “Right, I ordered you last time to discuss opening up shop with Song Dong, how’s it going?” Yan Tian abruptly asked solemnly.

    “Brother Tian, everything’s good. It might be that punk Song Dong wants to earn some brownie points, Brother Tian, but he personally brought some men and found a pretty good spot. Afterwards, he even took out 500 thousand RMB altogether to set up shop. We consulted the matter together and decided to open up a nightclub. Brother Tian, may I ask what you think?”

    Speaking of proper business, Ah Long and Wang Feng didn’t fight with each other, but narrated the affairs to Yan Tian rather seriously. Upon observing this, Yan Tian nodded in satisfaction; it appeared that the two of them had been quite responsible.

    “Mhm, a nightclub is pretty good. Keep in mind, you guys have to draw in closer with Song Dong and the others as soon as possible. I don’t want to see you guys split up into two factions.”

    “Be at ease, Brother Tian. We’ve already discussed it with the brothers. There were indeed some brothers and some of Song Dong’s men that made things difficult at the beginning, but now, it’s clear many of them have turned for the better.” Ah Long laughed and said.

    “Where’s the new bar?” Yan Tian picked up a pig’s foot and asked.

    “Brother Tian, I specifically made a trip to see where the new bar is today. I estimate that the bar will be open for official business in two days. Me and Song Dong are going to begin properly decorating the nightclub tomorrow. Also, the Changing Times bar is going to be ready for normal operations in three more days.” At this time, Wang Feng spoke respectfully.

    The decoration of the bar was entirely Wang Feng’s responsibility. Presently, Wang Feng was following Ah Long, so his personal position was very high. Besides Ah Long, Wang Feng was the most senior. Of course, this was only on Ah Long’s side.

    Right now, Yan Tian could say he had two powers in his hands. One of them was Ah Long’s side and the other was Song Dong’s. Yan Tian wanted to unite the two powers as quickly as he could into one.

    Yet, thinking this over once more, Yan Tian knew it wouldn’t do, since every respect of Song Dong’s manpower, properties, and funding were much stronger than Ah Long’s. If he made Song Dong combine his brothers and estates together with Ah Long’s, then it wouldn’t be easy to manage as well.

    There was also that if he let Song Dong see Ah Long commanding his brothers everyday, Song Dong would be unhappy. Like so, it would be rather easy to trigger an internal schism.

    “Ah Long, speak. How are you preparing to handle your’s and Song Dong’s men with the property?” Yan Tian was ready to listen to Ah Long’s opinion after he pondered it over.

    “I’m getting ready to discuss it with Song Dong. I want to combine the manpower together to supervise it. That way, if we run into some kind of emergency, there will be enough manpower as well.”

    “Mhm, that’s a pretty good way of thinking, but it’s simply not good.”

    “How come? How is this not good?” Ah Long asked in puzzlement.

    Yan Tian stroked his chin and said: “A united management is indeed good administrating, but you have to know; your man power is much less than Song Dong’s. When the time comes, who will be prioritized in obeying? Based on the fact, that’s to say Song Dong will have the precedence to be obeyed, since he has more men. But will you agree with things like this?”

    “Of course, I wouldn’t agree. Why do my men have to obey Song Dong’s plans?” Ah Long had even slammed the table, but once he brought it to mind once more, that was right. If he commanded Song Dong’s men, then the other wouldn’t agree as well. After he realized this, Ah Long looked at Yan Tian and asked: “Then what’s your idea, Brother Tian?”

    “Later on, I’ll give you and Song Dong each a million to hurry up and recruit some men. If the number of men reach five hundred, then we’ll begin to establish the gang. When the time comes, you guys will be split up into two groups, that way, such a problem won’t exist as well.” Yan Tian rapped the table and said after he deliberated the matter.

    “Listening to Yan Tian’s words, Ah Long and Wang Feng nodded at the same time: “Right, that’s a good method.”

    In fact, Ah Long and Wang Feng had continued to hope that Yan Tian would establish a gang, since the significance of found a gang was different. Presently, they could only be considered a bunch of street thugs.

    But if they established a gang, then they would immediately shake off their former shells and become a syndicate. These were two layers. When the time came, they would come out standing. Daddy was an underworld gangster. This was much more domineering than a little hooligan.

    In the same manner, there would be endless troubles in establishing a gang as well. Currently, they were only a bunch of thugs. Nobody would bother lowering themselves to your level. But if they established a gang, then they would definitely trigger a rumble with other gangs. At the same time, it was possible they would even suffer the punishment of the law.

    But presently, what Yan Tian wasn’t scared of the most was the law, since he had the umbrella of the Long Huang Squad to protect him. Moreover, the government’s intentions were to clean up all of China’s underground powers as well, so he needn’t be worried at all that the light* would bring trouble for him.

    Right now, the sole problem were those dark powers, yet Yan Tian wasn’t frightened. Wasn’t this a fight? Who was he scared of? For the past two days, Yan Tian had been preparing to go for stroll around the Sea Wolves.

    “Mhm, we’ve have to pick up the pace in recruiting men in the past few days. At the moment, we’ve begun to expand our power. Also, the new bar was finished being renovated in the past two days, so I handed it over to Song Dong to manage straight away.” Yan Tian narrowed his eyes and said.

    “Mhm, no problems, Brother Tian, what should we call the bar? Choose the name!” Ah Long nodded his head.

    Seeing Ah Long wanted him to christen the bar with a name, Yan Tian didn’t decline. He rubbed his nose and seriously mulled it over: “The new bar, the new bar, then we’ll call it the Ambrosia bar. Ambrosia is a comforting smell, how about it?”

    “Ambrosia? Then we’ll obey Brother Tian. When it’s time to hang up the sign board, we’ll write Ambrosia bar!” Ah Long nodded his head in approval.

    “Wang Feng, sprucing up the nightclub is entirely up to you. Later on, you can bring a group of men to keep watch over it. I’ll hand the nightclub over to you to manage.” Yan Tian looked at Wang Feng and said.

    Once he heard Yan Tian was letting him be in charge of the entire nightclub, Wang Feng looked at Yan Tian in appreciation. When he run into Yan Tian before, he was still a thug that wasted his time away. Ever since he started following Yan Tian, his life had become better and better, and now, Yan Tian had surprisingly even handed a bar over to him. This made Wang Feng rather excited. It had to be known the nightclub was much more luxurious than Ambrosia and the Changing Times bar!

    “Thank you, Brother Tian, be at ease. I definitely won’t let you down.” Wang Feng nodded appreciatively.

    Hearing that Yan Tian handed the nightclub over to Wang Feng to manage, Ah Long looked at Wang Feng and encouraged him without the slightest trace of jealousy in his eyes, since he looked upon Wang Feng as his brother now. He only hoped his brother was capable of living better and better.

    There was also Wang Feng’s little sister Wang Hui that Ah Long had set his eyes on*. If she consented later on, the two of them would become one family later on. Moreover, he believed his pick-up skills were completely capable of charming her. He needn’t be too worried about this point.

    “Mhm, I want to talk about something else with you guys. In two days, I have to make a trip abroad. The time shouldn’t exceed more than two weeks. If something occurs within this time period, remember at all costs, don’t act blindly. I’ll talk about everything else as soon as I come back.”.

    Yan Tian spoke of the matter of him going abroad after he thought it over, but he didn’t say where he was going at all, since it was for the best if Ah Long and the others didn’t know of him going to a mercenary base to save a person.

    “Relax, Brother Tian. In the time we’ve been doing things, we’ve been on the down low. You travel safely, too, Brother Tian!” Yan Tian didn’t speak, so Ah Long questioned no more. On the contrary, it wouldn’t be any good if he knew of some matters.

    After sitting there for a while, Wang Hui had already carried over the final dish. Once Sun Nan saw it, he ran over straight away. Between fine food and television, fine food still had precedence for Sun Nan.

    *this 白道 literally means white road. Can also mean righteous. I liked the idea of a dichotomy between light and dark, so I went with the idea of light instead.
    *literally preparing to fix up to eat. Sounds rapey so I changed it. Looks/sounds better in Chinese though

  • Chapter 97: Washing Your Mouth Out With Soap

    “Wow, Big Sis! How about you come be the chef at my house. This is really delicious!” Sun Nan said, smacking his lips.

    “Hehe, if you like it, eat more!”

    “Mmhhmm.” Sun Nan nodded with all of his strength.


    The next day, after he got off work in the afternoon, Yan Tian escorted Guo Man home as usual once again. Although she didn’t agree, it was under his shameless request did she compromise.

    “Manager Yan, it’s really not good to be like this. It’ll make other people misunderstand!” Within the sports convertible, Guo Man said in embarrassment.

    “What’s not good? It’s not like I got anything else to do otherwise. I might as well come out and catch some fresh air. In any case, I don’t have to take out my own gas money!” Yan Tian said indifferently.

    “But this is……”

    “Haha, it’s fine. There’s nothing about it. Sit back, I’m gonna gun it.”

    Yan Tian laughed and then suddenly accelerated. In a split second, he overtook all the surrounding car. What was a sports car supposed to be used for? Wasn’t it to go flying like greased lightning*?

    “Ahh…… Manager Yan, slow down, you’re gonna hit something soon; turn the corner!”

    Yan Tian was was having a great time, but Guo Man suffered while sitting at the side. Manager Yan drove like a madman. There were good few times where had almost hit cars in front of him due to tailgating, scaring Guo Man restless.

    “Haha, this brother’s skills are so friggin’ awesome. How could I possibly hit someone? What a joke!” Yan Tian laughed and said.

    “Yipes, slow down, Manager Yan. Don’t go so fast! I’m scared.” Guo Man screeched in fright.

    Seeing Guo Man’s nervous expression, Yan Tian let the speed slow down. If he drove like that again, he reckoned Guo Man wouldn’t sit in his car next time even if she was beaten to death.

    Discovering Yan Tian had slowed the car, Guo Man suddenly let loose a breath of air, thinking to herself that she absolutely wouldn’t sit in Manager Yan’s car tomorrow. He was clearly a maniac.

    “Right, I might leave the country for a trip in two days. When the time comes, I’ll have to trouble you with the restaurant affairs.” Suddenly, Yan Tian turned his head and looked at Guo Man solemnly.

    “Ah? Oh……”

    Guo Man was evidently dazed, but she nodded her head cutely soon afterwards.

    Granted that Yan Tian didn’t leave the country, he wouldn’t manage the restaurant’s affairs. He would only blow at skirts in the restaurant and dally about with the female waitresses. Whether or not he was at the restaurant was of no consequence. On the contrary, it would be a bit peaceful if he wasn’t at the restaurant.

    As for what Yan Tian was doing in leaving the country, Guo Man didn’t ask as well, since he was the manager. It was uncertain to say whether the company had made him take a trip on official business for a period of time.

    Yet Guo Man had clearly guessed incorrectly. The matter of Yan Tian leaving the country was even a matter that the Chairman Liu Ruoxin didn’t know of. How was this business trip?

    After he escorted Guo Man home, Yan Tian proceeded to get ready to go pick up Liu Ruoxin. Moreover, he still had to request a vacation in passing. Overall, he couldn’t hide himself away without rhyme or reason*. He couldn’t leave Liu Ruoxin all of a sudden when the time came for her to contact him but she couldn’t.

    “Hello, Mr.Yan!”

    Just as he entered the company, someone greeted him. Presently, all of them knew that Yan Tian wasn’t an ordinary person. They had found out from gossip, but he was the Chairman’s husband!

    Although no one had heard Liu Ruoxin or Yan Tian personally say it, they preferred to believe it then not to. They would naturally be polite towards him; didn’t they see Chairman Liu sitting in Yan Tian’s car coming to work everyday?

    Upon seeing someone calling out to him, Yan Tian smiled and nodded. In regards to these matters, he was already accustomed to it.

    As he walked to Liu Ruoxin’s office entrance, he noticed her and Secretary Xiao Wang. At this time, Secretary Xiao Wang was standing at the door, pacing back and forth nervously.

    “What’s up, Xiao Wang? What’re you doing standing free at the door for?” Yan Tian asked curiously.

    “Mr.Yan, you’ve finally arrived. Right now Chief Liu is arguing inside with Chairman Liu. Hurry up and smooth things over!

    Seeing that Yan Tian had come, Secretary Xiao Wang seemed as if she had grabbed on to a life-saving straw. Suddenly she let loose a breath of air in her heart. With his arrival, then there shouldn’t be any problems.

    “Chief Liu? Who is Chief Liu?”

    Yan Tian was rather bewildered. Although he had worked so long at Liu Ruoxin’s company, he truly didn’t know the company personnel. He knew of the department chiefs inside the company, but he had never heard of one surnamed Liu.

    “Gosh, Mr.Yan, you’ve forgotten? That’s Chairman Liu’s older cousin. Right now, he’s inside in the middle of arguing with Chairman Liu. Sir, hurry up and go in!” Secretary Xiao Wang explained to Yan Tian rather nervously.

    Hearing Secretary Xiao Wang’s words, Yan Tian nodded. He had actually forgotten about Liu Yi. He remembered that Liu Ruoxin seemed to have given him the position of a department chief.

    After that time he had brought Liu Yi to the company, Yan Tian hadn’t met him again, so why had he barged into Liu Ruoxin’s office to cause a disturbance?

    Pondering, Yan Tian prepared to enter, but just as he neared, he heard a noise within.

    “Hmph, I’m telling you, you must marry into the Huang Family!” Liu Yi snorted coldly and said.

    “Why do I have to listen to you? Who do you think you are? Do you control me?” Liu Ruoxin roared furiously.

    Liu Ruoxin’s voice obviously carried a sobbing tone within. It seemed like the people of the family were trying to force the matter of marriage on her once more. Upon hearing her weeping voice brimming with grievance and irreconciliation, Yan Tian felt waves of heartache.

    “Liu Ruoxin, mind your attitude. I’m your older cousin. You can’t yell and shout at me.” Liu Yi used his hand to slap the table with all of his strength.

    “Hehe, older cousin? Do you even take me to be your younger sister?” Liu Ruoxin laughed sarcastically.

    “What are you saying? You and I are both of the Liu Family. Within our bodies flows the blood of the Liu Family. Of course, you’re my little sister.

    “Little sister? Hehe, you may have such a little sister, but I don’t have such a brother. Get out.”

    Liu Ruoxin pointed furiously at Liu Yi. At this moment, she didn’t regard him as her brother in any sense. In fact, she had already stopped look at him as a brother long ago, but due to the pressure, she was helpless but to only continue to endure it in silence.

    “What? You’re ordering me to leave? Haha, why do I have to leave? I’m also a person of the Liu Family. All of the Liu Family properties will become mine later on, including your lousy company. Why do I have to leave?”

    Watching Liu Ruoxin point at him, Liu Yi grabbed her wrist. Slowly closing in on her step by step.

    “Let go of me, let go!” Upon seeing Liu Yi had grabbed her, Liu Ruoxin used all of her strength to struggle, but no matter how she struggled, it was all for nought and she couldn’t struggle free.

    “Release you? Why do I have to let you go……”

    “Release her for me.”

    Suddenly, the office door was pushed open, a suave-looking man wearing a suit and neck tie entering. Yet the man appeared not to be happy at all. At this time, the man’s complexion was gloomily dreadful. He seemed as if he was a death god.

    After he saw Yan Tian enter, Liu Yi had evidently become a bit scared being stared at by the look in Yan Tian’s eyes. But, soon after, he regained his wits. What thing could Yan Tian be considered? Why the hell did he have to be scared of him?

    “I’m ordering you to let me go.” Noticing that Liu Yi was still grabbing on to Liu Ruoxin’s hand, not letting go of her, Yan Tian warned him once more.

    “Hmph, What thing can you be considered? I…… Argh…….”

    Suddenly, Yan Tian immediately struck as Liu Yi was speaking, dashing in front of him. In the time that Liu Yi had still not reacted, he captured Liu Yi’s finger and snapped it with all of his strength.

    “Urgh…… My hand, my hand argh……. Urgh…… you want to die, you wanna die……” Liu Yi clutched his finger rather painfully and moaned.

    “Hmph, you dare raise your hand against my woman; this is the conclusion!” Yan Tian snorted coldly, then protected the stunned Liu Ruoxin who was lost in thought behind him.

    “Urgh…… You adulterous couple, you actually dared to strike me. I’m going to make you guys die, argh……”

    Before Liu Yi had even finished speaking, Yan Tian jumped up and delivered a flying kick, directly sending him flying straight out into a seemingly invaluable bonsai plant, smashing it to bits.

    “Hmph, you best wash your mouth out with soap. This is only a minor warning!” Yan Tian narrowed his eyes at Liu Yi who was lying on the floor. Looking at the pulverized bonsai plant once more, he shook his head in regret: “Sigh, Such a good bonsai plant, ruined just like that!”

    “You little slut, you still haven’t hurried up and called an ambulance for me?”

    Liu Yi was possibly scared that he would be kicked by Yan Tian, not daring to roar and shout at him. Yet Liu Ruoxin was different. Why couldn’t he teach his own little sister?

    “Ugh…… Let go of me……”



    *Literally whirlwind here, but I thought this fit it better in context of a car

    *rhyme or reason. I’ll be honest. I’m lost with one. Meaning of this word is something like unfathomable mystery or can’t make heads or tails. Idk man

  • Chapter 98: Zhuang Yiyi Comes Again

    Without surprise, a blood-curling scream rang out again from Liu Yi’s body. Yan Tian had rushed ahead straight away, crippling Liu Yi’s leg. This wasn’t an ordinary fracture, but rather a true crippling. It seemed like Liu Yi would be confined to a wheelchair for the second half of his life.

    “Hmph, I told you to wash your mouth out with soap. Since it’s like this, then I’ll cripple your four limbs. You’ll be lying down on a bed for the next half of your life!”

    Speaking, Yan Tian prepared to continue crippling Liu Yi’s other leg. Daring to raise his hand against his women, that ought to receive punishment. Although Liu Ruoxin wasn’t his woman right now by any means, she was his wife on the outside presently.

    “Don’t, don’t, Yan Tian, stay your hand!” At this time, Liu Ruoxin finally reacted. Upon seeing Yan Tian getting ready to continue crippling Liu Yi’s other leg, she immediately ordered him to cease and desist.

    Although Liu Ruoxin rather despised this brother, he was her older cousin in the end. Also, if Yan Tian truly completely crippled Liu Yi, then she reckoned he wouldn’t be able to live. She was of the Liu Family, so she naturally knew of the Liu Family’s power. At the tolling of the final bell, the family’s reputation wasn’t undeserved as one of the Five Grand Families.

    “With him acting towards you like so, could it be you still want to let him off?” Upon hearing Liu Ruoxin’s words, Yan Tian halted the action of his hand.

    “Don’t, let him go. You must not offend the Liu Family!”

    “Hmph, in my, Yan Tian’s, entire life, I have truly never feared anyone. Since he actually dared to act like such towards you, then he shouldn’t wish of leaving here standing!” Yan Tian snorted coldly and prepared to continue his actions in crippling Liu Yi.

    “Don’t, I’m begging you. Stay your hand. You’ve already crippled one of his legs. It’s enough!”

    Seeing Yan Tian wasn’t staying his hand, Liu Ruoxin immediately grabbed onto his arm and implored him. She couldn’t let him go on as such again, otherwise, the consequences would truly be beyond imagination!

    Upon seeing Liu Ruoxin hug onto his arm so pitifully, Yan Tian released Liu Yi. Others would devour the weak and fear the strong, but he wasn’t the same. The more you used force, the less he would be scared. But if you were soft towards him, he would compromise!

    “Hmph, consider this your good luck, punk!” Yan Tian kicked Liu Yi and stood up.

    “Quickly, Xiao Wang, hurry and call an ambulance!” At this time, Liu Ruoxin yelled towards Secretary Xiao Wang who at the door.

    “Oohh!” A moment ago, Secretary Xiao Wang had been frightened by Yan Tian as well. He was too ruthless; too cruel!

    Soon, people had come from the hospital to carry Liu Yi away. At the same time, Liu Ruoxin requested Yan Tian to escort her to the hospital without delay. Helpless, he was forced to obey her orders.

    “Yan Tian, are you insane?” In the car, Liu Ruoxin’s mood was very anxious as she looked at Yan Tian.

    “What about it?”

    “What about it? You’re saying what about it? Don’t you know there will be some consequence for hitting Liu Yi?”

    “What consequence?”

