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    Chapter 19: The Violetmoon Gate’s Zi Yue


    After Flaming Ma had left, Zi Qi immediately ran forward and picked up the dagger on the floor. Looking at it, she smiled in satisfaction.

    “Thank you. Speak, what do you want?” Once Zi Qi returned to Yan Tian’s side she asked.

    “I was on the road and saw injustice, so I stood up to help you, nothing more. On the contrary, we need to quickly take care of the injury on your leg. A lot of blood is flowing out. Do you want to go to the hospital?”

    As soon as Zi Qi heard Yan Tian, she lowered her head to look at her wound. If she went to the hospital, such a large wound would definitely leave behind a scar. Naturally, Zi Qi didn’t want to go to the hospital.

    “Can I borrow your cell phone for a bit?”

    Yan Tian didn’t know what the girl was going to do, but if he didn’t lend her his cell phone it would be impolite to refuse. Thus, he was forced to hand over his cell phone to Zi Qi. It was merely that Yan Tian begrudged the several cent call charge.

    Zi Qi took the cell phone, then turned behind Yan Tian and dialed a number. She then returned cell phone back over to him.

    “You don’t need to take care of that wound?” Yan Tian was quite puzzled. Why didn’t this girl want to take care of it?

    “It’s not pressing. In a while, some people will come to pick me up.” Zi Qi indifferently said.

    Yan Tian thought about it over, but didn’t care. In the past, when he had executed assignments, he had endured quite a few injuries. It was because of a certain mystical type medicine that Yan Tian was left with no scars. Yan Tian thought to himself, could it be that this girl had that medicine? It must be known that the medicine was something that his master only possessed.

    Yan Tian had nothing to do as well, so he walked about unhurriedly and chatted with Zi Qi. Yan Tian didn’t expect that the seemingly pure and cute girl in front of him was surprisingly a young mistress of the underworld?

    Amidst his conversation with Zi Qi, Yan Tian had more or less gathered the sequence of events.

    Right now, Fengan City was divided into two powers. The first power was the Azure Dragon Group and the second was the Violetmoon Gate. In Fengan City, these two powers could be said as incompatible as fire and water, so there were frequent territorial disputes.

    Yet not too long ago, the Violetmoon Gate’s gang leader and the Azure Dragon Group’s president had personally lead their forces to contest an extremely important territory. This caused both sides to clash. Since the Azure Dragon Group had more men, the Violetmoon Gate had quickly lost, thereby losing the land. This lead to the Azure Dragon Group becoming Fengan city’s number one power.

    In the middle of the war, the Violetmoon Gate’s gang leader Zi Yue’s Violetlight Dagger had been snatched by the Azure Dragon Group’s president. The dagger was something that her master had left behind for her, so Zi Yue wasn’t anxious and prepared to look for an opportunity to retrieve it.

    However, after Zi Yue’s younger sister, Zi Qi, learned that her older sister’s dagger had been taken, she planned to personally help her sister retake it. She then privately set up a meeting to negotiate with the people of the Azure Dragon Group. However, the Azure Dragon Group’s Flaming Ma didn’t hand give Zi Qi the item, but instead wanted to take her body. Thus, Zi Qi’s two bodyguards’ lives had been lost to the Yellow Springs. These were the events that had lead up to everything that had just occurred.

    Soon, a white Beetle had come from the distance and stopped in front of the two of them. Immediately, a ravishing woman stepped out from the car.

    The woman seemed especially similar to Zi Qi. She wore a white short-sleeved shirt and cowgirl shorts. Her clothes surprisingly matched Zi Qi’s. The sisters’ style was the same!

    Yan Tian didn’t need to know that the woman before him was Zi Qi’s gang leader older sister. Age was trifling when it came to becoming a powerful leader. Indeed, women didn’t concede to men in any aspects!

    “Big sis, your dagger.” Zi Qi saw her sister coming and stepped forward.


    Zi Yue looked at Zi Qi and delivered a slap. This had given Yan Tian quite a scare. On the contrary, others wouldn’t doing anything to Zi Qi, so why had her older sister slapped her?

    Zi Qi used her hand to cover her face, lowering her head, not daring to look at her older sister.

    “Who let you leave all by yourself? Don’t you know was very worried about you?” Zi Yue said without a trace of mercy to Zi Qi, angrily asking.

    “Sister, I was wrong. I wanted to help big sis get back her dagger.” After Zi Qi heard her sister, her eyes brimmed with tears.

    Zi Yue looked at the dagger clenched in Zi Qi’s hand, then once again looked at the wound on her younger sister’s leg. She suddenly felt sorrow in the pit of her stomach.

    “Zi Qi, you promise, older sister, OK? You won’t do anything dangerous again afterwards. The affairs of the underworld are your older sister’s. Study well and it’ll be OK, alright?” Zi Yue’s eyes reddened as she beseeched her younger sister.

    “Big sis, I guarantee I won’t do anything like this later again. I was wrong.”

    Zi Qi realized the question was serious. If she hadn’t run into Yan Tian today, the results would have been unthinkable, so she made the pledge to her older sister.

    As soon as Zi Yue heard her younger sister guarantee, she smiled faintly. Using her hand, she gently stroked the side of the cheek where she had hit Zi Qi. She sorrowfully said: “Listening to big sis’s words is good. Does it hurt?”

    “It doesn’t hurt.” Zi Qi immediately shook her head.

    After the two sisters had stood together for several tens of seconds, Zi Yue recalled that there was a man on the side. She turned her head at once to look at Yan Tian. At a glance, Zi Yue hadn’t left a very good impression on Yan Tian.

    At the moment, the only thing that could be seen was Yan Tian lustfully admiring the sisters’ creamy legs that seemed to go on and on. Furthermore, in his brazen looking, he completely appeared like some no-good, rotten gangster.

    “Take another look. Take another look, and I’ll scoop out your eyes.” Zi Yue noticed Yan Tian’s expression and glared at him.

    After Yan Tian heard Zi Yue, he immediately withdrew his gaze and awkwardly laughed. Thinking to himself, he thought Zi Yue was quite the fiery babe.

    Zi Qi had not seen Yan Tian’s lecherous expression at all, saying to her older sister: “Right, big sis, he was the that saved me. If it weren’t for him, I would be……”

    As she said this, Zi Qi lowered her head, not daring to look at her older sister.

    At a glance, Zi Yue understood her sister, then looked at Yan Tian and said: “Thank you for saving my sister. Speak, what do you want as a reward? As long as I can do it, you will certainly be satisfied.”

    As soon as Yan Tian heard her, he thought to himself: As long as you can do it, I’ll definitely be satisfied? What if I ask you sisters to go to a hotel and have some fun?

    Of course, Yan Tian naturally wouldn’t voice what was on his mind. He was forced to shrug his shoulders and smile: “I was on road and helped in passing, nothing more. Of course, if a beautiful woman really wants to give me a reward, then I’ll just casually take several billion, haha!”

    When they heard Yan Tian, Zi Yue and Zi Qi were left without words. Several billion? Do you want me to open a bank?

    “What’s your name?”

    “I’m called Yan Tian. Yan as in Yan Tian’s Yan and Tian and is Yan Tian’s Tian. What about you, beautiful?” Yan Tian seemed to gently introduce himself.

    Upon hearing Yan Tian’s self-introduction, Zi Yue furrowed her brows: Zi Yue. If you have any troubles in Fengan City later, just say my name and you’ll be good.

    As soon as Yan Tian heard her, before half the day had come, he had two people that would vouch for him. Before, the Azure Dragon Group’s Flaming Ma said to say his name, and now, the Violetmoon Gate’s Zi Yue had said the same. This made Yan Tian feel somewhat humbled by the favor shown to him.

    “Hehe, big sis, Yan Tian’s skills are quite awesome. I can guarantee that three of you wouldn’t be able to defeat Yan Tian.” After Zi Qi heard her sister’s words, she chuckled at Zi Yue.

    As soon as she heard her younger sister’s words, she looked at Yan Tian in surprise. His age was so tender, but his skills were so fierce? However, as she recalled that Yan Tian had saved her sister, she felt at ease. When it came to ends, the Azure Dragon Group’s Flaming Ma wasn’t of the general populace.

    “Hehe, who are you saying is so fierce? All you’ve seen is a couple moves, nothing more.” Yan Tian scratched his head and said, but it didn’t seem he believed in his own words.

    “Since my little sister has said you’re rather powerful, won’t you join my Violetmoon Gate? I can give you a lot of money.”

    Naturally, Zi Yue wouldn’t believe in the words Yan Tian spoke. Currently, there was a lack of manpower in the underworld, especially a deficiency of experts. Thus, Zi Yue wanted to pull in Yan Tian.

    “Haha, I’m nothing but a regular guy. The killing affairs of the underworld are something that I do not dare to do.”

    Killing wasn’t something he dared to do? By the time Yan Tian was teen, he had taken the lives of less than a thousand, but more than eight hundred. It was simply because Yan Tian truly no longer wanted to live a life of murder once again. He only wanted a normal person’s life.

    “Hmmm, ok. Here’s my card. If you have some matter, hit me up.” Zi Yue didn’t say anything more and took out a business card from her pocket to give to Yan Tian.

    Yan Tian took the card and looked at it. Surprisingly, Zi Yue’s occupation was a karaoke bar manager? It seemed like Zi Yue only used this profession to disguise herself, but in fact, she was an underworld kingpin.

    “You need to come back with me quickly. Take a look at yourself, you’re covered in blood.” Zi Yue finished speaking, then pulled her younger sister towards the white Beetle.

    Zi Qi didn’t say much as well. At her older sister’s side, she headed towards the car and left. As she entered the car, she glanced back at Yan Tian to smile. Such an action made the insides of Yan Tian’s heart tickle.

    Watching the white Beetle gradually leaving, Yan Tian looked at the business card in his hand. He laughed mockingly, then got into his car and prepared to leave.


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    Chapter 20: The Noodle Shop’s Old Loon

    Just as he got into the car, he saw two vans drive up to the abandoned factory gate and stop. Several men hopped out of the car, then headed towards the factory and went in.

    Yan Tian needed not to think about it to know that these were Zi Yue’s gang members come to handle the scene of incidence. After all, within the factory there were two of their men. Nevertheless, they needed to lay them to peace.

    Yan Tian noticed that it was no longer early and that it would soon be lunch time. He gunned the car and headed back to the company, not knowing if Chairman Liu had missed him or not.

    Of course, how could Liu Ruoxin possibly miss him? After Yan Tian returned to the company, he was met with the roll of her eyes. He was left with nothing but to chuckle. Before several minutes had passed, Liu Ruoxin ordered him to bring some food.

    Seeing that there were quite a lot of people in the cafeteria, Yan Tian thought it over and a light bulb went off in his mind. Instead, he prepared to go outside to pick up an order. In any case, he didn't have anything to do.

    Yan Tian quickly found a pulled noodle stand in the vicinity of the company. Although Yan Tian had grown up abroad since he was a child, he viewed himself as a Chinese man. He still thought eating a bowl of noodles was still rather authentic.

    Since it was currently lunchtime, the inside of the noodle stall was packed full of customers. Some people lowered their slurping great mouthfuls of noodles and some people impatiently asked the boss lady if their meal was ready yet.

    Yan Tian wanted a bowl of hand-cut noodles, so he looked for a table to sit down at and waited. However, before his food could arrive, surprisingly, a crackpot had come?

    The only thing that could be seen was a seemingly seventy-year-old man sitting down across from Yan Tian. The old man had a pair of deep-set eyes and his face was covered by wrinkles from the passage of time. His hair was ash-colored and in total disarray. Although the old man’s age was rather advanced, his body gave the impression of vitality. In his hand, he held a rapidly-melting ice cream and looked like a kid while lapping at it. His hand was covered in the ice cream.

    “Hehehe, youngster, quickly hail me as master.” The old man licked his fingers, then looked at Yan Tian and giggled.

    As Yan Tian thought to himself how was it possible for him to meet a nutcase, the old man smiled.

    The old man looked at Yan Tian and smiled at him, immediately assuming a comical stance, causing the surrounding people to laugh heartily.

    Yan Tian looked at the old man and smiled as well, not speaking.

    “How about it? Call me master. If you call me master, I’ll teach you martial arts.” The old man completed his actions and stared at Yan Tian.

    As soon as Yan Tian heard the old man, he wanted to laugh. Teach him kung fu? Was this a joke? It seemed like this old man really was a loon.

    “Hey, why are you looking at me like that? What I’m saying is true. If you call me master, I’ll accept you as my disciple.” The old man saw that Yan Tian wasn’t saying anything and once again reiterated his statement.

    “You’ll teach me kung fu? Really? Will I be able to become a rooftop-leaping, wall-running martial arts master?” Yan Tian feigned curiosity.

    The old man looked at Yan Tian’s curious expression and nodded his head satisfiedly.

    “Haha, soaring over rooftops and leaping over walls? Those are minor endeavors. How about it? Will you study under me or not?

    As soon as the surrounding people heard the old man, they looked towards him disdainfully. This old man was really blowing hot air.

    At this time, the noodle shop waiter had brought Yan Tian’s noodles over. However, before Yan Tian had a chance to eat, the old man scooped up several strands of noodles into his mouth barehanded. Not only did he not dislike the scalding heat, he thought the taste was pretty good. He picked up a pair of chopsticks and two great mouthfuls of noodles, completely uncaring of the dumbfounded Yan Tian.

    “Hey, old thing. This is mine.” Yan Tian immediately became unhappy.

    “You stinking brat, I’m your elder. Respect the old and cherish the young; do you not understand? Quickly hail me as mater.” The old man promptly said as he adopted the front of one of an elder..

    However, Yan Tian felt it was useless to lower himself onto the level of the old loon. He was forced to glare at the old man, then look towards the waiter and request another bowl.

    The old man watched the unspeaking Yan Tian and said with lips smacking: “Hey, stinking brat, hurry up and call me master. If you call me master, then I’ll give you something good.

    Yan Tian heard the old man would give him something? In any case, for him to call an old loon his master wasn't anything. He hurriedly made to leave as to avoid the babbling old man in front of him.

    As Yan Tian thought about it, he laughed wryly: “Good, good, good. Master, if is it alright, will your venerable treat this disciple to a plate of food to eat happily?

    “Hahaha, child, you finally called me master. Hoo, I’ll give this to you. A good item. As soon as the old man heard Yan Tian called him master, he smiled in satisfaction. From his pouch, he pulled out a shabby rusted ring.

    Yan Tian simply didn't believe  that this was some sort of good item. In the end, he looked at it and cursed. You’re giving me trash?

    Although he wanted to throw out this kook in a rush, Yan Tian feigned a pleased face and stowed the ring.

    Wearing a face full of appreciation, Yan Tian said: “Thank you, master. Disciple has received your gift. As for whether or not your venerable should……”

    As Yan Tian spoke, he cast his eyes to the door outside. It seemed that the old man was in a hurry to leave.

    The old loon pretended he didn’t see Yan Tian, while still eating great mouthfuls of noodles. As soon as he finished eating, he rubbed his stomach and belched. With his deep-set eyes he glanced at Yan Tian.

    “I have already imparted my exceptional teachings to you. Hahaha, farewell.” The old loon finished speaking, then merrily laughed as he ran off, even without wiping his mouth of oil.

    Yan Tian watched the old man’s leaving back and finally let loose a breath of air. He could finally eat in peace. Looking at the crummy ring in his hand, he casually pocketed it.

    Yan Tian finished eating, then wrapped up a portion to bring back to Liu Ruoxin’s office.

    Midday had passed and the sky had changed its appearance. The cheerful, magnificent sunlight of noon had transformed into the dense sunlit fog of the afternoon.

    Later, night would gradually come. The scintillating rays of twilight would slowly fade, floating away and then purged. Following, the waning sound of wind and bleak evening dusk would come once again.  

    After Yan Tian brought Liu Ruoxin back home, he discovered that Mother Sun had already returned. He called out to her in greetings, then drove the car back home.

    It seemed that it was the same as yesterday. Upon returning home, he discovered Sun Yue sitting on the sofa watching Korean drama. It was merely that she didn't sleep today.

    “I’m home. Did you miss me?” Just as Yan Tian came in through the door, he chuckled.

    “Yeah, right! Why would I miss you?” Sun Yue’s eyes were firmly fixed to the television.

    Yan Tian scratched his head, laughing, then went to take a cold bath. Afterwards, he went into his bedroom by himself.

    Due to his curiosity, Yan Tian took out the shabby ring that the old loon had given him in his bedroom and examined it. However, after looking at it for a while, he didn't see anything apparent. Without any better options, he threw it into the trash and cursed the old man darkly.

    Sitting in his bedroom for a while, Yan Tian then got up and took out his suitcase from his cupboard. He opened the suitcase and looked at the erotic magazines that he had hidden his flying needles, then laughed contrivedly.

    Yan Tian flipped over the bottom of the suitcase for a moment and pulled out an item enclosed in black cloth. Slowly opening the black cloth, the inside revealed a book. The book page appeared to be somewhat salacious.  

    This book was something Yan Tian’s master had gave him when he returned home. Within the book was a record of his master’s entire life.

    Yan Tian carefully flipped the page and looked at it. However, as he looked it over, he didn’t go any further. Within the book, his master had surprisingly said twenty years ago he had accepted an apprentice. At eight months, that kid had liked eating cow poop?

    Yan Tian thought about it; twenty years ago wasn’t he that disciple? However, when did he eat cow poop?

    “Damn, you old thing, when did I eat cow poop?"

    Yan Tian angrily took the book and threw it on the bed, wondering if whether or not he should write his own record? Perhaps he would say that his master liked to eat feces? Or how about saying that he was a homosexual?

    Just as Yan Tian thought about what to write about his master, he had suddenly glanced at an item from the corner of his eyes. 

    It could be seen that within the book that Yan Tian had throw on his bed there was surprisingly an item wedged inside. Yan Tian walked forwards, picked it up, and took a look. It was an old-fashioned black-and-white photo.

    In the photo, there was a middle-aged man holding two-to-three-month-old infant to his bosom. Yan Tian glanced at it. Should this not be master when he was young? Was the infant being embraced himself?

    After he looked at it for a moment more, Yan Tian flipped it over and surprisingly there were several sentences written on it. Yan Tian thought to himself that his should be his master’s writing.

    “Yan Tian, Tian’er, King of Hearts, the greatest accomplishment of my life was accepting you as my apprentice. I have no wife, nor child. However, I have you as my disciple. Being your master has made me very happy. As of now, you have completed your studies. I no longer deserve to be your master. China is your true homeland. There lies the true stage of your life."

