Full-time Anomaly (全职怪才) by 吃李子上火

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Yan Tian’s an orphan. As a child, he received rigorous training, eventually arriving at an unknown city. Here, a brand-new way of life shall unfold for him……

Translator-improved Synopsis:

Yan Tian, a man of skill beyond reproach. After suffering harrowing experiences while growing up abroad, he’s finally returned to his country of origin: China. With instruction from his master not to return, Yan Tian has to figure out what to do, but first he needs to get a job! A twist of fate bestows upon him a chance… a chance to go beyond a world that he believed he had already completely scoured. Although born an orphan, his sense of humor and the many passing beauties make his journey worthwhile.

Zong Heng tags: Hot-blooded, Acting the pig to eat the tiger, Assassin, Ascension

Hi, I thought this book was pretty different from we have currently in the community (or maybe I need to read more novels), so I decided to work with it. It's a pretty new novel from Zong Heng (RIP QI), so only about a 130~ chapters as of the moment I'm posting

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  • Chapter 1: Storytelling Youth

    In the advent of humanity’s unceasing expansion, finding a job in the world had become more and more of a challenge. In terms of livelihood, the situation could be described as what work was there even?

    In China, there was an ancient proverb, “In every trade, a master appears”. It was unknown for how many years these words were handed down, but in any case, it was well-known and well-understood.

    At this moment, in the bustling streets of China’s Fengan city, a beggar that appeared to be around twenty-years-old was telling a story to others. It could be said the man was a beggar, yet did not look to be one. Although his clothes were slightly tattered, they could be considered clean.

    The people believed that this youth possibly had no money to eat, so he depended on his stories to persevere in life. Every time the man told a story, warm-hearted people would inevitably give him some change as a reward.

    “One more, c’mon, hehe. I didn’t think kid like you could tell such good stories.” In the crowd, a man with a sturdy build exclaimed after Yan Tian finished telling his story.

    “Alright, we’ll stop here today.” Yan Tian collected his books and looked at the person who gave him several tens of RMB, smiling wryly.

    As the crowd heard this, they shook their heads disappointedly and dispersed. They knew that if the young man said he wouldn’t speak, then he wouldn’t speak. In any case, it was currently time for lunch, so the crowd wasn’t insistent. They were better off coming again tomorrow.

    Yan Tian hadn’t even been in the city for several days, but without anything to do, he told stories on the main street. From head to toe, he was dressed in street stall goods that were in total equal to several tens of RMB. Additionally, his hair was in complete disarray, making it so that unaware people would mistakenly think he was a lunatic.

    Yan Tian took his coins and stuffed them in his ratty wallet, then with great strides he walked into a diner.

    “Boss, bring a big bowl of fried soybean noodles.” Yan Tian yelled to the boss lady at the checkout counter as he walked in.

    “Sure, right away.” The boss lady answered loudly.

    Yan Tian slowly sat down and watched the pedestrians outside. With admiration, he sighed at the plentiful amount of beauties within the city, especially in summer. The many kinds of beauties Yan Tian saw made him quickly water at the mouth.

    “Hello, bring me a small bowl of shredded pork noodles.” A young woman softly spoke. Yan Tian, who had received strict training, was suddenly awoken from his reverie, since his hearing ability was particularly good. Looking at the girl at the door, hot damn, those legs that just seemed to go on, and that stomach; it was of an extremely high quality!

    “Mister, is this seat taken?” The woman came over to Yan Tian’s side. Since it was lunch time, the diner was packed full of people, and there was only one empty spot.

    “Huh? Oh, nope, not at all.” Yan Tian raised his head to look at the girl in front of him. In his mind he thought, Could it be the machinations of god are looking out for me and giving me a supreme beauty?

    Yan Tian lecherously sized up the beauty in front of him, both eyes fixed without reservation on her chest.

    As Sun Yue saw Yan Tian’s diabolical gaze, she promptly took her purse and covered her twins. She thought to herself that other men would slyly check out beautiful woman, but how could this man be so frank in his actions!

    However, with such an obstruction, Yan Tian was displeased. With anger directed towards Sun Yue he said: “What are you doing? What right do you have obstruct my view of my my future wife? Don’t you know what you’re doing is quite immoral? My future wife is in front of me, yet you unexpectedly still want to block me.”

    Sun Yue dumbly looked at the dirty man before her. The surrounding people also looked at Yan Tian with strange gazes. Quite a few people had already enlisted Yan Tian within the ranks of the mentally ill.

    “Are you mad?” Sun Yue finally reacted, cursing in rage. It was obvious other people would stealthily take a peek at her, but to her surprise there was someone that would say she had done wrong. Sun Yue glared fiercely at Yan Tian.

    “What are you looking at? Don’t you know you really look like my future wife?” Yan Tian said self-confidently. In truth, as long as the woman Yan Tian looked at was beautiful, he would get a feeling that she was his future wife.

    “I, I….. you… scoundrel.” Sun Yue angrily prepared to leave.

    At this moment, the waiter brought the noodles. Sun Yue thought to herself, forget it, I’ll eat first; I’m starving to death. With great mouthfuls, Yan Tian wolfed down his food with squishing sounds coming from his mouth without even the slightest restraint that he was sitting across from a beauty. On the contrary, he was still eating food as he hummed a little tune.

    Sun Yue reigned in her burning fury and ate in great mouthfuls. As soon as she was done, she would bounce without delay. Unexpectedly, she had already stayed for a quarter of an hour.

    After Sun Yue left, Yan Tian lifted his head and leisurely looked at her beautiful rear, muttering, “You really are my future wife. I’m never wrong.”

    Yan Tian finished his food, then walked home. In the street, Yan Tian thought of many questions. He didn’t know why his master let him leave, let alone told him of any mission, but in the past month, he had not received any notifications.

    Yan Tian did not know who his parents were and furthermore did not know whether or not they still existed in the world. He only knew that his master had looked after him until adulthood. From childhood, his master had gave him all sorts of training. All the other kids could play around, but his childhood was but a curtain of murky darkness. Every day he would train and study martial arts. It could be said he was currently proficient in many martial arts and fluent in various languages. This year he was twenty-years-old. Due to a couple reasons, his master had made him leave, but hadn’t said of what he wanted him to do. He only said that he was barred from coming back.

    Yan Tian didn’t know why, but he thought to himself that likely wasn’t driven out by his master because he took a peek of Black Widow bathing, right?

    Black Widow was a woman on the mountain, a thirty-somewhat-year-old foreigner. However, she was rather beautiful. Due to the fact she wore black leather clothing all the time, everyone called her Black Widow. Her husband had sacrificed himself during an assignment, and Yan Tian’s master frequently went to find her, so as a result, he suspected that there was something fishy going on between them. Yan Tian had regularly peeped on Black Widow bathing, and furthermore, it wasn’t just a few times .

    As Yan Tian reminisced these matters, his heart thumped. Dang it, he was finished. All he had done was steal a glance at Black Widow bathing, and his master had driven him out of the house. His master was too stingy. Yan Tian shook his head and arrived at his residence.

    Yan Tian had rented a small part of house. Since the landlord was frequently absent, it was convenient to rent it out. The house was big enough with three rooms and two reception areas covering about a hundred-sixty square meters, but Yan Tian rented a single tiny room. The space wasn’t large and the remaining rooms were all unoccupied.

    Yan Tian came home and immediately laid down on the sofa. After reclining for a moment he was soon met with the urge to heed nature’s call. Lazily opening the the washroom door, not even looking or knowing, he was scared out of his skin. Yan Tian suddenly became clear-headed as he looked at the contents within the washroom, or rather, the woman before his eyes. Beautiful like an immortal fairy, Yan Tian was stricken like a wooden dummy as he looked at the woman. In return, the woman stood stupidly in place.

    “Ah! Get out! Get out!” The woman finally reacted, immediately covering herself with her hands. However, due to her bountiful developments, how could she cover herself? The woman quickly began to cry anxiously.

    Yan Tian looked at the flustered woman and said with his thick face: “If I were you, I would have chosen to squat down.”

    When the woman heard this, she promptly squatted down, using her hands to protect her purity. “What haven’t you left? Get out!” The woman hurriedly sobbed.

    “Pretty lady, I still haven’t asked you, oh my future wife, why are you here? This is my house!” Yan Tian asked puzzlingly. How could it be that there was suddenly a beautiful woman in his house?

    Her face blushed and she said: “I just moved in today and rented room. Also, who’s your wife? Get the hell out!”

    “Ah, So it was like that. I’m also a renter. As for how you’re my future wife, your body was seen by me, keke, pretty good.” Yan Tian admired the woman before his eyes without a shred of gentlemanly elegance. Indeed, the woman was Sun Yue. He didn’t think she would also be a tenant.

    “Y-you, you scoundrel! Go away! Get lost!” Sun Yue didn’t think Yan Tian could be such a rogue. She picked up the bottle of shampoo and threw it at him.

    When it came down to things, Yan Tian was trained, so how could he be hit by the shampoo? With ease, he caught the shampoo in his hand, placing it on the ground. “Alright, I won’t tease you. Wash up fast; I want to take a leak. Don’t you know holding it in is unbearable? As Yan Tian finished what he was saying, he closed door and walked away.

    After Yan Tian walked off, Sun Yue was in no mood to wash. In a rush she wiped down her body and put on her clothes. Her face red, she walked out.

    As she came out, she saw Yan Tian sitting down on the couch. Sun Yue didn’t dare to raise her head, thinking of how she had just lost face and the severity of her burning face.

    “Ah, you’ve finally come out. You don’t know, but luckily, my will is rather steady. If it was someone else, you wouldn’t be able to ensure your integrity.” Yan Tian deadpanned.

  • Chapter 2: Looking For A Job

    “Y-you punk.” Sun Yue looked at Yan Tian’s shameless expression and hurriedly scampered into her bedroom. Closing the door, she leaned against the door and thought to herself, ‘God, how could it be that I would room with this stinking hobo?’

    Without a single care, Yan Tian eagerly rushed into the washroom. He shut the door and did his business while humming a tune. Afterwards, he pulled up his pants and walked out.

    Yan Tian went into his room, looking at the sheer chaos. Using his hand to scratch his head, he looked for a pair of underwear while humming as he rushed into the bathroom to shower.

    Sun Yue had hid inside her room for a good while, thinking of some basic rules she and Yan Tian had to agree on. She promptly ran her hand through her hair and picked up a pen to write.

    After she finished writing, she picked up the piece of paper and looked for Yan Tian, running into him just as he left the washroom. Seeing Yan Tian clad in nothing but briefs, Sun Yue’s face rushed with blood.

    “Since you live here as well, we need to make some rules between us. One: without my permission, you can’t come into my bedroom. Naturally, I’m not allowed into yours as well. Two: you can’t use any of my things in the house. Three: you’re not allowed to have any improper thoughts to me. Four: you can’t just strut around the house in your underwear always. Five….” In a single breath Sun Yue had managed to speak of a dozen and more things, looking at the flabbergasted Yan Tian. “Do you have any questions?”

    “Ugh, how can these be ground rules? Aren’t these a lot of clauses?” Although Yan Tian hadn’t read any books, he could still understand ordinary things like counting. Nevertheless, he understood the basic gist of it, so he immediately discovered something was off.

    “In regards to these several rules, I’m asking you if you can abide by them?” Sun Yue grudgingly spoke.

    “This should be ok. It’s just that what should I call you, hot stuff? What’s your cell number? Since we’re living together, I should know!” Yan Tian shamelessly said.

    “Sun Yue, Sun like the characters for child and small together, Yue like the character for king with the moon at the side. My cell is 150xxxxxxxx.” Sun Yue slowly said.

    “Ah, what a great name! Sun Yue, my name is Yan Tian. Yan is Yan Tian’s Yan and Tian is Yan Tian’s Tian. As for my cell number, for the time being, I don’t have a cell phone, hehe!” Yan Tian embarrassingly scratched his head.

    “What? You don’t have a cell phone?” Sun Yue looked at Yan Tian like she had stumbled across a new continent.

    “As a matter of fact, I just arrived in the city. I still have to buy one.”

    Yan Tian wasn’t to be blamed for not buying one. Since he originally had no cash, when he came from his home, he was only allowed to bring several hundred RMB. As soon as he had rented a room, he was left with nothing. He spent the entire day on the main street to eke out a living telling stories. Yan Tian thought to himself otherwise he would’ve done several assignments and then even eating wouldn’t have been an issue anymore.

    “Alright, I’m gonna go relax a bit. Go out and buy a cell phone, OK?” Sun Yue said drowsily as she opened the door to her bedroom. At the door entrance she turned her head and said, “Also, I don’t want you to bother me.” As soon as she finished speaking she shut the door to her bedroom, causing Yan Tian to hear a locking sound.

    Yan Tian thought to himself, I’m not bad; why did she lock the door? If this big boy wants to go in your room, all I need is a toothpick. Even secrets squirreled away in a safe box would be opened by me.

    Yan Tian put on his clothes then walked out the door. He wanted to look for a job. In any case, he couldn’t keep on telling stories to people on the main street. Thinking to himself, he then stepped onto the bus to the city center, since he wanted to find a job there. It wasn’t too far and it only took ten minutes to get there.

    Yan Tian looked in the packed boulevard, finally finding an employment form for a bodyguard position at a multinational firm. However, the requirements were exceptionally high. It was required that one had to be fluent in three languages and also possess a bachelor’s degree from a top-fifty university or a higher level of education. The monthly pay was about 20,000 RMB.

    Looking at this, Yan Tian’s eyes glimmered. How could he not be suitable for this job? He was proficient in various languages and had trained from childhood. Besides his master, senior-uncles and that senior-sister, no one was able to defeat him.

    As for a bachelor’s degree from a top-fifty university or higher certification, when he had left, his master prepared for him a giant stack of papers. Yanjing University, Tsinghua University or even Harvard University, he could pull out these degrees as he pleased to a major multinational.

    However, Yan Tian felt that it was slightly suspicious. Why would you need such a high-level degree to become a bodyguard? Why was it also required to be proficient in foreign languages?

    “Forget about it. As long as I get money, it’s OK. 20,000 RMB a month, hehe, I’ll give it a shot!” Yan Tian was not concerned with the peripherals, happily taking the application form.

    The Liu Family Conglomerate was a top-fifty existence in the ranks of global conglomerates. Underneath its control, this branch company mainly managed clothing designs. Particularly, in recent years a woman had become the group’s new chairman. The company’s accomplishment’s had entered a time of pinnacle prosperity.

    As the chairman of a multinational, Liu Ruoxin busily handled the work in her office. She was a woman in her twenties wearing an enticing business attire. Her appearance was beautiful.

    “Chairman Liu, the applications we released already have over a dozen candidates. Do you want to personally preside over the selection?” The secretary said softly.

    “Xiao Wang, how many times have I told you? Don’t trouble me with such trifling matters.” Liu Ruoxin appeared to be unhappy, wrinkling her brows.

    “Chairman Liu, how could this be a trifling matter? Your safety is extremely important.” Xiao Wang softly advised her.

    “My oh my, alright. Do as you please. With you handling these affairs, I’m relieved. I still have some things to handle. You start the task.”

    “Ok, Chairman Liu. I’ll definitely pick an outstanding bodyguard.” Xiao Wang patted her chest reassuringly.

    “Alright, alright, get out. Ugh, what a headache.” Liu Ruoxin helplessly shook her head.

    At the same moment, in the company’s human resources department, Yan Tian was currently holding onto his application wandering about blindly. It was unknown what was on Yan Tian’s mind, but it was only that his eyes were always glued to female office workers.

    “Sup, little brother. Have you also come to apply to be a bodyguard?” A robust man said disparagingly as he walked right next to Yan Tian.

    “Yup, who’s bodyguard are we going to be?” Yan Tian really didn’t understand.

    “What? You don’t know?” The tall man looked at Yan Tian startledly.

    “What about it? I saw the application on the street and came.”

    “I’ll tell you it’s to decide this company’s beautiful chairman’s bodyguard. For the most part, the applicants here are of those wealthy second generationers. They all want to get close to that beautiful chairman!” The tall man proudly said.

    “Ah, who are you? Why is it like that?” Yan Tian asked once again.

    “Naturally, I won’t hide anything from you. My father is Fengan’s City municipal secretary. My father said this woman’s background is quite extraordinary and made me try to get to approach her. As for you though, what are you thinking? With your small build, I reckon anyone here could knock you down.” The tall man looked down on Yan Tian.

    He thought that with Yan Tian’s small stature, he would be the first to be eliminated as a bodyguard. After all, it looked like Yan Tian could be blown over by the wind. A single fist could knock him off his feet.

    “Recently, I’ve had no money to spend, so I came here to test things out. Do you know what can be considered as passing the test?” Yan Tian rubbed his nose and grinned wryly.

    “First you need a diploma from a prestigious university. Of course, to some people, this isn’t an issue. You also need skills, otherwise how can you be a bodyguard…. Hey isn’t that Young Master Huang?” The tall man having not finished his conversation with Yan Tian ran into an acquaintance. It appeared that his interest wasn’t small at all.

    Yan Tian sat down in a chair and sized up several of the applicants. He could guarantee that before any of them could react, he could completely behead them

    “Alright, everyone simmer down. I’m Chairman Liu’s secretary. The person in charge of this bodyguard selection, Secretary Wang. Let us begin!” Xiao Wang stamped her high-heeled shoes while walking on the side.

    “OK, let’s begin the first phase. I’ll take your diplomas.”

    Everyone’s movements were rather quick as they took out their diplomas Yan Tian thought as he took out his Harvard diploma.

    “Ah, very good. I believe everyone knows as Chairman Liu’s bodyguard, you will also take a burden of some of the work, so we need these diplomas.” Secretary Wang explained.

    “Alright, now let’s start phase two and begin the foreign language examination. Everyone here select three language test papers.”

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    Chapter 3: Young Master Huang

    As this was said, the company staff took out all kinds of language-testing papers. It but that quite many of these wealthy second generations all chose Chinese, English, and Japanese language booklets, since these several language were quite simple.

    Yan Tian sat down in the center most position. As the testing assistant asked him what examination papers he wanted, Yan Tian was a bit perplexed on what to choose. Finally, he laughed embarrassingly: “You can give me any three you want.”

    In fact, Yan Tian wanted to display his talent in foreign languages. At the crux of things, he really didn’t know what three to pick, so he could be given any three as they pleased.

    The beautiful assistant was clearly stunned. If this man wasn’t an idiot then he really was truly formidable. How could he know all languages? Anyway, she naturally didn’t know what to say. With mischief on her mind, she purposefully made things difficult for the self-confident man. From the bottom of the pile, she took out Korean, German, and Italian examination booklets. From the beginning of the selection, no one had chosen these three languages.

    Regardless, Yan Tian didn’t care. Taking out a pen to write his name, he began writing with much gusto. The various types of questions weren’t simply worthy of consideration in Yan Tian’s eyes.

    The atmosphere of the examination room was somewhat heavy. Mainly, several applicants felt ill. The reason was because of the contents of the exam. A vast majority of the questions touched upon feminine beauty products and lingeries. Given such knowledge, even if it was in Chinese, they still wouldn’t know. While they understood how to fool around with woman, they didn’t understand them.

    As the many questions on cosmetic composition speciality vocabulary, feminine delicates, brassiere, thongs, and other specialized design words piled up, the men were driven crazy.

    It hadn’t even been ten minutes, but over a dozen participants immediately flung their pens and left the room. Since these great lords really didn’t understand these questions, how could they answer? Wasn’t this not wanting life?

    The foreign language examination required a score over eighty percent to succeed. Yan Tian was unconcerned with the amount of points. As long he could write the entire thing, he would be able to completely answer in a bit.

    “I’m done. Who should I give this to? This topic is too simple.” Yan Tian said with a tinge of impatience.

    “Sir, have you definitely answered everything? There won’t be another chance for examination.” Secretary Wang felt that Yan Tian was one of those playboys of the influential houses, so she was a little unbelieving that he had finished answering his test sheet in such a short amount of time. If he knew other people’s exam papers in comparison to his were simpler by several degrees, no one would know how to answer.

    “I’m used to settling it in one shot. I don’t need to take a look.” Shaking his head, Yan Tian objected to the well-meaning suggestion.

    “Ok, I’ll mark it immediately.”

    Yan Tian was slightly bored. He wanted to smoke, but wasn’t allowed to do so in an official area. He was forced to raise his hand, asking: “Examiner, I want to go the bathroom for a smoke.”

