Full-time Anomaly (全职怪才) by 吃李子上火



  • Chapter 72: Liu Yi Arrives

    “Brother Tian, what’s up? How come your complexion is so unsightly? You feeling uncomfortable somewhere?” Wang Feng took note of Yan Tian’s complexion and asked in great “concern”.

    “Shut yer trap and eat your food. Papa’s spent over 80 thousand RMB on this meal, so you better lick the plate clean. I better not see a single grain of rice.” Yan Tian glared briefly at the gang of brothers.

    In reality, the money spent on dinner wasn’t that much at all. When Ah Long and the others were ordering dishes, they hadn’t even ordered expensive ones. Presently, Ah Long knew they needed to renovate the two bars, so he ordered the cheapest dishes.

    The origin of the spent 80 thousand plus RMB was from opening the rooms. It was moot to say that one had to open quite a few rooms for over fifty people. The restaurant manager had actually even opened the highest-grade ones, causing Yan Tian to be angrily distressed.

    It didn’t need to be said, but working as Liu Ruoxin’s bodyguard didn’t really didn’t bring home the bacon. It was just flippin’ fantastic; he’d have to bear the interest back to Liu Ruoxin.

    By the time they left the restaurant, the sky had already turned dark and there weren’t many people on the street as well. Since Zi Qi was by herself, Yan Tian was a bit uneasy, so he escorted her until she returned home safely, speeding away in his car afterwards.


    The next day, after he escorted Liu Ruoxin to the company, Yan Tian was sent out by her to meet a man, her cousin* that was coming today. So, he was forced to drive the luxury car ahead to welcome him.

    By the time he arrived at the Fengan City Airport, Yan Tian noticed the clamor of the crowd. Men and women, young and old, people of all ages were standing around gazing towards the sky hopefully. A great majority of these people had come to meet someone at the airport. Some of them hadn’t seen their sons and daughters for a long time, so they had run over here to wait long before hand.

    This was the second time Yan Tian had come to the Fengan City Airport. The first time was when he had returned home. At that time he had just arrived in the city and was quite the stranger to it. In those days, he had casually rented a room and went outside to tell people stories. Recalling those memories at the moment was a bit amusing.

    In an instant, a month has passed. Yan Tian hadn’t expected that in the short month that he had returned home that so much had already happened.

    After waiting no less than a bit over an hour, Yan Tian caught sight of Liu Ruoxin’s cousin. He had a rotten smiling face and two dense eyebrows that seemed to softly ripple. From the onset, he seemed to carry a smiling expression, bending like a shining crescent moon in the night sky.

    He had fair white skin that was set off by the faint pink color of his lips, and his facial features were prominent and handsome with the shape of his face being perfect. The dazzling diamond earring on his left air gave him an especially sunny handsomeness that was joined by a trace of unruliness.

    “Hello, I’m Liu Yi.” Liu Yi extended his hand towards Yan Tian with a faint smile on his face. It was quite simple to say his name, since in his eyes, the person who had come to receive him was nothing but a mere driver.

    “Hello, I’m Yan Tian.” Yan Tian laughed gently and extended his hand in kind, grasping Liu Yi’s.

    “Yan Tian? You’re little sister Ruoxin’s husband?” Hearing that the person who had come to greet him was Yan Tian, Liu Yi was quite surprised. His little sister’s husband had surprisingly personally come to greet him.

    Yan Tian laughed wryly as he heard Liu Yi mention him as Liu Ruoxin’s husband. It looked like his role as a phony husband had already become known by the entire Liu Family by now. That was fine, he would have to continue to play as Liu Ruoxin’s husband again.

    “Haha, yup, your little sister said you were coming, so she was insistent in having me come personally to receive you. Didn’t even need a driver.” Yan Tian said quite unabashedly. Thus, he had since broken away from the truth he was a driver. It appeared that Liu Ruoxin attached quite a bit of importance to her cousin Liu Yi.

    “Hehe, I had originally believed my little sister would’ve dispatched a driver to come, but I didn’t think her husband would actually be the one to receive me personally.

    Liu Yi had truly not expected it as well. Although he and Liu Ruoxin shared the surname Liu, they were yet not of the same faction. She should’ve probably greatly despised him, but it seemed she had actually even greeted him in such a manner right now?

    However, Liu Yi didn’t know it to be so, but indeed, Liu Ruoxin quite loathed him. The things that had come out of Yan Tian’s mouth was of his own song and dance.

    The two of them returned to the company at a high speed; Liu Yi warned Yan Tian out of his kindness: “Little sister’s husband, I urge you to hurry up and part ways with little sister Ruoxin.”

    “Oh? Why?” Yan Tian had already guessed Liu Yi’s intentions, however he still feigned misunderstanding and asked.

    “Last time, third uncle should’ve spoke with you guys too. Little sister Ruoxin is set to marry another person. Currently, you and little sister Ruoxin are causing a disturbance, so the people of the Huang Family definitely won’t be happy. You’ve undoubtedly given the Huang Family a green hat to wear*.

    “Hehehe, since this has already happened, how could I turn back? If I leave her right now, could it be that I can cast off the truth that I am her husband?” Yan Tian laughed and said after he heard Liu Yi.

    Making Yan Tian leave Liu Ruoxin, how was it possible? Although currently the duo only had the relationship of superior and subordinate, and he could indeed avoid the issue by walking away, he wasn’t that kind of man. If he wanted to leave, then what would the sole remaining Liu Ruoxin do?

    To put it again, Yan Tian held a bit of sentiment for Liu Ruoxin at the moment.

    “Hehe, leave or not, I’ll be watching you. I’ve only called this your attention, nothing less. When the the time comes, you won’t even know how you died.” Liu Yi laughed coldly and said.

    It was already eleven o’clock by the time Yan Tian brought Liu Yi back to the company. Originally, Liu Yi had believed his little sister would personally come and greet him, but he was wrong.

    After looking around, he discovered his little sister Ruoxin wasn’t at the company entrance. She wasn’t inside the company as well. Finally, he learned that she was actually still in her office, making Liu Yi agitated. He had arrived at the entrance, so how could she not come out to welcome him?

    “Hehe, wifey, a man’s come to meet you.” Just as Yan Tian entered the office, he took the initiative to call Liu Ruoxin his wife. This was to hint to her not to let things slip.

    “Little sister Ruoxin, I haven’t seen you for many years, but you’re as beautiful ever, hehe.” After Liu Yi caught sight of Liu Ruoxin, he greeted her.


    Liu Ruoxin seemed to truly not want to acknowledge her cousin, as she didn’t even raise her head and only said “oh” lightly.

    Standing at the door, it was evident that Liu Yi didn’t expect Liu Ruoxin to greet him as such and stiffened on the spot. Whether for better or worse, he was her cousin, yet he was actually so ill-received.

    “Forget about it, we’ll go outside to eat. Cousin’s just got off the airplane, so I reckon he must be hungry as well, no?” Liu Ruoxin suddenly felt she was being a bit too excessive. Although no matter how she loathed Liu Yi, she had to tolerate his face*.
    “Hehe, that’s good. I just happen to be hungry too.” Yan Tian’s eyes glimmered immediately as he heard of eating.

    “Hmm, then we’ll go.”

    Liu Ruoxin finished speaking, then closed the document on her desk. She carried her expensive handbag and walked out, glancing at Liu Yi and then smiling. Afterwards, she took the initiative to take Yan Tian’s arm as they left.

    Liu Yi angrily smashed his fist against the wall after Liu Ruoxin had left. He had actually been treated like so, but no matter how angry he was, he knew very well he was currently in her territory, so he could only endure it. Contemplating the matter, he quickly followed after them.

    “Wifey, get into the car.” Arriving at the parked car, Yan Tian opened the car door for Liu Ruoxin of his own accord.

    Just as he ran over, Liu Yi looked over and became aware something was wrong, since Yan Tian’s sports convertible only had two seats. Presently, Liu Ruoxin was being seated, so where could he sit?

    “Oh, Brother Yi, you see, my car only had two seats. How about you got rent a car? We’ll be going to the Far Magnificence restaurant. It’s not expensive, it’ll only be ten bucks.” Looking at Liu Yi standing there staring blankly, Yan Tian slapped his forehead and said.

    “Puh!” Hearing Yan Tian’s words, Liu Ruoxin was unable to resist laughing. Yan Tian actually wanted to make Liu Yi rent a car.

    Not waiting for Liu Yi to speak, Yan Tian had already started the car and left the parking lot without the slightest trace of having paid attention to him. Whether Liu Yi was inclined to go or not, it was fine if he didn’t come. Like so, he and Liu Ruoxin could pass time together in a romantic world all on their own.

    “Fuck, that adulterous couple. I really want to see how you guys will be able to show off when the time comes.” Liu Yi cursed and then ran over to the parking lot to get to a rented car. This was no way around it; Liu Yi was unfamiliar with life in Fengan City, so he could only take a rented car.

    “Oh my, Chairman Liu and Mr.Yan have come again. Please, quickly come in.” After Liu Ruoxin and Yan Tian entered the restaurant, the restaurant manager immediately ran out to welcome them with laughing smile on his face.

    Yan Tian briefly glared at the restaurant manager after he saw him. Last night, the man had surprisingly scammed him out of so much money, so that Yan Tian was still aching over it.

    *Liu Yi is Liu Ruoxin’s older male cousin
    *If you’ve been reading novels for a while now, you should know about the story of a guy who’s wife always cheats on him with another dude. The other guy comes wearing a green hat and leaves it by accident in the wife’s home, and by accident, the husband wears his wife’s lover’s hat
    *Lots of mentions of face this chapter. Same deal, if you’ve read past novels in the past, then face is like “respect” pretty much

  • Chapter 73: My Education Is Fake

    As soon as several minutes had passed, Liu Yi ran in sweating profusely. He was too unlucky. In any case, he was the eldest young master of the Liu Family, one of the Five Grand Families, he could say what he wanted and he would have it, but he couldn’t take a luxury vehicle?

    He had come to Liu Ruoxin, yet he could only rent a car. This caused Liu Yi to be furiously aggravated. If it were not for his father forcing him come to Fengan City, he wouldn’t have come to his cousin.

    “Oh my, Cousin Liu, I’m really embarrassed. If I had known earlier on, I would’ve bought a slightly bigger car. In fact, I was originally prepared to let Ruoxin take a car service, but she’s just a lone woman, and I would feel uneasy. Yan Tian saw Liu Yi coming in before saying quite apologetically.


    Liu Yi briefly glared rather fiercely at Yan Tian, then took off his suit jacket. It seemed like it had truly been sizzling inside the rented car. His shirt had become saturated in sweat.

    Yet as for Liu Ruoxin, she didn’t even pay attention to her own cousin. She was solely focused on playing around on her cell phone with her head lowered. It was unknown what game it was.

    Noticing Liu Ruoxin’s uncaring appearance, Liu Yu continued to grit his teeth angrily. If he had known earlier, then he would’ve made his younger brother come instead.

    “Hehe, Ruoxin probably has something on her mind. Please don’t take offence, Brother Yi. We’ve already ordered food, so it’ll be served right away. Have some water to drink first.” Seeing that Liu Ruoxin didn’t say another word, Yan Tian poured a cup of water for Liu Yi quite cordially. Nevertheless, he had to tolerate his face.

    Liu Yi wasn’t reserved. Over the course of his journey, he was extremely thirsty as well. He promptly took the proffered cup of water from Yan Tian and downed it in a gulp, yet just as he drank it, Liu Yi was scalded by the water, unable to speak and immediately spat it all out..

    He was so preoccupied in drinking the water, that he hadn’t expected Yan Tian to have actually just given him boiled water. The scalded Liu Yi directly smashed the cup in his hand into pieces.

    “Geez, see, take a look at yourself drinking it so urgently. The water is still boiling hot.” Yan Tian looked at Liu Yi in much regret, but the fact was that his heart was bursting with joy. The one who was burned was you.

    “You two…… Hmph!”

    Having been scalded, Liu Yi pointed at Yan Tian angrily, but words were unable to come out, since Yan Tian had poured the water for him in “kindness”. He wasn’t careful, so he was burned. Although he knew Yan Tian had done so deliberately, he was set back at a loss to speak this justification, and could only swallow his misgivings.
    Soon, a waiter brought the dishes Yan Tian had ordered and served them. Things were still the same old same old for Yan Tian as he looked at the food, uncaring of anything else. He quickly picked him a big pile of food and even gave some to Liu Ruoxin in kindness.

    Seeing the food Yan Tian had given her, Liu Ruoxin furrowed her brows, since Yan Tian’s chopsticks were wet with saliva. How could she eat this? Observing this, she didn’t care for the food he had picked, but for her to eat his saliva, what joke was this?

    Due to Liu Ruoxin’s silence, Yan Tian didn’t speak with her as well. However, Liu Yi’s mood was extremely foul, moreover since he was angry, he couldn’t even eat, making the atmosphere of the entire room descend into silence.

    “Right, cousin for what have you come today to find me for?” A good moment later, Liu Ruoxin had the priority to break the silence and asked.

    “Hmph, could it be that third uncle didn’t tell you?” Liu Yi snorted coldly and said.

    “What did he say? I forgot.”

    Liu Ruoxin naturally knew what her cousin had come to do, but on account of her extreme dissatisfaction towards himi, she feigned unawareness.

    “Hmph, grandfather said your company keeps on having accidents as of late, so he called on me to help you with your job. This is grandfather’s intention.”

    Mentioning his reason, Liu Yi had then been moved by the lord of the Liu family. He knew if he had said it was his father or third uncle, Liu Ruoxin definitely wouldn’t leave him be. However, it wasn’t the same if the if the lord had relocated him. Overall, she wouldn’t be able to disobey the word of her grandfather.

    “Heh, grandfather’s intention.” Liu Ruoxin laughed coldly, hearing this. She thought to herself if it weren’t for her eldest uncle and youngest uncle embellishing the matter at her grandfather’s side, then she wouldn’t have a great heap of a mess. How could her grandfather possibly not be unconcerned about her? Her uncles even had the nerve to actually use her grandfather as a shield.

    “Correct, this is precisely grandfather’s wish. If you don’t believe me you can call grandfather and asked.” Liu Yi said quite assured with himself.

    With regards to this matter, Liu Ruoxin didn’t have any means as well. Since her grandfather had made Liu Yi come help her, she could only leave him be reluctantly. If she drove him out, then her youngest uncle and oldest uncle would make an issue out of this anyway.

    Mulling it over, Liu Ruoxin said solemnly: “If you’re to remain, then I’ll grant you the position of a department chief. I hope you can treat this job seriously. If I find out your ability isn’t sufficient, then even if grandfather let you come, I will force you to go back.”
    Liu Ruoxin had directly given Liu Yi the position of a department chief, since even no matter how she despised him, he was the eldest young master of the Liu Family. If she really just made him a normal employee, then it would be inexcusable. Her grandfather wouldn’t agree as well.

    “Mhm, I’ll listen to everything that little sister says.” Liu Yi hadn’t requested the position of vice chairman, since he knew for Liu Ruoxin to let him serve as a department chief was already quite good. Moreover, the privileges held by a department chief weren’t minor.

    Subsequently, Liu Ruoxin spoke with Liu Yi some more about work matters, making Yan Tian unable to understand a single word. He could only lower his head and attend to his meal.

    After Liu Ruoxin and Liu Yi had spoke no less than over an hour, they stopped. She had completely finished saying that which she had wanted to say at the restaurant. Upon returning to the company, she was unwilling to converse with him.

    After lunch had passed, and as soon as they returned to the company, Yan Tian had once again become an idler. Contemplating what to do, he planned to call Diana up and ask her about the matter of the blood jade. Since he hadn’t made contact with her last time, Yan Tian still hadn’t connected to her.

    “Yan Tian, come over.” Just as Yan Tian was preparing to give Diana a call, he was suddenly summoned by Liu Ruoxin.

    “What’s up, Chairman Liu?” Under a situation with no outsiders, Yan Tian still had to call Liu Ruoxin as Chairman Liu quite sincerely.

    “Right now, it won’t do for you to guard this location all day, now that Liu Yi has come. If he finds out my husband is doing nothing here the entire day, he’ll definitely tell my grandfather, so you have to do something.” Liu Ruoxin said quite gravely and furrowed his brows.

    “What do you want to make me do?” Yan Tian felt that what Liu Ruoxin said was within reason as well, however, he was quite curious in what she wanted him to do.

    Liu Ruoxin thought it over and said: “How about I let you be a vice chairman? Or perhaps I’ll give you the position of a director.”

    Liu Ruoxin knew that Yan Tian’s degree of culture wasn’t low; he had graduated from Harvard University. It shouldn’t be any problem in letting him manage the company for a while.

    Nonetheless, Liu Ruoxin didn’t know it to be so, but Yan Tian’s educational background was a complete decoration. Yan Tian himself didn’t even know several of the pinyin for chinese characters, however, in regards to foreign languages, Yan Tian was extraordinarily proficient. Since he had stayed abroad as a child, he definitely wasn’t dumb.

    “Uhh…… Chairman Liu, in fact, I can’t manage the company.” Yan Tian shook his head in embarrassment once he heard of himself managing the company, thinking to himself if you called on him to fight and kill people, then he was a master, but if you called on him to manage a company, then it would truly be hard for him.

    “What? You won’t manage the company? Last time when I saw your graduation certificate, you even said this was your major. How could you possibly NOT manage the company? I’m telling you, you have to work.” Liu Ruoxin said, huffing in anger.

    Liu Ruoxin was quite enraged after she heard Yan Tian. From what she could see, he simply didn’t want to work. When it came to Yan Tian not administering the company, Liu Ruoxin wouldn’t believe it even if she was beaten to death.

    “Chairman Liu, honestly, my Harvard University background is fake……” Yan Tian felt he should at least be honest with Liu Ruoxin. It was no way to conceal it from her as such.

    “Fake? Who are you lying to? Is it that you don’t want this job?” Liu Ruoxin naturally wouldn’t believe Yan Tian’s words, promptly standing up angrily.

    Seeing that Liu Ruoxin didn’t believe him, Yan Tian rocked his head helplessly. Why was it that no one believed him when he told the truth these days?

    “Chairman Liu, I think you ought to know what I am too, so it’s not unusual for me to have this graduation certificate. Actually, I don’t only have a Harvard University graduation certificate, but also the Yanjing and Tsinghua university ones as well.” At this time, Yan Tian came clean.

    “What? Are you kidding me?” Liu Ruoxin raised her brows and looked at Yan Tian incredulously.

    Yan Tian spread his hands out quite helplessly. Presently, he had spoken the truth of the matter, and at most, Liu Ruoxin would teach him a lesson. She wouldn’t be able to fire him by any means, since he was still playing the role of her husband. If she drove him out, then she would’ve let the cat out of the bag as well, so he wasn’t worried one bit about himself.

  • Chapter 74: Do You Love Me?

    “Well, Yan Tian, at the end of the day, what are you?” Upon mentioning his past, Liu Ruoxin asked quite curiously.

    Since she was together with Yan Tian, Liu Ruoxin truly didn’t know what he had done. She really was quite curious of him. Why were Yan Tian’s skills so great?

    Although Yan Tian appeared to be a delinquent, from what she could see since the last time he had judged coffee in her home, he was nothing like on. Furthermore, on the day of the wine reception, he had explained how to drink red wine as well. It was completely inconsistent with how he currently was. Moreover, that day when he had danced, his dancing had been rather formal.

    But the most important bit was that Yan Tian had killed a man that night, but nothing had surprisingly come of it. Liu Ruoxin had definitely believed the police would come investigate, but considering they hadn’t found out, how could he enter the police station last time without the tiniest bit of dread?

    “Uhh…… I’m just a little city dweller; what can be done?” Yan Tian shrugged his shoulders and said.

    “Don’t fool me. Since you’re my husband now, I have the right to understand you.” Liu Ruoxin said earnestly.

    “Geez, how come you don’t believe me? I’m just a little city dweller.”

    Yan Tian naturally wouldn’t speak foolishly of himself as an assassin. If Liu Ruoxin truly was his wife, then he would’ve completely disclosed everything to her, but right now, she simply wasn’t. How could he speak casually about such an important matter?

    “You trying to trick a three-year-old? I want to understand you!” Liu Ruoxin pouted and looked at Yan Tian pitifully.

    Looking at Liu Ruoxin’s pitifully lovely appearance, Yan Tian asked: “You truly want to know?”

    “Yes!” Liu Ruoxin immediately nodded her head mechanically.

    “Hehe, good, if you truly marry me, then I’ll tell you, how about that? Isn’t it worthwhile?” Yan Tian said and revealed his roguish nature once more.

    “You…… In your dreams!” Originally, Liu Ruoxin was prepared to listen to Yan Tian’s story, but once she heard his words, she immediately stretched her hand out to his waist and pinched him.

    Yan Tian clearly didn’t expect Liu Ruoxin to suddenly pinch him, and since in the end he was of flesh and blood, he grimaced in pain, thinking to himself how could she like pinching people so much?

    Liu Ruoxin had pinched Yan Tian quite a few times in recent memory, so he felt it was quite necessary to teach her a bit of a lesson.

    “Geez, my darling wife, it’s not a good habit for you to keep on always pinching people!” Yan Tian suddenly dodged behind Liu Ruoxin and drew her into his embrace since she had dared to pinch him.

    “Hey, what are you doing? Let me go.” Liu Ruoxin clearly didn’t expect Yan Tian to suddenly hold her and immediately started struggling.

    However, how could Yan Tian let her go so easily? At the side of Liu Ruoxin’s ear he said gently: “My darling Ruoxin, I urge you not fidget around. If by chance you squirm, it wouldn’t be good for me to touch that which I shouldn’t.” Yan Tian finished speaking and slowly shifted his hand a bit upwards.

    “Ah! Yan Tian, you dare!” After hearing Yan Tian, Liu Ruoxin no longer struggled as expected. What could be done if by chance he truly groped her in the confusion?

    Meanwhile, the office door was suddenly pushed open at this moment. Holding a document in hand, Secretary Xiao Wang said: “Chairman Liu this is the document we’ve just……”

    Upon abruptly seeing Liu Ruoxin and Yan Tian surprisingly being intimate together, Secretary Xiao Wang was dazed for a moment before she reacted and promptly said: “I’ll wait a bit and come again.” She finished speaking, and then ran out in great strides.

    Having been suddenly walked in by Secretary Xiao Wang, Liu Ruoxin was stunned on the spot, thinking to herself that she was ruined this time. She had been seen by her own secretary.

    Yet as for Yan Tian, he nodded his head in satisfaction: “Mhm, pretty good, Xiao Wang, you got the hint. This month’s bonus shall be increased.”

    “Let me go you, release me.” Liu Ruoxin immediately regained her wits once she heard Yan Tian, promptly using the point of her high-heels to angrily stomp on his foot ruthlessly.

    Witnessing Liu Ruoxin’s anger, Yan Tian didn’t dare continue to hold her. Frightened, he hurriedly released her and ran off, hearing her shouting in the distance: “Yan Tian, you’ve got guts, don’t come back!”

    After he ran to the fourth floor, Yan Tian stopped, and observing there was no one in his surroundings, he took his cell phone out in ease. Right now, he should give that London missy a call and ask her about the matter about the blood jade. As for Liu Ruoxin, he would wait a bit on the side until speaking with her later on.

    Yan Tian discovered that Diana hadn’t shut off her phone at all this time after he called. Several dial tones later, the phone connected, yet neither side spoke.

    Yan Tian knew Diana was still angry at him, so he slowly said in english: “Ehehe, how have things been these past two days?”

    “Hmph!” The only sound heard coming from the telephone was a cold snort.

    “I’ve actually called you quite a many times, but it’s just that your phone was turned off!”

    “Hmph!” As before a cold snort came from the phone and nothing was said.

    Hearing Diana continue uttering not a single word, Yan Tian said with a slight headache: “Geez, great mistress, I’m wrong. Why don’t you say something.”

    “Hmph, I don’t want to acknowledge some people.” From the phone, Diana finally said a word.

    “Ehehe, you see, is that really why?” Hearing Diana finally say something, Yan Tian said emotionally.

    “Oh, then I’ll hang up.”

    “Hey, hey, hey, don’t hang up, don’t hang up!” With great difficulty he was able to connect to Diana, so how could Yan Tian let her hang up?

    “If you got some kind of matter, hurry up.” Diana pouted and said.”

    Thinking it over, Yan Tian didn’t mince words any longer and quickly went into the heart of the question: “Last time you said you found the blood jade; where is it?”

    “Right, what about it?” Diana questioned rather innocently. She wouldn’t tell him; she was infuriated with him.

    “Uhh…… I have use for it!” Yan Tian rocked his head and said.

    “I can tell you, but you have to tell me first why you’ve been so cold towards me as of late.” Diana said a bit weepingly.

    Yan Tian slapped his head as he heard this. What was he to say? He hesitated for a good moment and sighed softly.

    “We are unsuitable to be together.” Yan Tian grit his teeth and said.

    “Haha, unsuitable? This is your justification? You weren’t like this before.”

    “Before is before. We were still young in the past. We weren’t sensible.” Yan Tian furrowed his brows.

    Diana was silent after she heard Yan Tian finish speaking. A good moment later, she said softly: “Did you or did you not talk with my father?”

    Yan Tian shook his head, unsure of what to say, having had Diana hit the nail on the head.

    “Your silence is agreement. Then I’ll say, so this was why you could be so cold to me. So I’ll ask you, do you love me?”

    Once Diana got hold of the true reason, her mood suddenly soared. So it had turned out that her father was scheming in the midst of things. It wasn’t that Yan Tian had intended to give her the cold shoulder by any means.
    “It’s not a question of whether I love your or not. We’re truly unsuitable for each other.”

    “How are we unsuitable? Could it be it’s because I’m a noble from the English Royal Family?” Diana said with reddened eyes.

    Yan Tian spoke no further as he heard her. Wasn’t that how the cookie crumbled? It was because of the tremendous disparity in their’ statuses that he had given up. Diana was a noble of the English Royal Family.

    And as for Yan Tian? He was nothing but a common assassin. Although it could be said he was the world’s best Grandmaster assassin, however, a Grandmaster wasn’t much to consider, placed in front of her family..

    “Say something? How come you’re not speaking?” Diana was left with heart-broken tears, seeing Yan Tian wasn’t saying anything.

    “I love you, it’s just that I……”

    “Are you going to give up just like that? What did you say at that time?” Yan Tian hadn’t even finished speaking until Diana broke off connection with him.

    Upon saying this, Yan Tian recalled every speck and detail of the two’s past. At that time, he didn’t know her, and she didn’t know him as well. It was during an assignment that he had met Diana.

    On a summer day, in one of the American continent’s great deserts, Yan Tian had accepted a mission to assassinate a drug lord. At that time, his body temperature exceeded forty-five degrees celsius*, and the drug lord’s lair was located within an oasis in a stretch of the great desert.

    After the passage of a long trek lasting a good many days, Yan Tian had long been left without strength at that time and was captured by men at the entrance just as he arrived. It was enough to lose face.
    After the gang of men locked Yan Tian up, he discovered he wasn’t the only person locked away. There were also three others. Among them was a westerner named Diana.

    *For reference, normal human body temp is like 36.5 – 37.5 temperature. Feverish is 37.5 – 38.3. Really severe (hyperpyrexia) is considered 40 – 41 celcius which is about 104-105 farenheit

  • Chapter 75: I Won’t Let Go

    The remaining two people were Diana’s younger brother and younger sister. Diana had been captured by the drug lord, and he was aware as well of her status, so he was using her and her siblings to blackmail her father.