    Yan Tian shrugged his shoulders indifferently. Since the affair had already occurred, there was no use in being worried now. He might as well sit back and relax and pull out two smokes.

    “I’m telling you, it’s possible you won’t even know how you died. I know you’re very fierce, but you’re nothing but a single person. Even I don’t know how great the power of the Liu Family is.” Liu Ruoxin stared at Yan Tian earnestly.

    “Mhm, then should I comply with your current intentions and go kneel before Liu Yi and beg for forgiveness? Or perhaps you want me to go the Liu Family to beg for forgiveness? I’ll tell you, whoever dares to raise their hand against my, Yan Tian’s, woman, I won’t kill them for the sake of your face!” Yan Tian narrowed his eyes and said.

    “You…… Who is your woman? We’re only putting on a show!”

    As soon as she heard Yan Tian say she was his woman, Liu Ruoxin repeated this was a matter of a play again. She was telling this to him: this was only an act. It wasn’t real at all.

    Suddenly, Yan Tian stepped on the break and parked over on the side.

    “What are you doing? Hurry and go!” Seeing Yan Tian had stopped and wasn’t moving, Liu Ruoxin urged him on.

    “Hehe, perhaps in your eyes you believe this is only a play, but I don’t think it as such. How can this kind of affair be a child’s play?” Yan Tian turned his head to looked at Liu Ruoxin who was sitting in the front passenger seat and laughed.

    “You…… What do you want to say?”

    “Nothing, I only wish to tell you, since you’ve gotten on my pirate ship, then don’t think of getting off, haha!”

    Upon hearing Yan Tian’s words, Liu Ruoxin faintly knit her brows: “Hmph, don’t think about it!”

    “Why? You still want to put on a show? You’re play has made me completely famous. Right now, all of Fengan City’s celebrities know me. Also, I just crippled your older cousin Liu Yi. You think this matter can come to a good conclusion?”

    At this moment, Yan Tian was without a single trace of worry. Wasn’t that he had just hit a man? That wasn’t anything major. It was unknown how many lives he had reaped in the past.

    “Hurry up and drive the car. You still have to consider how you’re going to resolve this affair first!” Liu Ruoxin shook her head in distress.

    “Resolve? Hehe, this affair can’t be resolved. I ruined your eldest uncle’s son for the next half of his life. I don’t believe your eldest uncle will let me off!”

    “You…… You’re still laughing? Your current situation is so dangerous, but you can actually still laugh?”

    Upon seeing Yan Tian’s chuckling expression, Liu Ruoxin was at a bit of a loss. If another person was swapped in right now, she reckoned they would be scared to death, yet Yan Tian was surprisingly the same as a trouble-free person. When the dust settled, this attitude was rather good!

    “Why aren’t you laughing? Don’t tell me you want me to cry now!” Yan Tian shrugged speechlessly.

    “Fine, alright, don’t run your mouth, hurry up and go to the hospital.”

    After Yan Tian laughed, he spoke no longer. As soon as the two of them arrived at the hospital, they saw Liu Yi was in the middle of being X-rayed at the moment. From time to time, blood-curdling screams echoed outwards.

    In fact, Yan Tian had already known of the degree of Liu Yi’s injury long ago. How could he not know of his own strike? Anyways, Liu Yi shouldn’t think of leaving a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Of course, he could leave, but he would require a cane.

    After a while had passed, Yan Tian saw Zhuang Yiyi come in dressed for official work with several police officers behind her. This truly was meeting enemies on a narrow path; he could run into Zhuang Yiyi at the hospital.

    “Sis Ruoxin, what the heck happened?” This time, Zhuang Yiyi had come in official capacity. She didn’t pay attention to Yan Tian at the side at all.

    “Yiyi? Why have you come?” Seeing Zhuang Yiyi, Liu Ruoxin was dazed.

    The affair had happened nothing more than a moment ago. How could Zhuang Yiyi bring the police over. Moreover, a single person interred at the hospital wouldn’t pull the police from above!

    “Just now, the chief said that the eldest young master of the Liu Family had been struck by a man. He ordered Captain Cai to bring some men over and take a look. However, Captain Cai and his men aren’t here, so I was ordered to come. Sis Ruoxin, what the heck happened?”

    At the moment, Zhuang Yiyi was extremely suspicious. The Liu Family’s eldest young master had surprisingly been hit by a man, sending him into the hospital. Whoever this was had great courage. They had actually dared to strike a person of the Liu Family.

    Hearing Zhuang Yiyi’s words, things were clear to Liu Ruoxin. So it was actually the chief that had sent down the order. Then there was only a single possibility and that was her eldest uncle at the Liu Family mansion in Jingcheng already knew, so he had immediately ordered the Fengan police to come.

    It seemed Liu Ruoxin’s youngest uncle and eldest uncle had no lack of informants planted at her side. The matter had just occurred, but their side already knew of it.

    Suddenly, Liu Ruoxin’s cell phone rang out at this time. She took it out and looked at it. Sure enough, she hadn’t guessed incorrectly. It was her own eldest uncle, Liu Yong, that had called her.

    “Hmph, Liu Ruoxin, I’m not finished with you if my son meets some unexpected misfortune!”

    Just as she picked up, not waiting for her to speak, the voice of a middle-aged man could be heard, saying a single line before immediately cutting the connection.

    Looking at the phone in her hand and being hung up on, Liu Ruoxin shook her head in agitation. Today, Yan Tian had given her something to yell about!

    As for Yan Tian, he didn’t care whatsoever at the moment, engrossed in ogling a nurse that could be considered a beauty. Presently, he didn’t dare to look at Zhuang Yiyi in the same way as he did last time, since he didn’t want to go the police station again to drink tea. He felt that the police station tea that he had tasted last time was of poor quality. This point made it unpalatable.

    “Sis Ruoxin, how the heck did this come about?” How could Brother Liu Yi be hit?” Zhuang Yiyi asked worriedly.

    Mulling the matter over, Liu Ruoxin relayed the entire sequence of events to Zhuang Yiyi.

    After Zhuang Yiyi was filled in, she looked at Yan Tian incredulously. How could it be him again? Last time he had hit those thugs and hadn’t said why, too. This time it was actually Liu Ruoxin’s older cousin. The eldest young master of the Liu Family had been struck.

    *I’ll be quite honest here. I’m not exactly sure if I translated this sentence right, since I’m confused if the word Jingcheng is a name or referencing something else, but I’m pretty sure it’s a place

  • Chapter 99: Wait For My Return

    Furthermore, Yan Tian had nevertheless struck Liu Yi with the identity as his younger sister’s husband.

    “Hey, lemme say, beautiful, why’re ya lookin’ at me like that?” Is it that you want to arrest me again?” Noticing Zhuang Yiyi was watching him lost in thought, Yan Tian picked at his ear and said.

    “How could it be you?” Zhuang Yiyi rolled her eyes at Yan Tian and said.

    Upon hearing Zhuang Yiyi, Yan Tian shook his head a bit embarrassedly. It seemed like he would have to go to the police station later on to drink tea. He didn’t believe there wouldn’t be any business for him.

    “Sis Ruoxin, the chief has his orders. He said to bring the culprit to justice.” Zhuang Yiyi looked to Liu Ruoxin and whispered.

    Originally, Zhuang Yiyi didn’t have to give prior notice once she discovered who the culprit was, leading men to arrest the assailant straight away. But as soon as she saw it was Yan Tian, she sought out Liu Ruoxin’s opinion.

    Since she and Liu Ruoxin were good sisters, if by chance she directly arrested Yan Tian, what would be done if she angered Liu Ruoxin? If it was some minor affair, then Zhuang Yiyi would arrest him immediately. Like last time, she hadn’t talked it over with Liu Ruoxin when arresting him.

    Yet things weren’t the same this time. This time, it was possible if Yan Tian was taken in, he wouldn’t be able to leave again for the rest of his life. After all, this was a such a great matter. He was Liu Ruoxin’s husband. Naturally, she would request Liu Ruoxin of her opinion.

    If Liu Ruoxin was without problem, then Zhuang Yiyi would carry out official business. But if Liu Ruoxin wouldn’t let go, then she would act in accordance with Liu Ruoxin’s wishes.

    In the same manner, Zhuang Yiyi wasn’t scared that letting go of Yan Tian on her own accord would bring about some kind of trouble. When all was said and done, Zhuang Yiyi’s background wasn’t anything to scoff at as well.

    “Hey, lemme say, beautiful, I haven’t done anything to you, how come you have to arrest me again!”

    Presently, Yan Tian wanted to slap himself twice. This was his own crow’s beak*, sure enough, if you said something, something would happen. In the previous second he had finished speaking, Zhuang Yiyi had arrested him in the next.

    After Zhuang heard him, she glared at him briefly, thinking to herself where was Yan Tian drawing such a good attitude from? Having arrived at this kind of situation, he still had the mind to make jokes? Could it be that he had something to rely on?

    Was it that he was relying on on the fact he was Liu Ruoxin’s husband? He had hit the son of the future lord of the Liu Family. Moreover, it was even extremely probable Liu Yi would become the next lord of the Liu Family. What could you rely on in being a son-in-law of the Liu Family?

    Liu Ruoxin didn’t pay any heed to what Yan Tian had said at all. At the moment, she was very nervous. It was definitely her eldest uncle’s intention in having the police come and arrest Yan Tian.

    Liu Ruoxin also knew, if Yan Tian went in, she reckoned he would meet with an unexpected misfortune, too. But if he didn’t go in, she didn’t have any kind of good method, so she was indecisive at the moment.

    “Ehehe, my darling wife, it’s nothing. Isn’t it just going to the police station to drink tea?” I’ll go then come back.”

    Seeing Liu Ruoxin’s hesitancy, Yan Tian volunteered himself. Wasn’t it just a police station. Anyways, it wasn’t like he had never gone in. What was going in and strolling around the pen again?

    “But you…… You might not be able to come out if you go in.” Liu Ruoxin looked at Yan Tian with reddened eyes and said.

    “Haha, it ain’t a problem. I’ll go for a walk around and then come out.” Yan Tian laughed and said.

    Hearing Yan Tian’s words, Zhuang Yiyi looked at him in shock. If another person was substituted in, they would definitely be crying and sniveling, having been arrested and taken to the police station.

    But this was Yan Tian. Not only did he not have a single trace of fear, but he had actually said he would go in for a walk around and then come out? Did he believe the police station to be his home? He even wanted to go in, then cook up some matter to get out, and then finally leave.

    “How about you don’t go in. Run away, okay. I’ll give you money to go abroad.” Liu Ruoxin wasn’t in the slightest frame of mind to make jokes, she said quite anxiously.

    “Ehehe, my darling Ruoxin, are you worried for your hubby’s safety?”

    Upon hearing Liu Ruoxin’s words, Yan Tian’s heart warmed. It seemed like his fake wife was still concerned about him!

    “Geez, how is it you’ve always got a fearless* expression? I’m talking to you about proper business.” Seeing Yan Tian wasn’t even treating the matter a bit seriously, two rows of hot tears streamed down from Liu Ruoxin’s eyes. She was truly worried for his safety.

    Noticing Liu Ruoxin crying worriedly, Yan Tian joked no further. He used his finger to gently wipe away at the two rows of hot tears on her face and said: “Relax, okay. It’s nothing. Wait for my return.”

    “It’s really nothing? How about you still run off, alright. If you go in, you really won’t come out.”

    Just as Yan Tian had wiped dry Liu Ruoxin’s cheeks, two lines of hot tears streamed down once more. She didn’t believe in what he had said by any means. She believed he was comforting her.

    “It’s really no problem. You still don’t believe me?” Yan Tian spread his hands out and said.

    “Good grief, don’t hesitate. Do according to what Sis Ruoxin said. I’ll let my father call an airplane to come now.”

    Seeing Yan Tian and Liu Ruoxin speaking together without pause, Zhuang Yiyi couldn’t watch anymore. If they waited around and wanted to leave, it would be too late by then. Speaking, she took out her cell phone, preparing to make a call.

    “Stop, hold it right there, who said I’m going to run away? What’s going to happen to Ruoxin by herself here if I leave? I don’t want to make her a widow.”

    Seeing Zhuang Yiyi was preparing to make the call to order an airplane, Yan Tian immediately obstructed her. It appeared that her background was rather frickin’ amazing, just happening to be able to call for an airplane. He guessed she was a person of the Zhuang Family of the Five Grand Families with an eighty-percent certainty, otherwise, how would she be able to help a criminal escape? Or just how had she managed to find an airplane?

    Besides, Yan Tian also hadn’t thought of escaping. What would Liu Ruoxin do by herself if he ran off and left her behind? The word escape wasn’t part of his dictionary. Of course, chancing upon some special circumstances required special treatment.

    At the same time, Yan Tian also glanced at Zhuang Yiyi in appreciation. Since the beginning, she had looked at as an eyesore, but now she surprisingly wanted to help him flee. This caused him to be rather thankful.

    “Hey, don’t tell me you want to die if you’re not running? You think you have three heads and six arms or something*?” Zhuang Yiyi rolled her eyes at Yan Tian disdainfully.

    “Fine, okay. I’ll go, so let’s bust a move. I don’t want my wifey to be left a widow here.”

    Yan Tian spread his hands out, then took a pair of handcuffs from the hands of a police officer and cuffed himself. In fact, in regards to this kind of handcuffs, it didn’t matter whether he was cuffed or not. In any case, he could open them with ease.

    “Yan Tian, nothing’s really going to happen?”

    Seeing Yan Tian’s self-confident appearance, Liu Ruoxin was slightly relieved. At the same time, she knew of some of his affairs as well. Perhaps he truly had something to rely on.

    “It’s really nothing. Don’t cry, okay. Take a look at your face, you’ve cried your makeup away.” Yan Tian laughed and said.

    “Alright, you be careful. Yiyi, take good care of him. If something happens, you have to notify me.” Liu Ruoxin’s eyes were wet with tears, as she grabbed on Zhuang Yiyi’s hand and said.

    “Mhm, be at ease, Sis Ruoxin. I definitely won’t let anything happen to him.” Zhuang Yiyi guaranteed Liu Ruoxin.

    Presently, Yan Tian found Zhuang Yiyi becoming more and more pleasing to look at. This little girl was pretty good; she was actually rather loyal.

    After comforting Liu Ruoxin with a few words, Yan Tian was taken away by Zhuang Yiyi, leaving Liu Ruoxin standing there in the hospital by herself lost in her thoughts.

    Musing, Yan Tian felt it necessary to call on people to protect Liu Ruoxin, otherwise, he would be ill at ease with her at the hospital alone. After he obtained Zhuang Yiyi’s permission, he called on Wang Feng to take a brother to the hospital. At the same instant, he sent Liu Ruoxin a text message.

    Wang Feng’s efficiency was also quite swift. Soon, he arrived at the hospital, bringing two brothers. According to photograph that Yan Tian had provided, they soon found Liu Ruoxin rather quickly. Upon seeing her, Wang Feng was stunned for two seconds, thinking to himself Brother Tian truly had beauties floating around him like clouds. This Liu Ruoxin was too beautiful.

    “Hello, may I ask if you’re the patient’s family member?” After waiting a while, a doctor came out from inside.

    “Yes, I’m his little sister. How is he?” Liu Ruoxin nodded and said.

    “Sigh, the situation isn’t too optimistic. The three fingers on his right hand were completely fractured. Afterwards, his right leg joint was sheared as well. It’s possible he won’t be able to stand from now on.” The doctor sighed and said.

    Upon listening to the result of the diagnosis, Liu Ruoxin retreated backwards by two steps. Sure enough, Yan Tian had acted ruthlessly against Liu Yi. This was quite the problematic conclusion.


    At the same time, Yan Tian was lead into the police station, directly escorted to the interrogation room. Zhuang Yiyi didn’t enter the interrogation room at all this time, but rather was busy with other matters.

    “What’s your name?”

    “Yan Tian!”



    “Why did you hit that person?” The police officer questioned gravely.

    “I want to meet your chief.”

    *crow’s beak. An interesting chinese flavoring. It means a person saying something inauspicious. Like a negative version of something like “straight from the horse’s mouth.”

    *literally not scared of heaven, not scared of earth. I thought this was cool so I shared it

    *If you’re familiar with xianxia/xuanhuan you’ve probably seen this phrase before. Meaning is capable of doing anything

  • Chapter 100: I Want To Meet Your Chief

    Yan Tian didn’t answer the police officer’s question at all and requested to see the chief straight away. He knew it, too. If he didn’t reveal his status in the Long Huang Squad, they would imprison him later on for committing a crime against a person of the Liu Family.

    As soon the police officer heard Yan Tian wanted to meet the chief, he furrowed his brows. Could the chief be seen just from wanting to see him? Even their police officers wouldn’t be able to see him, let alone you, a criminal?

    “I’m asking you to answer the question. Why did you strike the man?” The police officer reiterated his statement with his eyes fixed on Yan Tian.

    I said, I want to see your chief.” Yan Tian was a bit impatient as he tilted his head and said.

    “Hmph, how is it you want to see the chief just because you want to? I’m asking you to answer the question; why did you hit the man?” The police officer slammed the table and shouted coldly.

    Seeing that the two police officers weren’t acting in according to what he was saying, Yan Tian knit his brows. It appeared they wanted to force him to do it himself. Mulling it over, he opened the handcuffs on his hands himself and gave the police officers a wretched smile.

    “Ah…… You……”

    As soon as the two police officers noticed Yan Tian had actually taken off the handcuffs, they immediately stood up, looking at him in great astonishment, thinking to themselves what was this man. He was frickin’ awesome, the circumstances of opening a pair of handcuffs could only be observed in movies, but it had surprisingly occurred in front of them. Was it not shocking?

    “I’ll say it again. I want to see your chief.” Yan Tian looked at the two police officers and warned.

    “Y-yeah, sure, I’ll go ask.”

    A police officer nodded and ran out immediately. He knew he was already unable to control the current situation. They had run into a hard point this time.

    Watching the police officer obey his words and run out, Yan Tian shrugged his shoulders helplessly. He didn’t believe the police officer had went to find the chief, but should’ve gone to call for help in truth.

    As expected, it wasn’t long until a few SWAT officers busted in through the door, holding rifles towards Yan Tian. If a normal person was swapped in and was met with this scene, it was reckoned they wouldn’t dare to budge an inch.

    Yet Yan Tian wasn’t the same. Not only was he going move, he was also even going to attack them, since it was necessary of him to perform some actions so he could meet the chief.

    “Brothers, pardon me.”

    After coldly laughing, Yan Tian’s body transformed into a savage shadow, directly appearing behind a SWAT officer. His sight swift and hand deft, he drew a military knife from the SWAT officer’s body and held it at the man’s neck afterwards.

    Seeing that Yan Tian had captured one of the SWAT officers as hostage, the remaining SWAT officers surrounded him in a circle. Each of them took aim at him with their rifles, not daring to relax their guard a bit.

    Yan Tian was too terrible; he had actually taken a SWAT officer hostage from within a group of trained, accomplished SWAT officers. Above all else that was frightening though, none of them had surprisingly reacted in that period of time.

    “I want to see your chief.” Yan Tian said, dragging the SWAT officer towards the outside.

    “Drop the weapon, raise your hands in the air, and surrender immediately.” A SWAT officer that appeared to be the SWAT squadron captain warned Yan Tian.

    But Yan Tian paid no attention at all to the SWAT officer. If he acted in accordance to their wishes right now, wouldn’t he be a fool? As for even putting his hands up and surrendering, he didn’t have the word surrender in the same manner in his dictionary.

    As soon as he left the interrogation room, he had alarmed a great majority of the police station’s officers. Each of them had taken out their firearms, aiming at Yan Tian.

    Upon seeing this, Yan Tian had quite the headache. His skills were pretty good and in the same way he could dodge a bullet as well, but at the same time, he had so many people holding firearms at him. Even if he had three heads and six arms, they would turn him into Swiss cheese.

    “Yan Tian, are you insane?” At this time, Zhuang Yiyi had also saw Yan Tian seize a SWAT officer, so she ran over rather anxiously.

    “I want to see your chief. They told me I couldn’t, so I was forced to this measure.”

    Yan Tian shook his head a bit embarrassedly. Originally, he had estimated Zhuang Yiyi had already gotten off work at this time, but he had dragged her into this entire mess, leading her to have no choice but to work overtime.

    “Why do you want to see our chief?”

    Zhuang Yiyi looked at Yan Tian rather curiously, thinking to herself it shouldn’t be that he wanted to seize the bureau chief!