    As Secretary Wang heard these words, she furrowed her brows and said: “Sure, however, I don’t want you smoking in the restroom. Please go outside. Also, come back on time……”

    Not even waiting for Xiao Wang to finish talking, Yan Tian eagerly ran off, his mouth still running off about being cooped up to death.

    Yan Tian hummed a little tune and went into the washroom, then went outside to smoke. In a short amount of time, the tall guy and the guy called Young Master Huang appeared.

    “Hey, I said this kid was pretty good. The topics were so difficult, but surprisingly you were were able to completely answer them. It shouldn’t be that you wrote a mess.” The tall guy said a bit enviously.  

    “Huehue, my luck is good. I usually read foreign books, so I know, hehe.” Yan Tian laughed merrily at the tall guy.

    “Kid, since you answered everything right, I’ve already swapped our papers. You don’t have any objections about that?” Young Master Huang proudly told Yan Tian.

    “Huh?” As Yan Tian heard that his examination sheet had been swapped, he furrowed his brows and lift his head to level a hard look at Young Master Huang.

    “How about it? Kid, I can give you several thousand RMB, so you can obediently get the hell out.” Young Master Huang disdainfully looked at Yan Tian.

    “What if I don’t agree?” Yan Tian involuntarily rubbed his nose.

    “If you don’t agree that’s OK. I’ll let you taste the feel of going to the hospital.”

    “Are you threatening me?” Yan Tian’s face turned dark.

    “So what?” Young Master Huang was ready strike out at any moment.

    Yan Tian glanced at Young Master Huang, thinking to himself that this second-gen snob had really saved him some work. He hadn’t killed play boys before. If it was the him of two years ago, Young Master Huang would’ve already been a dead man. His current temperament was much more reserved, however he would give this guy a good thrashing.

    “I hate being threatened by these type of people the most……” As soon as Yan Tian finished speaking, he transformed into a flickering shadow. In the next second, he was behind Young Master Huang.

    “Ah!” Young Master Huang didn’t expect Yan Tian would be so fast. He had originally thought that Yan Tian was but a pushover, but he was wrong. As soon as he reacted, he had already been thrown onto the ground by Yan Tian. It had to be known, which of the applicants could scrap with him? It could be said, that for him to fight over a dozen normal people wasn’t a problem. However, he had surprisingly been tossed effortlessly on the ground by a weak-looking sissy.

    It could be said that Yan Tian’s movements were seamless. Without the slightest bit of sloppiness, only two seconds had passed. The tall guy and Young Master Huang were unable to react, so they were subdued..

    “Tsk, times have really changed. Any mutt or street cat really does dare to shit on me now.” Yan Tian didn’t want to make a big ruckus. He turned around and left.

    “Ugh, I’m gonna kill you. Just you wait, I’m gonna kill you……” Young Master Huang climbed back to his feet with a pained face, yelling at Yan Tian’s back in irreconciliation.  

    However, how could Yan Tian be concerned with these playboys and lower himself to their level? He didn’t even bother turning around.

    As for Young Master Huang, after the tall guy helped support him, he thought of how he could take his vengeance on Yan Tian. He descended from a criminal family, so since childhood he had lied to, stole from, and cheated men and women alike. No crime was too small and now since he was struck by Yan Tian, he would ensure Yan Tian wouldn’t even be able to swallow.

    “Li Yi, look for a several tens of bros; I want him to be unable to to take care of himself for the next half of his life.” Huang used his hand to groom his messy hair.

    “Hmph, be at ease. Whoever dares to strike us will have to think otherwise of getting by in Fengan City.” With great ferocity, Li Yi watched Yan Tian leave the bathroom.

    Li Yi’s father was Fengan City’s municipal secretary. Since his childhood days, Li Yi as well had never shied from misdeed or oppressing others.

    It was said that in high school, Li Yi came across a beautiful teacher and took a fancy to her. It was unknown what had occurred, but on the second day, the teacher resigned.

    The people bullied by Li Yi didn’t dare to tell. If they did, not only would the issue not be resolved, but they would suffer under Li Yi’s brutal retaliation. In the past, it was heard someone had reported him, and as a result, his leg was broken.

    Young Master Huang was known as Huang Le, and his father was known as Huang Gang, a man of ruthless and cruel bearing. In all of China, he was a first-class figure, the kingpin of the underground scene in the northwestern region. When he was young, he was but a mere thug, but slowly, he worked hard to become a boss, so much that in all of Fengan City, he could act walk about unbridledly.

    Huang Le and Li Yi as well as two other play boys were known as Fengan City’s Four Young Masters.

    Presently, Yan Tian had no clue that Huang Le and Li Yi were getting ready to deal with him. Yan Tian thought of them just as kids playing house; just silk pants. He had seen much, so naturally, he didn’t put much thought into it.

    Yan Tian hummed a tune as he walked into the applicants’ room. Just a he walked in, he discovered Chief Wang and Secretary Xiao Wang held several exam papers, looking at him. Yan Tian didn’t know what was up, so he immediately looked down to look at his body, but nothing appeared to be odd. So why were the looking at him?

    Chief Wang and the others looked at Yan Tian because they knew his exam papers had been swapped by Huang Le. Chief Wang held a little sympathy for Yan Tian since Yan Tian’s exam papers received full marks. Of course, he knew these questions were hard, so much that some foreigners wouldn’t be able to ace it. However, Yan Tian had completely earned the full score, so they slightly admired Yan Tian’s foreign language skill.

    “Yan Tian, your test papers don’t conform to the required standard. You have been eliminated.” Although Chief Wang was somewhat sympathetic towards Yan Tian and knew that Huang Le swapped the test papers, Huang Le’s background was too powerful. It was something he was capable of offending, so Chief wang forced himself to say it.

    “What? Is this a joke? I…… ah, So it was like this, hehe!” At first, Yan Tian was confused. How could he not be up to standard? It must be known he could close his eyes and still pass the exam. But thinking back upon how Huang Le said he had swapped examination booklets, it became clear.

    “It’s OK, my test booklet was swapped by that bull-shitting Young Master Huang. Don’t tell me you don’t know, since I just beat the crap out of him a moment ago. I also know you guys can’t offend him, so I won’t blame you. That which has passed is passed and that which has not happened hasn’t.” Yan Tian sat down on the chair and crossed his leg over the other.

  • Chapter 4: Beautiful Chairman

    “Ah, good, very good. Yan Tian, you can go in for the next section.” Chief Wang nervously wiped his forehead.

    “The third section, martial testing. Right now behind us are a hundred strictly-trained company security guards. To pass you need to to overcome thirty of them. If you don’t beat thirty or are defeated by one of them, you are eliminated.”

    As they spoke, Yan Tian was lead over to the back. Taking a look at the combat positioning, he swore. Dang, how was this martial test?

    All he could see was that the hundred security guards were completely strong-build men. Each one of their bodies were very strong such that it was somewhat comparable to regulated special forces, not lacking in grandeur in the slightest. In their hands they held identical batons. If one wasn’t careful, a blow by one would make it so that even your mother wouldn’t be able to recognize you. Fortunately, Yan Tian had seen the world at large. Naturally, he wouldn’t be thrown down like a flower vase by these hundred security guards.

    “Alright, you have fight thirty men here to pass. Good, let’s begin.”

    “The fuck? Where’s my weapon? You’re making me fight bare-handed?” Yan Tian cursed. Making him fight a hundred men and he didn’t have a single weapon. Even if Yan Tian’s skills were unordinary, he would have a headache. Yan Tian thought to himself to quickly ready himself to seize two batons.

    “It is required you fight unarmed. You are not allowed to use any kind of weapon. Otherwise, you will be eliminated.” Just as Yan Tian was preparing to grab a weapon, he heard these words, suddenly losing his spirit. What the heck was this!

    Yan Tian moved freely from the center of the crowd. How would security guards be able to hit him? In several seconds, Yan Tian had felled two trained security guards. If someone else did this, in about a dozen seconds the would be neatly swept by the hundred men. However,they had ran into Yan Tian today. Although he had no weapons, his hands were not unlike that of a baton!

    It could be said that in true combat, Yan Tian basically did not not need any weaponry to easily wipe out these people. However, Yan Tian knew he was an applicant. If he really wasted a single one, he would be going to the police station to drink tea, so Yan Tian’s strikes would only temporarily sap them of their combative strength. It wouldn’t leave them with any residual after effects, and a little rest would restore them of their vitality.

    The entirety of Yan Tian’s movements were akin to that of an exceptional master. Two seconds to fell one man, a minute to take down twenty odd-some men. He took no pause and continued to quickly strike out.

    The group of security guards finally came to realize Yan Tian was very strong. In twelve seconds, each of them surrounded Yan Tian as if they wanted to wrap him up like a rice dumpling.

    However, Yan Tian’s movements were too quick. In bit more than a minute he would overturn the thirty men as he continued to attack and build up the count. As the thirtieth man arrived, Yan Tian fiercely swung open the door and came out. Not even over a single man, thirty of them were sufficient.

    “How is it? I passed?” Looking at Secretary Xiao Wang, he laughed.

    “Yeah, you’ve passed. Come with me.” As Xiao Wang finished talking, she turned turned around and walked towards the elevator. Giddily, Yan Tian followed after her.

    Following Secretary Xiao Wang, they rode the elevator to the top floor of the Liu Family Conglomerate. The entire floor was the Chairman’s office and resting area. The stylish avant-garde transparent materials as well as the fresh-dewed plants of all kinds gave the entire floor a sense of purity and refinement; brightness and spaciousness. Every detail was subtly managed, fully manifesting as the interior lounging of a large family corporation’s status as a respected chairman.

    Afterwards he followed Xiao Wang to the door, whereupon she lightly rapped the door.

    “Come in.” Within the confines of the office, a female voice could be heard. According to the years of experience Yan Tian had amassed, from just listening he knew that it was a stunning beauty he thought to himself. The heavens were truly being too good to him. Today, it had delivered to him two beauties.

    Following Xiao Wang into the office, he noticed the entire office was exceptionally large so much that it fully exceeded a hundred square meters. Half of the room was semicircular, confining a bright and sturdy full-panel windows. From any point, you could see the bustling scene of Fengan City’s heart. Thin white cotton shutters followed the cold breeze of several air conditioners.

    The floor was covered by a soft wool carpet of Mediterranean design, the colors possessing an ancient diversity. Several emerald green bonsai plants sat on the office table and in the corners of the room. The lighting of the office harmonized to complement the characteristics of the other.

    The crystal chandelier on the ceiling was also a sought-after collector’s piece. The exquisite craftsmanship made the lighting of the inside of the office refract a splendid luster, giving the entire room a trace of elegance and mystery.

    Several silver-colored metal bookshelves were filled with all kinds of books. At the side of the bookshelf there was an immense mahogany desk, and at the side of the desk there sat a beautiful woman. It could be seen that she was only about twenty-three to twenty-four years old. Her eyes were clear and bright with willowy eye brows and her lashes were long, faintly trembling. Her skin was white and timeless penetrating through her faint red blush. With a pair of lips like rose petals, tender and glistening, her appearance was extremely beautiful.

    At this moment, the woman next to the desk seriously looked at Yan Tian. Yan Tian need not know that this was the corporation’s beautiful chairman.

    “He’s the bodyguard that you were searching for?” Liu Ruoxin furrowed her brows looking at Xiao Wang and said.

    “Yes, Chairman Liu. He is proficient in Italian, German and other various languages. He also has a degree from the world-renowned Harvard University and furthermore his skills are quite good. In a minute he defeated thirty of our hundred handpicked security forces. With him at your side, your security is completely ensured.” Xiao wang looked at Liu Ruoxin and respectfully spoke.

    “Hehe, it’s nothing, nothing at all.” Yan Tian embarrassingly scratched his head.

    Hearing Yan Tian’s words, Liu Ruoxin furrowed her brows, saying: “Give me his information to take a look at.”

    “Alright, Chairman Liu!” Xiao Wang spoke, handing over Yan Tian’s dossier to Liu Ruoxin.

    Liu Ruoxin took a hold of Yan Tian’s information and closely looked at it while Yan Tian freely gawked at the various kinds of fixtures in the office, sighing in admiration as he thought that city folk really lived it up. How could an office be decorated so luxuriously?

    “Yan Tian, you’re an orphan?” Liu Ruoxin asked Yan Tian after a moment.

    “Yup, I don’t know who my parents are.” Yan Tian deadpanned.

    “Why are the past twenty years of your records completely blank? What have you done in the past?”

    “The past? I was with my master.”

    “How did you get your diploma? At the same time, how do you manage to become fluent in so many languages? It’s quite difficult, no?” Liu Ruoxin curiously said.

    “Uh……” Yan Tian slightly regretted making his own exam scores so high. If he had known earlier, he would’ve purposefully wrote several wrong answers, however currently, he could only be forced to say: “It’s only a hobby. I got a little talent when it comes to studying foreign languages.”

    “Oh? Do you have any other talents?” Liu Ruoxin crossed her hands on her chest; distrust was written all over her face.

    Yan Tian rubbed his nose somewhat embarrassed, thinking to himself that in fact, his talents were rather plentiful, assassination being his most skillful trade. He really wanted to say technology, but handling fighter jets and tanks, playing around with guns and hacking couldn’t be considered the former. However, he naturally wouldn’t be able to talk about these kinds of things. He only nodded his head, saying: “Nope, I’m drawing a blank. Could I ask chairman to give me a clear example?”

    “OK, sure. A simple introduction of yourself.” Liu Ruoxin said slightly distastefully.

    “Oh, OK, my name is Yan Tian. Yan is Yan Tian’s Yan and Tian is Yan Tian’s Tian. I come from China and my hobby is looking at beautiful women. My favorite thing to eat is……”

    “Stop, stop, stop. Xiao Wang, what kind of person did you find for me?” Liu Ruoxin was a slightly unable to endure such a thing.

    “Ah, Chairman Liu. I thought that since he was a Harvard graduate he wouldn’t be like this, however he’s truly fierce. He is the most suitable to be your bodyguard.” Xiao Wang promptly explained.

    “Ok, ok, take him to sort out tomorrow’s work load. It’s really unbearable.” Liu Ruoxin said as she picked up a document on the desk and looked at it.

    Xiao Wang lead Yan Tian by the neck and left. She gave him a suit and a work ID, saying: “Good, tomorrow morning at eight o’clock you’ll come in and work. You’re considered the chairman’s personal administrator. You can leave work now.”

    Yan Tian took the clothes and work ID and left the company with a great mood.. He had finally found a job and wouldn’t need to look like a loon telling people stories.

    It was already a little past five o’clock as Yan Tian thought to himself he would take a car back home, however, as the car began to move, he discovered several cars were trailing behind. Yan Tian guessed it was possibly Young Master Huang coming for vengeance, but Yan Tian wasn’t scared in the slightest.

    As the car arrived at the lane, the several cars at the rear suddenly sped up, closing off the back of the taxi. At the same time, over a dozen ruffians, Young Master Huang, and the tall, big guy stepped out of another car.

  • Chapter 5: The Fighting Will Be Fierce

    Young Master Huang took a look at the trembling driver and said: “This ain’t your business. Get lost.”

    Yan Tian exited the taxi as well after the taxi driver fled, saying: “You refused the toast, but to drink a forfeit. Why? You still want to lie down on the ground?”

    “Hehehe, kid, who are you scared of? Don’t you see how many people we have? If you kneel on the ground right now and apologize to our young master, then maybe our young master will still leave you with an arm and a leg.”

    “You wanna give me a go?” Yan Tian was a little angry as well. Originally, he wanted to quickly return home to bully that pretty young thing Sun Yue, but the result was he had been blocked by these people.

    “Fuck, I’ll make you regret your crimes against me today. Brothers, break his arms and legs for me.” Young Master Huang was ruthless character, opening his mouth to command them to break other people’s four extremities.

    “Hmph, nothing but a bunch of ants!” As soon as Yan Tian finished speaking, his body left behind the streak of a savage image. In the next second, he had already appeared in the middle of the crowd.

    Yan Tian paid no heed to the startled faces of the crowd, then in middle of the crowd he fled off like a shadow.

    “Ohhh, my arm, urgh……”

    “Don’t, ugh, my leg ahh!”

    A ghost, my eyes……”

    “Ahh… don’t ahh!”


    In less than fifteen seconds, Yan Tian had crippled everyone. It must be known that all these men were those that would lick blood off the edge of a knife. Each and everyone of them were ruthless, yet Yan Tian had left them all cowering on the ground, whimpering in pain.

    As soon as Yan Tian settled this mess, he rushed towards Young Master Huang and Li Yi with his hands in the form of two slaps. Young Master Huang and Li Yi were directly smacked to the ground by Yan Tian, their teeth flying into the air. Young Master Huang covered his mouth and shrieked: “You fucking dared to hit me. You don’t know who I am, so I’ll tell you. My father’s the underworld kingpin; I’m……”

    “Pow” Not even waiting for Huang Le to finish speaking, Yan Tian once again backhanded the other side of his face, warning him: “I don’t care who you are. I don’t care who your father is. However, you better not piss me off, otherwise, even if you’re the heavenly emperor, I’ll waste you.”

    Yan Tian finished speaking and left. He had really didn’t want to cause any trouble, otherwise Huang Le and Li Yi would’ve met an early grave.

    Huang Le watched Yan Tian’s departing silhouette, cursing: “Mother fucker, I’ll kill you. I’m going to kill you.”

    “Young Master Huang, that guy isn’t so simple. His skills are too quick. We’re not his match.” The big, tall guy said at Young Master Huang’s side, evidently wanted to curry favor with him.

    “What are you saying? You actually want to just let this go?” Young Master Huang was quite unreconciled with this. From childhood to adulthood, when had he ever suffered such a humiliation?

    “It seems we can only ask Uncle Ma to take care of it.”

    “Hmph, if Uncle Ma takes care of it, that kid is screwed. He dares to offend me, hehe!” Young Master Huang cackled evilly.

    “Hehe, indeed. Uncle Ma has never made a mistake. We only have to ask Uncle Ma to make a move. He’ll make it bleed for Young Master Huang.”

    “Haha, not just a single woman. Go, find several women for young master. Wait a little and we’ll go together to deliver them to Uncle Ma.” Young Master Huang used his hand to straighten his tussled hair.

    Yan Tian did not let this small affair affect his mood. On the contrary, he happily bounced home. Just as he went through the door, he smelled the scent of food, making the eyes of Yan Tian who had not eaten for a thing for half a day to suddenly shine. He eagerly entered the kitchen, looking at Sun Yue cooking a meal in the kitchen, causing his mood to become great. Coming home and eating a meal personally prepared by the beautiful Sun Yue caused his thoughts to stir.

    Watching Yan Tian’s drooling face, Sun Yue’s brows stiffened, saying: “You’re back? Let me tell you, this food isn’t yours. I’m only cooking for myself.”

    Once Yan Tian heard these words, he was immediately discontent: “What? I don’t care, a portion is just a portion. Put it all together to eat!” Don’t want to give me food? Was this an international joke?

    Not even waiting for Sun Yue to retort, Yan Tian had already rushed into the bathroom. Fighting in the afternoon covered his body with a sweaty odor, so he easily took of his clothes until he was left bare. In the bathroom, he hummed and jumped into the cold bath.

    After he finished bathing, he walked into the dining room and looked at the table of scrumptious delicacies. Regardless of the consequence, Yan Tian scrambled over to Sun Yue’s bowl and began taking great mouthfuls.

    “What are you doing? You’re going to eat the food I made! Why did you come over here? I’ll say it again, you stole what I’m eating. Are you sick in the head?” Sun Yue watching Yan Tian eat her food made her incredibly angry.

    “Mmm, pretty good. The flavor is great. I didn’t think the beautiful Sun Yue could cook this well. I’ve decided that all three meals will be your responsibility.” Yan Tian didn’t pay attention to anything Sun Yue said, continuing to wolf down the food.

    “Why? Why would I give you my food? You’re thinking is really quite pretty.” Sun Yue saw Yan Tian was ignoring her words, instead shamelessly letting her cook everything later. Sun Yue angrily clenched her teeth.

    “Because you’re my future wife I’ll tell you. In this world, you will not find any other outstanding man like myself.” Yan Tian continued to shamelessly say. If Yan Tian called himself the world’s second most shameless person, then no one would dare to claim themselves as the first.