    Amidst Yan Tian’s understanding, he came to learn that Diana was actually the great mistress of the English Royal Family. However, at that time, she didn’t have a bodyguard at her side.

    After they chatted, Yan Tian became clear of things. Due to Diana’s young age at the time, she just wanted to have fun, but her father was strict in disciplining her, regularly forbidding her from going out and having fun. However, how could she bear this?

    Thus, Diana brought her younger sister and younger brother to sneak out, preparing to go out for a spell of good time.

    Yet, they didn’t expect that just as they were out having fun during the two days, someone had drugged Diana and her siblings’ food. As soon as they awakened, they discovered the three of them had been completely shut off in a strange place.

    They called out everyday from this place, but it was ineffective. Each day, their food would be delivered by someone, and after they finished delivering the food, they left, making Diana not know who had kidnapped them.

    Finally, after the third day, a person had come. The person that had arrived was the captured Yan Tian.

    Due to Diana originally just wanting to have a good time, and additionally since she had been locked up for three days, she kept grumbling incessantly to Yan Tian once she saw him.

    Yet as for Yan Tian, it went without saying he was a delinquent. Seeing the beautiful little girl bothering him with question on question was a joy to behold, thinking to himself that his life was too good; he had been captured and even had a pretty young girl to accompany him. Moreover, there were even tasty snacks*.

    Like this, Yan Tian stayed there for no more than five days. During the five days, he and Diana had already become familiar with the other. On the fifth day, his strength had already recovered.

    Just as the food was delivered, Yan Tian killed the food delivery man and left after he swapped his clothes.

    Due to Yan Tian’s strength being quite strong in itself, he quickly found the drug lord’s residence, and after he completed his assassination assignment, he initiated his flight away with Diana and her siblings.

    As soon as they left the oasis, Diana knew where they were. Looking at the boundless great desert before her eyes, she didn’t have the confidence to walk out though.

    Ultimately, Yan Tian continued to assist Diana until they smoothly got out. After she obtained a signal, Diana immediately called her family to request for help.

    The power of Diana’s family was extremely great, not even half an hour later when she had called, a local military helicopter flew in.

    From that moment, the two people held affection for each other. Finally, the contact between the two became more and more frequent, and their meetings became more and more. Until at last, it had drawn the heavy gaze of Diana’s father.


    “I won’t let go.” Yan Tian grit his teeth abruptly and said.

    Why should he let go of the woman he loved? Didn’t her father say as long as he could surpass that family, then it would be fine? Although he didn’t know how formidable that family was when all was said and done, he would wholly attempt it with great effort.

    “Huh?” Diana heard Yan Tian and was stunned into incredulity.

    “Yes. I won’t give up so easily, believe in me.” Yan Tian summoned his courage and said.

    “Really, Yan Tian?”

    “Hehehe, if I, Yan Tian, want to do something, then no one better think of obstructing me.” Yan Tian laughed heartily.

    Learning of Yan Tian’s answer, Diana wept, bestirred in emotion. Sure enough, Yan Tian was still the same man of the past. He hadn’t changed a bit towards her.

    “Mhm, I’ll be waiting for you.” Diana covered her mouth and nodded her head: “Oh, that’s right, I’ve found the blood jade you spoke of. I could only find the brimming snow red you spoke of. It’s in the hands of a wealthy arab. Moreover, it’s not for sale; no matter the price, he won’t sell.”

    Yan Tian furrowed his brows once he heard that the wealthy arab wasn’t selling. As expected, the rooster blood jade wasn’t going to be so easy to obtain at all.

    “Does he have some condition?”

    “Presently, he still hasn’t said anything.” Diana shook her head and said.

    “So it’s like that. Discuss conditions with that man and continue to seek out the two kinds of blood jade I spoke of as well.”

    Yan Tian urgently needed the blood jade, so he had to find the wealthy arab and talk conditions with him. However, if that wealthy arab was unable to tell the good from the bad, then he would rob him of the blood jade as well. He would first come in peace before war, but this blood jade was something he was determined to win.

    “Alright, if I have news, I’ll tell you.”

    Yan Tian nodded his head and then recalled something, promptly saying: “Right, how’s your family’s intelligence network in China? If you can, I need detailed information pertaining to it.”

    Since Yan Tian had already planned to begin developing in China, he needed to understand it first. This was the so called ‘know thyself and know thy enemy and then in a hundred battles one shall have a hundred victories’.

    “If it was another place, then it would actually be fine, however, China won’t do. China’s information network is entirely within the hands of China’s Zhuge* Family. Our people are simply incapable of staying in China for long periods of time. We can only understand the most elementary of matters.” Diana shook her head helplessly.

    After he listened to Diana, Yan Tian was dazed for a moment. How could this Zhuge Family be so awesome? Even Diana’s family wasn’t able to make do? It seemed like the Five Grand Families weren’t simple at all as well.

    “Then give me the most basic of run downs. Right now, I don’t understand a smidgen about China.” Currently, Yan Tian truly still didn’t understand a bit about China. He only knew of the Five Grand Families and the Four Great Triads. In addition, he knew nothing more than what he was barely limited to. Yan Tian didn’t even know what the Five Grand Families did.

    “Alright, I’ll send stuff to your mailbox later on this evening.” Diana nodded and promptly turned on her computer to investigate. It seemed appeared that she treated the matter of Yan Tian’s quite confession quite seriously..

    As soon as the call ended, Yan Tian stood up and looked at the window blankly for a moment and suddenly felt a very heavy burden on his shoulders. In China, there were several great powers and abroad there was currently the unknown grand family as well that he had to contend with.

    In addition, listening to Diana’s father’s tone of voice, this foreign family in comparison to Diana’s family was only stronger and not weaker. Presently, Yan Tian could only swiftly expand his own power. Moreover, he didn’t have any backer right now, so he could only crawl upwards step by step.

    Once he re-entered the office, Liu Ruoxin glared at Yan Tian, panting fury with an expression like she wanted to eat him. Looking at her, his heart was ill at ease.
    “Uhh…… Uhh, Chairman Liu, I know I’m quite handsome, but if you look at me like that, I’ll be embarrassed.” Yan Tian said awfully shamelessly.

    “Scram, go die! If you’re handsome, then there are no ugly people in this world.” She was originally enraged, but hearing Yan Tian’s opinion of himself, the angry Liu Ruoxin subsequently flung the pen in her hand at him.”

    Yet how could he possibly be hit by the thrown pen? It had to be known, even if it was a bullet, it would still be quite hard to hit him, so he immediately used his hand to directly catch Liu Ruoxin’s pen. Studying it, Yan Tian discovered her pen wasn’t any ordinary one. Yan Tian estimated that her pen was at the very minimum several thousands of dollars. Indeed, Liu Ruoxin didn’t have a single street good on her entire body.

    “Geez, Chairman Liu. Such a good pen, and you’ve thrown it so easily. Fortunately, I’m rather agile, otherwise, what would you have done if your pen hit the ground and broke?”

    Yan Tian took the pen and gave it to Liu Ruoxin quite achingly, thinking to himself if by chance it dropped and fell, it wouldn’t be cost-effective for his own wages to be slashed. After all, when it was thrown at him, it could’ve broke.

    “I don’t want to see you, get out.” Liu Ruoxin took the pen and said to Yan Tian.

    “Oh, then I’ll leave.” Hearing she wanted him to leave, Yan Tian shrugged his shoulders indifferently.

    Meanwhile, as Yan Tian was leaving, Liu Ruoxin suddenly called out to stop him: “Halt, come back.”

    “Oh? Chairman Liu, do you have something to command?” Just as he turned around and was called out by Liu Ruoxin like so, it lead to Yan Tian nearly falling over on the floor due to his instability.

    Liu Ruoxin rolled her eyes at him and said: “The matter I just spoke to you about, have you considered it?”

    “What matter? You just spoke about it? You just yelled at me to get lost.” Yan Tian feigned innocence and said.

    “You…… I’m asking about the matter of managing the company.” The angry Liu Ruoxin pounded the table after she heard Yan Tian being so deliberate.

    “Stop, stop, stop, hold on, you can order me to serve as the security captain or a porter, and it’ll be fine. But there’s nothing to discuss if you want me sit in an office like you and read documents.”

    Yan Tian’s words illustrated the matter as well. If you ordered him to do military or physical tasks, then he wouldn’t even blink. However, if you ordered him to sit in an office, then he would’ve been better off dead.

    *tone of the entire passage is somewhat sarcastic. Original chinese for tasty snack is more like “imported goods” I even thought about using the term room service instead. I went with what I felt was more sarcastic
    *Zhuge family being in control of China’s intelligence, didn’t see that coming /s. For those unaware, the surname Zhuge is tied to the great Chinese military tactician Zhuge Liang, who was renowned during the three kingdoms period for his intelligence and tactics. You can read more about him here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zhuge_Liang

  • Chapter 76: Song Dong Comes Around

    “You…… Don’t tell me you want me to tell other people my husband’s a porter?” Liu Ruoxin heard him and was terribly angry. If she truly let Yan Tian be a porter, then she wouldn’t want to meet people later on.

    “Not bad, a porter is pretty handsome. Take a look at how handsome my figure is; it’s quite suitable.” Yan Tian said and assumed a dashing pose.

    But regardless of how handsome the pose Yan Tian assumed was, in Liu Ruoxin’s eyes, he still had the style of a stinking delinquent: “If that’s the case, go to a restaurant and be the manager. I’ll find a secretary for you. I’m not hoping for you to manage the restaurant for me as well.”

    Liu Ruoxin had no choice. A broken jar was broken. She would let Yan Tian go be a manager, find a competent secretary for him afterwards, give the secretary more wages, and then let the secretary substitute in for him in managing the restaurant.

    “Alright, that’s good.” Hearing that he didn’t need to work, Yan Tian immediately jumped, asking again: “What kind of secretary? Is it a beauty? Lemme say, It’s gotta be a beauty.”

    At the mention of a secretary, Yan Tian was picky. Didn’t the ancients once say “If you have a matter, let the secretary do it, if nothing’s the matter, then do the secretary”*? Thus, the secretary definitely had to be a beautiful woman.

    “If you speak another sentence, I’ll find a man for you.” Looking at Yan Tian’s shameless expression, Liu Ruoxin rolled her eyes at him helplessly.

    “I won’t speak, I won’t speak, ehehe!” Once Yan Tian heard Liu Ruoxin was going to find a man, he dared not speak further. Finding a man would ordinarily still be fine, but if by chance it was a gay guy, then it would be a huge joke.

    Since they had agreed to let Yan Tian go be a manager at a restaurant, Liu Ruoxin promptly looked something up on the computer. If she wanted him serve as a manager, then it was necessary to find a luxurious restaurant, otherwise it wouldn’t look good for her face.

    “You’ll start working tomorrow at the Golden Hill restaurant, and then I’ll find you a secretary.” After searching for a good while, Liu Ruoxin found a rather luxurious establishment.

    “Golden Hill restaurant? What the hell?” Yan Tian had originally believed Liu Ruoxin would let him go to the Far Magnificence restaurant, but hadn’t expected her to suddenly send him off to this Golden Hill one.

    Liu Ruoxin rolled her eyes at Yan Tian and said: “The Golden Hill restaurant is beneath the banner of the Liu Family Conglomerate as well.”

    “How many properties does your Liu Family Conglomerate possess for you to send me off to this one?” Yan Tian was actually quite curious of the Liu Family Conglomerate. When the sum was tallied up, how great was this enterprise?

    “I don’t know as well. In any case, what I manage is only a trifling portion among all the industries.” In regards to the specifics of how many companies were a part of the Liu Family Conglomerate, Liu Ruoxin was still truly unclear. She only knew that her family held estates across all of China.

    “Alright, then if you’re making me to work at a restaurant, who’s going to be your bodyguard?” Yan Tian deliberated before suddenly recalling his current position. If he was to leave, then who was going to be the bodyguard?

    “No need, What bodyguard do I need? Besides, aren’t you my husband?”

    “How is it fine for you not to need a bodyguard?” I can’t accompany you twenty-four hours a day.” Yan Tian furrowed his brows and said.

    Liu Ruoxin smiled after she heard Yan Tian. She didn’t expect he was still worried about her this much. She looked at him and winked: “I don’t care. If you couldn’t even protect your own wife, then what kind of man could you even be considered?

    “Hmph, it ain’t real.” Yan Tian snorted coldly.

    “Then…… Are you thinking about becoming the real thing?” Liu Ruoxin gave Yan Tian a charming look in the eyes quite proudly and said.

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course I want to!” Once he heard this, Yan Tian immediately nodded his head enthusiastically. In the face of a great beauty such as Liu Ruoxin, who wouldn’t want to get hitched with her?

    “Oh, that’s good. First, when you go to sleep later, and if your luck is good, your dream will become real. But if your luck is bad, then there’s nothing I can do.” Liu Ruoxin pouted in a pitifully lovely way.

    After Yan Tian heard this he was instantly rendered speechless. Liu Ruoxin’s intentions were clear. She was telling him to dream on.


    At night, as soon as Yan Tian delivered Liu Ruoxin home, his phone rang. Noting at a glance it was Ah Long, Yan Tian took the call immediately. Was it possible something had happened?

    “Hey, what’s the matter, Ah Long?” Just as he connected, Yan Tian asked.

    “Ugh, Brother Tian, Song Dong’s brought men over. Their charging into the Changing Times bar again.” Ah Long said quite anxiously.
    “What? Is there anything wrong with the boys?”

    In regards to Song Dong arriving, Yan Tian actually felt it wasn’t unexpected, since he had just wrecked the man’s bathing resort last night. Song Dong would definitely blow his top, so it was rather normal for him to bring men. Yan Tian was only worried that his men were injured or not.

    “Contrary to my expectations, the boys haven’t been harmed. Right now, Song Dong is downstairs calling you out. He said if you don’t come, he’s going to slice our brothers up.

    “Fine, I know, I’ll be right over. You need to settle them down first.” Yan Tian urged.

    “Brother Tian, don’t come alone. Song Dong’s brought quite a lot of men today. It’s no less a hundred.” Hearing that Yan Tian was coming, Ah Long became worried of Yan Tian’s safety. Although he knew his boss could really dish it out, the people this time were by far too many..

    But how could Yan Tian be frightened? Wasn’t it just a hundred men? Although fighting such an amount was a bit strenuous, it wasn’t undefeatable. He laughed coldly before pushing the car onwards to the Changing Times bar.

    As soon as he arrived at the entrance of the bar, Yan Tian saw over a dozen minivans parked at the entrance. It seemed like Song Dong and Ah Long were the same; they both liked using these low-price, high-capacity minivans. Although it wasn’t the same as a brand name, there was hardly any difference in the exterior.

    “Brother Tian, you’ve arrived.” Just as he walked in the entrance, Ah Long appeared to have found his savior and ran down immediately like a little kid. However, after seeing that he was only by himself, he was a bit disappointed. Could it be his boss wanted to fight a hundred men alone?

    “Hehe, so Brother Tian’s come. You’ve really made me wait long enough.” Catching sight that Yan Tian had come, Song Dong set forth to immediately greet him, making it seem like an old friend had come around.

    “Alright, cut the crap. Speak. What do you want to do today?” Yan Tian held a cigarette in his mouth and said.

    “In fact, it’s nothing. It’s just that I hadn’t expected Borther Tian was the boss of the Changing Times bar, so I’ve specifically come over in an official capacity, hehe.” Song Dong laughed and said.

    “Oh, so it turned out to be like that. Then I’ll have to thank Brother Dong in advance.”

    Yan Tian naturally knew of the purpose in Song Dong coming. Last night he had just destroyed his bathing resort, so afterwards in the evening of the second day, he had brought a great amount of men to find him. Was this really an official visit?

    “Yup, I think we oughta talk properly.” Song Dong narrowed his eyes.
    “Oh? What do you wanna talk with me about?” Yan Tian asked in puzzlement.

    “Hehe, your boys just wrecked my bathing resort last night. As far as this affair is concerned, I think we really should talk it over properly.”

    As expected, Yan Tian hadn’t guessed wrong. This trojan horse* didn’t have any good intentions.

    “Yeah, I smashed it. What’s next?” Yan Tian drank a cup of tea and asked.

    “If Brother Tian could admit he was wrong, then it would be a little good. I would be quite appreciative of it. Since it was you who destroyed the resort, then shouldn’t we talk about the matter of compensation?” Song Dong narrowed his eyes and said.

    “Hmph, in your dreams. It was you guys who smashed my Changing Times bar first. You still have to handle it.” Hearing that Song Dong wanted compensation, Ah Long was immediately displeased. It was obvious that Song Dong had wrecked his bar first, but instead, he wanted him to pay for damages right now.

    On the contrary, Yan Tian laughed apathetically: “Hahaha, Brother Dong, what you’ve spoken correctly. We should talk about the matter of compensation.”

    Song Dong evidently hadn’t expected Yan Tian would agree so frankly, thinking to himself that Yan Tian wouldn’t be like this, but Yan Tian had probably been scared by his hundred brothers. Mulling it over, it should be so. Although Yan Tian was quite fearsome, his men today were many.

    “Say something. How do you wanna compensate?” Yan Tian picked at his ear and said.

    Hearing that Yan Tian was truly going to give Song Dong compensation, Ah Long, Wang Feng, and the rest of the men on the side were slightly incredulous, thinking to themselves that it shouldn’t be that their boss would truly be frightened by Song Dong’s forces today, right?

    “Yup, Brother Tian is straightforward. I don’t want much. Just your guys’ two bars, how about it?” Song Dong narrowed his eyes and said.

    “What? The bars? This is robbery.”

    Listening to the price Song Dong had stated, Ah Long instantly refused. Altogether, he only had two bars, but this Song Dong actually wanted it all.

    “Hehehe, it’s not improbable for Brother Dong to want this bar. It just depends on whether he has the capital.” Yan Tian patted Ah Long’s shoulders and said.

    *Couldn’t make heads or tails of this saying at first, until I took it literally LEL
    *This is an idiom meaning beware of suspicious people bringing gifts because the gifts will probably be shady as hell. Kinda long to put in the story, so I went with trojan horse, which kinda gets the point across

  • Chapter 77: One Man vs. A Hundred

    “What do you mean?” Song Dong lifted his head and faintly knitted his brows.

    “My meaning is this. If you can beat me til I’m left lying on the floor, then I’ll give the two bars to you.” Yan Tian took a deep drag of his cigarette and looked at Song Dong quite provokingly.

    Yan Tian had planned to use his fists tonight to settle the problem. Right now, this was society; what was staking all of it? Were those who didn’t risk it all have wealth? Were those who didn’t bet it all have a strong fist?

    “Hehe, I know you’re very awesome, and I know that no one here is your match as well. Perhaps you could fight ten-something or twenty-something men, but you must know, an ant can bite an elephant to death.” Song Dong stroked his chin and laughed.

    In Song Dong’s eyes, Yan Tian was nothing more than a martial artist. What use was power of your battle strength alone? I won’t fight you alone, I have a hundred men to wear you out to your death.

    “Oh? What’s your intention? You want me to hand over the bar just like that to you? I’ve got several tens of brothers as well. If I hand the bar to you, what will they eat and drink?” Yan Tian shrugged and said.

    “Hehe, this isn’t simple. How about you bring your brothers to rely on me. I’ll take care of them.” On the contrary, Song Dong laughed indifferently, thinking to himself if Yan Tian could truly come to rely on him, then his own power would become greater and greater.

    Hearing of reliance, things cleared before Yan Tian’s eyes. Right, if he could make Song Dong come to rely on him, then his own power would expand. It had to be known that Song Dong’s men in were more formidable in comparison than his own.

    Mulling it over, Yan Tian laughed coldly and stroked his chin: “You speak reasonably. How about the two of us come together as one.”

    “Huh? You serious?”

    Once Song Dong heard Yan Tian’s words, he immediately sat down, thinking to himself that if Yan Tian could truly come into his fold, then he would earn a killing. It had to be known Yan Tian had fifty-somewhat brothers and two bars.

    Not even speaking of Yan Tian’s fifty brothers first, to have Yan Tian himself could be said to be a gold mine as well. He imagined if he could have Yan Tian at his side, then Yan Tian would be a super goon.

    As for Ah Long, Wang Feng, and the rest of the boys, they were already unable to stay seated. Could it be that Brother Tian genuinely wanted to lead the brothers to rely on someone else? Just as Ah Long was preparing to stand up and give his two cents, he heard Yan Tian speak again.

    “Correct, I’m serious. It’s just that if you want me rely on someone else, you’ll have to convince me, otherwise, I don’t dare to do so.” Yan Tian narrowed his eyes and said.

    “Then what are you thinking?” Song Dong asked quite suspiciously. At the same moment, he thought to himself, sure enough, it wouldn’t be so easy to obtain the super goon Yan Tian. Right now, Yan Tian should’ve wanted to begin talking about conditions.

    “Mhm, it’s like this. Get all of your men together and if you guys can defeat me, then I’ll lead my brothers into your fold. However, if the hundred of you guys are defeated by me, then you’ll bring your men to rely on me. How about it?” Yan Tian stared at Song Dong and narrowed his eyes.

    Song Dong’s eyes reddened after he heard Yan Tian’s words. This Yan Tian was too mad and too arrogant. He actually wanted to fight his hundred men by himself. This was a provocation, a blatant provocation.

    “Alright, since Brother Tian has said it like so, then I shall defer to your request. The brothers in the front can start now. You win, I’ll bring the brothers into your fold. You lose, you need to join me obediently. Brothers, waste him.” Song Dong slammed his hand on the table and said furiously.

    Presently, Song Dong was a 100% confident. Moreover, he had the brothers in front of Yan Tian fight, since if the time came when Yan Tian lost, and wouldn’t own up to his words, then how could others place their confidence in him later on if he reneged?

    After Song Dong finished speaking, the hundred brothers charged collectively towards Yan Tian to surround him. In the same instant, they looked quite curiously at the man before their eyes, who seemed too frail to withstand the wind. They thought to themselves where did he gain the courage to fight a hundred men by himself.

    Seeing that Yan Tian had been encircled, Ah Long was agitated. Although he knew his elder brother could really duke it out, it wasn’t ten or twenty men, but a hundred men. And Yan Tian wanted a duel? Wasn’t this a death wish?

    Even if he didn’t want to, Ah Long raised the steel pipe in hand and roared: “Brothers, let’s put our lives on the line!”

    Ah Long finished speaking and took the lead, carrying a steel pipe and charging forward. Wasn’t this a fight? Brother Tian’s abilities were great, but they still had fifty brothers on their side. Granted that they fought, Song Dong and the others wouldn’t be at rest.

    After Ah Long charged forward, Wang Feng grit his teeth and charged ahead as well. Subsequently, the several tens of brothers charged too. They were all men as well; wasn’t this a fight? What were they scared of?

    “Ah Long, stay your hand.” Seeing that Ah Long wanted to come to blows, Yan Tian immediately shouted: “All of you stand there and don’t move! Step back.”

    Ordinarily, Ah Long would obey Yan Tian, but seeing Yan Tian yell, he stood his ground: “Brother Tian, were rumbling with them. Their oppression is insufferable.”

    “I know the score. All of you step back for me!” Yan Tian glared at Ah Long and roared.

    Being yelled at Yan Tian like so, the group of brothers obediently retreated. At the same, curiosity sprang up within Ah Long. Yan Tian was so confident. Could it be he could truly deal with a hundred men?

    Thinking of this, Ah Long actually sucked in a breath of cold air. Heavens, when the dust settled, how fricking awesome was his boss?

    “Come, gimme everything you got.” Noticing that Ah Long and the others had retreated, Yan Tian picked at his ear quite provokingly towards the surround men and said.

    Having been provoked as such by Yan Tian, the each and everyone of the encircling men approached him. In the same instant, they were quite vigilant against Yan Tian as well. They knew since he dared to stand there, then he definitely had the skill to do so.

    Finally, the very first thug unable to endure it any longer brandished his fist towards Yan Tian’s face in greeting.

    Glancing at the fist coming towards him, Yan Tian lightly tilted his head upwards. He dodged it quite gently and followingly grabbed the thug’s arm and pulled it outwards, suddenly throwing him into a mass of men.

    “What’re you guys spacing out for? Let’s go!” Seeing the gang of brothers standing there motionless, Song Dong angrily slammed the table. How could his hundred men still not hit Yan Tian and be frightened of him? Was this terrifying?

    Being pressed by Song Dong like so, the hundred thugs finally gathered the courage to huddle around Yan Tian. They seemed to want to wrap Yan Tian up like sticky rice. As the inched closer, each of them swung their fist towards Yan Tian to smash him.

    Looking at such an amount of punches racing towards him, Yan Tian didn’t dare to neglect them a bit. If he was hit by a single fist, he wouldn’t die, but he would be disfigured. Even his own mother wouldn’t be able to recognize him if he wasn’t careful. Despite him not know who his own mother was.
    Even if he didn’t want to, Yan Tian crouched and swept his leg out, directly sweeping out in a 360 degree arc. Crouching down in place and spinning in a circle, the dozen men approaching Yan Tian were subsequently felled onto the floor.

    “Dammit, Brother Tian is fricking awesome. He knocked down over a dozen men in a single move!” Wang Feng saw that Yan Tian had felled over a dozen men in a single move and promptly clapped his hands in applause, thinking to himself that if every one of Yan Tian’s moves were so fricking awesome, then he would only need several moves to completely dispatch the mass of men.

    In the same manner, the rest of Song Dong’s men had been shaken by Yan Tian’s single move. This was entirely like the plot of a movie; it was too fucking amazing.

    Yan Tian’s move had shocked everyone. Nevertheless, he didn’t stop showing off, in the split second of their distraction, he rapidly approached the several closest men, and following several moves, he left them on the floor.

    The horde of men finally reacted and immediately rushed forth. Some of the had already drawn the knives at their waists and some of them were even more excessive, surprisingly carrying machetes and charging forward.

    However, how could Yan Tian continue to let them surround him? If they were too close to him, then he wouldn’t have any way to execute his abilities. Thus, looking at the mob of brothers encircling him, his body instantly transformed into a cruel shadow.

    In the next second, Yan Tian had already appeared at the side of the most amount of people, and before they could react, he barged into them and threw them into disorder.


    “Urgh, don’t kick my butt……”

    “H-h-hey, my nose, don’t pinch it!”

    “Argh, don’t shoot my johnson…..”

    “Don’t…… Don’t claw my armpit……”

    “Argh, don’t pinch me!”


    Just as Yan Tian charged into them, a series of blood-curdling screams echoed outwards. These miserable screams were heard by everyone at the scene, rendering them into a spell of speechlessness. What were these screams?

    In truth, you couldn’t blame the gang of bros, rather it was because of Yan Tian rushing in at the start they were unable to fight, since he had to subdue the group of men. If he fought savagely, it wouldn’t be fine, so he carried out a series of cheap strikes.

    T/N note: I know the parts where it said “come to rely on me” are awkward. I guess it makes better sense in chinese. I decided to go with “enter our fold/join our fold” since it sounds more gangster to smooth things over a bit later on. I’m a bit dissatisfied with “super goon” too.

  • Chapter 78: Subduing Song Dong

    In a moment, he pinched butts, and in the next, he scratched until it tickled, a moment later, he pinched the flesh of a body again……

    A good while later within the disorder, Yan Tian had felled the horde of men to the floor. Just as he was standing there, he suddenly felt the wind of a fist whistling towards him.

    According to his judgement of the wind of the fist, Yan Tian was positive this person had been trained, so he immediately crouched on the floor, dodging it effortlessly.