    After Yan Tian finished reading it, a good amount of time passed before he regained his wits. Yan Tian thought to himself, was his master truly unwilling to have him? It must be said that if the old man was unfit to be called master by Yan Tian, Yan Tian still wouldn’t believe it, even if he was beaten to death. He could confirm that ten of him now wouldn’t be able to defeat his master. The old man was unsuitable to be his master? What a joke.

    Yan Tian smiled wryly, shaking his head and took the photo then once again placed it inside the book. After he inspected it once more to see if there were no other things, he put it back inside the black cloth. As soon as he finished stowing it away, he went into the living room and watched television with Sun Yue.


  • Chapter 21: The Mystical Ring


    After several minutes, Yan Tian thought that what Sun Yue watching was really quite dull. Even the fighting scenes were all lacking, so Yan Tian had requested to watch a couple action flicks and shoot ‘em ups. In fact, no cartoons were OK, however, Sun Yue wouldn’t give Yan Tian the remote control no matter what.

    It wasn’t until Sun Yue had finished was Yan Tian was able to happily change the channel to the children’s network. With great relish, he watched the domestically-produced animated film.

    Outside the window, the rain drizzled. It noiselessly pitter pattered, resembling countless silkworms producing silver thread. The endless threads rippled in the air like an expansive haze of gauze, draping across like a black oil field.

    The wind chased the rain and the rain caught the wind. The combination of wind and rain cumulated in a black cloud in the sky. The entirety of heaven and earth was encapsulated within the rain.

    The next day, as daybreak gradually came, the land was misty, as if it was shrouded in a silvery ashen gauze. The sky slowly transformed into a light blue, and in a blink of an eye, the sky revealed a single red cloud.

    Yan Tian opened his eyes and hazily looked at the time, preparing to shower. Suddenly, he saw something.

    The only thing that could be seen was a book inside the trash can. It was unknown when it had appeared. Yan Tian squatted down, took the book in his hand, and gave it a once over. This book seemed to be quite a crappy.

    The yellow paper gave off a moldy smell. The edges were slightly raised and the cover appeared to be ruined and dilapidated. The cover appeared to be filled with fine lines like that of a spider web.  

    Yan Tian was quite curious where the book had come from. Could it be that during the night someone had entered his room?

    Thinking about it, Yan Tian looked at the item inside his room. It had be known that with Yan Tian’s perceptive abilities, if someone entered his room, and for him to be unable to discover them, there was only a single possibility. An absolute master had come.

    However, Yan Tian thought again that this was incorrect. Leaving aside the fact that the amount of experts in the world were especially few, even if those experts had truly come, why would they give a book to Yan Tian? Moreover, in the trash?

    Yan Tian suddenly recalled that yesterday, he had thrown the shabby ring into the trash. Suddenly, he thought of a possibility.

    “Could it be the ring?”

    He finished speaking and shook his head. It seems that he had watched too many cartoons yesterday. How could a book come out of a ring?

    Yan Tian looked at the yellow-saturated book in his hand, not knowing what was inside. Due to his curiosity, he opened the book’s first page.

    Cosmos Yin-Yang Ring?

    Opening the first page, Yan Tian saw six large seal characters inscribed within. Fortunately, Yan Tian had previously learned seal script, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to recognize it.

    “Cosmos Yin-Yang Ring? What the heck?”

    Yan Tian said, then flipped over to the second page. On the second page, he only saw that seal script characters were used.

    Since ancients times, exceptional merit laws have been enclosed within the Universe Ring. If a fated person releases the seal, they can cultivate these merits.

    “What trick is this? How can this be a Cosmos Ring? Shouldn’t this be a crummy ring?” Yan Tian picked up the shabby ring from the trash and murmured to himself.

    Yan Tian doubtingly turned to the third page. The third page told of the method to remove the seal and told of the future usage methods of the ring. It seemed that it was pretty freaking awesome.

    The Cosmos Ring was an item similar to storage rings within fantasy novels. Within it was a universe, heaven representing the sky and earth the lands. Derived from it was Yin and Yang, also known as the Cosmos Yin-Yang Ring.

    Yan Tian suddenly thought of the old loon from the noodle shop yesterday. That old kook had said he had already transmitted his unique martial arts to him; it shouldn’t be that this was the mysterious ancient merit law, right? Who was that old man? Why had he passed on to him martial arts?

    Yan Tian held a suspicious attitude as he continued to read.

    Yan Tian read over the Cosmos Ring’s removal technique and thought that it wasn’t much of a problem. The book said to use blood jade to remove the seal. Putting the blood jade and the Cosmos Ring into water at the same time would cause the seal to automatically break.

    The formation of blood jade and corpses were related. When a person was buried, a jade artifact forcefully stuffed in the mouth. If a person just died, at the time they swallowed the blood jade, it would freely fall through the throat. Then, it would enter the veins and arteries and be densely covered within. After the passage of a thousand years, the blood would permeate the jade in death. Traces of blood would go through the core of the jade without stop. Afterwards, this would form a gorgeous blood jade.

    Thinking it over, Yan Tian prepared to look for time to go to the jade market to search for it. It should not be hard to find one, right?

    Looking at it for a moment, Yan Tian took the seemingly crummy rusted ring and placed it on his hand. First, whether or not what the book said was true, a ring that had a book pop out of it was certainly not a common item.

    After he took the book and stowed it into his drawer, Yan Tian went to wash up. As before, he made the same delicious breakfast as yesterday, then drove the car to work.

    Soon, the car arrived outside Liu Ruoxin’s villa. Yan Tian stopped the car, left it, and rapped the door.

    A fifty-something-year-old auntie opened the door. Although she had taken good care of her skin, there were some faint traces of time on her face. At the moment, a smiling expression hung on her face as she looked at Yan Tian.

    Yan Tian knew that this was Liu Ruoxin’s housemaid Auntie Sun. He had seen her yesterday night.

    “Hello, I’ve come to receive Chairman Liu.” Yan Tian said quite courteously.

    “Hmm, Little miss explained it to me. Come in.” As before, Mother Sun smiled.

    After Yan Tian entered the villa, he saw Liu Ruoxin sitting at the table eating. It was only that it seemed like she didn’t want to eat it. Perhaps Auntie Sun’s food wasn’t delicious?

    “I’m full. Let’s go; we’ll head to work.” Liu Ruoxin saw Yan Tian come, then put down her bowl and chopsticks and wiped her mouth.

    Auntie Sun saw that Liu Ruoxin hadn’t even eaten two mouthfuls and was preparing to leave for work, so she cried out worryingly: “Ah, little miss, why are you like this today? You still haven’t eaten anything.”

    “Auntie Sun, I’ve got no appetite today, so I’m not eating.” Liu Ruoxin said, then prepared to get up.

    Yan Tian looked at Liu Ruoxin and discovered her complexion wasn’t so great. Since he had received rigorous training, Yan Tian was sure Liu Ruoxin had fallen ill.

    “Chairman Liu, it seems that your complexion isn’t too good. Do you really want to go to work?”

    “Liu Ruoxin looked at Yan Tian cooly and stood up: “I’m alright, quickly……”

    However, just as Liu Ruoxin stood up, her eyes darkened. Just as she was halfway through with speaking, she fell over. Yan Tian immediately caught Liu Ruoxin.  

    “Oh my, little miss, what’s going on?” Auntie Sun saw Liu Ruoxin fall into unconsciousness and was very worried.

    “Chairman Liu has possibly been too weary recently. This can lead to anemia. If she rests for a bit, then it won’t be a problem.”

    Yan Tian gave her a once over and was quite sure that Liu Ruoxin was over-exhausted, so it had lead to anemia.

    In the past few days, a tremendous matter had occurred in the Liu Family Conglomerate clothing company. Since Liu Ruoxin was the company chairman, the burden on her body was too great. Each day, she had worked over time and had continued to do so without any good rest. Furthermore, for the past two days, Auntie Sun wasn’t present, so Liu Ruoxin had eaten food without much nutrition. This had involuntarily lead to anemia.  

    “How about we go the the hospital to get it looked at? Usually, little sister isn’t in this kind of situation.

    Auntie Sun was really quite worried; scared that Liu Ruoxin had developed something. She had looked after Liu Ruoxin since she was a girl.

    “There’s no need. I’ve studied medicine. It seems like in her current situation, she needs to rest for a while, and it’ll be OK. If we go the hospital, it’ll be a waste of money. The shortest path to recovery is a greater supplementation high-protein, calorie-dense meals. In addition, pay attention to the food she eats are rich in iron and copper.” Yan Tian said quite calmly.

    “Alright, I’ll go broil some chicken soup for young miss.” Auntie Sun said, then went to the kitchen and began her work bustling.

    Yan Tian looked at the beautiful woman within his embrace and laughed wryly. He then brought Liu Ruoxin to the sofa. Since the air conditioner was on, there was a cold, rustling feeling, so Yan Tian covered Liu Ruoxin with a blanket as to avoid her catching a cold.

    Looking at the currently unconscious Liu Ruoxin, Yan Tian knew he didn’t need to go to work today. He mulled it over, then turned the television on and set it to a low volume, sitting on the sofa, looking at it in great interest.

    Yan Tian’s hearing was quite good, so even if the television volume was set rather low, he could still hear it clearly. It was without the slightest bit problem.

    As he watched the cartoon character on the television, Yan Tian began to exclaim in admiration. Before, he had still not discovered that domestically-produced cartoons were originally so good to watch. Such a dazzling armor along with a suitable body were simply awesome……

    Soon, Liu Ruoxin wearily sat up. Seeing that she was lying down on the sofa, she knew she had fallen unconscious. Turning her to look, Liu Ruoxin was left rather speechless. Thinking to herself that Yan Tian was a twenty-year-old man, but he still watched cartoons?

    “Chairman Liu, you’ve woken up? You just fell unconscious.” Yan Tian saw Liu Ruoxin get up and said.

    “Ah, thank you.”

    When she blacked out, Liu Ruoxin knew that it was Yan Tian that had caught her. If it weren’t for Yan Tian, she would have fallen to the ground.

    “Oh, we’re going to be late soon. We need to leave quickly.” Liu Ruoxin rubbed her eyes, looking at the time and urgently prepared to continue to go to work without considering she had just fallen unconscious and needed to rest.


  • Chapter 22: Precious Blood Jade

    “Chairman Liu, you need to rest right now. Although you just only fainted, it’s not too big of a hindrance. If you don’t rest well, you could possibly develop cancer.” Yan Tian looked at Liu Ruoxin who was preparing to go to work and scared her.

    “What? Get cancer?” As soon as Liu Ruoxin heard she could get cancer, she immediately looked at Yan Tian incredulously.

    In order for Liu Ruoxin to get sufficient rehabilitation, Yan Tian was forced to put forward his Oscar-winning acting skills to continue to trick Liu Ruoxin.

    “Yes, I’ve studied medicine before. With your current situation, you’re at the most susceptible to developing cancer. Therefore, you need to relax properly, eat more high-protein, high-calorie foods.” Yan Tian said to Liu Ruoxin earnestly.

    As soon as Liu Ruoxin heard Yan Tian’s word, she thought it over for a moment. Looking at Yan Tian again, she skeptically asked: “Is what you’re saying true? If you dare to trick me, I’ll deduct your wages.”

    As he heard Liu Ruoxin, his heart thumped. He thought to himself, if I let Liu Ruoxin discover I tricked her, it won’t do if she actually turns out to deduct my salary. It would be a huge joke.

    However, he had said this, so Yan Tian was forced to grit his teeth and say: “Oh my, Chairman Liu, how could I possibly trick you?”

    Through Yan Tian’s continuous deception, Liu Ruoxin finally decided to rest for a day. She gave the company’s vice chairman a call and explained some matters. Afterwards, she sat down on the sofa and watched Korean drama. That was right, Liu Ruoxin liked to watch Korean drama as well.

    This made Yan Tian terribly angry. He had duped her for half the day, and in the end, he was even unable to watch television. There was no way around it; who made him work outside of his job?

    Yan Tian sat for a while honestly feeling bored. He decided he would spend this idle period to look for a jade store to see whether or not he could find a piece of blood jade.

    “Chairman Liu, is there a place that sells jade nearby?” Since his understanding of Fengan City wasn’t especially deep, Yan Tian was forced to ask Liu Ruoxin.

    “Jade? Why are you looking for jade?” Liu Ruoxin asked quite curiously.

    “I want to find a piece of blood jade.”

    “Blood jade? What are you going to do? You’re better off not buying that kind of jade.” After Liu Ruoxin heard that Yan Tian wanted to go look for blood jade, she then warned him with good intentions.

    “Haha, it’s not a problem. I have a little use for it, nothing more.

    “On Fengping road there’s a pretty good jewelry store. Go there and take a look.” Liu Ruoxin thought it over and told Yan Tian of a jewelry store.

    After Yan Tian heard Liu Ruoxin, he bade farewell to her and Auntie Sun, then got into the car and set off.

    As Yan Tian drove the red Porsche swiftly, he found the jewelry store Liu Ruoxin spoke of. The store’s name was Jade Pavillion. At this time it seemed there wasn’t a single person inside.

    “Is the boss here?” Just as Yan Tian entered, he said loudly.

    “Hey, come in, come in.”

    Immediately afterwards, a seemingly forty-year-old man came out of a small room within the shop. At the moment, the man was all smiles, looking at Yan Tian.

    “Mister, what do you require?”

    “Do you have blood jade here? I want to buy a piece of blood jade.” Yan Tian directly headed straight to the point.

    “Oh my, young man. You can consider yourself to have found the right man. Let me tell you, others may not understand much, but I understand the most about blood jade.” The store owner immediately chuckled.

    “Then give me a piece.” Yan Tian pressingly said.

    “But Mister, I don’t know what kind of blood jade you want? Blood jade is divided into different categories.” As soon as the store owner heard Yan Tian wanted a piece, he was excited, since if he sold a piece there would be much profit.

    Blood jade was divided into categories? Yan Tian was ignorant of this matter. He had always believed there was a only a single jade classification. He didn’t expect that jade would be divided into separate categories.

    “How many categories are there?” Facing the store owner, Yan Tian lacked the slightest bit of knowledge.

    The store owner thought it over, then explained: “For blood jade, there are two classification. The first is produced in the snowy plateau of Tibet, and that is a red jade. It is called the Song of Gonjo Ma. It’s more commonly known as plateau blood jade. Due to it dark red coloring it has gained this name.”

    The store owner picked up a cup of water, took a sip, and continued to speak.

    “Anyways, the other kind of blood jade makes people feel a little frightened. This indicates it is not such a simple kind of jade, rather, it points to a jade seeped thoroughly in blood. Whether it is jadeite or nephrite, as long as the inside has been seeped in blood, then it is blood jade.

    As Yan Tian heard this, he knit his brows. He himself didn’t know what type of blood jade the the crummy ring needed. Furthermore, the book only said that blood jade was capable of breaking the seal. However, it didn’t speak of what kind of blood jade.

    “Mister doesn’t know which one he needs?” The store owner finished speaking, then asked, faintly smiling.

    “Blood jade? Seeped in blood? How is it done?” Yan Tian was in no hurry to say which one he needed, on the contrary, he was quite curious about blood jade.

    “You can consider yourself to have asked the right man. The formation of blood jade and corpses are related. As people bury the dead, they place a jade artifact in the mouth. Then, the jade forcibly goes through the person’s mouth. If the person just died, the jade will be swallowed in one breath and will then freely fall through the throat. It then enters the veins and arteries and is thickly covered within. After the passage of a millennia, and the blood has seeped through in death, strands of blood will have passed through the core of the jade. Then it has formed a magnificent blood jade.” The store owner explained patiently.

    There was human blood soaked within blood jade? If this came forward, who would dare to wear it?

    “There’s a relation between blood jade and people? What if it’s an animal?” Yan Tian looked at the store owner suspiciously.

    “Everyone knows blood jade is quite precious. Because of this, even though the production method is simple, the price is high. As a result fake dealers use a type of seemingly natural method to produce blood jade. They take a jade and put it in a dog’s mouth and seal its mouth. After the dog has breathed it’s last, it’s skeleton is buried in the earth and after several tens of years it is exhumed. You can get blood jade like this. Of course, no matter if it is human blood or dog blood, both are relatively spiritually sensitive. Within dog blood jade there is resentment congealed inside. Furthermore, there is no benefit to the wearer.”

    “Since blood jade is so precious, why is there so much blood jade on the market?” Yan Tian curiously said.

    If what was said was just as the store owner stated to be, and blood jade was so precious. Why had Yan Tian seen so much blood jade before? Among poor people, many of them wore it.

    “Hehehe, young man. In the current era, the reason why blood jade is so plentiful is because of artificial dye. This type of jade, although many people call it blood jade, it simply not genuine blood jade. This kind of blood jade doesn’t have the slightest bit of spirituality.” The store owner laughed, then carefully explained.  

    After Yan Tian listened to the store owner’s explanation, he thought it over and felt at ease. Right now, there were a lot of unscrupulous businessmen. In concern to expensive items, those dealers would naturally think of all methods to pass off a counterfeit. Furthermore, they were able to frequently pass off fakes as genuine articles.

    Take the cell phone market in general. They would frequently give rise to high-quality fake cell phones. These high-quality fakes were much cheaper than the the going market price by far. Since people regularly sought small advantages, they were deceived.

    “Then what is the price of true blood jade?”

    Yan Tian knew of the preciousness of blood jade. As soon as he asked the price, he didn’t believe that a fake piece of blood jade would be able to activate the ring.

    “The price? For the first type of of naturally-occurring blood jade, since the production amount is extremely scarce, the price should be around a 1,000,00 RMB. For the second type of blood jade, although its man made, it’s also extremely rare. Human blood jade where there is a jade within the corpse is the most expensive one. According to the product quality’s fixed price, it’s a few less several thousand. However, they often reach a 1,000,000RMB and so far as 10,000,000 RMB.” The store owner answered in the same old smiling manner.

    When Yan Tian heard what the store owner had said, he almost face planted on the ground. So it happened to be that it held a weight of a 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 RMB. Even if he worked his entire life, he still wouldn’t have enough to buy half of one.

    “Do you have it here as of now?” Although Yan Tian couldn’t buy it, he planned to first have the store owner take it out to look at.

    “Haha, such a precious item; my small store naturally does not possess it. If mister wants, I can actually help you find a place that does.” The store owner smiled, nodding his head.

    How could such a precious treasure be possibly casually taken out in the store? Yan Tian thought about it and felt at ease. In general, there weren’t many people offering to buy rare items. Furthermore, when they were put on the market, there would be an auction. An ordinary jewelry store would naturally not own these treasures.