    “Who is your wife? Are we so familiar? I must have really screwed up in a past life to have run into you.” Sun Yue said and left the kitchen, holding a bowl of rice. Just as she prepared to grab the chopsticks though, she saw Yan Tian quickly snatch her food away.

    “Look at that, I don’t even need to say it. You saw that I was going to be done eating soon and went to give me a bowl again. So well-behaved!” Yan Tian continued to say earnestly, completely ignoring Sun Yue glowering expression.

    “Eat, eat, eat! Eat until you die! I’ve never seen such a shameless person.”

    “Enough, it’s OK. What did I completely eat of yours?” Yan Tian saw that Sun Yue was truly angry, so he hurried to reply immediately.

    “I didn’t eat it, you ate it! I hope you overgorge yourself and die!” Sun Yue angrily flung her hands over her head.

    “Hehe, don’t be angry. I’ll go get you a bowl. What’s important is that the food you make is too delicious, haha!” Yan Tian said as he merrily left the kitchen. He dared not to go too far. There might be a day when the beautiful Sun Yue would angrily storm off; that would truly be too unfortunate. It must be know that he and the beauty lived together after all.

    “Scram! I’m full. I’m not eating, so take it away.” To Yan Tian, Sun Yue angrily had not even a tiny bit of appetite.

    “Aiya, eat a little! How can you not eat anything?”

    “Take it away, I’m stuffed.”

    “Eat a bit more. How about I feed you?”

    “Nah, beat it.”

    “If you eat it, I’ll leave. If you don’t eat, I’ll feed you. Choose one.” Yan Tian said, then moving the chopsticks to Sun Yue’s mouth to feed her.

    “I’m not eating, so get lost.” How could Sun Yue allow Yan Tian to feed her, promptly causing her to recoil back.

    “Alright, I’ll leave.” Yan Tian saw that Sun Yue was quite angry, causing him to suddenly be at lost. Wiping his mouth, he went to his bedroom.

    After Yan Tian had returned to his room, Sun Yue was left in the dining room looking at Yan Tian’s door. Looking at the food on the table, she used her hand to rub her stomach, pouting: “Why couldn’t I eat the food I made?”

    Looking at how Yan Tian’s spotless bowl, Sun Yue thought to herself: “Was it really so delicious?” Sun Yue said and picked up a pair of chopsticks and took big bites.

    Naturally while in his room, Yan Tian had no idea of the events occurring outside and took out a suitcase from his cupboard. The suitcase was something he brought when he had returned. Opening the suitcase, the inside held some of his clothing, and surprisingly beneath the clothing laid several tens of sensual publications; furthermore, each one was racier than the last.

    Yan Tian took out an erotica and turned the page. Within the crevice, he removed several glass flying needles.

    What was this?

    This was the weapon he used to earn his living.

    Next, Yan Tian opened the dirty magazines one by one, opening each one to a specific page to remove the hidden flying needles within.

    Within these dozen of porno publications, Yan Tian had surprisingly concealed fifty plus flying needles.

    It was well known that the safety check before boarding an airplane was rather stringent. In order to avoid boarding check, he had deliberately placed these eroticas within his suitcase. By running some psychological warfare, he was able to divert the attention of the safety inspectors to the dirty magazines.

    When the air inspectors found these racy magazines, they were subconsciously drawn to these explicit materials.

    Perhaps they would take the opportunity as a feast for the eyes.

    Or perhaps they would pay even more attention to him, thinking that Yan Tian himself was curious. Porn books, was he mad?

    As they focused their energy on this aspect, they would naturally ignore the hidden things within.

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    Chapter 6: Huang Le Going To Get Revenge

    If you raised people’s attention to some things, they would lessen their attention to others. Therefore, this allowed Yan Tian to successfully sneak it onto the airplane.

    However, he did not think because of his dirty books he would lose a lot of face in front of a beauty.

    When Yan Tian was being inspected, there was a beautiful woman behind him. At first, Yan Tian thought he could strike up a conversation and get her digits, however, it was merely when his suitcase was inspected that the beauty incidentally saw the contents within. Calling him a sleazebag, she hadn’t even giving him a parting glance, placing him within the ranks of scumbags. Who could Yan Tian reason this to?

    If he had known earlier, then he would’ve swapped it out with scary books. With a frightening image on the cover, so no one would look at it head on. This would’ve surely diverted attention.

    “It was an error. Next time, I’ll definitely pay attention. I can’t miss the opportunity of a beautiful woman.” Yan Tian looked at the erotica, smiling wryly while shaking his head.

    “Looks like I’ll have to you use again……” Yan Tian looked at his flying needles. He knew that he two people he had beaten up today both had no a small amount of influence. Later on, there would be an unending amount of troubles. He didn’t believe that Huang Le would let the matter be, as well as him serving once again as someone else’s body guard. Thus, he he had to choose take out these playthings.

    As Yan Tian thought of himself acting as another person’s bodyguard, he laughed wryly. Such a grand affair was enough to make people aghast that an A-rank assassin had surprisingly came home to a small city to serve as another person’s bodyguard. If you said it like that, wouldn’t it make kindred spirits laugh uproariously?

    Meanwhile, in a villa Fengan City’s western district, Huang Le and Li Yi brought several beauties inside. These girls were university students that Huang Le had given each of them 2,000 RMB get a hold of. He said that if they came here to attend to someone, and after the matter was completed, they would be given an additional 2000 RMB. Thus, they had come. From what the girls could see, if they could earn 4000 RMB for a bedroom romp, then why shouldn’t they?

    “Uncle Ma, I heard you recently got several estates from the Violetmoon Gate. Junior has specifically come to offer congratulations to Uncle Ma. I hope Uncle Ma soon becomes the vice president.” At this moment, Huang Le stood before a middle-aged man and humbly bowed.

    “Hmph, kid, why have you come to see me? Did the sun rise from the west?” The middle-aged man said unpleasantly.

    “Hehe, what are you saying, Uncle Ma? This is a hundred-year ginseng. I’ve come specifically lay down a relationship in preparation for Uncle Ma. This is the Violetmoon Gate’s gang leader’s dagger. It’s the thing that my father and that woman fought over for. At this time, junior has come to give tribute to Uncle Ma. Hehe, junior knows Uncle Ma likes beautiful women, so junior has specifically brought Uncle Ma several beauties. Please take a look, Uncle Ma.” Huang Le said, then signaled the several university students with his eyes.

    The several beauties understood that each of them would later need to throw themselves into the middle-aged man’s embrace, so they came and rubbed their chests against the middle-aged man’s arm.

    The middle-aged man was the Uncle Ma Li Yi had spoken of, known as Flaming Ma. He was roughly around forty years old with a shaven head. His facial features was distinctly carved while his exterior appearance seemed wild and unruly. However, his eyes unwittingly revealed a vitality that none would dare to look down on. His pair of sword-like brows were especially resounding.

    “Hehe, good, good, very good.” Flaming Ma looked at Huang Le’s presents, and then took another look at the several women. He was so happy that he even said good three times. With his left hand he groped and with his right hand he kneaded without a sense of constraint. He was completely an old sex fiend.

    “Hehe, its good Uncle Ma likes it.” Huang Le watched the women’s breasts and laughed heartily.

    “Ok, one doesn’t visit a temple without a reason, kid. If you got something to say, say it. I don’t believe you’ve come to suddenly visit me. Otherwise, the sun really does come from the west.” Flaming Ma said as he took off his clothes, preparing to get it on with the ladies on the spot.

    “Hehe, junior won’t beat the bush. Uncle Ma, you don’t know, but I’m rather dismayed. Since I was a kid to a grown-up now, who has dared to hit me? Only I bully others and others don’t bully me. But today, today……” As soon as Huang Le spoke, aggrieved tears arose in his eyes. Currently, his appearance was not at all like that of a man’s.

    “If you got something to say, say it. Don’t go crying here. No wonder your father isn’t grooming you. If you’re like this, even if you’re raised up, sooner or later you’ll lose it all.” Flaming Ma looked at the weeping face and impatiently said.

    “Uncle Ma, today, this kid that doesn’t know the height of the heavens and depths of the earth beat up Young Master Huang twice.” At the side, Li Yi spoke slowly.

    With the son of Fengan’s city’s illustrious municipal secretary surprisingly acting as an attendant for another person, it could be seen that Huang Le’s family’s might was rather significant. Because of this, from childhood, Huang Le only needed to reach his hands out to be clothed and open his mouth to be fed. Now that he had kicked a steel plate, he had cried aggrievedly.

    “Oh? Who dares to hit this stinking brat? Is that guy tired of living? How cow you guys haven’t gone to take revenge?” Flaming Ma did the yin-yang dance with  the women while questioning them. If Huang Le was struck by someone, wouldn’t he go look for people to take revenge? Why had he come to see him?

    “Uncle Ma, you must seek justice for me. I was beaten up by that guy two times. Two times! At first, he beat me once, so I looked for people to take revenge, but who would’ve known that his skill was so extraordinary? As result, I got beaten up again and I lost my two teeth. Uncle Ma, take a look.” Huang Le cried while opening his mouth to point at where he had lost his two teeth.

    “Oh? There was more? What’s this kid called?” Flaming Ma once again groped several women and continued to stroke one and kiss another. He was completely ignoring this matter as one of importance.

    “His name is Yan Tian. Right now he’s  the bodyguard of Liu Ruoxin from the Liu Family Conglomerate.” Li Yi’s shimmering eyes looked over the several naked bodies, licking his lips and answering.

    “Interesting, very interesting. Surprisingly, he’s the bodyguard of that girl from the Liu family. Interesting, how interesting, hehe!” After Flaming Ma heard Li Yi’s words, he even said interesting several times.

    “Uncle Ma, You must take justice for me!” Huang Le once again wept miserably.

    “You brat, why didn’t you go to your father and instead came looking for me? You got beat up by someone, but I’m pretty sure that the president won’t care, right?

    “Did I not come to see Uncle Ma? I’ll say it again. Who doesn’t know that my father won’t care? He has so many sons. As if he would care.” Huang Le fiercely said.

    “Hehe, good, I’ll take care of this. Who ever dares to strike my nephew can be considered to strike my own face, hmph!” This time, Flaming Ma pounded his chest in guarantee.

    “Hehe, also if Uncle Ma is ready, later on I have a couple good things to present to Uncle Ma.” Once Huang Le heard that Uncle Ma would help him, he finally became all smiles.

    “Alright, two days, OK? I have something important to do in the next two days. You guys get out first, alright? I gotta do some official business, make haste.” Flaming Ma shooed his hands away at Huang Le and Li Yi, hinting them to leave quickly.

    “Hehe, then Uncle Ma, play happily. You women take care of Uncle Ma well now. If you all take good care of him, I’ll give you guys another additional 1000.” Huang Le laughed and said.

    Once the several university girls heard that if they served well Huang Le would give them another 1000, each of them willingly stroked Flaming Ma’s body, lest he be dissatisfied.

    Huang Le happily left Flaming Ma’s villa, imagining the scene of Yan Tian being ruthlessly beaten up by Flaming Ma, lying broken on the ground. He thought of how he couldn’t let Yan Tian die easily and how he would mercilessly torment him, making him experience a life worse than death. He was going to let Yan Tian know the fate of offending him.

    “Li Yi, what did you say on how I should torment that surnamed Yan? I’m going to cruelly grind him down. I’m going to make him wish that he died.” Huang Le ruthlessly looked at Li Yi and said.

    “Hehe, it’s not that simple. Doesn’t the underworld have some specialist that research this? We can easily learn several tricks that’ll make him feel better.” Li Yi evilly laughed and replied.

    “Right, it’s just that I’m not gonna learn several tricks, but study the whole thing. I’m gonna make that kid know that there are some people you can offend and some people that you can’t offend. I’ll make broaden his knowledge later. It’s just that he probably won’t have a chance.

    “What’s to be done now?” Li Yi asked.

    “Hmph, I’ll him stew for several days first, then I’ll wait for Uncle Ma to wrap it up and then it’ll be that kid’s judgement day.”

    “Hehehe, pretty good. Where are we going now?” After Li Yi and Huang Le left the villa, Li Yi asked Huang Le.

    “Hehe, go and look for a girl. Damn, just now, it felt like I was going to choke to death.” Huang Le thought of the scene of Uncle Ma and those several women and his eyes shone.

    “Hehe, I was just thinking about this too. C’mon, I know a place that’s got all of it.”

    “Hehe, let’s go, I want two ‘em, haha!”

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    Chapter 7: Young Lady Meng Die

    As night fell, the harsh rays of the sun transformed into a golden, dazzling disc. In the cloudless expanse, the blue sky appeared to be a bright, pure heavenly lake.

    At the moment, Yan Tian was at home with his leg crossed over the other eating melon seeds. An angry curse came from his mouth: “This baldy is really fricking foolish. You didn’t go directly to the air fighters and tanks, but you were surprisingly played around by those two one after another. Use the saw in your hands; cut it up! Don’t run! Why are you running, you……ugh, you’ve really lost face for humanity.” Yan Tian watched the bald tough guy in the children’s animated movie speechlessly.

    Yan Tian was unable to make sense of it. The bald fighter could clearly had the opportunity to overtake the two great bears. So why did every time he lifted the electric saw it seemed like it was just for show.

    “I can’t watch this anymore. I really can’t take this. I thought it would be good at first, but it’s really quite senseless.” Yan Tian said, then picked up the remote control to shut off the television.

    As Yan Tian watched the dimming light outside the window, his eyes revealing traces of memories.

    It was winter in Alaska. The azure sky, the winding snowy mountains, and the weaving of black and white portrayed a magnificent natural landscape.

    Mount McKinley, formerly called as Denali Mountain, stood tall in the state of Alaska in America. It was the highest summit in North America, 6195 meters above sea level. It was conquered early on by the indigenous peoples of North America, the Eskimos; either way, the indian people continued to use this ancient designation. In 1800, the United States twenty-fifth president William McKinley had christened it thus.

    The are area of Mount McKinley possessed an erratic high-mountain wind with the flora and wildlife typical of that of the North Pole. For the most part, the entire region was permanently covered in snow. Between the mountains, there was an constant, unbroken fog. The fog was white and pervaded the air so that it would curl around one’s fingers, leaving the scenery outside several hundred meters unseeable.

    Although Mount McKinley’s height wasn’t that tall, it was place where the land above the sea level was extremely high, which lead to an extremely thin atmosphere. Once you reached the higher latitudes of the Arctic Circle, the climate became especially freezing. During winter, the coldest it would get was fifty degrees below zero. The topography of the mountain was arduous, becoming hard for mountain climbers to face this all-encompassing screen. For all of these reasons, the success rate for climbing Mount McKinley was barely fifty percent. Already, more than a hundred men had met their fates in the billowing snows of the mountain. In the winter of 1984, a world-famous explorer, Japan’s Naomi Uemura, had perished climbing the mountain, becoming Mount McKinley’s forty-fourth victim in history.

    In the vast whiteness of the snowy land, the color of the sky had begun to darken as early as three o’clock in the afternoon. Without even the passing of an hour, night would come. At that moment, a young man walked unhurriedly . After he walked for several minutes, the young man used his hand to feel the downward blowing of the wind, planning to to look for a wind gap to dig an ice trench to pass the night.

    Yet just as he prepared to lie down to sleep, he suddenly felt a sense of danger, causing him to subconsciously quickly hide his body. Raising his head to look, a lightning-like silhouette jumped down from the tree and looked down on the youth.

    “Take out all the food that you have or else I’ll kill you.” The person that came down from the tree was a woman, wearing a black corset. Her age was around seventeen years old and possibly due to an extended period without sustenance, her situation was unsightly. He face seemed to be sickly and malnourished; weak and feeble.

    “Hmph, come over here yourself and take it.” How could the youth handover his food to this girl? It must be known he didn’t have much food. At most it was enough for a single day.

    “King of Hearts, I urge you to hand over your food to me. Don’t you know that right now, Silverfeather isn’t alive anymore? I can slay you with ease.” The young woman looked at the youth man’s bulging satchel and menacingly said.

    “Hmph, Meng Die, you think you’re my opponent now? If you want some food, that’s ok. I can give you some, it’s only……”

    “I can cooperate with you.” The young lady said without a degree of difficulty, directly interrupting the young man speaking.

    “You cooperate with me? Cooperate over what?” Upon hearing of cooperating, the young man was puzzled.

    “My strength is greater than yours. Moreover, right now Silverfeather isn’t at your side, so your situation is quite perilous. We’ll cooperate. You give me food, I can protect you.” The young woman looked at the youth and continued to speak.

    The young woman had not eaten anything for several days. Her body was already so weak she couldn’t even stand. Right now, everything was less beneficial than that of a single ration. Needless to say that although her strength in comparison to young man’s was greater, the present her that had not eaten anything for long period of time was extremely weak. If she wanted to rely on her strength to rob the youth of his food, it was obviously not realistic. Therefore, the young woman and the young man spoke of conditions.

    After the young man listened to the girl’s words, he then narrowed his eyes and thought: “But if I give you my food, won’t you just kill me? I’ll say it again. The food is only enough to hold on for a single day. If I give it to you, we won’t be able to survive later.

    “You think I’m the type of person to burn the bridge after I cross it? Furthermore, I’ve already stayed here for five days. I know the surrounding vicinity has wolves that frequent about here. You and I can can go kill them together.” The young lady watched the young man and deadpanned.

    The young man looked at the remnants of his own food that wouldn’t last a day and once again looked at his surroundings. He only saw the vast stretch of whiteness, unable to completely see the end. He looked at the young woman in front of him again and said: “OK, Meng Die. I believe you’re not the type of person to repay benevolence with hatred. I shall cooperate with you this once.

    “Thank you, King of Hearts.” Seeing that the young lady had achieved her wish in coming out, she spoke emotionally.

    “We’re only cooperating. Benefitting off each other, that’s all. You have no need to thank me. Urgh, take it and eat!” The young man passed over a bloody piece of meat over to the girl.

    The young woman didn’t inspect the meat for poison or know what type of meat it was, but she directly received it from the young man’s hand and then took great bites of it. It must be known, she hadn’t eaten anything for many days.

    After the young girl finished eating, she wiped her mouth and lifted her head to look at the youth in front of her.

    After the young man saw that the girl was finished eating, he then said: “Since I’ve already given you the food, I want you to cooperate with me, so take out your end.” The youth said and fished out a piece of a hard ration, dangling in front of the young woman.

    The young woman suddenly revealed a charming smile completely unsuited to her age. Her watery eyes emitted a strong womanly enchantment.

    “Four stupid men have already believed they could eat me up, but they were all killed by me instead. Compared to them you’re weak, yet you’re slightly like them……”

    “What do you think I want to do?”

    The young woman looked at the ration in the youth’s hand and using a matchless enticing sultry tone said: “You too are a man. You and them are the same. You want women. You want to release your feelings……”

    In the youth’s eyes there were several peculiarities. He went silent for a while, “You also know, you’re not the only woman around.”

    “Not bad” The young woman revealed a wisp of self-proudness from the corner of her mouth, “However, you’re quite clear about. Among them, I am the best looking one.”

    After the young lady finished speaking, she maneuvered to begin to gracefully take off her skintight short-sleeve shirt, gradually from her delicate, supple waist, revealing her fair-skinned, captivating flesh……

    The young lady had evidently received specialized training. Each of her movements were extremely seductive. It would be hard for any man to imagine that these were the movements of sixteen or seventeen-year-old girl.

    As a young girl’s body was in a stage of development, she was completely exposed before the youth in that moment. Within the young man’s eyes, there was finally no longer any tranquility. A flame was set ablaze.

    I want to live, and you also want to live. As someone asking for help, I’ll use my body in exchange for your assistance.” The young woman stood in front of the young man, solemnly asking: “King of Hearts, do you dare to want me?”

    “Hmph, I said I would cooperate with you one time……” The young man said, then pounced towards her like a leopard, taking the young woman’s unresisting body onto the ground……

    After the howling winds and torrential rains had subsides, two people resumed their serenity.

    The young man drew the young lady to him and watched the stars in the sky.

    “You said we’re able to leave here, right?” The young woman looked towards the starry sky.

    “We can, we definitely can, believe in us.” The young man looked around in all the surrounding directions of the whiteness of the snowy land and consoled the young woman.

    “Can you explain why we have to be murderers? Why can’t we live an ordinary life?”

    “Because this is the plan of the heavens. We have no choice!”

