Please can you explain what will happened to her? 
Will she become a devil or become a lover?
What rank will she reach?
Or just simply become insignificant?


  • so far all i know is that she become a paladin in church of justice and is sent as an envoy to greet leylin after he reaches legendary
  • She gets raised up to a legendary paladin by Tyr, after Leylin plants a little devilish power into her. She keeps getting divine promotions in order to maintain her contact with Leylin, and reduce the devilish power's impact on her. But Leylin also subtly manipulates things to make her realize she doesn't deserve these promotions/powerups and that the reason she's alive isn't due to her own merits or any sense of natural justice, it's personal connections and plotting.

    Right before Leylin starts to end the world, he isolates her from everyone else and lets her own mentality complete her fall into a devil. She's basically peak legendary as a formerly pure soul paladin who fell. Her objective is then to destroy the world so that a new one may be created where justice is actually a thing. She basically disappears outside of a few mentions of being Isabelle's right hand. Because, you know, Leylin starts destroying the world. Real apocalyptic stuff.
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    Cool <span>:smile:</span> 
    Thx man apprichiate the answer!
    Mentioning Isabelle What about her? Is she become a god or a demigad maybe?
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