    Turning his head to take look, Yan Tian discovered it was Leopard, a competent fighter at Song Dong’s side. In the same manner, he was a trained person as well. Furthermore, his skills weren’t weak, capable of matching up with a D-rank assassin satisfactorily. Nonetheless, in Yan Tian’s eyes, there was still a slight disparity.

    “You punk, I beat you last time, but you’ve come again?” Yan Tian ruminated and glanced at Leopard.

    “Hmph, you want us to join you? There’s no way.”

    Leopard didn’t want to enter Yan Tian’s fold as well, so seeing that the gang of brothers were unable to deal with Yan Tian, he personally joined the fray. He was clear of the matter as well though, he simply wasn’t Yan Tian’s opponent.

    However, Yan Tian had already consumed a lot strength fighting with the gang of men a moment ago, so Leopard had come to test things out. If he could beat Yan Tian, then Yan Tian would have to submit to Brother Dong. But if Yan Tian won, then they would have to submit to him.

    As Leopard was speaking, he leaped upwards and kicked towards Yan Tian’s stomach. Yan Tian couldn’t dodge, so he stiffly received Leopard’s foot, since he wanted to see how great Leopard’s strength was.

    Noticing that Yan Tian hadn’t dodged, Leopard was instantly ecstatic, but in the next second, he was unable to be pleased, since there was actually nothing wrong with Yan Tian. It had to be known that if an ordinary person suffered this kick, then they would definitely be sent flying, spitting up blood.

    Yet Yan Tian was surprisingly standing there firm in place. He actually hadn’t even moved back a single step. Moreover, he was even standing there leisurely and yawning.

    “Yawn, how is it your strength is so feeble? It was just like a tickle.” Yan Tian patted his clothes where had been kicked in the stomach tenderly. It had to be known that Liu Ruoxin had bought these new clothes for him. In addition, they were designer brands.

    After he finished patting off his clothes, Yan Tian used all of his strength to stomp the floor. Upon seeing this stomp, Leopard was dumbstruck, since Yan Tian had actually dug a hole into the floor.

    “Ugh……. You……” Watching this, Leopard took two steps back subconsciously and pointed at Yan Tian fearfully at the same time, unable to speak. He thought to himself if he were kicked by Yan Tian’s foot, he would’ve absolutely dropped dead.

    As for Song Dong and rest of the men on the side, they had long ago been left dazed in place. The power of Yan Tian’s leg was too great. In the same instant, lingering fear grew in Song Dong. It appeared that when he had fought Yan Tian before, Yan Tian hadn’t used the entirety of his strength by any means, otherwise, he would’ve already gone to pay a visit to Old Man Yama*.

    In the same manner, Ah Long and the rest of them had been astonished by Yan Tian. After they spaced out for a moment, Ah Long finally reacted. He looked at the floor quite achingly and said: “Umm…… Brother Tian, this floor is very expensive.”

    “What?” Listening to Ah Long’s words, Yan Tian immediately looked to the floor. Just as he was showing off, he had actually forgotten this was his own bar. That was just fantastic; he could smash it to pieces, so he would remodel the remaining ones. Looking at this, Yan Tian was regretful.

    “So how about it? Song Dong, what did we just speak of?” Yan Tian picked at his ear and said.

    Just a moment ago, Song Dong had been shouting incessantly at Yan Tian to join his fold, but now, Yan Tian had won, so Song Dong had to join him.

    Yet after Song Dong saw that Yan Tian was already asking him impatiently, he shut his eyes and deliberated the matter. To be frank, he had never wanted to join Yan Tian just now.

    He didn’t believe Yan Tian was capable of fighting so many men, but he was wrong. He had been gravely mistaken. Not only had Yan Tian won, but he hadn’t even lost a single hair.

    If he didn’t enter Yan Tian’s fold now, then Yan Tian definitely wouldn’t release him. By himself, Yan Tian could duel over a hundred men. What struggle could Song Dong put against him?

    There was also the fact if he didn’t join Yan Tian, then how would his brothers view him? Just now the words he had said were in satisfaction. If he pulled back on the deal now, then it wouldn’t be any good.

    Mulling it over, Song Dong sighed deeply, looking at Yan Tian and saying: “I can join you, but you must agree to several conditions.”

    “What conditions? Speak, if I can accomplish them, then I will satisfy them to the greatest extent.”

    “Alright, my first condition is that I get to manage my gang of brothers.” Song Dong finished speaking and his two eyes stared at Yan Tian. If Yan Tian took away his men, then there was no way whatsoever he would join him.

    “Hehe, that’s not a problem. Since they’re naturally yours, you can personally lead them.” Hearing this condition, Yan Tian smiled. Of course, he wouldn’t send off Song Dong’s men.

    Song Dong looked at Yan Tian appreciatively once he heard him agree: “Good, my second condition is that I get to supervise my own properties as well.”

    “This isn’t a problem, too. I won’t touch a fraction of your things.”

    “Alright, then I’ll join Brother Tian afterwards.” Song Dong nodded and said.

    “Mhm, good, haha.” Yan Tian laughed quite happily. From his efforts from a moment ago. he had already received such a large gang of brothers.

    Leopard saw that Song Dong had admitted defeat and shook his head helplessly as well: “Sigh, I truly didn’t expect Brother Tian’s abilities would be so dreadful. Today, I, Leopard, have been schooled. I hope if Brother Tian has time later on he can teach me a couple moves, haha!”

    Under the lead of Song Dong and Leopard, the remaining brothers greeted Yan Tian together as well. Of the men here, some of them were genuinely convinced by him, yet some of them were still unconvinced of him as before.

    A moment later after Song Dong, Yan Tian, and the rest of the men sat down in the Changing Times bar, Song Dong took the precedence to return. Currently, his mood wasn’t good at all. It went without saying wasn’t it nice to be a single man, unrestrained and cheerful? But now, he had actually bound himself to another’s fence.

    “Brother Tian, haven’t you subdued them? Haha, well ain’t that a racket!” As soon as Song Dong and the rest of his men left, Ah Long eagerly ran over.

    “Mmm, fix up the new bar and give it to Song Dong. Also, pay attention to him. We still don’t know if he’s loyal or not.” Yan Tian narrowed his eyes.

    Currently, Yan Tian was precisely in need of staff. With great difficulty he had subdued Song Dong, so he had to use the bar first to settle him in. He wanted Song Dong to know that in following him, things would only get better and better. As long as you were good to others, others would be loyal to you.

    “Okay, Brother Tian.” Ah Long was aware of Yan Tian’s intentions as well, so he indicated he had no problem with it.

    “Mhm, I’ll give you another 5 million RMB. Go consult with Song Dong over opening some businesses. Like karaoke bars, pubs, clubs, so on, anything’s fine. Right now, we need to quickly up our economic maneuvering first. As long as we have money, then we’re in business.”

    Yan Tian said, then took out his cell phone to wire 5 million RMB to Ah Long’s bank account, thinking to himself that technology truly had flourished. At the touch of a finger, he could send over 5 million RMB.

    “Okay, Brother Tian. I’ll find him tomorrow to discuss this business.” Ah Long knew why Yan Tian had ordered him to discuss business with Song Dong, since in the past, he and Song Dong held some disagreements. Thus, he would take advantage of this opportunity to patch up the relationship between the two of them.

    In regards to this bit, Ah Long welcomed it with both hands. Outside of any unexpected accident, he and Song Dong would be in contact with each other the most. Therefore, he would naturally mend their relationship first; the inner workings couldn’t be in disarray.

    “Mhm, remember, he is unable to control you.” Yan Tian narrowed his eyes and warned.

    “At ease, Brother Tian, I know this.”

    Last night, as soon as he returned home, Yan Tian immediately squeezed into his bedroom, since Diana had already sent him the intelligence he wanted. After he used his cell phone to open her mail, he carefully studied the documents.

    Looking over them for a good while, Yan Tian roughly understood the current situation in China. Presently, China’s power were primarily divided into five, that was the Huang Family, Yang Family, Zhuang Family, Liu Family, and Zhuge Family, these Five Grand Families.
    Among them, not a single one of the Five Grand Families were dispensable in China, since each of them respectively controlled a part of China’s lifelines. Any single one less wouldn’t be good.

    The Huang Family, controlled all of China’s political power and could be considered the brains of China as well. They administered the entirety of China’s lands, and to speak frankly, they were exactly the same as a chairman of a corporation.

    The Zhuang Family controlled the majority of all of China’s military authority and protected all of China’s safety. When it cameto which one of the Five Grand Families had the strongest strength, then it could only be the Zhuang Family. The military was gripped within the hands of the people of their family.

    As for the Liu Family, they controlled the entirety of China’s economy. Across all of China there were Liu Family estates. Taking Fengan City for example, there were already quite a many properties. It could be said the family with the most wealth was the Liu Family.

    *Yama King, king of hell is the underworld judge in buddhist methodology. Visiting the yama king is an eastern way of saying “seeing the devil” pretty much

  • Chapter 79: Sun Yue’s Little Brother

    The Zhuge Family controlled all of China’s intelligence. They were the same as Diana’s family. It wouldn’t do for a government to have no eyes. As for the Yang Family, they were a group of researchers. For example, if some infectious disease emerged or if there was some research advancements in military weaponry, it was due to the accomplishments of the Yang Family.

    Besides the Five Grand families, there were the Four Great Triads. It could be said that the Four Great Triads divided up the lands of China. From Diana’s map, Yan Tian knew the circumstances of the partition of power between the Four Great Triads.

    The entirety of China’s northwest was the domain of the Azure Dragon Group. They occupied no less than one fifth of China.

    As for the northeast that comprised Inner Mongolia, this was the territory of the Swan Goose Hall. China’s southeast coastal regions were those of the Silent Society’s, and the Violetmoon Gate dominated the southern part of China’s central region.

    Studying the map, Yan Tian laughed coldly. The structure of the Four Great Triads was like that of a four-legged tripod. These four super gangs had divided up all of China’s underground power.

    In the same manner, Yan Tian discovered a suspicious region as well. Surprisingly, in China’s southwest Tibetan Region, there weren’t any powers.

    Looking at this, Yan Tian furrowed his brows. The distance between the southwestern Tibetan Region between the Azure Dragon Group in the northeast and the Violetmoon Gate in the south central area was extremely close. Why didn’t the Azure Dragon Group and the Violetmoon gate occupy the southwest Tibetan Region?

    Although there weren’t many people in the southwest Tibetan Region, and there were numerous mountains, wouldn’t it be better to occupy it than not occupy, no? If Yan Tian was substituted in to make this decision, then he would’ve occupied them long ago. Waste not want not after all.

    But why were the Four Great Triads indifferent towards this southwest Tibetan Region? Yan Tian thought to himself was there an issue with the intelligence Diana had supplied him? Or perhaps there was some other reason? Or maybe it could be said the southwest Tibetan Region was desolate. There were many mountains, so maybe the Four Great Triads simply didn’t consider them?

    After he looked at the information for a good while, Yan Tian turned off his cell phone, lying down on his bed, narrowing his eyes calmly in reflection.

    In the past several days, a person of China’s Long Huang Squad had come looking for Yan Tian, hoping he would help them completely clean up the Four Great Triads, that was they wanted him to thoroughly exterminate these four influences.

    Yan Tian thought to himself that if he could eliminate the Four Great Triads, then he would become the hegemon of China’s underworld. If he could truly develop such strength, then he would have the capital that Diana’s father spoke of as well to contend against that family.

    However, wanting to unite all of China’s underworld power was easier said than done. Not even speaking of whether Yan Tian had the ability first or not, even if he did have the ability, wouldn’t have several years or dozen years have passed by then? At that time, he reckoned Diana would have long become married.

    Calling this to mind, Yan Tian grabbed at his hair achingly, thinking to himself of when the time came, he would otherwise commit a bridal kidnapping. But soon after, he immediately dispelled this notion. He estimated he would be turned into Swiss cheese before he even saw her.

    Mulling it over, Yan Tian decided to take things step by step first. He would have to let the matter fully develop and then feel out his luck.

    At the same time, Yan Tian felt it was quite necessary to activate the Cosmos Ring as soon as possible. Perhaps the thing inside really was a fricking-awesome-sounding merit law that would be of great use to him, but this was uncertain.


    The next morning, at the dawn of a new day, just as Yan Tian was in the midst of dreaming that Liu Ruoxin was just about to kiss him, and he saw her tender pink lips were less than a single centimeter apart from him, and he was preparing himself to kiss her.

    Yet just at this time, a knock on the door suddenly echoed out, forcibly waking Yan Tian up from his sweet dream. Angry, he immediately hopped out of bed and smashed the wall with his fist.

    His life was too burdensome; even as he was dreaming, he was woken up by another person. You could say this noisiness really was a disturbance. You could’ve knocked on the door one or two seconds later, but you immediately did so and personally pulled me from my dream.

    Cursing darkly, Yan Tian furiously ran off to open the door, thinking to himself if it was a beautiful woman knocking on the door, then he would have her compensate him by coming in with him. If it was a man, then no matter what he said, Yan Tian would ruthlessly break him.

    “Who is it knocking on the door?” At this time, Sun Yue had came out with bleary eyes as well, yawning and asking.

    “I don’t know. It’s morning, but the person’s knocking on the door with everything they got.”

    Yan Tian finished speaking, then went to open the door. All that was could be seen outside the door at this moment was a youth that hadn’t even reach twenty-years-old standing there. The youth had a pair of thick brows that seemed to perk up somewhat rebelliously. He had long, faint lashes and a pair of eyes that were as clear as morning dew. The bridge of his nose was straight and handsome, and his soft pink lips were like rose petals, along with his fair skin……

    “Who the fuck are you? What’re you knocking on the door in the morning for?” After he saw it was a man, Yan Tian instantly flew into a rage. His dream was undone by the actions of a man.

    “Woah, how come it’s a dude? Who are you?”

    The youth saw the person at the door was a man and looked at Yan Tian with a bewildered look plastered over his face. Simultaneously, he looked at the door number. He hadn’t knocked on the wrong door, so how come there was a man?

    “Hue, you fricking come to knock on daddy’s door and even ask who I am? Daddy’s the master of this house.” Yan Tian glared at the youth furiously and said.

    “Oh, I know, you’re my brother-in-law. I didn’t think my Big Sis would actually find a boyfriend.” After the youth heard Yan Tian finish speaking, he suddenly hopped up excitedly.

    “Huh? Brother-in-law?”

    Yan Tian shook his head in much puzzlement. How did he suddenly become a brother-in-law? Could it be this kid had just disturbed his sweet dream, so he could deliver a wife to him?

    Ruminating this, Yan Tian promptly extended his head out and looked around curiously, but after looking around for a quite a while, no one else had appeared.

    “Sun Nan, what crap are saying.” After Sun Yue caught sight of the man, she immediately rushed out excitedly.

    Big Sis, who is this man? Is he really brother-in-law?!” Sun Nan saw his sister coming, then looked at Yan Tian curiously. In his mind, he was already sure. This wretched big bro should’ve been his brother-in-law. Otherwise, how could he live together with his big sister?

    “Stop speaking crap, kid. I don’t know him. Why have you come now? Who let you come?” Sun Yue rolled her eyes at Yan Tian before looked at her little brother Sun Nan curiously.

    Hearing the conversation between the youth and Sun Yue, Yan Tian finally came to a sudden realization. This sniveling brat was actually her little brother. He thought to himself whether or not he should still beat him up? If he didn’t, then this kid managed to ruin his wonderful dream. However, if he did beat him up, Yan Tian reckoned Sun Yue would take a vegetable knife to his life. This left him at quite a loss on what to do.

    “Haha, Big Sis, take a look how red your face is. Relax. I won’t tell mom and dad about your boyfriend. I’ll keep things on the down low for you.” Sun Nan saw that Sun Yue wouldn’t admit to it and said quite loyally.

    “You….. I’m telling you I don’t have one. Speak up, who let you come here?” Seeing that her little brother had misunderstood her, she rolled her eyes helplessly as him.

    “Huehue, I missed Big Sis, so I came over. I just got off the airplane.” Sun Nan shook his head.

    “Take a look at yourself, how come you didn’t say anything to me? Didn’t you know to call me in advance?” Sun Yue said a bit helplessly.

    Looking at the brother-sister pair chatting together without an end in sight, Yan Tian discovered he was being ignored. Musing about this, he promptly found himself a topic of conversation.

    “I didn’t expect you would have a little brother. I don’t see it.” Yan Tian truly hadn’t expected that the beautiful Sun Yue would actually have a little brother. Moreover, he hadn’t expected this little brother that had just saw him would mistakenly believe him to be his brother-in-law.

    “How is it strange I have a little brother?” Sun Yue rolled her eyes at Yan Tian and said.

    “Uhh, no, no, I just didn’t expect it, ehehe!”

    Since Sun Nan had just got of the airplane a moment ago, he hadn’t even eaten anything, since all he cared about was finding his big sister. Thus, at this time, he felt hungry, rubbing his stomach and saying: “Big Sis, I’m hungry. Let’s go eat, okay.”

    “Fine, wait a bit for Big Sis. I’m gonna go wash up.” Sun Yue smiled, then ran to off to freshen up.

    Even though Sun Yue was just still somewhat sleepy, once she saw her little brother, she wasn’t even left with a wink of sleepiness. Her little brother had flown a vast distance to visit her, so she was quite happy, thinking to herself that she would soon bring him out to go eat something delicious.

    As for Yan Tian, he looked at the brat at the door and glared at him fiercely for a brief moment: “Get in, brat.”

    “Who are you calling a brat?” Hearing his “brother-in-law” call him a brat, Sun Nan’s eyes greatly widened.

    “I said it was you. What about it?” Aren’t you a brat?” Yan Tian spread his hands out and said.

    “Hmph, I’m not a brat. I’m already seventeen and a sophmore in highschool.” Sun Nan pouted cutely and explained himself.

    Looking at Sun Nan’s position, Yan Tian stroked his chin and said: “Oh, seventeen, then you’re still a brat. You’re hair hasn’t even grown out evenly yet.”

  • Chapter 80: He’s Not Your Brother-In-Law

    “I’m not a brat, you’re a brat.” Sun Nan placed both his hands at his waist and glared at Yan Tian.

    “Alright, alright, alright, you’re not a brat.” Yan Tian shook his head helplessly.

    Seeing that Yan Tian had admitted defeat, Sun Yue glanced at Yan Tian smugly. Afterwards, he walked in with great strides and promptly laid down on the sofa, watching television. It seemed like he was doing so like it was his own home. It was a bit impolite as well.

    Suddenly, Yan Tian discovered a kindred spirit within Sun Yue’s little brother. Leaving aside the other details, the two of them both liked watching cartoons. He was quite appreciative of this facet.

    After more than half an hour, Sun Yue came out holding her handbag. Looking at the big-little pair on the sofa, she was slightly speechless: “Nan Nan, let’s go!”

    “Uuughhh, hurry up, Sis, I’m starving to death.” Once he saw his big sister had finished washing up, Sun Nan swiftly hopped off the sofa.”

    Yan Tian followingly shut off the television, preparing to go out together and eat with them. It was on someone else’s treat, so he naturally wouldn’t let go of such an opportunity.

    “Yan Tian, what are you doing?” Seeing Yan Tian was getting ready and slipped on his shoes as well, Sun Yue asked him curiously, thinking to herself it shouldn’t have been that he wanted bum a meal off her, right?

    “Aren’t you going out to eat? What’s up?” Yan Tian asked quite innocently.
    “Me and my little brother are going out to eat, so what’re you doing crashing in on our fun?” Sun Yue naturally wouldn’t bring Yan Tian. Since her little brother had come today, she would go take him out to eat herself. It just happened that Yan Tian wanted to follow up on the fun.

    Hearing that Sun Yue wasn’t bringing Yan Tian, Sun Nan was displeased: “Big Sis, why aren’t you bringing brother-in-law? Let’s go together.”

    Yan Tian saw that Sun Nan was pleading for his case, he was delighted. Luckily, he didn’t beat up this little guy a moment ago, otherwise, he truly wouldn’t have anything to eat.

    “What drivel are you spouting? Who’s your brother-in-law?” Sun Yue slapped Sun Nan, feigning anger.

    “You guys are sleeping together, but still dare to quarrel. As if! Shame, shame, shame!” Sun Nan wouldn’t believe it and stuck his tongue out at Sun Yue right away.

    “You….. You drive me crazy!” Being talked back at like so by her little brother, Sun Yue was aggravated.


    Sun Nan saw his big sister’s angry expression and stuck his tongue out quite smugly, in such a manner like he wanted the whole world to fall into chaos.

    Under Sun Nan’s endless persistence, Sun Yue finally acceded and was forced to bring Yan Tian along. Wasn’t this more than a single pair of chopsticks?

    As soon as the three of them descended, Sun Yue drove out in her BMW M5. Sun Nan actually wanted to drive the car quite happily after he sat in, knowingly letting Yan Tian ride shotgun.

    It was just that contrary to his expectations, Yan Tian didn’t sit in Sun Yue’s BMW M5. Instead, he walked over to the side of his red Porsche Sports Convertible and got in. If he seated himself in Sun Yue’s car, he would have to come back to get his own car later on, so he decided to just directly drive his own car.

    “Wow, a sports car. I want to sit in the sports car, I want to sit!” Noticing Yan Tian’s sport convertible, Sun Nan hopped out of the BMW excitedly.

    “Woah, Yan Tian, when did you buy this car?” This was the first time Sun Yue had saw Yan Tian’s car. Every time she came home, he still hadn’t returned, and when she left, he was already long gone.

    “Haha, Just in the past several days, ehehe.”

    Looking at Yan Tian’s car, Sun Yue once again re-evaluated her opinion of him. She truly hadn’t expected he would surprisingly even buy this kind of luxury vehicle. Sure enough, one couldn’t judge a book by its cover.

    On the contrary, Sun Nan who was on the side hadn’t care that much. He promptly opened the door of the sports car and sat in. Stroking to the left and right, he was very happy.

    Seeing that Sun Nan noticed the luxury car, snubbing her, Sun Yue on the other hand stomped her feet angrily. She was treating her little brother out for meal, but he had actually given her the cold shoulder?

    Yan Tian naturally wouldn’t have any questions. Like so, it just happened he could take advantage of the situation to wear in his relationship with Sun Nan. As long as this “brat” Sun Nan was fair, then he would be fine to talk with later on.

    Observing Sun Nan’s joyous appearance, Sun Yue shook her head helplessly. Forget about it, if her little brother liked sitting in the sports car, then she would let him sit. She looked things over then sat inside her car and drove ahead.

    “Mhm, this car is pretty good. Although it’s not as good as mom’s, it’s passable enough to sit in.” Sun Nan really seemed like a big boss as he patted the seat and said.

    “What does your mom do?” Once Yan Tian heard what Sun Nan said, he asked curiously, since he had heard the manner in which Sun Nan had spoke in. It appeared that Sun Yue’s family was rather wealthy.

    “Hmph, I’m not telling you.” Sun Nan flung his head aside quite mischievously and looked at the scenery outside.

    Seeing that Sun Nan didn’t speak, Yan Tian pressed no further. It was only that he really was curious about Sun Yue’s family. Since their family was so wealthy, why did she have to run out and rent a lousy apartment to live in?

    Wasn’t it good to live in a villa? Yan Tian didn’t believe someone who could buy a luxury vehicle worth several million to several tens of millions wouldn’t be able to live in a villa.

    Over a dozen minutes later, Sun Yue drove to a five-star restaurant, and soon after, Yan Tian arrived as well.

    Just as he got out of his car, Yan Tian was completely flummoxed, since the restaurant Sun Yue had surprisingly come to was the Golden Hill restaurant. Wasn’t the Golden Hill restaurant Liu Ruoxin’s? She had made him the manager of this place yesterday.

    As soon as they entered the restaurant, Yan Tian nodded his head in satisfaction. The Golden Hill International restaurant was designed with the philosophy to integrate it as one for top businesses, adapting art and structure to create the entirety of a five-star luxury restaurant. He was quite pleased with the interior decorating.

    Inside the restaurant there were presidential suites, luxury suites, business suites, and over a hundred high-level suites taken as the standard. The guest rooms of the restaurant paid attention to every single detail of their elegant decorations, especially that of the exquisite frosted-glass curtain-walls in the bathrooms. To dwell in such beautiful pleasure would make business troubles vanish into thin air. One could enjoy the style of the city to the greatest extent.

    “Nan Nan, what do you want to eat? Order up. It’s Big Sis’ treat today.” Once they were seated in a private room, Sun Yue took the menu and threw it to Sun Nan.

    On the contrary, Sun Nan was unreserved as he took the menu and began ordering. However, after he ordered two dishes, he didn’t know what to eat, so he was forced to toss the menu over to side at Yan Tian and scowl at him.

    “Brother-in-law, take a look. Whatever you eat is what I will eat, ehehe!”

    Yan Tian naturally didn’t have any questions. As soon as Sun Nan spoke, he took the menu and began to order dishes frantically. He had recently spent too much cash, so today he was resolute in eating his heart out.

    “You…… I told you several times, he isn’t your brother-in-law.” Hearing her little brother call Yan Tian his brother-in-law again, Sun Yue was furiously agitated.

    “Then how come you guys are sleeping together? Hmph, although I haven’t grown up, I know normal guys and girls can’t sleep together, so you two are definitely together.” Sun Nan deadpanned. .

    After Sun Yue heard Sun Nan’s justification, she shook her head helplessly. It seemed like it was necessary for her to spell it out for him, otherwise, he would keep on calling out brother-in-law endlessly. Although Yan Tian didn’t care, she did!

    “Listen up, Big Sis is only living in the same house as him. It’s definitely not in the same room, you understand? If you shout crap out again later, once we finish eating, I’ll make you go back.” Sun Yue looked at Sun Nan quite angrily and said.

    Noticing his big sister’s anger, Sun Nan promptly lowered his head. If by chance his big sister really sent him back home, he would be screwed. At the same time, he realized he had originally misunderstood his big sister as well. It seemed like this big brother wasn’t his brother-in-law.

    Once Sun Yue finished teaching a lesson to her little brother, she nearly passed out, since Yan Tian had surprisingly ordered a giant pile of food. Moreover, none of it was cheap. This guy had taken advantage of the opportunity to rob her out of a meal. Just as she was getting ready to lay into him, she heard her little brother’s voice.

    “Wowza, all the food that Big Bro ordered is stuff I like to eat. Then it’ll be this; big sis waitress, hurry up and serve us our food.”

    After Sun Nan learned Yan Tian wasn’t his brother-in-law, he didn’t cry out disorderly again. If he did, his big sister wouldn’t want him.

    Soon the waiter delivered the food Yan Tian had ordered, not expecting that Sun Nan was a glutton as well. Regardless of Sun Yue’s reminder, he grabbed his chopsticks and began inhaling the food straight away.

    Observing Sun Nan’s table manners, Sun Yue shook her head helplessly, while Yan Tian looked at Sun Nan’s table manners quite admiringly. Didn’t it seem like he and Sun Nan were cut from the same cloth?

    Yan Tian took his chopsticks at once and ate with his mouth dripping full of oil after he looked the food over, since if he waited and didn’t eat, Sun Nan would’ve annihilated everything.

    “Big Bro, can you help me shell this mitten crab?” Taking note of Yan Tian eating so quickly, Sun Nan looked at Yan Tian pitifully.

    “How old are you that you still need other people to shell your food? Do it yourself!”