    “Eh, hold on, can you repeat what you just said?” Yan Tian scratched his head embarrassingly.

    In fact, Yan Tian didn’t plan on buying blood jade today. It had to be known that right now he only had several tens of RMB in his pocket. He couldn’t even afford a fake. He was only taking advantage of his free time to take a look.

    However, taking a look at the price had scared Yan Tian stiff. Originally, he had planned that as soon as he had sufficient wages, he would go buy it. But right now, it seemed like he didn’t have several years to save up enough money. Yan Tian thought to himself, should I go do several assignments?

    “OK, that’s fine. This is my business card. If you want to find me, you can.” The store owner said, then handed over his business card to Yan Tian.

  • Chapter 23: You Want Money, Right?

    Yan Tian took the offered card and glanced at it. The store owner’s name was Tong Yulin, and he was a member of the Hong Kong Jewelry Business Association. It was no wonder he could contact the top stores.

    After Yan Tian took the card, he drove his car and left.

    On the road, Yan Tian thought of how he could earn money. It must be known he was currently quite poor. It was necessary that he needed money. Although he could take several assignments, Yan Tian truly didn’t want to go back to his previous life of assassination.

    However, as Yan Tian though of how he could make money, he suddenly saw a crowd of people up ahead. It looked like there was some sort of traffic accident.

    Of course, Yan Tian wouldn’t let himself stay idle despite such an incident. Shaking his head, he drove the car towards the small road on right side and prepared to take a detour from the side.

    Just as Yan Tian made a turn though, he surprisingly found an acquaintance among the mass of people.

    It could be seen that it was the girl that Yan Tian had saved yesterday, Zi Qi. She was currently with a yellow-haired man who was lying on the ground talking about something.. It seemed like Zi Qi had hit someone?

    It was probably because of the injury on her leg, but today, Zi Qi wore a pair of skintight jeans and a seemingly valuable designer shortsleeve shirt. Her entire person appeared to be beautifully touching.

    “Hey, did you make a mistake? I was driving the car fine, but you came running over.” Zi Qi looked at the man before her and angrily said.

    “Ugh, ouch! This really hurts, it hurts a lot. How do you drive? Are you blind?” The yellow-haired man seemed to curse out painfully.

    “You’re scammer, right? I was just driving my car slowly. How could I possibly hit you?”

    Zi QI was originally planning on going to a classmate’s house to have fun, but as she drove her sports Benz, she didn’t expect to surprisingly hit someone halfway there. She was clearly driving slowly, making Zi Qi innocent.

    You hit me, yet you’re even saying I’m a scammer? Everyone take a look. This girl hit me; you can all bear witness for me!” As soon as the yellow-haired man heard Zi Qi say he was a scammer, he immediately refuted her.

    “Hmm, from what I see, it seems that the pretty girl wasn’t careful and hit the young man.” As the yellow-haired man finished speaking, a spectator said.

    “Right, I just saw it as well. This girl hit him.” Another spectator from the crowd agreed,

    After the several spectators finished speaking, many people in the crowd were all blaming Zi Qi. A majority of the people believed the girl was driving unsafely and had hit a passerby.

    However, some people knew this wasn’t the girl’s fault. It was clear that the yellow-haired man had stopped in front of the car as it was passing. After he ran out, and because everyone didn’t want to cause fuss, no one had said anything.

    Nonetheless, Zi Qi didn’t believe one bit that she had hit someone. Since she was just driving the car, she knew. How could she hit someone? It was evident that the man ran forward in front of her car. It was a textbook scammer.

    “It’s come to this, so we’ll make a report, alright. We’ll let the police handle this.” It seemed that Zi Qi was at her wit’s end and was left to get ready to make a report.

    On the other hand, how could the yellow-haired man on the ground possibly let Zi Qi make a report. If an officer came would he not have failed? With great difficulty, he had caught a luxury car-driving nouveau riche.

    “Hey, don’t call the police. This isn’t some big matter. We can settle this privately.” The yellow-haired man saw that Zi Qi was preparing to call the police, so he immediately felt anxious.

    As soon as she heard the yellow-haired man say he wanted to settle the incident privately, she was forced to put away her cell phone. She knew that she had run into a scammer. However, she was scared of trouble. Zi Qi didn’t want to bother the police as well.

    “Speak, how is it private?” Zi Qi said and put her cell phone away.

    “Sigh, it’s alright, I don’t want to defraud you, so if you give me some medical expense, that’ll be ok. I’ve got enough bad luck.” The yellow-haired man thought it over and sighed.

    “Do tell, how much do you want?” Zi Qi looked at the yellow-haired man coolly.

    “Ah, forget about it. Give me 7,000 to 8,000 RMB.” The yellow-haired man nodded his head bitterly and said.

    As soon as Zi Qi heard the yellow-haired man, she glared at him. 7,000 to 8,000 RMB was robbery. Although to 7,000 to 8,000 RMB to Zi Qi could be said to be a single hair from nine oxen. However, by no means did Zi Qi want to give such a man so much. It would be better of donating to charity than giving it him. Moreover, Zi Qi didn’t carry so much cash on her person.

    “7,000 to 8,000 RMB? I don’t have that much. I only have 2,000 RMB.” Zi Qi thought it over, then took out a stack of bills from her purse.

    “What? You hit me, and you’re only going to give me 2,000 RMB? That’s not even enough to cover the medical fees. Let me tell you. If you don’t give it to me, I won’t leave.” The yellow-haired man glanced at the two thousand and immediately laid down on the ground.

    As soon as Zi Qi heard the yellow-haired man, she was enraged beyond function. She had only not wanted to lower herself to this man’s level, nothing more. But surprisingly, he didn’t want to let her go?

    “I only have 2,000 RMB, but you’re not dropping it.”

    “Hey, let me say beautiful lady, you’re the one that’s in the wrong. You hit someone. You should give him money for damages.” The person who had spoke earliest in the crowd of spectators suddenly interrupted.

    After Zi Qi glared at the man, she could see it as well. These men were partners, so Zi Qi naturally wouldn’t have a good complexion.

    “I only have so much. If you two speak again, I’ll have nothing.” Zi Qi was determined to not give them anything. At worst, there would only be some ruckus.

    “Pretty girl, I urge you that you best obediently take out the cash, otherwise, you’ll regret it.” At this time, another spectator, approached Zi Qi, so only she could hear his voice.

    Once Zi Qi heard the man, her brows furrowed. Against her expectations, they wanted to force her? Just as Zi Qi prepared to reason with the men, she heard a somewhat familiar voice.

    “Hey, bros. You want cash, right?”

    Yan Tian had watched the events unfold from the side for quite a while. He had roughly figured out the sequence of events. Since Zi Qi had drove her luxury car out, she had been met with a scam.

    “Who are you?” The yellow-haired man on the ground asked puzzledly.

    “Do you want money or not?” Yan Tian looked at the yellow-haired man on the ground with a beaming smile.

    “So? She hit me. Shouldn’t she compensate me?”

    “Ah, so it’s like this. Of course she should. It’s only that 7,000 or 8,000 RMB is by far too small, no? ” Yan Tian appeared to nod his head sympathetically.

    As soon the yellow-haired man heard Yan Tian, he thought to himself, 7,000 to 8,000 RMB was too small? Could it be that this kid wanted to help him get more? Certainly, when the time came, he would give the kid a portion of the spoils.

    “Oh my, it it is a little small. I feel like I’m unable to get up right now.” Listening to Yan Tian, the yellow-haired man began shouting again.

    Yan Tian watched the yellow-haired man’s reaction and nodded his head quite satisfiedly. Soon after, he turned his head to Zi Qi: “Hey, lassie, give your big sis a call. Tell her to give you 50,000 RMB. Someone here is going to get run over.

    Not even waiting for Zi Qi to reply, Yan Tian sat down in the driver’s seat of the Benz and started the car, prepared to run the yellow-haired man right over.”

    “You want to run me over? C’mon, let’s go, run me over. I want to see if you dare to run me over or not.”

    The yellow-haired man saw that Yan Tian actually didn’t want to help him, but instead had wanted to start the car and run him over. However, he didn’t care. He didn’t believe Yan Tian would truly dare to run him over.

    Yet in the next second, the yellow-haired man immediately stood up on the spot. Towards the right side of the car, the only thing that could be seen is Yan Tian driving the Benz directly over where the yellow-haired man was.

    “What the fuck, you were really going fucking run me over!” After the yellow-haired man avoided the car, he immediately swore.

    Yan Tian didn’t care at all about what the yellow-haired man said. Seeing that he had failed to hit the man the first time, Yan Tian then turned his head and tried to hit the yellow-haired man again.

    Once the crowd saw that Yan Tian wanted to flatten the yellow-haired man into a pancake, each and everyone of the dispersed. If by chance they were hit that wouldn’t be good.

    The yellow-haired man saw that the car was going after him again, so he quickly moved towards the side. However, he had mistakenly believed he had dodged it. Contrary to his expectations, Yan Tian had drifted the car and slammed the man into the ground.

    “Brother Feng!” After the two other people saw that the yellow-haired man was hit, they rushed forward to help him up.

    “Alright, you’ve got guts, kid. Just you wait for me.” The yellow-haired man finished speaking, gave Yan Tian an vicious look, and left.

    Yan Tian watched the yellow-haired man leave, but didn’t chase after him. He laughed mockingly, then opened the car door and stepped out.

    “What are you doing here?” Zi Qi saw Yan Tian get out of the car and promptly came forward.

    “Hehe, I was just passing by.” Yan Tian closed the car door and laughed.

    “Oh, thanks. You’ve helped me once again, otherwise I would’ve had to get my sister again.”

    Yan Tian looked at at Zi Qi, tilting his head and saying: “In regards to these type of people, you shouldn’t talk with them. Even if you did hit him, I believe your sister would have helped you settle the affair.”


    T/N: PRC fraud is pretty common in China apparently. You can watch tons of youtube videos of chinese people failing to scam by running in front of cars \o/


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    Chapter 24: Invited By A Beautiful Girl To Eat

    “I’m not as violent as you. What’s more is that there so many people at the side.” After Zi Qi heard Yan Tian’s words, she rolled her eyes at him.

    Yan Tian heard her words and smiled, thinking to himself of how could this be considered violent? You’ve never seen true violence.

    “It seems that you’re really not scared by this matter?” Zi Qi looked at Yan Tian curiously.

    “What are you saying?”

    Zi Qi nodded her head and said: “Yesterday when you saved me, you fought members of the Azure Dragon Group. Even then you weren’t scared a bit. This has made me quite curious. Just now you hit that man without the slightest care, so I really am quite puzzled.

    “Haha, it could be that I was born with naturally great courage, right.” After Yan Tian heard Zi Qi, he laughed and said.

    Being reminded by Zi Qi, Yan Tian recalled that this was China, and he had no connections to speak of here. It looked like he would need to lay low later.

    “Hmm, It’s going to be time to eat soon. How about I invite you out to eat?” Zi Qi looked at the time, discovering that meal time was soon to come.


    A beautiful girl had invited him to eat? Who wouldn’t go? Yan Tian didn’t think anyone wouldn’t agree.

    “Let’s go. Get in the car.” Zi Qi winked at him.

    “No need. I drove, hehe.”

    Yan Tian said, then moved over to the side of the road and quickly opened the door of Liu Ruoxin’s red Porsche.

    “Wow, pretty good. This was the car that you drove yesterday. I find myself becoming more and more curious about you.” As Zi Qi saw Yan Tian open the door of the red Porsche, her eyes widened greatly in admiration.

    “Haha, This isn’t my car. It’s my boss’s.” After Yan Tian heard Zi Qi, he was slightly embarrassed. The car wasn’t even his.

    “You’re working for someone? Driving this car shouldn’t be anything simple, no?” Zi Qi looked at Yan Tian curiously. She hadn’t expected that Yan Tian was an office worker.

    “Haha, it’s fine.”

    Soon, Yan Tian and Zi Qi arrived at western-style restaurant. As the attendant saw two luxury cars arrive, he instantly opened the car to welcome without the faintest trace of neglect.

    After the car was parked, Yan Tian and Zi Qi then entered the restaurant. It was an Italian-style restaurant decorated cozily and pleasantly. The environment was fairly good, and in the outside seating there were customers who enjoyed the romantic vibe seated.

    “What do you want to eat?” Zi Qi flipped through the menu in her hand.

    “Whatever you eat I will eat. I’ve never been a picky eater.” Yan Tian shrugged his shoulders.

    After Zi Qi glanced at Yan Tian, she ordered two steaks. Thinking it over, she ordered another portion of spaghetti bolognese.

    Needless to say, the restaurant’s working efficiency was rather high. This was possibly due to the fact at this time there weren’t many people in the restaurant. Since Zi Qi had ordered the dishes several minutes ago, they had already arrived.

    Yan Tian looked at the food on the table and his eyes glimmered. He picked up his knife and fork and began gulping the food down. Without any sort of elegance, he completely lacked any sort moderation in front of the beauty sitting at beside him.

    Meanwhile, Zi Qi stared at Yan Tian’s table manners from the side blankly. She had originally been under the impression that since Yan Tian drove a luxury car and wore a suit, that he should’ve been a refined individual. However, who would’ve expected that Yan Tian’s table manners would be so unsightly? Such as to smack his lips?

    “Oh…… I thank you for yesterday’s affair.” Zi Qi ate her food and said unhurriedly.

    “Huh? What are you thanking me for?”

    After Yan Tian hear Zi Qi thank him, he stared at her in a daze. Could it be that the two times a beautiful woman had invited him out to eat were all just to thank him?

    Zi Qi lowered her head and used her fork and knife to cut into the steak on her plate: “Thanking you for saving me yesterday.”

    “What are you saying? I just happened to come across you, nothing more. There’s nothing to give thanks for.” Yan Tian heard Zi Qi’s words and promptly shook his head.

    “To be frank, I still want to give you my thanks. If it weren’t for you, I would’ve……” Zi Qi said, then bashfully lower her head.

    As soon as Yan Tian heard Zi Qi, he recalled her expression from yesterday. At that time, Zi Qi had believed Yan Tian wasn’t willing to save her, so when she looked at his expression, she had been itching to completely shred him to pieces.

    “Thank me?” Who was it that had an expression of wishing to eat me up yesterday?” Yan Tian said and rolled his eyes at Zi Qi.

    As soon as Zi Qi heard Yan Tian, she said somewhat embarrassingly: “Gosh, at the time when you wouldn’t let me get into your car, I had mistakenly believed that you were a partner of theirs. However, even if you hadn’t picked up a knife, your utmost best could be considered good.”

    After Yan Tian heard Zi Qi, he rubbed his nose and smiled. Thinking it over, if someone else was substituted into that situation, who wouldn’t think that Yan Tian and Flaming Ma were cohorts.

    Though the timing had been too fortuitous, at that time, Yan Tian had been completely unwilling to let Zi Qi into the car. It had truly seemed like some sort of plot. It was no wonder that Zi Qi appeared loathe Yan Tian so much in that moment.

    “Yikes, that’s right. Is there anything wrong with your leg?” Yan Tian suddenly recalled the wound on Zi Qi’s leg.

    “Ah, it’s nothing. It’ll be good enough soon.” Zi Qi smiled.

    “How can that be? It was a pretty big cut. At the minimum, it should take a week to heal. How did you do it?” Yan Tian wore a surprised expression as he looked at Zi Qi’s legs. However, upon glancing at it, he noticed Zi Qi’s leg was rather beautiful. Especially, the pair of jeans she was wearing, they seemed particularly appealing.

    In fact, Yan Tian really was curious. It must be known that in Yan Tian’s impression, there was no one else besides his master with this medicine. How could the Violetmoon Gate have it? Could it be that it was a similar medicine?

    Zi Qi saw Yan Tian’s surprised expression and smiled: “There’s no harm in telling you. I used Goldsore, so I was able to recover faster.

    “Goldsore? What the heck?” After Yan Tian heard Zi Qi, his head became a foggy mess.

    “This medicine in comparison to ordinary ones yields a much better efficiency. If you apply it to the wound, it will be healed quickly. Furthermore, the most mystical aspect is that it won’t leave behind a wound. My older sister frequently uses it.” Zi Qi explained.

    “How come I’ve never seen this type of medicine?”

    “Hehe, not many people know of it. You need a certain special method to obtain it. It’s not available on the market at all.” Zi Qi smiled and explained.

    Yan Tian thought it over and was relieved. It must be said that only his master had that type of medicine, so where had his master obtained it from? It could only be said that his master and the Violetmoon Gate were the same. They both went through special methods to obtain it.

    So where had this medicine come from? Yan Tian could roughly think over the means. It could possibly be the medicine of a pharmaceutical production company. Since the medicinal efficacy was especially good, the production costs were too high. The output was small, so the big shots had control over it.

    “Haha, so it was originally like that.” After Yan Tian thought it over clearly, he smiled.

    “Oh.” Zi Qi groaned and suddenly recalled something, asking: “Right, yesterday you offended the Azure Dragon Group’s Flaming Ma. I think he’ll possibly take revenge against you.”

    “So what?” After Yan Tian heard of Flaming Ma, he furrowed his brows.

    Quite honestly, this was Yan Tian’s greatest headache. Although Yan Tian wasn’t frightened of them, he couldn’t stand other people continually giving him trouble.

    The Azure Dragon Group’s power was tremendous and their gang members were numerous. If a true fight came, Yan Tian didn’t believe he could fight against several thousand or even several tens of thousands of them.

    With such a matter, Yan Tian didn’t feeble-mindedly believe that all the people of the Azure Dragon Group were hoodlums and ruffians. How could such an enormous underworld power possibly not have an expert at command?

    If there were one or two, Yan Tian could settle it, but if there were forty-five or fifty of them?

    “How about you join us? That way, your safety will be guaranteed.” After Zi Qi thought it over, she then extended an olive branch to Yan Tian.

    “Hold on, stop right there. First, don’t say such things. Next, tell me. In China how many influences are there that are the same as you guys in power? I haven’t been back in China for long, so I don’t know much.”

    Yan Tian had finished eating his steak and felt that he had not finished eating his fill. He took the spaghetti bolognese and shifted it in front of him, eating with great gusto without paying attention to Zi Qi’s expression.

    Zi Qi looked to Yan Tian and said helplessly: “You not knowing is normal. Normal people wouldn’t know these kind of things. Do you want to know?

    “Yes.” After Yan Tian heard Zi Qi, he immediately nodded his head.