    “In fact, if we could always look at the stars in the sky together like this, it would be pretty good. I like this feeling.” The young lady suddenly said excitedly.

    “Yeah, it’s not that I don’t want it to always be like this, but from birth, our lives have already been determined. Within our eyes there can only be unceasing slaughter, massacre, and destruction……”

  • Chapter 8: Making Breakfast

    Early in the morning, the sky shone indistinctly and large waves of mist wafted through the air. The distant sky was yellow with faint accents of red, appearing somewhat like the smear of an oil color.

    However, one side was still sky blue, equal to the beauty of a sapphire. It appeared to be the scenery of an ascending immortal.

    Yan Tian lazily opened his eyes and looked at the time. It was 5:10. Turning his head towards the window, the sky was as peaceful as the face of a mirror, as if it could illuminate the entire earth. From time to time, birds flew across the sky in graceful arcs.

    “Meng’er, where are you? Are you well? I really miss you.” Yan Tian looked outside the window and said in a daze.

    Yan Tian took out the company suit that was prepared for him yesterday and looked it over. He then took out the pure white shirt and put it on, “The size is just right. From today onwards, I’ll be a bodyguard.” Yan Tian looked at the clothes on his body and was quite satisfied.

    Yan Tian had barely used a minute to complete what other people would waste tens of minutes on to such the extent that it would take several tens of minutes for them to finish washing up. He then looked at the time.

    Discovering it was still early, Yan Tian thought of the beautiful Sun Yue, reckoning she was still sleeping, snoring sound asleep. Thinking of this, Yan Tian then walked into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for himself. Needless to say, his culinary talent was pretty good.

    It was just that when he opened the refrigerator to take a look within, there was nothing left inside to eat. Sun Yue hadn’t gone out to buy more food to eat before Yan Tian had left, since she did not feel like it. The food that Sun Yue had prepared yesterday was nothing more than just a bit of sustenance. How many days had passed without there being anything to eat in the refrigerator? There were only about four or five bottles of ice-cold beer.

    “Looks like I’ll have to go out and buy some things, otherwise, what’s gonna happen if that pretty girl gets hungry?” Yan Tian looked at Sun Yue’s room door and said to himself aloud.

    At daybreak, there was no one out on the street. In the far distance you could only see the early errand-running grandpas and grannies. At this time, many young people were still snoring in their sleep.

    Yan Tian prepared to go the local food market to buy some things. He knew that at this time the vegetables ordered at the market would be at their freshest. Thinking of this, he soon moved towards the food market.

    “Auntie, how much are are you selling these veggies for?” Yan Tian looked at the food market’s fresh produce and asked the auntie.

    “Young man, the young people of today are all pretty lazy, but it looks like you’re rather hard working. One catty is ¥2.20.” The auntie tidied up the vegetables while beaming at Yan Tian warmly.

    “I would be sleeping too if I didn’t have to go out and buy food. Could you pick the vegetables for me?” Yan Tian said somewhat embarrassingly.

    “Good. Not bad, young man.” The auntie still smiled towards Yan Tian and helped him choose vegetables.

    The auntie put the vegetables on the scale and weighed it, “Altogether it’s ¥2.30. Young man, gimme two and it’ll be OK.” The auntie said, then grabbed a bag and handed it over to Yan Tian.

    “Thank you, auntie, you can’t be so easy-going. I could’ve given you less.” Yan Tian said, then took out ¥2.50 and put it on top of the table. Not waiting for the auntie to speak, he then turned around and left.

    The auntie watched Yan Tian put the money on the table and laughed. Looking towards Yan Tian’s leaving silhouette, she said aloud: “If my daughter was still around, you would be great……”

    Yan Tian carried the vegetables in his hand and strolled around the other market stalls, buying some vegetables and millet, then returning home.

    After he came home, Yan Tian then softly walked to the kitchen, preparing to make a sumptuous breakfast.

    Twenty minutes later, Yan Tian cooked his breakfast, using plate to set his delicious food on the dining table.

    “Oh, when did you get up? You even made breakfast?” Sun Yue happened to come out of her bedroom with her eyes bleary, looking at the delicious food on the table. Doubt was clear across her face.

    “I did. I woke up early. Quickly wash up and eat. I called you to taste my work.” Yan Tian looked at Sun Yue in the doorway quite pleased with himself.

    “Oh!” Sun Yue said, then went to wash up.

    Yan Tian walked into the kitchen and took out two bowls to hold his simmering congee to serve on the table.

    With everything prepared, as soon as Sun Yue came out they could eat. Yan Tian patiently looked at the scenery outside the window while waiting for Sun Yue.

    However, after Yan Tian had waited for ten minutes, he couldn’t wait anymore. It had to be known it only took him nothing more than several tens of seconds to wash up. Yan Tian thought to himself that women were really quite troublesome.

    “Hey, can you speed it up? I’m gonna starve to death soon.” Yan Tian looked at the fine food and rushed Sun Yue.

    “Alright, alright, I’m coming!” Sun Yue said, then walked over.

    “Big Sis, do you know how slowly you wash your face? Sixteen minutes!”

    “Oh my, this can be considered fast. A lot of people in comparison are still slower.” Sun Yue looked at the food Yan Tian made and licked her lips.

    “Alright, eat quickly, OK? It’ll get cold fast.” Yan Tian said, then ate great mouthfuls of food.

    “Looks like your demeanor is pretty good.” Sun Yue picked up her chopsticks as well and sampled a bit.

    “Huh, Yan Tian, I didn’t think your cooking skills would be so good. It’s delicious!” How could Sun Yue expect that this sloppy-looking Yan Tian could make such delicious food.

    “Hehe, how is it? I’ll tell you, this can’t be considered anything. I can make much more delicious food. Chicken, fish, duck; they’re are all child’s play. Have you eaten scorpion or centipede? My war buddies would fight over the fried scorpion and broth-steamed centipede I made in the past. They all said I could be the world’s top gourmet master!”

    “What? Scorpion? Centipede?” Once Sun Yue heard this, her hair immediately stiffened.

    “Ah, hiccup. I’ve eaten it before. Hehe, There was no food that time.” Yan Tian felt that he had frightened Sun Yue, laughing awkwardly.

    “Yan Tian, what did you do before?” Sun Yue was quite curious about what Yan Tian did before.

    “I, uhh, I don’t know. I was going around here and there, hehe!” Yan Tian naturally couldn’t foolishly say he was an assassin. Furthermore, he was a Grand Master assassin.

    “What did you say when your comrades had no food?” Sun Yue wasn’t dumb. Naturally, she didn’t believe what Yan Tian said.

    “Hiccup, for the past two years I served as a soldier. When I went for field training, there wasn’t enough food, so I had to pick up those things to survive.” Yan Tian was currently somewhat regretting what he had just said about scorpions and centipedes.

    “Eating centipedes and scorpions, how sickening……” Sun Yue looked at the congee in her bowl and was somewhat unable to continue drinking it.

    “Don’t talk, c’mon, there’s a lot of food. Look, you’re so thin.” Yan Tian knew that those things were not things people would eat, so he stopped talking.

    “Ok.” Sun Yue said, then lowered her head to drink the congee.

    Breakfast was finished in about dozen minutes, then as Yan Tian prepared to tidy up the tableware, Sun Yue suddenly thought of something: “Eh, Yan Tian, I suddenly thought of something.”

    Yan Tian sorted the tableware while curiously looking at Sun Yue: “What thing?”

    “Since you’re cooking skill is so good, I’ll leave it to you cook food later, alright!” Sun Yue said, then revealed an enchanting smile.

    “Oh?” As Yan Tian who was in the middle of collecting the tableware heard Sun Yue’s words, he suddenly stopped the movement of his hands and looked at Sun Yue in a daze.

    Yan Tian thought to himself, Is this the way of the world? In those days abroad, what kind of power and authority did I have? Unexpectedly, after he returned home, he had to be a bodyguard for someone else. Now he had to serve other people food every day? Was this an international joke?

    “How about it? Do you have questions? The food you make is really delicious.” sun Yue pouted pitifully and looked at Yan Tian prettily.

    Yan Tian looked at Sun Yue’s pitiful and lovely eyes and was immediately bereft of any bad temper: “Nope, of course there’s not problem. I quite willing to to serve such a beauty.” Yan Tian thought to himself, if I’m not going to hell, who is?

    “Mmm, how obedient. I’ll take away the tableware, OK!” Once Sun Yue heard Yan Tian answer, her mood was great. Her food problems later would finally be solved.

    Yan Tian would naturally not dim-wittedly scramble over Sun Yue scrubbing the bowl. If someone helped him scrub the bowl, then he would get what he was looking for.

    Yan Tian saw that it was still not yet seven, so he laid down on the sofa and watched some television. He waited until it was seven to put on his company-issued suit and looked in the mirror. The clothing size was a perfect fit.

    “I’m gonna go to work, so don’t miss me too much. Bye bye!” Yan Tian shouted to Sun Yue in the kitchen and prepared to leave.

    “Hey, hold up, wait a second.” Sun Yue heard that Yan Tian was gonna go work, then hurriedly ran out.

    “What’s up?”

    “Oh my, you’re quite ruggedly handsome in that suit.” Sun Yue looked at the clothes Yan Tian was wearing and said admiringly.

    “Hehe, don’t go crazy over this bro. I am but a mere legend.” Yan Tian heard Sun Yue’s praise that he was handsome and was immediately beside himself with pleasure, even striking a pose!

    “Cut it out, you’re quite narcissistic. Where are you going to work? When did you go find a job?” Watching Yan Tian actions of adopting a pose, she was rendered speechless.

    “The Liu Family Conglomerate. I found it just yesterday. How about that?” Yan Tian picked at his ear.

  • Chapter 9: The Beleaguered Liu Ruoxin

    “What? The Liu Family Conglomerate? You?” Sun Yue found it hard to believe, looking at Yan Tian.

    Yan Tian looked at Sun Yue’s surprised expression and was puzzled: “What about it? That’s a bad company? I thought it looked pretty good!”

    “Good? Of course, it’s good. It’s a global 500 company; how can it not be good? It’s just how did you get in?” Sun Yue was quite curious. It must be known that for the Liu Family Conglomerate, an average person simply wouldn’t be able to get to work for such a large-scale company, so how did Yan Tian get in?

    “Ah, what are you saying? Who says I can’t get in? There’s nothing I can’t do.” After Yan Tian heard Sun Yue, he was rather surprised, but immediately became displeased. In the past, he had felt it below himself to work for other people at some company.

    “Alright, OK. Before, I mistakenly took you for a good-for-nothing, loathsome ruffian.”

    “Pretty lady, let me tell you, you shouldn’t judge people by their appearances. It’s not right, it’s simply not right at all. How do I look like a gangster?” Yan Tian said and used his finger to point at himself.

    Sun Yue approvingly nodded her head: “You looked like one”

    “I…… forget about it, I’m gonna go to work.” Yan Tian suddenly didn’t know what to say.

    “Hehe, I’m just joking, I gotta go to work too. I’ll go the same way with you, together!” Sun Yue looked at Yan Tian’s helpless expression and felt it was quite amusing.

    ““Great, a beauty accompanying me is what I need.” Yan Tian said and once again displayed his roguish bearing.

    Several minutes later, Sun Yue swapped the clothes she was wearing, then left with Yan Tian. Yan Tian didn’t expect Sun Yue would also have a car. In the past he had spent no small amount of research on cars. For example, if any of those countless luxury cars ran into a problem, Yan Tian could repair it with his eyes closed. Therefore, Yan Tian could tell with a glance that Sun Yue’s car was a white BMW M5.

    In China, the asking price for it was about a ¥1,000,000. He didn’t think that Sun Yue would have the money. Anyone who could drive an over a million RMB car could be considered a wealthy and affluent character. Furthermore, Sun Yue’s BMW M5 looked like it was still rather new. She shouldn’t have bought it not too long ago.

    “Not bad, a BMW M5. Looks like you’ve really got some cash!” Yan Tian looked at the car before him and laughed.

    “It’s OK, my father gave it to me as a birthday present, that’s all.” Sun Yue said, then opened the car door and went in.

    “Yan Tian opened the car door as well and sat in the passenger side. Just as he entered the car, Yan Tian smelled a faint vanilla fragrance. This scent was the smell of Sun Yue’s perfume, the sweet smell of her body.

    As the car quickly moved towards the city center, Yan Tian noticed that Sun Yue had just learned to drive not too long ago. Her speed wasn’t fast at all, and her driving was rather cautious.

    Fifteen minutes later, the car arrived at the Liu Family Conglomerate’s building. Yan Tian opened the door and hopped out, looking at the skyscraper before him as he prepared to begin his bodyguarding life.

    Yan Tian entered the company, then got ready to ride the elevator to get to the top floor. However, at the entrance, Yan Tian distantly looked at the elevator door and saw the secretary from yesterday, Xiao Wang, standing there saying something. Behind her stood several tens of company employees. Furthermore they were in the midst of shouting with several maintenance workers. It was unknown what they were shouting over.

    “Secretary Wang, please believe us. We’ll definitely repair the inside in the shortest amount of time. We didn’t expect the elevator would suddenly break down.” As Yan Tian neared, he heard the head maintenance worker pleading to Secretary Xiao Wang.

    “Repair it in the shortest amount of time? Didn’t you guys know we had an important meeting today?” Secretary Xiao Wang simply didn’t want to listen to the maintenance worker’s promise. It was known that there was an important company conference today, so Secretary Xiao Wang was as anxious as a cat on a hot roof.

    “In concern to this affair, I feel extremely sorry, but we can’t do a thing. The elevator suddenly broke down, so we’ll work to repair it with everything we got. Still, I must ask miss secretary and every section chief to take the stairs this one time.” The maintenance man said quite apologetically.

    At the side, Yan Tian looked on and felt that something was off. Why did the elevator suddenly malfunction on today of all days when there was an important meeting? It must be known that if the elevator failed, then it would take a long time to climb the stairs. The highest-level offices of a company were conference rooms, which were all located at the very top two to three floors. The entire company had over thirty floors. If a normal person climbed the stairs, wouldn’t they be deathly tired?

    “We’ll walk, OK. We’ll climb the stairs, make haste.” Xiao Wang knew that it was a waste and there was no other way. She then took the lead and moved towards the stairs.

    Yan Tian naturally didn’t have any questions. There was no question that his inner bodily quality was so good that he could climb a hundred-floor skyscraper. It was just that if those employees did so, he reckoned they wouldn’t be able to climb it and would be paralyzed by the strain.

    At the same moment within the company conference room.

    “Chairman Liu, in the end, how should we handle the new clothing line that just hit the market?” A vice chief furrowed his brows and looked at Liu Ruoxin.

    Under the management of Liu Ruoxin, The Liu Family Conglomerate’s clothing department had hit the market with new clothing. The clothing design and style was widely welcomed by the masses, causing the Liu Family Conglomerate to push down their competitors in the clothing business by a head. Consequently, Liu Ruoxin had received the praise of her family.

    However, nothing good last forever. Yesterday night, multitudes of people complained that there was a major problem in the quality and craftsmanship of the new clothing model that just hit the market. Thus, Liu Ruoxin and the company’s high-level executives had worked through the night to manage this affair.

    Liu Ruoxin was quite clear on the matter. There was no way that a problem could exist within the quality and craftsmanship of the factory-finished clothing. It was enormously more like that it was the sly maneuvers of a competitor. Since Liu Ruoxin had become the chairman of the clothing company, the Liu Family Conglomerate had directly pressured the other competitors ruthlessly. The clothing that entered the market this time, and moreover Liu Ruoxin, were given a serious bomb by the other clothing houses.

    However, currently in the span of a night, many groups began to complain, causing Liu Ruoxin a headache. It must be known that if she was unable to handle this matter than her company’s achievements would go sliding sharply.

    Although the clothing company couldn’t be considered anything in the eyes’ of her family, this was Liu Ruoxin’s first business endeavour. If she failed, how could she meet her own grandfather? Afterwards, how would she be able to manage another family company? Additionally, if this affair was ill-handled, it would besmirch the name of the entire Liu Family Conglomerate. This was Liu Ruoxin’s greatest headache.

    “Chief Huang, what’s the situation over there at the factory? Do they know what the problem is?” Liu Ruoxin didn’t understand the vice president’s words, turning her head to look at Chief Huang who was in charge of the factory.

    “Chairman Liu, I had already called for people to inspect it that night. Inside the factory there really are large quantities of clothing that aren’t up to standard. Furthermore, it’s not exclusive to the goods that we just put on the market sometime ago. There are also many others.” Chief Huang held heavy dark bags beneath his eyes and answered.

    “How could it be like this? What’s the definite cause? In the end, is this our problem or the sly machinations of our competitors?”

    “This…… It looks like our own problem.” Chief Huang said bitterly. This was in the scope of his responsibility, but now, with such an affair, his state of mind was quite bad.

    “Our own problem? What are you saying? Are the standards we hold for product-ready goods not strict? How could a matter like this appear? Chief Huang, please tell me. When everything’s said and done, why is it like this?” Liu Ruoxin roared at Chief Huang.”

    “Yes, yes, of course, according to my inspection, I discovered several factories had skimmed on the production materials. Among them are three factory directors that I was already unable to contact. I suspect they took the company’s money and ran off……” Chief Huang promptly wiped his forehead and explained to Chief Wang.

    “How could it be? Why is it like this? And the financials department? How much money have I lost this time?

    “Chairman Liu, according to my calculations, the amount of money those three factory directors embezzled is approximately ¥6,000,000 to ¥7,000,000. Altogether, our current losses presently are at least ¥200,000,000. It’s possible that it will still continue to rise.” The chief of the financial department reported from the computer monitor.

    “What about the settlement plan? I don’t employ you lot to do nothing. You guys discussed it all night here; what did you talk about? I want a resolution proposal!” After Liu Ruoxin heard the amount of money that was lost, she angrily stood up and yelled at everyone.

    Hearing Liu Ruoxin yell at them, everyone lowered their heads, daring not to look at her. We don’t know how to handle this matter as well. After all, the event came too suddenly.

    “Chairman Liu, we’d like to hear of your plan.” A vice president thought before lifting his head and looking towards Liu Ruoxin.

    “Me? How am I supposed to know what to do? My head’s a mess right now.” Liu Ruoxin grabbed her hair and said.

    “Hmph, Chaiman Liu, I think as the company’s chairman, you should handle this affair yourself. If you can’t even manage this affair well, then how can you serve as the chairman?” A vice chairman suddenly sneered coldly at Liu Ruoxin.

    “Vice Chairman Zhang, what are you saying?” After Liu Ruoxin heard Vice President Zhang’s words, she looked at him in a daze.

  • Chapter 10: Vice Chairman Zhang’s Threat

    “I said, if you can’t handle this, you’re not suitable to be the chairman. Since you’re not up to the task, then I’ll take your place instead.” Vice Chairman Zhang took advantage of the situation to turn the tables on Liu Ruoxin.

    “Vice Chairman Zhang? It was you? You’re the spirit that did this?” Liu Ruoxin pointed her figure at Vice Chairman Zhang in shock.

    “Me? I didn’t do a thing. I’m only thinking of the current situation, nothing more.” Vice Chairman Zhang coldly looked at Liu Ruoxin and said.

    “Hehe, thinking of the current situation? What a good situation to think of! I know you’re this company’s original chairman. Since I wrested you of your position, you want to directly go against me?” Liu Ruoxin finally understood the reason.

    “How could it be? How could I be that type of person? With you as our chairman, our company’s achievements have risen considerably. How could I care about this?”

    “Then, what did you just say? Hmph, you think you can be the company chairman?” Liu Ruoxin looked at Vice Chairman Zhang and snorted coldly. It had to be known she possessed a fifty-five percent share of the company.

    “I’m thinking of the current situation right now. Right now the company faces a great problem. We need to swiftly take care of it. What do you guys think of it if I become the chairman?” Vice Chairman Zhang said, then looked over at the crowd to ask them to substitute him in as the chairman.

    “Hmph, Vice Chairman Zhang, at very best, you’re nothing but the company’s second greatest majority shareholder. You think you can force me out?”

    “Vice Chairman Zhang, I’ll cast a vote for you. Right now, our company is facing a serious problem. I think you’re the most suitable person to take care of it as well.” Just as Liu Ruoxin finished speaking, the financial department chief suddenly spoke.

    “What? Wei Jing, Chairman Liu trusts in you, how could you be like this?” After Chief Huang heard this, he promptly jumped out and said.