    Yan Tian naturally wouldn’t help Sun Nan shell his food. Didn’t Sun Nan see he was in the middle of eating? At the same time, Yan Tian thought to himself that if Sun Yue wanted him to shell her food, then he would be quite willing too, but if it was a man, then there wasn’t any need to speak!

  • Chapter 81: Four Secretaries

    As expected, once Sun Nan heard Yan Tian wouldn’t shell his food, he had stabbed himself a good while later. It took a fair amount of time for him to finish shelling one mitten crab, but as for Yan Tian? His hand speed was quick, and he had already finished four.

    As a glutton, how could Sun Nan let Yan Tian eat so quickly? Subsequently, his eyes roamed about as he thought up of an idea.

    “Big Bro, do you like my Big Sis!?” Sun Nan abruptly twisted his head to look at Yan Tian.

    Yan Tian, who was in the middle of eating with a mouth full of oil as he heard Sun Nan’s words, suddenly stopping. What was Sun Nan up to?

    As for Sun Yue, because of her little brother’s word, she had choked and took two gulps of water at once. Why had her brother said this? At the same moment, she was curious in how Yan Tian would respond.

    “Of course I like her! What about it?” Yan Tian spoke the truth. In fact, as long as it was a beautiful woman, he would love them all, let alone one that even lived under the same roof as him.

    Hearing Yan Tian’s words, Sun Nan’s eyeballs circled about. He laughed evilly and said: “Ehehe, if you help me shell this mitten crab, I’ll allow you to date my Big Sis.”

    “Really? Oh my, you should’ve spoken up earlier. Why it’s nothing, bring it over here.” Yan Tian heard Sun Nan and was cheerful. Although he hadn’t wanted to shell the mitten crab for Sun Nan previously, with such an attractive condition tacked on, he naturally wouldn’t let it go.

    “What crap are you saying, you stinking brat? You’re not even old enough to know much about that.”

    Sun Yue had originally been curious in what her little brother wanted to say, but once the conclusion came to head, she immediately went into a frenzy. Her little brother actually wanted to sell her off like so. She was suspicious of whether or not he was her blood brother.

    “Who says I’m not old enough? Last semester, I even fell……” Once he heard his sister say he wasn’t that old, Sun Nan had to explain himself

    In speaking, Sun Nan discovered that he had let something slip. He lowered his head at once and started gobbling his food, thinking to himself he didn’t dare let his big sister know of this matter.

    “Mhm? What did you fall in last semester?” Even though Sun Nan hadn’t said it, Sun Yue had still seized this particular detail.

    “Uhh, nothing, nothing at all. Eat up, Big Sis, or else Big Bro is going to completely eat everything.” Being questioned like so by Sun Yue, Sun Nan promptly put some food in her bowl. In the same moment, he was regretting his decision to the death in his mind. How could he have let this spill out?

    “Hmph, speak up. What did you fall in? If you don’t tell me, I’ll send you back later.” How could Sun Yue possibly be tricked by a kid whose hair hadn’t even grow out neatly yet? She used the threat to send her little brother back home.

    In the midst of shelling the mitten crab, Yan Tian was cheerful. So it turned out this “brat” had a puppy love in school. It was just that he was rather shy about it.

    Listening that his Big Sis was going to send him back, Sun Nan pouted. He said a bit embarrassingly: “Last semester in school, I got a girlfriend.”

    “Yooouuu. You’re age is so young, but you’ve even got a girlfriend. I’m already this old and don’t even have a significant other.” Once Sun Yue heard her brother, she was driven half-crazed. Her little brother wasn’t studying well at school all day was actually because of a girlfriend?

    “Oh my, nice. You’ve got my style in those days. C’mon and show me what she looks like.” Yan Tian said just as he finished shelling the mitten crab. He promptly handed it over to Sun Nan. Presently, Sun Nan was readily waiting upon it.

    Sun Nan took the offered mitten crab and devoured it, rolling his eyes at Yan Tian while he was eating: “I’m not gonna show you. Big Bro is unfaithful; just think about the things in the pot that you’re eating in your bowl*.”

    “Why should I be concerned about the food in my bowl from the pot? Where’s this pot?” Hearing Sun Nan’s words, Yan Tian truly looked over the table. There actually wasn’t anything wrong with what he was eating in his bowl and there simply wasn’t any pot. What was there to be concerned about?

    “You already have my Big Sis, but you’re still thinking about mine, hmph, unfaithful.” Sun Nan coldly snorted and said.

    Yan Tian was originally quite curious, but once heard what Sun Nan said, he came to a sudden realization. So it turned out to be that Sun Nan had believed he was thinking about his own little girlfriend?

    Calling this to mind, Yan Tian blushed in shame without end, thinking to himself even if he was loaned two sets of guts, he wouldn’t dare to snatch his future little brother-in-law’s girlfriend. In fact, wasn’t this putting himself in the line of fire*?

    “Geez, you’ve misunderstood me. I only want to see what your taste is like.” Yan Tian spread his hands out immediately at once.

    “Hmph, I’m not gonna show you.”

    “Come now, if you let me take a look, I’ll take you to to eat delicious food.”

    “Hmph, I don’t wanna. My Big Sis will take me out to eat.”

    Watching Yan Tian and Sun Nan’s incessant bickering, Sun Yue shook her head helplessly. They really were a pair of weirdos. She thought that her little brother and Yan Tian seemed like a pair of blood brothers.

    After they finished eating, Yan Tian felt it was time to go pick up Liu Ruoxin for work, but then he ran into a rather headache-inducing question. It seemed that Sun Nan wanted to keep on bothering him, making Yan Tian suddenly unsure what he should do.

    “Go fool around with your Big Sis. I have to go to work.” Yan Tian pushed Sun Nan over to Sun Yue with quite the migraine. He had to pick up Liu Ruoxin for work. If he brought someone he figured there would be a problem.

    “I don’t wanna go with my Big Sis. In the past, she’s always hit me.” Sun Nan shook his head immediately and hugged onto Yan Tian’s leg shamelessly.

    Yan Tian was at his wit’s end. He was forced to look to Sun Yue pleadingly: “Hey, take care of your little brother. I have to go work.”

    “Since he likes you so much, you can take him. I don’t care, I’m headed off first.” Sun Yue also had to go to work. She tossed Sun Nan over to Yan Tian quite smugly.

    Hearing Sun Yue’s words, Yan Tian looked at his car, thinking to himself if he brought Sun Nan, then there wouldn’t be enough seating. When the time arrived, where would Liu Ruoxin sit? He was totally unable to let her take a bus, and more over, she couldn’t sit on the roof of the car. Where even was the roof on a convertible car?

    Just as Yan Tian was getting ready to say something, Sun Yue had already left in her car. Angry, he swore on the spot. She had actually shoved her little brother onto him.

    Mulling over a course of action, Yan Tian gave Wang Feng a call. He would make that guy bring Sun Nan out to have some fun.

    Soon, Wang Feng came driving over in a minivan. Currently, Ah Long didn’t have any good cars and only had the several minivans. Wang Feng and Song Dong’s relationship wasn’t quite familiar, so he was forced to drive over in a minivan.

    “Brother Tian, what’ve ya called me for so early about?” Wang Feng ran over at once after he got out of the car, catching sight that there was actually even person standing at Yan Tian’s side.

    “Take him out to have fun today. What he wants, buy it. Take this banking card and go.”

    Noticing that Wang Feng had come, Yan Tian let loose a breath of air. However, he was scared that Sun Nan would be unhappy. He was really going to bleed today; he had directly given his Swiss banking card over to Wang Feng. Inside was enough cash for Sun Nan to spend as well.

    “Alright, alright, take me out for some fun. Big Bro, could it be you want to make me sit in that car?” Once he heard of fun, Sun Nan immediately skipped over excitedly, but once he saw Wang Feng’s minivan, bitterness spread across his face. Don’t tell me you want me to sit in this minivan?

    “Correct, this is the car, you gonna sit or not?” Yan Tian said unhappily.

    Sun Nan pouted and hesitated for a moment once he heard Yan Tian. Suddenly, it seemed like he thought of something, a light flashing in his eyes.

    “I’ll sit, I’ll sit! It’s just that will Big Bro really let me spend money?” Sun Yue looked at Yan Tian pitifully.”

    “Sure, I’m giving you money to spend. Whatever you wanna buy just make him buy it for you. Hurry up and go.” Yan Tian was determined to cozy up with Sun Nan. One had to do anything to understand the art of war. As long as he could win him over, then Sun Yue would be easy as well.

    “Oooohhh, then let’s go, see ya.” Sun Nan laughed then hopped into the minivan quite excitedly.

    “Brother Tian, we’ll take our leave.” Wang Feng nodded his head, then got into the car. His mission today was to accompany Sun Nan in having fun.

    Seeing that he had finally settled things with Sun Nan, Yan Tian smiled joyously: “Mhm, ensure his safety for me. If something happens, you better act responsibly*.”

    “Relax, Brother Tian.”

    Watching the minivan depart, Yan Tian shook his head wryly. Afterwards, he sped away towards Liu Ruoxin’s villa, however, he didn’t know this, but the money inside his Swiss banking card was on the verge of being ruthlessly slaughtered by Sun Nan.

    “Huehue, morning, Chairman Liu.” Just as he caught sight of Liu Ruoxin, Yan Tian promptly greeted her, knowing she had also found some sort of secretary for him.

    “Mhm, it’s not early. Let’s hurry up.”

    Liu Ruoxin didn’t say much and carried her bag straight away with her into the car, so that Yan Tian hadn’t even begun to swallow his saliva.

    Several minutes later, Liu Ruoxin looked ahead and said: “I found you four secretaries last night. It’s find to pick one straightaway once you get to the Golden Hill restaurant today. I’ve already informed them, so all you need to do is directly announce your name.”

    *Took some while to figure this out because I’m dumb, but it means pretty much “worry about the things on your own plate.
    *I think this pretty self explanatory, but in the line of fire “shooting himself in the foot” pretty much.
    *Had trouble with this one and I’m not even sure if this is right, but I think it means “handle properly” or something along those lines

  • Chapter 82: Hauled Out

    “Wow, four of ‘em. Are they men or women? Are they beautiful? How old are they? Do they have boyfriends?”

    Hearing he had four secretaries, Yan Tian’s eyes immediately began to sparkle, and he promptly bombarded Liu Ruoxin with a menagerie of questions. It was merely the she appeared like she hadn’t heard a thing, looking after the car ahead.
    After he escorted Liu Ruoxin to the company, Yan Tian immediately drove the car to the Golden Hill restaurant. He was quite curious what type of secretaries Liu Ruoxin had found for him.

    “Greetings, our sincerest welcome.” Just as he entered the restaurant, a waiter greeted Yan Tian courteously.

    Yan Tian smiled, then ran off towards the counter, since he presently still didn’t know where the office was located.

    “Salutations, our sincerest welcome. May I ask what sir needs to order?” The beautiful bar waitress greeted Yan Tian with much propriety.

    “Uhh, I haven’t come to spend; I’m Yan Tian.”

    Wasn’t it Liu Ruoxin that had said to directly announce his name at the restaurant and then things would be fine? Thus, Yan Tian quickly announced his name, thinking to himself shouldn’t this waitress have called out to him as Manager Yan in great adoration?

    “Oh? Who is Yan Tian?” But against his expectations, the beautiful waitress actually didn’t recognize him.

    Noticing that the the waitress didn’t recognize him, Yan Tian introduced himself once more: “I’m Yan Tian. I’m your manager.”

    The beautiful waitress faintly knit her brows as soon as she heard Yan Tian’s words. Why had a wacko run over here this morning?

    “Greetings, sir. If nothing’s the matter, then please leave. Thank you!” Currently, the beautiful waitress was eighty-percent confident that Yan Tian was a wack job and wanted to rush him out politely.

    “Who say’s I’ve got nothing? I’ve come to be the manager.” Yan Tian naturally wouldn’t leave. He was this restaurant’s boss; how could he be driven out by an employee?

    “Sir, I’ll have to ask you to leave again.”

    “Fuck, you’re trying to drive me out? Do you think I won’t fire you?” Yan Tian was suddenly put in a foul mood as soon as he heard the beautiful waitress. She actually wanted to throw him out?

    As soon as the beautiful waitress heard Yan Tian’s burst of swearing, she slightly furrowed her brows. Deliberating the matter, she pushed a button beneath the counter. Afterwards, several security guards rushed out.

    The leading security guard and the beautiful waitress exchanged several words, then locked their sights onto Yan Tian, since ordinarily, there were some drunks and loonies that would come to cause a riot. Thus, these several security guards actually didn’t say much and directly dragged Yan Tian out.

    “Hey, hey, hey! What the frickin’ A are you guys doing? Don’t you believe daddy’s gonna give you guys the boot?”

    However, beyond the several security guards’ expectations, they surprisingly couldn’t drag Yan Tian out. Who was he in the first place? Since he was a child, he had directly received devilish training. Based on this, how could the several security guards possibly pull him out?

    Seeing Yan Tian standing there not budging an inch, the several security guards charged forward again. However, no matter how they pulled at him, they still couldn’t drag him out. They were quite astonished that Yan Tian’s strength could be so great.

    Looking at the group of security guards that couldn’t toss him out, Yan Tian laughed coldly. Relying on a couple of security guards to drag him out? What a joke.

    Yet in the next second, Yan Tian couldn’t smile, since the security guards had actually hoisted him up. This time, they gently carried him out.

    In fact, Yan Tian could’ve struggled as he was being carried out, but he knew these security guards were his employees. If by chance they were injured, it would be him paying the medical bills, so he threw his caution to the wind. Wasn’t it just carrying him out. Wouldn’t it be find if he just went in again later on?

    After the security guards had carried Yan Tian away from the restaurant no less than several hundred meters, they let him go. Afterwards, the patted their hands and left.

    “Fuck, you guys actually threw me out.” Watching the mob of security guards leave, Yan Tian spewed out a round of curses angrily.

    Yan Tian thought to himself that his lift was actually so burdensome. Just as he entered the restaurant, he had been carried out by own employees. He reckoned he wouldn’t be able to find a second person like him in the entire world that was as burdened.

    “Sir, why did they want to carry you out? Just as was Yan Tian cussing out the group of security guards in his mind, he suddenly heard a gentle voice.

    Turning his head, Yan Tian saw a woman adorned in professional attire. All that was visible was her powdered goose-egg face, beautiful black hair falling down elegantly like a waterfall, and willowy brows. She had a set of spiritually-alluring pupils, high jade nose, faint blush on her cheeks, lips like dripping cherries. Her flower-like oval face sparkled like jade and her smooth snowy flesh seemed as icy as snow. Her figure was absolutely beautiful, containing charm, and lovable whether cheerful or angered.

    Although the person wasn’t as entirely beautifully stirring as Liu Ruoxin and Sun Yue, she was an honest-to-god beauty.

    Looking at the beauty before him, Yan Tian was a little bit dazed, thinking to himself was this the arrangements of the Heavens? After getting driven out of the restaurant, he had come across a beautiful woman. This luck was truly something others didn’t have.

    “Sir? Are you okay? The woman saw Yan Tian was dazed in place motionless and called out to him again.

    “Good, good, good. I’m very good, ehehe.” Yan Tian immediately sobered up, awkwardly laughing.

    “Sir, may I ask why they just carried you out?” The woman asked quite curiously.

    Yan Tian hesitated for a moment as soon as he heard the beauty’s words. What was the beautiful woman asking this for? He thought to himself regardless of why the beauty was asking this, he couldn’t say he got tossed out, otherwise, he would lose big time.

    Mulling it over, Yan Tian rubbed his nose and laughed: “Haha, I was just playing a game with them. In the end, I lost, so they carried me out. That’s the rules.”

    “Uhh……” Once the woman heard Yan Tian’s justification, she was instantly rendered speechless. Being driven out by the restaurant’s security guards was done for a fun game.

    “I speak the truth; I’m their boss.” Noticing that the woman didn’t believe him, Yan Tian promptly explained.

    At the same time, endless regret filled Yan Tian’s heart. He had actually been carried out in front of a beautiful woman. That was flippin’ great. Even if he jumped into the Yellow River to wash, he would still be unclean. His first impression in this beauty’s mind was ruined.

    “Oh, sorry for bothering you.” The woman smiled and left. At the same time, she also believed Yan Tian was a nut job.

    Looking on as the beauty left him, Yan Tian was listless, until he saw the woman walk into the Golden Hill restaurant, then he stomped his feet. Everything was Liu Ruoxin’s fault; contemplating the matter, Yan Tian called her up.

    “Hey, what manager did you want me to be? I just walked in and the people took me for a psycho, so they tossed me out, and I screwed up with a hot chick.” Just as he made the call, Yan Tian burst into rage.

    “They drove you out? How could that be?” Liu Ruoxin faintly wrinkled her brows after she heard him.

    It appeared that Liu Ruoxin didn’t believe him. Yan Tian relayed the entirety of the sequence of events to to her, adding in bits of embellishment. He even snivelled and cried, making it seem like he was a young lady that had just got dumped.

    Liu Ruoxin listened to Yan Tian finished speaking and was quite dumbfounded. She resisted the urge to smile with great difficulty and said: “Who told you to go speak to those ordinary workers? Of course, they wouldn’t recognize you.”

    “Didn’t you tell me to go in and announce my name?” Yan Tian said rather innocently.

    “I told you to announce your full name to the current manager of the Golden Hill restaurant, not randomly find a cleaner lady to announce your name to. With such an IQ, it serves you right being driven out out like that.” Liu Ruoxin was a bit speechless. She was currently doubting whether it was okay or not to have Yan Tian serve as the manager in the end.

    After Yan Tian listened to her, he truly thought it over for a good moment. It seemed like this really was matter; these employees wouldn’t know if the restaurant had a change in management.

    Mulling on a course of action, Yan Tian re-entered the Golden Hill restaurant, but just as he advanced inwards, the security guards instantly looked at him vigilantly. Why had the loon come back again?

    “Uhh…… I want to see your manager.” Yan Tian had become intelligent now and didn’t move forwards. He also knew that if he walked ahead one more step, he reckoned he would be carried out again.

    “What are you looking for our manager for?” The beautiful waitress observed Yan Tian quite curiously. This person had actually come to find their manager?

    “Tell him, you guys. Say Yan Tian has come.”

    Originally, the beautiful waitress had still wanted to expel Yan Tian out, however, as soon as she glanced at his earnest expression, she decided to ask the manager. If by chance this person truly was the manager’s guest, then it certainly would’ve been a huge joke.

    “Alright, wait a moment.” The beautiful waitress nodded and made the call.

    After the call was finished and waiting approximately two to three minutes, a middle-aged man came out from behind the restaurant. At this time, the man’s forehead was covered in fat drops of sweat like he had just done some sort of exercise.

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  • Chapter 83: Choosing A Secretary

    “Oh my, so it’s Mr.Yan that has come, hehe. Chairman Liu had informed me earlier on.” The restaurant manager wiped the sweat on his forehead and said cordially.
    Yan Tian glanced at restaurant manager bewilderedly; where had the manager gone to this morning that his forehead was so sweaty? Could it be that the manager had arrived to work late and had ran all the way here?

    “What’s up with your waitress and security guards? They actually just tossed me out?” Yan Tian pat his clothes off and said.

    “Huh? They threw you out?” The restaurant manager was evidently stunned. Yan Tian was a person that Chairman Liu had personally briefed him on. How could he be carried out?

    “Correct, you can ask them!”

    “What happened? How could you guys carry Mr.Yan out?” After he heard Yan Tian’s words, the restaurant manager furrowed his brows, then looked towards the waitress and security guards at the side.

    In all honesty, the waitress and security guards were already regretting things from the point the restaurant manager had appeared, since they actually hadn’t expected Yan Tian would truly be a guest of the manager. Moreover, it seemed like he wasn’t even a normal guest. As employees, they had went so far as to the drive out the their boss’ guest.

    “Apologies, Manager Zheng. Just as Mr.Yan came in before, he said he was our manager, so we believed he was mentally ill. Therefore, I called on the security guards to request of him to go.” The beautiful waitress lowered her head quite nervously, thinking to herself she was completely finished this time.

    “What? I’m mentally ill? Let me tell you, I’m your manager.” Hearing himself being called a basket case by others, Yan Tian was displeased, wondering to himself, how could he be considered a nutjob? You guys have never even seen any sort of a true whacko.

    “Ah….. No, no, apologies, Mr.Yan!”

    The beautiful waitress soon began to cry. Wasn’t Yan Tian’s actions that of a nutjob? Her own manager was standing on the side had even said he was the manager; wasn’t this what a basket case was?

    “Mr.Yan has spoken correctly. Starting from today onwards, he will be your manager. I just received a notice from the top yesterday night as well.” Manager Zheng said quite solemnly.


    After the waitress and security guards heard their manager, their mouths widened greatly. The basket case they had just carried out was unexpectedly their true manager?

    They were finished. They had tossed out their newly-arrived manager. Their good days later on could be considered to have come to an end. Each of the employees shook their heads quite bitterly.

    “Haha, Manager Yan, we’ve committed many a faux pas; please come in quickly!”

    Manager Zheng briefly glared at the employees, then promptly accompanied Yan Tian with a smiling face. It had to be known that the person had come was someone who Chairman Liu had personally handed over. Naturally, he had to be proper in his sweet talk.

    “Right, If I’ve come to be the manager of this place, what the heck are you going to do?” Yan Tian questioned suspiciously.

    “Hehe, my thanks for Manager Yan’s concern, but Chairman Liu has ordered me to go work at another restaurant.” Manager Zheng laughed and said.

    On the contrary, Yan tian didn’t feel it to be strange once he heard Manager Zheng. He already knew the ability of the Liu Family was rather unordinary. He reckoned that in Fengan City, the Liu Family owned a good chunk of the properties.

    As soon as the they arrived at the manager’s office, Yan Tian discovered there was surprisingly a woman sitting within. She was roughly twenty-somewhat years old and wearing professional attire. He glanced at the woman and knew of what had just occurred.

    Because the top of the woman’s head was unexpectedly sweaty, and even though the air of was sprayed with a dose of freshness, how keen was Yan Tian’s sense of smell? Soon, he quickly caught a whiff of a particular odor.

    Thus, Yan Tian concluded, Manager Zheng and this woman were certainly just having a love affair within the office. It was no wonder that he was soaking in sweat so early in the morning.

    “Hehe, Xiao Zhao, hurry up, this is Manager Yan. Manager Yan, this is my secretary Xiao Zhao!” Just as Manager Zheng stepped into the office, he promptly introduced Yan Tian.

    “Hello, Manager Yan!” Hearing that a person had come, Xiao Zhao didn’t dare to neglect this person in the slightest. She swiftly stood up and greeted Yan Tian.

    Yan Tian nodded politely, not saying a thing a tall. At the same time, he quite admired Manager Zheng.

    He was an older man, but he had actually engaged in passions with his twenty-something-year-old female secretary in his office. Sure enough, if there was work, let the secretary do it, if there was nothing to work on, then do the secretary. Yan Tian truly felt ashamed of his inferiority*!

    Exchanging several words together with them, Yan Tian sat down in the manager’s seat afterwards. Presently, he had to personally interview a secretary for himself; Liu Ruoxin hadn’t found him four of them?

    “Manager Zheng, didn’t Chairman Liu find four secretaries for me?”

    Yan Tian slightly wanted to get on with the show already. He didn’t know what secretaries Liu Ruoxin had found him were like. At the same time, he was a bit worried. If by chance the secretaries she had found were all uggos, what would he do?

    “Oh! Correct, yes, that’s right. I’ll call them for you right away.” Manager Zheng nodded his head and promptly hinted to his secretary Xiao Zhao to summon them.

    Xiao Zhao understood before she slightly nodded her head and went outside. Soon, Yan Tian heard the sound of knocking on the door, aware that it was the secretary had come, yet nevertheless he furrowed his brows.

    Judging on the sound made from knocking on the door, Yan Tian was certain this was a man. Calling this to mind, Yan Tian cursed darkly. Liu Ruoxin had truly found him a male secretary?


    As soon as the male secretary walked in, Yan Tian shot him a glance and then looked at him no longer, since this man actually looked more handsome than he was? He thought to himself even if he was beaten to death, he still wouldn’t want such a secretary, otherwise when they walked out together in public, the male secretary would steal all the girls.

    “Hehe, Manager Yan, this is Xiao Deng, he’s a graduate of our Fengan University. As for his educational background, in regards to the field of restaurant management, he’s done quite a bit of research.” The man was introduced by Manager Zheng the instant he stepped in.

    Manager Zheng finished speaking and then Xiao Deng stood in front of Yan Tian and introduced himself. As soon as he finished speaking, Yan Tian waved him away, making him leave and wait for a notice.

    Several minutes later, the sound of knocking could be heard from the door again. Upon hearing it, Yan Tian perked up, since judging from the noise, he was positive it was a woman. It was just that it seemed to be a burly kind of woman.

    “Manager Yan, this person is indeed rather impressive. She’s a graduate from China’s Advanced Institution. She was once working at the Changle Group. Her working capabilities are extremely strong. Due to some reasons, she left the Changle Group.”

    Since the woman had stepped in, Yan Tian had sized her up the entire way through. Although her facial features looked rather defined, she was simply too old. She was no less than thirty-something years. This bit was something he could not bare with.

    In the same manner, after the woman finished introducing herself, Yan Tian sent her off to wait for a notification, thinking to himself how could Liu Ruoxin not find him a secretary that was a tad young. Would the next secretary be a bit prettier?

    Finally, the third interviewee knocked on the door, and Yan Tian immediately came to his senses, since judging from the sound, he was certain it was a woman. Moreover, she should’ve been a chaste one.


    Yan Tian rubbed his hands quite excitedly with his two eyes looking straight ahead. This was already the third one; if they still weren’t suited to his appetite, then he was done.

    Yan Tian finished speaking and then a woman wearing professional attire entered through outside the door. The girl was roughly around twenty-two to twenty-three. All that could be seen was her goose egg-powdered face and beautiful black locks elegantly cascading downwards.

    She had willowy brows, a pair of soul-enchanting pupils, a lovely jade nose, and faint blush on her cheeks. Her lips were like cherries dripping in water and her flowery oval face was as translucent as jade. Her delicate ivory skin was as icy as snow. Her figure was strikingly beautiful, containing a lovely sentiment, whether angry or joyous.

    When Yan Tian saw the woman, he was dazed. It wasn’t on account of the woman’s beautiful looks that stunned him, but rather it was because he had actually met this beauty outside the restaurant. He hadn’t expected she had come for an interview to be his secretary.

    In the same manner, the woman was a bit stunned, since she the loony she had just run into was actually sitting in the manager’s chair right now. This made the woman a bit unable to makes heads or tails of what was going on.

    “Hahaha, Manager Yan. This one is quite satisfactory. She’s a graduate of Fengan University as well, and she has a master’s diploma. She just finished up school a short while ago.”

    Manager Zheng continued to pay attention to Yan Tian, seeing that Yan Tian kept on looking at the woman dumbly. He gave Yan Tian a simple introduction at once and thought to himself in the same instant that he and Manager Yan were the same as they both enjoyed beautiful women!

    “It’s you?” Hearing the man on the side call Yan Tian the manager, the woman’s eyes greatly widened. He man that had just been carried out a moment ago had actually transformed into the manager in a flash?

    “Yes, what a coincidence, introduce yourself to me first!” Yan Tian smiled, holding his tea with both hands and leaned back into the chair, wondering to himself didn’t this beautiful lady nevertheless fall into his hands?

