Can anyone let me know (i believe there was a spreadsheet going around before) all of the different ranks for each of the above stories.


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    Xian Ni (Renegade Immortal)
    First Step
    Qi Condensation (15 layers)
    Foundation Establishment
    Jie Dan (Core Formation)
    Yuan Ying (Nascent Soul)
    Hua Shen (Soul Formation)
    Ying Bian (Soul Transformation)
    Wen Ding (Cauldron Seeking/Ascendant)
    Transitional Level
    Yin Xu (Illusory Yin) Stage
    Yang Shi (Corporeal Yang) Stage
    Second Step
    Kui Nie (Nirvana Scryer)
    Jing Nie (Nirvana Cleanser)
    Sui Nie (Nirvana Shatterer)
    Transitional Level
    Heavenly Waning (1-5) (Not A Must)
    Third Step
    Kong Nie (Empty Nirvana / Spatial Nirvana)
    Kong Ling (Ethereal / Spatial Spirit)
    Kong Xuan (Empty Black / Spatial Profound)
    Kong Jie (Empty Eon / Spatial Disaster)
    Jin Zun (Golden Sovereign)
    Tian Zun (Heavenly Sovereign)
    Yue Tian Zun (Crossing Heavenly Sovereign)
    Da Tian Zun (Great Heavenly Sovereign)
    Transitional Level
    Half Heaven Trampling
    Fourth Step
    Ta Tian (Heaven Trampling)
    Spirit Realm
    Qi Condensation (13 layers)
    Foundation Establishment
    Jie Dan (Core Formation)
    Yuan Ying (Nascent Soul)
    Spirit Severing
    Dao Seeking
    Transitional Level
    Half Immortal 
    Immortal Realm
    Immortal (1-123 Immortal Meridians)
    Immortal Emperor
    Allheaven Immortal Emperor
    Allheaven Dao Immortal
    Ancient Realm (Personally I consider this as transitional level)
    Early Ancient Realm
    Middle Ancient Realm
    Late Ancient Realm
    Dao Realm
    Dao Lord (1-3 Essences)
    Dao Sovereign (4-6 Essences)
    Imperial Lord
    Paragon Realm (actually still Dao Realm)
    7 Essences Paragon
    8 Essences Paragon
    9 Essences Paragon
    Transitional Level
    Half Transcendence
    Transcendence Realm
    Dao Source Realm
  • Beseech The Devil
    Man (Barbarian) tribe  Four Main World Heavenly Spirit Tribe Xuan Zang World
    First Step
    Blood Condensation (1000 Blood Veins)
    Bone Offering
    Man-Soul (Barbarian Soul)
    Transitional Level
    Ming (Life) Human Realm
    Second Step
    Ming Que (Life Deficiency) Earth Realm
    Ming Gong (Life Palace) Heaven Realm
    Wèi jiè zhī zhǔ (World Paragon)
    Transitional Level
    Jie Yue Jing (Yin/Moon Tribulation Realm)
    Jie Yang Jing (Yang/Sun Tribulation Realm)
    Third Step
    Zhǎng yuán shēng miè (The Palm Fate of Life and Death)/
    Zhang Jing (Palm Realm)
    Yuan Jing (Fate Realm)
    Sheng Jing (Living Realm)
    Mie Jing (Extermination Realm)
    Xuan Zun (Profound Sovereign)
    Early Bukeyan (Early Unspeakable Realm) Sheng Ling (Spirit Ascension) 1-9
    Xian Ling (Immortal Spirit/Primeval Spirit)
    Middle Bukeyan (Middle Unspeakable Realm)
    Late Bukeyan (Late Unspeakable Realm)
    Peak Bukeyan (Peak Unspeakable Realm)
    Transitional Level
    1 Dao Divinity
    2 Dao Divinity
    3 Dao Divinity (Dao Ling/Dao Spirit)
    4 Dao Divinity
    5 Dao Divinity
    6 Dao Divinity (Dao Xian/Dao Immortal)
    7 Dao Divinity
    8 Dao Divinity (Dao Zun/ Dao Sovereign)
    9 Dao Divinity (Dao Shen/Dao Divinity)
    Fourth Step
    Dao Wuya (Boundless Dao)
  • Based on the explanation in the novels, cultivation was divided into Cultivating Part and Dao Part. This doesn't represent power, ranking or battle level but more on the essence of cultivation path. Someone can transcend or step beyond the Dao if they reach the peak of Dao part
    Cultivating: First Step
    Transitional: Second Step
    Dao: Third Step
    Cultivating: First Step, Second Step, Third Step
    Transitional: Bukeyan (Unspeakable Realm)
                        Even someone at the great circle of Bukeyan has difficulty to touch the edge of Dao. Actually, in BTD it said that if someone only rely on cultivating the max they can reach is Early Bukeyan. The key to touch/reach Dao is Heart Transformation.
    Dao: Dao Divinity (on the ranking/order of cultivation, Dao Divinity is actually Half Boundless Dao)
    Cultivating: Spirit Realm, Immortal Realm
    Transitional: Ancient Realm
    Dao: Dao Realm
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