    “Isn’t it foolish to ask? If I’m looking for him, I definitely have business!” Yan Tian spread his hand out and said.

    Hearing that Yan Tian wanted to find chief of the police station, Zhuang Yiyi thought it over. What was he doing searching for the chief without anything to do? Could it be he knew the chief? But by the look of things, that didn’t seem to be.

    “All of you lower your guns. I’ll take him to find the chief.”

    Pondering the situation, Zhuang Yiyi decided to take Yan Tian to find the chief. For him to use this kind of method to urgently meet the chief, it was unsure to say if there was even some true affair.

    “Huh? Lower our guns? He’s so dangerous. If something happens, what are we going to do?” The SWAT captain refused once he heard Zhuang Yiyi.

    “Lower your guns. If something happens, I’ll bear the responsibility.” Zhuang raised her brows and said.

    The crowd of police officers deliberated the matter, then lowered the guns in their hands, since Officer Zhuang had said she would take responsibility. Moreover, it was only Zhuang Yiyi here that had the highest rank.

    “Alright, you let go, too. Who you trying to scare, holding that blade?” Zhuang Yiyi rolled her eyes at Yan Tian.

    “Ehehe, brothers, pardon me!”

    Obeying Zhuang Yiyi’s words, Yan Tian released the SWAT officer in his hand. It wasn’t easy for the man to be a SWAT officer as well. With a blade at his neck, he had been terribly frightened!

    As soon as they arrived at the entrance of the chief’s office, Zhuang Yiyi knocked the door. Receiving a response, the two of them entered. Seeing the chief, she saluted in standard courtesy.

    “Mhm? Yiyi, Did you arrest the suspect?” The police chief raised his head to look at Zhuang Yiyi and asked.

    “Reporting to the chief, I have arrested the suspect.”

    “Good, it’s good you arrested the man. Leave him to wait for the people of the Liu Family to come handle him.” The police chief nodded in satisfaction, but once he saw Yan Tian at the side, he asked in bewilderment: “Yiyi, this is?”

    “Reporting to chief, he is Yan Tian.”

    Upon hearing Yan Tian’s name, the police chief mulled it over. Wasn’t the Liu Family’s Liu Ruoxin’s husband called Yan Tian? What had Yan Tian come to find him for? Could it be he was the representative of the Liu Family that had come?

    “Haha, Mr.Yan, come in, come in, take a seat. I’ve long heard of Mr.Yan’s great name.”

    After he thought it over, the police chief personally came out to pull Yan Tian by the hand to sit down on the sofa. Regarding his treatment towards a person of the Liu Family, the police chief naturally didn’t dare neglect him.

    “Reporting to chief, Yan Tian is the assailant. I just brought him back here. He had seized a police officer in the interrogation room and said he wanted to meet you.” At this time, Zhuang Yiyi spoke the truth that Yan Tian was the assailant.

    “Huh? Mr.Yan is the assailant?” Upon hearing Zhuang Yiyi’s words, the police chief furrowed his brows. How could a son-in-law of the Liu Family strike the Liu Family’s eldest young master?

    “Haha, it’s me.” At this moment, Yan Tian shook his head at bit embarrassedly.

    As soon as heard Yan Tian admit it, the police chief stood up in shock, but recalling the words of the Liu Family in Jingcheng again, he said to Zhuang Yiyi at the side: “Yiyi, lock him up first. The people of the Liu Family will come later on handle it themselves. Mr. Yan, I’ll have to wrong you first.”

    “Haha, Mr.Chief, I’ve come to find you to tell you something.” Yan Tian laughed and said.

    “Yes? What does Mr.Yan want to discuss?”

    Yan Tian wasn’t worried at all as he spoke of his status, rather he turned his to look at Zhuang Yiyi at the side. His intentions were obvious and that was to let her withdraw. It wasn’t that Yan Tian didn’t trust her by any means, but he didn’t want too many people to know of his status.

    The police chief naturally also understood Yan Tian’s intentions. Pondering the matter, he said to Zhuang Yiyi: “Yiyi, it’s not early anymore; hurry up and get out of work. It must be hard on you.”

    Just as Yan Tian looked toward Zhuang Yiyi, she had sensed it as well. She knew Yan Tian and the chief were going to speak about some important business. Mulling it over, she didn’t care for it much longer. After she saluted, she left.

    “Mr.Yan, what’s the matter? Speak.” Seeing Zhuang Yiyi leave, the police chief looked towards Yan Tian and said.

    Does Mr.Chief recognize this?” Speaking, Yan Tian took out his Long Huang Squad credentials from his pocket. This was the time to observe the functions of the Long Huang Squad.

    “Oh? Let me take a look.”

    The police chief took the credentials curiously and studied it. As he saw the three characters on the credentials his eyes greatly widened, glancing at Yan Tian incredulously and then continuing to flip through the credentials.

    After looking at it for a good while, the police chief immediately stood up from the sofa and saluted Yan Tian respectfully: “Salutations, Mr.Yan. I am Fengan City’s police chief Du Xiaodong. May I ask what Mr.Yan requires?”

  • Chapter 101: Going To The Police Station To Drink Tea Again

    As the city police chief, Chief Du naturally knew of what these credentials represented. Not even to speak of a city police chief, even if provincial police chief saw these papers, they would be respectful towards Yan Tian.

    Upon seeing Chief Du’s display, Yan Tian nodded in satisfaction. It appeared that sure enough, the Long Huang Squad was unordinary. Even a city police chief was deferential in front of him.

    “It’s nothing. I just wanted to ask if I could leave now?” Yan Tian laughed and said.

    “Ah…… Umm……”

    Once he heard Yan Tian’s request, Chief Du was bit uncertain of his decision to make. According to reason, even if Yan Tian killed a man, he of the city police department was unable to control this man. What was the Long Huang Squad? The Long Huang Squad was above the law. The law fundamentally couldn’t control the people of the Long Huang Squad. Even if it was only a minor member.

    Yet the current situation wasn’t the same. The future lord of the Liu Family had requested him to apprehend Yan Tian. If Chief Du let him go like this, then he couldn’t hand him over properly to the Liu Family.

    “What’s up? Is there some problem?” Yan Tian narrowed his eyes and asked, thinking to himself was the Long Huang Squad status of no use?

    “No, no, Mr.Yan, you can leave now.”

    Thinking it over, Chief Du decided to let Yan Tian go first, since Yan Tian was a man of the Long Huang Squad. Although the people of the Liu Family wanted him to arrest the assailant, this assailant was above the law.

    Chief Du acted in accordance with regulation as well. Perhaps after the people of the Liu Family knew of Yan Tian’s status later on, they wouldn’t continue investigating into it any longer, too.

    “Mhm, then I’ll leave!” Speaking, Yan Tian got up and prepared to leave. After he walked two steps, he suddenly turned around to look at Chief Du and said: “Right, the tea I drank last time when I came to the police station sucked, but against my expectations, your tea is pretty good.”

    As soon as he left the chief’s office, Yan Tian didn’t catch sight of Zhuang Yiyi again. It was possible she had already gotten off work. After all, it was pretty late.

    Yawning, Yan Tian strode out of the police station with great strides. Flagging down a taxi, he flew towards the hospital, but didn’t know how things were going there presently.

    The moment Yan Tian left, Chief Du immediately called Liu Yong. It was necessary to discuss this matter with the people of the Liu Family; in the end, it was a man of the Liu Family that had wanted him to arrest the suspect.

    At this time, Liu Yong was sitting in a Bentley headed at top speed from Jingcheng to Fengan. He had left behind Liu Qiang, the third most senior of the Liu Family, to take hold of the reins.

    “Chief Du? What’s up? Did you apprehend Yan Tian?” A middle-aged man’s voice could be heard from the phone.

    Answering the call was Liu Yong’s secretary, Hou Lei. In the end, Liu Yong was the oldest son of the Liu Family and the next lord; he wasn’t a person that a trifling police chief could talk to.

    “Mr.Hou, Mr.Yan has already been captured, but I had to set him free again.” Chief Due said respectfully.

    “Mhm? You caught him, but released him? What’s the meaning of this?” Hou Lei furrowed his brows.

    It’s like this, Mr.Hou, Mr.Yan is one of their people, so I just……”

    “Them? Who are they?”

    “It’s the Long Huang Squad!” Captain Du whispered.

    After Hou Lei heard it was the Long Huang Squad, he evidently knit his brows. This Yan Tian was actually a man of the Long Huang Squad? Mulling it over, Hou Lei decided to report this matter to Liu Yong. Since Yan Tian was a man of the Long Huang Squad, then Hou Lei didn’t dare to make a decision without permission.

    Saying several things to Liu Yong at the side lowly, Liu Yong crinkled his brows. Afterwards, he didn’t think about it before he wrested away Hou Lei’s cell phone.

    “Hmph, like I care if he’s some Yellow Dragon Squad or Blue Dragon Squad*, he hit my son, so he should be arrested. Lead men to arrest him for me now. If something bad happens, I shall handle it.” Liu Yong yelled at Chief Du furiously.

    “Ah, yes, yes, of course, I’ll personally bring some men to handle this. It’s just that…… Mr.Yan is Liu Ruoxin’s husband. You truly want……”

    “Bullshit, Yan Tian and my Liu Family don’t even have half a hair of a connection; arrest him.”

    Hearing Chief Du mention Yan Tian was Liu Ruoxin’s husband, Liu Yong flew into a rage. She had actually dared to disobey his arrangements. It was obvious she was already set to marry into the Huang Family, but she had still went so far as to seduce another man.

    “Yes, sure, of course!” Chief Due immediately affirmed several times in fright.

    As soon as he hung up, Chief Du wiped the sweat on his forehead away. The people of the Liu Family were too fierce and too dreadful. Shaking his head, he put on his hat and walked out. This time, he could only personally lead men to apprehend Yan Tian.


    Meanwhile, within a Bentley in the middle of traveling to Fengan.

    “Sir, that Yan Tian is one of their people. Should we arrest him like this……” Hou Lei asked in worry.

    “Hmph, he hit my son, so it ought to be like this. As for the Long Huang Squad, you don’t have to worry. It’s nothing more than this against one of their minor agents.” Liu Yong snorted coldly and said.


    “Speed up the car, why are you driving so slowly?”


    The moment Yan Tian arrived at the hospital, he saw Liu Ruoxin and Wang Feng. Her secretary Xiao Wang was surprisingly here as well. It looked like Xiao Wang was rather loyal, too.

    “Yan Tian? How did you come back?” Catching sight of Yan Tian’s return, Liu Ruoxin stood up emotionally.

    “Greetings, Brother Tian!” Wang Feng and the two brothers immediately greeted Yan Tian.

    After he saw the two brothers and nodded, Yan Tian shrugged and said: “Haha, didn’t I say it? I went in for a stroll around and came out.”

    “There’s really nothing wrong?” Liu Ruoxin looked at Yan Tian in disbelief.

    “Aren’t I standing here? How could anything have happened?” Yan Tian spread his hands out and said.

    It wasn’t until Liu Ruoxin glanced at Yan Tian several times was she relieved. It appeared that sure enough, he had his own hidden trump cards. He was taken in, but was actually still able to come out perfectly fine.

    “Your work is ruthless enough. Liu Yi won’t be able to stand for the rest of his life again from now on.” Liu Ruoxin rolled her eyes at Yan Tian and said.

    Hearing Liu Ruoxin’s words, Yan Tian spread his hands out helplessly, thinking to himself this was regarded as ruthless? If he had truly been ruthless, Liu Yi wouldn’t only have a single broken leg. It was reckoned his entire body would’ve been broken by Yan Tian.

    After they sat a while, Yan Tian suddenly saw a crowd of unexpected guest. All that was visible was Chief Du was leading a squad of SWAT officers in at this moment. Yan Tian thought to himself they shouldn’t have been charging at him, right?

    “Urgh, you’ll have to pardon me, Mr.Yan. Mr.Liu wants me to bring you back.” Chief Du looked at Yan Tian in difficulty.

    “The hell, daddy just got out. Who wants you to bring me back?” As soon as Yan Tian heard Chief Du, he was immediately displeased. He had just spent ten dollars and then some a moment ago on taking a taxi back to the hospital. Now that they wanted to take him back again, how was this not his money being spent in vain?

    “Mr.Liu? Liu Yong?” Liu Ruoxin raised her head at this time to Chief Du and questioned.

    “Yes, Chairman Liu. It’s that Mr.Liu.”

    Upon hearing it was her oldest uncle Liu Yong, Liu Ruoxin recoiled back a step. Secretary Xiao Wang immediately supported her with her hand.

    Liu Ruoxin thought to herself could it be that Yan Tian was truly finished this time? She also knew of her eldest uncle’s capability. If her eldest uncle Liu Yong wanted to get hold of a person, then it truly wouldn’t even be any sort of difficulty.

    “I won’t let you take him away.” Liu Ruoxin looked at Chief Du and said coldly.

    “Ugh, Chairman Liu, this is Mr.Liu’s desire. I don’t dare go against it!”

    Presently, Chief Du wasn’t the person at fault here, since it was Liu Yong that wanted him to arrest Yan Tian. However, Yan Tian was a man of the Long Huang Squad. This truly put him in between a rock and a hard place. All he wanted to was hurry on home and hug his wife to sleep.

    “Hmph, I don’t care what he says. In any case, I don’t agree.”

    At this time, wouldn’t let go of Yan Tian no matter what, since he had just gone in and come out. It was obvious this was his own hidden trump card. Yet just as he left, Chief Du had personally come leading men to chase him down. What did this demonstrate? This illustrated his hidden trump card was useless.

    “Chairman Liu, this……” Chief Du looked at Liu Ruoxin rather miserably.

    Liu Ruoxin didn’t pay attention to what Chief Du had said, but rather calmed her heart, reflecting over the situation. Presently, there was only a single method that was good enough to go through and that was to make Yan Tian quickly flee abroad, but it was impossible for him to leave.

    Thinking it over, Liu Ruoxin decided to give her grandfather a call. If her grandfather personally intervened in this matter, then things could be settled. Yet just as she took out her cell phone, she stowed it away again because she felt such a method wouldn’t work.

    Since Yan Tian had crippled Liu Yi, her grandfather couldn’t let him go. If she let her grandfather know not only had she rushed to help Yan Tian and so on, she would also anger her grandfather. After all, her grandfather’s health wasn’t good.

    *this has kinda been bothering me the entire time I have been translating, but what Liu Yong is saying sheds some light. I had originally meant to translate Long Huang Squad as Yellow Dragon Squad, but the issue here is I’m not sure it’s right even though I can visually see it. It is literally “Dragon Yellow Squad”. My understanding of chinese grammar at this point without a helper is shallow, so I don’t quite know if you can do adjective inversions like this. For the sake of wordplay I made it like so to clearly to demonstrate Liu Yong’s indifference to the Long Huang Squad.

  • Chapter 102: Wang Feng Is Struck

    “Forget about it. It’s nothing. I’ll go for a trip again.” Seeing Liu Ruoxin nervously pacing about in circles, Yan Tian spread his hands out helplessly. It appeared that he would still have to go for a trip.

    “Don’t go!” Liu Ruoxin said rather anxiously.

    “It’s nothing. I just got out a moment ago without a hitch; this time will be the same, too. You still don’t believe me?” Yan Tian stroked Liu Ruoxin’s head in consolation.

    In reality, Yan Tian dared to go in because he naturally had a way out. Although he didn’t have any sort of brains for business, things wouldn’t be fine if you made him take a loss in business.

    Under Chief Du’s signaling, a SWAT officer cuffed Yan Tian once again. Looking at his handcuffs, he laughed helplessly. The SWAT officer handcuffs were surprisingly different than the standard police ones.

    Yan Tian could open the standard police officer handcuffs with ease, but the SWAT ones were a bit of a nuisance. However, it wasn’t of any difficulty as well. It was nothing more than a expenditure of a bit more effort.

    “Brother Tian.” Seeing that Yan Tian was being taken away, Wang Feng moved forward a step worriedly. He also knew what the implications of being taken away by the SWAT was. He was scared Yan Tian wouldn’t come out again.

    Yan Tian looked at Wang Feng, smiling and then walked away with the squadron of SWAT officers.

    Watching Yan Tian being taken away again, Liu Ruoxin sat down on a chair, thinking to herself when the final bell tolled what was a good method? Yet while Wang Feng watched Yan Tian’s departing silhouette, he thought of whether he should go back and summon several hundred brothers to bust into the jail?

    Once he was taken back to the police station again, Yan Tian was locked up straight away. On the contrary, it wasn’t some prison cell, since Chief Du knew that his status was special as well. Chief Du only locked him in a room, not even confiscating his cell phone.

    Yan Tian looked over the room and was a bit shocked, since there was surprisingly a bed and a computer inside. It appeared the treatment was pretty good. The sole annoyance was that there were actually a few surveillance cameras installed.

    After he made a good few faces towards the surveillance cameras, Yan Tian turned on the computer and played a game. Playing a pattern-matching game for a while, he felt it was boring, so he started playing the skirt-blowing one again. Although he couldn’t see anything in this skirt-blowing game, it was able to sate his desires in any case.

    Meanwhile, as Yan Tian was blowing at skirts, the several police officers in the monitoring room were unable to stay seated, since they were staring on blankly as he blew at skirts, moreover thinking that he even had something blocking the critical regions of his brain. This made the group of police officers curse him all around.

    At ten o’clock at night, a black Bentley stopped at the hospital entrance. Subsequently, four people got out of the car. The very first person to come out was the one from the front passenger seat, a man wearing black suit.

    After he opened a car door, a middle-aged man came out from within. Following, another middle-aged man came out again. It was Liu Ruoxin’s uncle; the Liu Family’s eldest son, Liu Yong, and his secretary, Hou Lei, accompanied by two bodyguards as well. The party of four walked into the hospital worriedly.

    “Uncle, you’ve arrived.” Seeing Liu Yong had come, Liu Ruoxin stood up from the chair immediately.

    “Hmph, where is my son?” Liu Yong snorted coldly at Liu Ruoxin.

    “He’s in the surgery room being operated on.” Liu Ruoxin said coldly.

    “I’m telling you, if something unexpected happens to my son, I won’t let you get away with it.”

    Soon, Hou Lei ran over holding a medical report. But when Liu Yong wanted to see it, he obviously didn’t want to hand it over to him. He was scared Liu Yong wouldn’t be able to bear with it for the time being.

    “What? Hand it over.” Liu Yong wrest the medical report from Hou Lei’s hand angrily.

    Studying the report for a good period of time, Liu Yong nearly crumpled. Hou Lei promptly supported him with his hand.

    “Liu Ruoxin, good, argh, you, Whatever Yi’er said, he is still your older cousin. How could you……” Liu Yong pointed angrily at Liu Ruoxin, unable to speak.

    “Hmph, served him right.” Liu Ruoxin said coldly.

    “You……” Liu Yong said and then turned towards Liu Ruoxin to slap her. Wang Feng at the side reacted, catching Liu Yong’s hand.

    “Mister, hitting people is…… Urgh……”

    Wang Feng hadn’t even finished speaking until he was kicked by the bodyguard behind Liu Yong. Needless to say, the strength of Liu Yong’s bodyguard was rather great. His kick directly sent Wang Feng flying. Afterwards, Wang Feng spat out a mouthful of blood.

    “Brother Feng!” The two brothers that Wang Feng had brought immediately ran over to support Wang Feng as soon as they saw this.

    “Are you alright?” Liu Ruoxin saw that Wang Feng had been struck and ran over worriedly.

    “It’s…… It’s nothing.”

    Wang Feng covered in his stomach with his hand and stood up from the floor in great difficulty. That kick had been too fierce. Right now, he felt that his intestines would quickly spill out.

    “What are you doing? Why did you hit him?” Liu Ruoxin stood up and bellowed at Liu Yong.

    “What am I doing? Go beat the crap out of them for me.” Liu Yong coldly said.

    To the bodyguards behind him heard his command, then glanced at each other face to face. Consequently, a bodyguard charged straight in front of Wang Feng and the remaining one continued to stand at Liu Yong’s side. It appeared this bodyguard was defending Liu Yong’s security at the moment.

    “Don’t, stay your hand.” Seeing the bodyguard rushing towards Wang Feng, Liu Ruoxin tried to put a stop to it right away, but it wasn’t of the slightest use at all.

    “Fuck, brothers, waste him.” Wang Feng spat out a mouthful of blood, then charged towards the bodyguard. The brothers followed him closely from behind.