  • Chapter 84: Taking The Secretary Out For A Meal

    “Uhh, ohh, Hello, Manager Yan. I’m Guo Man. I just graduated with a master’s degree from Fengan University in economics and management. I’m rather honored to have this opportunity to present to you my curriculum vitae. During the period of time I’m joining society, in order to even better exhibit my talents……”

    At first when she had bumped into Yan Tian again, Guo Man didn’t want to interview, since from what she could see, this manager simply didn’t have any sort of ability, otherwise he wouldn’t have let the security guards carry him out. With such a manager, how could have any kind of job advancement later on?

    But mulling over her family circumstances once more, Guo Man braced herself and spoke. It wasn’t easy to find a job, let alone one as the secretary of a manager at a five-star luxury restaurant.

    “Mhm, pretty good, pretty good. Go out first and wait for notice!” After he finished listening to Guo Man’s self-introduction, Yan Tian said pretty good twice. Wasn’t this exactly what he wanted?

    However ruminating it over again, there was still one more secretary, so Yan Tian had to send Guo Man out first. What if the fourth secretary happened to be a heavenly-blessed beauty?

    As soon as the fourth secretary walked in, Yan Tian rocked his head disappointedly. Although this person was pretty enough, he felt the air of haughty arrogance wafting deep within her bones. He really didn’t like this type of person.

    After he said several words, Yan Tian send the fourth secretary out.

    “Manager Zheng, I choose Guo Man, I choose her.”

    “Ayy, good, good, good, I’ll go call her in.” Manager Zheng nodded, then spoke to his secretary at his side.

    Soon, Xiao Zhao lead Guo Man in. Guo Man knew she had been selected, so her mood was quite stirred.

    “Salutations, Manager Yan!”

    Despite the fact that Guo Man had viewed Yan Tian quite unfavorably before, after she called the matter to mind again that she was going to serve as his secretary, she still had to greet him rather courteously.

    After Guo Man entered, Yan Tian shot Manager Zheng a meaningful look. Once Manager Zheng understood, he immediately smiled nefariously and brought his secretary Xiao Wang out, thinking to himself could it be that Manager Yan wanted get in on a little action inside?

    Yet he was wrong. Although Yan Tian really wanted to get in some action, he knew as well that if did something right now and his secretary didn’t want to do so, then perhaps he would be going to court. Nonetheless, Yan Tian believed in himself he wouldn’t get in such a matter, since he had the Long Huang Squad’s death exemption plate.

    “Uhh…… Umm, I’ve come to work here today as well, and those employees down stairs from a moment ago didn’t recognize me, so they carried me out.”
    Yan Tian explained rather awkwardly to Guo Man. It was necessary for this matter to be clearly explained, otherwise, she would still believe he was a manager that even normal employees dared to bully.

    “Mhm, I already know.” Guo Man nodded quite nervously.

    “Right, since you’ve come to be my secretary, then you’ll be in complete responsibility of my job; you know about this tid bit right?” Yan Tian questioned after he mulled it over.

    “Mhm, I know this.”

    For Guo Man to come interview for the position of secretary, she naturally knew what she was going to do. It was merely she was unable to make sense of why she as the secretary had to do the manager’s work. Could it be that Manager Yan would spend the entire day lying down in his office napping?

    “Good, go find Manager Zheng now to handle all the relevant procedures. I’m gonna nap first.” Yan Tian said, reclining back in his chair and yawning.

    Yet as for Guo Man on the side, seeing that Yan Tian was truly lying back in his chair sleeping, she was greatly taken aback. It seemed like sure enough, she hadn’t guessed incorrectly. This Manager Yan really was going to sleep.

    But pondering it, that was fine. If Manager Yan was going to sleep the day away, then her own wages would naturally be high as well. With such work, she wouldn’t need to worry about the cost for her father’s medical treatment.

    Considering the matter, Guo Man suddenly glanced at Yan Tian gratefully: “Okay, Manager Yan. How about I take out a blanket for you?”

    “No need!” Yan Tian promptly waved her off.


    At first, Yan Tian had planned on lying back on the chair for a little while, but he hadn’t expected that the chair would be so comfortable. Surprisingly, he slept straight up with drool coming out of the corner of his mouth!

    It wasn’t until his cell phone rang did Yan Tian wake up. At a glance, he discovered it was surprisingly Guo Man standing at the side. At the moment, she was looking at him with a faint smile.

    Yan Tian sat up in his chair immediately and wiped away his drool, but due to the flow being so much, he managed to cover his hand in it. On the contrary, Gou Man handed over a hand towel over to him quite meaningfully. Look at this, he darkly thought was ruined. His image within her mind was thoroughly trashed.

    Wiping the drool with the offered hand towel, Yan Tian took out his cell phone. Once he saw it was Wang Feng, he furrowed his brows. Don’t tell me that Wang Feng had got into an accident with Sun Nan?

    With his in mind, Yan Tian answered the call at once: “Hey, Wang Feng, what happened?”

    “Brother Tian, it’s lunch time. Sun Nan really wants me to call you out to eat together. He said he spent a lot of your money today, so he has to treat you to a meal.”

    Wang Feng’s voice sounded quite weary. Yan Tian didn’t need to know that this brat Sun Nan had wore Wang Feng ragged many times aplenty.

    “What? It’s time for lunch? So soon?” Yan Tian evidently didn’t know it was already lunch hour, so he promptly looked over to his secretary Guo Man.

    “Yes, Manager Yan. It’s already 11:53.” Guo Man slightly nodded and said.

    “Tell me where are you guys. I’ll be right over.”

    Once he heard Sun Nan wanted to treat him to lunch, Yan Tian was pleased. It seemed like he had already won Sun Nan over. Sun Nan had actually even known to call him over to eat lunch. He truly was thoughtful.

    Once he learned of the restaurant address, Yan Tian stood up from his chair and stretched out immediately. On the contrary, Guo Man came over, using a napkin to wipe up where Yan Tian had drooled quite tactfully.

    “Umm, Guo Man, let’s go together!”

    Just as he walked to the entrance, Yan Tian recalled Guo Man hadn’t eaten yet. He thought to himself it was rather necessary for him to bring her with him, since he would be able to advance the feelings between the two of them as such.

    “Oh? No thank you, Manager Yan!” Guo Man clearly hadn’t expected Yan Tian would order her to go. Her boss had invited her to go eat on her first day on the job?

    “No problems, let’s go. I want discuss over some work matters with you once more.” Yan Tian beckoned over to Guo Man.

    In truth, it was nonsense that Yan Tian had a work matter. Since he didn’t know lickity-split about the job, wasn’t he supposed to let others do the talking? Yan Tian thought nothing more than of only cooking up various schemes to get Guo Man to go out on date.

    “Alright, wait a moment, Manager Yan.”

    Seeing that Yan Tian was insistent on getting her to go, Guo Man was at a lost. She was forced to wipe clean the drool on the chair, then follow him out.

    Just as they stopped at the car, Guo Man was frozen, since Yan Tian unexpectedly drove a luxury car worth several millions. In all of her life, she had never sat in such an extravagant luxury vehicle. She hadn’t expected she was actually going to sit in one today.

    “What are you dazed about? Hurry up and get in!” Seeing Guo Man standing at the side lost in thought, Yan Tian urged her on, thinking to himself it shouldn’t be that she believed he was going to drive her off to a love hotel?

    “Oh!” Guo Man agreed, then opened the car door and sat in. She was quite nervous as she looked around at the interior decorations of the car.

    Yan Tian took note that Guo Man was quite nervous at the side, so he came to the conclusion that Guo Man’s family circumstances weren’t good at all. It was evident she had never sat in any luxury car.

    After driving for a while, Yan Tian wanted to divert Guo Man’s attention, pondering then asking: “How long were you standing next to me?”

    “Uhh, about over twenty minutes.” Guo Man answered quite nervously.

    “It took you so long to manage the formalities?” Yan Tian calculated a good couple hours had passed. How could the time it have taken for Guo Man to handle the procedures take so long?

    “Nope, Once I finished managing the formalities, Secretary Zhao directed me on some working matter.”

    “Well, I’ll say.” Considering the matter, Yan Tian understood it as well. In the end, it was only Guo Man’s first day. She naturally needed to learn about the managing affairs first.

    “If you catch me sleeping and don’t know something, then just slap me awake!” Recalling he was sleeping and that Guo Man was standing at the side for twenty-somewhat minutes, Yan Tian was rather goddamn screwed; his image had been completely ruined.

    Hearing Yan Tian’s words, Guo Man lowered her head a bit embarrassingly: “I saw Manager Yan was sound asleep, so I didn’t dare to bother your rest.”

    Yan Tian smiled awkwardly then spoke no longer. That’s just how it was, he was sound asleep, otherwise, how could he drool?

    After no less than twenty-somewhat minutes in the car, they arrived at the place Wang Feng had spoke of. There wasn’t any sort of grand restaurant here and so forth, only a few tiny ones.

    Looking all around him, Yan Tian discovered two familiar silhouettes sitting in a luxury car. Glancing carefully, wasn’t that Sun Nan and that prick Wang Feng?

    Catching sight of this, Yan Tian’s thoughts turned dark. His Swiss banking card only had 50 million left in it. It couldn’t be that these two chaps had taken his money to buy a luxury car, right?

  • Chapter 85: Spending Several Million In A Single Morning

    “Brother Tian, you’ve come.” Seeing that Yan Tian had come, Wang Feng hopped out of the luxury vehicle immediately.

    It was just that Yan Tian seemed not to have heard Wang Feng speak. He walked over to the car in front of him and looked it up and down. He was currently in a state of shock.

    “Big Bro, come over. Let’s go out and eat.” Catching sight of Yan Tian, Sun Nan was quite happy. Playing around over the course of the morning had roused his hunger, so he wanted to continue his feast.

    Yan Tian didn’t answer Sun Nan’s words, but looked at Wang Feng perplexed: “Wang Feng, this car…… Did you guys buy it?

    “Oh, are you talking about this car? Yeah, we bought it. Nan Nan wanted to buy this car, so we bought it.” Hearing Yan Tian’s question, Wang Feng smiled and answered.

    At the same moment, he was quite envious of Sun Nan, since his own elder brother Yan Tian had actually dished out 50 million RMB for Sun Nan to spend. It seemed like Brother Tian truly was a man of great wealth and taste.

    “You guys really bought it? How much was it?” Paralyzed, Yan Tian nearly stumbled over once he heard that the two of them had indeed bought the car. Luckily, Guo Man was at the side to support him.

    “Brother Tian, it wasn’t expensive. Happened to be about over 6 million RMB. It’s a sports car.”

    Sun Nan pat the car quite happily upon discussing the price. In the past, he had never sat in a car worth less than 10 million RMB at home.

    Guo Man nearly swooned over when she heard the price from the side. Goodness gracious, Manager Yan was so wealthy. And this little prince had actually said a 6 million RMB car wasn’t expensive.

    “Dammit, punk, how many of my millions did you spend this morning?” Although he had guessed in advance the car wouldn’t be cheap, hearing the sum coming from Sun Nan’s mouth sent his mind into an upheaval.

    “Huh? Big Bro didn’t you give me a banking card with 50 million inside? I spent nothing more than a couple million.” Sun Nan pouted innocently.

    “You…… Wang Feng, what did you eat? How could you spend so much cash?” Furious, Yan Tian pointed towards Sun Nan, unable to speak and yelled at Wang Feng who was at the side.

    Wang Feng clearly hadn’t expected Yan Tian would be so angry, lowering his head in fright: “Brother…… Brother Tian, didn’t you give me 50 million? Didn’t you say to buy whatever he wanted to buy? He wanted to buy a car, so I……”

    “Goddamn…… Who needs enemies when I got friends like you?* Don’t you know how to use your brain.”

    Hearing Wang Feng’s words, Yan Tian angrily spun around in place. Wang Feng and Sun Nan had surprisingly conspired together to put him in a hole.

    “Ah…… Big Bro, didn’t you say I could spend the money? How come you’re not keeping your word?” Sun Nan pouted gloomily and looked at Yan Tian, thinking to himself how could this Big Bro not keep his word.

    “I…… I…… Nothing, of course I keep my word, ehehe!”

    Originally, Yan Tian had wanted to continue stirring up a storm for a while here, but thinking that the money had already been spent, and he couldn’t take it back, he was better off taking advantage of the situation to deepen the grooves with Sun Nan. Settling on this idea, a smile rose on Yan Tian’s face. It was just that this smile was even more unsightly than weeping.

    “Haha, I said it. Big Bro definitely wouldn’t say anything. And you weren’t gonna let me buy it, hmph!”

    Sun Nan laughed twice, then look towards Wang Feng and rolled his eyes, since Wang Feng had actually wanted to stop him when he had bought the car. Stubbornly, Sun Nan had pestered Wang Feng to death until they had reached a compromise at the dealership.

    As for Yan Tian, there was currently nothing that could be down. The money had already been spent and it would do no good to speak further of it. It was just that Yan Tian couldn’t let his millions fly away in vain. Since Sun Yue’s little brother had spent his cash, he would make her compensate him.

    Mulling it over, pleasure suddenly sprouted in Yan Tian’s heart, thinking to himself if he let the little beauty Sun Yue know he had given so much cash to her little brother, then wouldn’t she be moved to devote herself to him?

    “Woah, Brother Tian, who’s this pretty big sis?” At this time, Sun Nan paid attention to Guo Man who stood by the side and asked curiously.

    Not waiting for Yan Tian to introduce her, Guo Man rushed over to Sun Nan and smiled: “Greetings, young master. I’m Manager Yan’s secretary, Guo Man.”

    “Oh!” Sun Nan nodded after he heard her.

    In the same moment, he was quite envious of Yan Tian. This Big Bro actually had a beauty to accompany him wherever he went. At home he had his elder sister to accompany him, and then when he went to work he even had this beautiful big sis to surprisingly tag along with him as well.

    “Oh, right. This is my little bro Wang Feng. Wang Feng, this is my secretary, Guo Man.” Yan Tian suddenly realized the several people present still weren’t acquainted with each other, so he made introductions.

    “Hello! Hello!”

    Wang Feng heard Yan Tian and greeted Guo Man excitedly. In turn, she nodded her head courteously. At the same time, Wang Feng had extended his hand, wanting to shake hands with Yan Tian’s beautiful secretary. Yet glancing over at Yan Tian’s glaring expression at him, he awkwardly drew his hand back.

    Although he hadn’t shaken hands with Guo Man, Wang Feng was still quite happy, since Yan Tian had actually just hailed him as his little bro. He hadn’t expected Yan Tian would actually look upon him as such.

    “Sigh, alright. Let’s go eat.” Sighing, Yan Tian walked over to the little eatery.

    “Big Bro, where are you going? We’re not going to eat at a big restaurant?” Seeing that Yan Tian didn’t get into the car and was walking forwards, Sun Nan asked puzzledly.

    “Mhm? Didn’t you guys call me here? What’s up?”

    “Geez, Big Bro. Me and Wang Feng were only waiting for you here is all. Let’s go eat at a big restaurant, alright?” Sun Yue said, then sat down in his freshly-bought car.

    Yan Tian stood there, thinking the matter over once he heard Sun Nan wanted to go eat at a big restaurant. If they went to a big restaurant, it was a foregone conclusion that Sun Nan would ruthlessly bamboozle him out of a meal. Didn’t he even see that prick Wang Feng licking his lips?

    Yan Tian decided they would eat at the little eatery after he thought it through, since it would only be several hundred RMB to eat there. Anyways, Yan Tian had become hungry after he slept away the entire morning. He didn’t want to run off so far away.

    “Fine, we can’t go eat at big restaurant right now, so we’ll eat here. It looks pretty lively inside, so I reckon the taste is pretty good.” Yan Tian said and walked inside, not paying attention to the others.

    Guo Man saw that Yan Tian surprisingly didn’t want to go to a big restaurant, but wanted to eat at this little eatery was greatly taken aback. She had originally believed Manager Yan was wealthy silk pants great young master, but it seemed like contrary to expectation, he wasn’t so bad.

    Musing over this, Guo Man close followed Yan Tian from behind. She herself was born of poverty, so she didn’t have any opinions towards this little eatery. At the same time, she felt that there wasn’t any need to be so extravagant when it came to eating. If you could eat your fill, then that was fine.

    Seeing Yan Tian and Guoman walk in, Wang Feng creeped in as well. The goon Wang Feng was originally a neighborhood bully, so he was alright eating wherever.

    “Hey, aren’t we going to a big restaurant?”

    Noticing that all the people had walked in, Sun Nan cried out helplessly twice, sitting in his car, yet not a single person paid attention to him. Without a choice, he was forced to open the car door and follow them in.

    After they requested a room, Yan Tian took the menu and swiftly ordered a great heaping of good. He absolutely wouldn’t let Wang Feng and Sun Nan order, since he knew if he did, the two of them would only bamboozle him. On the contrary, he had allowed Guo Man at his side to order to dishes.

    As the food was served, Yan Tian picked up his bowl and chopsticks and began to gorge himself. Eating with a mouth full of grease, this was rather customary for him. No matter where he was, he would eat with such table manners.

    Wang Feng had already known about Yan Tian’s table manners, so he didn’t feel anything upon seeing it, but Sun Nan was the same as Yan Tian. He was a little glutton as well, eating with his mouth smeared in grease, scared that Yan Tian would devour it all.

    Yet as for Guo Man, she was stunned in place, since of the four total people sitting here, it could be said they were divided between two classes: the rich and poor.

    At a glance, Sun Nan was the young master of a wealthy family. From his attire, he definitely wasn’t lacking money, and the car he had bought was several millions of RMB. Then there was Yan Tian, which nothing had to be said for. How could her boss have no money?

    Yet as for Wang Feng, although he was Manager Yan’s little bro, she could see he wasn’t well off at all, just from his clothes. Thus, Guo Man concluded that she and Wang Feng ought to have been the same — people who weren’t wealthy by any means.

    But because of such a disparity, Guo Man was greatly taken aback, since Manager Yan’s and the young master Sun Nan’s tables manners were actually so wretched. Meanwhile, for Wang Feng, although his manners weren’t easy on the eyes either, it was by far much better than Manager Yan’s and Sun Nan’s.

    Observing this scene, Guo Man felt the entire world had toppled over on its head. Shouldn’t it have been the wealthy that embodied restraint? So how come the two people in front of her were like such?

    “Mhm? Guo Man, eat up quickly, the food will grow cold soon.”

    Catching sight of Guo Man sitting there, looking at him woodenly, Yan Tian swallowed his food and urged her on, pondering to himself was it possible that she looked down on the food here?

    *phrase is literally “not scared of god-like opponents, but scared of pig-like ones. This one threw me in a loop before I found out what it meant. Interesting bit here.

  • Chapter 86: I’ll Give You Three Seconds


    Nodding, Guo Man nervously picked up her bowl and chopsticks and began to eat. Looking the food over attentively, it seemed that the food ordered by Manager Yan was quite scrumptious.

    Over the course of the meal, Guo Man nearly hadn’t said a word, since in her eyes, she and Yan Tian were simply people of two different worlds. One of the was a wealthy big boss, and she was basically unable to compare.

    Yet Guo Man didn’t know that in the month before, Yan Tian had even been a crazy-looking basket case that told others stories all day. He didn’t even have the money to buy a cell phone.

    Although Guo Man really hadn’t said much as they ate, Sun Nan wasn’t the same. While he didn’t talked too much with Guo Man, he put some food into her bowl from time to time. Contrary to expectation, the two of them were full of cheer and mirth together.

    Upon noticing this, Yan Tian briefly glared at Sun Nan. This brat had spent so much of his money this morning, and he actually wanted to hook up with the secretary that he had just found? He would not stand for it. He absolutely would not stand for it.

    “Oh my, Guo Man, come try this Szechuan shredded pork stir fry; I thought it tasted pretty good.” Mulling over the situation, Yan Tian put a bit of food in Guo Man’s bowl as well. This time, he would uphold his sovereignty.

    Once she saw Manager Yan giving her food, Guo Man was stunned. What was up with these two moneybags? How come they were giving her food? Should she eat or not eat?

    If she ate it, the two people’s chopsticks were coated with saliva. On the contrary, Sun Nan was fine, since she considered him a little brother, and all in all, he was a little guy. But what was the situation with Manager Yan?

    If she didn’t eat it, then wouldn’t it clearly demonstrate she disliked the two of them giving her food? This gave Guo Man quite the headache, thinking to herself if by chance Wang Feng was to give her food as well, she would be finished.

    In fact, Wang Feng really did want to give Guo Man food, but he didn’t dare to do so. Who would dare to have intentions towards a woman that Brother Tian fancied? Wasn’t this looking for a bad time? It wasn’t like he had never seen Yan Tian’s abilities.

    As Guo Man was left in a somewhat awkward state, some men suddenly kicked down the door to their room. Subsequently, three flip flop-wearing gangsters spilled in.

    Upon seeing this, Yan Tian furrowed his brows. His luck truly was rotten today. The little brat had rattled him awake before he had even woken up and afterwards when he went to the restaurant, his own employees had taken him for a basket case and thrown him out.

    Later on, Sun Nan had cleaned him out of several million, and now, just as he was eating, some people had kicked into his room. Sure enough, if a man had fallen out of luck, even drinking water would get stuck in between their teeth*.

    Guo Man clearly jolted up in fright after she saw that door had been kicked in. When had she ever seen such a scene?

    As for Sun Nan, he actually didn’t have the least bit of a frightened expression. With his interest stoked, he crooked his head to look at the three men, thinking to himself that it was a good show to watch.

    “Whatcha you guys doing? Don’t you see we’re eating?” Ever since Wang Feng had grouped up with Ah Long, his courage had made great transformations, so he stood up immediately and said.

    “Whatever, you guys have eaten long enough. Give us your seats now and step aside. Hurry up.” The leading gangster clearly didn’t want to shoot the breeze with Wang Feng. He directly ordered Yan Tian and the others to leave, blatantly demonstrating he had come to rob them of their seats.

    “Hmph, don’t you know it’s first come, first serve here? As soon as we eating, we’ll leave.” Wang Feng snorted coldly and said.

    “Didn’t you hear what daddy just said? I said I want you guys to get out now. My big bro wants to eat.” The leading gangster continued to glare at Wang Feng and clenched his teeth.

    Listening to the gangster’s words, Wang Feng glanced over at Yan Tian, but all he saw was that Yan Tian didn’t seem to have heard them at all. He even continued to sit there eating pleasantly.

    “How are you guys being reasonable? We clearly got here first; why should we hand over the seats to you?” At this time, Guo Man said quite reasonably.

    “Why? Daddy’s come to eat, so who dare’s not give up their seat?”

    Soon after, a somewhat rough voice could be heard from outside the room. Once the three gangsters heard it, they immediately cleared a path; evidently this was the boss they had spoken of.

    After the man came in, Yan Tian briefly squinted at him. All that was visible was the man’s square-looking face and scraggly beard framing it. A cigar hung in his mouth, completely in the same manner as an underworld boss.

    Glancing at the man, Yan Tian shook his head and continued to eat. If such a person was called boss by the several gangsters on the side, then anyone could be a boss as well. In his mind, he could only use a single word to describe them: “foolish”!

    “Woah, there’s even a little beauty here.” Just as the man entered, he laid his eyes on Guo Man sitting down at the table. His eyes suddenly glimmered.

    As she watched the man stare lecherously at herself, Guo Man lowered her head in fright.

    “Pretty lady, how about you have a drink with big bro.” The man stared at Guo Man lasciviously and licked his lips.

    Wang Feng was immediately sent into a foul mood once he saw the man staring at Guo Man like so. He actually dared to hit on Brother Tian’s woman. Wasn’t this asking for a beating?

    Just as Wang Feng was preparing to say something, he heard Yan Tian step forward first and say coldly: “I’ll give you guys three seconds. Get out of here within three seconds, or else you’ll have to bear the consequences.”

    Yan Tian didn’t even raise his head, engrossed on eating his food with his head lowered. It was as if the words he had just said didn’t match up with what he had spoke of.

    The man clearly hadn’t heard Yan Tian’s words, as he continued to stretch his hand out, wanting to grab onto Guo Man’s hand.


    Suddenly, a crunching sound echoed out between them. It was unknown when Yan Tian’s hand had flew out, but he had already seized the man’s finger. With all of his strength, he snapped it.

    “Oh…… My hand, my hand!”

    The man finally felt immeasurable pain radiating from his finger and drew his hand back, crying out incessantly.

    “I said it. If you didn’t step back within three seconds, then you would have to bear the consequences.” Yan Tian clapped his hands and picked up his chopsticks to continue eating with quite the indifferent manner.

    Wang Feng watched Yan Tian directly snap the man’s finger and felt fear in his heart. Yan Tian was too vicious. Without a second word, he had sent a man off to the hospital. This was truly a ruthless person.

    “Wow, Big Bro is awesome!” On the contrary, Sun Nan didn’t find anything out of place. He clapped his hands happily.

    As for Guo Man, she didn’t even dare to pick up her chopsticks right now. This was too terrible. Her boss was extremely merciless.

    “Argh…… Beat him up for me. Hit him, argh, my hand!” The man groaned for a good while then called on his several brothers to make a move.

    After the several gangsters heard the man, they immediately sobered up. Each of them glared fiercely at Yan Tian who was sitting on the chair. He had actually dared to strike their big brother, wasn’t this begging for a rumble?

    Each of the thugs swung their fists towards Yan Tian’s head in greeting. At the same moment, they laughed at Yan Tian’s foolishness in their minds. The man was actually still sitting unperturbed while eating?

    “Ah! Be careful, Manager Yan!” Seeing Yan Tian sitting there cooly and eating, Guo Man warned him.

    Although Yan Tian appeared to be calmly eating, he was paying attention to everything in his surroundings at the moment. Just as the several gangsters were about to strike him, he immediately waved his hand.

    Followingly, the three gangster’s arms were slapped by Yan Tian in different places, yet he still wasn’t finished. Just as the trio were slapped by him, he extended his foot, immediately attracting the attention of several people below by sending them crashing into the floor.

    “I even just said it. If you didn’t get lost in three seconds, then you’d have to bear the consequences.” Yan Tian said coldly.

    Hearing Yan Tian say this, the three gangsters retreated backwards in terror, since they were scared that they would have their fingers snapped like their big brothers in the next second as well.

    “Goddamn, what’re you scared of? Beat him up for me!”

    As soon as the elder brother who had his finger snapped saw his little bros so scared, he angrily kicked one of them in the butt, inciting them to continue on.

    The three gangsters met Yan Tian eye-to-eye and charged towards him, yet this time, not waiting for them to make a move, Yan Tian made the first one. At the same time, Wang Feng brandished his fists and charged over as well.

    Without the least bit of mishap, the three gangsters were directly sent out of the room by Yan Tian with two kicks. The remaining boss saw that Yan Tian was rather ferocious, so he gunned it out of the room, crawling out. He had kicked a hard point this time.

    “Truly disappointing. People were eating, but they wouldn’t let them do so in peace. What trash!” After he drove out the several gangsters, Yan Tian clapped his hands and proceeded to return to his seat.

    “Wow, Big Bro, you’re so fierce.” Currently, Sun Nan was looking at Yan Tian in even more and more adoration. He hadn’t expected this big brother wasn’t only loaded, but even knew a bit of kung fu too.

    Guo Man had a whole new level of respect for Yan Tian as well. Before, she had felt overall that Manager Yan was rather agreeable with his seemingly benevolent manner, but she hadn’t expected he would be so ruthless. He had snapped another man’s finger without any qualms.