    “Hmph, right now the company is facing a problem, but I don’t see Chairman Liu doesn’t know what she should do? In any case, I’m supporting Vice Chairman Zhang. I believe in comparison to Chairman Liu, Vice Chairman Zhang is more suitable to manage this company.” The financial department chief Wei Jing said, turning his neck to look at Chief Huang.

    “You…… I shall continue to support Chairman Liu, hmph!” Presently, Chief Huang clearly demonstrated his own position.

    “Alright. We’ll take a vote right now. If you support me, stand by my side. If you support Chairman Liu, stand by her side.” At this moment, Vice Chairman Zhang smilingly said.

    After Vice Chairman Zhang finished speaking, a great majority of people then stood by his side. These were all people he had left behind in advance, so then Liu Ruoxin’s side would only have several people. Since all the people that supported her were currently working up a tremendous sweat climbing up the stairs, everything had been arranged by Vice Chairman Zhang in advance.

    Vice Chairman Zhang was already impatient to take Liu Ruoxin and toss her out. It must be known that for him to be the company chairman was to set up this situation. He deliberately took the quality of the clothing that had just hit the market didn’t let it meet standard. For today’s situation, he was going to pressure Liu Ruoxin to a dead-end. The elevator was of his crafting doings as well. By obstructing the people of Liu Ruoxin’s camp in the stairs below, he could legitimately become the chairman.

    “Good, Chairman Liu, our side holds forty-three percent of the shares, while your side only has thirty-five percent, so I think you should allow me to be the chairman, OK?” Vice Chairman Zhang looked at the people behind him and said in satisfaction.

    “What nonsense are you speaking? Quite a lot of people haven’t come yet right now. Wait for them to come and support Chairman Liu and it’ll definitely be greater than your side. We’ll wait for them then.” Chief Huang recalled that Xiao Wang and the others had yet to come.

    “Chief Huang, our company has such a large affair, but since they’ve still not come, it’s clear they don’t care about the company. Since they haven’t come, we won’t wait for them. It’s not time to wait for anyone. Moreover, even if they came, how can you guarantee they would support Chairman Liu?” Vice Chairman Zhang still looked at Chief Huang full of smiles and said.

    “Chairman Liu. How come Xiao Wang and the other haven’t come?” After he heard Vice Chairman Zhang’s words, Chief Huang urgently asked at Liu Ruoxin’s side.

    “Hmph, Vice Chairman Zhang, if I haven’t guessed wrong, the elevator malfunction was all thanks to you as well, right?” Liu Ruoxin didn’t take note of Chief Huang’s words, looking at Vice Chairman Zhang and said.

    Liu Ruoxin was not foolish. She knew the current plot was already premeditated by Vice Chairman Zhang a while ago. He had schemed everything early on, and now, that her people were below and unable to come up, he was able to legitimately wrest away the company’s administrative authority.

    “Elevator? The elevator broke down today this morning? I’ve been here all along. You slander me.”

    “I slander you? Hehe, we both know who’s done what and whose conscience is clear.” Liu Ruoxin looked at Vice Chairman Zhang with an expression of death rather than compromise and felt it was rather ridiculous.

    “Alright, Chairman Liu, don’t stall for time. Time waits for no man. If you drag this on, the company’s losses will be even greater, causing causing even greater losses. Will you bear the responsibility?

    “You want to be the chairman, right?” Liu Ruoxin asked.

    “It’s not that I do, but right now, I have no choice but to preside over the present situation.
    “And if I don’t agree?” Liu Ruoxin coldly looked at Vice Chairman Zhang.

    “Right, we don’t agree.”

    “I don’t agree as well. If we didn’t have Chairman Liu, then how could this company currently be so glorious?

    “We protest!”

    At this moment, the people that supported Chairman Liu all opposed Vice Chairman Zhang, yelling one after another.

    Vice Chairman Zhang suddenly clapped his hands: “Don’t agree? Those who agree must agree and those who don’t agree must agree!” Just as Vice Chairman Zhang finished speaking, outside the conference room, over a dozen security guards charged in.

    “What? Could it be you actually still want to fight us? This is our company.” Liu Ruoxin didn’t expect Vice Chairman Zhang would furthermore prepare this measure.

    “How about that, Chairman Liu? Have you considered it well? As I said, time waits for no man.” Vice Chairman Zhang watched Liu Ruoxin and said with all smiles.

    At this moment, Liu Ruoxin didn’t know what to do. It must be known that if she disagreed and didn’t hand over the chairman position to Vice Chairman Zhang, she and the people at her side would all be in danger. Who knew what Vice Chairman Zhang would do?

    But if Liu Ruoxin handed over the company like this, then she would be unwilling. For the company to have reached this step today was because she had invested a lot into it. Other women her age were all happy to play around, strolling on the street and buying clothes. They would all talk of love and so on, but Liu Ruoxin didn’t need this kind of unnecessary time.

    Liu Ruoxin put all of her time into her job. Her youth was wasted all on this company. The investment she had put into this company was immense. Now that she was being forced into handing over many years of her lifeblood, how could she be willing to part with it?

    “Stop dreaming. I won’t hand over the company to you.” After she thought for a moment, she grit her teeth and said.

    “Very well, don’t blame me. Take her.” Vice Chairman Zhang had earlier foreseen that Liu Ruoxin wouldn’t easily hand over the company, so he prepared the security guards behind him to take action.

    Liu Ruoxin looked on as the dozen plus security guards prepared to take action and resolved herself. Wasn’t this just a company? Let bygones be bygones. She couldn’t let other people be harmed because of her. Her mind was truly extremely flexible..

    However, just as Liu Ruoxin prepared to open her mouth, the conference room door suddenly opened. Only a man wearing a brand-new western-style suit could be seen standing at the door, looking towards everyone.

    “Yan Tian?” After Liu Ruoxin saw Yan Tian, she felt delight in her heart.

    She knew that Yan Tian’s skill was uncommon. Yesterday, when he was applying the job, he had fought against a hundred security forces without the slightest of injury. It could be seen that Yan Tian rather fierce. Moreover, Yan Tian was presently her bodyguard. As she thought of this, Liu Ruoxin flashed Yan Tian a faint smile. Right now, Yan Tian was her sole hope.

    “Ugh, umm…… don’t mind me. Hehe, you guys continue, continue on. I came to report to my boss, that’s all.” Yan Tian looked at the crowd of people who were all looking towards him, then laughed.

    Yan Tian walked before Liu Ruoxin slightly bowed: “Chairman Liu, good morning, hehe!”

    “Who are you? Get out, don’t you know this is the conference room? We are in the middle of discussing the company; right now we’re facing a serious problem. You need to get out of here right now.” At this moment, Vice Chairman Zhang assumed the bearing of a vice chairman and said.

    Once Yan Tian heard that someone wanted to make him leave, he then turned his head towards Vice Chairman Zhang and said: “Who are you? Why should I listen to you? I’ll say it again. I’m an employee of this company, so why do you want me to leave?

    “You…… you’re new, right? Unexpectedly, you don’t recognize me? I’m the company’s Vice Chairman Zhang Linzhi, no, effective immediately, I am the Chairman. I want you to leave right now.” Vice Chairman Zhang looked at Yan Tian and continued to speak.

    “Oh, so it was Vice Chairman Zhang. I failed to offer my respects.” Yan Tian continued to smile and giggle, looking at Vice Chairman Zhang. He had no intentions to leave at all.


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  • Chapter 11: Liu Ruoxin’s Bodyguard

    It must be known that in the company, Yan Tian was no ordinary office worker. Any vice president or chief didn’t have the right to order him around. He only listened to the command of Liu Ruoxin.

    “Hmph, leave quickly. This isn’t your matter.” Vice Chairman Zhang saw that Yan Tian had no intention to leave and once again reiterated his statement.

    “Why should I listen to you? Chairman Liu didn’t issue any order, so how could I leave.” Yan Tian spoke, then looked towards Liu Ruoxin.

    In fact, Yan Tian wouldn’t leave anyway. Before when he was at the door, he had already roughly grasped the sequence of events thoroughly.

    The Liu Family Conglomerate clothing company had originally allowed Vice Chairman Zhang to serve as the chairman, but he didn’t think that halfway through he would be attacked by Liu Ruoxin. As a result, Liu Ruoxin had replaced his position. From the beginning, Vice Chairman Zhang had wanted to return to the position of chairman. Soon afterwards, he laid hands on the company’s new clothing that hit the market.

    Taking advantage of this opportunity, he wanted to seize the company. Since he feared that the amount of people who would retaliate would be many, Vice Chairman Zhang had previously left the people who supported him in position. Furthermore, so that Liu Ruoxin’s people would be unable to arrive timely, Vice Chairman Zhang had caused the elevator to malfunction, causing Liu Ruoxin’s people to be slowly unable to rush, yet Yan Tian had climbed several tens of stairs.

    “Oh, Yan Tian, you don’t need to leave, just stay right there.” At this moment, Liu Ruoxin naturally wouldn’t let the life-saving rice straw Yan Tian slip away.

    “Alright, I hear Chairman Liu. I won’t leave.” At this time, Yan Tian naturally wouldn’t leave.

    When Vice Chairman Zhang saw that Yan Tian wouldn’t listen to his words, he immediately revealed an angry face. Looking at the security guards at his side, he said: “Throw him out out for me. Actually, it won’t be OK if you waste him. If something bad happens,it’ll be on me.

    After the group of security guards understood the command, each one of them rushed forward, preparing to take this seemingly limp-wristed kid in front of them and throw him out.

    After Liu Ruoxin watched the security forces storm forth, an uneasy expression covered her entire face. Although she knew Yan Tian’s abilities were remarkable, and could could contest against a hundred as a single man, ultimately, she had not seen Yan Tian’s capabilities, so concern was currently written across her face.

    However, as Liu Ruoxin thought about it once more, perhaps right now was the time to test Yan Tian. It was important to know, she had requested a bodyguard that wasn’t a waste-of-space. If he was unable to protect her, then how could he be worthy of his reward?

    At the side, Yan Tian didn’t think of it too much. He naturally wouldn’t care too much about these people. In his eyes, he thought that fighting against the security forces would only be a minor scuffle. Yan Tian even thought that this was a lost of his dignity.

    But granted that he didn’t pay much attention, he was going to fight. If other people came rushing, then what could be done? You could only face it head on. He could take the opportunity to show off in front of the beautiful chairman. If the chairman was happy, maybe she would also give him more wages.

    As Yan Tian thought of this, his perception was raised to the max. Noticing the first security guard was clenching his fist to smash him, Yan Tian faintly moved his body to the side, then easily dodged the security guard’s fist. As the security guard had yet to react, Yan Tian suddenly gripped the security guard’s shoulder, and using his strength, threw him over the shoulder.

    After the first security guard hit the ground, the other security guards looked at each other and charged towards Yan Tian together. For daring to hit a one of their people at the company, they were going to put Yan Tian in the hospital.

    Yet imagination was beautiful, but reality was cruel. All that could be seen when they approached Yan Tian was that they were thrown on the ground by him with a single hand. In a span of a dozen seconds, during the state where the security guards had still not yet reacted, Yan Tian had subdued them.

    Yan Tian didn’t think of this as big matter. Furthermore, he hadn’t caused any serious injuries to the security guards. At most, they would need to rest for one or two days, and they would be good as new.

    “Y-y-you, you go so far as to dare to hit the company’s security guards. What department are you from? I’m going to fire you.” Vice Chairman Zhang didn’t think that the people he had brought were unable to withstand a single blow. Even if a normal company officer worker wouldn’t be able to take care of it.

    In reality, it wasn’t that the people he brought couldn’t endure a single strike. It must be known that a single one of these security guards could fight two or three normal people, yet Yan Tian was too fearsome. Even if they trained for ten more years, it was estimated they couldn’t even approach Yan Tian.

    “Hmph, Vice Chairman Zhang. I forgot to tell you, Yan Tian is my bodyguard. You don’t have any authority to order him.” Liu Ruoxin immediately regained her wits from her shocked state once she heard Vice Chairman Zhang.

    “Hmph, what about it? In the end, you haven’t considered it?” Vice Chairman Zhang couldn’t control Yan Tian and continued to ask Liu Ruoxin.

    “Nevertheless, I have to say, handing over the company to you is an impossibility!”

    If Yan Tian had not come, Liu Ruoxin would’ve handed over the company to Vice Chairman Zhang for the safety of the company employees, but now that Yan Tian had come, she had enough confidence to speak out.

    “You…… I have more people who support me here, so the minority should submit to the majority. What are you going to say?”

    “So what? Wait for the other people to come and say it again, alright!” Liu Ruoxin looked at the time and said.

    “Liu Ruoxin, you……” Vice Chairman Zhang pointed his finger at Liu Ruoxin but was unable to speak.

    Originally. Vice Chairman Zhang had used force to expel Liu Ruoxin, but right now halfway through his attack, Yan Tian had wrecked his entire plan. Therefore, Vice Chairman Zhang had lost this time. His eyes viciously glared at Yan Tian, wanting to ruthlessly retaliate against him.

    Yan Tian was a born assassin, so his perception was particularly strong. As Vice Chairman Zhang looked at him, he knew. It was just that he didn’t care about him at all.

    Yan Tian thought to himself, if Vice Chairman Zhang still had the intention of attacking him, he didn’t mind sending him off to the king of hell.

    Liu Ruoxin narrowed her eyes and looked at Vice Chairman Zhang. After she looked at Yan Tian again, she then picked up  the information portfolio and looked at it. Since the company had met such an affair, it gave her an awful headache.

    Vice Chairman Zhang saw that Liu Ruoxin wasn’t looking at him, he shook his head, sat down, and flipped the computer on. Looking at his rather grave face, whether or not he was earnestly working was unknown.

    It wasn’t long until Xiao Wang and the rest of the high-level executives came in, gasping for breath with their sweat drenched backs. They walked in while grumbling over why the elevator had suddenly malfunctioned.

    When had these white-collar company men ever climbed such a high stairwell? So once they entered, each of them offered their greetings to Liu Ruoxin and leaned themselves against the table. It seemed like they had all just run a marathon.

    After several minutes passed, everyone began to deal with the company’s matter. Finally, the people who supported Liu Ruoxin were much much more in comparison to the people who supported Vice Chairman Zhang. When some of the people who had supported Vice Chairman Zhang before saw that he no longer held any superiority, their attitudes immediately did a 180 degree turn. While they had previously supported Vice Chairman Zhang, each and every one of them boot licked Liu Ruoxin.

    Ultimately, whether or not Liu Ruoxin would fire these people was a matter unknown to Yan Tian.

    Until noon, everyone sorted out a plan; however this time the company’s losses weren’t small.  Vice Chairman Zhang then took the initiative to resign. It was unknown where he would crawl off to.

    Liu Ruoxin looked at the time. It was time to eat, so she looked at everyone and said: “Yan Tian come with me. Everyone else eat lunch and wrap it up.” Liu Ruoxin finished speaking then sorted the materials and got up.

    “Yes, Chairman Liu!” Although Yan Tian had earlier stood here impatiently, right now he could only let other people do the work and be like this. Otherwise, if he had no wages, who would he go looking for to argue with?

    Liu Ruoxin carried her purse in hand, then walked towards the elevator. The elevator had already went through morning repairs and could be used normally. Following Liu Ruoxin, Yan Tian arrived at the underground parking garage.

    Liu Ruoxin walked over to the side of a red Porsche and pulled the car door. Looking at Yan Tian, she said: “Yan Tian, do you have a driver’s license?”

    “I do, of course I do.” Before, Yan Tian had encountered quite a few luxury vehicles. How could he not have a driver’s license? What a joke.

    “Good. Come drive the car.” Liu Ruoxin said, then sat down in the rear of the car.

    “Ok, Chairman Liu.” Yan Tian naturally didn’t question it. After he finished speaking, he got into driver’s seat.

    “Go to the Far Magnificence restaurant.” Liu Ruoxin commanded Yan Tian.

    Yan Tian didn’t know where the Far Magnificence restaurant was. He had but just come home half a month ago. He was simply not familiar with map of China, however, he felt embarrassed to ask Liu Ruoxin where the Far Magnificence restaurant was. Fortunately, the car had GPS navigation. After Yan Tian looked at his position, he then moved the car ahead.

    In about several minutes, the car stopped at the gate of the Far Magnificence restaurant. Not even waiting for Yan Tian to leave the car. A gate attendant ran to the side and opened the rear car door to let Liu Ruoxin out.

    The Far Magnificence restaurant was a five-star luxury restaurant. After Yan Tian took the key and gave it to the gate attendant, he followed Liu Ruoxin in.

    The Far Magnificence restaurant’s design mainly relied on golden hues. A thick mediterranean feeling filled the air and moreover there were many ornamental pieces from around the world: French bronze, Italian music fountain, bedroom products of the international standard, and additionally, an extravagant winding corridor adorned with gold leaf. From the interior to the exterior, the imposingly style of an imperial house wasn’t lacking in any manifestation.

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    Chapter 12: Liu Ruoxin’s Story

    “Salutations, Chairman Liu!” Just as they entered the restaurant someone greeted Liu Ruoxin. Liu Ruoxin nodded her head in return.

    “This restaurant is an estate under the banner of our company.” Liu Ruoxin looked behind and explained to Yan Tian who was looking all around.

    “Oh, so it’s like this. It’s just Chairman Liu brought me here for……?” Yan Tian wasn’t puzzled that the Far Magnificence restaurant was an estate of the Liu Family Conglomerate.

    Liu Ruoxin thought about it and said: “Uh…… I wanted to ask you to eat, let’s go!” Liu Ruoxin finished speaking then, moved towards the interior.

    “Oh, thank you, Chairman Liu!” Yan Tian heard this and was happy. This was the first day he worked, and a beautiful woman already asked him out to eat.

    “Oh my, Chairman Liu, you’ve come, but didn’t send a notification in advance. Allow us to prepare well.” After the restaurant manager knew that Liu Ruoxin had come, he didn’t dare to neglect her in the slightest and personally greeting her.

    “I’ve just come to eat, nothing more. There’s nothing to be fussed over.” Liu Ruoxin was slightly speechless. Today, she had only brought Yan Tian but to eat a meal, yet the way the restaurant manager was doing things appeared as if a great leader had come.

    In fact, to the Far Magnificence restaurant’s manager, Liu Ruoxin could be said to be exactly a great leader, so the restaurant manager personally escorted Liu Ruoxin and Yan Tian into an exquisite private room. He personally served as their waiter.

    “Bring me a french-style filet steak, medium-well.” Liu Ruoxin looked at the menu, then ordered a French steak.

    Yan Tian thought about it and ordered a Japanese dish.

    “Good, Chairman Liu. It’ll be ready at once.” After the restaurant manager finished speaking, he withdrew.

    Liu Ruoxin sat at the table side looking out the window. It seemed like she was thinking of something on her mind. Yan Tian didn’t bother her, turning his head to look at the beautiful scenery outside the window.

    “I must thank you today.” After a good amount of time had passed, Liu Ruoxin suddenly looked towards Yan Tian and said.

    “Huh? Thanks over what?” Yan Tian was puzzled. Why had the perfect Liu Ruoxin suddenly thank him?”

    Liu Ruoxin didn’t immediately answer Yan Tian, looking out the window thinking, she then said: “Yan Tian, don’t you know? This company is very important to me.”

    “Huh? Oh!” Yan Tian was bewildered. What was the immaculate Liu Ruoxin telling him?

    “This is the company my grandfather founded in his earlier days. Currently it’s over fifty years old. He’s old and has three sons and one daughter. In the wake of my grandfather’s day-to-day declining health, my youngest uncle and eldest uncle want to inherit this company.”

    Liu Ruoxin took the coffee that was on the table, sipped it, and continued talking: “My youngest uncle and eldest uncle both have sons, so the odds of them inheriting the company is extremely high. My father only had me, a daughter. From childhood, my father had listened to my eldest uncle’s words, and ordinarily, had yielded to my youngest uncle. He had never competed over anything with them.

    “Even over the matter of succession of the company, my father had never vied for it. He said as for whoever gets the company, it’ll be the same. We’re all one family, one person.”

    “However, my eldest uncle and youngest uncle both felt that it is highly likely that my father would be the company inheritor because his conduct is upstanding, and he has a mind for business. My grandfather viewed my father as the best. To obtain the company, my eldest uncle and youngest uncle didn't hesitate at any cost to harm my father.” Liu Ruoxin said and wiped the tears at the corner of her eyes.