    But how could Wang Feng and them possibly be this bodyguard’s opponent? The three of them hadn’t even hit the bodyguard before they had been felled to the ground. Following, they were ruthlessly beat up.

    A minute later, Wang Feng and the two brothers were lying down on the floor, unable to even stand up. The two brothers were completely covered in wounds as well. The bodyguard’s strength was too strong.

    “Xiao Wang, hurry, call a doctor!” Liu Ruoxin yelled immediately at Secretary Xiao Wang.

    After over a dozen seconds, several nurses came over, quickly carrying Wang Feng and the other two away. Although the three of them hadn’t been disabled, it was estimated they would be down for the count from ten days to half a month.

    “Hmph, Yan Tian is it? Daring to beat my son, I’ll make you pay the price.” Liu Yong slammed the wall with his fist, panting in anger.

    Once she had sat down for a while, Liu Ruoxin went to visit Wang Feng and the two brothers. After she learned there were no major obstructions whatsoever, she let loose a breath of air. At the same time, properly expressed her gratitude to the three of them. After all, they had only received injuries in order to protect her.

    Upon seeing Liu Ruoxin personally come to visit him, Wang Feng was bit overwhelmed from the favor, immediately saying that it was nothing and that he was doing as he was supposed to do.

    Much later, Ah Long came over, bringing a few men with him. Just when this prick Wang Feng got beaten up, he hurried to give Ah Long a call. After Ah Long heard him, he ran over at once.

    Once the time was half past eleven, Liu Ruoxin was escorted back by men Ah Long had ordered. Presently, Liu Yong was at Liu Yi’s side, so she naturally didn’t have to stay here anymore. Wang Feng had Ah Long at his side, so there wasn’t anything for her to stay at the hospital for.

    Right now, Liu Ruoxin’s sole worry was Yan Tian. She didn’t know how her uncle Liu Yong would handle him. She didn’t have any methods as well, so she could only pray in silence.

    As for Yan Tian, he was in the middle of snoring sound asleep in the police station at this time. The computer screen displayed a domestic cartoon. It appeared that he had been watching television until he had fell asleep.

    Suddenly, Yan Tian’s cell phone rang out. Yan Tian yawned, then sat up on his bed. After he saw it was Sun Yue, he picked up.

    “Hello, pretty lady. Why are you calling me so late for?” Yan Tian rubbed his bleary eyes and asked.

    “Where are you? It’s so late, so why haven’t you come back?” Sun Yue questioned rather worriedly.

    If things were swapped with ordinary times, Yan Tian would’ve come back around eight or nine o’clock. However, as the time continued onwards past eleven o’clock, he still hadn’t returned home. Sun Yue was scared something happened to him and gave him a call.

    “Mhm, I’m not coming back tonight. I was already sleeping, but you woke me up.” Yan Tian yawned and said.

    “Fine, alright, sleep ‘til you’re dead. I’m hanging up.” Seeing nothing was wrong with Yan Tian, Sun Yue ended the call, thinking to herself that he also didn’t come back and call.

    Taking a look at the time, Yan Tian gave Liu Ruoxin a call to inform her was safe and sound. Learning that Wang Feng and the two brothers had been beaten up, he immediately called Wang Feng.

    “Wang Feng, you good, kid?”

    “I’m fine, Brother Tian. This kid’s skin is thick; he won’t die.”

    Answering the phone was Ah Long. He had just found out from Wang Feng’s mouth a moment ago that Yan Tian had been arrested, but once he saw Yan Tian had called, he was relieved. If he could make a call at the police station, then there was definitely nothing wrong. Perhaps, Brother Tian had already come out now.

  • Chapter 103: Lan Yu Arrives

    “Mhm, it’s good there’s nothing wrong. Since nothing’s the matter, then it’s fine if you leave the two brothers in the hospital’s care. Go busy yourself with your business.” Yan Tian nodded and said.

    “Good, yeah, Brother Tian, I just happened wanted to leave straightaway, too. You don’t know, but just a moment ago that prick Wang Feng keeps relying on his little sister to make me pare apples and peel bananas for him. I’m gonna turn into a nanny soon.” Ah Long said wryly.

    “Dang it, how did I make you peel bananas for me? Chill out, when you’re lying down in the hospital later on, I’ll peel them for you, too.” As soon as Wang Feng heard this, he was instantly rendered discontent. How was it that Ah Long had even ratted him out to Brother Tian?

    “You think it’s going to be so easy to want to pick up my little sister?”

    Seeing that Ah Long was peeling bananas for Wang Feng and grumbling endlessly to him, Yan Tian felt it to be rather necessary to give Ah Long a general, standardized course. In the past several days, in order to win Sun Yue’s favor, he had spent several million RMB on Sun Nan, but as a result, not only had he not won her favor, she had even taught him a lesson.

    “I got it, I know, I’m just gonna let this punk Wang Feng show off for a while. As soon as I get a hold of Wang Hui, I’m gonna sort him out properly.” Ah Long snickered and said.


    A bit past midnight, in a bar in Jingcheng.

    “What happened? That kid Yan Tian got arrested?” A squared-faced middle-aged man knit his brows and said.

    “Mhm, it just happened, but they just arrested him again.” Lan Yu nodded.

    “How come?” Could it be that trifling police chief still dares arrest my man?” The squared-faced man slammed the table and said.

    “No, according to what we’ve learned from the information transmitted from Fengan’s side, Yan Tian disabled the Liu Family’s Liu Yi. The Liu Family’s oldest son is insistent on arresting him.” Lan Yu said to the man rather respectfully.

    “Hmph, Liu Family? A Liu Family dares to take charge over my man?” The square faced man snorted coldly.

    Silent for a moment, Lan Yu asked lowly: “Then currently we are?”

    “Hurry on the Fengan through the night and get Yan Tian out. He is of great use. The Liu Family doesn’t matter. In the Liu Family, even he doesn’t dare to sit atop my head.”



    The next day, at the dawn of a new light, just as Yan Tian was in the middle of snoring away, he heard the sound of knocking on the door.

    “Dammit, who is it? Won’t you even let me sleep?” Rubbing his eyes, Yan Tian yelled towards the door. How could this police officer be so discourteous? What was he doing knocking on the door in the wee hours of the morning.

    However, no one answer Yan Tian at all. Instead, the knocking on the door became louder. It seemed that this door knocker temperament wasn’t small.

    “Heh, I’ve got a hell of a temper. Daddy’s gonna friggin’ kill you.” Yan Tian ran over to the door angrily and opened it. Just as he was preparing to curse, he smelled an enchanting fragrance.

    Smelling this scent, Yan Tian was happy, since this was obviously the scent of a woman. He thought to himself whether or not Chief Du had saw he was rather lonesome staying by himself, so he found a woman to accompany him? It appeared the chief’s treatment was still pretty dang good.

    “Haha, beautiful lady, are you a virgin?” Calling this to mind, Yan Tian giggled, lifting his head to look at the beauty before him. Yet in the following second, he was unable to laugh.

    All that was visible of the woman before him were her locks of beautiful black hair showering down gracefully, her shapely willowy brows, and her pair of soul-sucking eyes. She had an elegant and straight nose, faint blush powdered on her cheeks, and a pair of lips like dripping cherries. With an oval face like a flower, glimmering and translucent like jade, her flesh was as smooth and tender like icy snow. Her figure was absolutely stunning, containing a lovely sentiment, whether joyous or enraged.

    Indeed, this woman was a supreme beauty. What was the reason that Yan Tian was left unable to laugh? The reason being that the woman before him was actually Lan Yu, the Vice Chief of the Long Huang Squad, that Lan Yu.

    “What? Go on?” Lan Yu looked at Yan Tian and faintly smiled.

    “Ugh…… I didn’t say anything, I didn’t say a thing. The weather today is pretty nice, ehehe.” Yan Tian shook his head a bit embarrassedly.

    “I want you to continue speaking.” Lan Yu raised her brows at Yan Tian.

    Observing Lan Yu’s expression, Yan Tian fell into a foul mood. If you want me to speak, then I’ll speak. Who is scared of who?

    “I said, are you a virgin?”

    Yan Tian leered at Lan Yu with a nefarious smiles. At the same time, he readied his guard for action, since in this present situation, it was likely she would come over and beat the crap out of him.

    But the unexpected happened, Lan Yu wasn’t angry at all. Not only was she not angry, against his expectations, she even cast him a sultry look of the eyes.

    “You want to know?” Lan Yu laughed and said.

    “Yup!” As soon as Yan Tian heard her, he nodded his head immediately. It appeared that Lan Yu was rather open-minded.

    “Then…… How about you test it?” Lan Yu whispered into the side of Yan Tian’s ear.

    “Sure, sure, it’s just that they’re monitoring this entire place.”

    Hearing Lan Yu’s words, Yan Tian was happy. At the same time, he lowered his guard as well. It looked like Lan Yu had been deeply charmed by his dashing good looks. But once he recalled there were quite a few surveillance cameras in the room, he shook his head reluctantly, thinking to himself then how about we wreck those surveillance cameras?

    “Yes, sure, I’ll let you do it.” Lan Yu took advantage of Yan Tian’s inattentiveness and sent a fist whistling towards him straight away, directly punching him, and sending him couple steps back in recoil.

    At the same time, heightened his perception to the maximum in a flash, darkly cursing Lan Yu to himself. It appeared that Lan Yu was playing him and had deliberately made him lower his guard. Afterwards, she had then suddenly struck him like so. It couldn’t be helped to say, but this was truly a good strategy.

    In the same manner, Yan Tian had finally broadened his knowledge of Lan Yu’s strength now. It had to be known that on the basis of his own reaction speed, even if he couldn’t put up any defense whatsoever, a normal person couldn’t even think of hitting him.

    But Lan Yu? Not only had she hit him before he could react, but she also even directly sent him tumbling back a couple steps. True to heart, it appeared that she wasn’t weak.

    “Dammit, you sneak attacked me.” Yan Tian wiped away at the blood at this corner of his mouth and said.

    Lan Yu didn’t pay attention to Yan Tian’s words at all, but rather continued charging over again. Presently, what she wanted to the do most was ruthlessly beat him into a pulp.

    “God dang it, you wanna fight? C’mon, gimme your best shot, just don’t cry when you lose.” Yan Tian wiped the corner of his mouth and rushed towards Lan Yu.

    Seeing Yan Tian also charging, Lan Yu punched out towards his face. The speed of this punch made it so that a person would be incapable of catching it.

    Lan Yu’s speed was quite fast, but Yan Tian wasn’t weak as well. He immediately leaned his neck to the side and dodged the punch. At the same time, his little heart pounding.

    This was because the speed of Lan Yu’s fist was too fast. Just a moment ago, Yan Tian nearly hadn’t dodged. It appeared that for Lan Yu to serve as the Vice Chief of the Long Huang Squad, she indeed had the ability.

    Not even leaving Yan Tian any breathing room to make a move, Lan Yu’s other fist came racing forth. The speed of this fist was too fast; Yan Tian was already unable to dodge it, so he was forced to lift his arm in preparation to block it, otherwise, even if he wasn’t disfigured, he would get a shiner.

    Bang! A tremendous sound rang out and Yan Tian blocked the fist without a hitch, but he wasn’t feeling better by any means. He felt that his arm had almost crippled. This fist was like a car had ran into his body.

    However, still not finished, Lan Yu’s knee went banging directly towards Yan Tian’s groin. This strike scared Yan Tian out of his wits. If she hit her mark, then the latter half of his bliss would be good as ruined.

    Dodging the strike with great difficulty, Yan Tian let loose a breath of air. He had protected his little brother* at long last.

    Still not waiting for Yan Tian to recover, Lan Yu struck again. He didn’t dare to neglect her in the slightest; he had finally run into an expert this time. He felt she was much stronger than Xing Yu, but she fell short in comparison to his master, since his master was capable of killing him in a split second straightaway.

    After no less than twenty-somewhat bouts, Yan Tian was finally defeated. In the more than twenty rounds, he had been completely on the losing edge, suppressed by Lan Yu all along. He simply didn’t have an opportunity to make a move.

    Just as he dodged Lan Yu’s fist, another one came whistling forward again. With great difficulty he dodged it, but her foot caming kicking out again, so Yan Tian had to keep on dodging. Besides dodging and so on, there was nothing he could do.

    After more than twenty rounds, Lan Yu seized a gap, and directly kicked Yan Tian’s stomach. Followingly, he cried out miserably and was sent flying back, landing straight on the mattress, collapsing it.

    “Stop, hold on, I concede, I concede.” Yan Tian immediately waved his hands, signaling for Lan Yu to stop. If he was hit like that once more, then he could only take the thrashing.

    “Hmph, why do you want to stop? C’mon, didn’t you want to know if I was a virgin or not? Why would we stop?”

    * if this is not clear he means his johnson/his little guy y’know

  • Chapter 104: Taken As A Basketcase Again

    How could Lan Yu stop? She charged straight in front of Yan Tian to ruthlessly beat him up. He had eaten the heart of a bear and the guts of a leopard; he had actually dared to talk her like that.

    “Argh, stop, I quit, stop, ouch, I was wrong, don’t hit me.” Yan Tian clutched his head and curled into a ball immediately. It had been quite while since he had been beaten up like this.

    “Don’t you want to find out? Come, I’ll let you try. I’ll let you try enough.” Lan Yu naturally wouldn’t cease her actions, kicking and punching Yan Tian furiously.

    Yan Tian was beaten up, sniveling and crying, but for some people it wasn’t the same.

    At this moment within the police station monitoring room, the several police officers had their eyes glued on the screen, watching it without pause. At the same time, they even clapped their hands and cheered from time to time. Last night, they had looked at Yan Tian as an eye sore, so upon seeing he was being beat up with their own eyes, they were quite joyous, their anger finally melting away.

    “Ouch, hey, you can hit me, but don’t hit my face. I still rely on this face to make a living.”

    “Hmph, If I didn’t give you a little lesson today, do you really think nobody would punish you?”

    After no less than five minutes of hitting, Lan Yu stopped. She stood up and glared at Yan Tian briefly, then stretched her joints. If it were not for her growing tired from hitting, she would’ve still continued to beating him.

    As for Yan Tian, he was lying on the floor motionless. No, that wasn’t right, this wasn’t him, he wasn’t so fat. The person currently lying on the floor was obviously a fatso.

    But if you approached and looked carefully, it really was Yan Tian. It was merely there he just been beaten until he was swollen was all. His eyes had dark circles, just like a panda.

    “Sob, sob, sob, how could you hit a person, this is a police station. I’m going to report you.” Yan Tian twisted his body rather aggrieved.

    “Hmph, if you act so sickeningly to me next time, I’m going to beat you to a pulp again.” Lan Yu rolled her eyes at Yan Tian and said.

    As soon as he heard Lan Yu’s words, the frightened Yan Tian immediately stood up. He didn’t want to be beaten up again, that was too much of a frickin’ loss of face. He had actually been beaten up by a woman; his self-respect could be regarded as to have lost its luster.

    Jostling his hands and feet, Yan Tian discovered there wasn’t anything wrong with himself. It seemed like Lan Yu hadn’t used her full strength at all, only giving him superficial wounds. There weren’t any major obstructions at all.

    “Beautiful lady, your hand was too ruthless this time. I was originally planning on still going out on a date this afternoon, but if I go like this now, I reckon I’ll scare her away the second we meet.” Yan Tian mumbled.

    “Oh? Later on? Do you want me to compensate you, King of Hearts!” Lan Yu turned her head at Yan Tian, faintly smiling.

    Upon seeing this smile, Yan Tian shook his head immediately. Although Lan Yu’s smile was indeed quite beautiful, it was nothing more than facade. In one second she would be smiling at you, and then in the next, it was reckoned she would take you out straight away.

    Yan Tian didn’t want to be beaten up in vain, too. At the very minimum, he wanted to intimately caress this beautiful Vice Chief of the Long Huang Squad. Although it was only being beaten up, it was still considered touching. Moreover, he even summed this up as an experience. Don’t be confused by the surface of the matter; it could be said his gains were tremendous.

    “Beautiful lady, didn’t you come to fish me out?” Yan Tian wiped his tears and said.

    “Hmph, aren’t you really capable? What haven’t you done to provoke the people of the Liu Family?” Lan Yu rolled her eyes at Yan Tian unhappily.

    “What’re you shouting at me for provoking the people of the Liu Family? It’s obvious they weres the ones that provoked me. I’m a good law-abiding citizen.”

    “Hmph, you’re free now, get lost!”

    “Really? There’s really nothing wrong?” Yan Tian looked at Lan Yu, not daring to believe her.

    “What? You don’t want to leave? Then you can stay here, okay.”

    Lan Yu finished speaking and then took care to leave, leaving Yan Tian by himself. In any case, the business she should’ve done was already completed.

    “Hey, hey, hey! Wait up for me.” Yan Tian immediately followed suit.

    Don’t want to leave? What a joke, it seemed that the Long Huang Squad was indeed rather great. He had just run into trouble, but this Long Huang Squad’s beautiful Vice Chief had personally come to drag him out. It just happened to be that this method of dragging was a bit special.

    As soon as he walked into the corridor, all the police officers looked at Yan Tian peculiarly. How could this man be hit without rhyme or reason? Could it be a police officer inside had resorted to forceful measures?

    Lan Yu drove a pure white Audi. After he saw her get in, Yan Tian opened the front passenger side door, preparing to get in, but beyond his expectations, she surprisingly didn’t let him enter.

    “What are you doing? Why the heck are you coming in?” Lan Yu looked at Yan Tian frigidly.

    “If not with you, then who’re are you going with?” Yan Tian questioned bewilderedly.

    “You’re already free now. Let go.”

    “Uhh, then take me to the hospital.”

    Presently, Yan Tian’s car had still left at the hospital, so he had to go there first to pick it up. He could then visit that kid Wang Feng again in passing, since he didn’t know what the kid was like after being beaten up, too, whether or not if Wang Feng was in such a wretched state as he.

    “You take a taxi. I still have other matters to attend to.”

    “Geez, beautiful lady, take me there, alright? You see any cars so early in the morning? Besides, even if there’s a car, no one would dare to let me get in. Even ifI got into the car, they would definitely also charge me a fatty’s fee accordingly.” Yan Tian looked to Lan Yu rather earnestly.

    Ultimately, under Yan Tian’s endless efforts, Lan Yu finally agreed to escort him to the hospital. This wasn’t a matter that anything could be done. If she didn’t escort him, he would shamelessly stand at the car door, not leaving.

    As soon as they arrived at the hospital, Yan Tian made straight to Wang Feng’s sick room. Of course he had also attracted the gazes of many people along the way. There was no way around it. Who made his current appearance so valiant?

    After he found Wang Feng’s sickroom, Yan Tian saw there were three sickbeds inside. At this time, all three beds had people lying on them. Among them, one of them was that prick Wang Feng. Currently, he was in middle of snoring sound asleep, with the other two brothers who were sleeping, lying down on beds well. It appeared that the two brothers were left behind by Ah Long to attend to Wang Feng.

    Meanwhile, the other two brothers were occupied by the two brothers who had been hit. They had been burdened enough as well. The first time they had come out with Wang Feng, they had been beaten up.

    “FIRE!” Just as he entered, Yan Tian shouted inside the sickroom.

    Consequently, Wang Feng jolted up in fright. The remaining four brothers had been startled awake as well, but after they saw nothing was wrong, the group of them relaxed.

    “Who are you? What are you doing standing in our sickroom?” At this time Wang Feng had taken note there was a stranger in the sickroom. Due to Yan Tian’s beaten swollen face by Lan Yu, he still hadn’t recognized it was Yan Tian temporarily.

    Just as he was getting ready to speak, he saw several nurses charge into the sickroom. Among them, two even carried fire extinguishers in hand. It appeared that this was of his own credit.

    “Where’s the fire? Nothing? If there’s no fire, then what are you guys doing screaming for?” The lead nurse discovered there wasn’t anything happening and yelled at the people in the sickroom.

    “It’s not us that’s yelling, it’s him. I don’t know why this basket case just ran in a second ago. Hurry up and get him out.” Wang Feng pointed angrily at Yan Tian, thinking to himself where had this basketcase run out from?

    As soon as he heard Wang Feng call him a basketcase, Yan Tian angrily rushed directly in front of Wang Feng. At the same time, the two brothers protected Wang Feng’s front at once.

    “Fuck, did you say daddy’s a basketcase? You two, kick his ass for me.” Yan Tian said, huffing in anger.

