Interest in a feature addition

Hi everyone, 

one of the issues I have is that I will spend a lot of time checking the site for updates on the stories I'm following. I've flirted for a long time with the idea of making a script that can take periodically check the front page for updates on certain pages (no hammering the site with requests to cause a DOS attack). I would be totally happy to build it on my own time find a good way to serve it to interested parties assuming: 1- site maintainers are totally fine with it & 2- there is some amount of interest in it

And that is generally the pitch that I bring to the table. if you are interested and have some questions below is a hodgepodge of details which describe the project as I currently see it. Im happy to expand more if requested.  

The program would be an alert system above all else, there would be no scraping of the site besides grabbing HTML from the front page and check for updates on the board. I would still have to enter the site its self to read any chapters. the plan would be for it to send out an email to me periodically (if there have been any updates). Ive briefly looked into services to send text messages but things are either pay to play or only semi-reliable (in my cursory evaluation), so that's a possibility if there is interest but generally not in scope. in terms of it being just for me or more people. The logic is really just a map that checks to see if there has been an update which means that the only beefing up if other people are interesting would be to watch all stories instead of just the ones I'm interested in. I'm not exactly sure how big the community is so I might have an issue with sending out an email, but that really only means that it might have some trouble running on my rasberry pi. Also the base implementation of this will probably be running off of a Rasberry pi that I own. we could easily host it online. finally, this is all with the assumption that nothing like this exists currently on the site (which i haven't been able to find) if the feature does exist ill just go find another project to work on, and if it doesn't but it is on the roadmap and the site maintainers/developers could use an extra hand let me know.<span>:smile:</span>

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