Jianghu Translations


Which one is the real translation of 江湖.
1.Pugilist World
2.Martial World
3.Jianghu (Just Jianghu)
4. Or Rivers and Lakes (I know that this is the real translation, but i want one with the real meaning of 江湖)
If the last one is the real translation, then the first one and second one is wrong? or it is still a valid translation?


  • There is no standardized translation of 江湖, so all 4 versions would be fine in their own right.

    Translation isn't something where there's only 1 "right" translation of a word.

    But if you ask me, leaving 江湖 untranslated would be best. Pugilist World doesn't feel quite right and Martial World seems more right, but the 江湖 wasn't limited to martial artists. 
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    Thank you for the answer :smile:
  • 江湖 originated from the religion of DAO . originally , it means wide rivers, lakes and seas . ant then it had evolved into being meaning of ' world ' .  
    so , currently , it means  "all corners of the country"
    2 and 3 are totally wrong  , there is maxim which said  human being exist , and so do the jianghu. jianghu exist , and so do  the grace and  resentment . it can not use a specify-word to replace that meaning . 
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