    *meaning of this is bad luck is super bad luck

  • Chapter 87: The Police Arrive

    Guo Man thought to herself whether or not she should continue to stay besides Yan Tian and work. If by chance he was willing to vent his anger on her one day, then what would she do?

    “Guo Man, what’s up?” Catching sight of Guo Man sitting there blankly, Yan Tian called out to her.

    “Uhh, nothing’s wrong, Manager Yan!” Guo Man nodded her head quite flustered.

    Taking in Guo Man’s absent-minded expression, Yan Tian shook his head bitterly. It seemed like his display just now had scared her.

    After lunch had passed, Yan Tian had planned on continuing to let Wang Feng bring Sun Nan out for fun. Although Wang Feng’s expression was quite unwilling, he could only nod his head wryly.

    Meanwhile, just as Yan Tian was preparing to head back to his restaurant, he suddenly heard a police siren. Following afterwards, he saw two police cars drive in with blaring lights.

    Upon seeing this, Yan Tian shook his head helplessly. It appeared that the four of those men had made a report to the police. That was just great. They wouldn’t be getting back to the restaurant anytime soon.

    “Uh, Brother……. Brother Tian, the cops!”

    Noticing the police had come, Wang Feng seemed like his spirit had flown away. In the past, all of the things he had done weren’t all that on the straight and narrow. He had previously made quite a few trips to the police station, so he had phobia towards the police now.

    “What’re you worked up for? Isn’t it just the police? The emperor ain’t nervous but the court eunuch is*.” Yan Tian glared disdainfully at Wang Feng for a second, thinking to himself how could the man be so terrified?

    In fact, Yan Tian simply wasn’t scared of the police. He had been to the police station no few amount of times as well in the past. Even if they captured him, he would rush in alone, atop a steed and wielding a spear*. Wasn’t it just the police?

    At the same time, Yan Tian had a good few connections too. Even if he got arrested, didn’t he have Liu Ruoxin? Relying on just her ability, it shouldn’t be of any difficulty to fish him out of the police station.

    There was also Yan Tian’s Long Huang Squad status. As long as he was clear, then he would make the police captain personally pour tea for him minute by minute. Then there was Sun Nan, whose family background was quite strong, so a police station simply wasn’t anything to care about. Didn’t he see even see the little guy was giggling?

    Being scolded like so by Yan Tian, Wang Feng nodded his head in embarrassment. In all honesty, he was scared because the police had arrested him in the past, but once he thought things over, wasn’t his elder brother fricking awesome? Thus, there shouldn’t be any issues.

    As for Guo Man, the fact was that she wasn’t as relaxed as Yan Tian and the others. Currently, all she knew that the police had come. Moreover, they were rushing towards him at a hundred percent, so she was quite nervous.

    As soon as the police neared, several officers got out of the car. Looking at the squadron of them, Yan Tian was stunned. It had surprisingly turned out be Zhuang Yiyi that he had met last time, and was moreover unable to get along with.

    Upon seeing this, Yan Tian turned his head. He had really lost major face this time. He was actually going to be arrested by this woman.

    “Hmph, we just received a police report a moment ago. It said the four of you just injured a man. Was there such a case?” Just as she walked over, Zhuang Yiyi knit her brows. She had originally been resting easy in her office, yet she had suddenly received a police report. This made her quite angry.

    “Uh, this is……” Seeing Yan Tian had turned his head, Wang Feng didn’t know how he should respond. Should he tell the truth or take it to his grave?

    “Hey, you there, turn your head around for me.”

    Seeing that someone surprisingly had his back to her, Zhuang Yiyi was rather furious. It was merely why was this person’s back so familiar?

    “Ah, haha, long time no see, beautiful lady, ehehe!”
    Yan Tian turned his head towards Zhuang Yiyi in embarrassment and greeted her.

    “You…… Yan Tian? It’s you?” Zhuang Yiyi hadn’t the expected the man would actually be Yan Tian. She was so startled that words failed her.

    “Haha, beautiful police lady, I know I’m quite handsome, but if you look at me like that I’ll be embarrassed!” Yan Tian shook his head a bit of shyly.

    The crowd on the side exhaled a breath of air in relief when they heard that Yan Tian and the beautiful police officer were surprisingly acquainted with each other. Since they were acquaintances, then things should be handled nicely. It just happened to be that they didn’t know something, and that was Zhuang Yiyi was preparing to take advantage of the situation to teach Yan Tian a little lesson.

    “Hello…… You, we just got a report that someone injured a man here. I was curious as to who it would be, but it turned out to be you.”

    Glancing at Yan Tian, Zhuang Yiyi nodded her head angrily, thinking to herself that he had actually fallen into her hands today. She definitely wouldn’t let him off easy.

    “Haha, not bad, not bad at all. Look, if there’s nothing else, then’ll we’ll take our leave first, ha. See ya around.” Laughing, Yan Tian turned around and opened his car door, getting ready to seat himself.

    “Freeze! You hit someone, but think you can escape? I heard you’re my Sis Ruoxin’s husband, right? I really can’t see it!”

    Seeing that Yan Tian was going to flee, Zhuang Yiyi’s hand charged forward with madness in her eyes. She grabbed on to the door of his car and glared at him in satisfaction.

    “Geez, by my sweet grand aunty, what do you think you’re doing? Could it be I’m wrong?”

    Currently, Yan Tian was slightly regretting that he had kept on ogling Zhuang Yiyi last time. This was just great. He had run into her in such a style.

    “What’s to do? Of course, I’m going to bring you back to the police station. You actually dared to hit someone during the light of day. Take him away.” Zhuang Yiyi stooped over to look at Yan Tian, saying several things before she ordered the officers behind her to carry him off.

    Helpless, Yan Tian was forced to stick his hands our obediently and let himself be cuffed. In fact, he was completely capable of gunning his car out of here, since his Porsche Sport was equipped with the technology to do so. A normal vehicle wouldn’t be able to chase after him.

    After Yan Tian was cuffed, Zhuang Yiyi smiled proudly. At long last, she had seized the opportunity given to her. She wanted to see where he would run off this time.

    Seeing himself cuffed, Yan Tian smiled helplessly. They wanted to restrain with the handcuffs? Was this a joke? If he wanted to break free, then he would waste nothing more than a bit of strength.

    “What are you guys doing? It was them that clearly just made the first move towards us; it was only self-defense. Why are arresting him at will?” Seeing that Yan Tian had been cuffed, Guo Man was displeased. She explained things to Zhuang Yiyi quite anxiously.

    Listening to Guo Man speak like so, Zhuang Yiyi truly deliberated the matter. If it was a normal person, then cuffing them directly like this was indeed a tad bit excessive. However, Yan Tian wasn’t the same. Last time, he had taken liberties with her, so naturally she was going to cuff him. She was acting on her own private grievances.

    “Yan Tian, I really don’t see it. You’ve even got a wife, but you actually still go out to frolic about with other women? Say, does my Sis Ruoxin know?

    At this time, Zhuang Yiyi was paying attention to the pretty-looking woman standing at the side, suspicious if Yan Tian was keeping a side chick behind Liu Ruoxin’s back.

    “You…… You, how come this person is so unreasonable?” Hearing that the policewoman took her to be Yan Tian’s mistress, Guo Man fell into a foul mood. Although she was quite agreeable, she absolutely would not let others slander her.

    Zhuang Yiyi evidently hadn’t expected that this woman’s reaction would be so great. Could it be that her understanding was wrong?

    In fact, when Yan Tian heard Zhuang Yiyi’s words, on the contrary, he didn’t want to explain himself, since he truly planning such a thing in his mind. But seeing how great Guo Man’s reaction was, he felt it was rather necessary for him to explain the matter.

    “How could it be possible? Am I such a man? She’s my secretary. Ruoxin knows about it, too.”

    “Hmph, take him away!”

    Seeing how Zhuang Yiyi had misunderstood him, he snorted coldly. At the same time, he looked at Guo Man quite apologetically. She was a woman as well, so she knew; a woman’s purity was quite important.

    Helpless, Yan Tian and the other three were forced to get into the police car. Their car was left to be driven by the two police officiers. The two of them were quite excited as they looked at the luxury car. They hadn’t expected that they would be able to drive one as police officers.

    Inside the police car, Yan Tian was rather sullen, since Guo Man and the other simply weren’t cuffed. He was the sole person that got handcuffed. This made him feel that things were quite unfair.

    “Hey, lemme say pretty lady, why did you only cuff me?” Yan Tian looked at Zhuang Yiyi who was driving in much puzzlement.

    “Why? Because you’re special.” Zhuang Yiyi said smugly.

    “Sigh, I know look rather handsome, but you can’t be so jealous. In fact, I think you can’t be considered ugly as well.” Yan Tian looked at the cuffs on his hands and said miserably.

    At the side, Guo Man was nearly unable to restrain her laughter as she heard this. From what she could see, Manager Yan was being deliberate. He had even spoke of himself as being handsome. This bit was something Guo Man truly couldn’t see.

    “You…… Just you wait for me, hmph!”

    Hearing Yan Tian’s words, Zhuang Yiyi was incensed. When she was first at the police academy, she had been publicly recognized as the school beauty. The amount of men pursuing her weren’t few, but this Yan Tian had actually said she couldn’t be considered ugly. What was the meaning of these words?

  • Chapter 88: A Fraudulent Condition

    After they arrived at the police station, Yan Tian noticed the three gangsters were inside as well. It was just that their elder brother wasn’t present. He should’ve went to hospital to treat his finger.

    Wang Feng walked into the police station and nervously hid behind Yan Tian, appearing like he was a weak, timid maiden. Even Guo Man at the side shook her head helplessly.

    As for Sun Nan, he had actually walked in the faster than anyone else, as if he had walked into his own home. He was quite happy. He didn’t seem to have the smallest trace of nervousness.

    Just as Yan Tian and the rest of them arrived at the police station, Captain Cai immediately walked out. Yet after he glanced at Yan Tian, he instantly grabbed onto Yan Tian’s hand, saying excitedly: “Woah, if it isn’t Mr.Yan? Little Zhuang, why did you arrest Mr.Yan and bring him back here? You even cuffed him? Hurry up, release him.”

    “Hmph, didn’t you order me to arrest that person? It was Mr.Yan that struck a man.” Hearing that Captain Cai wanted to release Yan Tian, Zhuang Yiyi explained things at once. Scared that her wouldn’t believe her, she faced towards the three gangster and asked: “Hey, you three, is it him?”

    “Hey, right, that’s right, it’s him. He’s the one that snapped my my big bro’s finger, then he hit the three of us.” The three gangsters heard Zhuang Yiyi and nodded.

    Captain Cai glanced at Yan Tian in astonishment after he heard them. Why had Mr.Yan struck them?

    Yan Tian smiled straight ahead at Captain Cai as well. This could be considered his tacit agreement.

    “Hmph, even if Mr.Yan hit someone, how could you cuff him? Hurry up and let him go.” Captain Cai said to Zhuang Yiyi angrily.

    “I won’t. Who allowed him to keep on ogling me last time?” Zhuang Yiyi pouted and said.

    “You, this is official business. You can properly resolve the matter between the two of you when you’re off the clock. Be quick about it and release him.”

    Zhuang Yiyi pouted, being scolded like so by Captain Cai, yet she was still quite unwilling to let release Yan Tian of his handcuffs. As she took his handcuffs, she surprisingly took advantage of the opportunity to pinch Yan Tian’s flesh.

    “Well, well, well, why if it isn’t Wang Feng? What brings you around?

    As soon as Yan Tian was released off his handcuffs, Captain Cai noticed Wang Feng behind Yan Tian. In the past, Wang Feng had been a frequent guest at the police station. He and Captain could be considered “old friends”.

    “Uhh, Captain…… Captain Cai, long time no see, ehehe!” Seeing that he had been discovered, Wang Feng looked at Captain Cai and laughed awkwardly.

    “Long time no see? I remember we just happened not to have seen each other in about twenty-somewhat days.” Captain Cai stroked his chin and said.

    “Heh, then it really has been long, ehehe!”

    In the past couple years, Wang Feng had come to the police station receive “education” no small amount of times. Every time his crimes were of small misunderstandings, so he was just taught a lesson, then released. This lead to him to regularly running into trouble.

    “Hey! That’s right, Mr.Yan why did you hit these men? Suddenly, Captain Cai glanced over at Yan Tian quite curiously.

    Upon having the reason of why he had struck the gangsters mentioned, Yan Tian didn’t plan on pulling the wool over their eyes this time, since he had originally acted in self defense. Moreover, Sun Nan and Guo Man could bear witness to it at the side.

    Initially, the three gangsters wouldn’t admit they they had made the first move no matter what, but as soon as Captain Cai ordered some men to come in contact with the eatery boss, the three of them had nothing left to say. Since there were many witnesses, they simply weren’t able to explain the matter clearly.

    After statements were recorded, Yan Tian and the others were released. As for the three gangsters, they would definitely be taught a good lesson by Captain Cai.

    Watching Yan Tian walk away like so, Zhuang Yiyi angrily stomped the floor. He had actually gotten off scot free.

    As soon as he returned to the restaurant, Yan Tian continued to lay back in his chair, yawning, while Guo Man stood over by the side respectfully.

    Look at the pile of documents lying on the table gave Yan Tian quite the headache. He flippantly looked over two of them and found he simply wasn’t able to understand a thing, but for appearances sake, he nevertheless studied them pretentiously.

    After looking over the documents for several minutes, Yan Tian closed the document in boredom. He then turned on the computer on the office desk and surfed the web. After he did some browsing for a while, he opened up a game for some fun.

    Meanwhile, Guo Man had long been left petrified in place. Manager Yan was actually playing a game right in front of her face. Not even to speak of the game, it was quite common to loosen up a bit when work got tiresome.

    Yet Guo Man couldn’t understand it. The game that Manager Yan was playing wasn’t some shooting game, nor was it a some wrestling game. Rather it was…… It was a skirt-blowing game?!

    All that could be seen was Yan Tian was looking for something for a good while on the web page, until he found an immortal beauty skirt blowing game. Subsequently, he took the microphone and blew into it with all of his strength. Blowing in front of of Guo Man’s face, he didn’t know he had made her step back.

    As Yan Tian was blowing his heart out, his cell phone suddenly rang. Taking his cell phone, he caught a glimpse that it was Diana. He thought to himself could it be that she had news about the blood jade?

    As soon as Yan Tian finished blowing beauty’s skirt at long last, he was a bit reluctant to leave his office desk. He was going to find a secluded location to make the call.

    After Yan Tian walked away, Guo Man turned off the computer screen immediately. By no means did she shut off Yan Tian’s skirt-blowing game, since she found that just now he was blowing rather happily. It was uncertain to say, but later on he might still want to come back and continue blowing. It had to be known there were still a good many beauties that he hadn’t blown at in the game.

    Once he walked into vacant guest room, Yan Tian returned Diana’s call. After a period of ring tones, she picked up the call.

    “Yan Tian, I’ve already ordered people to negotiate with that wealthy arab for the past two days.” Diana spoke in London-accented English.

    “Mhm, what’s the result?”

    “That man isn’t lacking any money in the slightest. No matter the amount of money, he wouldn’t sell the rooster blood jade.”

    “Mhm, did he have any condition?” Yan Tian furrowed his brows and asked.

    In fact, Yan Tian had guessed such a result long ago, since the wealthy arab could be counted on as a man of affluence, he naturally wouldn’t be in any shortage of wealth. Thus, Yan Tian didn’t feel it to be curious at all. Sometimes, money was a thing that wasn’t all encompassing by any means.

    “Mhm, I’ve called you to relay the reason. He knows we want the piece of blood jade, so he put forth a condition.” Diana nodded her head.

    “What’s his condition?”

    Hearing there was a condition, Yan Tian’s interest was aroused, thinking to himself as long as he was capable of handling it, he would definitely do it. Even if he had to assassinate a government leader, then he would risk his life to do so.

    “In fact, his condition can be said to be difficult, yet not difficult. That’s to say, it’s not hard, but neither is it easy.”

    “Geez, you little princess, don’t keep me waiting in the dark. Why don’t you hurry up and say it? Don’t tell me you don’t know this international call is really fricking expensive?” Listening to Diana leaving him in endless suspense, Yan Tian urged her on a bit anxiously.

    “Alright, alright. It’s like this. When that wealthy arab was young, he he had a son, but the son’s already been missing for thirteen years. The arab only knows that at the time, this son got carried off by a group of mercenaries, but he doesn’t know the definite position.” Diana nodded and said.

    “Oh? His thirteen-year-old son is missing? Snatched away by mercenaries? His intentions are?

    “Mhm, He said as long as you can help him retrieve his son, then he’ll hand over the rooster blood jade to us. He discussed no other condition.”

    “What the fuck, isn’t he playing me? There are so many mercenaries in the world. Where does he want me to go look?”

    Hearing of this condition, Yan Tian wanted to curse. No doubt, this was like fishing a needle out of the sea. Overall, he couldn’t go scouring the world of all it’s mercenaries. Afterwards, he would then have to question each of them. If it was to be like this, Yan Tian reckoned it wouldn’t be long until he was turned into Swiss cheese by their gunfire.

    “Sigh, there’s no way around it. That wealthy arab only put forward such a condition. He wouldn’t discuss any other conditions without exception.” Diana sighed and said.

    “His thirteen-year-old son is missing? How long?” Yan Tian furrowed his brows and questioned.

    “It’s already been a whole eight years.”

    “What the fuck, he’s really taking me for a ride! Eight years. That guy doesn’t even know how he’s changed. How does he want me to find him?” Yan Tian said indignantly.

    The son had already been missing for eight years. Whether the son was still alive or not was the question. It had to be know that he had initially been taken away by the mercenaries. Yet what were mercenaries? They were specialists that took on calamities in place of others for coin.

    The life of a mercenary could be said to be uncertain. You could possibly die when you went out to receive a mission, or you could die in the next second. You would be eternally unaware of what tomorrow would be like. The wealthy arab actually wanted to find someone that had been missing for eight years now. Wasn’t this toying with him?

    T/N: I didn’t even know they had games like that. I guess I’ll go play some lel

  • Chapter 89: Problematic By Myself

    “There’s nothing that can be done!” Diana spread her hands out helplessly.

    Mulling the matter over, Yan Tian suddenly had the urge to rob the arab directly. He was an assassin by origin. Wasn’t this what he was best at?

    “Hey, that’s right, where is that wealthy arab? Can you find out the specific location of where he’s placed the rooster blood jade?”

    “How come? What are you going to do? You want to run over there and snatch him of it straight away?” Diana had evidently already guessed what Yan Tian was thinking of doing. Based on his nature, wasn’t it that he was fond of using force?

    “Uhh, ehehe, no, I was just thinking about paying a visit to the old man.” Seeing that Diana had hit the nail on the head, Yan Tian shook his head a bit embarrassingly.

    Diana heard this and shook her head helplessly: “Hey, Yan Tian, if the man didn’t put forth a condition, did you plan on robbing him of his item? You’re too immoral!”

    “Well shoot, is his condition really a condition? It’s too fraudulent.”

    “Hmph, isn’t it just a little difficult? What about it, you scared?” Diana asked rather smugly.

    “What? Scared? I, Yan Tian, don’t have the word scared in my dictionary. What am I scared of? What a joke.” Yan Tian said boldly.

    Listening to Yan Tian’s words, Diana said disdainfully: “Really? I seem to remember that someone spent two days and two nights being chased to death by three people two years ago. Who was that person?”

    “Oh? Uhh…….. Well, that can’t be considered scared. Don’t you understand that’s a battle technique? In China, we have an ancient saying in the script known as the Thirty-six Stratagems; if all else fails, retreat.” Hearing of Diana speaking about the matter of him being hunted, Yan Tian shook his head in embarrassment.

    At that time as Yan Tian was executing an assignment, a development occurred. He had to go into a mercenary lair and rescue a person, but in the end, the person hadn’t been rescued and he had even been hunted down for two days and two nights. This could be blamed on him having underestimated the enemy at that time.

    “Hmph, since you’re not scared, then why don’t you test out that arab’s condition?” Diana snorted coldly and said.

    “I want to as well, but it’s just that this condition is too friggin’ dishonest.”

    “I don’t care. If you want to go straight to robbing the rooster blood jade, I won’t tell you the location.” Diana pouted.

    “Then what’s to be done? Could it be you have a clue about his son?”

    Suddenly, Yan Tian’s eyes glimmered. If Diana’s intentions were for him to go help complete the wealthy arab’s condition, then he could guess that she definitely had some kind of clue, otherwise, she wouldn’t obstruct him from immediately snatching the item.

    “Mhm, a clue. Indeed, I’ve found one. How about that? Do you wanna know?” Diana said smugly.

    “I want it, I want it!” Hearing that sure enough there was a clue, Yan Tian nodded his head straight away.

    “Alright, I’ll tidy things up a bit on my end first, and I’ll send it to your email later on.”

    After the call was finished, Yan Tian lied down on the bed in the guest room and yawned. Since there was a clue, then things could be properly managed. Wasn’t it just rescuing a single person? That wasn’t an issue.

    Lying down for a while, Yan Tian’s phone rang. He knew it was his email, so he opened his cell and looked it over.

    Once he finished studying the information, Yan Tian furrowed his brows. It appeared that this assignment wouldn’t be simple by any means. It would be a bit challenging to complete it alone.

    The name of the wealthy arab’s son was Kaiser. Eight years ago, a group of mercenaries had taken him away. Based on the intelligence, Kaiser was presently in a mercenary corps known as the Sea Wolves. As for what he was doing inside, the intelligence didn’t explain it.

    Yan Tian knew of the Sea Wolves as well. It was merely that he had never seen them was all. Their mercenary corps consisted of no less than a three hundred well-trained, accomplished mercenaries and their lair was within a jungle in Africa.

    Currently, it was extremely probable that Kaiser was within the den of the Sea Wolves, so if Yan Tian wanted to bring Kaiser out, then it was necessary of him to infiltrate their lair.

    Without a doubt, this was an assignment of the highest difficulty, since if he lapsed in his vigilance in even just a little bit, the three hundred mercenaries would send him spinning. Although Yan Tian was quite awesome and could take on a hundred men, that was only limited to ordinary people.

    If they were replaced with hardened mercenaries, then Yan Tian wouldn’t be able to do it. At most, he could only handle ten-somewhat men. Of course, if the strengths of the mercenaries were a tad weaker, then he would be able to fight more.

    But in modern society, who would close in on you and fight? If Yan Tian was discovered by them, the mercenaries would level their submachine guns at him and riddle his body with gunfire straight away.

    Although Yan Tian could dodge a few bullets, if it were several tens of men to even a hundred men aiming their submachine guns at him, then he would be sprayed down in a hail of bullets. Even if the Heavenly Emperor descended to get him, he would be turned into a sieve.

    Mulling it over, Yan Tian felt it was quite necessary to find some helping hands, since he wouldn’t be able to accomplish this mission by himself.

    After searching around in an encrypted file for a long while, Yan Tian found a number. Smiling, he picked up his cell phone and dialed it immediately, yet no one answered at all. The off beep could be heard from the phone.

    “Dammit, this guy’s gone and went to the cat house* again. He actually cut the line on me.”

    Hearing that the cell had been shut off, Yan Tian smiled and cursed. It looked like he had no choice but to give the other a call again at night.

    Shaking his head, Yan Tian returned to his office. He was still thinking of his skirt-blowing game, not knowing that Guo Man hadn’t shut it off for him.

    Just as he entered the office, Yan Tian noticed Guo Man sitting down on the office chair, reading documents rather earnestly. It truly didn’t need to be said, but her appearance as she read the document was rather similar to Liu Ruoxin.

    “Manager Yan, you’ve returned? Do you want to continue gaming?” Seeing Yan Tian had returned, Guo Man stood up at once.

    “No need, you’re busy with your work. It’s fine if I sit on the sofa.”

    Waving his hand, Yan Tian sat down on the sofa. Contrary to expectation, he didn’t play his skirt-blowing game, since he knew managing a restaurant was busy work. He wouldn’t manage it, so he left it to Guo Man to handle the documents over there by herself.

    As soon she got off work, Guo Man sorted things out and prepared to take off. Yan Tian looked at the time, knowing that Liu Ruoxin would be working overtime again, so he wasn’t anxious to pick her up.

    “Guo Man, where’s your house? I’ll take you back, alright. You don’t have car.”

    Mulling it over, Yan Tian felt it was rather necessary to escort Guo Man back home, so he could advantage of the opportunity to deepen the feelings between the two. At the same time, he thought to himself wouldn’t a boss accompany her with a car?

    “Huh? Y-you don’t have to, Manager Yan. It’s fine if I’ll taxi myself back.” This was Guo Man’s first day on the job; how could she let her boss driver her back straight away? Thus, she immediately declined.

    “It’s not a problem, I got nothing else to do. C’mon, it’s not safe for a lone girl to hail a cab.” Yan Tian said, swung the door open, and walked out.

    “Oh my, Manager Yan. This really won’t do!”

    “You see, you’ve called me manager. Since I’m the manager, then I got final say. Let’s go.” Yan Tian said quite tyrannically.

    Seeing Manager Yan was going to escort her back no matter what, Guo Man shook her head helplessly: “Alright, I’ll have to trouble Manager Yan.”

    Once they were seated in Yan Tian’s Sports Convertible, the two of them sped forward. At the same time, Yan Tian was euphoric. It was the first day, and he actually already knew where this beautiful lady’s home was.

    “Hey, that’s right, is there anyone home?” Driving, Yan Tian questioned abruptly.

    Hearing Yan Tian asking if there was anyone in her home, Guo Man looked him in alarm, thinking to herself what the heck had he asked this for? Could it be that he wanted to bring her home to fool around with her?

    Calling this to mind, Guo Man was so frightened she broke out in a cold sweat from head to toe. If had to be known she was the only person in the rental apartment, but in order to scare off Yan Tian, she decided to spin a lie.

    “My father is at home and so are my two brothers.” Guo Man smiled and said.

    “Oh, so many people. What do they do?”

    “Mhm, my father is a boxing instructor and my mother is a judo practitioner as well. Both of my two brothers are soldiers in the army, too.”

    Hearing that Yan Tian was asking what her family members did, Guo Man continued to lie and said they were all trained in martial arts. She wanted to see if he still dared to hold improper thoughts towards her.

    Listening to Guo Man’s words, Yan Tian shook his head helplessly. Just a moment ago, he had paid attention to her from the beginning, so he could notice at a glance that she was lying. He didn’t need to guess to know she definitely took him to be some perverted delinquent.

    Ruminating over this, Yan Tian was a bit bewildered. Was he so bad? How come every beauty was guarded against him like he was a wolf? This time, one had even used a family of martial practitioners to frighten him.

  • Chapter 90: Being Taught A Lesson

    “Wow, that’s so awesome!” Although Yan Tian knew Guo Man was lying, he still adopted a shocked expression.

    “Mhm, it’s fortunate!”

    Once the car arrived at an intersection, Guo Man directed Yan Tian to park the car, saying that they had already reached the destination. It would be fine for her to walk back home on her own. In reality, it was nothing more than her not wanting him to see where she lived. She was scared that he would hold her in contempt.

    Helpless, Yan Tian didn’t persist in escorting Guo Man to her front door. Following her figure with his eyes after she left, he drove the car towards Liu Ruoxin’s company, getting ready to pick her up and take her home.

    Things were ordinary as always. Liu Ruoxin always got off work so late, but it was just that this time when she got into the car, she rolled her eyes at Yan Tian.

    “Rather capable aren’t you? You were actually even taken into the police station.”