    “Alright. I’ll tell you. Who let you save me, huh?” Zi Qi said, then put her last piece of steak into her mouth.

    “In China, it appears that our organization is altogether one of four. These four powers occupy their own lands. You could say it’s similar to the Three Kingdoms period. In China, these four great societies are the Four Great Triads. Of course, this is only in the underworld. In addition to the Four Great Triads, there are the other five powers.,

    Zi Qi said this, then looked at her surroundings, quietly saying: “These five powers are the Five Grand Families. The Five Grand Families supervise all of China. You could say in a word that the Five Grand Families determine the lives and deaths of an immeasurable amount of people. In China, the Five Grand Families are indispensable. They’re nothing at all like our Four Great Triads. Granted that the Four Great Triads don’t have an entirely great amount of influence in China.


  • Chapter 25: The Porsche Is Scratched


    “Oh, so it’s like that. Who are these families?” After Yan Tian heard Zi Qi, he looked at her puzzledly.

    In the past, Yan Tian had encountered these families or triads abroad. The London girl was the young mistress of one of those great families. It seemed that the Five Grand Families and her family were one in the same. It was merely that it seemed that China was somewhat muddled up.

    “Telling you isn’t an issue. The Four Great Triads can be divided into the Azure Dragon Group, the Violetmoon Gate, the Swan Goose Hall, and also the Silent Society. The Five Grand Families are the Huang family, the Zhuang family, the Liu family, the Zhuge family, and the Yang family. In China, the Five Grand Families and the Four Great Triads are existences on equal footing.” Zi Qi thought about it and said.

    After Yan Tian listened to Zi Qi, he knew he was completely not the opponent of these powers. It must be known that at most, he was just nothing but an assassin. He had simply no background to speak of. Furthermore, presently, he had already offended a great power. Yan Tian didn’t believe that Flaming Ma wouldn’t come look for him to stir up trouble.

    “What benefits are there to joining you guys?” Yan Tian thought it over and asked. Overall, there should not be no benefits, right?

    “Benefits? The benefit is that you’re presented with a great backer.” Zi Qi rolled her eyes at Yan Tian.

    As soon as Yan Tian heard Zi Qi, he cooled his temper. What she said was true. If he entered a great power like the Violetmoon Gate, he would undoubtedly find himself a backer. How many people would dare to clash head-on with the Violetmoon Gate?

    However, when had Yan Tian ever needed to depend on a woman to protect himself? If it was like that and he joined the Violetmoon Gate, he would have no freedom. Wouldn’t he have to obey Zi Yue?

    After he thought it over, Yan Tian laughed and declined: “Hehe, as for joining your group, let’s forget about it. I’m a person who enjoys freedom.”

    “What if Flaming Ma comes to take revenge on you? What will you do?” Zi Qi didn’t expect Yan Tian wasn’t scared in the slightest. It must be known that Flaming Ma was a name that would make many people go weak at the legs.

    “Counter soldiers with arms and water with earth. They best not offend me, or else I won’t even let them know how they died.” Yan Tian indifferently spread his hands.

    Zi Qi saw that Yan Tian had no plan on entering the Violetmoon Gate, so she didn’t bring up the matter again. If she said more on the matter, it wouldn’t be good.

    Yan Tian no longer thought of the matter of entering the Violetmoon Gate. Frankly said, they weren’t anything but an underworld syndicate. Yan Tian didn’t even place them within his eyes. It was just that currently, Yan Tian was a single man without any help at all.

    After the two finished eating, they sat together and chatted. After about a dozen minutes or so, Zi Qi looked at time and saw it was no longer early, so she paid for the bill and left with Yan Tian.

    Just as Yan Tian left, he saw the yellow-haired scammer from before standing by Zi Qi’s white Sports Benz using a blade to stealthily carve into it.

    Yan Tian took a look and was suddenly a little glad. Fortunately, the yellow-haired man didn’t know the red Porsche on the side was the car he drove. Otherwise, if several scratches were on it, Yan Tian wouldn’t be able to compensate it.

    “Huh, my car!” Zi Qi came out of the door and saw a man standing by her car, carefully looking that this guy was using a knife to scratch up her car.

    Just as the yellow-haired man was ruining the car, he heard a voice, so he immediately got ready to make a break for it. However, possibly due to his anxiety, as he ran he managed to stumble over.

    Yet just as he tripped, he scratched the car Yan Tian was driving. It could only be seen that as the yellow-haired man went for a hand support, he just happened to grab onto the red Porsche. Due to the blade he was holding, he left a scratch on the red Porsche Yan Tian was driving.

    Just as Yan Tian was rejoicing that his own car wasn’t scratched, his happiness withered away as he saw that his car had been scratched. Upon seeing this, Yan Tian immediately stiffened on the spot. He thought to himself, how could life be so demanding? His car had been fine a second ago and he was happy, but in the next moment his car was scratched?

    The yellow-haired man saw that he scratched yet another luxury car, so he scaredly sprang up and ran away. However, how could Yan Tian and Zi Qi possibly let him flee? With two people behind and a person in front, they gave chase.

    Yan Tian and Zi Qi were both trained, so their running speed was quite quick. In only a cope seconds of effort, they had already chased down the yellow-haired man’s back.

    At the moment, the yellow-haired man didn’t expect that the two people could run so swiftly. He knew that if he was caught by them there would definitely not be any good result. Consequently, he hurried to increase his speed in fright.

    However, how could the yellow-haired man’s addition running speed be faster than Yan Tian’s? It could only be seen that Yan Tian rapidly caught up to the yellow-haired man’s right side. He stuck out his leg, and the yellow-haired man fell over, crashing his face into the ground in an instant.

    “Big bro, big bro, don’t hit me, don’t hit me. Let’s talk it out.” The yellow-haired man fell to the ground and said anxiously immediately, scared that Yan Tian would beat the crap out of him.

    “You dare to scratch my car? Do you want to die?” Not even waiting for Yan Tian to speak, Zi Qi caught up and said angrily.

    “Big bro, big sis, I was wrong. I was wrong.” The yellow-haired man knew he was unable to run. He was forced to beg for forgiveness.

    “Big sis? Am I so old?” As soon as Zi Qi heard the man, she was angered beyond function. Big sis? He had surprisingly called her big sis?

    The yellow-haired brat heard Zi Qi and instantly corrected himself: “Lil sis, lil sis, you’re not old. You’re a lil sis.”

    Zi Qi listened to the yellow-haired man correct himself, calling her little sister, then she promptly glared at him. Was lil sis not an appellation for a prostitute? Contrary to expectation, he had called her little sister? The angry Zi Qi directly kicked the yellow-haired man violently.

    “Lil sis, lil sis, lil sis, your entire family are lil sisses. You’ll anger me to death!”

    “H-h-hey, don’t hit me, don’t hit me. Ouch, don’t kick my face.” The yellow-haired man immediately curled up on the ground, shouting.

    The yellow-haired man didn’t expect that the man didn’t make a move, but instead, the girl had struck out first. Carefully, thinking about it, the man didn’t say anything wrong. Was she not a little sister?

    Yan Tian watched Zi Qi’s flustered and agitated appearance and couldn’t help but to smile. He didn’t think that this girl would launch such aggressive violence.

    “Smiling? What are you smiling about?” Zi Qi saw that Yan Tian was smiling on the side and she glared at him angrily.

    Yan Tian looked at Zi Qi with a smile, and squatted down to look at the yellow-haired man: “Brat, you want to court death, right? Trying to scam in the morning and now you’ve gone and scratched up our cars. What do you have to say, huh?”

    “Big bro, I was wrong. Whatever you want me to do is ok. As long as I don’t have to pay for your damages, its OK.” As soon as the yellow-haired man heard Yan Tian, he immediately embraced Yan Tian’s leg.

    “Why? If you won’t give me damages to repair my car, then where will I get the money?” Yan Tian heard the man and was dissatisfied. He was poor to rags. What was he suppose to take out to pay to repair Liu Ruoxin’s car.
    The moment the yellow-haired man heard Yan Tian wanted him to pay damages, he kneeled before Yan Tian. He lowered his head and said beseechingly: “Big bro, I was really wrong, but I really don’t have any money. I tried to scam you today because I had no choice. I beseech you; let me go. Besides money, I’ll do anything else.”

    “You frauded because you had no other choice. I’ll tell you. If you don’t fricking repair my car, I will flay you alive.” As soon as Zi Qi heard this, she immediately threatened the yellow-haired man.

    “I’m begging you guys to let me go, OK? I really have no cash. Right now, I really need money. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have to scam.” At the moment, the yellow-haired man surprisingly wiped tears from his eyes. He was completely without the smallest bit of manliness.

    Yan Tian looked at the yellow-haired man wiping his tears and said disdainfully: “Speak, why do you need to scam. Looking at you like this, you don’t appear to be any good person.”

    “I need to save my little sister.” The yellow-haired man raised his head to Yan Tian.

    Hearing this, Yan Tian glanced at the yellow-haired man curiously. To save his little sister? Could it be that his little sister had some illness? This is why he urgently required money?

    “What sickness does your little sister have?” At the moment, Zi Qi glanced at him curiously.

    “My sister doesn’t have an illness. She was kidnapped.” The yellow-haired man answered bitterly.

    As soon as Yan Tian heard him, he thought he was a liar. Your sister was kidnapped, but you didn’t go to the police, but instead did some scam? Although Yan Tian had grown up abroad as a child, he didn’t understand domestic affairs too well. However, domestic police should’ve taken care kidnapping matters, no?

    “How come you didn’t go make a report?”

    “The yellow-haired man heard the question and wailed: “It’s my fault. It’s all my fault. I have harmed my little sister. I’m a damn bastard.”

    “Speak quickly. Why did it come about this in the end? Don’t leave out any details.” Looking at an adult male crying, Yan Tian was a little impatient. The yellow-haired man had really lost face for men.
    “I gambled my money away. I was short on cash, and I couldn’t settle the debt, so I ran. But I didn’t think that they would nab my highschooler sister and abduct her. They said if I still don’t have the money, they’re going to pimp out my sister to a night club. I don’t dare to go the police, so I’ve no choice but to stay on the main street and look for luxury cars to scam.” The yellow-haired man used his fist to smack his face.

    The yellow-haired man’s name was Wang Feng. Since he was child, his studies were exceptionally good and his family situation was originally considered quite well off, however his father had gotten into a car accident when he was in junior high and had passed away. At the time, his mother had run off with a wealthy man and had only left behind several thousand for him and his elementary schooler sister.


  • Chapter 26: Changing Times Bar


    Several thousand would be rapidly exhausted. Since he had to take care of his younger sister, from that point on, Wang Feng had stopped attending school. He began look everywhere for a job to earn money, but there were only so many jobs he could do.

    However, because his little sister’s school expenses became more and more, a single month’s expenditures became greater and greater. In order to earn more money, Wang Feng gambled.

    Yet as Wang Feng continued to gamble, he earned more and lost less, so he continued to rely on gambling as a means to raise his sister. He didn’t swap out for a decent job.

    His sister had urged him many times that he was capable of finding a normal job and he need not gamble again. While many people who gambled could build their riches over night, other people could lose their entire fortunes in a sitting.

    But Wang Feng didn’t listen to her persuasion. He believed his gambling was rather good, but in a brief period of time, Wang Feng had suddenly lost several hundred thousand. However, how could Wang Feng pay it off? He was forced to flee.

    The creditor was unable to find Wang Feng, so he was forced to investigate him. He learned that Wang Feng had a younger sister and gave her money every month, so he then kidnapped her.

    Wang Feng knew his sister had been snatched, so he was forced to appear before the creditor. However, the creditor ordered him that by all means, he had to get the money within half a month. Otherwise, the creditor would make his little sister become a prostitute.

    It must be known his sister was his entire world. Wang Feng’s life was dedicated to his sister. How could he let his sister get involved? Thus, he was forced to think of methods to collect money. One of them was auto insurance fraud.

    “Altogether, how much money is it?” The little girl Zi Qi had a rather soft heart. Upon hearing Wang Feng, she was somewhat sympathetic.

    “600,000 RMB.”

    “This amount of money just to kidnap your sister? That’s too excessive. I’ll take care of this matter.” As soon as Zi Qi heard this, she pat her chest and said.

    600,000 RMB in a normal household could be considered a huge sum. How could the words Zi Qi had uttered from her mouth, “only this amount”, made Yan Tian who was person unable to repair the car able to endure it?

    “Huh, you’ll take care of it? You’re not going to bring one of your helpers to kill them, right?” Yan Tian looked at Zi Qi helplessly.

    “Of course not; my older sister won’t let me handle gang affairs, so I can’t send out any men.” Zi Qi pursed her mouth and shook her head.

    As soon as Yan Tian heard this, he was speechless. No one you could fricking order?

    After Yan Tian heard this, his knit his brows and looked to Zi Qi: “What are you going to do. You’re not going to go report this to the police, are you?”

    “I don’t dare to make a report. If I make a report, my little sister will be in danger.” As soon as Wang Feng heard of a police report, he immediately said hastily.

    Zi Qi didn’t understand Wang Feng’s words, but she suddenly gave Yan Tian a glance with her charming eyes. Batting her beautiful eyes at him: “How about you? You’re so fierce. How about you and I join forces, sound good?”

    It was no wonder that Zi Qi wanted to help Wang Feng. So it turned out she wanted him to serve as her helping hand? Yan Tian thought to himself that he couldn’t answer by any means. He couldn’t afford to provoke even more people.

    “Me? Even if I did, I’m not the police.” Although Zi Qi’s expression was quite soul-rousing, Yan Tian still spread his hands out reasonably. Wang Feng saw that Yan Tian didn’t want to help him and instantly grabbed onto his leg and wailed miserably: “Big bro, I’m begging you, save my sister, alright. If you save my sister, my, Wang Feng’s, life will be yours.”

    Yan Tian heard Wang Feng’s weeping voice and thought it over. In Fengan City he had no one. Wang Feng seemed to be a person who laid a heavy importance in relations, since he was willing to give it all for his sister. Would it not be better to receive a young bro?

    “Where’s the place?” After he thought about it, Yan Tian took out a cigarette and put in his mouth.

    Wang Feng immediately took out a lighter out discreetly and struck it for Yan Tian: “The Changing Times bar. It’s not too far from here.”

    “Fine, let’s go save your little sister.” Yan Tian nodded his head, then moved to his car to leave.

    Wang Feng naturally had no questions. It was just that he didn’t know if Yan Tian could save his sister. It had to be known that there were a lot of hired thugs there.

    “OK, be at ease, alright. Your little sister is definitely going to be fine.” As soon as Zi Qi heard Yan Tian agree, she stood cheerfully behind Yan Tian.

    Zi Qi as well was an old-hand at combat. Hearing that Yan Tian was going to save someone, she was immediately happy. She completely forgot about the matter of her car being scratched.

    “Hey, what are you doing?”

    Seeing that Zi Qi stood at his side quite excitedly, he asked her curiously. Could it be that this lass wanted to go save someone too?

    “What am I doing? I’m going to together with you guys to save her.” Zi Qi winked.

    “You?” Yan Tian opened his mouth wide in surprise.

    “So? Is there a problem?” Zi Qi looked at Yan Tian’s startled expression and was somewhat indignant. Was he looking down on her? It had to be known her skills were quite powerful as well.

    Yan Tian knew that Zi Qi wanted to go, so he inhaled two puffs of smoke, urging her: “Huh, I urge you not to join in on this mess. If you run into danger, who will protect you? Say, if your older sister knew, wouldn’t she bring a helper to hunt me down on a crowded street?”

    “Hey, my kung fu is good too. Who is going to protect you? Let’s get a move on it.” As soon as Zi Qi heard Yan Tian, she was displeased. So it turned out that Yan Tian considered her to be a liability.*

    Zi Qi wanted to follow behind and Yan Tian was at his wits end. He was forced to bring Zi Qi together with him and go. Yan Tian had no great expectations for Zi Qi to help him, but if she couldn’t screw up at the critical moment, then that would be good.

    Thinking it over, Yan Tian shook his head and prepared to set off. Before they could go to the car, Wang Feng immediately scampered over and opened the door of the white Sports Benz, waiting on Yan Tian and Zi Qi to be seated.

    Yet Wang Feng didn’t expect that the red Porsche on the side was surprisingly Yan Tian’s. Just a moment ago, he had also scratched that car. This time he was done. He had scratched two cars.

    Soon, Yan Tian and Zi Qi’s two luxury cars arrived at the door of the Changing Times bar. Wang Feng promptly left the car and opened the car doors for Zi Qi and Yan Tian.

    Although it was currently broad daylight, there were still people going inside the Changing Times bar. An intense beat, clamor of the crowd, bewitching eroticsim of women and the frenzied young men twisted together.

    After they left the car, the three of them entered the bar. Within the bar, the air was pervaded by the scent of cigarettes and alcohol. The music was extremely loud, practically deafening one’s ears. On the dance floor, men and women wildly twisted their hips and rears. The giggling of cool and elegantly dressed women mixed together with the fun of men. They were unable to control their men with the enticements of sweet talk.

    Dazzling lights were reflected upon all kinds of red wine glasses filled to the brim. Among the winge glasses and gambling chips, the dubious hue corroded the intoxicated minds of the people.

    Yan Tian glanced at the alluring bar girls and a light glimmered in his two eyes. His eyes swept over them unceasingly, thinking to himself that this was truly a paradise. No wonder people liked going to the bar.

    Zi Qi noticed Yan Tian’s conduct and looked at him despicably. She was sincerely unable to understand what about those women was worth seeing.

    “Yo, ain’t you Bro Feng? So how about about it? You bring the cash?” Suddenly a server from the bar chuckled and walked in front of Wang Feng.

    After Wang Feng looked at the server, he looked at Yan Tian at his side nervously. However, it seemed that Yan Tian had not heard him at all. His eyes were glued on every style and sort of beautiful woman, looking at them without stop.

    “I’ve brought the cash. But I want to see my sister first.” Wang grit his teeth and said.

    Right now, Wang was only but to gamble it all on Yan Tian. Since he was forced to say that he had brought the cash, he wanted to first see his sister. Afterwards, he looked to Yan Tian for what to do. At the moment, Wang Feng had placed his and sister’s lives completely in Yan Tian’s hands.

    The server was clearly stunned. To his surprise, Wang Feng had collected enough money? It looked like he really wanted to redeem his sister.

    “You’ll have to wait a little first. I’ll go talk to the boss.” The server smiled, then left to upstairs.

    After the server left, Wang Feng nervously looked to Yan Tian. “Big bro, there’s no problem, right? I reckon soon, we’ll be called up to the upper floor.”