    “For this company, they caused a bloodbath between brothers. Originally, I wasn’t aware of this, but my aunt told me. Since I was child, my aunt has cherished me the most, so she told me the truth of the matter.”

    “Grandfather’s health is already falling day-to-day. Right now, my aunt is taking care of my him. My aunt fears that my eldest uncle and youngest uncle will poison my grandfather, so my aunt has brought him to live with her. For grandfather’s health, my aunt and I have not told him that my father could be killed by them. We’re afraid grandfather wouldn’t be able to go against them.”

    So I thought to myself, since my youngest uncle and eldest uncle can be so heartless as to harm my father for the company’s right of inheritance, I naturally couldn’t let them easily obtain the company. Therefore, I myself have come to manage the company. I’m going to do better than them and let my grandfather see my achievements.”

    “If grandfather sees that I’m more outstanding than eldest uncle and youngest uncle, grandfather will naturally put the company in my hands. Thus, this company is very important to me. Right now, this clothing company is my initial step.

    “So today, I thank you. If it weren’t for you, I would have loss the company today.” At this moment, Liu Ruoxin turned her head to look at Yan Tian and said.

    Yan Tian didn’t expect Liu Ruoxin would have such a story. He didn’t think that this seemingly young girl had shouldered such a heavy responsibility.

    Yet she was quite dangerous. In the case of Liu Ruoxin saying that her youngest uncle and eldest uncle were both precisely people without reservation towards their own family numbers for the family estate. If Liu Ruoxin displayed she was quite outstanding, that would be rather dangerous.

    At this moment, two waiters served them their food. It seemed like the restaurant manager’s treatment of Liu Ruoxin was quite good.

    “Bon appétit.”

    “Thank you!” Liu Ruoxin politely said.

    Yan Tian looked at the food on table and his mouth watered. Not even waiting for Liu Ruoxin to speak, he began gobbling down food.

    “I didn’t think you would have such a story. In fact, there’s no need for you to thank me. Since you hired me and give me cash, it can be considered as something I should do.” Yan Tian ate while talking.”

    “To be frank, I still want to thank you.” Liu Ruoxin gracefully ate her steak while talking.

    “Hehe, don’t mention it. If Chairman Liu increases my wages a bit, then it’ll be OK.” Yan Tian laughed.

    “Why do you care about money so much?” Liu Ruoxin asked.

    As Liu Ruoxin asked Yan Tian, he didn’t know how to respond. If he said he didn’t care about money, then the food he was eating would become a problem. If he said he lacked money, as of now, he didn’t know how much money he have. However, he could guarantee that the amount of money he had in total could put him on the Forbes world ranking.

    “What are you saying? I don’t know as well. Regardless if I lack it or not, if you have money and don’t take it, isn’t that silly? Haha!” Yan Tian once again chuckled.

    “What you say is true. It is precisely because of money that in this world there is a divide between the rich and poor. It is because of money that in this world there is war and struggle.” Liu Ruoxin looked outside the window and said.

    Money, it wasn’t capable of buying happiness, yet this was a principle everyone knew. Although this was absolutely correct, the poor and the alike couldn’t exchange happiness. Some people had a lot of money, yet were still anguished and couldn’t obtain happiness.

    On the contrary, others only had a little money, but pass through life happily. It’s because they understand the greatest maximum pleasure is in what they possess.

    “Hiccup, umm, Chairman Liu…… I’m not full. Could I order a second portion?” Yan Tian rubbed his stomach and embarrassingly scratched his head.

    “Certainly……” Liu Ruoxin looked at Yan Tian quite speechlessly.

    After lunch ended and Yan Tian finished eating, he drove Liu Ruoxin’s red Porsche and brought her back to the company.

    Since Liu Ruoxin had not slept over night, right now she was already hard-pressed. After Yan Tian brought her back to the office, she laid down on the table and slept. Yan Tian watching Liu Ruoxin sleep at her office desk like this felt somewhat sorry for her. How old was she? She shouldered such a heavy responsibility.

    As he thought of this, Yan Tian took his suit jacket and covered it over Liu Ruoxin’s body. He quietly tiptoed away and left the office room, gently opening the door.

    Yan Tian walked down stairs and took two puffs of a cigarette. Looking at the sun-scorched street outside, he didn’t know what was going on. He had come to serve as Liu Ruoxin’s bodyguard, but currently she was sleeping, so he just an idle body.

    Yan Tian thought that he should plan to buy a cell phone soon. Since he had returned, for over half a month he didn’t have a cell phone. This was because in the past wasn’t accustomed to using cell phones.

    It must be known that Yan Tian was an assassin before. If he used a cell phone, it would be quite easy to trace him, so Yan Tian had previously basically never used a cell phone, except for special situations.

    Yan Tian felt his pocket and pulled out several tens of RMB. He reckoned that even with tens of RMB, he wouldn’t be able to buy an old cell phone. Yan Tian looked at the couple tens of cell phone money he had and smiled wryly. He thought to himself whether or not after Liu Ruoxin had woken up if he should ask for his wages in advance?

    However, once Yan Tian thought about how Liu Ruoxin’s company had lost a considerable amount of money last night. Presently, he estimated the company urgently needed capital. Thinking of this, Yan Tian soon dispelled the thought of looking for Liu Ruoxin to get an advance on his wages.

    Yan Tian thought perhaps he could look for the gorgeous Sun Yue to borrow some money to buy a cell phone? Sun Yue drove a BMW M5, she should not have a lacking amount of money. Hmm, if it was like this, he would look for her tonight to loan some money.


  • Chapter 13: Sharp Edge

    “Catch that thief!” Just as Yan Tian was getting ready to head back into the company, he suddenly heard a voice.

    His gaze followed a somewhat-aged old man chasing after a young guy running. The old man ran and shouted to catch the thief, but the young man ran quite quickly. It could be seen that within his hand he held a black briefcase and ran at lightning speed.

    But at this time, there still weren’t many people on the main street. Currently, a majority of people were taking their lunch break, and the remaining people on the street didn’t want to cause trouble, so they didn’t help the old man stop the young guy.

    “Hmph, I’ll go. Daring to rob an old man in broad daylight?” Yan Tian finished talking, then chased after.

    Yan Tian’s speed was quick. In a short moment, Yan Tian overtook the young man. Yan Tian immediately stuck out his foot and tripped the young guy to the ground.

    “You dare to stop me? Do you know who I am?” After the young guy was felled to the ground by Yan Tian, he looked at Yan Tian furiously.

    “I don’t care who you are, but in front of I, your papa, you robbed another person’s belongings, moreover an old man’s? Of course I couldn’t watch with folded arms.” Yan Tian used his foot to step on the young guy’s back and said.

    A short moment later, the old man caught up. Picking up his bag, and looking at the items inside, he suddenly let loose a breath of air.

    “Young man, thank you. If it weren’t for you, this old man wouldn’t know what to do.” The old man looked at Yan Tian and gave him his thanks.

    From head to toe, the old man was rather stringy. His wizen appearance resembled that of an osprey. Yet his tanned, dried face and short grizzled beard were especially lively. His deep set eyes were particularly bright and contained seldom-seen sharpness.

    “Hehe, no need to thank me. I was on the road and upon seeing such injustice, I took the opportunity to help, nothing more.” Yan Tian simply spoke the truth.

    “Oh, pretty good, young man, hahaha.” The old man looked at Yan Tian and laughed.

    The old man was thinking to himself as he looked at the item inside the pouch. Looking at Yan Tian and the guy underneath his foot again, he shook his head. With his hand, he took out a small box from the pouch. It was unknown what was inside.

    “Ah, I’ll give it to you, OK? Take it and go back to give it to him. I know you guys really want it, however, I can only give you guys this much. If you guys still don’t know what’s good for you, don’t blame me for being impolite.” The old man handed over the box in his hand over to the young guy.

    “I shall pass it on to the head, farewell!”

    The young guy finished speaking, then prepared to leave; however, how could Yan Tian let him go? If must be known that he was a thief. He should hand him over to the police.

    “It’s OK, young man. Let him go, alright? There are some things you don’t know.” The old man looked at Yan Tian who hadn’t released the young guy and said.

    “Alright, I’ll let him leave!” If both parties involved said to let go, then Yan Tian naturally wouldn’t dim-wittedly bring the man over to the the police station. If he had brought him to the police station, he reckoned there would be a big mess of trouble anyway.

    After the young guy got up, he turned to look at the old man and once again look at the black briefcase. He then fled away at a mind-numbing speed.

    “Young man, I thank you today. If there’s an opportunity later, we shall meet again.” The old man looked at Yan Tian and thanked him.

    “Oh my, don’t thank me. Your thanks is still better than the greatest benefit of money.” Once the old man thanked Yan Tian again, he blushed. He had done nothing more than catch a thief.

    “Hehe, young man. Don’t tell me you’re not curious about the things inside this bag?” The old man suddenly looked at Yan Tian and asked.

    “Not at all. Something I should know, I’ll naturally know about it. Something I shouldn’t know, but do know will on the contrary be of no good.” Yan Tian watched the old man and said.

    “Hehe, good, good! What a good young fellow. What’s your name?” After the old man heard Yan Tian’s words, he suddenly laughed.

    “Yan Tian.”

    “Hmm, I’ll remember you. If we are brought together by fate, we shall naturally meet again. I shall take my leave.”

    As soon as the old man finished speaking, he hitched a taxi and left. Yan Tian didn’t know who the old man was and he didn’t ask. He had no interest in asking as well.

    After looking at the time, Yan Tian then turned around and returned to the company. The company had just discovered a massive affair, so currently all the company employees were all quite bustling. Of course, Yan Tian was the exception.

    Yan Tian walked into the elevator and rode it to the chairman’s office. Opening the doors to the office, he spotted Liu Ruoxin who was still sound asleep, sprawled on her desk. From the corner of her mouth, a little saliva leaked; it was unknown what she was dreaming about eating that was so delicious.

    Yan Tian didn’t have anything to do, so he leaned forward on the desk and looked blankly at Liu Ruoxin. Liu Ruoxin was quite pretty. Looking at Liu Ruoxin, her beauty was deeply captivating.

    Meanwhile, in Fengan City’s five-star Far Magnificence restaurant within a luxurious private room. In fact, this was the room that Yan Tian and Liu Ruoxin had gone to during lunch.

    Vice Chairman Zhang was currently alone drowning his sorrows in booze. He didn’t go to the karaoke bar because he was currently thinking of only laying his mind to rest with his lonesome self.

    He was irreconcilable. He was undoubtedly the chairman of the Liu Family Conglomerate’s clothing company, but why did Liu Ruoxin have to suddenly appear? He was so close to regaining his position as chairman, but Yan Tian had cut him off halfway? Of course he was unwilling!

    “Yan Tian, Yan Tian, Yan Tian. At the pivotal moment you spoiled my grand plan.” Vice Chairman Zhang said, then took the cup of alcohol and smashed it on the ground.

    Vice Chairman Zhang angrily took the table and flipped over all the things onto the ground. Picking up the table, he threw it again. Taking big gulps of alcohol, his expensive white shirt had been stained by alcohol long ago.

    Suddenly Vice Chairman Zhang suddenly seemed to think of something. He immediately righted the table and took out his laptop and put it on the table, taking out his cell phone and quickly searched for a website and entered his password.

    The only that could be seen upon entering was the image of a sharp blade. It appeared to be the symbol of an organization. Vice Chairman Zhang looked at it and suddenly laughed.

    “Hehehe, Yan Tian, oh, Yan Tian. Since you’ve ruined my big plan, I’ll let you pay in blood. Hehehe, I hope you don’t have an easy time and wish to stop living.” Vice Chairman Zhang looked at his computer screen and laughed uproariously.

    After he finished speaking, Vice Chairman Zhang then released an announcement on the website. When he was done announcing the information, he then jumped to a payment page. Vice Chairman Zhang thought the payment was 5,000,000 USD, so when converted to RMB, it would be 34,000,000 RMB.

    Vice Chairman Zhang had hired a hit man. Sharp Edge was currently the world’s biggest assassination organization, furthermore, their reputation was sterling. As long as you went through this website and issued an assignment, and so long as someone accepted the assignment, the Sharp Edge would guarantee the mission would be completed. Granted that the no one could complete the mission, they would compensate the client with twenty percent of the commission.

    Sharp Edge’s influence covered the entire globe. Their killers had no definite quantity and it was possible one of their killers could be a middle school teacher. They could be a white collar company worker or a government worker. Perhaps even a roadside beggar.  

    Sharp Edge’s assassins could be divided into A-rank assassins, B-rank assassins, C-rank assassins, and D-rank assassins. Among the A-rank assassins, they could all be already considered Grandmaster assassins. Since there weren’t that many A-rank assassins, A-rank assassins could accept an assignment and get at least a ten million USD commission as they pleased.

    Yan Tian was an A-rank assassin in Sharp Edge. It was rumored that above A-rank assassin there was the S-rank assassin. However, S-rank assassins were all legendary existences. Yan Tian hadn’t seen an S-rank assassin, but he felt that his master should’ve been an S-rank assassin. His master had never mentioned it, but he just knew that his master could waste him in a second. Therefore, Yan Tian believed his master was at least an S-rank assassin.

    After Vice Chairman Zhang posted the assignment, several tens of seconds later, Hua Nanhu, a B-rank assassin, had accepted Vice Chairman Zhang’s assignment.

    It must be known that Vice Chairman Zhang had put down his hard-earned savings formed from his sweat and blood this time. To gain revenge on Yan Tian, he had spent five million USD to request a B-rank assassin to come and assassinate Yan Tian.

    “Hahahaha, Yan Tian. If I want you dead, haha, you will die, hahaha!” Vice Chairman Zhang seemed to have already seen Yan Tian’s corpse as he burst into joyful laughter.

    “Ring Ring Ring” At this moment, a telephone ringing caused Yan Tian to immediately regain his wits as he was in the midst of staring at Liu Ruoxin.

    Liu Ruoxin had woken up as well. Just as her eyes saw Yan Tian leaning forwards staring at her, she immediately glared at Yan Tian, then wiped her mouth free of saliva and answered the phone.

    “Hello, Liu Family Conglomerate clothing corporation’s Liu Ruoxin.” Liu Ruoxin answered the phone, then gave her standard, common address.

    “It’s for you.” A short moment later, Liu Ruoxin rolled her eyes and handed the phone over to Yan Tian.

    “For me?” Yan Tian was curious. Who had found him? Furthermore, this person had called Liu Ruoxin’s office, yet he himself didn’t know what Liu Ruoxin’s private phone number was.


  • Good stuff these types of stories can be fun and you have done an excellent job, from what I can see on this end, of translating this book. I don't speak/read any chinese so I can't speak to your accuracy but you (or your editor) deserve some praise. There weren't any glaring typographical or grammatical errors that I noticed. 
  • Sir_Nigel said:
    Good stuff these types of stories can be fun and you have done an excellent job, from what I can see on this end, of translating this book. I don't speak/read any chinese so I can't speak to your accuracy but you (or your editor) deserve some praise. There weren't any glaring typographical or grammatical errors that I noticed. 
    Hey thanks, man. comments like these are what push me get more chapters out. Not gonna lie Chinese can be really confusing some times, and I'm just trying to smooth the experience over. Usually takes me a solid 20-30 min editing just prepping for the english reader experience after translation. 

    As for accuracy, it's hard to do a solid 1:1 one to one, so I do embellish a little sometimes so it sounds better in english.
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    Chapter 14: Are You Sure It’s Not A S-rank Assassin?

    “Hello, who is this?” Curiously, Yan Tian answered the telephone.

    The only thing that could be heard on the telephone was a woman with a standard London accent speaking english: “King of Hearts, who have you offended?”

    After Yan Tian heard this voice, he suddenly glanced at Liu Ruoxin at the side. It was merely that Liu Ruoxin appeared not to have heard this, furthermore, looking at Yan Tian looking at her, she said: “Hurry up, don’t you know it’s time to work?” She finished talking, then took the initiative to walk out.

    “What are you doing? How did you get this telephone number? “ Yan asked puzzledly in english.

    Don’t worry about how I called you. Have you recently offended anyone or not?” The woman asked.

    “Nope, what’s up?” Yan Tian thought of no one. After he had returned home, he had maintained a low profile and hadn’t offended anyone.

    “You really haven’t? Someone just spent 5,000,000 USD to hire a B-rank assassin to kill you. Be careful.” The woman said quite worriedly.

    “What? Hehe, someone hired a B-rank assassin to assassinate me?” Are you sure it really wasn’t a S-rank assassin?” Yan Tian laughed like he had just heard an enormous joke.

    “I’m not joking with you. You don’t believe our intelligence?

    “Alright, I probably know who it is. Don’t worry, ok? It’s not a problem. A B-rank assassin can come to die.” Yan Tian said, his voice full of confidence.

    “Oh, Yan Tian. Since you’ve come home have you missed me?” After the woman heard Yan Tian say it wouldn’t be an issue, she questioned him.

    “Stop, hold up, stop, the boss is coming. I’ll hang up first, bye bye!” Yan Tian didn’t answer the woman and hung up.

    Yan Tian thought to himself that he had recently offended Huang Le, and today, Vice Chairman Zhang. Therefore, among these two, one of them had definitely hired the assassin. His enemies in the past wouldn’t idiotically hire a B-rank assassin to kill him.

    Meanwhile at this time in London, a girl sat at the side of a computer holding a cell phone. She angrily cursed in her london accent in english: “Damned Yan Tian, stinking Yan Tian, you dare to hang up the phone on me! If something happens later, don’t look to me, hmph!” After she finished cursing, the girl took the cell phone she was holding and threw it on top of a bed.

    Yan Tian didn’t really pay all that much attention to a B-rank assassin coming to kill him. Although a B-rank assassin could be considered a high-leveled assassin, letting a B-rank assassin assassinate a tiny office worker was like using a racehorse on a merry-go-round.

    However, in Yan Tians eyes, a B-rank assassin was too weak. It simply wasn’t worth looking at. It must be known, that even an A-rank assassin wouldn’t be able to easily wound Yan Tian.

    Yan Tian merely didn’t know who wanted him dead. Although Yan Tian had already held suspicions towards someone, he was unsure. Yan Tian thought to himself as soon as he knew who it was that wanted to kill him, he would definitely come and take revenge.

    This was the style Yan Tian used to handle his affairs. In general, he didn’t provoke anyone, but if someone provoked him, Yan Tian would definitely come for vengeance. Since childhood, Yan Tian wasn’t someone who would suffer a loss.

    After Yan Tian thought about it, he started to work. He felt that his work was ridiculously easy, such that if he wandered about aimlessly behind Liu Ruoxin’s back it would be OK. Of course, this was only what Yan Tian was thinking.

    As Yan Tian passed the day of “hard” work, the time to get off work had finally come. Just as Yan Tian was enthusiastically preparing to leave work, Liu Ruoxin suddenly called out to him: “Where are you going?”

    “Chairman Liu, I’m going home!” Yan Tian explained.

    “What? Leave work? If you leave work what am I going to do?”

    Upon hearing this, Yan Tian was displeased: “You should get off work too. I still want to go home and eat.” Yan Tian immediately replied.

    “I hired you as my bodyguard. If I don’t get off work, how can you get off work? After I get off work, you need to bring me home as well. After that, I need you to take me to the company at six in the morning. Furthermore, as my bodyguard, there’s no vacation. If you ask for leave even once, I’ll deduct a week’s worth of wages.” Liu Ruoxin recalled that since Yan Tian had taken advantage of her in the afternoon by staring at her while she was sleeping, so she was angry.

    “Ah…… If you want me to serve as your bodyguard and chauffeur, it’s not ok, not at all. I want more money. Before we agreed upon 200,000 RMB to only be your bodyguard.”

    As soon as he heard this, Yan Tian was dissatisfied. He had to bring Liu Ruoxin home as well? And bring her back to the company at six in the morning? But most importantly, he had to serve as her driver? Yan Tian didn’t know what to to do. Although he liked beautiful woman, he wouldn’t suffer financial loss just because the other party was a beauty. Thus, Yan Tian was going to demand for more wages with a thick face.

    “Ok, I’ll give you 500,000 RMB per month. Good enough?” Liu Ruoxin saw Yan Tian’s unwilling expression to take a loss and wanted to smile.

