DE Fanfiction: Tales of Unfathomable Power

Hello, long time WW reader here. I always liked OP stories and DE, so I post my own little fanfiction. I hope you like it. I plan to release the first 4 chapters. Please let me know what you think! (also, spoiler doesn't work?)

Prologue: The Breeze carried by the Sea.


In the endless primordial chaos, a sloppy figure strolled about. He seemed to be trying to put a hat in his head, but wasn’t able to.


“This Leafheart Hat from the Voidchase Everworld’s Thirty-Thousand Year auction was supposed to give you unfathomable insights on the Taiji. It seems I have been ripped off again.”


The hat flopped and with a soft plop it separated from the cleanly bald head of the sloppy figure. The figure cursed loudly.


“And it was supposed to give you the nicest hair in all the Eternal Chaoslands! Damn you Daolord Allthings, I, Taiji-lord Yang Yin, Daolord of the Third Step, will some day make you pay for all this!”


With a sigh, the sloppy figure took another step that carried him ten million kilometers ahead in the primordial chaos.


“Why is the primordial chaos so quiet around here? The Heavenly Daos are present but… why is that I haven’t seen a single Chaosworld these last ten thousand years? Was it ten thousand? Or was it ten?”


One could be baffled mute to the thought that such sloppy and distracted figure was, actually, one of the most supremely powerful figures of this universe.


Daolord Yang Yin, of the Third Step, once had slain a Ruler Class Eternal Emperor in battle, when he had mistook his balding head with a supreme Universeworld Heart. Hegemon Supreme (as was called), was once adventuring the infinite void at the boundaries of the Eternal Chaoslands when, at a distance of a hundred thousand billion kilometers he saw an incredibly shiny sphere and stretched his immensely gigantic hand across spacetime continuum to grab it, only to discover that it had actually been Daolord Yang Yin sleeping. Enraged, Daolord Yang Yin activated his Omega Ultimate Dao Domain and slain him.


“Sorry! Please spare my life Daolord Taiji!” had whimpered Hegemon Supreme, but, alas, he ended up dead and his eternity shattered in an instant.


The Supreme Association which he commanded had, obviously, been made aware of the passing of Hegemon Supreme, and some of the most powerful and truly terrifying figures of the association had wanted to go take revenge, only to be dissuaded when Daolord Taiji menaced them with utter and complete annihilation if any of them ever so slightly mentioned the matter again.


At least, after making the ultimatum, he had personally delivered all the treasures their deceased master carried with him, disappearing again in the primordial chaos to look for a more comfortable (and remote) location to continue sleeping.


That’s how he got there, where he now strolled looking around, interested in the obvious lack of celestial bodies but the full presence of the Heavenly Daos.


“So, how do I get out of here?”


* * *


Yang Yin strolled around, entering deep in this strange region.


“Oh, finally.”


Around him the faint dust and stellar glow started to appear. Little dots as seeds were beginning to reveal themselves. All of these were budding chaosworlds.


“These are ordinary chaosworlds. Almost. How is that I can’t sense any decently powerful creature around here? Damn, there even are ones where it seems all ordinary heaven-born fiendgods have perished. What a pitiful corner of the universe.”


For a person as powerful as him, almost all details of the internal mechanisms of fate on these chaosworlds were revealed. He just had to adjust some of his multiple forces to scan them and he would have a decently complete overview of the entire history and underworkings of any of them.


“Well, time is long. I still have 107,567 chaos cycles to attempt my Daomerge. That’s more than a billion epochs. Spending one little epoch here won’t do me any harm, I guess.” (*note: A Chaos Cycle is a thousand trillion years, while an epoch is a million years)


He was calculating with his fingers, and sighed when he finished. He didn’t really like time. As any mortal raised from the red dust to immortality, and then to the most supreme heights of power, he had suffered uncountable miseries, and tempered his heart in the fire of slaughter, betrayal and love. He, apart from being a Taiji-lord, was also an extremely fearful Heartforce cultivator. But, in the end, the turbulent beginnings of his life, when compared to the extremely long period he had already been alive, were nothing more than a little percentage of all he had seen and lived.


“This chaosworld seems fairly interesting. It lacks many powerful experts, except those three slumbering Elder Gods that are surely watching over their factions. The rest are all Ancestral Inmortals and True Gods.” he chuckled. “That always happens in every remote region of the universe, doesn’t it?” and sighed again. All mysteries were revealed by unfathomable power. And he was one of the most awesomely powerful existences in that universe. The petty schemes of these locals were all clear to his senses.


“Yes, soon a war should erupt. The signs are all there.”


Smiling, he took a step, and appeared somewhere in the chaosworld. No local power was able to detect even the slightest ripple or disturbance.


Soon, he could sense the warm currents of air kissing his face. He was atop an immense sea, looking at a gigantic continent in some minor world. The salt in the air arose in his mind some ancient memories.


“Home...” he softly muttered.


“Home is where you are.”


Sadness its what lays beneath the passage of time. He extended his hand and made a grasping motion. Immediately after, a soft glow extended from his closed palm, growing rapidly to cover the minor world.


“Well, as this was the first place I arrived in this forgotten region of this universe, let this place be sacred.”


If one was to see the world from the outside, in the void that separated the trillions of worlds of this chaosworld, one would see a mysterious, subtle but impregnable golden glow covering the tiny minor world.


“Now, what is your name, little world?”


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