the knack of chaos god (混沌霸天决)

chapter 1  loose the power of talent

  A wide martial arts field belongs The Shen Clan are located in the city of green mountain, The Purple Cloud empire.A man called  wenbo shen stand on the field surrounded by a cluster of young boy,they are obsessed in the mystery of the martial arts that told by the man,you can tell by look straight into their eyes that they are so much yearn for it.

 “As all we know, our continent belong to The Lost Star Continent,and this continent partitioned by three tribe,Human,Demons,Devils。 The Demons have an ability  of able to close to the nature which can help them accelerate the speed of Qi refining,a gift since they are born。The Devils have a doughty body and long lifetime。Even our human don‘t have either the ability and the power that The Demons and The Devils had。 but,we survived!And become the one  of the three tribe!wanna konw why? uhh,because of our wisdom!”

“far fom ancient period, human find they can use Qi refining to strength the Meridians and Acupoints,make themself more stronger and more powerful。Since then, The Human tribe become  prosperous。through the thousand of years's heritige  martial arts become matured.So,if you want learn martial arts,firstly you must take the first step,work on The Spirit Refining。you will shape a core formation on your Dantian onlf if you accomplished the tenth leval of spirit refining,then you will become a Spirit soldier (FYI:in this novel spirit ranks form down to top is The theth leval of spirit refining,spirit warroir,spirit disciple,spirit general,spirit maharajahs,spirit minister,spirit king,spirit Majesty,spirit empire,spirit senior,spirit asint,spirit god) All of you must take step by step,focus on Qi refining,as the old saying ‘A Thousand-mile Journey begins with the First Step’ ,remember only if you have a good foundation ,so in some day,you can become some big bad ass,understand?”

“yes!” the young boys answer in synchronicity。

Wenbo Shen feel satisfied when he saw the young boys full of confidence。they are the successor of the Shen's clan ,they are the future of the Shen's clan.

Howerver, Wenbo Shen found a peculiar one in the group!

"Haoxuan Shen, stand up! you sleep  every time on the teaching! next month will have the Shen's Clan tests, if you can not pass the tests,you konw the consequnse!"   Wenbo Shen shouted towards to a young boy in the group。

Boys laughed and say :“  uncle Wenbo,give him a break,five years ago he was the thrid level of spirit refining,now five years passed he still not move any more,he is completely a carp”

“seem like he can not participate in the test,l don‘t believe he can accomplished the fifth level of spirit refining in the short half months,if he can , l would love to run around to the city with my naked body” a cute boy said sarcastically。His name is Cheng Shen ,his father is the Shen’s clan second bro,called Erye Shen。

“ha-ha,Cheng brother, this junk can never Qi refining,hoping he can accomplish the fifth level of spirit refining?  ha-ha,if he can ,don’t even mention three time run around the city by naked。l would rather run ten times! he can do this,he is totally a junk!” another boy cryed。

Haoxuan Shen just stand up and walk away,in his heart he hear a whisper say:“Do not bully the poor young man ,one day you will pay for this!”

Look at the view of Haoxuan Shen's back, Wenbo Shen signed:“ Big bro was the most talented man in Shen’s clan,why have a such useless son。”

Haoxuan Shen left the Martial arts field, go straight to the ritual house。only have a half month will begin test,if can’t accomplished the sixth level of spirit refining,he will be forbid to use the resource of Qi refining,and exiled to dealing clan’s business。Afterall, a man he can not accomplished the sixth level of spirit refining in fourteen years old,which prove he have no talents on Qi refining,no reason to waste resource on a man like that。 For now, Haoxuan Shen at the thrid level of spirit refining,seem like he doesn’t have the chance  to pass。

But,even have a tiny opportunity  only, he will never give up,so here he is,come to the ritual house to get his last time Qi refining resource。

when Haoxuan Shen came in, all the people gaze into his direction and  whispered。

“ look, who is here,  he came here for what?”

“you bet,must to accept his Qi refining resource,what a junk,five years didn't take any advancement, the resource use on him just a waste,if give it to me,maybe l already become a spirit warrior!”

Haoxuan Shen heard the gossip,go straight  into the register counter with deadpanned face says:“ l came here to get my Qi refining resource。”

The man gazed Haoxuan Shen,with a aversion face。Throw a jade bottle that on the table towards Haoxuan Shen and says:“here is your Qi refining resource,just take and leave ,don't even bother me。”

Haoxuan Shen knit brows and take the jade bottle,open it ,find there have two the spirit gathering Medicinal pill in the bottle。

Haoxuan Shen said with aggression voice:“ why my bottle lost one the spirit gathering Medicinal pill ?”

“ you shoul feel lucky you still have two,if you don’t want it,just take it back!” the man answered。

“you.......” stare at the man ,Haoxuan Shen clenched his fist。This is what you got when you don’t have any power,this is what The Weak are Prey to the Strong ? now,even a servant can humiliating me !  l need power ,  only have the power,only become stroger,you will earn others respect! he winced his teeth and take a oath to make himself to become stronger !

when he back his room,Haoxuan Shen colinng on his bed,take out the spirit gathering Medicinal pill in the bottle,begin to Qi refining. When the spirit gathering Medicinal pill got into her mouth instantly turn to a pure energy rush into his body,the spirit Qi in the air gathering around Haoxuan Shen's body,so much spirit Qi,all voraciously take in by Haoxuan Shen's body。After few minutes,the power of the  spirit gathering Medicinal pill was run out,Haoxuan Shen opened his eyes  and frowned narrow。

Haoxuan Shen obviously feel the power of the  spirit gathering Medicinal pill,however ,why couldn’t feel the advancement on the level。

“what the hell!no,not this again!” full of frustrated on Haoxuan Shen's face。This has happend since five years ago,he can feel the body desire but no matter how he try,and work even harder ,can't see any progress! what the fuck is wrong with me ?

“Dad,Mom,what happened to me ?"  Haoxuan Shen muttered。Simultanneously,another weird thing happened in five years ago,Haoxuan Shen’s parents suddenly disappeared on that night,can’t find any clue。Even makes people questioning did they really exit ever? And,since that night ,Haoxuan Shen can never promote his spirit level.

he came out,stand on the yard, the night fell,look at the star far above his head in the sky, roared with fury:" FUCK! GOD! how can you do this to me?  FINE! My fate belongs mine,you can not take it away,and treat it like a rubbish. And now, l gonna take it back . So,if gods block,kill the Gods; if the buddhas block,kill the Buddhas!”

“ My man,l appreciate。 reminds me of when l was like your age。” suddenly,a hoarse voice came from nowhere。

“ who...? who‘s there,wh....who are you!?"  the voice made Haoxuan Shen astonished。

But,he take a look around,the night was sill and black,didn't find anything.

“ it’s a illusion?” Haoxuan Shen feel confused。 when he letting her defence down,Suddenly,a vague shadow appeared in front of him,while he saw the face ,he scearm like a dead pig 。



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