True body sect spoilers

well..  now the name of the sect might be wrong but I hope that those of you that have traf the raws and whatnot are able to answer a couple of my questions.

1) I recall something about people with body spirits are able to have different awakenings. What are these awakenings called?

2) What are the effects of these awakenings? Like 200% power or?


  • They're just called Second Awakenings, and if I remember correctly(It was a while since I read the books) there are 3 different rankings of the second awakening, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The second awakening doesn't give you powers of other parts of your body but it does make the spirit you already have incredibly strong, the strength you get depends on the ranking.

    The best example would be the current Sect Master of the Innate Body Sect, his entire body is his spirit which is incredibly rare and he also has a Gold Ranked Second Awakening, therefore he's seriously powerful even amongst Super Duolos.

    Huo Yuhao later on also has a Gold Ranked Second Awakening with his Spirit Eyes, making his eyes one of the strongest spirits on the continent.
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    Yuhao's Spirit Eyes rank high among body spirits because of it's importance to the body.  As the story goes on he first gets a Silver Awakening around rank 50+ and then a Gold Awakening later.  Plus the foundation of his spirit eyes is a 1 Million year old Mental/Ice Attribute Spirit Beast.  It might be a weak race true but the 4 skills it gives him + the 2nd Silkworm ring skill form the foundation for his Spiritual skills.

    Later on someone with a Brain Body spirit shows up with similar skills to Yuhao's first few spirit rings but no where near as good.
  • Hmm I was hoping for a numerical value that I could use for a game. 
    But I guess I will just go with 25%, 50% and 100% boosts

    but that gives another question. Does the awakenings stack? Or does it just take the higher bonus?
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    Just reread it.  I don't know if it stacks but here is the 2nd Awakening statistic:
    Black Iron: Battle efficiency can promote over 30% approximately
    Bronze: Promotes up to about 60%
    Silver: Promotes up to 100%; Will appear generally only in the important body parts. For example torso, head etc.  For Silver Rank power example a Soul King level can display a Soul Emperor's battle efficiency for a short time
    Gold: Not sure, I think it says promotes 1 to 3 fold.
    Rarity in body sect is:
    Black Iron=Majority, Bronze=Lower than 1 in 10 people, Silver=Under 10 in Sect, Gold=Only the Sect Master.

    I'd guess it just takes on the higher bonus like a rank up.

  • Awesomesauce. Thanks for the informations ;D
  • Another tidbit, in DD3 there's another powerful Body Sect member although we don't know the rank of his awakening.  A rank 98 Super Douluo with Twin Spirits.  His are his Belly and his Butt.  With a certain special cultivation method his Spirit avatar has a variation that's like spirit fusion with his height exceed hundred meters sufficiently, the body weight will exceed thousand tons.  Not much else is known.
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