    “What? You’re scared?” Yan Tian continued to enjoy the various beauties inside the bar.

    “Scared? How could I not be scared? I’m worried about my little sister.” Wang Feng look at Yan Tian and said a little anxiously.

    Yan Tian smiled as before, but in his eyes there was no one here in the bar that was simply any threat at all. He estimated that the boss was an uncultured scoundrel only good at eating, drinking, whoring, and gambling.

    “Hey, are you sure you’re certain of it in the end?” Zi Qi looked at Yan Tian’s lustful expression and was a little doubtful.

    Yan Tian didn’t answer Zi Qi’s words, but raised his head to look at the private room on the second floor, smiling but not saying anything.

    Seeing that Yan Tian wasn’t paying any heed to her, she glared at him and twisted her head away, no longer looking at him.

    After a moment of effort, the server from before came down from the second floor.

    “Brother Long is waiting for you up top. Come with me.”


    * (meaning of liability here is pretty funny in chinese: bringing children into a second marriage LOL)


  • Chapter 27:A Million In Hand


    After Wang Feng heard the server, he glanced at Yan Tian. Yan Tian shrugged his shoulders, displaying he had no issues. The two people then follow the server with one in the front and one in the back to the second floor.

    Zi Qi noticed that Yan Tian was brimming with confidence. Thinking about it again, Yan Tian’s skills were quite frightening. No longer giving it any thought, she followed.

    The three were brought up to the private room on the second floor and saw a man sitting on a chair. He was an extremely beautiful man with long, willow-like eyebrows and a body like jade. He wore a pure white shirt that was slightly wet, and a faint sweat seemed to seep out through the shirt, making his fine body seem to be exquisitely crafted.
    Long violet hair framed his snow white neck, simply giving him a supple and charming appearance. A man who could come about like this was a rarity beneath the heavens.

    Yet surrounding the man were a group of well-built men standing beside him. At a glance, they were all characters at the level of a underworld boss .

    The server bowed to the man, then closed the door and left. As he left, he looked at Wang Feng in schadenfreude.

    “Wang Feng, have you prepared my money?” The man slowly rocked the glass of red wine in his hands.

    Wang Feng looked at the man on the chair and nervously said: “Brother Long, the money is ready……”

    “We haven’t prepared the money, but instead I have prepared a gift for Brother Long.” Not even for Wang Feng to finish speaking, Yan Tian interrupted him.

    After Wang Feng and Zi Qi heard Yan Tian speak, they looking to him bewilderedly. When had Yan Tian prepared a gift? How come they didn’t know of it?

    “Oh? Who are you? What gift?” Brother Long was baffled as well.

    Yan Tian looked at the man before him and smiled: “Haha. Brother Long. You will certainly like this gift.”

    “What is it?” Brother Long’s appetite had been stoked by Yan Tian.

    “Take a look at this girl at the side. How is she?” Yan Tian smiled nefariously and winked at Brother Long.

    Over the course of what Yan Tian had said, everyone looked to the back of Yan Tian. Even Zi Qi looked curiously at her surroundings, but after looking around for a while, she discovered she was the only woman and there was no other.

    “Little brother. What’s your intention?” As soon as Brother Long heard Yan Tian, he stroked his chin, greedily looking at Zi Qi.

    Zi Qi saw that Brother Long was looking at her avariciously, so she finally became clear of what the gift Yan Tian had spoke of was. Immediately, she glared at Yan Tian with murder in her eyes.

    Naturally, Yan Tian sensed Zi Qi’s murderous gaze, so he was forced to give her a meaningful look stealthily, expressing to her not do anything rashly.

    Zi Qi wasn’t dim-witted, so she immediately understood Yan Tian’s idea. However, she still glared at him fiercely.

    “Hehe, Brother Long, how about it? Is it to your liking? How about we use this girl to swap for Wang feng’s little sister?” Yan Tian looked at Brother Long and laughed.

    The same moment as Yan Tian spoke, Zi Qi correspondingly gave Brother Long a teasing glance. The action made Brother Long’s heart ache with desire.

    “Yes, not bad, not bad at all. Bring the pretty lady over.” Brother Long nodded his head, expressing for Zi Qi to go over.

    Zi Qi glanced at Yan Tian, then moved towards Brother Long. Yan Tian’s face still maintained the same beaming expression as before.

    Looking at Zi Qi go forward, Wang Feng’s heart leaped to his throat. He didn’t expect that Zi Qi would surprisingly truly dare to go. There were several bodyguards standing over at the side.

    Zi Qi quickly moved in front of Brother Long and looked at him with a faint smile.

    Brother Long flashed a smile and nodded his head, preparing to take Zi Qi in his embrace. But how could Zi Qi possibly let a man hold her? Since she he had reached adulthood, no man had embraced her.

    Just as Brother Long extended his hand preparing to take her into his embrace, Zi Qi suddenly dodged behind his back. Her right hand dug into her pocket and pulled out a folding knife, placing it at Brother Long’s neck.

    Evidently, Brother Long didn’t expect that this girl would know kung fu. Furthermore, she had even brought a folding blade. Before he and his bodyguards could even react, he had been captured.

    Not only had Brother Long not expected this, but even Yan Tian had not expected that Zi Qi’s movements were so nimble. He had originally believed Zi Qi was only an all rounder when it came to martial arts. But right now, it looked like Zi Qi wasn’t at all weak.

    As for Wang Feng, he was even more unable to speak. He recalled earlier when he had stupidly tried to insurance scam, the girl apparently didn’t want to lower herself to his level. Otherwise, he would have long ago gone to the hospital. As he thought about it, he was left with lingering fear.

    After the group of bodyguards came about from their stupor, they finally reacted. Their boss had been captured, so several men immediately surrounded Zi Qi. However, they dared not make a move, since their boss was in the hands of another.

    “Pretty good, right? You wanted to embrace me, huh?” After Zi Qi captured Brother Long, she angrily stomped her feet.

    “Hoho, how fierce, so amazing! I didn’t expect you were so astonishing. I looked down on you before.” At the moment, Yan Tian smiled, clapping his hands. It seemed as if watching this scene and an amusing one were about the same.

    As soon as Zi Qi heard Yan Tian, she looked at viciously: “And you, what are you laughing about? You went so far as to use me as a gambling chip? I still haven’t settled accounts with you.”

    After he heard Zi Qi, Yan Tian smiled somewhat embarrassingly, giving her an apologetic expression.

    “Hmph, I said it. How could Wang Feng possible gather so much money? But I didn’t expect he would’ve asked for help.” Brother Long reacted at last, glaring at Wang Feng, he coldly snorted.

    “Where did this little sister come from?” Wang Feng looked at Zi Qi who had grasped Brother Long, questioning with great courage.

    Brother Long pretended not to hear Wang Feng and dug at his ear, looking to Yan Tian and Zi Qi: “You two, how much money did he spend to invite you guys? I’ll double that price.”

    Brother Long appeared to be a person that had seen every aspect of the world. Even if he had a blade at his neck, he wasn’t scared a bit. On the contrary, he chatted with Yan Tian.

    As soon as he Yan Tian heard him, he was ecstatic. Didn’t he need money right about now? How about he use the opportunity extort him a bit. In any case, Brother Long wouldn’t make a report to the police. The truth was, villians screwing over each other was a common occurrence.

    “Alright. Wang Feng said he would give me 500,000 RMB. If you give me a 1,000,000 RMB, I’ll help you take care of him.” As soon as Yan Tian heard Brother Long, his eyes immediately radiated golden rays of light.

    The moment Wang Feng heard this, he was scared harshly: “Big bro, how could you do this? You agreed to save my younger sister. You can’t do this.”

    Yan Tian glanced at Wang Feng’s agitated appearance and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It looked like this kid truly believed he was going to be enticed by the money.

    Zi Qi too didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Helplessly glancing at Wang Feng: “Wang Feng, if you can give out a greater reward than what Brother Long is offering, we will continue to help you. If you can’t, then you’ll have to forgive me.”

    Zi Qi finished speaking, then gave Wang Feng a meaningful look, hinting to him not be flustered.

    Wang Feng was a bright person as well. Thinking it over he knew Yan Tian wanted take advantage of Brother Long. Moreover, when had he given Yan Tian 500,000 RMB?

    “Hehehe, good, very well. I quite appreciate you two, so I can give you a 1,000,000 RMB.” Brother Long looked at Wang Feng’s flustered appearance and laughed heartily.

    In fact, Brother Long planned to pay Zi Qi and Yan Tian, since from the movements Zi Qi had just made, she was an expert. Brother Long naturally wouldn’t choose to offend an expert.

    Although Yan Tian hadn’t made a move, Brother Long Felt that Yan Tian should have been stronger than Zi Qi. Though he didn’t see Yan Tian face off against the bodyguards at his side, would it not be laughing in his face?

    As Brother Long thought of it presently, no matter who they were, or no matter their conduct, as long as he could provide benefit, there should be a method to make the two serve him!

    Hearing Brother Long was going to give him a 1,000,000 RMB, Yan Tian rubbed his hands and said excitedly: “Hmm, let’s not hold up. Brother Long let’s speed things up a bit. We still have things to do.”

    “Alright.” Brother Long agreed, then facing his bodyguard, he extended his hand.

    After the bodyguard behind him understood, he immediately took out a check and handed it over to Brother Long.

    After Brother Long took the check, he took out a pen and speedily wrote out a figure for a 1,000,000 RMB. When he was finished, he respectfully handed it over to Yan Tian.

    Yan Tian took the check and looked it over. After he saw there were no problems, he stuffed it into his pocket. He thought to himself that in a short amount of time, he had already earned a 1,000,000 RMB.

    “I’ve already given the money to you, so right now I want Wang Feng’s arm.” Brother Long called out to Yan Tian after he received the check and said in a commanding tone.

    Presently, Brother Long believed he had already hired Yan Tian. Wang Feng had given 500,000 RMB to these two people and had dared to seek trouble for him. However, even though he had just given Yan Tian a 1,000,000 RMB, Yan Tian didn’t listen to his justifications.

    Anyhow, an unexpected matter had occurred for Brother Long. Not only did Zi Qi not let go of the dagger at his neck, but instead she brought it closer. The edge of the blade at Brother Long’s neck managed to break into the skin slightly.

    “Why?” Yan Tian skeptically picked his ear.

    At the moment, Brother Long finally realized the truth. Yan Tian had originally never planned to help him. He had just wanted to rip him off.


  • Chapter 28: Two Choices


    Brother Long suddenly felt that he was toyed with. Although he was no big shot, he was still a third of one. When had he ever been insulted like so by another person?

    After he realized it, Brother Long gloomily looked at Yan Tian: “You’re not keeping your word.”

    The moment he heard Brother Long, Yan Tian smiled: “Hahaha, Brother Long, right? Currently, you have two choices. The first one is to immediately release Wang Feng’s younger sister and the second is, well, to us there’s no benefit, but I’ll kill you.”

    Yan Tian finished speaking, then picked up a cigarette from the table. He looked it over and put it in his mouth.

    Wang Feng immediately lit the cigarette for Yan Tian tactfully, completely in the manner of a younger brother.

    “Hmph, what if I don’t want to let her go? Do you think if you kill me you’ll have anywhere left to go?” After Brother Long heard Yan Tian, he coldly snorted. It had to be known he still had many men.

    Yan Tian looked at the cigarette box in his hand and said: “Haha, Brother Long’s smokes are of such high quality. This box should cost a little lower than a day of a normal person’s salary. Brother Long really knows how to live it up.”

    “What are you trying to say?”

    “I’m just thinking that’s all. Seems that Brother Long is this type of person. If you died like this, wouldn’t it be a pity? Think it over. If you want to die, your money, your women; who do they belong to? Why, it’s no good to enjoy it as such, no?” Yan Tian took two puffs of the cigarette and looked at Brother Long all smiles.  

    As soon as Brother Long heard Yan Tian, he really thought it over. Why had he earned so much money? Was it not so he could have a good life? Even if he earned money, he couldn’t enjoy it if he was dead. Then what would he want so much cash for?

    Mulling it over, Brother Long sighed and looked at the bodyguard behind him, waving his hand: “Sigh, It was out of my calculations. Against my expectations,I didn’t think I would experience such a failure. Bring his younger sister out.”

    Wang Feng’s younger sister was locked inside the basement of the Changing Times bar, so after the bodyguard heard the command, he went down stairs to bring Wang Feng’s sister up. Right now, both sides were waiting to exchange hostages.

    Wang Feng’s sister’s name was Wang Hui. She had a pair of large sparkling eyes. This girl gave others a deep impression, since her appearance transcended her age of that of an astonishing beauty. Her face was carefully adorned with faint, shapely eyebrows and her long lashes sparkled like two brushes.

    From what Yan Tian could see, although Wang Hui’s beauty couldn’t move men like that of Zi Qi and Liu Ruoxin. In comparison to a majority of women, she could be considered top beauty. In school, she should’ve had many suitors.

    Wang Hui saw her brother here and immediately ran over in front of Wang Feng with her eyes brimming full of tears. She knew her brother had come to rescue her.

    “Bro, I’m sorry. I’ve worried you.” Wang Hui used her hand to cover her unshed tears.

    Wang Feng looked at his sister with red eyes. He gratefully looked at Yan Tian and Zi Qi, if it weren’t for the two of them helping him, when would he have been able to see his younger sister?

    “Hui’er It’s your brother who is at fault. I’ve made you suffer.” Wang Feng tightly hugged his sister.

    Brother Long looked at the brother-sister reunion weeping incessantly together and looked at them disdainfully. He glanced at Yan Tian: “You two, I’ve already handed her over to you, so what? You should put away the blade, no?

    “Don’t worry, stop being so anxious and wait a moment. Let’s listen to what this girl has to say.” Yan Tian looked at Wang brother-sister pair and picked his ear.

    How could Yan Tian let Brother Long go like that? Currently, he still didn’t know whether Brother Long had mistreated Wang Hui or not. If he had done something lower than scum, Yan Tian would dispose of Brother Long no matter the case.

    “Hui’er. How were the past several days? Did they mistreat you?” After he held her for a moment longer, Wang Feng let go of his sister and asked.

    “Nothing, I was fine.” As soon as Wang Hui heard her brother, she shook her head.

    As a matter of fact, Wang Hui was treated rather well. Just as Wang Hui was kidnapped that day, Brother Long had taken a fancy to her. For a time, he wanted to possess Wang Hui, but he didn’t expect that every time he made his move, Wang Hui would use her own death to pressure him.

    Helplessly, Brother Long was forced to abandon his desires, so he planned to slip a drug into Wang Hui’s food tonight. However, he didn’t expect that Wang Feng would lead people here today, so his plot had fallen to shambles.

    “They didn’t try to do anything to you, right?” Wang Feng said a little uneasily, looking Wang Hui up and down.

    Wang Hui saw that her brother wasn’t believing, so she smiled: “Nothing, I’m really ok.”

    “That’s good, that’s great. If you had some sort of unexpected accident, I don’t know what I would do.” As soon as Wang Feng heard her, he released a breath. He really was scared that his sister was sullied by Brother Long.

    Yan Tian saw  there was no problem with Wang Hui, so he and Brother Long’s group had no animosity. As such, he no longer planned on blackmailing Brother Long. He had already earned a million; he had got his worth.

    “Ok, since there’s nothing wrong with your sister, let’s go.” Yan Tian saw that there wasn’t anything wrong with Wang Hui, so he prepared to leave.

    At the moment, Zi Qi had released Brother Long. In a flash, she took her place at Yan Tian’s side. Zi Qi thought to herself that saving someone was quite stimulating. In a short amount of time, they had earned a 1,000,000 RMB.

    Yan Tian saw that Zi Qi had already released Brother Long, so helplessly looking at Zi Qi he asked: “Hey, is this your first time doing this?”

    “Yeah, what about it?”

    “Nothing, since you let him go, we have to get ready to break out.” Yan Tian shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

    As soon as Zi Qi heard Yan Tian say break out, she knew didn’t understand his reasoning. Why on earth would they need to break out. Just as she was getting ready to say something, she heard Brother Long face towards the side and shout.

    “C’mon, surround these guys for me.” Brother Long stretched his neck and said angrily.

    Just as Brother Long finished speaking, over a dozen men immediately charged out from outside the door. Along with the bodyguards at the side, the four of them were surrounded on all side.

    Wang Feng looked at the great amount of people that rushed in suddenly, and in a fright, hurriedly protected Wang Hui behind him. He was a man as well; he had gotten mixed up on the streets for several years, so he displayed no sort of fearful expression at all.

    As for Wang Hui, she was but an ordinary high school student, nothing more. When had she ever seen such a scene? It looked like she was already trembling in fear from head to toe because of the crowd of men that had busted in.

    Zi Qi finally understood Yan Tian’s meaning when he said to break out of the enclosure. At the same moment, she regretted in just releasing Brother Long. If she knew earlier, she would have continued detaining him.

    “What do we do? There are so many people.” Zi Qi saw that there were many men rushing in and became nervous.

    Yan Tian spread his hands out apathetically: “What can be done? We have to waste these thugs. You grew up in the underworld, how come you only have this much awareness?”

    “Could it be that you’re blaming me? My older sister always wanted me to study well and didn’t let me mingle with such affairs.” As soon as Zi Qi heard Yan Tian speak, she pouted in displeasure.

    Brother Long saw that all of his men had come in, so he hid behind his bodyguards and laughed coldly: “Haha, how about that? I’ll give you two choices right now. The first, you two men can go lie down on the couch and afterwards, I’ll make the two girls serve as whores.”

    “Ah, big bro, I don’t want to be daft, but what’s the second choice?” Yan Tian asked, feigning a frightened appearance. Similarly, his legs shook.

    Brother Long saw Yan Tian’s expression and nodded his head quite satisfiedly: “The second option is for you two to give me 2,000,000 RMB. Afterwards, you need to handicap Wang Feng and then skin his sister and throw her out onto the street.”

    Hearing Brother Long’s second choice, Wang Feng glimpsed at Yan Tian in fear. At the moment, he was truly fearful that Yan Tian didn’t care about his life or death.

    After Yan Tian heard Brother Long, he suddenly narrowed his eyes at him: “Are you threatening me?”

    “Hahaha, you can think of it as such.” Brother Long believed he had already won as he cackled happily.

    Yan Tian drew the finished cigarette and threw it on the ground, stomping on it: “I forgot to tell you. I despise this type of person the most, being threatened……”

    Just as Yan Tian finished speaking, his body moved like a shadow. In a flash, he moved before two bodyguards and lashed out like lightning.