    “Huh? Brother Tian?” It wasn’t until Wang Feng finally heard Yan Tian speak did he recognize him.

    “What did you just say a moment ago, you punk? Am I a basketcase?’ Yan Tian narrowed his eyes at Wang Feng.

    “Uhh…… No, no, how could Brother Tian possibly be a basketcase, ehehe.” As soon as he saw it as Yan Tian, Wang Feng gave him an accompanying smile on his face right away.

    Once the brothers on the side saw the person was Yan Tian, each of them were greatly taken aback. How was it that Brother Tian transformed into this appearance? Could it be he had been abused at the police station?

    “Sir, do you still want to get him out?” At this time, the nurse at the door looked at Wang Feng again and asked.

    “Do what? He’s my elder brother. Alright, okay, there’s nothing. Hurry up and leave, you guys.” Wang Feng waved his hands quite impatiently.

    As soon as the nurses left, Wang Feng and the others looked at Yan Tian rather nervously. They had actually taken their boss to be a basketcase just a moment ago. Wasn’t this courting death?

    “You punk, I’m a basketcase, I’m a basketcase.” Yan Tian said, slapping Wang Feng’s injuries, making Wang Feng yelp miserably a couple times.

    “That’s right, Brother Tian. How did you get hit to end up like this?” Wang Feng abruptly asked about Yan Tian’s wounds. What type of person could actually beat Yan Tian into such a state?

    “What’re you shouting that I got hit? Who dares to hit me?” At this time, Yan Tian naturally wouldn’t admit he had been hit, especially in front of his brothers. If he let them know a woman had beat him, wouldn’t they laugh themselves into stitches?

  • Chapter 105: Taken As A Beggar

    “Then your injuries are from?”

    Once he heard Yan Tian, Wang Feng was puzzled. The wound was clearly from being hit, so why did Yan Tian not say he had been struck?

    “Ahh, my luck has been pretty rotten. I was just walking on the road, and I fell down along the way. So, I turned out like this because I fell.” Yan Tian said seriously.


    Hearing Yan Tian’s words, Wang Feng and the group of brothers were stunned on the spot. Did Brother Tian take them to be elementary schoolers? Even if they were elementary schoolers, they wouldn’t be tricked by such words.
    “Alright, lay down properly, brat. Daddy’s gonna go to work.” Seeing that Wang Feng and the others were looking at him with a peculiar light in their eyes, Yan Tian immediately ran off.

    As soon as he arrived at the parking garage, the first thing Yan Tian saw was his Porsche Sport Convertible. It just happened to be that there was a seemingly costly black Bentley parked next to it, though.

    Yan Tian didn’t need to guess to know this car was definitely related to Liu Yi. The car that Liu Ruoxin’s uncle Liu Qiang had drove last time was a Bentley, as well.


    At the same time, Liu Ruoxin was in the middle of sitting at her dinner table, lost in her thoughts. From her complexion, one could see that she had most certainly not slept well last night. The two dark circles beneath her eyes were quite prominent.

    “Young Miss, why don’t you eat a bit? How come you aren’t eating today?” Auntie Sun saw Liu Ruoxin wasn’t eating her food, so she was rather worried.

    “Auntie Sun, I’m not eating. I don’t have the appetite.” Liu Ruoxin shook her head and said.

    “Young Miss, did something happen? You’ve been like this since you came home last night.”

    Auntie Sun saw Liu Ruoxin’s rather absent-minded expression and was concerned. When Liu Ruoxin had returned last night, it had already been twelve o’clock. She didn’t say a single word upon returning home and ran into her bedroom, as well.

    She had no desire for neither food or water this morning. Since times long passed, Auntie Sun had regarded Liu Ruoxin as her own daughter. After she found Liu Ruoxin in such a state, she was rather anxious, but when she asked Liu Ruoxin if anything had happened, the girl wouldn’t speak, truly worrying her to death.

    “It’s nothing.”

    Shaking her head, Liu Ruoxin continued to dial Yan Tian’s number, but things were still the same: it was turned off. She had already called his cell no less than thirty times since the early morning, but each time it was disconnected.

    Liu Ruoxin was very worried for Yan Tian. She truly didn’t know how he was doing right now.

    Ding Dong! Ding Dong!

    Suddenly, the doorbell was heard, hearing this sound, Liu Ruoxin thoughts turned dark. It was most assuredly her eldest uncle that had come knocking on her door.

    “Young miss, hurry up and eat a bit. You see, Mr.Yan has come. I’ll go open the door.” Auntie Sun shook her head helplessly and went to open the door.

    Just as she opened the door, Auntie Sun was dazed in place, since the door-knocker clearly wasn’t Yan Tian, but surprisingly a little fatty with many bruises on his entire body. It was possibly a beggar come to plead for aid. Yet if she looked carefully, this person and Yan Tian were actually somewhat similar in appearance.

    “Auntie Sun, who is it?” Seeing that Auntie Sun was standing at the door, not speaking, Liu Ruoxin knit her brows. Who had come?

    “It’s nothing, Young Miss. Might be a passing beggar. I’m going to give him two steamed buns.” Speaking, Auntie Sun prepared to head inside and take two steamed buns, thinking to herself this beggar was rather pitiful; he had actually been beaten by men into such an appearance.

    Yan Tian was sent into a daze once he heard this while standing at the door. A beggar? Where was the beggar? Scanning his surroundings, he discovered there was no one else, he was the only person.

    “Hey, Auntie Sun, how could I be a beggar?” Thinking it over, Yan Tian finally responded. So it turned out to be that Auntie Sun had said he was a beggar?

    Just as she was in the middle of holding her cell phone and dialing Yan Tian, Liu Ruoxin heard a voice and immediately stood up. Wasn’t this Yan Tian’s voice? There was nothing wrong with him?

    Once Auntie Sun heard Yan Tian’s voice, she turned her head around in shock. This person was Yan Tian?

    “You’re Mr.Yan?” Auntie Sun looked at Yan Tian in disbelief.

    “Yan Tian, you’re alright? Ahh……”

    Liu Ruoxin ran out rather emotionally, but once she got a glance of Yan Tian’s appearance, she immediately covered her mouth in astonishment. How did he become like this?

    “Ehehe, no worries. It’s time to go to work, Chairman Liu.” Yan Tian laughed and said.

    “Yan…… Yan Tian, what happened to you?” After she was certain it was Yan Tian, the rims of Liu Ruoxin’s eyes grew wet. Could it be that he had been abused at the police station?

    “What happened to me?” Yan Tian spread his hands out.

    “Didn’t those police officers hit you?” Liu Ruoxin stepped forward with reddened eyes.

    “What? The police beat me? You think they’re worthy of being my opponent?”

    Upon hearing Liu Ruoxin’s words, Yan Tian shrugged. A squadron of police officers wanted to hit him? What a joke. He had played around with the SWAT officers and lead them by the nose.

    “How did you get injuries on your body, then?” Liu Ruoxin asked in worry, thinking to herself it shouldn’t have been the work of the bodyguard at her uncle’s side?

    Listening to Liu Ruoxin mention the wounds on his body, Yan Tian shook his head a bit embarrassedly. What the heck should he tell her?

    Pondering a course of action, Yan Tian decided not to speak. If he spoke, he reckoned she would laugh him to death: “Mhm, you speak of my injuries, sigh, it’s best to drop it. My luck has been pretty rotten this morning. After I got out of the police station, I stumbled over as I was walking. This was the result.”

    Upon hearing Yan Tian’s explanation, Liu Ruoxin was stunned. The wounds are his body weren’t from being hit by someone? But rather he had fallen over himself?

    “You…… Do you take me to be a three-year-old?” Liu Ruoxin naturally wouldn’t believe Yan Tian’s injuries were from falling. When had a person who had fallen ever become completely covered in injuries?

    “Hehe, you take yourself to be three-year-old, no? In fact, three-year-olds are pretty good.”

    “What on earth happened? You shouldn’t have broken out of jail, right?”

    Seeing that Yan Tian wasn’t speaking, Liu Ruoxin made a guess. Could it be that he had wanted to bust out of jail in the middle of the night, but was unsuccessful on his first try, so he had been arrested by the police and taken back and cruelly beat to a pulp? But on the second time, he had been successful in his escape.

    “What? Broken out? How could that be possible? I’m good, law-abiding citizen. I wouldn’t do something like break the law!” Yan Tian said earnestly.

    “Then how did you get out?”

    Liu Ruoxin was quite curious of how Yan Tian had gotten out. If Yan Tian had his own hidden ace, then there wouldn’t be anything wrong. So why was it he was that his entire body was currently covered in wounds? It was clear he had been beaten.

    “Uhh…… Umm, Chairman Liu, could you let me come in first?” Yan Tian shook his head and said in embarrassment.

    It wasn’t that Yan Tian wanted to come in and take a seat; swapped with ordinary times, he simply wouldn’t come in, but today wasn’t the same, since there were already a good few people kept on staring at him like a monkey.

    “Come in.”

    As soon as entered the door, Yan Tian stretched out in a breath. This place felt just like home. In comparison to the room at the police station, it was much better by far. Not only did the room at the police station not have the feeling of home, the surroundings were also bugged with quite a few monitoring devices. Even if he wanted to jerk it, it wouldn’t be fine doing so. That wasn’t to say it wouldn’t be okay, but the crux of the matter was that it was bit embarrassing being watched by a few big shots in action.

    “Gosh, how did you know I haven’t eaten yet? I’m starving to death.” Seeing there was breakfast on the table, Yan Tian immediately ran over and picked up a bowl and chopsticks, beginning to eat with please.

    “Hey, those are my bowl and chopsticks.”

    The tableware that Yan Tian had picked up just happened to be Liu Ruoxin’s. The set that she had just been eating with hadn’t even been washed, as he picked them up and began eating. She didn’t know whether or not this could be considered an indirect kiss?

    “Oh, it’s yours. No wonder it’s so appetizing. No worries, not a problem, I don’t dislike it.” Yan Tian said indifferently.

    “But, I dislike it.” Liu Ruoxin pouted at Yan Tian.

    “Then tell me, what do you want me to do? I’ve already used them. In an case, you can’t make me turn it back to how it was, right.” Yan Tian spread his hands out rather helplessly.

    “Forget about it, just eat, alright.”

    Rolling her eyes at Yan Tian, Liu Ruoxin walked into the kitchen and gave him a lade of Auntie Sun’s simmer congee. It appeared that she was still pretty good towards him.

    “Gimme, I want to drink some more.”

    “Mhm, good, Auntie Sun’s cooking is pretty tasty.” Yan Tian nodded and praised.

    “If Mr.Yan likes eating it, then eat some more, haha!” Auntie Sun laughed merrily.

    As soon as Yan Tian finished speaking, he drove the car, escorting Liu Ruoxin to the company for work. Although he had beaten Liu Yi yesterday, it didn’t affect her work at all.

    “What happened to your cell phone? I called you dozens of times this morning, but it was off.” Liu Ruoxin pouted in complaint.

    “What? It’s off?”

    As soon as he heard Liu Ruoxin, Yan Tian immediately took out his cell phone. After he looked it over, he discovered it truly was shut off. It appeared that the smartphone had expended itself of its battery. He hadn’t charged it last night, so it was already devoid of electricity.

    “Ehehe, it’s dead.” Yan Tian laughed in embarrassment.

  • Chapter 106: Requesting Leave

    “So what the heck happened to you? When did you get out?” Liu Ruoxin looked at Yan Tian rather curiously.

    “I told you nothing happened, but you still don’t believe me.”

    “Are you going to tell me.” Liu Ruoxin said coldly.

    “If you kiss me, I’ll tell, my darling wife.” Yan Tian looked at Liu Ruoxin and chuckled mischievously.

    “Yeah, right, if you’re not going to speak, then forget about it.”


    Meanwhile, within Fengan City People’s Hospital at Liu Yi’s sickbed, Liu Yong hadn’t slept through the night. He had continued accompany Liu Yi at his side.

    Apart from Liu Yi, Hou Lei hadn’t slept during the night as well, since if his master, Liu Yong, didn’t sleep, then he couldn’t, too. As for the two bodyguards, they had taken turns sleeping. The master didn’t need to sleep, but it was necessary for a bodyguard to get some rest, because it was necessary of a bodyguard to maintain unerring vigilance.

    “Father, I’m going to kill Yan Tian. I going to kill him.” Liu Yi was lying down on the sickbed with tears streaming down his face. He had already become aware of his condition. His state of mind was rather stirred.

    “Be at ease, Yi’er. I’ve already ordered the Fengan City police chief to take care of Yan Tian. He won’t be a live in a week.”

    “And that little slut. I want her to experience a life worse than death.” Liu Yi grit his teeth and said coldly.

    Presently, not only did Liu Yi hate Yan Tian, but also Liu Ruoxin. If it were not for her, would he be like this? Everything without exception was done by her.

    “Sigh, Liu’er, I’ll make sure Yan Tian won’t live through the week, but I really can’t do anything about Liu Ruoxin.” Liu Yong shook his head bitterly.

    “Father, since I’ve become like this, why can’t you take action against that little slut? Her parents have already long been dead. What do you fear?” Liu Yi wiped away at his bitter tears.

    “Sigh, Liu’er, you know it, too. The person your grandfather cherishes the most is Ruoxin. If I let your grandfather know, then I’m finished. Besides, Ruoxin is already set to marry into the Huang Family. If we set our hands against her, it’ll be the same as acting against the people of the Huang Family.” Liu Yong said in a single breath.

    In fact, Liu Yong had wanted to lay his hands on Liu Ruoxin as well, but because of all kinds of added factors, he had given up. Who let his father cherish Ruoxin so much?

    “Could it be that I’ll be forgotten just like this?” Liu Yi slammed his fist against the wall in irreconciliation.

    “Don’t worry, I……”

    Suddenly, Liu Yong’s cell phone rang. Hou Lei picked it up and glanced at it to discover it was the morning call of Fengan City’s police chief Du. After he obtained Liu Yong’s permission, he answered the call.

    “Chief Du, what’s happened for you to call so early?”

    “Mr.Hou, Mr.Yan was saved and released.” Chief Du rubbed his forehead and said.

    “What? Yan Tian was saved and released? What the heck did your police officers eat?” As soon as Hou Lei heard this, he was infuriated. How was Yan Tian saved and released?

    The moment Liu Yi and Liu Yong heard Hou Lei, they furrowed their brows at the same time. Presently, all they had done was set their hands against Yan Tian, but now he had actually even been saved and released. Was this a joke?

    “Mr.Hou, I didn’t dare to release him.” Chief Du quickly wept. How could his luck be so rotten? All the people he was in contact with were great personages.

    “What do you mean?” Hou Lei furrowed his brows and asked.

    The Long Huang Squad’s Vice Chief personally came over this morning to rescue Yan Tian. There was nothing I could do.” Chief Du nervously wiped the sweat on his forehead.


    As soon as he heard it was the Long Huang Squad’s Vice Chief, Hou Lei was greatly startled. The Vice Chief of the Long Huang Squad had actually personally come to Fengan to raise the issue. How great was the face that Yan Tian commanded?

    “How did this happen?” Liu Yong took note of Hou Lei’s expression, furrowing his brows and asking.

    “Sir, Yan Tian was saved by the Long Huang Squad’s Vice Chief.”

    “What?” As soon as Liu Yong heard this, he was furious, saying indignantly: “Wasn’t it just a move on a single one of their men? How could they not give me face?”

    “Sir, then, what should we do now?”

    “Hmph, they shouldn’t think of obstructing me. Daring to take action against my son requires a price to be paid.” Liu Yong angrily slammed the table. Thinking it over, he said: “For now bring Yi’er to Jingcheng straightaway. Perhaps the medical treatment at Jingcheng hospital will be somewhat better.”



    As soon as he escorted Liu Ruoxin to work, Yan Tian followed in with her. It wasn’t that he was anxious to head to the restaurant today at all, but at this time, he had to request a leave of absence from her.

    Hardly surprising, as soon as Yan Tian entered the company, he attracted a large field of gazes, completely stealing Liu Ruoxin’s thunder.

    “Chairman Liu, I’d like to request several days of leave from you.” Yan Tian smiled and said.

    “A leave of absence? What are you taking a leave of absence for?” Liu Ruoxin curiously lifted her head up, thinking to herself that it shouldn’t be that Yan Tian was scared now, wanting to go into hiding for a while?

    “Ehehe, I have a matter to attend do. I need to leave the country for a period of time.” Yan Tian shook his rather embarrassedly.

    “Hah, a matter to attend to? I see you’re scared, so you want to go into hiding.”

    Liu Ruoxin rolled her eyes at Yan Tian disdainfully. Yesterday she had wanted to make him leave the country and go into hiding for a period of time, but he wouldn’t go. Then today, he had taken the initiative to request a leave of absence to go abroad. It appeared he was scared now.

    “Me, scared? What a joke. How could I be scared?”

    The moment he saw Liu Ruoxin had misunderstood him, Yan Tian was displeased. What was she calling him scared for? He fundamentally didn’t have the word “scared” in his dictionary.

    “Then what are you leaving the country for?”

    “Of course, I have some to do. I was originally planning on asking you yesterday, but in the end, Liu Yi delayed it.” Yan Tian spread his hands out and said.

    “What kind of matter do you have to leave the country for?” As soon as she heard Yan Tian, Liu Ruoxin curiosity was all the more piqued. What was he doing abroad? Perhaps he was going to fool around with girl or something? That wouldn’t do. Right now, Yan Tian was playing the role of her husband.

    “Secret.” Yan Tian shook his head. He truly didn’t dare to allow Liu Ruoxin know of this matter. If he let her know, he reckoned it would terrify her.

    “Che, what secret? Aren’t you leaving to fool around with another woman? I’m telling you, you’re acting as my husband right now. Make things easy for me.” Liu Ruoxin admonished.

    Listening to Liu Ruoxin’s words, Yan Tian nearly keeled over. What was she yelling at him about going to fool around with a girl for? There were a good few Fengan beauties that he still hadn’t shacked up with, so how could he go abroad to get fixed up? Even if he was picking up girls, it was still first come, first served; they would come one by one.

    “That’s right, you’re my wifey. If you hadn’t said anything, I would have forgotten. Then, isn’t it time for you to work right now?” Being reminded by Liu Ruoxin like so, Yan Tian recalled his own status.

    “It’s time to work, what about it?” Liu Ruoxin said suspiciously.

    “Ehehe, since it’s time for work, then I’m your hubby. C’mon, be obedient, my darling wife. Listen to your husband.”

    Since Liu Ruoxin was presently his wife, he naturally had to take liberties with her. Otherwise, it would truly be a let down of him staying in a room at the police station for all of night yesterday.

    “You…… You want to die?” Liu Ruoxin lightly slapped Yan Tian.

    “Be obedient, wifey, c’mon and gimme a kiss.” Yan Tian shamelessly winked at Liu Ruoxin.

  • Chapter 107: This Airplane Ticket Is Really Expensive

    “What are you doing? Take a look what time it is. I’m telling you, if you arrive late at my restaurant, I’m going to deduct your wages.” Liu Ruoxin looked at Yan Tian and feigned anger.

    “Ehehe, then, as for the matter of my leave of absence?”

    “After you get off work today, you can get lost at once.

    “Good, good, ehehe. See ya later, Chairman Liu.” Yan Tian laughed and said.

    At long last, he had a leave of absence. It seemed that Liu Ruoxin’s approval of his vacation could be considered frank, not at all like some bosses that liked to drag the matter on and on.

    Although he had taken a leave of absence, he still had to go work today.On the way there, he hummed a tune until he arrived at the Golden Hill restaurant.

    “Hey, hey, hey, stay right there!” Just as Yan Tian entered through the restaurant entrance, a security guard yelled out.

    Upon hearing the security guard’s voice, Yan Tian didn’t need to guess to know what the reason was. He was the only person to appear, so he was positive he had been taken as a beggar once more. He reckoned if he took another two steps, he would be carried off again.

    “What are you doing?” The security guard ran over in front of Yan Tian and knit his brows.

    “You don’t frickin’ believe daddy’s gonna fire you?”

    As soon as Yan Tian heard the security guard, he was thrown into a foul mood. Why were his employees always trying to pick a fight with their own boss?

    “Huh? You are?” The security guard scanned Yan Tian up and down. Why was this person’s voice so familiar?

    “Get out of my way.” Pushing the security guard aside, Yan Tian entered the restaurant with great strides.

