world of gods ranking system

hi guys and girls. so i just wanted some other peoples opinions about the world of the gods ranking system. in my mind the ranking system goes like this. 
level 1 is equal to a fresh rank 1 magus and level 5 is peak rank 1 magus. 
level 6 is fresh rank 2 and 10 is peak 2.
level 11 is fresh rank 3 and 15 is peak 3.
level 15 is fresh morning star and 20 is peak. 
i just wanted to know if anyone else agrees with this assessment and if you dont let me know how you see it and we will discuss it. thanks everyone.


  • actually when he turned legendary he literally mentioned legendary was like a morning star while lvl 20 was peak crystal phase rank 3
  • ah right thank you. 
  • rank 21-25 = morning stars and radiant moons magus (if religious class rank 20 are fine)
    divine beings and demigod = breaking dawns and with +% comprehension of law (chapter 796 if you want to check)
    truegod (lesser) = rank 7 magus of law (one law 100%)
    truegod (intermediate) = rank 8 magus of laws (several laws 100%, ex trial's eye, filth bird and snake dowager)
    truegod (greater) = rank 8 peak magus of path?, ex mother core, distorted shadow, nightmare king? and ancient wisdom tree?.

  • yeah i can see that. thanks nightmoon. 

  • Its a geometric progression system. Difference between 6 and 10 is not 4. It can be million of times difference.

    7 is like 5-10 times 6. and 8 is like 5-10 times seven. E.t.c.

    In the end before attaining level 9. Leyling main body stats were like 100 90 100 90. Stats of a strong god only like 45-50. Now imagine this thing is all geometric progression upscale rise. At that level of power Leyling destroys all of the gods and magus, and takes over both wills.

    Stats after reaching level 9 are not shown. There is no point in stats any longer, there was a qualitative change after comprehending laws of time and space.
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