    The two bodyguards were unable to react, so they were thrashed to the ground. As soon as they responded, the two bodyguards covered the left side of their face, moaning painfully. They spat out several teeth from their mouths.

    Yan Tian’s movements astonished everyone because his speed was too quick. In the past second, from the spot where he stood originally and stomped out the cigarette, he had directly felled two men in the next.

    Brother Long looked at his two bodyguards with wide eyes. He himself knew very well what the strength of his two bodyguards was, but before Yan Tian, they had surprisingly been destroyed in a single blow.

    However, Yan Tian was still not done. As everyone was shocked, he charged towards the group of men at the door.

    The men looked at Yan Tian charging forward and frightenedly hurried to prepare to fight. But no matter how they struck, they were unable to touch Yan Tian, since they were simply unable to see where he was. Just as he was at your left, as soon as you punched out, he had appeared at your back.


  • Chapter 29: Long’s Nemesis

    Contrary to expectation, Yan Tian was a lone man within a crowd, not to mention he was fighting. A left punch, a right punch, and a whipping leg struck the numerous men. Each and everyone of them screeched miserably.

    “Oh, my hand……”

    “Dear god, my leg……”

    “Big Bro, Big Bro, I’m not fighting, I’m not fighting, ahh……”


    Soon, Yan Tian had knocked down all the men at the door to the floor. Patting his hands, Yan Tian beamed at Brother Long. However, the former only looked at Yan Tian in a daze. Why was everyone looking at him like he was some sort of monstrosity? Indeed, he was quite handsome, Yan Tian thought shamelessly.
    Wang Feng’s jaw quickly falling to the ground was the only thing that could be seen. Was this a fricking human?

    Brother Long peered at Yan Tian fearfully. Noticing that Yan Tian was looking at him, he retreated several steps back in fright. Although he had a stirring from before that Yan Tian was very amazing, he didn’t think Yan Tian was this amazing. At the same moment, regret began to form within his heart.

    Zi Qi gawked at Yan Tian as well. While she knew that Yan Tian was quite awesome, watching Yan Tian execute his limits once again had astonished her.

    “Now, why are you all looking at me? I know I’m quite handsome, however, if you all keep looking at me like that I’ll blush.” Yan Tian said to the crowd in embarrassment.

    Yan Tian thought, could it be they’re all infatuated with me? Yan Tian glanced at Zi Qi’s adoring expression and his heart soared. But as he looked at gang of big shots staring at him, Yan Tian subconsciously used his hand to cover his butt.

    “Wow, you’re quite fearsome.” After Zi Qi observed Yan Tian’s skill, she looked at him in worship.

    “Hahaha, No need to be obsessed with me, this bro is but a legend.” As soon as he heard the compliment, Yan Tian was immediately quite pleased and assumed a pose.

    After Zi Qi watched Yan Tian’s actions, she rolled her eyes at him. Turning her head, she smiled at the faintly trembling Brother Long.

    “How about it? We choose neither of the conditions.” Yan Tian’s strength was so tenacious, so right now, ZiQi held no anxiety.

    Currently, Brother Long dared not to propose any condition. With a smiling face, he immediately said: “Haha, what condition? I said nothing of any conditions.”

    Brother Long was truly scared this time. He had never encountered such a shocking person. Such a character was someone that he wasn’t capable of offending. It was merely that below his hands were the dozen plus bros. Yan Tian had presently trounced all of them by himself, so Brother Long immediately humbled his attitude.

    On the contrary, Yan Tian thought this Brother Long was somewhat amusing. He smiled at him brightly: “Didn’t you just ask 2,000,000 RMB of me?”

    “Huh? Not at all, nope. How could I possibly ask elder brother to give me money? It should be I, your little brother, that pays respect to elder brother.” At the moment, Brother Long swiftly denied his statement.

    “Oh? Really? Recently, I’ve had no money at hand. Could you give me 5,000,000 RMB to spend, is that OK?” Yan Tian smiled as he planned to take advantage of Brother Long’s misfortune.

    As soon as Brother Long heard Yan Tian, he nearly buckled. 5,000,000 RMB? How could he have 5,000,000 RMB; at most he had no more than a bit over 3,000,000 RMB. He had already given Yan Tian 1,000,000 RMB, so currently he didn’t have much cash.

    Once he heard Yan Tian wanted 5,000,000 RMB, Brother Long said bitterly: “Elder brother, how could I have so much cash? I’ve only opened a single bar, nothing more. I don’t have that much money.”

    Yan Tian thought it over and felt that he had asked for too much. Thinking about it, he decided to lower the amount: “Then give me 2,000,000 RMB. If you’re unable to take out the 2,000,000 RMB, I’ll leave you bed-ridden for the second half of your life.”

    As soon as Zi Qi heard Yan Tian, she snickered at Brother Long. In fact, she wanted to see if Brother Long could take out this amount. Although she wasn’t lacking money, this was the first time she had used such a method to earn a profit, which gave her quite a successful feeling.

    The moment the Wang sibling duo heard Yan Tian open his mouth speaking of several millions and millions, both of them had nearly fainted. This was some fricking Mr. Moneybags.

    “Elder brother, I truly do have 2,000,000 RMB. If elder brother wants it, I can give it to elder brother. It’s just that this little bro has a condition.” Hearing that Yan Tian wanted the money, a thought suddenly arose.

    Brother Long dared to still impose a clause? Yan Tian looked at him curiously: “What? What other condition do you have?”

    “It’s like this. If elder brother can take revenge for me, I can give all of my money and the bar to elder brother.” Thinking it over, Brother Long grit his teeth and said.

    Yan Tian heard him and thought, how could it be so good? Help take revenge on an enemy and he would give him all of his money and his bar? Who was this enemy? Surprisingly, Brother Long would put down so much of his savings he earned through his sweat and blood.

    “Oh? Who is this enemy of yours?”

    “Azure Dragon Group’s Flaming Ma.”

    As soon as Yan Tian and Zi Qi heard Flaming Ma’s name they glanced at each other. How timely; Zi Qi and Flaming Ma were mortal foes. In addition, he and Flaming Ma held a grudge. And right now, between Brother Long and Flaming Ma there existed a grudge? Moreover, it seemed that this hatred wasn’t a small one.

    “Flaming Ma? He’s no ordinary man. What hatred do you and him hold?” Yan Tian asked.

    “He killed my parents.” Brother Long looked at Yan Tian fiercely.

    “What? Why did he kill your parents?” At the moment, Zi Qi interrupted and asked.

    After Brother Long heard her, he used his hand to wipe his tears and told Yan Tian and Zi Qi of the murder of his parents.

    Brother Long’s father’s name was Lin Tu. Before when he was a member of the Azure Dragon Group, he and Flaming Ma stood at equal heights in the Azure Dragon Group. As the two men were competing for the position of hall master, they were both unable to get along. So in secret, the two had plotted against each other.

    In her youth, Brother Long’s mother was especially beautiful. After Flaming Ma had seen her, wickedness arose in his heart. Since he and Lin Tu were unable to handle the other, he summoned men to kidnap Brother Long’s mother.

    At that time, in order to retaliate against Lin Tu, he had conjured a sickening plot against him. He had taken Lin Tu’s wife and handed them over to his subordinates to play around with. From the beginning, Brother Long’s mother had suffered day after day in humiliation at the hands of the group of men.

    When Lin Tu came to know that his wife had vanished, he went mad and looked for her. He continued to look for her bitterly for half a year until he found her. But at the time, his wife was at death’s door on her last breath. After he found her, she had used the last of her strength to commit suicide.

    After Lin Tu learned of the injustice his wife suffered, he flew into a manic rage. He knew it was all incited by Flaming Ma, so he began his mad vengeance again him. But unfortunately, as he was on the road returning home, Lin Tu was ambushed. Once he was captured, Flaming Ma cruelly murdered him.

    At the time, Lin Tu knew since he was of the underworld, his enemies were many, so he had raised his only child in an orphanage, After Lin Tu died, Lin Tu’s loyal subordinates had handed over his legacy to Brother Long.

    At that time, Brother Long knew his father had died and he had been murdered by Flaming Ma. Brother Long had taken this hatred and buried in within his heart. As soon as he grew up, he used what his father had left behind to open the bar.

    From the beginning, Brother Long had always thought of revenge, but right now Flaming Ma’s strength was too great. He simply wasn’t his opponent, so he had continued to manage this bar, preparing to seek an opportunity for revenge.

    No wonder Brother Long would put down so much of his hard-earned coin for revenge. Yan Tian thought it over and was at ease. If someone had killed Yan Tian’s parents, Yan Tian would spare no cost for revenge.

    “What? Flaming Ma is too fricking much, that scumbag.” After Zi Qi heard Brother Long finished speaking, she cursed angrily.

    Once Yan Tian heard Brother Long’s story, he stroked his chin: “Flaming Ma and I have beef as well. It’s fair to say I have no reason not to help you, but right now, I don’t have the capital to confront Flaming Ma.”

    Yan Tian had spoken the truth. Although he and Flaming Ma were at odds, it wasn’t as far as to go kill his family. To say again, right now he but a lone man. Who would go against Flaming Ma’s people?

    “Elder brother, I’ll accompany you into this mess later, alright. Ten years isn’t too late for a gentleman to get revenge, but I’ve already waited such a long time. If I wait any longer, there will be none to speak of.” Brother Long suddenly kneeled before Yan Tian. It seemed that he had steeled his heart and wanted Yan Tian to complete his grand vengeance.

    After Yan Tian heard Brother Long’s words, he mulled it over. If he wasn’t met with an unexpected mishap later on, then he could live in Fengan City. If he could have his own strength in Fengan City in the future, then that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    Considering it, Yan Tian helped up Brother Long: “Alright, I’ll accept you as my little bro. Brother Long, right? You can get up, OK.”

    “No, no, no. Elder brother, just call me Ah Long. Elder brother what is your name?” Ah Long promptly stood up and furthermore clearly displayed his own position. How could he let Yan Tian call him Brother Long?

    “Yan Tian.”

    “Hello, Brother Tian. Hello, sister-in-law.” Ah Long immediately bowed towards Yan Tian and Zi Qi, greeting them.

    As soon as Zi Qi heard Ah Long took her to be Yan Tian’s wife, she shouted: “Hey, who are you calling sister-in-law? Me and him have no relation. Why don’t you call me Sister Qi, heehee.”


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    Chapter 30: Auntie Being Bullied

    As soon as Ah Long heard her, he promptly swatted his head and yelled at his underlings: “What are you all staring at? Why haven’t you greeted Sister Qi and Brother Tian yet?”

    Once Ah Long spoke, the underlings at the side shouted: “Greetings, Brother Tian. Greetings, Sister Qi.

    As soon as he heard them call out for Sister Qi, he was nearly unable to contain his laughter. Restraining his smile, he glanced at Zi Qi: “What liveliness are you gathering about? Sister Qi?”

    “Geez, I saw your joyful face, so I wanted to act upon it as well.” Zi Qi said, then licked her lips.

    Yan Tian helplessly shook his head and looked at the gang of little brothers: “Everyone, since you’ve all planned to throw your lot in with me, I,Yan Tian, shall pledge to you, that if later I, Yan Tian, take a bite of food, there will be mouthful of soup for you guys to drink. Since you’ve handed your fates over to me, the legend we shall create no matter success or failure, and as long as we endure, I believe I shall lead you all to prosperity!”

    After he finished speaking, the group of bros cheered like he was a great celebrity.

    In order to curry favor with Yan Tian, Ah Long had given him a check for 500,000 RMB and said that the Changing Times bar would be Yan Tian’s later on. He had even made it known that he would look for a time when he could put the bar underneath Yan Tian’s name, but Yan Tian refused. Yan Tian believed who the bar was signed to wasn’t much of a great concern. It was a bit of a placeholder, nothing more.

    After Yan Tian sat down with Ah Long and spoke about a couple matters, he prepared to leave with Zi Qi. Wang Feng and his younger sister were escorted by men Ah Long called, since as of now, there was no hatred between the Wang Feng and Ah Long. They were both Yan Tian’s little bros.

    After they left the bar, Yan Tian noticed the scratch on the red Porsche and cursed in his heart. How would he explain himself to Liu Ruoxin? If by chance, Liu Ruoxin became angry, what would he do?

    “Ah Long, repair this car for me. It got scratched up by that punk Wang Feng.” Yan Tian didn’t plan on driving the car, so Ah Long went to fix it up.

    “Alright, Brother Tian.” Ah Long nodded his head, expressing it wasn’t an issue.

    As soon as Zi Qi heard Yan Tian was making Ah Long fix the car, she shouted: “Could you repair mine as well? He scratched up my car a couple times too.”

    Zi Qi glanced at the many scars on her car and wished she could tear Wang Feng to shreds. This car was a new car she had just bought not too long ago, so she had no choice but to repair it.

    Naturally, Ah Long wouldn’t question her and would patch up the two cars. Although they were luxury cars, the cost wasn’t that much.

    After he handed the car over, Yan Tian summoned some men to escort Zi Qi back. It had to be known the entirety of the Changing Times bar staff would all obey him, so why wouldn’t he use them?

    As soon as Zi Qi left, Yan Tian lit a cigarette and went to get on the public bus. He wouldn’t let people escort him back at all, since Yan Tian simply didn’t want anyone to know where he lived.

    Looking at the pedestrians on the street, Yan Tian looked for bus stop, waiting for the transit. It just happened that this path would directly lead to where he lived. Since Yan Tian had returned to China, he had not taken a bus.

    Yan Tian had already waited for the bus for about two to three minutes. Sitting down on the bus, Yan Tian felt that the seating was still lacking in comparison to the luxury car. From time to time, he admired the various beauties. Indeed, this was his favorite past time.

    Yan Tian sat on the bus doing nothing, preparing to give Liu Ruoxin a call. Today, she had not gone to work, so there was no need for him to be at her side. Furthermore, the car had been scratched, so where would he go? However, he still needed to report in to Liu Ruoxin.

    After he connected, Yan Tian laughed and said several things, speaking of how he would go pick up Liu Ruoxin tomorrow on time, but first, he would go home today. Finally, he didn’t forget to remind Liu Ruoxin to rest well; she was sick after all. As for the matter of the car being scratched up, Yan Tian didn’t bring it up. He was truly scared Liu Ruoxin would take his money from his dual position as a bodyguard-driver.

    In about thirty minutes, the bus finally arrived at his destination. Yan Tian stretched out and yawned, somewhat reluctant to get off the bus.

    Seeing that it was a little after four, Yan Tian calmly returned home. Thinking about it, he went to the food market, since he was planning on cooking Sun Yue a sumptuous dinner tonight. It was uncertain though if the beautiful Sun Yue would reward him.

    After he arrived at the food market, Yan Tian saw many people were picking vegetables, but a majority of them were grannies and grandpas. Since the young people were currently studying or working, there were only old folks in the afternoon in the plaza about, sitting on stools to play xiangqi* with each other. They chatted together, then went to the market to stroll around, buying cheap fruits, vegetables, and what not.

    Yan Tian took a look around and prepared to go buy some vegetables. Yet just as he was about to go, he heard the sound of a quarrel. He raised his head, noticing several people bickering.

    It could only be seen that these three were men seemingly in their twenties, currently speaking with a stall auntie. It looked like that auntie was the one that Yan Tian had bought vegetables from the other day in the morning. Yet at this moment, this auntie was looking at the three men in front of her bitterly.

    The three men were headed by a man with dyed red hair. A silver chain hung suspended to his stomach, and he wore jeans with several holes dug out. His face was thin and at the side of this mouth he held a cigarette. The other two seemed to be the red-haired man’s toadies. Altogether, the three men had a dirty appearance.

    “This is only a small business. Could you lower it a bit more?” It was quite evident that the vegetable-selling auntie was looking at the several men in fright.

    “Nope, everyone else was able to pay on time, why can’t you do it?” The red-haired man at the lead shouted immediately once he heard her.

    It was obvious that the auntie didn’t want to hand the money over. She looked at the man in resentment: “Gosh, why can’t you guys just let me go. I really don’t have the money. My husband is still in this hospital and urgently needs it.”

    “Nope, you urgently need cash, but I urgently need cash too. You need to hand over the protection fees today, otherwise you’ll be unable to run your business.” The red-haired man put out his cigarette and threatened the auntie.

    “Hey, young man, you really should ask less money of her. Her husband is still in the hospital and urgently needs that money.” A street peddler on the side helped out the auntie.

    Every one of the stall owners knew about the auntie’s family situation. The auntie had no children, and in his early years, her husband had fallen over and broke his leg. Walking was quite difficult for him, so the family relied on the auntie’s stall to earn some money to eke out a living. But not long ago, her husband had fallen ill, so he stayed in the hospital. She needed money, so the auntie had asked the others to lend her some cash.

    However, every month, they needed to hand over several hundred to these several men in protection fees. If they didn’t hand it over, they would be frequently troubled by them. They were only ordinary citizens; how could they provoke gang thugs?

    So, the stall owners tried to make a report several time to the police, but every time the police would tell them that they were setting up their businesses in a public location. Therefore, they were frequently unconcerned with this matter. Without any methods, if they looked for another location, it wouldn’t be easy. Thus, they were forced to hand over a protection fee every month to these men.
    Nonetheless, recently the auntie’s husband had to stay at the hospital. She urgently needed cash, so she had no money this time to hand over to the several men. Today the several men had come to settle the account. It had to be said that if she was unable to hand over the money today, they would smash the auntie’s stall.

    All of the stall peddlers here were all the same as the auntie as comrades in hardship, so each and everyone of them spoke out to help the auntie. They all wanted the several thugs to ask for a bit less, but in the end, the auntie was not an easy person.

    But how could the red-haired man care about what the people said? He only cared about getting the money.

    “No can do. Last time we let her delay it, but this time we can’t. We’re in a rush for the money as well. If you don’t hand over the money today, I’m going to smash your stall.” The red-haired man spoke and got ready to strike out.

    The auntie saw that the red-haired man preparing to strike and promptly said anxiously: “Don’t, don’t, don’t. I’ll give you it to you guys. I’ll give you all the money I have at hand to you guys.”

    The auntie said, then used her trembling hand to reach into her trouser pocket to fish out a cloth bag. She opened it and several hundred red RMB bills appeared.

    Once the red-haired man saw the money, he snatched it away excitedly. Counting the amount in his hand, he discovered there was only six hundred. His face immediately turned stormy, and he took the rags of the purse and tossed it at the auntie’s face. The cloth just happened to land on and cover it.