    In fact, Yan Tian needed not to speak for Liu Ruoxin to increase his salary. Not even counting her recognition of Yan Tian’s extraordinary skill, Yan Tian had helped her retain the company today. Giving Yan Tian several hundred thousand more wages wasn’t that much. Moreover, Yan Tian was also serving as her driver.

    “Oh, that’s pretty good. I’m gonna go eat. What do you want to want eat? I’ll bring something back for you.” Yan Tian looked at Liu Ruoxin and saw she had not eaten anything at all in her office, so he asked her want she wanted to eat. He would conveniently bring something back.

    “Bring me back anything. Something light is good.” Liu Ruoxin looked at the document on the table and said.

    After Yan Tian agreed, he then optimistically went to the employee cafeteria to eat. The company cafeteria was located on the fourth floor, so to get to the cafeteria he had to take the the elevator.

    Just as he entered the cafeteria, Yan Tian smelled the scent of all kind of gourmet delicacies. Yan Tian sighed in admiration; these large corporations were really quite different. The cafeteria was of such a high-grade, and there needed nothing to be said about the surrounding facilities

    The only thing seen within the cafeteria were neatly arranged tables and chairs. It was merely right now that it was seemingly empty. Currently, it was time to get off work so, the company employees had all gone home. Naturally, not many people were willing to stay behind at the company and eat the employee meals.

    In any case, the company cafeteria was divided into two regions. One region was where the majority of ordinary workers dined in. There were ordinary tables and chairs in their dining area. Yet in the other region, it appeared to be slightly more luxurious. This area was where a majority of the company’s high-level executives dined in. The surroundings in comparison to the ordinary workers’ dining area was much more tidy.

    Yan Tian looked all around him and went to a quick meal window to order food. Needless to say, the company’s cafeteria meals were quite exquisite. Two meats, one vegetarian, and one soup. Furthermore, it looked like there were all kinds of colors and flavors. It didn’t lose out to a mid-grade restaurant outside in even the tiniest bit.

    Yan Tian quickly ate the food, then wrapped up a portion and rushed back. Running while humming a tune, he encountered the rolling eyes of some company workers in his path.

    “Chairman Liu, eat quickly, OK? This is the light food you wanted.” Upon returning to the office, Yan Tian took out the food and passed it over to Liu Ruoxin, waiting for her to open her mouth and begin eating.


    Liu Ruoxin seriously looked at the document on her table, responding, but not saying another word. Her face held not the faintest of traces that she wanted to eat.

    Several minutes later, Liu Ruoxin glanced at the food Yan Tian had brought and immediately set down the document in her hand, saying: “Where did you get that food?”

    “The cafeteria, what’s the matter?” Yan Tian looked at Liu Ruoxin’s rather strange expression. If he wasn’t supposed to go to the cafeteria to get it, then where was he supposed to go? The bathroom?

    “Don’t you know for the food I eat there’s a specialist chef? Liu Ruoxin said to Yan Tian.

    “Oh! Chairman Liu, I didn’t know. How about I go get you another a platter?” After he finished speaking, Yan Tian thought to himself that Liu Ruoxin was quite good. Even for the food she ate there was a personal chef.

    Once Liu Ruoxin heard Yan Tian’s words, she shook her head, gently laughing: “Forget about it. In fact, I’m not all that picky about what I eat.

    Liu Ruoxin ate rather slowly, carefully chewing and swallowing. She ate while reading the document as Yan Tian was forced to stand respectfully as her side without anything to do. His first day of work didn’t appear to bit unwelcoming.

    Yan Tian accompanied Liu Ruoxin in overtime until a bit past eight o’clock, then he and Liu Ruoxin entered the elevator to the parking garage. Looking at Liu Ruoxin’s red Porsche, he was very happy, thinking to himself that he could finally leave work and go home.

    Yan Tian’s sixth sense was especially strong, so as Yan Tian and Liu Ruoxin sat down in the red Porsche and prepared to leave, Yan Tian discovered there was someone in the parking garage paying attention to him. Yan Tian could roughly guess who it was, but he didn’t turn his head. Acting as if he didn’t see anything, he started the car and left the parking garage.

    As the red Porsche left the parking garage, within an unassuming corner in the parking garage, a black commercial Buick also started up.

    After he drove for several minutes, Yan Tian looked through the car mirror and saw a black commercial Buick trailing them in the distance. Yan thought it over, then turned the car steering wheel towards a desolate location and drove.

    “Hey, this isn’t the road; quickly go back.” Liu Ruoxin had swiftly discovered Yan Tian was going on the wrong road.

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    Chapter 15: Killing Hua Nanhu

    Yan Tian didn’t heed Liu Ruoxin’s words, instead turning his head to look at the car in the back and seriously saying: “Chairman Liu, in a moment, no matter whatever happens, you can’t say a thing.”

    “You…… You, what do you mean?” Liu Ruoxin was rather bewildered.

    “There’s an interloper.” Yan Tian said and parked the car in an area without people, then hopped out of the car.

    “What?” Liu Ruoxin watched Yan Tian stop the car, then get out.

    Just as Liu Ruoxin finished speaking, the black Buick stopped not too far away as well. From the inside of the car, a man wearing black night clothes came out of the car.

    “Mr. Yan, hello. I’ll introduce myself first. I’m Hua Nanhu. Today, I’ve been entrusted by someone to take your life.” The man said with a rough voice, emitting a murderous spirit from a distance.

    Upon seeing the man, Liu Ruoxin stumbled back several steps. She felt a sensation. A sensation that made her back run cold. She felt that the man before her eyes was very terrifying.

    “Big brother, who are you? You and I hold no grievance, nor hatred!” Yan Tian took on a frightened appearance.

    “Hehe, indeed, we hold no animosity, however you offended someone who you shouldn’t have offended, so that person has hired me to claim your life. Ah, yes, that person wanted me to tell you that you should have never ever served as a bodyguard for the Liu Family Conglomerate.”

    “Vice Chairman Zhang? Why did he do this?” Once Liu Ruoxin heard Hua Nanhu speaking, she guessed it was Vice Chairman Zhang.

    The exchange of words had rather startled Yan Tian. Other people were unclear about Sharp Edge, but he clearly understood. To ensure the safety of the employer, Sharp Edge provided anonymity to the mission issuer. When the assassin accepted the mission, they wouldn’t know who they were handling the work for.

    “Hehehe, the beauty is truly intelligent. I admire that.” Hua Nanhu laughed heartily.

    “According to what I know, when you guys accept the mission, you can’t contact the employer, right?” Yan Tian asked uncertainly.

    “How do you know that? After Hua Nanhu heard Yan Tian’s words, his eyes widened greatly.

    “Not only do I know you’re not supposed to contact the employer, I also know if you privately keep it away from the organization that you and the employer met, your organization will punish you.” Yan Tian smiled coldly at the man.

    “Who on earth are you?” After Hua Nanhu heard Yan Tian’s words, his face was etched with dread.

    It was unknown from where had he taken it out from, but Yan Tian held a playing card: “Who I am isn’t important. What’s important is that you shouldn’t have accepted this request.”

    As soon as Yan Tian finished speaking, he flicked his wrist and the playing card flew towards Hua Nanhu.

    However, Hua Nanhu was a B-rank assassin. His reaction rate was abnormally fast. His head leaned to the side and dodged Yan Tian’s playing card. Turning his head, he looked at playing card, which had pierced into the Buick behind him.

    Once Hua Nanhu got a look at the playing card he was terrified. It wasn’t because the playing card had flew into the car that made him feel fear, but because of the suit and count of the playing card he caught a glimpse of.

    Upon merely seeing the seemingly ordinary suit and count of the playing card that flew into the car was the king of hearts, normal people would say it was quite ordinary. However, In Hua Nanhu’s eyes, the playing card was akin to a death sentence.

    The king of hearts. Others probably wouldn’t know, but to international mercenaries, assassins, narcotics traffickers, or perhaps secret government organizations, they all knew it well.

    When assassins went in for the kill, they always acted carefully and cautiously. After they finished their assassination and left the scene of incident, they would destroy all evidence. Perhaps they would produce a traffic accident or engineer an unexpected mishap that would make the police unable to find any single trace.

    Yet every time the King of Hearts went out on a mission, after he finished his assassination, he would always leave behind a king of hearts at the scene of the crime. Furthermore, no one had ever seen the King of Hearts’ true appearance. Of course, besides Yan Tian and the people close to him.

    The King of Hearts had never made a miscalculation. As long as he stared down his prey, he would never let them escape. Thus, in the entire mercenary world and assassination circles, the King of Hearts would cause people to tremble in fear.

    It was only natural that after the King of Hearts finished his assassination that he would leave behind a king of hearts so that many people would know. After some people would complete their assassinations, they would leave behind a king of hearts to implicate the King of Hearts. However, these people would mysteriously vanish. No one knew where they had gone.

    Two years ago, an A-rank Grand Master assassin didn't believe such information, so after he completed his assassination, he left behind a playing card to shift the blame to the King of Hearts. However, two days later, someone discovered a that person’s corpse in Genshi forest. His throat and heart were separated with a glass flying needle inserted into them. A playing card had been stuck in his forehead, and it had been the king of hearts.

    From that point onwards, no one dared to shift the blame onto the King of Hearts again. Since the King of Hearts was too secretive, once many people heard the name of the King of Hearts, their backs would grow cold.

    “You…… you are King of……”

    Hua Nanhu spoke, but was unable to finish. A flying needle flicked by Yan Tian flew into his forehead.

    Yan Tian impassively looked at Hua Nanhu who laid on the ground with his eyes wide open. Thinking back that it was Vice Chairman Zhang that wanted his life, Yan Tian’s murderous desire rose.

    Originally, Yan Tian didn’t know who had wanted to kill him and could only make conjectures. But now, he knew who it was. Given Yan Tian’s nature, it was inevitable that he wouldn’t let Vice Chairman Zhang off.

    While Yan Tian thought of how he planned to settle his dispute with Vice Chairman Zhang as soon as he could, the most important matter currently was still escorting Liu Ruoxin home first.

    “Alright, Chairman Liu, get into the car!” Yan Tian thought to himself, then turned to the terrified Liu Ruoxin and said.

    A moment later, Liu Ruoxin slowly regained her wits and looked at Yan Tian, saying in a dazed: “Yan Tian…… Y-you killed a man……”

    “If I didn’t kill him, then he wouldv’e killed me, so I was left with no choice.” Yan Tian said quite gravely.

    “That…… Won’t you get in trouble? If you kill someone, you’ll go to jail.” Liu Ruoxin said worriedly.

    Yan Tian gazed at Liu Ruoxin’s worried face, then once again looked at the playing card on the black Buick: “Be at ease, there won’t be an issue.”

    “Really? You won’t go hiding abroad?”

    “Hehe, If I say nothing is going to happen, then nothing is going to happen. Don’t worry about it. It's just that I hope you can keep this a secret.

    “Sigh, if you can laugh about it, then it looks like you have it under control. Don’t worry, I won’t speak of it to anyone.” Liu Ruoxin looked at Yan Tian reassured face and it set her heart at ease.

    It was merely that Liu Ruoxin was now rather curious about Yan Tian. What had he done before? Why was the last twenty years of information completely blank? It shouldn’t be that he was some sort of secret government character, right?

    Yan Tian speedily brought Liu Ruoxin home. She lived in a small villa decorated in european style with two levels. The ground was covered in marble floor bed, and the upper level was covered with delicate materials. In the living room a gorgeous crystal lantern hung suspended, and there was an exquisite french tapestry hanging on the wall. The whole style was luxurious, abundant, and beautiful, teeming with a strong rustic style.

    Yan Tian looked at the decorations within Liu Ruoxin’s home and suddenly felt a warm, homely feeling rise from the bottom of his heart.

    “Why are you standing there foolishly? Come in quickly!” Liu Ruoxin looked at Liu Ruoxin dumbly standing at the entrance and yelled.

    “Hehe, nice, such a big house just for yourself?

    Yan Tian discovered that surprisingly there were no servants. In this day and age, what family villa didn't have a single servant?

    “Yesterday, Auntie Sun had something going on at home, so she went back for two days. Tomorrow, she’ll come back.”

    “Oh, so it was like this!” After Yan Tian heard Liu Ruoxin, he nodded his head.

    Liu Ruoxin stepped out of her shoes, then gave Yan Tian who was sitting down on the sofa a stirred cup of coffee.

    “Here, drink up.”

    Yan Tian looked at the cup of coffee before him and said: “Chairman Liu, why is it seems you enjoy learning about western housekeeping?

    “Hmm? Why do you say this?”

    “Your office is styled in a mediterranean fashion and the Far Magnificence restaurant is also mixed with european style. Inside your home, there’s also a rustic european style. Right now, you’ve given me coffee as well.” Yan Tian explained himself.

    “Oh my, you know an awful lot.” Liu Ruoxin was truly becoming more and more curious of Yan Tian. He really knew a lot.

    Yan Tian smiled and took a sip of the coffee. He closed his eyes and slowly savored it.

    After a moment, Yan Tian opened his eyes, looked at the coffee in his hands, and slowly said: “This coffee has a strong fragrance and an intense bitterness. On the surface of the coffee, there’s a light layer of coffee oil. Hmm, if I haven’t guess wrongly, this should be Italian coffee. Right, Chairman Liu?”

    “You’re pretty good. You can taste it.” Liu Ruoxin looked at Yan Tian in surprise.

  • Chapter 16: Beauty Gives A Cell Phone

    “Hehe, it’s nothing much, nothing at all.” Yan Tian promptly laughed and waved his hand.

    “Sure, I enjoy european styles because I grew up in Europe. Thus, I’ve become accustomed to them!” Liu Ruoxin watched Yan Tian’s expression and rolled her eyes.

    “Ah, so it was like this.”

    “And you? How do you know these are european items? Liu Ruoxin curiously asked.

    “Same as you. As a child, I grew up in Europe.” Yan Tian shrugged his shoulders and said.

    After about ten minutes in Liu Ruoxin’s home, Yan Tian drove away. After Yan Tian agreed he was going to serve as Liu Ruoxin’s bodyguard and driver, Liu Ruoxin’s Porsche had currently been loaned to Yan Tian for his use.

    Just as Yan Tian drove through the area where he had killed Hua Nanhu, he saw there was already a police cordon. It looked like that the area was being treated as case.

    Yan Tian didn’t really care. Right now, he was only thinking of finding where Vice Chairman Zhang was. Fengan City was large. In any case, he couldn’t dawdle and search under each carpet.

    “How about I call up that London girl? Her agency’s forces should be able to find him pretty quickly.” Yan Tian thought to himself.

    Mulling it over, Yan Tian dismissed the thought. If he asked for their help for such a trifling matter such as finding someone, would they not laugh at him to death?

    After thinking about it for half the day, Yan Tian still hadn’t come up with any ideas. He was forced to drive back home and take the matter of looking for Vice Chairman Zhang slowly. He would first find Sun Yue to lend him some cash to buy a cell phone. This was currently his main goal.

    Just as he arrived at the house door, he saw that there was a light on inside. Yan Tian thought, it’s done, she agreed to cook. Yet right now, it was already past nine o’clock. He didn’t know if the beautiful Sun Yue had eaten.

    “Heehee, I’m home. Did you miss me?” Yan Tian entered the door and yelled happily.

    However, no one replied to Yan Tian. Thinking to himself, she shouldn’t have gone to sleep, right?

    Sure enough, as soon as Yan Tian changed out of his shoes and headed towards the living room, he saw the television on, playing a historical drama. Tilting his head, he saw Sun Yue surprisingly sleeping on the sofa.

    Yan Tian looked at her for a moment, then lightly tip-toed to turn off the television. Scared that he would startle the sleeping Sun Yue, he then took out a blanket from his bedroom and carefully covered it over her.

    Despite Yan Tian’s soft movement, he still woke up Sun Yue who was lying down on the sofa.

    Sun Yue blearily opened her eyes and saw Yan Tian watching her attentively. He had revealed a wretched smile, causing Sun Yue to suddenly become clear headed.

    “What are you doing, you…… What are you doing?” Sun Yue immediately hugged her chest and said.

    Once Yan Tian heard Sun Yue’s words, his originally gleeful expression suddenly stilled. It seemed that in his good intentions to give the girl a blanket, she had mistakenly thought he was going to act immorally towards her? Although he was a little lecherous, he was by by all means not so obscene.

    “Hello, pretty girl. What do you mean by your words? Even clutching your chest?”

    “Ah, I…… You what are you doing here looking at me? Your hand……” Sun Yue bashfully lowered her head.

    As soon as Yan Tian heard her, he immediately stopped. Without the blanket, his hand that was holding half of the blanket seemed to give her a misunderstanding. Indeed, he was a man of honor.

    “Beauty, I’m helping you by putting a blanket on. Just as I was halfway through putting it on you, you woke up. You’ve wrongly accused me.” Yan Tian promptly acted as if he had suffered a cruel injustice.  

    In reality, this couldn’t be blamed on Sun Yue’s misunderstanding. It could've happened to anyone. If you woke up and saw a man watching you with his hand holding the blanket covering your body, who wouldn’t think something was strange? At the crux of it, didn’t Yan Tian also show a wretched smiling expression? This made it hard for Sun Yue think she had misunderstood.

    However, Sun Yue carefully thought it over. It was was true that she had fallen asleep watching television and didn’t have a blanket. But due to Yan Tian’s lascivious expression, she skeptically asked: “So it was like this?”

    “Indeed, it was like that. If you don’t believe me, I’ll have no other choice but to be a true scoundrel.” Yan Tian said, preparing to take the task.

    Yan Tian had never been one to take a loss. If Sun Yue unequivocally believed him to be a ruffian, then Yan Tian would act as a true scoundrel at once. In any case, you couldn’t let other people accuse you for nothing, right?

    “Don’t, I believe you.” Sun Yue saw that Yan Tian was ready to make a move and immediately replied.

    “That’s good too.”

    Sun Yue saw that Yan Tian had retracted his hand, so she lowered her guard. Looking at the time she asked: “Yan Tian, when did you come back?”

    “I just came in and saw you watching television and sleeping. I was scared you would be cold, so I prepared a blanket for you. Who knew that you would misunderstand.” Yan Tian said, then flipped on the television.

    “Why did you get off work so late? You worked over time on your first day?”

    Yan Tian thought about it and said grievously: “Yup. On the first day of work, they made me work over time. Poor me!”

    “It’s OK, it’s OK. You don’t have to do overtime.” Sun Yue looked at Yan Tian’s expression rather speechlessly.

    “Hehe! Oh yeah, did you eat anything yet?” Yan Tian recalled that Sun Yue had slept on the sofa and asked.

    “I ate. No thanks to you. If I counted on you, wouldn’t I have starved to death?” Sun Yue rolled her eyes and said.


    Yan Tian laughed and no longer said anything. He sat down on the sofa with Sun Yue and watched the historical drama.

    “I’ll go to sleep first. Go to bed early too, OK!” Several minutes later, Sun Yue yawned and said.

    Just as Sun Yue was getting ready to enter her bedroom, Yan Tian suddenly said: “hiccup, uhh…… pretty girl, can I talk to you about something?”

    “About what?” After Sun Yue heard Yan Tian, she turned her head and asked.

    “Ehh, could you…… could you lend me some cash to buy a cell phone? As it is, I don’t have any money at hand, hehe!” Yan Tian scratched his head embarrassingly.

    “Ah alright, I just so happen to have a cell phone I was using for two days. I’ll hand it to you.” Sun Yue spoke and turned to enter her bedroom.

    “Great!” Once Yan Tian heard Sun Yue, he instantly spoke emotionally.

    How awesome was that? A personal cell phone free of charge? And a beautiful woman had used it? Think about it, his emotions fluttered.

    “Yawn, I’ll give it to you. Tomorrow I’ll go get a SIM card. I’m gonna sleep.” A short moment later, Sun Yue took out a case and held it in her hand.

    Yan Tian took the cell phone case and took a look it over. His eyes instantly glimmered, believing that such a cell phone was already quite good. However, he didn't expect that the cell phone he would get would be the latest model to hit the market. In China, this cell phone could be bought for 5,000 to 6,000 RMB. Likewise, it seemed to still be very new, the battery charger hadn’t even been torn open.

    “This phone is too big. When I hold it, it’s inconvenient, so I’m going to exchange it for a smaller one.” Sun Yue looked at Yan Tian’s glowing expression, then then entered her bedroom and locked the door.