    “Uhh, it was a mistake, a mistake, ehehe!” It wasn’t curious to Yan Tian at all that Liu Ruoxin knew about his lunch time snafu. It was definitely Zhuang Yiyi that had reported it to her.

    “Taking your secretary out to eat on the first day, pretty good!” Liu Ruoxin squinted her eyes at Yan Tian and said.

    Being completely seen through by Liu Ruoxin, Yan Tian laughed in embarrassment. Taking his secretary out to eat on the first day; the pace of this development really was fast enough.

    As soon as he escorted Liu Ruoxin back home, Yan Tian went over to Wang Feng to get ready to bring Sun Nan back home. It was just that Sun Nan simply wouldn’t sit in his sports car. He absolutely insisted on driving back home in the car he had just bought today.

    “Hey, brat, you know how to drive?” Sun Nan was just seventeen. Yan Tian was quite suspicious of whether he could or not. After all, you couldn’t drive without a driver’s license.

    “Hmph, don’t call me a brat. I can drive. If you don’t believe me, then how about we have a race between the two of us? I even know how to drift.” Sun Nan pouted and said.

    “Alright, alright, you can drive. Forget about a race!”

    Seeing that Sun Nan was so persistent, Yan Tian was forced to let him drive the car. As for a race, he simply didn’t have any interest. If by chance an accident occurred, Sun Yue would cut his flesh off!

    Just as they returned home, Yan Tian smelled a sweet fragrance that assailed the senses. Sun Yue sniffed his nose as well. At a glance, they knew that she was surprisingly inside cooking in the kitchen.

    “Wow, great beauty Sun, what are you cooking?”

    Stepping into the kitchen, Yan Tian was drooling. It just happened to be that he hadn’t eaten yet. Sun Nan also scanned his surroundings all around in the kitchen. Although he had already ate, as a glutton he would truly be unworthy if he didn’t eat a bit more. Let alone that of his sister’s handiwork.

    Seeing the two of them’s food-craving expressions, Sun Yue said helplessly: “All I did was saute a few dishes. There’s a fish in the pot right now, which’ll be ready soon. You guys get out first and wait!”

    The pair nodded and then walked out of the kitchen. Finally, Sun Nan flipped on the television and set it to a cartoon. The two of them watched it in great pleasure. They truly even appeared to be a pair of blood brothers.

    Soon, everything Sun Yue had cooked had already been served on the table. It truly didn’t need to be said, but the food she had cooked appeared rather appealing and scrumptious. After they took a bite, the taste truly matched the appearance. There wasn’t the slightest difference in comparison to a restaurant.

    “How is it? Is the food Big Sis cooked delicious?” Sun Yue looked at Sun Nan and winked.

    “Mhm, Big Sis’ cooking is delicious. I give you ninety-nine points.” Sun Nan picked up a fishbone while praising her.

    “Huh? Why is it ninety-nine? What about the remaining one?”

    “I’m afraid the remaining one is because of your arrogance.” Sun Nan pouted.
    Sun Yue rolled her eyes at Sun Nan and spoke no further, putting some food in his bowl. Upon seeing this, Yan Tian was displeased. Why didn’t she give him some food? Good and bad, he had brought Sun Nan around with him the entire day. He had even spent several of his own millions on the brat.

    “Hey, what about me, what about me? Why didn’t you give me food!”

    “Don’t you have hands?” Sun Yue rolled her eyes at Yan Tian in annoyance.

    “I……” Hearing Sun Yue talk like this, Yan Tian suddenly didn’t know what to say in embarrassment.

    “Big Sis, Big Bro bought me a car today.” At this time, Sun Nan was prepared to help Yan Tian by speaking out for him. After all, he had spent good amount of Yan Tian’s cash today.

    “What? He bought you car?”

    Hearing that Yan Tian had brought her little brother a car, Sun Yue was evidently dazed. When did he have so much cash? Didn’t he even ask to borrow some cash from her a while ago to buy a cell phone?

    “Mhm, moreover, it’s even a 6 million RMB sports car.”

    Hearing that it was even a sports car, Sun Yue glimpsed at Yan Tian incredulously. So it turned out that Yan Tian was man of affluence. From the beginning, he had pretended to be poor.

    Noticing Sun Yue was looking at him, Yan Tian thought to himself could it be that he had moved her? Perhaps she would give him a kiss later on? It was only that her mouth was covered in oil! However, once he heard what she said afterwards, he was nearly left paralyzed at the table.

    All that was visible was Sun Yue furiously speaking: “Yan Tian, who let you buy him a car? He doesn’t even have a driver’s license right now, how could you buy him a car?”

    Once he heard this, Yan Tian was quite aggrieved. He had spent his own money, but had been taught a lesson by Sun Yue. Moreover, it wasn’t even him that had bought it for Sun Nan. Truly, this was a case of getting left holding the bag*!

    “Big Sis, I can drive. Not only can I drive, I can even drift.” As soon as he saw his sister’s fury, Sun Nan explained himself immediately.

    “Starting from tomorrow, you’re not allowed to drive. If you don’t obey my words, I’ll send you back home, you hear me?” Sun Yue said strictly.

    “Argh…… Ugh!” At first, Sun Nan was ready to refute these words, but once he saw his big sister’s angry expression, he was forced to compromise.

    On the contrary, Yan Tian was currently relatively innocent. He had spend his money and had been taught a lesson. Why was his luck so rotten today? However, it was tolerable. Sun Yue didn’t allow Sun Nan to drive the car, so it was naturally his. This was his first car as well.

    Although the sports convertible was Yan Tian’s to drive right now, in the end it was a car that Liu Ruoxin had given to him. When the dust settled, it wasn’t his. There would inevitably be a day where he would even have to return it.

    After dinner, Sun Yue and Sun Nan sat down on the sofa together, watching Korean drama. Although he wanted to watch cartoons, she seized the the remote from the beginning. Helpless, he was forced to watch it with his big sister rather unwillingly.

    As for Yan Tian, he was alone and locked his bedroom door, walking to the balcony to make a call. His lunchtime call had been closed out on, so he presently wanted to see if he could get through the line.

    After two dial tones, he was put through the call. Subsequently, he heard the voice of a man. It was just that he heard a sound as if it was inside a nightclub.

    “Sup, who is it!” Xing Yu asked impatiently.


    “Son of a gun, Yan Tian? How come you remembered to give a me a call, you brat?” Once he heard it was Yan Tian, Xing Yu stood up excitedly.

    “Hehe, what’s good? You go out fooling around again?” Yan Tian laughed and said.

    “Heh, don’t bring it up. I’ve got enough burdens in my life today. There actually wasn’t a single fucking girl. All of them got picked up.” Xing Yu said indignantly.

    Hearing Xing Yu’s words, Yan Tian’s mind finally settled a bit. It seemed like he wasn’t the only one with rotten luck today. Even Xing Yu was unlucky, having went out to find a girl, but was surprisingly unable to even find one.

    “Haha, brother, I’ve come to you today because there’s a matter I want your help with.” Laughing, Yan Tian prepared to immediately enter the heart of the subject.

    “Mhm? What matter? You actually have to find me to lend a hand?”

    “Yeah, it’s like this. I recently accepted an assignment, but it’s a bit difficult to complete by myself, so……”

    “Hold up a second, I’m gonna switch my speaking location.” Xing Yu’s vigilance was quite high. Once he heard of a matter related to an assignment, he immediately searched for a secure place again: “Alright, speak!”

    “Mhm, I’ve recently accepted a new mission. It’ll be a bit difficult to accomplish it by myself, so I want brother to come over and help me out, ehehe!”

    Presently, the first person Yan Tian had found was Xing Yu. He and Yan Tian could even be considered as close as hands and feet. Indeed, the two of them held a storied friendship. Both of them were good brothers, reassured that they could entrust their back to the other on the battlefield.

    Xing Yu’s abilities were a good deal better than Yan Tian’s. In the past, Yan Tian had challenged him three times, and the result of each battle was that of a crushing defeat. From the beginning, he had looked upon Xing Yu as his brother. Before, Xing Yu had protected him no few amount of times as well.

    At the same time, Xing Yu and Yan Tian were the same. They were both A-rank Grandmaster assassins in Sharp Edge. Xing Yu’s code name was Silverfeather because he wielded a silverfeather dagger in hand. Furthermore, his entire person would come without a shadow and leave without a trace. The name of Silverfeather was a nightmare in the entirety of the assassination world.

    “Mhm? What assignment did you accept? You can’t even complete it by yourself?” Hearing Yan Tian’s words, Xing Yu asked rather curiously.

    *literally getting shot while lying down. I localized it somewhat. Implicates that to be unfairly ridiculed just by being present at a situation aka “well, don’t look at me!”

  • Chapter 91: How Am I Going To Sleep Tonight?

    “I’m going to the Sea Wolves to rescue a person.”

    “Going to the Sea Wolves to rescue a person?” Xing Yu mulled the situation after he heard Yan Tian and said: “Isn’t that the Sea Wolves mercenary corp of Africa?”

    “Yeah, it’s that one.” Yan Tian nodded and said.

    Once he heard it was the Sea Wolves, Xing Yu went through the information he knew about them in his mind. Thinking it over he said: “What kind of person are you going to the Sea Wolves to rescue?”

    “The son of a wealthy arab. He got abducted by the Sea Wolves eight years ago.”

    “Mhm, it won’t be easy to save a person from the clutches of the Sea Wolves. What’s the reward that wealthy arab is handing out?” Xing Yu contemplated the matter and said.

    “Hehe, the reward is a piece of rooster blood jade.” Yan Tian laughed and said.

    “God damn, you’re playing me, kid. Rescuing a person from the Sea Wolves; maybe we’ll both die there. Such a dangerous assignment for only some kind of rooster blood jade doohickey?”

    Once heard it was the rooster blood jade, Xing Yu was stunned. He had originally believed the reward would be several hundred million greenbacks or something, but he hadn’t expected Yan Tian would actually say it was a piece of rooster blood jade?

    Not giving a giant sum of cash for such a dangerous mission, but a piece of crummy jade? As an assassin what use were precious stones? Wasn’t this just playing people?

    At the same time, Xing Yu strongly suspected water had entered Yan Tian’s brain. He had been tricked by another for a precious stone. He thought to himself whether or not Yan Tian had choked on foolishness in the one month that he had returned home.

    “Uhh, that’s not it. I’ve got a great need for that piece of rooster blood jade right now, so I accepted this assignment.” Listening to Xing Yu getting so excited, Yan Tian explained himself a bit abashed.

    “A great need? You brat, it shouldn’t be that you want to use this precious stone to make some jewelry to pick up chicks?”

    Xing Yu knew of what Yan Tian’s conduct was like as well. Wasn’t Yan Tian using the jade in order to sweet-talk the ladies? He wondered to himself where or not Yan Tian had angered a woman again after he had returned home, so the kid wanted to use a piece of jade to apologize?

    “No, nuh-uh, I really do have a great need for this piece of blood jade. In any case, I’m not using it to pick up chicks. So how about it. You interested?” Hearing Xing Yu’s words, Yan Tian slightly blushed in shame. It seemed that long ago the tidbit of his fondness of beautiful woman had become no kind of secret.

    Listening to Yan Tian’s words, Xing Yu was silent for a moment: “Fine, I’ll join you in a stroll this one time. My hand has been itching recently.”

    “Your hand’s been itching? How come? Don’t tell me you haven’t gone out and accepted a few assignments?”

    “I don’t wanna accept. The difficulty factor of those assignments are too low right now. They ain’t any sort of challenge.” Xing Yu shook his head quite helplessly.

    As for what Xing Yu had said, Yan Tian didn’t feel any oddness from it as well, because the objective of an assassin accepting an assignment was in order to earn money. However, if you had enough cash, then it was possible you wouldn’t go out and accept an assignment willy-nilly.

    Since you already looked down on those inferior assignments, then weren’t you better off just kicking back and relaxing at home? Or perhaps you could just directly wash your hands of the matter*. You already had enough money to never finish spending and wasn’t it a idlesome pain in the ass to accept those assignment?

    “Haha, the assignment this time is challenging, no?” Yan Tian laughed and questioned.

    “Sigh, the one this time is pretty good, but it’s quite dangerous, too. The more challenging an assignment is, the more dangerous it is.”

    Finished listening to Yan Tian, Xing Yu exhaled deeply. The job of an assassin wasn’t one to stick the head at the crotch. If you weren’t the least bit careful, it was possible you would get wasted.

    “Haha, as soon as we finish this assignment, I’ll treat you to a drink. How about it?”

    “Dammit, you’re too stingy, kid. No way, no can do. You have to teach me your technique to pick up girls. I just happen to be getting ready to make a move as of late.” Xing Yu cursed in amusement once he heard Yan Tian. Yan Tian was too stingy. He actually wanted to just treat him to a drink?

    “Huh? Spill it, who you sweet on?” Hearing Xing Yu say he was getting read to make a move on someone, Yan Tian asked quite enthusiastically. His good brother had fallen for someone; this was a momentous occasion!

    After Xing Yu heard Yan Tian’s excited voice, he thought it over. Hell or high water, he couldn’t let this punk Yan Tian know who the person he liked was. If by chance Yan Tian stole his girl when the time arrived, it wouldn’t be a laughing matter. He knew very well what Yan Tian’s conduct was like.

    “What about who I like? Speak up, when do we set out?” Mulling it over, Xing Yu decided he wouldn’t tell Yan Tian no matter what. He shifted over to the assignment as his own excuse immediately.

    “Look at you scared. I won’t fight over her with you anyway. The assignment is gonna take place in the next several days. When the times comes, I’ll contact you.” Yan Tian said rather helplessly, noticing that Xing Yu had deliberately shifted over the topic.

    “Mhm, I know.”

    “Hey, since you’re idle, then you can help me contact a few of those guys. Things simply won’t do with just the two of us.”

    Originally, Yan Tian had planned on continuing to call several people to come, but seeing Xing Yu was sitting on his hands, he handed it over to him. In any case, they understood each other. Yan Tian himself was still occupied with the young beauty Sun Yue in discussing the human body.

    “Dang, you go find them yourself. I’m not gonna……”Xing Yu began to cry out obscenities as he heard Yan Tian. So it turned out he was being taken as a peon, yet before he could even finish speaking, Yan Tian had hung up. He thought to himself whether or not he should beat up Yan Tian when the time came around? In any case, Yan Tian was no match for him.

    As soon as he finished the call, Yan Tian opened his room door and walked out. Currently, manpower wasn’t any kind of question on this side already. Although it had come out of Xing Yu’s mouth that he wouldn’t help Yan Tian find them, in reality, he had already planned on helping Yan Tian contact them now. With Xing Yu handling matters, Yan Tian was set at ease.

    As for when they would set out, Yan Tian still had to scope it out. At the very least, he had to let Liu Ruoxin approve his vacation. Indeed, he was good; he couldn’t just skip work as he pleased. Moreover, if he skipped work, she would have to rent a car service again.

    As soon as he walked into the living room, he saw Sun Yue and Sun Nan watching Korean drama in great interest. Right, not bad, Sun Nan was watching Korean drama in pleasure as well.

    Initially, Sun Nan hadn’t wanted to watch it, but after watching it a while with his big sister, he was enchanted. It couldn’t be said that he liked watching Korean drama, but rather because there were many beauties within the show.

    “Big Bro, get over here quickly. There are a lot of beauties in this show.”

    Seeing Yan Tian had come out, Sun Nan patted the seat next to him immediately, hinting for Yan Tian to sit down. He was very loyal; he had not forgotten about Yan Tian while watching beauties.

    Sun Yue heard her brother and nearly stiffened. She had wondered why Sun Nan was here watching the show so earnestly. Originally, he had simply not wanted to watch television.
    Yan Tian was quite touched after he saw Sun Nan hadn’t forgotten him while he was watching beauties. It seemed that his money hadn’t been spent in vain today. It was just that Sun Nan was sitting at Sun Yue’s side, and she had to move aside once more, so there weren’t anymore seats on her side.

    “Nan Nan, I happened to just see there was something delicious in the kitchen. Could you go and take a look?” Contemplating the dilemma, Yan Tian felt it necessary to trick Sun Nan into moving, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to sit next to the beautiful Sun Yue.

    “Really? I’ll go look around.”

    Sun Nan had innocently believed what Yan Tian had said. As a glutton, he naturally wouldn’t let something tasty go. He stood up immediately and ran off to the kitchen.

    As Sun Nan walked out, Yan Tian sat down next to Sun Yue, thinking to himself he could watch beauties on the television, and then he had a beauty sitting at the side as well. Life sure was joyous.

    “Hmph, shameless.” Sun Nan’s young age made him quite easy to fool, yet Sun Yue wasn’t the same. She knew Yan Tian had deliberate sent him running off. She was last person who swept the kitchen, so how couldn’t she know there was nothing to eat within?

    Being seen through at a glance by Sun Yue, Yan Tian laughed a bit in embarrassment.

    Sonn Sun Nan came out from the kitchen. Didn’t Big Bro say there was something delicious to eat inside? So why hadn’t he found it after such a long time?

    “Big Bro, where’s that tasty snack? How come I can’t find it?” Sun Nan asked suspiciously.

    “There’s nothing tasty. It could be I was hazy-eyed a moment ago and mistook it.” Yan Tian put on a show of rubbing his eyes and said.


    After he saw there wasn’t anything to eat, Sun Nan sat down on the sofa again. On the contrary, he hadn’t paid attention that Yan Tian had stolen his seat.

    Once ten o’clock arrived, Sun Yue became worried because of a problem, that was the issue of sleeping. Originally, she planned on letting Sun Nan and Yan Tian squeeze in together, yet Sun Nan had said since he had already grown up, he insisted on sleeping by himself.

    However, if things were like such, it was clear there weren’t enough rooms. Although the apartment had three rooms and two living rooms, the remaining room simply didn’t have a mattress, so one was incapable of falling asleep.

    “Hey, how the heck am I going to sleep tonight?” Unable to think of a method to settle the question properly, Sun Yue called out to Yan Tian who was at the side.

    *Meaning of this idiom is literally washing your hands in gold. Something along the lines of leaving behind past troubles, but more specifically inclined towards criminal acts. I decided to stick with the washing hands portion since it is very nice.

  • Chapter 92: Running Into Old Bear

    “You’re really silly. Take a look. There are only two beds in total here. Nan Nan said he wanted to sleep by himself, so that only leaves behind a single bed. This is such a simple question that even an elementary schooler would know.” Yan Tian said seriously.

    At the same time, Yan Tian was quite grateful for Sun Nan in his mind, thinking to himself, sure enough, he had not spent his money in vain on him today. Presently, the kid had knowingly brought about an opportunity for him. This was truly thoughtful.

    “You’re idea is that you want to sleep together with me?” Sun Yue looked at Yan Tian in shock.

    “In fact, I don’t want to as well, but there’s no way around it now.” Yan Tian’s expression was quite aggrieved. He didn’t want to sleep with Sun Yue? Was this a joke?

    “Oh, so it’s like that. Then I won’t force you. It looks pretty comfortable to sit on the sofa. How about you take it tonight, alright.” After she heard Yan Tian, Sun Yue looked at him and smiled smugly.


    Once he heard Sun Yue, Yan Tian opened his mouth widely, but words were unable to come through. Could it be that his night would fall apart like so?

    At the same time, Yan Tian really wanted to give himself two great slaps. How could something so cheap come from his mouth? Just a moment ago, he had said he didn’t want to sleep with Sun Yue. Fine, then I’ll act in accordance to your wishes. What could you even say about that?

    “Actually…… Actually I was joking, ehehe!” Yan Tian shook his head in embarrassment. He wanted to try to redeem himself.

    “Okay, then it’s decided. You’ll sleep on the sofa. Got any problems with it?” Sun Yue looked smugly at Yan Tian.

    Looking at the squishy sofa, Yan Tian nodded: “I do, of course I do.”

    “What’s the issue?”

    “You see there’s not even a quilt on the sofa. I’ve heard the air temperature in Fengan can become especially low. What’s to be done if happen to catch a cold while sleeping here?” Yan Tian said seriously. At the same time in his mind, he muttered to himself incessantly: Hurry up and stop me, hurry up and stop me!

    Listening to Yan Tian, Sun Yue walked into her bedroom and soon afterwards came out holding a towel.

    “There, a quilt. Do you have any other questions at this time?” Sun Yue looked at Yan Tian smugly. Didn’t like that you didn’t have a quilt? Fine, I’ll give you one. Let’s see what you can say now.

    “Uhh…… This is your new quilt. It’s such a waste in letting me cover myself with it. How about we squeeze in together.” Yan Tian said awkwardly.

    Sun Yue moved her head forwards after she heard Yan Tian, tossing him a charming smile: “You really want to sleep with me?”

    “Yeah!” Yan Tian nodded, thinking to himself could it be that Sun Yue had wavered in her resolve?

    “Sure, let’s do it!!” Sun Yue looked at Yan Tian, batting her lashes and smiling.

    “Really, get over here!”

    Yan Tian prepared to pull Sun Yue towards his bedroom once he heard her agree. However, upon hearing her next words, he was dazed in place.

    “Yeah, right. You’re desires are rather fanciful. I’m gonna sleep. Nighty night.” Sun Yue rolled her eyes at Yan Tian disdainfully. Soon afterwards, she ambled into her bedroom, subsequently locking the door with a sound.

    Meanwhile, Yan Tian was standing in the living room, dumbly spacing out. He had been played. He had been played over at Liu Ruoxin’s a good few times, and now he had been played by Sun Yue again.

    Shaking his head with a wry smile, Yan Tian took off his clothes and laid down on sofa, beginning to sleep. As for quilt Sun Yue had given him, he didn’t cover himself with it, since it was too hot.

    On the morning of the next day, Yan Tian had woken up early on. Looking over at the time, he prepared to leave to buy breakfast.

    There was still no one around on the early morning avenue, peaceful throughout the entire expanse. Yan Tian turned after a good while, finding a breakfast eatery.

    As soon as he entered, he suddenly saw a familiar person. All that could be seen at the moment was Song Dong’s underling Old Bear in the middle of wolfing down breakfast within. He hadn’t discovered Yan Tian had come in at all.

    Yan Tian walked over in front of Old Bear and sat down after he had a look around. However, Old bear had still not paid attention that someone had come over. He hadn’t even raised his head. His whole person had been drawn in by the breakfast in his bowl.

    Yan Tian didn’t know what Old Bear was eating as well, but it appeared quite appetizing, since Old Bear was eating it with a mouth smeared in oil.

    “That mister that just came in a moment ago, what do you want to order?” Seeing Yan Tian sitting down at the stool, the restaurant boss lady yelled out to him immediately.

    “I’ll take an order of what he has.” Yan Tian shouted back loudly.

    “Alright, it’ll be over right away.”

    Old Bear lifted his head once he heard Yan Tian’s voice. He looked at Yan Tian rather nervously once he noticed who it was: “Why are you here?”

    “Why can’t I be here when you’re eating here?” Yan Tian smiled and said.

    “Sure, yeah, of course you can, haha. I just feel it’s a bit unimaginable.”

    Currently, Old Bear could be considered Yan Tian’s little bro. He had been present last time when Song Dong had entered Yan Tian’s fold. It was just that Yan Tian had fought him in the past several times, so the current Old Bear was still a little tense upon seeing Yan Tian.

    “Mhm, how have things been these past several days? Has the bathing resort been repaired yet?” Yan Tian nodded and asked.

    “I’ve been lazing around the past several days. Brother Dong has already found people to repair the inside of the bathing resort. I reckon as soon as the renovations are completed, we’ll still need a bit more time. Brother Tian, really did a number on the place.”

    “Okay, don’t bring up past affairs. This is the so called coming to blows may lead to friendship. We’re brothers now.” Yan Tian picked at his ear and said.

    Coming to blows may lead to friendship, indeed, this phrase wasn’t wrong, since all of Yan Tian’s current subordinates seemed to have all come from fighting. First, he had run into that prick Wang Feng who couldn’t see for the life of him and was scamming people. As a result, he had even been hit by Yan Tian a couple times while he drove the car.

    Next up, there was Ah Long who had been beaten by Yan Tian as well, and finally, Song Dong and company. Weren’t these all people that he had fought?

    “Haha, yup, that’s right.”

    Needless to say, the cooking efficiency of the breakfast shop was quite high. After a minute had passed, the boss lady had already delivered the food to Yan Tian.

    Roaming his eyes over the food, Yan Tian discovered he truly didn’t recognize what this was. He asked Old Bear who was sitting across from him after he stirred it twice: “Old Bear, what do you call this? I’ve never seen this thing before”

    “What? You don’t recognize it, Brother Tian?” Old Bear looked at Yan Tian incredulously.

    “That’s right, what’s up?” Noticing Old Bear looking at him like so, Yan Tian was puzzled.

    “This is a Fengan dish; it’s called tofu bread soup. You don’t know, Brother Tian?”

    Yan Tian truly didn’t know what this was called, since he had grown up abroad as a child. There wouldn’t be any of these regional Chinese dishes overseas. Ever since he had returned home, all of the breakfast he had eaten was of his own cooking, so he didn’t know what to call this.

    Upon seeing Old Bear looking at him like so, Yan Tian shook his head helplessly: “I didn’t grow up in Fengan, and this is the first time I’ve eaten this. Mhm, the flavors pretty good.”

    “Brother Tian, could I ask you a question? Old Bear suddenly asked after they had been eating for a good while.

    “What question?”

    “Why are you skills so fearsome? They’re too terrifying.” Old Beat looked at Yan Tian in puzzlement.

    Old Bear had personally tasted Yan Tian’s abilities. At first, he and Song Dong hadn’t placed Yan Tian within their eyes, but they hadn’t expected Yan Tian was actually a person whose martial arts were at an extremely high level, fighting a hundred men alone. Such a man could only be seen on the television.

    “Well, train. Train and train, and you too can become an expert.” Yan Tian looked at Old Bear and winked.

    What Yan Tian said wasn’t incorrect. The talents of his body had come about from training. He had practiced martials arts since childhood. For the greater part of several months, Yan Tian’s master had thrown him into a medicinal bath to soak, saying something about how it would improve his constitution.

    Beginning to reminisce over those times, Yan Tian had spent entire days being pulled out by his master in ruthless training regardless of day or night, saying something about strengthening his body. His master had really pulled the wool over his eyes for twenty years.

    “Wow, Brother Tian, how about we bros spread out a grappling technique, that way we can also improve the brothers’ combat strengths.” Old Bear said enthusiastically.

    Yan Tian truly deliberate the proposal after Old Bear finished speaking. Indeed, if he could teach his gang of brothers some elementary grappling techniques, then their fighting should increase quite a bit.

    Presently, Yan Tian was in an urgent shortage of manpower. If he could force all the brothers into devilish training for a period of time, he wasn’t counting on them being capable of fighting one on two, but if it was two on three, then it shouldn’t pose a question. Wasn’t this called quality over quantity*? An individual’s battle strength was important as well.

    *literally not many soldiers present, but vigor is within. Aka quality over quantity.
    T/N: dish in this chapter looks like this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paomo. I’ve actually never heard of it, but it looks pretty interesting.

  • Chapter 93: Paying Altogether

    “Yeah, that’s a pretty good proposal. Let’s revisit it in two days.” Yan Tian nodded in approval.

    “Brother Tian, how about I become your disciple? You can teach me kung fu, how about it?” Old Bear suddenly looked at Yan Tian earnestly and said.

    Hearing Old Bear wanted to become his disciple, Yan Tian scanned him from head to toe. Based on the prior several times he and Old Bear had clashed, he knew Old Bear was definitely trained.