  • Chapter 31: Acting As Lei Feng*

    As Yan Tian watched the cloth land from the side, he glared at the man. How should he feel once he saw the scene with the cloth? However, as he thought it over once more, he was truly unable to recall such a thing before. Shaking his head, he thought no more.

    “Damn. How have you only got six hundred after two month? I see your business isn’t working out, so I’ll smash it.” The red-haired man glanced at the mere six hundred and was immediately enraged, so he spoke to begin preparing to smash the auntie’s stall.

    Once the auntie saw that the several men were going to wreck her stall, she began to weep anxiously. Right now, she relied on this stand to earning a living, but she had no methods to prevent the men. She could only look on blankly as her stand was destroyed.

    But just as the red-haired man was preparing to smash the stand, his hand was suddenly caught in a strong and mighty grip. No matter how he struggled, he was unable to throw off the hand.

    Naturally, this was Yan Tian’s hand. How could Yan Tian possibly look on unfeelingly as the auntie was bullied?

    He was no sort of good person. If one investigated his lawful responsibilities, Yan Tian reckoned he didn’t know how many times he would’ve been brought before a firing squad. Despite this, there was one thing Yan Tian was certain of and that was even if he was lead before a firing squad 500 times, it still wouldn’t be enough. But even though it was like so, Yan Tian wouldn’t involve himself in the matters of bullying ordinary folk. As such, he despised people who bullied normal civilians.

    Therefore, once Yan Tian saw that the auntie’s stall was going to be smashed by these thugs, he decided to act as Lei Feng.

    “Punk, what are you doing? Are you looking to fricking die? Release this daddy.” The red-haired man discovered that his hand had been caught by Yan Tian and cursed.

    As soon as Yan Tian heard the red-haired man curse him, his eyes narrowed and he looked at the man not saying a thing. The hand that had caught the red-haired man’s wrist suddenly forcefully pinched him.

    “Uh, let me go. Ah, big bro don’t pinch me.” After the man suffered some pain, he immediately yelped. He didn’t expect that Yan Tian’s arm strength would be so great.

    After Yan Tian pinched him some more, he let loose the man’s hand. The red-haired man immediately pulled his hand back and shook it without pause. It could be seen that his wrist had been pinched to a sheen of shining white by Yan Tian and had become slightly deformed.

    Yan Tian had only used but thirty percent of his strength. If he had used the entirety of his strength, the red-haired man’s hand would’ve probably been crippled early on.

    “You fricking dare to pinch me? Brothers, waste him.” The red-haired man swung his hand and commanded the other two thugs to get ready to beat up Yan Tian.

    “Young man, run quickly. You can’t afford to provoke them.” The vegetable-selling auntie noticed that the men were preparing to beat up Yan Tian, so she immediately called out to him to flee.

    At the moment, Yan Tian was surprised that the auntie was actually telling him to flee and didn’t want to cause trouble for him. A warm feeling gradually rose within his heart. Unexpectedly, the auntie still took him into her considerations.

    However, how could Yan Tian possibly flee? Besides, it was just three people. Even if it was 300 men, Yan Tian would still be without fear.

    Glancing at the red-haired man’s fist pounding forth, Yan Tian slightly tilted his head and dodged the fist lightly. After he dodged, Yan Tian viciously used his left hand to capture the man’s arm. Turning his body, he used his right hand to hold up the man by his armpit and used both arms at the same time to execute a perfect shoulder throw with his strength.

    After Yan Tian threw the man, the surrounding people clapped in applause. It was no wonder that Yan Tian dared to involve himself in the affairs of others. So it turned out that he was trained. These days, quite a few people were bullied by thugs, so today, Yan Tian was considered a breath of fresh air to them all. Each and everyone of them clapped in cheer, their hearts shouting in exultation.

    “Damn, you dared to throw me. Kill him.” After the two henchmen helped the red-haired man up, he patted his trousers and cursed.

    Once the two henchmen heard his command, they immediately struck out towards Yan Tian. But in order for Yan Tian to make his movements not seem so world-shocking, he didn’t use his true strength. All that could be seen was Yan Tian seemingly fighting normally against the two toadies. In the eyes of a normal person, it just seemed like three people fighting ordinarily.

    Although he didn’t deliberately use his grappling techniques, due to the extreme vigor of his body, Yan Tian had soon felled the two men to the ground, drawing the applause of the crowd. Yan Tian felt like he was a monkey in a zoo, with him fooling around within and the crowd cheering on the side.

    The three thugs appeared not to be Yan Tian’s opponents, so they prepared to call for more people. It had to be known that since they dared to collect protection fees here, how could they not have a backer?

    On the contrary, Yan Tian was not worried. Since he had planned to act as the good guy today, he would do as a good guy straightforwardly to the end. From his pocket, he fished out a cigarette and lit it leisurely at ease. He wanted to see how many men the red-haired man could summon.

    The people surrounding the bustling looked at the red-haired man calling people and dared not stay any longer. Each and everyone of them promptly rushed away, evidently not wanting to attract too much trouble.

    The vegetable-selling auntie saw that the red-haired man was calling more people, so she looked to Yan Tian anxiously: “Young man, quickly leave. You can’t afford to offend them. Flee quickly.”

    Yan Tian sucked in a puff of smoke indifferently and laughed: “Haha, no worries, auntie. You should continue to mind yourself. No need to care for me. Relax. It ain’t a problem.”


    “Don’t worry, auntie. Just hurry on yourself.”

    The auntie saw that her urging didn’t move Yan Tian, so she shook her head and said no more. She thought that since this young man could stand there completely free of worries and didn’t flee, he certainly had the capital to back it up. Thinking it over, the auntie was worried no more.

    “Hmph, you fricking dared to hit me. I’ll make you regret it for your entire life.” The red-haired man saw that Yan Tian was surprisingly unfrightened and snorted coldly.


    It could only be seen that just as the red-haired man finished speaking, Yan Tian slapped him. Although Yan Tian hadn’t used too great of his strength in the slap, it still left the man’s face in extreme pain.

    “Good, good, good. Just you wait.” The man said then used his hand cover his face and drew back two steps.

    Right now, he didn’t dare to strike Yan Tian. If he cursed, he would be slapped. Such a price was something that he could not suffer.

    In about six to seven minutes, a crowd of men came by. The group of them seemed to be gangsters. There were some of them that had tattoos covering their arms and there were some that had two to three large gauges in their ears. Others had dyed their hair in a variety of colors. In a word, they were an ugly mess that held any kind of man.

    Once the vegetable-selling auntie noticed that so many people had come, she wanted to pinch Yan Tian to see if he was sweating. But from what she could see, if Yan Tian could fight against the gang of men whatsoever, it would be miracle. At the same moment, she silently prayed for him.

    Yan Tian didn’t need to think to know that these were the men that the red-haired man had called upon. From what Yan Tian could see, the demeanor of these men seemed pretty good. Each and everyone of them had the style of an underworld big boss, even if he didn’t know what their fighting strength was like.

    “Brother Dong, it’s him. He’s the one that hit me.” The red-haired man looked at the man he had called and immediately pointed to Yan Tian, eagerly running forth.

    “Hmph, daring to strike a person of mine, Song Dong. Do you want to get mixed up in this or not?” The man called Brother Dong grit the cigar in his mouth and looked at Yan Tian disdainfully.

    Yan Tian looked at the man and was slightly disgusted: “I don’t want to cause a ruckus. You guys are better off not looking for a fight.”

    “Hehe, brat, you’re mad. Leopard, go break his leg.

    From what Song Dong could see, the feeble-looking brat before his eyes was simply unfitting for him to personally dispose of. He laughed, then called on his underling to make a move. Song Dong was a vicious man, directly ordering Leopard to break Yan Tian’s leg.

    “Hehe, no need Leopard. Let I, Old Bear, do it. It’s been a couple days since I’ve last broken a man. My hands are itching today.” Just as Song Dong finished speaking, a man with a tremendous build pat his chest and shouted.

    As he finished speaking, the man came forth, preparing to seize Yan Tian in his grasp, however, how could Yan Tian even let the man grab him? He dodged and ran behind the man, extending his leg, and striking at the man’s legs. Afterwards, he used his hands to contort around the man’s shoulder and used the entirety of his strength to flip him over. As a result, the man directly crashed on the ground.

    “Leopard, go. This kid knows his stuff.” After Song Dong saw Yan Tian throw Old Bear, he hinted for Leopard to go.

    Leopard understood, then nodded his head and came forward. Standing in front of Yan Tian, he assumed a grappling position. Yan Tian glanced at him and knew that Leopard was trained. However, Yan Tian wasn’t scared. When it came to martial arts, Yan Tian held mastery in eighteen different kinds of martial arts; he was simply a martial ancestor.

    All that could be seen was Leopard breathing in deeply at his spot and charging forward. Leopard’s speed truly wasn’t slow. It was no wonder he was called Leopard, however, although his speed was quite fast, in Yan Tian’s eyes, it was too slow. At best, Leopard’s strength was as satisfactory to a D-rank assassin and nothing more. He wanted to hit Yan Tian? It was something to speak of again once he had trained for over a dozen years.

    * T/N: The title, acting as Lei Feng, refers to a propaganda instrument used by the PRC to strengthen the communist ideal. Lei Feng was a young man who died rather young doing communist-related activities. The veracity of his existence is contested given the photos of taken of him seem like some communist propaganda photo op. He is a figure that is a bit scorned that is to say. If you’re interested in learning more you can go here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lei_Feng

  • Chapter 32: The Cosmos Ring Is No Ordinary Item


    In the midst of Leopard’s charge, Yan Tian extended his palm, directly striking Leopard’s stomach. Yan Tian didn’t want to kill a man like this on the street, so he only used a tiny bit of strength.

    Although Yan Tian had only used a little bit of strength, Leopard spat out two mouthfuls of blood. He looked at Leopard’s actions and laughed coldly. Hmph, little man, play around with me, huh.

    “Ugh, let me say, you guys, you and you, aren’t much of a challenge. Four to five or five to six, come at me. Honestly, it’s fine if you all come at me together. I still have to buy vegetables and go home and cook.” Yan Tian picked at his ear and looked down on the crowd disdainfully.

    At the moment, Song Dong watched Yan Tian in alarm. He knew what Leopard’s strength was, and surprisingly, Yan Tian had caused him to cough up blood with a single palm. Song Dong knew the man in front of him wasn’t someone he was capable of offending.

    Thinking it over, Song Dong cupped his fist in respect to Yan Tian: “Brother, pretty good. Great skills. Before, we have offended you quite a bit. I hope brother will not mind, haha.”

    “OK, we’ll go.” Not waiting for Yan Tian to speak, Song Dong took his underlings and departed.

    Song Dong was a smart man. From Yan Tian’s skill, he was able to determine that Yan Tian was no ordinary man. Perhaps the people behind him had a robust background? It had to be known Fengan City was place with crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Being careful was good.

    Watching Song Dong and the gang leaving, Yan Tian didn’t obstruct them. He only wanted to help the auntie, and right now his task had been completed. Yan Tian naturally wouldn’t foolishly chase after them looking for trouble when there was none.

    “Oh my, young man. Thank you. Thank you for helping me.” The vegetable-selling auntie saw that the gang of thugs were leaving and gratefully gave her thanks to Yan Tian.

    “Not a problem, auntie. It wasn’t anything.”

    Yan Tian said, then bought some vegetables and prepared to leave. As he gave his money to the auntie, she wouldn’t accept it even in the face of death. Helplessly, Yan Tian was forced to stow his money away and carry his vegetables off. It made unaware people believe that Yan Tian had bought vegetables without paying and ran away.

    As for that auntie, perhaps she would be bullied by that gang of men later, but this wasn’t Yan Tian’s concern. He couldn’t always stand at the side of the auntie, right?

    After he returned home, Yan Tian discovered Sun Yue had not come back. It was already a little past five.

    Sitting on the sofa, he took out a cigarette, then washed his hands, went into the kitchen, fastened the apron, and began to busy himself. Over the course of his afternoon activities, he had become hungry.

    In around half an hour, Yan Tian cooked a lavish dinner. Just as he placed the food down, he heard the sound of the door opening, thinking to himself that it was Sun Yue coming home.
    Sun Yue entered and smelled the scent of food. She looked at Yan Tian slightly inconceivably: “Oh, the sun must’ve risen from the west today.”

    “Ah, you’ve actually come home right on time. Quickly wash up and hurry up and eat.” Yan Tian turned his head to glance at Sun Yue proudly.


    Sun Yue agreed, then put down her bag and happily ran off to wash up. She had worked all day and was hungry, so looking at the dinner that Yan Tian had cooked made her especially joyful.

    Yan Tian watched Sun Yue’s back and smiled, continuing to go into the kitchen. He picked up two bowls and scooped two helpings of simmered congee in them. After he filled them, he placed the bowls on the table.

    Looking at the delicious meal he made, Yan Tian felt quite successful. He didn’t expect he was still rather suitable to be a chef.

    Two minutes later, Sun Yue came over. Yan Tian saw that Sun Yue had come and immediately felt elated. He had believed that he would have to wait for her for about ten plus minutes, but against his expectations, the girl was rather quick today.

    “Wow, it looks good. I give you a ninety.” Sun Yue looked at the delicious meal on the table and happily praised it.

    “A ninety? What about the other ten points?” Yan Tian said and picked up a steamed bun, nibbling on it.

    “The other ten? I’m afraid it’s your pride. Hmm, continue to work hard.”

    Yan Tian smiled and said no more, picking up the chopsticks and wolfing the food down. He took two bites of vegetables and a huge chunk of the steamed bun. He gnawed at the steamed bun twice, then had three swallows of the congee. It seemed like others would have to fight with him to eat.

    Looking at Yan Tian’s table manners, Sun Yue rolled her eyes helplessly: “Take a look at your table manners. I can’t figure out how you got into the Liu Family Conglomerate.”

    “What about my table manners? Let me tell you, people should eat fast, put on clothes fast, and do everything fast. Don’t you know you can save so much time? You can use this time for so many other things.” Once Yan Tian heard Sun Yue, he was displeased and justified himself with her accordingly.

    “OK, alright, don’t talk. How come you got out of work so early today? You even made dinner.” Sun Yue heard the garbled mess of Yan Tian’s words and rolled her eyes.

    A few days ago, Yan Tian had come home quite late, so how come he had returned home so early today? Thus, Sun Yue was quite curious. She thought to herself whether or not Yan Tian would not need to take overtime later? In fact, that was good; she would have someone cook dinner for her later/

    “Oh, I had a holiday, hehe.”

    Sun Yue heard Yan Tian speak of his holiday and flipped her cell phone open to take a look, but found no sort of holiday: “Holiday? What holiday? It’s not sunday and it’s not a holiday, so what kind of holiday is it?”

    “Boss saw that I was rather handsome, so I got a day off.” Yan Tian winked at Sun Yue shamelessly.

    Naturally, Sun Yue would not believe Yan Tian’s rubbish, but she asked no more. Rolling her eyes at Yan Tian, she lowered her head and slowly ate the food Yan Tian had cooked.

    Once he finished eating, Yan Tian pat his stomach satisfiedly and belched, reclining down on the sofa watching television. In any case, washing the dishes wasn’t his responsibility. They had come to an agreement before; Yan Tian would cook and Sun Yue would clean the dishes.

    Looking at the mess Yan Tian had tossed about, Sun Yue almost blew her top, but she thought about it once again that Yan Tian had made dinner. So, she was forced to pout and said no more.

    Yan Tian sat down on the sofa and watched the rear view of Sun Yue tidying the table ware. A warmth suddenly blossomed within his heart, a little like the feeling of a husband and wife.

    After Sun Yue finishes scrubbing the bowls, she saw Yan Tian laying down on the sofa watching a cartoon with great relish. She truly didn’t understand; how could such a grown man watch cartoons? She thought it over then sat down on the sofa, snatching the remote control. She changed the channel, looking for the korean drama that she liked without the slightest bit of care towards Yan Tian’s wooden expression.

    “Hey, what are you doing? It was just getting to the super evolution; gimme back the remote.” Yan Tian immediately jumped up in protest.

    Sun Yue continued to watch and didn’t spare a glance at Yan Tian. With her eyes fixed on the television, she said: “Are you a child? How old are you that you still spend the entire day watching the children’s network nonstop.”

    “Huehue, you don’t understand. This is to make up for my childhood. In my youth I wasn’t able to watch funny things, so right now, I have to hurry and catch up.” Yan Tian said as soon as she called him childish, scratching his head slightly embarrassed.

    “OK, don’t say anything else. I’m gonna keep on watch television.” Sun Yue waved her hand, telling him to stop speaking.

    Yan Tian understood she didn’t want him to talk anymore, but on the contrary, what fun was watching the show that Sun Yue watched all day. Nonetheless, after he watched about a dozen or so minutes, Yan Tian could watch no more he thought as he couldn’t watch his wonderful cartoon.

    After he sat for a while, Yan Tian went to his room. Closing the door, he laid down on his bed and studied the ring on his hand. However, after looking at it for a while, he didn’t see anything significant.

    Thinking it over, Yan Tian took the ring, tosses it on the floor and stepped on it. He wanted to see if there was anything distinctive about the ring. It was a Cosmos Ring, right? The name sounded pretty fricking awesome.

    After trampling on it, Yan Tian discovered in the end that the ring bore a result. Surprisingly, it made him unable step on it. Could it be that the ring truly wasn’t an ordinary item?

    Mulling it over, Yan Tian stepped on the ring on the ground with all of his strength several times. He wanted to see how sturdy the ring was.

    At the moment, Yan Tian was exerting a great amount of strength in his several stomps so that the floor was broken apart by him. However, as soon as he finished stomping, he picked up the ring and found that there wasn’t any problem with it all. It looked like it truly was a great item.

    “Thump, thump, thump.”

    In the midst of Yan Tian’s happiness, he suddenly heard a knocking at the door. Thinking to himself, it couldn’t be Sun Yue making a ruckus outside, right? Contemplating it, Yan Tian opened the door.

    While she was outside watching television merrily, Sun Yue heard several stomping noises coming from within Yan Tian’s room. Sun Yue didn’t care, however, after the passage of several seconds, an even louder stomping noise than before was heard, causing the entire house to tremble. Sun Yue didn’t know what Yan Tian was doing inside, so she prepared to come in to take a look.


  • Chapter 33: Finding The Blood Jade


    As Sun Yue opened the door and looked at the demolished floor, she gave Yan Tian a look of disbelief: “Heavens, are you mad? What are you doing?”