    “Hehe, I got to save my phone money.” Yan Tian finished speaking, then hugged the cell phone and happily returned to his bedroom.

    After Yan Tian returned to his bedroom. He efficiently stripped himself of his clothes and grabbed a pair of underpants to take a hot path. As soon as he was done, he laid down on his bed sound asleep.

    The next day, as the first light dawned, Yan Tian opened his eyes. He lazily got up and stretched. It had long become habit for him to swiftly wash himself. Afterwards, he entered the kitchen and made the same tasty meal he had yesterday.

    Since he had to pick up Liu Ruoxin to take her to work early in the morning, Yan Tian finished eating dinner and packed Liu Ruoxin’s portion in a pot, so that when the time came for her to eat it, it wouldn't become cold.

    After he had finished doing everything, Yan Tian left behind a slip of paper for Sun Yue. He put on his suit, grabbed the phone Sun Yue had given him yesterday, and started the car.

    Yan Tian saw that the time was still early, so he went looking for a mobile retailer to get a SIM card. About a dozen minutes later, Yan Tian arrived outside Liu Ruoxin’s villa door.

    “Ding Dong, Ding Dong.”

    Since Auntie Sun currently wasn’t here, Liu Ruoxin who was in the middle of eating breakfast heard the doorbell, she scampered to open the door when she heard it. After she saw it was Yan Tian, she opened the door at ease.

    “Hmm, you’ve come rather early. Come in.” Liu Ruoxin said quite satisfiedly and nodded her head.

    “Hehe, I didn’t think Chairman Liu was an early riser as well. My old maid is still snoring away.” Yan Tian said, then sat down on the sofa.

    Once Liu Ruoxin Heard Yan Tian, she was quite confused. Who was his wife? Could it be that Yan Tian had already married? However, Yan Tian didn’t look like someone who was married.

    “Who is your wife? You’re married? I don’t see it!”

    Liu Ruoxin had thought Yan Tian grew up abroad, so she was relieved. Abroad, there were many places that married early when compared domestically.

    “Nope, it’s a tenant. A renter that I live with.” Once Yan Tian heard Liu Ruoxin, he promptly explained.

    “Your rental apartment? I have a lot of space here. How about you move in? It would be more convenient.” Liu Ruoxin suggested, since she heard Yan Tian was renting an apartment.

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  • Chapter 17: Driving the Porsche Freely

    When he heard Liu Ruoxin, Yan Tian’s emotions surged. Living with the beautiful chairman? However, once he thought it over, there was also the beauty in his rental apartment that he kept company. If he moved into Liu Ruoxin’s villa, wouldn’t he have the feeling of being a gigolo kept by Liu Ruoxin? It wouldn't do, it simply wouldn't do. If his brothers in the past knew that he lived in a woman’s home, wouldn’t they mock him to death?

    “Hehe, thanks for your good intentions, Chairman Liu, but I think my current dwelling is pretty good. If I suddenly moved into this house, I would feel a tad uncomfortable.” Yan Tian thought it over and refused.

    “Hmm, OK. I’m done eating, let’s go.” Liu Ruoxin finished eating and wiped her mouth.

    “Very well, Chairman Liu.”

    After they finished speaking, Yan Tian and Liu Ruoxin left the house, got into the red Porsche, and drove ahead. In about a dozen minutes, the carried in the company’s underground parking garage.

    Since Liu Ruoxin began work so early, there weren't many people in the company. It seemed especially lonesome.

    Liu Ruoxin entered her office and immediately sat down at her office desk to process a great quantity of documents without a bit of consideration to Yan Tian at the side.

    Yan Tian watched the workaholic Liu Ruoxin and could only helplessly shrug his shoulders. He was left without option but to sit on a chair and fool around with the cell phone Sun Yue gave him.

    Since he had just received the cell phone yesterday, there weren't many apps on it. WeChat wasn't even available. If he downloaded it, there was going to be an expense fee rate. To Yan Tian, this was a complete money burner. Currently, he had no spare change to hand over for such a cost.

    Yan Tian thought for a bit, then asked embarrassingly: “Uhh…… Chairman Liu. Is there WiFi?”

    “There is, the password is the company name in all lowercase.” Liu Ruoxin’s sight was firmly affixed to the document as she spoke softly.

    After Yan Tian heard Liu Ruoxin, he entered the password only to find it was wrong. Thinking about it, it was possible that he had mistaken it before. However, if he embarrassingly asked Liu Ruoxin again, it would be as good as letting Liu Ruoxin know that his diploma wasn't anything but a fake. He wouldn’t have any choice, but to fold up his bed clothes and quit, even if he had no bedding.

    Yan Tian tried quite a few more time, but he was still wrong. Half way through the day, Yan Tian was still didn't know what was wrong. He was forced to type in the characters and look at the proper pinyin. In the end, Yan Tian looked at it and cursed. Why had the people who designed pinyin made it so confusing?

    Yan Tian only looked at the Liu in Liu Family Conglomerate and had wrote it as lui. Such a pinyin standard could be set against with that of a kindergartner.

    After he connected to the wireless internet, Yan Tian registered an email account and began downloading all sorts of apps. Browsing the list of games, he discovered several seemingly good game and started downloading them.

    After the downloads finished, Yan Tian leisurely opened a game and went into a match. Yan Tian roughly knew the rules of the game, as it appeared similar to a battle arena game. If one side was destroyed by the other, than that party would lose.

    Yan Tian didn't have anything to do. Seeing that the time was still early, he played another game. He noticed that there was a good selection of free-to-play heroes, so Yan Tian casually picked one as an assassin. He himself was an assassin, so was it only natural for him to play as one, no?

    After he entered the game, the fourth-class Yan Tian prepared to commence a massacre in all directions. As an assassin, Yan Tian had never failed to seize an assignment. Furthermore, all assassins alike employed the use of all kinds schemes and plots. When confronted with the enemy, one needed a sure-kill blow. If you miscalculated once, it was hard to find the opportunity for a second time.

    Yan Tian hid in the underbrush and began to understand the lay of the land. After a good amount of time passed, he saw people pass across from him. Yan Tian chuckled and immediately entered stealth to begin his approach for a one-hit kill. However, who would have imagined that the opposing party was so beautiful? Reality was cruel.

    Just as Yan Tian rushed out and unleashed a skill towards his opponent. Surprisingly, though, the opponent didn't do anything. Yan Tian looked at his opponent strangely, then prepared to retreat before his opponent could unleash a skill. Two to three beheading strikes from his opponent would kill Yan Tian.

    “Fourth-class idiot,  did you grow up not learning to attack with your teammates?” Not even waiting for Yan Tian to speak, his teammates cursed him at the side.

    However, they weren't done. The three of them went so far as to continue insulting him. Yan Tian’s violent temper suddenly burst and he immediately began to curse them back, sending line after line of all types of insults. However, he found that a great majority of his words were surprisingly censored as ***. The furious Yan Tian immediately withdrew from the game and uninstalled it.

    After a while in the office, Yan Tian was unable to sit and wanted to go out to stretch his legs. It was only because Yan Tian had piteously implored Liu Ruoxin was he finally able to obtain her permission.

    Consequently, Yan Tian happily drove the red Porsche around Fengan City. Since he had come home, Yan Tian had not taken a good walk about in Fengan City.

    Summer in Fengan City was blistering hot. It seemed that the sun’s fire would give birth to an explosion of heat. If the sun was fire, then earth would be considered a dumpling steamer. Such heat made it so that people were unable to breath.

    Yet in such sizzling weather, in a factory within the western outskirts of Fengan City, there stood ten people. At the moment seven people encircled two men and one women. It seemed as if they were discussing over some matter.

    “Zi Qi, you should know. Today you don’t have any other choice.” A man looked at the woman closest to the center and said.

    The man appeared to be around forty-years-old with a shaven head, sword-like eyebrows, and particularly shining eyes. Due to the sweltering heat, the man’s forehead was currently slick with beads of sweat,

    “Hmph, Flaming Ma, you’re despicable.” The woman looked at the man before her and grit her pearly teeth.

    It could be seen that the woman was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt and a pair of short shorts. They revealed her fair-skinned, slender, enchanting legs, and on her feet, she wore silvery-white sandals. From afar, it appeared that she was a highschool student. Presently, her fair-white hand held a small dagger. Her forehead covered with sweat and her two eyes were fixed in attention to the bald man in front of her. It seemed that was preparing to fight at any moment.

    “Hahahaha, little girl, you can only blame yourself for being too naive. In exchange for the Violetlight Dagger, I’ll let you walk, ok? Flaming Ma looked at the dagger in her hand and laughed heartily.  

    “What do you want?” Zi Qi clenched her teeth and asked.

    Flaming Ma used his hand to wipe it free of sweat and looked at the Violetlight dagger in her hand. He thought it over, then looked at Zi Qi greedily and said: “You really want that dagger?”

    “Yes, this dagger was originally my older sister’s.”

    “Alright, You can have your sister’s dagger. It’s just that…… there’s a teeny tiny condition.”

    After Flaming Ma finished speaking, he avariciously looked at Zi Qi’s bosom, licking his lips.

    “What condition?” Zi Qi had not discovered the slightest trace of the greedy light in Flaming Ma’s eyes.

    “The condition…… is quite simple. As long you sleep with me, I’ll give it to you.” Flaming Ma smiled evilly.

    Zi Qi saw Flaming Ma’s sinister smiling face and subconsciously recoiled two steps back.

    “Dream on.” Zi Qi naturally wouldn't agree to such an excessive request.

    “Flaming Ma had long anticipated that Zi Qi wouldn't agree, so he coldly smiled: “Hmph, then it can’t be helped. Catch her for me.”

    As soon as he finished speaking, the six surrounding man immediately made a move. The two bodyguards at Zi Qi’s side noticed that the situation was abnormal, so they promptly took out switchblades to protect Zi Qi in the middle.

    “We’ll carve out a path of blood, then you take the young miss and get out. I’ll hold them off.” Just as the bodyguard finished speaking, he engaged in close-quarters combat with the people at the side with his switchblade.

    After the other bodyguard heard his words, he wordlessly agreed and made a move at lightning speed.

    These two bodyguards were like death guards, using the flesh of their bodies to protect Zi Qi. Simultaneously, their opponents fought as well. At the same moment, Zi Qi wasn't idle. Although she was only a young woman, her fighting support was extremely courageous. Her own strength wasn't as vigorous as the two bodyguards, but she was able to endure against an elite commando.

    Yet in the end, the opposing side had too many people. Their target was Zi Qi, so a short moment later, a dagger had flown at breakneck speeds towards Zi Qi’s thighs. Without enough time, she was simply unable to avoid it.  

    Although the bodyguard at her side was busy fighting the enemy, he was still able to pay attention to Zi Qi at the rear. As he saw Zi Qi was in danger, he shouted: “Young miss, carefull!”

    As he finished speaking, the bodyguard caught the blade headed towards Zi Qi’s thigh in a flash barehanded. Yet in the end, he had caught the blade barehanded. In an instant the bodyguard’s four fingers were severed.

    Since the bodyguard had absorbed the majority of the blade’s strength, the residual strength in the blade only left behind a superficial wound on Zi Qi’s thigh.

    “Ah~ I’ll take you guys down! Quickly protect the young miss and leave!” The bodyguard who had his fingers chopped off roared loudly, then engaged the six men like a fierce animal.

    The other bodyguard didn't dare to dawdle around for the least bit. He immediately took Zi Qi and headed outside. Right now the protection of the young miss was the most important matter.

  • Chapter 18: Rescuing a Young Beauty


    Although the bodyguard’s combat strength was significant before, in the end it was his two fists against four opponents. Additionally, he currently only had one hand, so he was swiftly hacked to death.

    “Young miss, leave quickly. I’ll stall them, run swiftly!” The bodyguard pulling Zi Qi along saw the men at the rear chasing after them and yelled at Zi Qi.

    Zi Qi saw the bodyguard finish speaking and turn around to assault the six men. Her eyes momentarily misted, and she bit her lip, running towards the outside.

    However, how could Flaming Ma let Zi Qi indulge in her escape? It must be known that although his men had not died, they had been more or less injured. Therefore, he would personally lead his men chase after that girl.

    Zi Qi saw the men behind her and moved even faster. She fiercely bit the tip of her tongue and used all of her bodily strength to flee.

    Perhaps the Heavens would bestow upon her their grace. Just as Zi Qi ran out of the abandoned factory your saw a red Porsche in the near distance driving by.

    Zi Qi didn’t think of anything as she ran towards the red Porsche. To her, this was her final hope.

    From the company, Yan Tian traveled everywhere. He felt that it was quite boring though, so he prepared to move to the desolate Western Outskirts to take in some fresh air. However, it was actually quite polluted. To  be frank, the air was only a little bit fresher than the city district.

    However, just as Yan Tian yawned and prepared to turn around the corner, suddenly a human silhouette charged, so he immediately hit the brakes. It must be known this was the first time he went out for a spin in the beautiful chairman’s car. If he hit someone or the car broke down, how could he go back after his little escapade?

    Yan Tian looked at the figure and cursed. Fortunately, his skill was rather good, otherwise, he would have really hit the person. However, taking another glance, this person was surprisingly a beautiful girl. Yan Tian immediately stowed his thoughts of cursing and thought about it once again. This should not be an insurance fraud scam, right? She wouldn’t deliberately stain her clothes with blood, no?

    “Quickly, get me out of here.” Not even for Yan Tian to speak, Zi Qi prepared to open the car door and get in.

    But how could Yan Tian possibly let a stranger casually get into a car. It had to be said again, this girl was completely bloody. If she dirtied the chairman’s car, what could be done?

    “Hey, hold up. What are you doing?” Yan Tian used his hand to block off this strange beauty from getting in.

    “You’re going to take me out of here, alright? I can give you a mind-boggling amount of money.” Zi Qi saw that the car owner wasn’t willing help her, so she was forced to use money entice him.

    However, before Yan Tian could reply, he heard a voice: “You’re leaving? I saw where you were running off.”

    Immediately afterwards, several well-built men came out. About several of the men’s bodies held many wounds, so Yan Tian speculated that the girl in front of him had possibly just fought these men.

    “You…… What are you guys going to do? Don’t come closer.” Zi Qi noticed she no longer had any possible room to flee, so she was somewhat frightened as she inched back.

    “Hahaha, what are we going to do? Of course we’re going to continue completing our agreement? Come along, pretty girl. You don’t want to force me to violence.” Flaming Ma laughed heartily and gloomily threatened.

    How could Zi Qi expect that she would fall in such a manner today? Originally, she wanted to help her older sister by bringing back the dagger, so she set up a meeting with Flaming Ma. She agreed to give him a sum of 300,000 RMB would be OK, but she didn’t think that Flaming Ma was the type of person to renege on his words. Not only had she failed obtain her sister’s dagger, but she had delivered herself to a tiger’s den.

    In order to protect her, the two bodyguards had sacrificed their lives. With great difficulty, she managed to come across a person that could save her, but she had unexpectedly run into such a heartless person. Thinking of it, Zi Qi cried tears in despair. Could it be that today she would be……

    Zi Qi didn’t dare to think of it again any further. Suddenly, an idea sprouted from her mind. Even if she should die, she wouldn’t let others taint her purity.

    In a flash, Zi Qi brought the dagger to her neck and laughed coldly: “Hehe, you want me? Then I’ll become a corpse.” As she finished speaking, Zi Qi closed her eyes and prepared to run the blade through.

    However, just as Zi Qi prepared to do the deed, she discovered that her hand was caught in an iron grip.

    “Hey, beautiful girl, well I’ll say, there’s no matter you can’t take care of well, alright? There’s no need to be so depressed.” Yan Tian had caught Zi Qi’s hand and said persuasively.

    Since long ago, Yan Tian had loved beautiful women. So how could he let a beautiful girl in front of him lose her luster? It was something Yan Tian would have hated to part with.

    “Let go of me. If you had just agreed to help me, how could I resort to such measures?” Zi Qi looked Yan Tian who had captured her and immediately said in anger.

    “Hehe, how about that? Pretty young girl, you may wish to die, but we won’t let you. Catch her, men!” When Flaming Ma saw that Zi Qi was unable to kill herself, he laughed heartily.

    Once several men heard the command, they moved forward to grab Zi Qi. Their anger was great. Because of this woman, all of them had been injured.

    Looking at the several men preparing to take her, she prepared to take her life once again. However, she found her still caught within Yan Tian’s, so she was unable to struggle.

    She thought to herself, could it be that this man and Flaming Ma were acquaintances? Had Flaming Ma purposefully prepared such an external factor? Thinking about, Zi Qi was scared and recoiled. However, her back was already pressed up against the car.

    Yet just as the several men came to snatch Zi Qi, Yan Tian moved. The only thing that could be seen was Yan Tian moving forward a single step to protecting Zi Qi behind him. Afterwards, his foot lashed out, connecting with the first man and sending him sprawling on the ground. The ma immediately fell to the floor and curled up into a ball with waves of groaning coming from his mouth.

    Everyone watched Yan Tian’s kick that rendered a man with an endurance comparable to an elite commando unable to stand, their faces filled with astonishment.

    Especially Zi Qi. It seemed that from the depths of despair she had found her hope, promptly looking at Yan Tian gratefully.

    Flaming Ma looked at Yan Tian’s lashing kick and murmured to himself: “An expert, a genuine expert.”

    Naturally, Yan Tian didn’t pay attention to the men’s astonished expressions. Placing the first man behind, he turned around and released a left hook, colliding with the second man and sending half of his teeth flying out. Still not done, he immediately used the tip of his foot to violently kick the man’s calf.

    “Crack” The man immediately fell to the floor and moaned.

    After Yan Tian had felled two men consecutively, he didn’t press his attack. Instead, he clapped his hands and took out a cigarette freely.

    “This younger brother sure is skilled. I truly admire you. Is this the so-called an exchange of fists leads to friendship? Hehehe, I am the Azure Dragon Group’s Flaming Ma.” At this time Flaming Ma didn’t dare to neglect the matter at hand, promptly extending his hand to greet Yan Tian.

    However, how could Yan Tian grasp his hand? He had only helped a beauty, nothing more. Since he was helping this beautiful girl, the beauty’s enemies were also his enemies.

    “Hehe, little brother, if you have some problems later, just announce my name of the Azure Dragon Group. If there’s nothing else, we’ll be taking our leave first.”

    Once Flaming Ma saw that Yan Tian had no intention of taking his hand, he awkwardly laughed, with drew his hand, and prepared to leave. It had to be known that with Yan Tian present, his beautiful plan had fallen to shambles today. If he dawdled a bit more, it would indeed not be worth it if he gotten beaten up by Yan Tian.

    “Wait a moment. Leave behind my sister’s dagger.” Not even waiting for Yan Tian to speak, Ziqi moved forward from behind and said immediately.

    “Hmph, this matter is something I took in the past. I, surnamed Ma, will wait for you at any time.” Flaming Ma coldly snorted.

    This was the so-called helping people to the end; sending the buddha west. Since Yan Tian had already planned to help this girl, how could he let this group of people leave?

    “Uncle, although I haven’t spend many days studying, I still know that if you don’t give back another person’s things, I’ll go to the police and file a report. What you’re doing is wrong.” Yan Tian said this as he picked his ear.

    Once he heard Yan Tian, Flaming Ma’s face suddenly became gloomy. In Fengan city, a numerous amount of people wouldn’t have dared to speak with him like this. Flaming Ma glared fiercely at Yan Tian, then took the Violetlight Dagger and threw it on the ground, preparing to leave.

    “Did I let you leave?” How could Yan Tian let the several men leave?

    Flaming Ma was furious once he heard Yan Tian. Turning around, he prepared to ignore Yan Tian. Although Yan Tian was seemingly hard to deal with, they had more people. If there was a true scuffle, it was unknown who would emerge victorious.

    Zi Qi noticed the situation was wrong, so she immediately pulled Yan Tian’s arm, whispering: “Forget about it. Let them go, ok? They’re not ordinary men.”

    “Hmph, my older sister is coming here right now. If you don’t leave, then it will be too late later.” Zi Qi snorted coldly towards Flaming Ma.

    After he heard Zi Qi, Flaming Ma glared at her, then looked at Yan Tian once more. He turned around and left. The remaining four men lift the two men that had been beaten up by Yan Tian and left behind Flaming Ma.

    “Look up that kid’s background.” Flaming Ma grit his teeth.



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