    The security guard had finally realized who the man was. This was his boss. Calling to mind that he had just obstructed his boss again a moment ago, he sucked in a breath of cold air. At the same time, he was quite curious what type of person had actually beaten up Manager Yan into such a state.

    While he was walking along the way, all of the waiters looks at Yan Tian in shock. Manager Yan had actually been beaten up? This was today’s major news.

    “Hello, pretty lady.”

    As expected, Guo Man was still doing work in the office as always. Watching her working meticulously, Yan Tian thought to himself whether or not to give this beautiful woman a raise?

    “Huh? Manager…… Manager Yan?”

    Guo Man looked at Yan Tian incredulously. How had he become like this? He was still well and proper yesterday.

    “Manager Yan, how are you?” Guo Man immediately stood up and looked at Yan Tian in concern.

    Guo Man thought to herself it shouldn’t be that after Manager Yan had escorted her home yesterday that he had run into highwaymen halfway through his journey and robbed, resulting in him being beaten?

    “How am I? Don’t you think my style is cool? I’ll tell you, this is the German couturier design I had specifically been searching for. Isn’t it cool?” Yan Tian chuckled at Guo Man and winked.


    Upon hearing Yan Tian, Guo Man widely opened her mouth. It was obvious that Manager Yan’s injuries were from being beaten, yet he still said he was searching for a design. Then, there was also last time, he had clearly been expelled out of the restaurant by the security guards, but he insisted on saying he was playing a game with them. It appeared that Manager Yan would truly go through hell or highwater to preserve his face.

    “Mhm? How is it? Cool, right? I noticed you’ve been eyeing me all along.” Yan Tian said smugly.

    “Manager Yan, don’t joke. How on earth did this happen? Do you want to go to the hospital to see a doctor?” Guo Man said worriedly.

    “What is this, a joke? I’m telling the truth. Forget about, drop it, I don’t wanna talk about this. Hurry up and work.” Yan Tian turned his neck to look at Guo Man, thinking to himself if he spoke like that again, wouldn’t he expose the truth?


    “Work, it’s time to work. Don’t talk about this.” Yan Tian feigned anger.

    “Oh……” Guo Man nodded her head and sat down to continue working. She had originally wanted to continue questioning Yan Tian, but once she saw his chuckling expression, she helplessly shook her head.

    Yan Tian sat down, as well, bored. After mulling it over, he prepared to buy himself an airplane ticket headed to Africa on his phone. It truly didn’t need to be said, but the modern advancement of technology was actually rather great. With a cell phone, he could buy an airplane ticket. In the past, you still needed to rush early on over to the airport to buy one. It was quite inconvenient.

    The place Yan Tian wanted to go to was South Africa. However, after he found the airplane ticket for South Africa, he cursed angrily, because the ticket was too friggin’ expensive, no less than 4 thousand RMB. Moreover, it was only economy class. It had to be known a month’s salary for many people wasn’t even 4 thousand RMB.

    Forget about it. Expensive was expensive. In any case, it let him sleep the whole way through until he arrived at his destination on the plane, but this airplane? It actually wasn’t non-stop; it even made a layover in Hong Kong. This was truly a bother.

    Cursing darkly, Yan Tian grudgingly bought the airplane ticket. Luckily, he was wealthy, otherwise, he would have to find someone to lend him some cash again.

    After he bought the ticket, Yan Tian gave Ah Long a call. Since he was leaving the country, it was necessary of him to have the relevant papers. Overall, you couldn’t go directly swaggering into the airport like this, right?

    “Ah Long, hurry up and think of way to get me a passport. I’m going to South Africa tomorrow.”

    “Huh? Brother Tian, you’re leaving tomorrow?”

    “Mhm, what’s up?”

    “Brother Tian, it’ll take at least half a month to get a passport at the very minimum. There’s not enough time.” Ah Long thought it over and said.

    “Dang it, how could I forget about this. I’m going to go tomorrow; do you have any methods?” Yan Tian immediately slapped his forehead. This was really troublesome. It was such a pain to leave the country.

    “Umm…… I really got nothing. I’m not even really familiar with this field.” Ah Long laughed and said.

    “Fine, alright. I’ll think of a way myself. I’m hanging up.”

    After he hung up the phone, Yan Tian deliberated the matter. He really had to find someone familiar with this. In reality, this couldn’t be considered as any sort of difficulty. He could tell Liu Ruoxin about it and convince her to arrange the matter for him. It was also the same with Zi Qi, as well, and honestly, it wasn’t out of the question for him to go carrying his Long Huang Squad credentials to the police station and make Chief Du do it for him.

    After he thought of a course of action, Yan Tian talked it over with Liu Ruoxin. On the contrary, she had answered frankly; it wouldn’t be any sort of difficulty at all. As long as one had connections, things were rather convenient.

    Time quickly passed. Just as lunch hour arrived, Yan Tian brought his “secretary”* out to eat. Initially, Guo Man wouldn’t go no matter what, but what type of person was Yan Tian? If he couldn’t even get her to concede, was he still a man?

    Ultimately, under Yan Tian’s endless coaxing was he successful in tricking Guo Man. There was no way around it. If she didn’t answer, he would hang on to the matter.

    But due to pressing work, Guo Man requested if it would be fine to eat at the Golden Hill restaurant. She wouldn’t go anywhere else. After he thought over her request, Yan Tian agreed.

    Since Guo Man brought up work, Yan Tian called Liu Ruoxin to mind. She was the same as well. She would spend the entire day in her office, tireless at work. Even when it was time to eat, she didn’t. It appeared she wasn’t so comfortable as acting as the boss at all, too.

    “What do you want to eat? I’ll order. It’s my treat today.” Just as they entered a private booth, Yan Tian shrugged and said.

    “I’m fine with eating whatever you order”

    Since Guo Man was alright with him ordering whatever he pleased, Yan Tian made the waiter write down two dishes. He had never been picky with food. He was fine with whatever he ate. Even if the dish that was served later on was a dead rat, he would eat it with a watering mouth.

    *Meaning of secretary here I think is more along the lines of a mistress
  • Chapter 108: Your Relative Just Came

    “Right, I’m going to set off tomorrow.” Yan Tian said abruptly.

    “Huh…… Oh!” Guo Man nodded.

    “Mhm, I’ll be handing the restaurant over to you.”

    “Be at ease, Manager Yan.”

    In the afternoon, Yan Tian gave Xing Yu a call, telling him the time he was setting off. It was also good to let him prepare in advance. After they agreed on a meeting place, the two of them chatted for a long time and then ended the call.

    As soon as he got off work in the afternoon, Yan Tian went to the company to escort Liu Ruoxin back home as always. He was leaving tomorrow, not knowing if the Great Chairman Liu Ruoxin would miss him or not.

    “Chairman Liu, how’s my passport coming along?” Sitting in the car, Yan Tian asked.

    “It’s not ready yet.” Liu Ruoxin answered coldly.

    “What? How could it possibly not be ready? I’m leaving tomorrow!”

    The moment Yan Tian heard her, he was displeased. Liu Ruoxin actually hadn’t set up the passport? Was this a joke of epic proportions? Even if she hadn’t set it up, she should’ve told him in any case, as to let him find someone that could.

    “Yeah, they said you looked ugly. You wouldn’t be welcomed abroad.”

    “What?” Yan Tian looked at Liu Ruoxin greatly startled. When was there such a rule? If you looked ugly they wouldn’t let you go? According to his understanding, there were many ugly people in South Africa. Besides, how was he ugly? It was obvious he was rather handsome, no?

    “Mhm, it’s like that. It’s a question of appearance. I don’t have any methods to get around that. How about…… You go to Korea where they’ll be able to tolerate all of you?” Liu Ruoxin restrained the urge to laugh with great difficulty as she looked at Yan Tian.

    Over the course of Liu Ruoxin laughing, Yan Tian had discovered that something was fishy. She was definitely playing around with him. He hadn’t thought about it, but getting hold of a passport was child’s play. How could she possibly be unable to complete the ask? Was this a joke? He was certain she was playing him.

    Yan Tian thought it over, the corner of his lips suddenly curling into a smile. Soon afterwards, he increased the pressure on the gas pedal. A sports car sure was different; a hundred km/h increase in speed truly was fast.

    At the moment, Yan Tian’s sports convertible could finally display its power. Following several growls of the engine, the car crossed a hundred meters in a flash, flying forth like a sharpened blade.

    “Aaaahhhhh…… What are you doing, Yan Tian? Slow down, you’re going over the speed limit!” Liu Ruoxin discovered that Yan Tian had suddenly sped up and clutched the armrest of the car in fright. He was insane for driving the car so quickly. This was the main street with many cars on the road, and there were also many pedestrians on the sidewalks. If he wasn’t careful there would be an accident.

    “I want to drive faster, so I could bring you home without delay, since I still need to set up my passport. Hold on tight, I’m going to accelerate.”

    Laughing, Yan Tian pushed the speed up to a 130 km/h. Perhaps to ordinary people the speed of the car was being driven by a madman and would surely cause an accident, but to him, this couldn’t even be considered fast. In regards to his vehicular technique, he had great confidence in himself.

    “Aaahhh…… You’re mad. Stop the car, you’re going to hit someone, you’re going to hit someone! I already settled your passport, so slow down! There are people ahead, people! Turn the corner!” Liu Ruoxin wailed in fright as she sat in the car.

    Simultaneously, Liu Ruoxin was beginning to regret having played around with Yan Tian a moment ago. Originally, she had just wanted to tease him a bit to see what his reaction would be like, but she hadn’t expected he would go straight to guns a blazin’. If he got into a car accident, it would be a minor issue. The key point was that she would share in his misery.

    “You did? Why didn’t you say so earlier?” Seeing Liu Ruoxin spit out the truth, Yan Tian lowered the speed of the car as soon as she said this. Mediocre, trying to fool me? Hmph!

    “I just wanted to tease you. I didn’t think you would go full psycho. You scared me to death.” Liu Ruoxin pat her stomach and said.

    “If I hadn’t acted like this, then would you have spoke the truth?” Yan Tian laughed.

    As soon as she heard Yan Tian, Liu Ruoxin raised her brows and lifted her head: “You were just doing it on purpose a moment ago?”

    “Oh? No, not at all, how could that be? Ehehe!”

    “I’m telling you, Yan Tian. If you dare to drive so quickly again later on, I will deduct a month’s wages.” Liu Ruoxin feigned anger and said.

    “I won’t, I won’t, ehehe!” Yan Tian laughed immediately.


    Liu Ruoxin cast her head aside and snorted coldly, saying no more. She was only concerned with admiring the Fengan scenery.

    “That’s right, Chairman Liu. I’m going to leave tomorrow, so how are you going to go back and forth from work?” Suddenly, Yan Tian recalled the issue of Liu Ruoxin’s travel arrangements for work once more. Presently, he was the one in charge of shuttling her, but he was leaving, so how would it be handled?

    “Leave your car behind later. I’ll drive myself!”

    “How about I find some people to escort you!” Thinking it over, Yan Tian had planned on ordering one of his brothers to serve as Liu Ruoxin’s driver. In any case, he currently had a big gang of brothers, so it was of no use in letting them stand idle.

    “No need. I can drive myself.” Liu Ruoxin shook her head.


    Seeing that Liu Ruoxin didn’t agree, Yan Tian wouldn’t impose on her any longer. As soon as he brought her back to her villa, he forced himself to walk out bitterly while dialing a number. He had to call some people to pick him up, otherwise, how would he be able to go back such a far distance?

    Over ten minutes later, a car came over facing him. It was Ah Long’s Wuling minivan, the car he wanted to used at that time to pick up Liu Ruoxin, but ended up being taught a lesson instead.

    “Brother Tian, where’s your sports car? Why are you walking on foot?” Ah Long asked Yan Tian rather curiously.

    “Cut the crap, let’s go.” Yan Tian said, and then opened the car door and got in.

    “Alright, Brother Tian. When are you setting out tomorrow? How about I come over and escort you?”

    In fact, regardless of what Ah Long would’ve said, Yan Tian would’ve made him pick him up tomorrow, otherwise, it would the amount of money it would take to go the airport would burn a hole through his wallet. He nodded his head and said: “I’m leaving tomorrow at five in the morning. Come over before five.”

    “Huh? Five?” The moment Ah Long heard this, he was dazed. Why was the time so early? He was bit regretful of what he had just said.

    “What’s up? Is there a problem?” Yan Tian patted Ah Long’s head.

    “No, none, I’ll come over at 4:30 am tomorrow, haha!” Ah Long naturally didn’t have any questions. He only thought it nothing more than a bit early, but he wouldn’t raise the issue. It was just a pity that he would have to go to sleep early tonight and wouldn’t be able to chat with Wang Hui.

    After he had returned home, Yan Tian heard the sound of Sun Yue’s exasperated voice. Taking a look, he discovered the beautiful Sun Yue was surprisingly inside teaching Sun Nan a lesson with her hands resting at her waist. He thought to himself that Mother Nature shouldn’t have come to visit her, right? Why was she so irritable today?

    “What are you doing? This is…? I* gotta rest up early. What’re you so mad at Nan Nan for!” Yan Tian looked at Sun Nan rather sympathetically. What had this kid done again?

    “You*…… This isn’t your problem. Go back to your room and stay put.” Sun Yue glared furiously at Yan Tian and said.

    Observing Sun Yue’s murderous gaze, Yan Tian felt a bit scared in his heart. This was the first time she had gave him such a look. Even if he wanted to move now, he didn’t dare, scared that she her gaze would pierce through him in a second. It was comparable to a killer’s formless intent!

    *I dropped the words here, which mean family member. Sounds incredibly awkward in english to refer to oneself in third person. The author usually names the chapters based on a phrase in the story, which is why title of story is “relative comes” or something like that.

  • Chapter 109: Preparing To Set Out

    “How come your face is like that? Who did you fight?” Sun Yue discovered the wound on Yan Tian’s face, asking in worry.

    “Yeah, Big Bro? Who was it that hit you? I’m telling you, I help you go beat the crap out of them.” Sun Nan said rather loyally.

    “Ugh…… It’s nothing. When I was walking on the road today, I wasn’t careful and fell over.” Yan Tian scratched his head awkwardly, afraid that Sun Yue would delve deeper into the matter. He shifted the topic immediately: “That’s right, Nan Nan, what did you do? How did you make your Big Sis so angry?”

    “It’s nothing. I just wasn’t careful, so I broke my Big Sis’s makeup set. Don’t go, Big Bro, save me!” Sun Nan looked at Yan Tian pitifully.

    As soon as Yan Tian heard this, he flipped Sun Yue off. For the sake of her makeup set, she had acted as if she had eaten explosives. She really deserved to be a true big sister.

    “What? You weren’t careful? I just bought this makeup set. I spent several tens of thousands of my own money on it. He ruined it; I can’t be angry?”

    “Geez, don’t be angry, Big Sis. How about I give mom a call and ask her for a million to spend?” Sun Nan pulled at Sun Yue’s head and said.

    A million to spend? Who the heck’s family was this kid’s? Their status was so great. Some people could ask their family for several hundred RMB, but they wouldn’t be able to get it. But Sun Nan could open his mouth to get a million to spend. Their family could open a bank.

    “You should ask mom and dad less for money. I can’t spend their money, I have to earn it myself.” Sun Yue rolled her eyes at Sun Nan and said.

    “Ehehe, since things are like this, I’m going to go to bed first. Goodnight, Big Sis.” Sun Nan laughed twice and immediately scurried into his bedroom, as if it was something like the meticulous escape of a criminal.

    “Stop! I’m not done with you yet.” Sun Yue yelled at Sun Nan to stay. The matters that should’ve been said had still not been said, so how could she possibly ignore him leaving?

    “Geez, what are you doing? Isn’t it just a makeup set? Have you come so far as to this? Yan Tian looked at Sun Yue rather helplessly. How could she be even stingier than he was?

    Once Sun Yue heard this, she gave Yan Tian a smile that wasn’t a smile: “Just a makeup set? Do you know what this little brat did today?”

    “What did he do?” Yan Tian asked rather curiously.

    “When I went to work today, I left him behind in the house. Consequently, he actually let the girl next door in. You tell me, is this something to shout about?”

    Sun Yue looked at Sun Nan indignantly. Her little brother wasn’t easy to get along with. He hadn’t even grown up yet and he was like this. If he grew up like this later on, wouldn’t he tower the heavens? The makeup set had been ruined by the girl that Sun Nan had brought back.

    Watching his big sister relay the story to Yan Tian, Sun Nan lower his head embarrassedly. He really had rotten luck. It hadn’t been easy to set up a date with the girl next door, but he had actually even been found out by his big sister.

    “Well, shoot, Little Bro, not bad. She look any good?”

    Yan Tian gave Sun Nan a once over quite incredulously. This stinking brat sure was capable. His pickup technique didn’t fall against his own in the slightest. In the past several days, he had been fooling around with a young beauty.

    It was just that Sun Nan was rather fickle when it came to matters of the heart. He had a girlfriend as a second-year in highschool, and yet he had surprisingly had one come now. The kid was standing on two different boats with a foot on each. If you thought about it carefully, Yan Tian’s conduct was like this, too. Yan Tian himself didn’t know how many boats he was standing on.

    “You…… As a big brother you’re not giving him a lesson on ethics properly, but you actually even said that to him?”

    Sun Yue glared daggers at Yan Tian. He wasn’t a good guy by any stretch of the imagination. Presently, she was suspicious whether or not Sun Nan had been lead astray by him in the past two days.

    “Didn’t she come home to just play around? What about it?” Sun Nan pouted and said.

    “You’re still speaking? Careful or I’ll send you back home.” Sun Yue immediately glared at Sun Nan. Being glared at, Sun Nan immediately shut his mouth in fright. He had just picked up a pretty girl and didn’t dare to be sent packing by his big sister.

    “Mhm, that’s right, you should be taught a little lesson. Wait for me to go get a tool.” Yan Tian imitated Sun Yue and feigned glaring at Sun Nan. He winked and then went into his bedroom.

    Sun Yue was rather curious what tool Yan Tian was going into his bedroom to get. Could it be that he was wanted to beat up Sun Nan? That simply wouldn’t do. Teaching a lesson aside, punching was an entirely separate matter.

    However, as soon as Yan Tian came out again, Sun Yue was stunned, since the object in his hand wasn’t a rod of any sort, but rather he was carrying a luggage bag.

    “What are you carrying a luggage bag for?” Sun Yue asked bewilderedly. Sun Nan looked at Yan Tian curiously, as well.

    “Mhm, I was just getting ready to tell you, but I’m leaving the country on a trip tomorrow.” Yan Tian took the luggage bag and tossed it on the sofa.

    “Leaving the country? Why are you leaving the country?”

    “Well, of course, I got something to do, ehehe!” Yan Tian laughed and said.

    Yan Tian was going to leave the country? Moreover, he even carried a wound on his face. Sun Yue wondered that it shouldn’t be that he had offended someone and was preparing to flee abroad to lay low?

    “On what type of business? How did the injuries on your body happen? What happened last night that you didn’t return?” Sun Yue looked at Yan Tian in concern.

    “Relax, it’s nothing. Me leaving the country and my wounds are completely unrelated.

    “Then, when are you are you coming back?” Sun Yue lifted her head to look at Yan Tian and questioned.

    “Shouldn’t be longer than half a month.”

    Presently, when all was said and done, Yan Tian didn’t know how long he would be out of the country. It was possible he would rescue the wealthy arab’s son in two days, but it was also possible it would take a good many days. It was uncertain to say he would even be sent off to meet King Yama by the mercenary corps, but who was able to speak of this matter? The odds were extremely small, since he had never fought an uncertain battle.

    “Oh, when are you setting out tomorrow?” Sun Yue nodded and asked.

    “I’m leaving tomorrow morning at five.”

    “So early, hurry up and get some rest.” Sun Yue saw that time wasn’t early due to Sun Nan wanting to sleep in the bedroom, so she watched television no longer, allowing Yan Tian rest up early. He would have to get up rather early tomorrow.

    The next morning, a bit past 4:20, Yan Tian yawned and got off the sofa. Just as he was getting ready to wash up, he suddenly heard a sound coming from kitchen. Could it be a burglar had come in?

    As soon as he drew near, Yan Tian was dazed in place, since it wasn’t a burglar in the kitchen, but rather it was Sun Yue dressed in her pajamas inside, cooking. Was the sun getting ready to rise from the west today?*

    “You’re awake? Hurry up and wash up, it’s going to be ready soon.” Sun Yue saw that Yan Tian was standing at the door and smiled.