    “Aren’t you trained? Why the heck would you want to become my disciple? I’m not even as old as you.” Yan Tian ate the Fengan snack while speaking.

    Brother Tian, don’t laugh at my words, but that kid Leopard taught my for a period of time. In your eyes, he should be jack of all trades as well.

    “Mhm, indeed.” Yan Tian nodded his head bluntly.

    Old Bear was instantly left speechless once he heard Yan Tian. How was it that Brother Tian didn’t know to encourage him? This was too much of a blow.

    “Uhh…… Brother Tian, so how about you teach me, ehehe!” Old Bear laughed awkwardly.

    “Dammit, you wanna be my disciple? I’ve never even thought about accepting a disciple.”

    “Then consider it this time, Brother Tian. A fortune teller once told me that my bones are pretty good, and I’m a martial genius.” Seeing Yan Tian wasn’t going to accept his idea, Old Bear spoke out about his past fortune-telling experience.

    Just as he was in the middle of eating, Yan Tian nearly sprayed his food out upon hearing this line. What type of society was this that one even believed he was a friggin’ martial genius from the words of a fortune teller?

    “Golly, a martial genius, then don’t you want to access your Governing Conception meridians? That way, you can be invincible beneath the heavens.” Yan Tian said speechlessly.

    “Uhh…… Don’t joke, Brother Tian. Isn’t opening the Governing Conception meridians things found in wuxia movies? In truth, how can one open the Governing Conception meridians in life?

    “You even know this is a thing inside movies? You believed the words of the fortune teller, yet you’re even a martial genius.” Yan Tian shook his head helplessly and said.

    After Old bear heard Yan Tian, he sat there and truly pondered the matter. It seemed to be true. How could the words of a fortune teller be believed?

    “Ehehe, Brother Tian accept me as a disciple.”

    Thinking it over, Old Bear looked at Yan Tian and chuckled mischievously. Although he had said he was a martial genius, this was outright nonsense. However, in his view, Yan Tian was indeed invincible beneath the heavens. Dueling against a hundred men by himself without fear. There might only be several men in the world like this.

    “Stop, hold on a sec, slow down, stop with this matter about accepting a disciple. I’m not considering taking on a disciple within the next five years and so on.” Glancing at Old Bear’s wretched smiling expression, Yan Tian immediately put a stop to it. This smile was by far too deplorable in comparison to his. No, that’s wasn’t correct, his was fundamentally not wretched.

    Furthermore, Yan Tian truly hadn’t thought of accepting a disciple. He has just left his master not too long ago. He wasn’t able to accept a disciple until several years later.

    Of course, if a super cute beauty came to pay respects to him as her master, then that was an entirely separate matter. After all, a beautiful woman and a foot-scratching big man weren’t of the same grade.

    Seeing that Yan Tian wasn’t planning on accepting a disciple, Old Bear spoke no further. It wouldn’t be worth it if by chance Yan Tian became angry and sent him flying with a kick.

    As soon as the time to pay the bill arrived, Old Bear paid for Yan Tian on his own initiative. The money for the meal was petty cash, but like so, he could increase Yan Tian’s good opinion of himself.
    “Wait a bit, don’t walk out first.” Just as Old Bear was about to leave, Yan Tian suddenly called out to him to stop.

    “Huh? Brother Tian, you don’t have to say anything about it. Today’s meal is my treat to you. Don’t fight me on this.” Old Bear believed Yan Tian had wanted to scramble over the bill with him and quickly prepared to turn heel.

    “Who’s going to fight over the bill with you? I still wanted to get two take-out orders, since you wanted to pay for it altogether!” Yan Tian shrugged and said.

    Old Bear had actually believed Yan Tian was going to fight over the bill with him, but what type of person was Yan Tian? He wasn’t like that; his face was extremely thick. It was good if was on someone’s treat, let alone his own little brother’s treat.

    Once he heard Yan Tian’s words, Old Bear was suddenly stunned on the spot. So it had turned out to be that Brother Tian wasn’t scrambling over him to pay the bill, but surprisingly he still wanted to take out to orders? He was to remain to scoop out his cash?

    “Mhm, I want to eat this quickly. It won’t be good if it takes too long. I’ll leave first. Pay for it with your money!” As soon as he carried the two orders in hand, Yan Tian clapped Old Bear’s shoulder.

    Yan Tian seemed to suddenly recall something after he walked several steps. He immediately ran back: “Right, get two cups of soy milk. You pay for it altogether!”

    Yan Tian walked back out leisurely once he finished speaking. Old Bear regained his wits at the door after he was stunned for a good while. Under the urging of the boss lady, he took his ten-somewhat dollars achingly.

    As soon as he returned home, Yan tian discovered that Sun Nan had already gotten up. At the moment, he happened to be lying down in the sofa and watching cartoons in great pleasure. As for Sun Yue, she hadn’t slept in today as well. She was in the middle of washing up right now.

    “Wow, Big bro, what’re you carrying?”

    Sun Nan glanced over after he saw Yan Tian had entered. Upon seeing the breakfast held in Yan Tian’s hand, he instantly bounced off the couch in excitement.

    “I bought breakfast for you guys. Eat it while it’s hot. I got soy milk, too.” Speaking, Yan Tian passed the breakfast in his hands over to Sun Nan.

    Accepting the proffered breakfast, Sun Nan set it down on the living room coffee table and ate it while watching cartoons. Although he was doing two things simultaneously, it didn’t influence his eating speed in the slightest trace. He truly didn’t neglect eating or watching television.

    Soon, Sun Yue finished washing up. Once she saw Yan Tian had already prepared breakfast for them, she glanced at him in appreciation. Since the beginning, he had readied breakfast for her, making her feel quite touched.

    “Thank you!” Sun Yue smiled at Yan Tian and said softly.

    “Haha, how is it? Pretty good, no? Shouldn’t I get a reward?” Yan Tian said smugly.

    “Mhm, it is pretty good. What do you want as a reward?”

    “Uhh…… Well, I think you should repay me with a kiss” Mulling it over, Yan Tian said seriously.

    In regards to Yan Tian’s rather shameless expression, Sun Yue had long ago already gotten used to it. Hearing his words, she rolled her eyes at him speechlessly, muttering: “Shameless!”

    After the finished eating, Sun Yue loaded Sun Nan off onto Yan Tian again.Initially, he was displeased, but after she cast a momentary look of tenderness before him, he surrendered. This woman’s flirtations truly were an ultimate killing tool!

    Nevertheless, it was the same as yesterday. After Yan Tian tossed Sun Nan over to Wang Feng, he didn’t care much longer. Yet the occurrence of Sun Nan taking advantage of him yesterday was still fresh on his mind.

    This time time, he didn’t give his Swiss banking card over to Wang Feng by any means. As for when the time came that Sun Nan wanted to buy something, he would let Wang Feng handle the matter as he saw fit himself. Yan Tian only wished that Wang Feng wouldn’t clutch as his leg and weep tonight..

    Yan Tian didn’t enter the company after he escorted Liu Ruoxin to the company entrance. As soon as she exited the car, he gunned it straight ahead to the Golden Hill restaurant. He didn’t know if his beautiful secretary had come.

    “Good morning, Manager Yan!”

    Through the course of yesterday’s events, all of the restaurant employees knew that Yan Tian was the newly-installed manager, so after they saw him enter, each of the immediately greeted him.

    Especially, the waitress that had ordered the security guards to carry Yan Tian out yesterday. She greeted him louder than anybody else. She was afraid that the new manager would send her out the door. After all, the current amount of waitresses at the restaurant were overstaffed by two.

    Yet the waitress had evidently thought it over too much. Yan Tian didn’t split hairs over such a trifling matter. If he wanted to argue this matter, he would’ve already sent them off to see King Yama when they carried him out. How else were they able to stand there perfectly fine?

    Yan Tian discovered Guo Man still hadn’t come, once he arrived at the office. All in all, it was still early to leave for work. The employees from a moment ago had all worked night shift. As soon as the morning rush arrived, they would get off work.

    Presently, Yan Tian had nothing to do, so he sat down at his office desk and played a computer game. At first, he he blew at the skirts of several beauties, yet he discovered no matter which beauty’s skirt he blew at, he wasn’t able to see anything.

    Each of them were wearing undergarments. This game was a scam, Yan Tian immediately criticized. As he commented, he even asked if there were any beauties that didn’t wear undergarments, yet he received two words in response: stinking delinquent!

    Soon, Yan Tian heard the clicking of high heels against the floor. Although the entrance of the office was soundproof, it wasn’t capable of completely isolating the noise. With his perverse hearing ability, he was nevertheless able to hear it.

  • Chapter 94: Ah Long Gets Played

    Yan Tian didn’t need to guess to know it was Guo Man who was coming. Soon afterwards, the office door swung open, and a pleasing yet formally dressed woman seemed to have a some worry on her mind at the moment appeared. Faint wrinkles were on her forehead.

    “Ah, Manager Yan, you’ve already arrived. I’m sorry I forgot to knock on the door.” Seeing Yan Tian was in the midst of sitting on the chair and looking at her, Guo Man lowered her head immediately. She had originally believed that he had still not come, so she hadn’t knocking on the door before entering.

    “Not a problem. Doesn’t matter if you knock on the door or not.” Yan Tian spread his hands out indifferently.

    Guo Man smiled in embarrassment after she heard this. She stood behind Yan Tian respectfully, watching him play a game. Upon seeing the game he was playing this time, she felt he was finally a bit normal.

    Since Yan Tian wasn’t playing a skirt-blowing game this time by any means, but a pattern-matching one. Although the pattern-matching was an extremely childish game, it was much better than the skirt-blowing game he had been playing before.

    Once he finished the game, Yan Tian let Guo Man have the office desk. She still needed to finishing completing the work matters.

    As the afternoon rolled in, Wang Feng gave Yan Tian a call. Seeing this, Yan Tian picked up, yet the speaker wasn’t Wang Feng at all, but Sun Nan.

    “Big Bro, Big Sis Wang Hui is gonna cook a lot of delicious foods tonight; you coming?” Sun Nan said excitedly.

    “Mhm? Wang Hui? She’s gonna cook tasty dishes? I’ll come, I definitely have to come!”

    Upon hearing Wang Hui’s name, Yan Tian was initially stunned, but soon after he recalled who it was. She was Wang Feng’s younger sister. Last time, Yan Tian had even saved her.

    Wang Feng had said a while ago that Wang Hui wanted to treat him to a meal, yet Yan Tian was slow, not having gone to Wang Feng’s home yet. It seemed like she was unable to wait any longer, so she directly borrowed Sun Nan to call him over.

    “Ooh, then bust a move over tonight, Big Bro, Brother Wang Feng took me to buy a lot of delicious things today.” Sun Nan stole a couple bites of food while eating and said.

    Hearing Sun Nan’s words, Yan Tian laughed wryly. It seemed that Wang Feng was a smart man as well. Maybe he became aware of the rate that Sun Nan spent money, so he had taken him to buy a big pile of snacks. It wouldn’t cost much money to buy such a great heap of snacks. Using snacks to stuff Sun Nan’s mouth, he wouldn’t want other things later on. This really was a great strategy!

    After he got out of work, Yan Tian continued to escort Guo Man home. Initially, she didn’t want Yan Tian to send her off, but due to his perseverance and threatening, she finally compromised, since he had said something about how taxi drivers were picking up beautiful girls to lay their hands on and so on as of late. It wasn’t until this was said that she went rigid, succeeding in tricking her.

    When asked whether or not she wanted to eat together tonight, Guo Man wouldn’t agree no matter what. Helpless, Yan Tian didn’t impose on her, continuing on to escort Liu Ruoxin home. Afterwards, he chartered a course towards Wang Feng’s house and drove ahead.

    As soon as he arrived at his destination, Yan Tian discovered that prick Ah Long was inside sitting inside as well. At first, Wang Feng hadn’t been planning on calling on Ah Long, besides, it wasn’t suitable for him to be present with tonight’s topic.

    Since tonight’s topic was Wang Hui giving thanks to Yan Tian for saving her from Ah Long’s clutches, but presently, the man in question had come. Was this not a bit inappropriate?

    However, Ah Long simply didn’t agree. He had really come trailing along in his minivan, chasing after Sun Nan’s sports car. Midway through, Wang Feng had tried to shake Ah Long off his tail, after all it was a sports; it would be rather easy to lose a minivan.

    Yet this didn’t influence Ah Long at all in freeloading a meal by any means, since he had previously investigated Wang Feng, so he knew where he lived. After he arrived, he even ruthlessly flicked Wang Feng twice in the head that he collapsed.

    “Haha, Brother Tian has come. Quickly, quickly, hurry up and sit at the table. We’ve been waiting for just you.” Noticing that Yan Tian had come, Ah Long excitedly pulled him inwards immediately, making it seem like he was the host.

    “Big Bro Yan, hurry up and sit down!” At this time, Wang Hui ran out of the kitchen, speaking shyly.

    “Mhm, It’s been so long yet you haven’t changed; you’ve become beautiful, haha!”

    After he spotted Wang Hui, Yan Tian couldn’t help but to compliment her. Of course, he couldn’t be blamed in saying this, he had spoken the truth. Last time when he had saved her, she had been abducted. Her expression had been miserable and her face had been spent as well.

    This time, Wang Hui was made up gorgeously. Due to her beauty and through the meticulous application of make up, her entire being appeared especially gorgeous. Moreover, with the apron tied on, she appeared quite mature.

    “Thank you!” Being complimented like so by Yan Tian. Wang Hui lowered he heard a bit bashfully.

    Once Yan Tian sat down, they began to eat. It truly didn’t need to be said, but the food Wang Hui cooked appeared to be rather great. All kinds of foods were arranged on the entire table. Sun Nan didn’t care about anything and started to eat straight away, eating and muttering that the food was delicious simultaneously.

    Ah Long was the first to eat the food Wang Hui had cooked, singing praises without end, even saying that eating whatever Wang Hui cooked was a kind of pleasure.

    Wang Feng saw that everybody was praising how great his little sister’s culinary skills were and was rather happy as well. He immediately ran to the living room and fetched a bottle of liquor that he had collected for many years.

    “Brother, how come you want to drink again!” Noticing that had come out holding a bottle of liquor, Wang Hui faintly knit her brows.

    “Geez, Don’t you see that Brother Tian and Brother Long have both come? How will it be fine if I don’t take out some liquor?”

    “Haha, good. I was just in the middle thinking it would be even better if we had some alcohol, but you even came over holding a bottle, ya brat, haha. I’m going to drink until I’m wasted today!”

    Catching sight of the bottle of liquor that Wang Feng brought over, Ah Long immediately stood up laughing and took it. He poured a cup for Yan Tian first after he held it in his hand and studied it. Afterwards, he poured a cup for Wang Hui, and finally, poured a cup for Sun Nan as well. He then poured a glass for himself. As for Wang Feng, Ah Long hadn’t poured him a cup, since there was no more wine. As the host, what was Wang Feng to drink?

    “Dang, Brother Long, you really ain’t givin’ me too much face. Hurry up and pour me me a cup.” Seeing Ah Long wasn’t pouring him a glass, Wang Feng was displeased. He actually hadn’t been poured a cup as the host in his own home?

    “That won’t do. Altogether, there’s a single bottle. We don’t have enough to divide it.” Ah Long held the bottle of liquor in his bosom like it was treasure with an expression that he didn’t want to give you any to drink.

    “Good, very good. You won’t pour me a cup, huh? Lil Sis, didn’t I put a bottle of red wine* beneath my bed? Go out and grab it. Since we’ve got many people here, I don’t dare to get it out; I’m afraid there’s not enough to divvy up. Now’s good though. There’s one less person.” Wang Feng said to Wang Hui after he nodded.

    Ah Long was dazed as soon as he heard Wang Feng’s words. This punk Wang Feng had even stashed a bottle of red wine? It wasn’t even know what year it was as well. Moreover, Wang Feng was taking it now, and just a moment ago, he hadn’t even poured him a glass of liquor. Hearing the intention within Wang Feng’s words, it was evident he didn’t want to give Ah Long any to drink.

    “Ayy, Wang Feng, I was just worried that the wine was too cold. I was warming it up for you right now. C’mon, I’ll pour you a cup. What’s the relationship between the two of us, huh, ehehe!”

    Thinking it over, Ah Long poured Wang Feng a cup with a smile accompanied on his face, otherwise, there wouldn’t be a portion of red wine for him to drink later on. However, once he heard Wang Hui, he nearly face planted.

    “Brother, which red wine beneath your bed? I didn’t see it today when I was cleaning!” Wang Hui asked curiously.

    “Oh, so it was like that. It could be I was mistaken. It’s not a problem, then I won’t drink it. Come, let’s eat. This fish is great, haha!” Wang Feng laughed and said.

    Upon seeing Yan Tian smile, Ah Long realized it as well. Wang Feng had clearly just swindled him, baiting him with a stashed bottle of age red wine. He had been dim-wittedly fooled, pouring a glass of red wine for Wang Feng rather naively.

    “Dammit, you kidding me, punk?” Ah Long finally reacted. Wang Feng had surprisingly played him.

    “Who let you not pour me a glass?” Wang Feng said smugly.

    “Fuck, just you wait for me, punk. Watch me eat you poor today.” Ah Long angrily stuffed his mouth with several bites of food. Chewing once more, he began praising: “Lil Sis Hui’er, your cooking is delicious, ehehe!”

    “Hmph, I don’t wanna pay attention to some people!” Hearing Ah Long speak to her, Wang Hui narrowed her eyes at Ah Long and snorted coldly.
    Seeing that Wang Hui didn’t want to pay attention to him, the smile on Ah Long’s face slowly faded away. The movement of the chopsticks in his hand stopped in mid air as he was preparing to pick up some food. Listening to her tone of voice, it was evident she still bore grudges over the matter of him kidnapping her.

    “Sigh, Lil Sis Hui’er, I truly really am sorry about last time’s affair. I was muddle-headed at the time, but now, I’ve changed my ways. Don’t bear grudges against brother, okay.” Ah Long sighed in worry and said.

  • Chapter 95: Ah Long Wants To Pursue Wang Hui

    “Hmph!” Wang Hui didn’t respond to Ah Long as before. She pouted and used her chopsticks to poke at the food inside her bowl.

    “Geez, I really know I was in the wrong. Doesn’t saying I’ve recognized my wrongs and taken actions to better myself make me a good kid? Pardon me this once, alright? I’ll find a day to take you out on a trip.” Ah Long looked to Wang Hui piteously and said.

    Hearing Ah Long’s words, Yan Tian nearly choked. Ah Long was already a twenty-something-year-old man on the older side, yet recognizing his mistakes and mending his ways made him a good little kid? His appearance was clearly that of a foot-scratching man!


    Hardly unexpected, Wang Hui was amused by Ah Long’s speech, but soon after she immediately retracted her smile. Subsequently, she assumed a rather aggrieved expression.

    “Wah, Little Sis Hui’er, didn’t you see that you just smiled, haha. Doesn’t smiling demonstrate you don’t bear a grudge towards me? Haha!” Noticing Wang Hui had just gave him a smile, Ah Long was relieved. He really was scared she would continue to bear a grudge against him.

    “As if. Who forgave you? I just happened to be smiling at Nan Nan’s table manners. You’re really wasting your breath*.” Wang Hui rolled her eyes at Ah Long and said.

    “Huh? Big Sis, what about my table manners?” Hearing himself mentioned, Sun Nan dazedly lifted up his head.

    “No, it’s nothing, eat up!”

    From Wang Hui’s expression a moment ago, Yan Tian noticed it as well; she already bore no grudge with Ah Long any longer. After all, the matter had already occurred. It wouldn’t be of any use to keep on harboring a grudge. Besides, Wang Feng and Ah Long were even brothers now!

    Eating, Wang Hui gave Yan Tian a piece of meat in her bowl. With a blush on her face she said: “Big Brother Yan, eat more!”

    “Mhm, it’s pretty good. It’s surprisingly better than my own handiwork!” Savoring the food, Yan Tian praised it in satisfaction.

    Yan Tian had believed his own cooking was rather good already, but tasting Wang Hui’s food, Yan Tian knew what it meant by there was a man above a man and a sky beyond a sky. Compared to Wang Hui, he truly felt inferior.

    “Heehee, it’s great that Big Brother Tian doesn’t think it’s bad!”

    “Not at all, how could it be bad? Like Ah Long said, it’s kind of pleasure to eat the food you made, haha!” Yan Tian laughed and said.

    “How can it be so exaggerated!” Upon hearing Yan Tian’s praise, Wang Hui lowered her head a bit embarrassedly, yet his compliment caused her to be delighted in her heart.

    “Oh, that’s right. I haven’t cooked one last dish. When I see that you guys have finished eating, I’ll go make it!” Suddenly Wang Hui recalled she still hadn’t cooked something and immediately scurried into the kitchen to busy herself.

    “Brother Tian, ehehe!” Upon seeing Wang Hui run off, Ah Long looked at Yan Tian and chuckled wretchedly at him.

    “No, Ah Long how come you’re looking at me like that? I’m scared……”

    Seeing Ah Long looked at him with such an expression, Yan Tian was suddenly a bit nervous, thinking to himself could it be that the man had fallen for him?

    Calling this to mind, Yan Tian shifted his chair away in fright. Afterwards, he stuck his hand below to closely cover his butt, making it seem like he was like a young woman being bullied.

    “Dammit, Brother Tian. Your position…… I’m straight!” As soon as he saw that he had been misunderstood, Ah Long quickly cursed. He was magnificent specimen of a man*.

    “Oh…… So it’s like that. Then I’m relieved. If there’s nothing wrong, then don’t look at people so vulgarly and laugh. You scared daddy to death just now!” At this moment, Yan Tian was finally pat his chest in relief. He then nudged his seat forward and took his chopsticks, sweeping through the food on the table.

    “Then what issue didja have with me that you were just looking at me? Spit it out!”

    After two bites, Yan Tian recalled the wretched look in Ah Long’s eyes just a moment ago. He didn’t need to guess to know what the matter Ah Long was speaking with him about. Furthermore, from his wretched smile, he could judge it absolutely wasn’t anything good.

    “Ehehe, Brother Tian, don’t you have several girlfriends right now?” After he heard Yan Tian’s words, Ah Long looked at Yan Tian once more with a terrible smile.

    “Goddamn, how does me having several girlfriends related to your hair of a matter?” Upon hearing Ah Long bring up the matter of his women, Yan Tian glared at him fiercely.

    Yan Tian truly thought it over. Every day, there were many women he was in contact with. It really did seem he didn’t just have one girlfriend. It seemed he had to push it to the limit, otherwise he would be too much of a failure as a man.

    In fact, in regards to whether Yan Tian had a girlfriend or not, he really did have one. That London missy Diana could be considered one, and if it were not for her father obstructing him, he reckoned he would’ve already carried her off and married her.

    Then there was Meng Die. She was the sole woman he had ever made love with. The two of them had already consummated their relationship before they had even become adults.

    “Ehehe, Brother Tian. You see, you’ve got so many beauties at your side. Can’t you…… Ehehe!” Ah Long looked at Yan Tian in embarrassment.

    “Mhm? What? Could it be you want Brother Tian to give you one?” Wang Feng looked at Ah Long in shock, thinking to himself was it that the alcohol had swelled his courage? At the same time, Yan Tian lifted his head as well and looked at Ah Long with beaming smile.

    Ah Long glanced at Yan Tian and Wang Feng looking at him with a peculiar look in their eyes and promptly said: “Geez, that’s not it. My intentions are that since Brother Tian has so many women accompanying him, then can’t he not fight over Wang Hui with me!”

    “What? You want my little sister, you punk? I’ll tell you, there’s no way!” Just as Ah Long finished speaking, Wang Feng was displeased. So for the quite a while now, Ah Long’s plan was to hit on his little sister!

    “Heh, I’ll chase after whoever I want to chase. What’s it matter to you? Anyways, I ain’t pining after you. Brother Tian, lay it all out. If you’re sweet on Wang Hui, then I’ll give up.”

    After he said several things to Wang Feng, Ah Long went to seek Yan Tian’s opinion. If Yan Tian had no problems, then he could court Wang Feng at ease. However, if Yan Tian had her on his mind, then he wouldn’t dare to snatch her from Yan Tian even if he was beaten to death.

    “Cough, cough, What’re you asking me for? I look at Wang Hui as a little sister.” Yan Tian coughed twice and said.
    “Really?! Hahaha, then I’m relieved!” Listening to Yan Tian’s words, Ah Long looked at Wang Feng smugly.

    “Fuck it, I don’t agree. How could my little sister get together with a gangster?” Wang Feng slammed the table in displeasure and said.

    “A gangster? What’s wrong with a gangster? Are you starting to look down on gangsters now? You’re a frickin’ gangster, too. In any case, I’m even better at gangstering than you are.”

    Hearing Ah Long’s words, Wang Feng thought it to be right as well. He himself was a gangster, too. It was unknown how many more times he had gone to the police station than Ah Long.

    “Hmph, stinking punk, pour a cup for me!” After he pondered the matter, Wang Feng crossed his leg over the other and said to Ah Long.

    “What? You’re calling me a stinking punk? You can go pour that cup yourself.” Ah Long rolled his disdainfully at Wang Feng.

    “Sigh, originally I had planned on considering what someone had just said, but forget about it. I won’t consider it.” Wang Feng shook his head in exasperation, preparing to pour himself a cup of wine.

    As soon as he heard Wang Feng, Ah Long was stunned. Wang Feng had said he was considering a matter someone had just said, but didn’t just happen to say he wanted to court Wang Hui? That someone was him. Apparently, Wang Feng was in agreement now?

    Calling this to mind, Ah Long instantly sobered up, taking the bottle of wine and pouring a cup for Wang Feng rather deferentially: “Hahaha, Brother Feng, if you got something to say, then please say it. Didn’t I pour you a glass? Who are we between the two of us!”

    “Hmph, so you actually rather eager to butter me up. I’m telling you, if you dare to do wrong by my sister, even if I have to risk my life, I will slaughter you.” Wang Feng looked at Ah Long seriously and warned.

    Wang Feng’s words weren’t a joke. He little sister was his only one. If Ah Long dare not be good to her, he would truly put his life on the line to teach Ah Long a lesson.

    “Ehehe, how could it be? Do you consider me as that type of man? When I kidnapped her last time, I didn’t do anything to her……”

    Just as Ah Long was halfway through speaking, he was slapped on the back of the head by Wang Feng: “You’re still speaking!”

    “A-a-ah, I’m not speaking, I’m not speaking. Chill out, I won’t, ehehe!” Ah Long clutched his head and chuckled.

    “Wang Feng, you can be at rest. If this punk Ah Long dares to do wrong by my little sister, you don’t need to make a move. I will personally flay him! At this time, Yan Tian was nibbling on a chicken leg and said.

    Listening to what Yan Tian had stood up to say, Wang Feng relaxed. With Brother Tian guaranteeing this, there wouldn’t be any problems. Looking at Ah Long, he snorted coldly and continued to pick up his chopsticks and eat.

    “Relax, Brother Tian. I’m serious. I sincerely like Wang Hui.” Ah Long blushed at this moment.

    *Kinda hard to translate. What Wang Hui is saying here is “you’re showering love on an uninterested person/thinking that the other person’s reciprocates your sentiment. Sound awkward to say that so I used wasting your breath. Doesn’t capture full scope of what Wang Hui means, but it’s close.

    *This phrased showed up in earlier chapters and I’m not sure if I made a note, but he literally says he is a magnificent seven che man. A che being a chinese measurement of a foot. I feel it’s awkward to say this for english readers, so I changed it.

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