    Yan Tian glanced at the ruined floor he had smashed and helplessly shook his head. He had only cared about experimenting on the ring, so he had completely forgotten that his leg strength was so great.

    “Thump Thump Thump”

    Just as he was about to respond, he heard knocking at the door once more. Yan Tian thought to himself once again who could it be?

    Sun Yue rolled her eyes at Yan Tian and opened the door.

    “What are you doing? What the heck? My child was just about to sleep, but you guys woke him up. Why on earth would you pound the floor?” All that could be seen outside was an auntie holding a child and shouting.

    As soon as Yan Tian heard her, he understood. His was too loud in his actions and had earned the ire of the people below. The people had now come to find out what was up.

    “I’m sorry, my apologies. We’ve bothered you. We’ll be mindful.” The moment Sun Yue heard the auntie, she promptly apologized. In her mind, she cursed Yan Tian several tens of times. If she had known earlier, she would’ve made Yan Tian open the door.

    “Don’t be so noisy. I really don’t understand you young people.” The auntie finished speaking, then holding her baby, she went back down stairs.

    After the auntie left, Sun Yue closed the door and glared at Yan Tian angrily: “Are you out of your mind? Do you and the floor have enmity?”

    “Uhh, just as I entered the floor knocked against me, so I used my strength to kick it a couple times. I didn’t think it would break.” Yan Tian naturally wouldn’t talk about matters of the ring, so he shot off a random reason.

    “Heavens, how much strength do you have. You actually smashed the floor to pieces.” After Sun Yue heard Yan Tian, she didn’t know what to believe. Squatting down, she looked at the floor in astonishment.

    “Huehue, my innate strength is great, but I didn’t expect that the floor wouldn’t be as sturdy.” Yan Tian scratched his head a little embarrassed.

    Yan Tian looked at the floor and helplessly shook her head: “Forget about it, it’s your room; do as you will.”

    “OK, no problem. I’ll look for someone tomorrow to replace the pieces.”

    Floor broke? A fuss over nothing.

    Sun Yue said no more as well. She shook her head then continued to watch television.

    Yan Tian closed the door and laid down on his bed, holding the ring and studying it. However, from the beginning to the end, he found nothing worthwhile. Exhausted of options, he placed the ring back on his hand again. In any case, the ring was a good item.

    With nothing to do and the television seized by beauty Sun, Yan Tian was forced to take out his cell phone and play a game. Just as his spirits soared, and he had played for a bit, Yan Tian surprisingly laid down and fell asleep.


    The next day, just as dawn came, Yan Tian slowly opened his eyes. Just as he opened his eyes, he noticed something was strange. How had he fallen asleep as he was playing games on his cell phone? He hadn’t even taken off his clothes.

    Yan Tian laughed wryly, then sat up and stretched out. Seeing that his phone was dead, he aptly plugged it to his battery charger. With the current society, if one didn’t have power in their cell phone, it was similar to a battlefield without bullets.

    After his cell phone was charged up, Yan Tian got up and prepared to wash up. Afterwards, he busied himself in the kitchen for a while and made a nutritious breakfast as he usually did.

    He finished eating his breakfast, put on his suit, and looked at himself in the mirror. He found he was quite handsome, although this was something that only Yan Tian believed. Going down stairs, he found that he could not see his car.

    Thinking it over carefully, the car was still at Ah Long’s place. Yesterday, he was engrossed with making Ah Long repair the car and forgot that he had to go pick up Liu Ruoxin. Helplessly, Yan Tian was forced to call Ah Long to come pick him up.

    “Hey, who is this? It’s still early, shouldn’t you let people sleep?” Just as the phone connected, Yan Tian heard Ah Long’s groggy voice.

    “You punk, wake up quick. Did you repair my car yesterday?” Yan Tian heard Ah Long’s slumbering voice and shouted.

    Ah Long heard it was Yan Tian, so he immediately jolted up: “Oh my, so it was Brother Tian. The car is already prepared; what’s up?”

    Hearing that the car was already repaired, Yan Tian finally let loose a breath of air. It wouldn’t do for Liu Ruoxin to see that there was a scar on her car, causing her to scold him.

    “Get up quick and hurry up and look for someone to pick me up. Get a move on it; I’m in the Jingyang district.”

    “Oh, OK, alright, sure. I’ll get on it right away.” As soon as Ah Long heard Yan Tian, he immediately prepared to put on his clothes.

    After around a dozen minutes, Yan Tian saw the red Porsche driving in from the distance. As soon as it stopped at Yan Tian’s side, Wang Feng hopped out of the car.

    “Morning, Brother Tian, huehue.” Wang Feng greeted Yan Tian.

    “How come it’s you, kid?”

    Yan Tian glanced at Wang Feng and was slightly bewildered. Yesterday, Wang Feng was still unable to get along with Ah Long, so how come he had directly substituted in for Ah Long to pick him up today?

    “Hehe, Didn’t you take me as your little bro yesterday? Therefore, I went to the Changing Times bar this morning to get in touch with Ah Long. Just as I came in, he let me come pick up Brother Tian.” Wang Feng chuckled.

    As soon as Yan Tian heard Wang Feng, he smiled. He had thought that the two of them would have a big dispute, but it seemed that right now the two of them had already reconciled. Such a thing set Yan Tian at ease.

    “Hmm, pretty good. I’ll go first. Wait for ride and go back, alright.” Yan Tian said then got into the car.

    “Brother Tian, where do you have to go. How about I escort you.” Wang Feng saw that Yan Tian was going to drive the car himself and spoke up promptly. How could he let his elder brother drive the car himself?

    Yan Tian noticed Wang Feng’s expression and nodded his head satisfiedly: “No need. As soon as you go back, just let Ah Long go look for a piece of blood jade for me. I need it.”

    “Alright, not a problem, Brother Tian.”

    After he finished speaking, Yan Tian drove the car to Liu Ruoxin’s villa. Since he was delayed for a time, he was a little later than before. Tapping the door open, he saw Liu Ruoxin had already put on her clothes neatly and was waiting for him on the sofa. It was clear that she didn’t expect that Yan Tian would be so late today.  

    “Huehue, Good morning, Chairman Liu.” Yan Tian saw Liu Ruoxin and bowed slight in greeting.

    “How come you’ve come so late today? Let’s go.” Liu Ruoxin furrowed her brows, then picked up her purse and prepared to leave.

    Naturally, Yan Tian had no questions. When his boss said go, then he would go. He eagerly followed Liu Ruoxin into the car.

    After Liu Ruoxin returned to the company, she looked at her documents as usual. She didn’t know where so many documents had come from, but looking at Liu Ruoxin reading the documents in such a serious style, Yan Tian couldn’t bear to disturb her.

    At the company, he had nothing to do but idle away, so he wandered about aimlessly from the morning until lunch time. Since Liu Ruoxin was busily reading documents, Yan Tian had once again left to buy lunch.

    Naturally, Yan Tian wouldn’t ask any questions, so he could take advantage of the opportunity to go out and take a breather. Since Liu Ruoxin’s health had recently not been well, Yan Tian prepared a luxurious lunch of all high-protein foods for her.

    In the afternoon, just as Yan Tian was about to doze off in his chair, he suddenly got a call that woke him up.

    Seeing that it was Ah Long’s number, Yan Tian yawned and took the call.

    “Hey, what’s up?”

    “Hey, Brother Tian. You ordered me to go look for a piece of blood jade, and I’ve already found a piece. Do you want to come over right now and look it over?” Ah Long’s excited voice came from the cell phone. He must’ve known that this was a good opportunity to get on Yan Tian’s good side.

    As soon as Yan Tian heard him, he was overjoyed. He had only told Ah Long this morning, and by the afternoon, he had already prepared it. It seemed like Ah Long’s working efficiency was pretty good.

    “Good, I’ll come right away.”

    Yan Tian finished speaking and hung up. He looked to Liu Ruoxin who was working earnestly and opened his mouth a little embarrassingly.

    “If you have to do something, hurry up. When work is done come pick me up and it’ll be fine.” Not waiting for Yan Tian to speak, Liu Ruoxin continued to read the documents.

    “Alright, my thanks, Chairman Liu.” As soon as he heard her, Yan Tian was ecstatic. He thought to himself that Liu Ruoxin was truly good.


    Soon afterwards, Yan Tian arrived at the Changing Times bar. The bar seemed as noisy as yesterday. Yan Tian thought that vitality of the bar was rather lively; it should have earned quite a profit.

    “Greetings, Brother Tian.”

    “Greetings, Brother Tian.”

    Just as he stepped in, several servers caught sight of Yan Tian and bowed in greeting. They already knew the man before them was their boss’ boss right now, so they naturally didn’t dare to slight him.

    “Ah Long?”

    “Brother Long is upstairs. Come with me Brother Tian.” The server said, then prepared to guide Yan Tian.

    “No need. You’re busy with your own things. I’ll go up by myself.” Yan Tian waved his hands, telling the server to withdraw.

    Since Yan Tian had gone to the second floor yesterday, this time, he walked up in ease and familiarity to the room on the second floor.

    “Greetings, Brother Tian.” Just as he entered, a group of little bros gave their regards to Yan Tian.

    Ah Long noticed Yan Tian had come, so he immediately stood up and welcomed him: “Brother Tian, come. Take a seat.” Ah Long said and promptly got up to give his seat to Yan Tian.


  • Chapter 34: Rooster Blood Jade


    Yan Tian was unreserved as he sat down in the chair and laughed.

    “Bring over the blood jade so I can take a look at it.” Yan Tian didn’t mince words and directly got to the heart of the matter.

    “Hmm, alright. This blood jade is something another owed me in debt. Since they didn’t have cash, they traded it to me. They knew I was looking for blood jade today, so they turned over this blood jade to repay the debt.” Ah Long said and handed over a box.

    The box was black and the exterior seemed to have a detailed design. Yan Tian carefully opened the box and within a blood-red jade was appeared. Yet contrary to his expectation, it wasn’t completely red. It was composed of three different colors. Although the size wasn’t big, the color seemed pretty good.

    “Someone owed a debt to you? Did you make things problematic for their family members and blackmailed them again?” Yan Tian took the box and placed it in his hand to examine it.

    Once Ah Long heard Yan Tian, he immediately shook his head: “No, absolutely not, Brother Tian.”

    “Let me tell you. Later on, you can’t do anything that would violate my conscience. If I come to know of it, don’t blame me for falling out.” After Yan Tian heard him, he warned Ah Long.

    The people that Yan Tian reviled the most were the ones that kidnapped women and children, so Yan Tian warned his underlings not to do such things. If they didn’t obey Yan Tian’s word, Yan Tian would entirely not accept them as his little bros.

    “I know, Brother Tian. After I’ve come to your command, if you tell me to head east, I dare not head west.” Ah Long heard Yan Tian and pat his chest. It was clear in the future he would obey Yan Tian.

    “Hmm, you guys can go. Give me a basin of water.” Yan Tian waved his hand, displaying he wanted them to leave.

    Right now, Yan Tian was already impatiently desiring to activate the ring. He was quite curious what was inside. Was that which was written about this ring truly so mystical?

    “Ah? Brother Tian, what are you going to do with water?” The moment Ah Long heard Yan Tian wanted a basin of water his face grew puzzled. Could it be that Yan Tian wanted to wash his feet?

    “What I order you to do, you do. I need it. Hurry up a bit.”

    “O-o-oh. Go fetch a basin of water for Brother Tian.” After Ah Long heard Yan Tian, he immediately instructed a younger bro.

    A short moment later, the little bro came in carrying a basin of water. The group of people curiously looked at Yan Tian. What was Yan Tian going to do with the water and blood jade?

    “Hmm, right now all of you leave and shut the door.” Yan Tian waved for them to leave.

    Ah Long didn’t ask much. He had just said to Yan Tian if he ordered him to go east, he wouldn’t go west. Therefore, he tactfully took his subordinates and withdrew.

    As soon as Ah Long and the others left, Yan Tian inspected the entire room. Ensuring there was no one monitoring him, he took off the ring on his hand in relief.

    “Cosmos Ring, oh, Cosmos Ring. I hope you don’t let me down.”

    Looking at it, Yan Tian took out the blood jade from the case. The color of the blood jade wasn’t completely red, but red, white, and black; three different alternating colors. It was like a sky filled with red clouds, numerous floating white clouds, and the texture was sleek. It was extremely magnificent.

    Yan Tian looked at the blood jade and was full of praise for it. After fiddling around with it in his hand several times, Yan Tian carefully placed the blood jade into the water. Afterwards, he slowly took the Cosmos Ring and submerged it in the water.

    But against his expectations, there was no sound of movement within the water. Yan Tian contemplated that perhaps there wasn’t enough time? He was forced to squat down at the side and wait.

    After ten minutes, the water had the same appearance as before. Between the blood jade and the ring, there was simply not the slightest change in variation.

    “Frick, you kidding me?” Seeing there was no reaction, Yan Tian stood up and cursed.

    Mulling it over, Yan Tian took the ring and placed atop the blood jade. Like so, he waited several more minutes and found that things were the same. There was no change whatsoever.

    Could it be the method was wrong? But the book had stated that one should but the blood jade and the ring into the water at the same time. There wasn’t anything wrong. Thinking it over, Yan Tian took the blood jade and broke it.

    But to his disappointment, there were no changes. The sole change was that the broken blood jade in the water made is appear rather gorgeous. Each piece produced a restrained light.

    “Don’t tell me the method is wrong? Or is it that this blood jade is fake?” Yan Tian looked at the blood jade in the basin and muttered to himself.

    Pondering if the blood jade was a fake, Yan Tian thought it was a possibility. After he finished speaking, Yan Tian prepared to go to the jewelry store to get it appraised. If this blood jade was a fake, it would be fine. It was alright if had to restart his search, however, if the blood jade was the real deal, then he reckoned the method was incorrect.

    Yan Tian took the ring and placed it on his hand once again. Taking the shattered blood jade, he carefully put it back in the box. After it was affixed, Yan Tian made great strides out.

    “Ah Long, I’m going to leave for a bit.” Just as he exited the door, Yan Tian continued to head downstairs and didn’t turn back, directly making a beeline to the first floor.

    After about twenty minutes or so, Yan Tian drove the red Porsche to Fengping road. He found the Jade Pavilion, then clutching the box, entered.

    “Boss, anyone here?” Just as Yan Tian entered he shouted.

    “Hey, come in, come in.” Immediately afterwards, the jewelry store owner Tong Yulin stepped out from the side.

    “Boss, help me take a look at this jade real quick.”

    Yan Tian spared the nonsense and directly place the box on the table, opening it.

    “Oh, what is this?” Tong Yulin curiously picked up the box.

    “It’s nothing but a piece of blood jade. Take a look if it’s the genuine article or a phony. I am but a layman. I don’t understand these things.” Yan Tian looked at the blood jade in the box and laughed.

    After Tong Yulin looked at the blood jade in the box, his eyes widened. It seemed like he had seen something unimaginable. He promptly took out his drawer and took out a tiny flashlight.

    Shining it the left and the right, after he finished illuminating it, Tong Yulin picked up a magnifying glass. In fron hand he took a magnifying glass to his eye and in the other he used tweezers to place the blood jade, looking at it attentively from two centimeters away with the magnifying glass.

    A moment later, Tong Yulin finally put down the tools in his hand and said: “A good item, ah, a good item. How did you come by it?”

    “What good item? This is genuine?” As soon as Yan Tian heard it was a good item, he asked slightly disappointed,

    If the blood jade was fake, then Yan Tian could completely restart his search for a piece of blood jade. It wasn’t that big of a deal. At most, he would have to spend some cash. However, if the blood jade was real, then it confirmed that blood jade wasn’t capable of activating his ring. If blood jade wasn’t capable of activating his ring, how would he activate it?

    Tong Yulin glanced at Yan Tian’s expression and was somewhat unable to understand. How come it seemed like Yan Tian didn’t want it to be real? It had to be known it was no average blood jade. In fact, it was a fine-grade rooster blood jade.

    “Oh my, you can’t get this kind of blood jade. You’ll be able to get a good price. But it’s pity that such a beautiful piece of blood jade was surprisingly broken.”  Tong Yulin looked at the blood jade in regret.

    “How much money is my blood jade worth?”

    Once he heard that the value wasn’t small, Yan Tian was delighted. Looking at Tong Yulin’s startled expression, the piece of blood jade should be worth a lot. How could he not see that Tong Yulin’s eyes were radiating golden lights?

    “Well, it’s hard to say. This isn’t an ordinary blood jade, but a rooster blood jade.”

    Tong Yulin carefully picked up the blood jade and placed it in the box, frightened that this most valuable treasure would shatter. If this jade broke, he wouldn’t be able to bear the cost. However, he and anyone else wouldn’t know, but half an hour ago, this invaluable blood jade was still in pristine condition. It was only because Yan Tian had slapped it so violently that the piece of jade broke.

    “Rooster blood jade? The inside is seeped in rooster blood?” Yan Tian asked puzzledly. He remember that Tong Yulin had said before there were many blood jades with animal blood running through inside.

    Once Tong Yulin heard Yan Tian, he promptly waved his hand. He looked to Yan Tian a little excitingly: “It’s not that the blood has seeped through. I told you this isn’t a common blood jade, but a fine-grade rooster blood jade.”

    Yan Tian heard him and was baffled. Rooster blood jade, rooster blood jade, it wasn’t rooster blood jade, then could it be sheep blood?

    “Uhh, I don’t understand too much. Can you tell me a bit more?”

    Tong Yulin nodded his head and explained: “Rooster blood jade, it’s not that the inside is simply seeped in blood, but there are two methods to form rooster blood jade. The first method for rooster blood jade is that a volcano from millions and millions of years ago erupted and the lava brought forth settled and formed it.”

    “This kind of rooster blood jade appears to be our country’s traditional lucky festival rooster blood-red color. It’s dazzling and after it undergoes publishing, it’s lustrous as imperial red clouds. It has a beauty that appears to seize the hearts and souls of men. Rather than comparing it to precious stones, this kind of blood jade holds a homogeneous color. It will never change, it is wear resistant, the lust quality is strong, and the texture is exquisite and tenacious; a defining characteristic.

    Tong Yulin stopped to take a sip of water and continued to speak: “And as for the second kind, there is a myth. According to legend, that year after Houyi shot the nine suns, the remaining sun hid away in fear. That year, the world was covered in darkness without people able to continue living. In order to restore light to the world, the Sun God Yandi used a golden pheasant to draw his golden chariot. Every day, he brought the sun from east to west, however, it wasn’t long before Yandi became weary as well. As a result, Yandi thought of a method.”


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