    “Why are you up so early today?” Yan Tian rubbed his eyes, not daring to believe he had seen Sun Yue.

    “What? It’s strange that I woke up early?”

    “No, I just feel it’s a bit unfathomable.” Yan Tian shook his head and said.

    “Alright, hurry up and wash up. It’s going to be ready right away.”

    Laughing Yan Tian ran off to wash up, a matter of a few minutes. As soon as he finished washing, Sun Yue had already set the food on the table. It appeared quite sumptuous.

    Just as Yan Tian was getting ready to hit, he heard the sound of knocking on the door. He guessed it should’ve been Ah Long. The two of them had agreed that he would come today to escort him to the airport.

    *Meaning of this phrase is like “wow, what an impossibility”, since the sun does not rise from the west. I think this phrase also showed up in early chapters.

  • Chapter 110: There Are Really A Lot Of Regulations To Get On An Airplane

    “You’ve come early enough. Have you eaten? Come in and we’ll eat together.” Yan Tian immediately ran to open the door.

    “Brother Tian, you’re leaving today, so how could I come late?” Ah Long yawned and said.

    After he came in, Ah Long saw Sun Yue sitting at the table. He had known since the beginning that Yan Tian lived together with a beauty, but he hadn’t known what she had looked like. Today, he could consider himself to have seen deity. As expected, she had the beautiful visage of an immortal.

    Ah Long truly admired Yan Tian. Not only were his martial arts astonishing, but the amount of beautiful women at his side were like clouds. He truly made men admire, envy, and hate him.
    “This is?” Sun Yue hadn’t expected a guess would surprisingly come so early in the morning, standing up from her chair right away.

    “Right, he’s my little bro. You can call him Ah Long. He’ll be taking me to the airport later on.” Yan Tian gave Sun Yue an introduction.

    “Hello, please take a seat.” Sun Yue laughed straight ahead at Ah Long.

    “Haha, hello, Sister-in-law. Today, I can consider myself to have gazed upon my Sister-in-law’s enlightened self. It is truly a pleasure.”

    Ah Long knew Yan Tian had a good few women at his side, but he hadn’t known which one was his girlfriend. He could be certain now, though. The beauty before his eyes was certainly not bad, otherwise, how could she live together with Yan Tian?

    “Huh…… You’ve misunderstood. I’m not connected to him like that.” Seeing Ah Long had called her sister-in-law, Sun Yue tried to explain herself in embarrassment.

    As for Yan Tian, he naturally wouldn’t take such matters to mind, since Sun Yue had boarded his pirate ship, too. Since she had boarded, she shouldn’t think of disembarking. Her capitulation was already a foregone conclusion.

    “Of…… Of course?”

    Ah Long was rendered stupid as soon as he heard Sun Yue. How could she not be? Wasn’t she living together with Yan Tian? Was it that she was Yan Tian’s older sister or perhaps younger sister?

    “Okay, don’t ask. Think whatever you will. Hurry up and eat. Once we finish eating, we leave.” On the contrary, Yan Tian didn’t even look upon Ah Long as a guest one bit. He was engrossed with holding up his chopsticks and starting to eat.

    After he laughed, Ah Long questioned no more. He ate breakfast with Yan Tian rather politely, and in comparison with Yan Tian’s table manners, his own could even be considered a bit gentlemanly. It wasn’t that Ah Long liked to eat in such a manner, but since there was a beauty of unclear status at his side, he naturally had to display some refinement.

    “If someone’s taking you to the airport, don’t you know to speak up? You even caused me to wake up early at the crack of dawn. I’m tired to death.” Sun Yue grumbled unwillingly.

    “What? You were getting ready to take me to the airport?” Yan Tian looked at Sun Yue, not daring to believe her. When had she become so loyal?

    “Yeah, you can’t drive yourself there today, right? I thought you were going to take a taxi, so I was preparing to take you there.” Sun Yue pouted and said.

    After Yan Tian finished listening to Sun Yue speak, he was immediately regretful. Really, if he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have made that jerk Ah Long come. If this guy didn’t come, he could have even had a rose-adorned world for two with just him and her.

    “Really. Ah Long, why did you run over? Hurry up and go back and sleep. I don’t want you to take me.”

    Yan Tian “loyally” pierced Ah Long with two blades. With a beautiful woman and a foot-scratching man standing together, he would choose the beautiful woman. Thus, he sensibly chose to send foot-scratching man back home. Wouldn’t it be better to have the beautiful Sun Yue take him to the airport instead?

    “Huh? Oh!” Ah Long was evidently dazed, but he swiftly understood Yan Tian’s intentions. Brother Tian wanted to pick up girls, so he was deliberate sending him away.

    “Hey, hey, hey! Since he’s come, why the heck would he go back? Since you don’t need me to go, you guys eat. I’m going to sleep.” Sun Yue naturally wouldn’t let Ah Long leave. With Ah Long taking Yan Tian, she could go back to sleep again. In any case, it was past four in the morning now.

    Since Sun Yue wanted to go back to her room and rest, Yan Tian wouldn’t obstruct her any further. For her to wake up early and cook him a table of delicious of food, he was already perfectly satisfied.

    “Brother Tian, what’s the connection between you two?” After Sun Yue left, Ah Long asked in a whisper.

    “She is my prey. Don’t speak of this, alright. I told you the other day, after I leave, whatever you do, you must be smart about it. It be best for you to recruit five hundred men before I return.” Yan Tian said solemnly.

    “Mhm, relax, Brother Tian. I know.”


    Although the time was still rather early, Fengan Airport was a vast mountain and sea of people as before. Within the lounge of the airport, there were people walking and bustling about. Perhaps they all had their own paths to follow, hurriedly taking off, busily descending, and stories of taking others away, leaving behind their own memories. Within the current of steel, they met again and again on the stage, parting from each other and reuniting once more.

    The waiting area of the Fengan Airport was like a crystal palace, with glorious lights shining spaciously.

    “Alright, Ah Long, I’m off. See ya later!”

    “See ya later, Brother Tian!”

    As soon as he got on the airplane, Yan Tian turned off his cell phone on his own initiative. In the past, he had been a frequent flyer, so he was well acquainted with regards to the basic rules.

    It couldn’t be helped to say, but there were really too many regulations to get on an airplane. For example, it was necessary to turn off a cell phone, and one couldn’t smoke during the beginning and ending duration they were on the airplane. You couldn’t smoke in the bathroom, so to those who needed their tobacco fix, it was truly a kind of torture.

    Some people would feel that these regulations were unreasonable; superfluous. But in truth, every regulation was a summation from all kinds of lessons.

    For example, you couldn’t adjust your seat before flying, since it would put a demand on the equilibrium of the plane, because before the plane took off, cargo workers would get the weight of the passengers, goods, and materials of the plane accordingly. Employing the use of a specialized information system technology, they would formulate the balance of the carrying capacity of the plane, ensuring that when the plane ascended and descended, its center of gravity was fixed to a certain region for the entire duration. Thus, they would be able to guarantee that any danger wouldn’t occur due to load disequilibrium while flying.

    Another example was if one used their cell phone to make a call. It was possible that it would influence the captain from operating normally. Upon running into severe turbulence, a passenger wouldn’t be able to connect their seat belts, causing an injury. As an airplane was gliding, and one went to get their luggage, it was easy for it to smash into the a seated passenger, and you could also fall over, as well. But an even more dangerous kind of activity on an airplane was smoking. It was absolutely impermissible.

    These were the regulations for flying on an airplane. They mirrored the basic essence of the traveler, and were moreover for the safety of all the travelers. But in regards to these regulations, there were still some travelers that complained, thereby disputing the regulations. This was often lead to the flying process becoming a source of controversy.

    Just as the airplane was on the verge of taking off, there was an announcement reminding passengers “please turn off your cell phones and all other electronic devices”. Yet there was a still a man in the middle of playing on his cell phone. Confronted with the reminder of a stewardess, the man was rather unhappy.

    “I know, aren’t you annoying.” The man waved the woman off impatiently.

    “Sir, the airplane is going to be taking off soon. I’ll have to ask you to cooperate, thank you!” The stewardess maintained her smiles as before and slightly bowed to the passenger.

    “Geez, I know. Haven’t we still not begin flying yet, though? I’ll be done soon.” Yet the man didn’t turn off his cell phone immediately, lowering his head and engrossing himself playing on his cell phone.

  • Chapter 111: Five Hundred RMB Penalty

    “Why are you like this? She told you several times already, but you’re still fooling around?”

    On the side, a seemingly refined man was unable to look on and immediately strong-armed the cell phone from the man’s grasp, turning it off by force.

    “Who the fuck are you? You dare to take charge over me?” The man who had his cell phone snatched pointed his finger furiously at the other man.

    “Don’t you know if you don’t shut off your cell phone on the airplane, it might cause electromagnetic interference? It’ll be pretty easy for an incident to occur. It’s fine if you want to cause an accident, but don’t drag us into it.

    “Of course, I know. But haven’t we still not taken off yet? Are you in control?”

    “Hmph, I’m in control of this today, what about it?” Although the man was seemingly refined, he wasn’t a pushover. As he spoke, he was getting ready to roll up his sleeves.

    As the two were preparing to scuffle, Yan Tian at the side was actually looked on with his interest piqued. To be able to watch a battle between a tiger and a dragon before take off was pretty nice.

    “You wanna fuckin’ die.” The man who had his cell phone taken from him suddenly fell into a foul mood. He swung his fist straight towards the man, uncaring that he was on an airplane, with a fearless expression.

    On the contrary, the refined man didn’t fall into disarray. The corner of his mouth curled upward into a disdainful smile, holding the man in front of him in complete derision. With his sight swift and hands deft, he grabbed on to the other man’s fist.

    Upon seeing this, Yan Tian was even more interested. It appeared on the surface that this man looked gentle, but he was in fact trained. Furthermore, it appeared his style was wasn’t half bad. This was fantastic. There was a good show to watch.

    “Sir, I’ll have to ask you not to fight here.” The stewardess saw that the two people were fighting and immediately pulled them apart.


    A crisp sound echoed out. The man had directly slapped the stewardess. Although Yan Tian saw the action, he didn’t have enough time to prevent it. The crux of the matter was that he was sitting in the middle seat.

    “Piss off, this isn’t related to you.” The man said furiously to the stewardess.

    Upon seeing this, Yan Tian fell into a foul mood. He didn’t even flinch when a man was punched, but what he could not bear to see the most was a woman being struck. Moreover, in this kind of a situation, what skill could hitting a woman be considered?

    “Urgh…… You……”

    The man evidently hadn’t expected that Yan Tian would suddenly punch him. He looked at Yan Tian incredulously, but was unable to even finish speaking as Yan Tian’s other fist came racing forward. As soon as the refined man saw what was happening, he joined Yan Tian and beat up the other man. Really, the other man didn’t know anything of chivalry*.

    However, before they had even gotten off a couple blows, several air police ran over and swiftly pulled the three men apart.

    Noticing that the air police had come, Yan Tian stopped. In any case, he couldn’t beat up the air police. Yet as for refined man? After the air police had pulled him away, he still ruthlessly kicked the other man twice.

    “What are you guys doing? You guys actually fought on an airplane. I’ll have to fine each of you five hundred RMB.” The air police said gravely and looked at Yan Tian and the two other men.

    Hearing the word “fine”, Yan Tian shook his head helplessly. When he had arrived at the airport a moment ago, he had asked Ah Long for a thousand RMB, and now he had to pay a fine of five hundred. It appeared that no good deed went unpunished.

    “Hmph, here, this is a thousand.” The man who had been hit pulled out a fat stack of hundred note bills from his wallet straight forwardly, in the manner of an archetypical wealthy second genner*.

    After he tidied his clothes, he looked at Yan Tian and the refined man and asked: “What are your names?”

    “I shan’t be shamed and abide by my actions, I am called Luo Shaoling.”

    The refined man laughed coldly and announced his name. However, from the expression of the surrounding people, it appeared that none had heard of this name.

    “Hmph, Luo Shaoling, I’ll remember that. What are you called?” The man looked gloomily at Yan Tian.

    Yan Tian knew if he said his name, he would definitely have some troubles later, but he was no coward. Laughing, he said: “I am Yan Tian. Yan as in Yan Tian’s Yan, and Tian as in Yan Tian’s Tian.”

    Good, good, good, Luo Shaoling, Yan Tian, I will remember that. We’ll wait and see. Daring to raise your hand against me.” The man said angrily and nodded.

    “Hey, you only asked what we’re named. What is yours?” Luo Shaoling laughed coldly and asked.

    Just as Yan Tian was about to ask the man what he was called, he saw Luo Shaoling ask and immediately strained his ears to seriously listen. He didn’t know what this person was named, as well.

    “Alright, you lot listen well. My name is Yuan Yaochen, hmph!”

    After the man finished speaking, he snorted coldly and got off the airplane. True enough, he got off the plane. Yuan Yaochen had bought an airplane ticket, paid the fine, and wasn’t even going to sit on the airplane now.

    Possibly because they had heard Yuan Yaochen’s name, the travelers on the airplane began to discuss the matter among themselves in whispers…..

    “Yuan Yaochen? Isn’t that the Yuan Family’s Yuan Yaochen?”

    “Yuan Family? Who is the Yuan Family?”

    “Oh my, they’re Fengan City’s second-ranked family. Yuan Yaochen’s father is the chair of the Yuan Family Corporation.”

    “Oh, he’s the son of the Yuan Family Corporation’s chair? Their screwed, those two kids have provoked a great figure.”

    “Are they? They just a hit a person of the Yuan Family a moment ago. They won’t have neither hide nor hair of peace and security later on. Really, how great are those two.”


    Upon hearing the crowds discussion, Yan Tian laughed bitterly. That was just great. With his punch, he had provoked a great family again. He had heard of the Yuan Family from Liu Ruoxin. Although the Yuan Family wasn’t as tremendous as the Five Grand Families, they could be considered a big family in Fengan City.

    The Yuan Family was only second fiddle to the Xue Family, ranked as the second best family in Fengan City. Yan Tian remembered that Fengan City’s Mayor Gao Weidong’s wife Yuan Ming was a person of the Yuan Family.

    “You two, everyone has to pay the five hundred RMB fine for fighting on the plane.” The air police didn’t care who it was. Regardless, the airplane was flying to Hong Kong; the fine would be collected accordingly without care to circumstance.

    “Fine, fine, fine, here you go.” Luo Shaoling was disinclined to argue with the air police and took out five hundred note bills from his wallet, handing it to them.

    When it was Yan Tian’s turn, he was a feeling a bit regretful, since it wasn’t fifty bucks, but five hundred. It had to be known that five hundred bucks was enough for him to live on for a long time. If he bought five hundred bucks of steamed buns, how long would it take him to eat it all?

    In fact, in regards to the fine, Yan Tian had a way to completely avoid handing the money over. He could just take out his Long Huang Squad papers, but once he recalled Lan Yu’s terrifying skills, he banished the idea from his mind, since if he let her learn he had flashed his status in the Long Huang Squad to escape a fine, she would definitely flay him alive.

    Helpless, Yan Tian was forced to take out his five hundred RMB grudgingly and hand it over to the air police. At the same time, he cursed them darkly in his heart. Perhaps these air police would slam him with a two thousand RMB fine later on.

    Yan Tian and Luo Shaoling sat down as soon as the air police left. Soon afterwards, the airplane started to glide, and a while later, it ascended to a high altitude. From the airplane, you had a bird’s eye view of Fengan City’s scenery.

    *Note, I used the word chivalry in place of another four character chinese idiom that describes “protective feelings towards the female sex”. Makes more sense in english.
    *wealthy second genner refers to the children of wealthy parents who became wealthy from sweeping chinese economic reform. Industrial, etc

  • Chapter 112: A Miraculous Medicine

    However, as Yan Tian observed the scenery, he saw the stewardess from a moment ago come over. Moreover, she appeared a bit embarrassed. He thought to himself this woman shouldn’t have become enamored him, right?

    “Umm…… I want to thank you two for a moment ago.” The stewardess looked at Yan Tian and Luo Shaoling rather bashfully.

    “Heh, it was nothing. That kind of person should be hit.” Yan Tian shrugged and said.

    “Mhm, no need to be polite, miss. I did what should’ve been done.” On the contrary, Luo Shaoling had a gentle manner. It was unknown if he was originally like such or if it was a facade.

    Finally, after the stewardess thanked the two of them once more, she left. After all, it was time for work, and she couldn’t stand there and make small talk with Yan Tian and the gentleman in any case.

    “Hey, brother, I must praise you for your conduct a moment ago.” Yan Tian looked at Luo Shaoling and nodded his head in admiration.

    “What can I be considered? In comparison to you charging straight towards that man and hitting him, I truly pale in significance.” Luo Shaoling laughed and shook his head.

    Yan Tian thought it over and felt it to be true, as well. He reckoned there weren’t many people like him that would directly settle the issue in such a crude manner. Yet this was the strongest method. In the modern world, a fist could still solve a problem.

    “Woah, that’s right, how did you get injuries on your face? What happened, were you hit?” From the moment Luo Shaoling began to look at Yan Tian’s injured face, he hadn’t asked from the beginning, but now that they were chatting idly, he began to ask.

    “Uhh…… Hit? How could that be? I wasn’t careful yesterday and fell over, so I came to look like this as a result. I really got rotten luck.”

    Having the injuries on his face mentioned, Yan Tian was annoyed. He had already cooked up an idea, and it would be for the best not to let him seize the opportunity. If he had a chance, he would definitely teach Lan Yu a ruthless lesson. Really, his life for the past two days after she had beaten him up was like that of a monkey in a zoo. The rate of people turning their heads to look at him as they walked on the road reached up to seventy percent.

    “Puh…… What? You fell?”

    Luo Shaoling looked at Yan Tian with a smile that wasn’t a smile. His Luo family were all doctors, generation from generation. It could be said they had seen all kinds of injuries and illnesses, so it was obvious that Yan Tian’s wound was from being hit. Even a fool could see it, let alone, he, a doctor?

    “That’s right, I wasn’t careful and fell. Ridiculous, ha!” Yan Tian naturally wouldn’t dumbly speak of the truth. He was left to continue lying with the thickness of the skin of his face.

    “Okay, if you said you fell, then you fell. It’s only that your fall is a bit too…… a bit too cool (bad).” Although he knew Yan Tian was lying, Luo Shaoling didn’t blow Yan Tian’s cover. Without any other choice, he resisted the urge smile with great difficulty.

    Laughing, Luo Shaoling appeared to have suddenly recalled something. He immediately rummaged through his briefcase, and after going through it for a while, he pulled out a small bottle: “Oh, that’s right. I feel you and I have been brought together by fate. This is for you.”

    “What is this?” Yan Tian took the bottle in Luo Shaoling’s hand rather curiously, but studying it in his hand for a while, he was unable to find anything of significance.

    “Open the bottle and apply the medicine within on your face. Three minutes later, you will experience a miracle.” Luo Sholing winked at Yan Tian.

    “Is this a trick? I’ll experience a miracle after I put it on my face for three minutes?” Yan Tian opened the bottle incredulously.

    Placing the bottle before his nose and sniffing at it, Yan Tian knew what the item was. This medicine and his master’s mystical medicine were nearly one and the same. Nevertheless, his master’s had a familiar scent, but Luo Shaoling’s had the faint smell of peppermint if you sniffed it carefully.

    “Don’t ask so many questions. Just try it out. The value for this doesn’t exist on the market. Since I feel you and I are kindred spirits, I’ll let you use it.”

    Since he had the medicine, Yan Tian naturally wouldn’t be polite. He was quite clear on the medicine’s efficacy. For example, if you were hurt, you would just have to dab some of the medicine on the wound and it would make the wounded area completely recover, leaving behind the faintest of scars. If you used it many more times, then you wouldn’t even see the scar.

    Other than wound treatment, the medicine could also serve as a skincare product. Used as a skincare product even once, it could outclass other skincare products several tens of times. Of course, if you used it as a skincare product, it would be a true reckless waste of resources. This item wasn’t something money was capable of obtaining.

    As Yan Tan applied the medicine, there were no few amount of surround people that watched him do so. They scolded him as a sissy; a man was actually doing a facial on an airplane? This was too narcissistic.

    Three minutes later, Yan Tian went to the bathroom and washed his face. Sure enough, the medicine hadn’t disappointed him. The wound’s on his face had already completely recovered. There were only bruises from when he had been punched on his face, so there weren’t any scars left behind at all.

    Looking at his handsome self in the mirror, Yan Tian nodded in satisfaction. After taking on a pose, he walked out.

    As soon as Yan Tian walked out, the other travelers didn’t feel anything to be strange at all, but there were still a good few that sized him up a couple times, thinking this person was surprisingly wearing the same outfit as the other person from a moment ago. They simply hadn’t put two and two together.

    “How is it? Not bad, right?” As soon as Yan Tian sat down again, Luo Shaoling laughed and asked.

    “It’s pretty nice. This item’s great for removing makeup, haha.”

    Yan Tian deliberately spoke of healing properties as a removal of makeup, since there were a few people looking at him incredulously now. Just a moment ago, they had believed it was someone wearing the same outfit, but now that Yan Tian had sat down and even spoke, it couldn’t be helped that the surrounding people’s curiosity would be drawn.

    Yan Tian knew he couldn’t let this kind of medicine be known to the outside world, otherwise, it’s influence would be too great. Helpless, he was forced to say it was makeup remover, so his wounds from a moment ago had turned into make up that he had applied and had just removed, so he had become like this. With such a method, he could dispel the curiosity of the group of travelers.
    “Haha, who made you so girly, kid? I told you not to put on makeup, but you must insist upon doing so.” Luo Shaoling followed suit at the side with Yan Tian’s play.

    As soon as the surrounding people heard this, they shook their heads one after another. At the same time, they glanced at Yan Tian disdainfully, thinking to themselves was it that this person was a goddamned ladyboy? Could it be he was waiting to change planes at Hong Kong and go to Thailand?

    Although he had dispelled the interests of the other people, Yan Tian was certainly bitter. He had surprisingly been taken as a sissy by others and then became a ladyboy.

    “Fine, alright, fine. I’ll stop putting makeup on later.” Yan Tian glowered at Luo Shaoling and said.

    “Now that your face is fine, could you give me the remainder?” Luo Shaoling smiled at Yan Tian and extended his hand.

    “What? Give it to you?”

    “Correct, there’s still half a bottle left over, no? Hand it over.” Luo Shaoling looked at Yan Tian and raised his neck.

    Yan Tian was rendered dumb, once he heard this. How could Luo Shaoling want it back? It didn’t seem like the man was pretty stingy. If those who understood the nature of the medicine knew that Yan Tian had said Luo Shaoling was stingy, they would probably hack him to death. Someone let you use half a bottle free of charge, but you actually still called the person stingy?

    “Ehhh, here, you’re really stingy. Isn’t it just half a bottle?” Mulling it over, Yan Tian handed over the remaining half a bottle grudgingly to Luo Shaoling, thinking to himself the man was truly a penny-pincher.

  • FTA Dropped/Completed LEL

    If you’re reading this, I’m done translating FTA (Full-Time Anomaly).  I technically count this as completed, since I’m pretty sure the author dropped the work lul

    I started this project a bit over a month ago, and it’s a bit surprising how far things have come. I didn’t think the first novel I would try to translate would be dropped, but to be honest I half expected it, but still continued to.

    Mainly, this isn’t an issue on my own end, but on that of the authors. For those of you who never bothered reading the major announcement, updates on this story have stopped for about a month and then some since today (10/24/2017). 

    From what I know the author is some 17 year old kid that either got bored writing and dropped or decided to focus his efforts on school. I like to believe it is the latter.

    As for me, although I could’ve decided to drop this story in the 50s, I wanted to continue working on my chinese. While there are 12 more chapters of FTA that are out, I see no point in trying to find pirated raws to translate. 

    When I began reading FTA, and eventually deciding to translate it, I did it because I wanted to offer something a bit different than the majority of xianxia/xuanhuan stories that are translated. Honestly, I started translating this story because I thought it would combine modern day and magic together later on, but a hundred chapters later here we are and there is still no magic RIP. 

    I’m glad I continued to translate, though, as it gave me the opportunity to form my own style and philosophy.

    As for my next project, I’m entirely unsure what to do. There are so many novels, but it’ll take a while to comb through them. I guess I’ll try to find the modern + magic I was looking for, go full fantasy, or just disappear altogether.

    For those who enjoyed FTA and want something similar, next closest thing I can think of is maybe TranXending Vision on WW. Haven’t read it, but it seems cool. 

    FINAL WORD COUNT: 202,899 WORDS (including notes/chapter titles)

    Last but not least, I want to thank the few people who liked, commented, and gave their thanks. It really means a lot guys, thanks.

  • If you’re reading this, then this is probably my last post in this thread. I also assume if you’re reading this that you either: 1. Have some desire to translate. 2. Are looking for a story to read. Or 3. All the above. So sit back and read, ‘cause I got something to say.

    With the experience I’ve gained over the past couple weeks, I think I can give some tips about what makes a decent translation. Honestly, I wish someone had said these things tips, etc when I started translating, but no one in community really talks about this, so I figure I might as well give it a shot to help out my fellow noobs. And it makes sense to be fair that no one really talks about it. Translating can be pretty subjective in its own right, and everyone has their own style.

    By shedding light on my own, perhaps it will affirm/strengthen/weaken/unconfirm your own methodology. It is all opinion.

    Ironic, and I guess an award on its own, this post currently has the least views and probably the most posts on the translation forums.

    The tips given here are more opinions than anything, so take them with a grain of salt. It combines aspects of linguistics and philosophy to come to some of these conclusions.

    I will address issues for both CHINESE TRANSLATORS AND ENGLISH TRANSLATORS that I see and think I can talk about.

    So, I’ll pass my “Dao” on to you guys. So if you’re lucky enough to see this, consider this my last bit of good fortune LOL

    How to Translate Pretty Okay:

    Background on myself: I have been learning Chinese on and off for a while. Some may consider my level “advanced” but tbh still feels like I suck. I have neither editor or Chinese grammar helper to aid me, so the quality of my work is completely dependent on my own abilities.

    First, let’s think about what translation in itself is, and I think it’s somewhat deceptive, since it’s really more than what it appears. Translation can be simply thought of turning words in one language to another so people of the non-native language can understand.

    So if you take this in mind, you might translate pretty close to textbook style. You would look at a sentence and translate it as it, faithful to every definition. And you know what, you would look at it and might think “wow this looks like shit”. And you would be right. Because here is my first pitfall.

    There’s nothing wrong with translating like this except its boring and feels like you live in a cage. Although a style like this is preferred for serious business documents. This ain’t no document, though, this is a novel.


    It might seem like common sense, but it took me chapters and chapters of translating FTA until it really hit me. If you wanted a word for word translation, you might as well stick the text in some online machine translator. In fact, a machine would be a lot better than you if you were trying to do a 100% accuracy translation. I felt awkward translating it, telling myself “oh I’m being true to the author’s style” More on this later.

    If you want to translate like this and see what the results look like, I’m sure there were some QD stories (lul) that used mtl and then editors to clean it up.

    Do not be reliant on dictionary terms

    Somewhat stated before, but don’t be reliant on dictionary terms. If anything use them as a guide. I know I used a dictionary tons of times while I was translating, since there are some words you wouldn’t understand from studying Chinese independently. DON’T TAKE A DICTIONARY AS A BIBLE. Feel free to play around with a translation. Don’t knit pick with certain words that as a result make the translation look weird and sound weird in English. Look for alternatives. I feel the best translations are the ones where you can look at it and think “Damn, that’s clever.”

    There is no true one to one Chinese to English translation:

    This was something I struggled with, since after I translated something, certain things just didn’t make sense. I felt like I wasn’t doing the text justice, but I shrugged it off and felt resigned to it. This is a very mechanical approach, which I do not recommend. Make the text your own. Make it sound as good as you possibly can. I like to think to myself, “well if the author was a native English speaker, what would they try to make the text sound like?”

    Trying to preserve grammar/style is futile (unless obvious and clearly deliberate):

    I’m no Chinese native, so this was a sore point for me when I realized I couldn’t do things picture perfectly. The goal isn’t to be picture perfect, though IMO. You have a responsibility to the audience to make things as easily readable as possible. Run out sentences miles of long depicting pretty girls and other mystical items are annoying. Perhaps this thought is wrong and I merely lack skill.

    Chinese is a pictographic, English is alphabetic

    In terms of translation, this idea covers a lot of the past points I have covered, although it may seem weird. Think about it like this. When you look at a Chinese character, a matching English word might pop up. I can’t really speak about what I’m going to say next in personal experience, but think about a Chinese speaker. Do you think they see the word in English? Of course not, they have an understanding of a word. An idea/concept so to speak. They see the character and understand.

    This might sound funny, but when I read Chinese, I’m not so much reading the words, but playing a movie in my head. This is simply because of the pictographic nature of Chinese characters. In fact, I feel in specific ways, Chinese is a superior language for story telling because of the way I view it. It is very immersive once you really get into it. I feel to translate Chinese to the best maximum potential, you have to reassess how you look at the language in the first place, regardless of your mother tongue.

    Here are some short, basic examples:

    不 = your basic learner of Chinese knows this is the negation particle. What they might not know is the origin of it. To my knowledge, Chinese characters from archaic life when seal script was first created. 不 = represents a seedling that is infertile/hasn’t grown/dead, hence the negation.

    抢 = verb for snatch/grab/rob/plunder. If you break up the radical and the central part of the character, you get the radical for hand and then the main character for granary. You can think about this as “setting hands to the granary” to represent the looting aspect so to speak.

    担心 = a bit more complicated and an explanation that I made up myself. I believe that most Chinese characters can be traced back to farming/ancient concepts, so let me try to explain how 担心 = worried/anxious.

    Take the radical on the left hand side that represents hand. Than the middle characters of a box with a line through it (that means the sun) and the line below it. Think of it as a sun over the land. The next character 心 is heart in Chinese. How do we combine this altogether? Well tying in the concept of farming, you have the image of a hand working on a land with a sun over it. The next character is heart. You combine these ideas that perhaps that the person is taking his farming over the land to hear AKA being anxious. Perhaps somewhat of a stretch, but this is how I think of it, not as words, but concepts.

    Reduce repetition

    Just based on the structure of how Chinese is, your finished English product will look weird, perhaps not even English-like if you do it as is. Probably even clunky looking. As I found, it is okay to cut things out. You’re trying to make things sound good. No one is going to read what you translate if it sounds bad. They might even be better off reading MTL! This advice isn’t only singling out the sea of adjectives used to describe pretty girls, but the way Chinese sentence structure, too. Don’t be scared to reformat a structure to achieve the same result, but make it look brand spanking new also. English is a language where glaring repetition becomes obvious and stale quickly.

    Filling in the blanks

    Because of the nature of Chinese, sometimes things aren’t implicit and are rather inferred. As the translator, your job is to make things as clear as possible. Don’t make things sound nebulous. Take the time fully draw out an entire scene so to speak, while making it look good.

    How would it go in English?

    This goes especially for dialogue, but everything in general. Do yourself a favor and read the thing out loud. If it sounds wordy it is because it is. If it sounds awkwardly phrased, that’s because it is. Don’t be afraid to change things around. Translating a novel is pretty much an editing process as well, IMO

    Localization and Immersion

    This section is a bit more localization, than anything. Immersion should really be thought of as “flow”. There are certain terms in Chinese that just don’t have a one-to-one’s in English. It is okay to localize. In a sense, it is cultural. Someone reading an English translated novel isn’t going to be able to appreciate the finer points of the writing style. One may argue that you’re messing with the beauty of the novel, but using myself as a case sample, I LEARNED MORE CHINESE SO I COULD READ AHEAD OF SERIES THAT I LIKED AND APPRECIATE THE LANGUAGE.

    If I wanted to appreciate the style of the original book, I would learn the language.

    What makes a novel a “Chinese” one isn’t so much the language, but the culture. You can think of language being a product of culture so to speak. Let’s give an example.

    Say you buy a house from an old Chinese dude. You move in and you can tell that a Chinese guy lived here. House might smell like medicinal herbs and tea, there might be a koi pond, and maybe there’s a wall filled with sword scars to meditate sword intent lel. There’s even a mahjong table left behind in the garage.

    So to make the house feel more comfortable, you do your own decorating/remodeling. You use wintergreen smelling scent sticks to get rid of the medicinal smell. You might get rid of the koi pond and get frogs instead. And you might fix up the sword intent wall and shoot it up to study gun intent \o/.

    The point is, is that the house isn’t the old Chinese guy’s anymore, but yours. You haven’t done any major remodeling like changing the rooms (i.e changing plot of the story), but you made it more palatable to your western taste. But, you kept the mahjong table because you happen to like mahjong (keeping certain cultural nuances the same).

    It has to be said there is a fine line between localization and just straight washing out the original “chineseness” of the novel. Be careful. This is usually up to translator discretion.

    To give an example of how I began to even think about such things, I started at localizing phrases for words like “ah, oh, huh” -> names (pronouns) -> figures of speech -> dialogue -> entire lengths of prose.

    Good example for names is in FTA I initially translated Yan Tian’s assassin name as King of Hearts, then changed it to Heart King (because I thought it made more sense speaking it out loud), and then back to King of Hearts, since I realized I was kinda misconstruing the meaning of his epithet.

    Another localization change is the character Lin Long aka as Ah Long in the story. The “Ah” in Chinese is a unique honorific(?) that denotes closeness/friendship/camaraderie. Quite honestly, I should’ve written that as A’Long in the story, since this is how it is usually written, but for sake of ease of reading, I made the change so that readers would have an easier time knowing how to pronounce it.

    Chinese Novel Translation: less focus on the words Chinese and translation and more on NOVEL

    Probably my biggest pitfall. Your translation will suffer if you just think of it more as a translation and less as a novel. To be honest, if you let someone read the novel, THEY SHOULD HAVE NO IDEA IT COMES FROM AN ORIGINAL CHINESE SOURCE IN A MANNER OF SPEAKING. Think “[CN] Empyrean Overlord” (RIP). They should just think of it as another book. There were many times where I translated something and felt it was sloppy, but told myself “that’s just how the author made it.” A fatal way of thinking.

    Which leads me to my next point:

    “Preserving the author’s style”. I thought originally I could preserve the author’s way of writing in a manner of speaking. Without linking my mind to yours, I can’t exactly pinpoint the exact sentiment I’m trying to convey, but it’s the best way I can think of it. Note that I thought preserving style was more like one-to-one grammar translation of style.

    I quickly realized that you really can’t with certain things. Gradually, I shifted away from such a hardline stance, but continued to preserve certain stuff. I eventually realized there’s really no in between. By walking straight down the middle, I feel one yields an inferior/half-baked product. I theny came to realize, my definition of style was one of an English thought and not a Chinese one. Perhaps if one was translating from other romance languages the translation would be a lot easier to understand and be more concise. The beauty of translating from Chinese is that there’s a lot more freedom in a manner of speaking due to the vast differences between languages there is no true “one-to-one” unlike romance languages.

    I think if you really want to do the author justice and give the audience the best possible experience, you have to make the novel really feel like a normal English one, otherwise, it’s just bad fan fiction. Translation is as much an exercise of writing, as well.

    There is only so much a translator can do, though. In the original language, a good novel is still good, but it’s easy to ruin it by translating it poorly as well. Obviously, we can’t do much for the plot, but translator can smooth over the process.

    So what does a translator do?

    I thought about this one for a while and the best way to think about it is everything that a machine cannot. Translation in itself is not a difficult task, but without obvious parameters set in stone to make it “good”, one can go astray quickly.

    The following is what I think a translator should do:

    Remove the unnecessary and embellish what is good. I touched upon removing superfluous descriptions earlier, but I really want to talk about the latter portion. What I mean by embellish is this: when you’re reading Chinese and translating, you might read the way certain points are written and think “man, I could do better.” DO IT. I’m not talking about major changes, but more quality of life type of things. Things that help the story along or something along the lines of “the cherry on top” or the coup de grace if you will.

    A translator doesn’t translate words. That’s a machine’s job. As a translator, and really a human being, you’re strongest asset is your emotional intelligence. If anything, you are translating “intent” and “atmosphere” that make the story more enjoyable and give it better flow.

    To beat out a machine, you really have to think about the few things you can bring to the table.

    So in short, as a translator, I think one should focus more on intent rather than adhering to a stringent text.

    And I think written language as a medium kinda proves my point. If you really think about it, humans have been communicating with each other long before the creation of a written language. They would past their traditions and stories down orally from generation to generation.

    They eventually realized it would probably be much better to record these thoughts and stories down on paper and devised a language accordingly. Language in the first place is to convey information and emotion.

    I’d like to think of translating as a middleman between two friends. You wouldn’t speak to either friend in a garbled language, so why do so in a book?

    So that’s a quick and dry explanation of what I think a translator should try to accomplish. Not comprehensive, but it gets my point across. I’m going to talk about one more thing that’s not really translation related, but more of a writing stance, and then I’m going to move onto strengths/weaknesses of native Chinese and native English translators respectively.


    When writing and translating, you want to think about who your audience is, too. Somewhat abstract, but I’ll try to explain what I mean.

    The way I divide my audience is as follows:

    English readers reading for pleasure

    English readers learning Chinese reading for pleasure and learning

    Non-english readers reading the English to learn English and MAYBE learn Chinese

    Chinese readers reading to learn English

    The biggest impact I believe of thinking about your audience is your choice of words when translating. By thinking of translating on another angle besides pure writing and perhaps “teaching” in a way of speaking, one becomes a lot more conscious about what they are translating. You are trying to give everyone the best possible experience.

    Honestly, I think you can ignore this entire section, but it’s something I wanted to point out, since I used novels to learn Chinese and thought of other people in this scenario.

    Strengths and Weaknesses:

    English Translators, you’re strength is your familiarity with English to rewrite certain things to sound better.

    Unfortunately, our weaknesses (and pretty much mine) is your possible lack of experience with Chinese culture and the language, as well, in general. These things will damage your translation accuracy/quality. Translation quality =/= writing quality. Keep this in mind. Many times where I read some sort of cultural reference was I confused, so I had to go on Baidu and look up what the heck it was.

    BAIDU IS YOUR FRIEND. USE IT. If you’re not sure what some sort of noun is, baidu image it. It might give you help. Good example is slang. There are difficult Chengyu and phrases in the story. Use the internet to lend a helping hand to help you find out what it means. You might be surprised.

    Ex. When I was translating FTA, I ran into this slang term, which I was fairly confident I knew what it was, but need to look it up. I couldn’t even really find out when I baidu’d it. So I went to images. The word I was look for was a slang word for gun: Ai De. I can’t remember exact characters, but I think it was an onomatopoeia for a sound and the possessive 的 combined together. It wasn’t until I looked up the image did I confirm my suspicions.

    How to fix this? Honestly, just keep reading Chinese. Just keep going and going. Grind it out. Maybe find a Chinese friend to help you. If you’re English sucks to begin with, reading more English books will help. Find a good editor.

    Chinese Translators: You’re strength is the depth of your understanding in Chinese. You know exactly how things should be said and put.

    Weakness: Unfortunately, just because you know how something should be put, doesn’t mean you actually know how to. In my experience, English is a confusing language for Chinese speakers due to certain concepts in English not existing in Chinese and vice versa. It is hard to make a connection. And when you do translate into English, it will probably sound very odd or wordy. Perhaps even MTLish.

    Solution: Read more English novels. Easier said than done. I suggest starting off at fairy tales, maybe “The Brothers Grimm” if available. It’s an interesting collection of stories of western background. This method is a long term work in progress that might take years. An immediate solution if you want your story to be acceptable and readable is to find an English editor. Granted that what you can write down in English in the first place is readable, an editor can make it sound a lot better and according to English standard.

    So what does a good translation looks like and what does a bad translation look like?

    I think it’s pretty obvious what a good translation looks like, so let me direct you to what a bad one looks like. Months ago, I did the first couple chapters of a QD book that I titled as “Heavenly Lord of the Myriad Realms”. Go read that to see what a bad translation looks like.

    Doing that was quite a struggle because of my unfamiliarity with Chinese grammar/words and culture. It was not fun at all, and it actually turned me away from translating, since I thought it boring.

    Last, but not least, remember to have fun translating! Translating gets stale and dry fast if you don’t enjoy it! As a translator, you’re also a reader, too!

    If you managed to read through everything that I just straight up vomited, congratulations. Hopefully, you learned something. I’m sure I missed a couple things I wanted to talk about, but this post is just a short excerpt.

    See you around,

    Xing Tian




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